Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.22.14

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

This may sound strange to you, but the top story is still the Ukraine crisis because it is far from over.  In my view, the West is still inching towards war with Russia.  The building of a new natural gas pipeline through Bulgaria has been stopped for the second time this week.  Nearly 200 troops and a dozen NATO F-15 fighter jets are also going to Bulgaria for more war games.  Meanwhile, Germany’s Leader, Angela Merkel, is saying that NATO will defend the Baltic States, if needed.  On top of that, the fighting in Eastern Ukraine is still going full force in several towns in Eastern Ukraine with dozens of deaths and wounded on both sides.  I am sure there is going to be lots of talks to try to make nice between Russia and Europe, but I don’t see how this is going to be worked out without more violence.  Russia does not want NATO in Ukraine, and NATO has to know this.  It looks like war is intentional, or at the very least, inevitable.  By the way, McDonald’s in Russia is being inspected for health violations in many locations around the country.  This is just part of the ongoing financial war.

Well, it looks like ISIS (also known as ISIL) went from “JV” (as the President said earlier this year) to a full blown global terror problem in a short amount of time.  Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said that ISIS poses an “imminent threat” to the world.  Hagel also said, “This is way beyond anything we have seen. We must prepare for everything. Get Ready!”  I guess that means the U.S. is going to keep bombing ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  This statement comes out during a week when an American Journalist was beheaded on YouTube.  I guess this really is a threat and one that was caused in part by the U.S. helping arm the so-called rebels in Syria.  Texas Governor Rick Perry says because the border has been left open by a flood of illegals that ISIS may already be inside the U.S.  Perry is also under indictment for abuse of power, but I think they are going to have a hard time making that stick.

The ceasefire between Hamas and Israel is off, and this time, I predict it will stay off for a while.  Hamas has been shooting more rockets into Israel, and Israel has been bombing targets in Gaza.  The latest strikes killed the wife and child of the top Hamas military leader.  Other Israeli strikes killed some top Hamas commanders.  I see no end in sight for this bloody war.

It looks like the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, is winding down.  The National Guard has been recalled, and a Grand Jury is deciding whether to charge the officer who shot an unarmed teen.  At first, I thought this was an unjust shooting, but as more and more details and witnesses come forward, I am getting a different picture.  The shooter had his eye socket crushed by the victim, and the autopsy appears to show the teen was not shot with his hands up.  This could end up being a long drawn out case where we find out the officer was justified in shooting the victim.  That’s not the real take away here.  It’s the militarization of the police.  Multiply Ferguson by police departments across the nation.  The Federal Government is responsible for this militarization because they have supplied the military vehicles and arms.  This is a dangerous mix when you decrease Constitutional rights and increase police power.  The real question is why all the military firepower?  What is the government getting ready for?  I think the next financial collapse will be the big one, and most will wake up and realize they will never recover.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Jeff

    Sept is the scheduled date for China to open their “Comex” gold trading. If the elections look bad for Nobama everything will collide together. False flag ? Ukraine heating up and all the other swans waiting to land. Black swans that have been hovering for quite a while. China in the south seas, Iran/Syria, all the Middle East, and of course ALL the countries debts waiting for real acknowledgement. This debt will need a distraction therefore a few false flags leading to war (and a dollar drop) are in the works.

  2. Nathan

    Hi Greg,

    Funny you brought the border issue up because today I started thinking along the same lines (I hate conspiracy theory by the way ) but if you put the facts together it’s not illogical . Think about this : 90,000 immigrant children snuck into our country by themselves (CHILDREN) . Why can’t an insanely well founded and organized terror group do the same ? Also remember the Zetas have been using beheadings and car bombs to terrorize Mexico which are not unlike radical Islam . At the same time Rick Perry decides to send TX national guard to the border he magically gets trumped up charges against him and is indicted ? Meanwhile we have been barraged by the usual senators claiming an American city will be burned to the ground if we don’t destroy ISIS . Keep in mind the two major countries Wesley Clark warned that were on the agenda hit walls put up by Russia and the American people saying enough (Iran and Syria ) . So wouldn’t another attack on the homeland change the opinions of the masses and justify the NSA ?


    • Greg Hunter

      “you said, “Think about this : 90,000 immigrant children snuck into our country by themselves (CHILDREN) . Why can’t an insanely well founded and organized terror group do the same ?” This is brilliant in its simplicity, and I mean that as a big complement! Thank you.

      • JC Davis

        Exactly Greg. Nathan as one that looks into those who have conspired to take down this country. I like the realistic views you have. Please speak more of your thoughts. People need to knowi t is not all B.S. The borders (were) wide open. Now there welcoming Wide open. The connecting of dots is child’s play. We are being destroyed on many fronts.. not nice to think of , but it is what it is.

    • kashif

      I do wonder one thing though, its obvious the system is going to crash. Question is how do they make it crash.

      All of us know the powers that be value the Dollar as world reserve currency above all else. They take away QE, then they increase interest rates. Sure this is a recipe for disaster. The stock market will crash, Bond bubble will burst, banks will obviously crash too since they are insolvent.

      What if they resque the banks with bailins. Could that result in a strong Dollar, since they take away QE Hike interest rates or would the damage be too great to be bailed out by bailins. Could this mean Dollar gets strong while stocks crash, bond bubble bursts, also gold silver get weak too as Dollar now has higher interest rate.

      Of course all of this may never work as such a crash would take confidence away from the Dollar, the collapsing stock market may look for undervalued hard assets aka gold, silver.

    • Dwain

      It’s called the Hegelian dialectic.

      Hegelian dialectic:
      “it works like this- the manipulating body covertly creates a problem and then directs the media to incessantly focus on it without recourse. The problem could be anything- a war, financial collapse, illegal immigration, a rash of child abductions or a terrorist attack. The power of the media can create the false perception that a big problem exists even if it doesn’t. . . Once you have created the problem government subsidizes it with strings attached or makes sure that an individual, a group or an aspect of society is blamed. This then rallies the population behind the desperate lunge for a solution to the problem. “Something has to be done!” they cry in unison. The people that created the problem in the first place then come back in and offer the solution that the people demand. Remember-the people screaming for a solution do not know that the problem was artificially created. The solution to the problem is always a further curtailment of freedom or an advancement of one or more aspects of the new world order agenda . . . Confiscation of property, resources, establishing new laws and government encroachments are telltale “remedial” signs.

      Hegelian plots become vicious cycles to provide cover for and divert attention from previous destructive plots allowing for greater usurpation. Thus through successive leaps; bankers, militarist and governments expand power with impunity.

      I find it interesting that our ally Saudi Arabia, not long ago beheaded 18 individuals and not a peep from the US media.
      If the incessant media coverage of the Foley beheading was to incite the public against Muslims and justify military intervention, it served its purpose.

      Also consider the 100s of thousands of men women, children and American soldiers who have been slaughtered in the last decade by unjustifiable US wars in the Middle East.

      • Mason

        I was aware of Hegelian dialectic, but most people are not. My compliments for your post stating this principle very clear and succinctly. I think our road to recovery begins with making people aware of this principle as much as possible. So your post is a nice contribution. Please carry on like this.

  3. Nick Good

    Why doesn’t Russia just dump all it’s USA bonds, treasuries and smash its dollar reserves into gold causing the tipping point of the impending dollar collapse.
    The USA can ill afford all these overseas troops and equipment anyway and if Germany dumps the EU and joins BRICS, closely followed by France , NATO and the EU would be finished anyway.
    Personally I don’t believe Russia wants or needs Ukraine and the massive rebuild costs and millions of mouths to feed . The Ukraine never paid its fuel bills anyway so just cut it off and let it freeze and die.
    I am currently on holiday in Hungary where the people seem to be in two minds, many fear Russia expansion having had decades of USSR control but also now are aware that the USA is a similar beast. A lot of Hungarians say they were better off under communism as at least they all had a job and a steady standard of living.
    There is just so much going on that your average person cannot cope with it all such as dollar collapsing, gold and silver manipulation, FED printing millions every day further devaluing the dollar, 9/11 inside job, USA foriegn policy a disaster everywhere, new banking bail in rules in Europe, derivatives, MH17 USA false flag event, Fort Knox being empty etc etc
    Trying to get people, even good friends to buy some physical silver and gold and outlining some simple facts to educate them is a lot harder than people think.

    With regard to Ukraine the USA needs a war to cover up the declining dollar issues whereas Russia does not need the war and Putin has done a remarkable job in avoiding one so far.

    • Oracle 911

      Hi Nick
      It is simple: “One man’s trash other mans treasure.” And the Russians know that. So instead of dumping it, they will use it as collateral for various deals. Yes, it is a nasty game where somebody else will be the bag holder. And the other BRICS nations are playing similar game. 🙂

      About Hungary, as citizen of its northern neighbor I can tell you this. We exchanged covert fascism for overt fascism. Because back then the basic rule was:
      “Keep your mouth shut and keep up, and we will take care of you.”
      And now it is:
      “Keep your mouth shut and keep up, and take care of yourself as you can, because we will rob you.”

      Overall I agree with you.

      • JC Davis

        O911 Take care of each other. Its the only hope we have.

  4. allen ols

    Greg; “currency wars, trade wars, world wars” , Gerald Celente.
    also, I have heard you mention “trolls”, on your site at times, and I never paid much attention, or googled it, but passed it off as irrelevant UNTIL now. The reason that Internet trolls are effective is that people still don’t understand their game.
    There are 15 commonly-used trolling tactics to disrupt, misdirect and control internet discussions.

    The cartoon is compelling in this discourse!!

    u said, “… I think the next financial collapse will be the big one, and most will wake up and realize they will never recover…..” YOU ARE CORRECT.

    Great week for usawd!!

  5. kLONDIKE.

    Are we on the brink of war? Academic sparks debate by drawing comparisons between 1914 past and 2014 present


    • JC Davis

      hum. Well worth consideration.

    • JC Davis

      Klondike there is a lot of difference between 1914 and today. The same war strategy. The computer age All electricity, will have to fail to take down the dollar. I know many will differ. Before you do, consider how creative the crooks have been already.

      • Dwain

        We missed that technology destroying event by a week in 2012. A Carrington sized CME missed the earth by a week. Had it hit, we would be back in the Stone Age.

  6. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    The US gov/deep state is hellbent on war with Russia, and the European stooges whom are supposed represent the COMMON interest of all EU citizens (this includes me) or the citizens of their country are helping them. Please note, in EU are cooler heads too, like the Slovak prime minister, the Hungarian prime minister or the Czech president.
    Now the Russians with their actions against Western brands are sending not-so-gentle warnings (the gentle warning was the Putin’s call for the de-dolarization of the Russian trade). So if the NATO members don’t back of the things will take a really ugly turn for US and NATO member because the Russian will trow a tantrum. About just 3 simple things:
    -how they wont sell anything directly for € and for $;
    -how they didn’t get their purchased gold;
    -how they sold their US treasuries.
    Of course the Russians will do it after consultation of the rest of the BRICS (and some of their associates) and after taking the necessary steps .
    And the US gov/NATO have 2 choices: start a hot war against Russia or back of. BTW this tantrum will accelerate the downfall of US economy.

    About Ferguson, the things are calmed down a bit in Ferguson, but as you noted things are NOT OK. I mean the steps of the local gov showed the naked truth about the real state of things. This means the Americans are at least bit more aware the fact the state and gov is not for them anymore. (The things are similar in the EU member state.)

    BTW When will be back Jim Willie? (I know next month, but when.)

    Your thoughts.

  7. Mikkel Jacobsen

    Hi Greg,,,

    Thank you fore your overall work,,,

    I support your site,,, bringing really relevant issues up,,,,

    But about Syria…. I heavily disagree with your approach ,,,,
    There are many armed groups in Syria ,,,, including al Quaida , Nusra ,,
    By continuing NOT mentioning all the moderate armed groups ,, WHO ARE FIGHTING BOTH IS ( islamic state ) AND THE ASSAD REGIME,,,,,you are doing a lot of damage,,,
    So by underreporting really positive events ,,, different armed groups are now coming together in an armed struggle against the genocide Assad regime and the ekstreme IS ….
    As an example : ,,,, what happened in Aleppo ? While the Syrian opposition was having a hard time fighting Assads army and militia they managed to KICK OUT IS TOO,,,, they are currently now trying to come back (IS) ,,, and the opposition are trying hard to hold them back,,,, the Syrian opposition are struggeling since they need supplies,,,,,,!!!
    Similar events happened in Damascus suburbs….
    These and similar events are underreported in the MSM too,,,,,
    I do agree that many groups , movements , intelligence services ,,,, have agendas ,,, where they wanna hijack the Syrian civil war / revolution ,,,, fore their OWN PURPOSE,,,,( some from outside Syria ),,,,,
    BUT ,,,, what is underreported,,,, is that there is a healthy part,,, of the Syrian insurrection,,,,struggeling fore freedom and human rights,,,,,
    They are being ignored,,,, quite sad….


    • Galaxy 500

      What do you.consider moderate or Al Qaeda.light? Arming any of these groups is the height.of stupidity.

    • Judge Roy Bean et al

      M. K., They say, “whomever they are,” that a people get the leader they deserve. Soon the whole world will get the king of kings, it’s just some of us will be missing after he kicks some booty, but it will be a lot more peaceful without am! Pray, that I not go missing, the world might be better off without me but as Custer’s cavalry sang as they marched into battle, please mister Custer, I don’t wanna go!

      • JC Davis

        Thank you Roy Bean.
        Many people I disregard because they will not State there name. I count you to be a friend. A watchdog allies. all my life I have wondered who (they are)
        Well they say? It says. When will people made in the likeness of GOD study for themselves. Then stand having done all to stand. the scriptures sums it up … We shalt not kill. When someone wants food from me I will freely give it. When will we realize there is a way that is right. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOU DO YOURSELF. If done war, famine, and the needs of many will realize we don’t need a government handout to live.

  8. Collateral Damage

    I think that there is another very important takeaway in the Ferguson, Mo. Case.

    Excuse me, but the fact that the cop was beaten, with verifiable damage to his eye socket, is a solid concrete fact that could/should have been released at the very beginning. If this information HAD been released at the beginning, it would have prevented a good bit of the resulting violence, property damage, no militarized deployment of police may have been instituted, but this fact WAS NOT released until over a week later. So my question is WHY?

    Another point to remember, as in the case with the overly optimistic initial release of jobs and productivity reports each month/quarter, is that it is the initial false story that sticks in the vast majority of collective people’s minds, not the correction to the story that appears much later in the back pages of the newspaper. If you watch international headlines, the kid was still an ‘innocent child picking daises’, with ‘his hands in the air’ in submission, when the steel booted thug approached him and sucker punched him in the gut, topping it off by shooting him in the back multiple times.

    No, it was not released until this incident, which reached militarization deployment of the police and was making international headlines. When the fact WAS released (two days ago) nearly 11 days after the incident, “the crowd began to disperse and the reporters began to leave, saying ‘no story here’”. It appears to me that there was intentional exacerbation of the incident by authorities. Indeed, it was even reported that the local authorities were pressured by the Justice Department to NOT release the store video of the assault on the Quick Trip employee immediately preceding the shooting. This little fact, incidentally, was released even before the fact was released that the cop had been beaten.

    Please ask yourself, why would it be in the best interest of anyone in authority to NOT present a more complete picture that would assist in explaining why the level of force was employed by the cop.

    My answer,
    1) Intentionally build more internal tensions, so that there exists a plausible reason FOR deploying a militarized response.
    2) Diversion tactic, look at how any magician operates, if they can keep your eyes and attention on a flashy relatively inconsequential fact, (like does the owner of Chick File’ not think it is right for people to be gay) can that keep the news cycle away from more important (and troublesome) stories?
    3) And finally, ‘Divide and Conquer” if you can keep them fighting each other, you win, Black on White, Gay on Straight, “Tea Party’ vs. ‘Occupy Wall Street’. Are their real interests and objectives really that different? No, I say not. I say TP and OWS wanted to see the very same outcome in society, but they were painted as ultra conservative wackos on the one hand, and as free sex and drugs in the streets on the other. Two sets of people, who, no way on Gods earth with ever talk to each other and join forces. What a convenient outcome.

    Guys, the real story is that we are being played. We are being played and manipulated, and we are not astute, or attentive enough to be aware of the fact that we are being played.

    I think that it is time for us to wake up so that we can reduce the effectiveness of the manipulation.

    Does something seem fishy to you, or is it just me?


    – August 9th (I think) Shooting in Ferguson, Mo. occurred.
    – Aug. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 (ish) stories circulate internationally about an unarmed black youth, shot in the back by police, erupt into riots.
    – Aug. 18th ish, the autopsy report proves that the man was not shot in the back.
    – Aug.. 20, 21 – Reports finally begin to emerge, [over one solid week later!!!!!!!!] that the police office was so badly beaten that his eye socket was fractured.

    Tell me why, for over a week, while the violence is fomenting and building, is it NOT, I repeat NOT reported that the police officer was definitively physically assaulted?

    Today’s news: Thursday, August 21, 2014


    “Media pull out amid new evidence Brown was aggressor”

    New evidence my foot! They knew that the officer was assaulted on the day that it occurred!!! It wasn’t suddenly discovered 11 days later.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/ferguson-calm-amid-further-evidence-backing-officer/#4MPaQe13GVHTtSaa.99

    FERGUSON, Mo. – Many news media services already had begun packing tents and television transmission vehicles as word circulated through the Ferguson community of further evidence that the black teen shot and killed by a police officer was the aggressor, resisting arrest after his suspected role in a convenience store robbery.



    • Eddie Laidler

      On the 2nd shooting after 2 energy drinks were stolen

      The officers did what I think you or I would do, they protected their life in that situation,” Dotson said.

      NO WAY!!! I as a Concealed Carry Permit holder would be in jail right now and facing jail time for not retreating to a safe distance.

      This is all wrong with the way the police shoot first at the first hint of threat.

    • Judge Roy Bean et al

      Same thing overseas, like JC said, lie’s and falsehood’s are halfway round the earth while truth hasn’t even got his shoes on!

      • JC Davis

        Thank you Judge. I feels good to be recognized by someone like you. I am flattered.

    • Mason

      Collateral Damage,
      Interesting post indeed, thank you. My thoughts:
      First, I think Greg is right in that the most important take-away in Ferguson is the militarization of the police.
      Second, the Problem-Reaction-Solution approach (see: http://ethics.wikia.com/wiki/Problem_Reaction_Solution) is used regularly. So there is a good point in what you say. Building more internal intentions so that there exists a plausible reason for deploying a militarized response is not out of the question.
      Third, strange indeed that the information about the damage to the eye socket of the cop was not released until over a week later. But there might be another explanation. We just don’t know. For example, how do you know that this information about the cop being beaten and his eye socket is accurate and is not being made up in order to reduce public relations damage to the police department? But nevertheless you being up a valuable hypothesis.

  9. Collateral Damage

    And Another thing, this from an open letter to Gerald Celente who had been a guest on King World News:
    “I read your comments on King World news on the state of the economy. I think you underestimated the severity of the decline we are experiencing. I am the sales manager for very old, well known, furniture company. For the past 15 years we have employed a sales staff of six very experienced sales people. They all earned between $75,000 – $90,000 per year. We saw 30-50 people a day. Now we see 3 people a day, and our TOP sales
    person earns less than $30,000. They would all leave if they had a place to go. All of our sales staff has
    owned homes for over 20 years and all are facing foreclosure. I am sure we will be closed before Christmas.
    The economy hasn’t slowed down, it has stopped. I am sure we are very close to a total financial collapse.
    We are facing very scary times. The cure for obesity is right around the corner.” (Hunger).

    And that is all I have to say about that.


    • Ugly

      Hope all ends well for you. In Idaho, the wheat crop is terrible due to well, above average precipitation. Beer and bread prices will go up. Farmers will lose around $2 per bushel and Idaho raises millions of bushels which will result in at least losses of $200 million in gate receipt revenues to agriculture. Of course, this will filter to everyone else and it will hurt the state of Idaho. The governor has announced another short coming of taxes collected versus expenses. Idaho is a balanced budget state. Thus, taxes will go up. Too many needers versus payers. I think the snowball effect is about to happen….

      • allen ols



        • Ugly

          Oly in 1980s around $2.85 six pack. Today, about $5. Not too bad. Idaho has a very bad barley crop this year, unusually bad. Anheiser and Modello will have to scramble and get good barley. Yes! Beer prices will be way up….Oly may stay the same though?

    • JC Davis

      Sad in deed.

  10. bob

    as far as ferguson mo goes, i agree with everything you say. i grew up 1 block off of west florissant and 2 blocks away from the apartments where he was shot. those apartments were trouble when i was 10 yrs old. i’m 49 today. as much as police brutality is proven on a daily basis it’s no wonder what has happened and most of the people causing this are not from this area according to the capt. of the state troopers speech. however, there is an underlining problem. the economy, jobs and the result of a few decades of conditioning that the gov’t will take care of you. listen to the music, drugs, no real jobs, tv. we don’t get a whole lot of truth. it seems like everything is coming apart at the seams. could this be that we are reaping the seeds we have sown?
    as far as what you said about other cities and the crime rate, then you look at ferguson, this begins to smell fishy. when you have arrests in ferguson of people from california to new york but not other things going on else where that you mentioned., hmm!
    cia involved in the isis problem. i can see this. plus all the the arab spring bs. we will protect the us dollar at any cost. matter of fact saddam Hussein looks more and more like a saint compared with the freedom we gave iraq.
    this country has a problem of how evil we are. what we don’t see, is this is the corps. , banksters and our gov’t. it’s not the citizens of our country. we have we let this country go down the tubes by letting certain groups lead us down this path why we sleep.
    this powder keg like ferguson will flare up again and somebody will justify the cause but not look at the underlying cause and we will repeat and repeat. the upper hand will prevail. just like a 3rd world country.
    just to throw in something, i’m starting to believe karen hudes more and more. out there, yeah, but at least she is trying to do something more than say me or alot of or the majority of this country is doing. maybe the city of ferguson.
    back in the mid 90’s i bought an antique from very well off chinese couple. i asked why are you selling this. we are moving back to china. why? they said opportunity. yeah but you have no freedom. they said the gov’t can’t give the people freedom over night cause they would not know how to handle it. so they are being spoon fed. they left there jobs at a major university in st. louis.

    • Judge Roy Bean et al

      Bob, Karen Hudes’s heart is in the right place! But as for us mongrels out here, fighting for love and glory, we better pack up our old kit bag before things get too gory. . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TuzexoHmx0

  11. Gregory Reese

    Hi Greg,

    Was the beheading real? There seems to be some evidence that is was stagged. Have you heard anything about this?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think it was real. Either way, Foley is dead.

      • JC Davis

        Greg For what it is worth I think there are soooo many mind altering drugs being pushed onto people any ting is possible.

        • JC Davis

          Good night. Any thing is possible.

          • JC Davis

            Thank you guys for tolerating my miss spelled words. If I post too much Greg would not say, so you the people let me know .. I don’t want to bother anyone.

  12. Jerry

    Greg you are spot on having Ukraine as your top story in your weekly wrap-up. The coming conflict in Ukraine between NATO and Russia will no doubt be the catalyst that will begin the death spiral of the dollar. Russia is biding its time, systematically putting their forces in place, but make no mistake, when the time is right, they will seize control of gas pipe lines feeding Europe from Ukraine before winter comes. This is a classic checkmate move by Putin. It will drive an economic wedge between the United States and NATO, and Putin knows it. I predict the oligarchs running our little money scam here in the U.S. will force a confrontation with Russia, not only to cover the economic atrocities they have committed here in the U.S. , but to use it as a funneling mechanism into a completely new system that they have been bust setting up.

    Greg, the MSM has been busy leading the American sheeple to watch the events unfolding in Ferguson, in order to deflect us away from this.

    You want the proverbial canary in the coal mine? Right there it is, in front of you.
    I really feel sorry for people who refuse to see what’s going on around us. Some right here on this site. Because when the proverbial shoe gets dropped, (and it will) it will come like a roundhouse kick to the side of the head. The next thing they’ll know is, they’re on the floor, trying to figure out what the hell just happened

    • Jerry

      Here you go Greg. A fresh update of what’s going on in Ukraine.
      Putin is playing the humanitarian card in preparation for invasion, while Obama is playing with his putter.

    • Greg Hunter

      At some point everyone will know what we know now.

      • smaulgld

        It really is a shame that not only do people not see what is going on, but they believe the media when they use terms like:
        “de-escalation” “recovery” “economic acceleration” “solid jobs report”

      • allen ols

        I’m In.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Greg and Jerry,
        I agree with you guys totally on how serious the Ukraine crisis has become.
        IMHO the current situation is the most dangerous that mankind has faced since WWII.
        The ridiculous behavior of the Obama regime will mean that Russia will never ever trust Washington again. The cold war has been reinvented only on a worse degree than ever before and quite frankly I think it will be a miracle if full scale war can be avoided now.
        To me it beggars belief that other western powers particularly the european countries on the doorstep of this escalating conflict were able to be conned by Washington into joining in on these ill informed sanctions and forcing Russia into a corner. This is the most disgraceful diplomatic blunder that I have witnessed in my lifetime!

      • Mason


    • JC Davis

      Jerry The winter was cold . The spring was dry, summer too hot, and the fall is just around the corner.

      • Galaxy 500

        No corn here in eastern NC…well, none that survived the extra rain we got. Its going to be cold here according to the almanac…and its going to.really suck to be.in Europe and the Ukraine. Putin is going to.show the.west what a real.sanction looks like.

    • wd

      Good call Jerry,

      Your reports seem to be spot on. I have been in a mall in my area that is all but vacant with a Seas and Target as anchors. Pennys barely employs a skeleton crew its very kiosk driven. Also fast food places are useing “kiosks” so we can all order and get our food with no waiters anymore! Nearly eliminating people.

      Retail sale are the canar/elephant in the room they are all avoiding. It is suffering. All numbers are very tweeked. Its like looking at an art forgery it is real until an expert says “No its not real”. Then all hell breaks loose.

      Greg has mentioned one maybe two events that will pop our phony perception this is close to one of them

      BTW Coldwater Creek is going bankrupt and they are closing. This is a unique womens specialty clothier and they fill in the gap where other women retailers fall short. My ex girlfriend who was petite loved the place.

      Jerry yet another sign of the retail collapse!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      RAPA article by Steven Starr – pretty scary stuff !

  13. Mitch Bupp

    Thanks Greg, What you have to understand is that the 2-party monopoly knows there is no other game in town where the voters have any chance of electing a republican and Democrat…… Why should the “2 private clubs” care what the American voter thinks as long as that voter sees no other option ….. I think that Republicans and Democrats have brainwashed the voter to the point that no other political party can win. The American think that a vote on anything but an R or D is a wasted vote. This monopoly must change for America to change……

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mitch, that was precisely George Wallace’s message in 1968, and he carried 10 states with it. Four years later, as he was on his way to the nomination, something happened to him. It’s going to get worse, before it gets better. Best always. PM

      • JC Davis

        Paul why do you say PM at the end? Wallacs was a hell of a choragus man .The time is quickly coming when people will wish they put there name to actions. Not meant to be a downer. I just think that we at usawatchdog should post a real name to represent what we believe. Having to done all to stand …STAND. Your friend can know who you are.

        • Paul from Indiana

          “PM” is my signature. My first name is “Paul” and my last name is “Murray”. You can get my e-mail address from Greg, if you are so inclined. Best always. PM

          • J.C. Davis

            Thanks Paul.

  14. woody188

    One of the most interesting things this week is the scrubbing of video of James Foley’s beheading from the Internet. I understand fully why corporations and his family would want to see these videos removed. But I don’t understand why foreign sources typically sympathetic to radical Islamic movements also seem to have either removed or the content is actively being blocked. Just try to find the video on the Internet and you’ll see. Is the United States government actively filtering our Internet content as well as archiving our activities via the NSA?

    It would appear so!

  15. art barnes

    Greg, love the cartoon, but I doubt anything will get Mr. Obama off his playtime. He seems very immature at times, I think even his own party leaders sense his indifference to the work of his office. Maybe he is one of those people who gets easily bored after having got what he or she went after, whatever Mr. Obama’s issues may or may not be, this American is disappointed in his obsession with play, sports, & parties.

  16. Tony

    Russia/ Ukraine situation ramps up!! Also, now there is noise about bombing ISIS in “Syria”. Jerry’s info will play out as he says it will…be prepared!!

    Awesome work Greg, Keep it up.

  17. Galaxy 500

    Just heard some govt moron say again that we should help the.moderate rebels in Syria hold the line against ISIS while also overthrowing Assad.
    What a load.of crap! Moderate Al Qaeda? Moderate moslem rebels? They are a myth. We need to support Assad. We need to actively participate in the destruction of ISIS.

    • Greg Hunter

      Spot on man! We backed al-Qaeda in Libya and we know how that turned out.

      • Galaxy 500

        What kills me is watching.someone make.fun of Inhofe
        They (ISIS) have.over half a billion dollars…I think that someone in Pakistan will sell them one. And they do hate us as much as they hate the Jews. Or some of those fine chemical weapons in.a.subway would make another good purchase.
        Obama could have destroyed these feral moslems will little effort as they speed in groups accross the desert but that would have taken strategic vision…something Obama doesnt have. Along.with.pride in America

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not making fun of him. This is a legit warning.

          • Galaxy 500

            Sorry, Dude, wasnt referring to you. My apologies for not being specific

  18. Reader

    Are we in a phase of transformation on a global scale? Are we prepared to meet all challenges for the next 10 years? 15 years?

    • Ugly

      No. And more no’s….America is ready for nothing. Just a bunch of pampered, selfish patsies following one ponzi scheme after another. We are stupid. Ignorance is not bliss. We will reap what we have sown….

      • JC Davis

        Brilliant not Ugly at all.

      • Galaxy 500

        Ignorance.has never been bliss….sorry dude, one.of my pet peeves. The.real quote is, “IF ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise”

  19. Reader

    Greg one of the best articles I have ever read on the internet – this will move you.


  20. Rock

    Great wrap for a great week of reporting and interviews.
    You are truly one of the best.
    Thank you, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock.

  21. roy satterwhite

    I hope you misspoke but you said you’re backing Ukraine (pro-Western Imperialist Ukraine)..why?

    • Greg Hunter


      I am not backing anyone. I am forecasting war. I said I was “back in Ukraine” as in back to cover the ongoing crisis, which is the top story again this week. So sorry, I will try to make that clearer on the audio next time. I listened to it and I can see how some might hear it the way you did. Thank you for the feedback.


      • Oracle 911

        The war between Russia and USA is already on, and the proxies are Ukrainians on both sides.

      • smaulgld

        Greg said ” I am Back IN Ukraine” not “I am backing Ukraine”

        • Greg Hunter

          You are correct Smaugld. “Back in Ukraine” meaning as far as covering the story, which is getting uglier by the day.

          • Oracle 911

            Greg I understand what you said. I’m just pointing out that fact the war between USA and Russia is already on, and the Ukrainians on side of Kiev and on side of Russia are their proxies.

            • Greg Hunter

              I can’t argue. I think you are correct a proxy war has already started. How far will it go?

              • Oracle 911

                How far?
                Until the US$ will be killed, one way: the Russians and the other BRICS stops using it totally,
                or another: the worst case scenario is the thermonuclear war.

                Oracle 911

  22. Judge Roy Bean et al

    Just How Likely Is Another World War?
    The Atlantic 8/2/14 By Graham Allison of The Atlantic
    Assessing the similarities and differences between 1914 and 2014.
    A century ago this month, Europeans stood on the brink of a war so devastating that it forced historians to create a new category: “World War.” None of the leaders at the time could imagine the wasteland they would inhabit four years later. By 1918, each had lost what he cherished most: the Kaiser dismissed, the Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolved, the tsar overthrown by the Bolsheviks, France bled for a generation, and England shorn of the flower of its youth and treasure. A millennium in which European leaders had been masters of the globe came to a crashing halt.

  23. Matt O.

    I think we can see what is beginning to unfold. As the Fed is winding down QE, the war drums are beating louder every day – whether in the Ukraine or in the Middle East. ISIS is suddenly a huge threat to US security, even after trillions of tax dollars have been spent on the “War on Terror.” It appears that the directed narrative among our politicians, military and media is pointing to a terrorist attack on US soil. I suppose the backup plan is to keep baiting Russia into attacking Ukraine. When the economic house of cards comes down, we will be told that the alleged “recovery” was derailed by uncontrollable events that led to war. The Fed will claim that QE worked, that the economic recovery was on track, but then matters were taken out of their hands because of another 9-11 event, or because Putin wants to bring down the West. This will allow the Fed and the banksters to walk away from their massive fraud with no repercussions. I hope Americans can see what is happening right in front of their eyes.


    Just a thought. What if the problems in the Ukraine, the Middle East, and the sanctions against Russia are not for any other reason than to cause instability in those regions? The dollar has been skyrocketing recently. This has to mean huge capital inflows into the U.S.( the safe haven). This would not only keep interest rates down, but strengthen the dollar as well (re. cheaper oil and other commodities). How would this affect Fed policy? I feel the real goal is to protect the dollar without effecting the economy. If the fed were to raise rates the dollar would strengthen, slowing inflation, but the economy would crash due to the higher interest rates. So we’re willing to throw the rest of the world under the bus to keep our false economy going a little longer.

  25. John Mackenzie

    War is inevitable, no real disclosure there, it os our anthropology.

  26. mark

    I received this link in which the writer (someone by the name of Jim Stone I assume) debunks the beheading video as being staged and not real (i.e. psy-ops). See http://www.jimstonefreelance.com. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, Greg. Also Roy, when Greg said he is “backing Ukraine”, I believe what he means is that he is backing the Ukraine story as being the top story (inspite of everything else going on…the “beheading” of James Foley, unrest in Ferguson etc.)

    • Greg Hunter

      Correct. Thanks. I said I was “back in Ukraine” as in back to cover the ongoing crisis, which is the top story again this week.

    • Galaxy 500

      I have seen this video and its.not.a.CPR dummy as Jim suggests…perhaps he.is stoned…
      And does anyone believe that.after Obama.called these guys.out.as.JV and.he.had.proof that it was.faked.that.it wouldn’t be running.24 /7 showing.how right.Obama.was?. Please
      One of his points is.no.hair.on the arms….ever hear of white out? Its not a.CPR dummy. And read further down on Jims site…he is a nut

      • Paul from Indiana

        Also, this is not the first “televised” radical muslim beheading. There was an American businessman, Nick Berg, abducted and sacrificed as well back in 2004. Enough is enough. Where’s the outrage? Do we see where all the “peaceful” muslims the world over are protesting this act of barbarism? Best always. PM

        • JC Davis

          Silence apparently speaks volumes.

        • mark

          Very sobering indeed….

        • Galaxy 500

          Moderate moslems are myth. Their abomination, the book of hate, called the Koran says convert us or.kill us. This so called religion ” of peace” needs to be exterminated. The.liberal dont condemn.moslems even though they have a.real.war.on women and gays…a little bit of hypocrisy dont you think? I guess these “intellectual” progressives think that.they will be.killed last

      • mark

        I will confess that in the past I have more or less skimmed over your posts because of your often use of the term “Dude” to address a poster whose view you do not share. I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but it seems to convey a tone of belligerence and disrespect that reminds me of schoolyard- bully kind of attitude which I think offends the sense of respect and dignity that we as participants here hold for the work Greg and his guests and other participants do to publish a quality product worthy of the viewer’s/ reader’s time. However on this post I think you were spot on and I even laughed out loud (lol) when you concluded by saying that Jim is a nut. I mean I can really see that especially after reviewing his post on the Israeli/ Gaza conflict, which really did cause me to think again and repost a comment to Greg out of concern, but by then it was too late for me to retract my original comment to Greg which is the one you responded to. Thanks again for commenting and thanks for not addressing me as “Dude”. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit Galaxy.

        • JC Davis

          Thank you Mark.

        • Galaxy 500

          Sorry “Dude” offends you…its a term of endearment (and I.think its a tad bit.of humor to relieve the stress) not derision. And I pray that you receive peace and salvation in return….

          • Mason

            Yeah right. G-boy is also a term of endearment (and I think its a tad bit of humor to relieve the stress) not derision.

          • Mark

            thank you Galaxy. I for one do believe that the hope of salvation and the peace that such a hope brings is based upon the actual and historically factual death burial and resurrection of the Man, Christ Jesus our Lord Who as the Word incarnate has articulated all that the Father of glory is to us and has secured for us by the price of His own blood and inheritance that is “incorruptible and undefiled and unfading kept in the heavens for you who are being guarded by the power of God through faith unto a salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last of times, in which you exult, though for a little while at present, if it must be, you have been made sorrowful through various trials, so that the proving of your faith much more precious than of gold which perishes, though it is tried by fire may, may be found unto praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ; whom having not seen you love; into whom though not seeing at present, yet believing, you exult with joy unspeakable and full of glory, receiving the end of your faith, the salvation of your souls.” (see 1 Peter ch. 1). The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit G500.

        • Mason

          Thanks for rectifying that, but this is indeed clear when you check out the site for yourself.
          No, it’s not just you who thinks that it is schoolyard bully attitude when G500 indulges himself in derogatory name-calling. Often (though not always), he responds by just calling someone a derogatory name and not by debating content. I have no respect nor tolerante for that. Judging the responses he gets, more people on this site feel that way. The result of his schoolyard bully attitude is ironically that he comes across as a 16 year old boy who doesn’t know his history, and has to resort to name-calling to ‘make an argument’. I really think that that’s not far from the truth. If he does that again, I will have to adress him as G-boy. With regard to content of his posts, I think he is correct on this post, but I would say he is generally correct for somewhat less than 50% of the time. So that’s less than random. Finally, the only thing that is just as bad as a bully in my book, is someone who is afraid of a bully, so when you thank him for not calling you ‘Dude’ I think ‘hmmmmm’. Anyway, enjoy the remainder of your weekend and I wish you all the best.

          • Mark

            thank you Mason. It is not so much being afraid of being called dude. I wanted to acknowledge the fact that in this instance he did in fact not refer to me as “dude”. I simply wanted to publicly acknowledge that fact and give credit where credit is due. (Okay…. Dude? !!! (lol)— a little bit of humor here — no schoolyard bully tactics here…just thought you might see the humor in that) All the very best Mason, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit!! amen

            • Mason

              OK fair enough Mark. You are of course free to interpret how you are called any way you want. That’s perfectly fine with me. As for myself, I have learnt that the meaning of what someone calls someone else, is NOT ALWAYS dependent on what that person says it that it means but it is more dependent of the overall demeanor of the person who is doing the name-calling. In your case, looking at your demeanor, I accept it gracefully. But that doesn’t go for everyone. Mark, I hope you have a great week and take care.

              • Mark

                Hi Mason, that is why, for me personally, I make it a point to address someone whose post I am responding to by the name they have listed. As you have more than adequately pointed out, such a practice safeguards against misunderstanding and puts the emphasis on responding or contributing to content posted. All the very best Mason, appreciate your diligent efforts– the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit Mason.

  27. Luke Starbuck

    First of all, thank you for what you do. I always look forward to your updates.
    I am curious as to what you see the solution to the militarization of police and the erosion of the constitution is. I feel, it can’t be as “simple” as placing new people in elected roles. What can I as a citizen do? Is there anything that can be done? I feel like I’m on a ship that’s taking on water, but the majority of passengers either aren’t aware or are actively ignoring the fact the without drastic measures… we are going to sink!

    • Greg Hunter

      Any solution will have to involve sound money, not the corrupt Fed we have now. I know that sounds a little out there but much of our problems can be traced directly to the Fed and its monetary policies. Between now and then it will be a very rough ride.

      • mark

        Colin from New Zealand,
        Here is a comment from Greg which echoes your sentiments! Just want to point this out to encourage you that though there is temptation to grow weary of sounding the message, the truth will out in the end!! Stay faithful dear friends. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with the spirits of you all!!!

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Cheers Mark

      • Silence is Golden

        It is true that “sound money” will be part of the solution.
        I am always mindful though of the ones who own the banking and monetary systems. They know full well that having a monopoly over the money/debt/credit game gives them absolute power. Creating the FED was a masterful plan giving the impression that it was to serve as a Federal institution and act as a Reserve Bank of the USA to balance the economic cycles and serve the general population at large.
        Combine that with ownership of the legal and political systems and we can assess that we are close to helpless in arresting the suffocation and irreversible damage.
        You have said many times before Greg, “why haven’t any of these criminals gone to Jail”? The answer lies in the control over the legal system that they exert. They make the rules and are above the law. They are a law unto themselves. They serve only one master. His name is EVIL.

    • Galaxy 500

      Put some good TEA party people is a start. And dude, get a life.vest while you can

      • allen ols

        …..and once the tea partiers are in the oligarchs, lobbyists will start throwing the cash around, and if that doesn’t work, they will receive a text message from old man geo. bush, “remember JFK”, and they will fold like a cheap knapkin.

        • Luke Starbuck

          Thank you for your replies. To continue the metaphor, it seems like you are saying, this ship will have to sink before a “sound” one can be salvaged from the wreckage. I just hope too many good people aren’t lost at sea.

          God bless.

        • lastmanstanding

          Just imagine Al what we taxpayers have spent on keeping hw in the lavish life that he (and the whole fing family) have had.

          While destroying our country/world for their nwo.

          • allen ols

            starbuk, lastman;

            correct, nwo, one world currency,one world govmnt. sooon.

            I leave for vacation, will be back next monday, no computer, just a fishing rod, and some of JC davis gooseberry wine. 🙂

        • Mason

          Yes, the Republican branch of the Republocrat party can and will be corrupted from within, even if they are Tea Party people. The same goes of course for the Democratic branch of the Republocrat party. Only rare individuals, such as Ron Paul will be uncorruptable. AIt is just unbelievable how the MSM threated him during the 2012 presidential elections. A third party is needed, or to be more precise: a second party besides the Republocrat party is needed. I’ll settle for just a second party in the United States.
          Furthermore, people (like G500 for example who only likes the Tea Party) need to be less partisan, and they need to realize that the Tea Party grass movement and the Occupy Wallstreet grass movement are upset about fundamentally the same thing. See http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2012/10/03/occupy-wall-street-and-the-tea-party-are-upset-about-the-same-thing-one-picture/

  28. Mason

    St. Louis police shoot Kajieme Powell 12 (!) times within 15 seconds of arriving, after he shoplifted 2 drinks and donuts. They just keep shooting and shooting when he is on the ground, and they even cuff him after he is dead. This is a few days ago on Tuesday, just a few miles from Ferguson. This is outrageous! Be warned, this video is horrible [around the 1:35 mark]:

    The Guardian article:

    • Greg Hunter

      This is brutal. I think this could be a suicide phenomenon called “death by cop.” Why didn’t they try to Taser him first?

      • smaulgld

        There was a video where they asked the police chief why they didn’t use a taser. His answer was the suspect was wearing a jacket and he needed to be closer.

      • Galaxy 500

        These guys dont have.pepper spray?

        • JC Davis

          G. Exactly.
          I have not voiced my thoughts on this issue out of respect to the constitution. The Law should decide who is right and wrong not the cops or a mob. However I have to question what are we teaching the cops that shoot first and ask questions later.

          • Galaxy 500

            While I.am pro law and Order, I.am.not.pro..shoot them and ask.questions of the corpse. I.am very concerned about the use of these heavily armed SWAT teams raiding peoples houses without knocking in the middle of the.night. These guys are power mad and sloppy. They kill.innocent people and instead of murder they call it accidental

  29. Mason

    This is the most convincing article I have read yet that the shooting of the MH17 airliner in the Ukraine may have been a CIA false flag operation.
    Written by William Engdahl, an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant:

    • Galaxy 500

      So.you are.going to.take the word.of the Russian propaganda.tool
      You’ve got amateurs playing with.anti.aircraft.missiles…shiite happens
      Not.everything is a false flag or a.conspiracy

      • Mason

        Just read the article.
        If you don’t agree with something, I’m open to suggestion, but please be specific about what you don’t agree with in the content instead of using an ad hominem attack on the author.
        As for your statement on conspiracies. No, not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy. No one ever said that. You are again using generalities here, which are useless if you want to make a point. The Gulf of Tonkin incident that pulled the U.S. into the Vietnam War and the fake Niger uranium yellowcake episode that was used to bully a US Congress into war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in 2003 were verifiable false flag operations. The article makes a very plausible case why the shooting of the MH17 airliner is – in the same vein – a false flag operation as well.

        • Galaxy 500

          I read the articles and I.also read.the tweets where the morons say they shoot down a Ukrainian plane until.it turned out.to be an airliner. But dont let the.facts get in the way. Dude, sometimes a cigar is just a.cigar

          • Mason

            First, you say you read the article but you still do not address any of its content. So that doesn’t strengthen your credibility in this post.
            Second, you use the term “morons”, so there you go again. I have to say that I do not find that classy on your part. But it is typical for the way you respond: name-calling as to not to go too deep into content. At least use specific names. You are presumably talking about rebel commander Igor Strelkov, and the VK [Russian social media site] account. I mention this specifically, so then we can talk about specifics. See the third point below.
            Third, so social media is your irrefutable evidence that the separatists did it? Seriously? I am asking you: do you mean that seriously? I mean, if you want to discuss social media: what about the fact that BuzzFeed’s Max Seddon claims that eastern Ukrainian rebels say that the VK page “is a fake made by fans” (https://twitter.com/maxseddon/status/489819271632281600 or http://www.vox.com/2014/7/17/5913089/did-this-ukrainian-rebel-commander-take-credit-for-shooting-down-the). If that’s the case, it may be that Strelkov fanboys saw the plane go down, surmised (perhaps wrongly) that rebels had shot them down, and bragged about it on the VK page. And that’s the rationale that the West should engage in a New Cold War with Russia, or even a hot war? At least this should cast some doubts on your statement that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”, meaning your apparent iron-clad faith in the MainStreamMedia’s narrative that the Russian-backed separatists did it. And it certainly it should cast enough doubt on the MSM’s justification to start a new cold or even hot war with Russia.
            Fourth, if you have such faith in the narrative of the MSM, what are you even doing on Greg’s site?
            Fifth, I again refer to the CONTENT of the article I mentioned above (http://rt.com/op-edge/177388-mh17-cia-false-ukraine/).

            • Mark

              thank you for your diligent labor Mason in composing an educational and worthwhile reading response! THAT BEATS NAME CALLING ANYTIME AND WHAT QUALITY PUBLICATION IS ALL AOBUT !!!

              • Mason

                You’re welcome, Mark 🙂

      • wd


        Roberts and many other experts are reporting the plane was shot down with high caliber bullets that came from the Ukrainian jets.

        If they had the hard eveidence the Russians shot down the plane they would have called a press conference and showed us the ” bits and pieces” of this evidence, get it DUUUUUDEEEE!!!!!

        Grow up and stop writing/talking like some doped up hippy!! Ok DUUUUUDDDDEEEE!!!

        Yes DUDE I believe the Russians story on this one. DUDE!!

        • Galaxy 500

          The Russian didnt do.it…the rebels knew how to.track.a.target and pushed the button then bragged about it. As far a Paul.Craif Roberts goes, I think he is losing his facilities. His rant on how the poor peace loving Palestinians are just misunderstood and its the evil jews fault that Hamas is killing their civilians with their reign of rocket terror. If hes is this far off on this it makes one wonder how accurate his other positions are.
          The rebels.would have allowed the inspectors in if had been shot down by the Ukrainians, hell, they would have loved it…what you.are saying is a non sequitur.
          Just ask yourself why the rebels would keep the evidence of a Ukrainian terror.act or big freaking mistake out of the hands of the accident investigators.

          • Mason

            Yes, the Russians didn’t do it. No, how do you know that the rebels knew how to track a target? Other reports state otherwise.
            As far as Paul Craig Roberts goes, there you go AGAIN. You say “I think he is losing his facilities”. You have no class at all, G-boy. I do not think PCR is correct on everything. In fact, I even wrote a lengthy critique in my post on his interview. I encourage you to read it. You might learn something. It’s under my name (https://usawatchdog.com/threat-of-nuclear-war-back-paul-craig-roberts/). But at least I have respect for Paul Craig Roberts, which is what he deserves. For you to say that he is losing his facilities, that is just laugable, and it merely diminishes your credibility even further. Just look at his résumé, his, knowledge, the high quality articles he has written and look at his site. And compare that to the posts you have written on Greg’s site under the name “GALAXY 500”. There is no comparison. I laughing so hard right now, my stomach actually hurts. HA! So thank you for that, G-boy, I needed that.
            My biggest critique on Paul Craig Roberts is that he swallows everything RT says. The point is – and this is very important – that RT is one source of information, but it has to be scrutinized. The same goes double for the Western MainStreamMedia. RT is generally correct in analysing Western economics, and they regularly have top notch guests on like Jim Rickards. But you should be very critical when they report about Russian interests, such as Crimea. IN GENERAL the same goes for Western MSM but then the other way around, and you should be even more critical.
            As for your question why the rebels would keep the evidence of a Ukrainian terror act or big freaking mistake out of the hands of the accident investigators, the answer is that they rightly do not trust the Western investigators. The stakes are to great. The Western investigators would have pinned it down on the separatists regardless of the evidence. And in any case, the enourmous propaganda machine of the Western MSM would have spun it that way burying contracting stories.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        G500 – did you even bother to read this article?

        IMHO Engdahl [regardless of what outlet he writes for] has a huge amount of credibility. In this particular article he raises a lot of extremely valid points including how utterly embarrassing the US state department’s behaviour has been from day one of this tragic loss of innocent lives.

        So. apparently you prefer the dribble that the bought and paid for western MSM propaganda machine has been churning out.
        Well good luck to you!

        • Galaxy 500

          Sure did and do you ever consider that accidents happen and or that not everything that happens in the world is the US’s fault. I realize thats hard for you to digest but while we have many sins, we are responsible for everything

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            So you are responsible for everything then?

          • Mason

            Yes, accidents happen. No, not EVERYTHING that happens is the US’s fault. No one ever said that. There you go again with the generalities. In this post we are now only talking about the fact that a plausible case has been presented that the shooting of the MH17 airliner could be a US backed false flag operation. This case that has been is certainly more plausible than a social media tweet you refer to as supposedly irrefutable proof that the Russian-backed rebels did it.

        • Galaxy 500

          I do find it amusing.that you find truth in.a propaganda site. I find little truth in the MSM as they are our propaganda tools, but I am not predisposed to think that everything that is bad that happens is a CIA / US conspiracy, I love this country…I dislike the way we are being governed

          • Mason

            Now we are getting somewhere. We might have more in common than you normally let on. I love America to, at least the idea of it. I agree with Doug Casey from Casey Research on this one, who says it best in my opinion: “I call it the US because although America is a fantastic idea, a wonderful idea, America as a concept is rapidly disappearing from the land area called the United States.” (http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article39285.htm)
            With regard to the MSM, I am glad that you say that you find little truth in it but you still believe their wardrums and that the Russian backed separatists did it. You are still being more influenced by the MSM than you know it seems. I will reiterate about RT what I wrote in my reply above: “The point is – and this is very important – that RT is one source of information, but it has to be scrutinized. The same goes double for the Western MainStreamMedia. RT is generally correct in analysing Western economics, and they regularly have top notch guests on like Jim Rickards. But you should be very critical when they report about Russian interests, such as Crimea. IN GENERAL the same goes for Western MSM but then the other way around, and you should be even more critical.”
            Finally, seriously G500, you have to stop with the generalities: No one ever said that EVERYTHING that is bad that happens is a CIA / US conspiracy. Just a few hands full. And those should be analysed one at a time. But there are more of those than you seem to be able to cope with. Don’t take my word for it, just keep your eyes open. Your interactions with me will be pretty limited in the future I think, so if no one else sets you straight, you are on your own. So you can believe what you want, but if you believe the wrong thing you will only end up hurting yourself.

        • Galaxy 500

          Are you.going to vote for Kim Dotcom? And how would you categorize your govt down there?.at tab bit socialist? Just curious

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            No I won’t be voting for Kim Dotcom.
            And yes I would categorize my Govt. down here as a tad too socialist. But I would also categorize it as by and large an embarrassing and pathetic lapdog follower of US imperialism and propaganda.
            One thing we definitely have in common.
            I too love my country…but dislike the way we are being Governed.
            There is one huge difference however – NZ is extremely small fry. It doesn’t matter how badly we are governed it won’t make a scrap of difference to the world at large. However when the US is badly governed, and bless our hearts we do agree on this too, it does indeed make a very big deal globally. In fact when it is this badly managed it threatens the very existence of mankind.
            PS Correct me if I am wrong but did we just agree on two things then?

          • Mason

            More bullying on your part? It just makes you less and less credible every time.
            It also makes you come across like a 16 year old boy who does not know his history, and who will rather resort to name-calling and does not want or know how to debate content.
            I am sorry to say, but it’s true.

      • Silence is Golden

        I like to stay open minded with these matters of geo-politics.
        CIA involvement in the coup over Ukraine is highly probable. A false flag has been used in many geo-politic events in history. It would not surprise me that another has been raised here involving Malaysian Airlines.
        Desperate acts are called for in the world of hegemony. Russia’s alliance with China and Western Europe will destroy the 7 decades of decadence that has been enjoyed by the USD. Ukraine is the strategic asset that Russia utilizes to advance the alternative to the USD settlement in trade. Expect more in this long winded saga and tragedy.
        Best to keep an eye on the BIG picture though.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I totally agree with you on this article.

      • allen ols

        mason, colin, agreed!!!!!

  30. mark

    The website I referred to (Jim Stone) also presents the Israeli/Gaza conflict as an Israeli attempt to commit genocide against the citizens of Gaza. That probably says a whole lot about who “Jim Stone” is and what he stands for. It seems to me Greg that there is so much that is unknowable about the events that are being reported on in the news and the agendas driving the editing or reporting of events which makes me think what is it that we really “need to know” anyway? The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hamas is intentionally conducting a war from highly populated areas of Gaza when open spaces exist. Check out this Google map and look at the 1950 Armistice border of Gaza. There is farmland and open spaces to the North and East. Link: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=202333466099153561738.000463388e0887b44b2f8&dg=feature The argument that “space is tight” or “extremely limited” in Gaza is bogus and cannot stand up to minimal scrutiny. Just today the NYT’s is reporting they are shooting anyone against Hamas and they call them “Israeli collaborators.” Most are anti-war and anti-Hamas and are executed for it then Hamas adds these deaths to the totals and claim Israel is responsible. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/23/world/middleeast/israel-gaza.html?_r=0 If these cowards (Hamas) are so proud of what they are doing then please take off the masks!!! So sad and evil.

  31. Mason

    BTW right on the money Greg, that the biggest take-away in Ferguson is the militarization of the police. It just speaks volumes.

  32. Mason

    One picture to illustrate that the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street are upset about the same thing:

  33. Jerry

    Greg, would you like to see what a joke Russian economic sanctions really are?
    Check out what percentage of imports come from the U.S.

  34. Smaulgld

    Re the image of the President
    The New York Times agrees with Greg

  35. vincentg

    Middle East – Ukraine and who knows where else.
    What you need to do is get control of Washington and let them know that the world in not a Chess Board!

    What we do over there will spill over to here.
    Blowback, Blowback and more Blowback.

    Then we have the alien problems.
    To fix it Obama will extend the Work Visas and make it easier for more to come.
    Don’t you just feel great.
    First it was the Mexicans and they said no one wants the jobs they do.
    Then it was the factory workers and they said we are now a service economy.
    Ok what is the excuse now?
    Why is it the 80k and up jobs are under attack again?

    Back in the 1980’s they blocked PC memory chips from coming to the US.
    A few companies got together setup a new factory to make memory chips and convinced the government to limit the imports of these chips.
    They never opened the factory and chip prices went up ten times the normal price.
    In the end a factory they claimed cost one billion was scraped.

    A bank decided it wanted to go in the insurance business.
    Laws were changed to allow it.

    The government is not supposed to be writing laws on what these companies want.

    Where is the government doing something right?

    As for Golf – it’s a nice place to talk business in private.

    • Galaxy 500

      So you think.we.leave the terrorist alone they wont.bother us???
      Damn, that is funny

      • Mason

        So you think that we are not creating breeding grounds for terrorists over there??? Damn, that is not funny at all.
        I’m sorry that I cannot say it in a more politie manner, but haven’t you learnt anything from Iraq?

        • JC Davis

          Ron Paul called it blow back.

        • Galaxy 500

          I think you no.choice but to wipe out ISIS. Its the.only way to deal with.these people. Tell me, when you come across a rattlesnake, do you kill.it or do you have the.live and let live philosophy? They will bite you and likely you will.die. The only rational thing to do.is.kill.it.
          I realize that some people believe you.can negotiate with rattlesnakes but personally, I feel that this is the height.of folly. Some people beleive that if you just leave the rattlesnakes alone, that.they.will leave us alone. Rattlesnakes will.bite, its nothing personal, you’re just dead. The only way to deal with.zealots and fanatics is to kill them as you can not negotiate with them, you can’t win them to your side. Even if we drop support for Israel which Obama is doing, it wouldnt stop.these guys from.coming here with.terror.
          Perhaps you believe we can have peace with islamo fascist terrorists after all, Neville Chamberlain thought.he could have peace with a fanatic. I am smart enough to know that Neville Chamberlain was misguided and foolish.

        • Galaxy 500

          Yeah, I learned that let the freaking.politicians put engagement rules that left.way.too many evil.bastards alive. I.also.learned that.if you capture and interrogate a bad guy, you try them and hang them…not let the bastards go. I learned that you.cant be nice to your enemies. I learned that you dont stop.until you have decimated your enemy and broken their will. Dont leave until all the terroist are dead…and their families. Harsh but its the needful. Yeah, Iraq taught me.a lot. What did it teach you? Appeasement? Talk.to them.like reasonable people? Run and hide? Convert to Islam?

          • Mason

            You should just hear yourself what you are actually writing. So all Iraqi’s are evil bastards? They all hate us for our freedoms? Let’s burn every Iraqi to the ground? That’s what you sound like. Again: check out the meaning of the term BLOWBACK. Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. But there where ZERO Al Quaeda terrorists in Iraq under his iron rule. And now, now we have a whole Al Quada affiliated (at least until recently) terror-army that sprung up due to blowback. That is a display of terrible thinking skills on your part. Again: read the article by Ron Paul who just obliterates your argument (http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2014/june/15/haven%E2%80%99t-we-already-done-enough-damage-in-iraq.aspx).

          • Mason

            Or you could read the article below as to begin to understand what Blowback is. I find the article and video I mentioned above better, but the article below is a little more graphic. Maybe that is what you need to understand it a little better. I don’t know what it takes to get through to you. But hey, according to you, the Iraqi’s are the evil ones, right? How do you think the Iraqi’s came to this point? I understand your emotion, but you display a mindset that is so ignorant that it is not even funny. Please do yourself a favor and read up a little:

            The first few paragraphs:
            “The horrific pictures of the beheading of American reporter James Foley, the images of executions of alleged collaborators in Gaza and the bullet-ridden bodies left behind in Iraq by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are the end of a story, not the beginning. They are the result of years, at times decades, of the random violence, brutal repression and collective humiliation the United States has inflicted on others.

            Our terror is delivered to the wretched of the earth with industrial weapons. It is, to us, invisible. We do not stand over the decapitated and eviscerated bodies left behind on city and village streets by our missiles, drones and fighter jets. We do not listen to the wails and shrieks of parents embracing the shattered bodies of their children. We do not see the survivors of air attacks bury their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. We are not conscious of the long night of collective humiliation, repression and powerlessness that characterizes existence in Israel’s occupied territories, Iraq and Afghanistan. We do not see the boiling anger that war and injustice turn into a caldron of hate over time. We are not aware of the very natural lust for revenge against those who carry out or symbolize this oppression. We see only the final pyrotechnics of terror, the shocking moment when the rage erupts into an inchoate fury and the murder of innocents. And, willfully ignorant, we do not understand our own complicity. We self-righteously condemn the killers as subhuman savages who deserve more of the violence that created them. This is a recipe for endless terror.

            Chaim Engel, who took part in the uprising at the Nazis’ Sobibor death camp in Poland, described what happened when he obtained a knife and confronted a German in an office. The act he carried out was no less brutal than the beheading of Foley or the executions in Gaza. Isolated from the reality he and the other inmates endured at the camp, his act was savage. Set against the backdrop of the extermination camp it was understandable.

            “It’s not a decision,” Engel said. “You just react, instinctively you react to that, and I figured, ‘Let us to do, and go and do it.’ And I went. I went with the man in the office, and we killed this German. With every jab, I said, ‘That is for my father, for my mother, for all these people, all the Jews you killed.’ ”


      • Jim H

        Is that really you Paul Wolfowitz? Always “nothing to see here, right”? All defending the official accounts does is put us where we are today. No the Elite are not like us. They don’t live by the same laws or in the same neighborhoods. Especially the Neo Con’s.

        • Mason

          G500 certainly has a similar attitude as Paul Wolfowitz as you can read above, but looking at his poor understanding of history I doubt he even knows who the neo-con Paul Wolfowitz is.
          @G500: do the readers of this site, but especially yourself a favor and start reading up on history.

  36. JC Davis

    GREG HUNTER . You got the BEST (ever) site on the web. If y all agree just say ditto.

    • Mason

      Yes, Greg’s site is good and valuable. It is one of the sites I check regularly. But I will only say ditto after Greg has managed to get G. Edward Griffin on for an interview and has asked him a question or two about the role of the Council of Foreign Relations. When that happens, I will even place a post of my own to call for support that Greg’s site is the BEST site ever.

  37. allen ols

    greg, and everyone;

    view this pic. of Kissinger, and quote.


    • Silence is Golden

      Say no more…!!
      Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels.

  38. allen ols



    .. I really think it’s important to understand what I mean by inflation and the difference between runaway (inflation) and hyperinflation. The key thing to remember is that if we go from 2 percent inflation to 3 percent inflation, it sounds small but it’s a 50 percent change. And this is critical in terms of what you are going to pay for tuition, grocery bills, and the cost of an apartment.

    So we are facing a more expensive future if we have even a small move in inflation. I think Paul Volcker takes an even tougher view than I do. He says, ‘If you think you can control how much inflation you are going to get, you’ve already lost your marbles.’ And he’s the guy who understands this better than anybody. So his view is that we’ve already lost control.
    There’s a growing gap between what central banks are telling us about inflation versus what people are really experiencing in day-to-day life. There are a lot of reasons for this but I think it’s important to understand that states are broke, and therefore they are looking at ways to default on their own citizens. And inflation is one of those mechanisms. So it’s not surprising they don’t tell you that’s what they are doing.

    But you can see it when you go to the grocery store. We just hit an all-time record high for the price of beef. And in a rather disturbing example, there is something called, ‘Pink Slime,’ which is all the worst cuts of meat that have to be treated with ammonia in order to be eatable. And that price has gone up as well because businesses want to use the filler instead of paying the full price for beef.

    So this kind of degradation of what you are getting means you are paying more and getting less. We see it in the size of things getting smaller or what I call, ‘Shrinkflation.’ You are paying the same price but the Coke can is not as big as it used to be. So you actually pay more per weight.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Al, Paul Volcker “killed” inflation by raising interest rates. It was tough, but it worked, as the inflation “fever” broke in the early ’80’s. But we did not have a $17.5 trillion dollar debt on which to pay interest back then. That particular solution is no longer an option. I fear we have checkmated ourselves. Enjoy that canned bacon! Best always. PM

      • Silence is Golden

        “We” own the debt is indeed correct.
        More importantly is…. to whom is the DEBT owed to !!
        Who will be the eventual debt collectors and what will they collect if there is no ability to repay what has been borrowed. Nations can become bankrupt however but they might be forced to relinquish their sovereignty as part of the process.
        Just saying…!!

      • allen ols

        Paul FI;
        The bacon came in yest. evening, and when I stack, I stack flats of 12 cans. 🙂

        U r correct on volcker raising Int. rates, and the debt issue.

        • JC Davis

          Love it.

  39. Jerry

    Survival Gear – Water purifier.
    Did you know there is a difference between a water purifier and a water filter?
    A water purifier completely sterilizes your water of not only microbes, but viruses as well.
    This is the best I’ve found. I’ve used it for years backpacking. I give it 5 stars.

    • Mason

      Thanks for posting the links to great prep gear! I’m not buying prep gear right this instance, but I think they are great and at least I’m saving your prep-links under ‘My Favorites’ (a lot of good that will do me when the grid goes off-line, haha).

  40. Galaxy 500

    One of the things.about Ferguson that upsets me is when it came out that the “gentle giant” was really a.strong arm robber thug, some people called it smeerimg….really? Showing what a 6’4″, 292 lbs thug was doing right before the shooting is some how a smear? He was a strong arm robber…its not a smear, its a cold hard fact. Gentle giant my a$$. If the report.of the gun being fired in the car and the officer being injured is correct, the shooting of the robber was justified.

    • Saint Lawrence

      GALAXY 500
      Right on,
      I agree with your synopsis.
      A proper prompt press release should have included:

      Two thugs who had just beaten and robbed a
      store, were walking down the street with the
      stolen goods in their possession. A police officer
      was with a medical person- was then beaten up after
      he recognized them from the police radio report. The
      officer pulled his weapon after being struck by them.
      The sound of his fired bullet may have caused
      The robbers to run away from the police vehicle.
      The officer may or may not have been temporarily
      overpowered several times. Please refer to the testimony
      of the medical person in the car.

      But … instead
      the media, govt. milked it for all it was worth,
      escalating it to include as much of St. Louis as possible.
      Why???, you might ask. What motive for causing riots???
      Well, with more than 50 percent of America on the dole;
      as well as more than 60 percent of service jobs in US as
      Government employees: Government spending 6300 million
      this year – looks like showmanship to me – my opinion only.
      spending =
      Govt example of lying =

    • Paul from Indiana

      Galaxy 500 (which I hope comes with a Thunderbird 390 under the hood, too)–inconvenient facts get in the way of the narrative, don’t they? Best always. PM

      • Galaxy 500

        A dark.blue 1962 model is the.way.to.go

    • Jerry

      This is simply the corporate MSM using race as a diversion ….again.
      If Wilson was black, or Brown was white (no pun intended) there wouldn’t even be a story.

      • Galaxy 500

        Agreed. The abomination that is our govt…or would that be Obamanation…is pushing racism, white against black. I saw some woman on TV talk about the war on black boys…what utter bull shiite…but no one called her on it. The Al Sharptons of the world focus on the few deaths of blacks at the hands of whites (any death is sad even the ones that are justified) while ignoring the thousands were one black kills another. I.dont have an answer

  41. HTC

    Greg, another great wrap up. Things just continue to get more frequent and worse by the day. Almost like the birth pains of a woman in labor. And… Why do some people have blue usernames? Been bugging me for 8 months lol.

  42. Merc

    “Hamas executes 18 suspected Israeli informers in Gaza” RT
    ….cuz Hamas is Israeli infiltered…Hamas was actally set up by Israel (Ron Paul said so).

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Merc, but let’s put this in context. This is not what the Israelis had in mind. Hamas was supposed to be a moderate counter-force to the PLO. Ron Paul even admits this it you listen to his public statements closely. The Hamas of today is acting on it’s own, and there is no proof otherwise.

      • Galaxy 500

        The Israelis created a monster and as happens more oft than n? lost control of their creation. Its laughable to say.the.Israelis have any sway over Hamas now. Bet they dont try that again.
        Did you know that the Germans has Stalin released from.prison in the west and sent him back to Russia well financed? How well did that work out for Germany in the long run

        • Mason

          Sorry G500,
          Stalin was never released from prion in the West. You are confusing Stalin with Lenin. Lenin was the one that was released from prison in the West and sent by the Germans back to Russia. I hope you don’t confuse your other historical facts like this as well when you present them to us.

  43. Scott Miller


    You keep telling us what the lead story is. You cover Ukraine, ISIS, and Gaza. Wrong! The lead story is how they are financed, where they get their weapons, and who keeps them supplied. It’s about bonds(debt) not bullets. All these places are poorer than your three picks, Spain, Portugal, and Greece, and yet they can “afford” to fight. The price of the lives lost has remained constant while the cost of killing has never been higher.


  44. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg. Sterling wrap-up as usual.
    It’s official and shocking and almost unbelievable. The average American citizen has ZERO SAY in government policy according to a recent study by Princeton University. Corporate interests and wealthy elites have ALL the say. Starts at minute 12:45.

  45. matt g

    Awesome wrap up, Greg! Appreciate all your great work. Fear not!

  46. Jerry

    Those of you who have a thirst for answers, and are not afraid to follow Alice down the rabbit hole to find the truth may find this link interesting.

    The rest of you who still think this is all about banking and gold, or that the economic collapse is caused by the actions of foolish men, you may want to step on by.

  47. Jerry

    Greg, did you see this article from Bix Weir about the symbols on the $100. Bill recently released? I think he’s onto something.

    • HTC

      Hidden meanings on frn’s… I agree with Bix in that I tend to believe it all. People say you can see anything what you want to see if you’re looking for it and I believe the amount of people looking for something is odd enough in itself. My question is, does the US plan to back their dollar with gold? I was under the impression that we didn’t have any.

      • Cry Me A Ruble

        I have been watching the signs. We are in collapse mode though I doubt anyone is aware of it. I am going to hunker down and wait for the next shoe to drop. Thank You for all the inside info. There is a God Jehovah and he is directing all of this.

  48. Coalburner9

    Greg; Ditto!
    All need to consider that it is better for Obama to be playing golf. That is time he cannot spend in mischief that damages our country. I feel the same way about our brain dead US Senate. Quit criticizing him for we will regret it if he puts his incompetence to any more effort.

    • Al

      HTC: Gold is gone – elite’s have stolen it and some when to the East to pay off debts.
      Note no one ever asks what happened to the gold taken from Iraq and Libya ?? 100’s of tons just disappeared– isn’t that strange??
      Logic tells you the elite banksters stole it- again and again the loot the world.

  49. JC Davis

    Greg. your site is getting lean and mean. Advice .. get ready for the avalanche of reporting coming your way.

  50. Coalburner9

    In Ferguson, the racists in the administration made another major mistake. And because of that, reigning in the police for shooting unarmed and even helpless people has been set back. The same stifling has been done to the building a coalition of everyone (regardless of skin color) who is upset about our Constitutional rights being taken and trampled by government at all levels. These clowns need to wait until they have enough facts to pick the right cases and then march. But then they are too busy making is a racial thing to line their pockets rather than actually care about changing police policy and police militarization. It’s ever more evident that police premeditatedly intend to kill anyone they shoot at the country over and that is wrong. It is not about disabling or stopping an attack anymore it is about killing no matter innocent, guilty, not even a thought, just shoot and kill them dead before you stop shooting. More than one harmless or totally innocent person has been killed with this attitude. People started to notice during this episode and the police are making enemies of the people now. The relationship is changing and they better start figuring out a way to stop that. If they keep seeing us all as terrorists we will soon see them as all terrorists.

  51. Wall Street Main Street_Money&Politics The real poop!

    U.S. protests intercept of Navy jet by Chinese warplane

    File photo of U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon aircraft taking off from Perth International Airport. Reuters 11 hr ago | By David Alexander of Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States charged on Friday that a Chinese fighter pilot conducted a “dangerous intercept” of a Navy patrol plane in international air space this week, flying a few yards (meters) from the U.S. jet and performing acrobatic maneuvers around it.

    Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said the United States lodged a formal diplomatic protest with Beijing over the incident, which took place on Tuesday 135 miles (215 km) east of Hainan Island, site of a sensitive Chinese submarine base.


    Things ramping up?

  52. Al

    Greg: Let’s not forget now ISIS (ISIL) was started by the USA. See get what we sow!
    Same in the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. and NATO went in and had the elected government replaced. Russia wasn’t going to just let this take place. If Russia did this to say Canada, we would do exactly what Russia did over there.
    People need to know the facts and be reminded of this as the US propaganda continues
    from our fascist media.

  53. AndyB

    Greg: It has become increasingly apparent that just as the IRS (a separate corporation, not part of the USG) is the collection and enforcement agent for the privately owned FED, the CIA is now the principal fomenting agent of global chaos for the banking cabal.

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