Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.17.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The Middle East is in the spot light again this week, and it’s all because of continued talk of war.  Matan Vilnai, an Israeli defense minister, said Israel is “ready as never before.”  He’s talking about a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities and predicts it “. . . will last 30 days on a number of fronts.”  To that I say he must be dreaming.  There is no way on earth Israel is going to drop a daisy cutter on Iran’s head and it be over in 30 days.  You’d be lucky if it were over in 30 months.  Iran has repeatedly said its nuclear program is for the peaceful production of energy.  The civil war that has been going on in Syria the last year and a half is now spreading into Lebanon.  Foreign citizen are evacuating because of worries of kidnapping, and chaos is spreading.  Things are getting worse, not better in the Middle East, but you’d never know it if you watched and read much of the mainstream media.  The New York Times is reporting there will likely be no charges filed against former Governor Jon Corzine over the MF Global bankruptcy and $1.6 billion in “vaporized” client funds.  Investigators are saying there was “chaos” but no “fraud.”  Big surprise.  WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange has been granted political asylum by Ecuador.  Assange and his WikiLeaks have leaked hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. documents.   Mitt Romney says he’s paid about 13% of his income the past ten years in taxes.  He’s not releasing any more of his tax returns.  In light of possible war in the Middle East and a lawless and insolvent Western banking system, is this really a big issue?  Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.   

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  1. art barnes

    Jon Corzine not being prosecuted, well imagine that. In America today and everyday there are literally thousands of people who are arrested for petty theft at your local Walmart & Target stores. The difference I must assume is that your average petty thief didn’t steal enough!

    As to Iran, Israel will wait until after the election. If Obama is reelected then anytime after the election will be a go because Obama will never sanction a strike and Israel can’t wait another 4 years. If Romney becomes president Israel will wait until he swears in and use the time for Iran to possibly capitulate with intentional rumors and or leaks that Romney will engage Iran soon after taking office. Romney may be the reason Iran backs down as they did when Reagan was sworn in in the hostage crisis of 79.

  2. AndyB

    Greg: In re Corzine, you really should explore the ramifications of the Sentinel appeals court ruling. I have the sneaky suspicion that MFG and PFG were examples of the banksters “testing the waters” to see just how much they could steal with impunity. Now the Sentinel ruling courtesy of an Appeals Court that has obviously been bought and paid for. Essentially this ruling means that presumed segregated accounts, bank deposits, pensions, etc., i.e any asset you own that has counterparty risk, is open for looting. Both Ann Barnhardt and Karl Denninger have commented on this; it needs wider exposure from your excellent site.

    • Greg

      Anyone holding their money in any brokerage is in peril, especially during the next market crash. Your idea and points are well made and well taken!!!

  3. George Too

    I think you are underestimating the Israelis. They don’t fight like the USA does. If someone shots at them from a building, then throws the rifle down and walks out side, American troops could not shoot them. The Israelis will shot them and will not be concerned about a PR backlash. They fight to win and they are fighting for the survival of their country.
    The Iranians are seeking nukes and says that Israel has no right to exist. If it comes down to it, the Israelis will nuke the Iranians as a warning to the Egyptians and the rest of the Middle East.

    • Greg

      George Too,
      You may be underestimating the Iranians. They are Persian at heart and many in history have attacked them and underestimated them. War with Iran will not be short, and the entire world will be involved. It will be costly and very bloody on all sides!! I pray it can be avoided because I am worried about our military people in harms way.

  4. JILL

    Thanks for putting the Real News out. Reading the so called news papers to find out anything besides the latest celebs news is a waste of time. Keep up the good work

    • Greg

      Thank you Jill for your comments and support!!!

  5. JILL

    NO Charges at MF Global!!!! What a crock! but then the rule of law is dead here. We are back to the “Golden” Rule; he who has the GOLD (or cash) rules and only the poor get jail

  6. Ray

    I do not see a civil war in Syria since the Syrian Army is not fighting Syrians but Arabs from foreign countries who are members of Al Qaeda. These are not rebels but foreign fighters.

    • Greg

      They are clearly both foreign and domestic. You are spot on about the Al Qaeda connection though!!

  7. Cathy

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, what a breath of fresh air. The first news site I go to for truth and not many more. Please keep it going and keeping us informed.

    • Greg

      Thank you Cathy for your comment and support.

  8. Bob

    Maybe Obama and the Pentagon is going to end the Fed. This will mean the world out side of the US will be stiff with worthless Fed dollars.
    It wouldn’t be hard to print new dollars, that would be used within the US border. This change would scare the hell out of the rich folks but they are few. If you can get the middle income and the poor from going crazy, you got a window to a new system.
    I think this can be pulled off, if the average Joe and Mary is told how 911 was a inside job and how the neocon’s took the Republic for a wild ride.
    The rule of law and a new dollar is the only way to a new started, nothing can replace the rule of law.
    The Pentagon is using the same rebels overseas, who were are so called enemies before. They are being let lose all around Israel and that is checkmate on the neocon’s. The people of Israel are not the enemy of the US. but the leadership in Israel have been foolish way to long.
    Anyone who been watching this mess for 40 years, must see all the lies that got us to this point. I’m not over smart but when leaders tell are young men to attack people living in grass huts are people in caves with a couple goats. Something stinks to high heaven as the gold stacks up in the Swiss banks.

  9. Diane Carol Mark

    Great “cliff notes” version of the Medicare USA Today article 🙂

    FYI – the real news this week (that I’ve only seen covered on The Watchers) is the Louisiana Sinkhole problem. It’s a large sinkhole that’s currently imploding and expanding, swallowing trees, etc. But, very scary: it’s only 1500 feet from a very large butane well that holds enough liquid gas to explode with the power of 100 Hiroshima bombs.

    I’m praying that the sinkhole ceases to expand in the direction of the well. Perhaps we all might pray?


    🙂 Diane

    • Greg

      Posted it!! Thank you!!

    • jay

      Verrry interesting Diane…Thanks for the post

  10. Tim B.

    Another fine example of how our mainstream media and two main presidential canidates talk about nothing. Correlation perhaps? I fully expect a megadose of nothing up through the election. Fortunatley there are alternatives. Thanks for the effort.

    • Greg

      Tim B.
      Thanks for the comment!

  11. jay

    The main streem media is worse then the (leagalized thieves) i say. If there were 1 oz of back bone among them all it would be exposed nation wide. I realize there just tele prompter readers,but come on the nation deserves better.As they recieve there awards i can only hope they know GOD is watching them assist in corruption. The question is who is worse? the theif? or the one who assist the theif?
    eccl 8:11 teaches when a crime is not brought to justice quickly it incresses more crime.

    • Greg

      You are so right man. This whole situation has gotten worse because nobody stepped in and put an end to this so it has gotten much worse. There should have bee very little bailouts in 2008. We should have used our reserve currency privilege to back only depositors. It would have only cost $6 trillion. Instead we have spent more than $30 trillion and we are nowhere close to being done with the financial carnage. We may have spent a few trillion more protecting the productive assets of the country, but that’s it. The banks, shareholders and bond holders should have taken a bath. We would be on a real recovery by now but we wasted our opportunity bailing out crooks.

  12. Edward

    Obama’s 700 billion in cuts to Medicare come from cutting the size of payments to doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies…no loss of benefits. Additional savings come from rooting out the fraud in the system. Ryan’s 700 billion in cuts to Medicare come from reducing benefits while imposing a voucher system that funnels money directly to the insurance companies…completely ignoring the fraud in the system. Just so we’re clear.

    • Greg

      Not according to Thursdays USA Today article I showed on camera. USA Today is hardly a right wing newspaper. It said there is not much difference in either plan. What you are missing here is NOBODY is talking about stopping the continued bailouts of the banks. Taxpayers gave about $200 billion in forgiveness of toxic assets and put-backs to just ONE BANK in 2011!!! B of A. Why aren’t Democrats and republicans talking about stopping those kinds of taxpayer frauds? Sad man very sad. Thank you for your comment.

    • George Too

      so, you think the doctors can work for free?

  13. Eric

    The recent judgments by US courts that allows entities such as MFG and PFG to use customers assets as collateral and assert the priority of creditors over customers in case of bankruptcy is just another evidence of how wide spread this ponzi scheme is and how corrupt regulatory and legal institutions have become. We have to get out of the system. Period.

    • Greg

      Amen brother!!

  14. Pieter

    Hi Greg,

    I really cannot understand how anybody can take Israel serious, just look at the map how far Israel and Iran are from each other. Then look at the size of Iran. Israel is way to big for their small boots, you could see it so clearly at the olimpics. How would the US react if Panama would tell the US every week that they gonna bomb them? I guess
    most ppl forgot already their deserved defeat in Lebanon.
    Just bluff that is all nothing more of the Israeli side. The mess the US made of middle east and even now they are continuing their hidden agenda for Syria and Iran.


    I just met der Hans this week for a coffee, he sees things very clear, only it is our politicians/banks who are making a mess of this really truly nice world.

    best regards,


    • Greg

      I take what both Israel and Iran very seriously. Neither is bluffing or joking. Israel reportedly had 2-3 hundred nukes and I wouldn’t be surprised if Iran had nukes as well. Thank you for the comment and link.

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