Deep State Treason Against Trump, Rate Hike Disaster, Troops Sent to Iraq

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 275 3.10.17)

The story of Trump colluding with the Russians prior to Election Day has now been totally discredited along with the Democrats, mainstream media (MSM) and rogue members of the intelligence agencies. The story has morphed into felony leaks to try to destroy Donald Trump.  It has revealed police state tactics from an outgoing party to an incoming party.  Did the White House know about the wiretapping of the Trump campaign?  Are the leakers inside the Intel agencies going to be charged with felonies for the leaking of information to try to destroy Trump?  Can the MSM ever recover from their unfair and fake news reporting?  The answers will be coming in the weeks and months ahead, and Donald Trump will be getting the last laugh.

Wall Street says the chance of the Fed raising interest rates is now 100%. Bond King Bill Gross says, “Our financial system is a truckload of nitroglycerin on a bumpy road.”  Is Gross worried about the bond market blowing up by selling off?  Sure looks that way, and rising interest rates can very well be the trigger.  This is up against a backdrop of a recently downgraded GDP to a sluggish 1.3%.

The U.S. is sending near 1,000 new troops to Syria to assist with efforts to defeat the Islamic State, or ISIS. Iran is also test firing missiles again, this time from a ship in the Persian Gulf.  Japan is thinking about adding defensive missiles to protect its coast after a new round of North Korean missiles are fired at the Land of the Rising Sun.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Paul ...

    Hey MSM … do you think you can simply ignore or delete all the “Vault 7” Wiki-leaks messages being released inditing the “deep state”? … well MSM … here is a message from GOD yo cannot ignor:
    [In God’s “World Order” there is no room for women and children killing pedophile Satanists!!]
    And even if 1/3rd of Earth’s population is as corrupted as you MSM puppets … God will see to it that the entire 1/3rd … is sent to Hell !… for it shall be on Earth as it is in Heaven!!! QED!

    • Macray

      As you know, Wikileaks has indicated that only 1% of CIA ‘Vault 7’ Files were released earlier this week, More to Come!!!
      I can’t wait until they get to the Gold and Silver Secrets contained in the Vault!!!
      Speaking of Gold, here is Andrew Maguire’s latest audio.
      Almost 52 minutes, but a great listen for Watchdoggers that have the time this weekend!

  2. TheThinBlueLine|MaCombCountyMi.

    All Washington blames Putin & calls for investigations of Russian villainy. Stephen F. Cohen, @nyu @princeton University

    Washington (CNN)Representatives of key American allies in Eastern Europe called for strong US pushback against Russia at a congressional hearing Tuesday.

    Moscow poses a threat “to the whole Western[new] world [George Soros disorder], the trans-Atlantic alliance,” Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin told a Senate subcommittee. “The cyberwar is going on every day, all the time, and it’s a threat to everyone because it doesn’t matter how far you are from the Kremlin, you can be 500 miles or 5,000 miles.”

    He warned: “Everyone is vulnerable.”

    Estonian Ambassador to the US Eerik Marmei added that the US and others shouldn’t “be guided by wishful thinking” about Russia and should watch for its attempts to disrupt upcoming elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany.

    Australia Immigration Policy Watching Trump Closely. @simon_breheny, Institute of Public Affairs. @theipa

  3. TheThinBlueLine|MaCombCountyMi.

    The Muslim Brotherhood: Terrorists or Not?


    Feb. 28, 2017 7:24 p.m. ET

    Should the U.S. designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization? That question has once again acquired force in Washington. In recent years congressional Republicans have pushed for such a designation, but the Obama administration always stood in the way. Now, with the Trump administration appearing to move toward a designation, both sides are airing their arguments….”

    • Galaxy 500

      Should the US delcare a terrorist organization as terrorist? I vote yes.

    • Frederick

      They should label people like John McCain and Chuckie Schumer terrorists as well in my opinion Maybe throw in Victoria Nuland and the Clintons too

  4. Frederick

    I agree that the Democrats did a lot of fraudulent stuff during the election no doubt about it It always seemed to me that Trump should have been far ahead of that crooked psychopath Hitlary WHAT has become of the US with all the fraud and criminality To me it all stems back to 911

    • Mohammad

      Actually Frederick it stems from the death of Roosevelt in his office “coincidentally” just prior to the entry of Russians into Germany in 1945…! After which paper clip op and miraculous death of hitler without a proof yada yada yada..took place.
      It stems from Bush gran-pa financing Nazis from New York to bush papa’s position when Kennedy was done to bush baby when 9/11 happened.
      I just went back a little further than your timeline… 🙂


  5. Paul ...

    On March 15 Trump will likely begin to personally balance the budget … one obvious place to cut is the CIA … Trump has a very good case for disbanding the CIA for their obvious crimes against the State and our US Constitution … which up to now (before Vault 7 ) none dared to call it treason!! …

    • Paul ...

      If you were sent somewhere else ??? this is the correct site:

      • Paul ...

        They did it again … “they” added something after the 1 that I didn’t have … remove it manually … it should read com/watch?v=dXiHmPyci1 … there should be nothing after the 1 … seems “they” don’t want this going viral!!!

    • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

      Kennedy tried to scale back the CIA. That didn’t end very well did it? A nice thought, though.

      • Paul ...

        The evil deep state is trying to develop a perfect storm to destroy Trump:
        1) More Russia lies
        2) Censoring of the true news alternative media
        3) A Soros initiated color revolution
        4) Wall St/Fed orchestrated crash of the economy
        5) Brutus back stabbers on Trumps team
        and if the above does not work … another JFK!!

    • Gadfly


      If the entire “Deep State” in the Federal Government is truly against him, then President Trump’s ability to change their attitudes by using budget cuts as tool or a form of corporal punishment or chastisement will be limited if he cuts everyone’s budget. He must be very selective and do surgical budget cuts in concert with other forms of supervision or “progressive discipline”, as well.

      In addition, President Trump is going to have to pick-out an offender City or State to make a public example of what happens when you cross # 1. By this I specifically mean taking appropriate disciplinary actions in conjunction with his national immigration policies and the stated refusal by a number of West Coast cities and states (Gov. of Washington) to cooperate or support the President and the Nation.

      This kind of rebellion simply can not go unpunished if President Trump intends to restore proper “respect” for the Oval Office. Its a “make it or break it” moment for President Trump. So, just ordering: “You’re all fired” won’t be very effective either and may even backfire on President Trump in the Press, at least. Too much is just as bad as too little. Wisdom is called for at this moment in his Presidency, not indiscriminate or extreme measures. Essentially, President Trump must both command and manage all at the same time. Its possibly Trump’s first big domestic challenge and its coming-up very soon.


    Greg, can you deny or confirm Pope Francis denying Christ as the Messiah? This story came out of Germany not many reported on, any idea ? PS, thank you on the weekly news wrap.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Pope contradicts the Bible all the time. I am a former Catholic and love Catholics. The five pillars of Catholicism are spot on. (1) Christ was Son of God, (2) Born of the Virgin Mary, (3)Christ Died on the Cross in a blood sacrifice for our sins, (4) Rose again on the third day, (5) and will come again to judge the living and the dead. If only the Pope would follow this. Catholics are good people–the Pope not so much.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        This is what it has come to…remaining a Catholic “at heart” or taking this Pope, big seductive grin and all, seriously.
        Are we Catholics of “Silent Night, Holy Night”?
        Sometimes it reminds me of the old joke where the devil comes into church and some people yell, “I was on your side all along!!!”

      • Gadfly


      • This Sceptered Isle

        The church lost its soul when it allied itself to the Roman Empire and all its corruption. It then proceeded to stamp out all its Christian competitors such as The Cathars.

      • Mike M

        Maybe you should stop pushing Catholics and religion in general like you do as this is where you find the root of all evil.

        But then again, people are easy to con and they will go with whatever makes them feel good regardless if it is pack of lies and fiction. Keep loving those Catholics and the church and principles they adhere to as we can all see it has made the world a better place

        • Greg Hunter

          Mike M,
          There is a big difference to people not following the Catholic religion in the church (and doing evil things) and Catholics in general. Every Christian would totally agree with the five pillars of the Catholic faith. This is how Catholicism has lasted 2,000 years. As I have said many times I am not a fan of this Pope and some of the harshest critics of this Pope are coming from inside the Catholic Church.

          • This sceptred Isle

            All of the popes are corrupt. That is why they never do anything about the child abuse.

        • Charles H

          Mike M,

          So much for convolution in ascribing issues. You DO understand when you lift a literary phrase- like a quote: it is intellectually honest to AT LEAST use it within proper context, then introduce by extension a different meaning?!?? Or is anything fair game to chop and splice in order to put a point across: however false and pernicious?

          So you think that anyone who subscribes to “religion” is an easy con, who looks for a ‘feel good’ fix? What a hoot! You couldn’t be more wrong and on multiple levels.
          I’ll grant you there are lots and lots of counterfeits – from very close but doesn’t make it; to fringe, far out, and even whacko: but all these together do NOT invalidate what IS real. No one I’ve ever known repented or regretted becoming a real, true Christian. Some, in spiritual warfare, have been overcome – which SEEMS to fail: but once saved, always saved. No one in Heaven is a loser. It’s like diamonds and real gems: science can make perfect copies – but they aren’t genuine, aren’t real. True Christianity is the real, true thing.

          So a good measure of hypocrisy and falsity has ruined your barrel of apples – so you lambaste the whole she-bang? Just a bunch of suckers buying-into lies and fiction, huh? The Creation, or Nature itself speaks to the power and intelligence of God. The balance of seasons and weather for climate; the complexity and variety of sea-life and animals, birds, insects, plant-life – all to form an eco-system and food-chain of unimaginable complexity?!?? It all formed out of just elements forming and combining by themselves and LIFE appeared all by it’s little lonesome?!?? And you think we subscribe to lies and fiction! Puhleeze! It is a farther reach to believe in Science; than in Creation.

          “For the love of money is the root of all evil…” 1Tim 6:10(a)

          Christianity HAS made this world a better place. If the Catholic Church hasn’t: you still cannot condemn Christianity for what they’ve done.

  7. B. R.Mattes

    Great job this week. Keep it up. I’m a fan of your show!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you B.R.

  8. TheEmeraldIsle

    New International Version
    After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree.
    ◄ Revelation 7:1 ►
    And I saw another angel ascending from the sunrising, having a seal of the living God; and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, saying: ‘Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until after we have sealed the slaves of our God in their foreheads.’” 2-3

    When “the four winds” are released, the result will be “the great tribulation,” the destruction of false religion and the rest of this wicked world. (Revelation 7:14) “The slaves of our God” are Christ’s anointed brothers on earth. (1 Peter 2:9, 16) Hence, this prophecy indicates that the sealing of Christ’s brothers will have been completed when the great tribulation breaks out.

    When the four winds of tribulation are unleashed, all of spiritual Israel will have been sealed in finality, even though a few will still be alive in the flesh and must yet finish their earthly course.

    Yup, last Wednesday as those 75 mph winds blew here in the mid-west, a strange tropical storm. I felt like Fred Sanford, “I’m coming Elizabeth!” It blew me away, Not Quite!

  9. TheEmeraldIsle

    Powerful wind destruction Midwest incredible
    .CBS This Morning

  10. MargK

    Hi Greg
    As a former journalist, you should be reading (and listening) a whole lot more widely than the likes of Breitbart News, Fox News and Alex Jones. They invented “Fake News”, and Hate News as well.
    Try Thom Hartmann, RT or Democracy Now to broaden your horizons and avoid confirmation bias.
    ” What you focus on, expands”.
    And remember that we only have one planet. The harm inflicted everywhere by greedy right wing conservatives will destroy it.

    • FC

      Why are most trolls females?

      • Dan

        Why are those who accuse others of being trolls mostly idiots?

        • Frederick

          Dan some are trolls and some are just people with opposing views You have to see the difference and sometimes it’s just so obvious

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        How do you know they are? One of the reasons we little folks are in this fix is from taking things at face value!!! Th trolls could be 3 jocks earning beer money and calling themselves “MargK”.
        What a masquerade ball this world has become….

      • MargK

        I am not a troll. I have been a follower of Greg’s site for the last 5 years, but I am concerned about how pro right wing the site has become since Trump came on the scene. Yes, there were big problems with Hillary, but it was no reason to embrace the likes of Trump, a rude, crude Ill informed bigot and narcissist.
        There are so many people in the US who could do a better job than either of the last two candidates. I’m not a citizen of the US but would have supported Sanders if he’d been the Democratic candidate. He has a proven record over many years in Congress about supporting a fair go for all. No doubt some of Greg’s readers will immediately label me as a ‘socialist’ , whatever that means these days. I very much believe in democracy and a society where people can ‘get ahead ‘ so long as they don’t exploit others. And as long as society doesn’t become too unequal because of unregulated capitalism. According to various international research studies, the US has the greatest social and economic inequality of all the developed countries. Did you know that the richest 1% in your country own 40% of your country’s wealth?!! Check it out. And I thought my country (Australia) was bad with 1% owning 20% ! Canada, btw is 18.5% and Finland 12.5%. The latter country, which still has a capitalist economy ( but a good social welfare system) has consistently been ranked as having the highest standards of living, education and health in the world. Why have US citizens been conned into thinking that paying your taxes is a bad thing? It is the price of having a decent society. Why have so many of your corporations been able to get away with paying no tax? This also goes for many of your rich citizens like your current President. Why should the burden fall mainly on the pay-as-you-earn taxpayer and the middle class?
        With the exception of a couple of things ( like getting rid of the TPP Trade Agreement) right wing Republicans will be very happy with Trump who will do all their dirty work for them. Look at his appointments – former Goldman Sachs employees and Koch Brothers lobbyists, too may senior military men, and people who have previously advocated privatising the very Departments in which they are now in charge of! As someone said below, Bill Clinton got rid of the Glass-Steagall Act, which regulated the banking industry. That was a big mistake. But you will be waiting for a long time if you expect President Trump to bring it back. He has already signed orders removing regulations which restrict companies from polluting your air and waterways. He is not the saviour of the American worker. He may bring back a few companies to the US but he will not increase the minimum wage in those industries. He has never supported that. Forget all the stuff about Russia etc. It’s all a distraction. And the truth may never be proved one way or the other. But just look closely at what Trump is actually doing and the regulations and orders he actually issues and the funding cuts he makes. You will see that most of them support the already well off 1% in your country, including the large multinational corporations and the military-industrial-security complex that your previous Presidents Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Kennedy warned about.
        Thank you Greg for allowing me to post this.

    • Justn Observer

      LOL MargK….’greedy right wing conservatives’?
      What have you been reading..? Its about greed for sure….but let us frame the right people eh? Who repealed GLASS STEGALL? yea -Clinton. Who bombed Bosnia? ahhhh yeah – Clinton? ahhhh who was helping run the drugs with PaPaBush? ahhhh Clinton’s out of Mena? Who was down for killing Gadaffi and where did he’s gold go? aaah Clinton and Obama? Who has sucked the wealth out of the pockets of the working middle class and elderly saving the last decade? ahhh – thinking that was Obama and Clinton there too… So lets be more focused —establishment crony class being compromised and bribed by the world fascist elite…. Might try focusing on them and stop with the ‘Christian right’ …the majority of which have zero clue of the history behind the Jesuits, and Freemasonry ‘animal spirits’ from TYRE…Did Constantine convert or just co-opt the ideology they could not suppress? And has been at odds with the Greek orthodox, Protestants, and other faiths over the centuries ? When you do not know your history…your argument has no bases in fact … Most of the ‘right wingers’ just want to be left alone… religion-speech – privacy – private property etc….yet…who seems to be pushing against that more than anyone? Globalist, pro-Marxists left wingers, and Technocrats bent of tethering every aspect of one’s life a survelliance/taxing system for their control and gain !

      • Charles H

        Agreed and well said. J O. MargK produces a comment in “Yes, but” form. If you set forth a positive statement, then follow it with a “but” and then finish: everything said BEFORE the “but” means nothing. Everything said before the “but” only sets a tone or impression: what follows the “but” is the true meaning or expression.
        All the suggestions of the news sources are pretty ‘old-hat’ by now; standard background to level the noise out. And the zing about avoiding confirmation bias is trite, almost completely unnecessary. The “but” comes at the end in the globalistic mention of “only one planet”. The true statement is the slam of ‘destroying, greedy right wing conservatives’. I’d say the focus here is a well disguised rant against the Right. Puhleeze!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        I fear the greedy right will be a toughy for president Trump and his constituency….left, right…tomato, tomahto. All are neo-liberal central power people.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      Although Andrew Breitbart got a bit too close to the truth along with his coronor…

    • Still Holding The 4 Winds?

      *Firestorm* SCORCHES the Earth! | “Blackens” over a million acres in HOURS!
      March 9, 2017: An unprecedented event has recently occurred in the heart of America,[the US. outback] an event that literally looks like a giant blow torch burned over a million acres. Lives were lost, livestock perished.

    • Steve L.

      “Harm inflicted everywhere by greedy right wing conservatives?” What “planet” do you live on?

  11. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Sir Hunter for your journalistic excellence and exposing the corruption with the truth. God bless Mr. Greg, Julian Assauge, the Donald and the working men and women on the side of light and goodness in our country. ( and get ready- as Greg has laid out in plain view; for the poopstorm that is coming soon.)

  12. Laura Snyder

    I think you have the best broad coverage of the news; I also like the guest interviews. Each day I listen to the broadcasts at least twice, the 1st time seated & the 2nd time picking up & making the bed. You are a man of integrity, experience, humility & humor. Great shows!

    I do have a few suggestions for you personally:
    *I like it when you wear a darker shirt so that the screen is not just a big floating face.
    *I like it when I can see your expressive hand movements, so set your camera to show more of you as a person giving the presentation.
    *I like that you show headlines, but when you back away, you tilt you head so your forehead & eyes are prominent, & we look into your mouth. Instead straighten to good posture.

    • wondrouscat

      Greg – Please don’t change a thing. Do whatever you want. Hang upside down from a tree for all I care. Stay your natural self. (when you go outside that’s always a treat) Great wrap-up this week, looking forward to Sunday. Over and out.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Cat!!

  13. Paul ...

    Obama may go to prison …

    • Dan

      Seriously? Not going to happen, just like Hillary. Not saying both shouldn’t, just from war crimes alone, but will NEVER happen!

  14. Tommy

    The infamous Trump tweet accusing Obama of wiretapping him was a smashing success. On the heels of Mark Levin’s 3/3 radio broadcast that unleashed the story, Trump’s tweet went nuclear. Oh, it looked like Trump had finally gone over the edge. Wrong! On Monday Levin said on his show that people were asking him what proof he had. None, he said. He got everything from the MSM and (tongue in cheek) he assumed that they had properly vetted their sources before running the stories. Today you showed some of the bogus “news” reports concerning the investigation into Trump as well as Clapper’s statements and well, it seems like Trump once again has trumped the establishment, burying them in their own lies. Thanks for shining the light on the rats and cockroaches. May the truth win out. Oh, and Jeff Sessions should “un-recuse” himself.

    • Dan

      The fact that Sessions recused himself speaks volumes!

  15. Chip

    I’m for Trump too Greg. But NOT this sending troops to Syria!! WTF is that all about? That is an invasion of a sovereign country! I’ll hold him to the same standard that we should have held GWB and Obama to but everyone went along with their lies… Chip

    • Frederick

      Chip it’s becoming clearer everyday that Donald is just another actor with somebody behind the curtain giving him directions Sad I know but it seems obvious to me at this point Sessions hasn’t indicted anyone and it seems all Donald did was bluster away for the votes

    • Macray

      I am 100 per cent in agreement with you. You would think that the Russians were informed upfront of the current mission and as a consequence the Syrian government would have been notified. There is info that we are not privileged to here.

    • Dan

      Agreed, why aren’t we out of Syria, Iran & Afghanistan RIGHT NOW under Trump? Just more political rhetoric? Sad!

  16. Dan

    When did you become Trump’s #1 cheerleader? I understood when he was going against Hillary that he was the lesser of 2 evils, but you’re never critical of him about ANYTHING! Do you really believe he has made NO missteps or have you lost your objectivity? Still love your site & your great guests & interviews.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes, there is a danger that Trump will become the new ‘can do no wrong’ president for the disaffected like Obama was for the left. Waiting to see what happens over the child trafficking and vaccination scandals before I make a judgement on Trump.

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t think so. He has a daunting job. He will have to make some concessions. Hillary would have been a tyrannical disaster.

      • Galaxy 500

        What vacination scandal?

        • Charles H

          Child mandated vaccinations with even more than mercury as a base. It is suggested that the medical industry isn’t getting enough business; or the Globalist enough depopulation. If true – this represents instituionalized monstrosity.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Dr William Thomson, the whistleblower from within the CDC, admitted that scientific data was manipulated to hide an association between MMR and autism.

  17. Linda L.

    You know that Hillary knew that the T. Tower was tapped and thought she was taking advantage of the outcome by pushing the “Russian” are coming agenda during the presidential race (fortunately people are smarter than she thought).
    This tapping affair goes to the top. Notice that Director Comey recommended that an investigation of the tapping should NOT be pursued. Director Comey knows that the outcome of the tapping will show that Trump is completely innocent of all charges, but the investigation will expose him (very compromised) and all the involved, treasonous cronies in this affair who are trying to destroy our current POTUS. At the very least, Comey and Clapper need to go. How shameful/stupid the mainstream media are.

    • Macray

      Clapper is gone as of 1-20-2017!

  18. R B

    Patience. The capacity to accept or tolegate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.The bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune,or pain without complaint,loss of temper, irritation, or the like. God help us to be more patient people . Suncerely. RB

    • Flattop

      R B: Couldn’t agree more. Its just over a month and there are those who are complaining about Obamacare, tax cuts, his not cleaning out the CIA/FBI Clinton/Obama gutter rats. We need to cut the Pres some slack and give him some time. With Congressional foot draggers, he will have to fight

  19. JC Davis

    My mom taught me as a young boy, Be sure your sins will find you out. The lying stream media is fighting against the truth. Running to a lie to cover up the last lie. In the end the truth will come out.
    About gold. Gold spent at todays prices is much worse then confiscation. Why confiscate when you can buy it with cheap paper ?
    Thanks Greg.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Jim Rickards expressed a similar opinion about gold. To paraphrase he said he didn’t think the government would confiscate gold when they can just create the currency to buy it.

  20. Macray

    Excellent wrap Greg!
    Regarding Trump colluding with the Russians prior to Election Day, I guess Ms. Discredited Maxine continues to behave exactly like Gina the Troll.
    You don’t think…. nah it can’t be : )))

    • Macray

      I would have bet a month ago against the Fed raising interest rates next week.
      Should the US economy crash and burn prior to June , the Fed will now be held primarily responsible, not the Don. Of course, with the assumption no false flag events occur during this period.

  21. Deborah

    Greg, as an American I understand anyone trying to get ahead. My husband as worked in many different country’s legally at all times paying taxes and supporting ourselves in that country. We could not have gotten on any government free schooling, free housing, free medical, free food, and anything else that we the Americans give to illegals. Because no country that we lived in provided that for their people. Much less for illegals.
    Our school taxes and hospital taxes have gone throw the roof because we have to provide for the illegals free education and free medical. We are in our med 60,s and we are having to ask ourselves if we can live in our home that we worked our whole lives for because of the taxes. We have seen our road detrerate because the county don’t have the money to keep up all roads and bridges, we pay taxes for this and living in our county for 35 yrs and paying taxes we see how the schools are growing but the roads and bridges deterating. Government and county taxes is going toward illegals and not toward to the people who pay them. The people in the US see what is going on and are tired of our government telling us what they will do with our money and how we are suppose to live and come into our homes tell us that we can not raise our children unless it is the governments way. The government has over reached and we the people are tried of it. The fake news can lie all they want but we the people see things different than what they are reporting because we are living in.
    Deborah in Texas

    • Greg Hunter

      The U.S. spends a reported $113 billion on this “cheap” illegal immigrant labor. The Cheap labor is NOT cheap for taxpayers. Cutting this expense is how trump is going to pay for the wall. Thank you for sharing and for your support.

    • Faith

      Deborah, if you are 65 and property taxes are becoming a burden, please check with your local county tax assessor’s office. In many cases, depending on your age (65 years or older) and your income (in my state that amount is $35,000 a year or less) you can apply for a property tax exemption. If you or your husband are veterans and one of you are disabled, many states also offer property tax exemptions based on the VA disability rating. Some states require the veteran to be 100% disabled while other states offer an exemption if the veteran is 10% disabled. (The VA has a disability rating scale: 10%, 30%, 50%, 70% and 100%. This rating scale determines the amount of compensation, if any, a veteran and their family receive).

      I agree with everything you said. Any American that shows up in another country and expects to be given a free education, free healthcare, free food, and free housing is in for a rude awakening!

      • wondrouscat

        In Maryland it’s called the Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit Program, where anyone can apply and receive a tiered discount on their property taxes from zero to $8000 income (pay no prop. tax at all) up to a $60,000 income level.

    • MargK

      Deborah, Did you know that the US spends $700 BILLION a year on the military? And that Trump has announced that he is increasing this? Did you know that this amount equals the total amount that ALL the other countries of the world together spend on armaments and the military? Yes, by all means build the wall and stop the illegals coming to your country – (although some will be annoyed that they won’t have cheap labour anymore). The US is justified in doing this. But just be aware that the financial problems that you and many of your fellow citizens are experiencing would disappear very quickly if military expenditure was reduced and if the big corporations and the top 10% of your richest citizens paid their fair share of taxes. At the moment, they are paying very little in proportion to their earnings and wealth. And never forget that the profits made by the military industrial complex and associated corporations are in effect a transfer of wealth from ordinary tax payers like you to them, via Government contracts.

  22. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I’m speculating about WikiLeaks on the area of reporting; Russia and China aren’t beating the drum of public opinion about hwo free they are, how they protect the rights of its citizens like America does. Remember Superman? “Fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way.” A bunch of us kids saw that in action in southeast Asia (60’s & 70’s) and later the middle east (70’s) and it wasn’t working out so good for the local populace.

    Keep up the great work.

  23. safensecure

    The Russian election hacking is the small fish. The big fish, as in every story of rampant corruption, is “follow the money.” Cheers.

  24. James Brown

    Russia and China (CHEE-YIGH-NUH) hacking?
    Those countries want to grow economically.
    Hillary said she would attract them with full USA military if they hack us.
    The USA is the bad actor in the world because our leadership (535) is super weak.
    They need a Daddy to keep them in line-hopefully Trump is the Daddy.

  25. Derrick Reid

    I love your passion Greg. Take a few deep breaths ….

    I liked your summary at end, regarding Trumps problems
    Deep State Coup, MSM biased fakery, DEM bogus accusations
    Criminal Intelligence CIA FBI NSA, Middle East, Iran, ISIS
    NoKo, Japan, SoKo Missiles, South China Sea
    Debt Limit, Rate Increase, stagnant Economy.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words and support!!

  26. stonewall

    God bless you Greg. You do a tremendous service for not
    only Americans but for the entire world. The way you condense
    news without BS to get to the heart of the matter is beyond
    compare. I’m sure your WNW will open may eyes to the truth
    and as they say “the truth will set you free”. Time for the
    sheeple to wake up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stone.
      I spend more time on the Wrap-Up than anything else.

  27. VegasRob

    Great WNW Greg as always.
    This is better than a Hollywood Blockbuster awaiting the ending.
    Unfortunately it is our Lives and Freedoms at stake not just the price of admission.

    Haven’t seen our friend Greg Manerino around in a while. Would be nice to hear from him again.

    Best Regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      My good friend Mannarino will be in soon. He’s a brain.

  28. Frank D

    Greg, how about this? Why doesn’t Trump push Congress to pass legislation disallowing any voting from Sanctuary cities or Sanctuary states? Clearly those cities and states cannot be counted upon to verify that only legal citizens are voting so why not make it illegal to accept votes from those entities? The LEFT would scream of course…but who cares? Either support Federal immigration laws or lose your right to vote. Simple.

  29. Frank D

    Greg, one more thought…maybe Wikileaks only leaks USA intel because no one is leaking info to them from Russia or China! I guess we only have TRAITORS here in the USA.

  30. john duffy

    Hear: Hear:
    “The histrionics displayed by the low IQ hypocritical Hollywood elite, corrupt Democratic politicians, fake news liberal media and Soros paid left wing radical terrorists over the last two months has been disgraceful, revolting, childish, and dangerous.

    A counter-revolution by the gun owning normal people in the 85% red area of the country that voted for Trump would not be a pleasant experience for the paid protesters, vagina hat wearing feminazis, and the safe space anti-free speech lefties on campuses across the land.”

  31. Patty

    I liked it when you said God the Father is in charge. However, He won’t prevent interest rates from going up. If there really is a 100% chance of the interest rates being raised, then it may be too late to prepare. It takes time to acquire precious metals and storable food. I think Dave Hodges was correct when he said the time to prepare was yesterday. I watched your video yesterday, literally, with the rich guy, Hugo Salinas Price, warning apocalypse is upon us if they raise interest rates. All I can say is, good luck to everyone. March 15, 2017 may very well be doomsday. How quickly can they get the debt ceiling raised again? Will we have hyperinflation, like I think we will from the liquidation of bonds?

    • Paul ...

      Trump can easily turn the tables on the Wall St/Fed banking cabal … by selling the bond market short now … then as “they” crash the market by raising interest rates … Trump pockets enough profits for the American people (from his bond short sales) to balance the budget, pay for Social Security, infrastructure projects, military, the wall, etc., etc.

  32. Jerry

    This is how you reset the gold prices.
    My friends China is setting the table for a run just like pool shark hustles his victims by suckering them in. There is a reason China stated a year ago in April that they would not trade Yuan for dollars. Why? It will be backed by gold. And now they are choking off the supply side to drive up its value in advance of the coming reset. The death of paper will be quick and merciful.

    • Jerry

      Like my mother used to say, ” Its just a numbers game”. How do spell debt relief?
      No its not Zantac. Its Digital.

      A very good, well connected government source (that I used to blog with) told me three years ago that the gold paradigm shift was being used as a setup for digital transformation in the banking system. At the time my fixation was and still is on China, so I couldn’t grasp what he was telling me. As I have started studying block chain technology, it is becoming apparent to me, that the central banks see digital technology as their way out of derivative debt, while maintaining control of the system as we know it. On some Friday, all of the major banks will experience some sort of cyber attack. Blamed on the Russians no doubt? And when we wake up on Monday, we will all be under a new digital banking system. Presto…. Change-o…the debt is gone. Wiped clean. And along with it, all of your savings and account information. Even though you have records to backup your accounts, you will be hard pressed to prove your case, since it’s basically your word against theirs. Litigation? The burden of poof is still on you. Insurance? Guess again. Insurance companies do not recognize private documents. As much as I hate to say it, your best bet is to do what I do. Put your money in the bank of Jerry. At least you’ll know where it is, until they tell you it isn’t worth anything. Gold and Silver? Well that’s another story.

  33. RanMan

    I love, everything you do!
    The majority of your guests are fantastic. However, the Hugo Salinas gentlemen, is clearly, anti Trump, anti AMERICA, anti Border wall. It’s kind of sickening, how Mexico and its politicians, and government can RIP us to shreds in the press, and on media, including the illegal alien invaders in our country. yet we are not allowed to criticize there extremely corrupt country. They would not even, exist as a country, if it wasn’t for the USA.
    I cast my vote: I will not watch another interview, with that weasel, on your Blog.
    Ranman USA

  34. Mohammad


    I can reassure you and audience that NO WAR is going to break out. reason? M.E. is not prepped and emptied yet from its people, still lots of work to clear the river to river, and lots of work is needed to clear Egypt. so rest assured every thing will remain rosy until the darling little weak state’s objectives are achieved.


    • Greg Hunter

      Interesting, Mohammad. Thank you for this.

  35. john duffy

    Greg, some days you are more interesting than the guests you have on. Some of the links provided by your readers are great too. What a great site!

    • Greg Hunter

      Smart patriots reside here!! Thank you.

  36. Larry Galearis
    I found this interview very disturbing in that the hopes for avoiding war with Russia are beginning to fail. Cohen talks but listen between the lines too. Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor are the only broadcast journalism available in the United States. (And perhaps Trump should start a dialogue with Professor Cohen.

    Cohen hoping for a breakdown conflict between CIA factions to change the status quo with leaks to WikiLeaks. He is down to that. He thinks the frenzy has gone so far that Mars is unleashed or soon will be. What is going on here, he explains, is a monstrous mindset attack on reason that results in a political lockdown on policy on the mainstreet levels and beyond. Essentially a verbal literate dissident is labeled as a virtual traitor, and going against the narrative anywhere is becoming risky to your financial health. Cohen is essentially saying that the hope is now down to an internal rebel (faction?) that renders a bureaucratic chaos that gets in the way of performance. THAT is complete chaos. Sound like Sci-Fi speculation? You can’t make better stuff up!

    That last bit is untrue, I’m sure they can make better stuff up!

  37. mike

    Hi Greg,
    I enjoy your show. Some thoughts …
    I think the jobs number is fake. The same manipulations used under Bush and Obama (namely the Birth Death Model and seasonal adjustments) are still being used today. It doesn’t seem real, as the report said there were 46K retail jobs, but large retailers are having declining sales and closing stores. Obama’s last year showed solid job growth, too, with several months over 200K (assuming any of these jobs are real).
    One thing that is overlooked by Trump supporters is his cabinet, which is made up of globalists and warmongers, most of them Council on Foreign Relations members. Despite Trump’s promise to pursue better relations with Russia, the rhetoric from his administration towards Russia is the same as it was under Obama. Firing Flynn was a moronic move. Trump either never intended to take on the “deep state”, or is too weak to stand up to them.

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump is up to his ass in alligators and the deep state, dems and even the RINOs are trying to do him in and you write this tripe about he never intended ton do anything? Shows a distinct lack of either awareness or intellectual honesty.

      • mike

        No, I said EITHER he never intended to change anything, or he is too weak to stand up to the CIA, state department, and pentagon. I know he has many enemies. All I’m saying is that there is no difference in this administration’s foreign policy from Bush/Clinton/Obama. Everyone in his cabinet is a Council on Foreign Relations member.
        Trump says he wants good relations with Russia, and the next day people in his administration call Putin a thug and say he needs to give back Crimea to Ukraine, when everyone knows Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to be a part of Russia. If Trump was a real man he would fire these warmongers on the spot. Trump deserves legitimate criticism such as mine.

  38. Roger D

    George Orwell wrote ‘1984’ 68 years ago. It is here today. The evil Warfare State/Police State/Surveillance State has been built around us. DC did not build them if they did not plan to use them.

    We refused to heed the specific warnings of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Dwight Eisenhower. We mocked Ron Paul for daring to suggest that DC and the US military go back to the ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12). Bush lied about WMDs but we forgave him (wink-wink nod-not) because he was a Republican. We turned a blind eye toward 2,700 architects and engineers (including myself) for truth about 9/11 because truth undermined our blood thirst for war on any nation in the Middle East (except one of course).

    Worst of all, we failed Christ. Why? Can anyone tell me why?

    • Paul ...

      For the root of all evil …
      But have no fear … I hear US taxpayer money was frugally spent to build a FEMA Camp in Alaska that can house two(2) million people … hopefully it’s for the blood drenched Satan worshipers, pedophiles and Soros paid dumbed down Trump protesters and not us Christians (as lions have not “for now” been shipped in from Africa)!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yes…those were heady days and the media was nothing but rah! rah! They made it look like the Battle of Iwo Jima instead of a slaughter of tired, hungry Iraqis.
      Will we fall for that again and again before we learn?

    • Dave

      Because we live in a fallen world.
      We have two commands from God that sum up all of the law and the prophets. Love God and love others as you love yourself. We don’t do it.
      That’s why.

  39. vincent_g

    I am pretty sure Trump knew about this wiretap for quite some time.
    He held back on it to give the left wing a chance.

    Since they would not stop he decided to turn the tables.
    This shuts the news up as they could not say that this is nonsense and lies.
    As it was them who were saying he was tapped !

    So this now brings the main stream news under control and puts the spotlight on the democrats !!

    We can see that Trump does not mess around.
    When you do him or our country wrong he will hit you hard.

    Take NK for instance
    Bombers sent with nukes plus anti missile defense setup.

    Based on his past actions North Korea better pay close attention.

    • Dave

      Because we live in a fallen world.
      We have two commands from God that sum up all of the law and the prophets. Love God and love others as you love yourself. We don’t do it.
      That’s why.

  40. francis m reps

    Thank you again for a succinct summary of a portion of the difficulties facing the people of the world. Too many of your viewers are well meaning and decent……but unbelievably under informed or dis informed through no fault of their own. Some have been fortunate enough to have accepted the wisdom of their grandparents { most of whom had experienced the ravages of totaling states elsewhere} …and were fortunate enough to get into this country to pass their wisdom on to their children.. The bulk of the nation is aware that things are getting bad…but have no reference point. It only takes two generations for ANY CULTURE to collapse. We are watching the grim new sun come up on this event. Lets hope the Remnant puts things right in due time. About the So Called Pope ?? Please.Greg…That man got elected by illegal means; and is no more the Po[e than you are the President. As Catholics ; Our family is now attend alsoing the Orthodox Christian Churches who have a legitimate claim to Apostolic succession. and are not carrying the baggage of the RC Church whose past actions resulted in the Protestant Reformation.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Good for you. Many of us can’t afford the gas to drive to Orthodox churches even if we want to. There are lovely videos online and music.

  41. jeff wilson

    the lines of the satanic new world order and the rest of us have been drawn and this is not the end it is the beginning .they will start a world war or crash the world economy, because world slavery and tyranny is the final piece of the globalst order

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Once the Hebrew army was surrounded on all sides and losing hope of saving the people. So they asked a rabbi to pray for an answer. He did.
      The rabbi told them “God says we will be saved by natural means or a miracle.” “Yes, yes???” the people screamed.
      “The natural means will be if God acts and saves us. The miracle will be if our army does anything.”

      Remember when funny jokes like that could be told without some comment about ziotards? Ahh, the good old days!!

      • Robert Lykens

        Deanna, Zionism is the proper offshoot of faith and a good understanding of the Bible. Proclaim it boldly!

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          I know nothing of any of it…just assumed it was another gimmick posturing as benevolence to concentrate wealth.
          I just like my Jewish friends’ sense of humor.
          That joke was from “The Joys of Yiddish” by Leo Rosten.

          I know Truman was so besieged to sign on to Israel he said, “If Jesus Christ couldn’t make those people happy, why should I imagine I can?” My best friend in high school was a darling Jewish girl saw the humor in her own people. Why can’t we all take ourselves less seriously?

      • Paul ...

        Deanna … today Europe is being inundated on all sides by refugees from the ME … the only “natural means” I see to save the Eurotards is extremely cold and icy winters … otherwise Europe will be slowly transformed into the Greater Middle East!! … the funny thing is … the US will be supporting this Greater Middle East (with NATO) and Israel at the same time … which is sure to keep the US military/industrial/congressional complex very happy as our sons and daughters are sent to fight and die for “both sides” … this is not just funny but hilarious!!

  42. vincent_g

    On the economy 63% of Americans can’t write a check for $500!

    As I said long ago we are in a food stamp economy.
    Without government support and the pouring out of dollars from the Fed it would worse than the 1930’s great depression.

    Just as in the Great depression all the things they did fixed nothing!
    Because when a system based on free enterprise fails a controlled system takes it’s place and only benefits a few leaving the majority out in the cold.

    A free enterprise system would work if they can fix the legal system.
    There has to be a way for lawyers to file suit against large companies without fear of cost!!
    The has to be no advantage to those that have deep pockets!

    We also have this problem with Unions.
    Normally if a Union gets out of hand and asks for too much a company will move it’s plant to another favorable location.

    But for government and other areas where you can’t pack up and leave such as a Bridge or a building there is an unfair advantage for unions.

    These must be resolved for free enterprise to work proper.

    But nothing will ever get fixed – not now or in the next one thousand years as long as people keep voting for those that think an island will capsize if too many people on on it.

    Only if proper people are in place in government will things be corrected.

  43. Flattop

    GREG: After ” The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming, The Russians are coming, does it now mean the Russians are not coming??

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      In that adorable film, the Russians did indeed come. Alan Arkin was commander of a Russian submarine that got grounded in Connecticut. As the crew came ashore, hiding and terrified of Americans, the musical score was “Onward, Christian Soldiers…”

  44. Flattop

    GREG: I hear nothing about our Sec of State Tillerson from the MSM. He seems to be flying under the radar. Why , is he getting a free pass from the MSM??

  45. Skeptical

    Re mall problems and closing–I stopped shopping at Sears when they put up wall signs in Spanish–Hell No, I thought and stopped shopping for stuff there and elsewhere, when I found near zero products made in USA–but just about all made in Honduras, Indonesia, China and anywhere but not made here in our country. Compounding the problem, a nearby mall, doubled their space–so I asked a very young clerk if she thought there were enough buyers to sustain all this new retail space. Yes, she thought so. So, with all these good made elsewhere, I and many others began shopping in second-hand stores, going to estate sales and anywhere BUT the malls. Looking back, we have to thank Bill Clinton for Nafta, Cafta, WTO, getting rid of Glass-Stegall–fooled a lot of people with his “charm.” AND, he teamed up with GHWB to bring drugs into this country thru Mena Airport in Arkansas. With crooks like these, we really need to stay on our toes to see thru politicians good-sounding statements, like when Bill said that Nafta will be good for our country, too, because it’ll enrich Mexico and their people won’t have to seek employment here in the US–you know, it’ll stop the illegal border crossing.

  46. Galaxy 500

    Greg great wrap up.

  47. Jerry

    I’m beginning to think the Deep State is stepping around Donald Trump completely and exercising its power. Even before the election I was told by a very close friend who’s son is in the Marine Corp. that he was being trained for combat in Syria. At the time I didn’t think it would happen if Trump was elected, but yet here we are sending one thousand Marines into Syria, with more likely to follow. And then there’s this.
    I have another source who lives close to a base ( for security reasons I can’t mention) that has told me that the base has become a major staging area for a massive deployment somewhere. He says the troop carriers coming onto the base are lined up out the gate. This is very alarming to me. We have Marines being sent to Iraq (which just happens to have a major Russian Naval base) and then tanks and artillery units joining NATO forces on the Polish and Russian borders. Who’s running this show?

    • Macray

      It certainly appeared the Pentagon stepped around the Syrian Cease fire deal agreed to last September. With Mr. O as the commander in chief at that time, this would not come as too much of a surprise to many.

      However, if they going rogue again under the Don, this is not good.

      • Paul ...

        Trump did promise to wipe out ISIS … so hopefully the troops Trump recently sent are working with Russia and Syria and not against them!!!

      • Macray

        Interesting interview with the Syrian President

        Question 8: Now, US troops are in Manbej. Is the greenlight from your side? Did you open the door for these American troops?

        President Assad: No, no, we didn’t. Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation or consultation or permission, they are invaders, whether they are American, Turkish, or any other one. And we don’t think this is going to help. What are they going to do? To fight ISIS? The Americans lost nearly every war. They lost in Iraq, they had to withdraw at the end. Even in Somalia, let alone Vietnam in the past and Afghanistan, your neighboring country. They didn’t succeed anywhere they sent troops, they only create a mess; they are very good in creating problems and destroying, but they are very bad in finding solutions.

      • Jerry

        The one that really scares me I didn’t even mention. I’m hearing reports of national guard units being called up. Six months ago a friend of mine who does locating for an underground cable company went into a national guard armory to locate some cable and saw pallets of military training manuals lined up on the floor in the gymnasium. When he got closer he couldn’t make out the manual numbers, be he said it had something to do with civil unrest, containment and control . You can draw whatever conclusion you want, but it sure sounds like they’re prepping for martial law to me.

  48. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Bush and Obama’s religion of peace is alive and well and growing in the United States. Further, most of the Muslims are coming over in buckets legally. To bad those who welcome them here are ill informed that the immigration is nothing more than a new Moorish invasion but this time in the west. As they did in the past and are doing again in Europe, they bring their culture, their religion, their Sharia Law, their failure to assimilate, and their hate for the infidels with them; and, all without a shot fired. Just thought I would inform the religion of peace they haven’t fooled all of us here, just the vast majority. This infidel is well aware of the threat this invasion is and will cause in the near future here in America and in Western Europe. Along with the Southern Boarder we are now subjected to a two front invasion, one from the South and the other from the Middle East. Way to go Bush & Obama, both fronts you opened up for your own personal agendas, however traitorous they were!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree.

      • Mohammad

        agree ?
        so you think Greg I should not be here because am muslim?
        So I am here since 1990 and considered an “invasion”?


        • Greg Hunter

          Where did this come from? Anybody who wants to come here and be American and assimilate is fine with me.

          • dbcooper

            Greg, Have to say it but he is in denial as to the fascist ideology of islam and in my opinion does not intend to assimilate into our American culture. DB.

          • Justn Observer

            Greg …
            The ‘point’ of ‘assimilate’ is the key to the argument of legal immigration… and Arthur understands the history of the 1400 years of Islamic invasion of Europe…vs…the mere 300 years of trying to push back and regain their culture… Those coming with their ‘peaceful’ religious beliefs certainly have that freedom …but if they forward it as a way of a ‘political’ and ‘legal’ agenda outside the U.S. Constitutional format of un-alienable freedoms and rights and attempt to ‘impose’ their beliefs on others, towns, counties, states via….’their’ laws and morals…and lifestyles ie: honor killings, and other unacceptable ‘sharia laws’…therein…is where the line is to be drawn… Historical context is required as an overview of the insidiousness of the past practices that I think Arthur is speaking about…
            Understand being a Christian living thru over 1400 years of a ‘political’ Islamic movement:

            1400 Years of ISLAM:
            Certainly the ‘west’ has its own ills that it ahs foisted on the masses that needs to be cleaned up as well via – Jesuits and Freemasonry thru the ages as well…
            For now- we all need to realize the manipulation and chaos…seize the moment…and pluck the log out of our own eye …if we are ever to be able to have the sight to find the sliver in the foot that causes us to limb along in the dark!

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Mr. Barnes is talking about the time honored Muslim practice called Al Hijar (conquest by immigration). When the time comes for this “stealth invasion” or “modern day Trojan horse” it will come as no great surprise. Americans patriots have been dealing with sneaky, traitorous people ever since Benedict Arnold. So if you wish to be insulted, we have an old saying here in America, ‘If the shoe fits– wear it’.
          A Gulf War Vet

        • Robert Lykens

          Mohammad, what do you think about muslims who come to America but refuse to integrate with American society? Do you want to see sharia law in America? Do you think muslim communities should be self-governing, apart from American laws?

          • Robert Lykens

            Like Greg, I am all for anyone coming here – if they want to integrate into traditional American society. But nothing pisses me off more than to see illegals protesting and waving the Mexican flag, or “no-go” muslim communities in Michigan where non-muslim Americans are threatened.
            This is MY country.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          America has home grown black Muslims and oodles of law abiding immigrants…doctors, nurses, taxi drivers.
          Anybody howling about them is a bigot.
          Many are wary of any trying to change our republic and its Constitution…anybody. You can’t blame us there…you’ve had its freedom and protection since 1990.

      • Diane

        I agree too.
        One only has to look what’s happened in England and Europe.

    • Macray

      More, from same interview

      Question 12: Mr. President, as you may be fully aware that the “White Helmets” took an Oscar this year for the best documentary short, but folks are saying that the truth about this “White Helmets” is not like what Netflix has presented, so what is your take on this?

      President Assad: First of all, we have to congratulate al-Nusra for having the first Oscar! This is an unprecedented event for the West to give Al Qaeda an Oscar; this is unbelievable, and this is another proof that the Oscars, Nobel, all these things are politicized certificates, that’s how I can look at it. The White Helmets story is very simple; it is a facelift of al-Nusra Front in Syria, just to change their ugly face into a more humanitarian face, that’s it. And you have many videos on the net and of course images broadcasted by the White Helmets that condemn the White Helmets as a terrorists group, where you can see the same person wearing the white helmet and celebrating over the dead bodies of Syrian soldiers. So, that’s what the Oscar went to, to those terrorists. So, it’s a story just to try to prevent the Syrian Army during the liberation of Aleppo from making more pressure on the attacking and liberating the districts within the city that have been occupied by those terrorists, to say that the Syrian Army and the Russians are attacking the civilians and the innocents and the humanitarian people.

      • Frederick

        Macray Why doesn’t that surprise me that Hollyweird would support a terrorist group trying to get rid of Assad?

      • Mohammad

        And Assad with the Russians and Iranians who leveled cities on the heads of its inhabitants and wiped them off the map, killing more than 1 million Syrians and expelling more than 10 million allover the place IS an ANGEL right?
        When will you have a brain and think?
        When will you wake up and see?
        Both east and west under the thumb of Israel are emptying the land from the river to river, and to all the idiots here thinking that islam is their enemy will wake up to the fact that they are only seeing a preview of the movie coming home soon, same producer same director same playbook but different actors.

        Stupidity is a tough disease to treat and heal.

        Keep on with hatred lets see where will it get you.


        • Charles H


          “Both east and west under the thumb of Israel…”?!?? Such an assumption seems to be way out of parameters. Is it not in the same league as a man who speaks in the stead of God, but is in-fact only speaking for himself? To over-ascribe something is always a mistake. Catholics have a man who speaks ex-cathereda – for God and is absolutely unquestionable. It’s plain wrong. But this could not happen anywhere else, could it?
          The strength of association along the lines of beliefs is as strong as it gets for humanity. You don’t subscribe to ALL the tenets or teachings of the Quran; or interpret them differently; or ignore the ramifications: but the wording IS there to ‘convert or kill’. You may remove them for yourself: but you cannot remove them for others. And face it doctor – you’ve removed yourself far from most others in accomplishment, education, experience.
          I must confess to being that idiot that you describe, uncharitably. It is easy for you to criticize non-Muslims as ignorant, over-reactionaries: but you are not at the business end of the wording in the Quran.
          Many, like the Catholics – have never looked past what they were brough-up in, and accept as good without question. Most will never break the chains of their primary association, to know anything else. I am taught to love my enemies; a thing I try to do and sometimes struggle with. But you may need to give me some patience if I don’t readily place my neck under someone else’s sword; one who’s owner has a different understanding than yourself. And doctor – you are not exempt from hatred yourself, as your last statement seems to indicate.

          • Mohammad


            Listen to what am saying with an open heart and mind because it is coming out of real life experience in a part of the world you do not understand.
            All am saying is you are being played in the hands that will do you the same way they did my mother land. they took over your currency in 1913, they are taking over your military’s decision throwing you into an inferno in M.E. to fight their wars, your mom (not necessarily you per se but you get the meaning) is crying her lost soldier in Iraq where the Israeli’s mom is laughing her ass out since you are fighting her wars.
            Wake up … Am muslim and I pledged to abide by the law of the land the moment I took oath at that beautiful ceremony that I still keep the two American flags given to me on my fire place with the rest of my beautiful collections. Muslims are not your enemy , nor Jews so hopefully no one throws this in my face. Actually if you ask their rabbis and scholars they will tell you their judaism is high jakced by their khazarin leaders the same way ISIS highjacked Muslims in M.E. which by the way are financed by those Khazarian proxies the (out) house of Saud.
            Wake up please, am on your side in humanity, I save lives for god’s sakes. Am a good guy and yes am proud to say ALLAHU AKBAR 5 times a day in my prayers every day especially when I thank god for guiding me to an accurate diagnosis on my patients.
            Wake up Charles and know who is your enemy.


  49. donna

    Jerry, I have had the same thoughts about them going around Trump. Some of the things being done make no sense to me as far as how I believe Pres. Trump would handle it compared to what is being done. The first was the mission which got one of the special force killed . For some reason my gut said that someone else ordered it and it wasn’t Trump but to not look like he wasn’t in control nothing was said. So many he has put in his cabinet have also gone out and said things that do not agree with what he himself has said. I fear he is surrounded by so many forces working against him that he is overwhelmed and needs all our prayers. He definitely has his hands full and he looks absolutely exhausted already if you look at his eyes. I know he hasn’t been in there long but I pray he has some who are working with him and protecting him as he has a target on his back and knows it.

    • Flattop

      Keep in mind that ultimately our battle is against the forces of evil, who use people. Pray for God the Fathers protection for him and his family. Ask God to give him wisdom, knowledge, understanding to solve our problems, Then ask Him to show our Prez favor and blessings.

  50. Larry Kreitzer

    As you were and are an investigative reporter, could you please investigate something that was reported many years ago – and now can’t be traced on the net? As I learned years ago – I have a degree in physics and math – that in the 50’s or 60’s in was discovered that thermonuclear explosions in the atmosphere could set off a “nuclear tornado” where the heat would cause the nitrogen in the atmosphere to ignite or burn. Scientists then could not predict the extent of this distruction, would it extend to a county, a state, a country, a continent or the entire, world-wide atmosphere. When this was discovered, testing was conducted in “outer” space above the atmosphere. Then it was found to cause a huge EMP wave and testing was finally moved underground.
    Any suggestion of in-atmosphere nuclear war could lead to total world-wide annilation of ALL life on this special planet of OURS. I believe if it comes down to such circumstance of nuclear war it will be fought with EMP attacks where the distructive results could be better determined. A slow death to those attacked!

    Greg, could you investigate the truth of “nuclear tornados” as you have access to news sources from the mentioned period?
    Thank you and bless you for all your good work. BTW St. Francis of Assisi just before his death warned his order that a “pope” would come in the later days who would be the “destroyer ” of the church.

  51. Michael B.

    This is bad! Why is our ex-president still controlling the intelligence agencies? Why have those guilty of collusion not being dragged out and arrested for treason? This isn’t politics, it’s tyranny. People laughed and called us conspiracy nuts when we said he[Oboma] is not leaving office. If trump doesn’t arrest those guilty soon a free America is over.

  52. Homey

    Bix Weir-Disappearance of Dollar Happens This Year. Greg Hunter. Published on Mar 22, 2015

    And hundreds more BS interviews posted here. Greg, when is enough enough?

    • Charles H

      The destruction of the Dollar is like a train crash – so WHEN does the crash occur? – when the speed is too much for the track?; or the first wheel comes off the track?; ot the engine flies off the rail-bed?; or does one have to wait until the last car finally comes to rest before a crash actually occurred?!?? The train is heading downhill and without brakes: but you don’t believe a crash will come – saying it’s all BS. Amazing.

  53. Tad

    Almost a coincidence how this article appears just days after the Hugo Salinas price interview.

    Of particular note is the percentage held in London. If past stories ring true, my guess is those bars moved to China some time back.

    Another coincidence is the peso slide against the dollar. Perhaps this is a central bank psychological ploy to strengthen the peso.

    Taken together, the Salinas Price interview may have prompted serious Mexican central bank review of a silver standard or silver standard link as outlined by Mr. Price.

  54. coalburner

    Jerry, the ides of March near! What do you say??

  55. coalburner

    Jerry 6 months ago they all thought Hillery would win the election. That was before the devine intervention. Anyone notice that Trump seems to know why he won. And it was not the Russians! The deep state keeps backfiring everytime it moves, just like Obama did.

  56. Hammer

    Greg: This is all new to me, but I enjoy reading the responses. Most people do understand what Trump is trying to accomplish So many responders have no thought that critical thinking is essential in understanding the many issues we’re facing. So many people talk like a chunk of their brain is missing. Example. Just before the election, a young man in his forties stated to me that he would never vote for Trump and the reason being that he has all that money because he doesn’t pay his share of taxes. He had no idea that this was maybe our last chance to save our Country and ourselves. Our National day of prayer consisted of over 50,000 Muslims at the White House praying. Hillary drafted a law prohibiting anyone from criticizing a politician
    with the threat that a person if reported could be picked up and imprisoned by the law and you would have no rights. I called my congressman and was told that the plan was killed. America spends more money per student on education than any other Nation on earth and we (keep dropping) are presently number seven in intelligence world wide.

  57. Larry H.

    I really enjoy reading your weekly news wrap up. Last October, I saw something on that was posted at Sprott Money News about the U.S. Information and Education Exchange Act of 1948, known as the Smith-Muntt Act of 1948. This Act was to protect the citizens of the U.S. against the government and media from engaging in propaganda. This Act was struck down and replaced by the Smith-Muntt Modernization Act of 2012. Could this have been the birth of all the fake news we are hearing today? Is it worth a look into this Act?

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