Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.31.13

Middle East Inching Towards War: Syria - Russian Missiles, Senator John McCain Met with Syrian Rebels & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The Middle East is inching towards war.  In Syria, the Assad regime wants high-tech Russian missiles to thwart new efforts for a no-fly zone that the Obama Administration may be calling for.  Israel says if the Russians deliver them, they will attack and knock them out.  The missiles would make a no-fly zone very difficult.  Assad says he has the S-300 missiles, but the U.S. says not yet.  More than 70,000 Syrians have been killed in more than two years of civil war.  Syria has said it will attack Israel if Israel attacks again.   

Senator John McCain met with Syrian rebels to discuss arming them.  A large part of the rebel effort is al-Qaeda, a known terrorist group.  Lawmakers say they want to vet the rebels, but how are you going to stop al-Qaeda from getting weapons?  

In news on the other side of the Middle East, there is a new State Department report that claims Iran is increasing sponsorship of terrorism.  A big benefactor is Hezbollah.  That’s who is helping Assad in Syria stay in power.  Will this turn into an excuse to attack Iran? 

Embattled Attorney General Eric Holder has invited many mainstream media (MSM) organizations for an “off-the-record” conversation, and most outlets have declined to allow the White House to engage in spin and pressure to get the media back in line.  FOX, CBS and the New York Times are just a few that have said no to “off-the-record” conversations.  Wow, the MSM acting like journalists again.  How refreshing.  

Speaking of AG Holder, some House Republicans allege Holder may have committed perjury when he told the House that he was “not involved” with the potential prosecution of the press.

Holder allegedly signed off on a search warrant, calling a FOX News reporter a “criminal co-conspirator.” The FOX News reporter was not charged with any crime.  

Two more countries are planning to trade with China and not use the U.S. dollar.  France and New Zealand will be trading with China using the Yuan sometime in the future.  This is another step in the U.S. dollar losing its reserve currency status.  It could be an inflationary disaster for the U.S., and some say it’s closer than some would admit.  The only question is when. 

The stock market is in record territory.  The MSM says the Bull Run is on “solid footing.”  The MSM always fails to mention all the QE, or money printing, by the Fed in the last few years.  The latest “open-ended” QE is $85 billion a month, or a little more than $1 trillion a year.  The data this week would throw cold water on a vibrant economy.  Unemployment came in higher than expected.  Home sales lower than expected.  GDP was just revised lower, mortgage rates are up and interest rates are rising.  Analyst and trader Gregory Mannarino predicts, “The Fed’s go-go juice is going to turn into poison.”  I couldn’t agree more. 

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Jan G

    Great report as always, Greg…:)…

  2. Jim H

    Happy Friday Greg
    In a world where unnamed “Investors” are bailed out by people with names, Politician’s no longer lie, only miss speak, Big John can possibly supply al-Qaeda with weapons and Enron can exist in all it’s bogus glory. One has to wonder why one should believe any figures, events or reports put before us are anything more than Intelligence controlled propaganda which will only benefit unnamed Investors with no country or loyalty to anything but power and profit. Seems to me, for globalization to work, our standard of living must greatly decline. I used to think third world standard would need to increase but seeing what has transpired in our nation since 2001 the plan seems to be only to decline the standard of living of the wealthier nations. I think the method of Occupy had it right. We stand together as a leaderless, demand-less group of world citizens standing in squares around the world stating “we know what you are doing”. They really seemed to hate that.

  3. Tom

    I read an article by Jerry Robinson on ftmdaily.com about how the US Dollar was established as the global reserve currency then when Nixon took us off the gold standard the petrodollar was established allowing us a way to print more dollars and basically have them backed and financed by middle east oil. Very interesting in how he points out that we play the ends against the middle, funding (and arming) both sides in the Middle East. And that Iraq was not problem till they started selling oil and settling in Euros. Very interesting to see how we seem to keep the pot stirred continuously. Also, explains how we can fight and support Al Qaeda at the same time and what our goal is in the God forsaken country of Afghanistan.

  4. Ugly


    Now that you have given the good news, what’s the bad news?

    We have a Peace Maker. I am sure peaceful negotiations are underway. The Doves are sending Olive Branches.

    We have set ourselves to be against the World, and not with the World. Can anyone blame other Countries for not wanting to do business with the USA and exclude the dollar in their transactions?

    Thanks for the work you do and hopefully ‘leveled’ heads will prevail soon. The future at its current trend is not pretty.

    • droidX-G

      How do you negotiate with people who think you are an infidel

      • Saq

        actually, the real question is, how do you negotiate with people who think you are cattle?

  5. Jerry

    Greg I have really enjoyed your interviews this week. Thanks for keeping us informed. I wish I could be interested in tensions in the Middle East, but to me this is, and will be, just another diversion from the real theme. which is the planned economic collapse, and the hidden agenda to install a new government in America. Its hard to ignore the fact that our government is gathering information on citizens they plan to target when the collapse comes. It is no coincidence that the IRS is gathering information on conservative groups, or that DHS is gathering information on CCW license holders. Call me paranoid, but when I find a government willing to trample on someone’s private records, I smell tyranny. Never before in my life can I recall a government so willing to take away the personal liberties of its citizens. I am fearful for the future of my children and grandchildren. Back in the late 60’s the prevailing thought among many (including liberals) was that we were living in a police state under Richard Nixon. We were wrong. This is a police state.

  6. M.Smith

    Good stuff Greg!

    Looks as the govs disinformation & propaganda services has become a liability! Now we watch it all unfold.
    There should be a truth award & you should get it! Thanks again for your very hard work!

    • Greg

      Thank you M Smith for the support!

  7. Anne Elliott

    This is just like John Williams predicted with the start of hyperinflation in May/June, since Bernanke didn’t do anything to stop the dollar printing, and neither has congress done anything with our debt ceiling. Countries all around the world are scrambling to get to a safer place than to be in the dollar, and unfortunately “we the people” are going to be the only ones left holding on to them… In fact, I’d say give it another year or two or three and we’ll be SWIMMING in them… Or maybe DROWNING in them is a better term. Is there anything that will stop this tsunami effect??? I know!! Let’s go to war!!! It gets the patriotic juices flowing, and who wants to be unpatriotic or criticize the government when we’re at war and there’s lots of flag-waving to be done? Rally the troops, boys!! Our youth won’t be unemployed for long when there’s a war to wage and flags to wave!!! Why are we waiting??? To Syria and beyond!!!!

  8. Fraser

    Great wrap up Greg. I only wish America would show as much interest in rebuilding its own decaying infrastructure as it does in destroying that of other countries. Think how many roads and bridges could be fixed and how many jobs could be created with a trillion dollar “war on decay”. Not as much fun for Bush / Obama, I suppose.

    The age old strategy of “pump and dump” has never been more active.
    The banksters (and even Central banks) are now using their newly printed money to buy real assets, such as gold and stratigically important stocks. For example, Australia’s largest gold miner has been dropped from $43 to $14 (over 2 years) and the top 4 share holders now own over 80% of the company. Furthermore, Australia’s monoply grain exporter is currently under take-over by an American company. No doubt Australian farmers will soon be offered half price for their valuable food, turning them into American slaves.

    The practice of printing endless paper money and STEALING real assets around the world may be good economics, but it is hardly fair!

    Finally, whether or not the stock market “dump phase” is at hand, I must warn everyone of being highly leveraged at this point. In the “pump phase” leverage works well and a 50% gearing will triple your assets if stocks double. But in the “dump phase” the same 50% gearing will cause your net assets to go to zero (total wipeout) if stocks halve. This is simple mathematics, not investment advice.

  9. Dwain

    Scripture says the great tribulation will be the worse calamity ever experienced by man. A dollar/banking collapse, or life without gas no doubt would bring that about. It also indicates something similar to a Noah and Sodom type event ushers it in. Both happened suddenly, unexpectedly and without warning. That rings a bell. Problem is, 08 was not solved but made far worse with unfathomable debt. Governments are following the same policies leading to 08. The difference between 08 and the coming collapse is there will be no fed rescue this time around. Makes you wonder if it happens suddenly and without warning. If so momentum will likely crush all job sectors.

    Over and over the Lord says watch in order to be prepared. Thanks Greg for helping us watch.

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding what really counts. Faith!

    • Rebecca

      Hi, Dwain.
      I appreciate your words.
      You are right, I believe. The “Noah and Sodom type events” will happen suddenly. As Jesus said, they (the masses of people) were eating and drinking, marrying — life was going on as it always does. As they expected it always would.
      But the righteous knew what was coming. God had warned Noah of the coming flood. Angels were sent to withdraw Lot and his family from the city before fiery destruction rained down.
      Such is today.
      The masses of people are eating and drinking and living life as though no destruction is imminent. Maybe in Noah’s day some of the people wondered why he was building a big boat on land, but did not heed the warning before their eyes. It was a testimony to what was coming.
      Can you imagine what people would do today if a righteous man started building a huge boat in the middle of dry land? Let’s see. Hmmm. The MSM media would cover it no doubt – it would be news. Would they portray the righteous man as a lunatic or religious zealot.
      Life would go on, some people laughing, some people pondering – but how many would bend their knee and give their hearts and lives back to God! Make it right spiritually.
      What is happening today is more than just government tyranny and financial doomsday.
      The Lord is separating the wheat and chaff.
      He is bringing one age to an end to begin another.
      All the gold and silver in the world will not buy one’s way into the new kingdom coming.

  10. Jay Wardell

    Greg, Don’t you think that the rebels have been getting arms and ground support already?

    • Greg

      Short answer: Without question.

  11. droidX-G

    Keep ip the good work

    • Greg

      Thank you X-G!

    • Greg

      Thank you X-G.

  12. William Betts

    You need to see Dr. Paul Craig Roberts’ 2 June article or better essay on what America really has become. I would have never thought I would see something like this in print in America when I was a college student in the early 50’s. Where is this country going?????? Betts

  13. jc davis

    Greg. The big winner since 911 is China. They received the so called scrap metals loaded with gold from the twin towers. They now have open channels to oil from Iraq. They get metals for debt payments ie cash for clunkers. Our jobs, our oil, our metals.. Even our new constitution seems to look more like a blueprint from China.

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