Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.20.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Syria is on fire.  Top aides of President Assad were killed in a bombing attack this week by rebels.  The government responded by shelling neighborhoods around Damascus.  Syria is threatening to take its chemical weapons out of storage.  Israel is worried these weapons could fall into the hands of Hezbollah and is threatening a preemptive attack.  Increased sanctions against Syria were vetoed in the U.N. by China and Russia.  Russia has called for an immediate cease fire on all sides with no luck.  This civil war is 16 months old and has claimed the lives of more than 14,000 Syrians.  Remember, this was just this week.  Meanwhile, in Bulgaria, a suicide bomber killed seven people on a tour bus packed with Israelis.  Many others were badly injured.  Benjamin Netanyahu claims Iranian-backed Hezbollah did the crime and promises a response.  He also said, “The most dangerous country in the world cannot have the most dangerous weapons on earth.”  That should speak volumes on where this is heading, and the Middle East is experiencing a very big military build-up on all sides.  Closer to home, not everyone was on the winning end of the fraudulent rigging of Libor interest rates.  It is a key rate used in setting interest rates on as much as $800 trillion in transactions globally.  Things such as credit cards, mortgages and derivatives are affected.  Now, some big Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are contemplating lawsuits.  Wall Street banker Jim Rickards says an avalanche of litigation could bring down the banking system.  I will feature Rickards in a One-on-One interview Monday.  Bernanke testified in front of Congress this week, and he’s worried about the economy!  For one thing, jobless claims are up again.  What happened to the so-called recovery?  People I talk to say lots of money printing is on the way.  New numbers for pensions are out.  There is a $4.6 trillion shortfall.  Every corner of America is either broke or has been robbed.  Finally, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio now says President Obama’s birth certificate is definitely “fraudulent.”  The state of Hawaii says otherwise.  My question is if this is a big lie the Sheriff is telling, then why don’t the mainstream media do an investigation and prove Arpaio wrong.  If he is lying, he should be destroyed and humiliated.  Come on Washington Post, Boston Globe, NBC, ABC and CBS.  Hire a team who will probably work pro bono, and put this to rest.  After all, Arpaio says this is a “fraudulent” document that can be found on a government website, and it involves the President of the United States.  Greg Hunter has analysis of these stories and more on the Weekly News Wrap-Up. 

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  1. George Too

    Greg, I love that cartoon! There is not much made in the USA any more as US companies moved production off shore in chase for an extra dime a share profit for the quarter

    • Greg

      Thank you george Too for all your comments!

  2. George Too

    There are several Libor replacements floated…One is from the central Eurobankers. The Euro Interbank Offered Rate (Euribor) is a daily reference rate based on the averaged interest rates at which Eurozone banks offer to lend unsecured funds to other banks in the euro wholesale money market (or interbank market). No manipulation there…hahahaha

  3. George Too

    Not saying what Obama has on website (birth cert) proves he is not a citizen. I am saying that it has been manipulated. Anyone that knows Adobe Illustrator can attest to that.

  4. jay

    WOW! Greg.
    Anyone hearing this report must be in shock to see the country,and world in such a mess. Your frustration is easy to see..as it should be. Thanks for stepping up in truth to the world of greed,and deception.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jay for your support!!

  5. art barnes

    Quite a week at ground zero America. Syria is going down and quickly. As soon as Syria goes then Iran will be totally surrounded and must capitulate as their oil money dries up. I don’t believe Iran’s leadership will or can hold out or go to war, plug up the gulf, etc. Iran will make a great deal for the nukes, much money I assume will be the exchange. Since they have outplayed our State Dept. for years you know the deal will be a farce and cost the U.S. trillions.

    Underfunded pensions, drought in the plains, cities going bankrupt, and a massive killing in Denver, how can all of this turn out anything but bad. Our society is on the brink, next week will bring more bad news and all the while CNBC sees a profit and a bull behind every tree; go figure.

  6. Cathy

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. One of the first site we go to every morning for true reporting. Great job!!

    • Greg

      Thank you Cathy for your support and comment!

  7. Willard Ferch

    I read this site every day, & thank you for your diligence & very pertinent info. As for Obama’s bc, there was a very thorough examination before Joe’s crew, & they pointed out the flaws; it was definetly phony. Joe’s crew confirmed this. Also, there is a lot more evidence involved. I rode the fence for a long time, but finally fell off on the side of “O was born elsewhere”, & it’s gotten to the point where Hawaii info, or any other pro info, is completely untrustworthy. One question I have: Do his college papers show he enrolled as a foreign student? Fiddlin

    • Greg

      Willard Ferch,
      Good points, but my main point is why doesn’t the MSM do an investigation and put this to bed once and for all? This is an easy cheap story to do. It’s all online!!! What gives??? Thank you for your comment.

      • Henry

        Thanks, Greg for your truly GREAT WORK!
        Regarding your question: “Why doesn’t the MSM do an investigation and put this to bed once and for all?”

        Possible answer: MSM has gone from an “investigative” bias of the past into a full-blown “advertising” bias of today after Clinton’s media deregulation of 1995, and, after the advent of internet competition. Therefore, MSM cannot “rock-the-boat” too much thereby RISKING ADVERTISING REVENUE. Agree?

        • Greg

          Thank you.

  8. art barnes

    On the Obama birth certificate, a person can’t help but believe where his parents told him or her where they were born, and can’t help it if their parents manipulated their birth certificate for their own personal reasons. I don’t blame the President believing he was born in Hawaii even though his grandmother in Africa says otherwise. On the other hand, grandmothers in my opinion barely ever lie and the video I saw she was very proud of the President being born there as she should be. She said he was born in Kenya and pointed to the place; I believe her. Having said that, the President may not really know himself so I don’t blame him either, after all, who can remember their birth? If we can let millions of illegal aliens flood the country with impunity, why not let the President slide by, he at least had a legitimate U.S. citizen birth mother in the first instance. Lets look at the President’s record that the last 3 years or so and stop the birth certificate nonsense.

    • Nethel

      Hey Art, I committed a crime three years ago but have a great looking lawn. Let’s look at my record of lawn maintenance the last three years and stop the crime nonsense!

  9. Mitch Bupp

    I just saw where Citi was put on notice of their manipulation of TIBOR or Japanese LIBOR in Dec 2011 Here the link…


    How do you fight this system where even tax dollars are used to fund the scams and ponzi?

    tax boycott!

  10. Mitch Bupp

    as far as Obama’s birth certificate… I wonder if it was there but it was missing info and to make it look right some low staffer moron did a fix?

  11. Luis Chavez

    Thank you again for your honest, brave and intelligent work.
    You are among the top sources to find true facts.

    • Greg

      Thank you Luis for your support.

  12. Weary of Taxes

    Gregg , Great reporting !

    The cartoon looks like the local WalMart herd Heifers here need backup alarms like trucks have. FAR TOO MANY “Big Gulps” in that spandex. Gotta go reach for the Pepto after that thought…..

    Oh, and it is not just the food, it costs nothing to NOT eat.

    • Greg

      Thank you Weary of Taxes.

  13. Mogg

    MSM won’t investigate Obama because they would be branded the Racist Network, it would be economic suicide for the investigating corporation.

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