Surveillance on Trump Backfires, Russian Collusion False Narrative, Are Markets Topping

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 278 3.31.17)

The pile of felonies against people in the Deep State that illegally released classified information, for the purpose of embarrassing and destroying the incoming Trump Administration, keep stacking up. This crime is orders of magnitude worse that Watergate.  The White House invited leaders of Congress to see documents from whistleblowers that point to improper handling of Intel surrounding the Trump team.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media (MSM) continue to push a false narrative of Trump and his team colluding with the Russians without one single piece of evidence of wrongdoing after 8 months of an FBI investigation. The leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said this week that Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election is “fictional, illusionary, provocations and lies . . . used for domestic political agendas.”

On the economy, two headlines from point to a dangerous top forming in the markets. One proclaims “Margin Debt Hits New Record High but Analysts Say “Don’t Worry.”   Another says “Fed’s Dudley: ‘I Don’t Think We Are Removing the Punch Bowl Yet.”  If these headlines are not the sign of an extreme market top, I don’t know what it would take?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

The “Early Sunday Release” will feature four time, best-selling book author James Rickards. He talks about the coming financial collapse, how assets will be frozen by the elite, what President Trump has to do now, and goes deep into gold and silver prices and why everybody needs to own some physical metal.

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  1. Dan

    What happened to “lock her up”?
    What happened to Obamacare will be repealed?
    What happened to Mexico will pay for the wall?
    What happened to fiscal responsibility?
    What happened to not continuing to have troops all over the world?

    TRUMP – just another LYING POLITICIAN!!!

    (Won’t be long before it’s time to add his name to your poll of the worst president of the past 50 years!)

    • Beligarant

      Greg great weekly wrap up!!!!

      @Dan : I’m starting to agree. Many in the alternative media elected Trump based that he would do the list you described above plus stop malicious bankster tactics such as the constant raiding of gold and silver prices. Instead he fills his staff with Goldman Sachs people. Ugh! That’s like basing your campaign on the theory that Global Warming doesn’t exist but then filling your cabinet full of people that are from Green Peace plus Carbon Tax Advocates. What’s wrong with this picture?

      My only question – Are You Not Entertained?

      • Dan

        Thanks for the reply! Yes, I AM definitely entertained & enjoy the fact that Trump was thrown in like a grenade in the middle of the business-as-usual crowd. He beats the alternative of the Clinton/Bush/Obama cartel, but I’m still disappointed in his performance so far (including the Goldman Sachs connection). I’d be happy if he could just somehow END (not just audit) THE FED, but even I don’t believe that’s a realistic possibility.
        Take care,

        • Beligarant

          Yes, its definitely a twist and turn every week as events unfold. I’ll still take Trump over Hillary or another Bush!

      • Greta Von Doogle

        Bel, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Yours not much!

      • Dan

        It would be amusing if it weren’t so sad how the Right wants to focus on the spying of Trump (WAKE UP, our government spies on ALL of us now!) while the Left wants to focus on Russia possibly interfering in the election (& “we” are so indignant even though the US has been interfering in foreign governments, & yes, even other countries elections for DECADES) & each side can’t possibly see the validity of the other’s view. Yet, in reality, that’s exactly how TPTB want it – DIVIDE & CONQUER. Forget that we’re all Americans & work for the good of the old USA, but instead HATE the other side (Republican/Democrat, Conservative/Liberal, Red/Blue, Black/White, Christian/Muslim, etc.) & focus on our differences. Then, we’re angered when our elected officials do the EXACT SAME THING. Meanwhile, Rome is burning – SAD!

    • Crasto Flatso

      Danny Boy,
      He’s done more in 60days then you’ve done since Kindergarten!

      • T. Stamps


    • Levantine

      “What happened to “lock her up”?”

      That was Flynn. Do you think it’s wise to make a martyr of a woman so old and ill that she may not live to serve her sentence?

      “What happened to Obamacare will be repealed?”

      Practically done: see the commentary by Dick Morris. (

      “What happened to Mexico will pay for the wall?”

      That was over the top. It’s good to treat it only as a metaphor, unless you wish for international enmity at any cost.

      “What happened to fiscal responsibility?”
      “What happened to not continuing to have troops all over the world?”

      Was the latter an explicit promise?
      In any case, I fail to recall Trump presenting himself as a God. Rather than a God bearing gifts, Trump is a wrestler in an arena. If you don’t like his moves, shout at him. Or just don’t panic. We’ve seen only the first 1/24th part of the four-year match.

      “TRUMP – just another LYING POLITICIAN!!!”

      If you can believe that, you never believed it could be otherwise: all politics is bad, and since politics is inavoidable in life, to be alive is bad. That’s promotion of nihilism, very irresponsible.

      • Greg Hunter

        Trump has only been in office for 2 months or so. Give him a chance. Trump is one heck of a lot better than Hillary would have been. She would have killed the Constitution and loaded the Supreme Court with Communist Marxists!!

  2. Paul ...

    Yes Greg as you say: “The pile of felonies against people in the Deep State (that illegally released classified information, for the purpose of embarrassing and destroying the incoming Trump Administration) keep stacking up … and this crime is orders of magnitude worse that Watergate.” … and what amazes me … is that with all the talk about “hacking” by governments (the CIA, the Russians, etc.) … how can people in their right mind logically look upon crypto-currency as a replacement for the dollar?? … then there are issues with regular computer hackers (cyber crooks) and internet service providers (denying access) … and also … the possibility of power black outs (by the Sun or terrorists) can deny you access to your money … so why is there such confidence placed in “Bit Coin” that places “many people” between you and your money … compared to a simple silver dollar (in hand) that has none of these problems???

    • Paul ...

      As for the Deep State “spy ring” under control of Hilary Clinton (selling top secret military intelligence to China for “donations” to her Charitable Trust) … Trump has finally ordered arrests … lets see how Hilary escapes prison for this act of treason!!! …

      • Paul ...

        Breaking News: The “Deep State” is hoping it is only an April Fools joke (as they don’t believe in God) … but FBI Chief Comey (protector of crooked Hilary) was “fired” effective April 1, 2017 … Trump replaces him with Trey Gowdy (a seeker of truth about Benghazi) …

        • C romana

          Where is the proof? No media coverage as of Saturday.

        • Flattop

          Paul: For FBI Director, don’t forget Trumps buddy. He who is now the Gov of NJ

  3. dave l roselle

    Hey Greg
    The Japs have been doing this for years and so will we.


  4. Faith

    The whole Russian story is so bizarre! It isn’t rational let alone credible.

    The story that broke this week about the woman being interviewed on MSNBC was a stunner! That woman no longer worked for the US government at the time of the interview (how did she have access to anything?) and when she had worked for the US government guess where she worked? In Ukraine with Victoria Nuland and in Russia! I followed the Ukraine story for a number of years and it became clear to me that the globablists had showed up there to stir the pot and cause trouble. Victoria Nuland showed up with a $5 billion dollar check and threw that around like it was nothing. Unless you were a US Taxpayer and watching from home. There isn’t much discussion about how one of VP Biden’s sons, Hunter Biden as I recall, showed up in Ukraine and landed a huge oil / gas contract. That is another story that no one talks about in the MSM. Throw in the gossip about Biden’s son and it becomes apparent that some people live in a completely different universe with a separate set of rules. One set of rules for them, another set of rules for the peasants.

    I can’t wait to hear the Sunday interview with James Rickards! I recently read “The Road to Ruin” and learned a lot! It is depressing because there isn’t really anything that can be done at this point other than try and get ready for impact and pray.

    • J. Bethune

      Faith, Michael Flynn is about the best there is, a retired 3 star general who served his country. He was offered to be granted immunity to testify on what he knew of Russia. The only reason the FBI and the democrats are granting immunity is to try and get rid of President Trump. The media is forgetting to mention that there were at least 5 former aides of Hillary Clinton, including Hillary’s former chief of staff who were granted immunity. When this happened with Hillary it was nothing because the media wanted to elect Hillary over Trump. After that, the Democrats have to create mass distraction to keep your eyes off the fact that the Obama was conducting a criminal investigation of Trump. Obama staffers involved in leaks against Trump committed felonies against him and one of the victims of those felonies is Flynn. To add, didn’t James Comey in essence confirm that the Trump campaign was being surveilled? Comey said he opened the investigation in July of 2016. What was the core of this investigation? Comey’s mere confirmation of an investigation confirms the thrust of Trump’s tweet. Later, the things that caused us to vote for Trump had nothing to do with Russia but the fact that we had enough with Barack Obama’s policies and Hillary Clinton. We wanted to put someone in power to drain the swamp and not play the Washington game.
      Bill Cunningham fills in for Mark Levin. Listen In!;

  5. dlc

    Orlov/Kunstler/Greer/Martenson/Morris discussion panel.

    Found a very interesting group discussion that took place in Lancaster, PA. They covered subjects such as politics, the economy, immigration, poverty, war. I’m endlessly hunting for just these types of discussions. I found this one on the Club Orlov site.

    FF to 11:00, which is where the talks actually begin. In the last few moments of their presentation a female in the audience tried to chastise the group over their attitude about immigrants. Orlov smoked her with his reply.

    The panel referred to learning how to “live in poverty with dignity,” which is something we will all be addressing.

    I’m on my way to giving this a repeat listen. They covered a lot of territory. If you want non-PC talk with non-BS discussion regarding where we’re at and where we’re headed, this fills the bill.

  6. dslarsen

    Why can’t we use a more accurate term for the people who sneak across the border? They are not immigrants of any sort when they don’t want to become American, don’t want to follow the laws and enter the country legitimately. Why not something like “criminal invader” ? Isn’t that more accurate? It’s the political correctness around the discussion that prevents real thought and real appropriate action for processing these people. It’s like calling a burglar an “undocumented house guest”. How can you send that guy to jail when your undocumented guest really is just looking for a better life for himself? Even if this fellow isn’t a thief, you still don’t want to come home and find him sitting on the sofa no matter how nice he is. He’s not a guest, no matter what. And neither is the fellow who sneaks across the border, thereby avoiding legal and medical screening, an immigrant.

  7. Robert E. Salt

    I may be able to shed some light on “wiretapping”. About ten years ago I heard a man on the radio say that the gov’t can watch you through your electrical system, and that he had seen it for himself. This seemed rather farfetched to me at the time. I’m an outspoken 9/11 survivor, and I have been speaking out on other conspiracies. By February 2014 I knew that I had been under surveillance in my own home, but I wasn’t sure how how it was being done. You need to watch “cooking of humanity” on youtube. Using your electrical system via the smartmeter, Big Brother can watch you in any room of your home. He can watch you as you shower or sit on the toilet. He knows your sexual habits and all your hiding places. Anyone anywhere with this technology and your smartmeter ID can do this. The smartmeter can also be used to turn your home into a lowgrade microwave oven, and it can be turned on and off as easily as a lamp. During the summer of 2015 I was under attack with microwaves, but only when I was home alone which was most of the time. I could tell when it was turned on because I would get a very mild headache. After prolonged exposure I would have what felt like a sunburn around my midsection, but the burn was internal. Bones are porous and will trap microwaves to some degree like a Faraday cage. The only bone running through the midsection is the backbone. My 35 pound dog doesn’t have the bone structure that I have. She was so sore that she looked like she was walking in slow motion. In September that summer I went on a cruise to Bermuda. The first morning in Bermuda my family went ashore while I tried to sleep late in our cabin, but I was attacked again. The following month on Halloween, trick or treaters rang my front doorbell at 2 PM. I was spied on as I walked to the front door to greet them. At the same time my healthy 39 year old next door neighbor stepped out her front door and collapsed to her death. What do Hugo Chavez, Peter Jennings, Carl Sagan and Aaron Russo have in common? I believe they were all murdered with cancer because of what they were up to. Nearly all of us carry a cancer virus in our system thanks to the original polio vaccine, inheritance, and sexual activity. A suppressed immune system will invite the cancer. Heart attacks are also being used to kill victims remotely such as Stanley Kubrick, Fred Bell, Bob Fletcher and others. Fletcher survived, but he was left partially handicapped. In December 2014 Kim of North Korea hadn’t been seen in public for a month. When he reemerged his foot was bandaged. It reminded me of two attacks I sustained remotely in 2010 where my right leg was crippled for a month each time. At the time I was involved in an online discussion supporting Dr. Judy Wood’s book “Where did the towers go?” Kim is being tormented but he is not likely to be killed. A false flag blamed on him can be used as an excuse to attack the good people of North Korea. Kim is crazy scared; the Deep State is crazy evil. Dominque Strauss-Kahn was on his way to becoming the next president of France. He came to NYC on business right before the election. He was under surveillance in his hotel room during his stay, and he was seen having consensual sex with a hotel maid. When he went to the airport to leave the country, he was arrested and charged with rape. He was later cleared but the incident caused him to lose the election to a CIA puppet. This was followed by the Charlie Hebdo attack and a second attack in Paris and yet a third attack in Nice. The new president told the French people they had better get used to these attacks. Iran has been under attack through weather modification, the triggering of earthquakes there, and by hacking their computers. Most of the technology that has been developed is not publicly known. I want our country to promote peace by cooperating with Russia, Iran, Syria and all the other countries. My allegiance is not to the flag or the gov’t; my allegiance is to my neighbors and everyone I connect with online.

    • C romana

      I think there is a lot we don’t know. A friend of mine says smart meters are unhealthy and affect your brain. She lives in the country, but moved recently to the city. After a few weeks she noticed that her memory was deteriorating and other things from the wifi smog or something undetermined. ..she moved back to her old place and got better in weeks.

    • JMiller

      “Using your electrical system via the smartmeter, Big Brother can watch you in any room of your home”.

      Please explain since there are no cameras in my home.

      • Charles H

        Probably access to a smartphone or smart-tv – turning them on. Otherwise, the only backdoor would be your computer.

  8. Buck

    Trump collusion ?
    With the Russians ?
    Excuse me but, I believe it was Hillary Clinton
    who sold our uranium deposits to the Russians.
    That Hillary committed that crime and countless
    other crimes against the best interests of America
    and it’s people should be the lead story in the media.

  9. vincent_g

    It’s a sad day when our top cops are looking for evidence to support an accusation of a crime!

    These people should be fired!

    There is no evidence of the Government of Russia hacking anything.
    As an expert in computer systems I have seen no proof of anything that the Russian Government has done to hack anything.

    Are there people in Russia trying to hack computers – yes there is.
    Are there people in Israel trying to hack computers – yes.
    Are there people in the USA trying to hack computers – yes.

    To say that these hackers are representatives of their governments is ridicules.

    Every computer server connected to the internet gets hundreds of hack attempts a day.
    Since there are many millions of servers connected to the internet this becomes a huge number of attempted hacks per day.

    The hackers are from every country in the world.
    The percentage of hackers is higher from some countries.

    Lets not forget that the hacker that attacked Target and other chain stores which caused those chains great harm was from the Ukraine!

    The problem with the internet is there is no cops on the beat.
    In this virtual world what we have is high walls to keep out the bad guys.
    Think of it as if each server was a castle.
    Think of the firewalls as the castle walls.
    And the gate guards as your tech people.

    Just outside the walls of your castle these hackers are trying to trick your gate guards into letting them in.
    They also test the walls to see if any passageways can be found.
    Traveling outside the walls of your castle is also not safe.

    The problem is outside the walls there are no police to arrest these hackers.

  10. Dan

    Hi Greg, did u get a chance to ask Jim Rickard’s this time about where exactly the US & IMF will actually get it’s gold to back the SDR? (We all know the Fed has no gold)

    This has been the whole premise of his latest book, but unfortunately (even as a very smart guy) he is not able to adequately back this claim/prediction with substantial proof.

    Fingers crossed that you asked him.

    Have a great weekend.

    • JC Davis

      I got 2 wheat penny’s to bet it will not be answered.

    • JCD

      Rickards said He don’t know. Nobody knows when. So its just opinions based in current views.

  11. dlc

    Paul Ryan …. what a frickin weasel. The health care bill he tried to make us eat was beyond anything even my cynical self could have imagined. And then, Trump hanging a cinder block around the neck of the Freedom Caucus is enough to make your head rotate like that girl in “The Exorcist.” This is the best that Congress could slap together after 8 years? Couldn’t guess what the ultimate showdown will be over, but even Stevie Wonder could see who is putting the knife in Trump’s back.

    One remark from the Lancaster group with Orlov and Kunstler: “If Trump does not succeed, just imagine what will be will be replacing him.” Probably a Barry clone with Maduro tendencies. The public will be good and crazed by then as we begin to mimic Venezuela.

    • Charles H

      Government – even in America: is beginning to appear like Alice in Wonderland; where reality is becoming tangibly bizarre.

  12. Jim

    “This crime is orders of magnitude worse that Watergate.” The real question is, will anyone be punished (jail time) for any of these crimes? I think we all know the answer to that. It is a resounding NO! Trump may be president of the US but the ruling elites still rule and will continue to do whatever they please whenever they want.

    • Paul ...

      Give Trump a chance … he is moving methodically … he lets the bad guys hang themselves … first Ryan … now Comey … next Hillary … then Obama!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Paul!! Trump saved the Supreme Court and our Constitutional rights.

        • Charles H

          More like – he retired the side – so the home team could come to bat. The Ball Game isn’t over. Eternal vigilance…

      • Tin foil hat

        I think you are right but I don’t understand his consternation against the Freedom Caucus.

  13. RealityCheck

    We live in a perpetual conundrum…. Paralysis by Analysis.

  14. J-M Cormier

    Greg, Love your web site.Question:If the supposed Russian collusion in the U.S.election is “an act of war“as Cheney and others have said,why do these same people think it`s O.K. that the U.S./C.I.A.have been meddling in elections in forein countries for decades.The hypocracy is astounding!!!You may wish to consider the author Jim Marrs as a guest.Keep up the good work Greg with real news.

  15. JC Davis

    Greg looking at the political troubles, and the financial troubles one could make the case that America has collapsed as a leading country of the free world. The worlds largest oligarchy is in congress of the USA.
    Spying happens in every major country. Remember when China hacked our grid ? Remember the hacking of stock market computer systems ? Why now is different is because the country is on the verge of collapse, morally , politically , and economically. Love the wrap up !

  16. Chip

    Nailed it Greg! Just before watching I sent this comment to the President…

    Where are the investigations of Hilary, the DNC, and the Clinton Foundation? There are plenty of facts that show the DNC and Clinton campaigns cheated to give hiLIARy the nomination over Bearnie Sanders. Further, plenty of facts that show hiLIARy was given debate questions in advance. Plenty of facts that show hiLIARy had an illegal server with classified info that she routed over unclassified systems. Plenty of direct evidence of pay to play with Russia over Uranium One. The democrats are out maneuvering you with bogus FAKE NEWS about your Russian connections. Time to hit back with the truth and not let them steal the narrative…

    Have a good weekend… Chip

    • Chip

      Everyone on this site should send similar comments to the President and their elected representatives… Chip

  17. karl kuhle

    Anyone who believes the Russian hack story is a certified retard

  18. Diane

    Classic Greg Hunter take down of the MSM…BEAUTIFUL!
    Greg Hunter should be one of the reporters at the President’s press conferences!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very Kind Diane! Thank you.

  19. Jerry

    Thanks Greg,
    I’m really looking forward to your interview with Jim Rickard’s on Sunday. After discovering this site, I am more convinced now than ever, that we are in store for a planned detonation.

    It strikes mw odd that the main participating members of “The Working Group” all received TARP funds in 2008, and that two former Treasury Secretary’s just happened to be on the board of directors. For years I have wondered why the Chinese would loan us 1.3 Trillion dollars and essentially carry our debt through the Obama Administration. It now appears a deal was made with the Chinese to merge our two banking systems into one distribution network. But why? And for what purpose? It is my conclusion based upon information from their site, that once the exchange systems are in place, they will make the transfer, and essentially reset the banking system.

    I’m sure Jim Rickard’s knows much more through his contacts than I do, based upon the information I have seen. In either event we are witnessing something that has never happened before in recorded history. The merger of world banks into one conglomerate. Stay tuned.

    • Jerry

      Like I said, the corruption of our banking system with the Chinese goes very deep into the “Deep State”.
      President Xi will be meeting with President Trump in the next few days. Watch the markets as a sign of how fast the transfer will take place. Rapidly declining stocks will signal they are ready to pull the trigger. If the Stocks maintain their current positions, they will need more time and drag it out for months. Just my opinion.

    • Jerry

      Do you ever feel like you’ve been had?
      Check out who got TARP funds and compare it to the “The Working Group” membership list. There’s nothing quite like being fleeced by your government to create an investment slush fund. And the democrats want to complain about Trump doing business with the Russians……………..geeze!

      • Jerry

        Disclaimer: Don’t watch this unless you’ve had an Alka Seltzer.

        • Paul ...

          The counterfeiters in the US print paper dollars … and the counterfeiters in Europe print Euros … and the rest of the world print up their counterfeit paper money … and everyone exchanges one country’s paper for another country’s paper … and this keeps interest rates and hence inflation under control?? … all this paper being printed worldwide is not going to make “all paper currencies” worth less … the sooner we stop valuing our gold and silver in “infinitely printed paper” the better … I don’t want to know how many grains of sand on the beach my gold coin is worth … I want to know how many bananas a gold coin will buy … I want to know how many oranges a silver coin will buy … telling me my gold coin is worth 10,000 grains of sand or 100,000 grains of sand is worthless to me … we should not be valuing gold and silver with grains of sand (paper currencies) but with “real things” that have intrinsic value!!!

          • Paul ...

            However … being able to buy a one ounce silver coin with 18 grains of sand should not be passed up if you have a functioning brain!!!

      • C romana

        I felt sick reading that. Billions being doled out like dollar bills. …what a waste.

  20. Independent

    Hi Greg,

    this is a must listen podcast from Tfmetals report…

    A2A with Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom

    Our friend, Dr. Dave Janda, stopped by for A2A today. Though this might be the lengthiest webinar to date, I doubt we’ve ever had one that is more informative or thought-provoking. Please be sure to give it a listen.

    I knew we were going to have a terrfic webinar given Dr. Janda’s vast understanding of healthcare issues as well as tremendous work as of late on the American surveillance state. These two topics are covered extensively but Dave took time to also address a number of TFMR subscriber questions on topics such as:
    What specifically was wrong with the Ryan-Trump plan that failed in Congress last week
    Specific components of “Obamacare” that ultimately doom it to failure
    How Deep State surveillance information can and is used to influence politicians of both parties
    The health problems associated with many vaccines
    Whether or not items such as cannabis oil and colloidal silver are beneficial to your health
    Climate control and geo-engineering
    And much, much more.

    By now you’ve likely noticed that this baby clocks in at nearly 100 minutes. Yes, I could have edited in and tried to pare it down to a more manageable length. But what would be the point of that when there’s so much high-quality information here?
    Instead, I thought I just give you the full monty and let you break it up and parse it out as you please. So, have at it!

    Thanks again to Dr. Janda for so freely and generously donating his time today.

    • eddiemd


  21. Susie Alvord

    Hi Greg,

    Not only did Clinton sell our uranium to the Russians but the ranchers, who owned or worked the land, members of their family, friends and media covering the events are in prison for protesting. Please help us get them out!

    Susie Alvord
    Garden Valley, Idaho

  22. Flattop

    GREG: With Governor Moonbeam and the State ATTY Gen of California firmly behind planned parenthood, there will be no decisions against planned parenthood. If it goes higher, then its the 9th circus court, and you know how that will be decided. So maybe its the Supreme Court who will decide!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s an attack on the truth and the 1sr Amendment. It cannot stand.

  23. Lee

    cannot view your weekly wrap up today – I suspect censorship as I normally watch ALL your video’s daily

    • Greg Hunter

      Press “Ctrl” and the “F5” key at the same time to clear your “cashe” to see if that works. It works for me on all platforms.

  24. Southern Girl

    LOVE your WNW’s made a donation so we can continue to get the truth from you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!!

  25. Jerry

    Here is the latest money velocity chart.
    You can choose to believe whatever you want, but from where I’m sitting if something doesn’t change rather quickly, you will see liquidity in the markets begin to seize up sometime this summer. That’s assuming that the IMF and the banking elites that are hooked up with the internationalization of the RMB don’t pull the plug on the dollars reserve currency status sooner.

    • Mike R

      Jerry, but your conclusion about M2V is not correct. You need to develop a deeper understanding of actual M1 and M2, and how it relates to GDP growth, and how FED increases of both M1 and M2, which has been happening in spades (think QE behind the scenes) affects velocity.
      Here is a ‘laymans’ reference for your education.
      Its much more complicated than this article explains, but you can at least get the gist of what is more likely to be happening.
      The problem with looking at simplistic charts like M2V, is that making assumptions from one chart alone, is operating in a huge fact vacuum, where you have zero context about the rest of the indicators that go into making assessments about liquidity or market conditions. There are hundreds of charts that the STL Fed puts out, but by themselves they are largely meaningless.

  26. francis m reps

    Great wrap up. Steve Pieczenik…and Dane Wigington; as well as Dr. Russell Blaylock might be of service to President Trump { I am sure that someone on his staff listens to what you have to say }. Someone must have the new president’s ear in order to thwart the scheisse coming out of the mouth of David Keith ; who would love to inundate the world with all sorts of particulate spray. Ask Ms. Fitts where the funding for worldwide geoengineering activities comes from . Could it be credit created currencies ??

  27. C romana

    There’s so many people investigating Trump! Where are the investigations into leaks of documents, illegal surveillance, Clinton Foundation, lies about Trump in the media, attacks on Melania and Barron, etc, etc? Where are the charges?

    Doesn’t Trump have any competent lawyers on his team to start hitting back? Seems like he’s taking the attacks lying down!

  28. Flattop

    GREG; On the current subject on everyones mind of interference in elections, why does no one speak of obamas attempt to interfere or influence the Israeli election against The Prime Minister??

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point and that was proven too.

  29. Flahooley

    Rats being cornered. Flynn wants a deal. Trumpgate will be epic.

    • Greg Hunter

      FBI has already investigated and cleared Flynn.

      • Flahooley

        People who are cleared don’t hire well known DC lawyer and request inmunity in exchange for testimony. . And the NY post story is from january.

    • Flattop

      Flahooley: Rats being cornered? Yes, the deep state is cornered and getting worried. Trumpgate might be the name of the jail your heros will be in. You and yours will lose BIG time.

  30. Linda L.

    As usual, the weekly wrap up was right on (you’re the best), and your art really drives the point home (sadly, Trump must feel the pressure in this way) . Thank you, Linda

  31. Jodyp

    Been a silent reader and listener here for 3years.Greg,this is my go to site.Ill hit 60 in June.Enough years to watch our once great country spiral deeper down the toilet.Lots of troubles ahead? Bring it on! I,and most on this site,are ready!

  32. Carman the Gypsy

    Why The Dem’s Want To Take Out Devon Nunez.

    He’s unmasking the Dem’s for what they are, Blowhards of Russkie smoke! Nunez’s is uncovering Traitorous CIA/NSA leftist shadow Maddow MS[NBC] COMCAST Muslim brotherhood democratic/RHINO Obomber Holder’overs!

    A Bob, asks Rush a very interesting question?
    Go to the 56: mark

    Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Obama Administration, Evelyn Farkas, admits that Trump was spied on. Obama admin. tried to hide both the source and how the information was being disseminated to “the hill.” As well as Made sure it was leaked to the shadow Maddow government Obomber Holder’overs. FARC, Give it up Ev!

    Evelyn Farkas Admits She Helped Spy On Trump For Obama
    Very Farc News; Wiki on FARK
    Farkas spills da beano, P. U. puh!

    Linda louin 09/25/2015 • Blast From Da Past!
    Hi Greg:
    That 500 million to train 5 moderate rebels in Syria most likely was filtered to ISIS. Our Administration (who originally armed/created ISIS) doesn’t want to stop ISIS, especially when they can be used to destroy Syria’s President, thus gaining control of all the fuel lines that pass through Syria. These fuel lines are extremely valuable in the coming New World Order. However, I don’t think that Putin is going to roll over and let this all occur without a fight, due to his own strategic interests in the area and I can’t blame him for this. I’m expecting fireworks soon. God help us all.

    CrazyCanuck 09/25/2015 •
    I agree Linda. The only problem is that Putin has to be very careful embarrassing the world’s bully. This is not the first time he thwarted Obama, neocons & the corporates in Syria and is still paying a huge price for such insolence ( sanctions, Ukraine, demonization etc.)
    This is key to the Shadow Maddow shadow government CIA/Brennan lying Clapper Muslim brotherhood MS[NBC] COMCASTObomber Holder’overs key!

    You realy want to go down the Shaddow Maddow rabbit hole, google war crimes Balkin war, former Yugoslavia [Milania Trumps birth country] Was this the start of the Muslime invasion of Europe, will this too be the fate of the now Balkanized dis-United States? Only Rachel knows fer sure?
    The “country” that used to be one of the greatest travel destinations in the world and the first country toppled by the Clinton war machine. Instead of espousing e pluribus unum, they divided and subdivided, then imploded. today we have only the pieces of what used to be. So for old time’s sake, visit the country of our fist ladies birth. Enjoy this American TV piece that promoted the wonderful state of YUGOSLAVIA some 30 years ago!
    If Not. . . … May the United States never go down this Ratko hole!
    The Death of Yugoslavia 1990’s! BBC Complete Documentary
    Is this where we are heading, in these dis-United States, un-civil war?

  33. Flattop

    GREG: After watching and listening to whats going on in Washington, I don’t care which side wins or loses, “ALL I WANT IS TRUTH. Will we ever hear the truth??

    • Greg Hunter

      Not from the MSM. MSM = Propaganda!!

    • Mohammad

      Can you and Greg handle the truth..?


      • Greg Hunter

        No Mohammad, we like lying and being lied to. (Sarcasm alert and April fools)

        • Mohammad

          You know what April Fool’s day was about Greg.
          I will let you do the search and find the truth, then will see if you can handle it.


  34. Paul Anthony

    I am a little miffed. When do major top criminal cronies start getting arrested? Until then nothing is going to change and deputy dog could be sitting President keeping the seat warm. Yeah .. I Know its only been ten weeks… feels like 8 or 16 years though …..oh wait — it has been at least that

  35. Dan

    Russian embassy offers ‘election interference’ on April Fools Day

    SO FUNNY! Who said Putin didn’t have a sense of humor? Fantastic humor for the crazy world we live in. Makes you realize how ridiculous it all is…

    • Dan


      “You have reached the Russian embassy, your call is very important to us. To arrange a call from a Russian diplomat to your political opponent, press 1. To use the services of Russian hackers press 2. To request election interference, press 3 and wait until the next election campaign. Please note that all calls are recorded for quality improvement and training purposes.”

    • Dan

      Sorry, wrong link above. Here is the correct one:

  36. John M.

    As of now there are two standards in America. The left can say or do anything they want, and that’s okay because they mean well and care about the country. The right is presumed to be always wrong and evil.
    According to the MSM and leftist fascists, Trump has colluded with the Russians. Why? Because they say so, end of story. No evidence needed.
    Hillary on the other hand has immeasurable sins of treason. The pile of dead bodies that surround her are stacked high, yet she is untouchable. And it’s more than Hillary is adored for her charming personality. She represents the continuation of the deep state and the Washington Establishment.
    It will probably be further proved that Obama’s untraceable goons had indeed spied on Trump during the campaign. Duh … did we not expect such dirty pool from those slimy criminals on the Left?
    The moral defense of the Left will be that they had to spy, doing whatever it takes to stop Trump and the Russians from destroying America.
    The great divide and chasm between “them” and “us” is growing. Russia has demonstrated tremendous restraint with America’s sneaky activities of subversion in Syria, and now with these accusations of Russia manipulating our election. This is dangerous stuff that can lead to both civil war and world war.

  37. Peter

    Trump will eventually repeal and replace Obamacare, just wait and watch.
    Mexico is already paying for the borderwall as Ford cancelled a Mexico plant.
    Trump will accomplish more on that front, also.

    The real news is that the Obama administration has been caught spying on Trump and
    democrats are in a pickle. It’s past time for some of the Obama folk to go to jail as they have violated the privacy rights of US persons.

  38. Mr Mister

    If the Trump Organization discriminates on the basis of race, religion, or nationality, his company could be sued. The US Government is responsible, when it comes to foreign investment.

  39. Galaxy 500

    Why are the Dimwit-o-crats and the RINOs pushing for a 3rd world war? China has done some evil shiite to us under the 0bamachrist but no one mentions them. Or 0bama telling Medvedev that he would have more of a free hand after the election.
    They vilify Trump for selling condos but 0bama is caught on tape colluding with Russia and nothing is said by the Mendacious Skat-eating Media.
    One the these mendacious scallywags do not seem to understand. The credibility the MSM lost when exposed as the propoganda wing of the DNC can NEVER be regained. NEVER. It jelled in the minds of intelligent aware people that not only was the MSM lying now, but all the things that were questionable for the last several decades were also lies.
    They thought shape and rebrand the broke arse agenda and talking points of the evil moslems and the DNC.
    I can hear the thoughtless and witless say, “G500 , you can not say all moslems are evil. That’s just (choose one [racist, homophobic, islamophobic, Christian, fascist, xenophobic]).
    IF you believe in sharia law, you are freaking evil.
    IF you believe in the coran, you are freaking evil.
    IF you believe Allah is THE GOD, you are freaking evil.
    END OF STORY. IT IS BASIC LOGIC. Because Jehova, the One, True God, the God of Israel is good and just. He gave the Word to the Jews in the Torah and his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, who came not to replace the the Word but to fulfill it.
    EVERYTHING in the coran, Satan’s bible, is the opposite of the Word.
    And to these evil religious leaders who proclaim that Allah and Jehova are the same, they are the epitome of evil. Allah has no son. And that is just one of the Solar flares Jehova sends to say thst is not so.
    Many believe conspiracy theories that IMHO are bolderdash. But there is currently a real conspiracy. It is a soft coup against President Trump.
    Why has the 0bamachrist stayed silent on this? Isn’t it obvious? If he says something in denial, and even a smidgen of proof shows up, he is likely proving eveidence he was involved.

  40. Galaxy 500

    Great WrapUp Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!

  41. Galaxy 500

    I kept thinking why would Juan Carlos McCain, unindicted co-conspirator and charter member of the Keating Five, Whimsy Graham and all the Demoncrat minions of Satan get out of starting or attempting to start WWIII with Russia. I mean realistically, why Russia? China is a much bigger threat and they are actively attacking us via cyberspace (they compromised all federal employees, they stole the plans of the F35, they are weaponizing the South China Sea), militarily, diplomaticly and economically.
    China does not worry about their election four hence. They don’t have elections that matter. They have serious long term goals and destroying the USA, is at the top of the list. Economically and or militarily. We have not been this militarily weak since before WWI. Compliments of 0bama, our military is now full of people that will need to be carried, instead of being able to carry others. He gave money to armed terrorist and quiet terrorists like Soros. He brought 100K moslems plus untold illiterate illegal aliens into America to destroy the very fabric of the country.
    Then I an epiphany struck me like a thunderbolt from on high. There are plenty of Christians in Russia and they are fighting the molsem scourge. China is doing everything it can to crush Christianity before it gets too big a foothold. So the Dems see Russia as a problem.
    Tell me, do you hear about Crimea being part of Mother Russia, from 1783 to 1954, until the USSR made it part of Ukraine? No? Tell you what, when France gives the Stroudsburg part of Germany back, I will push for Putin to give back Crimea.

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