WNW 191-Criminal Financial System, Gold Fraud, Middle East on Fire, China Warns US Again

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  

The bankers have done it again.  They committed an enormous global crime and only paid a fine.  JP Morgan, Barclays, Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS will pay $5.8 billion in penalties for rigging the $5.3 trillion a day currency market.  Once again, nobody will go to jail, even though all these big banks plead guilty to criminal charges for rigging the Forex market.  UBS received immunity from criminal prosecution because it blew the whistle on the crime.  I did not know a bank can be a criminal and the humans running it be exempt from charges.  This means the masterminds will pay nothing, and the fines will be paid by shareholders.  Why should you care?  This is a sign that the system is extremely weak and is being propped up by pure fraud and manipulation.  My friend Gregory Mannarino says that the $5.8 billion fine is nothing and is the cost of doing business.  Mannarino told me this is just a show to make people think the system is safe and regulated and points out, “There is a need to keep confidence in the financial system.”   Mannarino says if the fine was nearly $6 billion, how do you know the bankers didn’t make $600 billion in this fraud.”  Again, nobody at the banks goes to jail and shareholders pay the fines.

Guess what?  UBS is a whistleblower in a new case coming up, and this time, it involves some of the same big banks and price rigging in the precious metals market.  That’s right, gold and silver prices are being rigged, and the Justice Department is probably going to fine some more bankers.  Might I remind you that several big banks paid fines after admitting to rigging the LIBOR interest rate markets.  Hundreds of trillions of dollars in interest rates are set off LIBOR.  Let’s see, interest rates have been rigged, currency markets have been rigged and precious metals markets are being rigged.  Are you getting the picture of how dire it must be that all markets are rigged in some way?  This past week, Rob Kirby said, “The markets are a crime scene.”  This is not an exaggeration.  There is proof in terms of fines, penalties and widely reported cases that all markets are rigged in some way, and governments will not jail any of these bankers!  Not a single big name banker has gone to jail for massive global fraud.  What could go wrong?

In the latest “there is no recovery” news, look no further than the Federal Reserve.  In last month’s Fed meeting, policymakers said they would not raise interest rates in June.  According to USA Today, it is because of “the economy’s recent sluggish performance.”  There is NO RECOVERY and the Fed knows it.

It looks like a crisis has been averted off the coast of Yemen.  Iran has agreed to UN inspections of a cargo ship carrying humanitarian aid to Yemen.  Iraq is not that lucky.  Ramadi has fallen to ISIS.  So has the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria.  With these defeats, ISIS get new equipment and tanks as they are abandoned by retreating Iraq forces.  The US policy in Iraq is turning into a disaster, and, yet, the Presidents top priority is “climate change,” also known as “global warming.”  That is the top “security threat.”

We also found out this week that there is major cooperation between Iran and al-Qaeda.  Of course, ISIS is an even more radical offshoot of al-Qaeda.  You would never know that if you only listened to the mainstream media such as USA Today.  Their front page headline about new information gathered in the Bin Laden raid talks of “Love letters.”  The headline should read “Bin Laden Intel Shows Iran and al-Qaeda Working Together for Years.”  

Finally, China is, once again, telling the US to back off in the South China Sea.  This time because of a U.S. spy plane taking pictures of the islands they are building in the middle of nowhere.  It has always been international waters, but now China is claiming a large chunk of it.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Mason

    Dear Greg,

    I have a question for you that I would be grateful for if you could answer it:
    Could you please tell us if G. Edward Griffin is going to be interviewed by you?

    I know you intend to do so, because you said you would see if you could get him on in the comment-section of the WNW of July 18, 2014 (https://usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-7-18-14/).
    You also said you sent him an email for an interview and said that you would not give up on getting him on in the comments-section of the interview with Chris Powell in December 2014 (https://usawatchdog.com/central-banks-secretly-controlling-all-futures-prices-chris-powell/).

    I’m sorry to ask because I really don’t want to rush you or anything, and I know that running a great site like USAWatchdog takes a lot time and hard work which I am grateful for.
    The reason I ask is that I have actually been on the look-out for 10 months now for Edward Griffin being interviewed by you since you said you would try to get him on in July 2014, and I just would really like to see you interview him. I think that would be absolutely great.

    Also, is there anything we USAWatchdogs can do to help in this regard?

    Kind regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for reminding me. I have sent him an email but no answer. I have sent him emails in the past. I probably am not getting through to him of I am being caught in a spam filter. I’ll try again. Thank you for reminding me.

      • Mason

        Thank you for your response. Great! Yes, I actually do have a good email-address. Recently I have sent him an email for the first time and I actually got a response, so I will send you that address through your contact-page. I will also alert him to the fact you are going to ask him for an interview (so at least we know one of us is getting through his spam-filter with the message).

        If you do interview him, please, please, please don’t forget to ask him about the NWO. Griffin is not only an expert on the Fed, but also on the NWO. The reason he founded Freedom Force International is to fight the NWO.

        Of course you don’t need me to tell you anything about preparing for interviews, but in my humble opinion, the two most important things to check out in preparation before interviewing him would be:

        [An excellent lecture by G. Edward Griffin entitled “The Quigley Formula: A conspiratorial view of history as taught by the conspirators themselves”.
        “Quigley” is the late Carroll Quigley, a Council on Foreign Relations member and historian, as well as mentor to CFR & Trilateral Commission member Bill Clinton.]


        [Take a some time to read through the issues that Griffin presents. They are presented in Part 1 through Part 5. You can click on them through that link.]

        He has been living and breathing this stuff for decades, and is very much up-to-date on current events, which he also presents on his section ‘Unfiltered News’ on http://www.realityzone.com/un.html

        The two G’s in one interview: that would be absolutely great!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Mason and Greg

        It would be fantastic if you could get GEG on, and talking about the debacle that is the FED.

        Greg….You opened your excellent WNW with the 5.8 billion in rigging fines these TBTF banks are being ‘fined’.
        In essence it is neither the banks nor their shareholders that are paying these fines. Remember that the FED has not been audited since 1953 and that it can grow its balance sheet whenever it sees fit with absolutely no meaningful oversight. The FED simply creates loans whenever it likes and hands them out…..you guessed it…..to whomever it likes. Worse still it does this with absolutely no accountability whatsoever. Of course very often these loans go out to its very owners, and yes its owners are none other than the thieving banking cabal that made the headlines when they openly admitted their gross criminality.
        In many instances these fines would be tiny fractions of the rigging profits already made. To these banksters and racketeers these are just laughably small running costs.
        My god how monumentally bazaar is this situation.

        Check out Alan Grayson asking BB Helicopter some questions concerning the FED’s $500 billion printing spree during the 2008 crises. Every American should listen very carefully to this disgraceful and pathetic response;

        While I am ranting and raving about the FED…… AGAIN, perhaps every American should listen to this astonishing and similarly pathetic admission by none other than the Inspector General of the Fed.
        Believe me there IS NO oversight of the FED!
        If the consequence of this situation weren’t so far reaching and tragic it would be laughable.


        • dbcooper

          Wouldn’t it be interesting if the public at large got so PO’d at this fraud that the scenario of John Ross’s book ‘Unintended Consequences’ was to unfold so as to cause the Banksters to Pay The Piper ?? Yours In Faith and Liberty, FN DB PS: Thanks Greg

      • Mason

        I just now got a message from Mr. Griffin’s assistant that you can contact her to set up an interview with G Edward Griffin. It’s from the same e-mail address I sent to you earlier today. I have also just now copy-pasted her message and have sent it to you through your contact-page. So it seems we managed to get past Edward Griffin’s spam-filter.

        Great! I’ll be looking forward to the interview with you both!

        • Greg Hunter

          I get so may email will you please send it again and put in the subject line “Hey Greg Hunter” Thank you for your help and I will book him.

          • Mason

            I have just now sent you a message through your contact page and have also replied to your email (and CC-d it to Griffin/his assistant). The main point is: Griffin and Griffin’s assistant use the same e-mail address to send e-mails.
            Thank YOU for interviewing Griffin!

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Mason……you are the Man!

    • Jan

      Hello Greg,
      It does not surprise me that Obama’s great concern at this time is global warming. Hitler was the first to take up global warming as an agenda. Through this gate the government can control the water supply, the electric supply, the food supply etc. etc. This ties in with his entire agenda of control, control, control.
      I have been thinking about why someone would be such a control freak. It has to be because they do not have God in their life. On 5/5/15 the US News came out with a story by Krayton Kerns which talks about the “Dark Money Bill” SB289 which passed in Montana which requires every church donor to be listed in the political data base. Mr. Obama has declared the US is no longer a Christian country but now is as a Muslim country.

  2. Michael

    “analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what’s really going on.”
    Do YOU realize what’s going on Gregg?
    In a relatively short time, you won’t be screaming for banksters to go to jail anymore. Neither will you be complaining about corrupted governments.
    Or the potential collapse of the economy/economies of the world.
    You see; a Judgment has been made, and in a few months everyone will understand… WHY,
    Why the increase in volcanic activity
    Why the increase in freaky weather
    Why winter tornado’s
    And Freezing temps even in May/June

    Absolute terror will seize every man’s heart, and they shall NOT escape.
    The earth has been scheduled for many increasing traumatic events which shall increase for YEARS until the entire planet is unrecognizable. Billions shall perish.
    ONLY One nation shall survive, and with a new government unlike any ever before seen, and it shall be incorruptible.
    You shall see for yourself not too long from now.
    It’s TIME NOW for everyone to get their own house in order.
    And prepare to meet your Creator.
    Time’s UP.
    Very very few shall be saved.

    • Greg Hunter

      To that Michael I say “Fear Not.”

      • aussie jeff

        I’ll second that……………..Fear Not!!!!

      • Charles H.

        John 10:27-30.
        “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
        And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
        My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hands.
        I and my Father are one.”
        John 16:33.
        “These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

        The ride may not be smooth – but in the end: it comes out right. So, yeah – Greg is completely correct here.

        “Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Point taken, Michael.

    • sk

      ‘One nation will survive’……Lichtenstein, no doubt? I love the smell of religious mania in the morning. LOL.

    • Alarmed

      Those who repent and truly accept (not talk) Jesus Christ as their Savior will be saved, meaning enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who do not, will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

      When the book, “The Late Great Planet Earth” was popular many years ago, I never thought for one minute that I would ever see the End Times. God is in control and everything will happen in His timing, but it does make one’s head spin a bit. I have repeated to myself numerous time, “Who would have thought?” It may be shocking, but alas, not surprising.

      • Alarmed

        Not just talk the talk.

  3. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Something is telling me, the intel about Iran-al-Qaeda love letters are true as the intel about Iraqi WMD’s.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • dchayden

      I had that exact same feeling Oracle. With all the lies and propaganda spewing from these administrations, why in the world should we believe this on trust ? Especially with the whole Bin Laden raid being shrouded in controversy. I “pause for thought” on just about everything theses days concerning ” press releases.” Ugh !

  4. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Michael I concur with Greg’s answer ‘Fear not’. You might like to go KER reports under ‘Doc’ Richard Postma where I’ve responded to HEAVYHITTER. I sense there’s a way more alarmist take on the ‘end’ times in the U.S. than there is here in the U.K. At least here we don’t have 800 FEMA camps or A Jade Helm 15 about to launch itself in preparation for martial law. Nor do we have a Californian breadbasket withering on the vine through drought, or 47 million of food stamps or c 93m out of work. That’s not to remotely suggest complacency – a bank bail-in looks quite possible before the end of 2015, and our gaols incarcerate twice the number they did in Margaret Thatcher’s time. .
    Where I fully agree that ‘Fear not’ should be the mantra it’s because your namesake the great archangel Michael and his heavenly colleagues are also busy at work repelling the hideous dark forces which to human eyes appear so terrifying.

    If God is for us just WHO can be against us?! Best, A

  5. David S

    i cant wait for Bin Laden /Putin love letters. It was Putin who was behind the 9/11 attacks! Does anybody believe this crap?

    • sk


  6. Mike from the North

    Truth always bubbles to the surface ..eventually.

    The fact that we have numerous sites like this one proves that the movement for truth is growing.

    The truth will be very costly and the outcome at the other end cannot be known.

    Every plan made for our retirement will be destroyed.

    One could argue that fairness and accountability has also been destroyed.

    We have a world run and structured by felons.. Our largest financial institutions are convicted felons.

    What more proof do we need.

    Market analysts are useless. They no longer serve any purpose.

    They have been rendered obsolete by the felons.

    God help us all, especially those that are unaware of what goes on.

  7. JC Davis

    Greg with all that is happening right now my main focus is to keep my blood pressure under control.

  8. Mitchell Bupp

    Hello Greg, Thank You for another great WNW. As a former member main stream press you understand the damage to the media from an insiders view. The truth is never what it seems today because lies and innuendo appear to be portrayed as truth. The tools of a yellow press have never died because they have evolved along with the sophistication communication.

    I now have a radio show on Revolution Radio Saturdays 4-6 In Studio B, The Independent Voter Radio Show. I would like you to come on sometime. We broadcast live.

  9. Zoren Sonash

    Dear Greg,

    Thank you for your interviews and videos
    I am following your site, RT Boom Bust, Peter Schiff, Gerard Celente and others

    My only question is: how this will blow up? How it will start? Who will be blamed?

    Who knows maybe they will just fabricate another 9/11 event

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t really know but I think banks and bonds will be at the center of the mess.

    • frederick

      Most probably Zoren and blame it on the Iranians and/or Russia

  10. James Hastings

    Good rap up. I appreciate your frustration and enthusiasm. Your trying to raise awareness in a self centered and vile society. This explains, why the collapse will be total and swift. It will drive our country into anarchy overnight.

    “Alas! alas! thou great city, thou mighty city Babylon!
    In one hour has thy judgement come.”

    And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn for her,……
    In one hour all this wealth has been laid waste…
    And all the ship masters….cried out as they saw the smoke of her burning…
    Alas, alas for the great city where all who had ships at sea grew rich by her wealth…
    In one hour she has been laid waste…

    I wonder if it’s coincidence, Fire Island Lighthouse….leads ships into New York harbor….Where is this Island?…..Babylon NY 11702

    So it is written….So it shall be done. Have a happy weekend. So much to look forward to.

  11. VShook

    Further massive downward pressure on US consumer liquidity looms in the not too distant future. Today, the WSJ reports major insurers are asking their respective states for increases in insurance rates of up to 51.6%. All the result of increased costs from Obamacare. These rate increases would be on top of the large increases of last year. Mine was 30%. There is no recovery in the economy (for most Americans) and there will not be one in the future. New “free” trade pacts will only exacerbate this situation. We are looking at the new “normal”.

  12. Your fan in Japan

    This American is preppin in Japan. Rice is planted. Vegies coming in nicely. Got a goat for milk. At the very least we’ll be able to eat. .

  13. Jerry

    I fully believe what we are witnessing in this country is a massive strategy by the globalist to recreate this country into the North American Union. From the manufacturing destruction by NAFTA, to the free market manipulation by banks, to the implementation by Jade Helm 15 to carry out the process , you can see the pieces slowly being pushed together. Now you know why the superhighway that connects Mexico, United States, and Canada was created.
    Its the North American version of the “Silk Road” that runs from China to London in the East. The globalist have plans. Big plans. And as the late George Carlin said ” they don’t include you and me”.

    But you know what? I have big plans to. Another new world order is coming, and it doesn’t include them. Its by invitation only, for those who have made covenants with the King of Kings!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Incredible isn’t it!
      The US is still investing in infrastructure to off-shore jobs and facilitate even imports!
      Well that and the NAU.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        “even MORE imports”

      • Jerry

        Thanks Colin.
        What many are not getting is this is an orchestrated takedown. The markets, the war in Ukraine . etc. etc. are merely a sideshow for the main event. Many talk about frog boiling etc. etc. but actually its psychological conditioning. B.F. Skinner would be proud.

  14. John

    “The Danger That There Will Be No Big Event”…….

    I read an interesting article*.

    What if the so-called “BIG EVENT” never materializes?

    Are we the frog?

    The most important question you can ask yourself and answer……..When & where will I draw the line in the sand?

    Frightening thought. Terrifying thought.

    We are the frog!!!

    What say you?


    *Author: Paylie Roberts
    Link to Original Article:

    • Greg Hunter

      At some point the water boils.

      • John


        You do a great job reporting bad news. Not sure our sanity would be intact if it wasn’t for your great presentation, explanations and commentaries. Have a great weekend and thank you.


  15. paul

    You know … in this battle with the bankers and warmongers … we should resolve to act like God did (when he threw Satan and his conspirators out of heaven and cast them down here on Earth) … lets begin rounding up these crooks and the warmongers of the world and ship them off to Mars … and get them out of our life … the only thing I feel sorry about is that this expulsion may contaminate any “innocent life forms” that may presently be inhabiting Mars … we will have to somehow deal with that potential problem later on and make “restitution” to these “innocents” for our actions … but the big problem we must solve right now … is getting rid of and segregating the “evil” enveloping the entire Earth!

    • paul

      Thinking about the ratio of good to evil as explained in the Bible … an evil one third (.333) were cast down out of heaven by the good two third’s (.666) … so how did 666 get associated with being evil???

      Likely it’s the work of the “evil” ones in control of the MSN media … trying to put a bad light on “goodness” when we should be looking at 333 as the evil number!

      • paul

        I think I’m on the right track with this … because if I put myself into the mind of evil bankers who openly worship Satan … I can easily see how they would consider the two thirds (.666) that banished them to earth to be their evil “enemies” and thus consider 666 to be a mark that was beastly to them!

        • paul

          In a more scientific vein … isn’t it quite remarkable that the basic structure of the Heavens (matter, space and time) was given to us in a Bible thousands of years old … way before Physicists today with their atom smashers have deduced that “everything” is made of Quarks with a 1/3 and a 2/3 charge ratio (.333 and .666) … the atheists at CERN could have saved humanity a lot of taxpayer money if they simply read Bible to determine the structure of the Heavens instead of smashing protons together!

          • paul

            Lets go a little deeper into the mystery of God and Nature … how did the Bible know thousands of years before the scientists of today that 3 entities “made up” the one God (the Bible describes things in simple terms The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost) … atheistic scientists describe things in a more complicated manner … their three (3) entities are called Quarks!

            • paul

              So what is the point to all this? … Well if man would have taken heed of the Bible he would of understood the nature of Heaven … thousands of years before today’s scientists. So should we not take heed of other things spelled out in the Bible? … The apostle Paul speaks of a sudden destruction that shall come upon man (1 Thessalonians 5:3) …
              The Scriptures also talk about world conditions that will be characterized by chaos, destruction, and death before the sanity of our Lord returns to man. In the book of Revelation we read of the poisoning of the oceans (Fukushima) , the burning up of the grass and the trees (California), horrible plagues afflicting mankind (Ebola) , widespread wars and famines (the Middle East, etc.) and that the atmosphere will become so polluted as to reduce visibility by one third (Contrails, volcanos, etc.) …
              In the midst of all this devastation we can also have meteors and asteroids falling to Earth forcing the population to flee to caves … (Revelation 6:16).

              • paul

                If we don’t wake up … become sane … and do the things that must be done to save … and make the civilization we now have more moral … we will revert to “cave men” once again … and we preppers will have the huge task of rebuilding civilization all over again!! … Make sure you preppers have a copy of the Bible and some blank pages in your bug out bags … so “we can add some additional warnings into the Bible” for future generations to take heed of!

              • sk

                I dunno, Paul. Certainly we are in for a tough economic time….but hasn’t the world ALWAYS been full of chaos, war, rumors of war, hatred, deceit, you name it? Is it really worse now, or do we now merely have the communications technology to find out about all this not only locally, but globally?

  16. smaulgld

    so by the convoluted logic-if the shareholders have to pay the fine, the shareholders are the criminals!

    • paul

      SMAULGLD … you know … I think you hit the nail on the head … we can use this “convoluted logic” as an asymmetric strategy to put the too big to fail banks “out of business” … being we can’t touch the bankers legally or politically … lets go for it … and begin locking up their shareholders … before you know it investors will be running for the hills to avoid prosecution … selling all their bank shares by the millions … and putting these quote “untouchable bankers” right out of business … where they obviously belong and where they can’t do anymore harm to us!

      • Smaulgld

        LOL that might just work- jail shareholders of crimminal enterprises

        • paul

          Wouldn’t it be nice to see a protester walking down Wall Street with a sign saying …


          • paul

            Here is another poster sign that may be appropriate:


  17. smaulgld

    So all the major banks plead guilty to criminal Forex rigging charges but no WAY do they rig the gold and silver market.

  18. smaulgld

    Just a quick example of how the media pushes the “recovery” story
    Here is AP on the poor retail sales numbers:

    “Economists say sales should improve once STRONG JOB GROWTH FUELS an acceleration in wage growth”
    all projections with no basis in any fact just wishful thinking/cheerleading/propaganda

    • paul

      Why link wage growth … to job growth … simply lower the qualifications so everyone can get an EBT “living wage” card … and then we can have a booming economy “without the necessity of job growth” … and if it causes inflation … so what … we can just print the money out of thin air … and let the Chinese worry about the value of the dollars they hold! Eventually the Chinese will do something about it … but by then we will have all gone to heaven or hell as the case may be!
      *** Caution: I hope everyone realizes I’m being facetious! ***

  19. Mark

    Thanks for all your reporting on the collapse of our country. Our government is ( according to the holy bible ) supposed to reward the good or righteous and punish the wicked or evil. This of course has been turned on It’s head, and I can see a day when us so – called God fearing ” Haters ” will have to be dealt with. Christ promised us that if we follow Him persecution and trials would await us, look I’m not looking forward to living in a country under Gods judgment but then again this is not my home, I am just a pilgrim passing through. God have mercy on all the souls that DON’T know Him.
    God Bless

  20. Gina Mancarella

    Its always a pleasure to see panalties doled out to the big banks even when they arent as comprehensive as they should be. This is why more than ever, we need to place Hillary Clinton in the White House in 2017. Currently we are in the lead and if the elections were held today, we would win by a huge landslide, but we msutn’t take anything for granted. The vast right wing conspiracy is alive and well and is scheming to put all of us in chains. Let us all stand up for Hillary so that she can fight for us and the values that are intrinsically American. Lets bring back the prosperity of the past.

    • wd


      Please cut Gina loose, yes I am for free speech but I believe we have had enough of her.

      Thank you,,,

    • paul

      Hmmmmm … “you” Gina … are glad to see penalties doled out to the big banks? … Yet you are rooting for another Clinton in the White House? … Do you realize it was the “Clinton” White House who repealed the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act and the 1956 Bank Holding Company Act … which kept financial businesses separate?

      You really want to put back in office “the same people” who demolished the Glass-Steagall Act that reduced potential conflicts of interest between investment banking and commercial banking and provided a safe harbor for the money of “ordinary” Americans? … Put back in office the same people that destroyed legislation that enabled the people to put their money in accounts that were not only protected by deposit insurance but insulated from more speculative derivative investments?

      You want us to stand up for these very same people who have now given the banks the power to “bail in” and “steal all our hard earned money” out of our savings accounts??

      These are the “intrinsic” American values you are fighting for???

      More then ever we “all” should be fighting “against these people” who have already robbed and are continuing to rob our hard earned money!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Paul and please let me add a short video for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Gina won’t comment on it but everybody else can. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leYPbYFKU48


        • Charles H.

          That was good. Thanks, Greg.

        • paul

          Wow Greg … Hilary is for “restrictions on free speech” … the most fundamental First Amendment Right granted under our US Constitution! … her apologists will likely say “she knows not what she does” … or it is all for “protecting religious freedom” … bull … she is a schooled attorney … she well knows the Constitutional laws of this Nation … her actions are a direct attack on the heart of America and all it stands for.
          What would Gina say … now learning her “best friend” is working really hard behind the scenes to remove her First Amendment Rights … “et tu Hillary”!

      • Jerry

        You’re wasting your time with Gina. She can bring her Hilary Clinton Pompons to the nearest FEMA camp in October.

        • paul

          God has not given up on humanity … at least not yet … perhaps? there is hope … we need strong advocates on our side!

    • Don

      Gina, did you not know that it was Bill Clinton that dropped the Glass Spiegel act, and allowed the banks to be gambling houses with tax payer money?

    • frederick

      great idea Gina lets elect another psychopath to be president NOT

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Yes…………..”we came we saw we killed ha ha Hillary” is for the everyday Americans alright.

      The fact that she has any chance at all of getting her foot back in the door of the white house is a sign the US is approaching both moral bankruptcy as well as financial ruin

    • MAN

      What can I say. You’re way too far gone to be redeemed.

    • Pablo

      Gina, who is “we”?

      Are you employed in her campaign? are you promised a job in her administration if she is elected?

      Its a REAL sickness to identify personally with a “TEAM” whether its with sports or politics. Like you are somehow part of the winning team..

      are you saying that Hillary had something to do with this banking settlement?

      No one even went to jail, the criminals are still working there and companies still in business. If it was any other business they would be locked up along with the doors.

      These fines will be passed along to the idiots who still have deposits and do business with them AND best of all, these banks get to actually write off these fines on their taxes!!

      She won’t even be transparent and is hiding her public emails, Is that the type of “values” that America needs right now? I certainly think we could do better out of a country of over 350 Million

    • RTW

      To borrow a line from Dan Ackroyd, used many times on SNL ….Gina, you ignorant S**t, how do think Billiam and the most cheated on wife, in history, amassed the hundreds of millions in USD that are sitting in their coffers? Did you put some of it there? I surely didn’t and I doubt that anybody you or I know did. You only have to look at who would benefit the most from donating to her, and I guarantee you that the very people whom you think she is going to stop are at the very top of the heap.

  21. Rob Apov

    It is interesting to see the “propagandists” at work with the Bin Laden documents. The “Love Letters” headline is designed to get the attention of those many people who thrive on salaciousness and then introduce them to the so called evidence recovered from the supposed Bin Laden raid – this is purely designed to sway the sheeples opinions about Iran. Oracle 911 is correct in questioning the integrity of the documents (created) recovered in the (tale) Raid.

  22. paul

    Let’s think about this … “China is, once again, telling the US to back off in the South China Sea. This time because of a U.S. spy plane taking pictures of the islands they are building in the middle of nowhere. It has always been international waters, but now China is claiming a large chunk of it.” … is it any different then what the US did when it declared “the entire continent” of South America “was a US zone” under the Monroe Doctrine and told others to keep out!

    It definitely shows China to be an upcoming world super power … now simply flexing its muscles.

    • wd


      I know what you are saying, I never thought I would see the day someone would stand up to the USSA bullies like this. And remember that China has Russia backing them up.

  23. Paul from Indiana

    The comment by the brilliant Greg Mannarino that these “fines” are a cost of doing business is correct, but let me take the idea a little further. As Greg Hunter’s guests often say, a trade has two sides. For every sale, there has to be a buyer. So also are these “fines”. For every fine paid, there has to be a receiver-beneficiary of the fine. And who might that be? Certainly not the government, right? Therefore, this cozy relationship between the Wall Street “banks” and our fascist, leftist cabal “government” becomes more like that of a client and organized crime, where the client pays “protection” money to the syndicate operating in that area. The “fines” really are nothing but a government “skim” of the operations of the Wall Street enterprises they are enabling. We are beyond corrupt. Best always. PM

    • Charles H.

      Bingo!, Paul. By government receiving the fines: they become fully complicit in the crime. The ‘barbaric’ Chinese firing-squads start to seem , well, civil!

    • andyb

      A smart attorney should start a class action suit against the banks for rigging LIBOR etc. Every American who has a mortgage or a interest affected credit card can prove standing and damage; the amounts would be IN THE TRILLIONS!!!!

      • paul

        And lets not forget in addition to a “class action suit” we should begin to seek “jail terms” for the shareholders of these criminal enterprises (a fantastic idea conceived of by SMAULGLD today) because the shareholders “as owners of criminal and fraudulent enterprises” are legally under the law “co-conspirators” of these corporations criminal activities “as they support them”. The fact that these shareholders are “paying the fines for criminal activities” is a clear “admission of guilt” and makes them legally culpable to criminal prosecution and jail time. All registered owners of bank shares should be shaking in their boots right now!

  24. Willard Ferch

    As the evidence for cooling mounts, Obama’s call for action on warming becomes more frantic. As with Obamacare, he wants rattled people to make snap decisions, thereby creating another hellacious mistake leading to the destruction of the “America-as-we- know it”, which has been his goal from the beginning. His foreign policy is accomplishing exactly what his goal is in that area, also. We must give the devil his due. Fiddlin

  25. Chuck

    Hi Greg,


    The issue of bankers not being prosecuted is now standard business. They are allowed to steal and mislead at the pleasure of our government. The real criminals in the long, long saga are CONGRESS! We the People have elected over and over a cabal of so called representatives that have continually worked to bring down America. They are all traitors!

    I wonder if the latest and best war fighting equipment being left for ISIS is not a planned course of action. It is widely know that the Iraq army is a bunch of cowards and will always flee a real firefight. America might as well place caches of weaponry throughout the Middle East to be picked up by ISIS when needed.

    Gold and Silver, and interest rates manipulation by the “TO BIG TO FAIL” banks is another standard operating procedure allowed by our criminal government. What happened to the America I grew up in? Even the shareholders don’t take any action if they are making money…WOW! If people still have any faith in the financial system then they are fools. Criminals running the world finances with complete support from government criminals…WOW!

    Is China being put up as the latest boogey man to instill more fear in the populace? Yes, China is not our friend! But, then who is? American policy around the world is to create war and keep millions in poverty. I often wonder if America actually stayed out of everyone else’s governmental business; if the affairs of other peoples would be better. China is rapidly becoming the new world leader thanks to our government’s total commitment to bring down America.

    People need to be completely independent of government, banks, and dollars. That’s hard to do and very expensive…so good luck to everyone!

    • paul

      Chuck … nice holiday to you too … can’t wait to see what the banksters have planned for us on the upcoming Holiday of November 30, 2015 (the 333rd day of the year) … appropriately called “Cyber Monday”!

  26. Jerry

    New World Order? Its been in the making for a long time. Check out this interview with now deceased congressman Larry McDonald.

  27. Thomas Naegele

    Dear Mr Greg Hunter,
    You do an excellent job.
    I see three requirements to stop the massive corruption.
    1. Move from an election system to a lottery selection system for leaders. As we will all be on the same side. No more partisanship. No more need for lobbiest. No more need for the rich elites, becaiuse all those that meet the criteria, just put their name in the hat, and come selection day, we dump out the names so all can see and then put them back in and then select one. No worry about term limits. The selected pool will have a different idea. Necessity is the mother of invention.
    The problem is that the present corruption will not want a lottery selection system. Look at all of the changes to voters over the years within the constitution. First it was land owners only, and then they chipped away at the ideas of the founders more and more and more.

    The goal of life is to seek GOD enlightenment, not to be greedy and rich.

    2. Government workers, can only work accumulitivly for 5 years. All government staffers, 5 year maximum, no exceptions. There are many excellent people. There is no need to keep someone in as a career govt employee. The 5 year change over will prevent corruption from settling in.

    3. Companies, all companies, no matter what can only have 100 employees. Again the goal of life is to seek GOD enlightenment, not to be greedy, rich and a tyrant. With many, many small companies, we can reach the stars.
    Standard interfaces will be the norm, small companies see the value in working with standards. No more box of unuseable chargers, because each charger only fits one electronic device, the unique products will be a thing of the past. No more building products that will break with time. No small company would ever build a product to break with time. No Planned obsolescence.

    4. Though this would be implemented without any help, all news media, no matter what, must be owned by an individual and an individual can only own one news media. No changes.

    We humans are naturally selfish and greedy. Maturity is to recognize this and to change your behavior to seek GOD. We need to make government systems that will avoid corruption and corrupt people.

    Voting, elections will always go to corruption. The campaigns are so costly and as soon as a potential leader needs to get money for a campaign, corruption will enter into the arena.


  28. Keith

    The fines on the banks which admitted guilt would be hilarious if they weren’t so disgusting. But it’s more of the same – as you say Greg – Kibuki theater. I was a whistleblower of Chevron’s oil and gas price manipulation back in 2007-2008 – when the price of oil went from $50/barrel to $150/barrel. My direct supervisor was Manager of Investor Relations, who conducted Wall St. conference calls with the CFO and CEO. Chevron’s revenues were about $1 billion per DAY. The Manager or IR was removed immediately and the CFO and CEO retired quickly after I submitted Chevron-filed SEC 10K/10Q statements in the litigation that asserted “all fraud, whether material or not, known by anyone with any control over financial reporting, had been disclosed.” I provided stacks of information to the DOJ, the FBI, and the SEC; and the FBI’s Special Agent in Charge of the Enron investigation told me in person that it was more information than they had against Enron after 5 YEARS OF INVESTIGATION. But what has been the outcome? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Bupkus. Paul Craig Roberts knowingly chuckled and said “the federal government has NO INTEREST in prosecuting big banks, big oil, agribusiness. or military industrial fraud or monopolies.” These “fines” on the banks are further proof and are a disgusting JOKE. All of a few minutes worth of revenue on any given day. Here are a couple of quotes that I believe are aprapo:

    Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1781: God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the Gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I TREMBLE for my country when I reflect that God is just that His justice cannot sleep forever.

    George Washington wrote in his 1789 Inaugural address: The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that DISREGARDS the eternal rules of order and right – which Heaven itself has ordained.

    A documentary with good research and perspective of the organized crime which pervade the government, the financial system, the military complex, and the media. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0bOm5c43js

    • paul

      George Washington looking down from Heaven is probably shaking his head in disbelief … his propitious smiles have now turned to frowns as a nation he once loved has disregarded the eternal rules of order and right … that which Heaven itself has ordained is now disregarded with impunity … he sees is a nation at “continual” War … ordering its citizens sons and daughters to kill other human beings … in violation of Heavens highest Commandment (Thou Shall Not Kill)!

      • Greg Hunter

        I think the 1st Commandment is of the highest priority, but all are very important. Just my 2 cents. Thank you for all your comments.

      • Freebreezer

        In Hebrew the 6th commandment is “Thou shall not murder”. The Torah differentiated between murdering and killing and used two different Hebrew words … Ratsach – to murder (used in the 6th commandment) and Harag – to slay, to kill. Subtle but important.

  29. Ross Herman

    I love you Greg,
    I feel the lack of jail for the key arch-criminals is the key to the criminal takeover of our country!
    Interestilngly, what also is never mentioned is what happens to the fine monies, you know they will not even concede that small fine, as the “fine” is most assuredly going directly to some other evil banking entity, just to add a little salt in the wound.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ross for your support.

  30. Homer

    Greg–The basis of fiat currency is fraud. The purpose of fraud is to get something for nothing.

    What you described is the looting of the Treasury by the banks, elites, politicians, and a sundry of other insider sociopaths. By Treasury, I mean us all. They know the end game is nigh and like rats, they are fleeing a sinking ship of state.

    We are like the guy walking down a New York street and gets pick pocketed and doesn’t realize his misfortune until he tries to buy a hotdog from a street vendor and discovers, when he goes to pay, that he’s flat broke and has been robbed.

    Fiat money destroys all the ramparts of civilized society and it destroys it most thoroughly. Outside of outright WAR nothing is as disastrous as fiat money to a civilization.

    Greg is shouting from his web site as loudly as he can of which I am thankful. There are none so deaf as those who will not hear.

  31. Don

    Greg, I’ve complained to Senator Inhofe of these various financial crimes for a long time now, and without one word of response about these outrageous manipulations. I have to come to the conclusion all this crime is being excepted as necessary for the overall plan to be carried out. It would have to be, if Eric Holder wouldn’t do anything about carrying out justice then I don’t expect anything to be done anytime soon. This has to be a planned coarse of action, until some future time. The same on the middle east. Your doing a great job, and I’m glad I can tune in. I did not mean to bring offense about Catholicism, I have researched that religion pretty deep, not only the history, but also its roots, and spiritual implications, based on scripture. My true desire is to help any who may be involved to see what the scriptures teach. Sometimes, the truth itself is the offense, and not the proclaimer, but I mean well. I have to live on a tight budget, but I hope to send you something soon. Anyway, good job, your da-man.

    • Greg Hunter

      As I have said, the top folks know what is going on. This is too big to miss and missing it is too stupid to be stupid.

  32. Amber

    You keep missing the point that ISIS are Israeli Mossad agents who get treated in Israel when wounded. This has been proven over and over again, yet you turn deaf ears to this fact. Al-Queda is also a US backed group used to promote the propaganda and agenda of the US to get public backing. Even Edward Snowden backed this up.


    Also its tiring to listen to you speak about Iran having nuclear weapons… its been proved as well that they don’t have it. Why are you spewing all this non-sense when both the international atomic energy group as well as the US


    • Greg Hunter

      NO, Edward Snowden did not back this up not according to Glenn Greenwald. Second, this is the first line from your “source” :”GR Editor’s Note: This report is from Gulf News. It has not been fully corroborated.” Finally, your last link is from Feb 2012. That’s your proof? You look like a paid troll to me.

      • Amber

        Did you not read the articles? They say exactly that. These are only a couple articles of many. And no, a person with an educated opinion is NOT a Troll… nice way to spin it off though. I used to like your site and comments, but now I know you’re just a puppet.

        • Greg Hunter

          I read them and they are out of date or not credible.

  33. Homer

    Gina Mancarella, says–” Let us all stand up for Hillary so that she can fight for us and the values that are intrinsically American. Lets bring back the prosperity of the past.”

    I trust this is meant as sarcasm. Nothing that I can think of epitomizes selfish, self serving, and roguish behavior than the Clintons.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Stop playing the part of the fool.

    • diane s.

      Stop posting to this Gina woman….she’s a paid troll…check her website…fake

      • Greg Hunter

        Diane S.
        She has given us a window into their world and how they think. For that I am grateful.

        • Homer

          Greg–Michael Savage is right, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. What more does one need to know?

        • diane s.

          You’re right Greg…..looking at it like that….she is a comedian.

        • Charles H.


          Gina’s composure is too good, her wording too expressive; and mixing themes – too polished to be some normal person. “She” is a trial balloon. As to revealing a mentality – it would be better said she is perfecting propaganda. PsyOps, probably.

          • Greg Hunter

            Charles H.
            I thought the same thing. I am just seeing how much we can learn from her “perspective.”

            • NC Gal

              Gina never writes “on topic” in terms of what is being talked about. She pounces on every thread as an opportunity to “sell” Hillary Clinton as the answer to whatever issues are being discussed.

              She NEVER responds to either questions or comments regarding her posts, so I would conclude that she is a one-note Johnny who is treating us as objects to be manipulated, not real people. The combination of opportunism and dehumanization of the rest of us are the traits I associate with the elites and their henchman. Gina seems “too stupid to be stupid,” another trait of those who do the work of the elites.

              She can post here as long as you let her, but I for one am disgusted by her posts and the energy she carries with them. The idea of ANYONE supporting Clinton OR Bush maked me ill. I certainly don’t give Gina and credit for being either original, genuinely concerned about this country, or very intelligent! She’s just another pawn in the game, dancing to the puppet-masters’ tune.

            • Homer

              I don’t believe Gina is a troll for the liberal left or being paid to be one. I think she is probably a philosophically misguided and undereducated individual.
              Her grammar and spelling leave much to be desired. Not a sign of an erudite person.

  34. Klemens

    Hi Greg,
    it looks like that you are very angry of all the lies.
    The MSN Press is teaching to keep the people sleeping.
    All those, who complains against the satanic System, get some troubles,
    in the job, in the public or with friends.
    The same thing happend, if you are a true christian:

    So we all need to fight for the truth, even if we get troubles!
    Greg you do a very good job! Thank you very much.

  35. Robert

    Here comes the 93 million out of work again. Are all 320 million Americans supposed to be working. Children, retirees, disabled, wife’s and husbands who stay home with the kids. People who quite the work force by their own choice. I can understand 6-7 million but 93 million, common. This is a talking point that just does not hold water.

    • David Larsen

      The 93 million out of work are working age people with skills. Add that to the other nearly 100 million people retired. Only about 1 person in 3 has a job in America. Anyone with a job is supporting two other people.

  36. lynn

    How many factions inside our government are at odds with each other? All of them. But someday, one day, someone is going to make a mistake, no matter how criminal the system and banks are. It has been exposed, the huberous is mind blowing, and the cartels have upped their game. We sit here, pretending to be wealthy, only leveraged to the sky, keeping all of these criminals in their jobs, and we do nothing. Man’s world has been so corrupted and we all support it by doing nothing, saying nothing and standing for nothing. The universe has a funny way of showing you that you mean nothing to it. Pray for our country, pray for our children, for the bankers are going to lose control, put their shorts in on markets and currencies, and when they do, say goodbye to life as you know it. All that stuff and value will go “poof” and then and only then will it be back to our roots where God shows man that there is a good reason he threw the money changers out of the temple in anger. He is about to do it again.

  37. Rik

    Hi Greg,

    Once again great work, thought i might just mention , there seems to be another trouble spot brewing this time in Macedonia. Funny how the Russian pipelines were disrupted in the Ukraine and then Russia decides to move them to a southern route thru Greece and Macedonia and now there r mass protests going on wonder if Nuland is behind this might be something of interest

    All the best

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rik for the links and info.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      No……… move along…..nothing of interest here mate. LOL!;

      Check out the below link where sociopathic state department spokescreature Psaki assures journalists that the US does not back coups;

      And this little gem where the despicable Nuland admits that ‘they’ are NOT ALWAYS CONSISTENT!!!!!!!!………… the mother of all understatements!!!!!

      These women are sociopathic habitual liars and are seen and heard almost daily as their bumbling incompetent dribble is broadcast to the world.
      With these two as back up for Obama and Kerry is it any wonder that the US is becoming a global laughing stock.

      PS Rik…those were seriously good links that we all should be very concerned about.
      Now that Nuland etc. have left half of the Ukraine in ruble, are they now moving along with another murderous and destructive game, but this time in Macedonia!

    • Don

      Wow, looked at sites. I’ve learned to expect anything, anymore. Thanks Rik.

    • frederick

      Yup Rick and guess who is leading the troublemaking over in Macedonia you guessed it our very own psychopath Vicky Nudelmann I guess you can expect Johnny McCain to be popping up there soon as well Go figure right

  38. Jay


    Your Friday comments are the best. Thank you for your courage and perseverance.
    For those seeking the truth your site is a must.

    Stay well

  39. Karen

    Here’s another thought that we should all let “sink in” (as Greg says) — No criminal charges for any of these high paid professional banksters rigging markets worth billions/trillions of dollars for God only knows how long; yet Martha Stewart goes to jail for 6 months over one deal of “insider trading” of less than $100,000.
    I must say the corruption, unfairness, criminality, greed and apathy is so atrocious that it makes my head, heart and soul hurt.
    I’m no fan of Martha Stewart, but you have to wonder what kind of world do we live in where she goes to jail, but nobody at JPMorgan or Citigroup does?

    • Greg Hunter

      Great point. What about the prosecution of Senator John Edwards. Yes, he is a jerk and creep, but a federal case for paying for his girl friends baby? The phrase “look over here, look over here” comes to mind.

  40. Art Barnes

    Greg, ISIS gains more cities, but don’t worry those 1,000 rocket launchers being sent & 7 or 8 shorties a day will fix them once and for all. Further, don’t forget as soon as those those Iraq soldiers get trained, which they only have had 10 years so far, the tide will change. Now I know what too stupid to be stupid really means.

  41. Thomas j harmon

    Good wrap up Greg. Greg Any chance getting Harvey organ back on I would like to see part two of that interview. Thomas

    • Greg Hunter

      I have asked several times and will ask again.

  42. Mason

    Great Wrap-Up Greg,
    Not buying the Al Quaeda-Iran link though. It reminds me of the supposed Al Quaeda-Iraq link under Saddam Hussein. That link wasn’t there either at the time, but that supposed link plus the socalled WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) that didn’t turn out to be there as well, was the reason the US invaded Iraq. What is the US setting itself up for this time, and how many times is it going to fall for the same old stuff?

  43. Gert

    Analysis: ISIS Gains Momentum With Palmyra, Assad Squeezed on Multiple Fronts

    By Cassandra Vinograd

    ISIS’ conquest of the ancient city of Palmyra marked the latest in a series of setbacks for the Syrian regime, but analysts say not to count out President Bashar Assad just yet.


  44. markp

    Deja Vu. It’s not only the shareholders that will wear the fine. If I remember correctly, for the last lot of criminal banks [the same ones, I believe] fined for dodgy dealings, the fines were a tax write-off for the perpetrators concerned, so the ever-suffering tax payer once again gets to lend their support to these banksters, through their hard work. Another slap in the face.

  45. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I’m a grown man with a family. Thank you for always reminding us to ” fear not” and that God is in control.

    I’m thankful for the quality and depth of your reporting. I find it near impossible to give any credence to our mainstream media.

    I remember a story concerning Bin Laden that happened a number of years ago. There is this researcher who is not well known to the general public. He reports on the more sinister doings of the CIA. I read a story where the government reported that a number of this man’s books were found in a Bin Laden lair that was raided. I remember yelling out to myself what heavy-handed nonsense this propaganda was.

    There is the famous government photo on the evening of the Bin Laden mission. Obama is watching presumably a TV screen. He is watching intently. Hillary has a hand up to her mouth. What is she and the others in the room watching? The raid was not recorded while it was happening we were later informed. The feed was broken I believe. Again, what were they watching. As is now standard practice, there were conflicting reports and outright falsehoods about what happened that evening.

  46. Cryptic Little Sister

    Greg, the government is not really the “government” in the sense that they are “broke” or lobbied by corporations. I don’t know really how to say what I mean to say, or even if I should really say it. To say the things that I know frightens me. The news you are reading was put there on purpose, to distract you. The question is not wether it is true or false, but why it is there at all. A year from now, you will begin to talk about things that are much worse than what you understand now.

    I can say this: stop worrying about an economic collapse. That is not coming, I don’t believe this, I know this. They are arranging pieces on a chess board. Read the future from that.

    • Greg Hunter

      So what is coming in your estimation Cryptic.

      • paul

        Glad to see Cryptic L S opening up a bit more … but still won’t say “exactly” what he knows … I hope Gina will eventually come over from the dark side!

        • paul

          If Gina ever does come over from the dark side and stops persecuting us WatchDog’ers with Hilary … it will be like the Apostle Paul’s persecution of Christians coming to an end … and as we know the Apostle Paul eventually became a very strong supporter of Christianity!

    • markp

      “To say the things that I know frightens me”; Please, CLS, scare the hell out of me, I can take it. Or are you just full of –it?

    • sk

      It seems to me, oh Cryptic One, that you want people to be shaking in their boots. Fear porn. The question is WHY you want that? What’s in it for you?

    • brian

      yeah, the question is how far are the money printers willing to go to maintain their positions of authority and control; but then again we know the answer to that one, there is no real limit to how far they are willing to go, for to them any cost of such an exertion of will is imagined to be completely transferable onto all our backs. The real question is how far CAN these guys go. Do you have any insight as to their abilities lil’sis, or are you just more afraid of what is plain to see than most of us?

    • RTW

      Cryptic LS:
      Pieces on a chess board must be physically moved around, thus illustrating an individuals intent. Try Tea Leaves, they are much more accurate.

  47. Carol

    Just want everyone to know that Believer’s Voice of Victory had Billye Brim on their show for 2 weeks. http://www.kcm.org/watch/live. May 11- 22. At the bottom of the page are the last 2 weeks broadcasts. Calling everyone to pray for 30 minutes a day to stop this train wreak from happening to America. It is planned, but these plans can be stopped. Please join the army of the Lord to stop this. It can be stopped.

  48. Thomas1

    Another SNAFU week.

  49. Jake

    Wow Greg, another great weekly news wrap-up. You have just earned the right for me to switch these two names around: Greg Hunter/ Rand Paul for President

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Jake to mention me in the same sentence as Senator Paul. I am just a reporter.

  50. Jim H

    Great Wrap up Greg.
    Of course it’s all rigged. Probably been rigged since Enron. That will never happen again. So why any publicity at all? Because we are being shown that cash, gold, silver and anything besides digits is corruptible and must cease to be medium of exchanges. Digits will win because that’s what Red Shield, Rocky and their agents want. Get as many as you can and behave so they wont turn off your digits. Never was anything but a pyramid scheme. We are just upset now because we actually feel like who we have always been. The 99%. Known for a long time,any system putting profit before people will always lead here.

  51. David

    Now this is Interesting….. What do u think Greg? Should we believe this stuff?


    • Greg Hunter

      I have been saying for years that the U.S. government was arming the rebels in Syria and that in part they were arming al-Qaeda. Yes they certainly armed them and in doing so, created them. Now when ISIS defeats Iraqi troops on the battlefield they are being rearmed with U.S. equipment that is abandoned. The story makes a bit of a leap that the CIA directly created ISIS, but they sure armed radical Islam. That much is for certain.

      • ronj

        I’ve been watching your for a couple of years…I really like your style–You, unlike many, have a feel for what we used to call THE WORKING CLASS in the 60s, 70s. No, I’m not a Marxist, but a proper understanding of CLASS analysis has vanished. The MSM calls everybody above the Homeless. and “working poor”(who need food stamps to survive) THE MIDDLE CLASS! Then comes the 1%! This is juvenile and leads to the further dumbing down of America. The “deep state”(non-elected) wants it this way to “avoid CLASS WARFARE”.
        Back in the day(I’m 74), any community college graduate understood the following class structure: the Poor, the Working Class, The Middle Class, the Upper Class, and the “Aristocracy.” Also each Class had 3 divisions to it.
        I am of the Working Class and worked my way into college, university, etc. and became a research maniac, of sorts–I was called a Working Class Intellectual.
        Who were/are members of the Working Class? Unionized Factory workers by the millions, plumbers, firemen(my dad), maintenance workers, construction workers, steel workers, longshoremen, etc. etc. When American Corporations decided to go offshore for their labor and set up mail boxes in tax free locations, the Working Class got hammered!! The middle class–small businessmen, technocrats,
        government employees, etc. also took a hit. If you move your factories to China, the white collared people were left hanging. I’m generalizing–but if you sweat and have callouses you ain’t Middle class. Imagine a 55 year ole unionized factory worker shocked to find himself flipping burgers with no health insurance–or worse yet, getting fined by the draconian Obamacare!! Geez!
        The reason for my riff on Class structure is to hopefully try to make it a little more clear. In “our bones” we know which class we came from and/or which class we seem to be in now and, importantly, which class to root for. I know I’m not the only working class intellectual on this thread. Also, sometimes the class structure is ambiguous. A professor at a big university is solid middle class(the upper part)–a school teacher in the hills of west Virginia?
        Obviously I’m way off topic here. I’ve studied the entire Federal Reserve System and banking. And I got my first taste of the evil done by men when I read G. Edward Griffin’s masterpiece The Creature from Jeckyl Island. he is getting along in years, but something tells me he would talk to YOU.
        Thank so much for your concern for the “Common Man”. Maybe you could play Copeland’s “FANFARE FOR THE COMMON MAN”, sometime. Power to you, brother!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Ronj, My dad was a machinist.

  52. Christopher. Coleman.

    May 24, 2015.

    Hey Greg this is Chris Coleman again I wrote to you earlier.

    Hey Greg if possible if you could consider looking into doing more interviews on your Online Internet Show, and having more guest also daily more hours.?

    It’s just your Shows Greg are Great, but if you could have your Guest on a little bit

    Also Greg I don’t mean to sound redundant if you could bring up to your Guest
    about these Countries that are also in Financial Debt, Countries like .




    4:Sri Lanka.








    If possible Greg if you could consider looking into these Countries, meaning looking into there
    Economic situation, those Countries listed above:There are not doing great in terms of Debt,
    Jobs, Government Expenses, just like here in the United States.

    I love your show Greg.

    Chris. Coleman.
    Bronx: NY .
    The United States.

  53. Ron Trickel

    Hey Greg;

    We (wife & I) are regulars on your program and depend on it for a regular dosage of truth. We do not fear in depth economic & or financial reporting although in many cases it goes over our heads as neither of us are so bold as to even pretend to be economists or financial professionals. However many people who are more educated,
    connected, wealthy, etc. do seem to fear this stuff due to it’s complexity and therefore avoid it like the plague. So my question to you is to please use your acronyms sparingly for us who do not earn our living by delving into this stuff on a daily basis. What is UBS, etc. You keep us scratching our heads and wondering throughout your program at each little acronym that you throw at us without even an initial definition or statement of even what the letters represent. We enjoy your program immensely and thank you for it but please help us to understand instead of keeping us snowed by the abbreviations and acronyms. The terminology we can look up. Thanks and otherwise keep up the good work.
    Ron & Diane

    • Greg Hunter

      Union Bank of Switzerland and than you for your feedback and support.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Hi Ron
      If you google the acronym you can normally find out withinin seconds what it means as well as a truckload of background information as well. I do this all the time and find it a great way to learn.

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