Whole World is a Banana Republic – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

A few months back, precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter predicted the economy was going to tank, and today, the U.S. is officially in a recession.  Holter says it’s not just America buckling under enormous debt, but the entire world.  Holter explains, “This is only the start.  They are trying to debate whether or not we are in a recession, but it’s pretty much a lock.  Yes, we are in a recession.  And this is not just the U.S.  This is a global problem. . . . Let me put his into perspective.  If you add up all the global GDP’s, we are roughly $100 trillion.  The problem is there is well over $350 trillion in debt worldwide. . . . When I graduated college . . . anything above 100% debt to GDP was considered a banana republic.  Look where we are today.  Globally, it’s 350% debt to GDP.  What that tells me is the world is a banana republic.”

So, it’s no surprise big money is getting out of fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar.  Less than a month ago, Holter, who is also a precious metals broker for Miles Franklin, brokered what looks like the biggest U.S. silver coin deal in history.  Just the Silver Eagle portion of the deal was 650,000 coins, which was only part of the $50 million deal.  Only $27 million of that could be bought in U.S. incremented silver coins.  (The rest was used to buy gold U.S. coins.)  Holter says that cleared out the wholesale market for U.S. silver coins, including so-called junk silver.  Holter contends, “That shows you how thin it really is.  By the way, a fair portion, 15% or so, was future deliveries from the mint.  So, we basically cleaned up the next four to eight weeks of Silver Eagle deliveries.  They belong to us, and we are still waiting for delivery from the mint. . . . The client wanted U.S. coin.  In the U.S., that is the best form of silver ownership.  We did not touch bars, generics or foreign sovereigns.  So, there is still much more out there to be bought, but how much?   I think $1 billion would buy all the available silver in the U.S.  Think about it.  A billion dollars today is not even the mustard on a ham sandwich. . . . Make no mistake, this deal was a big hit to the inventory . . . of U.S. silver coins. . . . This paper Ponzi scheme is going to come down, and the best place to hide is gold and silver.”

On housing, Holter says it has topped and predicts, “Now, there are no bids, and homeowners are lowering the price.  It was a virtuous cycle to the upside.  Now, it’s reversed, and it will be a virtuous cycle to hell on the downside.  I say hell because there is so much debt outstanding, it will create margin calls across the board.”

Holter is still predicting a Mad Max apocalyptic future that looks more and more like a real possibility.  Holter says, “We have had free and carefree times for the last 40 years.  Now, you are going to see the reverse.  Debt is a two-edge sword, and after 40 years, we are going to see the dangerous side of the sword. . . . There is going to be starvation.  This is going to be unlike anything . . . anyone has even written about from a fictional basis. . . . I’ll be surprised if we make it through this year with the real economy functioning as it is right now.   Supply chains will break down . . . We will have some dire markets leading to . . . market closures and bank closures.”

There is much more in the 44 min interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter of JSMineset.com for 7.26.22. 

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After the Interview: 

Holter adds, the derivative market will take down the central banks because it is thousands of times larger than all central bank capital combined.  “When the system goes down, it will go down fast, and it will be uncontrollable,” predicts Holter.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks so much Greg!

    Have been waiting since Friday for this because we love and respect Bill Holter so much.

    “The inflated imitations of gold and silver, which after the rapture are thrown into the fire, all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt. All scrips and bonds are wiped out. At the fourth pillar dedicated to Saturn, split by earthquake and flood: vexing everyone, an urn of gold is found and then restored.”


    • Colleen

      Agreed, who doesn’t love Bill Holter! 💰💵💰

    • tom

      He is the best one to explain gold and silver markets. This $50 million deal makes him even more shine

    • Janet Pickel

      Thank you Greg for bringing this guest to us. Your program is good as gold.

    • JS

      Now that’s an interview worth listening to more than once.

  2. Skip ONeill

    Thanks Greg – The world is “crazy” and you and Bill are the voice of sanity.

    • Earl Thornburg

      Greg, The bank the woman transferred funds from is now in financial trouble. When you consider fractional reserve banking, the 50 million has a 9 or 10 times magnifying effect. Im sure it required the repo market funds from the fed to keep that bank functioning. They are shaking in their boots that she will return again and cause damage they can’t recover from.

    • Colorado Cowboy

      I am less happy with Andy and Bill than I used to be. They built their reputation and business on the little guy. First chance they sell all US inventory to a $Billionaire leaving none for the little guy to purchase and then they brag about it. This is the fifth time I have seen Andy or Bill try to build momentum for more sales by saying the Billionaires are coming. Well thank you Bill and Andy for ensuring the rich survive this coming catastrophe. Not going to be my go to coin shop anymore.

      • JS

        She is forcing the longstanding fraud and manipulation that is occuring on comex and lbma. You, as well as everyone else, is still welcome to purchase silver eagles with their 25-30% premium. There are also some very fine sovereign mints that are internationally recognized for 4 nine AG. The true ratio of physical to paper crap futures is really unknown, but massive. Get it while it’s hot and quit complaining about what you can’t control.

      • stanley skrzypek

        Sorry COWBOY……How long you been hoarding Ag?….just starting?…..they been SCREAMING for at least the DECADE I have been scrimping every extra penny I had to buy Silver….to BUY,BUY, BUY…..it shouldn’t be a SURPRISE to Anyone that the rich might wanna get some TOO!

      • Anita

        The “little guy” could of been buying all along. It is not Andy or Bill’s responsibility to make sure there is available metal when you want it. Your comment is dumb and childish, sorry but think about it.

        • stanley skrzypek

          Anita…..You are so Right…..the “little Guy” has been buying Ag between 2006-2018 for WAY UNDER 20$ per Troy ounce…now ya can’t touch it for under 30$…let the WHALES Buy all they want…..when Ag goes to 100$……You will see me in my “Bungalow on the Beach”….”hanging 10″……

      • stanley skrzypek

        “CRY MY A RIVER”………”little guy”

        • stanley skrzypek

          sorry…cry ME a river

  3. Rodster

    Back in 2009 Michael Ruppert released his movie “Collapse” was released in theaters. The guy was way, way, way ahead of his time. Watch this 2 minute trailer and it’s damn spooky how he was 100% correct.


    • Anthony Australia

      Too true Rodster,

      Watch the whole movie on YT.


      • Rodster

        Yes, I did watch his movie many years ago (2013).

      • Tod Mills

        Actually, he was incredibly incorrect. His starting premise of oil production peaking in the 70s was false, and that lead to a ton of incorrect conclusions. Oil production today is higher than it was 50 years ago and new reserves continue to be found.

        We are facing a collapse, but it is the creation of sociopaths who wish to exercise total control over the world. The peak oil narrative is nothing more than a diversionary tactic to sell fear to enable them to enact control measures.

        • Robert says no

          Maybe more oil being produced but it’s often times the harder to reach reserves ( think deep wells further and further out in the ocean, hence more costly to extract) and sour crude that requires more refining as opposed to easier harvested sweet crude and shale oil that requires lots of water. Am I mistaken?

    • Laura McDonough

      Rodster: wish the entire movie was online so I could watch it again. It should be free to anyone, since Mr Ruppert has passed on.

    • Colorado Cowboy

      Bill Holter has been pushing for people to buy the junk and Eagles. The Billionaire did it and bought all. So, it only makes sense to move on to another dealer as admittedly Miles Franklin has no sovereign American coins to sell. Foreign coins, Bill has been saying, will be confiscated per partner Jim Sinclair. Don’t you subscribe to their JSMineSet? I do. I am just repeating what Bill and Andy said, they sold all sovereign American coins and everyone else can settle for rounds, bars, and foreign coins which Bill’s partner Jim says will be confiscated. They don’t have any so I am going elsewhere.

      • Greg Hunter

        I have known Jim Sinclair for years and have interviewed him many times and he has never said this when I have interviewed him.

        • Colorado Cowboy


          Next time Bill is on your video, ask him why he and Jim recommend only sovereign US coins, junk silver or silver eagles or pre-1933. Bill had been pushing subscribers to convert bars, etcetra to junk silver. I took the advise and converted using Bill as my broker. I had subscribed to JS Mineset and I had heard them discuss this more than once on their show. It is okay to say he didn’t say it on your videos. So ask next time and clear the air. But I believe that everyone will be surprised at the answer.

      • Janet

        So why is spot silver “bars and foreign coins” up over a dollar today if we should only be buying American silver coins ??? – https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

      • Free_Loader

        In Bill’s other interviews on YouTube, he discusses this very subject. He doesn’t believe we’ll have a confiscation (due to people exercising their 2nd Amendment rights), the government may either 1) ban the sale of gold/silver, OR put a very large tax on sales making it difficult to sell. Hence his recommendation for Junk silver because it’s considered the “safest” option for Americans because it’s considered legal tender and can be used even when the aforementioned occurs (instead of selling silver, you’re merely using legal tender). Hope that helps…
        Also, silver is still available on eBay (eagles, junk etc)

    • Pete D.

      Thanks , that was a good trailer…
      I’ll have to watch that movie.
      Some other, for instance, Mike Maloney, Jim Rickards, Dr. Chris Martenson and his Peak Prosperity youtube channel where he posted a series about fiat currencies called The Crash Course, etc., have also predicted it….apparently it has alot to do with understanding mathematical principles as they apply to fiat economic cycles, etc.
      I have watched Mike Maloney’s YouTube series Hidden Secrets of Money he made over a decade ago about Money, real and fiat currencies and their inevitable collapse based on simple math and wealth cycles and human psychology..
      Anyhow, this is a good link. Thanks.

  4. Vince Ready or Knot

    Is this the shot heard around the world as Bo predicted? Is this the event. Perhaps so.

    • Vince

      It may be the spark that ignites the cap, that ignites the black powder.

  5. Rodster

    Bill Holter could be right, that this whole thing could turn on its head and go Mad Max. Check out the latest Chris Martenson video he posted today. It shows the incompetence and willful malice on the part of the World Economic Forum elite.


    In different parts of the world they are wanting to shutdown food production in the name of climate change. Meanwhile we are looking at potential food shortages and global famine. This is the definition of insanity and it is the reason that Martin Armstrong’s computer is calling for civil and political unrest on a global scale.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Rodster,
      I have misgivings about Chris Martenson based on his earlier acceptance of the Covid-19 pandemic narrative, HOWEVER, the broadcast you linked to is truly excellent. Thanks.

      • Rodster

        I totally agree with you 100%. His “infection rate” videos at the time were scare mongering and I wasn’t buying it. However I am not one to throw the baby out with the bath water.

      • StumpJumper

        You nailed it he has the first to get on board the Covid Panic Bandwagon and at the end tried to crawfish out when the jabbed started dropping in mass , I personally have zero faith in the man !

        • Bob

          Yes Chris was a total Branch Covidian in 2020, repeatedly warning us that “Covid is a real beast ™”.

          What did he base this on? Absolutely nothing, of course – because there was zero evidence of this. He basically made it up in his own head to join the hysteria.

          An epidemiologist I spoke to in mid 2020 said “if we weren’t told about Covid, we wouldn’t have even noticed it” – and it was his JOB to look for viruses all day long. It was a big nothing.

          All the deaths are from hospitals, panic, Remdisivir, and the vax. Other than that, they just relabeled Flu deaths and even normal deaths by PCR testing everyone with a 96% false positive test.

          It’s shameful that a “doctor” swallowed the hoax. Maybe there was a virus (the epidemiologist I spoke to believed there might have been but it was hard to tell) but it was a total dud. The data showed that anyone who caught it, no matter age or health status simply doubled their chance of dying for that year. This explains why it killed 80 year olds rather than babies. It was nothing to worry about. We should have “done absolutely nothing”.

          CM might have woken up later on but I can’t trust him at all – he’s too dumb. What else is he wrong about I keep wondering? Why, oh why, did he claim a barely noticeable virus was “a real beast”. Instead of saying “I was wrong, sorry” he should explain why people like him with all the brains are such idiots. He should explain where he got this “real beast” idea. I KNEW it was a hoax in March 2020. It wasn’t hard to fid out. Took me about 5 vids.

          • Bob

            And before anyone says “but it killed so many people” – no, it didn’t.

            Most people don’t realize this, but THREE MILLION PEOPLE DIE EVERY YEAR IN THE US.

            Most of those deaths will have 5 or 6 causes on the death certificate. Usually the doctors have no idea what actually killed a person. They are old and have all sorts of things wrong with them so the docs just write em all down. That’s how it works.

            With Covid, they were PCR testing corpses and if it was positive, Covid goes on the death cert in pole position, and it’s suddenly a “Covid death”. That’s how the hoax was driven.

            If the disease was so bad, why did it take a PCR test to tell if you died of it? Shouldn’t it have been obvious? They used to just write ILI for Influenza Like Illness on death certs before covid. They didn’t bother testing to see if it was actually the Flu, they didn’t care – because it didn’t matter. You were frail and got taken by the Flu, perfectly normal, so what?

            The hoax was that they said it DID matter if it was Covid, but it didn’t really. That is the core of the hoax.

            Now they have everyone trapped in a matrix of hypochondria, a permanent medical panic situation, a self-reinforcing vax-variant-vax cycle. The VAIDS is going to drive the panic for years to come. All those people that took the vax – congratulations! – you’ve opened the gate to hell. You’ve actually ruined our world.

            BTW, vaxed people stink now. I can smell it on lots of them.

    • Brooklyn


      We’re not sure sure if you saw it, but Bill Holter was recently on with Clay Clark, where he describes how Henry Kissinger (a dedicated eugenics nut job) convinced Nixon to take the US dollar off the gold standard…AND in 1971 Kissinger helped Klaus Swab start the World Economic Forum (WEF)


      The interview continued with, “The true definition of inflation is not the cost of goods going up or deflation going down, but the increase in money supply or the increase of money on the street,” Holter said.

      The Federal Reserve took care of that by lending $16 trillion all over the world.

      “There’s more debt outstanding in the United States [and] in the entire world than can ever be repaid. So one of two things has to happen:

      They are out to blow the money supply through the roof, which explodes inflation and completely erodes the value of your currency, whether it be dollars or euros or what have you.

      The other option is to let assets deflate, let the system collapse. And I believe system collapsing is the plan they want. They want to destroy the system,” Holter said.

      Greg, Thank you for having Bill on again. He is one of your very best guests. And, if Bill Holter is even half right, we are in for an extremely bumpy ride.

  6. Ken

    Who keeps 50 Million in one bank? The FDIC insured limit is 200k US dollars, I believe.

    • Gwebo

      Isn’t both Russia and China going to a metals backed currency? I believe that was announced in the last week or so. Maybe whoever this person is who bought all this silver is thinking ahead. I don’t see our government going back to a gold or silver standard, but I can see the dollar totally collapsing and some smart enterprising individual starting their own bank a printing silver backed currency.

      • Gwebo

        Granted, 50 million in silver isn’t enough to start a new national private bank, but if this person got together with other holders of large volumns of gold and silver, they could pull it off. It’s the only way I can see us getting out of the collapsing US dollar. A new national bank, privately held by American patriots issuing silver and gold backed bank notes, and of course we would have to have demand for it, forcing our employers, or customers, if you’re a business owner, to pay us in the new American Patriot notes. Not too far fetched, since that was essentially the idea behind crypto currency. But instead of being ether like crypto currency this new bank note is actually backed by metal and the new bank operates as banks used to do with actual gold and silver in their vault. It is time to ditch the US dollar Federal Reserves sham. Have only enough of the current worthless dollar to pay taxes to our worthless government. Give to the government what is government’s, but we’ll have our own currency that retains value because it’s backed by metals.

        Let’s just hope that’s the plan and it’s not the globalust WEF members buying up the gold and silver to pysh their world cureency on us.

    • Johnny Cool

      There must be different rules for rich people.

      For example, where do baseball players getting ten million a year put that cash? In fifty different bank accounts? I doubt it.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      A billionaire, that’s who. I’m sure she has the other 95% of her wealth in other places. Maybe another $50 million under her mattress. Of course then you’ll be saying—“Who keeps $50 million under their mattress?” Again, a billionaire.

    • Marie Joy

      People at that level don’t bank the way you and I do. It’s an entirely different set of rules.

      • Janet

        Speaking of “a different set of rules” – the exact same people “jabbing our children to death with poison vaccines” just approved “The Children and Teens’ Online Privacy Protection Act” – Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass. pronounced from the Senate floor: “I urge all my colleagues (both Democrats and Republicans) to support this critical legislation” (to protect our children)!!

        • Janet

          And don’t forget they have also collected our DNA with their long Covid nose schwabs and put it into their DNA Data Case for our protection too!! – https://guardian.ng/features/health/bioweapons-designed-to-kill-only-people-of-particular-race/

          • Greg Hunter

            Not if you packed your nose with hand sanitizer gel.

        • Laura McDonough

          Janet: HIPAA act 1996 (do a search) is for privacy and security for patients. The online privacy act I assume is for those that corresp. w/ their doctor online.

          • Janet

            Laura – The 1996 HIPAA act was passed by good people who saw the possibility that our medical and DNA information could get into the wrong hands – today the security of our electronic health information can be easily hacked and stolen by those working for the WEF – and because the privacy and security of our health information “is not sufficiently protected” – it is up to each individual not to give a sample of their DNA to those who have a well known and loudly stated human extermination agenda!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Ken,
      IMHO, it makes no odds whether the FDIC insurance limit is $50,000, $200,000 or $1,000,000 – the FDIC is woefully underfunded and will be unable to recompense depositors following a systemic crash. According to the FDIC’s own website, “The Federal Deposit Insurance Act requires the FDIC’s Board to set a target or DRR (Designated Reserve Ratio – sic) for the DIF (Deposit Insurance Fund – sic) annually. Since 2010, the Board has adopted a 2.0 percent DRR each year. An analysis using historical fund loss and simulated income data from 1950 to 2010 showed that the reserve ratio would have had to exceed 2.0 percent before the onset of the two crises that occurred during the past 30 years (2001 Tech bust / 2008 sub-prime mortgage crash – sic) to have maintained both a positive fund balance and stable assessment rates throughout both crises. The FDIC views the 2.0 percent DRR as a long-term goal and the minimum level needed to withstand future crises of the magnitude of past crises.”

      Note: 2% reserve ratio is an aspirational target. Sources indicate that the current ratio is of the order of only 1.2%. Simply put, the FDIC has only $1.20 in reserves for every $100 of bank depositors’ funds it purportes to fully insure!!! Also, the FDIC acknowledge that even at 2% reserve ratio, the fund would not be sufficient to cover either of two crises that occurred during the past 30 years. My personal observation is that government (tax-payer) funded bailouts of the major banks – especially after the 2008/9 financial collapse – prevented the loss of bank depositor cash, not the underfunded FDIC.

      The UK has an equivalent to the FDIC, the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme). Bank depositors are sent regular reminders by their banks of the cover provided by the FSCS. At top of page, readers are assured their bank deposits are protected up to “£85,000 per depositor per bank”. I suspect most recipients are content at this point and do not read further – the cynic in me suspects this may be intentional. Embedded in the document, in a very small font, is the following statement,
      “Reimbursement – . . . . Where the FSCS cannot make the repayable amount available within 7 working days, it will, from 1 June 2016 until 31 December 2023, ensure that you have access to an appropriate amount of your covered deposits to cover the cost of living (in the case of a depositor which is an individual) or to cover necessary business expenses or operating costs (in the case of a depositor which is not an individual or a large company) within 5 working days of a request. If you have not been repaid within these deadlines, you should contact the Deposit Guarantee Scheme since the time to claim reimbursement may be barred after a certain time limit.”
      What can be deduced from this statement of limitation?
      1/ The FSCS is not confident that it will have sufficient funds available to cover bank deposits in the event of a (large) bank or systemic banking failure and depositors will be drip-fed funds the FSCS deems ‘appropriate’ to cover the cost of living (note, this is not your cost of living).
      2/ The FSCS envisages you may not receive funds within the ‘deadlines’ in which case you should ‘contact’ them. Can you imagine how many people would be trying to ‘contact’ them in these circumstances? And note, ‘time to claim reimbursement may be barred after a certain time limit’.

      Since we live in a financially connected world, I venture that the US FDIC insurance cover includes caveats similar to the UK FSCS scheme . . .

      Bank depositors beware!

    • Steve Bice

      Hi Ken: It’s not something I have to worry about, but consider: If the FDIC cap is $250,000, it would need to be distributed to 200 banks to stay under the limit. I would be stunned if anyone of her financial means kept that much in cash…and purportedly she has lot more than $50 million. Maybe treasuries?

      It will be interesting to see how this story plays out. Given what happened to Buffet years ago with silver, and the ongoing government sanctioned manipulations, you can count on it drawing official scrutiny and more.

      Intervention, regulation and forced divestment in 3, 2, 1…

    • WKSwanson

      How about one of the WalMart heirs…they are worth many billions?

  7. Farmer Johnny

    Just a throw back to 2014..

    • Anthony Australia

      Genesis 41
      It is just as I said to Pharaoh: God has shown Pharaoh what he is about to do. but seven years of famine will follow them. Then all the abundance in Egypt will be forgotten, and the famine will ravage the land. The abundance in the land will not be remembered, because the famine that follows it will be so severe.

    • Greg

      “Who keeps 50 Million in one bank? The FDIC insured limit is 200k US dollars, I believe.”

      Are you saying that you should put your 50 million in 250 different banks?

      Also if there was a large scale financial collapse the FDIC would not be able to pay the 200k to all the people who lost their savings.

      • Steve Bice

        Sorry, Greg. When I wrote my comment, I had not seen yours…

      • Laz

        I bet Jamie Dimons mom has resources.

    • Bosque Rider

      Thanks, great link!
      Love listening to Bill Holter. I lost confidence in the financial/banking system while being foreclosure for 6 years. I saved the house and credit internet research for this.

  8. Mary Longworth

    Joe Biden’s rating has got to be in the single digits or close to it.
    The institutions that used to be the infrastructure of our country are
    in free fall–at least that’s how I see it. Edward Dowd says the third quarter
    will be the crash–.

    • JS

      Negative single digits… I’m shocked, I thought it would be lower

  9. Jerry

    Here we go again. They are setting us up for the next lockdown.

    Bill is right. We will not make it out of 2022 without a complete meltdown. That’s why debt doesn’t matter. Redefining a recession by the Biden administration is the latest lie to cover it up. Meanwhile the Chinese are dumping U.S. debt at record levels and buying up enormous amounts of farmland and meat in rural America in preparation for the reset. In addition DHS is positioning itself to enforce medical martial law in the event The World Health organization announces a global emergency. It’s all coming together.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Can they get the lockdown in place in time to forestall the election? I’m convinced the CommieDems must either throw the election (change the outcome outright or minimize the impact) or keep it (somehow) from happening. Maybe I’m wrong, but monkeypox just doesn’t seem all that compelling. A lockdown based on a disease largely affecting a small demographic (gay men) will bring about massive civil disobedience, or so it seems to me. Again, I know little or nothing, just what I see and hear. Best always. PM

      • StumpJumper

        They are trying very hard with the anti-gun narrative , that’s not going to stop the psycho mind controlled folks that do the shootings they will continue to be sent out to shoot innocent people as in the Mall shooting in your State , Thank God that it back fired on them for once as a real hero stepped up and ended that one but fast God Bless the Hero , it proved why the population needs to be armed by Law abiding citizens or it would have been much, much worse !

      • Jerry

        I agree with you. This is not Republican against democrat as people believe. This is globalist against patriot. The globalist have to stop the red wave that is coming in October or lose control of the senate. To be more specific this is good against evil, and it can only end in one way.

  10. Kim Beaney

    Mr. Holter is a true warrior of truth and recently brokerd a game changing deal in real money ( not pretend digits)!
    I love all you do for us on the fringe Greg! Yourself and your world class guests are constantly reassuring.

  11. The Seer

    Always enjoy Holter. Been waiting since 1998 when I became aware of Mr Gold for big buyers to cone in – waking up to protect themselves. It’s starting.
    Charts show cup and handle ready to launch upward.
    Also liked the professional interview without emotion and interruptions. Thanks so much!

  12. Tabitha Sloan

    Gotta love that good ole Texas boy! Thank The Lord my daughter went to college there and is settling there also!!!!!

  13. Paul in oz

    Thanks Greg, great interview, any word on how Jim Sinclair is doing? Bill is a great analyst, but Mr. Sinclair’s respect for him magnifies Bill’s credibility!

    • Lynn

      Is Jim Sinclair ok?

  14. tim mcgraw

    According to Bill Holter, the vigorish/premium on US silver coins is 80% or more above the spot price of silver. That’s a lot of vigorish. I don’t think I’d bet on a horse with that much vig.
    Holter also says that US Mint silver coins are worth more than foreign ones. Why? An explanation would be appreciated. I buy Canadian Mint coins which cost less than American mint coins. Same gold and silver content in them.

    • The Seer

      I think foreign coins will fetch more in the long run as the USA will be so hated. People will prefer maple leafs, Perth etc.
      You can buy at spot plus small fabrication fee at the
      Perth Mint and no premium. They ship via Brinks or allocate store. Friend has checked on his allocated storage and it is there and the serial numbers matched. If you don’t want to hold, especially large amounts, you can store at Dakota Depository in SD.. No worries re confiscation by government- the USA will promote a new dollar to use backed by land or oil or something and metal is your legal tender.

      • JS

        If it’s not in your hands it’s not yours.

  15. Ron

    There are often tax advantages to using the precious metal coins of your own country, for example in the UK, Gold and Silver Britannias are officially Legal Tender and have zero Capital Gains Tax applicable if/when the price rockets.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think they will do the same thing for U.S. Gold and Silver Eagles spent here in the USA.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg: I think a few states have taken away the sales tax on gold and silver coins, but the Feds will still do capital gains on the coins.
        As Catherine Austin Fitts has said, “Gold coins bribe the border guards.” There will be no tax on them.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Don’t forget 24k Gold Buffalos. Many prefer them over 22k Gold Eagles.



      • Linda W

        Removing the capital gains tax on us minted coins may be required to get people to dis-hoard their coins which may be needed to have enough currency to circulate and keep some semblance of an economy going.

        • Greg Hunter

          That is already the case in the UK.

    • Tod Mills

      Current tax law in the US says that net gains of sales of gold and silver are considered taxable capital gains. It is hard to imagine the feds wanting to change that.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hard to imagine how bad it will get.

      • Bob

        In New Zealand if you keep bullion for 5 years or more there is no tax.
        There is also no sales tax when buying it.
        That’s how it should be. There should be no tax at all on bullion though. It’s pure theft how the UK govt charges VAT and then capital gains. Add in the 25% spreads you often see on silver and its a pretty hopeless investment so far.
        Still it’s nice to have some stashed away though.

      • Shiloh1

        Mad Max, but IRS continues to function?
        I don’t think so.

  16. Susan

    I was surprised at what Bill Holter said. The dollar will be worthless and in order to buy commodities from the BRICS, they will want real things like gold and silver, not worthless fiat currency. When the US needs to buy those commodities and the gold in Fort Knox is spent, doesn’t this guarantee that our government will need to confiscate all gold to buy natural gas, oil, food and other commodities? I would have asked Bill this question. Seems like it pretty much guarantees that when the government is broke and currency is worthless, they will have to confiscate gold and maybe silver also to buy anything on the international market.

    • Mike Mc


      Unlike the early 1930’s, proportionately, there is not enough gold and silver held by the masses to be material to the government. Thus , while confiscation is possible, politically probably not worth the price. That said, I could see confiscation, in some fashion, of mines located in the US being more probable. Currently its referenced as “deep storage” gold.

    • Free_Loader

      A newly gold/silver backed currency would be reinstated, at whatever the prices of gold/silver are at that time considered. As for the argument that we don’t have the gold -we have gold locked up in the Grand Canyon, Chocolate Mountain, and the many National Forest Preserves (like California). The world has been told this fairytale that there’s only X amount of gold nonsense and everyone repeats it and ends up believing it. There’s gold beyond imagination in the Grand Canyon, discovered in dredging operations by a Chicago company in 1911. They wrote about it, be you wouldn’t hear about it. The Federal Reserve was promptly set up and approved that following year, Grand Canyon has been locked up since (along with all these other “National Parks and Reserves”). Also, the FED Boston had these cryptic documents on the Road to Roota as well, showing us that only by printing money to infinity, can we ever go back to a gold standard -all this inflation MUST happen if we are to go back to prosperity. I presume the country wouldn’t make this revelation until AFTER a gold standard is set up and gold (and silver) have been RE-valued. This country is wealthy beyond imagination, we just tend to exploit everyone else’s resources before we do our own…

  17. Ralph

    Greg…. How do you think Credit unions will fair compared to a National Bank?
    I been with a CU for some time now and a bit concerned

    • Greg Hunter

      Somewhat better but you still have the Federal Reserve Note (debt instrument) risk.

    • Colorado Cowboy

      They will try Susan! Banks like gold and that is why silver is an important alternative.

  18. Christopher Ross

    Prepare for China going into Taiwan. I think it’s going to happen in September. They would be foolish not to. They spent a lot of money getting their man in the White House. I saw the Chinese in a vivid dream in Taipei. It was overwhelmed quickly. There was no coordinated defense. I have never seen Taipei never studied it but I saw a random picture of Taipei and I immediately knew this was the city from my dream.

    • Self Exiled

      I asked a young lady who lived in Kaohsiung City if she was worried if China would someday annex Taiwan. Her response was one I did not expect. “Oh, when they catch up to us economically, we will join them.” I have been to Taipei, it is a beautiful clean city, have road the busses there and stayed in apartments of residents, eaten at restaurants, been to dentist and hospitals. Just stayed with people and followed them in their daily lives. I liked it very much. Thought of retiring there. I think there are quite a few retired US military personnel in Taiwan. I enjoyed traveling on the bullet train from Kaohsiung to Taipei. Had an opportunity to work with their aboriginal mountain people teaching English. Choose to continue traveling.

      • Chris

        I have been to Taiwan several times since the *80s, when it was an authoritarian police state, and seen how it has developed politically and economically over the decades. My experience of spending time there recently (3 years ago) was similar to yours. I also spent over 15 years working in the PRC. So I can make sensible comparisons, although Xi Jinping’s regime is decidedly more authoritarian and regressive than the anything since Mao. Taiwan was a Japanese colony for nearly 70 years so there are subtle differences in lifestyle and psychology from that period too, compared to the PRC. In the end though, it is culturally Chinese. East Asians generally (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) don’t put as much store in political freedoms as western people do. It’s never been part of their cultural traditions. They are basically less obsessed with individualism and “rights” and more cognisant of “duties” than modern westerners. As long as they are basically free to make money, raise their families and come and go as they please, they are pretty indifferent to governments. Nevertheless the Taiwanese and the Koreans fought against authoritarian regimes to get their forms of democracy (Japan has been basically a benign one party state since the 1950s). I don’t think the Taiwanese people want their country turned into a Ukraine type mess, so I think if China presses them they’ll come to some arrangement, rather than get bombed to the stone age for geopolitical alliances sake. The best thing for everyone would be the end of the CCP and its regime. That isn’t going to happen any time soon, I’m afraid.

        • Self Exiled

          Thank You for your insightful analysis. I have also noticed that the Philippine populace tend to ignore the government and police if not present to enforce certain restrictions. According to the WHO the Philippines is 95% compliant to covid restrictions. That may be true on main thorough fares but back in the barangay, hysterically not so. During lock downs in Manila the police arrested over 200 kites in one day, The announcers on the radio could hardly report because of their laughter. Try and catch a street kid in Manila.

    • Paul from Indiana

      If it’s going to happen, it must happen while Mr. Biden (or his downline) is still in office. As the lady mentioned in the response, it may not happen at all: once the living standards are equal on the mainland (China) to that on the island (Taiwan), there is no reason for the separation anymore. I’m sure China would like to have all the Taiwanese assets intact. It’s really not a big deal, except for the fact that reunification gives China the upper hand in how the Strait of Taiwan and the South China Sea areas are managed. Best always. PM

  19. tim mcgraw

    If you are young, buy food, and tools, and learn a skill (e. g. electrician, plumber, mechanic, farmer). These will keep you alive. Gold and silver are just money; units of exchange. What do you really have to exchange in the market?
    Be useful to yourself and others and you will be okay.
    Educate yourself in history, economics, human nature, and interaction.
    And never forget about God above.
    As Holman (Steve McQueen) famously said in “The Sand Pebbles”:
    “If you know how to fix the engine, they can’t break you down.”

    • Anthony Australia

      Brilliant advice Timmy G!

  20. berttrim

    Bill Holter and Rob Kirby (RIP) have always been right on the money. Hang on folks. I hope that you’re all prepped? God Bless.

  21. Johnny Cool

    Andy Schectman, president of Miles Franklin, talks about that big deal.


  22. Maria das Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter and Mr Holter . The actions of a very wealthy lady are indeed sobering even more sobering are the actions of her bank ,imagine what the banks will do to us plebs who have an awful lot less in their computer system.
    The communists in Ireland have decided for their “green issues” to seize 30% of all farming land, of course it won’t stop there . Coming to us here in the UK where farmers are being “encouraged” not to farm whilst food prices are galloping away fro us plebs . The Davos WEF are truly our enemies and need sorting out.

  23. Mike M

    What I’d really be interesting in knowing is where and when does Bill plan to make his escape from the US?

    Obviously, those in the know and with assets to do it will be long gone before the SHTF in the US. Perhaps this would be a good question to ask those who are predicting doom and gloom, which I also believe is coming, as to what they plan to do in the future.

    And for those of you who think the entire world goes down with the US (and Europe for that matter) think again. There are always winners and losers and this time the West loses and the East rises. Just don’t bet on the wrong team and be in the wrong club house when it happens.

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s not escaping. He’s staying in Texas.

  24. tim mcgraw

    I just checked BullionMax website. A few weeks ago I was able to buy 1/10th oz. gold maple leafs from the Canadian mint at $2600/oz. factoring in shipping and the vigorish/premium.
    Now those coins are not available. 1/4 oz. gold maple leafs are going at $3500/oz. with the premium/vigorish. Amazing jump in vigorish in just a few weeks.
    It may be too late to buy gold and silver coins.
    Invest in other life support capital.

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Never too late, Tim. Think outside the box!

      • tim mcgraw

        Tabitha Sloan: At my age, I’m trying to avoid the box.

        • eddiemd


          You can build pine boxes. Maybe particle board boxes.

  25. Ryan Carter

    I was soo saddened to learn of your great guest Rob Kirby had passed earlier in this year. I loved your interviewing him and his great analysis of the markets and economy. We lost another great patriot and truth teller. RIP Rob Kirby and God bless you.

    Keep up the great work you do Greg. Bill Holter is another great patriot, economist, and truth teller. I’ll always follow you guys, come hell or high water.


  26. Marie Joy

    Communists are punishing red states.

    There is a bill, introduced by republicans, for a Constitutional Convention.
    IF communists get their own Constitutional Convention, it will be very bad.

    Bill Holter is my favorite.

    I expect this winter will be a doozy. Get ready.

    • Linda W

      We have a perfectly good constitution. Like Catherine Austin Fitts says if this republic is replaced then all of the money the people are owed by the banksters such as pension funds, social security, Medicare, etc., is no longer owed. That would get them off the hook.
      Republicans are working for the same criminal gangs the dems are working for. They should not be allowed to touch our constitution any more than the dems.

  27. Marie Joy

    Communists’ long term agenda is genocide. Fight or die.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Most will opt to die. It’s easier and inevitable. Best always. PM

  28. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report as well as right on the money with Bill Holter. Treason is in all offices of government, Washington, D.C., is the bad guys no matter how you look at it. Washington DC spends its time looking for better ways to line their pockets and kill more people for profit, it is no surprise the rest of the world is over the US regime change, US occupations, and US invasions and theft of those countries resources by Washington DC that only make Washington DC more wealthy from their endless wars and creates a world full of enemies that from what I am hearing are purchasing US weapons on the black market through Ukraine. Can you imagine that a large portion of those US weapons being purchased on the black market from Ukraine are being bought by Washington DC’s enemies. And right now there are 195 separate countries in the world with a good majority of those countries seeking to corner and isolate Washington DC and bring that beast to its knees. Most Americans are living like soviets at the bottom rung of economic power and they do not really even know that they are living like the old soviets, then management is living like communists and socialists by thieving from the average American. From what I see in Washington DC it is like a combination of Nazi Regimes, Socialist Regimes and Totalitarian Dictators all rolled into one massive cesspool of organized criminals, thieves and murders that have a continual history of making offensive attacks on sovereign nations without any legal cause and then never having the ability to secure peace or win anything, let alone win a war. Unfortunately most Americans confuse the multi billion dollar US Military budgets with being the best military in the world. The truth is they are the most expensive military in the world which does not translate into being successful or capable, being the worlds most expensive military only means there is billions more in fraud, waste and abuse and US politicians pockets being lined, bribes being paid from the multi billion dollar annual budgets, if you can even call it a budget, it’s mainly a free for all in the complex. From what I hear the pentagon and the Hollywood celebrity generals are eradicating the successful or competent military personnel for woke military personal, like the millennial cis-gender agent, Officer or soldier, whatever that is, appears to be what the woke retards are after and I do mean woke retards, imbeciles and idiots that are collectively Washington DC. I think if you watch Walmart, Target, Costco, Sams Club for losses, low or no profits is probably the best gauge of the recession and if retail sales slows or goes negative, I figure that when Walmart, Target, Costco and Sam’s Club no longer accept dollars is when the final collapse of the dollar will occur, the reason I name those retailers is that a majority of what they retail is Chinese made goods and those seem to be hard to get during the lockdowns then right now they are overstocked with items because the ships unloaded a lot of the backlog at the ports and from what the Chinese say themselves, they do not want dollars for the goods, they want the orders paid in their own currency, just the same as Russia wants rubles for payment of gas and oil sales or gold payment for the gas and oil. That is how I see it, harder times are coming to America for sure, there is no way around it now.

  29. Lynn

    Greg can you please explain to me about gold and silver if they are from other countries are they not recognized here? I’ve tried finding the answer for a very long time. I have Canadian coins

    • Paul from Indiana

      If you plan to use your gold and silver coins as a means of everyday exchange during difficult times, then you will have an inherent advantage (slight) with using US coins in the US markets, open or closed. Trading on black markets will be done mostly with “junk silver” USA legal-tender coins. I anticipate US 90%-copper coins (pre-1982) pennies, nickels (75% copper), dimes, quarters to be “currency” or tokens used in the barter zones that will form.

      While you could settle a large purchase (house, car, whatever) in gold, Gold is the vehicle by which you will transfer your stored value, in this case, your Canadian coins, from this time period to the next. Assuming we make it that far, you would then use your coins to establish yourself in the new set-up. Your coins will be assayed to verify gold content and off you go. It won’t matter the format. The Maple Leafs are more attractive than bars, anyway! Celebrate your good fortune. Best always. PM

  30. Robert Coleman

    BREAKING NEWS HERE IN CHINA 7.23.22 – – as a US Citizen formerly from St. Louis, Missouri – and having lived in China for the past 18+ years – this information was received on My Chinese Wife’s Phone and I translated it into English – Buy Gold & Silver while you still can

    Another big bank “brakes” personal precious metal business.

    China CITIC Bank announced on July 21 that from 3:30 p.m. on August 12, all channels of the bank will suspend the new position opening function (including position opening entrustment) of personal precious metal spot and deferred business of Shanghai gold exchange, and the spot and deferred position closing transactions of existing customers will not be affected. The bank’s deposit and physical fund businesses are not affected by this adjustment. China CITIC Bank will settle and terminate the contract in batches after the closing of the market on the same day for the trading account of the personal customer agency gold exchange with no transaction, no position, no inventory, no arrears and zero margin balance in the past year.

    The reporter of times weekly noted that China Construction Bank and industrial and Commercial Bank of China will also suspend the new position trading of individual precious metal trading business of Shanghai Gold Exchange in August. Prior to this, industrial bank had closed the functions of individual customers’ extended contract opening and spot contract purchase in mid July.

    Zhoumaohua, a macro researcher in the financial market department of Everbright Bank, believes that the tightening of personal precious metal trading business by financial institutions is a signal to the market that the current relevant market risks are too high.

    Obvious shutdown signal

    Acting as an agent for the personal precious metal business of Shanghai gold exchange, including the trading of precious metal spot and precious metal spot extension (i.e. “precious metal t+d”), which is a leveraged margin trading variety.
    At the end of 2021, many banks have announced that they will suspend the new position opening function of acting as agents for personal precious metal spot and deferred business of Shanghai gold exchange. In November 2020, China Construction Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank and other banks suspended the precious metal business and opened new accounts. At that time, some insiders analyzed that the suspension was due to the large-scale explosion of “crude oil treasure”, which exposed the potential risks of the bank’s personal derivatives trading business.

    However, this round of suspension is different from the previous round of banks’ wait-and-see single financial risk events. Since last year, a number of commercial banks have continued to increase the proportion of contract deposits for precious metal transactions on behalf of individual customers, raising the level of business risk and investment threshold, and a number of large state-owned banks and joint-stock banks have withdrawn from related businesses.

    On July 4, industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) released the notice on the adjustment of our agency’s personal precious metal trading business in Shanghai Gold Exchange on its official website, saying that due to the recent increase in uncertainty in the international financial market, in order to comply with the changes in the market situation, since the closing and liquidation on July 8, the proportion of ICBC’s standard trading margin for Au (t+d), Mau (t+d), Au (t+n1), Au (t+n2), nyautn06 and nyautn12 contracts will be increased from 34% to 42%, The proportion of standard trading margin of ICBC for Ag (t+d) contracts was increased from 38% to 46%, and the differentiated margin was adjusted synchronously.

    ICBC has repeatedly adjusted the proportion of trading margin. Au (t+d), Mau (t+d), Au (t+n1), Au (t+n2), nyautn06 and Ag (t+d) trading margins increased by more than 20%. Within two weeks, industrial and Commercial Bank of China announced that from August 15, the open position transactions of account gold and account silver businesses will be suspended, and the open position pending orders set by customers and not concluded will automatically become invalid, and the closing transactions of customers with positions will not be affected.

    Previously, on May 5, Huaxia Bank also announced that it would suspend the delayed opening of precious metal spot positions and the real spot buying transactions of precious metals on the Shanghai Gold Exchange as an agent for individual customers, and increase the margin ratio of Au (t+d) and other contracts.
    From this point of view, the adjustment and shutdown of personal precious metal business of commercial banks acting as agents of Shanghai gold exchange include raising the trading starting point, increasing the margin ratio, raising the risk level, position limit, centralized termination, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the stock scale.

    In December 2021, the central bank, together with the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the State Administration of foreign exchange, jointly issued the guidance on promoting the standardized development of derivatives business (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the “guidance”) to restrict the OTC derivatives business engaged by domestic licensed legal person financial institutions. Among them, bancassurance institutions shall not directly carry out derivatives transactions with individual customers through counters. In addition, bookkeeping precious metals, bulk commodities, foreign exchange and other account products that do not involve the actual delivery of the subject matter are also under supervision.

    The guidance is the first time that the four departments jointly solicit opinions on financial derivatives business, which also means that financial derivatives transactions have further become the focus of supervision.

    Increased volatility

    The fluctuation of precious metal market and the decline of gold and silver prices are related to the tightening of personal precious metal trading business by banks.
    Since the second quarter of this year, the price of precious metals has fluctuated downward. Take the spot price of gold in London as an example. After the price rose to 2070.21 US dollars / ounce on March 8, it fell violently. As of July 21, the spot price of gold in London was $1683.47 / ounce, with a cumulative decline of more than 18% during the period.

    On July 6, the Shanghai Gold Exchange issued the notice on doing a good job in recent market risk control, which pointed out that recently, affected by international factors, global commodity prices have fluctuated significantly, and market risks have increased significantly.

    Precious metal prices may remain wide-ranging fluctuations. According to Wan Jing, an analyst at Galaxy futures, the Federal Reserve temporarily raised interest rates by 75 basis points in June due to the record high inflation data. After the interest conference, the expectation of interest rate hikes in July and September increased, putting some pressure on the price of precious metals. However, the problem of inflation has not been solved, and the support below is also strong, with a high probability of wide fluctuations.

    The research report released by Hongye Futures Research Institute on July 21 pointed out that although inflation has continued to strengthen recently, the market has shown strong concerns about the future economy in the process of liquidity tightening, and precious metals and other bulk commodities have downside risks. From the holdings of futures and cash, investors are also pessimistic about the future of precious metals.

    Short term precious metals remain weak.

    Recently, industrial and Commercial Bank of China announced that in view of the great uncertainty in the international bulk commodity market, investors are advised to carefully control the size of their positions and pay attention to the prevention and control of their own risks for customers with positions.

    Guoshuqing, chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said publicly at the Lujiazui forum in 2021 that the price of financial derivatives fluctuates greatly and has a wide range of influencing factors, which has high requirements for investors’ professional level and risk tolerance. “The participation of ordinary individual investors is tantamount to gambling in disguised form, and the result of loss is already doomed.”

    • Janet

      Robert – [BEIJING, July 15 (Reuters) – Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 1398.HK IDCBY(ICBC) said on Friday it will suspend opening trade for gold, silver business from 8 am on August 15]??
      Does this mean people like Stan will soon find it difficult to short gold (or cover their short positions in gold) just 16 days from now??

  31. Marie Joy

    Most of the world’s debt is based on fraud by central banks. End central banks, the debt goes away.
    Fight or die.,

    • Slvrwllwn

      Robert, Very alarming indeed! All I could envision when reading your report was the receding waters before the tsunami channels back in a big way! God Bless us all.
      Thanks for the information.

  32. Quorum

    So what will happen when 666 billionaires would like to own 3 million oz silver each?
    Do i smell demand for only 2 billion oz silver?
    This will never happen, right? There are not that many smart billionaires….. cannot be. Its impossible.
    At the same time, we will never have 200,000 UHNWIs each willing to add some 10,000 oz. What for, when real estate will always go up up up?
    So thats another silly 2 billion ounces , as there is plenty of silver, no problemos.
    Oh, but also poor peasants sometimes want some silver. They all must be nuts.

    Plenty of silver! Will never reach $100! Who wants silver when Pfizer will always expand its business ? Financial experts are in shock seeing this….. Texas Lady! Why not Pfizer shares – the most solid, rigid, society boosting american business? Is she an anti-vaxer? LOL

    • Linda W

      Invest in Pfizer? Invest in death and suffering if money is your main objective. I happen to believe that God’s justice is absolute and even if you aren’t a believer that’s a pretty big gamble to put God to the test. You just may be mistaken.

    • Shiloh1

      Tide liquid detergent has been used as a form of black market currency for at least 10 years. Saw it walk out of the convenience stores and Walgreens downtown right across from Willis/Sears Tower locals with 100% off discount by the locals. In plain sight right out the door. No cops and no chasing by the hapless cashiers.

  33. Johnny Cool

    Mad Max apocalyptic future coming…

    NYC Emergency Management Now Telling New Yorkers to Have a “Go Bag” and Be Ready to EVACUATE…


  34. He'll be BACK?

    221,748 views Premiered 7 hours ago F-NEWS TV
    M U S T _ S E E/ Please Listen;

    First 13 Comments of 2,819 F-NEWS TV 11 hours ago
    Amanda whoop 6 hours ago
    So many sad stories it’s sickening. And it’s cruel. Stand together 🇺🇸
    igojuone 9 hours ago
    Big reason for no respect for the law is the elites don’t suffer any consequences.
    Dianne Henriksen 5 hours ago (edited)
    It takes strength and faith to stand up and fight against the evil in our country today.
    Minnie Presley 8 hours ago
    Their is no Law against Love– Love the Truth- God is love- Its O.K. to do the right thing– America accept the truth!!!
    thsuperreallycoolguy 7 hours ago (edited)
    Harold Lypshytz 5 hours ago
    He’s a man…with a plan! Everything he’s saying makes sense…..to reasonable people with a brain, that care about their country!
    Russell Smith 7 hours ago (edited)
    Inspiring and Intelligent speach Mr Trump!!
    Apr Yogi 7 hours ago
    Refreshing to hear our President that tells the facts and offers real solutions, not just empty words and stupid rhetoric.
    Clem Clemson 8 hours ago
    i have never heard a politician address anything as clear as Trump does, like him or not- he is very clear and I personally like that
    Leo 9 hours ago
    What’s crazy is I understand everything he said word for word.
    LC 4 hours ago (edited)
    I almost forgot what it sounds like to hear a president speak without zoning out a forgetting who and where he is! We took it for granted all these years! 😂
    Louisa Lockarno 5 hours ago
    Annie Maull 9 hours ago
    Got to watch this. It felt amazing to hear President Trump speak again. Hurry back . WAITING and hoping. SOON!

  35. Stephen Woenker

    So where did Bill put the cash ???

  36. rv

    Products Causing Biggest Trade Deficits for the United States. The U.S. incurred a -$1.183 trillion trade deficit for 2021, swelling by 20.5% from the -$982 billion in red ink for all products one year earlier.
    US Top 10 Exports
    Mineral fuels including oil: US$239.8 billion (13.7% of total exports)
    Machinery including computers: $209.3 billion (11.9%)
    Electrical machinery, equipment: $185.4 billion (10.6%)
    Vehicles: $122.2 billion (7%)
    Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $91.7 billion (5.2%)
    Aircraft, spacecraft: $89.1 billion (5.1%)
    Gems, precious metals: $82.3 billion (4.7%)
    Pharmaceuticals: $78 billion (4.4%)
    Plastics, plastic articles: $74.3 billion (4.2%)
    Organic chemicals: $42.9 billion (2.4%)
    America’s top 10 exports surpass two-thirds (69.3%) of the overall value of US global shipments.
    Export war: Raytheon Technologies, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics etc.
    Nothing wrong with Mufti-Polar world…reign in the beast of hegemony via its fiat currency.
    Greg/Holter Thanks!!!

  37. Jerry

    Food as a weapon?

    See for yourself. Tyson food a proud member of the WEF.
    Now you know why meat prices are so high. Consider them the EXON of the food world.

  38. Roger Stamper

    tks for post bill greg

  39. sKY kING

    First published at 05:58 UTC on July 27th, 2022.

    Wuhan Lab Was Experimenting On Monkeypox Before Outbreak
    118,527 views Jul 20, 2022 The Jimmy Dore Show
    You may still be worrying about the latest COVID variant sweeping the globe, but have you considered that maybe you should also be concerned about… monkeypox? One viral TikTok featured a woman who claims to have contracted monkeypox but who says she got no help from her primary care physician, a dermatologist or the CDC, so if you get it, you may be on your own. Meanwhile, popular British YouTuber and retired nurse trainer Dr. John Campbell notes that the same Wuhan lab identified as ground zero in studying coronavirus was also the source of research on monkeypox prior to this latest outbreak.
    Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the monkeypox threat and what the odds are that two separate pathogens like COVID-19 and monkeypox could have been the subject of research at the same lab.

    First published at 10:44 UTC on July 27th, 2022. SixthSense

    See next video also, automatically will play after above video. . …

    WATCH July 27th, 2022. NaturalNews

  40. Joseph Thee Stalinist


  41. Dusty Dude

    Great interview Greg. Bill tells it how it is. The sleeping masses are soon to be woke with the reality that everything we’ve been told is a lie. I am my own central bank. Their paper is transferred to real money and things I will need as soon as I get it. Keep your currency in a bank and loose it or exchange it for something real and sleep well knowing you are protected. Thanks Greg. You should be proud of your work and of all of those you have helped by telling truth….

  42. Shirl

    One thing about living in increasingly interesting times is that it doesn’t get boring…I miss boring. More than ever, “Gold Guns and a Get Away Plan” as Gerald Celente has mentioned repeatedly for years as an emergency strategy, is worth implementing. Hopefully, people have been paying attention as well as to similar warnings by taking action.
    Thank you Greg and Bill here for bravely getting the message out…now, that’s one heck of a tranche purchase if ever there was one…more to come too? WOW! I should think the manipulators holding back the real value of real money are near to losing that tight grip on it. Economy 101. The dynamics of the free market forces of Supply/Demand yielding Price will probably get more bent before a snap back to natural balance returns, which most likely, will not happen until we the people demand accountability from the current INSANE CREATURES occupying OUR public power seats who regard we the people as cannon fodder and pawns in their Power Tripping games built on LIES.
    Stand-Up & Speak-Out, before the psychopaths of the Corrupt Establishment (YEARS OCCUPYING PUBLIC OFFICE SPACE) “Politicians” both DemonRat and uniparty RINO’S blow everything to kingdom come…most with working brain cells know who they are, it’s not rocket science.

  43. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with Bill Holter – as per usual – thanks!

    Watched an old movie, ‘Paper Tiger’ on TV yesterday. Plot involves the young son of a Japanese Ambassador, and his English tutor (David Niven), being kidnapped and held to ransom by terrorists. The young boy asks his tutor, “Are you afraid of death?”, to which his tutor replies, “He who fears death, forfeits life”. How appropriate for the times in which we live. Those who were fearful of death from ‘Covid-19’, shut themselves off from family, quarantined themselves, and cut themselves off from society at large and life in general. The majority submitted to experimental inoculations, and unwittingly poisoned themselves, in order to overcome their fear of death – ironically hastening the very thing they feared!

    Your ‘strap line’, “Fear not . . .”, is highly appropriate!

  44. David Bagley

    I agree with Bill.. Trump is not a good guy..

    Btw ..has Trump condemned the jab yet?

    • Mike

      David Bagley, do they pay much to troll for the Hellery Establishment Freaks Frauds and Fools or do you do it for FREE being Stuck On STUPID?

  45. john nicholas

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    Discreet Delivery – Receive all of your medications discreetly without ever having to go out in public or talk about what’s going on at home.

  46. PersonaNonGrata

    Bill talks about TRX, a precious metals miner based in Tanzania that he is involved with. I trust Bill Holter and I’m sure this is an excellent company. However, we live in lawless times and I wonder how secure will be ANY shareholding in the event of a ‘Mad Max’ scenario? What will happen to law and order if there is WEF instigated starvation in Tanzania?

    This commentary is not intended to slight TRX. Aside from the evil plans of the WEF et al, it is a little known fact that all US publically traded (Wall Street) equity is beneficially owned by Cede & Co. Individual ‘investors’ are merely registered as holding an interest in Wall Street traded equities, they are NOT the beneficial owners. Here is an extract from redpillreports.com – link is provided at end of comment:

    “How Wall Street Gets Control

    1. Before the IPO (Initial Public Offering – sic) is offered through a Wall Street exchange, the offering company creates the original Equity stock that represents true ownership of the company as it exists prior to the IPO being formalized and offered for sale.
    2. By SEC law and Wall Street procedure, before the IPO is released for sale, a binding contract MUST be executed with at least one Wall Street exchange, all of which are owned and controlled by the DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation – sic).
    3. After Contract execution and prior to IPO offering release, all original hard copy shares representing actual equity ownership of the company must be physically delivered to the exchange(s) conducting the IPO.
    4. After receipt of the original equity shares, the exchange declares itself the Sole Depository for all hard copy shares.
    5. The exchange is now the Legal owner of the company.
    6. At this point, the common man’s ability to own actual equity in the company ceases to exist.
    7. Pursuant to the Securities Act of 1934, the SEC notifies the exchange that it cannot simultaneously own and trade the equity shares.
    8. The SEC notifies the exchange that it can transfer ownership of the equity shares to the Nominee of the exchange.
    9. As the sole Nominee for all exchanges, the equity shares are transferred to Cede & Co.
    10. Cede & Co. now becomes the Sole Registered Shareholder of the company.
    11. The exchange retains physical custody of the equity shares during the IPO offering period.
    12. Cede & Co., as the Sole Registered Shareholder and for the purpose of giving the exchange something to sell as a shill commodity, creates one (1) electronic only share certificate referred to as the Street Name Stock.
    13. The Securities Act of 1934 as amended requires that all traded shares must be delivered to the buyer in 1 to 3 days.
    14. Therefore, Cede & Co., electronically trades only the Street Name Stock on the DTC- owned exchange.
    15. Cede & Co. trades its Street Name Stock on the exchange floor as the meeting place for all sales and trades.
    16. The DTC keeps its trading protocols private such that outside parties are precluded from discovering what goes on behind closed doors and keeps the public from becoming aware of these acts.
    17. By written contract, Cede & Co. may only sell its electronic only Street Name Stock to direct and indirect Members of the DTC on the DTC owned exchange trading floor.
    18. Members of DTC may only trade and sell their electronic Street Name Stock to other DTC Members or to Cede & Co.
    19. Therefore, this closed-loop sales system keeps the electronic Street Name Stock in the DTC Member family and directly under the control of Cede & Co.
    20. Only Cede & Co., as the Sole Registered Shareholder who actually owns the company, can give Beneficial Ownership Rights to any subsequent buyer.”


  47. Da Yooper

    Good job Greg & Bill

    When this blows up there will be no where a banker can hide.

    Greg any chance you can get Cliff High back for an interview ?

  48. Craig

    If physical silver goes to the moon it stands to reason paper silver will follow?

  49. Steven Carpenter

    Hey Greg,
    I know you are a busy man, but Monday I sent you an email with an attachment and wanted to make sure that you received it. It was titled the vaccine Bluetooth connection.This group of scientist have discovered that those that are vaccinated are giving off codes like our laptops and cell
    phones do. I attached it to the email for your viewing. The video is about 30 minutes long and is in Spanish with
    subtitles, so you will have to read along.
    Hope you are doing we’ll,

    Steven Carpenter

    • Greg Hunter

      Got it. Share it here if you like.

    • Janet

      The scientists working in bio-weapon laboratories have the ability to destroy humanity by injecting us with all kinds of unnatural things – but – they also have the ability “to save our world” (they now have the capablity of making “a designer virus” that will only infect “particular people” – https://guardian.ng/features/health/bioweapons-designed-to-kill-only-people-of-particular-race/). If the good scientist working in the bio-weapon labs want to “save our world” – why don’t they develop “a designer virus” that only puts out of commission those particular evil people at the WEF who are currently intent on exterminating humanity (this Davos crowd thinks it has the sole right to be mass executioners and they say right out in the open they want to destroy us – well we have a right to defend ourselves!! – If you good bio-weapon scientists need DNA samples of people like Gates, Schwab, Horrori, Hillary, Trudeau, etc., etc. (who are currently feverishly working to exterminate humanity) I am sure barbers, hair dressers and nurses can collect the hair and blood samples you will need to develop your designer viruses (and we regular people should be putting together “a DNA data bank” on all the well known WEF eugenicists so the good bio-weapon scientists can begin work on the “designer viruses” that only infects and puts out of commission the WEF eugenicists (thus freeing our world of these Demons) – then the bio-weapon scientists can go after those at the WHO and other Globalist organizations (before these Demons “have their evil bio-weapon scientists” develop their Covid and Monkey virus weapons – and kill us all off)!!

  50. Pilot88

    In the late 1970’s and into 1980, several of us made a study of the Trilateral Commission that was formed several years earlier and could see the start of the ONE WORLD GOV. Well, IT IS HERE. And with other comments about food shortage, water shortage and heat, it is all covered in the opening of the seals in Rev. 6: It has started and will be getting worse with the mentally ill that get up on TV and tell everyone that if you don’t believe in global warming caused by us humans, you are like the police in Texas. Our God made this world and He controls what is going on with the weather because He even told us it would happen this way in the Bible. Yes, we will have many people starve to death, because of lack of food, and with all the fires, we have bad air around us and He tells us that these things will happen and then He has the Angels come down and take us up to be with Him forever. How many of the global warming people will be with us at that time??
    Blessings to you Greg for all the people you have on your show and what they are letting us know about the future because they are right on.
    Blessings to all that know our God

  51. Chloe

    Hello Greg,

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the fix is already in, on U.S. elections moving forward.

    • Pilot88

      I really agree with you on that.

  52. Darren

    Rumor has it that the client who bought the $50 million dollar order is in the process of closing on a massive estate after which she will be placing another incredible order up to…….ONE BILLION$$$$$ for nothing but silver…..If that happens all on-line vendors will be completely wiped clean!!!!

    • Shiloh1

      Perhaps a Walton heir?

      • Greg Hunter

        Not Walton heir.

  53. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    I’m obviously watching too much TV recently. Aside from ‘Paper Tiger’ referenced above, I was obliged to watch – along with younger visiting relatives – ‘Mission Impossible II’, made in 2000. The plot line is predictive! Here is a synopsis, authored by ‘Javert-5’ . . .
    “I.M.F. Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has been sent on a mission to retrieve and destroy the supply of a genetically created disease called “Chimera”. His mission is made impossible due to the fact that he is not the only person after samples of the disease. He must also contest with a gang of international terrorists, headed by a rogue former I.M.F. Agent, who has already managed to steal the cure called ‘Bellerophon’, and now needs ‘Chimera’ to complete their grand plan of infecting the whole world.”

    The plot also features an evil CEO of a pharma company who is intent on making $billions by releasing the ‘Chimera’ infection – which kills within 20 hours – and then selling the antidote which his company also owns!

    Sars-CoV-2 is described as a Chimera – an engineered changeling virus! Taken together with Klaus Schwab being a double of ‘Doctor Evil’ from ‘Austin Powers’ – you couldn’t make it up!!!

  54. Patrick G. McHenry

    Regarding the election and cheating, here’s what I’m noticing where I live in Pennsylvania.

    There was a fierce battle among the Republican candidates during the primary. You had maybe five or six candidates for each major office all blitzing local television with ads. Now that we’re in the lead-up to the general election, the Republican winners are MIA – apart from one anti-Fetterman ad funded by an outside group there has been NO advertising that I’ve seen for the Republicans in either the senate or gubernatorial races. (Though, in fairness, I watch very little television.)

    Were PA Republican voters really that excited about Mehmet Oz? Will they be that excited in November with no real campaign behind him?

    Maybe they’re keeping their powder dry for a little later – but maybe they were never meant to win (and never intended to). Fractionate the base during the primary, pump in money and use maybe just a little bit of cheating then to ensure the faux candidate wins, and then just don’t show up for the general.

    I think the fix may already be in here, and maybe in a lot of places. No cheating necessary come November.

    When Holter says that everything is a lie – and if what I’m thinking is right – well… who endorsed Oz?

  55. Susan R

    Bill is precious. This uptick in buying is not a good sign. Where will our resources come from when the system breaks down. Our greatest resource is God, end, period.

  56. Darren

    Greg……..So what do you and Bill think will happen to all the debt??? Mortgages, Credit Card debt, Loans for auto or what not???? Will is be re-valued or just wiped out like a Jubilee scenario????

    • Greg Hunter

      Repriced in a new currency. It won’t be free. Bonds and pensions will default.

  57. Gary Allison

    Gold and silver are great and certainly the way to go, if you have the cash. But you had better be able to grow your own food. Supplies will run out. Also get off the main path a bit. When this goes down it’s not coming back in our lifetime.

  58. Pat McGee

    Now would be a good time to ask Bo Polny how there is going to be a “wealth transfer” if the Elites have bought up all the silver and gold.

  59. George Eddleston

    Greg: Large AG, AU US. coin sale a ploy to keep the premium price up for dealers, while prices become lower thus premiums lower?

  60. Carl

    Steve Quale had a link recently to an article on Burnlngplatform.com. It talked about people working as programmers on a social credit score / universal basic income /control system to be rolled out to the whole world during an economic collapse. They think it’s coming in 6 or 8 months. It’s very dark. It’s pretty scary.


    If we’re Christians and we believe there’s a satanic one world government coming then we shouldn’t be surprised.

    • eddiemd

      Everyone should watch this video.

      This is not conspiracy. I am taking cloud computing now at DeVry University and this is what we are learning about. It will be controlled by the satanist companies Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft/Azure, Google, and Facebook. Authentication controlled by Google, Facebook. We have not explored the banking end in the class.
      There will be multifactor authentication which will probably include evidence of getting the covid gene therapy.

      I see the WW III coming first with a death blow to the USA along with the rapture event. All at the same. The collapse then the reset.

      Make sure your account is settled with King Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The only Name you need to know.

      If you find yourself still alive in the chaos that is coming, you must refuse any attempt to mark you. This may require you to be decapitated. Be prepared to witness your faith. Many people who claim that they are believers are going to find out they have followed false shepherds and teachings.

      Get yourself a hard copy of a Bible while you can. Repent. Believe. Show fruits of repentance.


    • z

      Biden’s Dollar Plan a ‘Deeply Troubling Development’
      The following content is sponsored by Paradigm Press.

      On March 9, 2022, President Biden quietly signed Executive Order 14067.

      Buried inside this order is a sinister provision that could give the government unprecedented control over your money and freedom.

      In fact, this provision sets the stage for:

      Legal government surveillance of all U.S. citizens
      Total control over your bank accounts and purchases
      And the ability to silence all dissenting voices for good

      It’s no wonder Fox News recently called this “a deeply troubling development.”

      Still, most Americans have never even heard of Executive Order 14067.

      That’s why today, Jim Rickards – a world-renowned economist and former advisor to both the CIA and the Pentagon – has just sounded the alarm on this troubling new development.

      In his critical new presentation, he reveals the shocking truth about Biden’s Executive Order…

      And why it’s a direct threat to the freedom of every single American citizen.

      In fact, according to Mr. Rickards, this order could mean the end of the U.S. dollar as we know it.


  61. jon

    Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair are long time favorites. Both very generous with their time. I have corresponded with them since early 2000’s. Request Next interview with Bill Holter, ask him to go over the various title ownership options for stocks. Certificated, Book Registration, DTCC titled and Street name. Sinclair encouraged Book or Certificated ownership years ago. This is another way to get your assets out of the system. GOTS!

  62. Doug

    Greg: Thank you for having Bill Holter as a guest. Bill is a WEALTH of information and is capable of breaking down complex subjects so the average person can readily understand them.

    You and and what you do is such a blessing for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world! God bless you and your exceptional and most important work!

    As you state weekly, we must lean on Jesus as we face the future.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree on all counts, especially leaning on Jesus.

      • Shiloh1

        Reminds me of Leaning On The Everlasting Arms in Night Of The Hunter. The scene where both Lillian Gish and Robert Mitchum are singing is absolutely chilling.

    • Keith

      JSMineset paid portal is one of the best educational financial and Geopolitical sites available. Greg, a wonderful interview with the no nonsense Texan who is at the coal face, not a modelling exercise. Your deep knowledge gets the best from your guests. Interview his mate Dave from JSMinesite, he a firecracker. God Bless

    • Janet

      Speaking about being capable of breaking down complex subjects so the average person can readily understand them – another great thinker has stated:
      “You need to get to go and need to be able to get where you need to go to do the work and get home.”
      Kamala Harris

  63. Nat

    Bill Holter is the best!

  64. Kyle Cook jr.

    Member Of European Parliament Labels COVID Vaccine Coercion “Worst Crime Ever Committed on Humanity”
    by Steve Watson July 27th 2022, 7:18 am
    “This vaccine campaign will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history”

  65. Thomas Young

    Holding physical is a strategy – however, you have to think through how you will (a) protect it (b) use it and (c) deal with the collapse of personal property right if SHTF.

    What good is a tube of Silver Eagles if there is civil unrest?
    Will you use it if it is “illegal” to do so?
    Do you have the skills and wherewithal to operate in black markets?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Much depends on what your physical environment is. Here in rural southern IN, we are a fairly tightknit community with SIMILAR VALUES. In the cities, it will be every man for himself, literally. Ask your questions in that context. More goods and services will likely be available in the cities, or so I imagine. It is possible that the best negotiators can “rum run”, meaning go to the cities and procure what’s needed at home in the country. I don’t know, but no one else does, either. Best always. PM

    • Keith Wilson

      Well I watched the zombie apocalypse series walking dead and fear the walking dead. Never did Mick grimes or his group go to the local coin shop to look for silver eagles or gold buffalo coins. When the SHTF most of the population don’t understand that precious metals are. Get yourself a gas camping stove. 250 gas cannisters and plenty of tin food. Plus water and coffee ,
      sugar and multi-vitamins and everything you think you might need. It’s best to spend ten thousand dollars on prepping supplies than buying a few gold coins or silver eagles. You don’t want to be surviving living in tent, fishing for frogs , and your bugout location is a quarry with a couple of gold coins to look at whilst your collecting firewood . Also get yourself a bicycle and keep fit. A bicycle gives you many options and saves your fuel for your car .

  66. jon

    Here is a nice story we have all heard in one form or another. A communist leader is in a helicopter flying over North Vietnam. He is talking to a group of reporters. He opens up the door and throws out 10 coins and says I just made 10 people happy. So the reporter looks at him and smiles. He throws out the communist leader. And says, now we just made everybody happy. Question is, can we somehow get Washington up into a helicopter.

  67. RICH

    Y y y y isn’t metals soaring. As you said total supply is mustard on a sandwich. How come paper shorts r not getting crushed. How come they don’t drain lbma and cme. Makes ZEROOOO sense

  68. Really Awake

    I think it’s a great day when 50M in “physical” gold and silver gets bought up.

    Sooner or later the little guy will also figure out that (s)he needs to get at least a few hundred dollars in U.S. silver coins. And then supply will completely dry up. That’s why Marty Armstrong recommend that people hold some physical silver coins, e.g., pre-1964 silver U.S. dimes and quarters…..

    Personally, I’ve been building a physical collection of silver for decades – ALL in U.S. coins. Moreover, I also have a physical position in U.S. 5 cent nickels…. I remember back when Kyle Bass took delivery of a million dollars worth of U.S. 5 cent nickels… People thought he was crazy. Not me. I was collecting boxes and boxes of nickels long before that. Why? Because it’s only a matter of time before the U.S. Mint stops production of real nickels and replaces the nickel/copper coin with junk metal just like post modern dimes and quarters minted after 1964….. One day each 5 cent nickel coin will be worth a paper dollar… and more. Hows that for a return on investment?…. The drawback with stockpiling nickel is it’s really, really heavy;however, for those of us who have a long-term hidding place for bulk and don’t mind the weight, the U.S. nickel is a winner….

    Guns, gold, gas, grub and other nonperishable goods all make up a SHTF Insurance Policy… And once the SHTF, you won’t be able to buy silver on the open market unless you’re willing to pay an unbelievable premium… You may not be able to buy a can of pork&beans, either.

    Noteworthy to me is how the lady who had 50 million to spend on silver coins could not get it. She had to settle for more gold than silver…. Let that sink in… I’ll make my own prediction: the poor little peeon will one day have to resort to bartering with basic items lije cans of soup, silver coins and other basic necessities because paper/digital dollars will only be worth the intrinsic value, viz., nothing…

  69. Rich



  70. HotTub

    The Cycle of Prosperity has come full circle:

    Hard times create strong men;
    Strong men create good times;
    Good times create weak men;
    And weak men create hard times.

  71. Gaylene Gaslighted

    Ukraine Issues Blacklist Of ‘Russian Propagandists’, Includes US Senator & Prominent Journalists / by ZeroHedge July 26th 2022, 6:01 pm
    A number of notable international names are on the list

    Conflict Of Interest? Dr. Simone Gold Sentenced To Jail By Judge She Allegedly Turned Down For A Date In College / by Kelen McBreen 7/26/22
    The political targeting of January 6th attendees continues US., to Hell in a handbasket?

    Panic at Clanton/Obomber Bureau of Fat Cat Criminal Mind’s?
    FBI Scrambles To Protect Biden Crime Family/Jon Bowne 7/27
    Deep State shielding puppet president’s crackhead criminal son from justice.
    According to the propagandized hype, federal officials claim the investigation into Hunter Biden regarding various tax violations and/or foreign lobbying violations has reached a “critical stage”.
    But after the FBI sat on the laptop and have repeatedly meddled in the last three Presidential elections as lapdogs for the Democratic Party and the Clinton Foundation, the “critical stage” will merely take the form of the DOJ and the Fed’s propaganda rollout of the slap on the wrist Hunter Biden is likely to receive.
    If the Feds actually looked at the evidence from the laptop millions have seen already, foreign lobbying violations could easily pinch Joe Biden and his brother James Biden.
    So Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a damning letter to the FBI and the DOJ calling them out on their growing track record of flagrant abuse of power. It read like a letter to a hostile foreign country rather than to our own national security institution and the highest justice department in the land. Grassley wrote;
    Today’s FBI? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95Mb-zqmTQk
    Hold on to the next video after the first, of Today’s FBI!

    • sk

      Hell hath no fury like a legal eagle scorned….LOL

  72. Dave Pierpont Royce

    Norman Lear reflects on life for his 100th birthday: ‘I cannot believe a century has passed’ / Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY – 57m ago
    “I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.”​—Jesus Christ, Matthew 24:34, New International Version.

    JESUS, when explaining “the sign . . . of the conclusion of the system of things,” said to his amazed disciples the words quoted above. (Matthew 24:3) Now just what did Jesus mean by the word “generation”? And what events would lead into the end of the system of things? In other words, what events should we be looking for in the immediate future? The Last Days​?—What’s Next?
    How Long Can a Generation Last?
    Question’s, questions’, dare question? That is the 64 thousand dollar questions of question?
    The American Legion Magazine back in 84 pointed out that 4,743,826 U.S. men and women had participated in the first of the world war’s. But in 1984 only 272,000 remained alive, and they were dying off at an average of nine every hour. Does that mean, then, that the generation of the first world war has already disappeared? NO!

    • Robert Lykens

      Dave, what I see in Matthew 24 is that first of all “…many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”
      It’s true that over the years some have come claiming to be Christ but I don’t think “many” have come. I believe we’re looking for a time of great deception when probably millions are deceived by false Christs.
      Remember, when Jesus returns, he will come in the clouds with great glory and “every eye shall see him.”
      No one knows when that period of great deception will start but my personal opinion is within 10 years. Of course, there are many other prophecies that must also be fulfilled, e.g. the building of the Temple.

  73. D. Royce

    The Greek word for generation is geneá, used by Matthew, Mark, and Luke in their accounts of Jesus’ words. It can have different applications according to the context. However, The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology defines it as: “Those born at the same time . . . Associated with this is the meaning: the body of one’s contemporaries, an age.” A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament states: “The sum total of those born at the same time, expanded to include all those living at a given time generation, contemporaries.” These definitions allow for all those who were born around the time of a historic event and all those who were alive at that time.
    J. A. Bengel states in his New Testament Word Studies: “The Hebrews . . . reckon seventy-five years as one generation, and the words, shall not pass away, intimate that the greater part of that generation [of Jesus’ day] indeed, but not the whole of it, should have passed away before all should be fulfilled.” This became true by the year 70 C.E. when Jerusalem was destroyed.
    Likewise today, most of the generation alive at the end of WWII has passed away. However, there are still thousand’s on earth who were born in that year or prior to it. And although their numbers are dwindling fast, as the great reset is even failing faster! Apart from Jesus’ own words, it’s all coming true, “this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.” This is yet another reason for believing that Hod’s own thief like day is ever so imminent! So, what events should alert Christians watch for? “Peace and Security” Soon?
    Another 64.000 rising fiat dollar question, as the rest of the worlds fiat currency’s tumble, for how’ll long and the world – wide system collapse?
    “You yourselves know quite well that God’s great day is coming as a thief in the night. Whenever it is they are saying: ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction will be instantly upon them.”​—1 Thessalonians 5:2, 3.
    Ever since the end of World War II in 1945, mankind has teetered on the brink of war as the two opposing powers, the United States, Soviet Union and now capitalist Russia, have contended with each other. The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 was a dangerous direct confrontation. But the Soviet Union withdrew its missiles from Cuba, and the United States quietly removed its missiles from Turkey. This was just one of the many manifestations of the Cold War.
    Disarmament has been a subject for debate for decades and has usually finished up as a propaganda exercise for both countries. Now, in the waning months of President Biden’s coup and in the destruction of Secretary Gorbachev’s glasnost (openness) policy, there appears to be serious talk of the US. trying to catch up on the nuclear hypersonic arms situation of which Russia and China are in the lead. Whether this is a prelude to bring about a supposed peace and security for the world in general, before somebody strikes first, we cannot foresee. But in accordance with Bible prophecy, that is what Christians are looking for. When it happens, then what?
    Careful students of the Bible will not be fooled “whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace and security!’”​—whether it emanates from the United Nations or independently from the great powers themselves. The Bible clearly shows that true peace and security can only come from righteous rulership, God’s Kingdom government by Christ.
    For that reason a future significant global announcement of peace and security by world leaders will be the signal for God to move into action, “exactly as a thief in the night,” taking the unbelieving world by surprise. Yes, “sudden destruction” will then befall the ecclesiastical and political powers that have spurned our creator and his
    It’ll be a, WIPEOUT! The Ventures – live in Japan 1966
    Bob Spalding; Leon Taylor; Ian Spalding; Nokie Edwards the drum’s!
    Enjoy Ray mate in your confinement.

    • eddiemd

      Beware of the JWs! They come in sheep’s clothing.

      • eddiemd

        D. Royce,

        Is that you? The JW door to door salesman?

        You still have time to repent.

        All the different names that you post under, it is easy to track.

        • Greg Hunter

          “Taze” is gone.

          • Frank "old'Coop" Cooper

            Wow, what’s this all about?
            Mr. eddiemd what do you got against door to door salesman?
            eddie👁 md,
            We know you suffer with eye problems. . . 👀
            I did this! I did that! LOL!
            Yes it’s hard to be humble!

            Wow, found this gem, brought back memories! Why we miss him, why we loved him. Sorta like Greg!
            Best of Dini Petty: Red Skelton
            2,349,453 views Dec 3, 2015 June 19, 1992: This is the only in depth sit down interview Red Skelton did in his entire career. This interview won the Iris Award for Best International Show.
            How blessed we are to see this man’s devotion to his wife, and his numerous other talents! Handel wrote the lovely Messiah, but to my knowledge never lifted a paint brush. If he were younger I would want him to run for President, as “integrity” is his middle name. Rest in peace, dear Red!

    • D.P.R.

      My goodness, another oopsie-daisy;
      [Likewise today, most of the generation alive at the end of [WWII] has passed away. However, there are still thousand’s on earth who were born in that year or prior to it.]
      “That should have been WW1 not 2! Sorry to the WWII generation, where I’m sure millions of you are still with us. My apologies! Thank you for procreating for us Baby Boomer’s! Getting up there ourselves as you can tell here, with me!

    • Ray

      Will do D…..but where is the link?
      Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation

      • Dave Rolling Royce

        Just call me oop’sy Ray, check out down 5 comments. I don’t know how it got down there? Man alive, I thinks me needs a check up from the neck up!

  74. Frank Falco

    Hey Greg I posted a comment about gold and silver relating to Bo Poney who you love but his predictions on gold and silver were outlandishly wrong,I suggested you bring him back but my post was deleted I hope this site is not like all the other sites that delete post when they say the truth!

    • Greg Hunter

      Polny has made many good predictions and the Bo Polny trend is intact. Nobody is 100% but buying metal was the right call as you shall soon see. If you don’t like the way I run this site start your own. It’s not like starting twitter of YouTube. You can do it man!! Show us how it is done.

  75. Tabitha Sloan


    This is terribly scary!!! Graphene oxide, and self-constructing nano-particles in unvaccinated blood from shedding!!!!

  76. Stan

    50 million on silver? I would have out that woman in a mental institution. The US Dollar is the best performing asset this year. If u have em, hold em!

  77. eddiemd

    Hook up culture. People today “hooking up” through social media. This will spread in homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual crowds.

    If you are not “hooking up”, no need to worry. I have not seen studies on survivability on contact surfaces. Keep your kids out of McDonalds playgrounds and the like. Wash your hands. Don’t pick your nose.

    Be cautious. Normal safeguards as before.


    Shock the monkey pox was never a lethal illness. Get over it. I would be more concerned with other STDs that might be tagging along like syphyilis, “the clap” (anibiotic resistant strains in particular), HIV, HPV, chlamydia, and others. Wear a mask over your genitals.

    The end days are here. Maybe Pelosi can start it off in Formosa on her visit.


    What will we do when CCP/PLA sinks an aircraft carrier? Nothing. Fly the white flag and rainbow flag.




  78. David Royce

    Oop’s, Ray the Wipeout
    Japan tour
    Another ooop’s
    The surfaris wrote Wipe Out_ 1963 Ultra Wide 4K

  79. Ratty

    Again, if the money is phony – so is the debt. When will the reality strike you guys? Or do you like being scared by the “bogey” man? Yes, the BOGEY man.

  80. J.P. Morgunstun

    How Ireland landed in the center of Russia’s $10 billion plane heist
    338,091 views Jul 25, 2022
    This war with Russia is going to push all to poverty and make the great depression, look like a Sunday picnic!

  81. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for a very informative interview. These topics do not get discussed enough so that people understand what is happening.

    Zimbabwe issued its first gold coins this week, most people do not understand the importance of this for that country. The ordinary citizen may not have 1800 US$ to buy a coin but that could save companies’ capital which in turn secure people’s jobs and income.

    In South Africa we can convert our Rands to gold Krugerrands without paying sales tax, but Capital Gains Tax could be payable on resale thereof. With Silver Krugerrands, we have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) at 15% over and above the spot price and possibly also Capital Gains Tax. But it is possibly a cheaper alternative to the US Silver Eagles.

    Bill is spot on about the debt and the banking system. The Debtors could file for Bankruptcy where the Creditors would only be paid cents in the dollar. That would cause credit extension to come to a sudden halt with devastating consequences. Most people do not know this or do not want to hear this and cannot imagine this could happen until it does.

    We are living in interesting times indeed.

    Keep up the good work and God bless you for all you do to inform people.

  82. john beasley

    Interesting story about the bankers. My mom was 90. I sold one of our commercial buildings, she put 1 million of the proceeds into one bank that had women bankers. I told her to put $250,000 in each bank in town. After getting her deposit the bank managers refused to let her spend “HER” money. They gave her advice to put the money in her own name rather than the family trust account. The bank managers, two women, said she was not competent and they needed to approve every transaction she made. They refused to allow her to take her money out of the bank and to pay the IRS $250,000. SO, I tried to get a lawyer to help us, his plan was to sell all the trust assets and he would manage the money, with a power of attorney. So, I took my mother to her family doctor and had him give her a competency exam, 5 questions 5X. She passed with 100%. Then I got a standard power of attorney form and she filled it out and we got it notarized. We took both documents bank to the bank. I made an appointment, 2 bank managers, a lawyer and a department of children and families locked my mother in an office and the 4 of them grilled her for 1 hour and 19 minutes. In the process I was trespassed from the bank by the police. My 90 year old mother was wheeled out of the bank in her wheel chair and she had cashiers checks for all her money, and she closed her account. It took over 2 weeks to get this “showdown” meeting with the bank managers. No one would help us. So, be prepared, get competency exams from your “family doctor.” Get a power of attorney for each individual business activity that you and your company are involved in, banking, real estate, property management, bonds, etc… Just use each piece of information you need to solve the problem. We lucked out, and my mother was an amazing business person to beat 4 professionals who were gunning for her when she was 90 years old!

  83. Nika

    Larry Kudlow said today: China has infiltrated the Federal Reserve. China is spying on our models and data specific information. China pressured and threatened a Fed Staffer when he was in his hotel room in Shanghai. The Chinese demanded information from him. Jay Powell is denying the above ever happened.. Biden is suppose to talk to President Xi, sometime during the next 36 hours. I have no confidence in Biden, when he talks to President Xi.

  84. Brian Dougan

    Mr. Holter: “Seventy to eighty percent of the world is against the West.” Yes, and most of the West is against the West. That is; the majority of Western government “leaders”/academia/the Woke/the immigration industry/LGBT+++/MSM/Big Pharma; take the poison jab; take four of them; take em forever/public “education.”/The medical establishment. One big hideous; satanic rainbow. Not to mention a Woke; weakened military. BTW–Did you know that “Canada”–(Bananada’s Trudeau)–sold all of its gold to China? In return for a basket of worthless currencies. (Not the Yuan; as far as I know. That would have been smart.) Kill the Canadian (Alberta) energy industry. Check. Open the floodgates to Third World invasion. Check. Go after the farmers. Check. Get rid of all the gold. Check. Squash peronal freedom. Check. “ArriveCan”–Can’t re-enter the country without it–filled out on your personal device before crossing the border. Volutary? Not a chance. Mandatory. Huge; whopping; double tens of thousand dollar fines for dissenters. Check. “One big step for Trudeau; one giant leap for Globalkind.” We’re inching closer to digital ID. No cellphone? No problem!! We’re (soon; a few years way?) introducing a harmless; just-for-you personal ID Mark. Your choice; on your hand or forehead. Invisible; only visible to the scanners. Think of the freedom! No worries! No bulging wallets or purses. No leaving behind/losing your wallet or purse. No chance of theft! All your personal health/[Central Bank Digital Currency]/vital statistics/passport contained in one tiny; invisible Mark.

    Biden/Trudeau/et al. All acting as one. For our own good!!

  85. eddiemd

    I am glad I bought silver back when it was under $14/oz. I could have bought more but waited to see if it would go lower. This was 2017 or 2018. There was a $3 premium per coin. I have it all in my possession. Perhaps it will go up.

    Grind-her for Julian Assange. That is a fair deal.


    • Janet

      The Fed’s “sticky” inflation index shows inflation is at 18% (double the CPI) and yet even knowing this – the Fed has backed off from a 1% increase in rates” – this could indicate the Fed may be too scared to really do what is necessary to fight inflation – and thus – this may yet be another ideal entry point for silver (as that women who bought $50,000 dollars worth may have well knew in advance)!!

      • Janet

        You know – instead of using the CPI to determine our Social Security “inflation adjustment” each year – why doesn’t the Government of the people “be fair to the people” and begin using the Fed’s “sticky” inflation index (instead of the phony CPI)???

  86. Brian Dougan

    Greg; would it be possible to add an “edit” feature to our comments? In case (after the fact) we spot the need for paragraph breaks; gramatical errors; general corrections. Often; the comment takes on a “different” look after clicking the Post Comment button. I’m only speaking for myself; but even a seemingly careful re-reading sometimes misses the spot(s) where a finishing touch is in order.

    Thank you Greg.

  87. Warren B.

    In line with the content of this BH interview……
    This is a must watch 8 min video – “Apocalypse: The Lifting of the Veil” = The Great Awakening.

  88. Paul

    More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has been taken from the earth.
    Thanks for your show Greg

    Paul from arkansas

    • Janet

      There is a lot of “fools gold” coming out of the minds of the WEF puppets now running Europe – they are deliberately trying to sabotage society – https://www.lewrockwell.com/2022/07/david-stockman/europes-economic-suicide/ – when they are through – the Euro will likely be selling at 25 cents and the US dollar at two dollars – so Europeans better begin buying “real gold” now!! – if they wait for 8 Euro’s to the US dollar (even with gold selling for $1750 US dollars they will effectively be paying 8 times more (equivalent to gold selling for $14,000 dollars per ounce)!!

  89. Coal Burner

    Hard to remember the first time I heard Jim Sinclaire tell us this was coming. 2001, 2002, yes that far back. I still have a few 300 plus dollar eagles I bought back then when I knew nothing about what I was doing. Feels good when you listened to an honest guy who knew what to tell us. It wasn’t easy to pay that for those coins then and I bought a few more along as they rose. Hey Stan, I am way ahead now. Still looking to buy, it is just harder to do on retired, fixed income. Still hoping to get a 2022 eagle this year. Don’t know, it might be a 2023 next year. Cheers to all you Watch Dogs out there.

  90. Coal Burner

    Thank You Greg and Bill, I always enjoy hearing you two do an interview.

  91. Marie Joy

    On the il Donaldo Trumpo channel on Rumble, Tucker is trying to develop a new name for monkeypox. Some names, I would/could not post here. il Donaldo Trumpo is a comedy channel.

  92. donnas

    GREAT INTERVIEW!!!! Bill Holter is a literal treasure trove of information. You all make a great team when it comes to interviews. Thank you both.

  93. Carl

    Great interview listened twice so far . Extremely interesting that 27 million
    Bought all the US silver coins WOW , thank you for another Great interview.

  94. Tin foil hat

    To take delivery, $25 M of silver, around 150 monster boxes, would probably needs at least 2 armor trucks. Storage and security would be a problem too. She needs not only a huge private vault in her mansion, since she believes the financial system may implode before July 04, but also a security force consists of at least 10 men whom she can trust.

    If she didn’t take physical possession immediately, then I don’t see why she would want to close the deal before the long weekend.

    Personally, I wouldn’t have purchased all PMs from one dealer. I would have used at least 5 to 10 banks and dealers to complete the acquisition.

    • The Seer

      There are good depositories around. A billionaire would have a secure cave or redoubt.
      The flip side is the inventory and future inventory being removed from the marketplace here so citizens cannot purchase any – any longer as only Eagles were requested.
      There are many who do not buy Eagles as believe it’s smarter to own another country made metal – buy at lower price – cannot be taxed as foreign money – the USA will be hated even more by those freezing and starving the Eagles will be worth less than foreign metal.

      • Tin foil hat

        Remember MF Global, if you can’t trust a former primary dealer of the NY Fed, you cannot trust any depository. I believe Gerald Celente can tell a story in regard.

  95. Self Exiled

    Just received word from the Philippines that two of my friends are being treated with high blood pressure medication, who have received all three doses of Chino Vac. So, I visited a lady that I worked with for 18 years whose daughter had all three doses of Pfizer, the doctor also put her on high blood pressure medication. All suffering from high blood pressure. I think we all know what is growing inside of their veins. Is this just me speculating?

    • Nika

      Wow- 18 years old and on High blood pressure Meds!

      • Self Exiled

        The daughter is I think in her 30’s and I worked at the same place the mother worked for 18 years. The other gentlemen are in their early to mid 50’s.

  96. Kevin

    These goldbugs are broken records…they’ve been saying the same thing for decades…

  97. Frank Cooper

    You’ve Gotta Be F*cking Kidding Me
    98,633 views Jul 28, 2022 Russell Brand
    Aunt Nancy more corrupt than the Clanton FBI?
    Are members of congress like Nancy Pelosi getting rich because they’re lucky or because they have inside information that they give to their partners who then make millions on the stock market? If it was prison for Martha Stewart than it’s good enough for Nancy!

  98. Frank Cooper

    Russian anti-war protester defies court trying her for discrediting the army/6h ago
    MOSCOW (Reuters) – A former state TV journalist charged with discrediting Russia’s armed forces by protesting against Moscow’s actions in Ukraine told a court on Thursday that the charge against her was absurd.

  99. Frank

    ‘The View’s’ Lies Were So Bad Lawyers Forced Them to Clarify Again | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report Jul 28, 2022

  100. Eli

    God Bless you both and may God Bless is all, something tells me we’re going to need it. ☦️🙏🏻

  101. Marie Clements

    While I always appreciate Bill’s knowledgable commentary and analysis, I do not care for hearing vulgar language. I trusted that Greg would have made it clear that offensive language should be avoided. The bottom line is that Christians are offended by that which offends God and His Word condemns the use of foul language.

  102. The Oostburg Lion

    Force the FED to disclose their factual actual sources for each and sentence or claim they release, back it with undeniable hard data.

    old Abominable Snow Monster {from the movie
    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer} Janet Yetti had them all believing 2+2=5 today.

    What I heard today from the FED and Crackpipe Biden Inc was 100% bullshit.

    Time to indite President Crackpipe and son.

  103. Warren B.

    Hi Greg,
    I have posted a reference to this guy previously.
    I saw you posed the question to BH about how stocks were going up in this climate as well as questioning the USD.
    David Hunter is a contrarian macro strategist -/w 49 years Wall Street experience.
    What he has to say may pique yours (as well as other viewers) interest.
    You can find him here : https://twitter.com/davehcontrarian
    He is on point with regard Inflation, The FED Pivot, Stocks, PM’s and the Global Bust of 2023. Sobering yet stunningly accurate. As his title suggests – his contrarian views are quite refreshing, especially for those who are confused with the mixed messages that are published daily.

  104. Warren B.

    A very succinct article about the dangerous actions of the FED Chairman Powell…and the PIVOT that is now on the agenda (and being sniffed out by the Market) owing to the enormous Debt (in USD of EM’s) risks being exposed – with possible contagion that will likely be worldwide.
    Importantly the short to medium term – these factors are inescapable….a bust is on the horizon…and it will be devastating.

  105. Nika

    Jessie Waters didn’t hold anything back today! He was talking about President Xi and Joe Biden today. Jessie Waters’ s video monologue is on You tube. It’s called “Jesse Watters: Joe Biden just proved he’s compromised” I hope they don’t assasinate Jessie Waters, he is a very good and clever journalist. I like Jessie Waters, when he ridicules Geraldo’s goofy reasons, for his arguments on “The Five”!

  106. Edward Ulysses Cate

    I’ve read all the comments above to 9pm today, and there are 20+ references to God. I do respect what you believe, but I’d like to remind people here that those sociopaths manipulating finances and other people all think they’re doing God’s work, too.
    AD 1493: The Pope asserts rights to colonize, convert, and enslave.
    Goldman Sachs’ Blankfein sayin’ they’re just “doing God’s work.”

    • Greg Hunter

      My commenters are NOT like the godless weasels you reference.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        Greg, I certainly agree with you. My only point was the extent to which our sociopathic enemies, who have no empathy nor conscience, will lie to others.

    • Self Exiled

      “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven. Many will say to Me on that day [when I judge them], ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, and driven out demons in Your name, and done many miracles in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them publicly, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME [you are banished from My presence], YOU WHO ACT WICKEDLY [disregarding My commands].’

      • Self Exiled

        Matthew 7 21-23

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Sociopaths don’t care about God!!!!!

  107. DAV

    Greg: This collection of comments has to be the BEST I have ever seen on ANY website. These people have covered EVERYTHING and I am impressed with what you have brought out of them. I hope you continue in your quest for truth and I thank you for sharing all of these comments. May God continue to bless you and your efforts and I pray that God will have mercy on our suffering that is about to happen. Without divine intervention, WE ARE LOST !

  108. Franklin

    Greg, The right one!
    Best of Dini Petty: Red Skelton

    Like I said, “old” Coop.
    I’m still getting older

  109. Brian Blackburn

    Greg, I wonder what Bill Holter’s commission would be on that 50 million dollar metal order? I bet it was amazing!

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