Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.10.14

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com4Chris Christy "Lane Closure Gate", Economic Recovery Lie, UK Mint Out of Gold & More 

My top story is not New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the “lane closure gate” on the George Washington bridge between New York and New Jersey.  In a word, it is “stupid.”  The amount of time the networks spent on this story is outrageous.  They should spend this much time on things like the NSA spying and the IRS being used as a political weapon.  This is why the mainstream media is fast becoming irrelevant and untrusted.  They are not covering real news.  Hey, how about the mountain of red in in both New York and New Jersey.  They are two of the most indebted states in the union, with hundreds of billions of dollars of debt! 

The mainstream media will not give up on the phony recovery story.  Here’s the latest economic lie:  USA Today reports “Job Growth’s Looking Better.”  Forget that 70% of those jobs are part-time and pay low wages.  Don’t bother to report a big reason the unemployment rate is declining as the labor participation rate is bouncing around 30-year lows.  Hey, here’s a headline for you: “Macy’s to Cut 2,500 jobs.”  This is going to help its “profitability.”  Yes, laying off people and closing stores is a sign of growth.  It’s selling so much merchandise, Macy’s needs less stores and less people.  How about the ice cream plant in Maryland with a few dozen job openings?  1,600 people scrambled to apply for those few jobs.  Yeah, we are in a so-called recovery. 

Janet Yellen is the New Federal Reserve Chief.  In her first Time Magazine interview, Yellen said, “You know, a lot of people say, this [asset buying] is just helping rich people. But it’s not true. Our policy is aimed at holding down long-term interest rates, which supports the recovery by encouraging spending.”  I guess Ms. Yellen and Time didn’t see that Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal last November by former Fed Official Andrew Huszar.   He was in charge of the bond buying program.  He made a public apology and said, “The central bank continues to spin QE as a tool for helping Main Street. But I’ve come to recognize the program for what it really is: the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time.”  Yeah, the Fed is helping the little guy—right. 

Another week and it’s another fine for JP Morgan.  This time, it was to settle criminal charges for the bank’s involvement in the $65 billion Bernie Madoff scandal.  JP Morgan paid a total of $2.5 billion in fines and restitution.  Boy, I’ll bet Mr. Madoff would have liked to get his check book out to settle criminal charges instead of spending the rest of his life in jail for ripping people off for 10’s of billions of dollars.  Add the $2.5 billion to the $13 billion settlement late last year to satisfy a civil penalty for selling tainted mortgage bonds.  That settlement did not release the bank from additional criminal charges.  Also, add the $6.2 billion trading losses for the so-called London Whale trading scandal and the more than $1billion fine and it adds up to nearly $23 billion in losses and fines in just the last year.  I have just two questions:  Why don’t any bankers go to jail for obvious frauds, and how does Jamie Dimon still have a job? 

Finally, just two side notes.  The UK Royal Mint ran out of its 2014 Sovereign gold coins.  Yes, one week into 2014, the UK mint is fresh out of gold because of what it calls “executional demand.”  That kind of demand happens when you print tons of money.  Back here in the U.S., it was announced 2013 brought record gun sales.  More than 21 million background checks were done, and those checks are good for more than one gun.  Looks like some folks are waking up to something being terribly wrong on both sides of the pond.  Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.   

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  1. mohammad


    Just to lighten up the weekend,
    Extra terrestrial aliens are real, on the moon:


    Courtesy goes to Jsmineset website!

    • Greg Hunter

      Love it Mohammad!! Thank you for the link!

      • mohammad


        I saw this movie on Jim Sinclair website and it caught my attention right away, allow me please to connect the dots that are sparkling in front of my eyes and raised a flag right away in my mind:

        True the movie clip is about beans, but notice the intimidation to the American flag in it and in the heart of American pride, LANDING ON THE MOON… !

        Notice how this (time wise ) was after the landing of the chinese probe on the lunar Surface!!


        Are the chinese saying: You Americans DID NOT LAND ON THE MOON?

        It could be reading too much in a funny clip about beans, but the flags are too many to ignore.

        The producer:

        The Chinese VFX link:

        Please bear in mind that Mr Sinclair is Running the Shanghai exchange now !!!!!!!

        Too many dots to pass without linking together!

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s getting weird isn’t it? Thank you for the links and comment.

      • Dan

        Watch your vids via goldsilver site.
        Always informative
        Keep up the great work Greg.
        Dan ,Perth,Western Australia.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Dan from the Land Down Under!!

    • Jc Davis

      Mohammad –it happens then you die. Aliens have never been to earth because they would come see me first.

      • Galaxy 500

        I could have sworn my xwife was an alien.

    • Jan

      I want you to know how grateful I am for your comments. In this dark period so few speak out. To hold the balance for truth, integrity,honor, and courage is to hold the balance for the principals and virtues of God. Yes I said it. This is truly what the fallen ones want us to forget, our spiritual birthright. They have declared war on God and we are sons and daughters of God. One side note…Alpha represents gold, (higher consciousness), silver represents Omega, (creative abundance).

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Jan I appreciate your support and comment.

    • Jerry

      Now that’s funny! 😉

  2. Liquid Motion

    Great call Greg. “Stupid” is THE word.

    Expanding on the theme…..I have pieced it all together.
    MSM…is all about DISTRACTION. The operative word in this age of deceit and decadence.
    Find something nonsensical to take your eyes and minds away from the important issues is the modus operandi.
    We should not be discussing a “Recovery” . It should not be discussed in the negative either…for it too, is also taking up valuable time, effort and resources. TPTB have intentionally loaded the gun (the psyche of the masses) to expect some kind of turnaround. Impossible….doesn’t cover it. They want us all to be Distracted while they commit untold frauds, knowingly counterfeit their own currency to service the needs of their masters, in the process of blowing up the financial system and destroying faith and trust, whilst partaking in senseless wars with an undisciplined over extended military…..and continuing to satiate those that choose to live off a bloated State…in order to maintain their position of power and control.
    On the last blog entry (with PCR) there was a sub topic discussed – one that doesn’t get much airplay nor attention. I feel it requires (in light of your comments about the not too bright employment situation) another mention here. We are at “an Age” (the context of time scale is applicable) where the conspicuous consumption has become a burden on the State and there exists a massive disparity between the rich and poor. The reasons are not clear nor are they fully discussed.
    I have linked a passage taken from testimony of Alan Greenspan before the Senate Banking Committee in 2005. This is the quintessential explanation of what the USA is experiencing (and what I was referring to earlier):

    At this time of year I wish you safety in the warmth of your family and close friends.
    Best regards and trust you are able to continue the valuable service that you provide.

  3. bob

    0ne question greg. when jpm pays this 2.5 bil. dollar fine, and takin in qe are we not actually paying the fine? hope I phrased that correctly.

    • Greg Hunter

      In a back door way yes. Taxpayers are ultimately on the hook for the Fed’s $35 billion a month program of buying “toxic” mortgage debt. I keep asking which banks are getting that money? It is the big banks and JPM is one of the big six.

    • lastmanstanding

      Good question Bob…whose name is actually on the supposed check? Federal Reserve?, US Treasury?

      This “fine” is most-likely recirculated back to the same people that committed the crime in the first place.

      Day of reckoning is closer than they think.

    • Ugly

      In all, it really is ‘We The Peoples’ IOUs. When they (govt) prints, we are the ones accepting it. There are several ways the govt can get $17T. The three biggest are (1) stock market collapse where at least $8T is stored in wealth as stocks, mutual funds, and 401k. And, (2) increased taxes of ownership, and (3) selling of all debt at pennies to dollar thus China could take over some of debt and manage it for us and have ownership of it. Those alone are worth more than $17T.

      You see, why collapse now when we can really, really, really collapse later–like in a few years….

    • frosty

      LM, you wrote:
      “…..I have pieced it all together. MSM…is all about DISTRACTION. ”

      To put a finer point on it, I would say that the MSM distraction involves spinning a story which tells the masses …” power and control exists everywhere, except in you.”

    • Chip

      LM, the Greespan clip hits it. Thanks…

  4. Oracle 911

    Spending, from what? The wages are relatively low (high-compared to a 3rd world country), price for the everyday living, unemployment and indebtedness is going higher and higher, practically every day.

    Why bankers are still having jobs and don’t go to jail?
    Simple reason, because they wrongdoing fit into the PTB agenda which is NWO. Reason: The PTB know where this will go and they will try use it as catalyst for they agenda, and about the bankers, criminals as Jamie Dimon will be executed in a quiet ugly way as in the saying: “Served as a living man, will serve as a dead man.”. And the owner of the banks a.k.a. as the PTB will be prised as heroes in this scenario. OUR only hope is THEY miscalculation.
    About the awakening, yeah lot of people is waking up, but the majority is still sleeping, and the SHTF situation will be sudden and rude awakening, and the PTB will try use it.
    BUT TPTB mostly rely on the powers of the state/gov. and their economic power, these powers will be/are in process of disintegration (every state will be different so, depending on where you live, you may be lucky or not-so-lucky).

    Your thoughts.

  5. Smaulgld

    Greg you nailed it on the recovery. I am tired of hearing about the recovery for the past five years! We have recovered into a recession.

    The media looks for any data as evidence of “the recovery” I call these people recovery addicts. I wrote about the incessant touting of the recovery back in September

    The media has a vested interest in the recovery now that the fed is tapering. I am glad you showed that headline because it typifies the propaganda we are fed regarding the economy

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your term “recovery addicts”!! Thank you.

      • smaulgld

        Economic Recovery Addict:

        Symptoms of this wishful thinking malady include:

        Believing rising interest rates won’t harm the real estate recovery*;

        Believing the employment situation is improving, and is indeed “solid”, despite the evidence that mostly part time jobs are being created;

        Believing unsupported general statements that the economy is recovering; and

        Believing that increased spending on pets is evidence the economy is improving!

        These beliefs can be held in isolation or be coupled with each other. The more afflicted will believe them all and repeat them constantly while continually searching for more news and data to satisfy their recovery fixes.

        Recovery addicts are oblivious to the facts that refute their wishful thinking:

        Higher mortgage rates are already negatively impacting mortgage applications;

        Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke himself said employment is not where it needs to be and that the unemployment rate at 7.6% overstates the health of the employment market citing the high rates of underemployment and the low labor participation rate.

        by just about every economic measure other than the stock and real estate markets, the overall economy is not improving; and

        spending on pets increases during a recession!

        Economic recovery addicts are masters of denial: GDP data doesn’t matter, and like QE, can always be revised higher.

        *Economic recovery addicts believe that higher interest rates are a sign of recovery and expectations of future growth in the economy when rates are rising solely because the Fed is threatening to stop buying T-bonds. If they don’t buy them demand goes down and rates go up. This has nothing to do with an improving economy.

    • Rodster

      Where I live which is SW Florida, it’s still depressed since 2008. It’s gotten a little better but not by much. It was common post 2009 to see street signs advertising homes that were once 250-350K for sale in the range of 35-100k. That’s deflation to the 10th deg.

      I still see those signs but it has dropped by about 50%.

      New businesses are shuttered usually within 3-6 months. One in particular opened a fresh chowder, seafood fast food joint which replaced a Long John Silver. It opened last year and the parking lot was semi busy. Within 2 months it closed up.

      • mohammad

        Florida depends on MI, the way auto industry goes Florida goes.

        • Galaxy 500

          How do you figure that? What’s the connection?

          • mohammad

            Old @arts wearing plaid shirts with sky blue jeans that have slapped on pockets with yellow stitches wearing wrap around shades driving 45 miles an hour on the left lane called MICHIGANIANS down I75 heading to florida in winter and back to MI in Summer!!!!

          • tROT

            The proper name for a bird brain from the Great Lake State is Michigander, Mohammed. Just saw a few flying over heading south. I could see they had frostbite, they must have waited to long to take off and hit the Polar Vortex. Hope they have enough heat in their solar plexus to make it to Texas!

          • Galaxy 500

            So, you think they out number the snowbirds from NY, NJ, CT, etc? Not going to buy that one for a dollar 😉

          • mohammad

            And they love beans!

        • Rodster

          Florida thrives and depends on Sunshine and Tourism.

          • Galaxy 500

            I agree with you. Florida is more impacted by bad weather than Michigan

  6. Fraser

    Thanks Greg…
    Now Sir, that was your best weekly wrap ever – I was literally clapping and cheering at my screen here in Australia! My cheque is in the mail!
    This week you have not only delivered an accurate view of reality to your audience, but you have also exposed main stream media’s false portrayal of reality for the blatant propaganda that it is. Keep this up and you will not only win a legion of followers, but also a Pulitzer Prize!
    The media, the market manipulation and everything else being done to us is a battle for our hearts and minds. But no matter how hard they try, repetition does not strengthen the argument. If you can reveal the truth AND expose their lies then you / we will certainly triumph. Well done Sir and PLEASE hold this tack!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I actually had fun doing this one! Thank you.

  7. Jerry

    Greg great week of reporting. I have watched the Paul Craig Roberts interview three times. There’s a lot of content there.
    Greg I can’t believe the lies in the MSM media spins about the economy. There has been no recovery …period. I have witnessed it first hand. I have lost over 40% of my block of business over the last four years. In the past when a business closed, I could usually replace it with a new one starting up. . Not anymore. Most small businesses I work with are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their business. Inflation, taxation, insurance cost, government regulation, and now Obamacare have made it almost impossible for them to continue to operate. People who work on main street like I do, know the reality of our economy. It sucks.
    As to Janet Yellen. What else can these people do. You and I both know they can never stop printing money. Its the only thing propping up the system right now. My head is still spinning after I ran across this article about QE printing. I challenge you readers to take a look, and explain it to me.


    Who is John Galt? Is he real? 850 Billion a month instead of $85 Billion in QE ?
    Thanks Greg for all you do. Have a great weekend.

    • Greg Hunter

      I too thought PCR and Williams were especially strong this week. I am so happy they want to come on and talk and enlighten us all. Thank you for your comment.

    • Rich (On a rant)

      That’s always been my contention. The gubmint lies about everything – inflation, GDP, GNP, interest rates, market manipulation, etc ad infinitum. Sooooooo, why on the green earth does everyone believe that the $85B per month is not a big fat LIE? It is beyond me to wrap my little mind around the fact that so many people believe this data point and spend endless hours writing about it, analyzing it, etc. Anytime I encounter an article that even mentions the 85B per month I immediately stop reading – it is a waste of my time to buy into that number. IT IS A BIG FAT LIE AS WELL. JMHO.

    • Galaxy 500

      The 850 billion is a claim that the 85 billion in purchases is being used to create 850 billion. In my opinion, his thesis is flawed

      • Galaxy 500

        I.don’t know if he’s real but his math is nonsense but then a lot.of snake oil was sold in the old days

  8. art barnes

    Hey Greg, CNBC reports this morning that only 75,000 jobs were created in December, lowest in 35 years, imagine 35 years, any idea how many more people are in the nation now as to then. During last weeks football games I made an informal survey, everybody I talked to knew many people who needed a job, and two of those persons were unemployed themselves. Out here on the Western Front, the promised land is now the land of low wages, reduced hours, high rents, and increasing a depressed people. Homeless are everywhere, people are moving in with other families or with relatives, young people on the move as well as older folks. Beginning to look as my dad described the early 30’s to me. I’m sure there are many large pockets of wealth and stability out there but there is an increasing amount of poverty, all one has to do is look around and be aware! Lastly, you didn’t mention that last week marked the 50th year of the War on Poverty, well, in my mind we lost that war as well.

    Lastly, I particular like your demeanor on this Friday’s Wrap up, I sense a tone of anger and frustration. Those types of emotions is what in the end will turn our people on and move them to take our country back from the ones who stole it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow!!! So much for more “tapering.” Recovery right on track–Not.

      • Ugly


        I don’t know why you cannot see and observe the obvious. Macy’s could have laid off 5000 people. They only laid off 2500 people, thus 2500 jobs were created.

        The Govt could print $150 billion per month, but they are only printing $75 billion per month; thus they are saving us $75 billion per month and helping out the little guy.

        You should observe the obvious….

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Barnes, I’m afraid there won’t be any “taking back” anything, as it’s too far gone. The absolute last chance for that was in 2008, and even then, I’m not sure. $17 trillion in acknowledged debt is the clincher, as is so-called multi-culturalism, which is what results when the “heat” is taken away from the traditional “melting pot” . The lawless Mexican nation is conquering via occupation the southwest of our country, against which our government is doing nothing (and the argument can be made that our government is actually enabling said takeover), and the coming economic event constantly in discussion on this forum will balkanize the union. The southwest will be lost in the shakeout, and the southeast will become chaotic. Make plans now to move to the midwest. Please consider the implications, both personal and at large. Best always to you and yours. PM

      • tROT

        Paul Detroit was the Paris of the Midwest, now in China they say, were else can you buy a home for the price of a pair of shoes! So come one come all, Just bring along Annie Oakley! (Betty Hutton played Annie, in Annie Get Your gun, 1950, a Michigander by the way) you have to be a good shot in the D, so those pair of shoes don’t turn into a pair of cement over shoes at the bottom of the Detroit river with you in em!

    • mohammad


      “Those types of emotions is what in the end will turn our people on and move them to take our country back from the ones who stole it.”

      It is the very exact trap Syrians fell in, It is the same exact trap they want Americans to fall in.
      Nothing more important now than wising up to the game they profess and master and very damn good at, and thwart it with a cool head.

      An advice from experience, we walked that road of anger in Syria and look where we are now!

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Unfortunately, rational discussions, cool heads and compromise rarely work with benighted, arrogant tyrants! This is why Thomas Jefferson said the Tree of Liberty may require not only this country’s sweat and tears, but blood. This is often regarded as an antiquated and politically incorrect mind set but our history tells us otherwise.

        • mohammad

          It is different this time around and history does not serve you here, it will be the end if it starts, beware of the elites playing you and the government and pitting you and them against each other, we got burnt in ME so am conveying the lesson to you here.
          Throw my words in the trash if you wish, but do not come to me and cry when it hits the fan, you have a book to chew on if you wish and that is by Thomas Chittum who draws a dire picture of the civil war in US if GOD FORBID it ever breaks here.


          Read it and then let me know your answer, I read it before!

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Ah, my friend what are we debating here:
            1. That a despotic regime can taunt or goat its people into an ill-advised uprising or rebellion or
            2. Liberty and freedom are worth fighting for.
            Walter E. Williams had an interesting article recently about the choices that we may face in this great country of ours. He points to either succession or the possibility of a civil war. Would the latter choice be unbelievably bloody and catastrophic-undoubtedly. Whether this will happen depends in great part on how long the MSM and our politicians can maintain the window dressings of normalcy. Because once the window dressing that keep our perceptions in line wears thin-the people will then see a glimmer of reality. If this happens to be a reality the people don’t believe in—things could get very ugly.
            Mohammad thanks for informative link and I look forward to your response.

          • mohammad

            The trap is a head of us, either we look for creative ways to eliminate our anger and turn it into a constructive positive ways, or we surrender to our anger and fall in the trap.
            It is our choice!
            Remember, Gandhi had beaten the empire that the sun never sets on and he did not carry a gun!

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Tao Te Ching once said,
            When everyone agrees on good, there is bad. When everyone agrees on bad, there is very bad.
            If we are dealing with “very bad” I sure wouldn’t bet the farm on Gandhi’s approach!

          • mohammad

            That what i was trying to tell you, do not get to the “very bad” by not submitting to the anger that the elites are trying exactly to let you submerge in!
            If my words are not meaningful throw them in the trash no problem here!

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Is there only one interpretation to be gained from Ching’s saying? Much like the Jews in Nazi Germany we too might discover the war has already begun and we have just failed to realize this yet. By all means give Gandhi’s approach a go and if its ruthlessly crushed by “very bad” people perhaps history will then have something to tell us. Mohammad I enjoy your comments and links. I see this discussion is also going on at Freedom Outpost due to the posting of an article a couple of days ago–we certainly do live in interesting times.

  9. Dill Mann

    Thanks Greg,

    I have read news stories where the UK economy is “roaring back”.
    Is this true or another “illusion”? But is the UK really gaining strength?
    What state is their economy in?

    Thanks as always!!

    • Greg Hunter

      The UK mint ran out of gold coins in the first week of the year.

  10. Charles H.


    For real – you did great on this one. Real presence; real conviction. (Not that you lack; it’s just this one shines.)

    The thing about Chris Christy may be the beginnings of a major media slam and Killing Fields routine to avert any possibility for Presidential nomination. Democrats will begin to slaughter reputations and personalities on ANY Republican candidate possible. They may even take to blasting the whole field of possibles in Helter Skelter form. Start your list of attacks now; I bet they won’t miss a one.

    And the Forest from the Trees moment concerning news coverage on bankers and economy, etc – is the scope and degree of misdirection and DECEPTION: it’s EPIC!!! People dismiss drawing parallels to Nazi Germany; but I begin to wonder. Lots of good people were drawn into that, never suspecting how bad it would turn-out. It’s frightening, really.

    America lost it’s soul when it turned from God; and it’s conscience when Main Stream Media went under. In Finances, it’s life is ebbing away.

  11. mohammad


    That ball of fire is rolling and getting bigger:


    • Greg Hunter

      This is super positive for rising gold prices. I think India will revers course of restricting gold imports and look out above.

    • oldnurse

      And wait until you see the hatchet job that is awaiting Hillary Clinton by the republicans. Well, actually that has been going on for over 20 years so they’ll just ramp up the rhetoric. Both sides play the same game and then pretend that it’s only the other side doing the dirty work. It’s funny and tragic at the same time.

  12. Eddie

    Always provide an excellent summary of the news.

    Keep up the good work.

    Stormcloudsgathering published an insightful video on youtube about the shadow powers in DC. I think it is worth a look.

    Yourself, Greg Mannarino, Fabian Calvo, Kunstler, Dave Hodges, Mike Rivero, etc are always providing alternative insight into the current situation.

    We get the BBC, DW, and asian news feeds here in Arizona on public television. The combination of these international sources provide some intel about the overseas situations from a different perspective.

    One has to think like an intel analyst when gathering G2 and formulating a perspective. The more sources that one uses the easier it can be to fill in the gaps.

  13. brian

    yeah, maybe people are starting to wake up, but it would be nice to see it unfolding in more effective ways. Rather than buying guns and waiting for things to get so bad that they are needed it would be far better to do something to restore law and order to the land and reinstate our constitution…but then thats not how the world works I guess, instead we will find ourselves in the battle of Gaugamela, marching onto a battlefield the enemy has groomed and prepared long before our arrival leaving us with the only hope being that some incarnation of Alexander the Great becomes manifest to deliver us from defeat. God help us, because we obviously cannot.

    • tROT

      Brian, I fought the battle of Guacamole last night at Taco Hell and won and many times before. Ask for Guacamole after you’ve paid and they’ve brought your order, they never charge me again, so I get it free!

  14. Chip

    Greg, that was a fantastic rant!! Love it! Love that style of delivery out of you. You should have your own show. This was better than most of your interviews! The Christie thing was a JOKE! Thanks for calling it out. Have a great weekend…. Chip

  15. Rodster

    Great article on ZH: “Union Jobs Are The New iPads As 1500 New Yorkers Camp Out Three Freezing Days For A $17.20/Hour Job”


    While this morning’s dismal jobs data is being blamed on the weather (despite no other recent indicator reflecting the same effect), it seems New Yorkers are not afraid of the cold. In fact, as FoxNY reports, it seems there is a new ‘must-have’ for the New Year – a Union Job. 1,500 people have been on line since 1pm on Tuesday for a ‘coveted’ union job that pays $17.20 per hour (for painting and decorating apprenticeships) and could lead to a full-time union position. Forget the iPhone5S, union jobs is where it’s at…

  16. mohammad


    Negative news for dollar.


    • mohammad

      Notice is has been reported by London/ANKARA Reuter!!!!!
      A shot fired back from Turkey at Rouhani Iran who exposed to the west the intermediary who bypassed with Turkey Iran sanctions and put Erdogan in hot water.
      Those things usually does not end good!

      • jc davis

        Mohammad the crack in the dam is surely spreading. Thanks for all of your links.

  17. OutLookingIn

    Greg, the timber of this weekly-wrap is especially enjoyable! Heart of oak, hardwood facts and thruths that need to be vocalized. Thank you for giving it voice.

    Another fallacy pertaining to the so-called “recovery” is the present administartions immigration policy. As if immigration will “spark” the economy and provide momentum to the manufacturing/service sectors. The short video linked below will provide in vivid visual detail, this mendacious policy.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words and links.

    • mohammad

      Linky no worky!

      • OutLookingIn

        Sorry. Must be a bad link.

        The title of the video on youtube is:

        Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs

        Enter above description in youtubes search box, should come up.
        Well worth the 6 or so minutes. Visually stunning.

  18. WD Deni

    Hey Greg, I am seeing the jobs numbers, very very bad, and December is one of the highest employment months of the year.

    December’s hiring traditionally is so good that the media were expecting 196,000 jobs to be created or begun in December, and the number came in at 74,000 jobs.

    My friend’s hobby is the economy he loves it, he told me this past summer that this Christmas season is going to be the biggest indicator of where we are headed. He was right.

    I have been watching the reports, and the sociopaths making excuses; “cold weather slowed us, baby-boomers retiring, a shorter shopping season, people that could not go out and shop, construction workers snowed in and more!!

    Its so appalling. Its as if they are “Hitler moving troops that don’t exist across the battle maps of Russia”

    They are not even trying to disguise their lie. They have excuse after excuse; more excuses than a drunk driver on his way to jail. This is so so so sick!!

    Greg, we all believe they are playing with the numbers, what if they are “propping up” these numbers? What if they are worse than this? Is it possible?

    Greg I think this might be that wake up call where even the ones that have bought into the lie see some of the truth. I really think this is that crack that is now visisble to all.

    • Greg Hunter

      You asked “What if they are worse than this? Is it possible?” Simple answer is Yes. Cracks are everywhere you look if you are looking.

  19. Felicia

    Great wrapup Greg. And like others who have commented, I was inspired by the heightened emotion. I have been at the point of wanting to organize & plan in order to save the US of A for a long while now. Your work trying to get the word out is the kind of action needed. I wonder if we can start taking back America to the next level.? I believe it will have to start at the grass roots level…the local level. The Founding Fathers & Mothers did it that way by writing articles & creating pamphlets that were handed out to their neighbors. Are we at this same point for maximum influence? Any comments anyone?

    • Jerry

      Nice idea, but you’re to late. About 5 years to late. We can never get out of the debt bubble we’re in without a total collapse . Listen to the interviews with Paul Craig Roberts

  20. thomas winston

    I love your humor! Thank God for your web site. We would never know the truth how screwed up this country is! Thanks again, Greg. CIGA Tim Winston

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tim.

  21. oldnurse

    I disagree with your comment about the Ft. Lee story. I don’t know if CC was in on it or not. But, clearly his administration, in spite of his BS to the contrary, is well-schooled in the politics of revenge and doing harm to others. He chooses his people to do his bidding. And they do.

    I’m from NJ and I totally get the alpha male/bully/large and in charge schtick that CC has perfected. But he and his minions blew it this time and I hope he gets creamed for it. I’m glad the media is all over it. AND, I agree with you that they should be investigating the other stories as well. There is just no reason they should ignore this one.

    • jc davis

      Oldnurse I am convinced Ron Paul would be president today if he had went to the debates dressed as a street pimp. White hat , cane, and pink suit. Then he would have gotten more time in the debates. Greg its the change of color shirt . Good work man.

    • Galaxy 500

      So old nurse,
      IRS, Fast and Furious, Bengazi, killing citizens by drone without trial, Obama care…all of these scandals and MSM and you Dems seem to think that a traffic jam is a big deal. It’d but funny if it wasn’t so pathetic

  22. Dave H


    Given PCR remarks do you still consider gold a sure bet? How abut gold shares? I enjoy your work and listen each and every week.


    • Greg Hunter

      Dave H,
      To ask if this is a “sure bet” implies some sort of trading strategy. This is a survival strategy. You must decide what you need for your survival from the coming financial calamity that is coming. Point #2: If you truly understand each and every gold company you are buying then buy miners. The least risky insurance is to buy physical without margin. It is up to you how much insurance you need and can afford.

  23. allen ols

    Robert Barrett
    World Murder Statistics: From the World Health Organization : The latest Murder Statistics for the world: YOU MUST READ THE END OF THIS MESSAGE. Murders per 100,000 citizens. Honduras 91.6 El Salvador 69.2 Cote d’lvoire 56.9 Jamaica 52.2 Venezuela 45.1 Belize 41.4 US Virgin Islands 39.2 Guatemala 38.5 Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2 Zambia 38.0 Uganda 36.3 Malawi 36.0 Lesotho 35.2 Trinidad and Tobago 35.2 Colombia 33.4 South Africa 31.8 Congo 30.8 Central African Republic 29.3 Bahamas 27.4 Puerto Rico 26.2 Saint Lucia 25.2 Dominican Republic 25.0 Tanzania 24.5 Sudan 24.2 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9 Ethiopia 22.5 Guinea 22.5 Dominica 22.1 Burundi 21.7 Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7 Panama 21.6 Brazil 21.0 Equatorial Guinea 20.7 Guinea-Bissau 20.2 Kenya 20.1 Kyrgyzstan 20.1 Cameroon 19.7 Montserrat 19.7 Greenland 19.2 Angola 19.0 Guyana 18.6 Burkina Faso 18.0 Eritrea 17.8 Namibia 17.2 Rwanda 17.1 Mexico 16.9 Chad 15.8 Ghana 15.7 Ecuador 15.2 North Korea 15.2 Benin 15.1 Sierra Leone 14.9 Mauritania 14.7 Botswana 14.5 Zimbabwe 14.3 Gabon 13.8 Nicaragua 13.6 French Guiana 13.3 Papua New Guinea 13.0 Swaziland 12.9 Bermuda 12.3 Comoros 12.2 Nigeria 12.2 Cape Verde 11.6 Grenada 11.5 Paraguay 11.5 Barbados 11.3 Togo 10.9 Gambia 10.8 Peru 10.8 Myanmar 10.2 Russia 10.2 Liberia 10.1 Costa Rica 10.0 Nauru 9.8 Bolivia 8.9 Mozambique 8.8 Kazakhstan 8.8 Senegal 8.7 Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7 Mongolia 8.7 British Virgin Islands 8.6 Cayman Islands 8.4 Seychelles 8.3 Madagascar 8.1 Indonesia 8.1 Mali 8.0 Pakistan 7.8 Moldova 7.5 Kiribati 7.3 Guadeloupe 7.0 Haiti 6.9 Timor-Leste 6.9 Anguilla 6.8 Antigua and Barbuda 6.8 Lithuania 6.6 Uruguay 5.9 Philippines 5.4 Ukraine 5.2 Estonia 5.2 Cuba 5.0 Belarus 4.9 Thailand 4.8 Suriname ..6 Laos 4.6 Georgia 4.3 Martinique 4.2 And ………………… The United States 4.2 !!!!!!!!!!!! ALL the countries (109) above America have 100% gun bans . It might be of interest to note that SWITZERLAND (not shown on this list) has NO MURDER OCCURRENCE! However, SWITZERLAND’S law requires thatEVERYONE…. 1. Own a Gun 2. Maintain Marksmanqualifications….regularly 3. “Carry”…….. a Weapon.

    • Ugly

      Al Ols.
      That is a neat list. You should give a link so we can download it as a pdf. I guess I could just print it.

    • lastmanstanding

      Amen Al…also funny how Switzerland is home of the BIS?

      Not to mention that Switzerland was the only “neutral” country in the midst of WWII.

      If one thinks that this is a coincidence…well, best of luck in the future. You’ll need it.

    • Galaxy 500

      I think you need to do a little better research. Many of the nation’s you claim to have a 100% gun ban. Thailand, the Philippines just to name a few.

    • tROT

      The great equalizer!

  24. John M.

    Greg, can’t wait for my next fix of Jim Willie.
    Speaking of Macy’s.
    My wife has been working at Macy’s for about 3 years and she is often told that she is their best worker, especially with her customer service skills which are rare these days. They reward her with 20 hours of part-time work per week, always promising her to be first in line if they should hire a full-time employee. I believe that many smart people are conveniently using Obamacare (my wife does too) as the major reason why employers are not hiring full-time employees. I don’t think so, the economy is horrendously terrible all by itself. (BTW, my Blue Shield costs are also going up about 40% thanks to that whopper of another big Washington lie. My insurance agent is more enraged than I am, which is saying a lot!)
    I also have been talking to many Main Street businesses all over the place, their experiences are all the same — it sucks from retail to wholesale to industrial. Our rural county which complains of being revenue deficient has just announced that sheriff deputies will have a salary raise of about 12%, but their pensions not be quite as generous. That’s sure slashing government spending, isn’t it? Local governments are also contributing to our debt problems and price inflation.
    But this is the reality: unless you are a fireman, teacher, politician, or bureaucrat that has worked for the government for some time, you may not have a secure income let alone a retirement. JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and much of our government just keep on growing like a noxious weed.
    I cannot see how the economy will ever recover, as Paul Craig Roberts admits that fraud and corruption is much, much more pronounced since his time at the Reagan Treasury. It may not be coincidental that our debt has also risen exponentially during this same time period.
    Then we have extreme cold weather, and the dry in many places where food is grown. I’m a farmer in California and we are experiencing a severe drought, probably our worst ever. Our reservoirs are quite low and we get most of our water from the Sierra snowpack. We have environmental regulations (thanks to Global warming hysteria) that guarantee that some of our precious water gets flushed out to sea to help “endangered” fish. So don’t be surprised to see a spike in food prices as families continue to struggle, especially with healthy foods like fruits and vegetables grown in California.
    Then we all know that there will be REAL price inflation that will be coming because of all the money printing, and they will probably blame God and the weather for all those increases too. Money velocity is the key to when all hell breaks loose.

    • Greg Hunter

      John M,
      Thank you for the real world reporting and analysis from the West Coast!!

    • lastmanstanding

      John, we had the exact same thing happen with bc/bs…we had them for ten years, sent our premiums on time every month and in that period, they never paid one cent out.
      We have a healthcare related biz. Wife called and said what gives? Reply, we just lumped you in with everyone in your age group and here’s your new rate…take it or leave it. We left it and did the research and found Pacificsource. Was cheaper, and provided for preventative things that bc/bs didn’t. Far better deal…check it out.

      I no way will we every go to the govt for healthcare. The info that you give the aca is all that they want…that and the ability to better access your bank account.

      My SEAL buddy says it best…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • Galaxy 500

      What makes you think firemen, police and other bureaucrats retirements are safe. Not a bet I’d make. Look at the retirees in Detroit. But then, the unions colluded with gov’t officials to bribe the workers with benefits for votes. In my opinion, that is nullifies any contract. But that is immaterial as you can pay more than you make.

  25. ACasey

    Obama will be remembered historically as a “politically hazardous asteroid” that impacted the Earth.

  26. Ed Schindler

    Hello Greg, Love your stuff guy. One suggestion for a future guest that would be dynamite is Bart Chilton, recently retired from the CFTC. As you probably know, he has a book out that he may want to promote and I would love to hear what he has to say about the manipulation in the precious metals market. Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ed Schindler,

      Good idea. Thank you. If you have any contact info please pass it along. I will not post it, just use it to contact him.


  27. Ugly

    American Friends,
    We think in Nov 2014 changes will be made because of O-Care and the economy and other things. I am starting to think especially when reading MSM and listening to folks that nothing will change at all. People talk, but I don’t sense any 1994 event coming. I sense status quo and proceed as normal. I believe our events that we discuss will happen after Nov 2014.

    I must lay a wager that 90% of Americans are absolutely clueless of what a petro-dollar is. Our life is centered on iPhones, iPads, and Facebook. People have apathy and that will show at the voting booth in November….

    • Galaxy 500

      Not a wager I’ll take

  28. mohammad


    It is called the Hell March in China, they are building their military when we are cutting budget on ours, they are lean mean and we are getting saggy tired from over stretching in wars that we did not have to fight.
    I just hope our leaders are really having a clue about this increasing danger, am praying that the good people there are taking notice:


  29. Agent P

    “You know, a lot of people say, this [asset buying] is just helping rich people. But it’s not true. Our policy is aimed at holding down long-term interest rates, which supports the recovery by encouraging spending.”

    Even if this disingenuous comment from Janet Yellen were true, it would still be wrong policy. Real economic growth comes not from ‘spending’, it comes from the capital investment borne out of $Savings… Parents of an older time would frequently admonish their children to ‘Save first, spend later’. A carry over of that upbringing usually meant prudent habits with money and wise investment choices. These ‘prudent habits’ carried into adulthood and in turn, helped successful individuals run business operations and manage fiduciary responsibilities with a sober view towards balancing savings and spending. The end result being, a sound societal structure that respected the role of money, along with respect for life & property. In many respects, the profligacy of our fiscal/ monetary leaders and the disrespect for money that it shows, is a reflection of the general societal decay shown towards life & property –

  30. JCN

    Hi Greg,

    This email is NOT for posting on the website but a personal question. I am also here in Greensboro. Are there any groups of like-minded people in our area that you are aware of?


  31. SRV

    Why the Christie bridge story IS important…

    The media should concentrate on NSA and the IRS (btw, there is no evidence the IRS was used as a political weapon… and why should these political groups get tax exempt status anyway… that’s the real scandal) you say!

    Christie has a very real chance (25%?) of becoming the next president… what is hell do think he’d do if he had the NSA and the IRS to go after political (and non political for that matter) enemies with if this is what he does with his limited authority at the GW Bridge?

    Ah, that just may be why the media should be reporting every possible angle, dontcha think!

    Yes, nothing to see here, move along please… or just watch Fox News, where Roger has issued the “radio silence” command on negative stories on his Golden Boy… they report, you decide (although Shep did mention the story and advise his viewers to “Google” the emails if they were interested… lol)!

    • Greg Hunter

      “there is no evidence the IRS was used as a political weapon” I am not even going to dignify this with a response. You must be some sort of paid troll. I am only posting this comment so people can identify a troll comment when they see one.

      • SRV

        So, anyone who disagrees with your view is a troll worthy of public flogging… lol! Why not publish my email address… want my pic and phone number too Greg (let me know and I’ll happily comply).

        You would be a good fit for Christie’s inner circle… lol!

        OK Greg, after hundreds of thousands spent on congressional IRS investigations, name one repercussion based on political motivation… or do you just read the RW headlines (the same MO was used to review Dem based groups using the scam to get tax exempt status… which of course is the true “crime,” that is completely ignored).

        Of course you can’t… staff resigned (or were fired) for a questionable (though effective, ’cause so many of the TP groups are using the same scam for the tax exempt status) conduct, there were no findings of the “political retribution” accusations but hey, why let the facts get in the way… which kind of gets us back to my original point, which you completely ignored.

        Now, back to our regularly scheduled program of ignoring (well, actually ridiculing the reporting on) the biggest political scandal of the day… because it’s not about Obama (btw… Christie is toast as far as his presidential aspirations, but of course we don’t talk about “stupid” things that do not further a certain political agenda… I was not aware you were on the Faux News payroll)!

        Finally, seems (at exactly the same time of the shutdown) there was a $Billion residential condo (and complimentary commercial) development being contracted just a short walk from the bridge that was 100% dependent on the NYC access the dedicated lanes provide… ya think someone may have been using management of a Federal property to help “cooperative” contractors win bids in Jersey… nah, could never happen there… lol!

        • Greg Hunter

          You are delusional to think that the IRS was not used as a political weapon. But that is a bad story for Democrats. Also, you did not bother to quote me correctly or completely. I frankly don’t think much of Christie, but you left out many of the other important stories I suggested took precedence over a juvenile traffic jam. Such as the drone murder problem where more that 100 children have been killed in collateral damage. Or the profound implications of Saudi Arabia no longer selling oil exclusively in USD. You do this under the cloak of anonymity “SRV.” I do not conduct my business with anonymously. Feel free to post your real name (verifiable) and a photo just as I do on this site and I’d think a little more of you. We don’t need your phone number.

        • Ugly


          You need to keep reading about global warming and leave the financial stuff to those in the know. Also, Christie has zero chance of winning so no big deal there.

      • Galaxy 500

        Perhaps he has a case of SVT and we should pray for his soul because his writings indicate delusions and possible dementia.

    • Jerry

      Yawn…………….same old bash the Republicans and Fox news B.S. Christie is the least of our problems. Try a collapsing economy. No jobs. 47 Million on food stamps. And a police state courtesy of Mr. wonderful in the white house.

    • Galaxy 500

      No evidence. So laughable. You seem do believe so inculcated that if you personally witnessed it, you.wouldn’t consider there to be evidence

  32. Harry

    Hey Greg you were on fire this time! Your delivery was hilarious and as usual you covered all the important stories.


    • Greg Hunter

      I am hoping Jon Stewart will let me fill in sometime. (Just kidding.) Thank you for your kind words.



    “btw, there is no evidence the IRS was used as a political weapon… and why should these political groups get tax exempt status anyway… that’s the real scandal)”

    ….are you okay? Really, are you? Your brain is not function properly (that, or you’ve been paid to post disinformation) The government targeted groups with KEY WORDS in their names that matched any words on the glossary list they (the government) created.

    As for Governor Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christy…
    Although I agree, it is a VERYYYY small issue compared to what else is going on, it is quite astounding to me that someone with that much power and under the “spotlight” would have the moral compass of a child bully…

    I feel the event (christy) shows a real detailed map to the public of the mentality of some (possibly most) politicians. It’s sad really, they view the people as practically non-human..As if we are living in a caste system, and the middle class being is the equivalent to an Indian untouchable…really astounding to me.

    lol, if your going to close a lane on the GWB….and you can’t even figure out that all emails all monitored by now…then your too stupid to be in politics.

  34. Karen Shapiro

    In response to the weekend Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal by Austan Goolsbee, “Bravo for Bernanke and the QE Era,” January 11-12, 2014.

    I’m not a PhD economist, I’m a pharmacist, and I object to Austan Goolsbee’s premise that QE was beneficial. I view Mr. Bernanke similar to an immoral physician who keeps the opioid gate open for addicts.

    In our profession we see average people who live paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford their drug co-payments. Over half of Americans make less than $30,000 a year and these folks are having a hard time these days. Many of the decent jobs are gone. Across the editorial page there is a flat employment chart. The employment data counts a part time job as one job. That may look better the academics like Goolsbee but this does nothing for the person living on part-time pay or working two part time jobs, which, by the way, would be counted as two jobs.

    Sure, the large banks are still around but they are leveraged more than they were in 2008. This puts the economy at risk of a worse outcome than we had than we had then. If inflation is calculated honestly then the “modest” GDP growth Mr. Goolsbee refers to is gone. I suggest he pull out his college economics textbook and take a look at how CPI was calculated in 1980 when the measurement was based on the cost of living needed to maintain a constant standard of living.

    Mr. Bernanke was the government and the banks immoral physician. By acting as supplier he allowed the banks to continue to practice poorly and allowed the government to continue to live beyond its means. It would have been preferable to let the banks crash and reformulate a business model based on solid economics. It would have been preferable to let the government learn how to live within the amount of the revenue collected. This would have forced the government to shrink and that would have helped the private sector.

    Would it have hurt the economy short-term? Yes. And then we would have gotten over it.

    What Bernanke chose to do has made the future economic base more fragile in order to inject a short-term high for a select minority. Not to mention the federal debt that our children will have to pay back. Does Mr. Goolsbee realize what this will mean when interest rates creep up? This will end up causing tremendous financial damage to all of us. Great job Mr. Bernanke.

    Karen Shapiro, PharmD, BCPS
    Manhattan Beach, CA

    • Greg Hunter

      Karen Shapiro,
      Are you sure you do not have dual PhD’s? This is very good. Thank you for posting it.

    • Liquid Motion

      With all due respect Karen, I hope you are good at being a pharmacist.
      The crux of the problem is exactly not what you suggest …nor is what you offer, a solution.
      You cannot solve problems created through monetary madness by using monetary fixes.
      You have merely extrapolated and regurgitated the neo-classical thinking.
      Our issues are systemic and above all structural. Bernanke is not the problem…merely a scapegoat. He may have lit the fuse, but the system allowed him to do that.

  35. Galaxy 500

    Harvard couple enslaved woman.for 13 years, and paid her $2500 total in 13 years
    Brought her here illegally by fraudulent paper work, and.after all this NO (EXPLETIVE DELETED) PRISON and only.ordered to pay.her half of what minimum wage would be.for hours worked. Democrat prosecutors in action.


    • jc davis

      Galaxy 500 As I understand the law one must have clean hands to sue another. I agree this was wrong for the couple not to pay a fair wage, but the illegal worker should be sent back to her home land without a reward, unless she was kidnapped then brought to the states by force. Am I missing something?

      • jc davis

        I must add the couple should be locked up 10 years min.

      • Galaxy 500

        The couple falsified federal documents.claiming.she.was.A.relative and then took her passport when she arrived . Not sure how that makes her culpable. But then we don’t prosecute the 30 million other illegals so.why.would a court hold that against her



    Could there be a possibility of something bigger that “incoming” that is being distracted from?

    Could the carelessness towards the ELE in fukushima be of no concern compared to a bigger issue?

    Lots of sparkles in the skies now.




    Could there be a possibility of something bigger that is “incoming” that is being distracted from?

    Could the carelessness towards the ELE in fukushima be of no concern compared to a bigger issue?

    Lots of sparkles in the skies now.


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes there could. Nothing should surprise anyone!

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