Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.21.13

4Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The Middle East, namely Syria, continues to dominate the news in my world.  It is because the threat of a wider war is increasing and not decreasing.  President Obama met with Russian President Vladimir Putin about Syria and the civil war that has taken the lives of more than 90,000 Syrians.  How did the meeting go?  In a word, bad.  No agreement was reached to end the war, and Russia will not agree to anything that removes the Assad regime.  So, it appears to be “game on” in the war front as the U.S. arms the rebels which are, in effect, al-Qaeda terrorists. 

This week, Fed Chief Ben Bernanke just hinted at slowing down the pace of money printing at the end of this year and bam!—we got a 500 point plus sell-off in the stock market.  Let’s face it, the stock market is being propped up by the Fed, and the economy is so weak that even a hint of slowing down the easy money train and the market throws up.  He also said he’s only going to do that if the economy continues to improve.  I don’t know what numbers he’s looking at, but the economy is bottom bouncing at best.  Many countries in the EU are in a depression.  Now, China is having problems with growth and its banks.  I don’t see how the Fed is going to stop the money printing in the face of little to negative real growth.  

Gold also took it on the chin this week.  It lost nearly $100 an ounce.  Marc Faber says at these prices, mine production is going to be reduced.  I look for a pretty big turnaround in gold and stocks when the Fed signals it will continue to print money.  I think the Fed wanted to see what would happen if it hinted at slowing down the printing.  It got its answer—crash. 

Big news with NSA this week as it told its side of the story.  It basically said it needs this massive surveillance program to keep America safe from terrorists.  It said it stopped 50 terror attacks on places like the New York Stock Exchange, but could not give many details.  I guess we will just have to trust an agency that had a secret spying program that takes in massive data of all Americans. 

This brings me to my final thoughts on terror.  The government says we are fighting terrorists; yet, this week, we find out the U.S. is going to start talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan.  These are the same people who poison little girls who want to go to school, or they shoot them in the head for speaking out.  Then, there is Syria.  We are arming the rebels there, and the rebels are al-Qaeda terrorists.  Also, this week, Edward Snowden was called a traitor who hurt national security for exposing a huge program that spies on Americans.  But when Deloitte Financial Advisory Services gets caught helping a big European bank launder money for Iran, which is on the terror list, it just gets a fine and a one year suspension.  Isn’t helping enemies launder millions of dollars treason?  Doesn’t that help countries on the terror list?  They want to imprison or kill Snowden, and they just fine consultants that help launder money for the people who support Hezbollah.  War on terror.  Right, keep telling us that. 

Join Greg Hunter as he brings you his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.    

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  1. JdL

    The government says we are fighting terrorists; yet, this week, we find out the U.S. is going to start talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    In your video, you also state that the Taliban took part in 9/11. That’s news to me! But even if true, and the Taliban really does qualify as “terrorists” (beyond their undeniable campaigns within Afghanistan, where they are murdering thugs), shouldn’t we negotiate with them? I’ve never understood the push for a “shoot always, ask questions never” approach to the world.

    • Greg

      Where do you think Osama bin Laden was hiding before Pakistan? Why did the U.S. invade Afghanistan?

      • JdL

        As I remember it, the Taliban offered to turn Bin Laden over to the U.S. IF the U.S. provided some evidence that he was guilty of 9/11 (or some serious crime). The U.S., of course, in its arrogant way, said No way: hand him over or we’ll invade. The rest is history.

        But you haven’t answered my question. Assuming for the sake of argument that the Taliban is in fact a band of international terrorists, shouldn’t we still talk to them? I would.

        • Greg

          So we are going to negotiate with people that poison and shoot little girls in the head who want to be educated? You are missing my point, and that is if we are having this so-called war on terror then why not treat all so-called terror groups like well terrorists. Instead, we (U.S.) arm them, allow money laundering for them and negotiate with them. Meanwhile, folks like Snowden are wanted for prosecution and the Tea Party and people who believe in the U.S. Constitution are targeted by the IRS.

    • Gary

      What better way to destroy America than to sacrifice our troops by committing them to a war they cannot win because the gov will not be fully supportive of their efforts. If one is of the mind that this so-called American president is truly for America and Americans, it begs the question why is he doing things that are apparently in full support of Fundamentally Transforming America?

  2. art barnes

    Greg, the FED I believe brought the market down a bit allowing some shorts to make some money for a change, who knows who had the heads up to go short, interesting to find out wouldn’t it. The “hint” also was to continue to play make believe that the economy is improving. The simple fact is that QE will continue and the reaction of the market is telling that the big boys know this is false market and can’t be supported by the state of the economy.

    Spy on Americans to stop terror and negotiate with the Taliban, frankly I wonder if this Administration has lost its mind, I don’t for a minute think Kerry (sec of st) was on board for this policy, I’ll bet there is already a rift between the Administration and the State Dept. since Kerry got on board.

    Lastly, the meeting with Russia (Putin) over Syria as you said went bad, but I really, really, think Obama got over out matched, did you see the posturing of Putin at the conference? He wanted no part in that photo op charade, Putin will go to war for Syria, its the only real hold in the middle east for Russia. With no plans for troops on the ground and no policy for a no fly zone, arming the rebels is the only thing Obama can do and that has not been helping. Israel however, could play a role if Obama hasn’t burnt that bridge totally yet.

  3. AndyB

    Greg: It’s come down to this: the Obama Administration is the most transparent liar and producer of disinformation and propaganda that the US has ever experienced. The one positive point is that every day more traitors to the US Constitution are “outed”. For example all those who call for Snowden’s execution, Amnesty without a precondition of border security, heavy weapons to arm AlQ in Syria, etc. etc. etc. What’s especially disheartening is that after this “outing”, we are left with so few real patriots.

    • art barnes

      Hey Andy, couldn’t agree with you more. The present 800 page immigration bill that all the republicans are so happy about, and are out there seeking photo-ops on, is full of loop holes so big that you can let another 30 million illegals in before the border is ever secure. Its another smoke and mirrors bill, the reason is that less than 25 Americans ever read these bills and that probably includes Congress (the best politicians on earth that money can buy!) P.S. just try actually finding that bill to read, you will see what I mean. The old saying that just because someone says its true doesn’t make it true comes to mind on all the bills before Congress.

  4. Brian

    Looking at what is going on here I feel like I just woke up and the world is being run by SPECTRE! We are all in some real trouble and only a very arduous, taxing, perilous push to seek justice and the lawful redress of all these egregious acts will keep us from an eventual plunge into the abyss of suffocating tyranny.

  5. Jude Anthony

    Hi Greg,

    Great weekly summary. To understand the whole picture, you need to understand who are the Illuminati, what is New World Order, etc. I just saw a really well researched book (free) at http://www.samaritansentinel.com , called The Rise of the New World Order.

    Check it out!


    • g.johnson

      thank you for that link, excellent source of information. i am sure that i popped a red flag down at nsa when i clicked on it an probably 2 or three more when i added it to my favorites list.

      good weekly wrap. what snowden did was his duty as a citizen of the constitutional republic of the usa. he is not a hero or a traitor. he is an american patriot who saw suspicious behavior from a government agency and reported what he saw to the people. any law which would prevent a citizen from doing such duty is a law enacted in treason.

      how very unfortunate that there are so few true american citizens left among us.

      i am counting you as one greg. keep up the poking and exposing.

  6. Nathan

    Here’s a pretty disturbing (yet not so surprising )article that came out after your Weekly news update . A lawsuit filed by a San Diego based firm confirmed that Standard and Poors and Moody’s were altering the triple A ratings for the big banks in exchange for cash . If you search “The last Mystery of the Financial Crises” (Its from Rolling Stone)written by Matt Taibbi (of course) http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-last-mystery-of-the-financial-crisis-20130619 . Read some of the incriminating emails from the story and you’ll get the picture . I hope Matt T doesn’t get car bombed like his cohort Michael Hastings .

    Great job as usual

    • Greg

      What a financial cesspool. How could it all NOT implode. Thank you for this.

  7. Dwain

    Greg, Don’t think US wants fighting to stop. Whats so bad about Assad.

    I think the US is provoking war in order to keep the military industrial complex rolling. My son just joined the army. Many youth are joining because they have nothing else to do plus it pays good. Recruiters make over 50k plus benefits. Greenies also do very well. But I question our moral authority to fight other countries when we destroy our own economically, religiously, morally, and culturally.

    • Greg

      Heck Dwain, all the indications are the U.S. wants it to escalate the fighting. I guess this is why we are arming al-Qaeda in Syria. Thanks for checking in here!

  8. bob d

    9-11 was a coup therefore we are living in a lawless system. After a coup takes place many old truths become untruths. This feeling of not understanding is normal in a lawless state.
    The big problem in a lawless nation,no money system will stand for long. Knowing this as a truth,we can expect only two out comes. One, the people who gave the go ahead for the coup are rounded up and the few good leaders in DC get back to the rule of law.The only other out come in a coup,is killing the one’s off who don’t like the new system.
    I think we have a stalemate in DC on the two out comes and that is one reason people like Putin has no reason to deal with a rotten ,lawless country like USA. We learn as children you can’t have a relationship with a dishonest person and expected a good out come.
    Maybe the crazy people in DC think they can keep passing laws to make the lawless legal. Peace.

    • Greg

      Bob d,
      I hate to say this but there is plenty of information and news reports to back up what you say about the “lawless state.”

  9. jc davis

    Greg, your on fire with this wrap up.
    To answer your question (can someone help me with this). In short mobsters need the terrorism to maintain there legalized thievery.
    All thievery is sin, and wrong. When any country legalizes it, GOD will correct it in time. Those who believe in investing in stocks are supporting a criminal action. I to have done the stock investments. Now my eyes are open. Now I am responsible for my own actions. Today we must use the dollar, until judgment day – (the day The users will be corrected.) Thank you Greg.

  10. Rod Cloutier


    I don’t know if you saw this but here is an Irish parlementarian speaking about Obama’s role in the Syria crisis:


    Keep up the excellent journalism!

    • M.Smith

      Very good you tube video of how they attack anyone who stands against the financial banksters war machine! This Irish Lady was attacked for telling the truth while the spineless sat back & did nothing!

      • george

        Speaking truth to power always has a cost. Does anyone believe that Snowden did not understand what he was going to pay for outing the NSA? Snowden knew he was likely never to come back to the US as a regular citizen. He understood he would likely have an “Accident.”

  11. jerry

    Greg you’ve done another great week of reporting. As always I look forward to your interviews and insights, and I thank you.
    Greg I find it very disturbing that so many people in this country are willing to live in a state of total ignorance and denial, as the evidence of what you have been reporting on continues to pile up. I ask myself, why wouldn’t Congress or the President do something about our exploding National Debt before our economy totally implodes and people get hurt? The answer is, they are either living in denial to, or they don’t think there is anything they can do to stop it. Either way it going to be bad. Greg do you think the war in Syria is just another distraction from the real problem, our looming debt crisis? Just asking. Thanks again.

    • Greg

      Both have huge implications. Thank you for your support!

  12. Fraser

    On Syria, this is an informative link:


    It appears that the Al Qaeda insurgency (backed by the West) has been defeated, which has propmted the West to now send in troops and keep fighting on “humantiarian grounds”.

    Everyone in the West should be ashamed of what our Governments are doing in our name.

  13. Jim H

    Good morning Greg
    Great wrap-up! Indeed, someone make sense of any of it. Our Govt/CIA has unseated most of the puppets they installed in the Middle East, replacing them with mostly Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood (so far). Do they want the next world war? Maybe these small wars, while profitable, are not enough to curb “over population”. I remember George Bush Sr. was in a meeting with Taliban leaders Sept. 11, 2001. Never heard what that was about. They were flown out of country when Americans were banned from flying. It’s all real Alice in Wonderland stuff though war has always been their tool. At least in the past we all benefited too but those days have been over for some time. Clearly banks (the IMF, World bank and all their children will be the tool of the future of un-named “Investors”. Why else the bailouts world wide of all the big ones while letting the small ones fall. The stock market and paper gold and silver are being used to rob pensions and savings. These will not be bailed out when their planned demise is complete. It’s a new game never before played and if we want to know the rules “national security” is the reason given by the Fed (the voice of un-named investors) and enforced by their intelligence apparatus. Ask too much and you are labeled a terrorist. Real Alice in Wonderland world in recent years. Good luck to honest people in our world. We will need plenty of it.

  14. Jim H

    I apologize for a mistake in my earlier post. Replace the word Taliban with Bin Laden family members (Carlyle Group connection). It was an honest mistake.

  15. BOB D

    Maybe you could get a interview with Karen Hudes World Bank whisteblower. She is a brave one.

    • Greg

      Good idea.

  16. Chip

    Greg, awesome wrap up. I share your concerns over Syria. I posted here a note I sent to my senators and congressman about it. Standing toe to toe against Russia on this is not going to end well. So much happening and seems to be accelorating. Thanks for this site…

    • Greg

      I firmly believe Syria is the line in the sand for Russia, Iran and to some extent China. This is going to be a global mess before it is through.

  17. george

    I hate to admit it but I think Assad is better in power than Al-Qaeda. What the F%<% is McCain thinking? He has a photo op with a KNOWN Al-Qaeda terrorist. It is time for him to go!
    IF you ask an intelligent six year old if it would be better to give Al-Qaeda heavy weapons or do nothing; they would say do nothing! All I am saying is that if McCain is not as smart as a six year old, maybe it is time to send him to the old folks home. While I honor his previous service, he has done so much evil since he was a hero as to not only negate the good but to pile up an impressive negative number of good (yes, folks…negative good=EVIL)
    From the Keating Five to voting for NDAA, anyone thinking McCain is a good guy and a conservative should be put inside a wack-a-mole machine and beat senseless. PAST BEHAVIOR, while not perfect, IS THE BEST PREDICTOR OF FUTURE BEHAVIOR.
    McCain, for all of his previous glory fifty years ago has sold out…either that, or his cognitive functions are off. Which ever excuse you choose means you vote for a new candidate in the next AZ primary.

    • Greg

      You may well be correct. At the very least what is the difference between Hezbollah and al-Qaeda? Aren’t both recognized by the U.S. as terror groups?

  18. george

    All the hoopla about the new 2,000 page immigration bill that is going to be voted on without anyone reading it in its entirety. No problem, it worked for ObamaCare; what could go wrong?
    …That is besides everything

  19. george

    You wrote, “this week, Edward Snowden was called a traitor who hurt national security for exposing a huge program that spies on Americans. But when Deloitte Financial Advisory Services gets caught helping a big European bank launder money for Iran, which is on the terror list, it just gets a fine and a one year suspension. Isn’t helping enemies launder millions of dollars treason? Doesn’t that help countries on the terror list? They want to imprison or kill Snowden, and they just fine consultants that help launder money for the people who support Hezbollah. War on terror. Right, keep telling us that.”

    I do not know whether Snowden is a traitor but it appears all the stuff he said and was denied by the NSA has turned out to be true. Obama’s Whitehouse breached National Security many times and no one prosecuted them. And didn’t dumba$$ Biden cost the USA billions of $ to build a new bunker for the VP when he violated his oath of security and told where the current VP bunker was? What a macaroon!
    None of what is being done is legal under the US Constitution.

  20. Jerry S

    We only need to see one thing

    The procedure document from the US Gov. on how employees or contractors are supposed to handle illegal or unconstitutional activity

    You wont find it because it does not exist

  21. Doc 454


    Dear Greg,

    It is time to remind everyone of what President John F. Kennedy explained, that secret(s) are repugnant in a free society. Connect the dots. 50 years hence, how many are the fourth estate. How many are the fifth column?


  22. cjay686

    The US Government is by far the largest continuous terrorist organization. ALL other terrorists organizations spawn from it. Thus, if the US Government would not exist-terrorism wouldn’t exist.

    • Greg

      I would like to change it Not destroy it. I am hoping we can do that in a peaceful way. Thank you for perspective.

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