We the People vs. the Swamp – Patricia Muth

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Author Patricia Muth says the two-party system is not what you think it is in today’s political landscape. It’s not Republican vs. Democrat, but “We the People” vs. “the Swamp.”  Muth explains, “We don’t have a two-party system in this country.  We have a one-party system in Congress, and that’s the establishment.  What the people want is not in the minds of the establishment, and you can see that happening all over.  Somehow, along the way, Congress forgot they work for us.  The Senate certainly doesn’t believe they work for us.  Do you think that (Senator) Bob Corker could have a rally, plan it in four days and bring 20,000 or 30,000 people there?  Donald Trump can, and Donald Trump can actually be the spokesman for the American people.  The people want the agenda that Trump is putting forward, and the Congress and Senate does not want to go along with it.  Many in the establishment will be unelected in the 2018 election.”

Muth recently wrote a book on the Ross Perot Movement of the early 1990’s. It’s called “A Title in the Making.”  The outrage over the establishment back then is more intensified than ever.  The book basically asks the question: “Where do we go from here?”  Both parties are taking a hit right now.  Muth explains, “The Democrat Party is in trouble, really, really big trouble, and so is the Republican Party.  So, what you have is the establishment and the other people in Congress are with the people.  So, that’s your two-party system.”

Simply put, it’s “We the People” against “the Swamp.”

If the Republicans don’t support Trump, there are going to be big problems for all incumbents. Muth contends, “The Republicans can lose their hold on the Senate and the House if they don’t start doing what Trump has put forth.  If they don’t pass healthcare and they don’t do a tax reform, the people are not saying Trump is going to be blamed for this.  They are looking at their individual Congressmen and their individual Senators.  The people are awake.  On my book tour, everyone said the same thing and said the United States was given a reprieve.  People are awake.  There is a movement, and I would say it’s more of a spiritual movement right now than anything else.  How else could you do what is happening?”

Muth, who is a former floor trader for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, thinks that the establishment is afraid of President Trump being successful. Muth contends, “That’s absolutely right.  People are strongly supporting Trump, and the more the establishment bucks him, the stronger the people become.  The faith in God is what is moving all of this. . . . If the tax plan doesn’t go through, and major corporations . . . are counting on that happening, if it doesn’t go through, I think we have a different ball game as far as the markets go.”

So, if we get the Trump tax cuts, Muth says the economy could “take off.” If we don’t get those tax cuts?  Muth says, “We should buckle in, and Congress should really buckle in because they are going to be in for a tough ride.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Patricia Muth, author of the new book called “A Title in the Making.”

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After the Interview: 

For more about Patricia Muth, her radio show and how to buy a copy of her new book called “A Title in the Making,” go to PatMuth.com.


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  1. Dan

    Couldn’t agree more that it’s “We the People” against “the swamp”. Unfortunately & contrary to his campaign promises, Trump has proven that he belongs to the latter!

    • Walter Baumgarten

      That is not accurate Dan, sorry. Trump has thus far proven two things. Number one is that there is only one political party, the wealthy sellouts, not the jackasses and the Dumbos, and number two that those who profit from endless war for profit call all the shots. I would be willing to bet that President Trump was quickly warned of this by the true and violent rulers of America and he has decided to remain alive and do what he can rather than attempt what he cannot accomplish. “Hey Don, you remember Jack Kennedy? You want to end up like him? No I didn’t think so.” Everything that Donald Trump has done since 20 Jan 17 tells me that someone, somewhere spoke these very words to him and Mr. Trump has decided to live. This is how the game is played these days my friend, ask Vince Foster.

      • OutLookingIn

        Walter – You are correct.

        What BIG money wants – BIG money gets. Period.
        Yes I know, some will say Trump is a member of the big money club. Compared to the BIG money people, Trump is a small time piker!
        You play ball? Or you are “scrubbed” from the game. The life game that is.
        Ms. Muth is correct. The two party system lives –
        The people versus the swamp.

      • freebrezer

        Walter – big difference between JFK and Trump … JFK early forties and not prepared for the swamp …Trump near 70 and has a lifetime of treading in to the swamp and dealing with swamp creatures. Example is the primaries against a mob of swamp creatures (Jeb Bush, Kasich, Christy, etc.). The Next real BIG SWAMP CREATURE test is approaching fast and will be with McCain (AKA bomb everywhere, blow-up everything, plunder any country type of guy). Like any real seasoned CEO (AKA – Trump), lay low; get a real good feel of the culture and lay of the land; get your team in place; Start making changes. I think we are at the start of make changes. Take a look at his moves … tossed DACA back at congress … tossed the life line of Obama Care back at congress ($$$$ big money for funding – CUT!). Personally, I do not see him bowing before the swamp … I do see him treading carefully!

        • susan

          freebreezer, you nailed it. I agree wholeheartedly.

      • Dan

        I wouldn’t be at all surprised if your version of what transpired is accurate Walter!

    • Paul ...

      You nailed it Dan!!

  2. FC

    The swamp will always be there it’s only the depth that will change.

    • Paul ...

      Where do we go from here … when the Fed is supporting Wall Street corporations in a giant Ponzi scheme the way the banksters supported Bernie Maddoff in his Ponzi rip off of investors money … corporations that are effectively bankrupt are borrowing money to buy back their own shares so that their decreased earnings will look like a profit … for instance: say Corp XYZ has 10,000 shares … they were earning a dollar per share last year ($10,000) but this year they are only earning 50 cents per share ($5,000) … they don’t want their stock price to drop on the bad earnings so they borrow money from the banks and buy back half their shares … now they have only 5,000 shares outstanding … so even with decreased earnings of only $5,000 dollars it still looks like the company is still earning a dollar per share (Ponzi) … but it gets worse … since the Company Board did such a good job keeping earnings up while sales fell and the company made less money … they were granted stock options … which the Board members then sell into the market driving the stock price down … this is where the Fed steps in and creates money out of thin air and buys the company stock to keep the price up while the company announces an increase in its stock dividend … the public jumps in and buys … diving the stock price even higher even as the companies earnings continue to collapse … the Board members are automatically granted more stock options as the stock price rises … but earnings continues to fall … so the company borrows more money from the banks and buys back half its shares once again to keep the earnings per share look constant (or slightly growing) … they issue another dividend increase … the stock rises and the Board member “insiders” again sell their shares to the public … a few investors see the debt to equity ratio rising and begin to sell … but the Fed once again steps in … and buys the company’s shares to keep the price inflated … this is the evil Ponzi scheme currently going on in today’s stock markets … it is “a giant rip off” purposely designed to steal away ordinary investors money … and put it right in the pockets of the elites!! … So the question “Where do we go from here?” … should be into gold, silver and nickel coins!!

      • Paul ...

        For those who want more details on how the evil Fed (Plunge Protection Team) and evil Corporate vampires “are sucking the blood” out of American investors by not letting the market go down … read this: http://www.oftwominds.com/blogoct17/nationalization10-17.html

        • Paul ...

          And where does such a policy lead when the Fed backs up the stocks of bankrupt companies who can only show profits by buying back their shares and borrowing more and more money from the banks … Buffet says “Dow One Million” … by then the Dow corporations won’t have anymore shares to “buy back” and their true bankrupt status will be revealed … at that point the banks will call in their loans and make claim to “all” the Dow company’s assets and the public shareholders who invested their hard earned money to drive the Dow stocks to “One Million” will get “zero” (Ponzi complete) !!!

          • Paul ...

            Here is a real life example of what is coming for all the bankrupt companies currently buying back their shares and being kept on life support by the Fed’s PPT … they will all reach a point where they can’t borrow any more money to buy back “all their shares” (and go private) … the banksters will call in their loans and seize any remaining company assets … the ordinary public shareholders will get “zero” !! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-16/nordstrom-plunges-after-suspending-going-private-explorations

            • Paul ...

              US Corporate management better get on the ball … stop all the financial finagling to make their share price look good … and make their businesses good by put their companies on a sound solid footing (earning profits) … otherwise the evil “commie” banksters will eventually seize “all your assets” on the way to “nationalization” of all private companies and making the US into a complete Communist Nation!

      • This sceptred Isle

        Dr J.J. Eldridge, astrophysicist at the University of Auckland, added: “We’re all made of stardust, but gold, silver and platinum are made of neutron stardust.


        • Paul ...

          Neutron Star dust is rare indeed!

          • Paul ...

            Now how do I reconcile scripture saying we have only been around for 6,000 years and science saying the universe has been around for 6,000,000,000 years?? … a simple random thought … one Biblical year is equal to 1,000,000 revolutions of the Earth around the Sun!

            • Paul ...

              Had another random thought … what if what the scripture calls “one day” (the rising of the light until it goes out) really means from the birth of the Sun until it goes out?? (about 6 billion years!) … now if it took 6 of these “solar days” for God to create everything … it would mean the universe is 36 billion years old … and that would seem to allow “sufficient time” for binary neutron stars to collide, produce gold and get it distributed around the universe and into the Earths crust!!

              • Paul ...

                we have to make simple adjustments to fix the discrepancies and home in on the truth … if science says the universe is 12 billion years old … then one Biblical day becomes 2,000,000 revolutions of the Earth around the Sun … but if the universe is (probably more likely) 36 billion years old … then one Biblical day is 6,000,000 revolutions of the Earth around the Sun!

  3. allen ols

    excellent interview.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Oh just magnificent Greg!
    I’m afraid the media here is beating the war drum, my gut feeling is that war with Nort Korea is inevitable.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Kabuki theater…

      • Flattop

        D J Clark:
        Since the Donald is headed to Asia in the next couple weeks, I don’t believe war is on the immediate horizon.

  5. AndrewB

    Greg, Love your show and what you are doing to awaken people to truth, however, I wished you had let Pat Muth have more of the floor. She was not afforded an opportunity to connect the dots between Ross Perot and Trump – making the growing case for the people vs the establishment. I felt you interrupted her many many times to expound your own opinions. Surely the Weekly News Roundup is the best forum for you to put your points of view. The guest spots should be used primarily to elicit the views of your guests . . . only saying.

    • ConcAmDad

      Yes- the interruotions were wuite a distraction.

      • Greg Hunter

        You can go to another free site because I am not going to change and I am not going to get any better. You’re welcome.

        • freebrezer

          Greg – on a whole other subject … Per Gina – I was reading and came across a thing called a web bot blog … It’s a purposeful blog intended to elicit strong responses from bloggers and gauge responses and analytically use that info for gain … pretty slimy and oleaginous and a big Hmmmm? Princeton analytics uses them extensively for gauging/survey/purveying attitudes over many different blogs. I wonder if Gina was actually a web bot blog and could have been from either side of the isle? The style and prose was interestingly polished … Just another info point to consider???

          • Greg Hunter

            Maybe “Free,” but maybe not. “Gina” has sent me nasty sexually explicit content I did not post. I don’t know what “Gina” is.

            • susan

              Thank you so much Greg for keeping your site moral and ethical.

      • freebrezer

        Nothing quite like trying to parrot Elmer J. Fudd to get a point across????

        • freebrezer

          Directed at Comcad

  6. Anthony Australia

    Most of the worlds democratic systems are really one system is disguise. Our political system has gone off the rails, 5 different Prime Ministers in 10 Years. After the ejected party is sworn in, they seem to have so much internal bickering and focus more on overthrowing their leader rather than governing.

  7. Oracle 911

    Hillary wanted to save the US empire on expense of America and the planet.
    Trump is saving the planet and America on expense the US empire.

    Saying this because if things go on like under Obama, Bush Jr. etc then America will go down in flames and the humanity go extinct because the environmental damage which the Earth sustains. Because of the overconsuption we are living on ecological debt, look at the Earth Overshoot Day (in 1987 was 19th December an in 2017 was 2nd August).
    My 2cents
    Oracle 911

    • Paul ...

      America will go down in flames … starting with California? … seems something went out of control when the military tested their HARP weapon … they wouldn’t purposely burn down 11 counties … would they??

      • Paul ...

        Some strange radio frequency wave pulses are being beamed toward Hawaii from our base in Antarctica … why? … perhaps to burn Hawaii like California just got burned? … so when N.Korea sets off its hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific the neocons can start some fires in Hawaii as a false flag attack by N. Korea to get WWIII started??

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Pinpoint weapons like this have been tested for a year or so…the fires in Canada may have been the same. Somebody wants the middle class assets…we’re being fleeced like those other countries we ignored when it happened to them.
          Everything depends on whether Americans put their differences aside and pull together. “A house divided cannot stand.”

  8. Frederick

    I was a big Perot supporter back in the early 90s and knew he would be proven correct Most people dismissed him as a funny looking quack Their big mistake as we see today

    • Allen Starr

      I liked him too and drove down to Olympia, Wa. when he gave a speech there. I left the Capital building before he finished the speech because my car was parked some distance away and I didn’t want to get caught in a traffic jam. I was the only one on a street still on the Capital grounds and spotted Perot in a car coming towards me so I waved at him. Believe it or not he stopped the car just in front of me and I walked a few feet over to the car and wished him luck and we shook hands and off he went. If you get serious about taking a trip on the Trans Siberian it might be a good idea to contact me. There are numerous ways you can screw up and ruin your trip. I had a guy who worked for the “New Yorker” magazine and was doing an article for them contact me and spend a few days here about 6 years ago and I helped him. We only had one screw up but we were able to recover from it. He said he had arranged to take a boat from the North end of Lake Baikal to the South end of the Lake so I never checked it out. The boat wasn’t working that part of the Summer but we got him back on the train to me and then down to Irkutsk where he had to end up and he only lost one day.

      • Frederick

        Allen Thank you for your kind offer

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Mt grandmother (I grew up in Dallas) used to play bridge with Ross’ mom. Small world…

    • JC Davis

      Perot was my hero. His pick for VP not so impressive.

      • Frederick

        I would have preferred him over the grifter pervert Clinton if he had Howie Doody as his running mate And Bush Jr sure turned out great False flag murdering 3k Americans, illegal wars that nearly bankrupted the country Perot at least said it how it was about NAFTA when nobody else would

  9. NH Watcher

    I don’t believe that “draining the swamp” rhetoric will last much longer. Ms. Muth is right that it is more of a spiritual movement now than anything. I still recall believing fervently in Perot in the early 1990s as a twenty-something, and then my bubble burst when he dropped out of the race midstream, only to rejoin at the last minute. It certainly is going against a political machine (where murder and blackmail are acceptable methods), and Ms. Muth’s experience in Chicago makes her well acquainted with those types of machines.

    Jerry is right … this is the endgame now for the United States. Iceland was able to clean up its corruption, but alas, that is a country of less than 400,000 people; the U.S. is over 300 million strong. The powers that be are desperate for a war to keep the game going just a little longer. It does appear that China is now calling our bluff. And the Chinese are exceedingly more adept at patience than most any American is.

    What is left?

    • This sceptred Isle

      China is not encumbered with bi-partisan politics and ‘democracy’. It can act with unity and purpose as it moves towards its goal of economic dominance.

      • Greg Hunter

        And it you do not submit you die. Lovely place, China.

        • FC

          Greg, I’m not sure of your experience with China but I have dealt with the private and government sectors and they have been nothing short of encouraging foreign investment……………….even to a point of negotiating our local taxes.
          China’s growth has exploded over the last 25 years, while we have imploded.

        • Russ McMeans

          Greg; I know a Chinese family that owns a thriving gas station and tire sales shop in Minden, Nevada. It’s the Carson Valley horse and cattle mecca. The woman owner and mother of 3 said she would never go back to see family in China. She used the word “mean” to describe her homeland with a steely glare. I’m pretty sure she voted for Trump too.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Buy American products which are made, produced, and assembled in America, pay a little more, and wait and watch old China stop building highways to nowhere quickly!

          • Jean-David Beyer

            It is easy to say “Buy American products,” but a lot of necessary products are just not made in USA anymore. Most clothes, for example, are no longer made in USA, and the few that are tend to be made from foreign made fabrics. Computer equipment, including chips, are made elsewhere, as are cell phones, cameras, etc.

  10. Peter sanford

    Hi Greg,

    I’m a big fan and look forward each week to your videos.

    Pat Muth is a very interesting woman. I think I’ll read her book.

    You need to focus your questions a bit more and give the guests more uninterrupted

    If you rewatch this video, you will see that you were stepping all over her.

    Thanks for your work

    • Tracy Welborn

      Uninterrupted interviews are very boring. There are some rookies trying to do this type of format and they are struggling because they do not know how to interact and lead the interview. This is why USA Watchdog gets so many hits and has so many subscribers.

  11. James Stamulis

    I couldn’t agree more with the exception of the freedom caucus who is working with Trump. As for the rest of them we will replace each and every other traitor come election time. It is amazing though the people of Arizona actually reelected McCain when he ran on repealing Obamacare yet twice killed the bill that would repeal it just to get at Trump. Thankfully Trump and Rand Paul have worked together to do the job.

    • Russ McMeans

      Yes! I’m so amazed that Arizonans and the people of Kentucky sent McCain and McConnel back to D.C. They had excellent alternatives. As for me, I only have Dianne Feinstein and the upcoming Lucerfarian Kamala Harris to represent dying Calitopia. Pure evil, both of em! I’m leaving Ca next year for Nevada, then maybe Idaho. I’m done.

      • Russ McMeans

        I forgot: I voted for the stellar conservative republican DA from Los Angeles for California state DA but the stupid liberal democrats voted for Kamala Harris. Pure evil with big ties and official spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood. She will try and run for POTUS. Watch out folks. Another Hillary. Pure evil.

      • Flattop

        Russ McMeans:
        I hear from relatives in Ariz that the political machine got McCain re elected. The vote was rigged. The young female doctor who ran against him would have won easily.

  12. Chip

    Great guest Greg… Chip

  13. dachsielady

    Yery good commentary. But I must be honest. It sounds like a big dose of hopium that I bought in to in the mid 90s with Ron Paul and others.
    One thing that does not ring true to me, and I have heard several economy / finance conservative commentators says this over and over is that THEY, meaning the swamp creatures who are pushing for a one world death and slavery system for all, want to crash the economy so that THEY can blame it on Trump.

    I think that the economy crash is pretty much a done deal but THEY have all the money and control U S congress and government, including intelligence and justice and foreign policy apparatus, and THEY do not really care who it gets blamed on, so long as the people do not rise up and expose the pedophilia and satanic human sacrifice and cannibalism and human trafficking that THEY operate all over the world. THEY only want the blame for the inevitable worldwide economic crash to go somewhere other than THEM.

    • Paul ...

      These Satanic vampire pedophiles in America dealing in human sacrifice, cannibalism and human blood makes our Nation the OPEC “of Blood” in the world … and for laughs they “infect it with HIV” before exporting it!!

    • Russ McMeans

      You’re most likely right. Harvey Weinstein is just the exposed tip. And Trump should never have taken credit for the stock market since it’s the Fed that did it. Pumped the puppy up. Never take credit for something you don’t own. Even Jesus deferred to the Father when someone called him good. ” There’s no one good but God” was The reply back from Jesus.
      The Book of John is the very best. Please read it, there is nothing like it on planet earth.

      • Paul ...

        Russ … if Jesus says: “There is no one good but God” … then if as the Atheists say: “There is no God” … then there is “no good in the world” … looking around they “seem” to be right … but … because we constantly struggle to make things good (no more war, killing of children, etc. etc.) … it “proves” God is around and he happens to be (right within us all) even if the Atheists choose to deny it!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      ‘hopium’ I like it…

  14. jim

    I don`t know why everyone is emphasizing on trump and our government being in control of what is coming down the pike. China has all the control, its all about the gold. When everyone starts trading in yuan backed with gold instead of our counterfeit dollars, its all over. China will decided when.

    • jim

      And also, all the talk about tax cuts , the wall, bringing jobs back, and controlling the spending. We are way past all that its too late for it. It`s like putting perfume on a skunk

      • FC

        The attempt to improve the smell only makes it worse and the same can be said about the economy……….the best we can hope for is for the status quo to continue as this is the only resemblance of life we know of.

        People want the swamp drained as do I, but how many people realize there will be a cull of Billions of people for this happen?

      • Paul ...

        Jim … putting perfume on a skunk … do women realize that the perfume companies make their most expensive perfumes from the vomit of whales! … luckily only Hillary can afford it!!

    • Corleone

      There will be no gold backed yuan. What we will see are Chinese gold backed trade notes and gold backed sovereign bonds. Both of them are denominated in yuan, but that does not mean that yuan (the fiat currency) is backed by physical gold. It just means that the trade notes and the sovereign bonds are indirectly guaranteed by a portion of the PBOC’s gold bars. “Indirectly” because it will be done through Shanghai Gold Exchange.

      • Tin foil hat

        I concur 100%.

  15. Kim

    Great interview! Good to hear people are waking up to the corruption in the government, banking, and media! Thank you!!

  16. Tad

    After the Alabama senatorial election, one could imagine a sincere Trump-supporting federal office seeker spending virtually nothing to counter an incumbent Republican or Democrat. That implies a candidate not exposed to corporate donations. Nothing is guaranteed.

    I don’t think the Puerto Rico problem could become much more creative than a default.
    Alternatives might include a 50 or 100 year bond issued at a relatively high interest rate. I know Greg Mannarino’s opinion on holding bonds, and this is stupid. US and Puerto Rico inflation is probably running at close to ten percent and flirting with an acute upturn–barring a widespread declared default.

    Without that, a creative way of dealing with this is giving Puerto Rico their independence: new country, new currency.

    Though I think of a tax cut for middle class as necessary, I’m trying to square that with economic realities: corporate and individual funds unsafe in any bank, regardless of locale; corporate,personal, and government debt unable to be repaid-ever; immigration issues that lay foundation for current and long term ills.

    The politicians are milking this one. Perhaps they’re being “benevolent” in delaying the globe’s sixth extinction.

  17. al Hall

    Greg- the swamp is the elite’s(establishment) and this speech by George H. W. Bush
    shows the people it is Dems and Republicans both!! All of Congress is bought and paid for by the elite’s within their first year in Congress, this is from Lindsey Williams. he was told and shown this by his elite friend. This is why so many republicans are against Trump’s plans- they work for the elite’s. Hear Bush say this below- and remember- the Bush family are the biggest drugs dealers in the world- family worth approx- $1.7 TRILLION!!!!!!!!!


    • Paul ...

      I heard the Bush family has 7 Trillion … a lot of good it will do them in Hell (as fiat paper burns) … guess they can convert their fiat paper to gold and invite Satan over for a soak in their hot tub (filled with liquid gold) … guess that would justify in their minds all the evil they did 9-11, etc. !!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Ever hear of a King Midas who wished everything he touched turned to gold? Some folks have to learn the hard way…

  18. andyb

    Excellent guest, Greg with some interesting points. I do believe, however, that her economic optimism is misplaced, even though I personally wish it to be true. She must know that all government economic statistics are massaged and obfuscated to a fare-thee-well, and the stock market is heading for a major correction. Trump can do some tweaking re regulations and possible tax relief, but math is math; there’s no escape from the fact that the market is way, way, way overpriced and resting on quicksand. The odds of a derivative implosion are better than 50% and the bankruptcy of certain state governments over pension liabilities is a virtual lock at 100%. And, there is nothing that Trump (or anyone) can do about the demise of the Petrodollar and the loss of the USD’s global reserve currency status; a certainty within the next 2 years.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andy!!

  19. Mike

    Greg, I never miss you interviews , keep up the good work.
    The information provided is very important. Now. Would it be possible to interview ” judge Anna von reiterated” ? When it comes to debt, legal info,straw man , common law vs admiralty law etc.
    I believe she would be an extremely powerful interview. Always listening . Mike

    • Greg Hunter

      How do I contact her?

      • Mike

        I don’t know her email, you can start with. Annavonreitz.com. Manny of her articles and other info can be found on. Nesaranews.blogspot.com

        Sometimes they allow articles from others as they want you to learn to tell the difference in real and fake. Basically stated on the lower left side of the Bessarabia site. She is an Alaskan judge from big lake Alaska A very intelligent woman.

        I’m not certain how involved she is with the. ” yourstrawman.com. ” site but I will say that that is what eventually led me to her site.

        I can only hope that you look into her with an open mind. Actually I know you will as you are also searching for the truth.

        Always listening. , mike

  20. Stan derman

    She has much more faith in the American voter than I have. Our political system is corrupt to the core and I dont believe that will change any time soon. Ross Perot was right but its too late now to turn this ship around…

    • Greg Hunter

      I respectfully disagree. That’s what the Deep-State NWO wants you to think. Never give up!!

      • JungianINTP

        Greg, I’ve mailed several of my essays to you, from among the 1000-plus I’ve penned about the WHO and WHY and HOW of the Christian West’s on-going dismantlement. If you closely examine my ideas/analyses, you’ll learn of the underlying psychology driving the DEEP-STATE’S / NWO’S machinations. -Rick

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I hate to have to say this, but most Americans are willfully blind to the state of things. They actually don’t want to think about them. They let their kids watch horrible tv shows and play horrible games. They look forward to the next horrible movie. It’s not because they are bad people…they are weak and burdened people. Pastors are almost hopeless…leadership is uninspiring or plain dangerous. I hope Donald Trump can help.

      These disasters are dividing the sheep from the goats (pardon, four legged goats)….you can see our people aren’t all selfish and bad. But they’re confused. Now the disasters are vacuuming their money and credit…part of the plan, I’m sure.
      I think she’s part right…we are trying.

      • Jodyp

        You are correct. While a few more wake,most are still in bed.

        • Greg Hunter

          Never give up Jodyp. That’s what the NWO Deep-State wants.

          • Jodyp

            Oh no Greg,I’ll never give up! My old dad didnt nickname me ‘little mule’ for nothin.While I have hope for the masses, reallistically, I still see zombies everywhere.

      • Russ McMeans

        If Trump can upset the swamp, then so can we his base. Give them no quarter. I’m moving to Nevada where I can fight for better leadership because CA is going to have to face the fire until it starts electing conservative leaders. By the way; there will be NO bailouts for these blue states. They’re done.

    • Mike

      I don’t know where the. Bessarabia Came from That was. Supposed to be nesara. Enjoy

  21. Robert Lykens

    Greg, I can’t thank you enough for the recent Pento interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Robert!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      You have returned. Where did you go?

  22. Paul Anthony

    God Bless the USA of prayers for President Trump!

    Thank you for what you do Greg!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul for NOT giving up. That’s what the Deep-State NWO want.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        “They” just want a return to the Golden Middle Ages…no democracy, one ruler, “happy” peasants slaving away. Alas, they blew it up themselves anyway…just won’t admit it. Heaven isn’t the dictatorship some think.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think you are correct Deanna!

  23. al

    I see it all over and I hear it at work, EVERYONE IS WAKING UP! Most of the lib-tards are too and stay quiet about it. Hallelujah! FINALLY!
    Fake News wakes people up. The establishment fell on their pompous faces. I am loving it!

    Awesome guest Greg

    • William Stanley

      al: You have a lot of credibility with me. Thanks for sharing your observations!

  24. Mike from the north

    As time passes the more I believe that this war between good and bad is just beginning to escalate.

    They will do all within their power to discourage us and we must stay the course and do what we can to protect those we love.

    The world operates on cycles and their are some troubling cycles beginning to take hold.

    We must be strong and be wise and not fool ourselves that everything is fine.

    Do not lull yourself to sleep and do not fool yourself into passive mode.

    I was told a story last night from a resident of Puerto Rico and he says going through such an event quickly shows you who you can count on.

    • Paul ...

      You can count on gold, silver and nickel coins … Maund’s gold analysis below has one flaw in my opinion … the coming dollar spike upward will not push gold down … too many people see the big picture … and will not be fooled into selling their gold to scalp a few pennies on any dollar bump up … the Commie Fed (using the PPT) is printing money out of thin air to support failing bankrupt corporations … this house of cards will either collapse (making gold more valuable) … or be inflated to drive the Dow to “One Million” (making gold more valuable) … in either case owning gold is the preferred investment choice (don’t ask the serpents at the Fed if gold is money … ask China, Russia, India, etc., etc) … https://www.clivemaund.com/gmu.php?art_id=68&date=2017-10-15

      • The Seer

        Hello. I knew a top woman who worked with Maund for awhile until she discovered he failed so poorly at his mining stock investments . . . . I had subscribed to his service for a brief period and ended it. In my opinion he cannot forecast even to this day. Ramdowski and Thomson are better forecasters. For those watchdogs who are still accumulating or newbies who want to buy metal, please wait as the price is going lower with a US$ rise to 97 cents. $1300 was another fake out. Have to watch for the many fake outs going on. They want everyone poor. When they reincarnate they will be poor ugly souls without money and subjected to the regulations they put in place. That is how reincarnation works. For every lie, egotistical thought and wrong doing they will be subjected to the same with the blind veil of not knowing how to get out of it in the rebalancing. Those who have been pure and subjected to such harness will be rewarded 10 x or more in time. Collectively yes – higher consciousness is growing as the Earth’s frequency is being raised forcing humans to evolve.

  25. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Trump, I truly believe his is the real deal, he is humble & believes in Christ, the swamp is draining, can you feel it? a b

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes but it’s a very deep swamp full of muddy money.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Yes Greg, its deep, but as your guest so astutely outlined the people are waking up. We, the working class who built this country along with our forefathers don’t appreciate Congress & the elite swamp trying to nullity our votes. By stonewalling our President that is exactly what they are doing. I can hear that deep muddy swamp leaking!

        • Paul ...

          Even Monsanto is getting out of town … selling their “evil swamp” business to Bayer … hey Bayer listen to what God said: “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants “yielding seed”, and fruit trees bearing fruit after their kind, “with seed in them”, on the earth”; and it was so. And the earth brought forth vegetation, plants “yielding seed after their kind”, and trees bearing fruit, “with seed in them”, after their kind; and God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1:11-12)

  26. john duffy

    NYTimes…….American Pravda


  27. Jodyp

    No doubt a one party system. Enough to tell us illegal immigrants and votes are to get their chosen candidates in (D or R) This is how these snots told us we little people don’t count. I feel a change in the air.

  28. Lake M

    Many that are thinking that the repatriation of cash from US multinationals will boost the economy might be sadly mistaken. More likely little new investment will occur unless demand for products and services increase, which is unlikely unless wages go up. What’s the likelihood of big wage hikes for workers? Not great.

    More likely is the repatriated funds will go to pay off debt that many companies incurred for share buybacks during the last four years. Or to fund executive bonuses. The cash is likely to return to the financial sector where it originated without any tangible effect on the broader economy. No capex unless demand increases significantly.

    Won’t it be the same with a tax cut? The middle class is struggling to keep up with the mythical 2% inflation as it is. Without wage hikes, the downward spiral will continue. The boomers will be winding down their spending and the upcoming generation doesn’t have much money so a demographic bomb will develop as well,
    which won’t regenerating a bunch of new demand. The natural disasters and following insurance money should provide a temporary boost in demand but not enough to turn around the national economy for the long term.

    And proponents of tax cuts make little mention of increasing the national debt. Like it doesn’t ever matter.

    Ms Muth seems a bit naive about regeneration of the domestic economy.

    • marcus

      Greg you have labeled me as an Atheist, told me I should live in China, posted pitchers of Japanese soldiers shooting children, you have judged and labeled me with one eye.
      I would like to clarify that I am not an ATHEIST, First I AM mankind and I belong to the human race, I do not label myself to any religion or group, I AM Greg just me with no intimidation of any cult or group but the protection of the land owners. Ashamed of my fellow humans past and present……. please forgive me if I have offended any on your blog, as I love the movement and the info found by you and your followers.
      OK sounds like we the people are waking up, and we are…… Making America Great Again will never happen, the rain of lies and deception come with a cost, the cost of reversal, America and its Allies will be widespread among its consumerism gone mad. It now must face deep depression revaluation of the dollar it must be made worthless, hyperinflation will cripple the elite and millions of sleepwalkers will pay the price as they fight for the last Hamburger and chips with large coke.
      As you must be aware that the many Western civilizations are under attack for more than a decade with fast foods and how affordable they are, You see after the great depression studies show that we the people got stronger and grew together after staving us we lived 8 to 10 years longer. Today their agenda is to fatten us with toxic fast food and then collapse the system, most won’t make the transition as they are addicted to junk so many junkies in America will die.
      Trump can not make this great again if he has a nation of addicts, look around you next time you go for a swim do you see a fighting brother beside you, no you see xxx brother gasping for a coke, it is not possible for the American people to be great again as a country is represented by the condition of its people.
      Trump is a man America is a country why do so many rely on one man, America was once home of the free you were strong and fighting fit your beliefs were in each other when a countries people believe in itself it is unstoppable . Greg most of America’s people don’t believe in themselves they have become lazy addicts to junk. they dont even belive in PM as a store of value.Crypto junkies.
      Sorry you no longer like me.

      • Greg Hunter

        “Sorry you no longer like me.” I don’t know you and either does anybody else because you are basically anonymous. Atheist/Godless, what’s the difference. Nothing I can say would give you faith in God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. You just want to demean and argue. You had your rather long say, now go away.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Yes, Marcus must have been hitting the bottle and seems very down….I’ve seen it so much!!!

        • Charles H

          A Humanist – is a thinly veiled atheist, in the sense that they don’t believe in a God as we do; but in the godhood of humanity – that divine spark of intelligence and all that.

          • Greg Hunter

            Charles H,
            Amen Brother!

          • marcus

            Charles Atheist is a label and it is quite clear the followers on this site like to think they are better than most, you are all very quick to label people.
            I find it very interesting that the intelligent guest on this site never mention God and nore dose Greg, If you push your vieus so far with your religion Greg will run out of quality freedom fighters to interview.
            Then you may as well just have a Sunday service.

            • Frederick

              You’re right One of Gregs closest rival radicals labeled me a Turkish Something or other and I’m not Turkish My wife happens to be and I guess in their sick mind that made me bad

              • Greg Hunter

                I never labeled you anything and the people here are NOT “radicals.” We love freedom and the Constitution and America.

            • Charles H


              I set forth a definition: and I was VERY careful NOT to assign it to you as in – ‘he is’, or ‘this person is’. It was couched in a general, descriptive statement: to insure that “if the shoe fits: wear it” – could be the only application. You, yourself used the phrase: “I AM mankind and I belong to the human race,” – from which I derived “humanist”. No more clear or direct association could be made: and it is a point that you do not refute. Instead, you revert to me labelling you an Atheist: when in fact – I state my own definition of a “Humanist”. For someone who wants to jump into the deep end of the intellectual pool: you simply cannot overlook these ‘fine points’. If you have issue with my DEFINITION of a Humanist: then you need to be on issue; and deal with my definition: rather than turning your vitriol on me.

              Furthermore: you should refrain from childish imputations – “it is quite clear the followers on this site like to think they are better than most,”. Are we to believe that because YOU come here and comment that you, yourself think that you are better than most?!?? This is an absurd use of categorization – as if the ocassional commenter is better than the regular?

              And finally – I am not sure your speculation as to the future subscription of the public to this site is correct. Greg Hunter is drawing even a wider crowd of Interviewees than ever before. Many of them are even careful to publically recognize how widely and critically this site is considered in it’s gender. And contrary to your claim above: many Guests DO speak about God, and confirm their beliefs during interviews. Your rebuttle is wrong on many levels.

    • Paul ...

      To get the economy moving again is so very simple … we must “End the Fed” giving money to the banks … and have the Treasury give money to the people!

      • Paul ...

        The Treasury won’t do it … because money is power … but we must make a concerted effort to take that power out of the hands of the evil people … and place that power back in the good people’s hands (“power to the people” should mean more then just a slogan)!!

        • Paul ...

          Once the people claw back their power … we can tell the politicians to stop all the wars we don’t approve of … close down all the US military bases in foreign countries … and most important of all … shut down the Fed that won’t allow capitalism to work (they are propping up failing corporations that are technically bankrupt) … this is communism folks … not capitalism were only efficient and profitable corporations survive!!

    • Russ McMeans

      Bingo lake M. You understand economics well.
      It’s a new world out there now with fake inflation numbers and any big spending being done on credit.
      I smells bad to me, from my point of view though.

    • Corleone

      Exactly. The repatriated cash will not be turned into the capital to produce goods and services.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Good rational analysis, I too have thought about the proposed tax plan and whether or not it would create jobs to come back to the U.S. as they tout. I, for one, doubt it. More likely, it will do exactly what you outlined. Very little of the gain from tax relief will get to the real economy of the working people and or expand jobs which would create some velocity of money on the front lines down here in America.

  29. Luke

    Hello Mr. Hunter

    My apologies, however I agree with Mike Krieger as well as Brandon Smith on Mr. Trump. It appears to me that this President is a reverse of the tide that got Mr. Obama in power. All the promises that that liar made turned out sustain and empower the establishment. I fear that the same holds true for the current President. I hope I am wrong, really I am. I find the media hating him to be a good sign, but it could also be a ploy for some sort of controlled opposition theatrics.
    Again, hope that I am wrong.
    Love your work and God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      What you see is what your get. You know President trump gets paid $1 a year? I think you are wrong and Trump has a very deep and vbery muddy swamp to navigate. Give him a break.

  30. Flomeister

    Please…….the author knowingly/unknowingly fails to mention House of Representatives as a part of Congress, but treats it as Congress itself, while also mentioning the Senate in the same sentence. She surely must know that Congress is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives…..two separate and distinct entities. Seems that so many people refer to a Representative in Congress as “Congressman/Congresswoman” and to a Senator as “Senator”, the latter of which is correct. Why is it so difficult to properly address their district representatives in Congress as “Representative”??? I know it might be easier for whatever reason to use the word Congressman/Congresswoman, but it still is incorrect. Just my 2 cents.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct but we all knew what Muth meant.

  31. Mike M.

    Just another completely clueless lost soul who thinks tax reform will turn things around and the country will take off again. Total nonsense.

    While the majority keep talking about things that are meaningless, the power elite is tightening the noose around your necks. It’s obvious to me that literally none of you see the big picture because if you did there would not be worthless interviews like this about past and future elections. And here is a news flash. There is not going to be elections in 2018 so why talk about it and Trump is the last president so don’t worry about whether he gets re-elected or not.

    Blatantly fake and false flags are now the norm while at the same time they are manipulating the weather and causing “natural” disasters right under your ignorant noses. It’s really quite simple. The end game is the total destruction and depopulation of the country and you are no longer years away – days, weeks or perhaps months but that is it. 2018 will definitely be the year history is made and it’s not going to be good history for you in the US. “Turn out the lights, the party’s over”

  32. Walter Baumgarten

    It is not often enough that we see such wisdom, understanding and common sense all rolled into a single easily accessible package. Well done Greg, well done. This is one extremely intelligent human being, God Bless. The only flaw that I must point out is that the fear of a red losing to a blue or visa versa is of no importance when we consider that both colors have sold out to those that care not about any of us. Replacing garbage with garbage, results in garbage. Is America actually waking up and standing up at the same time? Wow, that would be great. Hope springs eternal, eh?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you WB!

  33. Allen G

    Greg. This was a great guest with a lot to say but you did not allow her to finish a thought with your constant interruptions.

    • Greg Hunter

      What you see is what you get. So sorry this free site is not up to your high standards. You’re welcome.

  34. jw normalcy

    Greg, as you can see I got a little emotional and carried away. But its a good kinda way. I’m old and should feel bad about what were all facing and see in todays world. Jesus did say when you see all these things lift your heads up because your deliverance is getting near!
    If you can save any of this please do. I’m none denominational but as you can see i’m favoring the JW’s., they are sincere, maybe a little to much for most. They like you and your site. They are now even taking your advice and preparing physically. The Watchtower society say’s everybody needs at least, a what they call a go to bag, we may need if we have to flea for our lives! Your site has definitely woke them up! We all suffer from normalcy bias! Thanks Greg for all you do, God bless you!

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a very nice comment and I am happy the JW’s are getting some value from it. That said, I do NOT believe in what the JW’s believe and do not want that content on this site. I would not try to post my beliefs (constantly) on the JW sites either. Thank you.

  35. Jerry

    The trouble with the swamp is its not just limited to the United States. Its global.

    A few years ago, the cemetery where my family is buried was bought out by Chinese investors. Even though I have deeds to several plots there, no one asked me for my approval. Did I get a notice? No. Did I even get an invitation to a ribbon cutting ceremony? No. They just did it. The truth is whatever personal freedom we have left is measured by the length of a gun barrel.

    No politician has the right to take away any God given rights. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have much faith in politicians in either party. They’re all bought and paid for. Every one of them. I personally know several large investors who have contributed huge sums of money to several Congressional campaign’s. They can pick up the phone any time they like and ask for concessions on a particular bill that they have interest in. As for me? I couldn’t even get past the secretary. But hey, its America. You can choose to believe whatever you want. Right Stan? 5….4……3……2……1.

    • Jerry

      For those who you who need a little primer on the depths of this purchase, go no further than this link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saudi_Aramco

      It should be apparent by now that the Chinese are preparing to corner the petroleum market just like they did with the gold market. Will the Saudi’s take the deal? What would you do? Contrary to popular belief Morgan Stanley (who IS the marketing arm for the worlds petroleum benchmark) WAS (secretly bought by Rosneft) who then manipulated the worlds oil prices with this purpose in mind. The numbers speak for themselves. Petroleum prices fell below $60. a barrel two years ago and haven’t recovered since. $60.a barrel is the bare minimum that petroleum companies have to have to breakeven. You might say the Saudi’s with their greed walked into a bear trap and have paid for it ever since.

  36. Jerry

    The calm before the storm.

    I find the timing of this drill suspicious. The Chinese Communist Congress (which meets every five years) begins its session on Wednesday amid reports of a massive Chinese army buildup on the Korean border. Strap in folks. The ride is about to get bumpy. This drill could go live at any time depending on what little Kim decides to do.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Jerry, disagree, the U.S. doesn’t have enough assets in the region as of yet, another 6 or 9 months unless Rocket Man strikes first is my guest. After the new year I think Trump will start pouring the military assets to the region. If so, summer in the Northern Hemisphere is always a good time to go to war, nice weather, clear skies, just about perfect for setting things right! a b

      • Jerry

        Yes I read it Stan. The mans an idiot with a short memory. If you recall we’re the ones who borrowed three trillion dollars from the Chinese, who are buying gold now. Think maybe they know something?

  37. Ron

    Let’s build the gallows in front of the capital building.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Melissa! Good idea.

  38. jerry

    I hate to break it to you and your readers, but the fact is “we’re already slaves”. Bond slaves to the central bankers who have infiltrated our government and borrowed against US as collateral. Don’t think so? Just try not paying your taxes and see what happens. And for those of you living on the government welfare plantation? Just try owning something for yourself and see how long those government checks keep coming in.

    I realized along time ago when I came over from the dark side, that I was already in debt to the ONE who paid the price for me on the cross. I have one lord, and one master, and his name is Jesus Christ. Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, the fact is you’re going to have to surf someday. Its just a matter of where that’s going to be. In the end that’s all you ever get is….time………and……an……….epic……ride.

  39. Hatemail

    Corporate America was giddy with joy moving their industries to the far east to exploit low wages. Why would anyone think that they want to move back home just be uncompetitive again? Their offshore profits will not return unless they can stuff the money into their greedy pockets.

    • JC Davis

      I agree Hatemail. Draining the swamp in one area will never get rid of the land walking, under water, greed beast. It is a world wide swamp caused and controlled by corporations. We are not faced with a corporation nation its a corporation world.

      • Frederick

        The truth is it’s by far the worst in the USA Travel the world and live in other countries and educate yourself

        • Charles H

          Come to Mexico, Frederick – and live (like Bill Holter did a number of years in the D.R.) how corruption takes it’s own flavor according to country.

  40. Macray

    As you have pointed out with credible links to support your assertions and posts, China is now expected to introduce their new Petroyuan contract possibly later this week or by year end. At some point thereafter, there is a strong possibility that they will then connect it to physical gold.

    What are your thoughts of the Don reintroducing some form of a gold backed USD to buffer the Chinese move? Keeping in mind, that Steven Mnuchin’s Fort Knox visit to see the US gold may actually have had some purpose to it afterall.
    *Forget* whether or not Steven actually make the visit as reported or even if we actually have the Gold we say we do at Fort Knox. It doesn’t matter at this time.

    I think the world will go with it because it can could stabilize the current world economic environment and possibly prevent war.

    • Jerry

      The rumor is that a gold backed dollar USN is a distinct possibility. Though I can’t prove it, the prevailing thought is that when China rolls out their gold backed Yuan, the United States will do the same with a gold backed USN. I think the globalist want to get out from underneath the derivative debt created by the central bankers, and a replacement system backed by gold seems to be the alternative of choice. We’ll see how this plays out. I find it very interesting that President Trump met with President Xi behind closed doors in Florida, in a venue that he knew was secure. That told me a lot.

      • Macray

        If the rumor about a gold backed dollar USN proves to be correct, it certainly would be the time to reset the Gold price much higher. You agree????

        • Jerry

          As Greg and others have documented, the central banks have manipulated gold prices for quite some time for a multiple of reasons. The main one being building a gold backed alternate system. Think about it. Why would you drive the spot price up when you’re selling it to yourself?
          I believe Rob Kirby is correct.Once the supply of gold is depleted the central banks no longer have a reason to continue the scam and will reset the price at a time of their choosing. The tip off was the gold backed petroleum benchmark that the Chinese announced back in September.
          Most likely the reset will occur inside the system long before the public is aware of anything.

      • Stan

        Gold will never be part of the monetary system. Sure, Fred Flintsone used it and cavemen used it, but this is 2017. Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • Greg Hunter

          The US was on the gold standard until Nixon closed the gold window in August of 1971. That’s long after the Fed Flintstone era.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Stan, what are China and Russia buying gold for? Jewelry demand?
          Why have central banks continued to hold gold after 1971? To hedge against their own inflationary policies.

        • Frederick

          Stan seems to think he’s an expert on economics and money

      • tin foil hat


        I agree with the previous comment made by Corleone.

        “There will be no gold backed yuan. What we will see are Chinese gold backed trade notes (probably SDR or BRICS or even dollar/yuan trade notes) and gold backed sovereign bonds. Both of them are denominated in yuan (if yuan consisted more than 50% of the SDR, BRICS or dollar/yuan pie), but that does not mean that yuan is backed by physical gold. It just means that the trade notes and the sovereign bonds are indirectly guaranteed by a portion of the PBOC’s gold bars. “Indirectly” because it will be done through Shanghai Gold Exchange (or COMEX, if we still have 8,000 tons in Ft. Knox, in case of dollar/yuan trade notes).”

        BRICS trade notes would mean WWIII.

        Dollar/yuan trade notes (The Working Group??) means the Chinese will become our partner in the dollar/yuan Ponzi reserve scheme. Putin would have no choice but to cooperate and submit to the new system. There will be world peace for another 30-50 years until we probably have to fight the Chinese – WWIII.

        I think/hope the SDR trade notes is the mostly likely outcome, the dollar Ponzi has reached its limit and is not sustainable regardless of the tax reform plan, the wall, the repatriation of cash from multinationals ….. etc.

        • Corleone

          What do you mean by “dollar/yuan” ?

        • Tin foil hat

          It would be something similar to the North America Monetary Union.
          Instead of the Amero trade notes, it’d probably be Americhino trade notes. The Working Group is probably created for that possibility. I simply don’t see why Bloomberg needs an exchange for only dollar and yuan.

  41. Macray

    Think about it. China’s oil exporters will still take Yuan for oil payment and the World will continue to divorce themselves from the dollar payment system. But the dollar reserve currency fall would be now very gradual as opposed to sudden over time. This would be in China, Russia and the US’s best interest. As such, there would be no incentive to require a US Gold audit in the short run or possibly ever.
    Again your thoughts????

    • Macray

      And of course the Don could so easily change the world with his preferred method, the famous Donald Tweets!!!

      Possible future Presidential Tweets???
      I think Gold is way undervalued. Don’t you all agree? I am thinking of revaluing it to $10,000, a more fair value!

      And then a second tweet 24 hours later after the world is a buzz. I have made my mind up about Gold. I will announce tomorrow at my 2:15 news conference!

      Hey Gina….. the Don has changed the the way things are done and politics will never be the same. Love him or hate him, your Tweat Hooked now and you can’t do without him. It’s ok to admit it!!!

    • wd


      Thinking about what you said on the economy…our foreclosure rate in my area is really running high…much higher than what it naturally is…1-2 %…. Our area is right at 30%!
      I live in a decently sized metropolis….

      No word about it on the forefront of news…Hmmmmm

      • tin foil hat

        Where do you live? Somewhere in the Rust Belt or PA?

        • wd

          Tin foil
          Deep South…in a supposedly revitalizing city

      • Jerry

        Spend some time on case.net ( IE in civil courts ) in any given county and you will see the defaults for yourself. Its breathtaking. That’s where I find most of my deals. You’d be surprised to see the number of unlawful detainers there are.

      • MCasey

        5 houses for sale within 2 blocks in my area……Oklahoma City….

  42. Macray

    What do you think? You think we ought to suggest to Greg that he should consider interviewing Wesley?
    You remember General Wesley’s famous Destroy 7 countries in 5 years video?
    I want to know why North Korea and Yemen were not included on the 2001 list. Perhaps a small oversight on that particular day and covered in the next day’s classified memo?

    There is a part of this THEY America that is not very well liked by myself and many Americans. That doesn’t mean we hate America and love other countries.

    In this video regarding Iran…. WC “Not that the Iran’s are good guys, there not, But you shouldn’t use force except as a last, last, last resort. There is a military option, but it is a bad one”.

    Maybe we can learn WC’s current views on Iran and N Korea and the military options?

    • Paul ...

      Macray … perhaps we can get Greg to ask General Clark a few questions I’ve been pondering … like was it Madonna’s endorsement for President that did him in? … or his close association with the Clinton’s? … and why after knowing all the wars being planned was not right … he then supported Bush’s invasion of Iraq?

      • Paul ...

        A better interview might be with Paul Craig Roberts to explain his position on American’s being denied their First Amendment Rights when it comes to criticizing anything that has to do with Israel … no people … and no nation … “is perfect” … and “just criticism when deserved” should not be cause for immediate reprisals … we in America take our First Amendment Right as being very special … and we Americans criticize most everything (Obama, Hillary, the Military, Trump, etc.., etc.) … we allow for different opinions on things … that is the America we are supposed to be living in … not some totalitarian “jack boot” fascist society where reprisals are inflicted for your thoughts and communications (even if it is Israel who may be under “neocon control” just like the US)! … https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/10/06/israel-lobby-destroyed-americans-first-amendment-rights/

        • Paul ...

          For all the criticism I heap on our Military … it is good to see some in our military speaking up … and exercising their First Amendment Right too … we all “need to be tolerant” of other peoples right to disagree … http://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/04/politics/trump-generals-mattis/index.html?iid=ob_lockedrail_topeditorial

          • Paul ...

            Denying peoples First Amendment Right to expression because we do not like what they say … is like removing some numbers “we don’t like” from a random number generator … without all the random numbers … or all the random thoughts … we will never home in on “the correct solution” to any of our problems!!

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes Paul but the 1st Amendment is only for the government to restrict your right to free speech. People are free to use their own capital and labor to start their own site.

  43. Flattop

    Great show and a great Lady. I believe she has tapped into something we have been feeling for a while. She goes on the list of CAF, and Lynette Zang as great guests. They ad some class to USAW

  44. Flattop

    GREG: California
    Received a voter registration in the mail from the state. The ID they asked for on the form was a drivers license number. However, if I had no drivers license, I should enter the number of any ID card I might have.
    Voter fraud?. Surely not. The Mexican government of California would never do that.

  45. wd


    I was watching what happened to Harvey Weinstein and wondered if this is part of what Mark Taylor was talking about. That these huge media types will start to crumble?

    This looks to be a big blow to Hollywood as well as the democrat party. Essentially the democrat party is Hollywood….do you believe there is a connection between these prophecies and what happened to Weinstein?


    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are correct, and Taylor did predict this sort of thing would happen.

  46. John M.

    Another set-back to the globalists is the Sunday victory of Sebastian Kurz in Austria. He is added to Trump, Marine Le Pen, Brexit, and other populist/decentralizing movements that are circling the globe. That gives me some hope.
    The simple goal of the globalists is to destroy America — any way they can. I believe American politicians and insiders have been attempting to do destroy us ever since their meetings at Jekyll Island, and definitely much more earnestly since Nixon closed the gold window.
    I was against NAFTA, which I believe was a major death blow to American industry, especially since “America’s business is business” as Calvin Coolidge rightly said. Our industry has been dying ever since. I remember Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, and Joseph Sobran as being some of the only critics of the NAFTA plan, as even conservative talk radio and the GOP Establishment either tricked us or pompously treated us to lectures on the virtues of “free trade”. NAFTA was just another domino, among others, in losing our remaining American freedoms.
    As you have said before, the real battle is between Good and Evil. Patricia Muth plainly alluded to that same reality.
    I’m expecting the globalists and Establishment politicians to both take us to war and crash the economy, as they will probably do both. They do not care about the preciousness of human life and keeping world peace, as the U.S. elites have instigated so many military coups and engagements while pretending to be pure as the snow.
    They definitely do not have respect for honest money. And they are not safeguarding the freedoms that Americans have worked so hard for, and fought for.

  47. Jodyp

    C’mon people. Too much pissin’ & moanin’ about the way interviews are conducted. It’s petty. We’re better than that here.

  48. Paul ...

    Alert: Trump sends in US Special Forces “Decapitation Team” today to kill Kim Jong-un … Kim replies: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-16/north-korean-diplomat-warns-un-general-assembly-nuclear-war-could-break-out-any-mome

    • Paul ...

      Don’t you think it is time for US politicians to stop putting the lives of millions of Americans on the line when ever they feel like getting rid of some other politician they don’t like??

  49. kyrian777

    No human system of government is working. You can’t rob Peter to pay Paul. This is lawlessness! And the reason Satan was cast out. The answer is not Democracy or any new formation. The answer is ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.’ Democracy can’t stop terrorist’s from attacking innocent people and those in government authority are not safe even with their security briefings.

  50. Jim

    What did you call the unwelcome invasion in Poland during the interview?

  51. Justn Observer

    First – Great interview with Partrica Muth… her perspective seems well founded…
    What’s the chance the gold in the Grand Canyon guarded by the marines will be used to re-set to a gold standard and back the stacks of gold bearer bonds floated in the world? Maybe the Road to Roota . Bix Weir has some more to share?
    and can explain Ph’d Farrells older theory of those bonds…
    and again….what was in those Cantor Fitzgerald files destroyed on 911 again…
    and those missing $ trillions Rumfeld reported and could not explain the day before 911? that also made the audit all but impossible when the accounting office of the Pentagon when up in smoke? lol
    Now we have the same issues in Las Vegas… shorting MGM stock, more purchased of ‘security equipment’ being floated by same unfits and people as after 911?
    and lets not dismiss the ‘rumors’ of late night strange lights and fires and Calif. erupting…and speculation that directed energy resources being used? lol Would be interesting to see if those areas were Trump supporter ‘red’ zones? lol

    No Cal. Fires crazy…
    BP EARTH FIRE STORM WARNING: https://youtu.be/F4NyWOzSPXs

  52. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Ms. Muth made some very original and fresh observations, and I’m grateful that you had her as a guest.
    While I agree with her that manufacturing is key, I think she wildly overstates its “multiplier” effect, which is still much higher than for services and why the U.S. should abandon the income tax and adopt the Value Added Tax, i.e. the VAT, just like much of the rest of the world. Our use of the income tax disadvantages U.S. exports relative to countries that use the VAT. We should also refuse to let China, Europe, and several other nations handicap our manufacturing industries in numerous other ways as well.
    However, manufacturing’s multiplier effect is not within an order of magnitude of 100. That overstatement bothered me so much that I had to listen a second time to appreciate the rest of what she had to say, which was significant.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William!!

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