Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.27.13

2014: Economic Train Wreck Coming with Possible Regional or World WarBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The top story for the last Wrap-Up of the year is the turmoil in the Middle East.  The Iranian lawmakers are considering a bill that will allow the enrichment of uranium to 60%.  If this passes and is approved, it will be, no doubt, a deal breaker for the recent accords agreed upon with the West in Geneva.  Iran says its nuclear program is for the peaceful production of energy.  The West is afraid of a nuclear armed Iran.   

Saudi Arabia already doesn’t like the warming relations between the West, and Iran and has said it will go it alone against Syria and Iran.  More trouble there for war and the U.S. dollar if the Kingdom dumps the buck in oil trade. 

Violence is starting to flare up between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.  A sniper killed an Israeli civilian, and Israel responded.  Israel is also not a fan of Iran’s nuclear program or further enrichment of uranium.   

The Syrian civil war rages on with more than 120,000 killed so far.  Now, the Assad regime is dropping barrel bombs on the al-Qaeda backed rebels.  There are charges of atrocities on both sides; and, currently, there’s a new oil deal between Russia and Syria to add to the tensions. 

The UN is asking the U.S. to explain why it killed 15 civilians on their way to a wedding last month.  The U.S. thought it was an al-Qaeda caravan.  I’d be asking how it can arm al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria and strike al-Qaeda in Yemen, too. 

Violence is raging in South Sudan.  Civilians had to be rescued, including Americans.  The fighting is still going on, and it looks like the UN is increasing its forces there.  Sudan is rich in oil. 

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is now considered a terrorist organization.  The government will now prosecute their activities.  This is going to lead to more instability in that country. 

I don’t see how we get through 2014 without a major regional war or even world war.  Hope I am wrong. 

The Federal Reserve celebrated 100 years of its existence.  Many think the Fed should be abolished for, at the very least, gross incompetence and mismanagement of the economy.  It recently said it was ‘tapering” the money printing propping up the economy.  News flash–the economy is sucking.  Look for a big money printing turnaround in 2014 as the so-called “recovery” tanks. 

Christmas sales are off.  Traffic in stores plunged more than 20%, and not just in the U.S.  European countries, such as Italy, are also reporting lower Christmas sales.  90% of U.S. companies are forecasting lower earnings, and WAIT until the next phase of Obama Care kicks in.  It is not just higher premiums, co-pays and deductibles, but taxes and fees are also going up because of Obama Care.  Even the mainstream media is reporting this.  Obama Care is going to kill the economy in 2014 and also send many Democrats packing in November.  More than 60% of Americans think Obama Care is a bad idea. 

I am not the only one who thinks 2014 is going to be a financial train wreck.  Even former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is talking about a coming crash.  Brown recently wrote a New York Times Op-Ed piece titled “Stumbling Towards a Crash.”  A top Wall Street financial advisor is so concerned he’s telling clients to prepare a “bug out bag” that includes food, a gun and ammo.  Things are getting worse, and the elite know what we know. 

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis of these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. alols

    Excellent week!
    some of Jim Willies HT letter was posted on silver docs web, pretty eye opening, check it out.
    BTW who is the top WS advisor that is advising to get a bug out bag, and food?



  2. J.C. Davis

    Greg. The NASDAQ is at a 13 year high. At 3 am I said to myself I should have stayed in stocks. Then I remembered what Rob Kirby said ( I am analyzing a fraud).Regardless to how well stocks become it is based on fraud. At some point we must decide will we help ourselves to the banks money threw thievery, or just walk away from the temptation.
    I think the troubles of 2014 will be blamed on many things. The truth is all of the troubles coming have some link to legalized thievery.
    Thanks for the well needed word of truth you have produced this year.

  3. timebomb

    I am disappointed that you are fomenting the mantra about Iran to a push for eventual war. This lying and hyping has been going on regarding Iran for 20 years. Stop being the puppet for the Israeli’s. You are most uninformed or complicit in this fraud.

    • Greg Hunter

      Time Bomb,
      I am reporting what will likely happen in the given scenario. If you think that is “lying and hyping” so be it.

    • Galaxy 500

      Liars constantly decry the truth .

      • allen ols


        Jim willie agrees with time bomb ;

        I had the same discussion with the jackass, he said the iran bomb is a hoax by usa sa, britian, israel. Now i dissagree with the jackass, and agree with usa wd. but i hold respect for the jackass, HIGH RESPECT, but i dissagree about gold and silver, but agree with gardening. I believe YOU , the WATCHDOG and ME are right about iran getting the bomb to control the ME and the previous 4 nations want to stop Iran. Can they stop Iran. NO. Daniel, Ezekiel, revelation is unfolding.

        FOP USA WD.

        al ols ps. buy food lots of it.

        • Galaxy 500

          Highly respected doesn’t mean 100% correct. He is too far in the Israel is the root of all evil club for me to take a lot of what he says seriously.
          I find it amusing that some people believe that Iran is NOT working on a bomb. But to each his own. Rationally , you don’t spend billions on bomb proof bunkers filled with centrifuges to enrich uranium unless you are building a nuke. They don’t deny it. They could buy fuel for a reactor much cheaper than building the bunkers and centrifuges.

    • allen ols

      time bomb

      “If u have a garden and a library, You have everything you need” Marcus tullius Cicero

  4. Rodster

    Dr. Roberts said in one of his more recent blogs that the “US is driving the World towards War!”. How true with all these developments taking place.

  5. Jerry

    Greg thanks for a great week. You should have charged admission for Rob Kirby. It doesn’t get any better than that. How many ways do people have to be told what is coming?

    Greg the Socialist have ruined the world economy. There is no way to spend your way out of depression without production from a free market system. Its never worked before, but yet these Ivory tower jackleg neophyte Marxist keep throwing money on the Bond fire trying to keep us warm. (literally) Take a look at the Bond market.


    We just passed the 3.0 mark and going higher. What does that tell you? You’d better have more than a bug out bad and gun if it goes past 3.5.

    • Greg Hunter

      Even the elite in governments around the globe and finance are giving a warning. The time is getting closer.

  6. Smaulgld

    Few people understand the impact of the fed and the stabilization fund on the world economy. Even fewer are aware of the importance of Saudi Arabia in the whole scheme.
    Here is a quick primer http://smaulgld.com/why-saudi-arabia-matters-in-helping-to-keep-the-u-s-dollar-as-the-worlds-reserve-currency/
    Thanks for keeping us up to date

  7. mohammad


    2014 will go in history as WWIII

    Here is another hot spot to add to your report:


    It seems we are heading to the inevitable, all holy books talked about it, i never imagined it would of been so close, very sad Greg, am very sad.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding that. “Wars and rumors of war.” Lord please help us for we know not what we do.

  8. Becky

    There is no audio on this video.

  9. Becky

    Nevermind! My speakers are shorting out. Merry Christmas, Greg. Thank you for all you do.

  10. Ugly

    The American attitude of ‘Ignorance is bliss’ will soon unfold its reality that self-happiness of ‘not knowing is better than knowing and worrying about it’ is a wives-tale….We are about to experience the turmoil we helped create.
    Another saying, ‘He who fights and turns away will live to fight another day’….
    We have caused much turmoil and then ‘turned-the-cheek’ at the calamity. America’s attitude that we are too big to fail will soon see the other saying of ‘the bigger they are the harder they fall’….
    All I can say friends is to:
    1. Get debt down
    2. Have some cash and PMs in hand
    3. Have a food storage
    4. Have knowledge of food from the wild and maybe with a local farmer
    5. Seek guidance from above (God)….
    6. Live. Yes live. If you have a stock and like it, keep investing but be watchful.

    PS. Thanks Greg. That is a whole and troublesome list of major worries around the globe.

  11. Anthony Alfidi

    The conflicts you mentioned are all localized except for Iran-Syria. That’s the most likely candidate for any wider regional war, although the Assad government’s recent victories mean the conflict is nearing its end. The lesson for investors is that any further instability can make the price of Brent crude rise.

    Egypt’s prosecution of the Muslim Brotherhood can actually reduce instability there if it removes that organization’s most troublesome leaders.

    Plunging retail traffic isn’t so bad if online shopping makes up for that in sales. Look at overall sales from all sources instead of just in-store traffic. Consumers are mostly on mobile devices now.

    • allen ols

      Refer to Joel Rosenbergs new fiction book based on scripture, ie the bible yes thats the book for me….. and he discussses Damascus will be flattened, annihaliated and made a field for goats grazing. Isa. 17 and Jeremiah 49.

    • mohammad


      Syria is the make or break of the world, Syria is the key to the WWIII for many reasons, Damascus will have a role in shaping humanity destiny, in it the final chapters will be written, we have a say back in Syria that God protects alshaam (Damascus) and so far every one looking at the conflict can easily notice that there is a special thing about Damascus, I hope that remains.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Mohammad. Syria is the key point to the entire Middle East turmoil.

  12. Oracle 911

    Who will be your last guest in this year and 1st guest in new year and when will be the next episode? If i can ask.
    Recent Keiser report, 2nd half: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXfZHSK2L8Y&list=SPPszygYHA9K2ZtV_1KphSugBB7iZqbFyz
    -the days of the petrodollars are numbered and it doesn’t really matter, how fast will be the fast phase . Because the FED and the US gov did everything to tank the US dollar.

    What do you think?

  13. Praxis


    That made me want to sit on my helmet. Ouch.
    You make it sound like this Great Transition is going to be a terrible thing.

    I will take a different bent.
    This Great Transition is going to be the best thing humanity has ever experienced.

    When the dust settles we will actually be free for the first time in history, all of us, and the Internet is both the cause and cure. Funny Jay Rockefeller laments its creation. Boo hoo.

    The bloodshed will be terrible and I don’t purport to know how and why it will transpire, it just will. But after people come to the breaking point of such imminent futility there will be a WW1 Christmas soccer moment.

    That will be the tingling birth of tomorrow.
    That will be the light piercing the darkness.

    It can’t not happen. We know too much.
    We will live to see it.

    Merry Christmas and have an exciting New Year!

    • Greg Hunter

      The birth of a child is a beautiful thing, but the process is both painful and messy. I am just trying to mitigate the pain and the mess by focus on the real nature of what is going on now. Your points are well made and well taken. Thank you for posting on this site and pleas come back often.

    • Rodster

      Don’t be so sure Praxis. We don’t know what’s on the other side of the imminent global reset. Don’t dismiss that the Elite will try to hold onto their power and control. When things get ugly they maybe the first to offer a hand of hope disguised in more control and power (see trojan horse) and remember this is how Adolf Hitler came to power, under similar a meltdown of the Wiemar Republic. That’s why I have little trust in our leaders even going forward because it will still be built around central planning AND NOT FREEDOM !

      – Big difference

      Who’s to say they don’t tey and make the switch to a global currency or global governance?

  14. R S Dorsey

    First, I want to wish you and yours a safe and financially secure 2014. You are a real gentleman and a perceptive one. I agree with your prognosis for the future especially the likelihood of a stock crash. I also think that 2014 is likely to be the year that the US dollar sees its setback on the world market. In truth, all the US has going for it now is its CIA/military that is used to intimidate on the world stage, overtly or covertly, as well as its civilian counterpart for suppression, Homeland Security. When the petrodollar agreement slips, the US as a world reserve currency will slip and those holding the gold will make the economic rules – unless the US, in desperation, preempts that course of action by initiating a larger war than we now have. If the Republic isn’t dead, it is certainly in intensive care and the neocons, Congress and a dumbed down public all have their feet on the oxygen tube. In light of the foregoing and with the collusion of the mass media, the nearly 50% of Amerika on the dole do not seem to me to be a base on which a rebuilding of our country could take place. I am not sanguine about the future of our country nor Europe. The skies are full of black swans and I feel our future is one of when one or more land, not if.

  15. John M.

    Greg, and for those of you interested in getting another perspective on world war and geopolitics, you must listen to Joel Skousen’s latest interview on Infowars.
    Search: “Red Dawn” Warning to America: Joel Skousen or

  16. OutLookingIn

    I agree Greg. Globally things do not look promising. Economically, politically, nor financially. This coming year will be the inflection point. It points to some time in the near future an occurance of a global calamity. Be it political, economic, or financial in nature, it will provide the global elites with the excuse they need to impose a global control mechanism.

    As far as Gordon Brown’s op-ed piece is concerned, it is nothing more than a polished article of propaganda. This leopard has not changed his spots! In the piece he uses scare tactics to push home his under-laying theme, for the need of a global governance and control force. Exactly what the powers that be want. Happy New Year? We hope.

  17. Mr.Lee

    MR. Hunter, Happy New Year

    For the most part, I agree with your analysis as to the stare of econmic affairs that we are wittnessing. For me this economy is like a brain dead patient on life support, take away the support (aka QE) that patient’s body dies. That is what we are seeing.

    Now will this be contiuned bliss as many ignorant people and the Presstitute (a la Gerald Celente) media try to convince us it will be? Will this be end of days Book of Revelations type of events? Who knows, what I do know is that things will change. What I do know is what has been a staple or staples in human recorded history like (precsious metals, defensive tools, water, food, tools, land, transportion….anything tangible) these items will preveil. These items will be high in value and need. These items will be the basis of a new econmy that will rise from the ashes of the old.

    That being said, a Happy and Prosperous 2014 to all. May good fortune find you and may you all have the proper frame of mind to be prepared for good fortune when it finds you.

  18. Mr.Lee

    Sorry Mr. Hunter….my spell check appears not to catch my typos.

    One point I would like to make please. We hear a lost about socialism and communism vis a vie Obamacare and what governing entites around the world are doing. Please, this Fascims (the merger of state and corporate power) and not socialism. Not that I am a fan of socialism as it has its own set of issue. In fact all the aforementioned ideologies are collectivist, therefore not a fan of them at all.

    One does not have “too big to fail’ in a market economy and then bail out with tax payer money.

  19. Alyce

    It seems “popular” nowadays to be ‘not a Republican, not a Democrat’. It’s such a copout. What I’ve been saying the last few years, AND what you just said, Greg, is: at least the Republicans didn’t vote for Obamacare. And Obamacare is a BIGGIE, it’s not a little thing that’ll soon be forgotten about. We would not have Obamacare had a Republican been elected instead of Obama. Loved your interview with Mr. Kirby.

  20. BR

    Thank God, despite the dire predictions on this site, the year has turned out pretty well. I wouldn’t place to much credenc

    hope there is more optimism

    • Greg Hunter

      The U.S printed more than $1 trillion to have the year turn out pretty well. There will be a downside to this kind of money management.

      • J.C. Davis

        When a fat dog is eating a steak, and a starving dog sees him eating the steak, ya gotta know trouble is sure to follow.

        • J.C. Davis

          Delegate your responsibilities if you can’t do it all Greg.

    • Jerry

      You’d better hope that you’re right. Because if you’re wrong, it could have life altering consequences. I sense you are whistling past the cemetery.

    • Galaxy 500

      Optimism doesn’t help when your parachute fails to open. I prefer being realistic.

  21. David

    I love the weekly cartoons you have for the Weekly News Wrap-Up.
    Keep up the good work

  22. Bll R

    I wouldn’t put too much credence in what Gordon Brown thinks. This is the same man who sold 60% of UK’s gold reserve, was responsible for gross governmental overspending, huge fiscal deficits, an abysmal failure to regulate the financial industry and a feckless disregard for the obvious economic conditions which lead to the recession in the UK.
    A word of advice: it would be good if you would recognize occasionally some of the good things that are happening around the world. Contrary to the endless stream of dire analyses and predictions, there are signs of economic improvement.


    • Jerry

      Sorry Bill R.
      We prefer truth over MSM propaganda spin.

    • allen ols

      Bll food for thought, go to silverdocs for jim willie stuff of the informed.

      Just a little spice. The American royalty consists of a Camelot in lineage. The father of Jimmy Carter is Joseph Kennedy Sr, the father of John, Robert, and Edward Kennedy. Therefore Jimmy is their half-brother. That explains how a Georgia state governor would rise from obscurity to become president. A photograph of Billy Carter, Jimmy Carter, Robert Kennedy, and John Kennedy shows a remarkable resemblance between Jimmy and Robert, like with the prominent teeth, just like their common father. The key step was the designation of the Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. His planned architecture for the Middle East would stand for a generation and enable the small ally on the Southern Mediterranean that looks northwest to Italy to control the US nation like a dog on a leash. Not outdone in lineage, William Jefferson Clinton is the grandson of John David Rockefeller. The word charming fits better than bastard. The key step was the designation of Robert Rubin, who presided over the raid of the national treasury. The Wall Street gang essentially stole the Fort Knox gold. In fact, they managed to steal it twice. The nation was pre-occupied by royalty and glitz, even stains on a dress. An element of royalty is very real, but hidden, shrouded in routine births out of wedlock.

      Part of the HT letter, is posted on silverdocs.com

      al ols

      • Greg Hunter

        allen ols,
        I am not sure Israel controls the U.S. The Jews deserve a place to live same as the Palestinians. I am hoping both sides can work things out without violence.

        • allen ols


          I agree, israel belongs to the Jews from the beginning of time, The palistanians will have to accept this, eventually.
          the Jews are Gods chosen, under the Abramic covenant. They took precedence over all mankind, but now because of Christ we can be grafted in to the messanic lineage. Christ the second part of the godhead, became flesh, paid our sinful price, we must simply be “born again of the spirit by repentance and faith in Christ. Jesus is the door to heaven, one can enter no other way.


          al ols

    • Galaxy 500

      Bill R,
      Perhaps there is economic recovery in your land but there is none in mind. Looking and hoping for a silver lining in this world is pointless.

    • J.C. Davis

      Bill R I am game, and I am sure Greg will let you post the good news going on. I for one would like to hear more about the good news you speak of ?

  23. PhilT

    The Fed is not a failure. It has been a tremendous success. Remember that the Fed was organized by bankers for bankers. Those bank bail outs weren’t for the common folk. They did exactly what they were intended to do: save the banking system and the bankers at taxpayer expense. But, the end game is near and when the SHTF, the Fed will go down with the banksters.

    • Agent P

      While I agree with your main point Phil, the Wall Street banking complex (and ESF) aren’t going anywhere, due in no small part because they have nearly the entire political structure in the U.S. (and elsewhere), $bought & paid for…

      What will ‘go down’ is Freedom and Liberty (or what’s left of it) as you & I know it, replaced with an authoritarian structure unlike the world has ever seen, or that people like you & I would have ever thought this ‘land of the free’ could descend into. The signs of this are all around to witness and observe if one has his eyes open or ears to the ground. In the meantime, the partygoers tell us to curb our pessimism so as not to ruin the party for everyone else, so…

      “Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
      And never brought to mind?”…

    • frosty

      Quantative easing and bail outs are always portrayed as a benevolent flood tide of liquidity (debt) whose purpose is to raise all the boats in the harbor and bring economic prosperity. Interestingly however, what’s never mentioned is the massive sucking sound that must inevitably come after, when the tide goes back out with interest tacked on (repayment of debt), and washes everything of any material value back into the pockets of the banks to leave the inhabitants of the land, and their posterity, utterly destitute.

  24. Anne Elliott

    Great week in interviews, Greg! Thank you for all of the info that you bring us; awesome and frightening at the same time. I recently watched the movie Cinderella Man, and it was like a window seeing where we are headed. Stay well and may God bless and protect us all in 2014!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anne!!

  25. Merc

    Do yanks actually know who is controlling their country? I figurre maybe 25% do.
    But maybe I’m just Yell’n and Fishing, and I may be thinking of Santa and Ben as one and thw same, eh…?

    • Greg Hunter

      Lots of bankers aren’t Jewish. Hank Paulson ran the Fed and the ESF and he wasn’t Jewish. Overwhelming majority in Congress are not Jewish and yet the Fed is unaudited. The Fed also received more power in 2010 despite the fact the 2008 meltdown and its regulatory failure. Please do not come here with the veiled anti-Semitic comments.

    • Galaxy 500

      So Merc, when did you go walkabout?

    • frosty

      Perhaps those who control America are much more powerful than the peopleyou allude to. To get a glimpse of what we’re facing now, it might be prudent to look at various scriptures, with an open mind and in context, and then decide for yourself whether they might be relevant to what we see happening in the world today.

      First, look beyond just the names or religions of people who hold temporary power and consider what was written in Ephesians 6:12: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

      Next, consider the Biblical account of a time when Jesus went into the wilderness and was tempted by the devil who offered him the “kingdoms of the world” if only Jesus would fall down and worship him. Jesus did not refute the devil’s implied claim of ownership of the kingdoms of the world but simply declined his offer by quoting the 1st Commandment. ( see Mathew:4) . Why didn’t Jesus not refute the devil’s claim of ownership of the kingdoms of the world? Might this offer be given to others who will accepted it?

      Now consider history which shows that for several centuries there have been powerful people engaged in constructing a hidden and tangled web of power by which to impose a global rule over humanity. Today, with the advent of the internet and through speeches of those openly promoting it, we see a system identified as the “new world order” rapidly emerging. If the Bible is correct, a system of satanic dominion, forged by the devil’s disciples will evolve and produce conditions on earth which, as Mathew 24:22 described it “..except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved”.

      In the link provided below, Karen Hudes provides a top-down description of those who she identifies as currently operating behind the scenes to control, not only America but all of the kingdoms of the world.


      In summary, prudence dictates that what is now evolving on earth requires us to make wise choices that go far beyond simply selecting from among various piss-ant human leaders to blame for whatever conditions currently prevail. Perhaps Jesus’s conduct in the wilderness serves as an example of how to best face the dilemma we are witnessing.

  26. kirk

    RE: iran

    about the time of the second invasion of iraq, n. korea was making noises leading to ‘talks’. a perceptive lebanese at that time wrote that they had learned the following lesson very well: saddam, no nukes, invasion; n. korea, nukes, talks.

    contrary to what most of us in the west believe, iran is not a nation of imbeciles, lunatics, or warmongers. like all nations, they want to be secure. they were given the example of how to achieve security in today’s world climate by the u. s. itself as articulated by the lebanese blogger.

    i do believe they will ultimately achieve a nuclear weapon, despite what ‘intelligence’ (tongue in cheek) here says and what they, themselves say. i also believe they have no intent of first use of a nuclear weapon and would use it as a sledgehammer threat to anyone attempting to invade/conquer/subdue them, ie, a deterrent, not a readily used weapon.


    RE: the fed

    it has been spectacularly successful at what it was designed to do. the ‘success’ has been good to the favored, destructive to the rest. such a ‘success’ required the monetary disenfranchisement of, by today’s count, nearly a third of a BILLION human beings whose futures have been determined for them by narcissistic sociopaths.

    • mohammad


      One day the whole world will wake up to a fact that Iran and Israel are ONE.
      One day we will come back to this post and i will link it to a new post on Greg’s blog and say … AHA …. i said it here first when every one believed otherwise.
      any theatrical hit to Iran by Israel is serving a totally different agenda I explained in earlier posts, to summarize it here it will be unleashing shiites of Iran/Iraq on Saudi Arabia to conquer Mecca and Al-Medina.
      It is unfolding exactly like it was written in the scriptures!
      We are approaching the final chapters of humanity book!

      • Galaxy 500

        Not buying Israel and Iran are the same. This will be one of the things we will not agree on. Here’s hoping the Israelis do the world a favor and nuke Iran before the end of the year. I trust Obama more than the Iranians…and I think everyone here knows how little regard I have for Mr. Obama

        • mohammad


          They have been arming Iran al along my friend, looks deceive but not me!


          Time will tell!

          • Galaxy 500

            Not exactly damming evidence. Some people will believe anything written as fact. Did you read the claim by the Israelis that they advised the Germans? Looks like the typical Jew hit piece to me. Some people sees Jews as the bad guys. As a percentage of population, I don’t believe Jews are any more evil than my Christian brothers.

          • mohammad

            You are mixing jews for zionists.
            Israel is based on zionists which is an atheist movement highjacking the jews. That at least what their prominent Rabbis say not me, i linked before to them explaining the issue.

  27. William Betts

    On Tuesday of this week Rob Kirby mentioned an organization in the Treasury called the Exchange Stablization Fund. I have done a couple of days research on this thing and I will share with you and your readers what I found on the internet. I’m not going to give all the resources, but if one wants to find out about an organization that has brought down a super power you can do it, but it is going to take time. Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) was put into law in 1934 to stabilize the dollar on the FOREX. It has become something much more than that: 1. It controls the Federal Reserve system in America. 2. It controls international monetary policy. 3. It helped write the Brettanwood”s agreement 1944. 4. It created the IMF and The World Bank. 5.It answers to only the President and the Sec of Treasury. Congress knows nothing of its functions.6.With the aid of CIA, murdered JFK in 1963. 7. It is the biggest money laundring Op in the world. 8.It is the largest drug dealer in the world. 9. It was responsible for 9/11.* 10. It has rigged the stock market and the gold and silver market. 11. Finally it has just about destroyed the economy in America and Europe. 9/11 was necessary because when Russia left Afghanstan the Talaban destroyed all the poppy fields there – no more drugs coming from there. *ESF had to devise a way to get the drugs from Afghanstan going again – 9/11 was the plan…… The above is documented on the internet….. Betts

  28. mary

    Hi Greg

    Love your work on economic issues.

    Sorry to see you become a neocon warmonger!

    I can get enough of that in the MSM.



    • Greg Hunter

      I am warning of what I see coming and nothing more. We almost had a world war in Syria when our navy flooded the Eastern Mediterranean Sea in 2013.

    • mohammad


      Obama does not want war, I have mentioned in previous posts that his legacy is PEACE and he wants to keep it, however there is a faction inside the government belongs to Bush family that wants otherwise (did you notice that it was one of few times in American a president of US takes office and changes all the cabinet members from previous administration EXCEPT FOR THE CABINET OF DEFENSE that carried over from Bush admin?????!)

      Obama struck a deal to derail war with the russians on Syria, he struck a deal with Iranians to derail a war on their nuclear program, what happened next? the NEOCONS OF BUSH in the congress put more sanctions to thwart that deal, so who is the neocon?
      Greg who is doing an honest reporting or the congress that fighting the president and dragging the whole country to the inferno for the sake of Israel?!

      The answer is clear, honest reporting does not mean advocating war!

  29. mohammad


    Please in the next interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, ask her about this info regarding the 6 licensed launch pads to the SPACE for COMMERCIAL use that Dr Farrell is talking about here, it seems that there is some heavy duty spending on infra structure in US that is aiming at commercializing the space and militarizing it to protect those commercial rights is going on.

    The link:


    • mohammad


      It may be a good idea to interview Dr. Farrell on your show, he had many interviews with catherine Fitts, I think he is very intelligent and has many views that are unique!

  30. tROT


    Fort Knox Secret Contents (Full Video)

  31. mohammad


    This is a HUGE news today to take a notice of.
    Saudi Arabia and France are supporting the lebanese army with 3 billion dollar arms to counteract the heavy weight of the Hizbullah which is the Iranian arm in Lebanon.
    This deal is on the heel of assassination of one of the top aids of Hariri son who is in charge of the investigation of Hariri’s dad assassination to prevent that investigation from progressing which if so the Hizbullah will weaken in position significantly.
    If this arm deal that had the seal of France, and no doubt in my mind the seal of Israel means one thing, it means that WAR is coming!


    • Greg Hunter

      Tell me war is not near. Good info man!!! Thank you for posting it here.

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