Dems Out of Ideas Play Race Card, Fed Rates On Hold & More Iran Missiles

By Greg Hunter’s 

(WNW 271 2.10.17)

Senator Elizabeth Warren proves that the Democrat party is totally out of ideas to help the vast majority of Americans. In Senator Jeff Session’s confirmation hearings for Attorney General in the Trump Administration, she resorted to character assassination.  Warren read a 1965 letter from Dr. Martin Luther King’s widow, Coretta, saying Session obstructed blacks at the voting booth.  Warren failed to mention that, years later, Coretta King was thanking Sessions on video for helping to make the Rosa Parks library a reality.  Warren drew criticism from King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, who said Warren was playing the race card.  Sessions was voted in as Attorney General with the help of Senator Tim Scott.  He’s an African American Republican Senator from South Carolina.  All the Dems have left are lies, election fraud and massive immigration to get new voters.

There was more war news from the Middle East last week as Iran fired another ballistic missile after being put “on notice” from the Trump Administration. The Iranians did it anyway and chided President Trump by calling him a “newcomer.”   Meanwhile, the Russians say they accidentally killed three Turkish soldiers in Syria.  The Russians claim they were trying to attack ISIS positions with airstrikes.  Tensions are rising and not abating in the Middle East.

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard surprised Wall Street this week after saying interest rates “can remain low for at least 2017.” Just a few months ago, Fed Head Janet Yellen said there would be at least three rate hikes in 2017.  Gregory Mannarino of thinks this announcement could drive the market higher, even though it’s totally propped up by the Fed.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about the week’s biggest stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. 🇦🇺 AA

    Newsflash Greg,

    All of the current politicians are the same on both sides of the house.
    Instead of sticking together and forming honest and constructive policies they bitch at each other in the senate. Totally disgusted by their behaviour, “I’m better than you…”no, I’m better than you.”

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Svedska Vodka not needed!

      AA, I was wondering which senate you would feature.
      Seems your PM. is a bit like our current president, except on steroids! Like the last tussle those two had, I’m looking forward to the next!
      Poor refugee’s, don’t know whether they’ll turn out Aussie or Yankee, eh? Same difference to them, I guess.
      May you have a lovely weekend too Tony.
      PS. Now that our drought is officially over, watch out Australia. You guy’s could be next?

      • AA 🇦🇺

        What’s worse it was our House of Representatives!

        Tough choice for the refugees but it beats ending up in a detention centre on some Pacific Island 🌴
        It’s dry inland at the moment with a hot summer but a few rain patches have been helpful.

        Take care.

  2. Paul ...

    The politicians use the race card, the Russian card, etc. to brainwash the American people into supporting their wars of aggression and their Satanic rituals … then they use the fake news media to spin “the real news” released by Wikileaks … they don’t deny the real news that Satanic pedophile politicians are killing and eating our children … they spin the disgusting real news released by Wikileaks into “indignation” about how supposedly the Russians leaked this “true information” to the public (instead of getting indignant over how sick and perverted our political leaders are) … Nancy Pelosi still thinks Bush is running the country … other Congressional leaders are spreading lies that Putin is an aggressor invading South Korea, the Ukraine, Syria, etc. … but it is not all bad news … Sessions is now Attorney General and will drain the swamp of these disgusting criminal politicians from Washington … and in just 2 to 3 short weeks Trump will provide the American people with significant income tax relief!!!

    • 🇦🇺 AA

      Paul, the public here have swallowed their lies because our MSM regurgitates fairytales published by New York Times, CNN, Washington Post & Huffington Post.
      The thing is I’m not sure what’s truthful at times; but I’m so disappointed that our journalists here can’t be bothered researching a topic for themselves, then write their own articles, they just ‘copy & paste’.

  3. Frederick

    Love the view of the farm with the pond I wish I had something like that myself Actually I’m working on it once my silver goes ballistic in dollars Hopefully it won’t be long now And Hopefully Jeff Sessions is going to be busy with arrest warrants SOON

    • FC

      Frederick, we’re waiting for the same thing, but I believe we need to wait until sellers value their property in ounces, because the last thing they would want to receive as payment is a devaluing currency.

    • Tin foil hat


    • Svedska Vodka now needed!

      Yup Fred,
      Great report from out there in the Missouri bush! Nice spread! Did I see a bush Kangaroo way out back behind you their Greg, hop-pin around? We got some Roo’s here in Michigan, Detroit zoo that is. I think about em every-time I eat a Skippy peanut butter and jelly sandwich!
      Here’s the real deal. Is that Aussie Jeff 50 odd years ago?
      The Kid not the star!

  4. Jim

    Petition to Arrest George Soros

    Please sign and forward link below to family and friends!!!

    Link to Petition:

    • 🇦🇺 AA

      He’ll simply bribe double the people signing this to start an opposing campaign,

    • BobT

      @ FC

      “but I believe we need to wait until sellers value their property in ounces”

      I agree. I have been looking at real estate values in ounces of silver now for several years. If you have a desire to find out – go to the local court house and track the real estate sale back to the early 1900’s. Then convert to ounces. Pre-1913.

      In my area, it is between 2 and 3 ounces per acre – including houses, barns, all mineral rights, etc.

      I am waiting for that day, again.

      • FC

        Wow, 2 or 3 ounces an acre……….. perhaps Rhode Island will make a great hobby farm.

    • Sayonara

      President Trump’s first act as POTUS should have been to arrest Soros for sedition and treason. This monster is truly a very sick and evil human being. Unfortunately, most people have no idea who George Soros is. I asked so called well informed liberal if he knew who George Soros is and he did not have a clue who George Soros is. Scary!

      • Frederick

        Didn’t know who George Soros is? That seems impossible doesn’t it?

  5. Jim

    Investigate Hillary Clinton for crimes committed against the People and Government of the United States.

    Evidence contained in leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee indicate the need for a thorough investigation of the actions taken by Hillary Rodham Clinton while occupying the positions of United States Senator and Secretary of State.

  6. Paul ...

    With the Fukushima genie out of the bottle and growing bigger … we get to ask him for three wishes … 1) Can all the sea life in the Pacific Ocean forgive us for our crime against their innocent lives? … 2) Can our own children forgive us for our crime against them and all of humanity? … 3) May our our punishment be a quick death rather then a lingering one of radiation poisoning … Ginie’s response: “I’m not God you released from Hell”!!!

    • R B

      Paul , There may be another way to look at the slow kill of radiation .God is mercyful , and the idea of dying slow gives way to repentance . I believe since it was an act of God that caused the meltdown ,then God will use it for the benefit of our eternal good. RB

      • Doug Krause

        R B,
        Fukushima a act of God… really? You have kind of a distorted view of God, not sure why God gets the blame for every natural disaster…God is love and yes He is merciful but His hand had no part to cause any nuclear melt down. Cheers Doug

      • Paul ...

        RB … we should be blaming Fukushima on the greedy evil devils who set off the underwater nuke … to create the tsunami … to punish Japan … for dumping T-Bills … not God!!

        • R B

          Dear Paul , Every comment made has the potential to be received totally different from its intent. I was looking at the problems of this world from a greater prespective than our own. I do not blame God for our own problems, but He can and will use everything for the good . Sorry for any misunderstanding I love the King of Kings ,and the Lord of Lords, Jesus the Christ of God, the only Hope of this fallen world.Sincerely RB

          • R B

            The good is for those who love the Lord who are called according to His purpose Romans 8:28 . I believe God’s Word even if I cannot understand the reasoning.

      • Tin foil hat

        It is more like the stupidity of men rather than an act of God.

  7. Kim

    Nice wrap up! I was in California a few days ago and it rained the whole time lol!
    I saw the movie “GOLD” and really enjoyed it! I learned some lessons about the gold industry. A great movie for gold bugs!

  8. Paul ...

    With Session’s in … it is not just in Trump’s America that police will be rooting out the bad guys … it is happening on a worldwide basis …

    • Paul ...

      Trump now has Soros in his sights just declaring him a “National Security Threat” … a Soros arrest will also be coming soon!

  9. Jerry

    Welcome back to the “Show Me State” Greg. You should come down to the Ozarks some time and go fishing. I know some good places.

    Speaking of “Show Me”, the IMF and the World Bank are about to show us who really runs the world banks come April 21st. The bottom is falling out of the ECB. Italy, Greece, and soon to be Germany (when Deutsche Banks goes under) cannot be saved by the IMF.

    What that means to you and I, is a complete reshuffling of the currency weights in the IMF currency basket come April 21st. The question is, with the global banking system collapsing, will king dollar retain his crown? The answer to that question is the same as its always been. “Follow the money”. And when I say money, I don’t mean paper contracts. I mean actual physical assets like gold. Paper contracts are like IOU’s. Just try to take those to your local bank to get a loan and see how far you get. The bottom line is the central banks have been selling cheap gold to the Chinese for a reason, and its not because the Chinese have a love affair with gold. When it comes to weights in a basket, gold weighs a heck of a lot more than paper.

    • Jerry

      Speaking of gold, did you see where Germany just got back the rest of their gold held by the United States? Gee I wonder why now?

      • Kim

        Interesting article, Thank you for sharing!!

      • Tracy Welborn

        Thank you for all your commentary and links. I’ve been reading story after story about the rise of the Chinese banking systems and the fall of ours. I read yesterday that a dozen or more Japanese banks are “connecting” into the CIPS system. You were right all along.

        • Jerry

          Thank you Tracy.
          I think that has been the plan all along. The IMF and World bank loaned us (through the Chinese) close to 3 trillion dollars in 2008 with the intent = that the U.S. economy would come back. It never did.

          QE is all we have left. And with China posting a GDP of 5+ percent while we’re barely hitting 1.9% GDP it will be hard to present a case in April why we should retain the world reserve currency peg.

      • Galaxy 500

        So we have what 800 or 900 tons of German Gold in hand now?

        “Once the transfers are completed, Frankfurt will hold half of Germany’s 3,378 tons of reserve gold, with the rest in New York and London. Thiele said there won’t be any further transfers and Donald Trump’s presidency didn’t change the situation. “We have a trusting relationship with the Fed,” he said. During the Cold War, West Germany kept most of its gold abroad for fear it could fall into the hands of the Soviet Union if the country were invaded. Another reason was to have the precious metal close to foreign currency markets in London, Paris, and New York, where gold is traded. The Bundesbank already brought about 850 tons of gold home from London between 1998 and 2001. It has said that, since France—like Germany—long since switched to using the euro, storing gold for foreign currency swaps in Paris is no longer necessary. “

        • JC Davis

          G 500 strange they would leave gold with the FED knowing how hard it was to get what they got.

      • Tin foil hat

        I wonder why the hurry. The repatriation is completed way ahead of schedule.

      • Frederick

        Yeah I thought the same thing From the rate of return it had appeared it would take years and suddenly they are made whole Very interesting development no doubt Jerry

      • brian

        Not ALL of it. The GERMANS noted the GOLD they did get back. Was NOT the original BARS they originally SENT to the NEW YORK FED 70 years ago.

    • Greg Hunter

      Love Missouri!

      • 🇦🇺 AA

        I’ve got to visit the States one day 🙏🙂

        • Svedska Vodka now needed!

          Ive go to visit the states one day too, down under!

          • Nadezda Benic

            If you ever make it up here mate give me a shout! Greg can give you my e-mail.

            • AA 🇦🇺

              Same goes here 😀

      • brian

        Hello Greg. Just to INFORM you . The DROUGHT means NOTHING. Absolutely nothing DROUGHT or NO DROUGHT. The USA use to EXPORT WHEAT CORN to the WORLD. About 65% . Today its 31%. This is the WORST YEAR for FARMERS (in a century) planting CROPS!!! Why?? Because CORN and WHEAT are at such LOW LOW prices. And further more Europe and the WORLD are NOT really KEEN on GMO crops. Russia NOW is the LARGEST WHEAT EXPORTER to the WORLD. NO GMO crap. Russia was ALWAYS a IMPORTER of Wheat from Canada . Looks like those SANCTIONS to Russia was a GREAT THING for the Agriculture department in Russia. I live in Russia and the MAIN concern for the RUSSIAN FARMERS is the SANCTIONS to be LIFTED. They want those SANCTIONS LEFT ON!!!!!!! Plus thanks to the FRENCH and ITALIAN CHEESE makers coming to RUSSIA and TEACHING and SHOWING the Russian FARMERS how to make CHEESE. Cant tell the difference now from Russian cheese from the IMPORTED stuff. All in ALL those sanctions were a GOOD thing. Russia is NO longer a GAS STATION in the middle of now where according to Senator McINSANE. Have a great day.

    • brian

      Jerry Deutcha bank is in hot water. Ray Charles can SEE that. DERIVATIVES about 90 TRILLION worth. If Deutcha Bank FAILS so does J.P Morgan, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. They are COUNTER PARTY to Deutucha Banks DERIVATIVES. And those 5 USA Banks have themselves together 300 trillion in DERIVATIVES. Like Warren Buffet said Derivatives are WEAPONS of financial Destruction. Even the GREAT BUFFET got save in 2008 His stocks would of been WORTH practically NOTHING if it werent for the US TAX PAYERS bail out money.

  10. Tommy

    If only the Republicans would have rebutted Warren’s attack on Jeff Sessions as well as you did. Here’s a man that prosecuted the Klan while the Democrats heaped praise and admiration on Senator Robert Byrd, not only a Klan member but an Exalted Cyclops. So it wasn’t like he just joined because his neighbor coaxed him. But that’s different, right? I have come to the point where I don’t even listen to them. Unfortunately many do, especially the brainwashed product of our public schools and institutions of “higher” learning. The assault continues in a daily basis.

  11. Tad

    With the US military having done the chemtrails thing, is this the result?

    Wonder what Dane Wiginton thinks?

    • Bill

      Tad: One has to wonder is the air force pilots are aware that their chemtrails are harming THEIR families.

      • Bonnie

        I’m an Air Force vet – AF Academy grad, former Intelligence officer (back when we did NOT intrude in the lives of U.S. citizens) and although most my classmates are recently retired, they are not able to grasp this. Being brought up in the military-industrial complex, they are not able to believe the system would commit such heinous acts. Some are airline pilots who fly in the middle of this stuff several times a week, and they are still in strict denial. It’s simply amazing.

        • Frederick

          What do your colleagues think about 911? Hopefully they are smart enough to see the BS that the govt story truly is

  12. flattop

    GREG: During you time at CNN, having worked with Paula Zahn, hat is your opinion of her. Is she a part of the fake news?

    • Greg Hunter

      No Flattop. Paula was OK.

      • Fatcat

        Paula is good on Investigation Discovery! Thanks for everything,Greg!

    • ED1

      My thoughts are that all the spraying going on by not only the military, but civilian contractors as well, has nothing to do with the rains in California. But I wouldn’t put it past them to lay claims to such.

      We have seen a huge increase in the spraying here. It used to be about 2 to 3 days per week. Now it’s every single day, all day long. Even on days where the temps are in the teens. I have to wonder if the folks responsible for the spraying are trying to finish out some sort of contract or mission before Trump cancels them? I sincerely hope so. I for one am not buying it one bit that it’s for SRM, rather it’s to my belief it has to do with population reduction.

      Surely no one can be that simple minded to spray like they are and actually believe it helps the planet, human species, and all forms of life as we know it.

  13. firstamendment

    As much as I dislike Trump, I want him to do well for the sake of my family and the country. But he’s way out of his depth in knowledge, judgment, and experience for the job he now has, and he would be smart to seek the counsel of men far wiser than he is, listen to them, and act on what he learns. His authoritarian style may have worked in a family owned business but it doesn’t work in a republic where there are three co-equal branches of government. He’d also be wise to seek the guidance of a constitutional scholar to help him understand the constitution from A to Z. He’ll need it.

    As much as I dislike Chris Christie, he may be the only one who can come in and create order out of the current chaos.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why does Trump need a Constitutional scholar? Maybe you missed it but the Judges in the 9th Circuit IGNORED THE CONSTITUTION. What happen was a judicial coup d’etat.
      I would love to hear how a Constitutional scholar helps with that. You can not compromise with evil nor can you reason with it.

      • Sherry

        I follow Thomas Wictor on twitter. He offers an interesting perspective on Trump ‘ s actions. Worth the time to read. Thanks Greg Hunter for all you do.

      • Freebreezer

        G-500 Pithy comment! To FA – What we need is a President that is ready to go face-to-face/toe to toe with the inside Washington/MSM corruption and evil. Per a Constitutional scholar – Jeff Sessions???? … Am I missing something? All so, Fascinating that the 9th circuit is throwing out the ‘mea culpa’ to reconsider in front of the whole 9th court … hmmmm?

    • Frederick

      Christie create order More like place an order with xtra large fries Isn’t that guy the one behind “Bridgegate” ?

    • Tin foil hat

      As much as I dislike Obama, I wanted him to do well for the sake of my family and the country. But he was way out of his depth in knowledge, judgment, and experience for the job he had. He would be smart to seek the counsel of men far wiser than he is, listen to them, and act on what he learns but he chose to listen to amateurs like Eric Hilders and Valerie Jarrett. His authoritarian style may have worked as a wannabe community organizer but it doesn’t work in a republic where there are three co-equal branches of government. He should have seeked the guidance of a real constitutional scholar, not an affirmative action constitutional scholar like himself, to help him understand the constitution from A to Z. He needed it but he chose to take lessons from Tiger Woods instead.

      As much as I dislike Donald Trump, he may be the only one who can come in and create order out of the chaos which Obama created.

  14. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks for always setting the record straight Greg Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for all the financial and market help!!!

      • David

        Alright you guys, enough back slapping. Get back to work!
        Just joking – Thanks for all you do!

  15. Jan

    I was heartened that Senator (and former governor) Joe Manchin of W. Va. crossed over to support Jeff Sessions. He is one of the few Democrats left who still cares first and foremost about the American working class.

    Democrats need to take a cue from Manchin and return to their roots! They are alienating their long-standing base of American workers, now stuck in low-income or part-time jobs who cannot afford Obamacare or more foreigners coming in to take jobs or welfare.

    I agree with you about Warren. I was outraged how she acted like the Senate owed her — a first-term Senator — a platform to bad-mouth a respected, veteran Senator — whose state of Alabama has elected him as senator four times! Then after she was silenced on the Senate floor, she further disparaged Jeff Sessions on Twitter for “racism, sexism & bigotry” and accused all his supporters of “radical hatred”.

    Question: How does she link Jeff Sessions to “sexism”?
    Answer: In her mind, he must be a sexist because he’s not a hard-core feminist like her!

    News Flash! A lot of feminists these days no longer follow her brand of feminism. Younger (millennial) feminists are increasingly pro-life. And some radical feminists, like the one interviewed this past week on Tucker Carlson on Fox, are alarmed by transgender activism that allows men to self-identify as women, even without any medical procedures–which will soon make all the gains and protections that have been won for biological women and girls in academics, sports, etc. totally obsolete.

    • Freebreezer

      Jan – Per your Question: Sessions is a White male and Republican … What more do you need to brand him a ‘racist, sexist & bigot’ in the eyes of the left? Important, I have inside information that Sessions once, maybe twice, talked with Steve Bannon … if proven, that really seals the deal with the left!

  16. Paul ...

    Trump just signed an executive order vowing to crush the criminal activity of Mexican drug cartels in the United States … Trump stated: “I am directing DOJ and DHS to take all necessary action to break the backs of criminal cartels that have spread across our nation” … Trump has also indicated he will use US military forces to fight the cartels on Mexico soil … what Trump should also do is burn down the opium poppy fields in Afghanistan (let the US military, or Russian military, or the Taliban do it) … by doing so Trump will bring the banksters to heel and initiate the Fed’s ultimate demise!!!

    • Paul ...

      Very short honeymoon … Trump has been in office less then a month … and already some reservations are surfacing that Trump has been “neutralized by the deep state” … although he does have many neocons surrounding him … lets give the guy a chance … he is fighting the MSM, all the Demon-rats, half the Reptilicans and the entire Deep State and they expect this one man to do it all in less then a month??? … I will only begin to have reservations if Trump doesn’t burn down the poppy fields in Afghanistan!!! …

  17. Steve L.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Greg. We Christians have to “stick together.” That special day isn’t far away!

    • Gadfly


      That will be the day. Today’s contemporary America is very politically polarized and divided. By keeping everybody apart the “Deep State” wins while you lose in the long term. The real solution is the same in the 1980’s: decentralization. Break the power centers down into bite-sized chunks. Divide (scatter) the ruling classes into smaller entities and induce disagreements and divisiveness amongst them.

      Fight fire with fire but be careful you don’t get burned in the process. Many citizens are content to remain on the sidelines as mere onlookers and “take what they can get” from the existing financial system. Fine for them!

  18. Mike from the North

    Are we on the eve of the rule of law returning to America?

    Will the TRUTH BOMBS begin falling?
    Will the USA dig itself from under the control of the NWO?
    Will America become Great Again?
    Will the financial manipulations of everything stop and will the rules of sound money return and allow America and the World to become REAL again? These are the questions on my mind today.

  19. Paul ...

    Wow … remember how Buzz Aldrin said a great evil exists in Antarctica … well I’m hearing that the entire Russian Baltic fleet is now being sent to Antarctica! … seems the good guys are not only removing trans-national criminal organizations around the entire world with drones and “directed energy beam weapons” from space … but are going after all the “leaders” even those based in Antarctica … this battle is one of God against a great evil with tentacles spread over our entire Earth (that has been enslaving our women and eating our children) … to all you evil Satanists … we will incinerate you and not tolerate you any longer … No Women … No Children!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Please reference for me in a reliable source where Aldrin said that about Antarctica.

      • Paul ...

        G500 … just paste [ Buzz Aldrin sees evil in Antarctica ] into Google!!

        • JMiller

          Found no evidence that Buzz Aldrin ever said that. And that supposed tweet from Buzz Aldrin is fake also.

      • JMiller

        There is no reliable source.

        • Paul ...

          Think about it … if it is just “fake news” that evil exists at the South Pole … then why did the head of the Christian Orthodox Church make a long journey down to Antarctica “to bless the entire continent” ?? … the fake news media trolls would likely say he was simply worried about the penguins … that they needed to live on blessed ground … so a regular priest couldn’t do the job?? … the penguins needed the head of the Christian Orthodox Church (and heads of State present) to bless their land??

    • Robert G

      Paul.. Please send link about Russian fleet. Try not to spend so much time on infowars..

  20. flattop

    GREG; RE The California drought: The state is still telling us we are in drought conditions, even tho all the lakes and reservoirs are two thirds full and the snow melt has not begun. I am still only allowed to water my lawn ONE day a week. The inmates are in charge of the asylum out here.

    • Sayonara

      Sacramento is all about people and land control – so of course the drought will never be over. I am not worried about watering my lawn any more because it was power washed away by the 30+ inches of rain we received during the last several weeks. And I lost 60+ feet of fencing as well. You can be guaranteed that our water bills will be increased this year due to excessive rain fall and the need to provide water for illegal criminal refugees.

  21. dlc

    AZ deported a woman back to Mexico who has 2 children born in the U.S. You can bet we paid for the obstetrical costs not to mention the costs of healthcare and education of her children. If she made $9/hr on her job, you can bet she received gov’t freebies and a nice earned income tax credit. No mention as to whether the husband had a job.

    You would have thought we deported Joan of Arc. The woman and her children are having Trump-level press with her looking the martyr sitting with her grown children who joined her in Mexico. Never mind that she used someone’s SS identity to launch her own gains in this country.

    I am amazed that any of this is happening. We have a progressive mayor, a progressive sheriff, a black female progressive chief of police, and a gutless wonder Republican governor whose main job seems to be keeping his head down in the foxhole.

    In this state, people vote for every Rino and liberal, every tax increase, ever bond issue, every boondoggle. It is not the cowpoke, reserved, self-reliant state that I moved to in the early ’80’s. McCain has done zilch to tackle the problem of immigration other than to take the side of the illegal.

    Our new sheriff is breathing through a paper bag over this woman’s deportation. He recently said there would be no raids here, calling the illegals guests. How many guests to your home went through your papers and ripped off your identity?

  22. WD


    1.) MSNBC going ballistic over fake news allegations, even interviewed “Dickless” David Gregory about it.

    2.) Mario Cuomo said said accusing reporters of fake news is like calling them the N-word…I kid you not. He was very angry.

    3.) Washington Post reported fake news allegations have backfired.

    You were right, they are going ballistic over this fake news accusations, it must be affecting their bottom line….

    • Paul ...

      The MSM does not care if their fake “top line” affects their real “bottom line” because the CIA is providing the MSM with cash to publish their propaganda … but once Trump cuts off the CIA’s illegal drug money … it will put the final squeeze on the MSM that drives them to bankruptcy!!

      • WD

        Paul if that were true then they would not be slashing their workforce…..

  23. al

    I enjoyed a bit of scenery in your video.
    I just got a very detailed, up to date loan amount refi letter from “Quicken Loans”. Somehow they knew what I recently owed my bank on this home to the penny! Hmmmmmm…..

    I don’t understand the timing of that letter. Rates are higher, everyone refinanced at a lower rate already. Why refi? My home is not an ATM machine. If rates went down another 2% then I will consider a possible refi. to lower my monthly payment.
    At some point something is going to break and Mannarino will be wrong. For now he is right, it makes sense given the present UNCHANGED ECONOMIC CONDITION but there’s always that pin looking for that bubble.
    Glad to see the drought is over in MS.

  24. Diane D.

    How did Americans who call themselves Christians become so blood-thirsty? The US has been waging wars in the Middle East for 16 years. We have lost over 6,900 soldiers. Millions of innocent people have been killed, maimed, lost their homes, and displaced. And now the US is threatening another sovereign nation, Iran. We may know God, but we sure as heck do not know the love of God.

    I have two questions for Christians. Specifically, what did the US gain from the sacrifices of these 6,900 lives? Can you name any of these US wars in the Middle East which Jesus would have supported?

    • c romana

      Christians became too caught up in earning a living to fight against evil. Some were brainwashed by Bush and Obama/MSM, others felt like it was useless to fight. (David vs. Goliath)

      • Frederick

        Brainwashed by Bush? That’s pretty funny and pathetic actually

    • JC Davis

      Diane D Christianity is separate from those who made a religion of it. I as a believer in Jesus have a bigger problem with letting murderers, rapist, and molesters into America. I think these wars, and killings are bad. They caused a lot of the migration of Muslim immigrant’s we now face today.

    • susan

      The Christians absolutely did not want the middle east wars. It was the globalists that caused them. Those who are trying to rid the U.S. of Christianity.

    • Doug Krause

      Hello Diane D
      I will have a go at your two questions for Christians. The U.S probably never gained squat sacrificing 6900 lives other than showing the world they are the super power and policeman of the world.
      Would Jesus have supported these wars? Yes maybe…Ecclesiastes 3.8… a time for war and a time for peace.
      I guess what is needed is for leaders to hear the voice of God clearly before they proceed in any conflict.
      Just remember satan and his cohorts are still on the prowl stealing,killing, destroying. John 10.10….who are our leaders hearing? Never did find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…hmmm
      Cheers Doug

  25. Galaxy 500

    Here is an illegal alien who voted and got 8 years plus she got

    • Galaxy 500

      But there is not a smidgen of voter fraud

    • Galaxy 500

      Lie-a-watha did not read the letter Dr. Martin Luther King’s widow, Coretta, wrote sayimg don’t let the immigrants as they were stealing jobs from blacks did she?

    • Robert G

      Galaxy 500…The article says she was a legal resident. Green card holder (permanent resident)., Not an illegal. Only 2,999,999 to go. It’s gonna take awhile at this rate. What illegal is going to risk being torn apart from their family to vote. I will be waiting for Trump to prove 3 to 5 million fraudulent votes, heck maybe she voted for him. His ego will be his Achilles heel. Says he won the electoral vote by a landslide, yea right.

  26. Galaxy 500

    We just had a judicial coup d’etat and no one in the news media covered it but Fox. And they did not call it what it was.

    • Mike R

      Folks, stop worrying about these 3 clowns who are so called judges. The president has the Constitution and the law on his side, while the liberals have a judge in Washington, a bunch of liberal judges on the Ninth Circuit, and four steadfast liberals on the Supreme Court. Liberals are thinking: “Great! We’ll won this one.”

      Not so fast. In a fairly adjudicated case, it’s open and shut for the president. A decision to uphold the Ninth Circuit places a big question mark on the competence of any judge who rules in favor of it. He would be going against the Constitution and the law and endangering national security all at the same time. Decisions like this are common as dirt in the Ninth Circuit, but the Supreme’s are usually a little more careful. Ninth Circuit decisions are overturned in the Supreme Court so often that lawyers say that if you lose in the Ninth Circuit, you are guaranteed a win in the Supreme Court.

      Thus, due to the short sighted stupidity of the liberals, President Trump is now in a no-lose situation. If he gets the injunction lifted at the Supreme Court, he wins. If he does not, he has this case to use as an example of the judiciary’s bias. He can say: “Look, they ignored the Constitution and the law, invented new rights for foreigners coming first over existing LEGAL citizens, and put the whole American public at risk.” Even if by chance he lost in court, he would win in the court of public opinion. If there is a terrorist incident attributable to the judicial actions, he will win REALLY big time. Even without such an incident, his hand will be strengthened in all future dealings with the courts.

      Alternately, he can easily re-write a new EO, that can’t be defeated, and if the liberals try once again to shut it down, his hand is even stronger, and no judge in the country would ever be stupid enough to over ride something that will once again be certainly and so OBVIOUSLY constitutional.

      It places their legal credentials in direct and significant conflict with their liberal credentials.

      So President Trump has the upper hand entirely here folks. These toads are playing checkers while President Trump is playing chess. He knew this was going to happen, knew it would go to the 9th circuit, so this first EO was nothing more than a red herring to flush out how stupid and inane these liberal states, and liberal judges would act. He baited them big time, and then he got to Tweet storm them and set them up for their next big fail. Every time this happens, the mainstream media looses, as he further erodes their cred, while more and more people get on President Trump’s side, and realize how bad they’ve been lied to by the leftists in this country for decades. Even recent immigrants are on his side, and this has the very chilling effect of forcing those who know they are illegally here, to very seriously cut and run back before they get caught. In fact, ICE has put on a surge, and many people here illegally are getting arrested, most with crimes, and getting deported. For this first time in years, they all are questioning just how ‘safe’ it will be to risk staying here, and they have not had that fear under prior administrations for a very long time, as weasel politicians on both sides were so weak, and worried about losing votes, they continued to look away.

      Naturally, President Trump is not going to undo 30 years of increasing liberal stupidity in the MSM, and in this country, in just a few weeks. When that wall starts getting erected, you will see a huge flux of illegals running scared back to their country. President Trump is taking many simultaneous actions, including his specific cabinet selections, to show just how he means business. I cannot ever recall in my lifetime, any President being so bold, and actually doing what he says, as President Trump has already done. He’s even sent in 20 FEDS into Chicago, just as he promised, and is calling Rahm’s bluff. This man is as serious as a heart attack, and so the louder the other side screams, you know he is being very very effective. A true Patriot, this man.

      • flattop

        Mike R; You aint seen nuthin yet. Wait till the deportations increase, the democrat/liberal George soros paid demonstrators will really ramp it up in the streets

      • c romana

        I call him a Dynamo. Others have named him : the Lion. The overturning of a Presidential order by a court is sure to win more people to Trump’s side. Though fools will call it “checks and balances” —note, there were no “checks and balances” to all the wars and drone strikes on innocents.

    • Justn Observer

      Galaxy 5oo –
      Their ‘coup’ will be short lived…and if the ‘leftist’ were to ‘win’ watch this as an example of how this nation will devolve as South Africa’s republic did by letting the Marxist-communists as the left Democrats are…and how the globalists that fund them…profit from them via their inability to administrate or manage there because of their —intolerance and diversity ! A game plan -strategy designed by the very people like SOROS to ‘use’ the idiots just like back in the 60’s ! QUITE A LAUGH- THOUGH SAD HOW THEIR REPUBLIC HAS DEVOLVED INTO UTTER CHAOS !
      Diversity by it’s natue is divison and differences —not unity ! So even now in the U.S. the colleges disallow people on campus from using the U.S. flag as being ‘offensive’ to some while ‘allowing’ foreigners to exhibit their culture and flags so they ‘feel’ better about themselves and more —included –by embracing their diversity ! lol
      You know the drill – all the pigs have the same rights – just that some have more than others ! and they be—the puppet masters who can keep everyone fighting amongst each other ! An Age old Roman strategy really…all about alliances and backstabbing! That IS the Democratic party. They fought against civil rights until LBJ needed those votes after he was against in for decades… Now the are terrified that Trump might peel them off by actually giving them better schools and a way out of poverty and the drugs being pumped into those communities all over the nation by the ‘establishment’ across the borders with the help of the Bushes and Clinton’s via Mena and Ollie North’s gun for drugs…JUST SAY NO…and what was shipped back in coffins from Nam as well… Anyone check the ones coming from Afghanistan? Have heard heroin is up3x there and in the Golden Triangle ( Myanmar) since Hillary was there!
      Yep – big job draining that swamp of gun runners, drugs and pedophiles will be !
      Might listen to Kay Griggs on that revelation….

  27. anni

    I can’t help but hope Trump does what other Presidents have done in the past and ignored the courts, followed the law, and done what the Constitution allows. Also throw the bums in jail. One President threw a supreme court justice in jail when he differed with the President. Wish I could remember the Presidents name. I am appalled we tolerate such injustice, and violation.

    • Bill

      anni; The President was Honest Abe, and the supreme court justice was Taner.

  28. Shock & Awe Shucks

    Jim Rogers, AWAKE UP!

  29. charles Turner

    Hi Greg, it would be nice to hear Martin Armstrong again. I must admit I was skeptical when he predicted quarter 3 of 2015 was the top for peak government, But since then politics and government has been turned on its head and we have the French, Dutch and German elections this year. Naturally he predicted Trump and Brexit as well. although I think in his cycle Trump was a third party candidate. Arguably Trump is so different to the norm that he is a third party within a party.

  30. larrythelogger

    I’m smack dab in the middle of the eastern OK extreme drought and although it’s good most of the country is doing fine, it’s not fun here. The one acre pond I share with the property owner next to me is going dry. Send some of your natural spring water down here man.

  31. Ronald Lasal

    Greg, I’am grateful for a web site such as yours to get the real news of whats going on in this world. There is a subject I wish you would talk more about, and that is Bitcoin. What do you think about it? Should we be putting cash in to it? Where to sign up for it?
    It really sounds like when the crash does hit are cash will be gone. I need your thoughts or a guest thoughts on this subject. Thanks!

  32. c romana

    The open borders movement has not thought it through. “”It’s just obvious you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state.” Nobel prize-winning economist Milton FRIEDMAN . Generosity and responsibility must be in balance! —– Millennials, wake up!
    JACK MA said the US had spent 14 tn. on war instead of supporting their citizens. Could it be stated more clearly? Yes, millennials are being lied to—-we all are!
    Now we have to fight the lies. I do it by emailing the newspapers/radio stations, and clearly stating: … lost a reader.

  33. Tad

    Requiem for the Masses–The Association

    Worth listening to, as history may repeat itself–soon. While some would say it’s unpatriotic not to support a US-instigated war, its all about peace, not about advocating oil barons and military-industrial barons.

  34. c romana

    In Canada, the far left is now the norm. Here’s what happened when a killer beheaded a bus driver. A few years later, gets to roam free.
    Is that justice?

    • Galaxy 500

      He also eat part of the person he killed.

  35. Bonnie

    Hello Greg,
    I love your youtubes, your reporting, everything you do.

    I would like to inform you that the drought map you presented on 2/10/17 is erroneous. I live in SoCal, and we are still severely drought stricken. If you were to drive anywhere and view the drains, reservoirs, you would have ample proof. The diagram is probably fake and meant to quell the masses.

    In reality, the recent rains in Jan. have been good, but they do not nearly compensate for years of spraying and mere drizzle. It will be awhile before we are out of a drought.

    Please note in Northern CA there is ample rain, and it is true they are out of the drought. However, the Central Valley is the *key* component – our food source. It is extremely dry; the water tables are dropping, and the growth and production are far, far beneath the norm. Please view on youtube “Dead Harvest.” It’s a great documentary.

    Thank you for your attention.

    God bless you and God bless America!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the street reporting Bonnie!!

  36. sidewalk fried eggs

    Climate Change alert: It just hit 100F in Mangum, OK. Today is February 11. In Oklahoma. But, go on, bury your head in the hot sand. Or maybe this is more fake news from the Weather Channel, LOL.

    • Frederick

      Today Feb 9th in Bozburun Turkey right on the Mediterranean very warm 68 F

      • AA

        Sydney was 116 F over the weekend.

  37. AA 🇦🇺

    Just watched the movie Wall Street from 87′
    What is the difference with America now from that period? Was the movie pure fiction?

  38. Galaxy 500

    Another Democrat that hangs out with Hillary and Pelosi:

    And here is Bill Krystal, so-called Conservative, taking about bring in immigrants to end white people. Goota love it:

  39. Cheri

    I was provided this Link that details a running list of Lies from the MSM. Hoping that eventually the majority of Americans will wake up to what is going on….

  40. Galaxy 500

    The drought sure ended quickly after the election. Was this another case of government fudging data to harm citizens?

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