Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.13.14

Russia-Ukraine Crisis Update, JP Morgan Cut First Quarter GDP and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Remember how I have been pointing out repeatedly that the U.S. was arming al-Qaeda linked terrorists in places like Libya and Syria? Remember how I have been telling you it’s a very bad idea to arm terrorists to do your bidding?  Even before 9/11/12 in Benghazi, Russian President Vladimir Putin was warning that arming terrorists can basically blow up in your face.  It did.  Well, once again, arming terrorists has blown up in our face–this time in Iraq.  You have to know, some of the very same people that were al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria are some of the same ones who have taken over much of Northern Iraq.    We now have a full blown civil war in Iraq, and we are fighting on the same side as Iran.  Yes, this is not a typo because Iran is sending troops to help the Iraqi government, and President Obama is also sending help, although not boots on the ground—yet.  Hey, maybe Senator John McCain can get another photo with the terrorists who are headed for Baghdad.  We have to have the dumbest leaders on the planet.  By the way, the terrorist’s looted more than $400 million in Mosul, and they also captured a lot of military hardware that I am sure U.S. taxpayers paid for.

Meanwhile, in the “Wars and rumors of Wars” news, pro-Russian forces in Ukraine are battling it out with government forces with no end in sight.  Putin adamantly contends that Russian forces are not involved in Ukraine fighting.  And, as if the situation is not complicated enough, the Obama Administration is demanding Russia stop helping the pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine or face more sanctions.  Do these guys know Russia is a big supplier of natural gas to the Ukraine and the EU?  They have a pending deal, and it’s not going well.  What do you think is going to happen to the gas supply if new sanctions are imposed?  Both Russia and NATO are building up forces in Eastern Europe.  Can a shooting war be far off?

Eric Cantor is out as GOP Majority Leader.  He was defeated in the Virginia primary by a Tea Party backed candidate, economic professor David Brat.  Cantor held the number two spot behind House Speaker John Boehner.  Cantor spent more than $5 million to a little more than $200,000 that Brat raised.  Looks like the people in Virginia are tired of both parties taking turns to rip off the people.

The crisis of children flooding across the Mexican border is contrived by the Obama Administration, according to a group of ex-border agents.  They say there is no way all these kids are making their way north without major help and incentive to do so.  More than 33,000 illegal immigrant children have been caught in Texas alone in less than a year.

JP Morgan has cut its first quarter GDP to a -1.6%, down from the government’s -1%.  That is a stunning drop off when you consider the fourth quarter came in officially at 2.6% growth in GDP.  That is a -4% cliff dive from the fourth to first quarter.  The government is expecting positive growth in the second quarter, and my question is—why?

Finally, I am coming to you from a Midwest farm.  Farming in half of the country is lush and green.  The crops here are the tallest I have seen this time of year.  But in the western half of the country, extreme and exceptional drought is devastating farmers, livestock and crops.  There has been some rain, but not nearly enough to break the drought.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Eddie Laidler

    David Brat better watch his ass. He has pissed off both sides and special interests.

    • Greg Hunter

      I support any outsider Eddie. I hope he makes it.

      • chip

        Me too Greg. Great wrap up. I think with the speed and coordinated effort we are seeing with “ISIS” coming down through Iraq that this is not just “US supported terrorists” doing the fighting. Happening too fast. I think US CIA and GCC were preparing units in Southern Turkey for some time. Saudi – Sunni connection? Not sure, have a great weekend.

      • Eddie Laidler

        So whadda ya know. While doing my early morning coffee cup reading I tripped over this article that links back to PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

      • Galaxy 500

        Damn right! Cantor made it his mission to deal with special interests to the detriment of his constituents. He made it his mission to vilify the TEA Party.
        He reaped the whirlwind and was stripped to the bone. Couldnt have happened to a better Rino and immigration supporter.

      • rick up north

        Greg it probably would be a good time for new poll on the subject of dems vs rep vs independents.I do believe the world will give the USA one last chance at redemption.Good luck USA.

      • Angie

        He did not have the support of the tea party, at least not financially. He did and does have the tea party philosophy support. This is a problem with the term “Tea Party” as it is used as a physical group yet it is only a philosophy – for now anyway. This election was 90% anti immigration and 10% other.

    • gutzer53

      I think the Washington insiders(both parties)had better watch their ass, The American voter is PISSED OFF!

    • allen ols

      eddie l.
      I have little respect for any of them up there, I have some respect for the cute little gov. from alaska, forgot her name, it will come to me, lol. any how she made big oil start drilling or she would revoke their permits, she got rid of the gov. chief, the airplane, the car, said she can cook, take a reg. plane, and drive her own car, and btw, she ran as a dem. beating the rep. encumbient, foul soul. and rep.sen. t.stevens was a repugnant
      41 yr. term, rich old cod, made rich by the buyoffs.
      I posted an article below by pcr about brat and others getting killed off, similar to your comment. good call sir. tks. al ols

      • Galaxy 500

        So PRC says that the Tea party guys are going to get offed by the illuminati. I think.his mind is deteriorating. Not being hateful, but its part of aging. Just like it was news we had a plan to nuke Russia and China. Hell, we probably have a plan to nuke Iceland under certain circumstances.
        Al, dont believe everything you read.

  2. Coalburner9

    My thinking: If the Sunnis, al Easy deal with the Iraq shitites and the Iranians, maybe we should just sit and watch. This administration will do nothing that we want or will be proud of! Every dead nut job over their is one we won’t have to deal with.
    As for the border mess, it will not improve in this administration. They are transforming America to a third world country which the President promised before they elected him. This is one tool, amnesty is another, putting guns on Ag guys is another. That is his knee-jerk way to spite Americans for refusing to give up their guns. Ob is your garden variety dictator material who thinks he needs to strike fear into our hearts and we will cower. He needs a couple more generations of grovelers to make this happen but he does not know that so he plays dangerous childish spiteful games. That is the world of a Narcissist power maniac, named Obamomaniac. We can vote in majorities but they will never impeach the first so called “black President!” We are looking at two and half more years of a moslem supporter and America hater running our country.

  3. Jordan Hrodniak


    The problem with US foreign policy isnt whether or not we should arm or attack and destroy al-Qaeda. The problem with our foreign policy is that the current administration lacks the resolve to help our friends and confront our enemies. With Obama in Syria for example, we have made a line in the sand only to wimp out when the Syrian regime told us to get lost. We built a strong coalition with our partners in Iraq during the Bush administration, but have abandoned our Iraqi friends in the past couple weeks as the insurgency has rebounded. With Russia — the same deal. We had the Russians on the ropes and we have allowed them to become once again emboldened under the weak leadership of the current administration. We make implied threats that the Russians better not cross the line, but fail to pull the trigger because God forbid we might have to nuke the Kremlin. When the US is confronted with situations like this, the only proper response is all out attack. To save face, We must obliterate the Iraqi insugency. We must bomb the Iranians into the stone age. We must cut the balls off of the Syrian insurgency and we must support our Israeli allies. Where are our neocon advocates when we need them ? With Obama, we get soft dove like invitations to take over our nation. With the Bush administration and our friends like William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz , and Richard Perle, we get an administration capable of dealing with the despots of the world. America is great and we need her to stay that way. First order of business is to get boots on the ground, fighter planes in the air, bombers ready to launch payloads and firing squads ready to execute the traitors like Snowden and Manning. Once we meet thise objectives, the world can once again become a safer and more peaceful place. We need to embolden ourselves once again to a premptive strategy and kill our enemies before they attack us. Sometimes war is good and I think that time is now.

    • ~Banjo Patterson ~

      Jordon, you catch more flies with honey, ask Vlad!

    • Dan

      Yes, that’s what we need – more wars & to “nuke the kremlin” to make the world safer… NOT!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote,”The problem with our foreign policy is that the current administration lacks the resolve to help our friends and confront our enemies.”
      Excellent observation

    • Sandman

      Jordan Hrodniak, are you serious? Wow, you’re ready to just kill anyone that gets in the way of having that big screen tv aren’t you? Gas goes up? Let’s go kill some Arabs. People like you are the reason we are where we are.

  4. Cry Me A Ruble

    Nice weekly summary. Wow!! From that video you could be just down the road. Missouri is a great place to grow up and a great place to live. I should know as I have done both. All I can say is based upon what I see going on in the world is while we do not have our first woman president yet, we certainly have our first “girl” president. Barak Hussein Obama. Everything that is going on in the world. The allowance of the Cloward and Piven strategy going on a nationwide scale right now. George Soros and the attack, slash and burn of the worth of the dollar. All the unrest. All the ethnic killing. All the jihad in Iraq. The freedom given to five butchers in return of one of his own. The weakening of the United States that has allowed all of this to happen. All this whether by purposeful strategy or by incompetence on a global scale never seen before in history is irrelevant because the end result is the same. I however think he has done this all by design and it was all planned by Soros and others before this drone was put in office.

    • ~Banjo Patterson ~

      Crimea RubeCube,
      Don’t take credit away from the ruler of the world! (2Corinthians4:45)

  5. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Get these incompetent and stupid persons into the gov was deliberate and hostile move from the PTB against the entire world not just against the entire USA.

    About the arming the terrorist, well it is good for the military-industrial complex if USA arming booth sides. But that is not what I want talk about. Look at the map more closely. Who is the southern neighbor of Iraq? Yes the Saudis. And they don’t like the current US policies about the terrorism, especially if it is a covert operation against them combined with stealing (QE, ZIRP, the London gold theft etc).

    About drought, it may end in flash floods. Because the dust bowl like conditions will preventing the slow soaking of the water.

    Your thoughts

  6. Mikkel Jacobsen

    Hi All of you,,,

    First of All ,, thank you fore a good and relevant newssite,,,
    Regarding Iraq and Syria ,,, actually the FSA , AL NUSRA and other groups IS fighting both ISIL and Assad and have done so fore many months,,,,( very much underreported ewrywhere ),,overal,the revolution In Syria is about freedom from oppression ( and higher food costs ) , people dont like being bombed day and night , with mortars , rockets , scuds , chlorine chemical weapons,,,, remember the protests were peaceful fore many months , but were met with only weapons and death,,,from a westeners point of view ewrything seems very unmature,,,, but listen ,,it is not Black and white….. There are more than 10 Big players involved in Syria,,,, it is compleks situation,,,
    And as fare as I am concerned the US government or the goverment behind the government,,, might very much want a big sunni – shia konfrontation,,to divert attention,,,What they are saying and what they are doing is very different. ,,,they deceive , they lie,,, and have lost All credibility…

  7. olibur

    there are no Russian troops in Ukraine. If they were the situation would have been resolved long time ago. Locals there fighting for their lives with old Soviet arms and they will not submit to Kiev’s neo-Nazis sponsored by Washington DC (US taxpayers). Slavyansk is a modern day Stalingrad and would be a turning point in this war as it were back in WWII.

    • Galaxy 500

      Have to agree. Was reported T64 tanks in rebel.forces. Hardly.the.front line stuff. Be like a Patton tank.rolling.into Mexico and saying America was arming rebels. Say, isnt it time we.went to the border and started enforcing our borders. If they were.serious about fixing illegal immigration, the would make it a felony punishable by death, deputize red necks and pay $500 per illegal aliens dead or alive. In 30 days we would not have an immigration problem. To the naysayers, we are under assault by an invading force. They do not try assimilate. They are takers and we need to protect our nation.

  8. vincentg

    Iraq is the main story.

    Should we call this: When Children Run Super Powers

    Seems the government will not be happy until they make a complete mess of the world.
    The problem is that children always seem to think they know better.
    They think that a world molded in their image of what it should be would be best.
    This is why, in the past, older people were picked to run the country!

    What you have is a group of maniacs who are addicted to this chess like game of molding the world into what they want is now blowing up in their face.

    The real question is why did the people support this insanity over all these years.

  9. Old Soldat

    Eric Cantor is out as GOP Majority Leader. He was defeated in the Virginia primary by a Tea Party backed candidate, economic professor David Brat.


    Dave received votes from Tea Party people and others but received no financial aid or support from a national Tea Party group. He won the votes on his own and with his small staff…and likely Glenn Beck. Also, Cantor himself assisted. I’m not in that district but was subjected to all the campaign ads from each. Cantor’s were arrogant and oft-times outright lies. Unbelievable really.

  10. tROT

    Whose side of this religious war are we on anyway’s? Does Mohammed know? I heard the Saudi’s are helping the Sunni Reb’s take back Iraq? Where does that leave the US., stuck in the middle with who? Shades of 1914!
    I blame them so called Christians, Bush and Putin, LOL!

  11. Wayne

    This whole mess in Europe and the Middle East has definitely got me concerned. My son is a US Marine and will go the distance for America. But to go against US armed terrorists in war torn countries where Americans are not welcomed, does not fly with me. I understand that it is better to fight terrorism on their ground rather than ours, but I wish sometimes America would just leave the world alone…

    “The Democrats and the Republicans basically take turns ripping us off..” Perfectly said Greg. There are no “winners”..

    Sometimes I complain about living in New England during the cold, snowy winters. I guess I should shut up and be grateful I have plenty of water…

    Thanks Greg for your awesome reporting.

  12. Michael

    I support any outsider also Greg, especially ones like Brat who speak of restoring Judeo Christian values and adherence to the Constitution. Thanks for the great website, it’s nice to hear the truth because the mainstreet media pushes nothing but lies.

  13. DavidC

    Great stuff, as ever.


  14. art barnes

    Greg, Barbershop Boehner will make life a living hell for Mr. Bratt, but first he will try and get him in the fold with some chair bribes, Mr. Barbershop done that many times before, its his first play in his play book of How to Destroy a Country in One Generation.

    Iraq, George Bush’s baby, you remember, him and Cheney though Iraq people would be waiving American flags and get Michael Angelo type sculpture’s placed all over the country. Next, wait for the same thing to happen in Afghanistan as soon as our troops leave. Iran will help Iraq to be sure, then place their own people in there. Iran will control Afghanistan on their east and Iraq on their west, 5 years minimum. Now lets take a look at Obama’s middle eastern map since he got into office:

    Oil will go out of sight which is another part of this weeks news, another 10 days for the present spike to hit the pumps here at home, some quick profits for the oil companies at the expense of the working class, remember all the oil pumped out here gets the benefit of the price spike over there.

  15. Jerry

    Greg, great piece of work this week. Simply outstanding.
    Greg everything is tied together. The GDP is contracting. The U.S. influence throughout the world is also contracting, not only in dollars, but military influence as well. Iraq is a symptom of a much larger problem. The United States has become.. a paper tiger…literally. The red line tough talk in Syria, and then the meaningless threats in Ukraine have led us to the point where there is nowhere left to retreat to.

    The puppet masters have decided that they no longer need us, and are now putting a plan in motion to dispose of us. Iraq is just setting the stage for what is about to happen in Ukraine. The final nail in the coffin of the dollar, is to demonstrate to the rest of the world how pathetically weak we have become as a nation, by an embarrassing loss in Ukraine at the hands of our enemies. Can someone please, name one place where our foreign policy has succeeded in the last two years? The Arab spring, Libya , Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, and now Iraq are all dismal failures. But who cares? Lets worry about bringing home an army defector from Afghanistan . Folks, whether or not you know it, we are in some serious trouble right now, and its just a matter of time before it shows up at your front door. Use this time wisely. Hey does anybody know who’s on America’s got talent tonight?

    • tROT

      Jer, I don’t know whose on talent or got talent but I know we got Ukraine’s gold!

  16. allen ols

    Greg; JC, last M. Jerry, colin and more;

    PCR on Frances new wild card marine le Pen, and britians Nigel Farage, w/putin.
    Just as I think Representative Brat is a marked man, so are Farage and Le Pen. (Yes, I know, Marine is a woman, but the term is “marked man.”) The Establishment thought that Farage and Le Pen could be disposed of with lies and demonization. Their unexpected victory in the EU elections has brought that supposition into question. If Farage and Le Pen cannot be assassinated by the media, the prospect of physical assassination arises. The Establishment has perfect cover. As both political leaders speak out against the heavy level of immigration that is transforming the national existence of the UK and France, the intelligence services that serve the state can easily come up with a “deranged Muslim.”

    The main target of Farage and Le Pen is not immigrants. Their important target is the EU, which, more than immigration, is attacking national sovereignty, thus dissolving the peoples of historic European countries into a new and artificial entity called Europe.

    Farage and Le Pen are also opposed to Washington’s control of European countries and their foreign policy through NATO and other organizations dominated by Washington. Washington is no more willing than the Israel Lobby to take assaults on its power lying down. Attacks on the EU and on NATO are regarded as attacks on US interests. My conclusion is that the lives of Farage and Le Pen are at risk.

    And so is Vladimir Putin’s. Despite Washington’s demonization, Putin has risen to recognition as the most capable world leader. Unlike Obama, Putin walks freely among crowds. He doesn’t stand behind a bullet proof shield when he gives a speech. Russia is overrun with opposition groups well paid by Washington. Putin needs to recognize his danger before he is removed.

    Like Israel, Washington has no tolerance for those who get in its way. Just ask Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Viktor Yanukovych, and Bashar al-Assad.


    • Charles H.


      Le Pen and Farage ARE possibles – but Putin is too big. The blowback from Russia would be devastating, and very very personal.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Yeah Allen
      What a truly sad commentary on the state of the world when as a politician it is becoming more and more dangerous to have the good of your country, and mankind in general, as your fundamental political agenda.
      Of course this is not an entirely new situation.
      As a 9 year old child I vividly remember the jolt that was felt around the world when one of the most courageous leaders the world had ever witnessed was murdered in cold blood and in full public view on the streets of Dallas. This great leader was a ‘dead man walking’ as he was driven into an orchestrated shooting gallery as a result of having totally pissed off a long list of entities including;
      #1 The FED – remember Executive Order 11110 – issued June, 1963 [maybe a coincidence, maybe not]
      #2 The CIA, the FBI, the MOB – notice I list these together on the same line. [ all like the FED are 3 letters ‘words’]. Whats more there are at times many striking similarities in the way they go about their business
      #3 The military/ industrial complex
      #4 The Texas oil barons
      #5 Last on my list, but certainly not least – a deranged psychopathic Vice President with his own personal hit man who routinely eliminated people that got in his way

  17. Robert2

    If the rumors are true, that Obama is a Muslim, the fact that Islam is taking over in Iraq could be in line with his intentions.

  18. Douglas

    The voters have spoken. The election is over. Get over it. Pray for Brad.

  19. lawrence

    Good job, as always, Greg.
    Two points
    First, Ovomit supported a brutal coup in Honduras over the elected honduran president.
    So, some of those children are fleeing death squads .
    Second, Iraq would have totally collapsed ironically if it was not for the fearsome
    Peshmerga Kurdish fighters. They have defeated ISIS in EVERY battle they have had so far.
    They also in an ironic twist , have come to the aid of the Iraq army(the army who previously slaughtered them !)
    I cannot over estimate the importance of your reports, Greg.
    You are a beacon of truth in the fog of MSM confusion and lies.
    Have a great weekend!

    • tROT

      Larry, I guess our maimed steamed media is doing a better job than I thought because I never heard about any going’s on in our own, US., back yard, Honduras. I just thought we sent our aged to retire there and then recently they were sending there young here to slave for our welfare state. Mutual cooperation or mutual destruction? Take your pick, just not your nose please. Tanks a lot, well need em!

  20. Diane Ryan

    TGIF. Thank Greg it’s Friday! I really look forward to your Weekly Wrap-ups. Honestly, if I could have only ONE news source. It would be USAWatchdog. What an awesome source of truth. And what a time-saver!

    It is amazing that civility in so many nations is a house of cards, including our once-great Republic, and we do not even have a dog in the fight. Even worse is that our greatest threat is from within. It is time to pray and prepare to protect our love ones.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Diane. Thank you.

  21. allen ols


    alex jones interviews secret service guy;


    • jc Davis

      Exactly why Edward Snowden is a hero in my book. Where is the defenders of the republic????? Asleep. Tennessee national guards are ready. Yet living in disbelief.

  22. Andrew

    But Greg your making a classic mistake, the goal is not stability and peace. The goal is future wars, war leads to big money and control

  23. JC Davis

    Greg. Your map s wrong concerning Tennessee . We are above normal in rainfall for the year. Now concerning the kids, What is there average age. I don’t know. I do know many countries consider kids grow at 12 yrs old. What to do with them is a puzzle to me.
    PS . At some point John Kerry should resign. Thanks

    • allen ols

      JC wht part of tennessee, I am in nashville, but a bug out to woods locations.

      • jc Davis

        Allen. Donelson Nashville and bon Aqua in Hickman. Just a country mile from C A Fitz.

        • jc Davis

          Allen seems I am a short drive from you also. I will send Greg my info to pass on to you.

  24. Mohammad


    There were a lot of reports from top commanders in the Iraqi’s army of orders to DESERT their posts and to LEAVE their weapons, something fishy about this LIGHTENING advance of ISIS…!
    Al Maliki is about to leave his post since he is not popular there, he is clinching to his position and asking for MARSHAL LAWS that will put all the powers in his hands.
    SAME PLAY BOOK OF SYRIA. Fear is the reason why people will accept what they usually do not, and the fear of ISIS is the ticket of the Maliki to continue running the show with IRON FIST.
    The plan is clear as the sun in a not a single cloud in the sky day!
    Destruction of the Sunni fabric of Iraq and Syria and replacing them with the Shiites Israel friendly fabric is the theme.
    I said it before and i will say it again and time will prove me right.
    IRAN = ISRAEL they are the same next super power that will eclipse the current ones. Mark my words.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not sure of your thesis the Iran=Israel. Iran has been funding Hamas and Hezbollah for decades, but I will admit the ME is a total mess.

      • Mohammad


        Time will tell…!

    • Dan


    • Galaxy 500

      Hashanah is there anyone that buys into this besides you? Sometimes you actually make.good points but when you.spout this nonsense, it makes me look at the.things you say.that.I.think have merit. It makes me question everything you say. I guess that when Israel nukes Iran, it will be because the evil jews turned on their allies, right?

  25. Alf

    Have you ever thought about getting a gieger counter to monitor the rads ?

    • tROT

      AlFie, Yes, at least a meter to monitor the smart meter their hooking up to all our homes. Big Tom Edison is watching you and to do it, radiating you at the same time, 24/7! Just think of all the money we will save on our bill’s because we wont need the lights on, because well glow in the dark!

    • Charles H.


      Few people, and I mean very few people, recognize the dangers of radioactive contamination. It’s a “story”: it can’t possible be as bad; or it can’t possibly affect ME?!??

      What most people don’t take away is this… with Chernobyl, Russia threw everything they had at it: firemen, dead; pilots, dead; military liquidators, most died; tunnelers, some died also. All told about 500,000 humans were thrown at the nuclear catastrophe. They didn’t spare materials – trucks; bulldozers; you-name-it: they needed it – they took it. Even Khrushchev said the cost ended the Cold War.
      Compare this with Fukashima… three nuclear piles BIGGER than Chernobyl, plus the spent-fuel pools. What has been done?!?? Besides the biggest and broadest news media CLAMP-DOWN – the MINIMUM. Holding-off an explosion, and minimal containment is about all that has been done. Russia was a hare; and Japan the tortoise.
      My take on this is that Russia was responsible, and acted responsibly to repair damage and contain, and even clean-up the catastrophe. Japan, however, has done so poorly as to be negligent. So with all the technological advancements; all the progressive accomplishments, both social and educational: from 1986 to 2011 – the world has gone from responsible to irresponsible. The ocean is SOOOOOO big… poo poo poo.

      • Curlly

        Charles, a third of the creatures in the sea and had life died. . . .Rev.8: 9 King James

  26. Diogenese


    Hi Greg
    Very nice infograph in this piece about the Shia / Suni split in the mid east , the west has facilitated a religious war between the two camps by destroying the dictators , at least at the moment they are fighting each other when we have a winner they will be fighting us . the idea that democracy will trump religious bigotry is fantasy .
    Ukraine , who can tell whose side the tanks are on ? They were all made in Russia , FAR to easy to get a false flag incident when both sides use the same equipment .
    The war of words by the EU is bluster , the day Russia turns off the gas the EU turns into to a third world country , a blind gorilla can predict the outcome , common sense is sorely lacking in the capitals of Europe .

  27. thomas winston jr

    I listen to you everyday and I love your site! You are very good at what you do and I know you really care. I just wish all these govt cant just get together in one room and in a truthful and responsible manner work out all this crap that is going on. These people are so immature and childish in their handling of these dangerous situations. Come on people! Get together and work this stuff out! Wars are stupid and all this economic crap is immoral. May God give us wisdom, patience and goodwill! Thanks Greg. CIGA Tim Winston

  28. Galaxy 500

    Maliki hollowed out the Iriqi Army and removed the competent warriors. See what he got? If you are informed, you know the Obamachrist is doing the same here. It will be left to the patriots to defend the country when Obama surrenders to his fellow communists.

  29. Chris

    Greg! Any chance you will be putting your great information into audio format for us podcast listeners?


  30. smaulgld

    Obama just spoke and basically blamed the Iraqi security forces ,that we trained and supplied, for not fighting. He then said he will be soon speaking with the Iraqi leadership… if they are still there.

  31. mike gunther

    Its bad here in Southcentral Pennsylvania Greg. Non-stop rain, farmers returning corn seed because its too wet to plant and hoping it drys off enough to plant short crop soybeans. Hay fields are so wet equipment will sink in mud and destroy fields with ruts. Winter wheat crop is a sick yellowish green color from too much water laying in fields. We had a fantastic year in 2013, but 2014 is way too wet. All the Best to you and yours!

  32. Calgirl

    GATA consultants Trace Mayer of RunToGold.com and James Turk of GoldMoney discussed the prospects for gold, Bitcoin, and other private currencies at the European Gold Forum in Zurich, Switzerland, last month. The discussion was moderated by Paul Burton of Piran Mining Research and can be viewed at YouTube here:


  33. dchayden

    I think this whole Iraq thing is deliberately being set up, as the “mainstream media” is all over this story, which raises my suspicions greatly. I can totally see how these events could be set in motion, to later involve a second crack at Syria. People should not forget that NATO is not done with Syria, not by a long shot. Was not that long ago Turkey set up their own false flag ( in my opinion) to invade northern Syria, however, it did not pan out. Actions speak louder than words, so lets see how this all plays out. I am guessing NATO is up to their eyeballs in this “random” turn of events into Iraq, Just sayin.’ Great wrap up Greg! My week would not be the same without your show starting off my work days !!

    • tROT

      So dc, which side of this religiosity war do we get in on, just count me out please, i’ll stick with, “thou shalt not kill,” Exodus 20:13 (King James Version) This mess is out of human hands. Lift your heads up, there should be some freakish light shows happening Sunni. (Luke 21:11) In autumn 1914 WW1 be-gun, will 2014 mark such a turn of events for humanity, that 2015 will be unrecognizable? Will the 1981 film, (Firebird 2015 AD), staring Darren McGavin prove prophetic, when all gas stations are closed by executive order and owning any gasoline is strictly forbidden and terrorism is home grown? If 2015 cant come sunni enough for you. . . . .
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7REfEW0ofyk “click the Firebird 2015 AD box”

      • Galaxy 500

        Sorry Dude but thou shalt not kill is not what God gave as a commandment. If your Bible was a true transition, it would read, “Thou shalt not MURDER.”
        Happy to give.you the name of a true translation for you.

  34. Kristophr

    Ignorant stupid Democrats make ignorant and stupid policy.


  35. allen ols


    Richard Rockefeller lives in Falmouth, Maine. According to FlightAware flight tracking service, the plane left Portland International Jetport in Maine at 2:22 p.m. Thursday and landed at Westchester Airport at 3:41 p.m.

    Dr. Rockefeller practiced as a family physician in Falmouth, Maine, until 2000 and has worked on global health causes. He served as president of the Health Commons Institute, a nonprofit organization, and chairman of the U.S. Advisory Board of Doctors Without Borders, according to the Rockefeller Brothers Trust Fund website. He is married and has two grown children.


  36. Gerald

    Hey Greg. You sure did call it! You are the best and one of the few that can be trusted with real news. Keep up the great work.

  37. Ncdirtdigger

    Peace is breaking out everywhere you look! This is what they give Nobel Prizes for?

    • Galaxy 500

      Obama is the social promotion president just.like he got a.social promotion.peace prize. He did nothing to earn either. No achievements, no.efforts.

  38. Geo. T (formerly George)

    The IRS says it lost two years of Lois Learners emails

    HAHAHA does ANYONE believe that? If that isn’t a smidgen of proof of corruption, I don’t know what is

  39. allen ols


    Greyerz: “I see an acceleration in the destruction of currencies and in particular, the U.S. dollar. And that could start very soon. Of course we will have runs on the euro and on the yen as well since their economies are in a total mess, but the dollar will be the first to fall….
    “There are currently so many factors that will cause the dollar’s fall: First of all, FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, and other U.S. regulations means that every single transaction in dollars will be controlled by the U.S. authorities, even if the transaction itself has nothing to do with the United States.
    The $10 billion fine that BNP has been ordered to pay is an example of this. What will happen is that neither individuals, companies, or countries will use the dollar for any payments that are not U.S. related. Today over 60 percent of world trade is in dollars but this will decline rapidly.
    Then, if we look at dollar reserves held by governments worldwide, it was 71 percent in 2000. Today, only 62 percent of foreign government’s reserves are held in dollars. But that (figure) is likely to decline drastically in the next few years. Azerbaijan, for example, is now converting $1.8 billion in the sovereign wealth fund from dollars to renminbi.
    Also, we have seen many bilateral agreements between Russia, China, India, and many other countries, that will no longer be transacted in dollars. 90 percent of Gazprom’s clients have stopped transacting in dollars. And in April, a wealthy Russian took out $13 billion or 61 percent of a dollar deposit.

    So the consequence in the next few years will be that the dollar, which is only backed by massive debts, will continue the decline to its intrinsic value of zero. And the dollar decline will also lead to exchange controls, bail-ins, more forced savings in (U.S.) Treasuries, and probably confiscation of bank accounts.
    The Australian government has just seized $360 million of bank accounts that have been dormant for only 3 years. This is, of course, outrageous. I’m sure many countries will follow, and eventually the U.S. will have hyperinflation due to the falling dollar.”

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Once again I agree with you.
      2014 will show us all that the US$ use in world trade is in absolute free fall.
      A huge part of this can be directly attributed to the Obama regime’s disastrous diplomatic behavior. This debt level is now well past the point of no return. AUSTERITY is no longer an option under the present political system.
      There are only two solutions left then ;
      #1 Massive inflation/devaluation to erode this debt
      #2 Default
      Hang on a minute – thats only one solution – technically devaluation and default are one and the same thing.
      If you are a business or a country what follows default?
      There is only one inevitable answer to this and that is AUSTERITY.
      You can no longer borrow as no one trusts you to lend to anymore.
      Oh yeah – but the US being the reserve currency of the world can just print more money.
      No it can’t – it will no longer be the reserve currency and other countries will no longer buy US debt. = game over

      RE Aus Bank A/C confiscations
      – you are dead right here Allen. I have one bank account over the ‘creek’ and have been warned about this development. I keep that account at around zero or overdrawn. I don’t think they will take my overdraft will they?

  40. Fraser

    Thanks Greg

    From the start, the terrorist group ISIS has been funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and America. It should therefore come as no surprise that ISIS [1] “blind-sided US intelligence”, and [2] “captured US military equipment”, and [3] “stole Iraqi gold”.

    It should also come as no surprise when America [1] refuses to intervene or support Iraq and [2] later steps in to take full control of the fallen Iraqi Government.

    The only danger to American interests is if Iran (or Russia) steps in and protects Iraq and then forms a lasting alliance against US hegemony. So if Iran makes good progress you can expect Israel to attack and form a second front (with both sides supported by America). We are watching WW3 in slow motion.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think it is getting very dangerous, more than either Gulf wars.

    • tROT

      Wow Fras! Better stock up on gasoline now, or is it illegal to store? There wont be any gas stations open in 2015, so either way were screwed. Hooray fer Hollywood!

  41. PennState93

    Greg, you are right…..it’s literally an invasion orchestrated by Obama, financed by unwilling taxpayers. Article 4 section 4 clearly states that the USG must defend us against invasion, but what do we do when it’s the USG supporting this invasion?

    • tROT

      Exercise the better part of valor and scram! Exit stage up?The International Space Station
      anyone. Hey Fraser, can a person hide out in Tasmania without freezing to death?

  42. steven Davies

    Hey Greg i would like to to thank you for the great shows and information you provide. I have no doubt
    that you are saving lives in more ways than one my
    friend. As someone once said truth is revolution in the
    empire of lies. God bless you greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Love this line “. . . truth is revolution in the empire of lies.” Thank you for posting it here!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Wow…and so true. Just look.at.the so.called “news” outlets that are not mentioning any of the many Obama scandals. They carry his water so.often we should just call them waterboys.

  43. Galaxy 500

    When people say science is settled they know their position is not supported by facts. Its a biz as usual ploy for.liberals to demonize purveyors of facts that disagree with their chosen narrative…liberal will argue that its night during noon in the Sahara. They are.never detered from their position, even when ALL the facts oppose them. They are like a religious cult that believes the world was to end yesterday and are still arguing that the world did end despite the sun rising .

  44. Galaxy 500

    Great report from the middle America. The unseasonably cool temps in Eastern NC has stunted growth. Only one of my grape vines has fruit. The corn is off to a slow start.
    Joe Biden says Iraq is Obama’s biggest achievement…so he is Obama bin Laden!
    This man is truly evil. And we have an influx of vermin at the boarders. I believe that Obama is behind it.

  45. Galaxy 500

    More news

  46. Outlookingin

    This news sight gives you the straight up true picture. Thank you Greg for all your hard work in providing information that fully qualifies for the title of “news.”

    With this many ‘Black Swans’ circling overhead, one may expect some exogenous event to effect the delicate balance and cause the ‘tipping point’ to be achieved. All those with open minds and being mind full of what is occurring, are well on their way to being, or are, prepared (as best they can) for what is coming.

    For those who are unaware, or are stubbornly holding onto the old paradigm, you will become casualties of this coming, ‘root shaking’ change. Good luck. We are ALL going to need some.

  47. J Sweeny

    When we were in Iraq 10 years ago when the best of the fighting was going on, we left a lot of unfinished business unattended. We obviously didnt kill as many of the terrorists as we thought. Now the terrorists have grown back like weeds and now we have another task to clean the mess up. This time, we need to be much more comprehensive about Iraq and with anyone else that wants to tangle with us. If it happens to be Russia, then nuclear weapons can never be off the table, but no matter what we need them to understand we mean business and will kick their ass if they fall out of line no matter the costs in terms of casualties and treasure. Rest assured, we will always win if we really want to. On the flip side, war is very very good for the economy. We can either have an economy sliding around at half speed in a peace time economy or we can brandish a daunting war machine eclipsed in immense power that is the envy of the world. Its our choice as a nation, but as for me I choose the war path. It suits the American character much better.

    • Dan

      Wake up – war is part of the problem, not the solution!

    • tROT

      Jordon Sweeny Hrodniak, you catch more flies with honey! Repeat.

    • Curlly

      Jordon Sweeny Hrodniak, you catch more flies with honey! Repeat.
      Romans 12:19
      Click continue to website.

  48. Ordinary Concerned Patriotic American

    Has anyone read the news today? Read it for yourself.

    Bush (W) warned us that the fight against the terrorists was going to be a long fight. Up till now we had no idea. The ISIS group is once again intent on taking down our buildings in New York. The world right now is about as dangerous as it has ever been. What are we thinking? Plus now is not the time to let an insurgency from Mexico take hold in addition. How do we know that they are not the spearhead of ISIS that will bomb New York? I am telling you right now that if we dont harden up and get to fighting our country wont exist. Right now we should be launching missiles bombs and bullets and we are doing nothing. We have the means to know exactly where the terrorists are and can put a hellfire missile up the ass of the camel they are riding on if we had the balls to do so. Patriotic Americans need to stand up and beseech the government to act. As the bible says there is a time for war and that is now continuously. Wheres Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney when you need them so very badly? Just my 2 cents as a patriotic concerned American.

    • Dan

      More war, more war, USA, USA…

    • Diane Ryan

      I can’t believe the Americans still think goat herders took down 3 towers with just 2 airplanes.

      The whole phony ‘War on Terror’ has nothing to do with keeping us safe, and all to do with destroying our liberties and sovereignty. Obama has dealt the final blows, using tools created by Bush, Cheney and McCain. Looking at Iraq this week was reminiscent of the collapse of South Vietnam. It took 60 years of contrived wars but America is finally bankrupt, both morally and financially.

      • Charles H.

        Well said, Diane.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Go Diane – well said!

        Maybe the goat herders were just having a particularly ‘good ‘day?

        Excuse me, but at the risk of being labelled a tad agricultural, could I please take the liberty of adding this to your narrative and following on from the words “bankrupt, both morally and financially……..

        …… guided by Obama and Kerry with their heads that far up their backsides that they are in grave danger of becoming inside out!

  49. george

    just a note on the droughts and floods or what not, this is from a family member who worked for raytheon corp for many years, told me that the american infrastructure is past its usage limit, and needs a major overhaul, this he told me 20 years ago; that is how you balance water to drought and vice versa. just imagine our infrastructure working as efficiently as the nsa spy machine, would then there be any water shortages? its up to us the people to make the noise to get things done. thank you Greg for another great week!

  50. Coalburner9

    I have heard Jim Willie and others talk about London and New York sending our gold to China, Russia and the Far East, all they could steal too! So ask some of these experts why they would do something that stupid. If they say because it is the NWO or Bilderberg Group or whatever plan to destroy us, I will want to pull my hair out. But don’t let that stop anybody from saying what they think. If it is because they are stupid humans , I can handle it.

    • Charles H.

      This is why I suspect the ideology of ‘an antiquated relic’ and ‘no intrinsic value’ worried me. Was it a line to fool people; or did they believe it themselves? Facts seen to support tons and tons went East. 170,000 tons total worldwide. Do they think the world will agree to go digital?!? Even if it is a combination of cause & effect: the US is painted into a corner. Stupidity HAS to play into it somehow.

  51. Weekend Warrior

    Under Obama, we have had almost 6 years of peace and what has it gained us? Nothing but a general feeling by most Americans being ashamed to be US citizens. It is high time we get on our war colors and get our guns and ante up. Personally, I think we all need to get up and kick some ass. And I dont care which kind. I am not into communists and I sure as hall am not into muslims. So lets get to fighting and killing forst and let God sort em out later. And make no mistake, we are on Gods side and we will prevail. Our God is an awsome God and when its required, he will give us the mandate and the power to rain down shot and shell from heaven above. God bless the USA and Israel the chosen people.

  52. Ed

    Rarely in life are things as bad as they seem.
    That is what makes this administration so unique.

  53. Rodster

    So according to NATO’s Chief, Russia is now the enemy and will build up Ukraine’s Military. As Dr. Roberts has warned, don’t rule out war, possibly nuclear.


  54. Galaxy 500

    I have often struggled with what Mr. Obama’s true agenda is. My father, God rest his soul, taught me that actions speak louder than words. He said that subterfuge evaporates from actions when viewd dispassionately while rehotoric is a politician’s smoke machine.
    So what can we glean from Obama’s Iraq policy? First of all, its been known for four months that ISIS was invading Iraq. Iraq asked for air strikes over four months ago. Its was widely known that the central bank in Mosul had hundreds of millions of dollars. Now Obama has funded ISIS and he didn’t destroy them when they were moving down major highways in sixty vehicle convoys. Obama supports ISIS and their goals. Regardless of what his rhetoric and theatrics say, Obama supports terrorists that hate America.

    • Charles H.


      When you line up all the policies and actions since Obama took office – two conclusions stand out. He has been a disaster from Day One. He is pro-muslim. Neither has served America well. That he garnered any votes – stupefies me.

      • Galaxy 500

        Contrary to the Justice department and Democrats, voting fraud.is rampant. 81 dead people voted in NC in 2012. And I guarantee that the dead didn’t vote.for.Romney. Plus.we have 35,000+, that are.registered to vote in NC and at least one other state.

  55. Matt

    Dust Bowl and Great Depression: It’s deja vu all over again.

    Hope everyone is stocking up on canned goods–to say nothing of guns and gold.

  56. Curlly

    Heard Bob Wiedemer of the book, Aftershock Invester: A Crash Course in Staying Afloat in A Sinking Economy! He say’s the so called recovery that’s never been like this before is 100% fake! We had 20% inflation before and this time should be much worse for obvious reasons. In 2005 they refused to publish his 1st book because he predicted the housing crash, but in 2006 when the cracks started showing they put it on the market and he say’s after a few more crashes and bubbles the big Kahuna tying them altogether is about to burst in a crashing USD. Might be a good guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have had him on before twice and will have him on again. Thank you.

  57. Rapture Forums

    I’m glad to see Brat win. It’s time for the RINOs to sweat it out as we clean house later in the year at election time.

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