Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.21.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The Middle East and North Africa are on fire.  The latest blow-up happened in Pakistan where the U.S. Embassy was attacked by protestors.  There have been attacks and protests on U.S. interests in Middle East countries such as Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan and many others.  The Obama Administration says it is all because of some anti-Muslim movie, but many think it is way more about our foreign policy.  The Obama Administration finally admitted the U.S. Libyan Embassy attack was the pre-planned assault by al-Qaeda.  The U.S. backed al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya and continues to do so in Syria.  Meanwhile, the U.S. conducts drone strikes against al-Qaeda in Yemen and Pakistan.  These people are not stupid.  They know when they are getting played.  A new Pew Poll out shows America is less trusted in many Middle Eastern countries now than in 2008.  For example, in Pakistan in 2012, only 12% view America favorably.  In 2008, 19% viewed the U.S. favorably.  Mitt Romney made his now famous “47% of people don’t pay taxes” statement that has put his campaign on the defensive.  What I find ironic is that neither party is talking about the “unlimited” $40 billion a month the Fed is printing to buy sour mortgage debt from the big banks.  This is another banker bailout!!  This mortgage debt was supposed to be equal to Treasuries in quality-AAA.  Now, it is toxic?  Isn’t that a gigantic fraud on the taxpayers of America?  Finally, a story you need to watch is the fight China and Japan are having over a group of islands in the South China Sea.  These islands are apparently so important one Chinese general is threatening to go to war over who owns them.  Coming up, Gerald Celente of Trends Research is the guest for Monday.  He says we are not headed for war in the Middle East–it has already started.  Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis to these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.  


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  1. Craig

    Thanks for doing a great job with this program. Yours is among my main sources for news. Keep up the good work!

    • Greg

      Thank you Craig for your comment and for your support.

  2. FredQuimby

    Hi Greg, I follow and RT a lot of your good stuff (mainly the gold related good stuff). Many thanks for your efforts to keep us all enlightened!

    A Qu:Have Euro events recently changed your view of an impending collapse, or do you still see the Euro breaking up?

    I bet a friend an oz of gold that there would be no grexit within a year. This was on Oct. 18th 2011, so I am nearly there…but I am thinking of doing a double or quits for another year 😉

    My angle was that the Sov. debt and insolvent bank system is a Govt./bank problem and nothing to do with (i.e not the fault of) the purely transactional currency that is the EURO?

    Thanks Greg,


    • Greg

      I simply do not know. Greece could stay in the Euro-zone and the currency could inflate for all. I think that appears to be the plan but Who knows. If war come in the ME then all bets are off. The EU countries could be paying $20 a gallon for gasoline. (Yes, I know they sell in liters but you get my point.) Thank you for your support.

      • FredQuimby

        Easy Gregster, we already pay $9 a gallon!

        I had a feeling Europe was being attacked when they cut off Libya (supplied gasoline to Italy) and Iran (supplied gasoline to Greece).

        Switzerland also refines/refined Libyan oil so I am very surprised gasoline has not spiked here yet. I guess the Swiss media don’t inflame the we are running out panic like the US/UK MSM does…

        Thanks Greg, keep well.


  3. Barry

    I heard this week that Japan is starting QE8. Japan has a debt to GDP of 208% and the US is only 104%. Why do people think the US will collapse from QE3 when Japan has been doing QE for 2 decades and hasn’t collapsed?

    • Greg

      One big difference between japan and U.S. is that most of the debt japan has is held internally. Much of the Debt in the U.S. is held outside the country. If we can no longer sell that debt then printing will lead to inflation and ultimately the destruction of the currency if it goes on too long. Don’t think Japan is totally in the clear. Recently, China has threatened to crash Japan’s bond market. It is all because of a dispute of who owns some oil and gas rich islands in the South China Sea. Also the has never been a country that printed its way to prosperity in all of history. There will be no first time. Thank you for your comment and question.

  4. Jim H

    Great job Greg, keep educating people because that is the only hope we have.

    • Greg

      Jim H,
      Just trying to save as many as I can from financial ruin. Thank you for your kind words and support.

  5. Tom H

    Isn’t it amazing how all of this Middle East protesting about the “movie” surfaced just a couple of days before Bernanke announcing that he is committed to killing the world’s reserve currency?

    I agree Greg, it is downright shameful that the political class is not talking about this at all. I am convinced that the powers that be are 100% committed to destroying America. There is no other explanation for the actions of the bankers and the politicians that serve them.

    Both parties are thoroughly and irreversibly corrupt. It saddens me greatly that so many Americans are going to the polls in November to vote for the very people that squandered the national treasure, subverted the Constitution, and cast a once proud people and several generations to come into debt servitude.

    The daily lies from the government make me sick. I would like to see every member of both parties tried for treason and Constitutional money and our once great republic restored, but unfortunately, that is not what the money powers want.

    They preach about global warming yet are stone silent on the poison food that is making so many sick.

    They preach about jobs while every action they make forecasts a hopeless outcome on the jobs front, which is even worse than their lies are telling us.

    They talk about “stimulus” while they bail out the banks that gambled away the future of the world.

    They talk about austerity while bankers pilfer the assets.

    I can’t believe Americans have not marched on Washington and demanded that the Constitution be restored. Some have tried but they have been met with lines of police in riot gear, stun guns, and tear gas.

    Wake up America! 535 of them and 300 million of us. Take your country back by trading in the paper money that has allowed the destruction of our country, and get real stuff for it: food, gold, silver, survival supplies, etc.

    If you have retirement age loved ones, plead with them to protect their life savings. Something wicked this way comes.

  6. AndyB

    Greg: thanks for being a member of the “seekers of truth” by pointing out that AQ is US (CIA) backed and, I might add, has been since OBL was recruited to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. What’s interesting about this week’s events is that the supposed Libyan puppet PM has directly contradicted the disinformation propaganda of the State Department. I guess we need another “humanitarian” invasion to set him straight.

    • Greg

      The whole thing in ME and NA is beyond repair. Look out for a very wide war to set things straight for the powers that be. I hope I am wrong for the good of all sides.


  7. Ken Nanni

    Great video, Greg. Thanks. I’d like to offer my $.02 worth to the question: “Why does the world hate America?” America is, and will be, the only country ever to become a SUPER POWER, a globally dominant power that has had EVERY country put its trust in it after WW2. Enough trust to let the USA dollar become the global reserve currency. Then, America became a hegemonious, irresponsible, drone-killing, economic and global bully that backed dictators who harmed their own people. The results manifest themselves globally and internally: confusion, disrupted political systems and social systems, deaths, assasinations, lies, media control, major economic and moral depression,…in short, the current transition toward Totalitarianism. I love America. I keep praying for an America as we used to know it…Ken.

    • Greg

      Ken Nanni,
      Your $.02 are noted and appreciated. Thank you for the deposit.

      • jay2

        Ken I recomend a documentary by arron russo produced apx 8 yrs ago.
        called from freedom to fascism. youtube it free.

  8. Jeff C

    Thanks Greg for another great summation of the important news items. It really can be boiled down to what you just covered. Too bad the MSM focuses on partisan trivia and divisive sound bytes. They have lost their way and become entertainment rather than pertinent information.

    The harsh reality is that the vise is tightening and something is going to break soon. Be it MENA or the South China Seas.

    PS: Look forward to your interview with Gerald Celente, next week.

    • Greg

      Jeff C,
      It will be explosive. I hope I am not overselling it. Thank you for your support and kind words.

  9. Dave


    Good job, keep the great work up. Look at this story that someone posted on another site. It talks about the Green Resistance that is growing in Libya, excellent story.


    • Greg

      Thank you Dave for the comment and link!

  10. tsuki

    I am with you on the “bailout”. No one is talking about it, but here on the internet. On CBS, it is Syria, Syria, Syria, not Afghanistan, or politics, politics, politics, not the banksta-gangstas.

    • Greg

      “banksta-gangstas.” Love it.

  11. BOB D

    After the lies of 9-11 , the moneys system don’t make a hill of beans. What good is money in a lawless land.
    It don’t matter who is in the White house and Congress is full of used car salesmen. It all in the hands of the Pentagon leaders and the boys and girls in the CIA.
    Yes the country will wake up one day and all the dirt, will come out.
    Many people don’t have any idea how mess up the whole government is. When the truth comes out and it has to because with out the rule of law. The country will lose it’s good name with honest banking systems around the world.
    I believe Obama is the person the Pentagon want’s.
    My reason is simple. No other way out of this mess, other then killing half the population of the world off.
    It my seem like we are going to war with Iran but that didn’t happen under Bush. Some say the Pentagon said no to Cheney and that’s when the Pentagon and CIA started to groom Obama.
    The Change is slow, how wouldn’t it be. Take the Arab spring, that’s the Pentagon gift for what the neocon’s have done.
    Israel is just about surrounded now and that’s pay back to Israels leadership, not the people of Israel. It’s the leadership around the world that’s at fault , no reason to blame the folk’s of the world.

    I think Ron Paul’s job was to out the neocon’s and Bankers,in the Republican party. Not much love left for the old faces in that party.
    War has no winners even the rich can’t live with worthless money and no rule of law.
    Once the truth comes out the fear in the market place could feel better about the future. Smart people in the market know the truth and are waiting for the rule of law.
    Everyone is waiting, rule of law are endless killing.
    The NDAA that Obama wanted can be used on neocon’s . The first state to say they wouldn’t support the law was Virgina, were all the insiders live. I just found that kind of funny.
    The young people in the Pentagon know the truth about 9-11 and the Banksters. So it’s up to the leaders who took the oath.
    The young who fight the wars end up with the love of truth. Truth is the only thing you have left to give the dead.

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob D for you heartfelt comment!

  12. Jan

    Good week of reporting. I enjoy your guest, they add a lot to your site because you choose them so well. There are so many tipping points, Black Swans or whatever you want to call them, it make your head spin.

    I wish we have another choice for President, but at this point an am not voting for, I am voting against. I wish my Senators & Representives were up for re-election this year, I would like to vote those guys out too. The nation and the world are mess and these guys are taking a break to campaign. What a bunch of overpaid bums.

    • Greg

      We still have Gary Johnson (Libertarian). Thank you for weighing in and thank you for your support.

  13. Ron

    Were already in a depression and the country is kept afloat with printing and debt.

  14. Amman


    Europe’s Gerald Celente may be one Mr. Frank Biancheri over at

    You might also like Mr. Fingleton’s work on Japan and China that clears up the blindside…


    • Greg

      Leep 20/20 is good stuff. Thank you for the links.

  15. Alan

    Ooops! Sorry about that post, Greg!

  16. Ambrose


    The “unlimited” $40 billion a month “stimulus” is nothing more than injecting steroids into a dying cancer patient (the U.S. economy). The patient might look big and strong for a short while, but s/he will eventually die of the fatal disease. Meanwhile the doctors (bankers and politicians alike) are squeezing the last penny from the patient.

    The $40 billion a month would really help the economy if the money are offered as small business loans for struggling business owners, guaranteed mortgage loans for homeowners in trouble, and occupational training for unemployed. There is no need for the Fed to boost the monstrous salary and bonus of big bankers with tax money.

    An interesting data in your Weekly News Wrap-Up:
    “A new Pew Poll out shows America is less trusted in many Middle Eastern countries now than in 2008. For example, in Pakistan in 2012, only 12% view America favorably. In 2008, 19% viewed the U.S. favorably.”

    The August Gallup Poll showed that “Congress Approval Ties All-Time Low at 10%” (http://www.gallup.com/poll/156662/Congress-Approval-Ties-Time-Low.aspx)

    I guess more Pakistanis trust us than we trust our Congress – how sad can it be?


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