WNW 174-Middle East War Coming, Iran Russia Unite, Ferguson Cop Cleared

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (1.23.15) 

Several top stories are all coming out of the Middle East, and they all show war is approaching.  Yemen has fallen into the hands of Islamic radicals, and there is total chaos and anarchy in the country which now has no formal government.  This is an ominous development as it borders Saudi Arabia where staunch U.S. ally, King Abdullah, just died.  A successor has been named, and he faces a country on its Southern border overrun with rebels that oppose America and its allies.  President Obama has called Yemen a success story, and now it is a disaster that can and will further destabilize the Middle East.  My question is when will the anti-American rebels try to overthrow Saudi Arabia?  That is coming.  The U.S. can’t let that happen because if they do, it’s lights out for the petro-dollar.  The U.S. has been moving men and machinery to the region to fight ISIS.  Will they be diverted to Saudi Arabia?

Israel attacked positions in Syria and killed the son of a Hezbollah leader and an Iranian General.  Iran and Hezbollah say they are going to invade northern Israel in a counterattack.  The Israelis say an attack on Israel was already in the planning stages, and it attacked preemptively.  This could get ugly and very bloody.  Hezbollah has been amassing thousands of missiles, and they could rain down so many missiles on Israel it could swamp the Iron Dome missile defense system.  A missile attack by Hezbollah could make what Hamas did in the south look tame.  This might ratchet up the violence as Israel moves to stop such an attack.

Meanwhile, Iran just signed a defense pact with Russia that could send sophisticated S-300 missiles to Iran.  These missiles are defensive and might thwart a possible air strike from Israel over Iran’s nuclear program.  Here’s a big question, if Israel attacks Iran, will Russia feel obligated to then attack Israel?  Who knows, but this news clearly shows tensions on the rise and peace is being pushed further out of the picture.  A direct attack on Iran by Israel would surely cause a wider way.  On top of that, Israel has released satellite photographs that it says shows Iran has what appears to be a new ballistic missile.  The Israelis claim it is capable of hitting targets far beyond the Middle East.

Closer to home, Congress has invited Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress.  The White House was bypassed, and now the Obama Administration says it will not meet with Netanyahu while he is in town.  The official reason is that the Prime Minister is too close to his election, and the White House does not want to appear to be showing favoritism to a candidate or a party.  Others say President Obama is furious the White House was bypassed.  Speaker John Boehner has voiced his displeasure over how the talks have dragged on with Iran over its nuclear program and says “hell no” to Obama signing a bad deal.  President Obama threatened to veto any legislation that intensifies sanctions on Iran.  My prediction is the House will have bipartisan legislation for more sanctions and so will the Senate.  There may be enough Democrats that will vote to override a veto.  This is what I predicted after the mid-term elections, and this is what is happening.  More and more Democrats will vote against the President as time goes on.

On the financial front, the European Central Bank (ECB) started its own “open-ended” money printing, or QE program.  It will be spending $70 billion a month buying bonds, but the ECB says it is only picking up 20% of the tab.  It wants other central banks to pick up the other 80%.  I don’t think any other banks can afford it, and Germany certainly will not be chipping in 20%.  I don’t see how it will work.  The euro has been sinking in value, and the U.S. dollar has been rising.  At least two USAWatchdog guests predicted the dollar would rise, and that may indeed force the Fed to start another round of money printing to knock down the dollar.  U.S. companies, which get much of their revenue from sales abroad, are hurting because of the spiking dollar.  The Fed will not let that happen, so expect more money printing to devalue the dollar.

There are also plenty of signs that say the economy is not in a so-called “recovery” but a downward spiral.  This is another excuse to start another round of money printing to prop up the economy a little longer.  Oil and energy companies have been laying off workers by the tens of thousands.  Other parts of the economy are also announcing they are shedding jobs such as eBay, American Express, plenty of retailers and even big banks like Bank of America.  The President touted that the economy was strong, but out here in the real world, it looks weak and getting weaker.

Finally, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson has been exonerated by the U.S. Justice Department.  This means the entire “hands up, don’t shoot” movement was based on a gigantic lie.  White police officers are not hunting down unarmed black men and executing them.  More than 5,000 blacks a year are murdered by other blacks in America, and those lives don’t seem to matter to people like Al Sharpton.  Much of the city of Ferguson, Missouri, was burned to the ground based on hype and lies. That is a tragedy for the business owners, most of them minority owned, who suffered because their town was being used as a political piñata.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. 

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  1. Jeff

    ” if Israel attacks Iran, will Russia feel obligated to then attack Israel? ” No one knows so we can only speculate. Thus far Putin has shown restraint while keeping his powder dry. Choosing his battles wisely and leaning toward financial jabs. I don’t think he’s ready for the “big one” yet…….

    • mohammad


      When will it occur to you guys that the intention is Saudi Arabia (Mecca and Al-Madina) and not Iran, Iran is the vehicle…..


      • paul

        Do you think King Abdullah was killed to further destabilize the Middle East?

      • Jeff

        mohammad ……..I was using Greg’s quote. My point is Putin is not stepping into any fight unless it’s the last resort……….. Further, I believe any country is a target if they possess oil and especially gold. What we do best is plunder………and kill…….. Every time a country falls I figure that’s another 50 tons of gold to supply the manipulators (suppress the price). Wonder how much gold in Yemen ?

        • paul

          Jeff … even with the extra gold from Yemen I don’t think they can keep golds price down … http://www.arabianmoney.net/gold-silver/2015/01/22/gold-chart-shows-a-decisive-breakout-from-three-year-correction/

          • paul

            I think getting “too technical” with silver is a mistake … silver should be $27 dollars an ounce “right now” based upon golds current price and applying a very conservative gold/silver ratio of 49.

          • lastmanstanding

            I live in a small community with a small lcs.

            PM’s are flying out of there…few sellers, LOT’S of buyers. Starting to see outsiders show up. That means that their lcs is tapped. Lots of folks are low key and do not like to buy online.

        • WSMassiv

          There is a lot of gold in Yemen it is a very rich country. I wanted to tell Gregg that in October 2014 I was in Jordan visiting some family. The news out of Yemen was interesting to say they least. I have no proof because I thought I would get a picture or record it before I left but was unable to. The TV station was taken over by the rebels and they where rotating a series of slides that pleaded the case of why they are fighting the government & foreign fighters(AlCiada). They went one by one, and explained how the unelected government was selling the resources of the people of Yemen out from underneath them. They wanted the Rothschild bank removed and a small and limited sovereign government to take its place. I could not believe they where saying this, for everyone to see. I looked to find it here, and cannot. (It was a black background with single color text on each slide and text only no pictures or fluid video. It was playing on Yemen State TV from Sept 25th thru October 2nd for sure.) I so wish I put it on my phone.

      • Rick Perkins

        It will occur to us guys after Mecca and Madinah are attacked. What’s more, as these are places protected by divine providence, it will also occur to and profoundly embarrass those Arab nations which became vassals of the Israeli/NATO alliance. Then…

        • mohammad


          Then it will never occur to you.


      • lastmanstanding

        Looking at a map of the Middle East simplifies things…Logistically, it (SA, etc.) is “right next door” …conquering someplace close at hand makes things easier and cheaper. Not to mention that if you win, you now have a bigger piece of the pie that you can expand/grow…which is what Israel has been attempting to do bit by bit, sometimes on the sly.

        As you said Mohammad, look at all of the water…especially all that beautiful beachfront property on the Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

        I am not sure geo-politically about what is going on in Jordan. If you are correct and SA is the target, the rest of countries bordering SA will go down with it. Kuwait, Quatar, Yemen looks to be done, UAE and probably Oman…A slam dunk.

        Look at what one could do with all that prime waterfront property.

        • mohammad


          Let me give a perspective from an old civil war that was neighboring me when i was a kid and that is Lebanese civil war, you can drop it on the civil war in M.E. now.
          I will mention only 2 points of interest:
          1- The lebanese Lira before the war was stronger than the Syrian pound, the lebanese used to visit Syria and have all kind of stuff with the difference of currencies, they bragged then about the how strong their currency was.
          Civil war came and left, lebanon Beirut was constructed to the most beautiful city you can ever visit….
          war was over since late seventies and since then the Lebanese Lira did not recover, Lebanon was loaded with DEBT.

          2- Most of destruction in the war was SYSTEMATIC. As if the parties involved have a blue print of the new city that will be constructed on the ruins of the destroyed buildings, Cheap way to grab land evacuate it and rebuild on it.

          Same thing is happening in middle east now, the war is loading sovereign countries with debt, Syria never had debt before the war , not any more.
          locations are destroyed according to a plan as if there is a blue print that is put in place already and they are following it, you can tell from the areas that were eye sore and now leveled to the ground.

          Jordan’s turn is coming once they are done with Syria, Jordan is going to be the place where the mass transfer of Palestinians is going to, Israel already announced that it is a JEWISH state, that will exclude Christians and Muslims and will be only Jewish (I did not make this up, you can google it for your self).
          So once mass transfer happens then Jordan will be the new home (did you notice that the wall built around Israel is still open towards Jordan?) also (did you notice that the final boundaries of Israel are not drawn yet? how many countries in UN now that do not have final boundaries other than ISRAEL?………NONE..!!!)


  2. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, I thank you for a very comprehensive weekly summary of the major news regarding our economy and related events in the Western world. In the Eastern world, besides the one that have mentioned, I just read news that NR China and Russian Federation agreed to build a fast track connection between Peking and Moscow over the country of Kazakhstan at the cost of $420 billion. It is 7,000 km long and projected to be completed by 2018/2019. Current trip by a train from Moscow to Peking lasts about eight to nine days. A trip by the new fast track rail will last about 36 hours. Is sounds like a new silk road is being dreamed out.

  3. Dwain Decell

    Great wrap up Greg.

    With all the turmoil I’ve been driven to dust off the Holy book to help me fear not. I read this a while back and find it very interesting. Seems to fit the times.

    13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon [media?] and out of the mouth of the beast [government?], and out of the mouth of the false prophet [intellectuals and religious quacks?].
    14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. (New Testament, Revelation, Chapter 16).

    What an apt metaphor frogs are. The intent of croaking is to attract, seduce and defeat rivals. The triads deluding capacity is nothing short of miraculous.

    • Branko

      Spot on mate!

      • jeff

        Dwaine, Paul and Branko,
        Nice to see the Holy Book being quoted men!!! As world events continue to unravel for the worse at an increasing pace, more and more folk will start to open God’s Word.
        The world has turned a page, normality of life and hoping that the future will be brighter in 2015 is Allison in Wonderland stuff,we have approached the precipice,and their is no turning back.
        The ruler of this world Gog of Magog [Satan] and his cohorts knows their days are numbered,and that is why we see the struggle of good and “evil”taking its stand in the world NOW, its time to put your faith in God/Yahweh/Jehovah,no government,no political party, no revolutionary group, can or will be able to stop the things that shortly must take place, pray for God’s Kingdom its our only hope!

        • mohammad


          I agree, with one caveat.
          It is an old say but rings true throughout time:
          Not all that glitters is gold.
          When Jesus will stand against the Anti Christ a lot of confusion will happen, and crystal clear vision may not be as easy as what most think.
          It is the ultimate test of humanity, usually tests, especially final ones are NOT EASY.


    • paul

      For good people to inherit the Earth (unlike the evil Cabal with their selfishness, pride, greed and arrogance) … the meek must get Fed up … and rise to become like God in character and nature!

      At first the meek must ground themselves in the 10 Commandments … to steel their hearts, their souls and their minds … so as to know exactly what is right and what is wrong!

      Secondly … to love our neighbor as our self … “all”… must come together and agree to obey the Commandments of God! … For it is from God’s Commandments … that all mans laws are made!!

      Today … every one of God’s Commandments is violated … the most important one “Thou Shall Not Kill” is where we must all begin … Good people everywhere must simply pledge [“No woman … No Children”] as a first step toward regaining our humanity … [and this applies to all military personnel as well in their rules of engagement].

      What this will do is begin the healing process … cities can’t be nuked (if there are women and children living there)!

      If we can’t even agree to stop killing each other … we are not human … the evil DNA of Satan (the snake in the Garden of Eden) that imposed “Original Sin” on humanity will have won … we can not allow the bad DNA to overwhelm God’s good DNA within us … however this takes strength of mind and strength of character … those sitting at computers dropping bombs “on people” must begin to make a conscious effort to differentiate … and not drop the bomb if women and children will be hurt! … this is the only way it will begin … “All” must steel our minds and our hearts to at least obey the First Commandment (Thou Shall Not Kill) by beginning to apply it to women and children … after that we can move to “universally” apply it to include men, women and children.

      Good people … the meek people of Earth … must make a conscious effort to stand up against evil … otherwise … just like the Cabal we will all be dancing around a barn fire worshiping Lucifer!!

  4. allen ols


    You started out saying that yemen is a mess. Guess what, that was the plan.
    General Wesley Clark tells of how Middle East … – YouTube
    Video for gen wesley clark and destabilizing middle east▶ 8:15▶ 8:15
    Apr 10, 2011 – Uploaded by stopthenewworldorder now.com
    General Wesley Clark tells of how Middle East destabilization was planned as far back as 1991.
    remember greg, eventually Russia will team up with muslims, and attack “The apple of YAHWEH’S Eye” and HE will reign hell down on them, and send them packing.

    Your correct, “hands up,dont shoot” is all bullshit!!

    “Today Egon von Greyerz, the man who predicted collapse of the euro against the Swiss franc just 52 days ago, made the frightening prediction of total global collapse. Greyerz said that all of the central banks are bankrupt and that’s why the world’s financial system will not survive and a total global collapse is in front of us ….

    Dr. Paul C.Roberts says; “He is right that we are facing a global collapse. Central banks have paid 100 cents on the dollar for assets that may not even be worth one cent on the dollar.

    again, another wonderful usawd week. al

  5. allen ols



    “People are so desperate they’re sleeping in the lines.”

    In Venezuela, economic conditions continue to worsen for the Venezuelan people — and the government leaders continue to deny that their policies are to blame.
    So bad, now, is the economy that the government has deployed the military — the military — to ensure that anxious, hungry and needy citizens don’t over-indulge at stores (when they actually have merchandise and food, which is increasingly rare).

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048369_Venezuela_food_shortage_socialism.html#ixzz3Pd7h7F87

  6. Mason

    Excellent WNW Greg as usual (like I have said numerous times before), and thank you very much for the multiple excellent scoops!
    I mean that from the bottom of my heart. So that is the most important message from me to you.

    However, I still see you are not addressing the rise of the Police State.
    You are right that race is a distraction in Ferguson. White police people are not targeting black people, but black AND white people. The fact that Holder exonerated officer Wilson does not diminish this. It actually reinforces it. Like I said before: “This is about the elite bankers and the militarized police protecting them against ordinary white AND black people.”

    So, I am curious, why are you not addressing this issue when you talk about Ferguson?

    • Mason

      BTW, brillant cartoon Greg!
      I would be laughing out loud if the content wasn’t so sad.

  7. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    About Saudi Arabia, the King is dead and his successor reportedly suffers from dementia. If true, then a question arise:
    Who is and will hold the real power in Saudi Arabia, the pro-US group or pro-Chinese group?
    I suspect currently the pro-Chinese group hold power, because the West stole the Arab gold, the Saudis didn’t bought the French military tech, they paraded with Chinese rackets (on a military parade) and so on. So I suspect we will hear reports about how the Chinese or Russian/Chechen anti-terrorist forces are fighting the ISIS, hell even the Iranians may give kelping hand to the Saudis (they have their own reasons).

    Will be in Middle east a major war?
    I don’t think so, although the US administration is working on it. There is a plenty of reason for that, just look at the map of Middle East/southern Russia/west China. The US administration is trying blow up the region, and the Chinese and Russians are trying prevent it. Footnote: the Russian and Chinese efforts prevented the US bombing of Syria.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • mohammad

      Oracle 911,

      Who prevented the bombing of Syria, specifically Damascus is not Russia nor China.
      Same thing happened when Bush son was ready to roll to Syria after finishing business in Iraq and SHARON PM then said hold it that is your line there you are not going an inch further, and that what happened.

      Any bombing that is effective will include nuclear material to some sort to degrade assay’s defenses.
      Damascus is sitting on the most precious thing to Israel.
      HELL NO…
      GOLD? (may be as a side bonus from the ruins of older Damascus buried underneath the current one)
      WATER….!!!!! That is it WATER
      They will not pollute the water they intend to drink from once they empty the land from its current fabric. That water extends all the way to the inland in Palestine.
      Any strikes Israel conducted to Damascus were very limited to prevent further escalation.
      They prefer the slow burn process taking place now.
      Just my 2 cents.

  8. Andrew de Berry

    Very concise and harrowing wrap up Greg. Thank you.

  9. Collateral Damage


    Help me out here please….

    I have been only casually following the news this week, but I have heard ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE, any reports about Eric Holder, Justice Department Exonerating the Cop from Ferguson!!!!! After all of that 24-hour news coverage that was force-fed down the throats over the past 6 months. I find it very curious that now, when exoneration is complete, a casual observer hears…… Absolutely Nothing.

    Could you please provide links/references to the story?

    Don’t tell me, buried on page 5,280 of the paper and maybe the news was released Friday at Midnight???? 🙂

    What an excellent week of Reporting Greg.

    My Hat off to You Man!

    Very Best Regards,


    • Greg Hunter

      Collateral D,
      CBS News also said Wilson was exonerated. Maybe the Justice department did not use those exact words but that is what happened.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, as we learned with the Russian natural gas re-route through Turkey (bypassing Ukraine), and now with the U.S Department admission, if it fits the Left-liberal narrative it will be printed and published, but if not, then narry a word. What a corrupt business, this MSM covering for the Left. You (and therefore to the benefit of all of us Watchdoggers!) are well rid and out of that pit of snakes. Best always. PM

        • susan

          Absolutely right, Paul. Greg, you are the best. You are so right on all the time. You fill in all the blanks for those of us that know what is going on. God bless you and your loved ones!

        • allen ols

          paul, jerry, sml gld, sig, jeff, art lastman, charles and more,
          I BET U DIDNT KNOW THIS!!!!

          HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
          Bet you didn’t know this!

          A reminder for those who forgot or for many that didn’t know

          Here is what will happen on January 1, 2015 :

          Top Medicare tax went from 1.45% to 2.35%

          Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%

          Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%

          Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28%

          Dividends tax went from 15% to 39.6%

          Estate tax went from 0% to 55%

          Remember this fact:

          These taxes were all passed only with Democrat votes, no Republicans voted for these taxes.

          These taxes were all passed under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

          If you think that it is important that everyone in the U.S. should know this, pass it on. If not, then delete it.

          • Charles H.

            Government became Majority Owner of all Estates. That’s tidy.

        • allen ols

          PFI, jerry, sig, everyone, click on the picture and see hitler reahm every one out for the swiss margin event last wed. funny.


  10. Brian Stemmerman

    Very close friend of mine always defends the bull market. I personally try to convince him that things have gone awry. It’s hard to beat him due to the fact that we still have free speech. USA watchdog would not be allowed. I live in Seattle. We have a lot of the S&P 500 here. The population growth has increased. But yet, there is very little new housing being built. What you see is large amount of apartment complexes throughout the Western part of the Washington area. Population growth is rising and traffic is congested. Most jobs are service. I describe it as the last of the Norman Rockwell bubble. Traffic is terrible. I often travel to Kansas City. Same banks that are in the neighborhood of my parents are still closed after seven years. I live in the upper middle-class and most of my friends think that I have no idea about the economy. You cannot stop educated individuals from wanting to learn. Be proud to put on the aluminum hat. The rest have their heads in the sand.
    I have been traveling into Seattle to take meditation classes for the doctors in the Seattle area. They are having a hard time keeping up with technology and the oversupply of patients. Most of the procedures are done to keep themselves from being sued. Life is stressful being married to a doctor.

    • susan

      Brian, I appreciate what it is like over there. Please forgive me if I am out of your comfort zone, but instead of meditation, try prayer through Jesus Christ. He is the One who truly can help give you peace.

      • mark

        Hi Susan,
        This is why I always conclude my posts here at usawatchdog with a variation of the apostle Paul’s greeting to the saints wherein he says “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit” (Gal.6:6, Phil 4:23, 2 Tim. 4:22, Philemon vs. 25) because the Lord is rich to all who call upon Him (Rom. 10:12-13) and God has not given us who have believed into Him a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind. (2 Tim 1:7) and the mindset of the Spirit is life and peace (Rom.8:6). So to you Susan I say, and to Brian and to Greg and to all who come here to read and to post I say “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit” Turn your hearts to Him and open your mouths calling upon His Name to taste the riches in the Spirit of our Lord and see that the Lord is good.(1Peter 2:3). The richness of the glory of His inheritance is in the saints and His glory cannot be extinguished even by the evil plots of the Cabal banksters and corrupt politicians! See in Revelation the glorified Man, Christ Jesus the Lord Who through death conquered death and destroyed him who has the might of death, that is the devil that He might release those who through all their life were held in slavery to the fear of death (Heb.2:14-15) and now holds the keys of Death and of Hades! Call upon Him Who laid His hand upon the elderly apostle (John ) who beheld Him in glory and “fell at His feet as dead” at the sight, and heard these words from the Lord’s own mouth … “Fear Not..” (Rev. 1:17).

  11. bob

    i don’t think you could have done a better job greg. those who know, listening to you we have taken the red pill.

  12. Collateral Damage



    I can’t seem to find any reference to anything having to do with ‘exoneration’ happening this week.

    Thanks for further explaining this Greg.



  13. Collateral Damage

    Finally, it appears I have found one reference which cited another article. A New York Times article on Wednesday.



    Incidentally, it was buried by the stories of the aftermath of the Presidents Speech, and the NFL story of the Bad Boy’s Balls.

    When these types of things happen it always makes me look back on the time period when the trumped up ‘scandal’ was in full swing and work to analyze what story/stories/’political goings on’ were happening at the time (August – December) that warranted such a distraction.

    On that note, I encourage each of you to think about that for yourselves.

    Amnesty, Bills to foist BigBankLosses on the Taxpayer?

    What else?

    Best to you,


    • anni

      Another encouraging note about Ferguson. I read that the police are asking people to come forth and identify the looter and criminals that destroyed and stole stuff during the protest. Reminds me of the “long arm of the law.” Of course it will be construed as more “Black lives don’t matter”, especially if any of the crooks are black.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Anni, if they had prohibited the riots to begin with, we wouldn’t have to worry about trying to get them after the fact. The police and the National Guard were on hand but told to stand down and not intervene. So much for the USA being a nation of laws. Well maybe for some but not others. Best always. PM

  14. bob

    another example of how bad the economy is doing, is atlantic city, they keep
    leaning on the hope that investors are gonna buy up the falling casinos and things
    will improve. That industry is collapsing, not only because of other states building
    casinos, but because people are tapped out. just yesterday they announced the state
    is appointing a special team to handle the crisis. its sad because a large part of the state
    depends on the jobs in Atlantic city.
    thank you for keeping us informed.

  15. Aziz JAAFAR

    Hi Greg,
    I agree with you in some points but here the points I don’t agree with:
    1-those who took power in Yemen are not Alqaeda style”Islamic radicals” as you mentioned but Houthis who are Shias like Iranians.Wether we like it or not it is an important geopolitical change in favour of Iran.
    2-I think the Petrodollar is already dead.More and more countries especially Asian states are buying their oil in non-dollar curencies.And I think the US government will abandon his former saudi ally (“vassal “would be more correct),
    3-there will be no US-Iranian general agreement because of the powerful US warmongers.I am sure for this forecast.
    4-I do not believe a single word from the Israeli leaders because I am used to their endless lies.
    5-The policemen seem not to give any account to justice (wether they shoot a Black or a White man).

  16. William Betts

    For your readers from around the world to understand how 9/11/01 was carried out they can go today, 1/23/15 and read the whole sordid story of how the Jews hijacked America and carried off this terrible deed, http://www.veteranstoday.com. Betts

    • NC Gal

      Mr. Betts,

      I find your characterization of the “perps” as being Jews not at all in keeping with the list of participants given in that article. In point of fact, NONE of the neocons who were involved are Jews, and none of the high-level officials (President, Vice-President and others) are Jews. While it is true that SOME of those involved had dual Israeli-US Citizenship (and it’s fair to assume that they are Jews because of that), I think you go too far in your generalization, hatred and bigotry by putting it all on “the Jews.” Some were Jews and some were not. It has nothing to do with religion at all, but rather the interlocking self-serving relationships and the individuals in power in the respective nations involved.

      David Rockefeller (who is NOT a Jew) revealed the elite’s plans to Aaron Russon (who was a Jew at the time, now deceased) and Russo (the Jew of the two) declined to participate despite Rockefeller’s patent attempts to recruit him to the ranks of the elite. People of all kinds of backgrounds are participants in these clandestine activities, and while SOME of them are Jews, most are not. Please get that through your head.

      • paul

        What has to be done … is the “good people” what ever their faith (Jew, Christian, Muslim, etc.) must round up their own immoral, greedy, murdering radicals and lock them away.

        • paul

          If the good people comprise 98% and the bad people 2% … why can’t the good people get together and control the situation (leave the government out as they only foster more problems) … the KEY to peace is that each religion “must take care of their own” … you can’t allow good Muslims to take out bad Jews … and you can’t allow good Jews to take out the bad Muslims … etc., etc., … A covenant between the various groups of good people must be made whereby “they take out their own” bad seeds … they must keep in “constant touch” and work together … little by little the killing will stop … and peace will return between peoples!!

          • paul

            Addendum: If some “radical” is going around preaching goodness and brotherly love Like Jesus Christ … that should not be sufficient reason for his own kind to take him out.
            I’m talking about “radicals that are killing people” they should be rounded up and locked away by their own.

            • paul

              As an example … in the Middle East for instance … each neighborhood can organize “Councils of Peace” made up of good Jews and good Muslims … they should communicate intensely with one another providing information as to who they consider to be the “bad seeds”.
              Then on a reciprocal basis agree to lock away their own radicals who are doing all the murdering, inflaming emotions, tensions and causing even more violence to occur.

              • paul

                Put a COP (Council of Peace) on every block … and we can bring 1000 years of Peace to planet Earth!!

                • paul

                  Remember … it is vitally important to leave government out of the peace equation … because not all people in government are “good people”.

      • Charles H.

        Betts & NC G,

        I must agree generally, and in principle with NC Gal – “the Jews” are sought-after as a convenient scapegoat, both plausibly and recklessly, for that which they are NOT to blame. Not that they are completely innocent of wrongdoing in the world: but having a dot or two here and there is not prima facie evidence to connect and indict. I would not wish to put myself on the side of those who has persecuted this people, by word or deed.

      • susan

        Thank you, NC gal!!

  17. rezo

    Hi Greg lets recap here ,
    You do not need to shoot someone 8 times to stop them .
    The missiles that Iran will be buying are not able to be shot down as they leave the stratosphere and re enter at supersonic speeds and upon re entry separate into multiple warheads .These missiles are capable of reaching the USA
    I would not want to take on Iran in a war in the Iran /Iraq war they lost millions and millions of men and were recruiting children. As with the Russian and Chinese body count is insignificant .Also they will start a worldwide terror attack on US and their allies interests .
    King Abdullah has been replaced by his younger brother .
    Wether you like Israel or not they are hated and will never be at peace .
    Lets not forget the Islamic radicals in Yemen have overthrown the American installed government .
    The US dollar will not be lowered by extra money printing it may temporarily but it is still seen as a good value so will attract foreign capital .
    Saudi Arabia is now aligned with China and Russia I believe the petro dollar is already dying .
    I think its best to understand that no matter what happens the Empire is dying and it cannot be saved What was a golden opportunity to rule for a thousand years has been squandered by a stupid public and corrupt politicians and Banksters .
    The west will not win in a world conflict its over for them .
    PREPARE I think America will fare the worst in this outcome and its way too late to stop it .

  18. Tommy

    Some scary news on the job front this week. Ebay to terminate 7% of workforce; Amex to cut loose 6% of its workforce. And this from what you expect to be companies positioned for the “new” economy. What do you think will happen to the “old” brick and mortars? Well here in SE PA the Macy’s store in our town closed up shop in late October, only a few weeks before Christmas. What retailer closes its doors during the Christmas season? And Penney’s just announced that they are leaving in March. They’ve been around here since the 50’s. You walk through a mall or shopping center and it’s a ghost town. The only stores that look busy are the Walmarts, Dollar stores and grocery stores. Everything else is like a morgue. But the unemployment rate is coming down and the economy is booming.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Tommy, what’s the restaurant traffic like in your area (Philly?)? Movie theaters? The mid-price chains like Olive Garden, Appleby’s and Outback are all doing well here (Louisville metro area). People don’t cook anymore, and perhaps we have to see restaurants as an extension of the grocery. But the movie theater traffic is down, even sparse, and the malls, except in the well-to-do areas, are dead. I was in Bass Pro this past summer, which should be their high-time, and I was one of SEVEN non-employees in the store. The restaurant in the business was shuttered. Anybody else see this stuff? Best always. PM

    • Charles H.


      Are you going to believe what you see; or what I tell you to believe?!?? It’s a job, for some.

      • Will

        I don’t know what to think. In northern Calif. the malls are packed, hours wait at the restaurants and new cars all over the place. I don’t understand it, they all can’t be civil employees. I guess I will keep stacking and buying more toilet paper.

  19. jc Davis

    Short wrap up considering the world is falling apart. Good one still.

  20. Your fan in Japan

    Thanks for telling it like it is. Looks like the CBs are playing merry-go-round QE. Like you say, “Things will be repriced.” Regarding ISIS- they have apparently captured two Japanese, demanding 200 million in ransom. The payment deadline was about 3pm Tokyo time Jan 23. We are past that with no updates. There is a video on YouTube. The terrorist spoke in English with a London accent. Subtitles in Arabic. What’s up with that? Wouldn’t you expect the reverse? Regardless of the fate of the two hostages, the event certainly plays into the hands of Abe-wanting to strengthen Japan’s military. Now he has a clean and present reason.

  21. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you for your insights.
    The Fed did some QE missions, as Sesamy Street reports a recovery. Europe’s combined debt load is much less heavy than the USA debt load, but the euro is sinking because of a 1,14 trillion euro QE drop in the system, which seems not logic, inconsistent. The dollar up, setting the stage for a Fed QE next, as Central Bankers compose the music of their likings, and conduct the markets accordingly, prolonging the game beyond the imagination. Central Bankers are the ultimate sheep dogs chasing the gamblers from one end of the floor to the next one, in The Big Casino, until the system implodes, hopefully a gradual implosion, but the wings all of a sudden breaking of surely a possibility too.

    In the summer of 2012, one of my contacts told me a story, which I took as a wild speculation. As a sidetrack I absorb speculations, conspiracy theories, and so on, as the line of thinking in them could trigger an ‘AHA moment’ in the more rational topics you contemplate, as it keeps an open mind. He told me about the incident at Malmstrom air force base where nuclear missiles are installed. He told about the testimony of Robert Salas, air force captain at the time on Malmstrom afb when the incident on March 16th of 1967 happened, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkZWHpP17Rc
    Some minutemen missiles went off line, as above the missile silos the guards observed bright white lights. He told me that in that summer of 2012, Israel was struck with an incident like the one at Malmstrom, but taking out almost their whole nuclear arsenal. After that the Israeli made lots of talks with their intention to attack Iran. That contact went on with his view that the Israeli barked at Iran, to distract the attention, making sure all attention drawn to their attack Iran thoughts, to mask the Malmstrom like incident, as it takes time to realign the arsenal again. The USA knowing that, as it happens in their arsenal for decades, as dr. Steven Greer gathered lots of testimonies of retired military about these kinds of incidents, which they see as UFO’s. These bright white lights are spirits, able to interfere with electronic things, which I know from my own experience. He suggested that Iran is not into nuclear warfare, and if I recall right it was dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who said something of the same if I remember correctly. Then in December of 2012, the Dutch minister of foreign affairs gave a press release at 01:00 hours, which is very unusual. As he was very nervous, he reported that there had been an IT attack from Iran. Diginotar was attacked, and hackers were in the system. They were scared that the Dutch government internet sites would be severely sabotaged, giving quite some chaos. As it could have been, nothing happened though, and we never heard anything of it again. That contact commented that one that Iran gave a signal to some parties, that they are not intending to wipe out Israel, as they gave a signal to Holland, as they are an ally of Israel. That contact commented the altered position of the USA in the Iran matter, as the USA is in the know that the entity meddling with nuclear installations is not on the side of the Israeli, as they are not sure of the interpretation. That contact commenting that Netanyahu apparently doesn’t value these signals when it comes to it, as these Malmstrom like incidents are temporarily. That contact suggesting that the interfering entity stands ready to sabotage Israeli nuclear missiles if they want to launch them.

    As for ten years I receive masses of information from my guiding spirit(s). I just absorb it all, until I can see logic and consistency in the various topics. That spiritual source confirms to be responsible for the Malmstrom like incidents, which happen for decades all over the world. I got nothing on the question if the spirit world really did the Malmstrom like thing in Israel like that contact suggested. As the spiritual source gave me the view that the spirit, who once occupied the physical body of the man known in history as Jesus Christ (JC), played also the role, by reincarnating in a next physical body, of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him, pbuh), Prince Willem van Oranje in the Netherlands some 4 centuries ago, JFK, and presently walking the earth unaware of his role in this one world, the waiting on the moment the spirit world wakes him up, boosting regressions about his former roles in this one world. Furthermore, he not being aware of the fact a global network knowing who he is, observing him, waiting for him to spiritually wake up. As I am not religious, totally not attracted by any existing belief system, my life long feeling and seeing that as fairy tale propaganda machines, as power corrupts, which alters the stories of the original personalities, I was completely open to contemplate these claims from the paranormal source(s). I am intrigued by all the views they gave me, and are giving me, just another YouTube Channel. As the spirit world inspired the first man, he bent it, or interpreted it with wishful thinking into his desires; the almighty ruling God of course being a man like him, and so on. In the spirit world it was seen that one ruling religion, based on man desired, altered, and so on, interpretation, alteration, and so on, should not be. As the spirit world saw no other way then to join the warfare mankind was engaging in anyway. The spirit world not liking warfare, had to join it in that view. So, the spirit world engaged in the divide and rule tactics, seeding several religions, as the debate would be going on, as no single religion should be the ruling one, as it’s man altered legendary views, for the crucial things in it anyway. The spirit of JC playing an important role in that one. When the spirit of JC, Mohammed (pbuh), played the role of JFK, there were no regressions, and no conscious contact with a paranormal source, which is not bringing the position of the president of America of course.

    From the internet I know Jewish bankers financed Hitler as well. Israel was founded in 1948, if I recall right, bankers love the money maker machine warfare delivers, so the Israeli in the Middle East being in that advantage. The spirit world gave me a view on that one. They like a free world, preferably no borders, and Love the Ruler, but they saw no other way then to join the warfare, which rivalling religions bring as well. In that war game they are very biased against the Jews, and their promised land principle, of which the spirit world knows nothing of, as only Moses claimed that one. In that war game they are with the Palestinians, and when it would come to it on the side of Iran. Of course, I asked if they would physically interfere with a Malmstrom like event, to block Israeli nuclear missiles if they would try to launch against Iran, but I got nothing on that one.

    That contact suggests this is what’s playing behind the scenes. He went on to speculate that Vladimir Putin is getting some Malmstrom signals in his nuclear arsenal, giving him the extra drive from that to annex Crimea, and his ramping up his Cold War activities, as he would be in the know of the thing in Israel, the USA, and so on. He claims that the entity triggering the Malmstrom event is ramping up activity on which the various geopolitical relationships are reacting. Of course, I asked the spirit world on that statement, but got nothing on that.

    When I run my mind on the simulation the Malmstrom scenario being true, then the various leaders are not sure of the various Malmstrom play signals, and move slowly step by step to provoke signals, to find acknowledgment, or not.
    The spirit world did give me their thinking. As they prefer a world the founding fathers of America had in mind, and America flourishing in that one for some time, they are biased against American leadership, so from that taking the side of Vladimir Putin.

    Of course I would like to believe that something good is interfering to avoid an disastrous nuclear event, but me personally I only believe things until I know, or see, but it’s a nice thought, and I like to think outside the box. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day, and Love be The Dictator. Expect the unexpected.

  22. e sutton

    Political piñata. I like that!

  23. allen ols

    greg, jerry, colin, sig, pfi, jc, others….


    The direction of the production and release of Crowley’s anticipated fictional film Gray State – which depicted a bleak America with totalitarian rule, a police state and detainment camps – is unknown. However, a rough cut of the dual production documentary, Gray State: The Rise is available to watch.

    by Amanda Warren, Activist Post: Last week, we reported on the tragic and mysterious death of film producer David Crowley, his wife and young daughter who were all found dead in their Apple Valley, MN home, weeks after the incident took place. Few…
    – 2 hours ago, 23 Jan 15, 11:00am –

    • Jerry

      Nothing surprises me anymore. The cabal will kill anyone who they think poses a threat.
      Twenty Eight Banker suicides confirm my theory. I’m still wondering about George Carlin?

  24. Art Barnes

    Greg, what, missiles to Iran, I thought his Royal Imminence at the SOTU bragged about the Russian sanctions working. Didn’t his Royal Imminence also state that the war on terrorism was working like clockwork or words to that effect? Iran has out played the President & his State Department because containment is the real underlying policy by the White House & not curtailment and Iran understands this. Saudi Arabia is being surrounded by Iranian influence, it may take a while but the Saudi Arabia’s government time in power is limited. So, why this diatribe, basically, because I agree with you Greg that a Middle-Eastern was is coming. Iran has about 2 years to get all their new & modern defense missiles in tack before a new American President who declares his or hers alliance to Israel on the campaign stump comes to power, maybe Israel can wait that long for some big brother help, maybe Israel must wait because they need the help; whatever, a conflict is coming. In the meantime, Bush & Obama’s religion of peace marches on & the last 14 years of appeasement continues unabated as the unofficial American policy to radical Islam with no change in sight. Iran should have been attacked after the hostage crisis, no government supported action like that should have happened without a military response. For the last 35 or more years Iran has sponsored terrorism & undermined peace in the Middle-East, maybe its time to set things right, maybe its too late, whatever, things are becoming unraveled & appeasement seems the policy of this Administration. The old saying if you don’t learn from history your apt to repeat it comes to mind.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Art, YES!! 1979 was when the genie escaped the bottle. Thanks, Jimma. Carter is a Muslim apologist, and you see what we have now. Obama will stand on his head and spit wooden nickels in prime time rather than do ANYTHING that might give even the slightest offense to Islam or undermine support and progress of the Muslim extremists. Regarding Islam, the 90% had better get the 10% under control, or it’s “lights out” on a world-wide basis. Two years? We don’t have that much time. Best always. PM

      • Art Barnes

        Paul, the religion of peace (the 70 to 90 % if that) will not stand up, I believe we are, as you said, in the “lights out” time (just ahead). P.S. always enjoy your post, nice to know good common sense still lives in the Midwest, from the Western Front, ab

  25. mohammad


    This is what i wrote 2 years ago on your blog:

    “mohammad 12/28/2013 •

    One day the whole world will wake up to a fact that Iran and Israel are ONE.
    One day we will come back to this post and i will link it to a new post on Greg’s blog and say … AHA …. i said it here first when every one believed otherwise.
    any theatrical hit to Iran by Israel is serving a totally different agenda I explained in earlier posts, to summarize it here it will be unleashing shiites of Iran/Iraq on Saudi Arabia to conquer Mecca and Al-Medina.
    It is unfolding exactly like it was written in the scriptures!
    We are approaching the final chapters of humanity book!”

    And now it STARTED materializing. Saudi Arabia is encircles with shiites. Yemen is not the end of it.
    Saudi arabia is encircled with Shiites that is supported by US (the toppling of Saddam was to allow Iran to expand, Saddam was a thorn in the eye of Iran) and the closing in of Shiites from one side and ISIS from another side (also promoted by US) is going to prep the area. the blow will be delivered when BEBE will hit the nuclear sites (theatrical hit because those sites are Israeli’s) to unleash Iran on Saudi Arabia and finally have the dream of Israel conquering Mecca and Al-Madina coming through.
    I am not saying that will happen tomorrow, but am telling the planners on you site here that their plan is a FAIL.
    Time will prove my words true.


    • Greg Hunter

      Not sure Iran and Israel are one if they start dropping bombs on each other.

      • mohammad


        Time will prove me right, so far iran dropped bombs on Sunnis in Iraq and Syria, not one single shot at Israel.
        Just wait until you see my words materialize fully then when the regime in Iran changes to pro Israeli then i will remind you with this post. I already bookmarked it on may mac….


        • Greg Hunter

          Who do you think funds and backs Hezbollah? Time will tell.

          • mohammad


            If west was against Iran they won’t topple Shah, won’t let Khumaini lead revolution from Paris, won’t topple Saddam.
            If you go back in history a bit you will find who funds both sides of any conflict to exploit division and you will find the answer to your question.

        • Art Barnes

          Mohammad, Iran is probably waiting to drop the big one Israel, they probably figure why drop small ones when one big one might do the trick. As you said, time will tell, to bad we can’t meet in Vegas and do some betting about this, I’ll take my winning in gold thank you. P.S. do enjoy reading your post even though I disagree with most of your predictions. ab

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, you also said Israel would “kick the chessboard”. Guess they are getting in line with all the other players over there like Hamas, Hezbollah, Yemen and all our other “buddies”. Best always. PM

      • mohammad

        And i maintain what i said, no contradiction, crystal clear, they will kick it , for a totally different agenda than what most think.
        Mecca and Al-Medina is the target.
        but plan will fail at the borders of those cities.


        • Charles H.


          Mecca and Al-Medina? These aren’t parts of the territory Israel conquered in the ’67 Six-Day War. They are Holy Sites to Muslims, in Saudi Arabia – and are of no interest to the Jews. I have to disagree with you on this. The Dome of the Rock – that’s different. It will have to go.

          • mohammad


            A question:
            Does Israel have official boundaries like any other country in the world?


            • Charles H.


              Following Old Testament boundaries, considered ceded from God – They generally conform to the land captured during the Six-Day War – comprising of the Golan Heights, West Bank, Gaza Strip, and the Sinai – with territory already held. This is what I have heard and take on ‘good’ authority. Wikipedia shows a map; and why I state Israel’s interest should not exceed this general geographical area.

  26. CrazyCanuck

    At one time a supporter of the Israeli narrative, with observation and reading of contra mainstream news sources on the net, I can not help but reverse my perception. Israel now seems like a mini- Amurica, the geo-political bully and self appointed Empire. Are they still flogging the Iranian nuclear program? Are they going to send a Colin Powell equivalent to the UN and rail that they have undeniable proof ? I still remember the Disney cartoon of the two dogs — one the massive bulldog top dog, the other the sycophant little admirer…. and how their roles get reversed by the end of the cartoon….

  27. Jerry

    Greg this is a pretty good timeline of when things will really pick up speed towards the timing of the economic collapse.
    I’m not setting a date by any means, but I can’t see how a system so overloaded with debt like ours is, can handle another shot to the system, once these companies start to default. Couple that with European Bank bailouts that are no doubt coming, and you have a perfect storm for economic disaster.

    Maybe its by design. Who knows? But I think its odd that so many countries like Switzerland (who was the keystone of the EURO) are lining up to do deals using the RMB with the Chinese. That says something doesn’t it?

    Thanks Greg for giving us the voice if sanity in an otherwise insane world.

    • wd


      Ominous post, I would like to see how this compares to declining money velocity.
      I bet its parallel.

      Also from my last post, I got of the service in 1993, and even then the higher brass were trying to out peacock each other.


      • Jerry

        Sad that people can be bought off isn’t it.

    • Jeff

      Jerry “Maybe its by design ?” …………. Change you can count on (and promised)….. How about orchestrating a major price drop in gold to bankrupt the miners. That’s working so well let’s do it to the oil Co’s……… So much easier to take over assets via executive order (under marshal law to boot) when they are closed down………. So many advantages to this design not the least being control of important wealth (the kind a country might need when the SDR uses a basket of assets to support a currency). Don’t forget JPM already controls copper via their warehousing……… Now the NEW dollar isn’t looking quite so bad……….

      • Jerry

        I get caught like everyone else thinking the collapse is going to be one great big event, but I realize now the PTB are doing it in stages. For all intensive purposes we have be in a slow burn collapse for years just Katherine Austin Fitts said. The only difference is the Bankers got to print money to keep the game going a little longer until they’re ready to herd us into another monetary exchange system. I think when they’re ready they’ll pull the plug on the Bretton Woods System, and turn the light off as they leave.

        • Charles H.

          I concur. Still dynamics – moving wheels have force when they fly off. Unpredictable, the future is.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, that kind of stuff takes time to ripple through the system. By the 3rd quarter, it will undeniable. This economy is like a boxer out on his feet. He’s unconscious, but he hasn’t hit the floor yet. But he will. Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        I hope you’re right Paul. I have more prepping to do, and no funds to do it with.

        • allen ols

          jerry, PFI;

          last wed. I bought 3 boxes of preserves, peach, cherry, strawberry, apricot. while in line, ‘ no one behind me, but one lady in front,’ the clerk asked me why so much jelly. The lady in front said, U must be a doomsday prepper! I said prepper yes, doomsday no. I said doomsday is for everyone else, but not for my family. She went on to say, her dad has 2 containers buried, full of stuff, and agreed with dollar collapse.

          next…. today i picked up two large agm marine batteries, 262.00 apiece. American battery co. I waited to get closer to the collapse as I didn’t want them setting in storage for yrs. I have powdered vacuum packed milk, but will get 2 more freezers, and freeze gallon jugs of milk. keep it up. al

          • Paul from Indiana

            Brother Al, all that and NO MENTION of the canned bacon. You and JC ate it, before I get there, didn’t you? Best always. PM

    • anni

      No one has yet talked about “oil” in the face of a war in the Middle East. What will happen to it. Is it anyone’s guess?

      • Will

        I have a Prius, no worry.

        • paul

          Can you power it with solar cells? If the grid goes down?

          • lastmanstanding

            Short answer…No.

            He will need a coal fired plant near by and the electricity it produces to plug it in.

            Prius owners crack me up. The only back up plan that they have is bigger gub taking from us to give to them.

      • Jeff

        I posted repeatedly oil is going up for that very reason (war). Anyone believing the contrary (90%+) are smoking something. But then again the same 90% are going to buy gold “on the drop” and are betting on a Fed market put for the foreseeable future…….. The dollar has ramped up to extremes these last few weeks. I say all in preparation for a big hit via China/Russia. Sinclair taught me to sell whenever you see the rhino horn. Good advice.

    • Jerry

      Greg, WD, Allen, Paul, Jeff , and anyone else who’s not sleeping. Good commentary about Europe’s QE by Christopher Greene.

      • allen ols


        saw it the other day, good stuff tks

    • Jerry

      Greg things are about to get real interesting in Yemen and the Middle East.
      If you look at a map 80% of the worlds oil goes through a narrow shipping lane nearby. It wouldn’t take much to use it as a chokehold to bring the world to its knees and more importantly drive the price of Russian oil up. Price of oil is one thing. Availability is another. With the Iranians involved. I see this as a covert Russian operation. Just my opinion.

  28. RGT

    It should be clear to everyone by now. The central banks have absolutely NO idea what they are doing!

    • Greg Hunter


    • mohammad

      Plan is going as depicted. phases are identified by milestones that any one with clear vision can see. The reversal of the tide will happen at a certain point in time when Jesus comes back but until then central banks are celebrating.

  29. Galaxy 500

    *well, not the thousand killed by Boko Harm-em, not the thousand killed by OTHER BLACKS…JUST THE HANDFUL OF THUGS and an occasional innocent killed by police…The others dont matter

    • Paul from Indiana

      Galaxy 500, And the one in Ferguson that started all this crap and ended up with the town in ruins even though the cops and Army were there in force wasn’t innocent. Just sayin’. Best always. PM

    • diane

      RGT sure has it right!
      You USA watchdog posters led by our apppointed benevolent king, Greg Hunter could do a far better job managing the world economies.

      Maybe the US will have to deflate and default sooner than we think? Tell the rest of the countries we have bailed out or have bailed us out…..” Sorry guys, we can no longer give you money or resources and if you bought our bonds….we can’t ever pay you back, y’all are on your own and we wish ya the best”
      Perhaps every able bodied man and woman would have to work and we would have no unemployment.
      Great report Greg.

      • jc Davis

        Diane please send me 10 bucks to pay my 160.00 bills. Trade for copper?. Love it thanks for posting

        • jc Davis

          Even a iou will do
          As long as the banks call it good.

          • Paul from Indiana

            JC, I thought I could sell, but when the horse tradin’ starts underground, I want you to be my front man… Best always. PM

      • Will

        Excuse me, we still print our own money, don’t we? I will be right back after I get some more paper and ink. And as far as the Fed, sorry we can’t pay them back either.

        • Jeff

          They used to call it counterfeiting……. QE has such a nice sound to it. But it’s still a lie like everything else.

  30. John J

    Been following your site for a long while and appreciate the guests’ views and your comments. But don’t agree on your conclusion that an entire movement was based on a lie. (Furgeson or otherwise). You of all people should realize that the “system” has its flaws and agendas and should remain under tight scrutiny while taking any findings with a grain of salty and healthy skepticism – DOJ, grand jury, judges, witnesses all included.

    Thanks for continuing to provided alternative perspectives.

    John J

    • Greg Hunter

      John J,
      “Hands up don’t shoot” was based on the LIE Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown with his hands up. That did not happen, and is an enormous political based LIE. That is a fact backed up by forensics, a Grand Jury verdict and the U.S. Justice Department exoneration of the entire legal case and process in Ferguson Missouri.

  31. mohammad


    Will be interesting to hear HUDES’ take on current financial events.


    • jc Davis

      I agree Mohammad. It would be interesting to see what questions Greg would ask///
      / nothing more.

    • It's a Beautiful Day!!!

      Oh no! Is Hudes coming back??

      • mohammad

        Seems she scares many,


    • Paul from Indiana

      Greg, no need to have the lovely and talented Ms. Hudes on again. I can sum up her presentation: The Vatican, Imelda Marcos, and General Yamashita, are all in cahoots and calling the shots! Imelda lugged General Yamashita’s horde to Hawai’i, you see, and they couldn’t launder it, so she got CD’s and now the gold is back in the Philippines, next to her shoe collection. Best always. PM

  32. Thomas j harmon

    Greg good weekly news wrap up the truth as always , to repeat one of your best lines of 2014 , if aliens walked out of the White House I don’t think I’ll be surprised , just classic , o ps Watch out for your mail this week I sent you a little something from Burbank California help you keep the show on the road .love the show justin

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thomas!

    • Branko

      Hollywood is watching!

  33. dslarsen

    Funny… I was watching The Today Show this morning, and the big news there was some footballs that were low on air.

    Good on you for telling the truth on Ferguson. There are a lot of bad cops, doing a lot of bad things, but this wasn’t an example of the problem, and is counter productive to the cause of reining in the bad cops.

    • Paul from Indiana

      DSL, What about reining in bad rioters? Shall we try that? Or is that too politically incorrect, you know, in a supposed nation of laws? Best always. PM

  34. Brian

    When you take your first gun safety class you will understand that “if you ever have to pull your gun on someone, shoot until they are dead.” That is the rule. sharptons talking points are not valid here bro.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do not have the full facts in the Ferguson case. It was not out of control rage. That is a proven fact. Not debating with you just giving information.

      • eddie

        It would be interesting to see the autopsy reports on all the police shootings. I would like to know what type of bullet was used. We know the feds are buying hollow-point ammo. Are they using that now? Here in Arizona we have had a number of shootings. Usually the person ends up dead. Maybe because they are using hollow-point ammo.

    • Charles H.


      Since you have returned to this subject, AGAIN: allow me to remake somewhat.
      The Officer had been charged, beaten effectively enough to have one of his ocular orbits broke, next to his eye, The perp then tried to take his gun, which went-off inside the police car; which seemed to provoke the decision to escape at that point. The Officer recovered, gained his weapon and fired at the escaping perpetrator, which came close enough to stop the running away. But faced with being arrested, the Perp got reckless and once again charged this already brutalized Officer. At THAT point, the Officer shot multiple times – eight, do you say? Thinking you couldn’t withstand another beating; that your life was really on-the-line; and you probably weren’t seeing too well: wouldn’t YOU lay down a considerable amount of fire – TO SAVE YOU OWN LIFE?!?? You make a big stack of hay about how many bullets were fired: but you obviously overlook everything else. It is unfair to liken this incident with those you may be familiar with. No two encounters are EVER the same.
      I carry, at all times, a 9mm semi-auto while Stateside – a big one: equal to any law enforcement weapon. IF YOU CARRY: YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO KILL. I hope and pray that time never comes. I know that IF it ever does: I WILL protect myself and my wife. Lay-down and be killed, if you choose. I don’t intend on bringing a knife to a gun fight: not when I can stand as well as any policeman.
      I view having, and carrying a gun as raising up to a higher level of moral courage: because the responsibility is greater too. I find this in no way reflects a twisted American attitude. You are out of line on this one.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Charles, I don’t lecture Aussies or New Zealanders how to be Australian or New Zealandish or how to run their countries or what their political makeup and approach should be, so I get a little ticked when they do it to us. Just sayin’. I carry short, and I carry long. Carry on, brother. Best always. PM

      • allen ols


    • RTW

      Having been trained at a State Police Academy, we were told that you only take out your weapon when you feel that you have to, in order to protect your life or the lives of other innocent people. When you make that decision, you must be prepared to kill that person, hence the term “deadly force”. There are numerous reasons why a police officer would fire multiple times at a perpetrator. The officer had already been physically attacked by the suspect who also tried to relieve him of his weapon with a shot being fired in the car. This would get anybody’s adrenalin flowing and his aim may have been a little off. The suspect was not a petite individual and when he ran at the police officer in a threatening manner, I’m sure the officer believed his life was in danger and had surmised, correctly, that if Brown was able to overpower him, he would have used his gun against him. Yes, there have been officers shot with their own weapons while attempting to arrest an individual. The academy also teaches that once you shoot a suspect, you continue to shoot until the threat is over. In some cases this may require multiple shots. People suffering from severe psychological disorders or are on certain drugs may continue to fight, even after being wounded 2 or 3 times. I don’t think it can be said that Wilson was in the state of “out of control rage” at this event. He was just a cop doing his job in an extremely stressful situation. It’s always unfortunate when somebody loses their life. It’s also unfortunate that Brown put himself in that situation.

  35. It's a Beautiful Day!!!

    Well, I don’t know. I see the stock market up. The price of gas is down and there’s no pain at the pump these days. My 401K is doing great. Bernanke’s interventions all worked beautifully…

    Gold? Gold, Schmold!

    Silver? Silver, Schmilver!

    Platinum? Platinum Schplatinum! (I like the sound of that.)

    It’s a beautiful day, watchdoggers. Get out there and enjoy it! It’s all good!!!

    • Jerry

      Its a Beautiful Day.
      That was a great band wasn’t it? Take hit of fresh air and go back to sleep. RIP

    • Charles H.

      Blue Skies… nothing but blue skies do I see… whamp! What?, nobody taught you to watch-out for a blind-side punch? Slow learner!

      • It's a Beautiful Day!!!

        Charles H. – The post was decidedly tongue-in-cheek. Slow learner indeed.

        • Charles H.

          Beautiful Day,

          You are right; and quite bright. For such a word-smith as yourself – deserves no less.
          “Schplatinum”?!? That’s to conjure with.

  36. Klemens

    The german DAX is on record high level!
    That shows very clearly , that the Euro currency is completly out of control!

  37. D. Green

    I listen to your show everyday! I think you are a straight shooter when it comes to reporting. But, lately you have had a few suspect guests on your show(not going to mention names). It’s ok to have a counterpoint of view on every-so-often. But, it’s getting ridiculous. You also need to have better questions for your guest instead of saying the same ol’ thing! “What’s it look like when the dollar collapse?”…. “What’s going to happen to gold? ….. “When is it going to happen?”. You was waaay off base in your analysis on Ferguson. Which lead me to believe you don’t have a clue as to what’s going on in the black community and don’t care. You came off as a borderline racist.

    If you want to know what’s going in Ferguson start reading Black Agenda Report http://www.blackagendareport.com/

    Last, you need to add some color to your show!! Because your commentary on Ferguson was sad and unfortunate. See if Reggie Middleton is available. HE’S A STOCK MARKET GUY!

    Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report

    • Jerry

      D. Green
      I have friends who live in Ferguson. The neighborhood that Michael Brown lived in was a crap hole. Its going to be a crap hole tomorrow. Nothing is going to change.
      If hope and change really worked, people wouldn’t be forced to live on welfare and be reduced to robbing stores because they don’t have any money. The people who got hurt the worst in Ferguson were honest law abiding citizens who had the misfortune of owning a small business in that area. Many of them minorities. Al Sharpton is lucky somebody hasn’t sued him for inciting a riot.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Jerry, Sharpton and his ilk know they are untouchable. This is a nation of laws, remember? Best always. PM

      • D. Green

        If you have friends that live in Ferguson, you should know the street that Mike Brown was walking on is a small community street, that kids jump rope on. People walk in the street, and play in the street. The traffic isn’t busy on that street. You are starting to sound like Greg Hunter, just because the neighborhood is low income, doesn’t mean that the police can beat, brutalize, shoot and kill non-resisting civilians with impunity.

        This video should have been enough to convict the officer.

        Note the distance in which the cop is shooting at. There was no threat! No threat at all! Also, note the response that the people are giving that are watching in real time.

        Did the Authorities Let Ferguson Burn?
        “And number two, last night, as we covered the protests in front of the Ferguson police station, it was packed with riot police. State troopers were there. All the advanced weaponry was there. When we went over to West Florissant and expected to be stopped there by the police, as we were at the protests months ago, it was wide open. We saw no state troopers, and we hardly saw police. Do you think the authorities let Ferguson burn?”


        Al Sharpton is a rat. He’s a White House STOOLIE! Al Sharpton has his own agenda, he don’t speak for the people.

        • Greg Hunter

          D Green,
          I am from St. Louis Missouri. My dad grew up 2 miles from the STL Arch. I worked in a can plant on the Rock Road near Ferguson for three years while in college. I know it well. You are misinforming people on this site and I do not appreciate it.

          • D. Green

            Greg, that was 25 – 30 years ago you maybe worked at a plant there. The neighborhood has changed, the people there are different. And please tell me how I am misinforming people. I provided links. I thought your comments were insensitive this time around. Usually, when you talk about a subject you bring a person that’s well-versed on the matter….Gold, Jim Sinclair….Economy, John Williams… Underlines of the market, Jim Willie. So, why shoot from the hip on Ferguson? Osagyefo Sekou, or Glen Ford would have told you and your audience EXACTLY what’s going on there.

            • Greg Hunter

              D, Green,
              I am in STL every few months. Please stop.

        • Jerry

          D Green.
          You seem like an open minded person so let me ask you a question. If Michael Brown was white, or the officer who shot him was black, would we still be having this discussion? The black community in my opinion is being used by the elites that control our economic system for their own warped purposes. I include Al Sharpton in that group. He gets on his jet plane (paid by the tax payers I might add) and flies back to Washington to be with his handlers. The mans a fraud. If he really cared he would take a trip to south side Chicago and see the carnage in the black neighborhoods there. But that doesn’t fit his purpose.

      • allen ols

        Economist John Williams has repeatedly accused the U.S. government of releasing totally fabricated economic statistics. In fact, just last week Williams issued this dire warning:

        “Rising From Recession? Strongest Growth in Over a Decade? Not a Chance.

        Continued Economic Woes Promise Difficult Times for the United States.”

        Well, within days the freefall in UPS’s stock price appeared to verify the pessimism coming from Mr. Williams. We will have to wait to see how things progress from here, but for now it certainly appears the score is: John Williams 1, U.S. Government 0.

        Williams also points out that the real unemployment figure in the United States is a jaw-dropping 23 percent. According to Williams, the U.S. continues to have a persistent high level of unemployment, even as December’s annual money supply in the United States soared to the highest level since July of 2009. One thing is certain, if John Williams is correct in his dire prediction, the world economy is in for a disastrous 2015.

    • Charles H.

      D Green,

      I think you miss Mr. Hunter’s real concern: that black lives are being lost – too many, and most needlessly; that the tragedy isn’t just that Ferguson was made into a racially polarizing SIDESHOW: but that the real root problems whereby blacks aren’t rising above poverty and mostly killing each other is a NATIONAL SHAME and a moral crime. I believe you are reading into Mr. Hunter’s comments something that isn’t there, or isn’t meant as you are taking it to mean. It is a delicate issue to deal with. I think he DOES care. To accuse him of not caring is – in my opinion – not deserved.
      And, personally – I agree that Greg does center upon some really well-worn questions; when there are ways of phrasing that would get the same response.

      • D. Green

        No…Greg words were insensitive and inflammatory. Where are the guns coming from that young men are using to kill each other? Where do they get the bullets? WAKE UP!! Oh! Theses young black guys walk in the gun shop with their firearms permit and purchase it.
        You thought that was just in Mexico and alone the Mexican border? Greg needs to be more verse on this Ferguson subject instead of shooting from the hip. I would really recommend he try and get Osagyefo Sekou, pastor from the First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. He has been on the ground at Ferguson almost everyday, since the beginning. You want to know what’s going on there. Invite him Greg. Or Glen Ford from Black Agenda Report.

        • Greg Hunter

          D Green,
          You don’t think more than 5,500 black on black murders a year is a national tragedy? “Hands’ up don’t shoot” (that is based on a verifiable lie) is what is “insensitive and inflammatory.” I am going to pass on your guest suggestions. The leftist communists have been foiled and proven wrong by one of their own (Eric Holder) and you are doubling down on the lies. You are the one that needs to “wake up.”

          • D. Green

            Greg, It’s true! You don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on in the community/Ferguson. I’m surprised! Wow!

            “I am going to pass on your guest suggestions. The leftist communists have been foiled and proven wrong by one of their own (Eric Holder)” …….The two that I mentioned are not aligned with Eric Holder. lol They have different views.



            google: eric holder chiquita,
            google: eric holder fast and furious

            WOW! At lease you do know about gold!

            • Greg Hunter

              D Green,
              You really need to start your own site. It’s easy, try it.

  38. NC Gal


    A great wrap-up, as usual. It really brought home to me how many different pots of simmering, on the way to reaching a boil and boiling over. The world is increasingly unstable, which is just what I expected for these times.

    To everyone who did not know what happened regarding no charges being brought against Darren Wilson for his role in the Ferguson, MO death of Michael Brown, the MSM version can be seen at http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/22/us/ferguson-darren-wilson-civil-rights-charges/index.html. To summarize, “A federal investigation has not found enough evidence to charge Darren Wilson for depriving Michael Brown of his civil rights…” That is not the same thing as an exoneration, since no charges were ever brought and no trial was conducted in the case. The bottom line is as follows:

    “The Justice Department report has not been completed, and Attorney General Eric Holder ultimately will make the final decision whether to press federal civil rights charges against Wilson.”


    “Even without charges, this story isn’t over.

    It’s possible that Brown’s family will file a civil lawsuit against Wilson, who resigned in late November citing security concerns. And the U.S. Justice Department still has another open investigation — this one looking at the Ferguson Police Department as a whole.”

    Somehow, it’s all symptomatic of much larger problems and a distraction from the fundamental failure of the structures in this country to preserve its former character as a place I used to be proud to be a part of — a great loss to me personally and to the world in general, but since these ARE the “last days,” none of this comes as a surprise.

    • NC Gal

      Sorry. That should have read “how many pots ARE simmering.” Didn’t see it until after I hit the “Post Comment” button.

  39. Mike

    The level of disdain, dislike, disbelief, and out right zero confidence in Bankers, and Central Bankers is growing exponentially.

    As the masses become aware of the level of deceit used to cover up the true state of fiat currencies, I suspect that these people responsible for the mess will have to head for the hills in order to hide.

    In my opinion the statements being made by certain US bankers in regards to precious metals is beyond misleading.

  40. Art Barnes

    Hey Greg, “In Sanaa, which Houthis seized during their offensive in September, thousands of supporters converged on the capital’s airport road. They raised green flags and banners proclaiming their slogan — “Death to America, death to Israel, a curse on the Jews and victory to Islam” — a variation of a popular Iranian slogan often chanted by Shiite militants in Iraq and supporters of Lebanon’s Hezbollah”. Where may I ask were Obama’s great, great & overwhelming vast majority of Islam’s moderate protesters asking for peace? What will it take to wake up America to this threat one ask, I fear it will take another 911 or worst, in the meantime, its just capital violence, or workplace violence, or just another misguided Islamic youth which some counseling would heal or have prevented.

  41. Thomas1

    As the masses become aware of the level of deceit used to cover up the true state of fiat currencies, I suspect that these people responsible for the mess will have to head for the hills in order to hide. — Mike

    I think I would call them government– funded security bunkers. When it hits, they can operate safely without citizen reprisals.

    Said bunkers will be fully loaded if, or when, Obama and Putin decide to unload on innocents.

    My confidence is on Putin to maintain equanamity.

  42. Enki

    hi Greg
    I learn a lot from you,
    But please don!t consider me to be rude for making some corrections.
    1- Iran is pronounced ( Eeran not I-Ran )
    2- The Houthies of Yemen are Shiate and have been in conflict with Sunni rulers of Yemen for Centuries, They are not Al CIA. And yes Saudi Arabia funded the recent Yemeny regime to crush them just like in Bahrain and Khatif in Arabia .
    Best Regars

  43. Southern Patriot

    Hey Greg and a Happy New Year to you. It was interesting to note that the president was ticked off that Congress was by-passing the White House by inviting the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahua to address a joint session of congress. It’s about time that congress is finally standing up to this leftest President.
    Since when did he ever care about “We the People”? Why would anyone want to meet with you or your office? The last time the Prime minister was in this country,you left him waiting, while you ate dinner with your family.
    For 6-years he has bypassed congress and used executive orders to pass his fundamental changes to America. He has also bypassed the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. What goes around eventually comes around. This last bashton of Freedom is running out of steam fast. Fifth columnist are aiding and abetting this administration in the total collapse of the US.
    When we spend more time debating whether Tom Brady’s football’s were inflated or deflated, we allow the Gremlins to dismantle the Republic. We can no longer trust our government to keep us and our family’s safe from those who would also throw the baby out with the bath water. Indeed,it appears that the John & Jane Does of this country are on there own! SP

    • Greg Hunter

      If you wanted to take a bet on a Presidential Override this is the issue I would bet my money on. Lots of Dems are going to vote against the President, just as I have predicted. If it get’s bad enough, O just might get impeached. Heaven help us all if it gets that bad.

  44. Thomas1


    I suppose it would be stupid of me to ask what the US strategic interest in Ukraine is?
    Samantha Power should stick to her genocide beat rather than assist in implementing false global conflicts.

  45. Art Barnes

    Greg, Friday night NBC News & Brian Williams & company did not mention Yemen even in a 15 second burp. Think the Administration got to NBC and ask that it be taken off the news cycle. Friday was the day the demonstrators protested against the Great Satin & supporting the rebels, looked like the entire Capital of Yemen came out for the rally. Suspicious that NBC didn’t follow up from their earlier in the week reporting of the coup. Yemen is now clearly in the terrorist Islamic camp. In any event, Obama’s policy against the poor misguided violence pron religious fanatics who simply need some counseling to remain non-violent has lost a strong partner in that government. Thank God other news agency covered the story Friday night so that we could see the real story coming in real time instead of a fairly tail presented by the Obama Administration. Christians, hold on to your Bibles and guns, your going to need them.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is why the MSM is already dead and irrelevant. Any reporter with two synapses hitting each other knows Yemen has huge implications. Wow!!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, one more time, does it fit the Left liberal narrative? If so, you’ll hear about it or see it. If not, all you’ll hear is crickets and see nothing. It’s the Unholy Alliance. The MSM give cover to the Left, and they get political access in exchange. But you know this. Best always. PM

  46. David Brown


    If at some points the critical events become less noteworthy, i hope greg you may have this woman on to discuss vaccines.

    Her speeches seem to be offending big pharma.

    My kind of trailblazer.

  47. Klemens

    I do think the ukrainen NAZI Regime have got al lot of Problems right now.
    It look like the NAZI- Regime over there will lose more and more control over the county.
    It can go very fast that the Regime has to flee away. See Yemen.
    NATO/EU/USIsrael will lose this battle!
    If they gone use nuclear waepon I don`t konw what happend then.

  48. mohammad


    A huge fissure is deepening between congress and white house.
    A huge fissure is showing up between intelligence agency Mossad and Netanyahu.
    How will it play out in the turmoils unfolding in M.E. and the world?


    • Jeff

      mohammad You and I know if not war as a distraction, surely a few BIG false flags. I’ve commented ad nauseam here that facing congress will NOT be the WH *ssholes’ choice…….. Rather, a convenient false flag and martial law lookdown will serve his purposes. My timeline was always farther out as he had plenty of time before leaving office to declare himself king…….. The new congress might just push his plans up. Either way it’s going to be ugly…….. Always enjoy your perspective, mohammad .

    • mohammad

      This is BIG:


      ““He spat in our face publicly, and that’s no way to behave,” one Obama aide told an Israeli newspaper. “Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price.”


  49. mohammad



    When you see Fox news criticizing BIBI then that is an indicator.


  50. Solomon


    Two great interviews past this week. Both were spot on for telling the TRUTH. I specifically appreceiated your interviee with Michael Pento. Mr. Pento does not appear to mince words and is to the point. The USA is in such disparate and earnest need for truth speakers. In these regards, I sincerely appreciate and support all of the work that you do. Please, please keep up the great work until the power that should NOT be yangs you and others from the airwaves.

    Best wishes,

    Solomon s

  51. Jerry

    Yep Greg you were right. It looks like war.
    Folks what we are witnessing right before our eyes is the death of the Petrodollar.

    It’s no coincidence that Russia signed a treaty with Iran just about the time King Abdullah died in Saudi Arabia. And its no coincidence that the government in Yemen was overthrown just about the time Iran reported they are going to attack Israel. Russia has managed to fill the void not only in Syria, but Iran, and soon to be Yemen. The house of Saud is next.

  52. mac

    People just talking, with little real grasp of the imminent disaster ahead. Babble on, talking about lots of minor stuff.

    But ISIS is cia-mossad!

    This is well known.
    If unacknowledged, the story of ISIS is propaganda.
    And “Hype and Lies” is America, as PC Roberts has said many times.

  53. dee garmon

    Spot on Greg, if racist cop stories saved MSM
    they would not be in the predicament they are
    in today.

  54. mac

    “I know ISIS intimately, I’ve met them and I talk to them all the time.” — Senator John McCain

  55. mohammad


    Here is a hint to a MAJOR shift in policy in Saudi Arabia.
    Saudi Arabi MAY TURN EAST.
    This kingdom after King Abdulla is not the same under Suliman … and keep in mind his eastern visits before the death of King Abdullah which were more than his visits to the west.



  56. Robert E. Salt

    The people who make up the Chinese government aren’t stupid; they have a good reason for building all those ghost cities. The usawatchdog audience know that the world’s financial system is unsustainable. When it collapses the NWO will begin setting up a one world government. The national debt will become meaningless, and the price of gold and everything else will be determined by the government. Countries, like China, who have been building up stockpiles of gold have no intention of participating. The West have always been critical of China’s one-child policy. The NWO have their own method of population control which is quick and efficient. The WW II holocaust was small potatoes. When people begin being roundup into concentration camps, the masses will seek safe havens. China will be capable of housing refugees by the millions. Free energy could change all this, but it would mean that those who have been running the show would lose their control.

  57. mohammad


    The window of time according to Netanyahu is WEEKS.
    We should take notice.


    “In the coming weeks, the world powers are likely to reach a framework agreement with Iran which is likely to let Iran remain a nuclear threshold state, something which will first and foremost endanger the existence of Israel,” he said in remarks relayed by his office.

    “As prime minister of Israel, I am obliged to make every effort to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons which it will aim at the State of Israel.

    “I will go wherever I am invited to make Israel’s position heard and to protect its future and its existence,” he said.

  58. mohammad


    What is your take on this since you are in farming business:


    “Never before have insects with modified DNA come so close to being set loose in a residential U.S. neighborhood.”


    • Greg Hunter

      More handy work of some of our evil leaders.

  59. Kory

    Have you ever thought about including a little bit
    more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is important and everything.
    But imagine if you added some great pictures or videos to give your posts more, “pop”!

    Your content is excellent but with pics and clips, this site could
    definitely be one of the greatest in its
    niche. Good blog!

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