Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.08.13

Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) Problems, Iran Nuke Deal and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Obama Care is the top story, and the problems keep piling up for folks losing their insurance.  One reader on the USAWatchdog site told me his family plan doubled to more than $1,600 a month with much higher deductibles and co-pays.  I have not had a single person on the site write me and tell me they are paying less.  Forget about the website problems in the end, most people are going to be paying more and getting less for health care.  This is just the individual plans where millions are finding out you cannot keep your old plan.  It’s not cheaper, and in most cases, you cannot keep your doctor.  This is why 16 Democratic Senators, who are all up for re-election in 2014, met with the White House this week.  They are worried, and they should be.  I predicted this would be an ongoing disaster for Democrats, and it is.  Why do you think they put off the employer mandate?  In the end, everyone is going to take a hit and pay more for less.  They are going for a single payer system and don’t care who they hurt to get there.  Democrats already realize this is a loser and are going to get creamed in 2014.  How do you put this genie back into the bottle?  You can’t.  The other big unreported story is the extremely negative drag this is going to have on the economy.  You can’t take that much money from people and have a growing vibrant economy. 

The major countries of the world are negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program.  Iran wants the harsh sanctions lifted, and the West wants the nuclear plan curtailed. This headline says there’s a deal taking shape.  Meanwhile, other headlines are saying Iran is demanding the right to increase the programs it has in place.  The Middle East still has the potential to be the most explosive and complicated problem on earth.  Keep an eye on the negotiations; everyone in the past few years has failed to produce anything meaningful.  

In economic news, a university professor from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, says the real size of the Fed exposure for rescuing the global economy from the 2008 meltdown is not nearly $4 trillion but a whopping $29 trillion!!  This is a report from 2011, but it has resurfaced.  Professor L. Randall Wray contends the Fed has dramatically underestimated the amount of cash the Fed has pumped into the global financial system.  If you add the amount of  QE (money printing)  since the 2011 report what is the amount now?  

If the Fed has pumped that much money into the system, it should be talking off like a rocket. Instead, we keep getting headlines like this one, “Financial Firms Slashing Jobs.”  49,000 jobs have been cut, and if the economy was expanding, shouldn’t jobs be financing new projects and homes be expanding?  Wait until Obama Care fully kicks in. 

Finally, did you hear about the Texas size debris field floating in the Pacific Ocean that is headed for the West coast of the U.S. according to NOAA?  Yes, a U.S. government website is tracking this mess.  This debris is not reported to be radioactive, but there are plenty of other stories that show the West Coast of the U.S. is being hit with radiation from Fukushima.  This story is being ignored by the mainstream media.  Things are not getting better with Fukushima fallout, they are getting worse. 

All these stories and more are analyzed by Greg Hunter in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Ugly

    The bad news is that all of this will probably happen. The good news is that we have at least a week to prepare.

  2. M. Smith

    Greg, thank you for bringing up Fukushima, http://www.fukushimafacts.com is full of info all should read & learn how to protect themselves with foods types, what & where not to get your food. If S Korea puts in radiation detectors in their grocery stores we should also! Hell the west coast got hit hard & every time it rains it’s un safe to be in that rain.

    What do think about Google making it a pain in the butt to make a comment on any you tube video? The tax payers are getting it from all sides, now you tube is a joke & google is on the NSA pay roll & we pay for it!
    Times are getting worse daily. Thanks for your hard work, no propaganda on your site, TY!

  3. Chip

    It seems that Obamacare is only making health insurance more expensive for the people who still have jobs. The rest are getting it for free.

    • Ugly


      It is like this. There are about 110 million people total in the USA workforce–part time and full time. Of that, about 30 million are at the poverty line. So that leaves about 80 million primary payers at varying rates based on income.

      80 million x $1600/month average = $128 billion per month or $1.5 Trillion per year.

      Now add all of the no-pay people.
      1. Illegal immigrants
      2. Welfare people
      3. Certain Union retirees
      4. Some Govt employess,etc.

      This category represents no fewer than 40 million. Thus about a $1T subsidy.

      What about a retiree on social security. Well that is simple.

      SS payment = (gross SS – %ACA of gross SS payment

      For example, if you have $2800 per month of gross SS payment, that may fall into the 45% ACA category. If you didn’t work as much and only get $800 per month then maybe falls into the 10% ACA category.

      Citizen 1 $1,540 = ($2,800 – 45% ACA tax)
      Citizen 2 $720 = ($800 – 10% ACA tax)

      Not what will get us is that ‘deductible’ clause. That has never been explained. That could always go up, which it will. Lets say your $1600 per month has also a $15,000 deductible for normal care and $80,000 for catastrophic care such as cancer. Now if you get cancer, but don’t have $80,000 in your checkbook, then they will look at home equity, 401K, additional SS in your name, etc.

      Now I have no proof in what I just wrote. I am only reading in between the lines of all this.

      The end result. The working folks will be just as broke and receive less benefits than the ones not putting much, if any, into the system. I’m not knocking the poor, but this is just more middle-class degradation, confiscation, and extortion. And’ ‘We The People’, the ones that will pay the most, had no say in it. We are told to just shut-up and take it.

    • Steve

      FREE? Nothing is free.

      • Ugly


        The problem with the near future is that the middleclass will get much poorer, and the poor will also be poorer. The days of free are ok for those in need and the needy get assistance. But even that appears out-of-control.

        lets face it. The USA as a dominant financial powerhouse is needing loans and credit as well just to survive. The USA is on welfare itself. It is the blind leading the blind. The dollar is collapsing and will someday collapse as a world power. When that day comes, All of us will suffer because there really is no way to get ready.

        The prepared will fare somewhat better, but all will suffer.

        All I hope is that this is just paranoia and better days are ahead.

  4. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    I could inundate you with anecdotal stories of people I know, including many former Obama supporters who have lost their insurance or will Jan. 1. All of them including myself are not only going to pay much more, they are going to be paying much more for much less. With the number of younger people signing up being somewhere between dismal and zero the premiums and deductibles are only going to skyrocket even more. I recently saw a video of an interview from 2008 with Obama in which he notes straight from the horses mouth that “achievement” of a single payer system will have to be accomplished in steps. It’s implausible as you’ve pointed out several times that the government was unaware that the website and the program would be a miserable failure. It WAS designed to fail. To argue otherwise is to argue that the government is totally incompetent ( OK, maybe it was designed to fail AND the government is totally incompetent). This is just one more step toward total control of our health care by the federal government.

  5. mohammad


    • Greg

      This is my fear and Saudi Arabia is buying nukes from Pakistan. Whoa! Things are very dicey for the world right now and getting worse not better.

    • Liquid Motion

      Big call Mohammad. If they do, they go solo. They will be surrounded by the league of Arab nations… with the western world watching from the sidelines.

      Greg, the house of Saud has lost its ally in the US…oops…now seeks to establish its own arsenal as a warning shot.
      Who will step up to the plate and replace the might of the US …Russia OR China, to protect the Oil and gain hegemony over the Gulf and the world’s reserve currency?

      • mohammad

        Liquid motion,
        They will.
        You are going to be surprised probably from what I will say here:
        This is the first time in the history of the conflict in middle east where the mood of the majority of Arabs (Sunnis) is …. what can i say… ON THE SIDE OF ISRAEL and not against her, we have seen killing and atrocities by the shiite sect to the sunnis in front of the eyes of the whole world that made Rwanda’s genocide pales, that made what Israel have done throughout all those wars pales in comparison.
        Now my view on this is the Israelis allowed the Shiite to control the region by removing Saddam for that mere consequence and their plan brilliantly worked the way they intended it to.
        I mean by that, the majority of Sunni Arabs (makes most of middle east)are seeing the Israelis the best of the two evils. Well Done Israel!, brilliant planning and brilliant execution.
        But that will reverse for both the Israelis and the Shiites (after they declare their alliance) at the borders of Mecca and Al-Medina.
        They know it, they believe what prophet Mohammad had said, they are trying to prevent the inevitable. time will unfold those events in front of the eyes of the survivors of the coming calamities.

        • Trotski

          Somehow the world leaders declare peace and security, weather they achieve it or just simply declare it, your guess is as good as Jimmy Carters, or Rosalynn’s for that matter. Then things start to happen real fast. Sunni_Jews & Shiite, fight it out, UN. moves in with the full faith and Chines credit of the US.,along with mother Russia, then {1th.5:3}. Phew, that will be a close one! Read the book (We Almost lost Detroit}, when the nuke plant Fermi 1 nearly started a meltdown. I’m starting the book, (Phew,We Almost Lost Earth}, Because I know the ending! Google(Bing Crosby Great Day (29) youtube)

  6. Galaxy 500

    All the naysayers that keep their children from getting vaccinations based on the idiotic theory thAt if the other children are vaccinated, why are their unvaccinated children a threat. Easy, because someone people have compromised immune systems. These idiots say that we are being poisoned or being altered or even tracked by the NWO. God, please save me from stupid people. You can’t fix stupid.
    Certain diseases only exist in labs now, which is scary because while I have a vacation against small pox, the youngsters don’t.

    • kk

      Galaxy 500:
      Glad you have a vacation against smallpox. A vacation will protect you more than a vaccine.

      FYI, there are many credible doctors and researchers who have come out against both vaccines the current vaccine schedule. They are concerned about toxic ingredients and the fact that the pharmaceutical industry, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC refuse to do any study that will explore either the cumulative effect of 33 or 36 multi-dose shots by age 2 or a study comparing the health of vaccinated versus non-vaccinated children. The vaccine policy boards of both CDC and the AICP, are populated by people who have been executives at vaccine manufacturers, or people who actually own the patent on vaccines (Paul Offit, for example, whose rotatech vaccine killed 29 infants the year it was introduced – but I digress). Vaccine science is flawed and vaccines have been wrongly credited with lowering disease rates, when death rates for the diseases we vaccinate against had dropped by over 95% due to better sanitation, nutrition and the availability of antibiotics PRIOR to the introduction of vaccines.

      Here in the US, our children are sick with whole new, lifelong chronic illnesses like autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, rheumatoid disorders, nerve disorders, asthma, allergies, autoimmune disorders – at rates that are at EPIDEMIC levels. This is directly attributable to the vaccines, which are a contaminated witches brew of toxins that are cultured in aborted fetal tissue, contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, live and attenuated viruses, and now contain even insect DNA.

      Last time I checked, it was still a free country and I have the right to say what gets injected into my body and that of my children, do I not? (Are you going to volunteer to pay my medical bills, should I have an “adverse event”?)

      Anyway, if your vaccine “works” then you are “protected”, are you not? How dare you call people irresponsible because they rightfully oppose the injection of UNTESTED immune and brain altering toxins into their bodies. You take your vaccine — you’re “protected”. Keep your nose out of my business.

      • Trotski

        Galaxy 500, Good on ya mate!

        • Trotski

          KK, We have the most expensive sick care system in the world and the sickest people money cant buy health for.

      • Charles H.


        The evidence is out there supporting your argument. And there is every reason to believe that once a system is in place: it is subject to being hijacked for abused and monetary gain. The idea of vaccinations was legitimate – and some of the earlier ones might have been overall beneficial: but like roll-out products being the best; the quality goes down-hill from there. There is NO WAY so much of the garbage that now inhabits vaccines should be put into living human bodies. This is one area that no one should take on faith.
        I am nursing a beloved cat, from which we had operated to takeout a sub-dermal fibroma. I lost TWO pets to fibro-sarcomas. The vaccines given to felines have irritants, supposedly to aid in absorbtion: but they “tend” to produce reactions where the body encapsulates the vaccines to the injection site. From these “encapsulations” the cancers spread-out. Once cancer begins – it is a death sentence. And Veterinarians are very vague about these fibromas: they are “benign” until they are “cancerous”. We had to remove a legion on the skin above the fibroma site – so I had the doctor remove the “ball” below at the same time, in the hope that we got it all. This is all I can do or afford to give my cat a chance at the best last years of life with us.
        Veterinary medical specialists are just now discussing the problem. Smaller needles; rubbing the injection site to disperse; lowering the schedule of vaccinations (like X-rays) – all are symptomatic. The FORMULAS are also in view as a causative agent. Just as radiation destroys DNA, and produces mutations; medicines can impact to mutate DNA, and produce diseases. I am not saying that all medicine is bad – but as with nuclear power: medicine is playing with fire. And I repeat myself: these are not areas where we should accept with blind faith.

  7. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up. Fukashima scares the dickens out of me. There doesn’t appear to be any good way to address the failure of the coolant system. We are left with a lot of seriously BAD options and I guess that the Japs are looking to see which of the less bad options are viable. It’s like Obama in charge of healthcare. Someone is going to die due to lack of healthcare and it’s not the gov’t or their cronies.
    So the Fed printed / created 6 times what they claim. Not surprised. Gov’t lies to “protect” the little people from themselves. Or is it that gov’t lies to protect itself from the “little” people. I forget.
    Reality will trump rhetoric. Facts will defeat propaganda…in the end.
    The short term liabilities are the destruction of wealth, the loss of jobs, the evisceration of the middle-class, and the loss of freedom. The tyranny of the low information. If you are on welfare, you should loss your right to vote. What is the difference between vote buying and Democrats offering to expand gov’t giveaway programs.

    • Greg

      Thank you 500! Scares me too!!

  8. Jerry

    Greg you have two really good guest this week in Paul Craig Roberts and Kerry Lutz. Thanks for your continued efforts.

    I think many of your readers are missing the bigger picture with Obamacare. Having been in the Insurance industry for over 35 years I can assure you that a government takeover is not what they wanted. To me they are just one more piece of debris from our failing economic system that has been up-drafted into the government mushroom cloud. No different than the government takeover of the housing industry, the banks, the auto industry, and many other victims of the ever expanding government web.

    Professor Wray is no doubt correct with his assessment of the 29 Trillion in Federal debt. There is no way that the government can print and spend money at the rate they’re doing without compounding it to a higher level. But guess what? At some point that mushroom cloud of goverment debt is going to burst, and when it does, all those dollars will be raining down like confetti.

    Personally I don’t hold out any hope of ever getting out of this mess without a default, so I am manning my own life boat and getting off this sinking ship while I still can. I would advise your readers to do the same.

    The healthcare industry covers almost 17% of our entire GDP. When the government gets done tearing it apart with Obamacare, its game over.
    Do really think Nancy Pelosi didn’t know what was in that bill before they passed it? If you do, I have some swampland in Florida on a beach I would like to sell you.

    • Liquid Motion


    • Liquid Motion

      On the point about “manning my own lifeboat”
      I would be interested in hearing about the following:
      Do you still live in the USA
      Do you have a pension plan, 401K
      Do you hold PM’s outside of the US
      Have you cash on hand, in a Bank
      Are you self sufficient
      Do you have a remote location with its own power/food supply
      What destination is your boat headed
      Point I am making ( I’m sure you understand full well), where are you going to hide when it crumbles.
      No matter where you are on the planet…you will still be subject to the same system that engulfs the world today. It will still be run by maniacal criminals controlling Multi-Nationals. Just that it may not be centred in the USA.
      Your “sinking ship” metaphor for the USA is quite appropriate. But if you still live in the US …you are captive to its problems. Not escaping, just drowning.

  9. Galaxy 500

    My father taught me to look beyond what people say, look toward their actions to see their true intent. With gov’t, he taught me to look at the “effect” of the law, not the promise.
    So, what is the effect of Obama care? A fundamental loss of the right to quality healthcare. The destruction of 40 hours jobs with tax free healthcare for a 30 hour either without healthcare or TAXABLE healthcare. The destruction of private insurance companies claiming they are EVIL because they make a profit. A blistering rash of taxes increases.
    Obama care is a socialist communist wet dream. In the end, if it is allowed to persist, only GOOD PARTY MEMBERS will get good healthcare will the rest of us die.
    Can someone explain to me why half the country doesn’t pay taxes? I didn’t like Romney as a candidate but he told the truth when he said he would never get the welfare vote. And the Democrats and the MSM, called him out on this? It is true! Someone paid to sit on their assets and procreation while staying high isn’t going to vote for someone who says they need to get a job.
    Can someone explain why the Obamanation of freeloaders and moochers get to dictate how I spend MY money or how much taxes I owe to my fellow man for the public good? Freedom, my friends is the right to choose how you spend your money and time.
    Some Democrats are already proposing laws that Doctors HAVE TO ACCEPT Medicare and Obama care. If that doesn’t show you their true intentions, nothing does.

  10. art barnes

    Greg, you are about to witness a non-reparable American Israel relationship coming to fruition. Obama, Kerry, and the EU are going to sell out Israel for Iran’s friendship & trade. History will record this upcoming “deal” as the catalyst which left Israel alone, unprotected, & surrounded by enemies without help on any horizon; sounds Biblical doesn’t it?

    • Ugly

      It doesn’t sound Biblical, unless you are referring to the paraphrase, by Ugly, portion of Matthew 24 when it says ‘when you see Jerusalem surrounded by the Armies of All Nations, then you will know that the end is near’.


    • Rebecca

      Art, if you are right about the US selling out Israel, then watch out. The LORD will give HIS reply and that hammer everyone is expecting to fall could come crashing down without a moment’s notice.

      • gerald


      • mohammad

        Am surprised at how difficult to see who is selling who!
        I will ask a question:
        How many settlements are built with the stolen money from our taxes?
        Did it occur to any one that Israel is about the only country that is building CITIES in CONCRETE and IRON at a pace that will eclipse the speed of light? where do they get the money to build?
        Is there any one in the whole world that is building faster infrastructure than Israel?
        Heck they are not even able to repair the pavement in our roads and they are doing SPIT AND PRESS potholes with asphalt since they cannot afford otherwise.

  11. Frank Brady

    Thanks for another great story Greg. The biggest shoe, however, has not yet dropped. Yes, the web site is a disaster. Yes, the President lied about Americans being allowed to keep their plans if they like them. What is not yet fully appreciated (because “Healthcare.gov” is silent on the matter) is that many major insurance companies are not participating and, within those that are, many major hospitals and thousands of doctors have been omitted from participating because they are not part of approved networks.

    What does this mean? It means that millions of Americans, even if they are able to find a reasonably priced policy, will NOT be allowed to use their preferred doctors and hospitals because they have been excluded from participation.

    This is going to get very ugly.

  12. Galaxy 500

    My idea for a political cartoon. Imagine George Washington on one side saying ,”I can not tell lie” and Obama on the other side saying, “I cannot tell the truth”

  13. Galaxy 500

    Here is the program they point to as a success and why we should have gov’t run healthcare. And this is the system Americans want?

  14. Galaxy 500

    Here is the question I have: what did Obama do with the magic beans he bought with our tax dollars?

    • Liquid Motion

      I’d say he planted them where the sun don’t shine..!

      • mohammad

        Dark side of the moon?

  15. Galaxy 500


    Maybe I am not thinking about this right. Maybe this is just social Darwinism in action and the dumb a$$ liberals will kill their offspring based on fictitious science pushed by discredited scientists much like “Global warming” fiction is being pushed as fact. Anyone read the news article where the global warming proponentsare saying that the nearly two decades of lack of temperature increase is likely to last another twenty years. And we are spending a billion dollars a day on this. The fist clue global warming is BS is Al Gore is pushing it.

    • Liquid Motion

      Global warming = Capitalist concept = tax revenue = more control.
      Who funds the programs and the science = receives the benefits.
      Propaganda in all its glory.

  16. Paul from Indiana

    The Democrats know it’s a numbers game. New census data show that there are more households and individuals now receiving some sort of Federal “benefit” than not. That should be a tipping point. And with amnesty and the tanking economy, there will be more even more vote-buying through “benefits”. The 2014 election is the last stand.

    So-called “talks” with Iran are futile, as their seeming cooperation and desire to negotiate constitute a ruse. They are merely stalling for time, which the West is more than willing to give them, and has been doing so for EIGHT years now. Possibly worse than Iran’s gaining a nuclear weapon is the abrogation of the promise on the part of the US to contain Iran, which has been a key pillar of the Petro-dollar agreement with the Saudis, going back to Kissinger and the 1973 oil embargo. By reneging on this deal, we are in severe danger of losing our Saudi partners, and there goes the dollar as reserve currency. POOF! We are a third-world nation.

    Greg, thanks for all you do. It is much appreciated here. PM

  17. Will

    Look at the picture closely…. He had his fingers crossed behind his back. That makes it ok!

    Just another Lie: We well save you money, You can keep your doctor, I won’t Cum in your mouth…. And your Check better be in the mail!

    I told you Greg, look at the UN speech: The one time he wasn’t lying.

    “There will be times when the breakdown of societies is so great, the violence against civilians so substantial, that the international community will be called upon to act.”

    He is inviting the International Community in to help him control things when the system breaks down in our States!

    • Liquid Motion

      Case closed.

  18. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    I heard a talk from Schiff were he makes a very valid point. Why should people sign up when they could just sign up after they become sick which makes a lot of sense.Not sure how this works that if you pay the penalty,can you still sign up later if you becomes sick.Do you know anything about that part of the law?If you can,then why not just pay the penalty?

    Thanks Dave

  19. Michael the Marine

    Thanks for a great week of highly pertinent information, Greg.

    Concerning radiation in the US from Fukushima, where the rain falls is of more consequence than line of sight distance from Japan.

    Here is a great link for monitoring radiation in CONUS. I recommend everyone bookmark it and watch the changing picture and how it follows rainfall.


    • George

      Thanks for the link. It is eye opening.

  20. David AK

    Hi Greg, much appreciation for all that you do.

    Here’s a little perspective on my personal Health Care costs. Up until 2007 I had employer coverage. I changed jobs that year and had to pick up my own individual plan and went with a “catastrophic coverage” option. That plan’s premium was $77 per month with a $1500 deductible. When the ACA plan that my provider equates closest to my current expiring plan kicks in my premium will be $276 per month with a $5000 deductible. My math might be flawed but that’s a 358% premium rise & a 333% deductible rise in 6 years. I would ask my employer for a 358% raise to keep pace but for some strange reason I don’t think that would fly.

  21. Alyce

    I heard an economist/author recently say that there is no one alive today (in the U.S.) who will see the economy improve in their LIFETIME. The economy/deficit is so bad that it will take many decades to turn around. We are only in the very early stages of this huge decline. I hope people will wake up about the destruction obamacare is causing. But I know a few loyal democrats and I’ve seen a few interviewed in the media who steadfastly defend obama, it doesn’t matter how many lies are revealed, it doesn’t matter that their healthcare is gone because of obamacare…..the mighty one can do no wrong & they would vote for him again in a minute.

    • George

      Our children are no longer educated in school, even college. They are inculcated with socialist doctrine and receive degrees in women’s studies, etc
      India and China are educating their children as doctors, engineering, and hard science.

      • Liquid Motion

        The Multinationals control the Politicians, the Economy and the Schooling. Everything is mapped out for us. They create booms and busts. History is a great story teller. We don’t have enough story tellers.
        Pharma, Chems, Fert, Medical, Oil, Mining, Banking….all of them are complicit.
        A corrupted world run by criminals.

        • Michael the Marine

          A world in which everyone pursues self-interest first, is by definition not a benevolent one.

          As I mentioned once before when it dawned on me why God loves human-kind. It’s not because we are lovable, it’s because God is loving, creative, and full of integrity.

          It was afterwards that I was compelled to re-examine my own sense of love.

          I loved a woman who was beautiful, kind, gracious, and had many redeeming qualities. I asked myself if that love was really love, since I found her to be lovable. How is it we do not “love” the unlovable? Is it really, then “love”? Or is our concept of love really self-ish?

          It’s not too late to learn new things. We have only to admire what is most beautiful to begin the process of emulation and growth. When we truly love others the way we are loved by God, love no longer seeks self-fulfillment. At the least, we seek mutual fulfillment, and eventually the fulfillment of others even before ourselves.

          I am reminded that it is our Father’s good pleasure to GIVE US the Kingdom. His greatest fulfillment, according to His own Word, is when we begin becoming like Him.

          I am not afraid of what is happening. I am secure. This is a time of transition from vain values to that which has lasting value. We CAN ALL make this transition when we realize it is the best thing for us all, and we learn what we’re being taught by the failure of vanity, self-will and selfishness.

          SelfLESSness is the way, and the Way of the cross of Christ, and He is leading the way through this life into eternal life.


  22. frosty


    With all of the bad news reflecting a world controlled by mad men and coming unglued, that peaceful South Carolina coast line looks like a wonderful, soul refreshing place to be…enjoy.

  23. Galaxy 500

    Want to bet what party they voted for in the last election?

  24. Ugly

    The $4T for the 2008 is definitely off. They spent that during the lame-duck alone during 2010. So I believe the $29T, and if that is true then watch out, the Times are coming.

    Medicade and Medicare alone are broke and they rake in about $1T per year from payments. Thus, ACA, in order to survive and make money will need to rake in at least $1.5T plus with much higher deductibles, as we are seeing. If 80 million workers make these payments that comes to an average $18,750 annual per worker, without being sick. If you get a heart-attack, then it is still $18,750 plus your deductible.

    I wonder when Americans will finally wake-up to this mess that we are broke, in a melt-down, soon to be in financial collapse that will result in civil unrest and confiscation?

    • Liquid Motion

      40 years of Decadence….hmmmm…time to pay the piper. The fantasy world is over…done.

  25. Rodster

    It’s unconscionable if not downright sinful the “Presstitutes” aka State Run Media have not brought to light the tragedy at Fukushima and what it means for Earth’s oceans.

    We are now reading of reports where fish have been found bleeding from their eyes and gills and some jellyfish fish have been found in a melted state.

    I’m staying away from fish until it’s proven it’s safe to eat because that stuff is headed to our west coast, that’s if it isn’t already there. A tragedy of monumental proportion.

    • Trotski

      Will really need Obama care now with along our friends at Tepco!

  26. Mark Johnson

    Very good Greg,

    I was self insured. One college student aged at home. Kathy and I were paying $450/month from Blue Cross Oregon for a $7,500 deduct 80/20. 5 free visits per person, $200 lab fees per… a great deal.

    I got the Obama Care love letter. We will move you to “Bronze” care… you don’t have to do a thing. Just send in $1,150 per month… it’s all good.

    Well… you talk to your employer about a raise…and next thing you know you don’t have a job. I filed for Cover Oregon … as an unemployed dependent of Gov John Kitzhauber.

    It was working well… before they fixed it.

    Enjoy your site.

    Mark – Grants Pass, OR

    • Greg

      Mark Johnson,
      Thank you for your real world reporting!!

    • Trotski

      Mark say hi to that crazy englishman in Grants Pass, whats his name?

  27. Henry

    Here’s a pretty thorough write-up on Fukushima. It does not look good, and in this case, there’s not much we can do but hope we get lucky. Enjoy each day like it could be your last…


  28. Alex vandenBerg

    Hello Greg,

    I am writing to sincerely thank you for your valiant efforts in seeking to disseminate truth to the world. As has been said, “A small stone thrown in a pond can send ripples far and wide”.

    I would also like to let you know that I have the highest respect and admiration for you as a person. No mincing of words, no pulling punches, no sugar coating- just the straight naked, unadulterated truth is what I’ve come to expect from you. As the world gets increasingly cold it is nice to know that there are still some fires burning in the wilderness.

    Recently, I along with others, made reference to the precarious position our world currently finds itself in due to the ongoing disaster that is Fukushima. Today, I come to find that not only did you respond, but you felt compelled to mention it in your latest weekly wrap-up. Thank you so much.

    Lastly, I myself feel compelled to address yet another issue that has been festering within. This issue relates to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. There seems to be something that Peter Schiff, Paul Craig Roberts, Jim Rogers, various readers of this site, and other individuals of similar disposition keep overlooking. All too often we hear that the monetary scientists and prevaricating politicians are intellectually inept, psychotic, and drunk on their own misguided hubris. But what if they know exactly what they’re doing? What if the ongoing disintegration of Amerika has been intentionally engineered? What then?

    Respectfully yours,
    Alexander vandenBerg

    • Greg

      Thank you Alex for your kind words of support!!

    • Liquid Motion

      Interesting point.
      Perhaps not intentionally…but they would have to know the side effects of creating imbalances. They can read just like the rest of us..so they understand history very well. Its just that the public at large DON’T. They also have many tools that they use to keep the unwary complacent, until it becomes unmanageable.

  29. Alex vandenBerg

    Just came across this and thought you might be interested. I think the level of propaganda has now reached such heights that it is not even comical anymore. It is downright scary.


  30. George

    Great Reporting Greg. It is sad how far we have fallen in my life time and even sadder still that we are not close to hitting bottom.

    • Greg

      Thank you George!!

  31. srv


    Lack of healthcare is responsible for 30 to 50k deaths a year (depending on the study), with a large percentage infant deaths of the poor you, for the first time in American history will now have at least basic care.

    Since, based on your comments, you seen in lock step with the GOP echo chamber (riddled with half truths and lies… many of these stories have been proven to be untrue and you know it, as the vast majority of the “huge cost increase” cases are within cancellation notices for the “junk policies,” rightfully banned by the ACA, and the replacement plans “proposed” by the current carrier in an obvious effort to scam the customer (“shocked I tell you”) with an overpriced replacement… makes great headlines though, doesn’t it! ), what is your proposal (since the GOP has offered nothing) to address this shameful situation… in “the richest, greatest country on earth?”

    • Greg

      You think Obama Care is about your health? Please stop. This is an unfolding disaster and you are delusional for not admitting it. By the way, I am neither Democrat or Republican, but I can do simple math. Thank you for your comment even though the facts are not on your side of the argument.

      • srv

        Thank you for publishing and responding to my comment…

        My comment did not say you were a Republican, just that your position is in line with their fanatical anti ACA dogma.

        And, it appears your criticism does not address the core issue… what would you propose to protect tens of millions of uninsured, and tens of millions more decimated by the pre ACA corporate vulture healthcare model?

        • Greg

          I am a reporter not a problem solver, but if I were to try to solve this problem, I would not start by lying about keeping your health care and then force as many as 50 million out of their health care policies. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2013/11/07/207909/analysis-tens-of-millions-could.html “Fanatical”? Are you that far down the “blue pill” rabbit hole that you cannot see an economy propped up by $85 billion a month of money printing (QE)? So you think a way to fix the problem you are trying to solve is bankrupt the country? Again, this is simple math, and it is adding up to not ending well for the general population you say you care about. I’ll say it again, the ACA was not about healthcare but about control. The “core” issue here is the economy is imploding and is only being propped up by massive money printing, 0% interest rates, phony accounting hundreds o f trillions in derivatives, rate rigging ect. To not see this is willfully ignorant. You are wanting to paint the Titanic just before it is going to hit an iceberg. You must be a government troll… Prove you are not by providing a verifiable name.

        • Galaxy 500

          So the insurance companies are a scam because they need to make a profit? Unlike your savoir, the Obamanation, insurance companies don’t get ANYTHING for FREEDOM. They have to charge premiums based on the coverage the ACA calls for.
          And as for your idiotic belief that Greg, as a news reporter, has to offer a solution to the Tsunami of problems the Obama administration has created with their passage of ACA….ha hahaha, that is funny.
          How about this for a solution…Obama, Pelosi, Reid, McCain and Joe Bin Biden resigned and we repeal Obama care? It is not my responsibility to pay for illegal aliens’ health care.

    • Trotski

      srv, how can we be the richest country on oith when were the biggest debtor nation today and in history. Are you still smoking that wacky tabacky? Its worse than smokin ciggareta’s! You know you cant buy health. You know what buys health, good food, clean enviro, and a job and the only enviro that provides that is a free country with a strong police force to enforce the laws. Free to chose a health system that we can all work on together. That aint no pipe dream, put that in your pipe and smoke it ! S.(same) R.(regurgitated) V.(vomit)

    • Galaxy 500

      How pathetic. You regurgitate know lies as truth.

    • Galaxy 500

      What about the million of children killed by health care?

  32. Gary Oyama

    Greg, just want to thank you for speaking out on these under reported and misreported very important issues. I also wanted to comment about something you said on one of your interviews about trying to tell non informed people is like talking about bigfoot or something. My best freinds look at me like I’m nuts! My take of it is that they have not taken the time to look for themselves. They rely on CNN and Facebook to get their “news” and I guess that is the reason intelligent, or so called people react as such. Keep up the good work and thanks again for what you do. I will do my part to tell people who will listen to check out Watchdog.com!!

  33. Carolyn L

    Good afternoon, Greg
    Just read “Canada to US: We Have Been There” @ http://www.fuschisforum.com/canada-to-us-we-have-been-there/ ,followed by your weekly wrap-up. They are both excellent, thought provoking articles containing an element becoming more rare with each passing day …. truth. I am grateful for statesmen, journalists, and fellow human beings, such as yourself, who care enough to put it all on the line to insure we are informed. And, I did not mean that last statement lightly.
    With sincerest gratitude and respect

    • Greg

      Thank you very much Carolyn L. You made my day!

  34. Galaxy 500

    The Palestinians are not looking very hard for other suspects. Arafat was hated by many Arabs, Palestinians, , Hamas, and others. He could have had 99% from Bill Clinton and he refused.


  35. Galaxy 500

    I have tried and it is wasted effort. I even had people ask my help went I told them I was exiting the market in early 2007 as they knew I had done well. I even sold the company stock (a credit card issuer). I gave them advice to exit now and they thanked me. Later they told me they wished they would have listened to me instead of their broker/financial advisor . Their broker advised them that I didn’t know what I was talking about…The Market was the place to be. They were retirement age. Their broker stopped returning their calls as they were no longer important customers. He lost 2/3 of their money and they intended to postpone their retirement but they didn’t make it through layoffs…ugh, I mean cost cutting measures.
    They wanted me to help them recover financially but I told them I am not an investment professional, that you have to watch your investments real time. I lesson my I learned long ago is that it is better to leave some money on the floor at Wall street ( take a profit) than to chase a return trying to recoup a loss. Another lesson is don’t manage other people’s money, give them advice, explain why and let them make their own choice.

  36. DMyers

    The message of Obamacare is really very clear. “I’ll give you free health care, but you’re going to have to pay for it.” This is very standard Democratic Party thinking. WE spend a bunch of money on programs that are nominally for the people, and then we tax the shit out of the people to pay for it. This is a program which (at least on paper) is fully funded through tax increases. This is a perverse form of austerity, where everyone (with anything to sacrifice) sacrifices to help bail out a bankrupt and irremediable system.

  37. Idie Joe

    To state that the site “is neither Democrat nor Republican, Liberal or Conservative,” is somewhat misleading. You may not be a signed up member of any party, but the political agenda – the truth as viewed by this site is from drawn from the conservative – libertarian – tea party playbook.

    • Greg

      Idie Joe,
      This comment sounds like something a paid troll would say. Just because the Democrats are in deep S#$# over the unfolding disaster of Obama Care and I am reporting on it doesn’t make me anything. The is an epic political disaster for the Dems and it is growing as it unfolds. Wait until people start talking about what is going to happen to employer plans such as taxed like income and higher premiums and deductible and out right cancelations of company plans. Not reporting on this story would a huge mistake because it is a story about a huge mistake. As a journalist you must cover the big stories, and in the political realm this is the biggest.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow Idie Joe,
      I am a political atheist, a Christian, and a fiscal conservative. I disapprove of both the Democrats and the Republicans (Democrat lite). When did reporting the real news become a political views point. If you want political propaganda, watch NBC or ABC. Since when do facts and the truth become the domain of any political party? I know that propaganda is the domain of Obama and McCain

  38. Johnny Utah

    My fear is within the next few years, we will begin to hear about babies being born on the West Coast with 3 heads or arms protruding from their foreheads due to people’s DNA being blasted with radiation. The Mockingbird shills are, indeed, blacklisting the Fukushima crisis; but at the same time, people never want to accept as reality a problem over which they have little or zero control. Further, people think because they can’t see, smell, feel or taste something, then they are not being adversely affected by it. Time will prove them wrong.

    Nice background of the beach, Greg. At least we still have the Atlantic Ocean *relatively* clean. Take care.

    • Greg

      Johnny Utah
      You are right! This TEPCO nuclear power plant disaster in Japan is going to have a growing and very long legacy. Some say the Pacific ocean will be forever changed. It might get a little better for the children or the grand children but it will with the planet for a very long time.

      • Ugly

        Revelation 8:10-11

        This states the poisoning of waters where a lot of mankind eventually dies from it, called Wormwood.

        I wonder if the beginnings of Wormwood isn’t this Fukishima, plus the fractioning of oil thru shale rock using organic solvents?

    • Trotski

      See the movie ” On The Beach ” Your in it, your living it, watch it and weep!

      P.S. Find a yellow submarine as soon as possible, post hast!

  39. Jerry

    The Government record speaks for itself.
    Obamacare was hatched out of the same nest as the war on poverty was under LBJ. How’s that working out? After spending trillions in social services all I see is more people getting trapped on dependency.

    There are a lot of people out there that think health care should be free. That everything should be free…ExCEPT US! Why just healthcare? Why not cars and houses too. I mean a mortgage for a decent house is over $1200. and a car payment with insurance runs $400.-$500. a month. The truth is Obamacare never was about health care. It was just a tool for the government to use to gets its foot in your door. Do you realize that the information you put into the exchanges to enroll not only goes to the IRS, it goes to DHS too? They didn’t tell that did they? Don’t believe it? Call and ask them. The information you give them is transmitted to several government data bases. That’s why they’ve had trouble with the system. Pretty scary stuff, for a country that not so long ago passed laws to protect peoples privacy. By hey, it’s not like their stealing it, your just inviting them in.

  40. Agent P

    As your esteemed regular guest, Paul Craig Roberts has drumbeated of late, nothing is going to matter until there is a crack in the $USD. And that ‘crack’ isn’t going to appear from a domestic problem – like our debt, QE, etc. All that matters right now to this unholy marriage of Politics and Wall Street Finance, is the ‘Appearance’ of economic health, or the Perception thereof. Our comeuppance resides overseas from a continuance of foreign policy blunders, while our ‘trading partners’ prepare for the inevitable. It is now only a matter of time, the event horizon already having been seen.

    M.O.P.E. As Jim Sinclair would quip… The Management of Perception Economics – i.e., the continued Bamboozling of Boobus-Americanus, into thinking that ‘recovery’ is here – via proxy of a rising S&P/DOW, and that a new ‘Bull Market’ era has arrived. Party on – Hollywood stars and entertainment; NFL foosball, ‘healthcare’, who’s the latest one to come out of the closet, ad-nauseam…

    • Trotski

      Hurray fer jollywood!

  41. M. Smith

    Greg, a up date all need to see or read, Hatrick Penry on you tube or his site at http://plumegate.wordpress.com. The FOIA Reports have been along drawn out process to piece together, his work counters every thing Tepco has said even put on TV reports carried by http://www.enenews.com, a poster pointed out a huge flaw Tepco made on how removing the fuel rods from SFP 4 would be done. It seems that unit 4 SFP went dry per FOIA reports & fire happen releasing huge amounts of radiation into the air in March 2011. Also photos of SFP4 from Tepco were shown on enenews.com this past week with the water clear. Folks should look this up, one thing it means is the Plumes of radiation that hit the USA were worse than thought & it has not stopped as each wave is sent by the Jet Stream. Hatrich hopes he is wrong, but fears the worse did happen & has not stopped! GOD be with our Children!
    TY Greg!

  42. Michael the Marine

    Sunday morning, before sunrise…

    To all my fellow Marines everywhere:

    Happy 238th Birthday! I salute you all and pray for THAT Great Day when war will be no more…

    Until then; Semper Fidelis and Oorah!


    Guarding those Golden Streets and
    Always Faithful,

  43. Galaxy 500


    No we’re just disloyal lying bastards

  44. Galaxy 500

    Healthcare is going to hell and some scammer is selling snake oil.

  45. Tom

    Wow!!! $800 to $1600 per month for a family on Obama care. Here in Canada (British Columbia) we’re paying $135-$140 per month for a family of 4 on healthcare…..Granted, it may not be as shiny and slick as american health care and there may be some waiting lists for elective surgeries and the like, but for 95% of the citizens, it does the job it was intended to do. Got a broken leg, a fever, or having a baby……it will be taken care of…..

    We have our problems too, because the population is getting older, and expenses are going up, but, frankly I would be willing to pay double and still consider it a bargain……………

  46. Mickey

    Paul Craig Roberts “gets it” on the big picture.

    Actually Hilary Clinton had it right but the wrong discussion when she said “what difference does it make”.

    The country is in process of going broke. Obamacare is going to speed up the process.

    I am just fed up with what has transpired the last 5 years. Some of us–actually the majority voting voted for “hope and change”.

    Then Senator Obama actually properly identified in 2008 the economic and banking problems and was for all practicable purposes “hired” to come in an be a “turn around specialist”.

    He talks a good game but has proven talk is cheap. And introduced the “blame game”. He certainly know show to rile up his troops.

    Keep in mind–the young kids who are healthy, and others will love Obamacare and keep the Dems in office so as not to change it–how else can they avoid buying insurance by paying a small penalty and buy it when needed at healthy rates. Actually middle age healthy folks should also not be buying insurance with the pre existing clause. no downside, lots of upside for them.

    Think of Obamacare as THE turning point for this country’s decline.

  47. Galaxy 500

    While I respect zerohedge for this:
    Their article calculating the value of bitcoins at 700 troy oz of gold each is as flawed as Obamacare. Why anyone would decide that use all the gold in the world divided by the total number of bitcoins as a valid methodology for valuing BC is beyond the pale. Please drug test this person

  48. mohammad

    Look what those social engineering bastards are trying to shove down our throats.
    At first glance one may say that is a very good very healthy idea.
    Then when you look deep you will find that we will be locked up in urban areas on bikes where you can not go far, we will remember the days when we had cars and shed a tear. we will be in a big urban prison.
    Here is a taste of what is coming.
    Look at the vid and think when China was doing this a while back now it is our turn:


    I understand riding a bike for fun and exercise, I love my bike and all my family ride them like most Americans do.
    JFK once said there nothing beats the simple fun of riding a bike.
    But to shove it down our throats with social engineering like they are doing it in Europe….. That is a different matter.

    • mohammad

      Look at the mark 9:45 where he put the plan:
      “We need the will and political power to squeeze the cars a bit”

    • Galaxy 500

      Great post Mohammad

  49. Ojr

    amerika didnt save the world it caused the world financial crisis

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