WNW-179-Netanyahu Iran Drama, War in Ukraine & Middle East, Global Warming–Not

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  2.27.15

Next week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address Congress on the deal the Obama Administration is trying to do with Iran to curtail its nuclear program. No doubt, Netanyahu will warn a deal that will eventually allow Iran to get nuclear weapons will cause big problems for the world.   There has been increasing friction and drama with President Obama over this address.  All the drama surrounding Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress can only mean one thingnegotiations with the U.S. and Iran to curtail its program are not going well.  Likely, there will be, once again, no deal at the end of the current deadline, which is the end of next month.  Some Democrats are threatening to boycott the address, and members of the President’s staff have clearly said they are not happy with Congress for inviting the Israeli Prime Minister.  I predict this will be resolved one way or another this year.

Another top NATO general is, once again, warning about increased possibilities of war with Russia.  The most recent ceasefire was broken not long after it was instituted, and now there is no end to the fighting in sight.

In the Middle East, it looks like plans are being made to try to attack the Islamic State, or ISIS, in Iraq.  Some 25,000 regional troops are being prepared to try to take back Mosul, which is the second biggest city in Iraq.  The U.S. is not supplying troops for the assault, only military trainers.  The U.S. will supply air power, but a few weeks ago, American military experts said it would take around 80,000 top quality troops to defeat ISIS.  The operation is planned for the spring of this year.

The Federal Reserve is adamantly against any sort of audit.  Fed Chief Janet Yellen thinks the Central bank needs its independence, which some call total secrecy and non-transparent monetary policy.  When asked to provide information about a recent meeting with the White House and the Treasury, Yellen said they were “private one-on-one meetings” and releasing any information as to what was talked about would, according to Yellen, not be “appropriate.”  The Federal Reserve is not federal and is, in fact, a cartel of private banks.

Finally, there is record snowfall and record cold temperatures this winter.  I think this makes it a tough sell for the man-made global warming proponents.  The facts say the climate is getting colder, and not warmer.  I think the reason the name was changed to “climate change” is because most people not only realize this fact, but are experiencing it in everyday life this winter.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Collateral Damage

    You earned your stripes on that one Greg! We could hear the cold wind howling through your microphone.

    Somebody good at videos, help us out please. A few years back there was a video that went viral when Brittany Spears did another something stupid and was receiving much public ridicule for not acting like a responsible adult.

    And so, on to your comment about Al Gore and his Global Warming Movie/Video, Inconvenient Truth, that he produced where he ‘said’ that the polar ice caps would be melted by now.

    Well in my opinion, Greg, I have a better way of ‘getting the message out’ than the wonderful interview that you did a week or two back about this.

    What needs to be done is one of you folks that know how to produce a good video, set up this scene:

    Have two people discussing the Inconvenient Truth Movie, and the LIES that are stated as fact in the movie, (i.e. the polar ice caps would melt by this year, etc. etc.) and then after having that discussion, clip to a snip of someone doing this:


    Saying “Leave Al Gore Alone!”

    I bet it would go viral. 🙂

    Just an Idea… 🙂


  2. Varughese

    I don’t think Global warming effects will be that winters will be gone. If I recollect correctly its effect is definitely more sever summers and more sever winters. Don’t just go by the name. It is more complicated. I am not sure what is happening in America, but here in Asia the temperature are increasing in both extreme. We are seeing record hot in summer and record cold in winter.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is not how it was originally sold by Al Gore. If these folks want to blame everything on so-called climate change then let’s see the science that man-made global warming is the direct cause and to back all this up. This has become a moving target and I am not buying it. Where is the science with direct links to man? Please do not tell me about NASA and their models. These folks are funded by the very people pushing “climate change.”

      • Mohammad


        It is a simple math:
        How many people were on earth 1000, 500, 300 years ago and how many are now?
        We are growing exponential with every thing we emit.
        It is no brainer that we are making more heat on earth than 50 years ago.
        Now any one can put the spin they want on this but it will never change the FACTS:
        WE ARE MORE NOW.


        All due respect to different takes on the issue but hardly anyone can refute facts.


        • Greg Hunter

          The question: is it man made? Also, NASA gets it’s funding from the same people who are pushing the man made climate change agenda. One of NASA’s “facts” was that 2014 “was the warmest on record.” I guess if you fudge the numbers it was, but if you don’t, it was 1998 according to Time : http://time.com/3656646/2014-hottest-year/ GHo back thousands of years, then there are many much warmer years. Here is one of the many stories debunking the NASA “facts” : http://thefederalist.com/2015/01/19/global-warming-most-dishonest-year-on-record/ We also have some of the coldest temps on record this winter all over the Eastern U.S. That too is a “fact.” Also if you look at the “mean” temp in red you will see it has stabilized or is down since 2000. It however is not a “fact” this temp increased is caused by man burning of fossil fuels. Gore (and all his scientists) predicted the polar ice caps would be melted by now and they are not melting but increasing in ice. We are being fed a gigantic lie to tax and control us and nothing more, and that too, is a “fact.”

          • Mohammad

            So where do you think that heat man is emitting and increasing exponentially with him is going?


            • Greg Hunter

              The heat has stabilized since 1998 and I think Geo-engineering may be playing a role not the burning of carbon fuels. It could also be the sun and then again we could be headed into another mini ice age. Who knows? I can’t prove any of this, but I do know we have record cold temps and snowfall and also ice is NOT melting on the poles as predicted by global warming scientists and Al Gore. This is a huge global lie, thus the name change from “global warming” to “climate change.” By the way, as far as the “facts” from NASA, how about some other government “facts” such as inflation at “1.6%” and unemployment at “5.7%” and GDP growth at “4.4%.” Do you believe these “facts” coming from our government? You wonder why I am skeptical about government “facts.”

              • Bob Lamb

                Be careful, heat and temperature are not the same thing. Heat is a form of energy. Temperature is a state of matter. Two objects with same amount of energy and mass will have different temps if made out of different stuff.

                I believe the question is the earth absorbing more energy than dissapaiting. If it is , the poles could warm up and release moisture which might make it cooler in many parts of the earth even though the poles could be heating up and the overall energy level of the earth is increasing. Temps at discrete locations are not the whole picture.

            • Bob Lamb

              Radiating into space

        • Shadow of Doubt

          You might want to take a look at the book, The Two-Mile Time Machine: Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate Change and Our Future. Ice Cores give us a more accurate picture on how things were 3,000 to 8,000 years ago vs our meager weather records and/or theoretical models. Volcanoes, Meteoroids and other natural disasters have impacted this planet far more than our growing human population. I am sure you are aware of the term extinct event. CO2 levels were also higher in the distant past than they are now. Global Warming is a fiction my friend. Our climate has always in a state of flux and it has very little to do with normal every day living!

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Sorry- the term is “extinction event” not what my spell checker ended up placing there !

        • Bob Lamb

          Are you kidding? we and all we do dont emit a smidgen compared to what the sun does and radioactive decay in the earth. If we trap a portion of the heat from the sun, then we might make a difference.

  3. JC Davis

    Greg, it has sure been a week of changes. I spent my time wisely listening to your interviews, and esp the commenters.

  4. ramone kalsaw

    Greg, regarding ‘climate change’: as i understand it, the global climate has been changing and the change is not ‘linear’ in that it only goes in one direction—warmer or cooler. Are temperatures on average going up or down? Are the ice caps melting and causing a rise in sea level or not? Please find out these answers to these questions. I love your program. And one more question: after your reports scare the s#^$ outta me, how can i ‘fear not’ ; ).

    Best regards,

    Ramone Kalsaw

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” is a phrase repeatedly used in the Bible. It may not look like it but god the Father is always in control. “Fear Not.”

      • Mike Gunther


  5. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Great WNW
    Thank you for having the courage to point out that the Fed is nothing more than a ‘cartel of private banks’.
    Until this ludicrous model is audited, exposed and disbanded the US will only become progressively more morally and financially bankrupt.
    The solution is staring us all in the face.
    It is that simple!


  6. Klemens

    The wrong god has to be destroyed: http://kenraggio.com/Stone-Hewed-Out-Of-A-Mountain-Crushed-Iron-And-Clay-Feet.jpg

  7. Alf Cranston

    The Suffering Will End

    God never intended for humankind to be plagued by man made or natural disasters. His will is for humans to live forever in peaceful conditions on earth. As he did in Noah’s day, he will intervene in earth’s affairs to remove all wickedness and badness. True to form, Jehovah God is providing advance notice by having a message of warning declared worldwide, thus allowing people to put themselves in line for survival.—Psalm 37:9, 11, 29; Matthew 24:14.

  8. Aziz JAAFAR

    Hi Greg,
    I remind you that Israel has 200 nuclear missiles while Iran has 0.
    Nethanyahu has been saying for 22 years (!!!!????) that Iran is going to get a nuclear weapon within a month.

    • Greg Hunter

      Aziz JAAFAR,
      I think Israel has close to 300 nukes and I am also sure Iran (unofficially) has nukes too. I think they got them when the Soviet Union broke up. This is why they have not been attacked already.

      • Mohammad

        Iran is Israel, and Israel is Iran
        Time will tell.
        A hit to Iran is a THEATRICAL one to unleash Iran on Saudi Arabia to capture mecca and Al-Madina.
        Once that happens and Sunnis are subdued then regime in Iran will flip and Kingdom of Israel will establish.
        Dajjal comes from Isfahan in Iran to Jerusalem to claim he is Jesus, the sign and the catch is he’s got ONE EYE, that is the mark.
        Jesus descends in Damascus and he will defeat al dajjal there.
        Records will be set straight then.


        • Greg Hunter

          Your Jesus is not my Jesus. Time will tell.

          • Mohammad

            I agree on one.
            Time will tell.
            I will leave the other open door.
            God bless.


      • Don

        Wow, you won’t here that on main stream media.

  9. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you VERY MUCH for your insights. First time ever I admitted, on record, I am the comeback of Jesus Christ (JC). The morning after, I regretted the post, but now I feel comfortable with it. From the start, after my spiritual awakening, I felt boxed in, as I don’t fit the profile of the pictured JC at all, by far not, not at all, zero, I am very far away from it, universes away, as only some basic remarks in the Bible I can feel I could have said, but surely NO prophecies, no crystal balls. Information sometimes can give the aura of crystal balls. JC told his beautiful woman he would be back, explained her reincarnation, and so on, no disciples, I loved my woman in and outside that life, as sometimes we seem to have contact, her being in the spirit world at the moment. Our spiritual love boosted the physical side of it, some wine, in the hills, I could tell her the spiritual truth straight out, all our body cells trembled of orgasmic feelings in them when we melted together, as we went ballistic regularly, as I got some wonderful regressions of that, her adding to it, a spiritual love story, as she goes a little physical as well at times. Through several lives we have more soulmates, as reunions are then group erotic happenings, beyond your imagination. Off course, there are mostly one on one reunions, but at times we multiply the erotic dreams, as they feel physically real. I am just the next normal guy, charismatic they say, not dumb, not at all, but that’s it. On July the 5th of 2003, I woke up spiritually, as exactly nine months later observing networks manifested themselves very obviously to me. The regressions don’t make you remember such a life as if it was this life. They are highlights, very impressive ones though. In 2006, I got regressions of my role as JFK, acknowledged by my main guiding spirit, the old Indian I named him. At first, I didn’t get why I got regressions of my role as JFK, a played out role I thought at the time. When I noticed that it seemed that geopolitics, at some rare moments, seem to march in line with what I advocated before, networks always listening and watching, the JFK regressions gave a lot of moments, at times any room gave the feeling of being in the oval office, which enforced the feeling during game periods around me, the networks adding such sentiments to it. Last summer, for the first time, there seemed to be some connection to Barack Obama. Me, the old Indian & Co don’t like mister Obama, as we see him actually as a criminal, long live freedom of speech, thank heavens for that. The timing of someone shooting a bullet in his window, I felt the networks surrounded someone to encourage that bullet in Obama’s window. We (the old Indian & Co, and me) cheered that symbolic deed, very much so. The networks mix facts and dreamy things, making it a jigsaw puzzle. Last Summer, my TV was taken over, I saw president Obama very insecure. As I don’t really feel in my heart the Malmstrom scenario being true, I went into that mode nevertheless, talking to Obama that if Putin has him in a box, he stays calm, resuming his big mouth, but standing down on too intense military intervention. In case my story might maybe explode one day, I promised to let him be, living an ex-president’s life, when he doesn’t go against the flow. The official broadcast went like I seemed to coach mister Obama. I always reckon that the networks can produce fake videos, but it sure looked like that, living in The Twilight Zone for over a decade now.

    Around me, the networks execute the Games very obvious and intense, but in much smaller magnitude, very subtle, it’s the way they orchestrate instruments like Oswald. On the internet, I found materials about JFK. That day, 11 22 1963, it wasn’t planned to ride that convertible. A feeling made me change my mind. The old Indian, during this one life, claims he boosted that feeling, as 11 22 = 33, according the story the dying age of JC, fitting the numerological crypt. When I was sixteen years old, I had a very strong feeling to invest somewhat in physical silver, which I never did at the time. I slightly studied JFK’s history, bumping on executive order 11110, making money silver again, I began to get why I programmed regressions of my life as JFK before I reincarnated, and the SILVER feeling at young age, reoccurring at times. The old Indian confirming that 11 22 was a beautiful day to die, as the attack from the banking cabal was not to dodge anyway. It went as we saw it coming before I reincarnated in the Kennedy family. I had to move on anyway, as we planned to give the comeback of JC thing a go, a try, when successful, resuming the case for an honest money system, executive order 11110. No four months later, I got born in Holland, in an average Joe position. The spirit melts together with the body just before birth, as abortion is nothing more than picking a flower. There is a lot to tell, quite a Tale To Tell. Madonna’s song ‘live to tell a tale’, reproduced in 2006, arising on a cross, magnificent; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR2Tda51Gog
    May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected.

  10. vincent_g

    The problem

    Software piracy

    The solution
    Computers without Hard drives or any type of storage device.

    Back in the late 1990’s Oracle was leading a push to come up with computers that had no storage devices. They envisioned that all software would be accessed from the net.

    Some 15 or so years later we now have the Cloud and this dream has come to fruition.

    Now we hear that a company that is contracted by the US Government has created a Hard Drive Virus that destroys the drive.

    I find this a bit suspicious.

  11. vincent_g

    One other thing that seems to be very important and may tie in to this push to stop piracy by use of the Cloud


    Well we can’t have slow connection speed if people are to run software over the net.

  12. Mike

    Good morning Greg. Where’s your hat my Friend? I kept expecting to see a coyote or deer in the background, I love living in a rural setting. (KAPOW !!! Wyle E. Coyote !!!)
    Could ISIS be a recruiting tool to gather all those who would be ‘radicle Islam’ together, so that 1 massive engagement could dramatically reduce their numbers and equipment? I would say possibly, but not with this president or State Department. Even an idiot would get half of things right, therefore I suspect that all that he does is done as per agenda, no accidents or misunderstandings as Barry gets most things wrong, as in the opposite of what a rational American would do.
    The markets are interesting. I know a lot of Euro capital has flooded the U.S. markets, but it’s like ‘they’ are artificially inflating our markets, so when the ‘Big Collapse’ does come, it will be an 18000 D.O.W. that looses 50%, taking it down to only a 9000 D.O.W., instead of a 12000 D.O.W. loosing 50% and becoming a 6000 on the D.O.W.
    Just a couple thoughts. I hope you have a great weekend.
    Mike of North Central Texas

    • Greg Hunter

      All those things are out there, even mountain lions have been spotted and they have not seen them in Missouri for decades.

  13. Terry

    Thanks Greg, Is that your “fortified bunker” in the background? Looks like a nice one.
    As the common man in the USA sees plainly, our leaders are not “protecting and defending” the Constitution. It would not be a “Revolt” to demand that they do. But how,specifically, can we do that? The People do have the power to hold our leaders in check with “common law grand juries”. Legally and peacefully indict law breakers in our government. I am going to my second meeting of “The National Liberty Alliance” this weekend at the public library. They seem to have a credible way forward. This is not “sovereign man” stuff or anything like it. There is powerful case law behind them. Justice Scalia,writing for the majority in United States vs Williams, spells it out beautifully what our [the People] rights are when it comes to indicting and taking to trial criminals in our society and government. I am not a member of the NLA as of yet but I am trying to learn more. I have all but given up on our political process and those who represent us in Washington. But I’m not giving up. Thanks for your good work. Honest journalism has all but disappeared.

  14. Wim

    As I watched your wrap up the second time, seeing that winter landscape, again I asked the old Indian (& Co) if he has something to do with the cold weather in the East of America. He is pretty much silent recent times, threatening him I buy a Kalashnikov, shooting him all over the place, as I rarely can get him to speak up some more, as he remains almost silent as of lately. We are somewhat like Clouseau and his help, who attacks him for practice. He keeps me in the dark a lot, as we agreed on a protocol before I reincarnated, but now down here below, imprisoned in a physical body, I can’t stand it at times, as the whole Grand Game nerves me at times, other times the very opposite, as it’s the most bizarre story ever. At times feeling homesick, ET wanting to go home, the spirit world, which feeling subsides of course, wanting to become a hundred years. If that eastern American winter is connected, like it somewhat feels, some things are definitely on the agenda. Do I believe that old Indian and his weather claims? NO yes NO yes yes, no, yes, at times YES, as it sure played Devilish coincidence the past decade.

    On Monday, April the 5th of 2004, the networks started to manifest themselves to me. On Good Friday, April the 9th of 2004, at 20:00 hours I watched Discovery, ‘The Son of God’. It was about an alternative biography of Jesus Christ (JC), normal guy, no miracles, and so on. I only watched for five minutes, as I began to laugh my brains out, minutes long. I felt observation in my home, as the old Indian & Co went ballistic to confirm that. From 20:00 till 03:00 hours, that old Indian & Co were tsunamis of information, pulling some Twilight Zone Stunts at the same time, to boost the experience. At one moment I stood up, standing in my living room, that old Indian, by thought visions, projected me a feeling that I stood on a stage, looking into the audience. I saw no faces, as at one moment he showed me the face of George Walker Bush, president of America at the time. I bent one knee, like a second taking dance, waving to the floor, as that was the projected audience, ‘heh Bush’ I said, while waving. Then, I think it was Wednesday April the 14th, on MSM there was a news flash of George Walker Bush. The news being he stepped out of his helicopter at the White House without protocol, no marine standing there, but the fact he made that dance move, while waving to the floor, the grass, that got no comment, as I was flubbercasted that the American president was in the know of the Game Circus, in the observing loop. I am 100% sure he had to practice the move, 100% sure.
    Later on, 2005 or something, I considered that Bush clip being a networks produced fake video. Then, in 2006, no Game Round active, MSM replayed that news flash. I never could find it on the internet.

    Former president Bush made an historic tiny step away from Israel. Bush sometimes, encrypted, related to things of the Grand Game, there was no doubt in that one, George Walker Bush is in the know. I have nothing against no one, but the story is military, as we engaged in the warfare raging this one world, by seeding several religions. By that, only that, no real personal sentiments, we are in war with the Israeli, more specifically their religious bodies of thoughts, and the power lobby they fuel with it. More precisely, we are fed up with the Israeli. That old Indian confirmed former president George Walker Bush being my war brother till some level. We targeted the replay of history by my role of the prophet Mohammed (pbuh), as I suspect (the old Indian confirming) George Walker Bush was involved in 911, making sure it was done marine style, 3.800 dead, not 20.000. He is a Dalmation, white with very dark spots. When my story might ever explode, he has to explain some things to me. I never got any compensation for my involvement, to mention one, as the Dutch government sabotaged me where they could. His current low profile, doing something for veterans, which I called for in general as from 2006, becoming a painter, but especially his move with a group wanting to convert Jews to JC being the man. He knows that IF, IF my story might maybe explode one day, I can make him sweat, if it would be appropriate after all. IF that day comes, IF, I have surely a conversation with him on the agenda, but I think that secret ‘’criminal’’ will be labelled a hero after all. I deeply regret I have to admit that 911 was jackpot in our (the old Indian & Co, and me) line of expectations, as that goes with Barbaric ISIS. Barbaric after the altered story about JC, barbaric after the altered story about the prophet Mohammed (pbuh), which shows this one world how power obsessed in general it is. I posted one time about the Inquisition. After that, mister Obama mentioned it during the prayer breakfast, which reminded me of that moment last Summer. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected.

  15. Wim

    To Armageddon Wim FEAR _ NOT.
    As far I remember I never really feel fear, besides the amount needed to survive.
    When I woke up, I felt boxed in, not wanting to become another teacher, or something. My life long I wanted to become a writer, which dream I took with me before I reincarnated. I wrote all these years, knowing not finishing it, time not being ripe, and so on, and so on. Not wanting to fight the ridiculous figure they made the JC performance at the time. Two years ago I started to write in English, as the way the Dutch behave in the Grand Game disgusts me. Morality over here lower than in America, I definitely don’t want to present my story to the Dutch, when that moment comes. Looking at the world around me, the whole mission discourages me, but we said A, so I probably programmed myself before reincarnation to try B at a certain moment. One thing is, I have quite a Tale To Tell. I can sing a little. Often enough, during Game Rounds, I sing ‘My way’, among other songs, and then leaving the actual text, as I at these moments sing my things into The Game. ‘I did it my way’, that song fits me perfectly. At some times Frank Sinatra in the heavens joins me, which improves my voice, and are wonderful moments, which keep me going, as The Grand Game, and all, at the same time is an huge Mental Cross, a very contradictious state of mind with it all. Frank Sinatra, My Way, please join me in that one, as there are beautiful nature recordings with the song; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-U440tU5CA
    May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected.

  16. James Hastings

    Good rap-up for the week. The administration is lying to everyone. I just don’t see how we could ever survive as a nation, with the corrupt government we have. I’m also shocked that so few see it and worry about it. I’ve come to the conclusion they are spreading the money around just enough that most people are distracted. Satisfied.

    Though they dig into sheol, though they climb up to heaven, though they hide from my sight at the bottom of the sea….there I will command the serpent and it SHALL bite them. As Yul Brenner said so long ago…so it is written…so it SHALL be done.

    I just need to hang on. I keep telling myself…tough times don’t last…tough people do.

  17. John Thanos

    In your February 27, 2015 Weekly New Wrap-Up, you voiced your skepticism regarding the Global Warming Predictions. I suggest that you consider an interview with John L. Casey, a Florida scientist who has studied the correlations between sunspot counts and global temperatures. If you search on his name at the YouTube website, you can view some of his videos and listen to audio interviews with him. He is also the author of two books, Dark Winter and Cold Sun, which are described at the Amazon website.

    • Greg Hunter

      John Thanos,
      I think there is climate change but I do not think Man has much to do with it. I also don’t think and that we are all should be taxed to death by a single world power that will usurp the Constitution. That’s all I am saying.

      • Jerry

        Greg, you might add being spayed with aluminum oxide to that list of things the globalist do to prevent global warming. They actually believe they can patch the ozone layer by creating reflective cloud banks.

  18. Mike

    Hi Greg,

    Always enjoy your guests even those that might be considered to be on the fringe.

    Speaking of fringe I would love to see you dialogue with Foster Gamble.

    To many he is way out there but I think this man is just way ahead of the crowd.

    Fascinating man with some very interesting opinions.

    • Mike

      I should have mentioned that David Morgan recently did an interview with Foster Gamble and based on what he stated I suspect that Foster will soon emerge into the alternative media as a regular guest.

      Smart man who has dedicated decades to understanding what it takes to create a better honest world.

      At first his frankness on some subjects might frighten people but if you drill down a little you realize that this guy does have something valid to offer.

      PS. Greg..you liked you were freezing your buns off doing the wrap up.lol

  19. Art Barnes

    Greg, yea, the deal with Iran is going so well that Iran staged a U.S. aircraft carrier being destroyed in the Strait of Hormuz; to me this simple act was telling that a deal is not in the works but the State Department & the Administration refuses to admit it because that would mean the military option; which Obama never ever would opt for, all that prior rhetoric was simple posturing so Obama and company must continue to pretend its still ongoing. Iran has made a monkey out of two democratic presidents now (Carter & Obama) & I predict there will be a third or more until Israel is forced to take care of it.

  20. CrazyCanuck

    Hi Greg
    Greg, do you ever get the idea we the great unwashed minions of the world are but spectators ? The vast majority are pre-occupied with ‘ bread and circuses’, while some are being swayed to look at the dark swirling machinations by people such as yourself saying ” look over here! This is what’s going on, and it just ain’t right ! ”

    For example, the West has a plan afoot to take on the American created ex-moderate ISIS fanatics. BN is coming to address Congress, even though his own security services leaked he did a Colin Powell-esc Big Lie in a previous UN speech. Saving Iraq ? More like a springboard into deposing the current regime in Syria — for the good of all of course.

    Not to mention the whole ClusterF#*€$ going on in Ukraine… How dare the Ruskies stand up to the self appointed hegemon of the world and it’s European sycophants!?

    Ah yes, Days of our ( perhaps shortened ) Lives.

  21. Jerry

    Yikes Greg!
    You look like Chilly Willy sitting out there on that lake. Fire up a portable propane heater next time.
    Greg I got a report from one of my sources back in November (that I posted on your site) that a major false flag event involving U.S. troops would take place in the middle east sometime around March. Watching the buildup going on right now , I think that’s about right. What worries me is that my source stated that there would be major U.S. casualties. Enough that it would require a severe response and a long term commitment from the U.S. military. It seems that the western cabal will go to any lengths to topple the regime in Syria, including sacrificing our troops, or perhaps starting a war with Russia.

    From the very beginning this has all been about gas and oil deals with Russia. The western cabal knows that if Iran continues its oil production with Russia, that they will corner the oil market and collapse the petrodollar. Likewise in Syria with Gazprom. Why else do you think the Saudi’s collapsed the oil market? The western cabal had no choice. Its a game of survival for them at this point. Oil is the only thing propping up fiat currency. In return the western cabal agreed to take down Assad in Syria for this move and put an end to the Gazprom deal with Russia.

    Enter ISIS……..the latest CIA patsy to take the fall for the western cabal. (rhymes).
    Greg I can guarantee you these guys are not fighting for Jihad. They’re being paid by somebody. Nobody gets the type of support and production without a major financial backer . Just in logistics alone in supporting two divisions of militia in two major countries is a major financial undertaking. Whenever I see professionally produced banners, artistically decorated vehicles, and execution productions that could have come from Hollywood, I smell money. And when I smell money there’s usually a banker in the woodpile somewhere. Don’t think for one minute, that some portion of our government is not involved in this mess. They are. But like Hilary Clinton said about Benghazi “What difference does it make”? My translation…………what are you going to do about it? Ah…………nothing.

    Greg it may be cold where you are. But things are getting ready to heat up. Take care my friend and be safe.

  22. Chip

    You need to move down here to south texas greg. colder than normal but our average temps for this time of year about 70…. great wrap up. fear not…

  23. andyb

    It’s quite obvious now ( and actually has been for some time) that those who pull the puppet strings on Western politicians are hell bent for war , most likely to distract blame for the coming economic implosion. That the well bribed (or blackmailed) policy makers go along with this proves that they are just as psychopathic.
    We have only ourselves to blame. We let the Progressives/Marxists/Fascists (funny that their separate apparent agendas are really all the same) usurp power and take over this once great country, and it started with the control of education in the 1970s. A very distinct minority of high school graduates are able to define our Republic and the principles that guided the Founders, or are even able to evidence basic math or communication skills. Of course, there is no truth or help via the MSM, just lies, indoctrination and disinformation.

  24. brian

    Greg, if I were you, given what is going on here; I would stay on that farm in the southern midwest and run your operation from there. I would not want to be anywhere near the east coast when inevitability finally hits.

    As for me personally, I live in a suburb of Chicago……about a 4 hour baggy panted shuffle from several million well meaning, high minded yet completely clueless idiots. I am seriously thinking about a) moving or b) buying a large powerful pick up truck and fitting it with several hundred gallons of fuel capacity, light armor and crash bars.

  25. Galaxy 500

    Obama tells us he is making America strong. Reality , he’s destroying the military and has already castrated the leadership there. It’ll take a generation to build it back.
    Obama tells us his taking over the internet is to protect us. Reality, he’s destroying the free exchange of ideas as truth threatens his lies.

  26. Sylvia

    Please turn up your volumn when you are out in the country. Can hardly hear you. Some of us don’t want to sit with ears glued to the screen in order to hear you. Thanks

  27. dslarsen

    I think that part of the Gore et. al. agenda is to confuse people about what science is really. “Global Warming” isn’t using the scientific method at all; it’s just a lot of fear mongering to get people divided, and has become a religion now. No actual facts can make a dent in the faith of the Warmers. We could have a 1000 foot sheet of ice where Detroit once stood, and they would be claiming it’s manmade “Climate change” that only a billion dollars of grant money can ameliorate. That and ever increasing costs for electricity and such.

    It is a greater scam than the Federal Reserve!

    Thanks for having Lord Monckton on the show.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Gore made a huge mistake for clearly identifying it a “global Warming” when now it simply is not and the climate change camp now wants to say every problem whether it be drought, floods snow extreme cold temps are all cause by man made global warming, or, em climate change.

  28. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    As usual, another insightful WNW. I can barely look at any part of the Establishment Media anymore.

    Do you think, regarding Obama, that the “Emperor has no clothes” may be breaking out into the mainstream? There are the comments made by Mayor Gulliani that has gotten wide coverage and has sparked wide debate. The Speaker of the House was not afraid to invite Netanyahu to speak to the Congress.

    Do you see “Obama unchained” flying too close to the sun with his wings of wax?

    Will the public wake up a bit because of Obama’s world-view concerning Islamic terrorism?

    Will the Democratic Party Establishment start to distance themselves from the President if for no other reason than their own self-preservation?

  29. Don

    Greg, I appreciate the wrap ups you do. I don’t many places I trust, and especially on TV where I feel the media is truthful about what the report. The propaganda has filled the air ways. At least when I view the wrap up, I feel, that you and your guest seek to bring truth to the discussion and much of the information discussed can not be known unless we have first hand knowledge at lease I get a feel of the mindset of American’s all over the US. Just to know that I’m not the only American that feels the deep untrust of our leaders, lets me know their is still some good people who truly want the best for this country. I feel betrayed as an American by our leaders, and would like to clean house. The election process hasn’t produced, for me a presidential candidate for years, and I’m not sure what to do able it. Clinton and Bush are unacceptable to me, leaving Rand Paul, if he makes it to a final vote. Its my opinion the American people are so out of touch with the real issue’s they’ll fail to see the danger of two neocon’s once again. Both of these candidates will follow the globalist agenda, and seek to disarm America. Mr. Mike Huckabee would probably make a good president, but I don’t think he may be able to beat Clinton or Bush. So Rand Paul would probably get my vote. Would let to hear other comments.

  30. Ciga hotrod

    Greg you have had some KEY live interviews lately. Paul Craig Roberts is rising out of nowhere to speak the truth and his latest at the Moscow Academy is awesome. Monckton and the global warming issue is a huge eye opener right now. I am sure very few if any MSM would have given him an interview yet his scientist group is proving the Turth.
    Thanks for having these esteemed gentlemen on so we can hear and see them in their casual settings.

  31. Hill

    Everything we are witnessing are acts of desperation by a small clique of evil men who have overthrown much of the world we live on and in. It looks to be more of a desire of outright control over humanity than just sheer profit.
    The best observation I can make is: They’re losing their grip and now going for broke.

    Pray for the best and plan for the worst everyone!

    Peace be with you Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Hill.

  32. hal

    Netanyahu is coming to DC for the AIPAC convention next week so he was not making a special trip to DC for Congress. It was an opportunity he does not get with our head of State.

    My guess is Obama is not addressing AIPAC more since he is concerned he might be “booed” by the people who he said a few years back “I’ve got Israels Back” to. Not “we” but “I’ve”.

    I attended AIPAC then for the first and last time. Unimpressed with the entire process, but that’s my opinion (and I am not fond of politicians anyway). The problems there are deep rooted and giving in to Iran might short term make things better, but if memory serves me correct and I do not go back a few thousand years, things there never get resolved.

    For Obama, who to me is the ultimate Politician (not leader or Statesman) he wants his way, period.

    But as you point out in your weekly missives, Greece, Ukraine, Libya, Mid East, DC. Pick one, any one.

    Here, I especially “liked” how Fed Chief Yellen acted like she knew nothing about the OFR report on the systemic bank risk where if one of a bunch of banks goes down it takes the rest with it. She changed Sen Shelbys question to Systemic “Footprint”, rather than risk. You know we have problems when they have to search for words to explain a problem in a softer manner.

    Thanks Greg.

  33. Iona Laundramat

    Colder than usual in the northeast but much warmer than usual in California. With the driest January since records started being kept in 1850…

  34. Michael Haller

    Hi Greg,

    I don’t expect that the Fed will be audited either but I like to know how my congressman votes so I can know whether he has sold his soul or not.

  35. OutLookingIn

    Proof the Fed is “blow torching the American economy”.


  36. OutLookingIn

    The western backed Kiev puppet regime of Poroshenko, approached the Canadian government asking for military assistance. While perusing a news outlet, the newly won battle of the “Debaltseve Cauldron” the victors were inspecting military equipment that was abandoned by the Kiev forces.
    A modern kevlar military helmet had a Canadian Military label inside! Looks like more than just US is hip deep in this mess!


  37. Mike Hicks

    Sorry Greg, but I believe you have it wrong on the Global Warming / Climate Change subject.

    The reason for the name change to Climate Change is because no one wanted to hear about Global Warming.
    The global temperature has increased by 1.5 degrees.
    Global warming is what causes climate change.
    We are seeing the climate change scenarios that the scientists have predicted for years.
    Some parts of the planet have warmer weather. Some parts have colder weather.

    I listen to your podcast regularly and have respect for your reporting. Just in this case I believe your misunderstanding the whole picture.


    • Greg Hunter

      We are not seeing “climate change scenarios that the scientists have predicted for years” Al Gore had many scientists on his movie that won a Nobel Prize and an Oscar and he claimed the ice caps would be melted by now. DID NOT happen. If you now say Some parts of the planet have warmer weather. Some parts have colder weather.” then I want to see the peer reviewed studies that directly link man made forces to this new phenomenon. Scientists simply cannot produce it and get angry when their science is questioned. You can’t call it one thing and when “global Warming” does not happen, call it “climate change ” when you see record cold temps and record snowfall. This is not caused by the burning of fossil fuels and we do not need a global carbon tax and a single global group taxing the heck out of us all while destroying our liberty. Just because you cannot not make your point (with record cold temps and snowfall) don’t talk down to me and say I am “misunderstanding the whole picture.” I call bull crap on that.

      • Dan

        Pretty testy response to a respectful disagreement on an issue on which “reasonable minds may differ”!

        • Greg Hunter

          Call it what you will Dan, but if I agreed with you would you call it “testy”?

          • Dan

            Appreciate the reply & I LOVE you & your site!

  38. paul

    All the aluminium contrails the government sprayed in our atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into outer space has helped the oil industry because they have cooled planet Earth to such an extent that we are now having -25 degree temperatures and the polar ice caps are growing … but wouldn’t you know it … despite achieving their goal of more oil use this winter the price of oil “has collapsed” from over $100 dollars and is headed toward $25 (God sure works in mysterious ways) … Al gore must be scratching his head right now … anyway … this “Act of God” is a blessing in disguise to us gold and silver bugs who still own mining stocks … because a big part of the cost mining gold and silver is oil related … so mining costs are down significantly … and wouldn’t you know it … for some strange reason the US dollar is very strong even though fiat is being printed hand over fist (is this God at work again?) … most mining companies are located outside the US … so their cost of materials and labor are now paid out in weak currencies (Australian, Canadian, Mexican, Chilean, etc. dollars) while their income is collected in strong US dollars! … it looks to me like a grand design by God to boost our gold and silver stocks higher … or maybe … just perhaps … it’s the Cabal manipulating markets again … and getting ready to make a fortune in the gold and silver mining stocks … once they scare all the ordinary regular mom and pop investors out … and the Cabal is simply controlling and manipulating all the markets so they can reap exponential rewards … as the Cabal would say … doing “God’s work” is not so easy!!

    • paul

      Here is a technical chart analysis of the junior mining index (GDXJ) … the important thing to notice is the big jump up in volume (after a long four year fall-off to the recent bottom) … http://www.superforcesignals.com/video/2015feb26gdxj/2015feb26gdxj.html

      • paul

        Gulp!! … How is this for Re-setting the gold “dial” … if you thought nations like Russia, India and China were big gold buyers … now a “single corporation” will become a very big gold buyer … Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will be buying one third of the entire world’s gold production just to meet demand for its highly anticipated Apple iWatch (which features an 18-karat gold casing) … production is slated to start at the end of March at more than one million units “per month” … Apple is anticipating very high demand from Asian markets (mainly China) … each Apple iWatch will cost about $4000 dollars each and will contain a total of two (2) troy ounces of gold (the gold in the iWatch alone is worth $2400 dollars (based on the current gold price) … using estimated yearly sales figures Apple will need 746 tons of gold per year (or about 30% of the entire world’s annual production) … now how is that for a gold reset!

        And if this news wasn’t good enough … Reuters just announced that China plans to launch a yuan-denominated gold fix this year … the Chinese benchmark would be derived from a new 1 kg contract to be launched on the state-run Shanghai Gold Exchange … with the century-old London fix under scrutiny because of price-manipulation charges … the Chinese fix will add more pressure on London “to change its benchmark” (which is used by producers, refiners and central banks worldwide to price their metals contracts and gold holdings.

        • paul

          It is almost like the Cabal has purposely manipulated all the financial markets to spring load a giant rebound in the gold price and the gold mining industry … with the trap set … Apple now comes along and needs to buy about 750 tons of gold per year to produce its iWatch … does anyone realize that Apple has to buy almost the entire yearly gold production of GoldCorp (76 tons), Barrick Gold (203 tons), Newmont Mining (144 tons), Newcrest (60 tons), Yamana Gold (32 tons), Kinross Gold (75 tons0, Anglo Gold Ashanti (116 tons), Gold Fields (57 tons) and Eldorado Gold (20 tons) in order to get the gold it needs!
          Things have been set up for a mad scramble into gold … and the poor mom and pops of the world … told by the Cabal that gold is simply a “useless barbaric relic” and fraudulently encouraged to sell all their gold holdings (at artificially reduced prices) and put their wealth into “worthless fiat paper” … put paper under their mattresses instead of gold … what a bunch of nice guys (claiming to be doing God’s work) … they are as bad as ISIS terrorists cutting off the heads of innocents!!

          • paul

            More on the gold re-set! … Listen to Andrew Maquire on the “Chinese Gold Fix” that will side-step London! http://kingworldnews.com/andrew-maguire-2-28-15/ … at about 6.45 he discusses how the gold miners can eventually by-pass the bullion banks completely … the poor banking Cabal may soon find themselves out of work … the only things they will be flipping next “is burgers”!!

            • Greg Hunter

              Yet another reason for global war.

          • Don

            Paul, I hope that when this reset takes place, the people of the world realize the IMF, BIS, World Bank are all the same banking interest as the Federal Reserve, and somehow these bankers are dethroned from there ability to control the global economy. One thing you can count on is they’ll seek to consolidate there power through the IMF. Which the US, is one of the biggest supporters of the UN, through tax money paid to them from the American people. I just wrote my senator about that. US leadership is totally behind global government. Income tax began shortly after the Federal Reserve creation to pay the debt owed to this cartel of bankers. I’ hope as you do, I
            m sure that when the collapse happens the American people will force these banker and the politicians that supported them out of power. Of coarse if not then global government that will appear will fulfill bible prophecy. Thanks for commits.

  39. Klemens

    Soros, Ford Foundations ‘Lavish’ $196 Million to Push Internet Regulations…

  40. Coalburner

    People who bought into the global warming hoax are going to have a hard time and find it necessary to eat a lot of snow and ice to get over this pack of lies. Some will resist until they cannot choke down anymore. I was nearby when Al Gore was planning his game before he lost the election. Can you imagine how many dollars would have gone down the rabbit hole if he had won the election. It would make Iraq look like a poverty campaoign. Professionals knew then what a bummer this would be. But there were so many gullible and uneducated or brainwashed that he was still able to damage energy production, make solar and wind a laughing stock by farming the governemnt for dollars. Back then I happened to get to The Big Island in HI and happened to drive down to the southern tip. These old broken and dormant wind turbins were standing all down the point in the best wind farming location in the world. Looked like Detroit in the wilderness. I knew then what would be coming. The modern farms have lots of problems today from killing very high niumbers of birds to costly maintenance nightmares. But who cares, the warmed over gone rogue professors keep destroying new minds in Universitys to keep their jobs with forty year old information that died years ago. I lived throrgh the rise of fixing the biggest problems in the envirnment and now the left over powers and new brainwashed kill the whole country to get that last one percent. When their kids start to freeze they will be back to coal. I don’t really burn the stuff, this moniker I use is to remind the danciing clowns while they fail and become known to all as failures. Fear Not!

  41. Thanks Greg! What a graphic demonstration of the cold hard facts on global warming! Have you read “Dark Winter” by John L. Casey on how the Sun is causing the Earth to cool? Very interesting-and sobering look at our future if his facts are correct.

    According to NYTimes bestselling author and Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg, the biggest threat facing the Western world is the rise of an “apocalyptic” brand of Islam whose leaders are trying to usher in the end-of-the-world. He believes both Iran & ISIS (though one is Shia & the other Sunni) have a common goal: to hasten the coming of the Mahdi and the Endgame.

    Both men see a time of coming economic chaos & would make interesting guests!

  42. BeeBee

    I enjoy your web site Greg and not because I agree with all the observations made by you or your guests.
    The weather seems pretty grim in your neck of the woods and in your mind your thinking,we could do with some global warming here.Monkton made the comment in your interview with him that He could do with some of the same as it was so cold in Scotland.Me however am in the south of England and the winter has been unusually mild and I could think it is because of global warming.
    What we are experiencing is the vagaries of climate which is weather,weather is the micro and climate the macro.
    The science is global air temperature is still going up but has slowed slightly over the past fifteen years,the temperature of the oceans however have risen off the charts.We are all in deep trouble.
    We shouldn’t allow our dislike for a politician or the likelihood of us being ripped off by the the same with money making solutions that are never going to work to blind us to the reality-global warming happening.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is up for debate as the ice caps are not shrinking but growing. The real questions are: Is it man-made from burning fossil fuel? Do we need to be taxed by a global authority that would usurp all of our rights of our countries? Then answer is NO to both in my mind. Thank you for your comment.

  43. Jerry

    The plan Kerry laid down in October hasn’t changed…………much. Just throw ISIS under the buss and go after Assad. What could go wrong?

    Oil goes down. Dollar goes up. Anyone that doesn’t think this is about oil and the survival of the petrodollar is a fool. The good news…….there isn’t any. The bad news… ISIS will be armed with stinger missile’s and Abrams tanks thanks to the mindless foreign policy of this administration.

  44. ulrich sherry

    Hi Greg,
    I was just thinking to myself, how great it would be if your show was endorsed and aired on MSM. It would wake up a lot of people. But that is not on their agenda! Your penchant for diversity might include an interview with Peter Dale Scott. He is well versed in world affairs, a humanitarian, and takes up more than one page in Wikipedia! Another who battles for the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support!! The MSM is dying, why do you thing they want to control the internet?

      • James Hastings

        It never occurred to me. It makes sense. Somebody has to be the propaganda machine. I’d like to see any parallels between Nazi Germanys techniques of social control and those in present day America.

  45. B Ray

    A great wrap-up!
    I would also like to thank you for putting God’s Truth above all; for denouncing those who excuse enemies who seek our demise; and for standing up to the paid etrolls who assert un-godly theories about man made climate change. (And evolution.)
    Thank you also for your unwavering alerts on the many domestic and global threats we are facing. You are a Christian, a Constitutionalist and a Patriot.

    The Bible is the Real Truth and God is the One True God:-
    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
    John 1:1
    “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
    John 14:6
    “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.”
    Psalm 1.1
    “I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.”
    Isaiah 19.2

  46. jeff leaich

    Hey Greg,
    I really enjoy your site. You have had a lot of very insightful guests and presentations, but I think you’re misjudging the global warming claims. The reason we’re so fricking cold here in the states is because the polar caps are warming and changing the wind patterns to bring us cold from the north. When scientists call it global warming they are actually correct, but when we experience weather to the contrary then global warming is dismissed, thus the need to call it climate change. You can debate the causes of climate change all day long, but I think we need to recognize that it is changing and that it is going to affect every aspect of our lives. I think you may be risking your credibility and that would be a shame since you have so much information to share.

    • Greg Hunter

      The caps are not warming. Ice is now increasing. You cannot have it both ways. Gore starts out calling it global warming in the Inconvenient Truth movie and when that does not happen you change the name for a catch all phrase like “climate change.” Gore said the polar ice caps would be melting by now, and the opposite is happening. You want to question someone’s credibility, let’s start with Al Gore. He should give back the Nobel Prize and the Oscar for his now fictional movie.

      • paul

        You know it was probably Al Gore’s great great great grandparent during the “ice age” that told all the cave men to stop lighting wood fires in their caves for warmth … because it was melting the ice caps, the glaciers were retreating and the oceans would rise (and if they paid him some bear skins and a stone ax he could fix things) … well Greg hunter’s great great great grandparent said to Al Gore’s great great great grandparent (for decency sake … it can’t be repeated here on the worldwide net) but in effect the cave men continued to use wood fires to keep themselves warm … “ice age ended” … and eventually the cavemen didn’t need to burn wood anymore to keep warm … it’s called the balance of nature!

  47. Shadow of Doubt

    Leave it to this Obama Administration and good old Janet Yellen to tell us what is “appropriate”. An audit to ensure that the FED is transparent and fiscally sound is publicly deemed unreasonable. Why should it surprise us it is no longer appropriate to call people who sneak into this country illegals as the regime now wants to call them “Americans in waiting”.

  48. Coalburner

    Something has been bugging me for the last several years reading your site and maybe all the way back to 2000. About that time I began to hear about the time period we are living through now or are beginning to enter now. The book “The Fourth Turning ” started me along this tangent path. I bega to respect real money, PM’s. Put my money where my mouth was for Grandchildren and children trying to show the way by doing. I have recieved the same treatment as many have described here but along the way I have educated gradually and eyes have begun to open. I have change my oldest Grandson in the way we learns and pays attention to more than the daily grind. Then when a good teacher who can only devote a little time but to a good but off beat direction, the kid picks up on it. Which is the teacher goal oftentimes. Let those with ears hear. I know others have discussed this here but I think it works with the kids. Your reporting this week has reminded me in spades that if we cannot change the direction of the country in the next ten years successfully, we, this group of time travlers will have to look back in shock and awe and say we lived through the peak of the greatest empire and never knew it until it was almost over. Hard to believe growing up like I did with little until I walked out the door of the poor boys school with that hard fought piece of sheepskin and empty pockets. Hard to believe it was the best of times and think about it , many families will miss it completely. From that start it took a lifetime to catch up and realize the empire was about to crumble. I am sure a lot of your readers are recognizing the same future. I hope we can change it but I am innoculating my Grandchildren and teaching every skill that I can to up their odds of coming out the other side high on old Earl Nightinggale’s pyramid.

  49. Aziz JAAFAR

    I would add that this maniac israeli minister of Foreign Affairs,Avigdor Liberman (born in Moldavia !?) has openly suggested to solve the Gaza issue in a “Hiroshima and Nagasaki way”!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Aziz JAAFAR,
      So when Hamas says its top goal is the total destruction of Israel and all the Jews, you are OK with that?

      • Mohammad

        Hamas is ALLOWED by Israel to take over GAZA.
        ARAFAT and RABIN knew that all along and both got killed, think about that.


        • Greg Hunter

          Israel allowed elections and the people of Gaza voted Hamas in is more accurate.

          • Mohammad

            Election for one time only, one time they knew results up front, and they knew people will vote the heads that Israel allowed in from southern Lebanon’s camps where they were getting their education from Iran’s hizbullah leaders in the same camp that Israel is well aware of.

            Yes i agree……!!!!


  50. Chris Lane

    Greg, love your show, the excellent interviews and views you provide. I look forward to both Mondays and Wednesdays for a little extra insight.

    I would like to point out though that it is not cold everywhere. We have had 60 degree Feb days in WA state, further north than NYC, and our trees are already blooming. It has been this way for several years now – very bizarre!

  51. Danny

    Greg ! i have a dollar in my pocket, does that mean the economy is doing great ?

  52. Wim

    Everything okay Greg? It’s Saturday now, and don’t see any comments.

  53. Davis

    Another of Putin’s political opponents is gunned down and the commentary surrounding it is as shallow as a rain puddle after a spring shower.

    Bush 41 made it clear to the Russians that neither the communists nor communism nor Russian imperialism would ever be held accountable for its crimes. Why then should we be surprised at the criminal behavior of a cabal of “former” communists running the latest iteration of the Russian Empire? Russia has no history of honest democratic or republican institutions. The only alternative they have ever known to dictatorship has been chaos.

    That Putin almost immediately announced he would be “taking over” the investigation is in itself damning. I doubt there will ever be an believable resolution to yet another Russian tragedy. The only things that are certain is that both the Kremlin and Washington will do their best to exploit the event to their best advantage and more innocent people will die for Russia’s latest cult of personality.

    It seems that humans never learn from history. Putin is just the latest iteration of that greatest of historical disasters, the clever, exploitative populist. From Augustus to Napoleon to Obama and Putin, they pay lip service to the past and leave nothing but a legacy of destruction. Augustus neutered the Roman Senate and destroyed the Republic. Obama and his minions seek to do the same. Putin wants to (and has largely succeeded) in making sure that any hope of liberty in Russia is strangled in its cradle. I don’t know if Nemtsov was Russia’s Cicero but they sure could use one.

    Slavery, degradation and subservience has always been the “normal” human condition. The interludes of freedom and self determination have been the exception and all to brief. Both East and West are in a state of deterioration both economically and politically. We will be lucky, very lucky if the world doesn’t blunder its way into a global conflagration. The stench of 1914 is burning in my nostrils.

  54. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    First Photo Of ‘Jihadi John’ As Adult Revealed

    Sky News

    The first known photograph has emerged of Mohammed Emwazi – the Islamic State militant known as “Jihadi John” – as an adult.

    Showing him with a goatee beard and wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap, the image is revealed in student records from his time at the University of Westminster.

    It comes after the 27-year-old who became the masked face of the notorious terror organisation was identified as the figure seen in several videos of hostages being beheaded.

    Sky News can also exclusively reveal details of Emwazi’s academic achievements during his stint at the university in London between 2006 and 2009.

    According to the document, he passed all but one of the modules in his Information Systems with Business Management degree.

    The record shows he was awarded a “condoned credit; retake” status for a module in Business Information Systems.

    Earlier, a photograph had emerged showing the smiling face of a 10-year-old Emwazi sitting with classmates at St Magdalene’s Church of England School in west London.

    An unnamed classmate told The Sun newspaper that Emwazi, who reportedly came from a devout family, was the only Muslim in the class and would demonstrate Arabic writing to the class.

    Check out this picture of ‘Jihadi John’, in a a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap.


    Very apropos considering the United states fought the The Barbary pirates, who had been marauding off the coast of Africa for centuries, encountering a new enemy in the early 19th century: the young United States Navy.


    He should be buried in a pig skin. . . Deny him his reward of 77 virgins, in heaven.
    Yes we also fought them in the Philippines and won! But then in those days we weren’t politically correct were we, Hillary.

  55. Steve Nussdorf

    hey greg….appreciate your plugging away. I also appreciate your effort to keep it neat
    and professional. Many along this line get very sloppy in physical appearance.

    while in accord in many instances, per the environment I take acception, both from experience and observation. to me the earth is like a person, when running a fever, it
    might have hot and cold spells. granted I’m not for the agenda of environmentalists,
    but I am against contributing to pollution and its effects.
    Here’s something I just ran into on the computer re the polar ice caps disappearing.
    I also recall in my youth severe winters. in my adulthood in ny from 20 onwards sometimes there would be no snow all winter. the skies were sickly pink. All that concrete can’t be good for the ecosystem. maybe nature/god balances it out now thru
    severer extremes, ie just like the chills and fever for a person.

    ok peace, shalom, be still and know,
    steve n

  56. Douglas-e Ph.D

    I have been following for some time the ongoing discussion on your website and indeed mentioned in this week’s wrap-up, regarding the contentious debate as to whether global warming/ climate change is influenced by human activity.
    I feel as one involved in academia (the community concerned with the pursuit of research, education and scholarship) it would be helpful and perhaps enlightening to your non-academic readership to disclose the latest research clearly showing the obvious correlation between human activity and consequent climate change.
    I will attempt to relate this information as simply as possible as the vast majority of your following would otherwise not comprehend it’s significance.

    That global warming follows human activity was first hypothesized and and later confirmed by the fortuitous discovery of enormous amounts of CO2 and methane gasses emanating from, of all places, Washington D. C., specifically the Capital and White House Buildings. This same fortuitous discovery was subsequently corraborated by similar surreptitious findings in Moscow, Beijing and every other large (and small) government building on Earth.
    These toxic gasses are so disruptive to the planets environment that , in the words of Nobel Peace Prize winner and inventor of the internet ( which makes this post possible), Alonzo Gore, ” we need to immediately make available to every politician and their banking buddies an endless supply of Beano- I use a gallon a week myself!”

    This information should not be surprising to your followers , Greg, as there are numerous evidences of how the Government has attempted to deal with this suffocating problem. Take for instance the tens of thousands of “wind ” mills around the country. The fallacious belief that they create electricity is the opposite of reality. They actually consume a huge amount of the grid’s energy in a desperate attempt to suck these gasses out of D.C. and circulate them around – to share the stentch, so to speak!

    I hope I have provided the necessary information to allow your readers to be well informed and support every means to resolve this horrible man(and women) made dilemma and share this link with the express purpose of showing how each of us, of whatever humble origins and means, can make a difference:


    Douglas -e Ph. D (pretty happy dude)

  57. Donna

    What a sight you make, complete with wind gusts! I put on my cotton dress and sandals and headed out the door to buy Hollyhock seeds and the last of my tomato plants for this year. It was 80 degrees, give or take a degree.

    You had me remembering the winter I went with my husband to the Wilkes-Barre VA, never realizing we were going to come home in blizzard conditions. It took us 15 hours to trek 68 miles back home that day. We were picking up strangers to help push the car uphill, and finally a guy driving up from the South to go deer hunting chained our car to the back of his jeep and dragged us to the last hill summit. I called mom and cried like a newborn when we finally got home. Don’t miss that sort of “living.”

    I do hope you do not change your format. I had listened to Jonathan Cahn on CTM and I found it very interesting. I do not believe he is pushing a religion. I am not a part of any organized religion but I’m not a fool, at least not a complete fool. Everyone, I think, can accept that there is such a thing as evil. Therefore, something out there is stronger. Just call it good if not God, know it is afoot. Why do people struggle so with with Something bigger than themselves?

    Someone told you to stay on topic with your site. What topic? Are you not “Watchdog?” That says the full package to me, not silver dog, gold dog. PCR had posted a site regarding a girl doing magic tricks. Entertaining it was. I did not see where anyone went after him for being off topic. Mention religion or spirituality — they prepare a noose.

    • Greg Hunter


      If you can accept evil you can accept Christ as well. I have never said this on the site but there I said it.


      • Mohammad

        And I never met any one on a public forum in US that is so tolerant to my religion Islam like you do Greg, It is amazing, you are very dear and close to my heart.


      • paul

        Right on Greg … When God the Father (0) created our physical universe from nothing … he did so by creating duality … a positive (+) entity (Christ and good Christians) and an negative entity (-) (a Devil and evil Cabal) … thus setting in motion a constant struggle between opposites … good and evil … white and black … hot and cold (climate change) … etc., etc., etc. … this struggle between opposites is a necessary condition in order for our physical universe to exist … if evil ever wins over good the whole universe will collapse to nothingness (along with their evil fiat) … similarly if good ever wins over evil (this is why we make some allowance for it and do a lot of forgiving) … so we can keep and enjoy “the good part” that the physical universe provides by tolerating “accepting” the necessary evil.

        • paul

          To enjoy the “good part of life” we must accept the fact that “evil” is alway going to be present in one form or another … most life as we know it is carbon based … so lets look at life (the carbon atom) through the prism of Biblical and Scientific terminology … a carbon atom is composed of 6 (+) protons and 6 (zero charged) neutrons in a heavenly “nucleus” … and dislodged and cast out from this heaven are 6 (-) electrons outside of God’s realm … two-thirds of the six’s reside in heaven and one-third the negative “bad angels” were cast out of heaven. It is this interplay between God (the six neutrons) and Christ (the six protons) and the Devil (the six electrons) that makes up a carbon atom (the basis of life) … and what “gives form to the rest of the atoms of the physical universe” is simply the variation in the proportions of good (protons-neutrons) to evil (the electrons) as seen in the Periodic Table of the Elements. I bet it is kind of “erie” to most atheistic chemists how the Bible could have “known” the exact proportions necessary between protons, neutrons and electrons to construct the building block of life!

  58. Donna

    All 4 of my grandparents were immigrants. One set fled from commie-style tyranny, the other set fled from Britain-style tyranny. Different ideology pitch, but same boot on your neck.

    After Mass in the early ’60s, my dad took us across the street to an ice cream parlor that also had an impressive display of penny candies and big city newspapers. I was age 10 when Adolf Eichmann was captured in Argentina. My dad was very big on reading history, both old and in the making. I followed the Eichmann trial start to finish. He was hung when I was 12.

    During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the nuns asked us at the end of one school day to time ourselves in walking home to see if we could get there within a certain time frame. If we could not get home by that time, we were told we would have to remain at school with any classmate in the same boat (the inference being, die at school). We looked at each other with our eyes bugged out. We all raced home like a spooked herd.

    Many a time I went to sleep at night with 2 familiar sounds, the clink of rosary beads and muffled weeping in the dark. My grandparents escaped the despots, but sometimes the more vulnerable nights were full of visitation.

    They never run out of boogey men, do they? As a child, it was Russia. We have come full circle and added another. Two-front boogey men this time, Putin and ISIS. Putin is the new Gaddafi our sterling, clean-handed, noble-minded folks in DC would have us believe. ISIS is whatever it needs to be from week to week for whatever purpose.

    The thing that has changed since I was 10, I now see the scare talk for what it is from our own despots who would kill or corral us all by any means necessary, however long it takes.

  59. Donna

    Joel Skousen was interviewed on CTM, episode 235 (some interviews can be found on You Tube). At one point, he mentioned that the circumstances we find ourselves in have a demonic component. I was surprised he even brought it up. He said the events were too big, too organized, just too much of everything to be totally of man’s making.

    I am forever looking for good triumphing-over-evil stories. It is just my wiring and upbringing. I found 2 stories that I thought perfectly displayed the cruelties of man, finding yourself at the absolute end of hope, and the realization that there is a way out with faith and perseverance. They are both Russian/German stories, timeless in content and message, however.


  60. Donna

    Second film. For those squeamish about spirituality, take note of life under tyranny as portrayed in the 2 films I have posted. I personally need to believe good prevails over the evil that toys with me.


  61. Winston Churchill

    Iran is set to become a full member at the next SCO meet this year.
    That would make them a full ally of China and Russia plus several other
    I know from own sources that Iran bought upto 20 nukes on the black
    market during the Soviet collapse. A fact well known to all western intelligence agency’s.
    Any attack on Iran will lead to nuclear war,probably a full exchange between east and west.Iran has a mutual defense pact with Syria also.Attacking Syria is an attack on Iran.
    This whole situation does not need an electioneering Nuttjob inflaming it further.
    Water and oil may not mix,but those are what is driving us to WWIII in the MENA.

  62. hoopshound

    I don’t have a clear opinion on climate change for two reasons:
    1. I’m not smart enough to review the papers, and 2. I don’t have a political affiliation that makes me side with one group or the other. Why don’t you get environmental and climate scientists [people with training, credentials, peer-reviewed papers] on your show – ones who believe the evidence supports climate change and ones who don’t believe the evidence supports climate change. Let them debate it and ask them to post some links to actual research from both perspectives. Then we’d have some excellent data from which to make informed decisions and it could elevate the discussion. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did,
      Lord Monckton.

      • hoopshound

        He isn’t a scientist. He is allowed to have an opinion, of course, but I was thinking about people with actual scientific credentials. Has he ever been published, pro or con, in a peer-reviewed journal?

        • Greg Hunter

          Monckton has published with other scientists and clearly admits he is not a scientist. Here is a link to the interview I did with him: https://usawatchdog.com/climate-change-is-global-communist-tyranny-lord-christopher-monckton/ A link to his peer reviewed scientific paper is after the interview. You have to ask yourself, if Monckton who admits is not a scientist, can destroy the man-made “global warming,” now renamed “climate change” argument, how strong is that scientific case? Looks pretty weak to me, and I am just a journalist looking for the truth.

  63. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    Larry Kudlow February 28, 2015

    Michael Farr, AUTHOR: “Restoring Our American Dream”


    Was it just a dream?

  64. Don

    Mr. Hunter, I believe the only way we can stop our leaders from their hegemony ambition, both in the middle east and Ukraine and what has been one unconstitutional war after another, is to do away with the Federal Reserve that’s acted to finance every globalist and NWO agenda that our leaders wanted to engage in. Even though the bible tells us at some point a global government will come into being, but each generation has there part to play, and it doesn’t half to happen now, unless its God’s time for it to. Israel as you probably know, will be abandoned by all nations at some point and the connection between anti-Semitism and global government seems to run parallel in scripture. We must do away with the central banks because they’ve been used as the catalyst to bring about global government. I have written my senator in my state many times, mentioning the Rockefellows, UN, BIS trilateral commission, CFR, bilderbergs, club of Rome, and all these globalist oligarchy pushing for and infiltrating our government along with the cartel of banking interest centered in the Federal Reserve that’s had a revolving door in appointed positions throughout key levels. The weirdest thing is out of all emails I written none would mention any of these organizations by name or commit. Its like there afraid to. If you could use your web sight to inform the public, these globalist think tanks are the ones who control political policy and the Federal Reserve and the central banks of the world are establishing the frame work, along with the UN for global government and global monetary system. The fiat money was used to finance the globalist agenda. They hate gold, because it restrains there hegemonic ambitions. You always do good, informative wrapups, thanks.

  65. Mike Soon Over

    Wow 7:00 pm Saturday and no comments up. Greg, is the new control on net neutrality already hitting our site? Great wrap up Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      I was out of town and I am catching up my friend.

  66. JC Davis

    Greg and watchdoggers have a place to go, and live away from others.

  67. JC Davis

    Another allie bites the dust. Venezuela will shrink the size of the U.S. Embassy staff, limit the activities of U.S. diplomats and require American citizens to apply for visas if they want to come bask on the beach. From Yahoo.com

  68. Aziz JAAFAR

    Israel is not the Jew country but a country ruled by dangerous colonialstics with a zionist ideology.In my country,some of my compatriots are Jews (mostly in Jerba) and we have been living together for thousands of year.Those who defend unconditionally Israel are doing Jews disservance and puting them in danger.
    By the way nukes are not handmade projectiles.And Palestinians are making rhetoric while Israeli are provoking endless wars AGAINST ALL OF THEIR NEIGHBOURS.

    • Greg Hunter

      Aziz JAAFAR,
      There are always two sides to a story like this and you presented only one. Of course, you leave out the fact that there are those (such as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood to name a few which are, in fact, backed in part by Iran) that strive to wipe out Israel and all Jews there. How dare those people defend themselves. Wider war is coming to the M E no matter what side you are on. The world will be shaken. Peace.

  69. Derrick Michael Reid

    And now in Russia, a Putin critic is shot to death in moscow, the putin apologist PGR at KWN will say anything to slam the US, PGR suggests its a CIA plot to blame Putin. Its a crime in Russia to degrade a public official, “with all do respect” required. Free speech anyone? Not that the US is perfect, as I know from personal experience. Be it the stealing of Crimea through territorial czarist imperialism, the MAL shoot down over Donest, or the Putin critic assassination in Moscow, the bias of this Putin apologist reeks through every word. Its not that the US is clean pushing its agenda unfairly, as it certainly is, but this putin apologist is just way over the top.

    So at KWN, PGR starts off: “There are numerous historians and memoirs that have documented that the CIA has used academic professors and journalists to support the CIA’s agenda. The CIA for many, many decades has been manipulating the American people.” Setting up his “analysis” for suggesting the CIA shot a putin critic. This is really lame. You stole a candy bar, you beat up your brother, you said bad words to the teacher, and thus, you must have committed the murder, no doubt.

    Typical outcome from the biased minds, and is viewed poorly upon KWN for putting this out there, when the thrust was of course propaganda “manipulating the American people”. kettle and pot comes to mind.

    Caught On Tape: The Moment Boris Nemtsov Was Assassinated
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/28/2015 – 19:09
    As the world contemplates the various ‘provocation’ scenarios – a Russian act, a CIA act meant to look like a Russian act, or a Russian act meant to look like a CIA act? – the following clip suggests this was anything but an ad hoc shooting… Questions remain, but Soviet ex-President Mikail Gorbachev is sure, the assassination of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov as an attempt to destabilize Russia.

    And if this was a CIA hit, what does that really say about the FSB (federation secret Bureau) competence?
    ZH is a tad more fair, giving A B C multiple test question. Gorbachev, the soviet towel thrower, would not be fair, and is just as bad as PGR.

    A more realistic story, (OUT OF THE BOX HERE).
    W.Ukrainian kill Russia allied politician in Kiev, and Russia FSB killed Putin Critic politician in Moscow. tit for tat. What ever happen to prisoner swaps?

    Been a year now since many bet on Russian tank columns in the Ukraine, as yours said no way. NATO aint going into Ukraine and Russia aint invading Ukraine, as the proxy civil war continues, splitting Ukraine, in civil war, as direct confrontation will not happen between US and Russia, while Ukrainians die. This confrontation was started BECAUSE of W.Ukranian nationalism, US intermeddling, and czarist territorial imperial Putin, a sesstia, crimea, arctic land grabber.

    1) W Ukrainian should have impeach by civil proceeding Uke prez for wrong doing, if any, and not depose by gun point.
    2) US should not have been subversive in Ukraine encouraging W.Uke nationalism, (but lets look at the shinny side, the FED had its way, and stole Uke gold.)
    3) Crimea should not have had independence vote, unsanctioned by the whole of Ukraine.
    4) Russia should not have annexed Crimea, initiating the counter move of US sanctions.
    Blame all around of course.
    Incompetence pervades and permeates.

  70. Wim

    Several times that winter scenario in Missouri reentered my mind, as I got some ‘feeling’ with it, which made that picture reoccur in my mind. Then I remembered your interview with lord Monckton, as my paranormal sources went ballistic. Confirming manmade climate change is a hoax, but they went unusual nuts for such a moment. Then, I asked the old Indian again, if he & Co arranged that one, as he signaled very faintly a confirmation, and kept confirming as I repeated the question too often, as he more than often enough then just quits repeating his reply. As far I could ever verify, the old Indian never pulled my leg, but I don’t exclude him/her, not an issue in the spirit world, being a Clown in this one, making me one with him, that peep/peep/peep Clown. The East in general in the cold by the West being part of the message, as at the same time Cold War II probably will intensify, or something. The past decade surely was apparently confirming the old Indian & Co enforced weather, by injecting warmth or cold in developing weather systems, I don’t rule out mere coincidence though, not at all. I decided to only ‘really’ believing it, when MAYBE one day my story might explode, the weather turning more normal after that day.

    Several times I stated miracles don’t exist. That’s not completely true, as the old Indian & Co pulled some Twilight Zone Stunts from time to time, to mention one demonstration; some two years ago I lit some candles in my living room. When I wanted to light the second one, I saw the flame of the lighter becoming bigger, and the flame of the candle becoming smaller. I was intrigued, as I played that demonstration of the old Indian pretty much the whole evening, intrigued a train load, hardly believing my eyes, having a lot of intrigued fun with it though. That old Indian confirmed the spirit world can light this one planet, to erase it within no time, something we never executed so far anywhere in the endless universe, filled with physical worlds, and 99% sure we will never see the need. Such flaming moments are once in a lifetime, but very rare, from time to time, they pull tricks to keep me going with it, to keep my eyes on the ball, or something. I said miracles don’t exist, because we never execute them to interfere. We could do tricks all over the world with everyone, to show we exist, but knowing this world, it will get explanations not being the spiritual truth, reasons thought of in the land of nonsense, as its against our main protocol anyway. Free will, and freedom are number one protocols. All the miracles in the Bible, and so on, never happened. At rare moments we pulled some slight stunts around a spiritual figure to give him/her some credibility, but it gave (as we expected it goes in this one world) huge stories, as we don’t intervene like that, we are far from executing power, as that is the road to nowhere, force, knowledge, Love, Honesty, and so on, and so on make us tick, expanding/growing infinitely, not to get bored in a stationary situation of so called Absolute Power, which is a dead end anyway. We don’t want to make a world a kind of radiographic controlled world, free will, freedom, Love, and Honesty, and so on, and so on being the main issues.

    If the Malmstrom scenario would be true after all, it would be outside our main protocol, and that’s why it doesn’t land in my heart. On the other side, I know we all are some kind of electromagnetic force fields in the spirit world. Your consciousness is your spirit, the brain is some medium for it, mainly being a super computer for your bodily functions. If you suddenly drop dead physically, you sometimes need some time to realize you died, looking at your dead physical body, which then is nothing more than a clipped of finger nail, as they may throw my dead body into a big dustbin, feeding sharks with it, grind it, or whatever. Waking up a dead physical body we definitely can’t do. Electromagnetic force fields, or something, can interfere with nuclear missile electronics, as retired military testified tampering with nukes happened. I suspect the networks being co responsible for releasing the Malmstrom case on 03 16 1967, after 2000.

    As I don’t believe we intervene to prove my spiritual identity, occasionally the tampering with nukes did happen, the released incident at Malmstrom on my third birthday. If we are really intervening by tampering with nukes, it confirms my view this one world being the most primitive/retarded one in the universe, which the old Indian & Co very intensely confirmed. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  71. Wim

    To add to the tinfoil hat stories. That old Indian at times fuels me with dreams, then feeling real when I go with it, as it keeps me intrigued, keeps me going with it all, a mental cross, and a grand real life wonderful movie at the same time. As from 2006, I began to wonder what these networks have in mind. The Dutch level of The Grand Game wanted me to write my story, as the organizing networks seem not to target that, not yet anyway, as they sometimes SEEM to walk in line with the old Indian & Co. I began to consider that the powerful networks, considering this power obsessed world, are too big in regard to the comeback of JC thing. Then lying on the sofa one evening, intuitively I closed my eyes, as that old Indian showed me a space craft flying overhead, three dimensional, like normal vision. Not a space shuttle, something bigger. The Malmstrom scenario I found on the internet in 2008, as I wanted to know about white lights seen by others. During the first Game Round in 2004, the old Indian showed me an island, where I had the control of all the nukes in the world. The networks inspired me like ‘You are the President of the World, how would you act?’ I dreamt away in that played reality, as I gathered it would invite me to observe the world, and produce my analysis, to wrap it up in a book one day. I didn’t take it literally, not at all, just to look at the world in that sentiment.

    I believe/feel(know) there are countless physical worlds, as there are worlds connected in Love (the old Indian confirming), every knowledge/invention, Love, and so on, and so on gets shared, which produces craft which can travel infinite distances in barely no time at all. Dematerialization/materialization, or something, high tech for sure. As far retired military, and so on, are correct to have seen real physical UFO’s, no lights which are spirits, they won’t make contact. To hand over that technology to a Prison Planet is not wanted, as we don’t want them to be able to visit us, power obsessed this one world is.

    Last Summer, the spirit of Mary Magdalene, or whatever her name was, gave me a wonderful present. When I go for a drink in my hometown I take my bike, some 15 minutes ride. Along the dike, after midnight, the old Indian & Co played light effects between the stars, as they injected me with a feeling of an UFO approaching, to take me for a flight, as at times I am fed up with the Grand Game, I suffer a lot of corrupt Dutch government sabotaging me, as the Dutch level of the Grand Game got some growing to it. Hard mental times by trying to figure out who the peep/peep/peep these networks are, and what the peep/peep/peep they want. When I came home, I fell asleep on the sofa. That next morning, waking up, I was in some kind of ET sentiment, feeling that past night along the dike. Then I felt my love of 2000 years ago, as she twinkled me impressively. Sitting on the sofa, I flew away into the land of dreams, feeling VERY real though. Mary in a physical body of another world. Then she made me feel she was near to get me for a flight. She knows me, mostly I only do things I have control of, so I rejected her taking me on board, as I gathered I wouldn’t like to return here, which brought me the insight that I stick to that what is very tightly anchored in my spirit, giving the comeback thing a try one day. For two days she dreamt me. In 2008, that old Indian showed me women not of this world. All were three times as beautiful than the most beautiful women we know in this one world. Mary being such a woman in that dream.

    She dreamt me she got skilled in Wing Chun, as I practiced that some years in my twenties. She showed/made me feel (whatever kind of communication, or mix of it gets executed) that we would visit New York, as I would be guarded by a team of these kind of women. That feeling as reality dream, a present from my love one, lasted two days, I had the time of my life. I could see/feel the phantasy to force the Dutch government into justice for me with the fire power on an UFO, enforcing my energy to keep going with it all. I could see how I went through the roof, partying in New York with Mary and her crew. I love to sing, I could see how I sung my story into this one world, comfortably in that UFO. The days going before her present, I sung ‘I am an Alien in New York’, making my own texts while singing, she (that nice Devil) knows I sometimes contemplated the networks are Malstrom or UFO triggered, but laying aside that crazy imagination rapidly. After her present, the realistic feeling dream subsided, me stating ‘well, come to get me my dear’. Of course, nothing happened, at first feeling silly to have lived that realistic feeling dream, but when that subsided, I thanked my love out of the depth of my heart, to take me away in that dream these two days. Please join me in this one, Sting I am an Alien in New York; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPCLDAxDm-s
    When I sing ‘reunited’, that two days dream reality fills my heart again;
    May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  72. diane

    Hi Greg, we were worried about you out in that freezing global warming………

    You made an interesting comment about the MSM hoping for more Internet regulation.
    Makes perfect sense….SIGH…….
    What else can we do to stop their plan?

    • Greg Hunter

      They got rid of anyone who would ask some hard questions and now they want to remove any dissention whatsoever by clamping down on the internet. 300 pages of new secret regulations that no one saw before the FCC vote? Pure evil in our time.

  73. Jerry

    Greg I sometimes get the feeling that many of your readers come to your site in the same way they would a television sit com. You know, tuning in to see the latest episode, mull over a few remarks, and then move to the next program?
    From where I’m sitting, time is of the essence! If anyone here thinks this is all doom and gloom hysteria put on for you’re entertainment value, please email Greg and give him your email address to forward to me, so I can send you my condolences.

    I was told two years ago by a very reliable source, that the precursor to the collapse of the dollar would be when metals were smashed to record level lows. At the time Gold was trading over $2100. a troy ounce, so it didn’t make any sense to me. Today I understand why that prediction was important. The Banks know that the replacement system of the Bretton Woods system will be backed by Gold, so they (manipulate the markets like they always have) smashed the markets on purpose to buy gold as cheaply as possible. They did this on purpose to not only put themselves in a position of leverage, but because they have already drained the vaults worldwide to pay off the Chinese for their purchase of junk bonds. Like Harvey Organ, and Rob Kirby have said “when the supply is gone” its over. The sign of the collapses final phase is when Gold Prices do the proverbial moon shot. Keep watching the markets and listen to Greg, he’s on top of it.

  74. Paul Mallinson

    Hi Greg, a couple of weeks ago after the Lord Monckton interview, I commented that just because you are having a cold winter with a lot of snow does not mean that global warming is not happening. I mentioned how these temperature anomalies occur in couplets – that is where there is an area that is very cold, there is usually somewhere else (often about half a continent away) that is warmer than normal.
    Have a look at the following animation of monthly world temperature anomaly maps for the period March 2000 to January 2015 http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/GlobalMaps/view.php?d1=MOD_LSTAD_M.
    Even if you don’t load it all, you will see areas that are deep blue (much colder than normal) and other areas dark red (much warmer than normal). And even if they don’t occur in the one month (image), often you see an opposite anomaly in a following month.
    If you don’t want to wait for the loop to load, have a look at the latest map for January 2015 at http://neo.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/view.php?datasetId=MOD_LSTAD_M. Notice how northeastern North America is cooler than normal but southwestern North America is warmer than normal.
    So you can see that global warming is the outcome of all these warm and cold anomalies.
    I see one or two people commented that CO2 has been at higher levels in the past and temperatures have been warmer. That is true, but the problem we face is the RATE OF CHANGE (warming). It is higher now than at any time in the last 800,000 years (ice cores show this). The change is so rapid that it is almost impossible for many species to adapt in the time available and even for human beings to adapt.
    Global warming is not really a problem for the biosphere. There will still be life here on earth in a billion years time. No, the problem is that WE have a problem because of the rapidity of the warming.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Paul you can’t have it any way you want. Now we are supposed to believe that global warming is the cause of extreme cold weather, droughts, floods and any other negative weather on the planet. Let’s see the peer reviewed studies that prove each phenomenon, and not a hypothesis from you and the climate change pushers. So what if there is a map with warming temps in some places. That doesn’t prove Man is responsible for it. Global warming was predicted, by science (and Al Gore), that the polar ice caps would be well on their way to being melted by now, and much global land mass would be under water. It did not happen, and in fact ice is growing at the poles especially the South Pole. According to NASA the rate of warming has stalled for the last 18 years or so. The real questions now are: Is this the by product od burning fossil fuels. Do we need a global tax and taxman to usurp our rights? The answer to both is a resounding Hell No. By the way, as far as the “facts” from NASA, how about some other government “facts” such as inflation at “1.6%” and unemployment at “5.7%” and GDP growth at “4.4%.” Do you believe these “facts” coming from our government? You wonder why I am skeptical about government “facts.”

  75. Paul Mallinson

    Greg, further to my comments above about warm and cold anomalies, I was looking back at these images for last year and this was was rather striking:
    This one (for August 2014) shows the very opposite of the current situation – colder than normal in the US southwest and warmer than normal in the northeast.
    Wow, look at this 8 day image for Feb3 to 10, 2015
    – same idea.


    • Greg Hunter

      Paul Mallinson,
      There is No peer reviewed science that now backed up everything is caused by man-made global warming. I do not trust the government and it has given me good reason to be distrustful, especially when the founder of Greenpeace is on record saying there is no evidence that man-made global warming is the cause of any of this.–same idea.

  76. Wim

    May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  77. Wim

    Something went wrong with posting, as here it comes again.
    To Paul Who pulled Madonna off the stage recently almost breaking her back? … was it so she couldn’t “Live to Tell”? At first your remark didn’t ring any bell. As I took my bicycle out to ride to the center for a drink. I printed out my before posted ones. I read them several times as it triggers a lot of flashbacks, as I use it as a tool that way. The whole story of the past twelve years could fill maybe a 100 book volumes, as I have to pick, and learn to compress it all as much possible, when the day comes I jump the gun, as my fingers itch to write my story.

    That old Clown tricked me tonight, as he remained silent before on the Eastern American winter, then faintly confirming, as tonight he went ballistic when I reread it. Very intensely confirming the spirit world having some hand in that. He being an old peep/peep Clown, I’ll be the same one.
    Repeating the salute to Lord Monckton. The old Clown knew I would like to add this to my posts. Biking home the old Indian performed something new, a big ball of white light exploding, a big flashlight. Then repeating a light flash over a mile, or something. That exploding very big ball of bright white light felt a salute to many sentiments/flashbacks tonight. Two days, or something, after Paul’s remark the Dutch Business MSN station, RTL Z, reported and showed Madonna falling of the stage. The reporter woman was looking into the camera, as if she was kind of sentimented in this 27 seconds movie fragment of Robert de Niro, are you talking to me? Sometimes they close in, as then they copy some body language, subtle moves and so on. Robert de Niro, 27 seconds, a must see in this one; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epZxUhCE5l8

    Tonight that Mary Magdalene dream flashed back in my memory, as I remembered Mary showed three dimensional views of Madonna one night very late. Mary showing that Madonna and me would make an act in the Vatican, a spiritual marriage, singing, dancing, performing. With an UFO, and so on, and so on in that dream, taking possession of the Vatican then a piece of cake.
    The old Indian & Co love their co player Madonna, as she is a controversial girl, and I am a very controversial guy. Mary showing me being a single in that one, spiritually marrying Madonna, Mary my companion, a reunion, she organizing a party, selecting twelve gorgeous prostitutes to organize a Christmas Special, whatever the day being. Many stars in the spirit world are quite controversial, to say the least. During that dream there was some topic of Madonna’s safety, as I promised that IF I ever get the striking power, I would chase the perpetrators, and act according military rules of war, KGB style eliminations. That was dream. I don’t know how deeply, or less, or something, Madonna Dear is connected in The Grand Game, I can reckon she could be at risk. On the other side of the coin, I could imagine in the one possible scenario, she is in the know, as she could have engineered the happening, as relating to the topic in that Mary present, that reality dream. When MAYBE the unravelling will get kicked off, we will ask you Greg inviting her on USAwatchdog.com to bark about some things. Please fly away with me on a floating cross, as she arises on one, Live To Tell; a magnificent performance, all the encrypted hints, it rings all kinds of bells, the link below.

    As from 2004, The First Game Round, there definitely seemed loads of heart- warming contacts with Hollywood stars, as we see them as Holy Wood. The bosses we see as criminals, as we probably will fleece them, maybe taking passion of the Hollywood Studios, or something. In the Grandest Scenario there will be gathered loads of money, to found an Institution, a kind of Inquisition for The Truths, on all the various fronts, starting with water for Africa, and so on, and so on, as Madonna related to that in her magnificent crucifixion performance. In the Mary dream we made an ultimatum to the pope & Co to leave. Otherwise we UFO shoot them the peep/peep out of there. Mary scrambled George Walker Bush in that dream with his hunting rifle, to chase them out of there, when needed, the peep/peep show they perform over there. In that dream we made quite a movie. During these two days Mary dream, I sometimes You Tube’d around, to sing along with the stars. She boosted the feeling when I played the Theme Song of The Godfather with Marlon Brando. Ripping of all the Bad Guys all over the globe. Please join us in the vibe of that music play; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWqKPWO5T4o
    Robin Hood Mafia style. Feel the vibe of Madonna and her ‘Live to Tell’. I Have A Tell to Tell; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR2Tda51Gog
    I fit in that song. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  78. Wim

    Nice Touch Madonna dear had an orange like sweater on that arising cross performance, as I have been Prince Willem van Oranje. Former Queen BeaStricks, tricks of the Money Beast, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, we see her as the biggest criminal in Holland. Madonna; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR2Tda51Gog
    May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  79. Wim

    The Silver Cross nice encryption as well. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  80. Wim

    As I am watching it again, I saw a detail. The cross looks silver when it arises, when stands straight up you see loads of boxes, as we arrange labelling all kinds of things on prison planet. At 1:10 you can see six carvings in the cross. She is born 08 16, six being Devilish controversial, 1+6, the 007 she probably is in The Grand Game. Madonna’s arising cross performance;
    May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  81. Wim

    Everything in that clip relates, even the end scene her laying down, I sometimes did like that in some dream reality. I could fill a chapter with it

  82. Wim

    As I watched Robert de Niro, it felt into my eyes he has exact the same chair I am sitting on right now. Liked that moment. ‘Are you talking to me? Who are you talking to?’

  83. Wim

    In the end of the clip Robert de Niro fires a gun. I love weapons. In the Malmstrom simulation I can’t see we don’t intervene that way for identification of my role, or something. But I remembered contemplating that one that I suffer a lot from corrupt Dutch government sabotaging me. A showdown between Putin and the American president would leverage the story, as Putin then in the know of the scenario he follows, as he is anyway in the know, signals enough, most probably will accommodate the story somehow. That happening will accommodate me bringing the Dutch government, and a lot of others, to justice. Via that personal involvement I could see it, as it then is military, which the story is, but still it doesn’t land in my heart for real. Many moments/dreams/simulations/and son/and so on, the old Indian injects a feeling of a showdown like in the OK Coral. Please join us in that one; the Theme Song of the Gun Fight at The OK Coral with Kirk Douglas
    In the Wild West sentiment quite some stories. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  84. Wim

    I meant to say ‘I can’t see we would intervene for identification.

  85. Aziz JAAFAR

    1-there is no equality between a colonialistic occupation superpower army and an independence militia (remember the American Idenpendence War against the British army),
    2-the Muslim Brotherhood movement (Sunni)is Shia Iran’s ENEMY and I would add authentic Islam’s enemy because the so-called Muslim Brothers are destroying the Arab and Islamic World (although I am Sunni).
    May God triumph over evil.Peace to decent people.

  86. ANDREW






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