Dems and Media Panic Over Trump, Economy is Tanking, Iran No Deal, Deal Update

12ertBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 249 8.5.16) 

The mainstream media (MSM) and the Democrat Party would like you to think it is the Republicans in full panic mode, but it is their party that’s freaking out. The first tip comes from the MSM that is “going to war against Trump” and acting like the true political hacks they are.  Journalism is dead at the MSM, and they are willing to destroy their businesses to stop the outsider.  Negative stories trashing Trump are not having an effect as Trump is packing rallies by the thousands while voter turnout for Clinton rallies is lackluster.  Meanwhile, major negative stories about Hillary Clinton are being ignored to try to combat her negative image as a liar.  Hillary even lies about what the FBI called lies about her private servers, and the MSM ignores developments such as the IRS opening an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

The President says the economy is great, but recent statistics say otherwise. GDP, Durable Goods and Manufacturing are a few of the recent numbers that all showed a plunge.  This is yet another reason the Clinton Campaign and the DNC are panicking.  The economy sucks and they know it.  They do not have a good economy to campaign with, and there is no hope of turning things around before the November Presidential election.

Foreign policy is another area that Hillary Clinton cannot tout any success. Libya is a mess, and the U.S. has resumed bombing there.  This time because ISIS is threatening to take control.  Syria is a mess, and there is no end in sight to conflict there, and the so-called “Russian Reset” is building up so much tension that Russia is constantly warning of war.  On top of that, it was just disclosed the Obama Administration gave the Iranians $400 million in cash.  Republicans charge it was a ransom payment to get our four American Hostages back.  The President says the deal has been in the works, and the timing is a coincidence.  Obama says the Iran nuke deal has been a huge success since it was signed, but only one thing is wrong with that statement.  The Kerry State Department has admitted no documents were ever signed by Iran to Congressman Mike Pompeo last year.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Economist John Williams of will be the next guest in the “Early Sunday Release.”


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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks for the mention Greg! I think your followers will like this, “ALERT! Gold Decoupling From The US Dollar And Will Skyrocket.” Click here:

    • Robert Guilbeau

      Greg M.
      You 2 Gregs are a powerful force of truth in an ever increasing era of lies & deception.
      I follow you both daily to keep my head from exploding, so far it is working. After hearing your video today I decided to go all in and trade all my dollars for monetary metals(I was almost there anyway) If I need cash beyond my cash flow, I can always sell some and most probably at a profit.
      Thank You ! & Have a Blast…..I am,

    • Paul ...

      The facts are very clear as God the Father takes action … God’s money (gold) is now decoupling from Lucifer’s money (fiat) … God the Father together with his Son will overpower Satan (two to one)!

    • ross

      Greg ,Harry Dent is still maintaining that gold can go to $600 an oz. $1200 is the break even point for many gold companies. What is his agenda ? Jeff Neilson of Bullion Bulls says the cartel has the power to take gold down too when the share market crashes but looking at all the shorts they’ve thrown at gold recently, they have not brought down the price. It took a while for gold to rise after the 2008 collapse but this time people are far more aware. When the derivatives crash which did not happen in 2008 ,their leverage is gone. What do you think ?

      • Paul ...

        Dent said he would change his forecast if gold got above $1350 … guess he is was lying … like Hillary does!

        • The Seer

          Hi heard Dent say $1550 when challenged by Peter Schiff at a duo interview on Don’t know why Dent holds his views vs common sense about real money v fiat/debt/etc.

    • Bobby Wesley

      Damn it man I wanted to BELIVE in you as a real reporter but yesterday you said that Bill o Rilley has credibility! Bull sh.t do you see his reports of people seeking and Sharing truth these 15 plus years ? Damn it man now I,am feeling sick ! Everyone of these press deceivers should be held accountable for deceiving I.S. 24/7

    • Joe

      There is no question that MSM is excessively biased against Trump to the extent of being ridiculous. The question then is WHY? Unfortunately all one can do at this point is surmise a reason. My suspicion? They are all under instructions to bash Trump because of the very serious nature of the world’s financial system. I see this failed/biased reporting in so many things well beyond Trump. Hillary is aware of the situation the US is in as well as the world, and she has much of the history to how things got to be this way. She also is privy to the supposed (secret) plan of dealing with it. There is no need to spend months and months of time bringing a newcomer up to speed on the nature of this mess. So their rationale would be that Hillary is a safer and more easily controlled bet at this point. If this suspicion is true, then it adds to the argument of just how bad things are.

  2. Russ

    Regarding that $400 Million:
    Freed Iranian Hostage: Iranians Told Me They Were Waiting For Another Plane To Arrive Before Letting Us Go

    But it was just a coincidence — wink wink

    • Paul ...

      All this worry about $400 million? … When $2.3 Trillion Disappears from the Defense Budget and no one cares to find out who got it? … at least we got something for it (a few Americans are free)!

      • frederick

        yeah where did that 2.3 trillion go anyway Mr Zockheim?

  3. Dan S.

    Watch this video and see just how easy it is to rig an election. You’ll be so amazed and shocked you may end up crying like a baby.
    Great wrap up as usual.

  4. OutLookingIn

    Another Crack In The System.

    To go along with the upcoming John Williams appearance on the watch dog and his prediction of coming hyperinflation, which is purely a loss of confidence/monetary event.

    Cliff Side With the US Dollar.

    The US dollar has been stuck in it’s current trading range as per the (DXY) US dollar index, for the past 19 months.
    Whereas the dollar advance/decline line that measures the relative strength of 30 different currency pairs, has recently broken below it’s one year long dollar support.

    This is a warning with a high probability, the US dollar could suffer significant weakness soon.

  5. David H

    I pray the American people are not taken in by the unprecedented bias attacks on Donald Trump. My concern is that perception is reality to many of our inattentive friends, colleagues and neighbors.
    David H

    • Greg Hunter

      MSM did not make trump and that means they cannot break Trump. More are awake than you think. “Fear Not” my friend.

      • andyb

        Greg: I pray that you are right, but we both are aware that the Democrats can steal this election. The methods are far more sophisticated than when Joe Kennedy got all the dead people to vote in Chicago in 1960 for his son. There are rumors around that many voting machines already have software that can be remotely accessed that can either count votes as fractions of a vote, or multiply a candidates votes many times the actual. I am reminded of the precincts in Philadelphia and in Ohio that had 100% vote totals for Obama; not a single one for Romney; a statistical impossibility.

        While I agree that Trump could win in a landslide and that the current polls may be rigged, I fear that it will take an Assange revelation or a health problem to put the bitch to rest once and for all. The Establishment rarely loses and they are all in for Hillary.

      • GV

        Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the problem with Trump is that he is not head of a movment, therefore it will be extremely difficult for him to find appointees to fill all the executive positions.

        • Greg Hunter

          Well GV we will be far better off that the “Criminal Cronies” Hill would pick, and the Supreme Court would turn communist/Marxist. At least we have a chance to improve with Trump.

      • GV

        Great site, great interviews.
        btw, the overwhelming majority of terrorism is caused by Sunnis (mainly sponsored by Saudi Arabis, not Shiites sponsored by Iran.
        and too many middle class whites think the police are here to protect them, when they will murder you too. The police need to obey the same laws we have to obey. No special privileges just because you wear blue.

        • Greg Hunter

          In a traffic stop or police action they do have some rights in order to do their jobs. I am talking about obeying lawful commands. Most of the problem that have occurred are because people have gotten the idea they do not have to listen to lawful commands. These include but are not limited to, “May I see you drivers license and registration,” if you are stopped in a traffic stop. They also include, “Put your hands behind your back” if you are put under arrest. Just because you are unarmed, does not mean a police officer cannot shoot you if you try to take his weapon or overpower him. Ask Michael Brown from Ferguson Mo about that. I am not saying the police are perfect but folks need to respect the police and things will be a lot less dangerous for them.

        • Lois

          The next time you need help from a dangerous situation GV, call a crack head. See if that helps

        • frederick

          gv I used to believe in our police but after a couple VERY disturbing episodes in NYC where abusive behavior was totally uncalled for Ive become a bit cautious around our socalled ‘protectors’ things have gotten worse since I was a child for sure

    • allen ols

      david h
      every time trump opens his mouth, Hillary hands trump a bullet, helps trump load it in trumps gun, and trump pulls the trigger and shoots himself in the head.

      • allen ols

        the game is rigged constantly, putin will need to step in and release a bunch of info on cliton, and sway public opinion in favor of trump, eventually, as trump seems to NOT listen to his handlers.

        • Terry

          Correctamundo amigo, Hillary is going
          to win. I think it’s time to leave.

          • Greg Hunter

            “Never, never, never give up!”

          • Tin foil hat

            I’m beginning to feel that Amish country in PA is not far enough. I’m looking at properties in AK.
            If I were rich, I will be looking at New Zealand or Singapore.

            • 8Ball

              Check out the MM2H program in Malaysia… Much lower CoL.

          • allen ols

            trump has a VERY SLOW learning curve, and seems to arrogantly disregard/ignore his advisors, and takes EVERYTHING personally, instead of just focusing on the objectives. duh SLOW LEARNER. As stupid/lying old hag Hillary is concerned I can hardly believe her polls are up as they are.
            How can trump not see how stupid he acts/answers everyone.

          • frederick

            it was time to leave quite awhile ago Terry most people are still guzzeling the koolaide

      • Freebreezer

        Allen – If you had to pick between chosing a partner – Say one that says stupid stuff once in awhile but has your interests at heart and another that lies, cheat and is self serving … well for me, I’d rather roll my eyes vs. always looking behind me to see if I am going to get knifed in the back.

        • allen ols

          a partner vs the president is two different things, a partner I can leave behind , a president we are stuck with. they are both stupid/liars at different times, trump cant make up his mind, and his arrogance is equal to h. clitons.

      • Molly Pitcher

        Nay nay Allen.
        There are VERY sophisticated use of words, called rhetoric and Trump is obviously reaching millions more people with his words than the ’empty rally’ witch.
        Trump just hired Robert Mercer, the ‘richer than Trump’ billionaire who owns Cambridge Analytics, a firm that specializes in exactly how to reach and turn people who would have NEVER considered voting for any Republican, especially someone like Trump.

  6. eddiemd

    No worries on the California issue.

    It is no coincidence that liberal San Francisco with its tolerance of decadence and Los Angeles as the capital of Hollywood film production and pornography lie along some of the most dangerous fault lines on earth. The day is coming when the heavens and earth will be shaken. Both places might as well be modern day Sodom and Gomorrah’s. Be ready spiritually.

    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
    Galatians 6:7

    The day of judgment is here and the time is short for the inhabitants of the earth.

  7. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    Yes: fraud, fraud, fraud…..!

    This the US of America =’ fraud, murdering and a banana Republic’ .

    I wish all the Americans a lot of fun.


    Peter (from Europe)


    Greg, I’m a believer that much of the US history is a lie, but at to time like today. It’s called false flags but maybe just maybe the majority of them are true. The USS Maine, the possibilities of WW 1 and 2 being a bit nefarious, Gulf of Tonkin lays no doubt and absolute, The JFK assassination very possible, 9-11 very possible, and, to name a few. I’ve read Tragedy and Hope by Quigley, I’ve researched Mystery Babylon, by Myron Fagan, The Fuel Project, and William Cooper. If in fact true it explains much with Hollywood, The Music Awards, and today lets watch the ceremonies of the Summer Olympics, and if like the last few we’ll see some interesting symbolism much like The opening of the Switzerland under ground railway, that most called occult like. Much is written in the Good Book about this and I personally have no doubt. So therefor the out come of Christianity is simple. First, there would be a great falling away and finally the murder of Christians in Matthew 24:9 and Revelation 13:9 for The NWO with the Mark of the Beast has arrived. What you said about LBGT with the UN as the lead conspirator will continue and get much worse. The George W Bush speech, and the “Thousand Rays of Light” was no mistake and the complete opposite from the JFK speech on Secret Societies, and him asking for help to expose whom infiltrated our Gov’t seats of office and non office seats. Our country no longer stands for what it did in the hearts and minds of the greatest generation. I know because my father was just that type of man. Within 70 years Christianity is being wiped out in America and the largest sect of men and woman being killed off in the Middle East. The NWO is here and closing in on there end goals, God Speed. The study of Mystery Babylon explains it all, it certainly explains it all.

    • Diane D.

      Micheal, your comment was very interesting. Researching Building 7 really woke me up. Think of the level of evil behind that and the complicity to pull 9/11 off. Today the globalists are embolden with their successes and put their agenda right in our face.

    • frederick

      More than very possible a sure thing regarding 911 Michael 100% SURE THING

    • Arthur Barnes

      Pretty much the timeline as I see it, but He is in control so I fear not!

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      Michael, the thing you have to remember about Christianity is that just when it looks like all is lost, that’s when victory is ours.
      When Christ was crucified, that looked like the end but it was really the ultimate defeat of Satan.
      When the Christians were thrown to the lions in the Colosseum it looked like defeat but instead it caused Christians to spread throughout the world, taking the gospel with them.

      Now, when the Antichrist’s New World Order cracks down on Christianity, it will seem devastating, but the way is being opened for the return of the King to this sin-laden world.
      All those who rejoice at the persecution of Christians – muslims, liberals – will laugh and rub their hands together in glee.

      Then the King will appear.

  9. Faith

    Another excellent weekly wrap up! Thank you for speaking up and daring to tell the truth, Mr. Hunter.

  10. Pinocchio

    This news wrapup confirms what my sources inside MI6 told me a week ago: USA federal government is a moribund beast.

    Secede !!!!

    • Paul ...

      A moribund beast? … Why not an come out and say it the way Iran does … the US Government is the Great Satan!

  11. James Hastings

    Good rap-up. I’m glad your Greg Hunter USA Watchdog and not Greg Hunter….CNN stooge…

    Why are we collapsing….?

    “the Lord your God will set you high above all nations of the earth……(USA…decedents of Israel)…And all these blessings shall come upon you and over take you……..Deu 28:2

    “But if you will not OBEY the voice of the Lord your God or be careful to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command you this day, then all these curses shall come upon you, ……
    Cursed shall be the city
    Cursed shall be the field
    Cursed shall be your basket
    Cursed shall be your body
    On and on the curses read…….

    The Lord will send upon you curses, confusion, and frustration, in all you undertake to do, until YOU ARE DESTROYED and perish quickly…..” Deuteronomy 28

    That’s the short version, read it for yourself, see if it applies to our country.

    We are collapsing, because we are a stiff necked rebellious people.

  12. Paul ...

    As Greg says: God the Father (Jehovah) is in charge … and because mathematically he is composed of three(3) numbers (-1, 0, +1) … hopefully those (3 persons in one God) will be casting 3 votes for Trump in November … as Christians we should follow God’s lead! … some may say the -1 will vote for Hillary … that seems plausible … so God’s vote will most likely be 1/3 for Hillary and 2/3 for Trump … lets make sure God’s will comes to pass this November and may the “true poll numbers” on election night reflect God’s and our votes!

    • Paul ...

      What is amazing is that scientists have to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to build atom smashers to determine what matter is made of … when a $5 dollar Bible could have provided their answer without the unnecessary expense … they search for the God particle and formulate theories about Quarks … and what did they come up with?
      Up Quark (Heaven) +2/3
      Down Quark (Hell) -1/3
      Charm Quark (Heaven) +2/3
      Strange Quark (Hell) -1/3
      Top Quark (Heaven) +2/3
      Bottom Quark (Hell) -1/3

      Don’t believe the “fixed polls” … (Strange) Hillary is actually falling (Down) to the (Bottom) of the heap!

      • Paul ...

        We know the evil neocons manipulate all markets … today the “manipulated poll numbers” put Hillary 15 points above Trump … next week the “manipulated poll numbers” will show Hillary 25 points above Trump … by November the “manipulated poll numbers” will show Hillary with 100 percent of the votes … Obama will then go on National TV and say “there is no need to hold an election” because Trump is “obviously incompetent to be President” … thus he is signing an Executive Order to make Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States! … are we going to allow evil to win over good? … Not In God’s Universe!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … the same scientists that won’t pick up a Bible because they don’t believe in God (have now proved God exists with their own theory’s) … now these atheistic scientists (even though they just proved he exists) are going to mix human genes with animal genes … “these wacko’s who still don’t believe in God” have to be brought to justice for crimes against God and Humanity … and the Luciferian Government that approved this defilement of God’s creations must be removed from power immediately!!!

  13. DLC

    If Paul Ryan and John McCain win their primaries, I think it more likely that Melania will announce she is expecting Milo’s baby — as opposed to the press announcing a sound victory for The Donald.

    I hear what you’re saying, behind your thinking 100%. But, a country that can cut down a president in Dallas in full view of the public, take out RFK and MLK, and wag a metal finger at Reagan is fully capable of doing what they need to do for continued self-enrichment and saving their own azzes.

    Savage once said that it was the press who took this country down (lawyers second). We are watching as they don their brass knuckles and encircle Trump like the jackals they have always been.

    If Trump can take the blows and simply deliver on getting a foot in the WH, then I say God is merciful and throwing us one last preserver.

    • Galaxy 500

      You say “a country can do”. It’s not the country it is a very few power and money hungry people.

  14. andyb

    Greg: I forgot to ask you to ask John Williams about the relationship between GDP and inflation. I was taught in advanced Economics that nominal GDP has to be adjusted downward by the amount of inflation in the same period. The Chapwood Index measures inflation across 50 metro US areas and finds an average of 10% (compounded) over the last 5 years. Even if you disagree with this number (I don’t from my personal shopping), it still is many times that of stated CPI which, like any other government economic number, is assumed to be greatly manipulated. So, by my reckoning, all true GDP over the last 5 years HAS BEEN NEGATIVE. Please ask John if my reasoning is true or flawed.

    • Lake M

      Andy, you are correct about subtracting inflation to get the NET GDP figure.
      Gross GDP – rate of inflation = Net Real GDP.
      And yes, real GDP has been negative due for the last six years due to the phony inflation rate published by the government that is used in this calculation.
      Real inflation is estimated to be at least 7% per annum since 2010.

      The employment figures are phony as well. When workers end their time on unemployment, they cease to be counted even though they continue to be without a job. This is a big factor in the unemployment statistic falling to below 5% as claimed by the government.

  15. Robert Dziok

    Here is an example of how the false polling is going on I just came across. Polling of Republicans and Democrats for a poll should either be random or have an equal number of Republicans or Democrats. Common sense even says this and you don’t have to be a Statistics major to see this. Infowars showed a Reuters “poll” where they KNOWINGLY picked 650 Democrats and just under 500 Republicans. Guess who “won” the “poll” with the “sample” population so slanted/biased? I wouldn’t even want to dignify giving an answer with such corrupt tactics being used and pawned off to the public as “objective”. If they do such things now then I am worried and hope there is work being done to prevent rigging voting machines and voting processes come November. I think we have come to realize from events that most (if not all) systems can be hacked and manipulated. It’s just a matter of putting the right people and resources to the task.

  16. George Lenz

    John Harwood of CNBC must be a political operative. His constant bolstering of Hillary Clinton smacks of elitist propaganda. His body language is also suspect.

  17. Shawn G.

    I will not vote for Hillary – ever. I am trying to keep others from doing the same. However, it would be a lot easier if Trump would not keep giving the MSM ammo against him – He REALLY needs to focus his message on issues and not people…. I am getting worn out defending him… Just saying (venting)

    • Galaxy 500

      I understand Shawn. But a good 4/5 or more of the anti Trump News is bogus to start with. I loved the story last week that Trump was a Soviet Spy or the taking he had commited treason by suggesting Putin should hack Hillary. Stuff that would make any reasonable person laugh, the news media is putting out as fact.

      • Freebreezer

        G-500, I think the MSM is doing a full court press, 1st quarter, because they know she has no favorability. Her rallies see maybe a few hundred to a thousand were as Trumps are jam packed with over ten thousand! They know the tide is going out on her (… God help us if she is not wearing a bathing suite and sorry for the visual intimation!) and they are trying to make out that she is wonderful by trying to slander Trump … the elites are quacking in their beds thinking the unwashed masses could elect someone they do not control.

  18. Kip Ziemer

    The mainstream media will not expose evil
    Because they are evil. Look at who owns them, the oligarchs own them, the globalists. These people worship Lucifer and are setting up his kingdom. It won’t be long and they will have achieved that goal.
    Reject evil, choose Jesus.

  19. Mohammad


  20. Frank

    Hi Greg
    look up crime,under it you will find “Hillary”

    • GV

      “…he day is coming when the heavens and earth will be shaken. Both places might as well be modern day Sodom and Gomorrah’s….”

      what, is god too busy right now?
      and how do you explain all the torandos that hit the Bible Belt?

      • Galaxy 500

        How do I explain the tornadoes?
        Dude, God shines the sun on the wicked and the righteous both, in equal measure. And so it is with the rain, tornadoes, hail and earthquakes.
        I do not pretend to understand why natural disasters happen, however, it is the will of God.

        • Paul ...

          Not equally Galaxy … he had two sons but one was pure evil so he sided with the good one … that makes the odds 2/3rds to 1/3rd … thus the tornadoes the evil son can get away with creating will obviously be directed at the good people … just as ISIS cuts off Christian heads … just as neocons pass laws to take the name of God out of our schools … just as the neocon snakes who work for Lucifer with their forked tongues promote the killing of black babies out of one side of their mouth and say black lives matter out the other side … Lucifer’s minions have the Nation under God under attack … our Constitution is being destroyed right in front of our eyes … we are being sprayed with poison … they are stealing our jobs … they are stealing our bank accounts … and they (s)elect Presidents for us that take us to continual war by manipulating the poll numbers … they destroy our cities and even the Pentagon and hold our military back from defending us … they do crimes that demand jail time and instead get a small fine or get (s)elected for President … they say Christians are their enemies … and yet I bet there are some Christians out there (like Gina) that will vote for Lucifer’s hand picked destroyer of our world (for a well deserved contribution to her Charitable Foundation)!

          • Paul ...

            GV … God is “so busy” saving us from the constant onslaught of Lucifer’s neocons is the reason we are still around right now … don’t you think we should give him a little help and vote for Trump … who was probably inspired to run to save us from the evils Lucifer has set upon us … lets give God a little help damn it … instead of sitting on our asses waiting for God to “everything” … a vote for Trump is a vote against Lucifer’s choice for President … lets make the vote in November a Biblical statement to the world that God rules here … make the vote 66.6% for Trump and 33.3% for Hillary!

  21. Larry White

    Just wanted to pass this information along. Central Bank expert Robert Pringle (former Executive Director for the Group of 30) says he believes current monetary policies he sees being used are both immoral and ineffective:

    This is a significant statement in my view given the source.


  22. steve

    hi greg, as you support the constitution and mainly the 2nd amendment. I would like to see you do a segment on the new group of gun bills just past in California. I feel these are very destructive to the 2nd amendment.

  23. craig roth

    thank you for your steadfast commitment to speak truth

  24. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    This is your economy: algos have just INSTANTLY repriced a Fed rate hike into the market!
    Again: fraud.
    We, in Europe are now preparing the most BEAUTIFUL figures!
    Have a lot of fun.



  25. Chip

    Great job AGAIN Greg! Have a great weekend… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip. You too!

  26. Robert Kelley

    Long time follower, you are truly a blessing, a voice crying in the wilderness. Have you seen this mini Doc. 7 Sins Of Obama ★ Full Mini Doc ★ People have no idea just how important this election is. If Hillary gets in it will be the end of this country as we know it, people just don’t get it. Keep up the good work!

  27. Tad

    The US doesn’t abide by signed agreements or treaties, so why the rigamarole or pretense of negotiations?

    The Fed and the Exchange Stabilization Fund have their hands full keeping this horse alive, independent of election concerns. A deflationary collapse or accelerating inflation is not an advantage for Democrats, but it’s too late for Republicans to revive the horse.

    The Donald Trump message about a debt jubilee is correct. Whether the American people are intelligent enough to translate that electorally, remains to be seen.

    • Paul ...

      Russia “signed an agreement with the US” to keep NATO away from their borders … they “signed an agreement with the US to limit nuclear weapons … too no avail … perhaps Iran figures by signing an agreement with the US … they will get just the opposite results … can blame them for not signing anything with the forked tongued Luciferian neocons that couldn’t even keep a treaty with the American Indians (forcing them all onto reservations) the way they are planning to put all Christians into FEMA reservations if we don’t stop them!

  28. Brad

    Regarding California… Will “the authorities” also be inspecting Mosques and what is taught there? Will they be enforcing the law in a fair and balanced way across all religions?

    • Paul ...

      Lucifer’s first priority is to go after the Christians (he can take care of the Muslims later) … divide and conquer is his strategy … how many Christians voted for the present Governor of California? … they should be ashamed of themselves voting for a neocon doing the bidding of the Luciferian Clan currently in control of our Government!

  29. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    You know you are in trouble when dead FBI agents come to life to take a whack at you. There is a much bigger story here than what broke.
    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to John Williams.

    • Galaxy 500

      It was such a good story they took it down. CC, it sounded like make believe to me to start with. A lot of alternative news sites will print any random rumor they can find.

  30. Jallen

    Greg, Jallen Rant Awards;
    Worst USA President in History as of 2016; Obummer The USA’s Biggest Loser, Liar, Idiot, Traitor, Spendthrift, Anti American, Socialist/Communist , Globalist Puppet.
    Paul Ryan: Globalist Loser Water Bucket Carrier, Puppet on a string
    Hillary Clinton, a complete and totally scorned woman and a total waste of flesh and blood, any American voting for Hillary Clinton is a heartless socialist / communist moron, you know keeps doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
    United States Television, Movies, Newspapers and Democratic party, Hell awaits you
    for misleading the people with your evil agenda!
    Federal Reserve and all Central Banks, never have so few caused so much harm, pain and suffering as this elite collection of selfish, dirtbag morons, the ultimate weapon for the Globalist Evil doers!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Finally, some of the worst of the worst; Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi words can not describe these political low life politicians.
    This ends another Jallen Rant.

    • susan

      Homerun! Jallen!

    • Paul ...

      Jallen … we need more like you to get this country off its ass and start giving God some support in correcting our problems … remember 2/3’s fighting 1/3 is a big challenge (it is not a piece of cake) … God needs our help!! … are we going to be there for him???

  31. john duffy

    The True Face of Islam
    Islam is at war with the Christian West.

  32. Bill

    GREG; All is not lost. Remember my friend that we can look forward the the ” October Surprise” which has an influence on the election. Do you think the msm are holding their breath, worried they wont be able to control it or spin it away??

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” and never give up! Thank you for the comment.

      • RTW

        I am hoping against all hope here. I am in favor of Trump and will vote for him come November. Hell, I’d even vote for Jeb Bush over Hillary. But fear not? No, that’s something I can’t overcome, given the outcomes of the last two elections and how this primary season has gone, fear is a legitimate emotion. The Clintons are a ruthless species, all their own, and Hillary has waited far too long and is too close to allow anyone to take this from her. When she can sit across from Chris Wallace and tell him and anyone watching that Comey said that she didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t lie…that’s an indication of a desparate, dangerous individual who will stop at nothing, either legal or more likely illegal to win and that includes getting rid of Bill if he becomes a bigger liability than he has thus far.

  33. Janet G.

    All that you say is the truth and I’m grateful for your statement concerning the poll numbers
    on Hillary and Trump to be a lie. That has been my thought completely. I questioned how Hillary has a hard time filling a room with hundreds of supporters and close-range cameras, with Trump filling stadiums with multi-thousands of people. Then the polls show Hitlery 9% higher than Trump. Someone tell me, how is that possible?

    • Paul ...

      Luciferian crooks just make the numbers up … or they fill up a room with Hillary supporters and then take a poll!!

  34. donh

    The economy will hold together long enough for Hillary to get in. People are not ready for a Trump, they will hold their nose and vote for the lying, crooked sociopath. Sad and pathetic but that’s the way I see things. It just means we have not yet hit bottom in our moral decline as a country…maybe it will take 4 years of the Clintons in the White House to start the change…but by then the demographic changes they will bring will make that difficult.

    • Paul ...

      donh … only the 1/3rd that are evil … will will hold and rub their nose in her shit … and vote for the lying, crooked sociopath! … it is up to the 2/3rds to change things for the better!!

  35. William Moorman

    Greg, I believe, Trump is proving there is only one party.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Spot on, William:
      Our two party tyranny can best be summed up by the “bird” analogy. Like the bird, our Government is; one body, two different wings and the same fecal matter.

  36. RockHard

    Good wrap up, Greg, but I disagree with you regarding the police.

    There are good cops and there are bad cops. You can’t just can’t give a carte blanche to an organization that’s corrupt. What about the guy who was on his back (therapist) who was shot “just because.”
    I don’t trust them. Remember, if you’re not one of them “you’re little people.” You and I get killed and the cops are asking for people’s help on TV for any leads leading to an arrest.
    A cop gets killed, and they morph into a hornet’s nest. Swat teams are mobilized, tanks are running helter-skelter down the streets, posses from all the surrounding cities, counties and across state lines come charging in to look for a single suspect and usually take immediate reprisal to dispatch the one who dared tangle with them.
    We’re already in a police state — you’re living in one. When police look like soldiers, it’s a police state.
    A great majority of cops are drugged up with bodybuilding drugs and arrogance and brainwashed to boot. You can’t explain anything to them. They’re simply killers — that’s it.
    There may be a few good cops out there, but those are getting out of the force as quickly as they possibly can and the day will come when policemen will fear to wear their uniforms in public.
    I don’t feel sorry for them. They brought it on themselves with their ruthless and brutal policies against the people they’re suppose to be helping. But they know that they don’t work for us and even when they do arrive it’s after the fact to help load the dead bodies and to look for fingerprints. They’re tax collectors with badges and a license to kill.
    And great deal of the time it’s prudent not to call them at all, because they’ll escalate a “disturbing the peace” complaint into the killing of your dog, you or a family member just because they can and can get away with it.
    Why should we have to look out for them? They’re the police. If they can’t defend themselves what good are they? They’re supposed to be looking out for us… supposed to be.
    There are some good ones at out there, but they’re dwindling.
    There are bad people out there, but there’s no excuse for bad cops.

    Douay, Psalm 117: 8-9 It is good to confide in the Lord, rather than to have confidence in man. It is good to trust in the Lord, rather than to trust in princes.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am talking about lawful commands. You cannot get into a fight with the cops in the street. You will lose 99% of the time. Work it out in court. That’s what they are for. I feel Obama and Black Lives (Don’t) Matter (unless you can score false narrative political points) are telling people they do not have to listen to lawful commands by police. You do or you are running the risk of being hurt. If you got a beef, file a complaint, and take them to court.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        @ Greg – Thanks for another great weekly wrap up.
        Just my two cents:
        I agree that you should always obey lawful commands by law enforcement. (Why wouldn’t anyone do that? If for no other reason that they have a gun and you probably don’t.)
        BUT my experience and the experience of many others I know show that seldom are commands by police lawful. Even when they’re just asking for your driver license. Almost all laws today aren’t laws and they’re not consistent with the Constitution. They are political agendas designed for political expedience and profit by law enforcement, legislators and judges (and others who participate in our police state).
        Usually when a civilian is pulled over for a routine traffic stop, law enforcement isn’t promoting public safety but using the opportunity to generate revenue for the jurisdiction. Technically even if you were actually exceeding the speed limit, you aren’t in violation of the law (it’s usually the case depending upon the jurisdiction). The jurisdiction needs to steal money from you so it can give to special interest groups in exchange for votes. And that instance of a routine traffic stop is the excuse.
        For example, most people don’t know that the entire concept of drunk driving is a feminist concocted myth and that a drunk driver is statistically no more likely to cause an accident than a driver who isn’t drunk. Laws which concern drunk driving weren’t invented to promote public safety but solely for the purpose of generating revenue (and getting a special interest group to vote for those who are willing to impose their will upon others – remember Mothers Against Drunk Driving?). Many other laws like VAWA were invented for the same reason.
        I’ve met some greatly respectable law enforcement professionals who take their jobs of serving and protecting and upholding the Constitution very seriously but they’re becoming fewer and farther between.

        • Scott

          Dr. Jewett:

          “Lawful” and Constitutional are not synonymous and they are, increasingly (and unfortunately), mutually exclusive concepts, bordering on antonyms, in today’s age…

        • RTW

          Good post, until you got to the point on drunk driving. At that point I thought WTF! Then I thought….this guy obviously has never worked in an emergency room, so he doesn’t have real life experiences with impaired drivers and I can see why he would think that.

          • Dr Darryl Jewett

            @ Scott – I understand your perspective (but I don’t work in an emergency room). I’m not suggesting that some people who drink alcohol to excess and then drive don’t get into or cause car accidents. But hear me out. For all those people who came into your emergency room on a given week, separate the ones who were drivers involved in an accident with two cars. Then separate those drivers into two groups: whether or not they caused the accident. A large majority would have been responsible for the accident (most accidents are not caused by just one driver). Separate those drivers into ones who were impaired and not. A large majority of them were impaired. Then separate those drivers who were impaired by consuming alcohol and not. A large majority of those impaired were not impaired by alcohol. They were talking on their cells, putting on lipstick, eating a cheeseburger, getting a blowjob, shaving, changing the radio station, etc… Only an infinitesimally small percent (not statistically significant) of drivers were impaired by alcohol. But there is huge investment by gov’ts to combat drunk driving even though there are many more important investments in safety which are neglected. The purpose of drunk driving laws is to make money for attorneys, judges, law enforcement, legislators, politicians, feminists (MADD), etc… They don’t promote safety and have no significant impact on the number of car accidents a year. I’d bet that more people get into car accidents every year because they were eating a cheeseburger than were driving drunk. So why not outlaw cheeseburgers? Likewise, more people die every year (driving or not) from eating cheeseburgers than by getting shot. So why is there so much investment by gov’ts outlawing guns than cheeseburgers. Simple: the gov’t isn’t genuinely concerned about your safety. it’s concerned about disarming the public so it can enslave it. The same is true with drinking and driving. Gov’ts don’t care about your safety. They care about using drinking and driving as an emotional appeal for generating revenue so it can enslave the population. Does all this make sense? Your experience in the emergency room is a personal one, certainly real, and I don’t deny it. But it’s an anecdotal and emotional experience. It’s not statistically or scientifically relevant. It has no implications for the general population or the rest of the real world beyond your own.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              Addendum: There are already laws that discourage people from driving while they’re impaired. Driving carelessly or recklessly or inattentively are already illegal in some way or another in all jurisdictions. Why make a law specifically about drinking and driving when laws that already generally condemn it exist? You have to look at the history of laws concerning drinking and driving. It was once believed that driving drunk was a primarily male offense (although it obviously isn’t anymore if it ever was). Feminists invented drunk driving laws to persecute, impoverish, enslave, imprison and exterminate men. Feminism is a primitive and uncivilized form of social organizing where women manipulate the public with the spectacle of their chronic victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting, impoverishing, enslaving, imprisoning and exterminating men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power. It’s how lower primates and stone age humans organized socially. That’s why drunk driving laws were invented. It was started by a group of feminists called Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). It was a mechanism for controlling men in the population. It’s the same reason why feminists promote disarming the general public. To control the men who might otherwise overthrow that gov’t which enslaves them and transfers the proceeds of their hard slave labor to women in exchange for votes, money and absolute power. Make sense?

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Addendum: And I disagree that courts are their to settle any disagreements between civilians and law enforcement. Courts collude with law enforcement to promote political agendas and generate revenue for the jurisdiction. If you try to settle any dispute with law enforcement (the State) in court, you’ll lose most of the time. And on the rare instance you win, the cost of winning almost always exceeds the cost of not pursuing redress in court in the first place. So going to court in the US is almost always a lose-lose situation. We have a for-profit prison industry. Law enforcement, judges and legislators use their positions for keeping that for-profit prison industry populated with enough slave laborers for satisfying their excessive life-style choices and addiction to power and control.

        • Scott

          Although it grieves me to say it, and it gives me no pleasure to say it, I’m forced to agree with you and respectfully disagree with Greg.

          Greg’s interview with Denninger was definitive, IMHO. To wit, Karl said that a significant percentage of the population no longer believes they’ll get anything remotely resembling justice in a courtroom, and that their only option is violence. I agree with Karl’s assessment, with sadness.

          To wit:


          I’m terrified of American police. They’re the chief reason I carry: they have become a State-sanctioned gang, and are unaccountable now. They’re loyalty is to the masters who find their bloated, taxpayer-funded pension, and to other members of the gang – NOT the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.

          They frighten me. If I’m stopped and ordered out of the vehicle, well, I’ve made my peace with the Lord, and plan to leave this world, fighting. I’m not going to be shot down like a dog like the teenager in Fresno was, and I cried bitter tears when I saw it. No Sir, not going out that way, I have other plans.

          • Greg Hunter

            This it totally biased and one sided “non-reporting” from a left wing organization called Vice. This is not the news. It is thought shaping. How many times are there drug arrests and these people fight with the cops? You are NUTS if you pull a gun on a cop and think that is a good way to go. DO NOT DO THIS AND DO NOT TELL OTHERS TO FOLLOW YOU. You are misinforming people. The Vice video is not balanced. Lots of crime in the black community and that’s why the cops are there.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              I agree, Greg, that anyone who pulls a gun on a cop is ill-advised in almost all instances. BUT anyone who believes that settling any grievance with law-enforcement successfully in court is equally ill-advised. Courts are not the solution to our problems anymore. They are the problem.

      • Jimmy Lee Wallace

        But Greg,
        It is hard to sign the complaint when
        the Cops have broken both of my hands.

        • Greg Hunter

          Jimmy Lee,
          You should have listened to the lawful commands. Fight it out in court.

          • Scott

            With respect and much love, I sure am disappointed to see this response, Greg. Very much so.

            The days of a fair trial and of justice in an American courtroom are past; they are not realistic or likely outcomes at all. That’s why people are choosing to shoot back: because they have no hope.

            The system is broken beyond repair, and thoroughly corrupt.

            • Greg Hunter

              Please keep in mind, I am talking about fighting it out with your local police in the street. File a complaint and take it to court. You WILL lose a street fight with the cops nearly 100% of the time. If you think you want to make a statement and do this, make sure you family is not with you.

      • Lake M

        Yes Greg, except when the courts are CORRUPT, then it is a whole new ball game. And many judges from from the local bench to the various Federal courts are biased and political as they always have been. Even the Supreme Court, the ultimate protector of the peoples constitutional rights has been compromised as evident by rulings over the last few years. Its been downhill ever since the introduction of the Patriot Act. Just look at the 4th amendment…
        it has been shredded in the last decade. It now barely exists.

        And since juries are mainly comprised of the moron majority, they are easily hoodwinked by police and prosecutors. We all know justice in America has been perverted just like most other institutions. All part of the collapsing Empire we live in. A sad
        state of affairs.

        We are living in a semi-police state that is slowly getting worse.
        Look at the asset confiscation laws… many cops are highway robbers with a badge, looking to confiscate personal property
        without even bringing charges against the individual. I think the last estimated annual confiscation total is over $200 million.

        • Greg Hunter

          Lake M,
          Your points are well made and well taken. I am talking bout NOT fighting it out with local police in the streets.

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      The Law Enforcement Officers of America are the good guys – actually, they’re the BEST guys. The vast, great majority are men who risk their lives for a non-appreciative public every day.
      It’s only a tiny fraction of a percentage which colors the rest in a bad light.

      You, RockHard, would be the first to call for their help if you were in danger.

      • Paul ...

        Right Robert … let’s deputize even more good people and go after the all bad guys … like Clint Eastwood went after the bad guys in his cop movies … what are we waiting for … God has his own problems dealing with Lucifer who is getting more and more out of control … lets have some compassion for God and “give him a helping hand” in his time of need … fighting evil (that comprises 1/3 of the population) is a huge nut to crack!

  37. WD


    I was out for lunch and saw on CNN where Hill was talking about how she may have “short-circuited” answers concerning her emails. She went on to say that she is trustworthy and that is why Obama picked her for SOS….she also addressed what Comey said, sort of contradicting him in a way.

    Why would she even want to go near this again?

    She looked uncomfortable, you maybe right…their internal polls are telling her something different?!

    • RockHard

      I agree.

      Yet, even when one is following their orders, the chance of getting seriously injured or killed is high with today’s police state — especially if they start feeling a “fear for their life.” I’ll back a good cop without hesitation, but not a rogue one. We have to draw a line and they have to clean up their ranks — soon.
      We must discriminate. We should “villanize” cops who hold no respect for the constitutional rights of our republic’s citizens… but I understand your point. I just don’t like the deviants that hurt innocent people.
      And speaking of other deviants, specifically, Obama and BLM Lives Don’t Matter…

      Douay, Psalm 13:1 The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God, They are corrupt, and are become abominable in their ways: there is none that doth good, no not one.

      May God bless you, yours and all those who believe in the Lord, who come here to learn.

      • Paul ...

        Rockhard … According to “God’s numbers” 1/3 of the population had to be brought down … in the US that would be about 100 million people … the fact that “so few have been shot” is a testament to the moral character and Christian teachings of our police force!

    • Paul ...

      Lucifer wants to destroy all the good works of God … and replace it with unimaginable evil … Satan wants to take man and make him into an animal … he has succeeded so far with his neocon spawn … when do we draw a line in the sand? … when we have horns on our heads and goats feet? … then it will be too late to do anything about it … lets arrest these neocon scientists and bring them to justice for crimes against humanity!

      • Paul ...

        Does this mean Monsanto now has our Satanist Governments approval to mix maggot genes into our fruits and vegetables … great way for Monsanto to sell their Round-Up to all the farmers … without buying their product every fruit and vegetable will “automatically” turn into a maggot … the drug industry’s mouth is probably now watering too … as they can promote a new vaccine that prevents humans from turning into maggots … those that don’t take the new vaccine will simply be recruited into the military as “grunts” and used for cannon fodder by Hillary to fight “other peoples wars” for a big donation to her Charitable Trust!!

        • Paul ...

          One third of the population ignore what is going on and will vote for the Satanists destroying our Nation because in their hearts they are “evil too” … it is up to the two thirds of the population to take the reins of Government out of “evil hands” this November … otherwise your children’s children will not only have horns on their heads and goats feet but will have maggot genes implanted that will turn them into a fly … you all saw that movie (when it was an accident) … but now in your lifetime when you could do something to stop it … you are going to let the Satanist’s in government get away with doing it for real??? … perhaps if you see your grandchildren sprouting horns walking on goat feet and growing wings you will thing they are “angels” … I’ll tell you one thing they won’t be Angels of God!!!

  38. Sam Hill

    I hear you about the Democrats’ lies, evasions, and problems with spin.

    At the same time I see Trump regularly stepping in the cowpies while assuring us that his shoes have never been cleaner nor smelled sweeter. I hope he learns how to be a lot more media savvy. And soon!

  39. john duffy

    Why are the Dems spending so much effort to put forth the facade that they are leading the election, when the truth is they know that they are about to be thrashed? I think the answer is that they are going to rig the vote. The RNC should set up a booth outside all voting districts that use diebold machines and get their voters to record a second manual vote. In the Ron Paul primaries all the polls were in sinc with manual voting polls, however, where diebold machines were used the results were heavily skewed in favour of his opponents.

  40. Mohammad

    Zerohedge is lagging behind catching up with your site, after posting this a week ago on yours:
    (Your 7-29-2106 weekly Wrap):

    They post this today:

    You are inspiring many alternative media outlets Greg….!


    • WD


      A win-win for both of them…. after the coup and Erdogan apologized to Russia….this had to happen. Russia certainly needed this.

      Watching a giant chessboard as the West is being checked & Check mated

  41. Linda L.

    If the liberals can rig the DNC, the FBI can let Hillary off for obvious high level, treasonous crimes, and manipulate the stock markets to suit the desires of the elite/bankers, destroy our Republic, they can EASILY rig the electronic voting system to favor Hillary in the November election (I bet this is in the works, especially is more conservative regions of the United States).
    I have decided to do a HOME BALLOT for the presidential election. When I’m done filling it out, I’m going to make a photo copy to keep for myself to prove how I voted. On the outside of the envelope that contains the original ballot, I’ll write on the back in red “copy retained to promote an honest election.” In the end, if there was a question regarding outcomes, wouldn’t it be interesting if everyone stepped forward with their copies?

  42. John M.

    Another great commentary Greg!
    The lies never end. At least with Trump we have a smidgen of a chance. He just might be more aware of what’s really going than he lets on, even on the false 9/11 narrative of the MSM and GOVT.
    We better hope that America is not so foolish to take on the economic and military might of China, Russia, and many more. Many Americans cannot figure out their gender identities and sexual orientations, let alone have the fortitude and muscle to fight a major world war. God help US!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      If he does what he says about the Supreme Court alone, that will be enough to buy us some time.

  43. Tim

    A word of concern. Enjoy your weekly wrap ups each week. But there are times when you get so intense about a subject, I’m afraid you are going to have a stroke. Stop once in a while and take a couple of deep breathes. We need you to be around when the real chaos begins. Best of health.

    • Greg Hunter

      What can I say Tim, I’m into it and take delivering analysis on the news seriously. That said, your point is well made and well taken.

  44. Ron

    Low information voters have no idea whats happening in the real world.. All they know is what they hear on MSM

  45. J Marty

    Paging Greg Hunter: Please interview James Wesley Rawles!

  46. Felix

    Thanks Greg for another great weekly news wrap-up!

    You know what would be great? An interview with Donald Trump on USA Watchdog.

    I think it would be good publicity for your site and for Mr. Trump as well.

    Do you think he would do it?

    • Greg Hunter

      Working on it.

  47. Greg Perea

    I accidentally saw CNN in my hotel lobby a couple of days ago-
    You get the complete impression from their reporting that Trump is floundering and Clinton is running away in the polls and Obama has favorable poll ratings and everything is just awesome in the world.

    You can’t make this stuff up… or maybe they can and are…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your perspective on this.

  48. RobinH

    Please let me know when you stop being a Trump cheerleader and go back to the news. Until then, there really isn’t any reason to visit your site.

    • frederick

      I don’t see Greg as a Trump cheerleader but rather a Hillary hater for which he is very well founded in reality Robin

    • Paul ...

      Right … No reason for us to visit Sherwood Forest either … until the Robin Hood cheerleaders go back to “Nodding” their heads and eating “Ham”!

    • Jallen

      Perhaps, you enjoy your Country being perpetually at war! Perhaps, you enjoy the DNC fixing the primary race! Perhaps you enjoy Obummer destroying our way of life. Perhaps, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is your hero, lie after lie. Perhaps, what the Democrats have accomplished in Chicago, Detroit etc is your cup of tea. Perhaps, sharing your bathroom with some Trans genders is your cup of tea. Perhaps, you would like to send your children to a school with anti Americans, who cares about their safety. Perhaps, you enjoy having your taxes constantly raised and nothing to show for it. Perhaps, you enjoy all the lies Hillary Clinton has told you. Perhaps, you have full faith and trust in the FBI, you know, Hillary did the crime and not the time. Perhaps, you can vist CNN, CNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC, they will tell you evrything you want to hear. By the way, keep on drinking the cool aide, the Democrats and Republicans have spiked it.
      ROBIN H, try getting more tha 10,000 dollars out of the bank as you will be reported to the Federal Government, or being stopped by the police with a large amount of money in your car, chances are, it will be confiscated! You are headed to a totally controlled society and electronic money and all the sins that come with it. In other words, economically speaking you will be a serf, where the Government controlls you economically.
      RobinH go back to where you came from and enjoy the fairy tales they will feed you.
      ROBINH as Jack Nicholson said “You can’t handle the truth”!
      With all due respect,

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Memo to Robin:
      You are our kind of news consumer and we invite you to switch to our favorite news source-USA TODAY! It seldom utilizes the facts, its devoid of insightful analysis and since we prefer to avoid even a nodding acquaintance with reality or the truth–we heartily endorse it.
      Welcome to the fastest growing club in America,
      The Mushroom Brigade*
      *Operating in the dark and on bs—and loving it!

    • Tad

      Would you like him to cheer for Hillary? There’s news, and then we have Hillary
      advocacy by left wing English literature majors who prefer stable employment writing fiction, and posing as journalists.

    • Freebreezer

      Robin – I would suggest that you start watching MSNbc where you can get the “real” news every day! Only solid reporting and the facts with no biases attached!

    • Charles H


      Nice pot-shot. Nothing to contribute – except a jab at manipulation. Happy hunting.

    • Tracy Welborn

      What a bunch of crap. I’m done with the never Trump movement. Newsflash – we are not looking for someone to babysit your children!!! We are desperately trying to stave off a globalist takeover of our lives! I got into an argument yesterday with a conservative that won’t be voting in the fall because Trump is arrogant and bombastic. That’s it. She’s going to vote for Hillary de facto because she doesn’t like Donalds personality. Poor little snowflake, she’s afraid her feelings might get hurt all the way from 1600 Pensylvania Ave. NO ONE IS CHEERLEADING TRUMP. WE JUST WANT TO DESPERATELY SURVIVE. You don’t get it and you will never get it until you end up in the government food allocation program. I hope you have the correct gender, religious preference, political views and firearm understandings as it will determine whether you will eat that day or not. Mic drop.

      • RobinH

        Mic drop? Sorry to break it to ya, but your post really wasn’t that good….

  49. Tad

    How is it that Democrats can ignore these “coincidences”?

    • Paul ...

      Because they are behind them!

    • Bill

      RobinH’ GOODBYE

    • RobinH

      Mic drop? Sorry to break it to ya, but your post really wasn’t that good….

      • RobinH

        Bye Bill. Have a great day!

  50. Bert Sastud

    What no one else is noticing…. Sovereign nations and their Central banking systems, via endless fiat are quietly, but quickly taking-over the public globalist corporations. Globalist corporations have bought over $1T in stock buybacks – shooting themselves in the foot [meaning fewer shares are needed to take control of their corporations in a take over] and sovereigns and their central banksters are now over 5% ownership in most of the world blue chip stocks. The globalists are NOT going to allow a take-over of their global empires. The world banksters must ever increase printing fiat or face a falling GDP, deflationary collapse. It will be interesting to see how the global corporations force the central banksters into ceasing fiat creation in order to keep their global corporations. Greg, can you find a guest to speak of this event that is happening in the open without anyone noticing? Someday a 80% fall in stocks will evaporate all the fiat created din the past 10 years in a single event, because that is what the market is — fiat debt!

    • dan nillen

      Very good observation.

  51. Don

    Greg, the MSM knows Hilary is in trouble, and your right about not being able to hide the economy, and I believe most Americans realize something is wrong. I’ve been disappointed with Trump lately. He seems to be disconnected somewhat from the original message and caught up in to many battles. He needs to get focused on the message, and continue to focus on Hilary’s untrustworthiness. It seems, like your one commit says, he shoots himself in the foot. I for one can’t believe the polls that’s been given. You would think people would be running away from Clinton. Which, makes me think, they plan on an election steal somehow. Don’t no how doable that is, but with Obama in full shame over the Iran hostage deal, Trump should be hitting on that heavy, and Hilary’s continued lying about lying. Trump needs to put forth a new slogan, (I’m Your Voice) and mix it with his answers to the existing economic and political problems, and it would win him the election. Just my thoughts. All around us, every day something new comes out that discredits Obama and Hilary, if Trump can’t win with all of this, I don’t no what else it would take, shy of Hilary’s conviction within the three month period, Good job Greg as always, I bet John Williams brings some pretty bad numbers.

    • Paul ...

      Hillary is now lying about lying … just like Bill went about lying about lying with Monica, etc., etc., etc. … it’s a Clinton trait … if Hillary becomes President she will take lying to a whole new level … lying about ever lying about lying … as Putin would say … “how can normal people deal with psychopaths” … normal people usually lock them up in metal hospitals … but 1/3 of the American population “is not normal” (they are the spawn of Lucifer) and will vote to put Hillary in charge of the 2/3’s of the American people that are normal!

    • Charles H


      Trump made money and found a niche in business: but he is small man in regards to public relations, as most CEOs go. In the political arena – he can’t assign someone to ‘handle it’, and keep the machine rolling. He is not rock star material, to put in a performance where it is needed. Bottom line – he is not suited to the job he’s seeking. There is a modicum of social skills necessary for being president.
      The alternative is so much worse.

  52. RTW

    If anybody needed further proof that we have devolved into a banana republic it came with this “releasing of funds” to Iran. The Executive branch just pulled off one of the most egregious, lawless, “in your face”, acts, of all time and they’re not the least bit worried about it. Obama’s mouthpiece came out and shoveled so much b**l s**t that you needed wings to stay above it. However the press corps sat there and ate it all up with the silver spoons they were born with and asked for seconds. That oxymoron Earnest blamed the Republicans for the ransom story when all it was, was one gigantic coincidence, according to the regime. We can’t legitimately take our money out of the bank without scrutiny and forms, in case it should find it’s way into the pockets of terrorists. But on the flip side, our government launders 400 million, taxpayer dollars, into euros and francs, loads it on pallets and secretly delivers it to the biggest supporter of terrorism,in the world and they’re going to get away with it. What else could one surmise what we have become from this. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better, anytime soon.

  53. The Mohawk

    No Greg Hunter, a man I love and respect. The largest organized and well funded (by the Bolsheviks who run the Federal Reserve–without fiat $$–none of this would have ever occurred) are the most vile, deadly and dangerous Organized Terrorist Association on the face of this planet. They are trying to start a revolution amongst us in order to bring in total tyranny. Totalitarianism is their goal. Say NO! You (.gov) are the enemy. Your Federal Government. The anger must not be pointed at the aliens they have brought in but to them. Go after Paul Ryan (among many others)–destroy his home and salt the earth beneath him. D.C.? Knock it all down with D9’s and D’32 and till rock salt into the earth. These hedonistic bastards have NEVER represented WE THE PEOPLE (never in fact had a job). I am a man of peace and I work every day of my life to bring love to others. Sometimes, death must occur in the interest of justice. The enemy is clearly exposed. Name them sir. They are Eastern European’s who claim mid east decent (and took their land) and kill innocents. Name them sir. Or, we are done. My Father knows this. Do you? His vengeance on these bastards is unspeakable for it will be brutal. They will burn for all eternity. Don’ t be silent and suffer with them.

    I bring one small example of their tyranny. A little girl. Yes, a little girl. These people from the Soviet Union (primarily-white Eastern Europeans 70% atheistic–claim to be The Chosen Ones–even though 70% are atheists)) took their land. Islamist terrorism aside, which we can defeat IF we wanted to in about 10 minutes.

    I am an American Indian of Mohawk decent. I KNOW tyranny and takeover of a mans land by outsiders. And the slaughter, inslavement (we were slaves too–not on PBS shows about slavery..but we were.. the blacks were freed after the civil ear and we are killed not freed.)and tyranny of outsiders. Now I bring love BUT I will fight for others under tyranny. They must leave NOW and we will deal with Islamist tyranny. Be well Greg, I hope you sleep well. You are a good man..look closer sir. Mind your funders for they have great wealth and buy anything. Don’t let them buy your soul. NO is thine answer.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  54. coalburner

    Question for JErry? Do you have a reference for the news that China EMP’d one of our Satelits?
    Question for everyone about Chetrails since I am new to buying into this phenom? Have they stopped, slowed or just moved off some areas to elsewhere? If we are having so many negative effects why would they continue the program? Is it dogmatic, to the point of a fanatic religion of global warming or just the money.

    • MCasey

      I’ve heard the arguments for “depopulation”, conditioning the soil for only GMO designed seeds, even infecting the population with inhalable nanoparticles. I don’t dispute any of these.

      But the “Elites” must inhale this same air; and spraying is worldwide by multiple world governments, even over unpopulated deserts and oceans.

      Whatever the reason, it must be dreadful enough that even the Elites risk breathing the particles they are spraying.

      I can come up with two (2) options: 1) they (HAARP) have put a big hole in the ozone and are now trying to shield the environment from gamma radiation, x-rays, cosmic rays and short wavelengths of UV light; or 2) they are trying to block us from seeing something “up there” or trying to prevent anything “up there” from seeing us.

  55. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    I’ve seen the jobs data!
    And the result is: these Jobs Data are again Rigged.

    This country is so Corrupt.

    and: Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead.

    What a wonder and how is this possible?

    Have a lot of fun in your Police State. Wow!


    Peter (from Europe)

  56. Gina M Mancarella

    I had to get creative to use my current email by adding my middle initial (my middle name is Marie), but finally no error. However, Greg … I have to say that your post this time is way over the top. The fact is that most informed people here in the United States favor Hillary for president. Citizens for Hillary are on the march and we will overcome the hate language of the far right type of rhetoric. Please reserve your judgement Greg. Hillary is going to make history and we will be all the better for it. Even George W Bush endorses Hillary. God bless the United States of America.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary = Liar and criminal with criminal charity that stole the Democrat nomination with the help of the DNC.

    • Jerry

      Yawn! Post something that’s not government propaganda please. If you’re not a paid troll you’re underestimating your value.

    • RTW

      So good to hear from you again. I admit that I was a little concerned after not hearing from you after one of the most momentous nights in American history. Now that you are back, to extol the virtues of the most vile, disingenuous, dusgusting, clump of tissue to wear a pant suit, all is well again, for we get yet another chance to show you the error of your thinking. We will overlook the fact that the whole thing was a sham from the gitgo and that she had been promised the nomination from day one, regardless of how
      bad Sanders cleaned her clock. Even you can’t deny that it’s true given the proof.
      The head of the DNC couldn’t even show her face at the conference and had to resign but does that bother your candidate? No it does not. In fact, your gal palgives her a job, for a job well done. So it appears that she has a soft spot for dumb criminals, so therefore we can assume she will surround herself with the same and maybe she can fill the Supreme Court with convicts that she wants to
      release from prison. They do have some knowledge of our legal system after all. If
      by chance, and that’s a big IF, this cretin should get elected, this country will crash
      and burn as surely as global warming is a hoax. Also, if in fact that idiot Bush has
      Indeed sold his sole, as well as completely loosing his mind, and publicly endorsed
      the polyester queen, it’s because they both purchased land in South America, next
      door to each other, in preparation for what irrevocable damage she will do to this country. So, get on board the sane train and get your head out of your ass and vote Trump. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll do something good for this
      country you love so much.

    • WD

      Yeah. Your “real” middle initial. You are a slimy liar like your boss HRC accessory to Rape!

    • Paul ...

      You’ve got to be kidding Gina … “even 9-11 Bush endorses Hillary” … wow an endorsement from the guy that got us into two unnecessary wars and held our military back from defending America even when our Pentagon was attacked? … you forgot to mention that even Lucifer endorses lying Hillary … there is no hope for you Gina … you put yourself in the unsaveable 1/3rd of God’s Kingdom!

  57. Darnell Coles

    Hey Yall. I just want to bring to your attention the killing of another black brother at the hands of the white police. This time in Chicago. The whole country seem like they just wanna kill all us Niggaz. Its time for all of us to rise up AND LET WHITEY KNOW THAT WE AINT GOING OUT LIKE THAT !

    • Tin foil hat

      Darnell Coles,
      If you and your brothers ain’t going out like that, perhaps you should stop running from the police.

    • Paul ...

      Darnell … if your black brother was part of the evil 1/3rd that God wanted out of heaven … then we don’t want him here on Earth either … tell me your black brother was a law abiding Christian (or Muslim, etc.) that was innocent of all wrong and that a Satan worshiping cop gunned him down and I will be on your side! … otherwise God’s will be done!

    • MCasey

      Hello Darnell, Chicago has a massive Black-on-Black murder problem; I don’t think you need to worry too much about Whitey.

    • frederick

      Goeorge W Bush is another criminal and I am not surprised that he would endorse a fellow traveler like the Hillbilly clan Pathetic is what it is Gina

  58. DLC

    Barry Goldwater was made out to be a danger to the planet. Gerald Ford was a stumbling fool. Reagan was a grade B actor of no intelligence. George H was a rich, disconnected prig. Bob Dole was a rotten father who skipped out on his first family. George W was a “What Me Worry” goofball. John McCain was suddenly not a “war hero” when he opposed Obama. Mitt Romney was, well, Mormon and rich — never mind that Harry Reid is too. So proclaimed the press, and so they continue to disassemble and distract.

    Has the press ever run interference for a Republican or conservative? They liked Goldwater just fine when he married the social worker and came up with a gay relative, then started lecturing conservatives in his twilight years.

    No matter what Trump says or does, the subject will remain until Nov — he’s unstable, has a big mouth. He’s coarse. He hates whoever, whatever.

    Yes, Galaxy, it takes a COUNTRY. Those of us who lived through the Clinton years of debauchery and depravity, who are living through the Obama junta have a choice, likely the last one. A country of highly dependent people with little or no survival skills, little sense of survival, throw in drugs/alcohol/medications/porno/dependence on a smorgasbord of gov’t programs and you have a mean stew brewing.

    Since the convention, Trump is “disappointing. ” Not to me. I watch the SOB press and their enablers as they paint yet another psychodelic non-reality for the country to consume. By press standards, he will disappoint you until Nov and beyond if he should pull this off. You have a baggy-eyed Bolshevik and an outspoken (gasp), white boy business man (gasp) to chose from. The country can chose to at least go down fighting or cower like Pee Wee Herman or a Wally Cox. Which will it be? Supreme Court is the prize.

    The people do have 2 stark choices. If Killary wins out on this one, then the country can decide if they will go Soviet or not. We got where we are because the COUNTRY, the people, sold out for stuff and imagery like: “Wow, he plays sax,” and then “Wow, he plays sex.” All the while, Bill, the husband rat was offshoring our future.

  59. Jerry

    Dates? Dates? Everyone wants to know a specific date of when the dollar may collapse, so I’m going to throw out one. October 1. 2016. Why October 1st? That is the date that the IMF has given China to begin trading in RMB in the basket of currencies.

    Ask yourself this question. If you were an investor which currency would you prefer to invest in, a currency backed by increasing gold prices, or a currency backed by falling petroleum prices? Lets not forget that almost 125 countries have already signed up to do currency transactions with the AIIB. It should be apparent by now why the Chinese and Russians have stockpiled tons of gold. Sixty days my friends.

    • Jerry

      We come to “serve man”. That’s what the aliens told the earthlings in an old Twilight Zone episode just before they ate them. This reminds me of that.

      • Charles H

        ‘It’s a COOKBOOK!’ Cook the books, to book a cook? Kooky, but ironic.

      • WD

        I was just thinking of you. China WILL BE ROLLING OUT NEW SDR on 10/1….V and others have linked those stories….here it comes

      • Paul ...

        And Hillary is the crook (I mean cook) that will serve mankind to the devils from another world on a silver (I mean fiat) platter!

  60. Bobby

    Here are some interesting words from the youth (millennials). At 66 raising a 5 and 4 year old can be daunting wondering what type of country we will be leaving them. Is it time that we listened to our youth?

    • Charles H

      Evangels are losing an entire generation because technology, thought-shaping, moral and cultural change, and government are stronger than any time in history. It is Goliath on steroids, and David without any stones. Only a return to turn-of-the-Century norms would suffice. Unfortunately, the clock cannot turn back.

  61. Bobby

    Maybe we need to take a closer look?

    • Bobby

      paul, dont forget the guy you voted for late time is not supporting Trump either.

    • Bobby

      charles, things will never return, time to turn it over to the youth of America.

  62. sunshine

    This is why I sometimes, unexpectedly, feel great compassion for Donald Trump.

  63. vincent_g

    Here’s what they need do to defend Hillary!

    They need to call on top leading scientists and scholars.
    They need to get hold of super computers and exotic test equipment.

    All to determine what she said.

  64. Tommy

    I find the current poll numbers to be quite suspect. After the RNC Trump got a pretty good bump and was leading Clinton. Then after the DNC all of a sudden Clinton is supposedly leading by up to 11 points as per the first poll I heard mentioned which was the Suffolk University poll (which I had never heard of) of registered voters. Any impartial look at the DNC show that they were in disarray from day one (no American flags!). They spent the whole week trying to ramp up black voters and nail down the left. Any moderate or conservative democrat would not have been encouraged by the show, not to mention Independents or undecided Republicans. Even Bernie switched parties on the third day to Independent. Then you look at Obama. He looks like he is the hatchet man in attacking Trump leaving Hillary to be seen on CNN in puff pieces. CNN shows Hillary touring a small company that makes ties in the USA while commenting that Trump ties are made in China. Then Wolf Blitzer spends an hour trashing Trump with “reports” on the Kahn controversy, a 15 minute spot with some obscure Rep. Congressman from IL saying he won’t back Trump, Trump organization in disarray, talking about the Politico fabricated story that the RNC is looking to replace Trump on the ballot and on and on with nothing but negative stories and lies. Then onto the Iran ransom deal and the only thing they talk about is Trump lied about the video showing the money being unloaded from the plane. No mention that the whole deal violates US law and common sense. No, something doesn’t smell quite right. I’m sure those who only get their info from the MSM are influenced by this charade but those with any brain hopefully can see what is going on.

  65. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg,
    Nuke deal not signed!!! Forgive me but you really need to get a real geopolitical expert on your show. I already suggested Ray McGovern (what a gem of a human being!) who has, as a TOP CIA analyst now working for peace group out of the USA, stated frequently that the regimes (yes, plural) knew that Iran had stopped pursuing a nuclear weapons program in 2003. Putting Iran through this sanctions purgatory has always just been another put up lie – very much in style with what you were complaining about in the Hillary and Trump campaigns. I am so tired of this! I now understand that nothing, NOTHING published in the MSM beyond small inconsequential stories is to be believed. It is much easier to assume that everything written is a lie than to try to figure out what items might be true. And yes, I stand by my statement that Russia has a much freer press than most countries in the West and especially the USA. And I might add, the death of the free press is one of McGovern’s laments too. He knows that once that is corrupted, a democracy cannot exist. That is another reason why his peace group exists; he does not wish to see his country die by the hands of the shadow government elites.
    And finally I wonder how so many people can be patriots and know the level of criminality and moral offenses against humanity their country commits?

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Larry,
      I reported the facts and nothing signed is a FACT, not to mention, the whole thing (according to the UN) is secret with zero transparency. Yet another fact!! Also, there are new reports of Iran cheating. Stop acting like disinformation troll.

  66. Larry Galearis

    I fully expect the presidential election to be rigged in favour of Hillary. What choice do ‘they’ have? And Trump has also voiced this worry. What a strange man that he can be so astute and yet say such stupid things! But as you say, his career is not a train wreck like Hillary’s.

    • frederick

      I agree with that Larry kind of makes one think Trump is just a Trojan horse put there bt TPTB to get that Hildebeast elected How else can anyone be expected to vote for that sociopath and her oversexed socalled ‘husband’

  67. Maurice

    Please tell me the hand signs you use at the 23 second point are not what I think they are.

    • Greg Hunter

      NOOOOOOOOOO. I did NOT even know what there was a Lucifer hand sign. I do now. I HATE THE LYING WEASEL THAT IS LUCIFER. I will never accidentally do that again. I believe in God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ.

  68. Kim

    Looks like Obama is paying Iran to covertly weaken
    US. He has an agenda and so does Hillary. Being aware of what is going on, self leadership of being responsible for our own actions and buy PM! Thank you Greg for your powerfull information and insights!!

  69. Larry Galearis

    I’m not arguing about the agreement went unsigned, my position is that it has been a crock of misdirection from the beginning. Yes, there is no deal with Iran. But I doubt the Iranians are all that concerned as they realize that any deal with Washington is going to be broken anyway. This has been what Putin had to learn too. The exceptional people, the exceptional country do not make deals with countries as expendable sovereigns, they simply regime change those that give cause. That a group of people have captured your government and are now running amok in the world has to be a sickening realization and one that a majority of Americans have yet to assimilate. It really is as immoral as that and your outrage is appreciated as rightful and necessary and admirable if Americans are to get their country back.


  70. Sayonara

    What I find shocking and appalling is that at 50% of voters are supporting the evil corrupt criminal Hillary. In a rational society, she would have already been tried and found guilty of treason. Meanwhile in the Insane States of America, she and her cronies are rigging the system to have her elected as the next President. And most American support her or just don’t care. Venezuela we are right behind you.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not think it’s 50%. Remember they lost a lot of Bernie voters.

  71. Gerrard Butler

    Hey there Greg, what are your thought about the pending Yuan joining the IMF’s basket of currencies? (end of Sept ’16)

    • Greg Hunter

      Totally $ negative.

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