Teetering on Global War in Middle East, Obama Failed Black Community, Economic Update

1edfBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 255 9.23.16)

The ceasefire is basically over in the Syrian War after less than a week. The U.S. reportedly bombed a known Syrian military position five days into the cease fire and killed at least 83 Syrian soldiers and wounded more than 100.  The U.S. says it was just a “mistake,” but Russia says this “mistake” came with four U.S. warplanes and an attack that lasted 15 minutes.  Now, trust between the U.S. and Russia is gone, and diplomacy is largely off the table.  Is a wider Middle East war not too far behind?  In a word, yes.

The violence is increasing between the cops and the black community after two police shootings in Oklahoma and North Carolina. Is it really the fault of the police that the black community is in such disarray when it has been run for decades by Democrats?  There are high rates of unemployment, poverty, crime and children born out of wedlock.  Is the black leadership blaming their failed policies on the police?  It sure looks that way.  Louis Farrakhan says that President Obama has “failed the black community.”

The economy is bad and is going to get much worse according to many high powered multi-billion dollar fund managers. There is no wonder why the Fed did not raise interest rates after saying at the beginning of this year it would raise rates four times.  How many times has the Fed raised rates in 2016?  Zero, and that is why Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net says the Fed not raising rates really means the “economy is in crisis.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talk about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    The Russians knew all along that the US establishment won’t stick with the rules. The real goal was give chance to the US shoot himself into foot. They used the chance 110%. 🙂
    BTW according the Arabian Sputnik news the Russians bombed underground complexes filled with terrorists (they were using Caliber rockets) and allegedly US, Israeli, Qatari, Saudi “instructors” (read agents of secret services) of moderate opposition died in attack. Yes, the West is instructing the same cutthroats that is allegedly fighting.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    PS: Why were the Israelis mentioned? Well it is about control, controlling the opposition is the best way to fighting it. It allows them stage false flag attacks.

    • frederick

      Oracle I think Sputnik news is Russian not Arabic hense the name

    • Macray

      U.S. Coalition Intelligence “Operations Room” Inside Syria, Destroyed by Russian Missile Attack: Thirty Israeli, American, British, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari Intelligence Officials Killed, Report

      • Macray

        Gina, Gina
        I saw this and I still can’t stop laughing. Its looks like Kim Kardashian is considering voting for Trump : )))
        Gina, Gina it’s not looking good for you who. I’m laughing so hard its actually beginning to hurt : )))))

        • Macray

          for you know who!!! Its hard to type when I’m laughing this hard : ))))

      • Tad

        Saw that article today. Try to guess to whom I’m rooting for?

    • Colin

      I have been arguing against this story since yesterday. There has been a total of two media outlets that reported this. The original; Fars News removed it from their site. The only other one is Arabic-Sputnik. Israeli News Live was reporting it but they were sourcing those two sites. Either is was a mistaken story or it is so serious, it is being heavily suppressed. Personally, as of right now, I’m not buying it. But the latter is always a possibility.

      • Truth

        Just checked this a.m. Saturday, 9/24/16 and the story is still on Fars News site…also Global Research in Canada has published it…as well as the Arabic language version of Sputnik…all 3 being highly credible sources…Frankly, it’s about time somebody did something to stop this mass murder of civilians, by America and its allies creating terrorist groups…the neocons are destroying the world…


      • beLIEve

        Fars agency does not appear to have “pulled” the story of the Russian caliber missile hit on the Allepo Operations room, killing Western Service personnel.
        It appears that US, UK, Israeli, Saudi, Qatari and Turkish intelligence officers had been using the “room” to……… DIRECT TERRORIST ATTACKS IN ALLEPO & IDLIB !


        And here is another “interesting” revelation.


        • beLIEve

          US serving soldier.


        • Truth


          Excellent research…so now we have a 4th source.

        • Paul ...

          Well … well … well … the neocon Hillary shipped 260 barrels of Saran gas to ISIS in Syria (enough to kill every man, women and child in the entire country) … and Hillary will be shipping the ISIS “head hunters” here to America in increased numbers once elected … and no doubt they will be bringing along their “neocon supplied training manual” on how to use and detonate nuclear weapons … just another good reason for you Democrats to vote for Hillary!!

          • Frederick

            Paul Zerohedge has a video posted about a weasel named Michael Morrell who literally called for exactly what happened to Putins driver a week or so ago Take a look ita an interview with Charlie Rose who is obviously not our friend either

    • Truth

      And, this story just hit Zero Hedge…


      So, the US targets the Syrian Army in Deir ez-Zor, which we all know was NOT a mistake and then the next day the US targets the UN humanitarian aid convoy and blames Russia, KNOWING that the US actually did it…

      • Rudy

        BELIEVE and Truth,
        Does this mean NATO, is also a terrorist organization? Can the culprits to blame for hijacking our north Atlantic treaty organization be brought to justice in the Hague?
        Like the boy wonder and former mayor of Detroit, Obama could be doing time, for his former, neo- con puppet’s, crimes!

        Another reason to stop Trump!

  2. Rick Geisler

    About your Obama comment I need to just quote Benjamin Franklin to put him to nothing.
    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    —Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.
    Thank You. Enough Said.

  3. frederick

    Greg great wrap up I agreed with everything you said War with Russia and China is indeed suicide and its very worrying to even believe people in our govt could think otherwise (Treadway comes to mind) I am awaiting notification from Northwest Territorial Mint who are in chapter 11 to return my stored silver so I got lucky as many others didnt unfortunately so there is still a tiny bit of justice in America Not much mind you but a tiny bit Have a good weekend Greg and all fellow watchdoggers 🙂

    • philipat

      The US ceasefire was broken because the Pentagon and CIA support for ISIS was being exposed for all the world to see, if it wasn’t obvious already.

      • Paul ...

        The neocons in the US Military have a long history of not hurting but helping terrorists … on 9-11 the neocons “would not” order the US Military to put US warplanes in the air that might have accidentally hurt their terrorist buddies taking down the WTC and the Pentagon … however as you can see when it comes to helping their terrorists friends the neocons “will” order US warplanes into the air! … now as the neocons love terrorists … can anyone figure out why the neocons are holding military drills like Jade Helm to “take out” Christians, Constitutionalists and Veterans and put them in FEMA camps?? … a three year old can figure it out … Christians, Constitutionalists and Veterans (unlike the neocons) are Patriots not terrorists!!

        • Paul ...

          This is the reason the neocons passed the Patriot Act … to “take out” all the Patriots in America!

  4. Collateral Damage

    Excellent news wrap up. Very Sad times.


    Don’t watch, just listen.

    Sincerely, CD

  5. Dan S.

    Every lie Obama says just drives the US further and further into the abyss.
    But on the lighter side Watch this Hillary interview


    Great wrapup Greg.

    • Kim

      Thank you for posting that hilaroius interview! Too funny!!

  6. J C Davis

    Best 41 minutes in all the media.

    • Greg Hunter

      JC Davis Thank you.

    • Sayonara


  7. Russ McMeans

    One of your best weekly news wrap ups, Greg!
    And why would that be? Because the winds are ramping up strong as the clouds turn almost black.

  8. Charles Turner

    Hi Greg,
    Here in the UK public opinion is changing.
    Today there was an article in the Daily Mail which is a traditional British tabloid. It was titled
    “The ‘annihilation’ of Aleppo: Assad launches fresh offensive and sends war planes to pound rebel positions, killing 45 – as cease fire lies in tatters”.

    So what do the Daily Mails customers think?
    I go to the comment section and one comment raises an eyebrow.

    “Good luck to Assad and Putin ”

    a year ago, this comment would have been destroyed with down ticks and angry comments. Today it has 58 up ticks and 2 down ticks.
    This is in the UK where we have always been pro USA but there is now a groundswell of unease at your military, your politicians, your grip on the world financial system and just exactly what the motives of those who run the USA really are. The soft cuddly image of the reliable world policeman has long gone.

    • Truth


      That’s encouraging to hear. I’m not sure how any fair-minded person could not understand that international law does not allow any country to fund/arm “rebels” to overthrow another country’s government. If Assad sent “rebels” to overthrow America, Britain, etc, would we even debate the validity of his position?

      • Charles Turner

        Here is another article from a fairly down market tabloid in the UK the Daily Express. Have a read through the comment pages. The American narrative may be working in the USA but it is certainly wearing thin in the most pro American country in Europe.


        2 years ago it would have been 99% anti Assad and Putin. The problem for the MSM is that if you lie all the time, people wont believe it when you tell the truth

        • Truth


          That’s excellent…thanks for sharing. Brexit was a clear sign that the Brits are tired of globalism. Hats off to Britain.

        • Rudy


          As old Abe Lincoln (attributed) said. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” 16th president of US (1809 – 1865)

  9. mike m

    Greg, I can tell you from my experience with SA Airforce Intelligent and my research concerning Anglo-American and George Soros involvement in South Africa during the 70’s and 80’s – they created massive protests, rioting, burnings, violence, assassinations, fear, hatred, confusion and mistrust among the people across the racial spectrum – European, indigenous African, immigrant Asian and those of mixed race – in order to completely wreck the country. After succeeding in that, the desperate, fearful and defeated European minority citizens agreed to allow their European government to be out-voted and replaced. Then Nelson Mandela’s ANC government became the puppets of the Anglo-American Corporations and the protests, rioting, burnings, violence, assassinations, fear, hatred, confusion and mistrust has continued ever since.

  10. pat the rat

    oh where oh where did the Hillary go oh where did she go?

  11. Collateral Damage

    Please listen to this everybody. The part you need to hear is the second hour of September 22 broadcast. This segment is really interesting!!!

    To hear important ideas about Charlotte please listen at the minute marker 10.22.


  12. SharkBit

    You are correct Greg, “not voting for her”. Anyone but corrupt Billary.

  13. andyb

    Greg: regarding Syria: It is now fairly obvious that the US can now lay claim to being the supreme global terrorist. Aside from funding and arming all MENA terrorist groups, we also kill 1000s of innocent civilians in drone strikes. We do this through neocon policy at the behest of corporate and banking elites who desire more and more chaos to keep the global population in fear so that the final subjugation will be easier. Some will say that it’s all about pipelines or the Zionist goal of Israeli hegemony in the region. But to we Americans, it is really about the ersatz “War on Terror” destroying our freedoms, and what little remains of our fiscal and monetary solvency.
    Although few realize it, Syria represents the beginning of WWIII, a war that we cannot win. The purposeful devastation of our military readiness and the sad state of our skeleton Army, Navy and Air Force weapons indicates that any major war would be a disaster for the US. Both China and Russia have far more sophisticated weapons systems. Our imperialism fits the definition if insanity together with the terrifying fact that certifiable psychopaths are setting policy.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Wow, well said.

    • Paul ...

      Here is some footage of US soldiers fighting people who want to burn down the heroin fields in Afghanistan … it is time our soldiers begin “to think” rather then being robots fighting for the drug cartel … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05bnplpTSq8

  14. Kim

    God bless Greg Hunter! Thank you for standing up and reporting and amazing amount of detailed information and the passion to do so! Your time and work are greatly respected!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim for your support. I went long this week by accident and still left some things out.

  15. 8Ball

    On Louis Farrakhan’s comments regarding Obama: “And he’s not a cracker”.

    You “cracked” me up with that one… I have been laughing all evening.

    • JC Davis

      8Ball even when Obama leaves office he will never do the good works out of office that Jimmy Carter did. Obama has no good in himself to give to any.

  16. Paul ...

    Not only has Obama failed the black community with his economic policies but he has failed to protect the children of America from becoming heroin drug addicts … by allowing the Afghan war to continue on and on to help reap heroin fortunes for the evil bankers … he allowed Hillary to ship Saran gas to Syria to kill women and children there … and has imported ISIS to America to cut off the heads of Christians and 70 year old grandmothers … he never arrested Hillary for her unsecured server likely because Hillary threatened to squeal that Obama’s half brother is in charge of the Swiss bank account funds that are supporting the recruitment of even more terrorists into ISIS … all these Demon Rats must be thrown out of office this November … then once we get Trump in we can go after the Reptilian Party’s bad apples like John McCain, etc., etc.! … Hillary knowing the jig is up all of a sudden has only one year to live … likely because she will be asking a Trump court “that will convict her” for leniency because of her medical condition!

  17. Jerry

    I live close to an Air Force Base that houses Warthogs. Trust me when I tell you this. If you are ever attacked by a Warthog, you will die. These planes are the ultimate weapon when it comes to destroying ground forces (IE the highway of death in Iraq). They will put 30 caliber armor piercing rounds in every square inch of a football field. Syria is not the place to use a weapon like this, with so many foreign forces concentrated in one area. Just my two cents.

    We are “seven” days away from the IMF rolling out its new ” World Money” in the form of the SDR on September 30th. Please, please, do not underestimate what the globalist that run this organization, have planned for us. They have been planning on this for quite some time, and will not let this opportunity pass by without taking full advantage of it. http://www.imf.org/external/np/pp/eng/2011/010711.pdf

    Behind closed doors I believe they plan on introducing Gold into the IMF basket once the transformation of the SDR is complete. I can come up with no other explanation as to why the Chinese have held back on resetting Gold prices after buying vaults in New York, London, and Frankfort and setting up the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Once that happens, the noose on the dollar will tighten, and that will be the end of our reserve currency status as we have known it.

  18. Tommy

    There’s just so much, too much corruption and outright criminal activity to even summarize. My two favorite things I heard this week were these. Charlie Crist is in a debate for the congressional seat and is asked if he supports Hillary and he starts praising her and gets to this part; “I believe that she is steady, I believe that she is strong, I believe that she is honest”, at which point the audience breaks out in laughter and guffaws. Johnny Carson would be proud. Then there was Heather Bresch, Mylan CEO being grilled by Congress on the Epipen scam. In responding to questioning by Jacob Chaffetz (I love this guy) she says that they are going to make a generic version which will sell for half of the branded version. Chaffetz says, “so the only difference between the two is the name?” She says yes. He says, “You see this is why we don’t believe you”. Oh Lord help us all.

  19. Tall Tom

    Mr. Greg Hunter,
    Your prediction was correct (sad to say) world war 3
    has began.

  20. Chip

    Good to have WNW back Greg. Missed you last week… Chip

  21. philipat

    Regarding the Saudi Arabian law which Obama will veto (why?) and Congress will overrule, what happens when the real truth finally comes out and Israel (Mossad) is proven to have been the real instigator of the controlled demolition of the three WTC buildings? Presumably a precedent will have been establsihed by that time so the 911 families will be free to take legal action against Israel?

    • Chip2

      That would be a HUGE step in fulfilling the biblical prophecy of the entire world turning against Israel in the last days.

    • Truth

      Yet, another reason why the neocons are desperately trying to start WWIII, because they know they are close to being exposed…the Saudi bill is an intentional smokescreen and shows real desperation on their part…they are trying to buy time. But, justice is hunting them down, every day.

  22. NC Gal


    A great WNW. Your passion and commitment come shining through, leavened with some humor to make the bitter pill go down a little easier.

    After hearing Paul Craig Roberts on Wednesday, I tried several times to write a response, but just couldn’t get past my feeling of helplessness, so I didn’t post anything. This feeling of helplessness to stop what I see going on began in earnest when I used to watch Dubya smirking all the way through his State of the Union addresses and learned about the Cheney-Bush plans for American hegemony. It deepened when I saw Obama for what he is and knew that whatever he did, it would be bad for this country.

    When Obama gave that carefully staged speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and spoke so ardently about how there should be never be any use of nuclear weapons ever again, I knew that he would be the one to make use of them. I don’t necessarily think Putin is an angel, but I think we would already have had a nuclear war without his interventions to date.

    When you make the observation that it seems that those in power are trying to create the greatest amount of chaos possible, I think you are correct. It is precisely that chaos that will be used to justify a state of martial law, the suspension of whatever is left of our Constitution, and the extension of the Obama reign if the elites can’t get Trump out of the way and put their next puppet in place.

    All along, people like Gerald Celente have said, “When all else fails, they take us to war.” Bill Holter said that a war would be used as the excuse to cover up the failed economic policies: “If it wasn’t for this war, our policies would have worked.”

    All of that being said, Donald Trump is not going to save the day. I might vote for him just to keep Hillary out, but he can’t make America great again, no matter what he says, because there is a technological revolution occurring that is being called the second machine age, only this time it makes use of AI, IoT, 3D printing, etc. and will render most humans obsolete. The most recent meeting at Davos estimates that in the next 5 years, 47% of global employment will be done away with through automation. By using AI “in the cloud,” in combination with “smart” devices of all kinds, humans will just be nodes in a virtual global network, totally monitored and controlled. When cash is done away with and every transaction has to be conducted digitally, your PM stashes will mean nothing unless you are allowed to trade them for digital currency.

    Ray Kurzweil estimates that we will reach the technological singularity (where machines will surpass humans) around 2045. Agenda 2030 has already been put into motion, and the quote you gave from Obama’s speech at the UN only confirms this trend. The elites consider most of us “useless eaters” and will do away with us. The chaos they are fomenting will turn us against each other and the crash will turn many into looters and roving gangs, trying to survive. Having guns and ammo will only increase the number of dead on both sides.

    I feel helpless to stop any of this. Our elections are rigged, like everything else, and even if there IS an election and Trump DOES win it, his call for tax cuts, rolling back regulations so coal and steel can become viable industries again, etc. is not going to restore this country. Going back to an earlier time is just not possible anymore. The elites have the tools, the technologies, and the will to control everything, and that’s why I feel helpless. This country is already dead. It’s been kept going through artificial life support that keeps the markets and banks afloat, but the real data shows the decline is underway and our current leadership at all levels has failed us as a people and as a nation.

    What is really going on is the rape and pillaging of everything that can be stolen and when there is no more to be gained through these criminal acts, I shudder to think of what the next “act” in the drama will hold for most of us who are not part of the elites organizations or willing to be their slaves. PCR called it right. Our MSM press is a propaganda machine, wholly owned and operated by the elites. Those who are waking up are still powerless and while there may be blood in the streets, that in itself will be the excuse for greater controls.

    I wish I could be more optimistic, but because I DO see, and because of all of the truth-tellers who speak on this show and elsewhere, I see that the game is all but over for most of us who are still alive today. The only thing that could stop this would be some form of divine intervention, and that is just not tangible enough to pin my hopes upon. God may be in charge, but until I see the actions behind the words, they’re just words and remain to be tested by the passage of time.

    You are doing great work. Please continue it, even if there is nothing I can do except watch it all play out.

    • MCasey

      ….Bugbot nano drone technology

    • Russ McMeans

      NC Gal; read the book of John and ‘evidence that demands a verdict” by Josh McDowell. Stockpile the essentials, don’t forget your gun, and enjoy life! It’s all we can do. Oh and screw the bankers while you have a chance. I’ve decided to not play their game anymore and I’m quitting.
      I simply don’t care anymore, that’s my strength.

    • dadiz


      Completely agree with you…however, hang in there.
      As Mr. Class, himself, said: “It ain’t over til it’s over”.

    • Andrew

      @NC Gal,

      I understand your feelings of hopelessness. For more years that I care to state I have just watched this country fall a part. Daily I see people becoming more and more hostile towards each other over trivial things. I had/have permitted myself to fall into a sort of melancholy stupor bordering on depression at times for what I see at the local level among “common folk” . The only answer I’ve found is faith in HIM. I truly believe if it weren’t for that I would have given in to depression as far back as the late 90’s. I have been trying to prepare myself for these days and the horrors yet to come for many years. A year ago I noticed rust beginning to develop on my long-term stores, termites in my dry goods, and mildew and rust overtaking the preservation oils on my knives and firearms. I went through a bad period last year when I just couldn’t do anymore. Now I am doing something that makes me feel good, I am taking most of my extra cash and supporting a family that is having hard times. The children are excited to see me and the parents cry every time I take some burdens off of their shoulders. You know how that makes a guy feel who used to pride himself in being a bad— and tried to be cold-hearted and emotionally dead? I used to be called the “Terminator” by some because I showed no emotion. I seldom fear what is coming anymore. I don’t recommend my action for others but it makes me feel part of the living. That is a feeling I never want to lose. Thank GOD for HIS love and mercy. Take heart, for HE is near and HIS SON comes soon. HIS love provides all the optimism I need.

  23. john duffy

    Nice Job Liberals!

  24. Paul ...

    Does anyone notice the lame excuse the neocon Demon Rats “always use” to get away with their evil deeds? … Oh sorry we bombed the Syrians “by mistake” … Oh sorry we made 858 ISIS terrorists into US citizens “by mistake” … Hey neocons try telling the world that you launched 1800 thermonuclear warheads upon Russia and China “by mistake” … do you think by simply saying it was “a mistake” will automatically absolve you of your crimes? … Hey Democratic voters “wake up to the evil ones” you have been supporting all your life … vote for Trump this November “by mistake”!!

    • Truth


      Trump will put a stop to all of those “mistakes” and the neocons know it.

    • JC Davis

      Paul eyes wide open – there has been more apologies, and ( mistakes ) in the last 8 years then all of my life time. At some point we must all agree no one can do this much damage by mistake.

      • Paul ...

        All the hate, all the crime and all the wars these neocons create … it is about time we lock them all up (starting with Hillary) when we put Trump in power … and perhaps we can begin to live simply once again … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xoSoeQjpHs

  25. Jallen

    Your Friday wrapups are RED HOT SPOT ON!
    Greg, you beat hands down anything known as the mainstream news.
    I love your passion for the truth!
    The main stream news is at the third grade level and mostly propaganda.
    I pray every night for a petition be considered in heaven for justice to be served for the likes of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and all their ilk, as their is no justice in America!
    You can thow in the Bushes and associated warmongers.
    I am sure the smell of the farce Wells Fargo bank just pulled off has reached Heaven.
    How long can the greatest scam known as the Federal Reserve continue?
    Our schools, colleges, press, media, banks, treasury and rule of law etc. have come under attack by evil entities.
    I ask, how far can off can judgement be?
    Greg and all Watchdogs, when those in power fail economically, they will lead you to war!
    For my money 911 was the beginning of the end of our way of life as our liberties are being taken away.
    One last comment, Barbara Streisand has written a negative article about Donald Trump in the Huffington Post, has she learned nothing from the Bolshevik Revolution or as Greg would say, is she too stupid to be stupid.

  26. Tad

    When the US violated Syria’s sovereignty- as it does routinely, globally- why expect any “truths” from Washington?

  27. Robert Lykens

    A massive Syrian army buildup backed by Hizballah, pro-Iranian Shiite militias and Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers is now within just a few kilometers of Israel’s northern border.


    – The world is gathered against Israel at the UN
    – Hussein Obama will likely not veto an anti-Israel resolution in the Security Council
    – Hussein Obama desperately wants to bring forth a Palestinian state before 1/20/17 for his “legacy”

    Please read for yourself the prophecy in Ezekiel 38 and 39. It predicts an invasion of Israel from the north by the very countries that are there now.
    You might believe that an invasion of Israel is a good thing.
    You might believe that it won’t affect you personally.
    You might not believe the Bible is 100% accurate.
    You might not even believe in the God of the Bible.
    Nevertheless, Ezekiel’s prophecy is being fulfilled before your eyes to the letter. Here’s how it could affect you personally:
    It is likely that a nuclear war will immediately follow the destruction of the invaders. Ezekiel 39:6 says –

    “And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the LORD.”

    “Magog” is a reference to Russia. “Carelessly” actually means without care or worry, as if nothing bad could ever happen. “The isles” refers to the continents of the world, the shores away from the Promised Land of Israel. God promises that “a fire” will be sent on these places.

    Maybe this buildup signals the imminent invasion of Israel and maybe it doesn’t. However it certainly appears to be near. Please be ready to move quickly, away from cities/military targets, should the invasion actually begin.

  28. dchayden

    I love how you prioritize the weeks news in the correct order of what is really important versus the less important “news,” that is often designed to distract us from the REAL news of the week. You have a great eye for the real stories ! Thank you for all you do !!


  29. Laura

    Greg, Thanks again for a sobering WNW!

    I’d like to add a couple of comments: South Korea is threatening to take out NK’s Kim Jong-Un, listen here: http://www.trunews.com/listen

    Also, our internet freedoms may be in jeopardy! http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/08/29/icann-un-take-internet-oct-1/

    Let’s pray for God to intervene! May God’s plans prevail and the enemy’s plans to fail.

  30. Macray

    Who needs Capt. Priceline Negotiator Kirk to put the cease fire back together,
    when we have Sec. Kerry.
    US Secretary of State Kerry’s proposal to ground the Syrian and Russian air forces, even as the US air force continues to bomb Syria illegally, is a transparent attempt to use diplomacy to win the war.

    • Macray

      Did the Pentagon pull rank on the White House’s diplomacy with Russia? It certainly appeared that way, in my opinion. Appreciate all Watchdogger’s thoughts on the possibility that the US is under military rule.

      Syria Shows US Under Military Rule

      • Truth


        I think that the neocons rule all sides and they create a false dichotomy, domestically and internationally. We have one party in America and it’s ruled by the banksters and neocons. It’s like a game of ‘good cop, bad copy’ to make other countries believe that ‘compromise’ is just around the corner, when in reality the neocons are destroying country after country at a record pace, and also destroying the US Constitution at a record pace. There is no goodwill at the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA or anywhere in the US govt.

        • Macray

          Completely agree with the Truth

        • Charles H


  31. Paul ...

    The Clinton News Network (CNN) … Clinton Broadcasting System (CBS) … the All Behind Clinton (ABC) … and Nobody But Clinton (NBC) … news networks vehemently accuse Donald Trump of “radical statements” that can possibly foster fear of the ISIS terrorists Obama and Hillary are bringing into America (like him saying ISIS is planting bombs in our cities and that he wants to stop the ISIS “head choppers” from entering into our country) … yet these same news networks totally ignore Hillary’s “radical actions” which has already destroyed “tens of millions of lives” by fostering Middle East wars and shipping Saran gas to ISIS so they could kill innocent women and children she professes to deeply care for!

    • Truth


      You hit the nail on the head. The media is completely sold-out. That’s why this website is so needed.

    • JC Davis

      Thanks Colin that was a good interview to pass around.

  32. Judith

    Sigh. Greg, you and Hillary. I can hardly wait until the election is over!

  33. Alan R

    Outstanding WNW Greg!!! One of your best ever imho, and despite the horrible “you just can’t make this stuff up” news out there you, as always, kept to the truth and nothing but the truth. The added levity was also terrific (re Wells Fargo “Hey, we stole it fair & square!”) and had me doing a major LOL here. Also loved that pic sent in by another USAW fan of the astronaut watching from the moon with a cool one, really great stuff.

    I dare say no one is doing it better or at a higher level of journalistic excellence & integrity. Thank you for being the real deal and being so on it Greg!

    Alan R

  34. DLC

    Collateral Damage:

    For some day sons and daughters
    Will rise up and fight, while WE STOOD STILL.

    Been cycling through the development I live in for the past 3 months, hoping to swerve into some conversation to get a bead on what people are aware of and what they are thinking. One problem, people literally seem to be in a lockdown state. They do not exist outside their homes.

    It was not always so. We used to have block parties, neighborhood cookouts, people congregating on each other’s driveways talking the night away while gazing at stars and watching the planes taxi in and out of Sky Harbor airport.

    A few days after Bush was elected the second time, my neighbor held a dinner in my honor since I did her some previous favors. The dinner was great, Italian cuisine and homemade Italian wine. Things were going swimmingly until one woman remarked: “You know what I like about this neighborhood? — that we are all Democrats.” Naively, I piped up with, “but, I’m not.”

    The occasion turned ugly. My neighbor was mortified that she had spent the day “cooking for the enemy.” Insults were flying, people started leaving. I was shocked and very embarrassed. The hatred was palpable. I was never again welcome in that woman’s home. We used to be in and out of each other’s home all the time. To this day I am dumbfounded at how vicious the latter day progressive has become.

    I was not the only Bush voter at this woman’s table. The others kept their mouth shut when they saw how I was being talked to and treated.

    People no longer have anything to say to each other, it seems. You will not even see or hear children in the streets or the backyards. It feels like I’m biking through a ghost town.

    One neighbor visits me every few weeks to see if I need help with anything. He told me he was ostracized when he mentioned that he was voting for Trump. He voted for Obama both times. That cuts no ice here in the neighborhood.

    So, neighborhood cohesiveness as a key to survival? Not sure what event it will take to get people to value their lives more than their dogma. We seem to be one cross word away from being Charlotte. If progressivism is so great, why are they so angry and vengeful?

    They’re not even hungry or destitute yet.

    • Truth


      That’s really a compelling story. It is amazing what our country has become. It’s really a spiritual darkness. When you meet someone who is aware of what is common knowledge on this site, it’s like finding a rare jewel in the desert. Eyes, but cannot see…ears, but cannot hear.

  35. Diane D.

    2003-2016 wars of aggression by the US.
    327,040 civilians killed.
    That equates to 64 civilians killed per day for the last 14 years with no end of wars planned.
    Sooner or later the US must atone for its sins. God requires blood for blood. Remember God?

  36. Diane D.

    Another accurate (albeit sad) State of the Union Wrap-Up. Thank you Greg.

  37. Paul ...

    In the upcoming Presidential debate I want Trump to ask Hillary: “Is it morally right to ship Saran Gas to ISIS so they can kill innocent women and children to advance a political objective?” … after Hillary gets through coughing and sipping water for 5 minutes and says “What was your question?” Trump should ask “do you think the end justifies the means?” … Hillary will then likely have a fainting spell and the crony news moderator will tell Trump “Stop badgering the poor woman … can’t you see she is sick?” … all the women Democrats watching will say “Yes, Trump’s badgering of Hillary clearly shows he is just a heartless cruel women hater and the Democratic men will have to agree with their wives to prevent marital disputes … the sympathy card is the only obvious strategy Clinton can use to avoid answering Trump’s questions … so to all you Democrats out there … I ask you to consider this question NOW before Clinton’s theatrics next week deflects your minds thought processes and your judgement … [Is it morally right to gas innocent women and children to advance a political objective]??

    • Truth


      It’s interesting that you would mention that phrase – “The ends justify the means.” The neocons believe that…that is why human life means nothing to them.

      • Charles H


      • Ralph

        Proof to your assertion that to neocons “The end justifies the means”

        Madeline Albright questioned on the deaths of 500,000 Iragi children

        • Truth


          Yes, I remember that clip well…Thanks for sharing…

    • Robert G

      Paul where is the link about Hillary sending Saran gas to ISIS? Please don’t tell me Alex Jones, Info-wars….

  38. Matt

    Humanity stands at the edge of great waves of change. They will threaten the very survival of the species on a level not seen in human history. Resource depletion, environmental collapse, accelerating climate change, and ongoing Intervention by races from beyond our world who wish to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity for their own purposes. We are all entering a dangerous new reality for which we are not prepared. God will not save humanity. God sent us to save humanity.
    new message.org

  39. Mark

    Hi Greg,
    Off topic, but in regards to the recent series of posts regarding the Jehovah Witness organization (cult) and it’s teachings (heresy), I would only comment that in denying the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God through Whom all things have come into being and in Whom all things consist and subsist, being upheld by the word of His power (Col. 1:15-18, Heb. 1:1-8, John 1:1-4), it is no wonder then their “gospel” only offers man the hope of participating in a kind of restored paradise, which is nothing more than the old- creation apart from the corruption and in which the hope of having any share in it’s pleasures depends on how well one works for the interest of spreading the “kingdom” in this age during one’s lifetime, which is completely logical because if you eliminate the knowledge of the One through Whom all things came into being and the One in Whom all things subsist and consist, being upheld by the word of His power, then you also eliminate the possibility of all things being made new through His death and resurrection, including mankind, by refusing the knowledge of Him Who makes all things new. “If any man is IN CHRIST”, the apostle Paul, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote, “(he is) a NEW CREATION. The old things have passed away, behold all things have been made new”.(2 Cor. 5:17) Their systematized error conveniently and strategically edits out the status of Deity which is attributed to the Son, made flesh and born of a virgin as well as the possibility of being made a new creation in Christ Jesus in the realm of resurrection, by the power of an Indestructible life in Christ Jesus and through regeneration by His the Spirit of His Son sent forth into our hearts crying “Abba Father” (Rom.8:15, Gal. 4:6). Basically it’s like trying to do the works which are good as mentioned in Ephesians 2:10 apart from being that which is “His masterpiece, (workmanship) created in Christ Jesus” and is subtle indeed, for who in their right mind would argue against that which has an appearance of “good”?
    But as you say Greg, and I concur, “Fear Not”, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind.” and I will continue by quoting the verses following, ” Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me His prisoner; but suffer evil with the gospel according to the power of God; Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, NOT ACCORDING TO OUR WORKS, BUT ACCORDING TO HIS OWN PURPOSE AND GRACE, WHICH WAS GIVEN TO US IN CHRIST JESUS BEFORE THE TIMES OF THE AGES, BUT NOW HAS BEEN MANIFESTED THROUGH THE APPEARING OF OUR SAVIOR CHRIST JESUS, WHO NULLIFIED DEATH AND BROUGHT LIFE AND INCORRUPTION TO LIGHT THROUGH THE GOSPEL. (2 Tim 1:7-10). So to you Greg and to all who come here to read and post I say:” the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit”

    • Charles H

      Mark – you are preaching out of the WRONG bible: which doesn’t have the right words; which begins the introduction of error. Rev 22:18-19 PROHIBITS (changing) adding anything or omitting words whatsoever – which is exactly what word substitution does, by taking out and adding in something else. This warning appears in Deuteronomy. 4:2 and 12:32. God gives His Word by Inspiration, and it continues through human history through Preservation: which is WHY we are admonished NOT to add or subtract from it.
      2Cor. 5:17 – “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.” Changing “creature” into “creation” breaks the word context and changes the scripture verse meaning. There actually IS a pattern to God’ s Word and cohesion, established by word meaning and context: but you are not making sense of it here. “… and through regeneration by His the Spirit of His Son…” GIVE IT A REST. What you express here is an illegitimate concatenation of verses that don’t go together (typical JW m.o.). “Regeneration” occurs TWO TIMES in the New Testament: it is not used in either place how you use it here.
      So you are back to mollify the sharply challenged comments of the last page-postings, by really writing up a storm of impressive sounding ‘bible-icity’, and really going for that ‘I-really-know-my bible-as-good-as anyone-else-or even-better-impression’: but anyone who has read your previous comments already knows where you are going to go. (That the JWs have it mostly right.)
      THE Key and Cardinal theme of true Biblical Christianity is “SALVATION”: something that needs be dealt with. Ephesians 2:8,9 – “For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” Grace is the domain of God’s redemption: if you have the wrong faith – you cannot enter into Grace. And because you intend to form your faith from sources which are corrupt versions – you got a problem. Truth – is a singular issue, from a singular Source; and God has delivered it through the languages by Inspired Preservation. Seeing “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing, by the word of God” – we MUST come to that singular source for our faith. God is NOT obligated to accept our choice of mix-and-match terms, words, or versions – especially when He said not to change anything. God can only have respect, and acceptance, of His very Word for the matter of our faith. If you think to use or believe a twisted-up, or changed bible: you are already in trouble.
      Titus 3:5 – “Not by works of righteousness which we have done,but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration (‘washing of the water of His Word’ of Ephesians 5:26.), and renewing of the Holy Ghost.”
      Isaiah 45:22 – “Look unto me, and be ye saved, all ye ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.” (Foreshadowing God in the flesh, God with us – Immanuel, the Lord Jesus Christ.)
      You are WAY off the mark, Mark. You have not yet come to the truth. How then can you explain it?

      • Greg Hunter

        You not going to get an answer as I want no more JW stuff on the site. Thank you for your comment though.

        • Robert G

          jw.org is their official website, for those who may be interested. Up to this point (this week) I have not seen any JW posting. They don’t post often. Charles is not a JW because he believes Almighty God came to the earth in the flesh. jw.org will explain why witnesses don’t believe that. Thought that might clarify things somewhat.

          • Charles H

            Robert G,

            Funny, I always thought that non-JWs referred to Jehovah’s Witnesses as “JWs”; and that within the JW belief – they referred to themselves as “witnesses”. And the fact that you repeat twice the website seems overly positive.
            I strongly disagree that JWs “don’t post often”.
            Nice little plug, though.

            • Robert G

              Charles H #1 I have no idea what your talking about. #2 I mention the site twice because it is very well done. Lots of information there for those interested in the Bible and it’s promises for the future. #3 Outside of the post by Paul Roberts which had Mark posting and one other that agreed with the witnesses but said he wasn’t one. I may see a post every few weeks. I used to post things a year or two ago but I respect Greg’s request that JW’s don’t post so I don’t. New ones that join may have seen his requests and will do as he asks as it is his site. But he said posting scripture would be o.k..So I may do that from time to time. That said Mark, Many of your postings about the witnesses are inaccurate and outright false. I suggest people go to the site and find out for themselves if what you say is true. They have a library where you can ask a question and find answers from the Bible, KJV -NWT- and other translations you may be more comfortable using. Did you know the Watchtower magazine has the greatest circulation of any other magazine on the planet. Hardly a cult. Sorry Greg just had to respond . If you decide not to post, I will understand.

              • Charles H


                It is not the size of anything which determines value: it is the nature of the material. And, I beg to differ – but I know enough to catch key words and phrases, which registers recognition. Pornography is now done professionally and presented well: does that make it good?

      • Mark

        I think you have me confused with another poster also named Mark who posted comments promoting Jehovah Witness doctrine after Greg’s interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. No JW that I am aware of would say, as I say to you Charles and to Greg and to all who come here to read and post, “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit” (Gal. 6:18) for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim. 1:7).

        • Charles H


          If this is so: then you have my apologies. You might distinguish yourself by using a longer and more unique name.

          What triggered my response is the use of a bible which IS a ‘modern-ized’ version and has wording changed from the 400+ year standard of the King James Version; plus the user-name.

          I carefully must re-interate here: that God only produces His Holy Word one time, through the languages in history: and this occurs mainly near it’s first crossing. Two other proofs attend this: 1) God’s personal approval is shown in it’s working, by the spiritual results in dispersal; and the staying-power, proven over centuries. NONE of the ‘modern’ versions either have the results or the will produce the staying power due to lack of Divine endorsement. Popularity is no substitute for the working of Divine power.

          And I disagree that Jehovah’s Witnesses would not quote KJV or other closely worded scriptures: they do it all the time. And they also work very hard to convince people that what they believe is “not any different” from what you do: but this is to win someone over – it is all concessionary, and a consistent tactic. They DO tend to waffle back and forth from their own copyrighted ‘bible’ to better recognized ones – just as you used a non-KJV version in your previous comment, but now quote verbatim what a KJV says. This inconsistency is a cause for doubt.
          And the JWs, because a component of their belief is to do the ‘good’ “WORK” of spreading the kingdom: any and ALL media is fair game to spread their – including Sign Language for the Deaf. Getting a foot-hold here would not only be a big feather in their cap, but gain an untold circulation.
          The real problem and danger that accompanies Christianity (not to Christianity, but those who might come to it but are drawn off) is it’s COUNTERFEIT. Those who won’t adhere to Absolute Value, don’t understand it’s inviolate nature – and can play hard and fast with it and their own sources. They can begin at a point familiar to you: but eventually draw adherents away. JWs do this to earn their salvation, or place in God’s economy; while Christianity evangelizes not for their own sake: but the sake of others who are lost. Consistency and holding to ‘the proven Standard of Truth’ are the two hallmarks which serve to identify reliable and trustworthy people.
          From my standpoint of view, Mark – as long as you use a bible which is modernized, you deviate from one important hallmark. “Which Bible” is and will be controversial to the end of Time – yet, again I will emphasize – humanity doesn’t have the license to decide or pick-and-choose what is Truth and what God Himself places His approval on. God, at the Tower of Babel instantly infused complete languages – with all words and meanings. This makes Him the God of all languages, through all time. Man may choose to change language, words, and meanings for himself: but man may NOT intrude on the work God does Preserving His Word through languages and time.

          • mark

            Thank you Charles. I wrote you a comment in response to your remarks which I posted in the comments section of Greg’s outstanding interview with Jonathan Cahn before reading your apology. I am reminded through this incident of a word of wisdom from the apostle James in which he writes to “not become many teachers, my brothers, knowing that we will receive greater judgment. For in many ways we all stumble. If anyone does not stumble in word, this one is a perfect man, able to bridle the whole body as well. ” James 3:1-2. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Charles. For “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” 2 Tim. 1:7

  40. Dadude

    Here is another indicator
    that the economy is getting worse.
    Why are container ship owners scrapping ten
    year old panamax container ships ?


  41. Joanna

    Just when I thought I had seen your BEST WNW, you go and nail it again!
    I was laughing so hard with your sarcasm.
    Not that the corruption is a laughing matter, it’s just so obvious that it makes you wonder how anyone can’t see the truth!
    You have to laugh or you’ll go crazy in your outrage!
    Honestly, the best!!!
    Keep up the great work!
    OH! Your mention about the drought in CA. I live in New England and our drought is the worst I can remember. They have been spraying us daily with the chemtrails. It’s bad. Real bad. I’ve never seen this many chemtrails daily!
    I’ve thought about wearing a mask because I honestly feel my health being effected by it.
    I also thought about writting “look up” on it! 🙂

    • DBCooper

      J, I have to reply to your post … We are in the redoubt and my personal/physical/psychological reactions to the trailing can be in the extreme. It is at times devastating because of not only the symptoms but the time lost to necessary chores and projects that I am committed to pursuing in the time we have left. What they are doing scares the SH!T out of both us .
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Truth

      Joanna and DBCooper,

      I had never had time to research chemtrails really…too busy being concerned for all the dear people (in other countries) who suffer because of our country’s constant warmongering. Have had to start a dedicated detox regimen, because it… Just wanted to affirm your observations.

      • DBCooper

        Truth, thank you for your reply … I never wanted to know about the trails either but when they started making me sick I had no choice. DB.

  42. Diane Shear

    Interesting comments from Joseph P. Farrell

  43. Stan H

    We really cannot fully evaluate the accomplishments of any president until many years after he has left office. Consider former President Carter who deposed the Shah of Iran who was a US ally. The Shah was replace by the American hating Ayatollahs. I cannot guess what President Obama’s legacy to America will turn out to be, but I do not expect it to be very good.

  44. Bill

    GREG; You say its the failed policies of the democrats have caused the problems in the black communities, yet the blacks continue to vote democratic expecting change. Someone once said, doing the same thing over and over and expecting something to change is called???

  45. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    Regarding the coming war escalation in Syria, we need to get after it and intensify hostilities to bring the Syrians and the Russians to heel. President Bashar al-Assad must be killed or incarcerated for the interests of Peace, Freedom and Democracy. He somehow believes that he can simply ignore American hegemony and thereby attempt to compromise our freedoms and rights to self determination. He must be captured and killed. Its time to take off the white gloves.

    • eddiemd

      Million Dollar Bonus

    • frederick

      Trollway again preaching death and destruction and the un American way

    • Paul ...

      Rich … Bashar al-Assad is compromising our freedoms and right to self determination? … what planet are you living on Treadway?
      Who is in Syria taking away the Syrian’s freedom and right to self determination! … in case you don’t know it is neocons from the US, England, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc., etc., etc. … the same neocons who are taking away our American’s jobs, our Constitutional Rights, and our right to self determination under their Patriot Act!

    • Jallen

      Rich Treadway,
      Rich Treadway, since 911 our freedoms are being taken away. Wake up, as you are fighting the wrong enemy. Your type of mentality is easily baited by those in power!
      Do you know more than our Saviour Jesus Christ? Did Jesus not say BLESSED ARE THE PEACE MAKERS. War is a last resort! Something for you to think about Rich Treadway, does not the Bible teach that if the days were not shortened all humanity would be destroyed! Rich, read your Bible and find out who the real enemy is!!!!!!
      Watch out what you wish for as you might just get it!

    • Pinocchio

      It can not be done in this year for the following reasons:

      — Pentagon computer network should be restored to function as a military computer network. For the last 5 years it has been functioning as a gigantic high frequency trading machine. The restoration will be started in April 2017.

      — Transgenderism in USAF has reached a level which can undermine standard operational procedures in all bases, including Incirlik.

      — Some high ranking USAF intelligence officers had been leaking some sensitive data to North Korean embassy in Beijing. It is just a matter of time that Pyongyang will send the data to Damascus.

      — Free Syrian Army has been infiltrated by Syrian counterintelligence officers and directed to attack Delta Force units which have been on duty for 6 months in Aleppo and Homs.

      — Rambo has not recovered from the strange disease he got when he visited Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant 2 months ago.

  46. XuscitizenSweden

    Hi Greg!
    I know it’s impossible to follow all the news.
    However, let me help you & your readers with more information concerning the bombing of the UN/Red Crescent Aid in Aleppo:
    1) ““On the evening of September 19, in that specific region, a drone belonging to the international coalition, which had taken off from the Incirlik air base in Turkey, was flying at a height of 3,600 meters and traveling at around 200 kilometers per hour,” said Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.
    “The object was in the area around the town of Urm Al-Kubra, where the convoy was a few minutes before it caught fire,” Konashenkov added. “It left after about 30 minutes.”
    2) There is an excellent comment by a former USAF,*Paveway IV* at The Moon of Alabama, which gives a WOW! explanation.
    Even though his comment is long, I’d like to take the liberty of taking space so all of the readers see it. I believe it’s that important:
    “…Second, the blessing/curse of being ex-military is sounding like a nut to most of you when I bring up these minute details that I think are terribly significant. Given that, take this for what it’s worth:
    There are several variations of the Hellfire missile fired from U.S. drones like the Predator. As evidenced by vidoes of Hellfire strikes beginning with the Iraqi war, one very popular flavor seems to be the AGM-114N variant. It contains a pretty energetic PBX-112 explosive charge surrounded by a layer of metal particles. Fine-mesh fluorinated aluminum in case you were curious. Without getting into the physics of it all, I’ll just say that this design came out of research to produce a ‘better’ fuel-air explosive.
    The Metal-Augmented Charge (MAC) Hellfire AGM-114N belongs to the thermobaric category of weapons – ones designed to kill/destroy by an extended blast overpressure wave rather than conventional explosive’s overpressure spike. A secondary effect of a MAC/thermobaric weapon’s hotter, longer-duration blast wave is that it’s more likely to set things on fire than a conventional explosive. Not as much as a incendiary-purpose weapon, but more so than conventional explosives.
    Isn’t killing people efficiently by more clever designs fascinating? It is to Lockheed-Martin shareholders, but I digress. At any rate, plenty of info out there on the AGM-114N and theromobarics if you’re interested.

  47. Jeannette

    I always enjoy your program. This week’s wrap-up is particularly good. Your humor and liveliness always bring light to my day. Thanks.

  48. Jan

    I applaud you for choosing as your lead story the reprehensible strike of the US against the Syrians during a CEASEFIRE! You are right that this was clearly no mistake.

    My nephew is a USAF F-16 jet pilot on duty in the Middle East. When he and his WSO partner (weapons systems operator who handles the bombs, WSO sounds like whiz-oh) start their work shift, they are given a specific task. Off they go and when they return to the base, they immediately have to give a briefing to their superiors detailing exactly what they accomplished. These jet pilots and WSOs are thoroughly accountable to the people assigning them, and so on up the chain of command. Therefore, the fault lies with US military leaders who deliberately ignored the ceasefire for reasons that are dishonest and corrupt. They are probably hoping Hillary Clinton will become president and they can continue doing sneaky, dishonest things like this, provoking Russia into an all-out war. I fear for my nephew if this happens!

    Two days ago, the RFK speechwriter and JFK supporter Adam Walinsky announced that because the Democrat party has become the Party of War, he is voting for Trump instead of Hillary. ( The Bushes, who had made the Republicans the Party of War are now promoting Hillary the Hawk.) Here are snippets from what Walinsky says:
    ISIS and its brethren must be eliminated: no quarter, no hesitation. But we will need to engage all civilized peoples in our mutual defense. . . We must end our reflexive efforts to dominate other developed nations, especially Russia and China . . .
    Second, we must at the same time begin to recover our domestic peace. There are many ills to be cured, many shortcomings to be righted. But nothing can be accomplished in the midst of a war against police, an insurrection against the Constitution itself. Our clear priority is reinforcement of our police and police departments. We need many more and better police. We need them to be better trained, not as warriors but as shepherds, as leaders and teachers of the young, as peacemakers in communities that have not known real peace for many years. We need our very best young people, not getting their legs blown off by IEDs in Afghanistan, but saving all of our lives in St. Louis and Chicago and Detroit and Baton Rouge and all the other wasted places in our own land . . .
    Donald Trump has been mocked mercilessly for saying, “America first.” But to demand that all the actions of government, at home or abroad, be first directed at the interests and well-being of our own country is not old-fashioned or outmoded. Rather it represents the deepest wisdom and tradition of American statesmen from the founders on. Only with a clear vision of what is truly in the interests of our nation and our fellow citizens, and a full commitment to those interests, can we act wisely at home and in the world beyond. . .
    Flawed as he may be, Trump is telling more of the truth than politicians of our day. Most important, he offers a path away from constant war, a path of businesslike accommodation with all reasonable people and nations, concentrating our forces and efforts against the true enemies of civilization.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/09/rfk-trump-2016-democratic-party-speechwriter-214270#ixzz4L6si9E7x

    • DBCooper

      Thank you Jan, This is a powerful post. DB.

  49. EB

    Listen regularly, thanks for the truth and encouragement.

  50. Mohammad


    “The main thing now is to prevent the collapse of those arrangements [between Russia and the US], objectively and impartially investigate the undermining incidents in Deir ez-Zor and Aleppo, particularly, that there’s many who want to sabotage the agreed approaches to the Syrian settlement,” Lavrov said during the general debate at the 71st Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

    “Their refusal or inability to do this in the present circumstances can’t but strengthen the suspicion that it’s being attempted to remove Jabhat al-Nusra out of harm’s way and that the plans for a regime change are still on the table,” he said, adding that it would be a “grave violation” of the UNSC resolution.



    I am afraid that Russia is dragged into the trap in Syria. They have no other way.
    This will escalate and am not seeing any sign of calm.

    Time will tell.


    • Paul ...

      Once Obama leaves office (who has one of his half-brother’s working for ISIS and controlling their Swiss bank account) things might begin to change for the better in Syria! … but we must make sure Hillary is soundly defeated by Trump … once Trump is in I think we may even see an end to the 15 year old Afghanistan occupation by the neocon drug king pins … Trump will do more to save our American children’s lives then Hillary (under control of the neocons) ever will!

      • Mohammad


        If your wish materializes, you are in for the biggest surprises of your life (not a nice one).
        Trump is polished by the establishment, he can fool a lot but not me.
        He is the one that will push the nuke buttons, HE SAID IT, ON THE RECORD, but fools forget fast, they have short memory.

        Time will tell


  51. Hot Air

    – Robin Hood vs. Friar Tuck


    Be careful Donald! Win her over!

  52. RonM

    Watch doggers. I found Gina.
    Gina and her ilk suffer from cranial rectal inversion.
    Careful, foul language in this.

    Btw, amazing that she has children. Must have been a donor to impregnate her, given her disregard to men.

    Couldn’t hyperlink address, please paste and copy.

    • MCasey

      ….that was scary…

  53. Jake Ellington

    I’d like some analysis of the 3rd party candidates. Gary Johnson for example is taking a notable percentage of votes as a Libertarian. But a deep dive into Johnson shows a less than stellar candidate.

    One of the better pieces on Johnson I’ve seen is from Ryan Dawson and his guest Michael Dargaryen. Perhaps an interview with either of them?


    Have not found a similar analysis of Jill Stein. Anybody?

    • JC Davis

      Jake if they can even get the ratings to be in the national debate they will not win the office, so don’t throw your energy to the wind.

      • Lucian de Forest

        JC, that’s not how it works. Johnson was recently polling at around 10%, more than usual for 3rd party candidates. If as that research piece shows, he’s a tool of the establishment, then he could be a spoiler and throw votes to Hillary. Either he could absorb votes from Trump, or if he’s currently taking Clinton votes then he could quit before the elections and throw votes her way.

        It’s very important in this election to know who the major 3rd party candidates are, especially the top candidate.

  54. Macray

    OK, this was expected. Siding With Saudi Arabia, Obama Vetoes Sept 11 Bill Passed Unanimously In Congress http://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/headlines/20160923-obama-vetoes-cornyn-bill-allowing-911-families-to-sue-saudi-arabia-congress-set-to-override.ece

    Now will the Senate override it possibly next week? If so, it should easily be overridden in the House. In my opinion, the Senate could still side with the POTUS, we will see.

    It’s been rumored that the Saudi’s have larger US Treasury holdings than the Chinese. Since they have kept their holdings secret, I cannot provide links here. But if one thinks about how much Oil we have imported from the Saudi’s over the past half century, then it is not inconceivable that they hold quite a few $trillion. What happens, if anything, should the Senate and House override the veto? Do the Saudi’s start to unload most of their US Treasury Holdings? Or not???

    A campaign aide said Friday that Lying Hilary would sign the legislation if she was in the Oval Office, according to Yahoo News. (Note I, not Yahoo News used the Lying word here). There is no way that Hilary would not veto this legislation if she was in the Oval office. I would be willing to bet every asset I have that she would veto the bill. GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump bashed Obama’s veto on Friday and said that he, too, would support the measure if president.

    • Paul ...

      Obama is under neocon control … it is not so much Obama trying to help the Saudi’s who the neocons would gladly throw under the bus for perpetrating the 9-11 holocaust … the more likely real reason is … the neocons don’t want to “set a legal precedent” that their evil actions against the American people can have economic consequences applied against “all the other neocons involved in perpetrating 9-11” (like Bush, Cheney, etc.,) !!

  55. Mohammad

    Seems like not only Turkey is changing hearts, Pakistan for the first time is having a military drill with Russian troops on its soil, that is a game changer in the heart of Asia folks, when a nuclear Pakistan is leaning towards Russia and asking its protection:



  56. C romana

    Thanks for your research and exposing all the crimes. The Deutsch Bank situation is scary, the huge undeserved bunuses robbery, the propaganda news shameful, and the killing of Syrian soldiers was followed by a pathetic! Sorry, we made a mistake! Didn’t even show real remorse! Syrians are really going to hate the west now. Just imagine their outrage!

  57. Doug

    Greg- You have a phenomenal show!! Not notch!!
    You are truly the shining light illuminating the darkness.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Doug.

  58. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg superb as usual! Thanks for the mention!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU for the help with the WNW!

  59. Dan

    Nice to hear a real weekly news wrap-up instead of just a cheerleading session for Trump for a change – GREAT JOB!

    • Greg Hunter

      We’ll have to disagree on calling attention to gross unfair political bias and fraudulent “news” as “cheerleading.” Thank you for your comment.

  60. coalburner

    Great GReg:
    K Mart and Wallmart Christmas is stuck on some Bankrupt Boats in the Pacific Ocean. That effects Chistrmas for 98% plus of Americans. The stores may as well close now if they will have no stock.

    • susan

      My grandson is in management at Walmart. I asked him about their Christmas stuff being stuck of Hanjin and he said it was, but through insurance it has been reordered and is already arriving at many of their stores. Not to worry. It will get there on time.

      • susan

        Sorry. Stuck on Hanjin.

  61. Clay

    Thanks Greg, It’s pleasure to come to you’re site. It’s nice to here a likewise opinion. Would love to here from Dmitry Orlov on the Russian / Iranian dynamic you speak about.

  62. Mike R

    This announcement about debate rules next week, seems to me to be VERY SUSPICIOUS.

    This looks like a set up from the Hillary camp. Why on earth would they make a big deal out of, and allow it to be leaked that specifically there will be no ‘coughing breaks’ and that Hillary won’t be allowed a stool, so she doesn’t appear to be as diminutive next to Trump ???


    Here is what they are not likely revealing –
    1) The debate will appear as ‘live’ but it actually won’t be, with a timed delay between actual debate, and actual delivery. So they can make it look like there are no breaks, but actually are breaks, and no one will ever be allowed to know this wasn’t ‘live.’

    2) They will use CGI graphics to illustrate the appearance of a ‘Hillary.’ Just wont be the real Hillary. The cockeyed eye crossing’s were not in fact actual, but an error in the use of GCI, so what we supposedly saw at Temple, was once again, not the real Hillary. Show me proof that anyone at Temple, actually saw her present live and in person, and then MAYBE we can believe its the real Hillary. That was just a practice run, to see if anyone could truly flesh out that they were using CGI (computer generated imaging) to do “Hillary in the flesh.”

    So this announcement was merely a ‘pre-distraction’ or psy-ops effort to get people focusing on whether Hillary can ‘make it 90 minutes’ without hacking on stage, so that they won’t be inclined to actually analyze that its in reality a delayed image, and delayed debate, over the broadcast networks, and not to be inclined to dig into the fact its going to be a CGI Hillary. It’ll look ‘spot on’ most likely, but not actually her.

    The stool thing too is another distraction, so it’ll allow them to make it look like someone (supposedly Hillary but not Hillary) is on the stage at the same time as Trump. They didn’t really need the stool. They don’t care if Hillary appears shorter than Trump bc she actually is. It’ll be to draw in the subliminal sympathy ‘psyche’ getting people to acknowledge that ‘wow, that ‘little woman’ is holding her own, against that big bad bully Trump. But the pys-ops part of this, a ‘david vs goliath’ story, and that by asking for a stool, (even though they didn’t really care or need to get one), and having the result of denial of that in the rules, makes it appear as though the networks aren’t biased for Hillary, and made the so called ‘rules’ appear to be tough. So its a nothing rule. Never would have happened, bc we know the real Hillary can’t even get up steps by herself, let alone balance on a stool for 90 minutes.

    Something is going on here with this message. Its a red herring at best, and indicative of something far more sinister going on. They are hiding or disguising something BIG.

    • Mike R

      And just as I suspected, Hillary who said she’d be appearing in Charlotte, just before the debates (a public appearance), has now CANCELLED.

      “After further discussion with community leaders, we have decided to postpone Sunday’s trip as to not impact the city’s resources,” it said, adding that Clinton will visit the city on the following Sunday.”


      (in my strongest observations of everything happening, she won’t be appearing in any debates. At least not the REAL Hillary. She is not capable of appearing LIVE anywhere in public, where we can really see her, and reporters can see her. )

      • Mike R

        Yeah right. Another Bald faced lie. The mayor did NOT tell Hillary to stay home. That is HILLARY’s excuse, just like the one she used to cancel her prior trip to Louisiana.


        Just so sick of all the lies, from Hillary and her entire campaign, and career. More sickening would be if Americans actually vote this pathological liar into office. The truth would be forever banished from anyone at any level under her.

        Have to seriously consider moving out of this country if she gets put into office. It would be intolerable to live under the conditions she would put the country into.

    • Truth

      Mike R,

      I hadn’t thought of those things – thanks for sharing. But, how do they get Trump to stay silent about all that?

    • Mark

      Hi Mike,
      I would offer this in support of your comment. https://adask.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/politics-makes-for-strange-bedfellows-and-even-stranger-interviews/.

  63. Linda L.

    Hello Greq
    I knew you were just fine because I listen to Greg Mannarino and in his video he mentioned that he had spoke to you. I thought to myself that Greg H. is just taking a break (everyone deserves time out…good for you!), and then I thought maybe Greg is doing some more ER prepping because something is ready to blow!
    On another subject, I think that if everyone watched the D’Souza movie “Hillary’s America, The Secret History of The Democratic Party”, Black Americans would understand that the Democratic Party started the slave plantations, the KKK and many other organizations that have never been in the best interest of Blacks. To this day, we’ve had a Democratic Administration in power for almost 8 years now and what have they done for Blacks (amazing that so many don’t see this). The Democratic Party is simple using Blacks as PONS to push their NWO agenda. I heard that 70 percent of the rioters in Charlotte had out of state driver’s licenses! Yes, these mislead people/rioters are employed by our current Administration, but to the detriment of their own people! Shameful/so sad! Thank you for your great presentation.

  64. coalburner

    Greg; I keep saying no one is worried about nuclear rockets. I can only guess what we have by a few slips in the public arena and watching futurist fiction TV. There was a very good show on using something resembling the “rod of God ” this week. Remember last year there was some yakyak about an explosion in China that left a vaporized hole in the land that was fiull of water. Right in the middle of a town, supposed chemical explosion?

  65. coalburner

    Paul, you do not want Trump to ask about the Saran gas she sent from Lybia. She will lie and the ignorant masses will believe her. I have always wondered why none was found in Iraq. But it also could have been sent to Syria. I still believe the Bush Administration lied about knowing where the gas went. Even willing to take a beating for (not finding it). Never figured that one out.
    Speaking of that does anyone know if the military still is forcing our troops to take the anthrax shots. Using them for test pigs?

  66. Michael Almon

    Oh WOW! What a GREAT episode Greg. Thank you
    Mike and Ann

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike and Ann!!

  67. DBCooper

    Greg, In regard to the Hanjin insolvency situation … there was an article on Zero Hedge saying something about the crews on the Hanjin ships freaking out or some such … I do not think so … These third world crews are paid fishheads and rice … any Chief Engineer worth his salt has ‘Sleeve Oil’ ( which is oil onboard that is off the books for times of need ) … as long as they have water (stored in tanks )/ oil to keep a generator running / and food to keep the crew alive … then they all still have their jobs to do and watches to keep … they just keep doing what they do anyway !!
    But … !! … I do think that this event is a significant domino on the world scene … consider the Baltic Dry Index … This … In My Opinion … is one more hole in the Dike.
    Thirty-Five years in the American Merchant Marine/ Marine Engineer.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  68. Oxfarmer

    Well, the Ox farmer family always seems late to post. We are pickling fish and getting ready for the winter squash harvest. It is drought here. No nuts, no late berries. Come and live on the East and and West Coasts, where Scripture says, the ” The Rebellious shall live in a parched land,” The man on the street notices CSV had half price items in several departments such as simple hair devices to keep to keep hair out of machinery, and vitamins, but hand cream was double since last we were there. Girl at the checkout said some shake up coming. MA metiorologist says we need two fall and one winter storm to catch up. MSM RARELY REPORTS THIS.

  69. Anthony Australia

    America, you are your own worst enemy.

  70. rahrog

    Greg, have you considered having some guests on who can educate people about States Rights movements, The Convention of States, and secession?

  71. Jerry


    • Macray

      The only thing I disagree with is the Five…. and the Four….. : )))

  72. Colin/IRL

    It’s interesting that Obama vetoed the 911 bill so now Congress can veto Obama’s veto as soon as next Tuesday. It could drag out all week and next Friday 9-30-16 the veto veto is passed right on queue with the IMF meeting on Friday. Remember Obama/Biden met with Yellen on 4-11-16. On 4-16-16 we have SA say they will sell US treasuries if the 9/11 bill passes. So what if the veto passes and the IMF adds the Yuan to the SDR basket and the $ devalues under the pretense that SA sold treasuries. This could all go down between Friday-Monday! Anyway if it all played out, Obama can blame Congress for vetoing his veto and thus, come out looking like he was right all along.
    I’m reaching with this one, but who knows. So much is interconnected.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a big problem for global economy if it it done. I am not saying they should not override the veto but warning there will probably be some real fallout.

      • Macray

        One thing that may be overlooked here, is how fearful SA is of the US? They know, better than most, what the US is capable of. They may threaten to sell treasuries but if the US threatens back, I would bet that they will do what they are told.
        If the 911 families are allowed to sue, many new facts may come out about 911 that some do not want discovered. This may be the primary reason for the veto. Obama is credited with taking out Bin Laden. Perhaps, real discovery may prove otherwise?
        Either way, I agree with Greg that there will probably be some real fallout.

  73. 8Ball

    There was an old pastor who had a tongue-in-cheek response to your “fear-not” closer.
    “Why pray when you can worry…”

  74. Karen

    Greg, all your wrap ups are great, but this one you out did yourself. The Wells Fargo commentary was top notch and hilarious. Because you are so right, what else can you do but report this, shake your head and laugh at the utter gall these people have. It truly is mind blowing.
    Thanks for reassuring me that although most of the world seems like a lunatic asylum, there are still some sane people left!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Karen!

  75. Larry Galearis

    California water shortages are declining rainfall numbers in a world supposedly not possessing climate change problems. And sure the MSM can manufacture any reality it wants to and conventional and MSM wisdom says there is climate change. In this the MSM is probably not wrong. If the planet is warming then the warm desert belts, of which California is part (in the south of the state) expands to the north. California has a Mediterranean type of climate with dry hot summers and somewhat cooler moister winters. When the dry belt expands north more of California is included in the desert zone. If people want to believe in no climate change, it is hard to ignore what California is going through.

  76. Larry Galearis

    I don’t know how I missed this! First point: it is unconfirmed. 2nd: this could have been a false flag event. And third: it doesn’t seem to be a Russian style thing to do. Or was it?

    Ok, the story was suppressed in the West and that means it either never happened or Ash Carter just got a message from Russia that misbehaviour by American forces would not be tolerated. Note it was a ground target, tit for tat event that also took out the infrastructure used by the US et al to carry out its recent bombing attack against Syrian forces. There is no official response to this and if it happened the lights are burning bright these nights in the Pentagon and there are some very worried Pentagon wogs losing sleep over this. .

    If one accepts that Ash Carter is trying to start a war, it cannot be a conventional one and we must conclude the goal was to do the bombing to end the cease fire as the first goal. Washington is not prepared to conduct a conventional war in Syria PERIOD. So is Ashton Carter trying to start WW3? The cover up of this story could mean anything (prepping for a nuclear exchange is not out of the question) but my gut tells me that we have stupidity and hubris at work that led Carter to order the attack (without Obama’s consent ostensibly). Nuclear Wars do not solve strategic differences, nor are they good for the defense industry. Now the Russians (may) have indicated that they will respond in kind to protect its mandate in Syria. In case the point is missed. That’s a red line.

    Now we wait and see how Washington deals with this new reality.

    If Obama wants to salvage something for his legacy, he will have to fire Ashton Carter or else his legacy has been sunk to new levels and show a president who cannot even run his own government. The failure of his foreign policy is on full display and now he has a huge in-house political crisis. If this Russian military response turns out to be bogus, it will not change the mess that was made for Obama. And he should also fire Samantha Powers for her disgraceful behavior (discredit to her country) at the UN over the Russian Ambassador’s condemnation of the US bombing event in Syria.

    What is remarkable to me is that Washington seems not to care at all about its image. It can foist a monstrous criminal like Hillary Clinton into the White House without a care of how much the fraudulent means are revealed on the so-called world stage. The elites do not seem to care about image at all. If one is an empire, then I guess it means that being in hegemonic control also means one can subvert and redefine evil from good.

    And I would also suggest that European NATO countries are not thrilled with the events in Syria. The cracks in NATO will widen there too.


  77. Jerry

    I’m going to keep posting this information until people get it. From everything I have been reading from the IMF site, they are not just planning on adding the Yuan into the IMF basket of currencies, they are planning on using it to ” EXPAND THE ROLE OF THE SDR” . Here is a point blank statement from Christine Lagarde

    What does “expand the role” mean? From my understanding the IMF wants more control over how international trade is conducted and monetary funds are dispersed through the World Bank. With China opening a clearing house in New York on Friday it tells me that the IMF plans to diminish the role of the dollar completely and even use it for exchange currency here in the United States. Since when does the dollar need to go head to head for exchange competition in our own country? The writing is clearly on the wall, and those that can’t see it are going to pay dearly for their ignorance.

    Aside from this fact, the lord is going to pull the rug out from underneath this country soon because of its iniquity. The Temple of Baal was erected and dedicated in a park in New York City on Friday. For those of you that are students of scripture, I shouldn’t have to remind you biblically what happens to countries when they become wicked. This country is no longer righteous and we have drifted so far adrift from moral principles that we allow lawless criminals to run our government, and our banking system, and openly lie and steal from us. I wish I was only talking about Hillary, but she’s just the poster child for what we really are as a nation. In order to save ourselves its going to take a total spiritual rebirth. Maybe that will be the blessing of the reset that’s coming.

    • Truth

      Well said, Jerry…America is in serious trouble.

  78. Bo Olsson

    The US obviously need this Watchdog. Definitly.

  79. Tad

    Because Obama and Erdogan need each other in Syria, I doubt very much if the nuclear weapons have left Incirlik, unless you have at least two reliable sources.

    • Truth


      I have felt the same thing. It’s all theatre – Turkey and America are playing games at Syria’s expense.

  80. Ned Kelly

    Bill Fleckenstein Slams CNBC “Jerk” – “Don’t Get In My Face Because I Won’t Join Your Party”

    By Tyler Durden
    Created 09/22/2016 – 04:02

    Having been invited on to CNBC to discuss his views of the market, famous short-seller Bill Fleckenstein explained rather eloquently that QE4 is coming and people will wake up to the fact that central bankers “are the arsonists that create the fire, not the firemen that put it out.” This non-mainstream view was treated with disdain by CNBC host Tim Seymour who slammed Fleckenstein for “missing out” on the “artificial market’s” (because even CNBC now admits that’s what it is) gains. The response was epic.

    “Don’t be such a jerk… I don’t ask to come on this show, you invited me… and don’t get in my face because I won’t join your party…”

    This is pretty much under the radar Greg, future guest?

  81. Lynn

    Greg, that was your best wrap up ever. The laughter was out loud on this one. Nothing is real anymore, we are all wanting to join that man in his bugout place right about now because when this goes, just look at Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Deutsch Bank, we are all going to join all of the entities to the bottom before we can pick outselves up again. I pray for you and for all of your visitors, subscribers, and especially our military who have a duty to stop this act of war on behalf of all of the American people who know the truth and want this evil to end.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lynn,

  82. Felicia

    Just poppin in to say hi. I do regularly read/watch your discussions/ interviews Greg. And just want to chime in with other WDers that this is an awesome site and community!
    At the macro level… business at the post office I work at (which is in an affluent neighborhood and has a lot of small to medium businesses) has dropped off considerably the last 3 to 4 weeks. Customers comment all the time now how the are surprised that there’s not a line when they come in. Of course we do have spurts of business at select times during the day (when we open and right before we close and during lunch hrs) but they are only spurts lasting 5-6 min.
    And for you NCGal and others who are feeling a sense of hopelessness… I just want to really encourage you to pray. As one of God’s children we have His light in us and thru prayer His light really cuts thru the darkness we face. Also, remember greater is He that is in us , than he that is in them or in the world. And another thing which really gives hope because of the tremendous power of God released by doing it is to read God’s Word out loud. Speak it out loud in your home, in your car driving to work, over your neighborhood, even at work (I’ve been doing it in the breakroom when noone else is around) Again the light released by His word cuts thru the darkness and wonderful things happen. Relationships improve, harmony grows, communication improves, burdens are lifted and it goes on. So…pray and speak God’s Word and see what happens!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the street reporting Felicia!!

  83. John Mason

    Hello Greg,

    With regards to the shootings of Black Americans, do you actually look into these occurances? What do you think of the incorrect details released by the Police with regards to the shooting in the parking lot? The video released does not correlate to the statements put out by the police.

    Yes, there are huge numbers of Black on Black killings – do you ever ask yourself why they have to live that way?



    You are American. You should know these things without having to be told! Or are you blinkered, looking the other way?


  84. John Mason

    PS What you are talking about with these Police shootings are “State Sponsored Death Squads”; perhaps even, “State Sponsored Terrorism”!


    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry John but I do not agree. People need to listen to lawful commands and they are not doing that. The police are NOT “State Sponsored Death Squads.” You are misinformed or spreading progressive/communist disinformation.

  85. Dee Garmon

    If NY Book Review, arguably one of the most respected literary journals in America, lets somebody like George Soros write their lead article time and again, then Trump is right to point out that they have turned us into the laughing stock of the world.
    It’s bad enough for him to buy out Amy Goodman, but there could be no excuses for NY Book Review.

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