WNW 169-Race Distraction, USA #2, US/Russia Coming War?

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (12/5/14) 

It seems the mainstream media (MSM) is determined to bombard us with the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie. Michael Brown was not gunned down with his hands up.  Forensic evidence and eye witness testimony from a half dozen African Americans has disproven this, and it is indeed not a fact.  It appears the MSM wants to develop a race problem in America.  I guess that saying from Joseph Goebbels (WWII Germany) about telling a lie big enough, and to say it long enough, the people will believe it.  I wonder if this is why USA Today put this picture on the front page of its newspaper.  “Hands up, don’t shoot” did not happen, but USA Today spin doctors put it up without dispelling the myth.  Protesters and pundits alike say “black lives matter,” but not if they are killed by the hundreds in Chicago by other blacks.  The black on black homicide rate, according to the FBI, is 90%, and blacks are way over represented in nearly all crime statistics.  The idea that blacks are being hunted down by whites is a big lie.  Why are they lying to cover up a bad economy that is going to get worse?

Of course, you would not know the economy was in trouble if you read USA Today. The same newspaper is telling us over and over again that “Economic Growth Keeps Picking Up Steam.” Really?  Did they miss that Black Friday shopping season was reportedly off by 11% for the same period last year?  Do these folks not know nearly 93 million people are not counted in the employment numbers?  Did they miss that more than 60 million Americans are either on food stamps or disability?

You want some more data that says the U.S. economy is declining? The USA is now the #2 economy in the world.   According to the IMF, it was officially overtaken by China.  Is the MSM warning you about the implications for the US dollar?  It will be challenged as the only reserve currency, and when we lose that status, the poor are going to be blindsided.  The US is also $18 trillion in debt.  It is an economic fact that countries with more debt than GDP suffer financially.  Gregory Mannarino told me that the US dollar is in “terminal decline.” You know what that means?  Big inflation is coming.  In more dreadful US financial news, the Treasury just printed up a fresh $1 trillion to soak up debt that was coming due.  This is printing new money to pay off old debt.  That’s like paying off one credit card with a new credit card.  What could go wrong? Isn’t it funny how the President complained he did not know ISIS was taking over large areas of Iraq and Syria, but he had time to meet Al Sharpton more than 80 times at the White House.  I feel the race problem is a contrived distraction, and it is a disservice to America, especially minorities that will suffer the most when this debt tsunami hits full force.  The MSM should be ashamed for propelling a known lie!

It’s not just going to be inflation that folks will have to deal with, but it may be global war. The US is sending a hundred tanks to Eastern Europe to combat “Russian aggression.”  Russia is also beefing up its defenses.  This is not the kind of thing that happens before peace breaks out.  Russia says it is under financial attack.  Vladimir Putin said, this week, even if the problems in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea didn’t happen, the West would have found another excuse to put sanctions on Russia.  The ruble is at historic lows and inflation is surging.  I am sure Russia will not retaliate in any way.

Finally, North Carolina is joining 17 other states in suing President Obama for recently granting amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants. The White House says it’s just not going to enforce the law, and it will not deport these folks.  It’s not that simple.  The states’ lawsuits say the President’s executive order, in effect, granted these folks rights and benefits.  The states say that they will be forced to pay for it, and it is totally unconstitutional.  Texas Governor Rick Perry says it will also add to the flood of illegals at the border, but I guess that is the plan when your policies are so bad that you have to import new voters.  This is what this is all about—new Democratic voters.  Who cares if the country implodes?

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Mitch Bupp

    Thanks Greg, May the farce be with us in 2016 ……. The old republic has been swept away and the revolution begins!

    • Don_in_Odessa

      In what way does the revolution begin? Surely you do not mean doing the same old thing and voting one of the two major parties back into office? Republicans and Democrats have controlled the Government for equal periods throughout the last 140 years. The only difference between the two has been the lies they tell to get our vote. The exponential slide into tyranny and oppressive taxation and moral decline changes not one little tittle no matter which of the two major parties are in office.

      So do tell, what is this revolution you speak of. If history holds, we will go through much more hardship and oppression before enough people have nothing left to loose. At that point, true freedom falls upon us. And we will be free to choose our own destiny once again. Some say it takes only a tiny percentage of the population to succeed at revolution. In the end when it comes to fighting in the dirt, it takes many more to support the fighters.

      Barring the return of our Lord or the current linguistic favorite, ” Black Swan Event,” we most likely will have years to wait. The tyrant knows, if we have food to keep us alive and enough freely available entertainment in what ever perversion or sports the flesh desires we will remain, as a whole, passive; Leaving the odd rebel easily subdued.

    • Thomas

      Pants up, don’t loot.

  2. Mason

    You are correct in that Ferguson is not about a race issue and that it is a distraction for the deterioration economy. But your analysis stops there.

    I am telling you: you are missing the bigger picture in this story. You are missing that this is about the rise of the Police State.

    Doug Casey at Casey Research, Martin Armstrong and Michael Krieger from LibertyBlitzkrieg are laying out this case very clear in their writings.

    To illustrate this with yet another example from recent news:
    “Grand Jury Does not Indict Cop Who Murdered Eric Garner — But the Man Who Filmed It”.

    Martin Armstrong wrote a piece on this on:

    He writes:
    ” On Wednesday, a Staten Island grand jury decided not to return an indictment for the police officer who murdered Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, by placing him in a chokehold shortly before his death when the man was not resisting. Police are no longer the protectors of society, they have devolved into a military force with no ethics or rules who see everyone of us as merely a probably threat. To illustrate how corrupt the grand jury system truly is and why lawyers for decades have said a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich.
    A different Staten Island grand jury indicted Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the entire incident in August, less than a month after filming the fatal July 17 confrontation in which Daniel Pantaleo and other NYPD police officers murdered Garner in plain view for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. The prosecutors wanted to imprison the camera man so like Coxley, they find some other law to charge him with in retaliation for filming what the police did. The grand jury was manipulated into indicting Orta on weapons charges stemming from an arrest by undercover officers.

    Police alleged that Orta had slipped a .25 caliber handgun into a teenage accomplice’s waistband outside a New York hotel. Orta testified that the charges were falsely mounted by police in retaliation for his role in documenting Garner’s death, but the grand jury indicted Orta with a single felony count of third-degree criminal weapon possession and criminal firearm possession.

    This illustrates the abuse that people are suffering at the hands of the police. When I worked in the law library, I had to review countless indictments on people. I began to see the same police names constantly coming up. There was a young black kid who looked visibly retarded. I saw the same police names charging him with possession of a gun. There were witnesses who said the police search him and found nothing. They searched him a second time and found nothing. They took him to the police van and suddenly in a third search they miraculously found a gun in his pants. I advised the kid to go to trial, not just because of the witnesses, but because of his appearance. The court appointed lawyer who never win cases to get such jobs, tried to get the kid to plead guilty as always. I encouraged him to go to trial. He won. My own count appointed lawyer then asked me how did it feel that I helped a criminal back on the street. I went to court and demanded he be removed.”

    • Eddie Munster

      Police state is the issue The distraction is the race issue.

      Greg is missing the underlying real issue that is the police state. He is right about the banksters. What dark force is behind the banksters? The same ones behind the boogeyman ISIS, Al-Cia, Ukraine subversion, Syria subversion, etc

      • JMiller

        To some of blacks who are racists, it was just as much about race. If Michael Brown was white, some of them would not have been as outraged. And some probably would not have been upset at all. It probably would not even have made the national news. The truth is the cop was justified in shooting Michael Brown based on the evidence. Michael Brown was certainly not an innocent victim as some try to make him to be.

      • Keith

        Agree with you Eddie.
        Expansion of the Police State is the issue.
        Propagates ‘environment of tension’ which allows complete distraction(s) from financial frauds, derivative exposure, upcoming crash, false flags, paving the way for capital controls, account confiscation, martial law, etc.

        • Greg Hunter

          They need a reason to kick it into high gear. Is this it? Time will tell.

        • JMiller

          Account confiscation? Really? Care to elaborate?

          • Keith

            JMiller – sure. I expect that when the crash begins, the major institutions will move to confiscate/trim/ make unavailable/”bail in” etc. – access to retirement funds in IRAs and 401Ks, similar to the ‘haircuts’/thefts done in Cypress – in what will be explained as emergency measures to keep the system working, if even only for a little while longer. The banks already have pretty significant capital [withdrawal] controls, and the retirement funds of employees are even harder to liquidate. If things (the market and the dollar) collapse quickly (i.e. less than 5 days), people will not be able to access retirement funds, which may in fact vaporize.

    • JC Davis

      Bravo Mason. Great explanation of how the USA is becoming a military controlled nation. Thank you. Yesterday I saw the video of the Eric Garner murder. It changed my opinion. This was cold murder.

      • JC Davis

        The EMT told the cop he had a pulse, Yet she kept trying to find one. The cops are trained in resuscitation Yet no attempt was made. Intentional murder.


      I seriously doubt Greg Hunter misses the big picture. His video posts ineluctably and unequivocally demonstrate that he and his guests see the big picture with a sober eye that transcends partisan ideology. Hunter’s website is a primary source for staying prescient on the economy and the geo-political $ituation.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are very kind Richard. We are all just feeling our way through the dark.

        • Mason

          Yes, that is true but fortunately USAWatchdog-listeners have the benefit of a collective mind. We don’t have to go at it alone. 🙂

  3. Mitch Bupp

    when talking about GDP remember this …..about 1/3 of the entire GDP is made of hedonics …. This link is from 2005 but it remains true today

    check out this link ….. I think this would make for a great interview Greg.


    • Alex

      Couldn’t agree more. Well said.

    • wd


      Thank you for presenting this outstanding perspective. I thought maybe there was slight manipulations but not to this degree….Outstanding article that explains this.

      Thnak you.

      Greg , I agree this would be a fantastic interview!!

    • Outlookingin

      It’s for public’s safety and security. What a bald faced lie! These myriad of freedom destroying laws that have been passed using this excuse. Yet the general public has let these onerous laws just pass by. When you have a well educated, well and truthfully informed, fully engaged populace, you have good governance. This is not the case.

      Instead, the general populace is perceived to be ill educated, misinformed, selfish, poorly led, easily swayed, ignorant, etc. etc. When you have these traits evident in a population, you invariably have despots in positions of power. The American people have been betrayed and led to ruin by those in power, and the people let it happen!

  4. allen ols


    TPTB put this goon in the WH, on purpose, the MSM, is the propaganda ministry, the concentration camps are equipped, ready to go, the blue shirts are are geared up for round-ups.

    the last days are upon us.

    great week, al

    • Saint Lawrence

      allen ols

      I thank you.

      How can black america not realized they are being
      with food stamps,
      no jobs,
      bull-corn schools,
      abstract college degrees,
      prisons filled to the brim,
      fema camps for
      holding tanks,
      and the final drugging of them all by the medical profession
      and the street punks.
      The matrix (Government) is helping the pushers (doctors, pharmacies, drug-dealers).
      Cops are taught blacks are sub-human…



      Help your black friends and neighbors by explaining
      (Judas goats) the showmanship, and puppets, and the evil doers,
      are surrounding them;
      will be herded and culled.


      • allen ols

        st lau.

        we @ usawd FOP IE FINGER ON THE PULSE

        WE AGREE!!!!

      • john

        So you say …… cops are taught blacks are sub-human. Please, think about that statement. What planet do you live on dude.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Al, the parallels between here and now and the last days of the Roman Republic are legion. It ends up in dictatorship. Perhaps even in our lifetimes. Perhaps even soon. 20 country hams and that canned bacon may termporarily ease the pain, though. Best always. PM

      • allen ols

        hey paul
        I have hidden canned goods, 7 freezers w/freezer wrapped roasts, already cooked hamburger, chicken breasts, bags of reg. uncooked smithy farms bacon/lean, and steaks, 150 #’s of butter, canola oil, and more. So the canned bacon, and hams are just added blessings, and btw, publics had a buy one get one free 4/stick butter for $5.00, and i kept going back around through the lines. And shelves and shelves of canned goods, mostly #10 cans, like peaches, pears, lots of 5# jugs of honey, beef stew, salmon, tuna, bush beans, and I bought my first 4 – 1/10 oz gold coins, as all my other preps are done, including israeli gas masks, 6 yrs of thyroid tablets for me and my wife, chemical spray on fire shield for all 4 locations, emp protected rooms with electronics, JUST TO BEGIN WITH. :), REMEMBER i STARTED IN 1999. THIS IS MY next big purchase, soon, AND i support GREG’s site since i started so early, i cna now afford it.

        I get the gold from melody cederstrand, DISCOUNT GOLD AND SILVER, SHE DOES INTERVIEWS AND IS A CHRISTIAN LADY, MY AGE.


        • allen ols



  5. Collateral Damage

    We are so screwed. So, So, So Very Screwed. The whole damn world is screwed. And there ain’t no Vaseline in sight.

    I had an epiphany last night. Sit back guys and look at the Bulllsh#t being fed to us (i.e. U.S.) by the MSM (i.e. the Divide and Conquer, Psyc Ops Operations that it is) lets just call it like it is Guys! It is the propaganda arm.

    My Epiphany?…

    The entire last 4 months (and probably well back beyond that.) Circus Exercises have been an ‘Epic Consummate Distraction’!

    A Smokescreen – (a term which by the way, which was derived from the idea of a real, military smokescreen, where you can’t see what is taking place on the field of battle from the smoke that is obstructing the view.)

    1) Have you ever seen photos of a Movie Star headed down the Red Carpet accosted by flash bulbs going off in their faces? They so often seem to wear sun glasses. Any idea what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that onslaught of flash bulbs? They would be temporarily blinded by the fast bright lights. Just like us (U.S.) temporarily blinded.

    Exhibit Two.

    2) Any idea how Pick Pockets work? They set up a distraction, and then lift the wallet.
    Same as how a magician works, waves their arms creating a distraction for the eyes while they pull the card out of their sleeve. (In Plain Sight. In Cold Blood.)

    Distraction, Distraction, Distraction:

    Ferguson announcement made at night so that the (MSM induced/PREORDAINED) riots take place under the cover of darkness.

    1. FERGUSON,
    2. Executive Order Illegal AMNESTY- That Wasn’t? (and then it was gone in a flash, kinda like a flash bulb) Gone, hidden from sight within 100 hours by the Ferguson Distraction
    3. EBOLA EPIDEMIC – That was, but then was gone in a flash (at least off of the Front Page of the MSM distraction stage)
    5. ISIS EVIL HORDE, and Kerry telling the world that it will be years, years, YEARS, before we can end this fight against ISIS? (What’s that about?)
    6. Bill Cosby is a Rapist! (how many times/days do they have to report it!?)
    7. Robin Williams, died, DIED, DIED! (look this way, guys, look this way). OVER HERE!!

    Come on guys, what are the other major distractions that have been out there to distract us? I know that there have to be more that I haven’t seen because I haven’t bothered to look. I haven’t wanted to look.

    During the day the stars don’t go away.
    (i.e. The Truth is still Out There).
    We just can’t see them (the light from the stars and the truth) because the light from the sun is so strong that it drowns out the light from the stars.

    By the way, have you heard about the revolution that is taking place in Mexico (just south of our border)? Forty plus kids disappeared (were probably murdered) when a local politician ordered the local police to open fire on several busloads of college kids who had the ‘Audacity of Hope’ and were headed to the town square to protest/disrupt a speech that his wife was giving that day. Supposably turned the surviving kids over to the local drug lords for torture/murder. This happened in August. Riots, demonstrations going on ALL OVER MEXICO THIS WEEK calling for the resignation of the Mexican President.

    Ongoing Revolution on our Southern Border ain’t newsworthy guys. I haven’t heard even slight mention of this in the U.S. Press.

    For more news worth listening to:

    God help us, Every One.

    By the way Greg, will all due respect (WHICH IS CONSIDERABLE) I have to disagree with you slightly. [Fear Not.] I am really sorry, but I think that there is plenty, plenty of honest, raw reason to fear. I think it is Rational, Sane and Human to be Afraid.

    “Aragorn: Are you frightened?
    Frodo: Yes.
    Aragorn: Not nearly frightened enough. I know what hunts you.”

    I Respectfully offer instead the following:



    “May it be an evening star shines down upon you
    May it be when darkness falls your heart will be true
    You walk a lonely road
    Oh how far you are from home

    Mornie utulie (darkness has come)
    Believe and you will find your way
    Mornie alantie (darkness has fallen)
    A promise lives within you now

    May it be the shadow’s call will fly away
    May it be you journey on to light the day
    When the night is overcome
    You may rise to find the sun

    Mornie utulie (darkness has come)
    Believe and you will find your way
    Mornie alantie (darkness has fallen)
    A promise lives within you now

    Read more: Enya – May It Be Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    ‘The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.’

    “Arwen: Why do you fear the past? You are Isildur’s heir, not Isildur himself. You are not bound to his fate.
    Aragorn: The same blood flows in my veins. The same weakness.
    Arwen: Your time will come. You will face the same evil, and you will defeat it.”

    “Frodo: I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
    Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

    Really, I mean it…. God Bless Each of you that takes the time to Read this.

    We shall live to “see such times.”
    Please enjoy these precious few days while the sun still shines.
    Hold your loved ones close. 🙂

    Respectfully, and with sincere feeling,

    Collateral Damage

    • allen ols



    • Jerry

      Collateral Damage
      I hear you. Do ever feel like you’re the proverbial person in a crowed theater that shouts “FIRE”, but the crowd to asleep to hear you? Throughout history, any civilization that fell, was usually preceded by a comatose citizenry. The Romans were enjoying animal acts in the arena while the hordes were right outside their gate. In Jerusalem, the prophets were stoned in the street just before the Babylonians destroyed it. See how many people will crowd the stadiums this weekend to watch their favorite team. Distraction = Control.

      • wd


        So true, I will never forget when masses of people came together in Cleveland to burn Lebron James jersey for leaving ot go to another team to play basketball ( insignificant in the scheme of things)..

        I thought how pathetic,disgraceful and embarrassing this was….my whole feelings about professional sports changed forever.

        From that point on I saw that this was just a huge distraction!

      • allen ols


        YUP !!!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Legalize drugs and the Mexican NarcoState importing will go away. That much is obvious; yet, we still prosecute this insanely stupid and pointless “War on Drugs”. Why? It’s a control mechanism, plain and simple. The other day, JERRY basically told me to pick my poison, as the country was being carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. He’s right; we don’t know the specific issue that will be the final cause, but there are so many from which to choose, what difference does it make? In 1960, the Everly Brothers sang, “so sad to watch good love go bad.” That’s the story of my life in this country. Best always. PM

    • Keith

      CD – good points.
      Would add that the ‘border [in]security is likely to not keep immigrants out, but to keep US in. Like unto a one way valve perhaps..

    • paul

      CD …
      When the time comes and the Lord has to compare the CABAL’s killing of 9 billion people in a worldwide nuclear war with Russia next year … to Adam eating “one apple” in the Garden of Eden … which act do you think he will consider more evil?

      When Adam was brought to judgement before the Lord … Adam’s excuse for eating the apple was to blame it on Eve … as the Lord turned to Eve she blamed it on some snake in the grass that told her “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” … God probably laughed so loud that his punishment was to simply throw them out of the Garden of Eden.

      But what excuse will the CABAL have for exterminating 9 billion people in a worldwide nuclear war?
      When the CABAL is brought to judgement before the Lord they will probably use the excuse that they were simply “doing God’s work” by eliminating humanity that didn’t deserve to live anyway … and with much hubris will probably demand that they now deserve immortality for actually helping God out.

      God will probably laugh again as he says “Yea, your right” and grants them immortality … and then throws them into the Sun’s nuclear furnace to burn for eternity. 

    • West Tejas

      Greg, Jerry, Collateral Damage did you read this yet on ZeroHedge? This is absolutely ground breaking must read and shows how gold prices were manipulated. If you take the Japanese Nikkei exchange and invert, it fits the gold decline EXACTLY!! Gotta read this article and hopefully Greg can get one of his guests to explain in further detail next week:


  6. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    That quot from Putin reminded me an old joke, sadly the western “elites” and their lapdogs, the politicians and the MSM behaving accordingly. The joke:
    Fox: lets beat the Rabbit.
    Wolf: for what?
    F: If he wears hat, for that and he doesn’t wear hat, for that.
    The Rabbit doesn’t wear the hat, so he got a beating.
    The next day.
    F: Lets beat the rabbit again.
    W: For what?
    F: If he got only cigarettes with filter then for that, if he got only cigarettes without filters then for that.
    They went to the Rabbit.
    F: Hey rabbit do you got cigarettes?
    Rabbit: Yeah, with or without filters?
    F: Look he doesn’t wear a hat again.

    The current situation is not different from this joke, but nobody should smile. We should be worried and outraged instead, because part of the Anglo-Saxon “elites” are hellbent on war, because not just American but some British “elites” are in this camp. Yeah, I’m suggesting some elites are either mad or imbeciles believing that they can win a thermonuclear war.

    Well I hope before things escalate into a hot war between East and West (China will side with Russia), the Russians, the Chinese and the rest of the world will cut the financing of the American war machine, read they will plug on the US$. Sadly this will hit the average American too, because the entire US economy including the energy sector is financed by US$, which is now a debt note. Jim Willie can talk about it hours.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • allen ols


    • Charles H.

      And Gerald Celente says: “when all else fails: they take you to war.” Imagine that. So many pieces, slowly coming together…

      • Greg Hunter

        Mr. Celente is a smart man and war is coming.

    • Brian Stemmerman

      A very enjoyable read.

  7. bob

    great update greg. i think you said it best about ferguson. i sent you articles to look up and i missed paul craig roberts” ferguson reexamined”. you are right and didn’t think about the ” look over here thing”. would this all look different if more than half the manufacturing jobs were still here? or back in the 60’s the government told the black man to leave his household, that the family would get more help if he wasn’t there. to just find someone else and do it again. wasn’t this the welfare moms. have babies collect the welfare check. i grew up 1.5 blocks from the murder scene. this is from 68 to 86. back then it wasn’t nice. but a young boy could ride his bike down canefield dr. and not be bothered either. you did’nt want to stop and hang out either.
    when the media gets a hold of something, all the interviews get stupid. i don’t know how to explain it but when you witness something and then the media and talk amongst the actual witnesses the human brain gets garbled up and the story gets stretched. brown probably had it coming to him but officer wilson may have gone about this wrong in the beginning. many questions unanswered and the media has helped screw it up.
    get sharpton involved, it’s trashed now. there is an agenda behind it all. bill mclellan had a very good article in the st. louis post dispatch.
    there are so many stories that this has become so muddled that you can only think that the powers that be have ignited something to keep your mind off other things like. but, between this and the man in nyc. not to mention tons of other stories, these situations should have gone to court, and does not make them guilty, which leads me to believe we are in a police state.
    you are stricking one nerve after another greg. being in debt that much. we are screwed.
    the gov’t wants you to be dependent on them. then they have you. no matter which way you go you are adding to the demise. is this where eventually they say checkmate and you don’t see it coming because the heat has been slowly been turned up.
    our forefathers are turning in their graves

  8. Donna

    Just finished listening to an hour of Ron Kirby (interviewed by Paul Sandhu and posted on Quayle’s site). Kirby was also very riled up.

    Congressman Lou Barletta was talking to Laura Ingraham this week about the immigration problem. He made his way to Congress as a result of this issue. He was mayor of Hazleton, PA. Giuliani’s wife, Judith, was born and raised there. It was an Italian/Polish/Slovak community. Barletta said it is now 49% Hispanic! This is a little former coal town of about 25,000 people 30 miles south of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. He said they have students who speak no English and the system there really does not know how to educate them. Think of the expense, the revenue juggling, the aggravation.

    I’m waiting to see what Putin ultimately does about his latest Muslim blow up in Grozny. I know he won’t treat it as an opportunity to brow beat the Russian people on their retrograde racist tendencies. Even Kirby touched on that subject, commenting as to how Putin seems to be all out supportive of his people.

    Sharpton owes 4 ?mil in delinquent taxes? Charlie Rangel, another tax deadbeat. Wexler (Florida) living in ?Virginia but claiming Florida residence to avoid taxes. You could add probably another 100 to the list. Who says there’s no caste system? Wouldn’t you like to see John Corzine down on the pavement in a head lock? Probably has all that missing dough in his pants pockets.

    How about that snob, Jeb Bush? He doesn’t even disguise his total contempt for the “less sophisticated” Americans (all of us) as opposed to the Canadians. Never mind the issue (he has a load of them anyway). He is so snarky. Count this peasant out, and I doubt I’ll be the only one leaving that spot blank at election time. So, get your heads ready for the prospect of a screaming female progressive (Hilary vs Warren) as your next tyrant. Both of them remind me of those female capos in the German death camps.

    • allen ols

      donna, beautiful!!!!

    • Thomas1

      Imagine working on a construction site where 90 percent of all workers are Hispanic.

      Consider having to listen for hours on end of their loud music preferences.

  9. Donna

    This is who the US and EU want to do battle with. We got Ferguson, they got …


    • paul

      Beautiful people … the CABAL is so evil!!

  10. Richard Mchenry

    Everybody that wants mother ohobama to take care of them cradle to grave please put please everyone who needs mother ohobama to carry you from cradle to grave put your hands up. Now walk this way and follow Al, he is going to show you to your room and 3 square meals and the rec center. Those remaining will need to lock and load because you are in the fight of your life and for your country. It’s all part of a larger plan to do to the United States what the NWO has done re peatedly to other countries,,pit the people against one another by religion,race,economic statice or whatever and start an internal conflict that cannot be controlled,then you invite another country to assist you to put down the opposing force and presto you have forgien troops on the ground and some other country is tell you how it’s going to be! Hollywood could make this a movie but then it expose their long range plans.

    • rezo

      Hi Donna Yes want to murder .So what are you doing to stop it?

  11. Mike Soon Over

    UNSUSTAINABLE ECONOMY https;//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZN8y-w4rc&feature=share

  12. Doug

    Hi Greg,
    Great job as always. Is it just me, or is the book, 1984, becoming reality. One can draw on allot of parallels in that book.
    Also the immigration issue in this country, if you have to fix a failing “Ponzi scheme”, because of a retiring “Baby Boomer Generation”, a quick fix to keep the “Ponzi scheme” alive, would be to wave the magic wand, and have new tax payers replacing the retiring Boomer generation.

  13. Mike Soon Over

    Sorry, please try YouTube, Dan Schultz “Our Precarious Economic and Political Circumstance”, Great wrap Greg, I always share on my Facebook page every Friday. God be with you and “Fear Not”.

  14. John Doe


    President Says Western Sanctions Part of Plan to Attempt to Suppress Russia

    MOSCOW—Striking a defiant tone, President Vladimir Putin on Thursday accused the West of provoking a crisis in Ukraine and using sanctions to try to constrain Russia.

    Dec. 4, 2014 2:58 p.m. ET. Wall Street Journal · By James Marson at [email protected] and Andrey Ostroukh at [email protected]

    Greg as you say, Russia says it is under financial attack. Vladimir Putin, from article above. . .
    “called for spending cuts and economic liberalization to support growth, he pledged to, liberate businesses from excessive regulation. He also called for a reduction in wasteful government spending and tighter control over the expenditures of state companies.”

    W O W ! Greg, could you imagine if our dear leaders thought like free market capitalists and get their heads out their backside, instead of letting the Marxist’s, who are the
    real ‘Domestic Terrorists,’ throw our founding fathers republic under the buss!

    Who are the Real ‘Domestic Terrorists?

    Wayne Root, Apr. 21, 2014;

    Just days ago, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid actually called the supporters of the Bundy Ranch family “domestic terrorists.”

    Which makes sense. Because communist organizer Saul Alinsky (Obama’s mentor) taught his followers that “ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” He advised “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    Alinsky’s strategy was to attack, attack and attack some more. He advised his Marxist followers to demonize your opponent with exactly what you see in the mirror.

    In other words, if you’re the radical, call your political opponents “radical.” If you’re extreme, call them “extreme.” If you’re a domestic terrorist, call them a “domestic terrorist.” That’s how you distract and deflect – by spreading misinformation. That’s how you take the spotlight off your radical views- by painting the other guy as “radical.”

    It was an interesting choice of words by Nevadan Sen. Harry Reid. Because the facts of just the last few days have proven Obama, Reid (the man who carries Obama’s water in the U.S. Senate) and their entire Marxist cabal to be the real “domestic terrorists.” They must be getting very nervous. That’s why they chose the very words that describe themselves- to distract, deflect and cover their tracks.

    What would you call the person who has put in place more regulations than any president (by far) in history? Last year alone Obama set the all-time record with 26,417 pages of new federal regulations.

    Obama now owns four of the five highest regulation years in the history of the presidency.

    Then there’s the dollar cost of those regulations. In just one year (2012) Obama’s new regulations cost more than all the regulations of Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush’s entire first terms COMBINED.

    The total cost just for Obamacare regulations? American Action Forum reports that the regulations of Obamacare impose 645 million hours of paperwork, 4,116 federal forms, and $35.3 billion in costs.

    Is there any wonder the economy is a disaster? Is there any wonder why there are no jobs? Obama has placed more handcuffs on the job creators and more roadblocks in front of small business than any president in history.

    Isn’t that the definition of “domestic terrorism?”

    Anyone waiting for a “recovery” should stop waiting. You’re wasting your time. There is no recovery coming.

    But wait. As infomercial pitchmen often say, there’s more!

    It was just revealed that Obama proposed 442 new taxes in his first five years. Yes I said, FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO.

    That’s either proof of pure communist intent, or pure insanity. Forget what this administration actually passed. Thank goodness Obama had a Republican Congress standing in his way. But can you imagine if Obama had gotten what he wanted? We’d have 442 new taxes. Tax rates would surely be in the 80 to 90 percent range. That’s as high as any socialist or communist economy in the world. France is run by a Socialist Party President and its highest tax rate is 75 percent. “P.S. Was run, France now has a free market type president.”

    Then there’s Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is trying desperately to regulate coal producers out of business. The EPA also just announced sweeping new clean water regulations that put the government in control of virtually every piece of land in the U.S. that has a ditch or pothole on it. If it’s an indentation and collects water, then your land is under EPA control, not yours. Isn’t that the very definition of “domestic terrorism?”

    Then there’s the government intimidation. The IRS scandal grows bigger by the day. Now it turns out that IRS officials like Lois Lerner were openly consulting with Department of Justice officials about how to target Obama’s political opposition.

    This same IRS is tracking our license plates on highways across America.

    This same IRS has requested the donor lists of the conservative Hollywood organization “Friends of Abe” and now the Ron Paul organization “Campaign for Liberty.”

    Why would the government want confidential donor lists? There’s only one possible reason – to conduct a witch hunt to intimidate, bankrupt and destroy their political opposition. Isn’t that the very definition of “domestic terrorism?”

    Yes, Harry Reid is right. We do indeed have “domestic terrorists” in America. But they aren’t Tea Party conservatives. Patriots who support the Founding Fathers’ vision for America – limited government, lower taxes, fewer regulations, defending the Constitution, more power to the people – by definition can’t possibly be “domestic terrorists.”

    But wanting a different kind of America, trying to destroy the vision of the Founding Fathers’, violating the Constitution, killing capitalism – now that is the very definition of “domestic terrorism.” That group resides in the White House. They control the U.S. Senate. They run the Democratic Party.

    Now you understand why Obama, Harry Reid and their Marxist cabal call others by nasty names. This is the Saul Alinsky playbook.

    Wayne Allyn Root is the national bestselling author of “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive and Prosper During Obamageddon. Greg, Wayne might be a great guest and give a great update since this piece is from April and except for Putin’s Russia standing in the way, were that much closer to the dreaded new world economic disorder.

    Now we know why, they, whomever they are, say if Vlad Putin ran for president of the United States he possibly could win, they couldn’t accuse him of being a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness, could they? By the way, the only two prominent, bona fide, American born religion’s, which shot down Romney, because the evangelicals stayed home, pouted and wouldn’t vote. So even if they accused Putin of being a commie, he still could win. Remember Jonathan Gruber’s infamous comments he made about the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and even more disparaging ones he made about the American people, “according to Gruber, the Obama administration counted on the stupidity of the Democratic voter to pass the bill”, so Putin would be counting on the Stupid Amricans also and could win even if branded a communist, by the communist’s running, or, “ruining,” our country. In fact, the Obama team’s “lack of transparency” was deliberate, because they believed the law would not have passed if the people fully understood it and Putin’s sure more understandable and honest than our lying spying powers that be!

    A free internet means a free people. Keep the internet free and don’t tread on a free people.

    Thank you Greg Hunter for USAWatchdog and stay free without fear, you dog’s!


  15. woody188

    You get ’em Greg! Somebody wants to start a race war in the United States.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Well, they’re doing a damn good job of it. The message from Ferguson is that the governmental authorities aren’t going to do a thing when it comes to preserving rights and liberties of the citizenry. In fact, they’re prepared to transfer those rights to a minority, preferred, interest group, which is what we all witnessed: rights transferal and a total abrogation of the Constitution. We’re now officially on our own. I can only assume this is part of the plan, for, as Greg would say, it’s too stupid to be stupid. When I was an elementary school student back in the late ’50s and early ’60s, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance daily, I simply could not have envisioned the BS that has “informed” my life going forward. Either what I learned then was lies, or what is going on now is. It can’t be both. Best always. PM

  16. jim H

    Good morning Greg. Great WNW as always. MSM creating distractions indeed. I can actually remember when there were different, totally unrelated stories on all the major networks, when 4 out of 5 Doctors recommended Camel tobacco over all the other major brands. Oh! Wait a minute, that was BS too!
    We are now officially living in a time when all for profit systems (pyramid/ponzi schemes) like communism, socialism and capitalism are broke and we still think the wealth of a world of people can be measured by instruments like GDP, GNP, stock market prices, mostly meaningless job reports, Gold prices and well PROFITS!!! Here’s one of many other ways not perfect but I’m sure much better.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL3qdeKOxVc
    We need to understand there really is a ceremony conducted by the few at Bohemian Grove they call the “Cremation of Care” (think about that for a minute and research it if you care to) that allows these instruments of measurement to matter in peoples lives who were not created to use these instruments to measure anything. So yes I guess that feeling in our gut that says something isn’t right is really telling most of us it’s not. I just had this crazy idea that if we stopped using these fake measurements and call BS, maybe our gut would feel better. ENJOY! today and be good to yourselves and those around you.

  17. Sneed

    “This is what this is all about—new Democratic voters.” And yet the R leadership fully supports it. It’s obviously about something else as well. Tell us if you will, john boehner.

  18. art barnes

    Greg, I’m finally completely tired of the propaganda machine of the MSM. In my world, out here on the Western Front, whites are shot by the police all the time, most that get shot are not armed or have just a small knife, the police are never held to answer as they do an simple internal investigation and get justified; we simply live with it, accept if you will as the nature of our modern police state. I’m not saying this is right, all I am saying is that this is our reality, the cops have their hands on their guns when approaching a stopped car for a traffic stop, pure survival instinct means you don’t resist even if the infraction is some or another mickey mouse law enacted for the benefit of the elite such as more bull**** taxes. The ideal that the our modern police forces are likened to the local beat cops movie portrayers of the 1920’s is ludicrous As to the New York event, seems to me the police could have issued another ticket for selling illegal cigarettes. New York City should be ashamed of themselves for placing $6.00 of tax on a pack of cigarettes, this creates a black market and need for added police for enforcement; notice the Mayor of New York failed to mention his policies in fact was the underlying reason for the arrest and subsequent tragic death of Mr. Gardner. Our police forces are now militarized & will follow their orders period, right or wrong, the glorification of the war hero & the cop shows has lead to the another “notch” on the gun mentality of our police; us against the bad guys, etc., etc. The recent NY protest will only make the divide more distinct. We are close to a actual police state now, this recent MSM glorification of the race relations will only hasten it, and no debate about the relations will diminish it. The police will not give up their power to arrest and use force to arrest for any known offense, small or large, and so it goes and goes. The people out here have been conditioned now to remain passive about being harassed about every new law placed on the books and most if not every law out here is designed to be broken and paid for by hefty fines, a modern way the State gets a great deal of its revenue from (if you call it a fine, its not a tax, but its money in the coffers all the same). The backlash of heavy police enforcement for minor infractions was bound to happen, there too much money in it in fines to be curtailed by the bureaucrats so expect it to just get worst not better. Thanks for your site. Have a good weekend.

    • Keith

      Art – if the mob was collecting the money, it would be called “insurance.”
      Oops.. I guess the NWO mob IS collecting our insurance money, and bank fees, and taxes, and gasoline revenues, and …

    • JC Davis

      Art Barnes. I was telling Allen ols today how you make a lot of sense in your postings.

  19. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, Another GREAT and Suitably-Named Weekly Wrap- you’ve tied it all in, as I listen to Jason Furman on cnBS help stir up the celebration-party about the phenomenal jobs number this morning! 321K jobs created last month.Beating expectations by 100 K. (One must also ask how the expectations are always so wrong!@#$) Now Pisani is giddy…….They are talking about how the rest of the world/Europe needs to follow what the US is doing as this economy continues to roll along and pickup speed. It is nauseating.
    They fail to mention what zero hedge had in a matter of minutes, “jobs rose only by 4K from 147,283K to 147,287K, and furthermore, the breakdown was skewed fully in favor of Part-Time jobs, which rose by 77K while Full-Time jobs declined by 150K.” http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-12-05/full-time-jobs-down-150k-participation-rate-remains-35-year-lows

  20. Dessalines

    I used to really enjoy viewing your website, because I thought you were objective in your reporting, but your statements on mike brown and race issues in general have caused me to see that you are just another typical white male. You say:

    Michael Brown did not have his hands up, but the better question is (a question that a reporter should ask) was Michael a threat to the police officer who was armed. You don’t have the answer to that question.

    You say that the MSM wants to create a race problem in America, that is also pure bs. It is white America that created a “race problem” in America when YOUR people decided to exterminate Native Americans: enslave Africans: create and maintain Jim crow in the south and in the north: create inner city ghettos by denying Blacks access to good jobs (who runs the corporations in this country), good schools (who educates black children), and loans (who runs the banks), and all of this crap continued to this day! As we both know the neighborhood you live in and your circle of friends are WHITE as snow…..so you need to do some soul searching before you go around defining what is “about race” and what isn’t …..

    Furthermore, this crap about 90 percent of Blacks being killed by other black is just a deflection. Last time I check 88 percent of whites are being killed by Whites, so why aren’t you focusing on that? Also, where are all of these guns in the inner city coming from? I don’t know of any gun factories in the hood….

    And lastly, you and all these other white people are quick to talk about Al Sharpton, but let’s ask some basis questions: (1) who the hell made him a Black leader? Ohh that’s right, WHITE PEOPLE, cause I don’t remember voting for him……(2) who gives him all of this media attention? That’s right the “mainstream media” that is run by and caters to White peoples….,

    • Greg Hunter

      Your comment is without logic and fact and it is racist. You don’t like my views so I am jus another ” typical white male.” This implies I am a racist as are all white males. This is a big fat lie. Blacks are not being hunted down by whites. That is not in the statistics and not fact. It is myth and it is started by the liars who are manipulating and playing minorities. You go ahead and continue to live in the world of lies.

      • Dessalines


        You are a reporter correct? So you research and document facts for a living correct? And this is your website correct? Well post the “facts” to prove what I wrote is racist….you claim that “blacks aren’t being hunted down by whites” to deflect from the controversy about WHITE police officers gunning down unarmed Black males. So why don’t you get the FBI statistics on police shootings of unarmed victims by race to prove whether it is me or you who is in fact “living in a world of lies.”

        • Greg Hunter

          You said I was just another “typical white male.” To me this implies racism and prejudgment. It cuts both ways my friend. If I said that an African American I disagreed with was just another “typical black male” you would call me a racist, would you not? Your premise of blacks being hunted down by police and executed is a false narrative. The facts say it is just not happening and if more blacks are being shot by police they are statistically committing more crime according to FBI statistics. For example, more than half of all homicides are committed by African Americans. These are the facts that are left out by the liberal MSM. All I am doing is including them. No more comments from you unless you use a real verifiable name. I do not post anonymously and either should you.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        For all the noise, what I hardly see anyone stating the hair-trigger attitude enforcement offices probably have, simply because about 10 of them per month don’t make it home, and about one per week is killed by firearm. Folks might not know these statistics, but I’m sure every officer out in the field is. Wouldn’t it be simply good advice NOT to threaten an officer in any way, shape or form? Personally, I think it’s just a good survival technique in most situations. Yes, I know, there will be exceptions.

    • Rick Perkins

      “Michael Brown did not have his hands up, but the better question is…, was Michael a threat to the police officer who was armed.”

      FYI, the link below summarizes the event and includes a transcript of the testimony given to the grand jury.


      • Greg Hunter

        You are misinforming people here. This story is about providing too much evidence. Brown was something like 6′ 4′ and 280 lbs. The cop doesn’t have to allow Brown to take his weapon and that is what forensic evidence says he doing when the gun went off the first time inside the patrol SUV.

        • Rick Perkins


          The link to the article, and court testimony provided therein , was offered to answer Dessalines’ question..”was Michael Brown a threat to the police officer..”

          The court testimony in the article shows that the answer is YES.

          Mr Brown had cursed, attacked and attempted to disarm the the officer while he was still sitting in his patrol car. Ninety seconds later, after the officer was able to get out of the patrol car and give chase, Brown was killed while charging at the officer.

          I disagree with you that sworn court testimony is to be properly construed as “misinformation”.

          • Rick Perkins

            I recently ran across an article that revealed my ignorance in offering grand jury testimony in the Michael Brown case as “evidence” that the officer was acting in self defense as I did not fully understand the function and purpose of a grand jury.

            According to Justice Antonin Scalia … “It is the grand jury’s function not to enquire upon what foundation the charge may be denied….but only to examine upon what foundation the charge is made by the prosecutor.”

            The article, written by a defense attorney, states “In a normal grand jury proceeding, the prosecutor presents evidence for a few days and then asks the grand jurors to return an indictment, which they nearly always do. “… but
            in this case..”In a virtually unprecedented move, St. Louis Prosecutor Robert McCulloch in effect deputized the grand jurors to sit as triers of fact as in a jury trial.” in which “evidence presented was not subjected to adversarial testing by cross-examination.”

            The Strange Ferguson Grand Jury:


            • Greg Hunter

              I just has to be racial, right? Do you really think that black men are being hunted down all across America and murdered by white people? The statistics by the FBI say no way–far from it. That happening with a Black Attorney General? Really? This is Lawyer talk and meant to add doubt to the process that cleared Wilson. I think it’s total BS lawyer talk but I’ll put it up.

              • Rick Perkins

                No, it’s not about race but about how the police state being put into place in America.

                From the article…”neither in this country nor in England has the suspect under investigation by the grand jury (officer Wilson) ever been thought to have a right to testify or to have exculpatory evidence presented.”

                Yet in this grand jury, officer Wilson was allowed to give four hours of self-serving testimony without ever being cross examined . Don’t you think that might have influenced the juries decision to clear officer Wilson?

                This has nothing whatsoever to do with race Greg.
                Furthermore, your blatant attempt to put words in my mouth to make it sound so is neither deserved nor appreciated.

        • JMiller

          I agree with you Greg. Plus there were eye witnesses to confirm what the forensic evidence concluded. And some of the eye witnesses were African Americans.

    • Brian Stemmerman

      Dessalines, The population of the United States is 318,892,103 billion give or take a few. Utube might have a dozen or more videos of officers beating or killing black men. Not counting individuals that are reported in our News papers that do not get national attention. It is not a black and white racial issue. The percentages do not show that. This is a media issue jerking at your heart. If it is anything, it is the media desensitizing the activities of the police state. Remember social media has taking ratings anyway from Fox, MSN and CNN. Bill Crosby can’t be that bad of a guy.if it took that many years to bring a Story out. Greg is right. Just a slight of hand.

  21. allen ols


    from rich a commentor ;
    December 5, 2014 at 7:45 am · Reply
    Wall Street Demands Derivatives Deregulation In Government Shutdown Bill
    WASHINGTON — Wall Street lobbyists are trying to
    secure taxpayer backing for many derivatives trades as part of budget talks to avert a government shutdown.
    According to multiple Democratic sources, banks are pushing hard to include the controversial provision in funding legislation that would keep the government operating after Dec. 11. Top negotiators in the House are taking the derivatives provision seriously, and may include it in the final bill, the sources said.
    The bank perks are not a traditional budget item.
    They would allow financial institutions to trade certain financial derivatives from subsidiaries that are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. — potentially putting taxpayers on the hook for losses caused by the risky contracts.
    Big Wall Street banks had typically traded derivatives from these FDIC-backed units, but the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law required them to move many of the transactions to other subsidiaries that are not insured by taxpayers.
    Taxpayer insurance helps banks secure higher credit ratings for their derivatives, since taxpayers assume some of the risk, which in turn makes the banks more profitable.

  22. JC Davis

    Chinese pop is 1.4 billion people. workforce of 1 billion apprx

    US pop is 316 million people. workforce of 150 million. 1 billion vs 150 million.

    We still out produce them.
    Greg, a comment from another site, and my response.
    Comparing apples and oranges does not work. If you have one team of 1 billion loggers cutting trees in a contest against 150 million, sure the numbers will always say the billion cut more than the 150 million did, but thats not the point. Its false. per capital we still out produce. My response- Until you consider who to invest in. 1 company with 150 million and 18 trillion of debt or 1 company of 1 billion with less then 1 trillion of debt. Thanks for a good wrap up.

  23. Eddie Munster

    Seven Phases of US sponsored Resistance- As defined by Phase III Special Forces doctrine

    1. Psychological Preparation- Propaganda and other measures to influence opinions, attitudes of groups for better or worse; directed at civilian population
    2. Initial Contact-
    3. Infiltration- no attempt at concealment; using false identity, no one knows about you
    4. Organization-
    5. Build-up
    6. Combat Employment
    7. Demobilization

    Population Control- Phase III Special Forces doctrine

    1. Mass Registration- Obamacare, Amnesty
    2. Curfews
    3. Intensive propaganda- MSM
    4. Compartmentalization with cleared buffer zones
    5. Informer nets
    6. Party membership drives
    7. Land and housing reform
    8. Relocation of individuals, groups, and towns
    9. Rationing of food and goods- soon to come

    Deception Measures- as per Special Forces doctrine
    1. Feints-offensive actions involving contacts with the enemy
    2. Demonstration- show of force of a battlefield where a decision is not sought
    3. Ruses- tricks of war
    4. Displays- test presenting a static production to the enemy surveillance systems
    5. Simulation- the projection of something that is not present
    6. Disguise- alteration of something to appear as something else

    Police state implementation of special forces doctrine.

    • allen ols



  24. Eric

    It’s incredible what is happening and happened under Obammer. I can hear the disbelief and sadness in your voice. I caught your presidential prediction for 2016 and feel the same way. She will slam home the final nail.
    What can We the People do? Before we are fundamentally transformed completely to the nanny side. There’s so much frustration out in America and most people don’t even know why their angry.
    Thank you Greg, I plan to donate when I find a full time job living in the 5th worse run state.

  25. Jerry

    Greg did you see the latest ……look over hear lie?
    Gold declines and the dollar rises , in advance of U.S. jobs report. Yea right! What B.S.

    Greg, this is beyond delusion. This is nothing short of outright fraud. This is going to end really bad, when the Chinese can’t get their gold delivered, and from what I’m hearing that’s going to be soon. The only reason, and I mean the only reason the dollar has not collapsed to this point is because of the gold payoffs the western banking cabal has made with the Chinese. You know the 1.5 Trillion dollars they loaned us? They don’t want payment in worthless paper, they want gold. Gold that we don’t have. Why else do you think the gold was looted from the banks in Ukraine, or why the Saudi’s gold was stolen, or why the German gold was lost? It was all used for payoff to the Chinese.
    The movement of RMB currency hubs across the planet, is happening at warp speed. Everyone on this planet (except us) knows the dollar is living on borrowed time…..literally. That’s why I post the RMB news each week here, so you can use at as a time line for the death of the dollar. In my opinion, the chink in the proverbial armor came when Canada (one of our biggest trading partner) opened a hub in Toronto.

    You think things are bad now in Ferguson? Just wait until the people that are looting and burning don’t have food to eat. Yep ….its all just one big distraction. There’s an old saying ” if you cant bedazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S.” And that’s all this is. B.S. to fed the masses.

    Greg, in some ways I think maybe its more merciful that people don’t know what’s about to happen. That way they can just live their lives in peace, and not worry about it. Kind of like when I had to put down one of my favorite dogs who had gotten sick. I stroked his head and told him I loved him as I pulled the trigger. It was the toughest thing I have ever done. There’s nothing good about any of this.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, I have done it, too. Many times. But I always tell myself, “don’t be sad it’s over; be glad it happened.” (Dr. Suess) Without that happy point of view, it’s all sh*t. Thank you for your brave example and love for fellow Watchdoggers. Best always. PM

    • Jerry

      This is why there will be a false flag event in January or February with ISIS in the middle east.
      People there are already U.S. boots on the ground in Iraq, with more on the way. The western banking cabal has big plans that still include Ukraine. Keep watching. Its about to get real interesting since they are running out of gold to pay off the Chinese.

    • allen ols



      You think things are bad now in Ferguson? Just wait until the people that are looting and burning don’t have food to eat. Yep ….its all just one big distraction. There’s an old saying ” if you cant bedazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S.” And that’s all this is. B.S. to fed the masses

    • Charles H.


      I’m sorry about your old friend and dog. I did the same as mine slipped into coma through lethal injection. Words can’t describe how tough that is.

      I worry that US trained economists and financial “experts” in China may try to co-opt that system. Crisis there may be the linchpin to the One-World Government.

    • Jerry

      Bonus News for my watchdog friends. (That includes you Greg)
      And we though they only played hide the baloney ? Now they want their gold.

      • Mr. T

        Merci Bien!

  26. paul

    USA Today is pushing “Don’t Shoot … Hands Up” on their front page probably because their banker friends have not put their hands up and don’t want to be shot!!

    But have no fear … just as the LORD judged man in the past and brought a Great Flood to the world to eliminate sin … so too today we are being judged … alien messengers are providing us fair warning before the LORD once again takes action to wipe out humanity … the aliens are flying over our nuclear missile bases (turning our nuclear missiles on and then at the last moment shutting them down) trying to scare us into “waking up” and acting like moral beings … however the crazy CABAL running our governments “won’t take simple logical orders” and don’t want to follow some simple and easy eternal rules of what is right and what is wrong … like Thou Shall Not Kill … Thou Shall Not Steal … Thou Shall Not Lie … etc, etc..

    The CABAL (just like Adam and Eve before them) don’t want to follow simple ethical rules of behavior and for their disobedience will be punished just as Adam and Eve were punished.

    The CABAL is probably saying “disobedience to word of the LORD is in our DNA … and therefore being Evil is not their fault but is the LORDS fault for making them defective” … defending themselves will be the only time the crazy CABAL will use some logic … and possibly this is the reason why the LORD is so patient and forgives us of many of our sins … But This Logic Does Not Excuse Us from Actions We DAMN WELL KNOW TO BE EVIL !!! … a point will soon be reached where the LORD will just throw in the towel … wipe out humanity … and start over!!!

    Everyone in America focuses intently on the words and actions of the current President with regard to ObamaCare, Immigration, etc., etc….. but does anyone in the United States ever read or remember what the First President and sane Founding Father of our once Great Nation said?

    “We Ought To Be No Less Persuaded That … The Propitious Smiles Of Heaven Can Never Be Expected On a Nation That Disregards The Eternal Rules Of Order and Right … Which Heaven Itself Has Ordained.”

    George Washington

  27. brian

    I don’t know what I find to be more disturbing; all the obvious criminality on display and the now overt efforts to minimize, obfuscate or normalize the effects of this criminality or the docile and apathetic reaction of all of us who are going to be simply crushed by the end result of this insanity going on.

    • paul

      Brian …
      The CABAL thinks they are now old enough to KNOW MORE THEN THEIR FATHER!
      Because the CABAL thinks “they are all grown up now” they don’t have to follow the stringent Ten Commandments Rules their Father imposed on them as children … and they are now actually willing to go to War with the LORD in Heaven for more lenient terms.
      The “new terms” the CABAL wants is to obey Only Three Commandments (Instead of TEN):
      1. Thou Shall Not Kill … more then 50 billion people.
      2. Thou Shall Not Steal … more then 100 quadrillion dollars.
      3. Thou Shall Not Lie … to infinity.

      And as long as these “Three Commandments” are obeyed by CABAL members they will have the automatic right to immortality!
      Now what do you think the LORD in Heavens response will be?
      I think I can guess what his answer will be … “Get the Hell out of my House” (just as he kicked Adam and Eve out of his Garden of Eden).
      The very sad part of all this is that the rest of humanity (who try to abide by the 10 Commandments) are probably going to get punished right along with the CABAL because we did nothing to stop them (therefore are accessories to their crimes).

      Remember Eve was thrown out of the Garden right along with Adam even though she didn’t eat the apple. The Bible shows … the Lord can get mad … he found “both” Adam and Eve just as guilty … which means the evil CABAL is going to bring all of humanity down with them.

  28. Klemens

    Work on the NWO-Religion:
    Anti-Pope Francis’ Apostasy in the Blue Mosque

    • rezo

      My thoughts exactly read my comment below

      • Klemens

        Just one more information: if you change the name “BERGOGLIO” into ASCII-Code Numbers and count the numbers together you get: 666
        BERGOGLIO in capital letters because it is like this on the ID Card.

    • allen ols


      I took a bath in the BLUE MOSQUE, while hiking through istanbul to syria and jordan..

  29. Jerry

    Greg have you ever heard of the Grace Commission?
    You might find this interesting. I sure did.
    It makes my blood boil to know that all of our tax money is going to the Federal Reserve Bank, and then allocated. We are in deep, deep trouble.

  30. wd


    I find it very strange that Europe is in a depression, and will probably do a QE program for themselves, with 30-60% unemployment in various categories. Japan is having major economic problems as well.

    So if the whole world is in this economic downward slide, how can any expert say we are having this great economic growth? We live in avery integrated economy when one goes up we all go up and vice versa. I dont see how its possible for a country in this world wide economy , can have great economic growth while the rest of the world is imploding?

    Very strange to me!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      The whole world is frantically trying to stave off a major depression, perhaps even a cataclysm. Frantic, unhinged inflation (money “printing”/creation) is barely making a dent. Hyperinflation awaits if the “drunk” that is the over-mature economy of the world can stay on his deflationary feet long enough for it take off. Personally, I was always convinced inflation would be our final event, but now, I’m not so sure we make it that far. The welfare state didn’t exist in 1930. Ferguson will be a tea party in comparison. Best always. PM

  31. JMiller

    How much of China’s economic growth is really “fake”? Can you trust them to accurately report economic numbers? What about all those ghost cities?

    • Rodster

      “How much of China’s economic growth is really “fake”? Can you trust them to accurately report economic numbers?”

      There was a business journal I came across and put China’s realistic GDP numbers in the 2-2.5% range which is way off the 7-8% growth they claim. China, Russia and the BRICS have built and copied their economic system from the West. We have a shadow banking system, so do they, we printed trillions of monopoly money, so did they. We have saddled ourselves with massive debt, so do they. In fact i’ll go out on a limb and say that China is more exposed in a negative way than the US. Try keeping 1 billion plus of your citizens fed and working. When the global fecal storm finally hits it’s going to look a lot like an atom bomb going off in Hiroshima.

      China and all it’s Yuans and gold won’t save it from what’s coming

      • Silence is Golden

        Totally agree.
        Go back to the JW interview and refer the dialogue between Jeff L and moi.

    • Spanky

      A better question is whether or not anyone can actually trust the economic numbers published by any country? I’m serious. How long has it been since we’ve had CPI numbers that haven’t been manipulated to show lower inflation?
      But why limit the mistrust to economic metrics? Ask yourself whether or not you really believe anything that comes out of Washington DC. I don’t accept any of it at face value. I’ve long since reached the conclusion that governments are propaganda centers where everything (EVERYTHING) is massaged, parsed, and manipulated to achieve the desired outcome. In short, we are constantly being brain washed. As such, we now live in an Orwellian-like world where war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.

  32. Hampton Burt

    What you say is true. But I think we also need to realize that our police have become a privileged class with the same rights as citizens and with the additional and lawfully authorized right to lie, cheat, steal, and kill in ways no different from murder. Resisting arrest is now a capital offense, the judgement and execution of which takes place at the time and in the place where it happens, not by a jury and professional executioner, but by any policeman. I don’t think we are going to like that in the long run.

    • Greg Hunter

      Resisting arrest brings about unintended consequences so the lesson here is DON’T RESIST ARREST. The NYPD did not intentionally try to kill this man. They were rough and failed to give him medical help when he needed it. This was not an execution but a very bad policing.

      • Eddie Munster

        We are getting closer to the point in time where we my need to resist en mass. Part of the control is to get people to bow to unlawful search and seizure.
        At some point someone somewhere will light the real powder keg. The racist deception distracts from the real issues. Any news main stream media is pushing is cover for something else.

        The dark forces are at work around the world. What the end game will be, only time will tell. The unleashing of hell on earth is a frightening concept.

      • Mason

        Greg, I do not completely agree with Hampton Burt, he phrases it a little too strongly in my opinion, but he does have a point. Sure, resisting arrest has unintended consequences. And race most definitely is a distraction as you say, but you are missing the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that this is about the rise of the Police State. This is about the elite bankers and the militarized police protecting them against ordinary white AND black people.

        I stand by my statement. Like I said before, this is class warfare at it’s finest.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Mason, I cannot disagree. I think they are looking for a reason to kick the police state in high gear. Also when this blow up the people protesting now are going to be hit the worst but we all are going to take a hit. I think these protesters are being groomed for cannon fodder. They aught to be protesting for economic investment and jobs and to bring back the 40 hour work week and not 29 hours under Obama Care.

      • allen ols


        HANDS DOWN for all of u that didnt just rob and intimidate an indian store owner. HANDS DOWN FOR ALL THAT DIDN’T RESIST A POLICE OFFICER. HELLO FOLKS, WAKE UP. How is it that i never get beaten up by the black police, or are chased down and handcuffed. is it b cause i dont rob a store, and puche the store owners when i go in to get something. lets see, i don’t shoplift or sell drugs, get women pregnant and not pay child support, duh.

        • RTW

          You hit the nail on head. There isn’t an epidemic out there of cops (of any color) gunning down the populace. Are there bad cops out there? Sure! Are they in the majority? No absolutely Not! The vast majority of people who are shot by a police officer were done so while in the commission of a crime and in possession of a gun themselves. Having lived in and around Chicago, the family says the same thing, after a police involved shooting…..my son, father, nephew, etc “didn’t have no gun”. “He was a good man and he was shot like a dog”. This even occurs in events when a police officer has been shot himself. It’s craziness. The narrative is…. if you attack the police or any citizen with a concealed carry permit, for that matter, you are liable to be shot. The Jessie Jacksons and Al Sharptons won’t address the real problem in the black community which is welfare, gangs, drugs, broken homes and no education. There are schools in their neighborhoods, they choose not to attend them but rather join gangs and live in that culture until they run out of luck. But then again that’s racist talk and anyone who repeats it doesn’t know what they’re talking about. If this silliness continues, the day will come, when only black police officers will be able to arrest black criminals for fear of reprisals.

          • Jim H

            What percentage of law enforcement (all branches) do you think will enforce the patriot Act, military commissions act and NDAA? How many enforce free speech zones? Who do they serve and protect? I’m going to say, the hand that feeds them and that in the end is their boss and their bosses bosses. Everyone’s got to eat so I don’t hold it against them but neither do I fool myself about whether or not most will blow my head off for nothing if the order is given (Waco). It’s become much worse since the patriot act but this is not new. The FBI was created to protect the elite and their possessions. I do agree this is not about race and after seeing the video of Michael Brown in the store it seems the officer may have done this in self defense. Another big problem I have is with grand Juries who hold secret trials not open to the public. The kid with Brown was not even in the trial. Both trials were conducted in a way that they could have indicted a “ham sandwich”. Guess they couldn’t risk both trials going any other way. Just saying, I have much more faith in open trials where all sides are represented and all evidence exposed to an impartial jury. I don’t pretend to know much about blacked out grand jury trials but I will learn. Just saying they seem more one sided

          • allen ols



  33. rezo

    Hi Greg I listen alot and read alot but dont comment often,
    I think by now we all agree that the situation is dire ,we are being lied to and manipulated
    Russia is being attacked and expected to capitulate …They will not .
    China is sitting on the sidelines knowing they are next if Russia gives in .
    Russia and China together are unbeatable .
    Russia is sending the message to America that we will attack your home land if you attack us and they will . Guaranteed . If Homeland America is attacked all her enemys will join in .Currency and trade wars are happening now ,Russia and China are simply buying time to rid them selves of US treasury bonds . They will prevail.
    Now look at the situation …. you have old men who have lived their lives but just want to die knowing their psycopathic dreams have been fulfilled .Millions of young men and women will be slaughtered for these animals pleasure ,they care nothing for humanity just their twisted dreams and goals .
    Which brings me to the point ,We all know what is happening and the average person will be lost but what are we doing to stop it? Nothing ….Just stacking and preparing for when it happens and hoping we can survive . Recycling all the miss deeds and educating people only goes so far time now to think about prevention how do we stop it now before it starts not just sink in our comfortable armchairs and believe we will be ok because we think we are prepared and will survive when others wont . It simply doesnt work like that . So lets change the format to what we can do to stop it , and do it ……because in my experience of war having a great vege garden etc etc is rubbish because you will need to be a killer to keep it and need a small army to protect you from the government and the starving raging mobs . The old adage PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE still rules .Ask now in this community what can we do to prevent it .

    • paul

      Rezo … you got it … if you are in the middle of a road and a 16 wheel truck is heading straight toward you … you don’t just stand there and allow the truck to hit you because you are well prepared with a recent purchase of a hospital bed, some medicine, a blood pressure kit, etc. … you do something (like our Greg Hunter) to prevent the inevitable accident from happening.

  34. Brian Stemmerman

    Greg, I am not sure if you understand what GDP stands for. Charles Biderman”s definition is: garbage for dumb people. I would have to agree. GDP is the calculation of spending. People take on debt and find themselves having a hard time paying it back. Government spends for wasteful project and war. GNP is what we create through our labor. GDP=DEBT, not growth.

  35. Russ McMeans

    Thanks Greg for your most excellent watchdog journalism. You’re kinda like Bill O’Reilly, but on the Internet. Better more important topics by far! You were visibly upset today: the crap that USA Today published is upsetting. [no casual field reporting today-you were in full uniform in your office!] CNN as we all know, does the same crappy, dishonest reporting. I have a “I don’t believe the liberal media” bumper sticker on my pickup truck. SO TRUE! Note: thanks Mason for the goodies from Armstrong! Also if you all get a chance: google: ‘AFRICA IN OUR MIDST” from the AMERICAN RENAISSANCE website.

  36. Russ McMeans

    While I’m here-[have to go to work]- Could Greg ever interview Caroline Glick?
    She wrote a new book on an Israeli single state solution. She’s a Jewish national that served in the IDF. All you hangin out here can bat that around, I’ll be back this evening Pacific time…… Writing from the great worker’s paradise… Yes Calitopia…….. where our unicorns really do poop rainbows! Forward ho!

  37. Mike

    In the end we will be correct in our chosen path to stack.

    I took us a while to realize that the powers to be could delay judgement day this long. The time when they will be forced to submit to the fact that their chosen route was rift with pot holes is now almost here.

    As we see signs that this time of reckoning is quickly approaching. We now know that the number of countries unwilling to play this game with the US$ ponzi scheme is growing almost weekly.

    I for one as of today have achieved my stacking goal , and I only have to increase my store of foodstuff to achieve the level of preparation possible with the resources at my disposal.

    So the ability for them to delay has been for some us a silver lined cloud.

    But no mistake the dark storm clouds are quickly approaching.

    Time to look for shelter.

  38. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, I was reading your weekly reports ever since you started with them. Very rarely, I do make some comments because I am not specializing in economics neither in political science but, as a tax payer, I am closely following the corresponding news through the MSM. Unfortunately, in last 15-20 years, my trust in the MSM is reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the Internet and intelligent-brave people like yourself, I am getting to know the real news, rare and honest opinions of your guests, and very sharp commentaries of your readers. I have sensed that you are a very honest and brave writer and I am truthfully proud of you. This weekly review topped all others in its full honesty and unmatched bravery of your words. Congratulation to you on those two characteristics.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro!

  39. g.johnson

    easily the most astute list of comments I have ever read here.
    the only important question that now remains is: what are we going to do about the overthrow of human hope?

  40. John Doe

    Putin and Erdogan: Partnership of convenience?
    Hard-nosed pragmatism continues to govern relations between Russia and Turkey.

    Last updated: 02 Dec 2014 12:32
    Dr Dimitar Bechev is based at the European Institute, London School of Economics. He writes on Turkey, South East Europe and Russian foreign policy.

    Judging by the scenes of protesting Crimean Tatars in Ankara and Istanbul, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit did not elicit warm feelings among many Turks. Yet, he is always a welcome guest for the Turkish state.

  41. Doug

    Jim Willie noted how ISIS and Ebola have all but disappeared from the news and how Ferguson is the new push. I don’t know who to believe regarding Ferguson. The bigger problem in places like Ferguson is the extremely high unemployment which is barely being talked about. The Ferguson/NYC protests are not just about two dead guys but young people that don’t have jobs (or are under-employed), laid off, saddled with student loan debt, living in the parent’s basement, and faced with a futureless future.

  42. John Doe

    Russia’s new European friend
    Russia has been financing Europe’s far right, which has returned the favour with support for Putin’s foreign policies.
    Last updated: 04 Dec 2014 14:10

    When in March Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine in a referendum hastily organised three weeks after the Russian occupation of the peninsula, Marine Le Pen said that the poll “raised no questions” and that Crimea was “historically a part of Russia”. Her foreign policy adviser Aymeric Chauprade even travelled to Crimea during the referendum and announced that the vote was “legitimate”, although not even Russia’s closest allies – Belarus and Kazakhstan – have recognised it as such.


    Leonid Ragozin

  43. John Doe


    The Middle East

    A fierce battle for control in Libya’s desert

    Conflict between Tebu and Tuareg tribes shows shifting allegiances in post-revolution fight for power and resources.

    Al Jazeera Last updated: 05 Dec 2014 10:18

    South Libya – In Libya’s southwest Saharan desert, near the vast el-Sharara oil field and the borders with Niger and Algeria, a fierce struggle for control of the small oasis town of Ubari and its surrounding area has dragged on since September.

    This desert conflict illustrates the shift of tribal allegiances in the country’s post-revolution fight over resources and power, now cast within the larger national context of Libya’s two competing governments and their agendas as the country slides deeper into civil war.

    “We are taking out dead bodies. Our challenge is how to get help inside the town, and to get people out,” Mahmoud al-Araby, head of the Red Crescent Society in Ubari, told Al Jazeera. Along with his volunteer emergency health staff, he has been exiled to the nearby town of al-Ghoraifa.

    “We have brought out nine dead bodies so far,” he said. “And they were decomposed when we got them.”

    RELATED: Libya’s Benghazi sees battles for control

  44. Mike

    The definition of fear.

    Fear is an emotional response to a belief of loss.

    Manipulators want to not just manipulate the price of precious metals, they want to manipulate your emotions.

    If you have stacked then they will want you to think that the value of your stack is going to go down.


    If they convince you that things are fine (as in the markets are high) then they have control of your emotion and will continue to make you believe that there is no reason to worry.

    If you dont worry about future monetary finances problems, then you likely and you are likely not going to stack.
    No stack..no insurance policy to product your buying ability.

    No stack then what is left is dependcy on the bankers and politicians.

    Achieving a stacking goal is a liberating feeling.
    Paying off debt is a liberating feeling.
    I chose to sell my house so that I could pay off all debt and create a situation where I could divorce myself from the banking system.
    What a liberating feeling..

    Recently I got a call from my banker. What did he want…he wanted to know if he could be of service to me.lol

    Bankers are not there to help us they are there to skim off the top of our assets.

    Empower yourself…liberate yourself from your bankers asap.

    Happy stacking.

  45. John Doe


    United States polarising – inequality and injustice escalating

    Ferguson sparks rebellion across the US to resist growing poverty, white supremacy, and militarized police state.

    Last updated: 05 Dec 2014 17:09


    Putin and Erdogan: Partnership of convenience?
    Hard-nosed pragmatism continues to govern relations between Russia and Turkey.

    Last updated: 02 Dec 2014 12:32
    Dr Dimitar Bechev is based at the European Institute, London School of Economics. He writes on Turkey, South East Europe and Russian foreign policy.

    Judging by the scenes of protesting Crimean Tatars in Ankara and Istanbul, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit did not elicit warm feelings among many Turks. Yet, he is always a welcome guest for the Turkish state.

  46. A dewit

    I was driving in my local city last week and for the first time in 40 years saw true tent camp cities under the overpasses. I have been to developing countries and seen bidonvilles, but never, ever in my north eastern industrial American city.
    Where are the photographers taking pictures that can have the effect of the photo from the dustbowl by Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, Nipomo Valley, 1935?
    All the great dictators used art as propaganda: Napoleon par excellence! (My personal favorite Antoine-Jean Gros, Napoleon at the Pesthouse at Jaffa, 1804 )
    It is always up to the individual to self educate away from the nonsense that the media puts out.
    Thank you for all the great work you do! It keeps the 2 or 3 of us self educators I know personally, sane.

  47. John Doe

    ISIL ‘advances towards eastern Syria airbase’

    Group claims to have captured village near strategic facility in Deir Az Zor which they plan to target now.
    Last updated: 05 Dec 2014 11:57

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) has said it has taken control of a village near a key government airbase that it now plans to target in the province of Deir Az Zor.

    ISIL on Thursday claimed it was advancing towards the strategic military base, located just outside of the provinical capital, which has long been used by government forces to launch air raids on opposition fighters.

    Members of ISIL uploaded a video to social media purportedly showing the armed group in control of the Al Jafra village.

    Gaining control of the area surrounding the base is also important to access its rich oilfields, which has been fought over since the country’s conflict began in 2011.

    Another one of ISIL’s main targets in the region is a large weapons depot.

    ISIL currently governs over most of Deir Az Zor, including half of the provincial capital, but the Syrian government has maintained control over some parts of it.

    Losing the strategic airbase could be a major blow to government forces in the province.

  48. Jeff L

    ConcernedDad wrote……… “the breakdown was skewed fully in favor of Part-Time jobs, which rose by 77K while Full-Time jobs declined by 150K.” They can lie about the report because you are one in 10 million who actually reads the true #’s………….. WD says……. “So if the whole world is in this economic downward slide, how can any expert say we are having this great economic growth? ” Again, lying has become so commonplace that the truth is rarely found………… Honesty is the first casualty to socialism. Socialism, the tool of Satan.

    • Jim H

      Dear Jeff
      I’m going out on a limb here to say you have never lived in Germany or anywhere in Europe for any length of time. I lived there as a contractor for the US military for 18 years, married a beautiful German girl and believe me when I tell you that whatever it is they practice over there is far from a tool of Satan. Imagine if you can a society with a conscience that says (with some complaining) we are all in this together. No one will go hungry, lose their home or die because of lack of funds for medical treatment. A place where a married man with children pays 32 to 36% taxes for what I’ve already mentioned plus his kids school is free through college. They do not pay subsidies to rich corporations and the few times this way of life has been threatened (mainly under pro Corporate Merkel), truckers pull their trucks onto the highways (autobahns), park them and wait for the greedy decisions to be reversed. Usually takes about 3 or 4 days tops. We are now a nation who gave trillions (and no it was not paid back) to criminals and bitch every time someone down on their luck receives help. Fact is, the bailouts to the corrupt rich over the last 6 years far exceed the total given to the downtrodden (and yes a small percentage of them are leeches) in America’s history. When will we stop chirping CNN, FOX and Corrupt Person’s slogans. Been back home for 6 years and talk about culture shock. You guys may not have noticed because over 18 years it was done to you slowly but for me the negative changes are catastrophic. If you want to see a negative force at work, look a little closer to home.

  49. Fred

    Hands up don’t shoot , Ferguson etc. …. It’s “divide and rule” … divide the people …rule the world!!!

  50. (aka) ron-day-voo

    Greetings from the Great White North….listened to Rob Kirby and concluded he has his finger deep in the pie….besides being very intense. My conclusion ,having been as Kirby described a USA flag Canadian waver, to the point of serving as a LRRP in Cambodia in the ’60’s….can recognize what Obama and his neo-con regime are playing out….DHS have been militarized (mercs) and intentionally pursuing sponsored doctrine to incite & create anarchy at targeted population groups(low level voter) with the co-operation of community leaders. Outcome to impose MARSHALL LAW and therefore overrule Constitution and suspend 2016 elections……..Obama is a hawk and using his own party to hide his true doctrine which is imbedded in the Republican party…..all his ideology will be accepted and approved by Republicans moving forward.

  51. Keith

    Great wrap up Greg..

    Interesting point about the whole movement based on the [false] implication of “hands up, don’t shoot.”

    Here is an interesting discussion on distractions using false events and reporting them as ‘news’ , and then pivoting off of that falsehood into exponentially crazier “facts and created messaging and impressions”.

  52. (aka) ron-day-voo

    Keystone Pipeline/Obama Shaft
    Canada has been dealt an economic death blow by the Obama administration by canceling Keystone. For 8 years our government has been negotiating in good faith and with considerable costs complete with EPA approvals.
    It has become apparent the obvious reason the current administration had other ideas behind the scenes with their own method of transportation all along. Now we all know why Warren Buffet bought the railroad to transport in lieu of pipeline..(Morons)
    Now, since Obama threw Canadian economy under the bus and after Harper appealed to USA to reconsider decision had no alternative to source new clients…..guess who stepped in…CHINA…Canadians have been treated and taken for granted .
    Now they have the nerve to question how come we have a Chinese Renminbi Bank Swap Facility in Toronto/Vancouver…….DAAAHHHH

  53. Kenneth Schortgen Jr

    Perfect update today Greg… probably why I was led to write this earlier today.

    Congress passes Nazi-style propaganda resolution against Russia


  54. Gregory Mannarino

    When all you have is the promise of central bank stimulus into oblivion causing mass over-speculation in this market, artificially suppressed interest rates, skewed economic data, and a mainstream media propagating the lie of an economic recovery as hard as they can, then you know something has to give..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for checking in Gregory!

  55. Jeff L

    The clock is ticking. We are in the eleventh hour……. [ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-12-05/ron-paul-warns-reckless-congress-just-declared-war-russia ] There is also a financial side to this. Because commodity prices have been driven down (with the dollar rising) the Russian currency has collapsed. This is shades of the last Soviet collapse which was also “engineered” to destroy their economy. The idiots running this country think they can simply wash and repeat attaining the same results……….. Today is a different time with both sides in a different economic position. The US economically stronger then without an insurmountable debt load. You might argue we were stronger militarily then……. Russia, on the other hand is in a much better state in both categories. The more important point being their financial condition enables them to withstand the present challenges. The oil and gold they possess is not lost on the world, unlike the US with a fracking oil dream (also ready to implode) and an empty gold vault……….. (Sorry for the lengthy comment but follow me on this)………… Both sides are at a point were they must put up or shut up. We’re one chess move away from Putin calling checkmate. He’s been pushed in a corner with his country’s currency and economy while we all know he already has the game. The West continues to move ponds in an attempt to surround him…………. One simple move changes the whole game. Utilizing Russia’s gold changes everything on both sides. Checkmate………….. There will be a weekend in the near future when we will watch this unfold. They will call it something else (liars as they are) but this will change life as we know it.

  56. Silence is Golden

    America is officially ruled under a Military Dictatorship. Stand back and witness the similarities between the US and Nazi Germany.
    This is not a metaphorical comparison ….it is literal. This U.S. government follows the recipe to the tee:
    It sells fear to create a reaction where citizens demand greater ‘security’,
    It has Centralization of power, and it has suspended civil rights,
    It defies accepted international law,
    It controls the media through threats and propaganda,
    It excuses war crimes committed by our own military leaders, AND
    It has the arrogance of believing the whole world should think, and act, and govern just like it.
    A cursory glance exposes ideas of madmen, and yet today, they are now official policy of the United States government.
    The US’ move towards being a TOTAL Police State has been a century in the making.
    Witness the recent NDAA which allows the U.S. military to arrest, imprison, and torture American citizen without due process of any kind…that effectively killed democracy.
    Do any of these ring true for the US today:
    – A Police State
    – Military Dictatorship
    – Rule through Barbaric Annihilation
    – A regime that destroys workers
    – A Terrorist Fascist State
    Inevitably these are crimes against humanity. The capitalist cabal is indoctrinating the populace to believe that criticism of their actions is traitorous.
    How often do we here….”I’m only following orders” and ” We don’t make the laws…we only carry them out” ??
    There are many who attend this site and who I would consider to be “informed” about the criminal trampling that is so very evident. It is an awareness process such that we cannot rest and must remain continually informed. The Tyranny that is so prevalent must be stopped and the cabal criminals brought to justice. We are all facing a life or death crisis. No other interpretation or meaning can be inferred.

  57. James Hastings

    Great analysis. I don’t fear…I’m ready…Let’s do this, I’m tired of waiting. Feel like I did before we ran out on the field. Let’s get it on.

  58. RTW

    You couldn’t be any further “out to sea” than the Ancient Mariner, making comments like you did. You also wouldn’t know what objectivity was if it came up and bit you in your derrier. Michael Brown was not some choirboy on his way home from church. He and his buddy had just robbed a convenience store and was brazenly walking down the middle of the street when the police officer told them to get on the sidewalk. It was shortly after that, when the officer received notification of the crime. A description of the perpetrators was also provided, which by the way, matched Michael Brown. So, no, Michael Brown was not singled out because he was “walking while black.” He was stopped because he fit the description of the offender. That’s called good police work in most civilized circles. Michael Brown began the series of events that ended his life all by himself when he assaulted the officer and tried to take his weapon. What do you suppose MB was going to do with that weapon, had he wrestled away from the officer? At that point when the gun went off, inside the vehicle, wounding MB, any normal criminal would have fled the scene as fast as he could, trying to get away. However, Michael must have decided that the officer was a “punk” and he could still take him out. So rather than running away or surrendering, he turned and charged the officer. I really do not believe that, at that point in time, the officer was overly concerned with the color of skin Michael was wearing, as opposed to his size and the ferocity at which he was coming at him. In short, the officer was in fear of his life and he did what any other rational person, armed with a gun would do. Sane individuals do not assault police officers. The grand jury listened to eye witnesses, who happened to be African American, tell them that Michael Brown neither had his arms up nor did he say don’t shoot. So, everyone out there, including some members of congress are perpetuating that falsehood, trying to keep the pot at “just below boiling” stage.
    You also seem to be under the misconception that all the ills that have befallen the black man are the fault of people , of non-color. Ghettos are not the product of the whites. Whites may have had a hand in the construction of the buildings, as well as other ethnicities. However, they weren’t built as “ghettos”. The occupants turned them into that all by themselves, over the years. I observed that first hand. You also take exception to the Fact that most of the homicides committed against black men are at the hands of other black men. This is a stark reality that is playing out every day most notably in Chicago where the total number of shootings has topped 2100 this year. One thing I have to agree with you on, is that we do not hear about are all the White on White murders or White individuals murdered by Black individuals for that matter. There have been some horrific crimes of late, the most recent being the White man murdered by 3 blacks and 1 Hispanic youth. He was beaten to death with hammers, but something like that just isn’t newsworthy because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Oh and by the way, you are “spot on” as far as the MSM goes. However, in the future, before you criticize Greg for not being objective, do some objective research on your own and leave your cocoon and find out what’s really going on in the world. Also, check out some of the worst cities in the country, both in terms of economics and human tragedy, and you’ll find out that the controlling political party is and has been Democratic.

    • allen ols


      I wanted to say all that, but couldn’t articulate it as such, GOOD JOB, AGREE TOTALLY!!!!!

  59. laura


    For those who need their Jim Willie fix. Jim Willie on Trunews radio.

    • Mike Soon Over

      Thank you for the Great Jim W

    • Will H

      Must listen to interview , a tremendous amount of material covered in this hour long interview that pulls current events together. Always been skeptical of willie but enjoy his point of view. Thanks for posting link


    What would have happened if Michael Brown had successfully wrestled away the police service weapon from Officer Wilson?

  61. Kenneth Schortgen Jr

    By the way, just heard this evening that Belgium is announcing they will be repatriating their gold.

    The rush is on… but does the Fed have it? No wonder Congress just passed a virtual ‘war’ resolution against Russia yesterday.

  62. Gimbo

    I believe our GDP is being artificially padded by the increase in medical insurance premiums due to obamacare. Anybody can see whether they are getting medical insurance for free, subsidised or must pay their own, the costs have skyrocketed. Since the formula for GDP is roughly total of goods and services minus inflation. The forced expense increase for this so called health service artificially makes GDP larger while at the same time really makes us poorer.

  63. rezo

    Hi Greg, I can see both sides of the argument Bottom line is you don’t need to shoot someone 8 times to stop them.

    • Chip

      Actually you might have to especially someone as big as Michael Brown and depending on the caliber of weapon used. People watch too many movies and assume you fall down and die immediately when you are shot. Not so…

  64. diane

    Great blog thus week, Greg and watchdog posters.
    I wonder if the whole world is in a state of ANARCHY?
    Maybe the banksters and the National security freaks who are supposedly running the world are doing everything wrong , and everything is so out of control?

  65. Alyce

    You are all missing the point re: Garner in Staten Island. It’s not even about a Police State, let alone racism. It’s about M.O.N.E.Y. It’s always about money. Why do we have such an idiotic law about selling loose cigarettes (especially in what is essentially a Depression)?? Garner’s out trying to make a buck the only way he can….and people are buying from him because they can’t afford an entire pack of cigarettes. Cigarettes a few decades ago, only cost 50 cents/pack. Now they are $6.00. That’s because the gov’t has driven the price sky high by TAXING. Why does the gov’t tax so much? One reason is to pay all these pensions and benefits for gov’t employees. Look how many officers were paid to arrest one person over cigarettes! And there are many other ways the gov’t is stealing from poor people every minute of every single day in this country….and it never makes the news. The gov’t is hell bent on stealing as much as possible from it’s citizens. This is the issue and it’s far from racism.

    • Keith

      You are right Alyce. But its about power AND money. Sadly, much of the economic malaise could be fixed if the government would prosecute major financial crimes. For example, I was a whistleblower that had litigation against Chevron for FERC and SEC fraud by Chevron executives (my direct supervisor was Manager of Investor Relations, reporting to the CFO, who reported to the CEO. The fraud dealt with oil and gas price manipulation – by production and pipeline transportation interruptions – to cause spikes in oil and gas pricing (remember in 2008 when oil went from $60/barrel to $150/barrel due to “speculation” (caused by supply reduction(s) at the supply/demand margins. Chevron revenues were (and still are) about $1 billion dollars PER DAY. Most of that revenue is from production of oil and gas OWNED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE US – offshore Gulf of Mexico. If the FBI/DOJ would have prosecuted the financial crimes I reported on in my litigation, the billion dollars per day of – PEOPLE OF THE US OWNED OIL AND GAS – could provide health care and college education for every man, woman, and child in the US – including as many immigrants as are here.. See litigation at H-06-3810 and H-07-3236. Chevron was defended by Bracewell and GIULIANI by the way, who produced altered documents, lied repeatedly in filings and oral hearings, and failed to provide me notice of hearings (ensuring one-sided communication with the judge(s) – on more than 10 occasions.. But like the financial fraud by Wall Street, the FBI and SEC REFUSED to prosecute – and EVERY US CITIZEN is robbed of our resources and economic opportunity, jobs, etc.
      The system is broken, and truly is run by the few with the power over the police, enforcement agencies, and court systems.. Again, you are mostly right – it IS about MONEY – who has it and who doesn’t.

  66. Mike

    Where there is smoke there will soon be flames.

    It is my opinion that this will soon come to a head and 2015 will see a return to the rule of law and a gold standard of some fashion.

    We need to bring honesty to our monetary system world wide and we need to re affirm true democracy.

    The day is coming where this phrase will again have meaning.

    WE THE PEOPLE…………….

    God be with us..
    History is being written as we speak …no doubt.

    • Jeff L

      Mike says….. ” It is my opinion that this will soon come to a head and 2015 will see a return to the rule of law “………….. You meant MARTIAL LAW right ?

  67. Diane

    Greg and posters? What do you make of this?


    • Greg Hunter

      Practice for marshal law?

      • Diane

        My friend who is an LAPD officer said that the military at Camp Pendleton is training for urban combat….probably overseas.
        I was driving east out of Los Angeles County today when I saw 2 large troop transport trucks full of soldiers in uniform, driving east from Los Angeles County into San Bernardino County…..I have not seen that for a very long time.
        The story broke yesterday, but was quickly downplayed….although people are seeing and hearing these new aircraft.
        Haven’t seen this much military activity around here since the Viet Nam War, and that was down in SanDiego County. Land and Sea and Air maneuvers.
        Strange…..who knows?

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for the reporting from the West coast.

  68. Joe G.

    We just picked up a little Christmas tree at WalMart, last year was $19.99 now it’s $29.99. What inflation?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the real world reporting from the street–main street!!

  69. Robert E. Salt

    Think of your favorite sports team. All the players function together as a team, but they all compete with each other. The most effective ones go on to greater success, and the rest of them fall by the waste side. This is exactly how the major world leaders operate. After the 9/11 attacks were blamed on terrorists, there were lesser attacks in other countries, one in each country including England, Spain, India and Norway. There may have been one in Italy and Russia. This is how well these leaders cooperate. The French politician who was on his way to becoming president was falsely arrested as he was leaving NYC for raping a hotel maid. He was destroyed for not being on board with the NWO team. It’s very important that people of all races and religions cooperate with each other because we have our work cut out for us. Kim, of North Korea, knows what’s going on; he’s not as crazy as propaganda would have us believe.

  70. Roy B.

    Anyone who cant see the path that Hitlers Germany and the U.S is on are the same are idiots. The U.S has taken over most of Europe and stole there gold and now they are on
    Russia’s boarder.Hitler killed 6 million of there own people the U.S. is killing millions of
    babies and know body flinches. When you make killing babies ok what else can you do
    to wake people up

  71. Silverado

    Uh-Oh…CNN has a tape that shows Michael Brown’s hands were up and they have 2 white contractor/witnesses that goes along with the video. Though I’m no fan of the media it looks like RIGHT NOW that USA Today’s headline was NOT a “false narrative”. Here’s a link:


    • Greg Hunter

      Nope–false narrative and this is a false story. The contractors later said they actually did not see the shooting. The reporter and producer of this CNN story should be fired for telling a one-sided story that was totally skewed and inaccurate. There were 60 witnesses including 5 African Americans that told the exact same story as Officer Wilson. The 5 never heard the Wilson’s story ahead of time. The forensics also say Brown did not have his hands up. These two testified in the case but the “Hands up” shooting story was discredited by forensics and eyewitnesses. Many witnesses were discredited by forensics and changed their stories, including Mike Browns friend who was with him when he was caught on video in a strong arm robbery. I worked at CNN and this reporter and producer cherry picked the witnesses to tell a one-sided story. It is so one-sided it is inaccurate and I would fire both for putting this on the air. This is NOT proof. “Hands up don’t shoot” is a huge lie being fabricated as a distraction from a sinking economy and it is sinking fastest in the poor communities because Wall Street got all the money in the bailouts. You are being played. What you should be protesting is the totally uneven economy where the 1% (criminal bankers) have done the very best! Thank you Mr. “Hope and Change” President!!!

  72. dee garmon

    If somebody lets their opinion influenced by football players, they may not have
    the same income level as they do. However, they certainly have the same, if not lower, IQ
    than that of their idols.

    • Chip

      WOW! Thanks for the post. Highly recommend for all here to read this…

  73. Jeff L

    Keith says…. ” The fraud dealt with oil and gas price manipulation – by production and pipeline transportation interruptions – to cause spikes in oil and gas pricing (remember in 2008 when oil went from $60/barrel to $150/barrel due to “speculation”……………… Thank you Keith for a little backing as I’ve repeatedly stated that this price movement (down) is 90% manipulation. Even Greg’s guest fall for the MSM propaganda “it’s the Saudi’s” BS……….I keep harping because I believe it’s just as important to understand this lie as the Ukrainian or NY/Ferguson lies…….. One must understand they could care less if the American public gets cheaper gas. In fact, I’m sure Nobama’s environmental buddies are having a fit it’s not $5……… So follow the money trail (and oil) to see which nations are suffering. Other than China (who has a $trillion extra bucks to buy cheaper oil) the Brics are hurt the most. Not surprisingly, they are the one’s promoting an anti-dollar agenda and buying gold. In order to deliver maximum damage (for even considering not playing the dollar game) these oil exporting countries now suffer the wrath of the US………… Realistically (and this is where everyone gets led astray) oil wouldn’t drop almost 50% in 6 months from a mere supply demand scenario………Consider….. in the 80’s was the supply/demand that skewed ? In ’08 did demand drop so much to justify oil retreating from $130 to 30 ? Today from $115 to 65 ? Is it that much of a stretch to believe the US (I mean Goldman Sachs) didn’t drive the price down like they did in the previous cases ? You might think this is irrelevant but it’s no different that the latest congressional vote against Russia or the ongoing manipulation of gold. It’s all corruption and lies and will end badly for the US……………………. Not that I don’t believe that is the entire objective.

  74. Chip

    Great wrap up Greg. Spot on about the racial distraction. Distraction from moving toward war with Russia. $63 oil and this…



  75. William Zabel

    When the illegals are made legal then the race war will be real for sure when blacks become even more disadvantaged as they are displaced from their communities by illegals who will take their jobs, section 8 and SNAP benefits. Then everything will fall apart for sure and we will all be hurting. The only thing equal then will be whites and blacks sharing the same cardboard box. I say we make these illegals join the military and send them to Poland let them fight along side Polish fighters against Russia, illegal problem solved!

    The Pentagon also sent F-15E fighter jets to Poland with GBU-28 bunker buster bombs. These fighter jets use the stealth skin of the F-117A. Yeah, they just want to ensure peace. My cousin in the Air Force says there are also rumors that they are carrying the B61 tactical nuclear weapon though he could not get confirmation. Either way Poland now has our most advanced fighter jets and their pilots will be flying them.

    Surely there won’t be any illegal covert sorties into Russia?

  76. DiscoProJoe

    There needs to be counter-protests everywhere across the U.S., in order to confront these silly Ferguson protest crowds. Here’s some good counter-protest picket sign ideas:


    If you can think of any more good counter-protest picket slogans, post them below!

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