Why Are World Leaders Visiting Antarctica?-Steve Quayle

Steve QuayleBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

In the last few months, the world’s political and religious leaders have been making trips to the continent at the bottom of the world—Antarctica. Author of “Empire Beneath the Ice” (second edition December 2016).  Steve Quayle says people should take notice.  Quayle explains, “What really is going on down there?  Here is the billion dollar question, and probably the trillion dollar question:  Why are the world’s religious leaders and the world’s most powerful leaders going to Antarctica?  I don’t think the Russian Patriarch Kirill is going down there to meet penguins, with no disrespect meant.  Someone or something has summoned the world’s leaders.”

Quayle also says, “Most people don’t understand, and this is critical, the United States, in 1947, sent a war flotilla to the Antarctic under Admiral Byrd and it was called “Operation Highjump.” It was to seek out and destroy the hidden Nazi bases that intelligence agencies provided them the documentation for.  It wasn’t a small thing.  There were 13 ships and 4,700 men and state of the art U.S. weaponry.  The bad news is we got our rear ends kicked.  Russians were spying on us, and they had a video of our aircraft encountering flying saucers.”

Fast forward to today, and Quayle contends, “Black physics is beyond the PhD level, and we are seeing this with CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research). What is so critical for people to understand is, as more activity takes place at CERN, the occult rituals associated with it are so in your face you can’t dismiss this stuff anymore as being the ranting’s of this fringe or that fringe.  Something is happening, and the Antarctic is critical.  It’s my contention that because of the advanced technology of the Third Reich . . . that they went under the ice, so to speak, and came into contact with beings, sentient  beings that Wernher von Braun and others have made reference to many times before they passed away.  So, all this is a matter of record.  When you put all the records together, it points to this:  There is some entity or group of entities that are thinking and have advanced technology and, basically, give orders to the religious and political leaders of our day.”

The history of the world is not what it is. It is what the powers that be pretend it to be.  For the record, all of the world’s leaders never believed that Hitler died in the bunker.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Steve Quayle author of “Empire Beneath the Ice.”

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

The next project Steve Quayle and his business partner and protégé Timothy Alberino have coming up is the popular “True Legends” series. The next one is called “There Were Giants.”  Quayle’s next book is called “Tears, An Ocean of Emotion.”  It’s about how to deal with grief.  Quayle says, “Soap is to the body as tears are to the soul.”  There is free information and articles on SteveQuayle.com.

If you would like to get a copy of “Empire Beneath the Ice,” click here.

If you would to like get the latest installment in the “True Legends” series, click here.

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Correction:  In the introduction, I said “Empire Beneath the Ice” came out in December 2016.  In fact, the original release of the book was December 2015.  The “second edition” was released in 2016.

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  1. Will

    City of London claimed JFK was murdered because he stumbled upon aliens too. Oh – Just saying!

    • Macray

      A very serious question for you.
      I would like to visit Antarctica. Perhaps in 2017. Do you or other Watchdoggers have a similar interest? Since you speak with Mr. Quayle, would he even consider setting up an Antarctic tour for anyone interested? I can’t think of anyone else that I would love to have as a tour guide.
      Please consider my sincere requrest.

      • Brad

        Will you see anything? The action is at the pole and that is not an easy place for Joe public to get to.

        • Nate

          I will take you…. But, my friend you must fund!

      • Catherine

        I know many mystics in the Church who have said there is definitely NO life on other planets. At this time and in the last century, there have been Marian apparitions occurring all over the world including Fatima. This was seen by over 100,000 people. Lucifer can appear as any person or being. This is his attempt to fool world leaders into believing that there is no God and that we were not created by God. Additionally, Lucifer is attempting to use the elite banking families and others like the Bush, Clinton, Obama families to bring about the New World Order through Satanism. Why is it that people will believe in aliens but not in demons with higher power and intellect? You have a scientific and moral obligation to research both. There are many cases of exorcism like Annaliese Michel and others where supernatural phenonmena have been witnessed by numerous people. Please do not be fooled by this. You were created in the image and likeness of God.

        • William

          You”ll see allot of tin foil hats

        • Kerry

          Saying there is NO life on other planets is a bit extreme. With the discovery of exoplanets, some rocky, near earth size, and in the habitability zone of their host star, saying there is NO life on other planets is to close your mind to the possibility of, at least, exoplanet microbial life. There are thousands of exoplanets discovered so far, and many billions (potentially) not yet discovered. I think, considering the size of the universe, there must be trillions upon trillions of planets and some are most likely earth-like. The odds are in favor of life elsewhere in the universe. The organic molecules and building blocks of life are everywhere in the universe. As to the existence of intelligent life, that is a different question. My take is that the odds are in favor of it, considering the size and age of the universe. Now do they have the technology to travel to earth? Possibly, considering the age of the universe, some early life certainly has had time to reach a high enough technological state to conquer the distances between stars, if it is possible to do so. NASA is currently funding advanced propulsion research (do a Google search on Dr. Sonny White and Eagle Works). You will find we may have propulsion systems in the future (50 yrs.? 100 yrs.?) that could make travel to others stars at least possible. Our own solar system has water moons that could support life (Enceladus, Europa, Titan…). We are near to the ability to discover exoplanet life with advanced telescopes (James Web, and so on) so I think the question of life on other planets is soon to be answered. Perhaps a more urgent question is what is going on at the North Pole. See: http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/01/25/heres-what-russias-military-build-up-in-the-arctic-looks-like-trump-oil-military-high-north-infographic-map/

          • Jarrod

            That’s only if you believe all the lies spewed out by NASA . There are no aliens just angelic beings who are living outside there original place. Besides that the earth is flat and we are in a snow globe.

      • Faith

        M: As far as I know the only way to tour Antartica is on a cruise boat. If you wanted to visit in 2017 you should have made plans last year. It is summer in Antartica.

    • Frank Arnold

      Greg, great interview. Glad to see you step out of your comfort zone and take this risk. Be prepared for an onslaught of negative comments. This is all part of humanity being kicked out of the nightmare we have been spoon fed for so long…a major step forward and I applaud you for your courage. Thanks from NC

    • karl kuhle

      Greg please watch this video and others on his channel. He puts it all together brilliantly.
      Also research cern and the d wave computer.
      The beat system us not far away and the mark will be transhumanism.


      • Greg Hunter

        This is very interesting and thought provoking!! Thank you for adding it here!!

        • Lon Hoss

          Can you ask Mr. Quayle to publish an electronic version on amazon so we can download to our Kindles.

        • Frank

          Look at currant times they were probably planing a bug out city just saying look at infected map only one place it isnt

      • Faith

        KK: spare me. That video was almost 2 hours long!

        I attempted to watch this one: https://youtu.be/nepdH0VLqek

        It was about 22 minutes and I was done by the 4th minute. Do I have ADHD? No. I have to say that anyone that simply reads a script and has highly produced videos on Utube causes me to go in to super skeptic mode! The music in the video I linked was too perfect. Same for the images. There were no explanations for the images just a script set to music. And some of you people beleive this trash? Really?

        I don’t believe anything. Rarely.

    • Frederick

      Great YouTube video about Hillary and Benghazi on John B Wells Caravan to midnight

    • Fred

      Trump should use the CIA for something useful, like disable their planes then leave them their under an alien virus quarantine.

  2. John Galt

    Remember: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

    A collection of references to mysterious events will not suffice.

    • al Hall

      John: Go take a nap!

    • Jallen

      Greg and Watchdogs,
      Did not Jesus leave this earth in what the Bible describes as a cloud (Flying Saucer?).
      As a teenager, I saw three flying saucers that at first were stationary in the sky.
      Then the right most ufo went along the horizion and then suddenly, flew higher and disappeared in seconds. then second ufo did the same as the first. The third ufo then did the same as the second. Along the path of life, I had the priviledge to talk with a very, very high up military man, I told him the story about the ufo s and let him know, my own Mother did not believe me, the milatary man’s comment, ‘ I wasn’t crazy and we are very advanced’.
      Keep in mind, our government does not want the public to know ufo’s exist. (Why?)
      This happend near Johnsville Navel base. I was not the only one to see this, someone did write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper, stating the same experience.
      For what it is worth, much later in life, I and my wife and children saw a ufo at night, up in the sky a huge reddish, orange ball, just hung in the sky, then suddenly flew higer and disappered in seconds. I talked to many people along the way and had an ex navy friend and asked, if he ever saw an ufo, his response, if I say anything, they will come and kill me. He died several years later of cancer.
      I ask you Bibical types, what is the book of Ezikiel describing in chapter 1?

      • Greg Hunter

        Christ does not need any help getting to heaven.

        • Jallen

          Please read Acts chapter 1 verse 9-11.
          Read Exodus Chapter 13 verse 21-22.
          There are many verses in the Bible concerning “The Cloud”.

          • Shannon Gilliland

            Jesus will be returning in the clouds. Do a search on clouds in King James Bible. Search engine may be found at this page:
            Bethel Church
            Festus, Mo
            Pastor Mike Hoggard

            • rrc3439

              . Times are about to start gettimg real messy i believe the fallen ones will show up with a alien type Jesus who will unite the world. And especially the men in tiny hats who claim to be jews but arent, claim to be chosen but arent but are the synagogue of satan will fully embrace this charachter. The true elect and chosen are not fooled by their nonsense. Its like the pope claiming they believe the same things as followers of Jesus do. The phallic building fake church of Jesus religious machine may mirror the beast church but thats just because too many have been seeking approval by man and worshipping creature more than creator hence people like kanye west becoming a christian and people just tske his word. The modern day christian looks just like the world in america for the most part.

      • Adam Newman

        If you want the real facts then you need the original un-editted bible ‘old testament’ but it will be in hebrew…..
        They editted and modified it to understand it better but changed portions of it to suit there goal…..

    • Silverado

      John you are a fine example and just proved what Steve Quayle was saying in this interview. Especially towards the end. Thanks for your assistance…

      • Jallen

        One puts up with much ridicule stating they saw flying saucers.
        Thanks for your support.

        • Kerry

          Considering we have several mission controls, not just NASA’s Space Station Mission Control, that launch advanced black ops instruments, it is reasonable to think our technology is more advanced than what is generally known to the public. My husband, who is a very pragmatic computer programmer, saw an unidentified object under propulsion that he could not identify, so technically he saw a “UFO,” near our home in Clear Lake by Johnson Space Center. It was in the early morning around 6 AM as he was going to work. The weather was clear. It startled him and he did not speak about it for several weeks. I suspect it was an advanced type of aircraft, near silent, huge, dark, triangle-shaped with running lights, and with an ability to hover, silently. I believe him, as he would not lie about it.

  3. Kel


    Peter says that “the angels that sinned” were cast down to hell (Tartarus) and (God) committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment (2.Pet.2:4).

    Jude says that “the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority” … he (God) kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgement of the great day (Jude 6).

    Tartarus, in the Greek tradition, is the deepest abyss of hell. That seems a long way from the surface of the earth, or from dwelling in Antarctica. These chains of gloomy darkness are designed to keep them UNTIL the day of judgement, when these will have to answer for their sins.

    This would seem to preclude them from interfering in human activities…. as per the general superstition held in all cultures, but noticeably missing from the Hebrew OT.

    There is a general misunderstanding about the word “angel.” The word can and is used to describe men in both the Hebrew OT and the Greek NT. For example, the “messenger” in Mal.2:7, Mark.1:2 is the same word describing the work of men. The word describes an activity … i.e. being an ambassador or a messenger, not a state of being.

    • Country Codger

      Hi Kel,
      There are a lot of mistakes going around. Yes, messenger can be a man or an angel. when is read ((REED)) not read((RED)) or lead ((LEED)) not lead((LED)). It depends on context more than anything else in Hebrew. In the entire Scripture there are only about 8500 Hebrew words but they convey numerous meaning. ((Old rule of thumb; each Hebrew letter has 7 meanings and each Hebrew word has 70 meanings.))

      The original group of Watchers descended at Mt. Hermon about 750 years before the flood (roughly). They procreated with human women and their children were called nephilim (fallen ones). When they die their disembodied spirits are called demons. The Watchers were bound for 70 generations under the hills and valleys of the wilderness. Look at Jude 14, Enoch (Hanok) is the 7th from Adam. If you add 70+7 it comes to Jesus (Yeshua). Now the prophecy said they (the Watchers) would be taken to the abyss in 70 generations, that is exactly when Yeshua (Jesus) went down to collect the Watchers under the hills and valleys of the wilderness and put them in the abyss. ((1 Peter 3:18-20)). They will be released at some time in the future to take vengengence on mankind. BUT, this is not the only group to rebel and there will be more that will rebel against the Father and are spoken of in Scriptures but are not taught by the modern Christian theology because they read the scriptures through a Greek mindset rather than Hebrew theology.

      I am working on an article that will explain all of this and much more. It may take a few days because I am trying to finish my 4th book, building a back room onto my house and going back and forth to the VA getting ready for surgery so time is short for me. Go to codgerville.wordpress.com over the next few days and maybe by Thursday or Friday I will have it ready.


      • John Long

        Your knowledge of these demons sounds like what I have thought was true since I was a child. Do you think nibiru is real or a diversion away from nephlim. john

    • RJA

      Yes, well said. This interview is all made up gobbledegook, mysticism, hocus-pocos, occultic deception and empty words. Be not deceived. Place your faith, trust and hope in Jesus Christ alone and He will lift you up on that last day.

      “Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst. But I said to you that you have seen Me, and yet do not believe. All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out. For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day. For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life, and I Myself will raise him up on the last day.’” – John 6:35-40

      • RJA

        Greg, my critique above was not directed at you, only at the content of the interview. Just posting this so you know. Thanks for all you do. You don’t have to post this one obviously. 😉

    • Carol Smith

      Kel, Jesus did cast the Demons into the deepest parts of Hell. The problem is – that when anyone sins, that person invites the demon right back. Hence, when someone becomes a Christian, they now have to begin dealing with this other realm and what they have done to themselves. Paul said that there is a Huge unseen world all around us.

      We know from the book of Revelations that the enemy does not win. If these politicians are following some evil direction, then they will all eventually fail.

      • Kel

        Carol, sin is not related to the activities of demons. That’s pure superstition. Sin is the product of a choice we make, as a consequence of our lusts. Read Paul’s exposition of this, from Romans chapter 3 through to Romans chapter 8. No mention of supernatural entities here. Also, read James’ summation in James 1:12-16.

    • aussie jeff

      My understanding is that they will indeed be released,it is by their being released that judgement will be pronounced upon them,their actions placing them beyond doubt as to their inherent evil.
      One of God’s divine qualities is justice,another is wisdom and we see both these qualities at work towards these angels that have sinned, they were not beyond forgiveness,but would they repent?
      God could have justly destroyed them long ago,yet He did not.Why?
      The God of wisdom and justice is giving them an opportunity to repent. Spending a couple of thousand years in chains and darkness allows alot of thinking time, God uses their judgement as a way of accomplishing His will,whether any repent the bible does not say,however their release is explained to us in Revelation 9:1-6
      The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss. 2When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss. 3And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. 4They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for five months. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes. 6During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.”
      In verse 1 …the star is satan,he no longer having access to heaven is given the key to the abyss.Our Father uses both good and evil in order to accomplish His will.

      The timing of the opening of the Abyss i believe is at some point (early) during the first 3.5 years of the Great time of trouble (Great Tribulation)
      The fallen angels are here depicted as locusts,they have been locked away,and now are given power to harm those who refuse to repent.
      This is highlighted in verse 4 where it mentions that they are only allowed to harm those who do NOT have the seal of God upon them.
      Chapter 9 go’s on to give a detailed description of these evil demons and is well worth a read.
      Now whether these demon hordes are confined to a physical place deep within this earth or somewhere else is not known,to say otherwise is mere speculation.
      Further evidence of these fallen angels being released and subsequently judged during the Great tribulation is by the depiction of satan being bound.
      Both his binding at the beginning of the 1000 year reign of Christ,and also at His release at the end of the millenium speak of him “alone”no other demons are with him.Rev20:1-3 Rev20:7-8
      This is also true when he is being hurled into the lake of fire their is no mention of fallen angels just satan.Rev20:10
      So this leads us to some probable conclusions.Some may have repented and returned to our Father in heaven,while others were destroyed,either way scripture tells us it is only satan that is bound at the beginning of Christ’s reign.
      What we should keep in mind however that as we move closer to the approaching storm that is going to engulf the world,their will be many false flags accompanied by great signs in heaven ….yes don’t believe everything you see or hear folks,their are things planned that will be soo awe inspiring we could easily think they are from God,yet they will be ploys by satan to lead many to follow him.Stay awake,be ready and on the watch for our Lord Jesus!

      • Country Codger

        G’day aussie jeff,
        Of the Watchers, none can repent. After they are let loose for a little while Michael will bind them forever in the abyss (1 Enoch). The other angels that will fall, remember is not just on Earth but also in the heavenlies, that is when 1/3 of the angels follow haSatan. That will be about 33 million. Most of those are Terraphim. These are the ones that are locked away with haSatan in the lake of fire – Tartaroo is what it is called in Greek.


        • aussie jeff

          CC and CH,
          Thankyou both for your replies,on the point of fallen angels having an opportunity of repenting,i stand corrected and appreciate your insight on this matter,perfect spirit creatures who have been in the very presence of Almighty God to then willingly rebel against Him do seem bound for the lake of fire.
          Thankyou brothers.

      • Charles H

        a j,

        No Repentance for the angels. They are a higher order; more powerful; and are close to God. Repentance would necessitate a sacrifice FROM THEIR ORDER – and Jesus Christ was born a man; not an angel. Jesus Christ died for the sin of THIS world; not for beings of another (celestial) realm. Still your comment encourages me.

    • Elaine

      I concur with you. That which is recorded in Genesis 6 has a second witness to what was happening. It is Ezra 9:1-2. The rulers, princes and priests had (vs 2) taken some of the daughters from the peoples of the [pagan] land with their abominations as wives for their sons, so that the holy race had intermingled with the peoples of the lands [corrupting the holy seed].

      II Corinthians 13:1 … Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.

      God set up His judicial system that no man can be convicted of a wrongdoing without the testimonies of two or three witnesses, the righteous law can also be applied to correctly understanding God’s Word. All truth must be confirmed by two or three scriptural witnesses. As Eza 9:1-2 confirms the truth found in Genesis 6:1-2.

      That is also borne out in the fact that God made Abraham put away his son Ishmael born to the Egyptian Haggai. The son of the corrupt line could not inherit with the son of the righteous line. Genesis 21:10-12

      To say that fallen angels procreated with fleshly women would be to ignore Mark 12:25 and Luke 20:35.

      But the greatest truth of all being ignored, is that God never told His children to concentrate on the devil and his activities. Our words, our work, our testimony is to give praise unto GOD and exalt His greatness, power and glory.

      Philippians 4:8;
      1 Timothy 4:6-7 tells us to be nourished on the words of faith and of sound doctrine … and have nothing to do with worldly fables …

      To my knowledge, NOT a single biblical prophet of GOD or apostle ever expounded the workings of Satan or gave mankind a “revelation” of what Satan plans to do. They foretold God’s anger and judgment. Through the prophets, God revealed mankind’s transgressions and gave the call for repentance that judgment might be averted.
      If that has been God’s pattern of revelation throughout the millennia, why would HE change His pattern now? He would not. For God never changes. Malachi 3:6; James 1:17

      One can be tempted to say, if Quayle is right (IF) then people need to know this.
      On the other hand, if Quayle has himself swallowed the strong delusion, then one has just aided in planting the seeds of delusion in the minds and hearts of many.

      • Greg Hunter

        I do NOTY think that “Quayle has himself swallowed the strong delusion. . . ” I would not pout him on if I thought he was misleading people. I am trying to shed light on what is going on in Antarctica and get people thinking and talking.

      • OfGrace

        Enoch is Jewish tradition alluded to in Scripture (Jude). It has never been taught by Jesus or His Apostles as on a level with inspired holy Scripture itself, and the early Church, which anticipated Jesus’ immanent return in glory, never taught this doctrine of the Nephilim, etc. Modern cults and occultists, rather, are the ones interjecting a false narrative on the Christian gospel tradition. Orthodox Christians should avoid this and know their own Scriptures and historic interpretive tradition, rooted in Jesus Himself (see the account of the disciples on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24).

      • John

        Marry and procreate are two entirely different things!

        Take heed of the first few verses of Genesis 6.

  4. Elusive Joseph

    “During the days of Antichrist, the strongest temptation will be the anticipation of salvation coming from the cosmos, from humanoids – that is from extraterrestrials, who are actually demons. One should rarely look up even to search the skies with the naked eye, since the signs might be deceptive and one might be deceived.”
    ~ Elder Gabriel the Confessor

  5. Dan

    Absolutely fascinating and perfect guest in this transitory time whereby Trump is taking the helm of the nation. Mr. Quayle seems like a very well researched individual and I look forward to digging deeper into his work.
    He is adding so many pieces of the puzzle of the Global Elites plans which will better enable us masses to not only know what their upcoming chess moves are, but also how to derail them.
    When he mentioned Nimrod as the builder of the Tower of Babel (which dates back to the Babylonian times of Mesopotamia for those in the know..) I couldn’t help but remember the following – extremely relevant – article:

    – Child Sacrifice Monument Temple Of Baal To Be Erected In Times Square

    If some of you recall, there was a replica of this temple to be built in both New York City and London from April of 2016. Pardon my ignorance or lack of historical knowledge, but it is my understanding that the temple was to be dedicated to the arrival of the “anti-Christ”, or their Lucifer so to speak. Although the project was stopped, it is worthwhile to underscore that this temple of sacrifice was to be funded by the Evil Globalist Elites and Pedophiles from the the two biggest financial centers of the globe in New York & London (read The City of London). With their monumental (pardon the pun) arrogance, we were able to at least stop this sinister phase of their project.
    Now the question is really what is it that they are planning with regards to the South Pole? Will it be some kind of geological catastrophic event? Remnants of Advanced Ancient Civilizations? Some revelation of other-worldly beings? Who knows. Your thoughts on the matter are welcome.

  6. Dan

    Wow, what a wack-a-doodle! He belongs with Austin-Fitts and all of the conspiracy theorists that commented on this site that Obama was going to declare martial law & stay on as POTUS. Good for a chuckle, but that’s about it. Also, I think it hurts the credibility of your wonderful site with usually great guests. Oh well, I guess they can’t all be gems, eh?

    • Zak

      Are you a government paid shill?

    • Johnnie

      I had to stop watching after 10 minutes even though I do enjoy being wrapped up in a tale from time to time. The internet is an incredible tool, but there is far too much information than can be processed by anyone really. I think it is cracking some people up as they try to make sense of everything and try to knit it together into some kind of cohesive whole. Especially as they have never witnessed first hand anything they are reading about and probably never will be able to. You can only exist in one place at a time and can only have first hand experience in your immediate ‘backyard’. Resurgence in Flat Earth Theory would be more funny if it wasn’t disturbing that the bounty of knowledge we enjoy is causing a regression in understanding and critical thinking. Then there are the people who swear the moon landings were faked. Most have forgotten that there was color TV from the moon during the Apollo 17 landing, but no one wanted to watch anymore because after 6 landings, going to the moon was boring. The visits to Antarctica by high ranking officials are likely all about building a case for or against climate change. There are interests on both sides of the issue. Certainly we are influencing the climate, but it may just amount to a fart in the wind when ranked against all the other influences to the earth’s climate. They have started a Cap and Trade program in Ontario Canada this month, but I don’t think it’s all about curbing emissions of carbon dioxide. What it is for certain is a new tax and a desperate attempt to fight the debt we are free falling deeper into. Ontario has stopped using coal for electricity generation for over 3 years now. What’s left is natural gas and gasoline. Perhaps there will be a dominance of electric cars in 10 years, and even more debt. Then they will have to enhance taxes on electricity. What Ontario contributes to climate change is definitely a fart in the wind compared to what China is capable of, but is China only a bigger one? You have to look for evidence, and part of that leaving your backyard and looking for it first hand.

    • MarcS

      With all of oshmama’a arrogance, deceit, killings, and lies not only to true Americans but humanity, his contempt for the Christian way of life and the Constitution of the United States of America, I do not believe it was a stretch of logic to indicate that this creature would do anything to stay in power. This creature lives in the satanic realm and thank God he was removed from the presidency.
      This guest has not caused this site any credibility issues. You may not have a Christian belief, and so your interests are not of the God of Heaven.

    • James Hastings

      Canadian…..are you?

    • Craig Fetter

      I think we have to wait before we declare obama aint comin back. Watch and see.

  7. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Really enjoyed this one Greg, news from another direction that was not solely about politics or economics. Nice one!
    There is no much we don’t know, yet when new discoveries come about it’s always shrouded in secrecy.

    • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

      *so much*

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you my friend!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I took a chance and knew I would get some grief, but there is some big secret that is being hidden in Antarctica. If Quayle is half right he’s done us all a very big service.

      • aussie jeff

        Greg,having this gentleman on was a great move,ignore any flak..
        Like you said if half of what he says be true……..job done!!
        I’m hoping that the content of what your guest discussed may incline some posters who may discount the gospel of Jesus Christ to open their bibles up and see for themselves how it contains the road map to our salvation.

      • Bill

        Greg ,
        I’m in disbelief that you think grief is all you’ ll get . This guy is gone and I mean out there and your new $15.00 an issue web bot guru is nuts or “crazy” too . Thought more of you till this headline grabbing bull poop spewing bunch of fantasy inteviews on your site started to appear . You lost you way buddy . Head back home to real issues and not this story telling fairy tales . Real News about my everyday life and struggles . Inflation , banking , jobs , commuting , roads and bridges , family values . investing in our future . Your just a doom and gloom crazy guy now . Go home Greg . Start back up again and be the Big guy with a straight head on your shoulders that you were years ago . Everyone strays but not all straighten out . Fear Not Big guy .

      • WD


        Cliff High has REPEATEDLY talked about activities in Antarctica…

        He said it has been on radar for long time. He verifies the Antarctica mystery.

      • Kerry

        Also, there is a military build up at in the Arctic, which should be of grave concern to the U.S. It’s only a short distance from there to Alaska.

  8. mike molyneaux

    Steve Quayle gets one of his facts wrong: Antarctica’s Sea Ice is Growing While the Arctic Melts. https://insideclimatenews.org/news/31052016/why-antarctica-sea-ice-level-growing-while-arctic-glaciers-melts-climate-change-global-warming
    But scientists also get their explanations wrong. The increasing ice extent in Antarctica is the result of more moisture being carried in stratospheric jet streams because higher CO2 content in the atmosphere increases the thermal capacity of the atmosphere and transported moisture precipitates at the coldest locations of the earth.

    • Anne Elliott

      Most of the Antartic ice is growing, but the parts around the volcanoes is melting.

  9. Arthur

    Wow, what a story Greg.
    It’s going to take a while for it to sink in.
    I find it very difficult not to be sceptical.
    Sounds inline with what Clif High was talking about.
    Thanks again for a great interview.
    BTW, I got up at 4am on Saturday morning to watch the inauguration of your President Trump on TV. I thought it was great!

    • Greg Hunter

      Me too and thank you.

  10. mike molyneaux

    Why did Hitler and the Nazi’s lose the war if their allies in Antarctica had vastly superior technologies to help them in their conquest of the world?

    • Maria Wren

      Great point

    • Carol Smith

      Germany lost for the same reason Trump won the election – The Nazi’s lost because God intervened.
      The First speech given Friday during the inaugural celebration was Jon Voight. He opened with “aren’t you glad, God Answered all our Prayers”. This man is a Blessing to our country.

      • James Hastings


    • Charles H

      It was ahead of God’s time-table. That ‘One World’ theme will come back ’round again.

      • Horse with no Mane

        So right chuck, Our God the father will give them the rope they want to hang themselves!

  11. mike molyneaux

    The term “Heavenly things” in the ancient Scriptures that Steve quotes, does not mean things concerning space, astronomy and aliens from other planets. The term “Heavenly things” in the ancient Scriptures means things of the FUTURE that only God knows. Many people pretend they have superior knowledge of things that few if any others can understand or visualize. It’s easy to create and sell books with pretensions like this. Yes of course the Scriptures contain superior knowledge of things in cryptic codes that few if any others can understand. These are the “SECRETS of the Kingdom.”

  12. jay

    Greg, google nazca lines in Peru.

    • jay

      Also look at “finger print of the gods” by Graham hancock

      • Silence is Golden

        Silence is Golden 01/03/2017 •

        When someone mentions Antarctica and new technologies ….it piques my interest.
        Some years ago I discovered a book written by Graham Hancock – Fingerprints of the Gods.
        In it, he uncovers many facts about Antarctica….none more startling than the fact that the coastline of the Continent had been mapped before it was covered by the ice cap. That implies that a survey could only have been achieved around 4000BC (some say even earlier at around 13000BC). That combined with the fact that there were no civilizations known in history, that had the capacity,sophistication or need to survey the coastline of the continent at around that time. Antarctica was undiscovered until 1818.
        Irrefutable evidence that the Earth was comprehensively mapped before 4000BC.
        There is no doubt in my mind that an ancient lost civilization lies beneath the 1 mile thick Ice Cap of Antarctica.
        Questions are also raised in the book about whether Antarctica previously enjoyed a more tropical climate …implying pole shift ….continent displacement or shift. It highlights many discoveries of animals of sub-tropical habitat being made in frozen areas of the Artic and Nth America.
        The well developed theories about the evolution of Mankind could be thrown into disarray….particularly if those that hold secrets to the discoveries being made at Antarctica, choose to release such data. History could be about to be re-written.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you SIG!

          • Silence is Golden


            • Greg Hunter

              He’s totally wrong about Christianity. He is confusing it with Catholicism. Christ came to earth specifically to “Tear the Veil.” After Christ you did not need a Rabbi to talk to God the Father.

        • Charles H

          S I G,

          The angelic order are the masters of the supernatural – dominion of the Natural, and what we consider magic or miracle included. The Egyptian magicians could replicate SOME of the miracles Moses and Aaron performed – to a point. They are in possession of “super-science” or super advanced technology. Even the Canadian Hutchinson has through RF experiments produced levitation AND combined dissimilar substances like metal and wood; as well as crumbled metal without heat. Molecular manipulation is certainly possible. Mapping and Nazca Lines, as well as Egyptian building and technology are well within their abilities. In fact they probably tried to convey such technology BEFORE man was educated or civilized enough to retain it in Egypt.

          Egypt is type of slavery and represents the world. That they were reduced from their Pharaoh-onic height to bedouin culture makes a point itself.

          Science rejects the existence of God, and validity of Faith. It is certain that the fallen angels have been working, or warring against Him Who has punished them so far. The combination of Science and the Supernatural intend to ‘gang-up’ against God – to suggest and draw away great multitudes in these End Times.

          Like Egypt – too much history is lost to know what happened. And to try to re-write history along theories: can be made plausible; but never makes it true. I don’t trust either science, or the supernatural. I know men; and I have had my fill of evil.

          • Silence is Golden

            Living in a World that is littered with lies….gives me the strength to question and challenge the bogus reality that is ingrained in us all.
            Ancient history including Egypt does not provide us with sufficient answers to our making nor define our predecessors. There is too much that is uncovered and “facts” speak volumes. Pieces of the bigger puzzle that require inquisitive minds and the piecing together of those facts. It is within each individual to set their own reality …if they choose. Otherwise they remain like the slaves of ancient Egypt.
            What is true in our world is governed by our beliefs and mindset.

            • Charles H

              S I G,

              My Big Point is that we have seen the Liberal Left and the MSM and the previous political structure LIE and Collude to the Nth degree. Satan and his minions have had centuries to prepare, infiltrate, subjugate, and sway in BOTH supernatural and natural realms – with Evolution and now the Alien factor, with super-science. It is all to refute and draw away humanity from God.
              Our beliefs and mindset serves to hook us up to greater things: principle, Natural Law, Absolutes – so that we navigate well as pawns: but there are higher things in control…

              • Silence is Golden


                • Charles H

                  Seriously?!? Gnosticism? The Ark in Ethiopia? ALL misdirection.

                  Revelation 11:19 – the Ark is in Heaven.
                  Gnosticism – knowledge by experience; early Christian mysticism? Forget it.

                  Divine Revelation consist in and of itself – nothing added to or subtracted from it. All else falls to profane knowledge, with a good dose of supernatural superiority mixed in.
                  Do you want diamonds; or Cubic Zirconia?

  13. RJA

    “If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” – Romans 10:9

    “Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 10:32-33

    • Mort Coleman


  14. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Phil Schneider

  15. RJA

    ‘And the Annunaki were on the earth in those days, and after also, and they will deliver them out of chains of cold and outer darkness unto light. And they will draw men unto themselves.” – Book of Genesis

    Now the previous sentence isn’t an actual bible verse. It’s just some completely random garbage that I just made up, which sounds authentic and mystical and all, but it’s not. It’s by this very same technique that the serpent of old, the devil, Satan, deceived Eve in the garden. But if you don’t read, study and know your Bible every day, how would you ever know? Be not deceived!

    • Country Codger

      Hello RJA,
      You are right it is garbage. How many women do you know who would have a conversation with a walking snake? I mean besides exotic dancers? What does the Hebrew word nachash mean? Yes, it is translated as a serpent but it means much more. Search out the meaning of nachash and you might begin to see where you were lied to and don’t blame hasatan. People willingly believe satan’s version of the scriptures because they try to understand it from the worst possible view point. Do you learn Latin in order to understand Chinese? No!!! Study Chinese to read Chinese, study Chinese history to UNDERSTAND Chinese. Reading and understanding are two different concepts. Quit reading the Hebrew scriptures in the Greek mindset.


  16. Mike from the North

    What we as mortals must embrace is that much of what we know is WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD. If you are a fan of history as I am you likely know that much of what WE HAVE BEEN TOLD is far from truthful.

    Bill Holter may be on the right track. Our World is about to be rocked by TRUTH BOMBS.

    Only the strong and opened minded will have the strength to accept the truth bombs that are at our doorstep.

    Thank You Greg for this amazing and possibly extremely timely onterview.

    Seldom do you dissapoint.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Good point! When so much of the present news is manipulated why would history not also have been manipulated?

      • This sceptred Isle

        “History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

        Napoléon Bonaparte

  17. Adam Giessler

    Interesting. Thank you for interviewing Mr. Quayle.

  18. Doug

    2000 years ago man confronted with science beyond his comprehension would have made sense of it by seeing it as a religious experience and that is how presumably the story of the Bible was conceived. The Bible is their take on perhaps aliens calling them Gods or God.
    Once you strip away the religious slant on this interview there is obviously something happening in Antartica which looks as though it will finish our concept of religion as we know it.

  19. Uma

    I need proof.
    Hitler believed in this stuff, but then he and his comrades have gone mad.

  20. larrythelogger

    So, after all this information about fallen angels or Nephilim, and assuming that Paul was correct in Ephesians 6:12 that believers “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high…” (KJV), in your opinion, what is the biblical thing a believer ought to do about it? I believe the answer is found in verses 13 through 18 of Ephesians 6. (I also believe that you and I won’t be here when or if this Antarctica stuff turns out to be true per 1 Thes 2:3). What say you Greg?

    BTW, thanks for busting your a** all the time for free with interesting things you present, some I agree with and some I don’t. You are extremely gracious with your time and effort AND you were spot on about Trump winning, something I didn’t believe and am glad I was so wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry for the kind words of support.

    • Kel

      Paul is speaking about wrestling with those who now control the world or ideas – found in the various philosophies and religious superstitions that control men’s minds. He is not speaking about supernatural beings. This warfare is spiritual, not physical (‘of the world’ 1.Jn.2:15-17).

      Note Paul’s earlier comment in this letter.

      “Of this gospel I was made a minister according to the gift of God’s grace, which was given me by the working of his power. ….. to preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, and to bring to light for everyone what is the plan of the mystery hidden for ages in God who created all things, so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.” (Eph.3:7-10).

      The use of terms such as the ‘rulers and authorities in heavenly places’ introduces us to the language of the Hebrew prophets, which most people are unfamiliar with. These rulers represent both the political and religious powers of the world … similar language to “the principalities and powers … and the rulers of darkness” found in Eph.6.

      Again, Paul uses this style of speech elsewhere (e.g. Eph.2:1-3) of the power that now rules mankind … he elsewhere shows that this power is “SIN”, which he and Christ ‘personify’ as the ruler of this world (Rom.6:12, Jn.8:34).

      • larrythelogger

        I appreciate your time and comments but couldn’t disagree with you more about what we wrestle with and also that Paul WAS referring to rulers and authorities in heavenly places as spiritual and not the world. Check your Greek. There’s two perfectly good words for world. Paul used neither in your chapter three reference of heavenly places. He used EPOURONIOIS, heavenly. Plus, Paul’s letter to Laodicea which was a cyclical that went to non-Jewish towns, were Gentiles. He was an apostle to the Gentiles. He used Hebrew concepts when his letters were addressed mostly to a Jewish audience like Romans and of course Hebrews which I believe he wrote. Gentiles understood world; GE and KOSMOS; and they understood EPOURONIOUS as heavenly or NOT world. Of course the warfare is spiritual and not physical which is the context of chapter 6 AND the full armor of God. I never even hinted that the full armor of God was for physical warfare. Where you got that is beyond me. The three powers in chapter 6 are not some Hebrew concept referring to religious and political powers whatsoever but are real and not of this world powers. Paul spends no more time describing them but instead spends his time detailing what a believer can and is commanded to do to utterly render them non-factors in our lives which is Paul’s point.

        Which Hebrew prophet used the term “rulers and authorities in HEAVENLY places” to represent both the political and religious powers of the world? I’ve studied verse by verse, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles, Esther, Job, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Amos, Habakkuk, Joel, in addition to the sacrifices and offerings per Exodus and Leviticus-Numbers with heavy concentration on Hebrew (and a little Aramaic in Daniel) and have never come across a prophet who used the term rulers and authorities in heavenly places to represent both political and religious powers of the world. Please help me out here.

        • Charles H


          Scripture is progressive and builds on itself. God didn’t blurt-out all His names at once; but revealed that over time. The prophets are early and would not have much to reveal. It’s like saying that the prophets, who spelled-out arithmetic should limit and define the Apostle Paul, who expounds Calculus.
          Apostle Paul was as the major contributor to the New Testament – not only a promising intellectual, graduating from the school of Gamaliel; but he received so much direct revelation from God: he has to have a thorn in the flesh to humble him.
          There are three “heavens”: the first is our atmosphere; the second goes to the furthest star; and the third is the abode of God. The prince of the power of the air (satan) suggests authority as the god of this world – which would include false spiritual, political, and economic.

          I am in awe as to your scholastic and linguistic accomplishments. I ain’t and never had the brains for that; beyond two years of Greek, and a semester of Hebrew. But “line upon line, precept upon precept” is God’s way of using progressive revelation through the course of Time. The Old Testament launches out into the sea of Truth; the New Testament navigates God’s given course in it.

        • Kel


          In Eph.3:7-10 Paul is speaking about the people (rulers) he is preaching the gospel to, and he calls them “the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places”.

          This is the language of the prophets. They also address the powers of this world in the terms of heavenly symbols. This is basic stuff (Isaiah.34:2-5, Dan.8:10). Perhaps a good starting place is Joseph’s dream (Gen.37:9-11). There are lots more.

          • larrythelogger

            Your Eph 3:7-10 I don’t agree with at all. Who is Paul referring to in Eph 1:3? Rulers and people in governments Paul is preaching to? No. How about the heavenly places in 1:20 and 21; “far above all principality and power and might and dominion and every name thaht is named, not only in this age but alsi in that which is to come.” The context of chapter 3 is the church age. Paul JUST detailed the differences between Jew and Gentile in chapter 2 with the use of the personal pronoun; YOU-referring to Gentiles and WE-referring to Jews that salvation, for the first time in history is now open to everyone, both Jew and Gentile, a completely unheard of concept prior to the resurrection and Pentecost after the Lord’s resurrection. That the franchise is now available to everyone and that anyone can be IN HIM, which is the big deal from ch 1 to chapter 3. This has been hidden from the ages per 3:9 and Paul is NOT preaching the gospel TO the principalities and powers whatsoever. The principalities and powers are watching Paul preach the gospel to Gentiles which up until then was a mystery. The manifold wisdom of God (and not the gospel) is made known, not by Paul preaching to rulers on earth, but by the ekklesia TO the principalities and powers in the heavenly places who have been waiting to see this from other ages. What’s being made known? Everything Paul was talking about in chapters 1 and 2. In Christ, salvation is for all and not just the Jew. However, pulling three verse out of context still doesn’t make your point anymore valid to me. You need to begin in Isaiah 32 where the passage and context begins. NONE of ch 34 has yet happened and the context is it WILL happen just before and during the return of Christ and just before the MK. Daniel 8:10, as it does refer to Antichus Epiphanes, it also moves forward to the 70th week per the 2300 evenings and days. Whether it’s 1150 (which I don’t believe it is)or 2300 days, neither could be AE since he only reigned for exactly 3 years, not 6.3 and not 3.2. So again, I think you have heavenly misjudged via lack of context among a few other things. Joseph’s dream and what the eleven stars refer to is known and specific to his eleven brothers and the future of Israel as a nation with the sun and moon. It is no reference to indicate a Hebraism that heavenlies mean world rulers. I’m not that well versed in your basic stuff. I’d love to continue discussion but it should probably be done not on Greg’s bandwidth.
            However, I do appreciate your thoughts, although I disagree. I DO agree that I am responsible for my own sins via my and only my volition. The devil NEVER made me do it regardless of influence of powers and principalities and rulers of the darkness of this age. I sin just fine on my own, thank you very much.
            My whole point from my original comment to Greg is, my responsibility as a believer is to do Romans 12:1-2, produce the fruit of the Spirit per Gal 5:22-23; and make sure the full armor is well used and well worn. If God wanted me to know and be concerned that fallen angels built underground condos somewhere and knowing that would improve/increase fellowship with Him, He’d have written 1 Antarchticans. I have tremendous respect for Chuck Missler, his ministry and his pals like Steve Quayle, but the sometimes interesting rabbit trails can be way too distracting to be useful.

  21. AJ

    If you’re interested in a follow up with a more positive outlook of what is happening in Antartica, adding in the potential for alien disclosure, interview David Wilcock.

    • larrythelogger

      Oops, hit the wrong reply button to AJ. Meant this post to Kel.
      Your Eph 3:7-10 I don’t agree with at all. Who is Paul referring to in Eph 1:3? Rulers and people in governments Paul is preaching to? No. How about the heavenly places in 1:20 and 21; “far above all principality and power and might and dominion and every name thaht is named, not only in this age but alsi in that which is to come.” The context of chapter 3 is the church age. Paul JUST detailed the differences between Jew and Gentile in chapter 2 with the use of the personal pronoun; YOU-referring to Gentiles and WE-referring to Jews that salvation, for the first time in history is now open to everyone, both Jew and Gentile, a completely unheard of concept prior to the resurrection and Pentecost after the Lord’s resurrection. That the franchise is now available to everyone and that anyone can be IN HIM, which is the big deal from ch 1 to chapter 3. This has been hidden from the ages per 3:9 and Paul is NOT preaching the gospel TO the principalities and powers whatsoever. The principalities and powers are watching Paul preach the gospel to Gentiles which up until then was a mystery. The manifold wisdom of God (and not the gospel) is made known, not by Paul preaching to rulers on earth, but by the ekklesia TO the principalities and powers in the heavenly places who have been waiting to see this from other ages. What’s being made known? Everything Paul was talking about in chapters 1 and 2. In Christ, salvation is for all and not just the Jew. However, pulling three verse out of context still doesn’t make your point anymore valid to me. You need to begin in Isaiah 32 where the passage and context begins. NONE of ch 34 has yet happened and the context is it WILL happen just before and during the return of Christ and just before the MK. Daniel 8:10, as it does refer to Antichus Epiphanes, it also moves forward to the 70th week per the 2300 evenings and days. Whether it’s 1150 (which I don’t believe it is)or 2300 days, neither could be AE since he only reigned for exactly 3 years, not 6.3 and not 3.2. So again, I think you have heavenly misjudged via lack of context among a few other things. Joseph’s dream and what the eleven stars refer to is known and specific to his eleven brothers and the future of Israel as a nation with the sun and moon. It is no reference to indicate a Hebraism that heavenlies mean world rulers. I’m not that well versed in your basic stuff. I’d love to continue discussion but it should probably be done not on Greg’s bandwidth.
      However, I do appreciate your thoughts, although I disagree. I DO agree that I am responsible for my own sins via my and only my volition. The devil NEVER made me do it regardless of influence of powers and principalities and rulers of the darkness of this age. I sin just fine on my own, thank you very much.
      My whole point from my original comment to Greg is, my responsibility as a believer is to do Romans 12:1-2, produce the fruit of the Spirit per Gal 5:22-23; and make sure the full armor is well used and well worn. If God wanted me to know and be concerned that fallen angels built underground condos somewhere and knowing that would improve/increase fellowship with Him, He’d have written 1 Antarchticans. I have tremendous respect for Chuck Missler, his ministry and his pals like Steve Quayle, but the sometimes interesting rabbit trails can be way too distracting to be useful.

  22. Jerry

    While I do not put much stock in aliens in spaceships, I do support the idea that the Luciferian’s have been in control of our global governments almost from the beginning.
    If you would like more information on the subject, I highly recommend this book.

    I have always held the belief that eternal beings that have the ability to create planets, don’t need spaceships. But hey that’s just me. I will tell this though. I do know people in some of the biggest financial institutions on Wall Street that claim that Lucifer runs his empire through the banking system. I was very skeptical of that claim until I did research on “The City of London Corporation”. Talk about having my eyes opened?
    The central banks are herding us to digital currency for one reason and one reason only. It’s Lucifer’s final move toward global domination and rule. There is a reason why London, and Washington D.C. and now Beijing are separate governments unto themselves. They are part and parcel central hubs to Lucifer’s global government.

    • Jerry

      More on “The City of London Corporation” for those that are interested.
      Once you understand that it was the City of London Corporation that bankrolled the Peoples Bank of China, you’ll understand my fascination with the IMF and the role the Yuan will play in the coming reset.

      • Silence is Golden

        The City of London
        The Vatican City
        Washington DC
        The three headed snake.

    • Westcoaster

      Please no! Pretty soon you’ll have poor Greg talking about the “Galactic Federation of Light-Ashtar Command”. Such horse-hockey.
      That being said, something is up in Antarctica and we probably know 2% of the truth.

      • Jerry

        I think these pictures are pretty conclusive that something is going on at Antarctica. But what that is, has yet to be determined. I have heard old German bases. Global research facilities. Who knows?

        In my mind, I think its probably an underground bunker for the globalist to hide in following a nuclear strike. It makes perfect sense because Antarctica is not prone to jet streams that would distribute nuclear fallout like other geographic areas. Just a theory.

        Foot note: Lucifer doesn’t need to hide in Antarctica. He owns the rest of the planet. For now.

  23. Donna G

    another great interview Greg! I have been following Steve Quayles work for a long time. He truly is a man chosen by God to do Gods work.
    I know what he talked about must be very difficult for some to understand and not think Steve is off his rocker, but it is very important for people to do their own research and learn the truth of the world.
    Bottom line, what we are living in is a spiritual war.

  24. This sceptred Isle

    When Steve made reference to space propulsion and all points in space and time becoming one it reminded me of the phenomenon of quantum entanglement.

    “In quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances. The phenomenon so riled Albert Einstein he called it “spooky action at a distance.”” http://www.livescince.com

    How do you explain how one particle can INSTANTANEOUSLY affect another particle over a great distance? There is no time for any communication or message to be sent between the particles.
    In my opinion this suggests that seemingly separate particles are part of the same system connected together in another dimension. In that dimension all points of space and time are connected (the zero-point field or space/time singularity) and any change in the state of one particle (in the lower dimensions) is a reflection of a change in the whole system. Particles that are seemingly unconnected are actually part of the same structure or pattern that are connected together in a different dimension where space and time don’t exist.

    Space or inter-dimensional travel could hypothetically work by accessing the zero-point field through some “stargate” or portal and then re-materialising at some other point in space/time.

      • Maria Wren

        Is this what cern is all about ?

        • This sceptred isle

          Could be…

    • Charles H

      Tesla affected this , on the edge by like tuned frequency. Likely this phenomena begins at the molecular level and permutates through all physical levels as resonate quality in orders of harmonics. (“Q” may even suggest a Singularity at the lowest atomic construction) Teleportation and transmutation are then suggested by direct transference of distance between particles, and manipulation or re-arrangement of atomic order. WE have NO IDEA of the POWER out in the Supernatural realm; which has domain in the Natural. Dimension and Time confine us in their realm: but not the angels, who exist outside of it. They likely can ‘navigate’ these, to a point. They just know where, and draw themselves to – without all the set-up.
      Man, though is NOT supposed to trespass into these realms: it’s been declared off-limits. I think we are near the end: because God is NOT going to let us acquire that power.

  25. This sceptred Isle

    Anyone who is interested in antediluvian history should read the books of Graham Hancock.

  26. Bill Howland

    I guess I don’t understand the appeal of this guest. At least with an economics forecaster, you can go back and see what he said was true or not. But guys like this can say anything, and can never be proven wrong… Rather like great-brain-astrophysicists. Must have been a slow news week.

  27. Rich

    I love Steve Quayle! One funny thing, though…He looks likevcomedian Foster Brooks!!!!

  28. Neil

    Thanks Greg. You really changed things up with this one! Could the coming alien armada be associated with Planet X, or Nibiru? Or is this something not related do you think? 2017 really is a new cycle I feel.

  29. Tony Gaetani

    Great show!!!! Thanks

  30. Troy

    Greg, Thanks for having Steve Quayle on… ALWAYS ENLIGHTENING!

  31. francis m reps

    What religious leaders ?. Intelligent Roman Catholics have a hard time accepting the Argentine Bergoglio as the legitimate Pope. The Patriarh of the Russian Orthodox Church { a truly Christian Church } represents only about 300 million souls. Any Imams that might have gone are, “pseudo religious ” in the eyes of the informed. Politicians are always looking for new ways to make themselves important by pointing out dangers that they alone can address. Byrd had a few tales to tell about the hole in the globe at the NORTH POLE with a vibrant civilization as well. Mr Quayle ; who has a good website that has a lot of information…also has an agenda to excite and startle his readers with all sorts of fantastic claims. AFTER SOME SERIOUS PEOPLE START EXPLAINING THE INCESSANT AIRCRAFT SPRAYING STREAKS IN THE SKIES…AND OUR BIZZAIRE WEATHER PATTERNS Ii’d be inclined to take the Antarctica reports seriously. The fact that a guy like Mr ” Heinz ” Kerry ambled down to the South Pole is just sme more distraction.

  32. Rob

    Thank you Greg for having Steve Quayle on as he helped clear up my understanding of some of his beliefs.

    I totally agree that massive deception is going to manifest out of Antarctica about “aliens” being the gods that seeded earth with man. But this idea that “fallen angels” slept with the daughters of men is also a complete lie as Jesus proved here:

    Luke 24:39 See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye behold me having.

    We have more proof here:

    The idea that men could not have built the pyramids is not giving God much credit when it was He through His Spirit that empowered Samson to do things mere men could not:

    Judges 16:3 And Samson lay till midnight, and arose at midnight, and laid hold of the doors of the gate of the city, and the two posts, and plucked them up, bar and all, and put them upon his shoulders, and carried them up to the top of the mountain that is before Hebron.

    We have lots of free online books that prove the power of God to overcome the many deceptions coming our way in the days ahead:


    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • Charles H


      How can you use the words of Christ to disprove the Old Testament? One part is true and the other false?!?? It is either ALL true: or you cannot know what is true and what is false, except by unqualified declaration.

      • Rob

        Hi Charles!

        Your assuming the OT declares fallen angels are “sons of God” but that link I provided proves this is not true.

        All angels whether fallen or obedient began and continue as spirits:

        Hebrews 1:5 For unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, This day have I begotten thee? and again, I will be to him a Father, And he shall be to me a Son?

        Hebrews 1:13-14 But of which of the angels hath he said at any time, Sit thou on my right hand, Till I make thine enemies the footstool of thy feet? (14) Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to do service for the sake of them that shall inherit salvation?

        Only men and women which are “also flesh” and bone with the marrow that produces our blood cells with the DNA required to produce offspring:

        Genesis 6:3 And Jehovah said, My Spirit shall not strive with man for ever, for that he also is flesh: yet shall his days be a hundred and twenty years.

        Leviticus 17:11 For the life of the flesh is in the blood; and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh atonement by reason of the life.

        Jesus was making it very clear that no spirit has the flesh, bones, and thus blood that are required to produce offspring:

        Luke 24:39 See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye behold me having.

        These teachers that promote fallen angels are the sons of God obviously do not understand who the corner-stone is:

        Job 38:6-7 Whereupon were the foundations thereof fastened? Or who laid the corner-stone thereof, (7) When the morning stars sang together, And all the sons of God shouted for joy?

        Father was declaring the end from the beginning like He does in most of His scripture:

        Isaiah 46:9-10 Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me; (10) declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done; saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure;

        The corner-stone Job was referring to was still yet to come when Zachariah was prophesying:

        Zechariah 10:4 From him shall come forth the corner-stone, from him the nail, from him the battle bow, from him every ruler together.

        It was not until the Word become flesh who is Jesus that the cornerstone was finally laid:

        John 1:14 And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us (and we beheld his glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father), full of grace and truth.

        1 Peter 2:6-8 Because it is contained in scripture, Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: And he that believeth on him shall not be put to shame. (7) For you therefore that believe is the preciousness: but for such as disbelieve, The stone which the builders rejected, The same was made the head of the corner; (8) and, A stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence; for they stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.

        If you desire to further discuss this please email me at rlm4765 at yahoo dot com

        Love in CHRIST! Rob

        • Charles H


          Thanks for the invite; but time just commenting is even too much.
          The first four verses of Genesis 6 deal with TWO different peoples: men and their daughters; and the sons of God. The progressions goes like this: the sons of God took the daughters of men to wife; God limits man’s life-span to 120 years; giants and mighty men of renown were produced by the sons of God and daughters of men. Then what follows in the next three verses is – God sees the continuous evil wickedness in the earth; repents He made man; and purposes to destroy man, beast creeping thing and fowls – the Flood.
          I see the narrative as close and related. After the Flood – we don’t have giants, except by flukes like Goliath. And the previous listing of generations didn’t produce giants, when men took to wife the daughters of (other) men. And I don’t hold to commentaries about some spiritual line of Seth as compared with Cain. NO designation is made by Scripture itself to indicate a special title. All I see is the advent of something which God reacts to initially negative, then shuts it down completely.
          We know that angels in Heaven are not married or given in marriage – but we do NOT know what the range of possibilities are for those who left their first estate. Honestly – we don’t know. But I somehow doubt that men taking wives gave the world giants. Neither do we know if God set new boundaries in the supernatural and natural world – so whatever happened isn’t happening any more. I take the”sons of God” and “men” as two different entities, based the the structure of wording and flow of the narrative.
          AS to the Hebrews mention – this seems to be figurative language: “ministering spirits”. The two angels that went into Sodom, to deal with Lot – were certainly NOT dis-embodied entities. They were seen as special men; they ate; and they put forth their hand to pull Lot in and shut the door.
          And, interestingly – the Luke 24:39 verse mentions “flesh” and “bones”, NOT blood. The blood of Jesus Christ is in Heaven, on the alter. Our Resurrection bodies will be “like as Christ” – so that blood won’t even be a part of our eternal bodies.

          Most of all – in Job 38:4-7 – you have the LORD declaring of the measure and fastenings for the foundations of the earth: that the morning stars sang and the sons of God shouted for joy. This seems WAY earlier than the Sixth Day when beast, cattle and creeping things – as well as man was made in God’s image. This alone places the sons of God as celestial entities along with the morning stars.
          Again, I don’t give much credence to commentaries – just to reading and comparing theWord itself.

          • Rob

            Hi Charles!

            Email would be so much easier because more scripture could be used and direct since Greg does not have a notification when another replies to our comments :o)

            To read the first two verses of Genesis 6:

            Genesis 6:1-2 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, (2) That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

            And then read the next three verses and not realize that God is declaring the sons of God as the wicked men that His Spirit shall not always strive with is really a twist of scripture:

            Genesis 6:3-5 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. (4) There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. (5) And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

            If the sons of God were the perpetrators of such gross sin as sleeping with the daughters of men why is God so furious with the men that He continually mentions to Noah about in chapter 6 but not once about those evil sons of God???

            If God wiped out the giants in the flood and chained those fallen angels that created them then why were they already back and found in the promise land 900 later when Moses sent the spies in?:

            Numbers 13:33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

            And continued for over 300 years later when David slew the giant Goliath:

            1 Samuel 17:4 And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.

            And other men of Israel slew them as well:

            2 Samuel 21:20 And there was yet a battle in Gath, where was a man of great stature, that had on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number; and he also was born to the giant.

            You do not give much credit to God to be able to control all of His creation including the evil spirits especially when they all stand before His throne waiting to do His bidding:

            1 Kings 22:19-23 And he said, Hear thou therefore the word of the LORD: I saw the LORD sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing by him on his right hand and on his left. (20) And the LORD said, Who shall persuade Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramothgilead? And one said on this manner, and another said on that manner. (21) And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the LORD, and said, I will persuade him. (22) And the LORD said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also: go forth, and do so. (23) Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the LORD hath spoken evil concerning thee.

            There is absolutely NO range of possibilities for those who left their first estate because God completely controls everything according to His divine counsel of His will:

            Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

            Ephesians 1:11 In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will:

            Just because the angels and God ate with Abraham before God sent the two angels to destroy Sodom does not mean those angels had the capacity to procreate. The next thing you will believe is because God and angels eat they must have to use a toilet once they digest the food :o(

            And to say that just because Jesus mentions flesh and bones but not blood in Luke 24:39 means he was standing there with none of his blood moving through his flesh and bones because His blood is all up in heaven is absolutely ridiculous!

            Pay very close attention to the structure of these sentences:

            Job 38:6-7 Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? Or who laid the corner stone thereof; (7) when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

            Notice the question mark after the word “fastened”. That means that sentence ended but there is a semi colon after the word “thereof” implying that “all the sons of God shouted for joy” after the corner stone who is Jesus was laid only 2000 years ago. I am sure Enoch and Elijah were part of that choir :o)

            Please email me so Greg can move on to comments on his next interview which will be posted tomorrow morning :o)

            Love in CHRIST! Rob

            • Charles H

              The Chapter 6 narrative of Genesis is both broken and condensed – man is not getting a play-by-play commentary like a football game. Neither should we be trying to back-fill Scripture with what follows. Scripture is progressive. You can’t justify latter New Testament Grace by previous Old Testament Law. We have had Robert Wadlows and Andre the Giants: which are characteristics of malformations. Giants in the land of Caanan most likely were some interbred families – but always an exception. Also the giants of the son’s of God were “mighty men” and “of renown”. Numbers 13 points to a select individual and conveys man’s description: there is no special designation of those giants being of the same class – mighty men and renown. You jump to conclusions.

              Just because a spirit volunteers to be a liar, in fulfilling God’s purpose, that doesn’t make it automatically evil. More jumping to conclusions. To do God’s will can never be evil. And If the spirit had been evil: it would be designated by Scripture as “evil”; which it isn’t.

              Ant WHY is it ridiculous to suggest Jesus Christ’s body is without blood? You jump to a fore-gone conclusion that His celestial body has to be the same as His terrestrial body? His blood is on the alter: that’s all we know. And He said “flesh and bone”; not ‘flesh and blood’. Why can’t a celestial body have it’s life not in blood?

              Job 38 conjoins verse 6 and 7 by a semicolon – stating it is related and serves to modify or augment the previous clause or statement. This speaks to the idea of a CELESTIAL arrangement, like the organization of the solar system. Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone in the sense of SPIRITUAL salvation. You use the word “cornerstone” as synonymous: when the immediate context indicates they are DIFFERENT. The question mark is the interrogative narrative God uses, speaking out of the whirlwind to Job. And no semi-colon indicates a 2000 year jump in time. I question whether this is “rightly dividing” Scripture.

              Finally – I comment here only to ‘set the record straight’; not convert anyone with divergent opinions like yourself. Those who read my comments and replies may make sense of them, as I relate them to Scripture, and agree – or not. Twenty years of trying to get the truth across professionally – puts me in a place of living what I preach: as every Christian ought. I’ve encountered every flavor and admixture of error with Scripture out there. So if and when I see something here which I believe to be wrong or misleading: I clarify and try to state it right.
              We won’t be making disciples of each other: so I suggest we must agree to disagree.

              • Rob

                1500 years of history are covered by the time we are reading Genesis chapter 6 so I do not expect a play by play. But that does not mean there is not enough evidence in chapter 6 to figure out that God was destroying men who were declared to be “sons of God” but chose to please their flesh.

                After reading the totality of your last reply I can see there is no use trying to move beyond milk:

                Isaiah 28:9-10 Whom will he teach knowledge? and whom will he make to understand the message? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts? (10) For it is precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, there a little.

                • Charles H


                  I appreciate the the subtle barb of “no use trying to move beyond milk”. Like I said – I have encountered countless variations of those who figure themselves as something special.
                  Once, while eating lunch and reading a KJV Bible: a man approached me and asked about the Bible. We talked, and he gave evidence of being a Christian. He came around to ask if he could spend a couple days at my apartment, as he was out-of-work and living in his car. I let him stay.
                  Over the course of six months following, where by encouragement – he got a job teaching math at a High School, as a friend became Department Head: he made considerably more than me; but he only gave pittance toward telephone and utility bills (no rent). Of course, he was an expert in Bible and constantly tried to teach me his system of interpretation. I finally came to understand he was a :hyper-dispensationalist. There was a Dispensation, and explanation, for EVERYTHING. We disagreed on it all too.
                  It took me the last two months to get him out of the apartment – though he was teaching and getting a good salary. I made deadlines for apartment hunting, and gave some slack: but finally had to name a day when he had to be gone. Oh yeah, he was making progress, but things didn’t ‘work out’. Blah, blah, blah…
                  The day came and I put my foot down, helping to ‘move’ his stuff out to the driveway; and with a vindictive burst – the truth came out. He hadn’t been apartment hunting. God had directed and was leading him to be my Bible teacher. And by refusing him I was fighting against God. Therefore he ‘shook the dust off his feet against me’ in anger and hurled curse words at me.
                  I can’t automatically place you in a category like as this past man was to me – those who read these comments must judge and draw conclusions for themselves. I can only say that there are parallels here that are unavoidably similar. One is the posturing as being more knowledgable, mature, and advanced in spiritual understanding – by inferring that I, myself am limited to only the milk of the word, and thus that I am a babe in Christ. That is not only incorrect; but it was a useless barb. The other is the spirit of your reply. I gave the avenue of ‘agreeing to disagree’: but instead of just saying something like “cool, and so long” – I get this can’t move past the milk, babe thing; which is like kicking the dust off the feet. To me – it is the same tone as this guy I helped considerably; but got treated badly by.
                  I thought about your replies, and your strict use of word-meaning across the whole Biblical landscape – which seems to ignore immediate contexts by which the word derives it’s major meaning from. I consider this a mistake: and I am not trying to be mean about it. Part of the Progressive nature of God’s Word is being “Self-Defining. The (KJV) Bible introduces a term, then defines it with an initial context; but later, often,
                  modifies it with another context – which is the “line upon line; precept upon precept. You seem to just have one meaning for ALL; and it is here I find disagreement with you.

                  So – if I am wrong: I’m wrong for people to consider. But If I’m right – I feel my contribution is a big help; and it is still just out there to consider. There is a difference between just concatenating Scripture into lists and categories, based on word studies; and making sense of what is being said, where it is being said. And I try to do this without condescension. Let the readers judge between us.

                  • Rob

                    Father is not interested in us teaching error:

                    James 3:1 Be not many of you teachers, my brethren, knowing that we shall receive heavier judgment.

                    Many will be blotted out of the book of life for teaching error:

                    Revelation 22:18-19 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: (19) And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

                  • Charles H

                    This, ROB (Rev 22:18,19) speaks to adulterating God’s Word by PUBLISHING changes in a bible form. It does NOT mean commenting; or preaching a widely held tradition as if it were a doctrine. If this were so – one could not even blog about the Bible.
                    ALSO – it can ONLY apply to the Lost. God will not add plagues to someone in Heaven. Neither will God reverse His saving Grace or blood sacrifice because a born-again Believer subsequently does evil by diminishing from God’s Word. An accounting; loss of reward, or position; crowns or rank – sure: but NOT salvation. We know from 1Pet. 1:3,4 – that those who are ‘begotten again’ have an inheritance ‘reserved in heaven’. Verse 19 could mean that the blood of Christ POSSIBLY reserves salvation and a place in heaven for every soul: but those who have produced or subscribed from, lets say, a Mormon or JW bible FORFEIT these hallmarks of salvation.
                    Salvation must be either:once saved, eternally (always) saved; or else salvation is conditional and can be lost in this life. I do NOT subscribe to conditional salvation which can be lost. This is a common error among the Charismatics; who do the speaking in tongues, miracles and gifts thing.(A ‘fresh word from God’ of extra-biblical prophesy’?)

                    I have Dutch Reformed family, who I believe are saved. I know those who have taught and graduated from Baptist colleges, and preachers kids that give NO evidence of being saved. Only God sees the heart; and He is the One that saves. One is either saved, or not. After salvation – what one does can either increase or diminish eternal reward: but not lose salvation. Verse 18 – the plagues could be added to the Lake of Fire where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched. Verse 19 – the part of the Book of Life and the Holy City being taken away can only apply to those who never got saved; like a cancelled account that was never accessed – because they went to the Second Death. The warning is real, and the only way both sides of this warning can properly apply -are those who never make it to salvation; as gaining a curse, and losing a blessing.

                    I assure you I am a born-again Christian; and nothing is taking me out of my heavenly Father’s hand – not even me. So I must relegate your comment, which suggests me as someone in danger of God’s warning, or messing with God’s Word itself – as inadmissible. “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.”
                    As to whether my comments on the Bible are correct and rightly dividing the word of truth, or not: I stand before God alone; maintaining a clear conscience before God and man; earnestly contending for the faith, once delivered to the saints.

  33. Da Yooper


    Good job Greg Lots of chewing gum for the mind on a Sunday morning.

  34. Gadfly


    Once plausible reason why world dignitaries rendezvoused in Antarctica this past summer may have been for privacy and seclusion to formulate their respective sovereign futures. Not so much empire under the ice, but perhaps a secure hideaway from say, pending Nuclear War, or perhaps a planned one eventually. WW III, hibernate, come-out afterwards, and restore order: New World Order ( One World Government ), sans. U.S., of course.

    Everyone used to wonder why former President, George W. Bush liked to vacation in Crawford, TX during the (hot) summer. He had peace and quiet from the press. Obviously, a small hick town with a laundromat, Circle K gas station, and one or two flea bag motels was not inviting for the press who were more used to the Four Seasons Hotel, with breakfast in bed. Who wants to go to Texas and sweat in the hot sun while swatting horseflies constantly?

  35. john east

    Greg, I can see you being slammed by many of your regular readers for posting this interview as it is so left field, but I’d like to congratulate you on going where your free thinking/open mind takes you. The topic may or may not be goofy, but it’s certainly fascinating, and well worth considering.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John. If Quayle is half right it’s information people need to consider. There is much more going on in Antarctica than we are being told and that is for sure.

  36. David

    Seriously Greg? Demonic? Yes. Aliens? No. Hitler was known to have demonic encounters that promised him power. There are Biblical examples of this (Jesus’s 40 day fast/temptation in the desert, among others). Were their giants? Yes. The Bible is very clear about this, too. The writings of 1st century Jewish historian Josephus mentions the existence of fossil evidence of giants “the bones of whom are with us to this day”. Let’s not deny the very real presence of evil spiritual “beings” while professing belief in God – who clearly tells us they exist – and seek only to “steal, kill, and destroy”. (John 10:10)

    • Country Codger

      Hello David,
      I think you missed Steve’s point. They are fallen angels who will present themslves as being aliens or rather the progenitor’s of humans on Earth. Remember, the spirits of the nephilim are demons. The nephilim ((from the Hebrew word nephal which means fallen or to fall; nehilim (plural) means the fallen ones)) were the bastard children of a race created outside of YHVH’s Creation and the Watchers tried to corrupt the bloodline of the Messiah ((remember Noah was perfect in his generations or bloodline (Gen. 6:9)) so all the bastardized bloodlines had to be destroyed so as not to contaminate the bloodline of the Messiah.

      David, you worship a god but which god? What is your god’s name and what is his son’s name? ((Prov. 30:4)) The answer is the entrance of the rabbit hole.

      Quit thinking like a Greek!!!


      • Charles H



        Was ANYTHING created outside of YHVH’s creation? The fallen angels were not God’s creation? Man was not God’s creation? The union may have been illegitimate, but effective to generate giants and powerful men. Did Sin slip-up on God and taint the creation without His knowing or control? No way. And is not the bloodline of Jesus Christ traced back by Scripture itself to Ruth, a Moabitess; who bore Obed, who bore Jesse, who bore David? Obed would have been the equivalent of a Samaritan, a half-breed.

        The “pure bloodline” is a Jewish thought; but not based on spiritual reality. Man is not justified by blood: but by faith. Those who went to Abraham’s Bosom (a compartment in Hell) did so by dying in their faith; not because of a bloodline. To go back to Hebrew, as if were some kind of special key to knowledge – is as bad as you suggest :”Quit thinking like a Greek!!!” Don’t you believe that English is enough for those who speak English?

        And I disagree strongly – that the name of God and the name of His Son: is very clear and no rabbit hole.

        • Country Codger

          HI Charles,
          You are right, God’s names is very clear, it occurs over 6,000 times in scripture but no one uses it, why? Likewise His Son’s names is also clear. What is it and what does it mean? English is a non-expressive language that is great for mathematics, science and engineering. Guys love their car, their new job, new set of golf clubs, oh, and also their wives. Numerous other languages convey emotions differently, in ways that cannot even be explained in English. Take the Spanish expresion: No tengo mas que doi a ti. What does it mean? I have nothing else to give you. So what, right? What is implied, and hopefully you don’t misuse the phrase because it is meant for the one you love; You already have my heart, what is left for me to give you. Very expressive and most of all half of it is implied rather than said. Greek has 3 words for love, filao, eros and agape. Filao, which is the root from which we get Philadelphia, means brotherly love. Eros means, yes, erotic love and agape is the love that a man has for a woman. Remember, Hebrew is an Asian language not western and has even more depth than Greek or English.


          • Charles H

            Agape – unconditional love; the kind God shows toward those His children. We’re on the same page. I can still not accept the idea that one language is better than another. If true, then somebody is getting shorted. We are multi-lingual, and recognize dynamics and subtleties; but I think it unwise to sub-estimate God’s power and perfection. “The works of his hands are verity and judgment; all his commandments are sure” Ps 111:7. I side with the idea that every language is right for itself. God blesses and inhabits His Word. Nothing else has that.

        • Horse with no Mane

          Jesus Christ traced back by Scripture itself to Ruth, a Moabitess
          As Trump said, there can not be any prejudice in a true patriot or a true Christian, Jesus the Christ, was not fully Hebrew. . . ..

          Inspired by the scriptural tale. Moabitess priestess Ruth is drawn both to a Judean man and to his talk of a forgiving God.
          The Story of Ruth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kW5WyJ1QNpM

  37. Matt

    Thank you for bringing Mr. Quayle on the program. I too live in Bozeman and have followed him for years. Here is the bottom line:

    The Intervention will say anything. They will promise anything. They will do anything. The earth is a gem amongst the barren planets of a billion, billion, billion galaxies. The Intervention will stop at nothing to take control of planet earth and its’ resources for the use of their Collectives. Humanity will be destroyed in the process if we cannot understand the insidious nature of these entities and prepare to face life from beyond our borders.. Human isolation in the universe is over. We will never have it back. We must now prepare as a race to deal with and counter these advanced races who see humanity as a chaotic race that must be controlled and ultimately eliminated. Humanity knows nothing about how the universe operates beyond our borders. It is a competitive realm beyond anything we have ever seen or can imagine. The growing extraterrestrial presence on the planet are not fallen angels. That is dangerous thinking that The Intervention will use to influence human behavior for their own purposes. They are resource explorers who seek to gain dominance of planet earth for the purpose of resource procurement. They have no divine link although they will claim that they do. They are carbon based, just like us. They have basic needs, just like us. They have mental capabilities beyond what humans can detect or understand.
    This can be seen by everyone on this planet. It can be known by everyone on this planet.

    • Charles H


      Oh, they ARE demons – in carbon-based forms; they are just better at gene-splicing at a molecular level. Grays and Reptilians can be seen and known: but their origins cannot be proved. The prince of the power of the air and one-third the angels in heaven were condemned, cast, and confined to the earth – who’s creation is of a higher order and power than man. Extra-terrestrials are a ruse and endorsement to Science and Evolution. Instead of the “missing link” – we are suggested the “next step”; which leads away from God and infers discredit to the Bible.
      Moses against the Egyptian magicians – they could to a point imitate the miracles performed by Aaron, like a live snake from a rod. The Sons of God went into the daughters of men and produced giants and men of power ( but I think God put an end to that). In the End Times – supernatural signs and wonders will abound – it’s just that “aliens” are classified by “Science” NOT as something supernatural: when they are.

      The only life in the universe beyond us here on planet Earth – are the angels. And whatever else pops-up – was here all along; just not sufficiently developed or ready to be revealed until technology and brain-entraining media could be in place.

  38. Kim

    Thank you for the cutting edge information. There are a lot of concepts to digest. An open mind for a greater awareness is key to understanding what we all have to deal with now. Steve confirmed my suspicions of Hollywood/media. Please have him on again!!

  39. bob

    awesome interview Greg, …..it’s a battle between flesh and spirit. Steve hit it on the nail , the fallen angels are working for Satan….NWO because Satan hates you because you were made in Gods image…period.Fear not Greg….Good Guess..Thank You!, Bob

  40. bob

    False Alien invasion first…then a real fallen angel invasion….for the last Dictator to come on the seen to join the world has to Unite Under ONE.

  41. Annie

    Thanks for brining this topic to the forefront! May I suggest a series of books by Marshall Vian Summers called ‘The Allies of Humanity’ These aliens are absolutely not here for the betterment of humanity. As a matter of fact – it is the exact opposite. I encourage anyone interested in the alien presence to read these books.

    Thanks for all your work, Greg!

  42. Deanna Johnston Clark

    So what? The drama is in the human soul…

  43. andyb

    Greg: Obviously, there is something “there” there. What I find it hard to believe is that the alien agenda appears to be the same as the earth bound Rothschilds who have tentacles (control) over all global finances, and are considered by the cognizant as the most evil force on the planet. And why Kerry and Biden and an obscure Russian cleric and an ex-astronaut if there was a “summoning”. The most logical explanation is that a group of ex-Nazi scientists had established a base in Antarctica and managed to produce sophisticated weapons which included functional flying saucers. It should be noted that historians have often pondered what happened to over 800 top (and well respected and published) German scientists who strangely disappeared during the war, never to be heard from again. But how to account for the advanced technology that is even depicted on ancient, millennium old murals and tablets? BTW, I find it curious that no one among the 4700 participants in Byrd’s expeditions have ever commented on the battle that took place in 1947 with many casualties and the total loss of a destroyer. Were they are killed or brainwashed?

  44. Tad


    Stroll down to comments to find the Russian version of Operation Highjump.

  45. Diane

    Interesting interview Greg.
    I never knew that much about this until recently…I have to alter my thinking.
    Thanks for disclosing this.

  46. Mario

    Hey Greg
    Thank you for your efforts on revealing the truth.
    I’ve been following this stuff for 5-6 years. I’ve been saved for 12 years or so. Praise God.
    Interesting times we live in.
    I’ve been wondering for some time what the interest in Antarctica is about. Also Nibiru is of concern. Still not 100% sure it’s real. What is your take on this? I think the two are linked.
    Best regards


  47. Bob

    Great interview Greg! Thanks for having Steve on.
    I agree with what he presents with the exception of preadamic sivilazations, that is rooted in gap theory.
    The reason for the flood was judgment of the evil system of man and fallen angels, that resulted in the super socially of technology and genetic altering.
    When Steve references the solar system and how it has been bombarded with meteorites over billions of years, he is failing to understand that the flood was a catastrophic event both in space and on earth. Its quite possible that even the planet x pass by could have caused it under the complete contol of God. But the bible is clear that angels, fallen or otherwise, are created beings and creation began with God creating heaven and earth. In the beginning God and nothing else, then he began to speak the created order. Ezekiel 28 states that there was a day ,when the anointed cherub was created, there were no days before day 1 .
    Steve and others that I respect, have a lot of great warnings and studies that we can draw from , but we need to be real careful not to trust mans science to help Gods word.

  48. Gadfly



  49. John Galt

    What really happened in Operation Highjump (regarding supposed strangeness in the Antarctic expedition, post-WWII), peer-reviewed:



    Many good points of fact and the interjection was well explained as possibilities. I don’t toss anything out, as it may be true. Yes, for some it maybe hard to swallow but still a possibility. More and more information on Admiral Byrd and the Antarctic expedition after WW2 shows of a US battleship destroyed. Whatever your takeaway was on Steven Quayle, don’t dismiss anything as crazy because I do see all over the US and Europe flowing towards Satanism, Luciferian, and witchcraft occults. Remember the June 3 2016 Gotthard Tunnel ceremony, my God in heaven. Steve, mentioned Washington DC and Hollywood as the pits of evil and I agree. Just before the election WikiLeaks came out with Pedo Pizza Gate and spirit cooking naming John Podesta and others. These people are sick child pedophilia NAMBLA lovers and into Satanism. William Cooper nailed Washington DC and our leaders 30 years plus ago. Everything is upside down what was evil is now good and what was good is now bad. Get right with Christ, as your only savior. All one needs is to call on his name and confess with your heart and mouth. Greg, when will you have Dane Winington on again?

  51. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Steve, great interview. I know you and Greg had time contraints but I wish you could have given more scripture. The time went too quickly.

    Greg, thanks for having Steve on. I know you deal with Melody Cedarstrom, great lady who has been in the metals business for years, but I buy my metals from Renaissance Metals and you get your metals so quickly it is unbelievable.

    Keep up the great work, both of you.

  52. mushroom

    MORE diversion Gobbledegook +4………………….

    Stay focused

    • Greg Hunter

      This is very good. Thank you for posting it here!!

  53. Doug

    One of the headlines Greg displays from The Independent refers to a secret Nazi base in the Arctic which is not Antarctica.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Doug,
      That was a mistake and thank you for catching that, but the Germans also did extensive exploration in Antarctica. A very large German expedition happened in 1938.

  54. Drake

    These entities and their degenerate offsring HIDE because they know the angels of God will show up and incinerate them. Histories of bright angels appearing and annihilating tribes of giants had better be remembered well by these evil scum. They will be REMOVED sooner than they know.

    • Country Codger

      Hello Drake,
      No Drake, not exactly. The degenerate offspring of the Watchers were called in Gen. 6:4 nephilim which literally means the fallen ones. They were told when they died that their spirits would roam the Earth. These are the demons in scriptures. The Watchers were angels who “left their first estate (or) did not keep their own principality” were locked away beneath the hills and valleys of the wilderness for 70 generations. But the Watchers were not the only fallen angels. There have been others and will be more, and it is found in scripture if you know where to look. But what did our Father use to get rid of the giants? Not angels but…hornets. Exo. 23:28.


  55. The Seer

    Just because another specie(s) was here first and has advanced tech does not mean they are advanced spiritually or operate from universal soul principles. If the NWO believes the earlier specie(s) are it – and reality – then that is their basis for their dark/black behavior worshiping Lucifer and dark sciences. Again, another false belief system. All roads lead to the divine light – grow into the holy light and be protected by it.

  56. Peter

    Have you read what Carol Rosin said about Von Braun… ref: An order of planned events, that would climax in a false flag alien invasion?

  57. Doug Diamond

    Thank you Greg for having Steve Quayle on your show. To the average person who knows less than nothing about any of this, Steve sounds crazy (he admits that). I’ve been investigating this stuff for some time now and can confirm that everything Steve says is dead on right. You should consider having Timothy Alberino on your show as well as he’s an incredible researcher and almost as knowledgeable as Steve is with this type of information. I’m actually going on the Cusco, Peru Expedition and Conference they are doing through their True Legends website: http://www.truelegendstheseries.com/true-legends-vip-expedition-conference-cusco-peru/

    Thanks again!

  58. Bradley

    Fantastic Guest Greg. I have always found Steve so interesting and as a Christian, glad he is out there sharing his life’s work. Yes please have him on again.

  59. Kenneth Schortgen Jr

    Hey Greg…

    Great show as always. In answer to a question you had in the podcast, if you want to know more about what occurred before the flood, go out and search for online copies of The Book of Jasher, and the Book of Enoch. Both are referenced in the bible itself, and represents an expansion of what took place in the first five books of the O.T..

    For example, at Babel in the book of Jasher, God was sitting with the Host of Heaven (70 ‘sons of God’ – See book of Job), and unlike the bible, Jasher says that the Almighty said Let US change their language, features, geography… and then He goes on to give dominion over the 70 nation of people forged there to these 70 Sons of God.

    And you can read Psalm 82 where it says God judges amongst the gods… and refers to their rule of man. It’s a psalm about the Almighty giving dominion over man to these 70 princes (prince of Persia, prince of Grecia, etc…) and chastises them for their bad rule, and then goes on to tell them they will be judged as men at the final judgement for their failures.

    • Charles H

      Extra-Biblical sources? Really? These were long ago and consistently rejected as false by many examinations. God would not allow His revelation to be polluted: so it does not appear. These two contradictions should be enough for anyone.

  60. Skip

    Seriously? I’m disappointed Greg. I’m a long time viewer and make it a point to watch every one of your interviews and commentaries. I consider your work important to my understanding of what is going on in the world and how to be prepared for what’s coming. Most of your guests are great. Some are a little on the edge, but this interview is a blow to your claim of professional journalism. You really needed to spend a lot more time fact checking this stuff. Could there be evidence of past civilizations under the ice of Antarctica? Probably. You’re a Christian and believe the literal interpretation of the Bible. Before Noah’s flood, the earth was one continent with a universal temperate climate. The Antarctic land mass was part of that. Whatever remnants of antediluvian civilization survived the cataclysm of the flood are now under the ice. Are there demonic forces at work in this world? Most certainly yes. Do they live under the ice of Antarctica? No. They live in our cities and towns around the world working to deceive men and women from the truth of God. They are spiritual forces, not physical. Giants? Yes, there were some really big guys. Nothing more can be said with authority because there is no credible evidence – only speculation. Were the Nazis up to something in Antarctica? Probably. They did a lot of weird stuff. Hitler was insane and his top people were evil. They had an over-inflated opinion of themselves and were likely demon possessed. Aliens? No. Maps of prehistorical Antarctica? Maybe. The problem is that even well authenticated global maps older than about three or four hundred years are inherently grossly distorted and inaccurate due to incomplete understanding of global navigation, inability to accurately keep track of time during long voyages (absolutely essential for accurate east-west positioning due to earth rotation and celestial observations) and the lack of comprehensive exploration of all coastlines to be able to put it all together comprehensively. You simply can’t draw firm conclusions from the Piri Reis map regarding Antarctica.
    This interview was some truth mixed with a whole lot of balderdash.

    • al Hall

      Skip- Do you have any idea why there was a flood?? You’d better find out fast because Steve is trying to tell you! He didn’t go quite far enough. But, for weak minds- let me just say- You’ll know why this summer and the end will be in November 2017. By summer you will see two suns in the sky- our sun and it’s twin sun of the Nibiru planet system. It will pass between the sun and earth. ALL things of the surface of earth will be toast- oceans will rise approx. 600 ft.
      It’s coming again soon! 11/2017!! I say this via a black Ops scientist friend that has told me this is a coming event- coming this year, and it is what caused the flood of noah!
      Our government has known this since 1983 or earlier. They will not tell you the people.

      Preparing for pole-shift 2017- Retired Military Man John Moore =

      and check out the expert on nibiru- http://planetxnews.com/tag/marshall-masters/

    • Country Codger

      Hello Skip,
      If you believe that the world was one solid mass before the flood (reasonable assumption0 please read Gen. 10:25. That means that shortly after the period of Babel/Nimrod that the world was divided. Doesn’t that match with your assumption? After the languages were divided so was the land?

      The demons do not live under the ice. Demonic people, maybe, but not demons. Demons are walking the world today looking for some to occupy (No, not occupy wall street, it needs no help) Luke 11;25-26. Demons are the souls of the children of human women and angels. Devils are fallen angels, big difference.

      Aliens. This is the most misunderstood idea. The fallen angels are not aliens and not demons but rather devils. The fallen angels will present themselves as aliens in order to dupe 99.9% of the XBOX generation. ((Sorry guys and girls I do not own a TV so I do not know all the “hip” lingo of your generation.))

      As far as ancient navigation, define ancient. You say 3 or 4 hundred years ago. That is old or ancient in America but it is not considered ancient in other parts of the world. Case in point; when I lived on the island of Crete in the 70’s my neighbor was renting an apartment upstairs while his family’s villa was remodelled. His family had not only owned the villa but also owned the same vineyard and made wine in the same vinery for over 2,500 years. That is old. Why do I mention this? Try the Anthykira device. WHat about the astrolabe? How about Erosthenes or Ptolemy and the diameter and therefor the circumference of the Earth? All hundreds of years before the Messiah was born.
      Ancient history is not limited to the 15th century or the 12th century AD. What about the megalithic stones of Baalbek, Quito, Cuzco and others? I have had to deal with 550 metric ton blocks of steel and it is a (pardon the pun) Herculean task. Most of these stones, and subsequent architecture, defy ALL modern technology to create/build.

      Have a nice day.

  61. Mr Mister

    I don’t have a Lear Jet, so I can’t prove or disprove advance technology in Antarctica.

  62. al Hall

    Greg- haven’t even listen to this yet, but excited you have this man on- great job! Next have Dave Hodges on? Much more happening in this world than just the financial stuff.

    If have been told by W that they are finding people in Antarctica 10 to 14 feet tall. Not surprising to me as we the people have been feed lies for 100’s of years- and much of the lies come from the church- specially the catholic church!!!

    I’ll listen now to the interview.

  63. pat the rat

    Web bot has been talking about that too!

  64. David John Williams

    Wow Greg! A worthy departure from the usual subject matter and I’m glad you’re shining a light on it. By the way Steve mentioned dark ceremonial/rituals in relation to CERN… perhaps you saw the disturbing Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVms0oKezg0. It’s so blatant it is truly alarming.

    • al Hall

      David I did- this was scary- and yet the elite’s do this all the time! Satanist all!!

  65. John Bower

    Will Cooper was NSA ( died at the hands of authorities) and he downloaded files and published some of his research related to many topics. One of the topics he goes into great detail on has to do with technology transfer and interfacing of top leaders world wide from four major countries to get ready and TO ENABLE JUST THIS!! He spoke of NASA II , a viaduct set up to fund operations related to this. There was a league set up to keep secret and advance the objectives of this league. Technology transfer was only available and practical to execute within this league until after WE achieved industrial age. THOSE POSING AS advanced civilization ( visitors from outer space) are DEFINED in the BIBLE as fallen angels , demonic spirits. They have perfectly timed this and the building of these machines to BRING STRONG DELUSION (1) and at the same time establishing a FACADE for explaining away the disappearance of millions , possibly billions of souls from off the face of the EARTH when CHRIST RETURNS!!!. Mr Quayle is spot on!!

    William Cooper : Behold the Pale Horse

  66. David

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for having Steve on. I have been listening to and reading his books and interviews since around 1993 . I am sure that this information may cause many, including Evangelical Christians to have their heads explode from the shock to their world view. This history is deliberately obscured from the general public and widely known by those in the highest positions of power around the globe. I know it is hard to admit that you have been lied to your entire life, even by your trusted pastors. However, when the curtain is pulled back ( sooner than most can imagine ) ,the real world system will be exposed for ALL to see. At that time, you had better have a mental and spiritual grasp on this , as your eternal destiny depends upon it. Take this information, filter it through the written word of God, and ask Him to show you the truth. Your life ( now and into eternity) literally depends upon it.
    Thanks Greg and Steve

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for commenting and supporting USAW!!

  67. James Brown

    I always compliment your great work. I am very skeptical about aliens.
    It’s ironical for me to say that given I believe in an alien being-Jesus.
    I bet Steve’s book is very interesting but I don’t buy that stuff.
    Aliens in Antarctica? Fallen Angels?
    Fortress of Solitude?
    I don’t mean to sound like a jerk (it comes to me naturally) but I hope
    there’s only one alien.
    If this is true then truth is stranger than fiction.

    • Country Codger

      Hello Mr. Brown,
      Sorry, but there are over 100 million “aliens” by your description, and as many as 1/3 that number are working for haSatan/devil. ((Not all of them are working for him at this very minute, the bulk of the number will fall later.))

      Yeshua/Jesus was not an alien but a man, very aptly described in Luke 3:38. Why can’t people see that the fallen angels, who deceive, appear or will appear as aliens? What is so hard about this? Deceivers deceive. Fortress of solitude? Quit reading Superman and try the scriptures.

      Who is haSatan if not one of your “aliens”? What about the other 209 that fell with him?


  68. Gina M Mancarella

    Sounds bizarre ? It is bizarre. Why not report real news. Why not interview Senator Schumer who can educate you on the real threats to our nation ? You are starting to show the cracks of being discredited.

    • Greg Hunter

      “You are starting to show the cracks of being discredited.” This from the paid troll that said, on this site, things like “Bow down to Hillary,” and “Hillary will be your next President.”

    • Brad

      I’m interested. What are the real threats to your nation?

    • Country Codger

      Hi Gina,
      Chuckie Schumer is a real threat to this nation. Chuckie is anti-gun, anti free speech (unless of course it involves liberal free speech rather than conservative style free speech. He is a perennial speed bump in our Republic. We are not a democracy as liberals like to shout but rather a constitutional republic. Come on, you say the pledge of allegiance; I pledge alligence to the flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


    • Frederick

      Schumer really Gina The same Chuckie Schumer who threatened the President? That Schumer? Why would we want to hear from that creep ?

  69. Gina M Mancarella

    And got more news for You. Cash is going to be removed. It is not necessary and superfluous at this point.

    • andyb

      Gina: the “cashless society” is a favorite meme of the elites and it is definitely on their agenda for the march to totalitarian control. So your espousal of this means that your are nothing more than a psycho fascist.

    • Brad

      That sounds like good info Gina. Greg should definitely have you on as a guest so you can tell us some more cool stuff! 🙂

    • Frederick

      That’s what Aaron Russo predicted that we would all be ” chipped” And you are a proponent of that plan Right Gina? You truly must be a paid govt shill

    • Paul ...

      Well well … I see you are back Gina giving us your pearls of wisdom on how a cashless society is good for us … like Hillary was good for women by promoting putting them under Shia Law and although I wouldn’t mind putting Madonna and Miley in burkas (I don’t go around suggesting such things be done to “all” US women) … you buy into the “fake news” that a cashless society will stop criminals from operating? … don’t be naive … would you buy into taking the food away from all Americans so as to stop criminals from operating? … start to grow up and get real … the true reason the banksters (who already have 90% of the cash outstanding in their hands) want the other 10% removed … is to make it illegal for you (and us) to get our money out of their failing banks !!!

      • Paul ...

        Hey Gina … at least under Hillary’s Shia Law … Madonna would have had a choice of the color of her burka … now with her threats against Trump she will have no choice … her burka will be orange in color!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQVe3b2djFY

    • Hatemail

      Gina, off your meds again? I’m going to call your Daddy.

    • Justn Observer





    • Frederick

      You know the old saying “If you’re taking a lot of flak you must be over the target”

  70. Henri Thibodeau

    Thank you Greg for making your listeners aware of these apparently important developments ignored by the MSM. Keep up the good fight.

  71. R B

    Dear Greg, I believe something is soon to change our world to usher in the last days. Jesus said in Math. 24:24 speaking of the last days, false Christ’s and false prophets would arise showing great signs and wonders insomuch that if it were posible ,they shall deceive the very elect. Thank God He will keep us from being deceived. Sincerely RB.

    • R B

      Also Greg, I really enjoyed this interview with Steve Quayle thank you RB

  72. stonewall

    Greg, I’m also blown away but your guest on one level makes perfect sense.
    Now his theory of past and future events is definitely open for debate but it
    seems some secrets unexplained in the world are now on the verge of being
    explained or revealed. Something is going on in the antartic and the little
    people want to know.

  73. James Sullivan

    Mr Hunter, you are a brave open minded man. Certainly, there are many mysteries, and i did research into phenomenon such as the pictographs of the Altiplano , the water erosion on the Sphinx etc….but when one talks of many people involved in a cover-up ….i have to retort : “three people can keep a secret, as long as two of them are dead”.
    Your guest is well read, but i struggle with his thesis.
    Keep up the good work, Greg ….fear not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James!

  74. Charles Turner

    As individuals we are each a mere spec of dust in creation. What may seem a conspiracy theory today may well be fact tomorrow. Would our recent ancestors a mere 100 years ago believe that we would send rockets to space that had to travel at 7.9 kilometers a second to reach space, that we could have Facebook live transmitting across continents or produce spare parts using 3D printing. The fact is that if there is other life on earth it would only have to be a few decades in advance of us to to make us very vulnerable.

  75. Rock

    Greg, thank you for having Steve on. I need to listen to it again because there was so much to it. It is helpful to get the 30,000 foot perspective which takes in the comprehensive big picture of things going on. Lots of things happening according to God’s grand plan. Keep up the great work my brother.

  76. Matt In Pa

    This guy is some what over the top . No credibility.

  77. Paul ...

    Quayle is right … all the world’s leaders are not going down to Antarctica “”to meet the penguins” … when Trump goes down … perhaps he will tweet “us common people” and finally lets us know exactly what is going on!!

    • Paul ...

      If Trump does not go to Antarctica … to “kiss the ring” of the Alien Cabal (that is likely ordering world politicians to institute a One World Government) … what are the aliens going to do about it??? … under Trump we still have our guns … and they do die!!!

      • Paul ...

        Notice how Trump keeps referring to “God” in all his speeches … so I don’t think he is going to visit the “Empire Beneath the Ice” … instead he will bring our troops home to defend America … the “evil Cabal” has by subterfuge (and likely mind control techniques over our elected leaders) taken our country to the brink of disaster … without firing a singe laser beam from their UFO’s … Trump will re-build our nation and its military and he will fight for God and Country … rather then simply submit and bow in servitude to the alien Devils!!

        • Paul ...

          If it is true that a massive joint humanoid-reptiloid underground city lies below the mountains of Neu Schwabenland in Antarctica and that they are summoning world leaders in panic (complaining that their New World Order is coming apart) … good, lets take it apart because it is an evil threat to our world (as Buzz Aldrin says) … other sources say that this joint human-alien reptilian grey colony on Earth has been spreading terror throughout this entire sector of the galaxy … conquering and committing untold atrocities “against the peaceful inhabitants of other worlds” … on Earth … a “Treaty of Collaboration with the Greys” was established by the Illuminati societies as early as 1933 (the reward being the attainment of advanced technology) … this collaboration was transferred and installed on American shores via the CIA … which was established with the help of American neocons as well as European Nazi’s who were brought to America through Project Paperclip and other operations … the big question Trump and we Americans now have to face is … What good is high technology … if by obtaining it “we lose our immortal souls” and become just as evil as the Satanist reptilians themselves”???

  78. Sam

    Talking of control by electromagnetic on a more mundane Big Brother type of issue check out why we are being forced to have smart meters
    However we already know wireless radiation affects our brain waves

  79. Keith wilson

    During operation Barbarossa,the German invasion of the soviet union in June 1941.There was conspiracy talk of German fighter aircraft accidentally shooting down a UFO over the battlefield.Could this just be conspiracy talk,or did the Germans also come in contact with alien beings,who helped them with there v1,and v2 systems.The great German rocket scientists,got the USA into space and onto the moon in 1969.They did not have to stand trial for war crimes for killing thousands of civilians with there buzz bombs.It is bizarre that war crimes where forgotten,and these men where allowed to start a new life ?Did they also have knowledge of alien colonies around the south pole?Who knows.

  80. Greg Hunter

    Mr. Miller,
    “angels as fallen angels do not exist.” Declarative statement (lie) made by an atheist. This is just more atheist nonsense with plenty of delusional atheists like Mr. Miller pushing this BS.
    How do you like it?

    • al Hall

      Mr. Miller/greg: see this info and short video from Dr. Carol Rosin
      who worked with Dr. Wernher von Braun, the head of the Nazi rocket program, and who was the head of our rocket program. Expect this UFO fake happening at anytime by the elite’s! And see this by John lear- John Lear and Richard Hoagland Disclose Our Secret Space Fleet = https://www.myprivatesearch.com/search?q=C2C%3A+John+Lear+and+Richard+Hoagland+Discloe+Our+Secret+Space+Fleet

    • Frederick

      Atheists are no better or worse than religious fanatics Neither group have any real evidence one way or the other and until there is some I’ll happily stall agnostic

      • Greg Hunter

        Totally disagree Frederick. I have the Bible and I believe it.

      • Charles H

        The true God of Creation is not coming down in a Big Show, casting lightenings and booming. He consistently has hidden Himself to sinful man; like as in a cloud – as this would probably be mortal or deathly for direct exposure. When He DID manifest Himself: hardly anybody realized or recognized Him in an humble, human, yet sinless form. Since the Vicarious Atonement, Resurrection, and physical ascension – the Third Person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit has been the instigator, conservator, and agent of the “new birth” – the spiritual adoption termed salvation. That very Person indwells the Believer and gives evidences of the spiritual transaction. If you never experience this: it is the greatest loss in the world – but that doesn’t mean the reality doesn’t exist.
        God set-up THE TERMS of salvation: and no one can change them. There is a necessary inclination of the Will to draw near to God and then to deal with Him – on His terms. It is simple enough for a child to realize it; but seems to become more difficult for adults, but not impossible. It is Pride: which won’t let us admit we are wrong; and is part of the terms He requires. Something like – ‘I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance’.
        There is nothing ‘fanatical’ about Christianity – except being on the wrong side of the world, being subject to endless criticisms, and staying the course like the Master. But reward is not going to be found in this world or life: God indwelling assures us of this.

  81. Faith

    Excellent inteview! I remember listening to interviews with Zachariah Sitchen many years ago. I also read a number of his books. Mr. Quayle mentioned the ancient Piri Reis map of Antarctica that was extant in the 1500s. That map is amazing.

    Something is happening in Antartica. What? I don’t know. That is a part of the world where few people travel, even today.

    The Nazi’s were divided up after the end of WWII. Some of the top scientists were brought to the US, some went to Russia, and some went to South America. Many were allowed to teach at American universities and I trace the fascination of the US with communist ideology and philosophy directly to their influence inside American universities. I find it shocking that many young people are still attracted to communism as a way to create equality, or fairness, or wealth distribution. Certainly history shows this has never been the case in any communist country. People in communist countries are exploited, live in poverty, and communist regimes have killed 200 million people.

    I read many of Clarke’s books and am going to re-read “Childhood’s End.” There was a saying, on of Clarke’s three laws, the third of which states that: 3: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Indeed.

    • Craig

      Faith, I am sorry but Clarkes only 3rd law is from his Robot series of books. It states that “3A robot will not allow itself to be harmed, unless it is overidden by the first two laws”. (2Robot will not harm a human or by inaction allow a human to come to harm.) (1 A robot will obey any order given by a human, unless doing so conflicts with the second law.)

      I may have the order wrong, but it has been a long time.
      The “Any sufficently advanced technology… etc…) quote was just one of the many wise things he preduced in his life.

  82. Mark

    I think there are interstellar civilizations in the universe, and that they have visited here in the past, and may even be here now. This should not upset or threaten believers in God. If anything, the existence of other people in the universe magnifies God, not reduces Him. We should not assume that others who are capable of interstellar travel are our enemies however. If they were, they could have taken over Earth long ago…it wouldn’t even be a contest. Also, fallen angels or good angels do not require flying saucers to arrive on Earth and take over our civilization. It is possible that human beings on Earth thousands of years ago saw aliens come from the sky and, not having education, or ever having seen a flying saucer, could only assume these were “fallen angels”. Also, there is the very human tendency to view anyone different than us as “evil”. Remember President Eisenhower told us to “beware the military industrial complex”, who have an interest in maintaining power over the people….I would extend this saying to beware the “military industrial media banking” complex.. Keep an open mind, use your own judgment, and do not assume extraterrestrials are evil until you have had the opportunity to at least meet them. Enjoyed the story! Try inviting Steven Greer to get a different view.

  83. Andy

    It’s enough that they may be hiding evidence of a long ago civilization. “We” have crafted a human narrative that doesn’t include such realities. Any surfacing of evidence that destroys the paradigm we live by will challenge the power structure, especially religion, hence the need to get the popes down there so they can do damage control later when the secret is revealed. Here’s to Trump giving us all a reality shaking tweet!

  84. Félix

    Hey Greg,

    Thanks for trying to keep ours minds opened but I have trouble digesting everything that was said during the interview.

    Is it possible that various world leaders want to travel to Antarctica just because it is very remote from everything and that few people have ever been there? I know that I would love to go there if I had the chance but access is very limited.

  85. Greg B.

    The title of this interview is newsworthy but it quickly digressed from factual items to sensational claims. I sense that you smell a scoop in the clandestine visits to Antarctica issue but linking that to Nazis and how they won WWII is mixing fact with fiction. In other words… Attributes of classic disinformation.

    Is this authors book Empire Beneath the Ice a work of fiction or presented as factual? If fiction how does one reconcile that with WatchDogUSA being a quality news organization?

    Most of the authors material is based upon other works of fiction except the Navy’s Antarctic expedition of 1947, still no actual evidence of Nazi involvement in that incident. The force deployed against the U.S. Navy was far beyond our current (1947) understanding, not even our best engineers could propose a reasonable hypothesis of the type of energy involved. Was it Nazis? Almost certainly not. Was it aliens? No evidence has ever been revealed. Was it an unknown natural force? That too is unsubstantiated but a possibility.

    There very well may be ancient archaeological finds in Antarctica that are being kept secret. These finds (if they exist) would certainly be extremely significant and important. The possibility that Antarctic finds relate to ancient aliens exist but I am not aware of any actual news (or facts) expressing such a view. It is much more likely that such finds relate to an era of human activity that predates the last ice age. Controversial enough without introducing Nazis.

    I fail to see how recent news items regarding Antarctica are related to WWII era Nazi activities (and works of fiction depicting Nazi flying saucers with guns mounted on them). The very good quality technical drawings of Nazi flying saucers with guns mounted on them have been confirmed as a relatively recent hoax or disinformation.
    In other words, nice job hyping this fiction author’s latest work and obfuscating the real story which remains a secret.

    There very well be a major scoop in the wind here but I think it is a mistake to link it with Nazis due to the ridicule factor which stinks of disinformation.

  86. Gadfly


    My understanding is the Nephilim were (physically) destroyed in the great Genesis Flood. The archeological (physical) evidence supports this theory. So, the question here is what goes on that we can not see? ( Probably quite a bit, I am afraid).

    Still, it seems too far-fetched to accept a modern day Nephilim or BAAL ( Nimrod) is residing in his cave somewhere deep in the Antarctic Ice and has supernaturally “summoned” all the world’s dignitaries for a meeting. Very Twilight Zone Stuff.


  87. Agent P

    Excellent interview here Greg – and hat tip for being ‘open-minded’ enough to have someone like Mr. Quayle on your progra. I have listened to this man on & off for the better part of 20+ years, going back to when Art Bell had his show. In fact, Quayle was a ‘regular’ there.

    Where Steve (unfortunately still) does himself a disservice, is that he tends to ‘run-on’ with too many ‘and by the way’ sidebars to ever give his initial ~main point~ the time it deserves to be fleshed out properly. This ‘habit’ in turn, leads to credibility issues in the mind of the listener because it sounds as if he is just casually glossing over important points in a ‘matter-of-factly’ sort of way.

    In any event, there is much truth to what he speaks. I was once told many years ago by a wise woman that the supernatural realm is more ‘real’ than what you can reach out and touch here on Terra-Firma. I believed it then as a young man – albeit highly skeptical, and I believe it today now more than ever. The way in which the world is taking shape should tell anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, what is going on has ramifications far beyond this earthly existence.


  88. richard clark

    Hi Greg,
    The Antediluvian world, they were the decedents of Adam and Eve. Adam was created perfect in every way. He was able to use 100% of his brain. After the fall and expulsion from Eden they still had the full capacity of their brains. After many generations the capacity of their brains was still amazing. It would be very safe to suggest that their world and all that was in it would be way beyond our wildest dreams. We are only using say 7% and look what we are able to do, not much in comparison but still not bad. Carl Baugh, of the Creation Evidence Museum in Texas has wonderful insight. They uncovered a female footprint of a size 13 I believe.
    That world would be wonderful to see, looking forward to the Earth renewed


    • Gadfly


      The Giant Woman must have been the first true AMAZON. Amazing ! I find it more than coincidental that the secular scientific community and the media suppress the fossil records. Fake Science or Fake News ? “The World” hates The Truth and hates The Light, as well. Always the same too.

  89. Dan S.

    You must watch this about Antartica. It explains alot.


  90. Ron

    Speculation is fine and very entertaining, but I fear it may make more credible interviewees wary of coming on USAWatchDog.com

  91. glen charles

    they are in the process of setting up a future colony,
    as warming increases the pole will be the only long term inhabitable place on earth,
    everything else will melt or turn to complete water-less desert,
    this was covered in part on a star trek episode also,

  92. Fred Banjo Pattie

    Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator John McCain about Barack Obama’s decision to commute Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence for leaking classified information. John Malcolm, Director of the Heritage Foundation’s Meese Center for Legal & Judicial Studies, also joins Hewitt to discuss the state of the federal courts and how Trump will transform them. Arkansas Senator Tom cotton on the Hewitt Show discusses how Trump will need to rebuild the military after 8 years of Obama. While Democrats like to blame the GOP for being the racist party, Larry Elder notes that Democrats are really the ones with racial issues. Michael Medved looks at Representative John Lewis’s assertion that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president. Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College speaks with Mike Gallagher about Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick for Education Secretary. Michael Medved reviews President Obama’s farewell address. Dennis Prager blasts BuzzFeed’s decision to publish a dossier on Trump that everyone knew was false.


  93. Remibeni

    Kudos For taking this on Greg.

  94. Jerry

    For those of you a little late to the party let me share with you a bit of information that went virtually unreported back in September when everybody was in a tizzy about the election. The global shift away from the dollar is not just occurring with currency, its happening with petroleum to.

    When the IMF baskets are reset in April, and more countries are added to the Yuan basket do you think the Saudi’s will continue to use the dollar exclusively for trade?

  95. SamAdamsGhost

    Hmmmm . . .so the New World Order is desired by a race of immortal fallen angel space aliens who are infinitely more intelligent and technologically advanced than human beings ? Of course, pipsqueak human beings would be no match against such immortals. In addition human members of TPTB are merely carrying out the orders of these fallen angels ?

    How convenient for the bankster crowd. “War of the Worlds” radio show updated for the 21st Century. (Assuming any of this story has any grounding in reality at all, which I doubt.)

  96. Al

    Wow, so many comments. I always look at the evidence first. Exhibit A: It is a known fact that political and religious leaders have been visiting a desolate, extremely cold and barren land an awful lot. Why?
    Thank you Greg for being so opened minded and letting this guest voice out all the possibilities. Like a true reporter, you throw it out there, you have no opinions in the matter.

  97. John M.

    Greg, thanks for bringing on Steve Quayle. I have renewed respect for the man, even though I have occasionally listened to him.
    I am life-long traditional Roman Catholic. I do not approve of what has become of the Church since Vatican II. Nor do I ever approve of the liberal New Age hogwash coming from the hierarchy as they try to change our eternal faith and moral teaching , especially Pope Francis, which has only allowed pedophilia and homosexuality to proliferate in the Catholic Church like it has on everywhere else. Like Pope Paul VI had said in 1972, “the smoke of Satan” has also entered the Catholic Church. What fruits did we expect to get from modern liberalism and relativism, in both our Church and our American government?
    For quite some time I’ve also studied Catholic prophecies from both Holy Scripture and private revelations from Catholic seers (like Padre Pio, Marie Jahenny, Anne Emmerich, Therese Neumann, children at Fatima & La Salette, etc.). Both the world and the Catholic Church can expect some amazing upheavals and supernatural tribulations very shortly. I believe we are on the cusp of a global economic collapse and a WW3, despite the miraculous election of President Trump.
    Italy will have a economic collapse and violent revolution, with the Vatican attacked and probably resulting in another schism. The true Catholic Church will have conservative traditionalists practicing in exile with a true Pope. The New, One-World Church will be an amalgamation of Christian religions, Eastern religions, and pagan worshiping too(just like they do in Hollywood and Washington). A One-World Govt and One-World Currency is coming also, along with the notorious Antichrist. It remains to be seen if Pope Francis is the False Prophet in waiting.
    According to St. Paul in Ephesians (6:12), we are struggling not merely against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities, that’s Satan and darkness. This is what Steve Quayle is referring to, in what I think is the end times of our apocalyptic age.
    Alien life-forms (Demonic Fallen Angels) will probably be introduced as superior beings in intelligence and spirit, which will instantly delegitimize orthodox Christianity. Every concept of what is God and truth will be under that new big tent of an Intergalactic Babel, along with the current anti-Christian L,G,B,T,Q pop-culture that demonstrated in that protest after the Presidential Inauguration. By and large, most religion will stand for nothing, except the hidden worship of Satan and sin.
    BTW, it’s interesting to note that President Trump made his first visit to CIA HQ, after he first prayed. I wonder if that was secretly serving CIA notice that things are going to drastically change over there, since that is allegedly command central for fake news, fake wars, MKUltra, ISIS, the drug-war trade, child-sex trafficking, dollar hegemony, etc.
    Maybe they have been knee deep in Satanism and Antarctica too. Maybe I read too much alt-right “fake” news.

  98. Texas Citzen

    If it is not the truth it is a lie. If it is a lie it is not from God.

    • Paul ...

      Tex … if not the truth … it is a lie … if a lie … it is not from God … if not from God … it is from something “alien” to God!
      And these things “alien to God” when asked how they look upon humans have stated … “they consider us containers of blood” … we know of terrestrial “insectoids” that feed on human blood (mosquitoes, flees, etc.) … so it goes without saying that alien extraterrestrial insectoids would see Earth as a paradise … filled with nine(9) billion “containers of blood” … and would have “a very very great interest” in controlling such a “valuable resource” under a One World Government (under their control from Antarctica) … where they make their feeding upon us “a normal occurrence” … by inducing for example the Democratic Party to promote blood sacrifice rituals and legitimize Satanic blood eating orgies!

      • Paul ...

        I would like to see the Catholic religion (like the Protestant’s have done) move away from the “blood sacrifice ritual” where we “must eat” the body and blood of Jesus every Sunday … perhaps by doing so and “permanently removing” all their pedophile priests they will begin to garner bigger congregations!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          The ‘Blood Sacrifice of Christ” is what took away the sins of the world. All sacrifices up until that point only “covered” sin.

        • Charles H

          Figurative and symbolic language – eating and drinking Christ’s body and blood. Cannibalism is prohibited in the Old Testament – do you think this is reversed in the New Testament? NO way. It is in a sense receiving and internalizing His death in your place and for your sake, as it was substitutionary. Therefore: it is a REMEMBRANCE; not a rite. And Catholicism would have to renovate MUCH MORE than just that – like letting priests marry and have families, just for starters…

  99. francis m reps

    I misspoke in an earlier post today. Mr. Quayle is presenting a lot of pertinent information about Evil Principalities who are intent on subjugating and destroying the Human race. The agents of these Principalities are psychopathic human beings. Research some of Admiral Byrd’s writings. Take a peek at David Icke. BUT MOST OF ALL ; LOOK UP AT THE SKIES IN THE WORLD AND SEE CONSTANT PARTICULATE MATTER BEING DISCHARGED ALMOST DAILY FROM COUNTLESS AIRCRAFT ON A WORLDWIDE BASIS ; WHICH IS BEING IGNORED AND DENIED BY OFFICIALDOM. Today the particulate matter may be aluminum oxide. What biologic matter will they be spraying tomorrow. ?. Sure we will be conned about Aliens and or superior beings who had a hand in our existence. BUT WHY SHOULD WE CONCERN OURSELVES ABOUT THE CON JOB INVOLVING SOME DISCOVERIES AT THE SOUTH POLE….WHILE IGNORING THE VERY EVIDENT CRAP THAT IS BEING SPRAYED ON THE WORLD FROM HUMAN BEINGS FLYING OUR OWN AIRCRAFT ?. Please do not stat talking about contrails. Fan Jets don’t emit them….and if they did….HOW COME THE SAME AIR TRAFFIC ROUTES WHICH ARE IN USE ON A DAILY BASIS…….HAVE ABSOLUTELY CLEART DAYS???. .ALONG WITH THE SO CALLED ‘ CONTRAIL ‘ DAYS ?. WAKE UP AND GET TO THE BOTTOM OF GEO ENGINEERING ACTIVITIES BEFORE YOU GET TOO WORKED UP ABOUT SOME BUILDING SITES IN ANTARCTICA…GIANTS. OR REPORTS THAT A FOP BY THE NAME OF KERRY WENT TO SEE THE ICE.

  100. colorblind

    Did I hear Steve say “Black Physics”???????
    Doesn’t he know that’s rayciss???? That’s it, I’m boycotting the presidency of Donald Trump because he’s rayciss too…..
    Black Physics Matters–sponsored by George Soros

  101. Country Codger

    Hello Mr. Miller,
    I have way more information that says fallen angels exist and try to pass thenmselves off as aliens than you do to the contrary. The aliens/fallen angels are not flying around in spacecraft, per se, but enabling humans to do so through such entities as the Vril. But if you would please go to the book of Ezekiel 1:4-28. Now, step back in time about 2800 years and imagine a u.f.o. landing and what it might appear to you, as a farmer or shepherd and how you might describe it. Also, imagine the description of the occupants. These are kerubim, a higher order of angels. There are several other orders of angels with various other outward appearances. What Ezekiel was actually seeing was the chariot of YHVH. It appears many times in scripture and always has the same tell-tale description.


    • Jay

      Look people, what’s in a name? Aliens/Fallen angels, maybe same thing? after all, a lion is just a cat until it’s hungary, then it’s a predator.

  102. Anthony Australia

    I’m am inexperienced with some techniques that I viewed on cable from the show ‘Doomsday Preppers’; The US seems more advanced than we are, our police force can’t even stop a person killing innocent citizens in my own neighborhood after watching him for hours.

    So I was wondering if the food on the link below is suitable for survival in case of an emergency.

    • Clive Crashcup

      Anthony after reading about that terrible, horrific, deliberate murder by car, Australia is just as advanced as the US.
      PS, There’s always Alaska. Too sparse and too cold for such advancement! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvQrJhymdgA

  103. susan

    It is interesting how many Catholics are suddenly coming to our church and participating in our Bible studies. They are shocked to learn about the Bible.

  104. Mark

    Hi Greg,
    There is a book called “Earth’s Earliest Ages” written by GH Pember in 1876 which has been widely read among Bible believing Christians which seeks to establish the connection between “Earth’s Earliest Ages” and the rise of “modern spiritualism, Theosophy, and Buddhism” and uses “the Gap Theory” to explain all of the ages between that which is recorded in Genesis 1:1 and the remaining recorded history after something occurred to make the earth a “heap of collapse” or tohu in Genesis 1:2. However many good Bible believing scholars do not subscribe to the “Gap Theory” including the late Dr. Henry Morris, author of the Henry Morris Study Bible and Ken Ham, who is another Christian apologist who has a website ( http://www.answersingenesis.com) which addresses this and other issues which have become the cause of much confusion and misunderstanding due to the level of misinformation and outright denial of that which was formerly known and accepted as true from a scripturally and scientifically accurate perspective thanks to the dumbing down and brainwashing which many people received through corrupted educational programs found in so many institutions of “higher learning”. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly be with your spirit Greg and for all here who come to read and post that receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son. For “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim. 1:7). So, Fear Not!! And Greg I do want to point out how right you were when you made the call that Hillary WILL NOT BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!! You did make that call brother Greg and amen! “Thank You Father in heaven for Your mercy and grace upon us! Amen”

    • Bob


      That hasn’t been my experience. Any question I wanted a second opinion on when researching the bible or related texts like the didaeache (sp) and I asked a priest about it, they were very familiar and gave their input (that I either agreed with or disagreed).

      • susan

        I am glad for you, Bob.

  105. John Shipp

    Hello Greg,
    Love your site and watch it often, however, I don’t accept the news about the Antarctic, in about 1960 there was a British/New Zealand expedition to trek across the continent, I went there with a ship supporting the expedition. Some of the Youtube videos show large masses of land devoid of snow supposed to be from the 1947 Byrd expedition. Could not have happened, those videos were not Antarctica, probably Patagonia.
    I appreciate that you must show all schools of thought and hence accept you airing.
    I very much appreciate your affirmation that God the father is in charge, and most of your airings are very very valid.

  106. Gary

    Greetings Mr. Hunter,
    I am a big fan of your web site and I think most of your guests are very respectable (except for a few borderline folks every once in a while). However, when you have someone that starts talking about alien beings and such, I think some credibility is lost and you would have been better off leaving this interview in the trash bin.

  107. Edward Ulysses Cate

    An explanation from the Establishment. Simply food for thought.

  108. Clive Crashcup

    It’s No Revelation That Intelligence Agencies Are Politicized
    Victor Davis Hanson Victor Davis Hanson |Posted: Jan 19, 2017

    Careerists [directors of intelligence agencies inappropriately massaged their assessments to fit administration agendas] these agents naturally want to continue working from one administration to the next in “the king is dead; long live the king!” style. So they make the necessary political adjustments, which are sometimes quite at odds with their own agency’s findings and to the detriment of national security. The result is often confusion — and misinformation passed off as authoritative intelligence.


    There Ain’t 17 Intelligence Agencies
    Bruce Bialosky Bruce |Posted: Jan 22, 2017 12:01 AM

    Hillary Clinton reversed what Barack Obama had started. She stated that all 17 intelligence agencies agreed that the Russians had hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Though technically correct there are “17” intelligence agencies, Ms. Clinton knows that these agencies “agreeing” is a hoax. townhall.com/columnists/brucebialosky/2017/01/22/there-aint-17-intelligence-agencies-n2273825

    Kellyanne Conway To Chuck Todd: WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer Gave ‘Alternative Facts’ In Press Briefing

    Matt Vespa Matt Vespa |Posted: Jan 22, 2017 3:00 PM
    “The Meet the Press host noted that Spicer is not just the voice of the White House, but also for the country” — since when? What country has ONE opinion? Since when is Spicer speaking for even the weasel midgets in the Democratic Party who still have their puny jobs? http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2017/01/22/kellyanne-conway-spicer-gave-alternative-facts-n2275232

    Chuck Todd, Barrack Obama didn’t have George Soros busing in malcontents threatening to bust heads of supporters! Dirty little fact! And why weren’t you there, INTIMIDATION? Which you have to hand it to our president. He is one brave dude to be doing what he’s doing for us, black,white,blue,brown, [we the sheeple] and not your ilk. That’s why your pissed!

  109. Steve


    Thank you very much for having Steve as your guest! I visit his website daily–it is a great source for interesting and strange news articles!

    I read Empire Beneath the Ice when it first came out, and it was jam packed with great information, covering a wide assemblage of interconnected topics. I could hardly put the book down!

    I know you usually focus on financial topics, but thank you for exposing your audience to Mr. Quayle. It was a great interview, I just wish that Mr. Quayle would have gone on fewer tangents… Unfortunately, listeners who are new to these topics may have been turned off by Steve’s approach, jumping from one esoteric topic to the next…

    Back to his book, for those who have not read it, personally, I believe most of what was presented in the book was truth. Steve lays out a TON of circumstantial evidence (with footnotes and citations) for Nazi involvement in Antarctica as well as present day strange occurances taking place there. These topics are then interwoven with a bunch of other aspects of the occult, in an attempt to paint the picture that those we listeners point to as being the “elite” of this world, may not be entirely human, or at the very least, may be under the guidance of inhuman forces.

    For a skeptical or critical reader, would the arguments presented in his book hold up in court? Probably not. But, he presents a treasure trove of information to challenge the paradigms of even the staunchest believer of mainstream news and history.

    Please make him a regular guest!


  110. john duffy

    A fascinating talk on the Apocalypse by a Catholic priest based on the writings of the church fathers. Remember these church fathers had a direct connection to some of the Apostles of Christ. Some of these events foretold are happening now!


  111. Bob

    To be honest, this whole thing sounds absolutely crazy to hear especially with Steve’s several, odd science and grammar faux pas on the segment. Though, to be honest and keeping an open mind, I did some thinking about some of the Wikileaks podesta emails and remembered seeing this when the emails came out and I dug through them myself: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/1802
    At the time, I thought it was the ravings of a crazy old man (Apollo Astronaut talking about ETs to Podesta). Hell, who knows, maybe there’s something to this.

  112. Diana Dee Jarvis

    FWIW, Clif High has predicted a discovery in Antarctica. Interesting this interview with Quayle is so soon after the one with High.

  113. karl kuhle

    Apologies Greg just seen H3 already mentions cern but just in case yiu missed it please watch this video and others by nicholson1968.
    The mark will be 3rd strand dna according to him and Steve quayle agrees in other videos /interviews.


  114. karl kuhle

    Nephellim are real that’s all we have to know

  115. Realist

    Well….yes yes….but I think I am done with this site. It was losing credibility for a while now, but now has none left.

    • Greg Hunter

      Realist (or paid troll),
      That’s all it took is one interview and you are not coming to this free site? I guess you got what you paid for and you paid nothing. Bye bye.

  116. Doug


    FWIW I was associated with Mr. Q back in the late 1990’s early 2000’s and I was one of the ones he used to refer to on his shortwave program back then that fed him certain bits of information. I was concerned back then as what I told him didn’t come across the same way on his program and he always explained that he had many sources that he would use to verify his information.

    I put him to the test and fed him something totally preposterous but that I knew would fit in with his world view. If he had other sources in the know as he claimed to they would of told him that my information was not only not accurate but impossible. Lo and behold when he went to the air that night he repeated what I told him and said it was verified by his many sources….I made the whole thing up!

    That is when I disassociated myself from him. I think that he means well but he will take 10% to 20% of factual information and then fill in the holes with his own world view and then these things become verifiable fact to him. In this age of deception and illusion believe nothing you read and only half of what you see. Put it to the test and hopefully if God is working in us we will be given discernment which is needed these days more than ever.

    Thank you for all you do for the community Greg. Most of your guests are bring good and verifiable information and I appreciate that greatly.

  117. DLC


    Putin’s singing this in the shower right about now.

    Today is hopefully the first day of our own Renaissance. Listened to a woman from Denmark who remarked that Russia has become the America of the 1950s, crosses on buildings, on chests, icons over every door of their major department store in the Red Square. Everywhere you look the crosses are prominent on buildings. This Danish woman said it was likely the biggest reason that the West wants to crush Russia. You cannot totally defeat people with strong beliefs. Russia has returned to Orthodoxy.

    No, I do not consider Putin to be a harmless Whistler’s Mother, nor Trump for that matter. I will settle for being led out of our morass by strong, fed up men armed with beliefs and concrete plans.

    John Wells said this should be the Year of Intolerance, the year we stop putting up with the intolerant people we saw in the streets, or the woman on the plane who demanded the man sitting next to her be removed to another seat after realizing he was a Trump supporter. This has to stop. Never mind Antartica, the Russians. We’ll kill each other as in the last Civil War.

  118. DLC

    Gotta comment on the left’s treatment of Barron Trump.

    The only thing we know about Barry’s kids is their first names. It took no time at all to go after the Trump children. The left will continue to batter the children to get to this president. Time to fight back by pointing out their glaring warts.

    This is the loving left that we are one election away from once again installing. The left demands respect but gives none. If you’ve been reporting since the ’70s, you’ve noticed the pattern — Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama — 3 virtually unknown libs elected and repeatedly, progressively damaging the country and the culture. I do not excuse the Bush family, thought junior was a devout christian till he took the wrapper off.

    Agree with Stefan Molyneuz, women by and large vote big gov’t. I expect we will vote in a real humdinger dictator, a 4th unknown, if we ever even get that far. As Stefan remarked in so many words, who will women run to when the country implodes, the men they dismantled?

    When you were holding up the newspaper on Friday, I noted a headline calling Ivanka the surrogate FLOTUS. And, didn’t know Ashley Judd was one of the soulless. Expected Madonna to be her usual coarse self. All of this is just the beginning of our ugliest chapter.

  119. Mike Jose

    Hi Greg, this is a very interesting line of enquiry, is there any chance you could get David Icke on, he could say a lot on this.



  120. Bill

    One thing we know for sure. in 1946 the US sent half the atlantic naval fleet down to Antarctica as an invasion force. For what???. Steve Quayle and Tom Horn have spent time in research on this.

  121. Mark Maples

    Too far out for me but to each his own. I need facts before I validate an opinion. I have never had a ghost or alien experience but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I remain skeptical. I enjoy a good many posts as well as guests but rarely post.However I would like to caution some who show signs of confirmation bias. Last year a guy put up a list of prisons he said were fronts, really empty prisons which were manned but empty, claiming some sinister government concentration camp conspiracy. I was taken aback because I was at that time working for Georgia Department of Corrections at the exact location of one of his “empty” prisons. Despite my best attempts to enlighten posters on the subject and assure them the prison on that day housed 1600 mostly close security inmates I was for the most part ignored. I think a healthy dose of skepticism is wise when anyone makes extraordinary claims with little to no evidence. I believe some here are psychologically addicted to end of the world scenarios. What else can I surmise when some ignore verifiable facts to refute what has been posted? Thanks Greg for all you do, I enjoy reading perspectives from all points of view

  122. Bill

    GREG: OOPS, I left out the name of the Antarctic naval operation. It was operation HIGHJUMP. Look it up on google etc.

  123. Tommy

    I first heard Quayle on Coast to Coast. When you first hear him he seems like he’s on to something. But after a while I noticed that he would be talking about one thing and on the verge of giving you the secret code then all of a sudden he’s off to a different subject. Let’s face it, if Joe Biden met the aliens face to face there’s no way in hell he could have kept his mouth shut for 8 years. Likewise, if thousands of military personnel have been there and encountered them don’t you think someone would have spilled the beans or taken a picture? This story is just so full of holes and nonsense. Why would a superior race be hiding in Antarctica giving us such amazing technology. It just doesn’t make sense. If these evil beings have been here for centuries and are intent on our destruction what’s taking them so long? There are no aliens, at least not that are here on Earth, although, I have thought that Obama might be one on several occasions.

  124. Diane D.

    Greg, this interview was certainly interesting. I for one am maxed out on Trump-this and Trump-that and Mr. Quale brings a welcome change.

    It is easy for me to ignore those giving you grief. But then many of them either still believe the Warren Commission Report and the 9/11 Commission Report or know they are fake and refuse to take a public stand against them. Greg, at least you have the guts to actually put ‘skin in the game’.

  125. vincent_g

    The first film put out that used statements that the author claimed to be facts which could not be dis proven was a film about the Devils Triangle.

    This film came out in the 1970’s and was quite popular.

    What this film did was make claims which should you want to prove them to be false you couldn’t do it.
    This doesn’t mean the claims were valid as they were not valid at all. There is no evidence that the area called the devils triangle is in any way more dangerous than any other place on earth.

    When a person claims there are underground bases on Mars you can’t prove it’s wrong.
    Unless you have a space ship and can go there.
    The film that Al Gore was part of used these same techniques to convince people of Global Warming.

    Many other such types of films followed the Devil’s Triangle film which also used the same technique and style.

    Films like aliens from outer space built the Pyramids for instance.
    I for one think those that spread such stories seem to want to discredit man’s accomplishments.

    I don’t believe aliens from other worlds have ever been here as they too would have a serious problem traveling through space as the distances are much too vast and space is too cluttered with debris.

    We maybe the only race of intelligent beings in our Galaxy.
    Yes planets are plenty but how many of them are just in the right spot and have a moon like ours to provide a stable climate.

    It’s more likely that any intelligent life exists on other galaxies verses here.
    The odds of a planet like ours in the orbit at what they call the Goldilocks zone with a moon the size of our moon is quite high.

    As for why people of importance are going to this frozen continent.
    It’s quite simple – if the ice melts it would cause a large rise in ocean level.

    Some still believe in this Global Warming.
    But top military knows if any country is opening bases there then they want to know why.
    A series of nukes fired off there can cause world wide problems.

    So grow up and stop with the Aliens

    Just my opinion

    • Greg Hunter

      You’re welcome to give your opinion but please leave out the condescending language: “So grow up and stop with the Aliens.” I don’t need to “grow up.” You are coming to a free site.

      • Frederick

        Greg I like your site but in my opinion you seem to favor those that agree with you and ignore those who don’t or tell them to get lost That’s unfortunate as I’ve always promoted you and your site and always spoken highly of you as a person Your site is free and I much appreciate that however I believe you should rise above the naysayers and try to be more unbiased

      • vincent_g

        When a person states that the Egyptians couldn’t have built the structures they built it’s saying that man was incapable to do such things.
        Not much different than those that say we never landed on the moon.

        When people say such things as aliens built it they are degrading man’s accomplishments.

        Our great ancestors did incredible things.
        Hannibal marched 1,000 miles with a huge army.
        Over 100 miles nonstop in the Alps through snow in freezing temperatures.
        Alexander took his armies all the way to India!

        You take 90,000 people today and your lucky if they can march 100 miles.

        They did something people today are not used to!
        They made great sacrifices!

        No Greg I will not apologize as these people that push this idea that without Aliens we mere humans were helpless is total nonsense and it has to be confronted.
        They wish to rewrite history taking away the great accomplishments man has made.

    • Keith wilson

      Vincent,could you kindly go on YouTube,Alien gray photographed in Canadian park.Do you see an alien gray or some bloke dressed up in a boilersuit with a huge buckle belt around his stomach ?Can you tell me what it is ?

  126. James G.

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been an avid listener of your program since you first went live with USAWATCHDOG.COM, and I have to commend you for always keeping thing fresh and interesting. Thanks for going off the beaten path and presenting this “out-of-the-box” information. Given all the facts that has been presented for the increased hype of Antarctica, this is a very valid question to explore.

    Keep up the good work!
    James G.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James G. This is one big reason I do NOT have a pay wall. I can put up what I think needs to be said and explored on a free site. Something is going on in Antarctica. Steve Quayle will be the first to tell you he does not have all the answers, but he certainly has some, and he adds his personal perspective to go with it. I thought it was worth while for people to hear him talk. He has written two books on the subject. Thank you for your support.

  127. Mike D

    Hey Greg, Great interview! I began my real awakening after starting to research the real cause of the 08 financial crash. I didn’t go to far down that rabbit hole before the topic of Satanism came up. I will not go into the details of the Luciferians except to say that I am now convinced that it is all real. I can relate somewhat to the commenters who think this is all BS. I never went that far in the beginning, but I had a hard time wrapping my mind around this topic. To those who disagree, I would suggest you get your feet wet by going to You-tube and search Satanism in Hollywood and the music industry – it will probably blow your mind! A quote, apparently credited to Plato goes, ” The outright rejection of new information without proper investigation, is the realm of a fool “

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike D!

  128. Geoff Petra

    Please ask Cliff High about Nibiru and the Anunnaki. Better yet – check out three minutes of this clip starting at the 2:45 mark. Here Cliff nails it for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03t3XaXERwU
    Human Beings are subject to herd movement and this applies to the alternative news as well. Please be careful. Would not the powers that be salt the alternative community with titillating double or triple entendres? It is natural to want what you can’t have. You can’t have aliens because the powers that be are hiding them from you has been in place for decades. Now something in Antarctica is being sequestered yet an old has-been like Buzz Aldrin “inadvertently” gets the story into the mainstream. Yes there is much legitimate unexplained phenomenon but sometimes carpet baggers make a living off of things. Knowingly or unknowingly they provide the labor for those who hold the strings in this world. Making a laughing stock of the rank & file over and over again is what those behind the curtain relish.

  129. Deanna Johnston Clark

    I believe this is all hokum to divert attention from the all too human schemes in Antarctica and all over. Just as the lies about the Pyramids of Egypt, this will also be thoroughly debunked. The pyramids were built by Egyptian workmen, animals, and brilliant architects. If the modern stuff is only good for tourists and history buffs, we should be so blessed. Wouldn’t bet on that… must pray.

  130. Daniel Erline

    . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJI8R9fGptk – The Origin, Foundations, and Destiny of the United States of America
    Shadrach Meshach and Abednego also did not worship the king and were threatened with death but kept faith and lived. Daniel also worshiped his God verse hiding and he too was put to the lions. Daniel did not obey the king and continued to worship his god nor did Shadrach Meshach and Abednego worship the kings idol. so one had to worship but didn’t and the other was told he couldn’t worship but he did. Even Jesus stood up to Pilate as he told him his world is not of this world and Pilate could find no fault but the Jews wanted him killed which was a union of church state. The papacy also had ruled from 538AD until they were taken down by Napoleon in 1798 and they did with church and state rule. So the founding fathers knew they too didn’t want a union of church and state in the constitution and so it is the first amendment of our constitution. ========> Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, But President Trump has said he wants to reverse the 1954 law separating church and state with the “Johnson Act” ==> The Johnson Amendment was passed by Congress as an amendment to section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code… stating entities that are exempt from federal income tax cannot “Participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of – or in opposition to – any candidate for public office.”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, here WE SEE TRUMP WANTS TO ERASE THE 1954 RULING WHICH KEPT CHURCH AND STATE SEPARATE ===> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5ifkJydJFQ – TRUMP Johnson Act & Churches This will give the Catholic Church power to join church and state again which will destroy our 1st amendment of the US constitution. that is the mark of the beast = papacy = beast gaining power from the 2nd beast = usa = which came up from the earth. SEE VIDEO EXPLANATION ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HERE WE SEE WISE MEN DISCUSSING WHY THERE NEEDS TO BE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJI8R9fGptk The Origin, Foundations, and Destiny of the United States of America

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      It doesn’t matter what president Trump says about the Johnson Amendment or what he wants. He’s only a civil servant and doesn’t have the power to erase that ruling. Only a small number want the USA to become part of a fascist Utopian theocracy, Catholic or otherwise.

  131. flattop

    Some day when you are lacking a guest, invite Gina on so he can show his complete arrogance and ignorance.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not going to pay her too! Thank you for the sarcasm and support!!!!

    • Charles H

      I dunno, flattop – she might be too horny to talk by then.

  132. Bill

    GREG: RE; the weekend womans rally. the msm says 1 million women marched. WOW. There are 156 million women in the US. Wonder what the other 155 million women say or think about Pres Trump

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Bill. There is also this: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/23/soros-dc-march-partners/ Is a protest real if organized and paid for by Soros and other radical Dms???–Not.

      • JC Davis

        Greg one of the morning tv networks said it was millions world wide. The MSM will say anything. I don’t recall any woman’s march outside of America.

        • Greg Hunter

          We now know they will outright lie and have no problem with spewing propaganda.

  133. Matt smith

    This is the first interviewee I have heard on your site who sounds faux?
    Maybe it is me ?
    Keep up the good work

  134. Pinocchio

    There is only one thing that can attract the world leaders to visit the site in Antarctica: a vast amount of gold bars. Please remember that Adolf Hitler and Byrd were gold hoarders.

    • Johnnie

      I watched some Youtube vids on Antarctica recently and the only scientific one I saw (out of the hundreds that are out there) was about the twin GRACE satellites. Another poster mentioned this program. They orbit the earth measuring gravimetric variations in the earth. They can detect the movement of glacial ice by re-measuring the same area year by year. This can help determine how the distribution of ice is changing.
      They have detected a concentrated gravimetric anomaly in Antarctica that is roughly round in shape on the surface (supposedly 100% true). Now, to go off the deep end, you read it hear first! I think it could likely be ancient asteroid strike and the ore body is causing the anomaly. There could be incredibly dense mineral treasures that may eventually be fought over.
      Going even deeper into super conspiracy theory, it may be claimed there is more gold in this site (maybe mega tons of the stuff, maybe no gold at all, eitherway) than ever previously discovered rendering gold almost worthless. Could make for a cool movie. 😉

      • Pinocchio

        My suggestion for the title of the movie: “Alien versus Predator: The Final Gold Rush”. What do you say ?

  135. henry


    If I was a businessman who was clever enough to corner a market like oil/medicine/banking, I might come to think that those around me are so stupid that they need my guidance. I would then feel that is totally acceptable to lie to the stupid people. I could influence the laws that are passed by funding candidates. I might buy media companies to propagandize my enlightened point of view. If the people start to realize that they are not in control, I might give them information that would make them spin their wheels so they lose focus on the decision making. There is much evidence that some people have done just this.

    This is not to say that there is nothing to the alien invasion but, it fits the pattern of distracting information designed to make us lose focus.

    Restating the facts might help us think clearly about this matter. 1) The universe is very large; with billions of billions of stars that may, or may not, support life. 2) If a race of beings arose and developed faster than light transportation, why would they come to this planet, watch us for a thousands of years without either destroying us, enslaving us, or welcoming us to their civilization?

    • James Hastings

      I tolerate my families visits. I don’t want them to stay. 🙂

    • Tommy

      Can I get an “amen”?

  136. James Hastings

    Hey. Enjoyed the interview. I’m a Biblical christian. Not denominational….big difference. His general christian line is correct. Lucifer, was charged with the administration of earth. Lucifer was the “king” of this world, until the return of Christ. Funny… but our SAVIOR will be viewed as an invader….”Many are called, few are chosen” Everybody gets a second chance. I enjoyed it…………for those who cringe at the spoken word…….maybe you need to think about….why?

  137. Greg, I found the most powerful exposé on what happened in Libya in an interview with JoAnne and James Moriarty on Caravan to Midnight with John Wells. The links below are for the Moriarty's site and the interview. Off the charts, even after


    I found the most powerful exposé on what happened in Libya in an interview with JoAnne and James Moriarty on Caravan to Midnight with John Wells. The links below are for the Moriarty’s site and the interview. Off the charts, even after years of learning.


    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yes…God obviously put that brave Texan and his wife in extraordinary circumstances. We all must pray for their safety and keep our eyes on them. I listened to their whole interview and was so deeply ashamed and sickened I couldn’t eat dinner…but we all have to keep going. If more and more Americans hear their story and see the hard evidence they will be safer….maybe even the world can be safer.

    • Mark


      This was a very enlightening and sad interview for sure! I also heard from V – The Guerrilla Economist and other sources the main reason for the incursion into Libya was due to the Pan-African region’s agreement with Qaddafi to sell Libyan oil in gold-backed Dinar thereby bypassing the US Dollar. This was also the primary motivation for invading Iraq since Saddam planned on selling Iraqi oil in Euros. John Wells has a great show CTM and encourage all to visit there once in a while.

  138. Bruce Maclean

    Hi Gregg
    I know this is off topic but it is so precious I have to share it. Libtards just came up with a new term: “alternative fact”

  139. coalburner

    Dear Greg;
    I am always up for new subjects and exploring the ideas out there but, call me a Deplorable! We just had, in my opinion, Devine Intervention in a Presidental Election. I am not worried about the Aliens, yet! Were there ancient aliens? I see a lot evidence or else we had a great ancient civilization and blew ourselves up. Sort of like Planet of the Apes. I have to say if I couldn’t recognize mental illness I would be a lot more worried after hearing Ashley Judd channeling the same devil that I heard Hillery try to channel everytime she talked to a largely black audience. A tremendous insult to them, then. That is my read. I went so some of the sites referenced above. One was a google map in Anartica with some fellow repeatedy showing the same piss ant sized installation from different angles with a tiny amount of snow trail traffic and a garbage pile he thought was an ancient remains of some building. It is going to take more than that to make me concerned. Don’t get me wrong, for these bozo politicians to be running down there, they probably found something interesting. But I bet if it is more than a new supply of some mineral they want to mine or just claim a share of Anartica just in case, I would be suprised because no more information has leaked out. You know those Democrats couldn’t keep a secret for anything, they would selfdetinate just like ISSS. So maybe some ruins were found, fine it does not rattle my faith. No I am not betting on the end of the world either, because we were instructed clearly about that in Sunday school! Keep up the good work Greg! All smiles here from a faithful Watchdogger!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I too think we had divine intervention.

  140. Johnny Walker Red

    The End of Pretend

    The dislocations of 2008 when the banking system nearly imploded were Nature’s way of telling us that dishonesty has consequences. The immediate dishonesty of that day was the racket in securitizing worthless mortgages ­— promises to pay large sums of money over long periods of time. The promises were false and the collateral was janky. It got so bad and ran so far and deep that it essentially destroyed the mechanism of credit creation as it had been known until then, and it has not been repaired. http://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/the-end-of-pretend/

  141. Richard

    Just what does Mr. Quayle believed happened to Adolf? Was he beamed into outer space? Really, with the noose that the Russians had around Berlin I don’t think a mouse could get out of Berlin. Just that one interview now puts you into the class with interviewing crackpots. Obviously something has been discovered in the Antarctic, but right now its just speculation.

    • Mike R

      Richard – There is a very fine line between crackpots and geniuses. Even many geniuses have quirks that make them seem rather abnormal. So sometimes you just have to risk it, but I will say this one certainly pushed the ‘bleeding edge’ of that fine line. Can’t ever say Greg doesn’t have a brass set of cahones on his choices of who gets to go on his show. 😉

  142. Walter Baumgarten

    There you go Greg – all wrapped up in one nice neat little package, the Great Deception, brought to you by the Great Deceiver himself. And the Whore of Babylon who sits on seven hills? I cannot think of any other entity that sits upon seven hills other than those hills of Rome, can you? It is an interesting sidebar that the inner circle of Hell was described by Dante as a frozen lake when you consider the part that Antarctica has played in the whole scheme. Throw in the specter of CERN and you’ve got the makings of the Ends Times in the here and now. The only question will be how long will it take to play out, for the Spirits do not keep time, you know? Great work as usual my brother, keep it up, thank you.

  143. Orlando

    I see someone else already asked this question, but I had the same question.
    Why with this advanced technology did the Nazi’s lose the war then?
    I love USA watchdog, but this subject matter is “way out there” for me.

  144. Jerry

    The financial noose just got tighter on the dollar.
    I fully expect at a time of their choosing that China will reset gold prices and back their currency with it. I think at this stage they are still building momentum towards the IMF meeting in April. They will no doubt present their financial portfolio to the board of governors and ask to have their currency weight reset. And then they will drop the hammer on the dollar.

    • Walter Baumgarten

      If they indeed were given these advanced technologies in isolated Antarctica, they certainly could only have had very limited facilities there so reproducing these devices would be impossible unless they were able to construct production capacity down there. They would not be able to transport materials there very easily and certainly not in sufficient quantity to build manufacturing plants, and the plants back home were set up to build conventional weapons. Additionally, these plants were under constant attack by Allied bombing so even if the Nazis had the advantage of futuristic technologies their ability to utilize these would be pretty much non-existent.

  145. BobT

    Maybe, just maybe it is the lost city of Atlantis? Maybe it is real. Troy ring a bell?

  146. Debbie

    Greg, not sure if you listened to Jim Sinclair and bill holters latest talk on their premium site, but Jim commented that you are the best and brightest interviewer, commentator in the media. It was an amazing compliment and it is so true.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Debbie for telling me this.

      • Kim

        Yes, it was a great compliment! You Rock Greg!!

  147. Larry Galearis

    Lots of commentary, Greg, but then again there is a taste for nonsense in the MSM too. We used to call it tabloid news. My background is in geology, including glacial geomorphology and the interview is just plain nonsense. I am very disappointed.

  148. George Tirebiter

    Thanks for covering some great issues.
    Quayle definitely has some good links on his site, but he falls for and generates a certain amount of Fake News on his site as well.
    This whole Antarctica/Nazi/Aliens story is clearly fake news.
    There are red flags all over it.
    The news about Buzz Aldrin going down there was the first obvious red flag, since Buzz Aldrin, as a modest bit of research will evidence, never went to the moon, because no one went to the moon.
    Belief in the fake moon landings is as clear a litmus test of veracity, as believing the official conspiracy theory for what happened on 9-11.
    Another red flag is the long standing fake story of advanced Nazi technology, which has been debunked.
    And a third red flag is all of the claims about alien this, and alien that, in Antarctica, with no real proof.
    Thanks to U.N. treaties and constant military surveillance set up after Admiral Byrd’s trip to the South Pole, Antarctica remains cloaked in government secrecy, both purported “no-fly/no-sail” zones, with several reports of civilian pilots and captains being shooed away and escorted back under threat of violence.
    All of the official information coming out of that area is carefully crafted by government operatives and clouded in secrecy, just like the supposed government suppressed information about UFOs and Aliens.
    And so, wild and crazy stories, like the one being generated by Quayle, are bound to be imagined and disseminated for consumption by the gullible, with lots of clicks on websites.
    And then there’s this bit of info to ponder:
    The “Australian Handbook, Almanac, Shippers’ and Importers’ Directory” states that the distance between Sydney and Nelson is 1400 nautical or 1633 statute miles. Allowing a more than sufficient 83 miles as the distance for rounding Cape Farewell and sailing up Tasman Bay to Nelson leaves 1550 statute miles as the straight-line distance from the meridian of Sydney to the meridian of Nelson. Their given difference in longitude is 22 degrees 2’14”. Therefore if 22 degrees 2’14” out of 360 is 1550 miles, the entirety measures 25,182 miles. This is larger than the Earth is said to be at the equator, and 4262 miles greater than it would be at Sydney’s southern latitude on a globe of said proportions! One 360th part of 25,182 gives 70 miles as the distance between each degree of longitude at Sydney’s 34 degree Southern latitude. On a globe 25,000 miles in equatorial circumference, however, degrees of longitude at 34 degrees South latitude would be only 58 miles, a full 12 miles per degree less than reality.
    The real secret here is what Antarctica actually is.
    The rest is misdirection.
    Don’t be fooled.

    • Craig

      TIREBITER!!! Love the name.
      Are you aa spy and a girl delighter? LOL

  149. Hatemail

    Greg is the messenger not the message.
    Have some respect.
    The message board is for civil commentary, not for Hate Mail.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you HateMail for adding this perspective!!

  150. Galaxy 500

    Here is proof that liberalism is a mental illness

    • Craig

      Liberalism is a mental illness??? Conservatives only care about Mammon,and could care less about those that have less. I’m a liberal and suffer from a mental illness. So I REALLY know both terms. Being liberal is simply the belief in one political ideology over another. But I must accept galaxy 500 as a fellow human that deserves the same respect as anyone else. Mental illness is a Physical Medical condition that is very difficult to pindown. But with th right treatment, it can be treated like any otther medical condition. Those of us who suffer are not evil.
      But I should stop here before I remind Galaxy 500 that someone who is insane believes they are perfectly fine. Treatment hlps.

  151. Stephen M Sullivan

    Greg, thanks for having Steve Quayle on your program. After seeing your webcast I ordered his book, Empire Beneath the Ice and the video True Legends The Unholy See. I received them yesterday and just finished watching the 2.5 hour video today. Very insightful and well done !! My brother is a Catholic Monsignor, think I’ll wait a bit before it send it on. 🙂 Best Steve

    • Greg Hunter

      I got an advance copy of the True Legends video to view before the interview and it was very slickly produced. Quayle told me he spent several hundred grand on the production, and as a TV guy myself–it showed. It’s as good or better than anything you see on mainstream TV. (I make zero money from any of his products by the way.) Thank you for your kind words and support.

  152. Lumpenkönig


    Thanks for the tip a few months ago recommending web searches for Geoengineering instead of chemtrails. The term “Chemtrails” returns disinformation websites in the Google search results. Similarly, how do we conduct further research on the topics of Antarctica, Satanism in the Vatican, and the Annunuki so as to avoid websites that deliberately spread made-up garbage and misinformation?

    I applaud your leaving the Roman Catholic church, but I also wonder if many Evangelical and non-denominational church bodies have embraced many of the same doctrines regarding Islamic tolerance and universalism/one world religion. Have Rick Warren, Steven Furtick, or Joel Osteen been to Antarctica yet?

  153. Bob Lamb

    Hebrews 12:9 (God is the Father of our spirits)
    Job 38:4-7 (premortal life)
    1 Corinthians 15:44 (spiritual and temporal creations)
    Acts 17:28 (We are the offspring of God)
    Gen 1:27 (Man is created in God’s image)
    Rev 12:9 (Demons are fallen angels)

    We are the Spiritual offspring of God.

    Angles are the unborn spirits of men, the spirits of men who have died, and persons who have resurrected and have both body and spirits united.

    Demons are fallen angels (also offspring of God) who rebelled against God and were cast out of Heaven. They are eternally denied the chance to obtain a body and tempt men to sin so as to be miserable like they are.

  154. Paul David O'Dowd

    I’ve been following this study for the last 24 years; since my born-again experience and conversion to a Bible-believing Christian, after spending the previous 50 years as a member (not a very good one at that) of the Roman Catholic Church. Having made that statement; please allow me to make two corrections to what was said in this video. I make these corrections with all humility.

    First; Greg made mention that God (the Father) created the world. The Second Person of the Triune God (Yeshua – Jesus) created the Universe and all that is in it: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. [2] He was in the beginning with God. [3] All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him, nothing came into being that has come into being. [4] In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. [5] The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”
    (John 1.1-5.). For those who don’t know this, or believe it; this is the Biblical evidence for the Deity of Christ. And Second; Steve (I believe) only ‘misspoke’ when he referred to “sentinent” beings. I believe he was referring to ‘sentient’. Steve is a very learned man and would not confuse one word for another.

    I firmly believe the general message that was brought to light in this interview; i.e., the ‘beings’ that the world leaders are meeting with are the demons of Satan, and they are now arriving at the time when the world is once again so evil that our Holy God is about to bring judgment upon it, and that will be through His Divine Wrath. This will be the period commonly referred to as the ‘Great Tribulation’ which will include the War of Armageddon. Many will equate that with World War III, but I’m not convinced of that yet. However, I do believe that God is about to judge the world for its increasing wickedness. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear would deduce that.

    One more comment. I believe that “the lie” spoken of in: II Thessolians 2.8-12: “…and then shall be revealed the Lawless One, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the manifestation of his presence, [9] him, whose presence is according to the working of the Adversary, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders, [10] and in all deceitfulness of the unrighteousness in those perishing, because the love of the truth they did not receive for their being saved, [11] and because of this shall God send to them a working of delusion, for their believing the lie, [12] that they may be judged–all who did not believe the truth, but were well pleased in the unrighteousness.” [The ‘lie’ spoken of in v. 11 has the definite article ‘the’ before it and should be read: “believe ‘the’ lie’.] In my humble opinion this lie that most of earth’s inhabitants will believe is that humanity was created by these invading ‘aliens.’

    That’s about all the comments I am going to make since few will probably get this far in actually reading my comment. There are so many here!

    If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, (in the original language of the New Testament (Koine Greek) the word ‘know’ carries the thought of ‘intimately knowing’ something or someone. In Genesis 4.1. “And Adam knew Eve, his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.” It speaks of ‘Adam KNEW his wife’. The Hebrew word here is the same meaning of the companion Greek word of ‘knowing intimately.’ This simply means that if you don’t truly know Jesus, in a believing way, receiving Him, following Him, trusting ONLY Him as your Savior, you will not be saved.

    If you’ve read this far I thank you and will pray a ‘blanket prayer’ for those who are seeking.

    In Christ,
    Paul (David) O’Dowd >

    • Truth seeker

      And….. Antarctica is NOT a continent, but a ring of ice around the earth.

  155. Jerry Roy

    World leaders are going there to confirm the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuT0oy4p6P0

    There is an inbound star system that is going to wreak havoc on earth and can only be seen clearly from there. Global warming, earthquakes, stars falling from Heaven (meteors) Tsunami’s. Sun Darkened and moon turned to blood. ALL will happen from this. If you want all the Bible verses, hit me up.

  156. Mr Reynard

    See …The Ice People is a 1968 French science fiction novel by René Barjavel.??

  157. Truth seeker

    All part of the Satanic Plan to bring in a NEW WORLD RELIGION. They have been working on their fake alien arrival for decades now and they all want to go down and see how well it is going as I guess they are nearly finished with their AntiChrist proceedings. Part of if will be holographic and the masses will be deceived. Well, I guess the powers that be have a hot place to look forward to when it all comes to an end, and it will.

  158. DANIEL


    • Greg Hunter

      This comment sounds like YOU are the real idiot.

      • Craig

        Hello. I hav finally gotton through all of the above comments. There are many intelligent people on this site. But, sadly, they seem to find some so-called truth in the first lines, then go totally Conspiracy Theory wacko in the next. We all have to remember that it is we, men and women, who will decide the future of our planet.

        Please people, stop usining Youtube videos as any kind of proof or confirmation of anything. No respectable journalist would ever do that except as a starting point to research a story.

        Greg, I do not always agree with you, but you seem to be a man that stands behind his convictions. I applaud that, it is rare these days.
        You have my respect,

  159. Thomas

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 ecjus

  160. Les

    So many confusing comments. Babylon! The literal english translations have brought so many doctrines and dogmas out from the mind of men and women. Adam was given the rule of this planet long ago and they are still in control today. The princes of this world will do anything they can to keep their sovereignty over this world. If they have found something in Antarctica that will give them power, they will use it. So many words like hell,angels and even heaven are simplified to cover so many meanings and understandings that only the Holy Spirit can give the interpretation and true meaning.
    Demons can be mindsets, habits and anything that controls a person. tobacco, alcohol, heroin, sex, gluttony etc etc etc. Devils or evil spirits are much more than that.
    Soon the kingdom of this world will be the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Aliens devils or princes will have to bow down!

  161. Craig

    Wow. Someone that makes at least 90% sense because you think and not blindly accept.
    I am a diest. For those that dont know, I believe God set the universe in motion and then stood back – hands off. Remember that (Free Will thing.) I believe that God IS the Universe and I see him in everything around me.
    For those who believe science is somehow against God, it is science that is coming closest to proving his existence. Many more through history have lost their lives to religious dogma than to science.
    The Bible is neither a history book nor an instruction manual. It is a collection of stories that are meant to make us contemplate our own lives. Besides, it was man who decided what books would be included, not God.
    If you are counting on God to save you from the flood, I will be the one in the rowboat.

    • Craig

      Would someone explain why they think that Satan is the cause of evil? I have been around long enough to know that man is plenty evil enough to do everything described above with no prompting from a fallen angel.
      And were not the angels the first ones created by God? As has been said….
      “I brought you into this world, I can certainly take you out!”

    • Craig

      I think I scared the normals.

  162. Louann Echave

    Results could be tabulated and presented by age and by demographic groups
    within age-however by no means by state, state subunit, college district, college, or individual.
    https://math-problem-solver.com/ . I believe that Mathematics is a language we can use to
    make sense of the world round us.

  163. Joe Titttiger

    You should provide that title of the removed video and a link to where it can currently be found. Thanks!

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