Central Banks Secretly Controlling all Futures Prices-Chris Powell

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com    (Early Sunday Release) Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), says recent bombshell evidence shows intense central bank “interventions” at the CME Group, which handles $1 quadrillion ($1,000 trillion) worth of business annually.  Powell explains, “The greatest documentation that’s come out recently has been filings by the CME Group which operates the major futures exchange in the United States.  They filed a letter with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) . . . showing that central banks are receiving special volume discounts for trading futures on all the major futures exchanges, not just financial futures contracts and metals futures contracts, but even agricultural futures contracts.  The CME Group’s most recent 10-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lists its customers.  Included in that list are governments and central banks.  This is really a sensational development.  Nobody can trade against central banks, they create infinite money.  If central banks are secretly trading in the futures markets, there are no markets.  The CME Group defended this as a matter of adding liquidity to the futures markets, but it’s liquidity in the sense of the Atlantic Ocean.”

Powell goes on to say, “Again, central banks create infinite liquidity. Nobody can trade against them.  That means central banks are controlling all futures prices in the United States.  Remarkably, this cannot be reported in the financial news media.  GATA has sent these documents to many news organizations around the world, and it simply cannot be talked about.  No major financial news organization dares to ask CME Group or any central bank ‘what about this secret trading with volume discounts by central banks in all the major U.S. futures markets?’  It simply cannot be discussed.  The documents don’t prove that any particular central bank is trading any particular futures contract on any given day, but they do show the central banks are trading secretly in all U.S. futures markets.  That means our market economy has been destroyed.  It really means our democracy has been destroyed because they don’t tell us what they are doing.  This is a real failure of financial journalism.  In fact, I argue that the greatest asset of central banks is not their power of infinite money creation right now, it is their power to control financial journalism.”

On the recent announcement by CME to enforce so-called trading collars on COMEX, Powell says, “Trading collars are not new in the futures markets.  They just happen to be new in the gold and silver futures markets on the COMEX.  The plan, as CME Group has explained it, is to close the gold futures market and the silver futures market for five minutes if there is a variation of $100 in gold and $3 in silver from the previous day’s close.  The timing of this is very interesting.  It is raising suspicions that something is up. . . . We have to ask ‘why now’ in gold and silver?  Is there some special strain in the market that we don’t know about?  If we had financial journalism on planet Earth, somebody would call CME group and ask not only about the central bank discount trading program, but also about the timing of this restrain time on the gold and silver markets, but nobody does that.”

So, what does this mean for the price of gold and silver?  Powell contends, “GATA wants free and transparent markets and limited and accountable government, at least, in the western world.  We are not a gold standard organization.  We are not arguing that gold and silver prices ought to be anywhere in particular, but the logic of our research is that there is a vast un-coverable short position in the monetary metals, a fractional gold and silver backing system that essentially is being underwritten secretly by central banks, and the logic of that research is the free market price of the monetary metals is multiples of where they are now.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Chris Powell of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA). 

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is lots of free information and articles on the GATA website.  Please go to the home page of GATA.org to take a look.  If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, please click here.

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  1. allen ols

    greg; yeaaahhhaah, ESR,

    I returned from a location to immediately check for esr, but nothing so went out to get my son started to change plugs and wires on my ranger, walked back in, haha, popped up, but no video yet. I listened to fabian calvo, and others this weekend, glad your on the ball. tks. will wait for video. pcr had a blow out interview, and i checked on a fema/dhs guard, turned whistle blower, wow, JC listened to all but 10 minutes he said, so will post it here later. waiting……

  2. M.

    Good Interview

    • Greg Hunter

      This is simply stunning to me. Control all prices to cloak massive global money printing. What could go wrong?

      • freejack

        So the markets are rigged? What are you going to do about it? Exactly….

        • Greg Hunter

          I am doing something about it. I am reporting on it and making it known at my own expense.

          • Desert Rose

            Thank you, Greg, for keeping this site up!
            You ARE doing a great service. I can’t agree with Chris that the govt won’t try to take the people’s gold, though. They are already ready to bail in all the bank accounts they want.
            Holiday Greetings to you, Greg.

            • Greg Hunter

              Desert Rose,
              The rich and connected have gold. Very few, really, have it relative to the total population. Bank accounts–everyone has one! Merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you for your comments.

            • Thomas Stamps

              Can t see them calling in gold a second time Rose. They sell gold
              coins legally now and have been for almost 30 years!

            • Paul from Indiana

              Rose, the government WILL try to take whatever it can, as it exists now solely for its own self-perpetuation. But the rationale for the first gold seizure during the Roosevelt adminstration was to allow a nearly 50% depreciation of the dollar, necessary to finance “surprise!” expanding government! At that time, the dollar was fully redeemable in gold at $20.00/oz. Today our “money” is only paper and worthless in and of itself, so the government is free to debase to its heart content and let the dupes like you and me who are trying to make sense of all this take the fall. And we will. Best always. PM

              • Desert Rose

                Thanks Paul- and all. I’m a PM buyer. I got my education on this site, ZH, and the other alternative sites. Knew nothing 2 years ago. Thank you, again, Greg!
                Keep stacking everyone!

          • Mark_BC

            “So the markets are rigged? What are you going to do about it?”

            Reporting on it puts it out there in the public domain. So when the markets inevitably do crash and a new system is put in place, having all this genuine financial journalism like on USA watchdog, still floating around will make it a lot more difficult for the criminals to rewrite history in their favour, and to have a hope of us holding them accountable. This is why my concern is that all of these kinds of interviews and commentary are backed up very securely and in multiple locations.

            • Mark_BC

              One other comment, after the financial reset I think a LOT of people are going to wake up and become interested in finances… They will want to learn about what is going on and will increasingly reject the MSM. Having all these kinds of interviews archived and easily accessible would go a long way towards helping people learn.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you for adding this perspective when you said, “. . . having all this genuine financial journalism like on USA watchdog, still floating around will make it a lot more difficult for the criminals to rewrite history in their favour, and to have a hope of us holding them accountable.”
              Merry Christmas

          • Goldenhawk

            I am thinking freejack is bemoaning the fact that it seems impossible for anyone to do anything about this powerful rigging that has gone on forever. It is his frustration over not having an answer that I am picking up on. I just read an article by Michael Noonan highlighting the NWO agenda which overtakes our market freedom in an absolute unopposed way. How I long for the day we break their control. I thank you for doing what you do, which does indeed entail risks!

            • Desert Rose

              Freejack can listen to these speakers & the Watchman on Silverdoctors.com.
              The Watchman presents the solution for our freedom, if we will take it.

          • paul

            Greg … The Chinese are also doing something about it. I keep asking myself just how much gold does China need? … They now own 4500 tons and have $4 trillion US fiat dollars they need to cover … assuming the gold price goes to $50,000 US dollars per ounce as Jim Sinclair predicts … the 4500 tons the Chinese now hold will give them $7.2 trillion US dollars … just about enough to cover their US dollar holdings with a little extra to cover for inflation (so they just about break even at a gold price of $50,000 dollars per ounce).

            However, you don’t think the Chinese simply want to break-even when the gold price goes to $50,000 dollars an ounce?
            So what they will do about it … to see “a nice profit” like everyone else gets when gold goes to $50,000 dollars per ounce … means the Chinese will try to lower their break-even cost (probably by about an order of magnitude) … down to say $5000 dollars per ounce.

            In order to do this … the Chinese will need to accumulate 45,000 tons of gold.

            However, 45,000 tons of gold is almost the Entire World’s Supply of Gold … in order to get this much gold … they are going to have to raise their bid for it … to shake it out of “weak Western hands” … the “strong holders” like Russia, India, Germany, etc. will not so easily part with their gold … so expect the Chinese to keep raising their bid until they close to the 45,000 tons of gold they need.

            Once they get 45,000 tons of gold … the gold price could drop as low as $5000 dollars per ounce (and they will still break-even) … And any price over $5000 dollars per ounce will then represent a nice Profit for them.

            My conclusion is … we should never expect the Chinese to ever stop accumulating gold! … and for them to accumulate what they need for a nice profit … they will have to bid the price way up … to shake it out of the hands of those who hold it now!

        • Collateral Damage


          What are YOU going to do about it? Exactly…

          On behalf of Mr. Hunter, on behalf of myself, and on behalf of all of those who read WD, I have complete and utter distain for you for making that comment. I suggest you re-examine YOUR OWN LIFE and find where you can do something to help make a difference in this world.

          Do something to build community, something to help someone in need. Talk to someone so that they too can prepare themselves, physically, emotionally, and spiritually for hard times.

          Lord knows that there are enough of your fellow citizens in need these days that could use your help.

          I called a local Children’s Hospital today and asked them what donations they may need in the Volunteer Department (where they provide crafts and trinkets for the kids to play with while the convalesce). They told me that they have enough supplies for the little kids, with toys and such, but what they could really use are $5 or $10 gift certificates for local restaurants to feed the families who are at the hospital to visit their kids. They need these certificates because they DON’T HAVE ENOUGH FOOD TO EAT.

          Get off your duff, stop criticizing others, and do something yourself FreeHACK to help someone in need.

          Do just one thing this week and every week for the rest of your life.

          What are YOU going to do about it, FreeHACK?


          • John Doe

            Start Fracking, FreeFrack! I asked a robber why he rob’s bank’s, because that’s where the money is. When asked an oil man why he frac’s, because that’s where the oil is, a Fed central banker, why manipulate the markets, that’s where paper money is and the golden rule is, who controls the paper price of gold, rule’s and when its to late and you realize you’ve been had, then proceed to plug up your commode’s with your precious easy earned, market manipulated fiat toilet paper. Save some for cleanup!

            A free press means a free market, a free country and a free world.

            When asked do we have a republic, Ben Franklin replied, if you can keep it.
            It’s up to Jah, to send his son, whom said, when returns, he isn’t going to be such a nice guy and set matters straight. The truth marches on; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQHqrTNSYGs

            What does the word ‘hallelujah’ mean?

        • Collateral Damage


          “What are you going to do about it? Exactly….”

          Get off your ‘High Horse’ and Do Something Yourself before you criticize.

          “It is not the critic who counts … not the man who points out how the doer of deeds could have done them better.”

          “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly… who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly.”
          Theodore Roosevelt.
          What ARE you doing about it FreeHack?

          There is nothing you can do, you say?

          1) Talk to someone (friends and family). Help them to understand that they need to prepare themselves, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for tough times ahead.

          2) Prepare yourself for the same.

          3) Help someone. Lord knows that there are plenty of people in need in your community. I called a local Children’s Hospital today to ask if they could use some little crafts or trinkets for the kids in the hospital. They said that they are ‘good’ with these items but they do need $5 or $10 dollar gift certificates for food because the families who come to visit their children DON’T HAVE ENOUGH FOOD TO EAT. Do something to help someone.

          None, or few, of ‘us’ are in a position right now to do anything to address the root cause of the problem, but you/we certainly can do Plenty to help make the situation more bearable for those around you/us.

          Go do it and stop complaining/criticizing.

          Thank about it.


          • Collateral Damage

            I wrote that twice (from scratch) because I thought that it didn’t post the first time (microwave cut out my wi/fi).

            I was madder the first time I wrote it than I was the second time. 🙂

            Have a great holiday everyone.

            And help someone, where you can. 🙂

            Best to you!


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Great interview Greg.
        I will keep my comment very short today;
        GET RID OF IT!

        • Paul from Indiana

          Brother Colin, Yes, but how? And give the Europeans and the Japanese the same blueprint, will you? As you say, “cheers”, Merry Christmas and best always. PM

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Well Paul, just maybe the answer to your “how” is right here on WD in a later post today by allen ols.
            It is a quote from none other than the Jackass himself and begins – “I am hearing independently that Obama & Biden are going to face extreme pressure to both resign in January, possibly to be replaced by a Pentagon Junta with the 1871 Constitution put in force. Obama is reportedly depressed, isolated, unstable, and drunk most evenings on alcohol, delivering angry outbursts to close advisors…..”
            Their first port of call is obviously the White House followed by John Kerry’s residence. Lock them up and prepare to put them before the world court in The Hague. These people and many others should be put to death for the monstrous crimes they have committed.
            Next stop the Fed – lock all these people up as well and put together a think tank of minds like PCR and Edward Griffin to create a new central bank model – ONE THAT IS NOT FRICKEN OWNED BY THE AAA CABAL

            I really do believe that a scenario like this described by the Jackass could work and that by going back to the constitution the US could be partially saved.
            This needs to happen quickly though before the world descends into all out war.

            My very best wishes to you Paul.

            • Collateral Damage

              You write,

              “Obama is reportedly depressed, isolated, unstable, and drunk most evenings on alcohol, delivering angry outbursts to close advisors…..”

              I am not sure I exactly believe much of these quotes above from JW, but I did note earlier this month that he was ‘hospitalized’ for acid reflux or indigestion or supposedly something else as innocuous as that… It does make one wonder…

  3. Al hall

    Greg: this is great reporting- but really should be no surprise to those of us paying attention. The bankster are in control and the government and all agencies tasked to stop the corruption are bought and paid for. Pres. Wilson knew he had sold us out back in 1913, and said so later. If fact be known- they ( the bankster) probably threaten to kill him if he didn’t go along. Ask Dr. or my CIA friend- they both were threaten in that way.


    • Jeff L

      ” really should be no surprise to those of us paying attention”. Thanks Al for mirroring my exact thoughts. I’m sure every time I say that I’m an arrogant *ss……..It’s self evident they are controlling all prices to give the illusion things are just great. As a trader I see it ALL DAY LONG. It’s also evident only a complete reset will solve any problems. A reset that takes the power from the elite…….. When I get upset commenters here are directing their neg energy toward Russia it’s because I understand only Russia/China can destroy these bastards. Criticism should be directed toward those destroying our country WITHIN. Anything else is realistically counter productive (waste of time)…….. I give no apology for my utter distain of our current leadership. They are leading us into unimaginable darkness and if the hand of God can use another country to stop them I’m all for it………. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      • Lloyd McDonald

        Bravo, Jeff!

      • Rafal Z

        “Russia/China can destroy these bastards”

        I’m not American but I agree with you. Moreover I think that now we are witnessing the final struggle for control of everything and everyone on Earth.

      • woody188

        You want the people that tell you where to live, what your occupation will be, and can give and take from you what they will when they will to be in control instead of the people that let you decide these things on your own?

        Sure the western oligarchy isn’t great but you’d trade it for Chinese or Russian oligarchy?

        That seems pretty stupid to me.

  4. Michael

    Greg, as I recently shared with the other Greg, this is what I believe is going on.

    Greg, it has been obvious to me for some time that they are using “Financial Repression” in the same way they did in the 1940’s after the US created large war debt. This policy practice will be with us for some time, so I say don’t fight the FED and enjoy the profits.

    Finical Repression
    It essentially is Government Stealing from Savers through a combination of Forced Inflation & Government controlled Interest rates (Real Negative Rates) in an environment of Capital Controls (ring fence capital, see FACTA) to confiscate most of the purchasing power of private savers.

    Also the elimination of warning signals for example:
    manipulation of gov. data, GDP, Inflation, etc.
    manipulation of Markets & Gold price

    Bottom line:
    Wealth is transferred from Savers to Highly Leveraged players & Goverments.

    • Greg Hunter

      I could not believe what I was hearing from Chris Powell but I know he is spot on because it is in the CME 10-K.

      • Michael

        History not only often rhymes but sometimes it repeats….look closely at the subject of “Financial Repression”, you will see in-fact that you can PHD in it!
        It really does explain an awful lot.

        • Jeff L

          “History not only often rhymes but sometimes it repeats”………….Like 2000 or 2008 ? Or 1929 ?

          • Michael Gerner

            Agreed, IMO…they were ALL coordinated events to take from most.

      • Smaulgld

        Here is some language from the CME group 10K:

        Customer Base
        Our customer base includes professional traders, financial institutions, institutional and individual investors, major corporations, manufacturers, producers, governments and central banks.

        Our revenue is substantially dependent on the contract volume in our markets. Our contract volume is directly affected by domestic and international factors that are beyond our control, including:

        changes in government monetary policies, especially central bank decisions related to quantitative easing

        We believe that intervention by the Japanese central bank to control the yen foreign exchange rate beginning in mid-2011 through 2012 caused market participants to reduce their trading in Japanese yen contracts and to focus on higher yielding currencies, such as the Australian and Canadian dollars.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for posting this!!! Outrageous this is being done in the open!!!

          • Smaulgld

            you can imply three things
            -central banks provide us with lots of revenue so since they are a big customer they can trade as they please on our exchange
            -we like QE its good for business
            -central banks can kill markets if they over do it like Japan

    • Jeff L

      “so I say don’t fight the FED and enjoy the profits.”……………It’s a little late in the game (going on 5+ years) to be promoting the market and Fed…… 2000 and 2008 have become a distant galaxy to many. Today, I hear all the same promotional statements as back then…… The Fed IS NOT omnipotent as history has repeatedly shown.

      • Michael

        Look at the facts, and please don’t be afraid of future loss because of the gains you may have already have missed out on, these guys are now cooperating globally and “Financial Repression” is their play book….DON”T FIGHT THE FED RIGHT NOW!

        You will know this is true when you see them take the metals even lower and the dollar raises over the near term.

        For the record I hold over 20% percent of my invest-able portfolio in Gold and Silver for the day it works. However, I had made out like a bandit in SW Florida RE, the Markets, and Collectibles by understanding the facts since 2006, and I have the IRS records to prove it.

        • Greg Hunter

          If you are going to offer specific trading advice you must post a full verifiable name and say what your financial experience is. No more comments like this without posting it for all to see. My expert guest do not comment here anonymously and neither should you if you give this kind of specific trading advice.

          • Michael Gerner

            Greg, I am NOT a professional adviser! I am a regular guy who was fired from a fortune 200 corp. and needed to understand what was happening and why. I have two grand children that the SYSTEM has given me to raise fulfillment, if you know what I mean. I have worked very hard to focus on the facts and have tried to understand the core issues in the US today. I would be happy to prove these fact to anyone, want a regular guy who has had the good luck to beat them so far through due diligents on your show to discuss it.
            Michael Gerner

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Michael.
              I just wanted you to prove you are not a disinformation troll–you did.

            • Jeff L

              Michael, I’m everything you describe and am on the other side of your trade. Everyone’s on your side of the boat. Everyone’s betting on the dollar…………Big mistake…….. Technicals are on your side (agreed). Fundamentals and the rest of the world are against the dollar. Bottom line, the US will lose the ability to call the shots. They will cease being the world leader. Why ? Tell me something we lead in. Answer, nothing but death and destruction. The world is turning their back on the tyrant.

              • Paul from Indiana

                Well, Jeff, we lead in debt. Biggest debtor in the history of the world. So we really can cheer “we’re #1!” when we get to Brazil next year. That is, if we make it that far… Best always. PM

                • J C Davis

                  Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird!

    • Silence is Golden

      You have zeroed in on what is being forced upon us.
      Wealth transfer.
      You state correctly that they are using Financial Repression.
      All of these date points are true…however we need to get to the crux of the real dynamic here.
      The FED has engineered an environment which is purporting to be one directed at creating INflation whilst supressing interest rates through debt monetisation. In the feed back loop they must keep creating money to keep rates at zero. Importantly they fully understand (I am giving them credit here notwithstanding) that they cannot create any GDP improvements and are therefore solely focussed on keeping the status quo. Unfortunately they are creating the very model where assets values will be inflated artificially, whilst those who are capable of participating in this bubble are diminishing. Everyone becomes more marginalised through the money illusion, spending slows, cash hoarding increases, unemployment rises and asset sales start to increase to support living and debt obligations….. and the death spiral of Deflation works on.
      There is NOTHING the FED can do other than to print. If it stops …we have destruction. If it continues ….we have delayed (slow burn) destruction.
      Psychology will have a bigger impact over what transpires in the future than the Markets or the Printing can possibly have. Its true that without confidence in the system, everything comes unstuck.
      It is for this reason no one wants to trigger an Bankruptcy Event …because the magnitude of the consequences are so unpredictable …..and potentially very destructive. It is in their opinion that it is better to keep the system alive than to let it implode. I’m not saying I agree with that play, but they are all (in their minds) literally check mated.

      • Michael

        I agree with most of your points, and I want to be clear, I don’t agree with their approach or techniques! I am just saying if they wish in impoverish the ignorant, then those of us that understand the game should benefit and have the strengthen through understanding, to enlighten and help others see the way!

        • Mark_BC

          “those of us that understand the game should benefit and have the strengthen through understanding, to enlighten and help others see the way!”

          Good luck with that, no one wants to be enlightened.

        • brian

          The problem for you and me and especially your grandchildren is that the way they impoverish the ignorant is to spread and create more ignorance and more impoverishment….if you really understood the “game” you would understand that it is the society and the environment we have to live in at large that is drained of value and the luxury of morality evaporates with it. To think there is anything to gain at all by going along is short sighted, as when thieves are allowed to run things completely unfettered the end result is ruin for all.

          The only hope anyone under the age of 10 has of escaping living under complete and total tyranny…or worse, is to have people over the age of 20 fully apply themselves in a desperate effort to organize against this mess under the ideals enshrined in the foundation of this country. Those ideals being the conviction that we as individuals have God given rights which cannot be infringed, a universal respect for private property and the rule of law, and the need for a government that has its powers fully enumerated within a constitution, and that such a constitution is vigilantly guarded by the people it serves, a people who jealously hold to and compulsively support the very fabric of the liberty they are clothed in.

    • Jerry

      Good article Michael.
      Unfortunately Financial Repression has an expiration date, and we’ve just about reached it.

      • Michael Gerner

        Jerry, YES it does, but if history is any indicator this could run for quite a few more years, look at how they did in 1940 threw 1956. Remember these were “HAPPY DAYS”…:-)

        • Jeff L

          You jumped to 1940-56. Nice, but we’re entering 1929

        • Mark_BC

          The US was a net exporter back then I believe. Now all it exports is physical gold… the game will continue until it runs out.

        • Jerry

          The Chinese will have the final say. Not us. That is unless you think the Banks can handle 1.5 trillion dollars in junk bonds hitting the markets. Wise up.

        • Rich M

          Congrats Michael that you played the bubble up so well. Many of my friends have done very well too. It was smart of you all. Since 2010, I played the fundmentals and have not faired well. I would say though at this point, you have more dry powder to get into the fundementals now which are below 2010 levels, at least for the PM’s, as I cannot imagine this game will last much longer. Harvey says it will be over this year…. perhaps if not in the next 9 days within a couple months. You can be the master invester playing both of these up if you time it right. 20/20 hind-sight, I wish I would have played into the bubble as I would have doubled my money since 2010 at least, but how you say it then and understand the fundmentals is truly amazing. My friends had no clue about the fundementals and simply played it with the sheeple. I am happy that you appear to understand both but still figured out to not go all into the PM’s then. When will you go all in? or practially all in may I ask?

    • 8Ball

      The first words Neo ever heard after he left “the Matrix”
      Morpheus: “Welcome to the real world…”

  5. smaulgld

    Thanks Greg

    A most excellent interview and truly a bombshell re central bank involvement in the futures markets.

    Shame it is not reported on more widely.

    Here is a full set of GATA precious metals manipulation documents


    To anyone paying attention PM manipulation is obvious. Anyone who argues other wise just doesn’t believe it, but not based on an examination of the evidence, just because they don’t believe it.

    Here’s a two part Smaulgld series on Gold and Silver Manipulation:

    Part 1 https://smaulgld.com/gold-silver-price-manipulation/

    Part 2 https://smaulgld.com/gold-silver-manipulation/

    This interview deserves wide circulation. Social media buttons are to the left!

    • Greg Hunter

      This means CB’s are desperate to control prices and that allows the cloaking of massive money printing. This is leading to enormous distortions in EVERY Market. Frightening!!!! Thank you for your comment and links.

      • Chad

        Peter Warburton wrote a paper in 2001 entitled “The Debasement of World Currency:It Is Inflation, But Not As We Know It” where he explains how the $90 trillion (mid 2000 value) in global debt instruments could be manipulated/controlled with no more than $200 billion, using derivitives. It helped to explain how CBs are able to pull off their massive charade. Fascinating stuff and well worth the time (it’s only 5 pages)…thanks for all that you do Greg!

        • John Doe

          Good guest Peter Warburton?

  6. Aurele

    Another great interview and real eye opener Greg !

  7. smaulgld

    One thing that China could do to offset its US treasury losses if it decides to sell: Unilaterally reprice gold to say $3000 an ounce. This would make their gold production (they are the number one miner of gold in the world) more valuable as well as their gold hoard which continues to grow.
    If the US doesn’t recognize the price, China can support the price by buying whatever gold people had at $3000 an ounce on the Shanghai gold exchange.

    • SJS

      Chris Powell stated that he thinks the Chinese are incredibility stupid, for accumulating a 4 trillion foreign exchange reserve.

      I know that he is frustrated, and just commenting to make a point, but I believe that this is a most serious issue.

      As he stated, if China were to dump their position, it would cause markets to dislocate. My thoughts are that this is the greatest weapon a country could have to counter an opponent such as the US. I suspect, at this point in time (and ultimately never), that it would not serve China’s interest to use this option.

      What I have wondered, and would appreciate comment by Chris Powell and Greg, is if in fact that the Chinese are playing their hand to perfection. What if they did the equivalent of taking on 30 year mortgages and buying the world? Would they not end up owning/controlling a manageable situation vs the dislocation option (Death by a thousand cuts)?

      Greg, I sure do appreciate your objective presentation of the current events, and please continue to invite people with opposing opinions like Harry Dent, to present and discuss the events from their perspective.

      • SJS

        … just to be clear, buying the world with debt that would be serviceable with US$.

    • Macray

      SMAULGLD, The Chinese just need to make sure that there is NOT a great deal of physical for sale before they consider re-setting the price. As Chris Powell stated, when they are unable to continue to accumulate at their current pace, then that may be the time to create some fireworks! You are absolutely correct it will protect their gold mining industry and hedge their US treasury holdings, so it is a no brainier when the time is right. As far as Dr Willie’s Voice, I am not convinced that he is in the inside circle of the Chinese Government. The Chinese government would not normally announce what and when they are going to do something ahead of time. They are a little brighter than other governments. My opinion only!

    • Emeth

      The Chinese government is more interested in keeping all their people employed, and on the path to prosperity. China is really a dozen different countries and cultures under one central government.
      I believe that they will next use their excess reserves to build houses and decent services for their massive population. Anyone who has worked in China will know how diverse their society is, and how quickly it can turn to terrible violence if the basic needs of its people are not met. This is rarely reported in the west, but when there is civil unrest things get ugly really quickly.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, but never fear, General Yamashita’s gold stash comes to the rescue! (This is a facetious remark for those not familiar with my posts.) Best always. PM

  8. Al hall


    • allen ols

      al AGREED!!!!!

      they deserve what they get for not listening.!!!!

      here al

      (INTELLIHUB.COM) — As you may already know something is afoot in the financial sector as 36 bankers, financial professionals have mysteriously wound up dead in the past year.

      What did they know?

      What’s coming?

      Here is the full list of dead financial professionals as reported by The Daily Coin:

      1) David Bird, 55, long-time reporter for the Wall Street Journal, working at the Dow Jones newsroom
      2) Tim Dickenson, a UK-based communications director at Swiss Re AG
      3) Trouser William Smith, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank
      4) Ryan Henry Crane, age 37, JP Morgan
      5) Li Junjie, 33 Hong Kong JP Morgan
      6) Gabriel Magee, 39, age JP Morgan employee
      7) Mike Dueker, 50, who had worked for Russell Investments
      8) Richard Talley, 57, was the founder and CEO of American Title (real estate titles)
      9) James Jr. Stuart 70 Former National Bank of Commerce CEO was found dead in Scottsdale, Ariz
      10) Jason Alan Salaise, 34-year-old IT Specialist at JPMorgan since 2008
      11) Autumn Radtke, 28, CEO of First Meta, a Singapore-based virtual currency trading platform
      12) Eddie Reilly, 47, an investment banker, Vertical Group, New York
      13) Kenneth Ballando, 28, an investment banker, Capital Levy, New York
      14) Joseph A. Giampapa, 55, corporate bankruptcy lawyer, JP Morgan Chase
      15) Jan Peter Schmittmann, 57, a former top administrator ANB / AMRO, Laren, Netherlands
      16) Juergen Frick, 48, CEO of Bank Frick & Co. AG, Liechtenstein
      17) Benoit Philippens, 37, director of BNP Paribas Fortis Bank, Ans, Belgium.
      18) … Lydia, 52, banker-Bred Banque Populaire, Paris
      19) Andrew Jarzyk, 27, banker, PNC Bank, New York
      20) Carlos Six, 61, Head Tax and member CREDAF, Belgium
      21) Jan Winkelhuijzen, 75, and Commissioner Fiscalist (former Deloitte), Netherlands.
      22) Richard Rockefeller, 66, grandson elite banker John D. Rockefeller, America
      23) Mahafarid Amir Khosravi (Amir Mansour Aria), 45, bank owner, businessman and derivatives trader, Iran
      24) Lewis Katz, 76, businessman, lawyer and insider in the banking world, America
      25) Julian Knott, Director of Global Operations Center JP Morgan, 45, America
      26) Richard Gravino, IT Specialist JP Morgan, 49, America
      27) Thomas James Schenkman, Managing Director, Global Infrastructure JP Morgan, 42, United States
      28) Valtz Nicholas, 39, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs, New York, America
      29) Therese Brewer, 50, Managing Director ING Netherlands
      30) Tod Robert Edward, 51, vice president of M & T Bank, America
      31) Thierry Leyne, 48, an investment banker and owner Anatevka SA, Israel
      32) Calogero Gambino, 41, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, America
      33) Shawn D. Miller, 42, Managing Director of Citigroup, New York, America
      34) Melissa Millian, 54, senior vice president of MassMutual, America
      35) Thieu Leenen, 64, Relationship Manager ABN / AMRO, Eindhoven, Netherlands
      36) Geert Tack, 52, Private Banker ING Haaltert, Belgium

      About the author:

    • Jeff L

      Speaking of history……….. Jim Willie’s “voice” almost never comes to fruition as far as I’ve seen……. Lot’s of prognosticators around here (including me and Greg’s guests). Follow the ones that have been right.

      • Emeth

        Yes … but JW sings the song that his audience likes to hear. There is nothing sweeter to the ears than confirmation bias.
        We will wait till the end of February to see if this bit of secret insider info is fact. I think it will turn out like the Nibiru Planet X hoax.
        Time will bring to light all truth.
        Where is Harvey Organ by the way, and what of his recent prognostication… time to move on and blame the insiders, I suspect.

      • wd

        Jeff L,

        J W has had a lot of his predictions come true- his biggest one know is that EU will collapse when Germany leaves it. I am convinced this would have happened a while ago without intervention by the US. I have a lot of faith in Willie. Many of the most respected ones have left the US. Orlov, Willie, Rogers etc.

        Look at Hudes, Austin-Fitts and Armstrong and you have to wonder who got to them, especially Austin- Fitts

  9. allen ols


    ok, all that cme talk, repression and stuff, boggles me mind.
    I will just prep more, buy more metals, and stuff. I still think john williams and kirby are more right, on hyper inflation


  10. Farmer Dave

    I agree with little Senator Warren says or stands for, but she did shout long and loud about citicorp buying that phony budget deal that lets banks off the hook for derivative losses.
    Farmer Dave

    • Greg Hunter

      Farmer Dave,

      On this point I agree and she was not alone. About an even amount of both Dems and Reps (40) voted “No,” including Ted Cruz. Wow! Warren and Cruz voting the same way. I hear the “Twilight Zone” theme in the background.

  11. paul

    Greg …
    Wow!! … excellent interview with Mr. Chris Powell … shocked me right out of my “blue pill” R&R holiday season mode … all the fairy tales (Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny, the Great Economy, the Great Employment numbers, the Low Inflation rate) are nothing compared to the revelation that “All Futures Markets are Fixed by the global Cabal … how can anyone remain in a dream state?

    Speaking about additional evidence of an “Inflection Point” … figure this … the loony tune Cabal sanctions Russia by artificially doubling the US dollar’s value to hurt Russia by cutting the ruble in half … and cutting Russia’s oil and gas revenues in half … but Putin cleverly counteracts the Cabals dumb plan by simply using all the dollars he receives from the sale of his oil to buy physical gold (who’s price is also artificially cut in half by Cabal interventions “using naked shorts” to help them create a strong dollar).

    So the crazy interventionist Plan by the Cabal to use a strong dollar and a low oil price to sanction Russia … was easily nullified by Putin … and has boomeranged right back into the Cabal’s face … as Russia now sells even more oil into the market along with Saudi help [because the Saudi’s were stabbed in the back by the Cabal who have been stealing Saudi’s gold stored in Switzerland] to drive the oil price even lower … creating conditions that can now destroy not only the Cabal’s shale oil Industry but produce an oil derivatives implosion that could totally wipe out the Cabal’s banking empire.

    So the additional evidence of an inflection point is that the Cabal is now running for cover by eliminating the Dodd-Frank protections of the American taxpayer … putting us Americans on the hook for a derivatives implosion “of their own making.”

    And now I hear US Secretary of State John Kerry recently state that … “Russia has made some constructive moves in Ukraine ” … and “sanctions could be lifted in a matter of weeks or days” … very very interesting!

    Could Kerry’s remarks indicate the Cabal has decided to rapidly back down from their “ill conceived strong dollar policy” … that has totally boomeranged right back into their faces … threatening both their shale oil and banking industries?

    If so … the US dollar is probably now going to be allowed to weaken … which will spike gold, silver prices … and hence the necessity for trading collars of $100 dollars for gold and $3 dollars for silver “to control the rise” that will take place in precious metals.

    As for the Cabal … they better begin recruiting people with a little more intelligence to help them with their evil interventionist plans that have now completely destroyed all free markets and help them with their plans for nuclear war … the only  problem the Cabal faces is that truly intelligent people don’t subscribe to evil or genocide or the killing of innocents for fiat payoffs … as it is abhorrent to them… good people everywhere intuitively know nuclear war is highly irrational and immoral … only a Cabal dim wit (with an IQ under 100) could ever say “What Good Is A Nuclear Bomb If We Can’t Use It” !!!

    • paul

      Addendum: Three days ago … to deter false rumors being spread that Russia is selling gold … the Russian monetary authority made it quite clear that they were converting all the US dollars earned from selling oil into more gold … so Russia not only did not sell any gold … but in fact bought another 600,000 ounces in the month of November and are continuing to buy gold in December 2014.

      • paul

        Additionally realize how very close we are to an oil derivatives implosion … the besieged Russians along with the Saudi’s are teaming up to “get even” with the Cabal … fracking and oil shale production in the US will soon be consigned to the dustbin of history (which will at least be good for the environment as fracking is unbelievably polluting our drinking water supply) … as oil prices continue to plunge toward $20 dollars per barrel (because it takes a minimum of about six months to turn off oil production) … the oil derivative contracts made by the Big Banks will begin imploding like a mate of firecrackers … the banking Cabal will then simply “steal all the peoples money from their bank accounts” to cover the banksters derivative losses …

        We know all this …

        But consider this … what if the Big Oil Companies then say “We Too Are Too Big To Fail Also” … can you imagine how much more money will have to be stolen from the people to bail out Big Oil … the people just won’t have it … as they will already be broke from bailing out the Banks … the only thing left will be for the Fed to print more fiat for the Oil Cartel … but then the Big Retailers like Walmart will say they too are “too big to fail” as people with no savings just stop buying … then the “too big to fail” Insurance companies and “the too big to fail” Pharmaceutical companies and “the too big to fail” Chemical companies, etc, etc, etc. will demand a similar bailout … and lets not forget the Military and Defense Industries that will demand their fair share of the infinitely expanded fiat pie … now figure in your own mind … WHERE THIS WILL LEAD!


        Now ask yourself … what is the only thing that survives the destruction of governments? … you got it .. precious metals! … the same precious metals Russia, China, India, etc. are buying hand over fist right now.

        Wake up America from your “blue pill” dream state … reality is closing in fast upon you … the government has higher priorities on the their list of bailouts to save before it even dreams of helping you … it will be up to you as individuals to protect your own families from being eaten alive by the economic destruction the insane Cabal has created for us.

        There is not much time for many of you to act … like in the movie the Time Machine the warning sirens are sounding … you either wake up and snap out of it … or walk like Eloy sheep right into the Morlock caves of the underground Cabal … to be slaughtered and used as food for their insatiable power hungry greedy bodies!

        • Jeff L

          Paul ……Like your train of thought and where we are headed. Though oil is what runs the world it is gold that will rule the world. I can’t tell you the timing but feel gold will begin ascending first……. fwiw, I also believe the banks like GS are on the short side of these price drops (and profiting) but will also profit on the upside…….. It must be nice to know the timing ahead of time as I’m sure they are “in-the-loop”.

    • Macray

      [because the Saudi’s were stabbed in the back by the Cabal who have been stealing Saudi’s gold stored in Switzerland]
      JW’s Voice heard this. This does not make it fact.
      If this was actually true, wouldn’t Saudi Arabia retaliate in “some manner” against Switzerland?


    If you saw last month Obama in China selling out the last of America to China which has become the new America that’s where all the Factory Jobs went ,and if you look at China all those Ghost cities might have been made for after America is gone ,everyone that is not Chinese can go and live and work there for Food(a cup of rice per day) and shelter .Better learn Chinese quick and make your way towards Asia because all accounts are about to be drained with that knew deal Obama made with Citi Group if you make an estimate of how many people are currently employed in America and times that by 2,ooo dollars at least a person that comes out to $300Trillion ,and the kits that are being handed out ,people better get there own kits ,or get high tailing out with whatever you have on your back before Obama completes the Garrison at the borders.

  13. paul

    Greg …
    December 11, 2014 … the day the US House of Representatives passed a bill “repealing” the Dodd-Frank requirement that risky derivatives must be placed into subsidiaries of the big banks where they could do no harm to US taxpayers … Is A Day That Will Live in Infamy!!

    However our “elected” Representatives repealed this requirement … and put all US taxpayers bank deposits and pensions on the hook to bail out all the big banks massive derivatives losses. This bill was vigorously challenged by Senator Elizabeth Warren … hear her rage at the Cabal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJpTxONxvoo

    People … don’t let any of your Congressional Representatives tell you they were just following the edicts of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) … otherwise known as the CABAL.

    [The Financial Stability Board is “an un-elected body of Central Bankers and finance ministers” headquartered in the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.]

    Where does the FSB (an un-elected bunch of Central Bankers) get their sweeping global powers from? … the power to put millions of citizens bank accounts from all countries around the world on the hook to bail out the Cabal’s debts?

    Forcefully ask your Congressional Representatives just how the Cabal … an un-elected group of Banksters gets “the legal mandate” to enforce such sweeping control and power over millions of individuals bank accounts for their own benefit??

    Demand an answer as to how the Cabal … un-elected bankers headquartered in Switzerland can impose controls on individuals bank accounts in America without legislative formalities, skirting around the usual exacting requirements for treaties!! 

    Ask how the Cabal … a mostly foreign entity without legal authority can take American citizens bank accounts and subject them to bail-ins in order to make US citizens responsible for the Cabal’s bad debts!!

    Ask how entire nations can be held in feudalistic subservience to a Cabal of foreign masters??

    Ask how National Sovereignty can be abdicated to a Private Cabal of Banksters, with no say by the voters in that nation???

    All international agreements (binding on our nation and it’s citizens) made by our President at a G20 meeting … Must be done by Treaty (requiring a two-thirds vote of the Senate) … Demand this!!

    If people don’t make their voices heard before the next G20 meeting in 2015 … you all will have abdicated your lives and financial future to a Cabal of world banksters … and they will have succeeded in executing a Bloodless World-wide Coup … giving to them complete power to rule over all the peoples of the world.

    The US Military-Industrial Complex is not exempt from this Cabal’s powers (it’s not just ordinary people who will lose their freedom) … the Military and Corporations will also be under their control … President Obama “has already agreed” at a recent G20 meeting in London to give the Financial Stability Board (the Cabal) authority to intervene in US Corporations … for instance the Cabal can dictate executive compensation, approve or disapprove business management decisions, etc. … Meaning everything in America will be under the control of an International Cabal of Central Bankers (who will represent their interests) … and no one in America (including the Military-industrial Complex) will have a voice in determining their own fate!

    • Wahabie

      Paul you have to remember, the cabal bent over backwards, by letting our central bank printing presstitutes continue printing golds modern day replacement, the USD, by knocking down the Swiss voters gold referendome!

    • Desert Rose

      Since we have been hijacked since 1817, none of the legislation is Constitutional.
      The American people can say, we didn’t agree to these debts. The elected officials didn’t follow our will. This is NOT OUR DEBT. Time to act like Iceland.

      Freedom requires self responsibility, do Americans show that?

  14. Thomas1

    Everyone has to be their own bank–gold and silver deposits, preferably.

  15. Mark


    I finished listening to the interview and gave myself an hour or so to digest it. The emotion I walked away with was extreme sadness. Not only is the American dream dead, it is being taken away from those that worked ever so hard their whole life and achieved it.

    The thought of confiscation puts butterflies in my stomach as I know I will never let that happen. Chris and you are “right on” saying that Democracy is now dead. We have no media to tell us the truth other than the few like you on the internet and talk radio.

    I think when the day comes that this government will confiscate or heavily tax gold, that will have to be the day that they will attempt to ban and confiscate firearms. And, like Charlton Heston, the words spoken have to be “Out of my cold dead hands” I for one, know of too many people that gave up their firearms and let their gold be confiscated They were then marched into boxcars and were taken to the furnace after the last depression in Europe. There are some people that remember what the fascists did to their own people in WWII. I believe Putin is one that remembers the stories as his people suffered.

    To think of all the times in my youth that I stood up every day at school and pledged allegiance to the flag… It surely wasn’t for Jamie Dimon , Paulson, Rubin and the other greedy bankers. Amazingly, I have more confidence and respect for Putin than our own government. Somewhere, there is a reversal between Michelle Obama and myself. She said that she wasn’t proud of her country… while I was. Now she is and I’m not.

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am stunned my friend!! I’ll say it again, “This means CB’s are desperate to control prices and that allows the cloaking of massive money printing. This is leading to enormous distortions in EVERY Market. Frightening!!!!”


      • Wahabie

        Fear not Greg, as you said before, the father God is in control of things after all. By means of his son, he will soon be kicking butt and soon all things will return to normal, the likes of which the earth has not seen since man was kicked out, the garden. Peace on earth will be fulfilled for the freedom of the sons of men!

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen Wahabie!

    • spanky

      yes. Putin is the Moral Leader of the free world. I love my country , but it’s government is now controlled by a foreign power. it cannot change via the ballot box. unfortunately the PTB only understand one thing, and that is the loss of their lives . they believe they are secure. history says they are not!!!

  16. Jerry

    Brilliant interview Greg.
    I believe as some others do, that the gold market manipulation by the western banking cabal, is nothing more than a stall technique to postpone the creation and implementation of a new exchange system setup by the Chinese and the rest of the BRIC nations. Why? Read this article.
    Apparently five years ago an ultimatum was given to the World Bank by several members of the G20 to clean up the market manipulation and fraud that was being perpetuated by the Western Banks, or they would decouple themselves from the dollar and start their own exchange system beginning….. get this…” 01/01/2015.

    When you first exam this idea, it seems a bit ludicrous to consider, but then you have to ask yourself, why a full fledged financial attack was launched on the Russian Ruble a few weeks ago? The answer should be obvious. The western banking cabal is running out of gold to buy off the Chinese, and had no other choice but to try and scuttle the economic plan the BRIC nations were formulating by attacking the economic mainframe of one of their members. Unfortunately for them, their actions will provide the incentive for the BRIC nations to expedite their plan, and move forward with the destruction of the dollar along with its corrupt western instruments. When you see the massive amounts of gold that Russia, China, and India have been buying, you know this was the plan all along. When the gold can’t be delivered its game over. Its like playing rock, paper, scissors. Rock always beats paper.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry.

      I think we broke some news here tonight. Why don’t the MSM ask CME what is going on? It’s reported in their 10-K!!! Outrageous!

      • Jerry

        OPEC claims they didn’t do it. Finally someone is telling the truth….somewhat.

        • Jerry

          Another one bites the dust. Now its Germany’s turn.
          Funny how the west is the one paying the price, isn’t it?

          • Greg Hunter

            Oil derivatives and crashing ruble–Hybrid “Black Swan”??

            • allen ols

              Belarus In Full-Blown Hyperinflation Panic: Blocks News, Online Stores; Bans All FX Trading For 2 Years

              from ZeroHedge:

              “We have to do something with these Belarussian rubles,” exclaims one Belarussian as she shops to turn worthless rubles (BYR) into physical assets. As AFP reports, The Belarussian currency was dragged down by the slide of the Russian ruble last week, leading authorities to impose draconian measures, forbid price increases even for imported goods, and warn people against panic. Now, however, in an effort to stem the flood of hyperinflating domestic prices, authorities have blocked online stores and news websites to stop the run on banks and shops as people scramble to secure their savings. One of the blocked news websites noted, it “looks like the authorities want to turn light panic over the fall of the Belarussian ruble into a real one,” calling the blockages “December insanity.”

              Read More @ ZeroHedge.com

              • paul

                Al … Good Post …When the economic collapse comes to fruition here … we should expect a significant increase in fiat money generation that will totally collapse the value of the US dollar … to see what will it be like for Americans … we just have to look at what is taking place in Belarus right now with the collapsing ruble … the people are anxiously out on a shopping spree … hurriedly turning their depreciating Rubles into jewelry, furniture, cars, etc. … shortages are developing as they buy “physical things” to lock in the rubles value before it falls even further.

                When it’s our turn … and the US dollar falls … shortages will also develop as people buy physical and prices rise.

                The simple lesson learned … better to buy your physical metals now … before the currency collapse.

                • Jerry

                  Like Greg has said, its all on sale now.

              • Desert Rose

                RE Belarus, a Citi-Group alto-geek visited there recently….planning this hyperflation event. It’s a false flag attack on yet another economy. False flags, that’s what the cabal does to keep us distracted. Not working this time.

        • Jeff L

          Well, I’ve been saying over and over it’s market manipulation (oil drop). If you believe the CB’s have control over the futures (oil) market (as your guest just said) then logic would tell you that THEY had a hand in it.

      • Macray

        Do you think the financial MSM is intellectually capable of actually connecting this simplistic dot disclosed by Chris?

        • Greg Hunter

          I worked at the MSM at ABC and CNN. I have no doubt there are those there that can understand this.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Greg, they understand it very well. Earlier, Al Ols published a list of banker “suicides”. I think your MSM buddies don’t want to join that list. As Bush I famously said, “deep doodoo.” It reminds me of the game “time bomb”. No one wants to be holding the thing when the timer expires. “Fear not” is easier said than done, but we’re on the roller coaster now and the train has left the station. Best always. PM

            • Jeff L

              “suicides”. …….. I also believe this same pressure (threat) is rampant in all high places now.

          • Michael Haller

            Hey Greg,

            I have a conspiracy theory for you. Ted Turner starts a 24 hour news channel on a shoe string budget that eventually become very profitable and gains worldwide influence. He is convinced to trade his CNN stock for TIME/Warner stock. Then he is convinced that trading his TIME/Warner stock for a lot of over priced AOL stock, which dilutes his ownership in CNN. AOL stock crashes which crashes TIME/Warner shares and Ted Turner is booted out of control of CNN. Then CNN stops reporting news 24 hours a day and begins showing tripe and time filler for 24 hours a day, while Ted Turner twiddles his thumbs and dreams of what might have been…watching the grass grow in his rocking chair on his ranch in the middle of nowhere. It would be easy if you controlled ALL markets.

      • Jerry

        Greg, and USA watchdog readers. Merry Christmas to you all.
        This is my Christmas message to you. Listen very carefully to this song because there is some important information in it that you need to know. What’s going on globally isn’t just about money. The stakes are much higher.

        • Greg Hunter

          I heard Dylan say he made a deal with the devil for fame. I actually heard him say this in an interview. I guess he did because he can’t sing.

      • Jerry

        Just like I said. The western banking cabal walked into a trap with the Ruble takedown.
        Greg some of your posters need to wise up. Economic Repression does not work in a global economy. The Chinese are about to expose what it is. Fraud!!!

    • Silence is Golden

      Correct Sir.

      It is not very well known that China has planned these events since the episode of 1997-1998. China and Other Asian Tigers swore never to be as exposed to the USD hegemony and policy destruction that they encountered through that period and as a result ensured that would have a larger exposure to the USD to measure and control the forces of capital flows that inadvertently, through US monetary policy, destroyed their economies.
      China is sitting pretty now because it has the POWER to destroy the US FINANCIALLY.
      It can and is making the rules.

      Their Aggression is no accident. Planned.
      The buying of Gold at depressed prices is also no accident. Agreements in Place.
      The supply of Gold into this scheme by the IMF….is also no accident. Necessary.
      The creation of an alternative world trade settlement and monetary platform. Pre-requisite for continuation of world harmony.

      I believe that China will report its official Gold Holdings in 2015. It will shock the Globe. It will have achieved its desired level of tonnage to further advance its agenda.
      This will spark a wave of buying across all sovereign CB’s, Financial Institutions and citizens. This is where the true supply demand equation will have its day of reckoning.
      It has been in their best interests of course not to make their acquisition and their hoard of Gold common knowledge. An out of control price would send clear messages that the USD system is indeed in trouble whilst escalating their settlement pricing for acquired physical.

      This brings very dire consequences for firstly the countries that are pegged to the USD, then later, the citizens of the US. As we are clearly witnessing, there is a constant stream of Nations now entering the fray in terms of devaluation of their currencies…against the USD. This is destructive for the nations exposed and supports the logic/lunacy of a “Stronger” USD.

      The question on everyone’s lips should be …..What comes first …the New BRICS system or the alternative IMF solution of SDR’s (backed by Gold).
      It should not be overlooked that the IMF has no allegiance to the US simply because the US is a major stakeholder/supporter. The IMF has warned the US on a number of occasions about its folly with its printing press and lack of regulation & control. The IMF can pull the plug on the USD hegemony at a moments notice of which the US is fully aware.

      • Jerry

        Silence is Golden,
        I totally agree. I have been watching the Chinese for quite some time. Every move they make is calculated. Like playing chess, biding your time until your pieces are in place for a checkmate move. Its coming in 2015. They’ve had enough of western lies, and fraud from the western cartel, plus propping up the dollar is putting a drag on their economy.

    • Jerry

      Like I said, the Ruble was collapsed to delay the BRICS plan.
      But guess what? Its still on schedule. Like any venture it pays to have a large financial backer, and in this case its China. Hey folks the elites know. Why do you think Hilary Clinton helped fiancé the building of the Silk Road when she was Secretary of State? We’ve all been sold out to the NWO by these people.

  17. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview. This is a snapshot of an article I wrote 3 or 4 years ago:
    Uniform national application. This is the clause that disables all states’ rights. It must be uniform and it cannot vary from state to state. So what was passed? What could be so important that it would do away with states rights and other provisions of the Constitution. In the Act of March 9, 1933, it further states in Title 1, Section 1:

    “The actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders and proclamations heretofore or hereafter taken, promulgated, made, or issued by the President of the United States or the Secretary of the Treasury since March the 4th, 1933, pursuant to the authority conferred by subdivision (b) of Section 5 of the Act of October 6, 1917, as amended, are hereby approved and confirmed.”

    Did you get that? What ever the President and the Secretary of Treasury say, proclaim, write or order are automatically approved by Congress and have been automatically approved for the last 78 years without any congressional oversight.

    The whole article is here: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/american-dictatorship/

    If people would stop and read the law they would see that we are already in a dictatorship and it can be either the President OR Secretary of Treasury. I bet you missed that one huh?

    Good luck and God bless you and yours.

  18. Don

    Dear Mr. Hunter, recently it was reveal that Citi Group had leased a few thousand sq. ft. in the white house on the same floor of congress. This appeared very strange to me, until while searching for info. on the IMF I found a article and by clicking on the highlighted name of Christen Fararge I was enlightened even further. The article entitled is the IMF setting up a global federal reserve. The article explains that in 2010 at Korea the g20 agreed to allow the IMF to use its SDR for a new global central bank. I couldn’t copy it to send to you, but I’m sure to can find it with a search. The US has already agreed to fund in part this organization, to be able to liquefy the global markets. When they past the funding bill the other day they were suppose to supply funding for this and it wasn’t included because Mrs. Fararge threatened US congress. She claimed they would end run congress and that the US role may be affected. If this is the case, we are staring at a global government. All markets, Money, government policy, would be controlled by this independant organization, made up of global elite bankers. There will be know accountability to any one nor will they be elected. Much like the technicrats of Europe. This is a act of treason, by our own government, and a blatant unlawful act against our constitution. This would be a final step by a global banking cartel, which would lead to imposing global taxes paid through the UN for debt of the nations. Global debt slavery, with the approval of our leaders. The people need to wake up, and that’s why I’m giving you this info., and I’m wondering if Citi Group will be the government arm for the IMF, since there headquarters will be in the white house. You always do a good job. farewell

    • Silence is Golden

      Jim Rickards believes the IMF has the motive of One Currency….One Government.
      The US is dispensable according to his account.
      However he puts a timeframe of some 10 years for it to be a workable solution.
      This whole thing will SNAP long before that.

    • JMiller

      I think you meant that Citi Group had leased a few thousand sq. ft. in the U. S. Capital Building and not in the White House.

  19. SReiser


    This was an excellent interview with Chris Powell. He is a solid, straightforward and “straight-up” professional. The only question is really the degree to which Central Banks are buying futures on the CME, and to whether the effort is coordinated.

    I took a look at several ZeroHedge articles discussing the CME program: a) the program is for Foreign Banks (not for the US Federal Reserve), b) The incentive program technically expires at the end of 2015. What we cannot tell from a fact based standpoint is whether the US Federal Reserve is actually buying S&P or other futures. Conversely, a central bank also has the opportunity to “sell” futures if they want and drive the price down (e.g., people who do not like the USA could do that) in terms of financial war games (as James Rickards likes to discuss). Technically, the market is two-way.

    Therefore, all it seems that we can say with certainty is: a) The US regulators are again being lax — in even allowing central banks to trade futures in the US marketplace (as it can lead to manipulation), b) The Federal Reserve could ultimately manipulate the CME futures market, but there is no direct evidence that they are doing it. If they were doing it historically, we never would have had the 2000-2001 crash or the 2008-2009 crash (but we did).

    If there is more direct causal evidence, let us know. I tried looking on the GATA site as well this evening. Overall, a very interesting interview. Thanks…

    • JMiller

      “This was an excellent interview with Chris Powell. He is a solid, straightforward and “straight-up” professional.”

      Completely agree. It was good to here someone talk about these things without ranting and raving and being out of control as some people do.

  20. Sayonara

    Great interview and no surprise that CBs are manipulating the commodity markets. Why? Because they have to. The interesting thing is that in economic normality, the creation of so much faux currency would flood the system and create hyperinflation. The magnitude of protection of the faux currency using CB commodity trading is probably a first in economic history. Obviously, the creation of all this money is only flowing to the Bankster elites with the intention to letting just enough to trickle down to the Plebeians to keep them comfortably numb. WWIII is already under way economically, the question is who will win the global chess game and when does it go militarily. Sayonara is imminent!

  21. SReiser


    I took one further look at this excellent interview with Chris Powell. Regarding the idea that the Fed or others are propping up the futures markets — here is the potential rub. The US stock market today is around 20 trillion. A 10% drop would be worth about 2 trillion. Let’s say the Federal Reserve really wanted to prop up the market at that moment — then you would think that they would need to quickly purchase a lot of futures (let’s say 5%-10% of the drop or 100-200 billion dollars). Given the Federal Reserve does have an accounting system when they increase their liabilities by 100-200 billion (current size of the Feds balance sheet being 4.5 trillion or a 2% increase) — it has to show up somewhere as securities purchased or some other relevant line item.

    Could they buy on margin through a series of banks and lower the amount — yes. Could they increase Bank reserves quickly by a few billion dollars each very quickly — yes.

    However, they still have to “account” for the trades somewhere and so would the banks. Otherwise, the Fed itself would be utterly discredited very quickly (ultimately a “whistle blower” does emerge like in the Watergate days or though individuals like Paul Craig Roberts). Our hypothesis is that there are honest people at the Federal Reserve and even in Bank operations departments and someone would ultimately “leak.”

    Key points are that a) yes, letting the CME offer these programs to central banks is really lax regulation and that is poor, b) overt manipulation of the US stock market by the Federal Reserve (if true) would be very hard to conceal. If there is more evidence, certainly, let us know. Not saying that I have perfect knowledge either — but if the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks are moving quickly to prop up markets we should be able to frame a plausible scenario and how to account for it.

    The above appears to be what one could reasonably conclude at this point. Again, great interview and keep up the fine work.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Fed cannot be audited and so it can do what it wants. You think there are some sort of rules being applied here–there are not.

      • Jeff L

        Besides, the market is being bought by OTHER CB’s. Funds provided by our printing press but bought over seas thru other entities ( like Belgium buying our debt)………. That’s not to say we don’t also have our big banks doing the deed for us also. They’re all in it together.

      • SReiser


        Yes. Actually, I do not think that everything is completely corrupt (i.e., without rules) and that our central bank is continually buying S&P futures. For reference, I have worked for several central banks and have over 30 years of experience in Financial Services globally. Many central banks do buy securities as the CME notes — but it is transparent and they do record them on their balance sheets, and also mention this on their websites. My point here is that Yes the Federal Reserve is not audited, but even they like a nefarious organization (if we assume that they are nefarious), has to maintain books and records. If they were buying futures — someone in the network at the Federal Reserve or the Banks would ultimately “leak”.

        What I would suggest is that if I or someone write back with some additional viewpoints (based upon relevant experience) that you do not write back with comments like “YOU THINK that there are rules – there are not.” Firstly, I have worked for many of these organizations and am not leaning one way or the other, simply sharing a reasoned perspective. Secondarily, clearly it is your broadcast and a very helpful one overall — but my notes are nicely written and alternative views should be tolerated (not different by the way, just alternative). Thanks…

        • Greg Hunter

          You said, “Yes the Federal Reserve is not audited, but even they like a nefarious organization . . .” Key phrase “the Federal Reserve is not audited” and until they are they are NOT transparent and you do not know what the Fed is really doing. As I said before, there are no rules. It really is that simple.

          • SReiser

            Greg, Yes — that is right. Since the Fed is not transparent — neither you, I, nor anyone can conclude that they are buying in the futures markets. What we can conclude — is that other Central Banks are per the CME 10-K report. Everything else is “conjecture” and opinion. Thanks for sharing your views and good program.

            • Jeff L

              SReiser First off THEY ADMIT they are buying the market. They have been caught manipulating LIBOR. They admit manipulating gold…….. In the last congressional investigation many of their actions have come to light. Like the $17 Trillion syphoned to the Euro banks……… Daily actions are not reported but can be deduced as only so many entities have the SIZE and ability for thus actions…….. Who has the where withal to dump 1000’s of gold contracts (for a loss) on the market ? We’re talking amounts equal to the worlds yearly production……. How does Belgium buy $400 Billion of our debt ( 4X their GDP) ? Think about it. Who would supply the money to enable that purchase ? Specifically, who would have the MOTIVE ? Again, we don’t need a leak. THEY TOLD US it is in their interest to support the market. When QE isn’t working, when zero interest has no effect they turned to flat out buying the market. The imagine of a sound economy (perceived thru the market) is all they have…….. Pretty pathetic, I’d say. Actually a complete disaster they created.

      • susan

        Greg, more people need to realize this about the fed. Why does all the idiots give the fed a free pass?

        • Greg Hunter

          It is also about the Exchanged Stabilization Fund (ESF) and it is a struggle over who rules the earth. Thank you for your comment and Merry Christmas.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      You said However, they still have to “account” for the trades somewhere and so would the banks. Otherwise, the Fed itself would be utterly discredited very quickly (ultimately a “whistle blower” does emerge like in the Watergate days or though individuals like Paul Craig Roberts). Our hypothesis is that there are honest people at the Federal Reserve and even in Bank operations departments and someone would ultimately “leak.

      – to me this statement just beggars belief.
      Yes there will be the odd honest person at the Fed.
      Yes, and these will be the same people that are so thick they don’t know, or are in complete denial, of the fact that the Fed is owned lock, stock and barrel by a private banking cabal. Of course if you are feeble minded, inherently weak, and a compulsive liar you would be ideally suited to a job high up in the Fed. If you tick all of these boxes the pay is by all accounts pretty good. Make haste and apply now! If you don’t already work for part owners such as Goldman Sachs or the like you could then go on to a flourishing career with them and retire as a billionaire. Better still you could run for President – that position judging by the last two encumberants requires remarkably similar qualifications.

      Furthermore there is NO oversight on the Feds behavior except by themselves and their owners!
      The fox looks after the hen house.
      Incidently the last ‘Audit” by the Fed was “done” in 1953.
      This date is easy for me to remember as it was the year before I was born!

      However there is such a person as the ‘Federal Reserve Inspector General’ who supposedly keeps an eye on things. In 2009 it was Elizabeth Coleman and I include a link of her testimony before congress in 2009.
      Man is she onto it – not!


      • Jeff L

        The FED, honesty, “accountable” ? ……….. Let me remind all here…… Remember the hand wringing over TARP. What was it, $800 Bil ? That was supposedly a big deal……… Well they secretly funneled $17 TRILLION to Euroland afterwards. That’s only what we’re told. So how much do you quess is flying around to various CB’s to cover our *ss these days ? My point ? We’re worried about some trades not being reported ? I have no doubt when these guys get together they laugh at us, knowing how they daily screw the public.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Jeff L
          Their time will come.
          They will not be laughing – they will be whimpering!

  22. Web Development Guy Perth

    I got into the gold market 2 years ago. I listened to everyone and looked at the fundamentals and thought, this has to go up.
    What I have learned is that every single thing is manipulated. Options,mining shares, gold and silver prices. It is no co-incidence that as soon as the Sydney market closes it normally goes wildly one way or the other. You can normally see a parallel with mining shares being heavily sold or heavily bought for no apparent reason just on the bell in the 10 minute washup period and the market moves so that when it opens the next day It conveniently favours the heavy selling or buying.
    An Inconvenient Theft !!
    You buy options when the market is trending up and as soon as they have enough, the market gets crushed down and the options are never a chance of materialising.
    To stop me from stressing about it I wrote a song to keep me happy!!!
    Fun beat and gets you dancing!
    Stacking and keeping calm!

  23. allen ols


    “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.” ~ John F Kennedy (murdered by the banker cabal)

    “When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws do not protect you against them, but protect them against you; when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice; you may know that your society is doomed.” ~ Ayn Rand (perfect description of the current US Elite power structure)

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Your Quote from JFK . This is a brilliant description written by a great man more than 50 years ago. What a monumental shame there are not more people this level of vision and intellect in key positions today in the US.
      Your quote from Ayn Rand – So apt and from another great intellect.
      I love your posting Allen.
      A very merry Xmas to you Allen my friend.

      • allen ols

        thankyou colin, merry christmas to you, and also jerry, pfi, sig, jcd, orion, jeffl,and so many of WD posters, and commenters i learn so much from u guys. al ols

        • Silence is Golden

          Peace be with you at this time of year Allen.
          Always enjoy your posts.

  24. allen ols


    “I am hearing independently that Obama & Biden are going to face extreme pressure to both resign in January, possibly to be replaced by a Pentagon Junta with the 1871 Constitution put in force. Obama is reportedly depressed, isolated, unstable, and drunk most evenings on alcohol, delivering angry outbursts to close advisors. This is game over. General Carter Ham is the lead player. He has organized all the deposed Generals who have been purged by Clinton, Bush II, and Obama for refusing to follow the highly destructive cabal agenda. It is past the time to clean the office and to take out the White House trash. Extreme pressure will come to bear on the White House early next year.” ~ the Jackass

    • allen ols


      ― Zbigniew Brzeziński

      “Another threat, less overt but no less basic, confronts liberal democracy. More directly linked to the impact of technology, it involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific knowhow. Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Under such circumstances, the scientific and technological momentum of the country would not be reversed but would actually feed on the situation it exploits.
      … Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the steppingstones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society.”

    • Macray

      Dr. Willie hearing “independently” Obama & Biden are going to face extreme pressure to both resign in January?????
      Another Voice whispering in Dr. Willie’s ear, possibly???
      Please, there will be no Obama & Biden resignations in January. Sorry, this is pure Dr. Willie propaganda to sell subscriptions to his newsletters.
      Yes, Obama is a little stressed out because of North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, but he has publicly vowed not let that ruin his family’s Hawaiin vacation thru 1-4-2015.

    • Jeff L

      Again, another Jackass prediction to soon bite the dust………. If we know anything it is Nobama will never step down……. He has all his “chosen” generals still there.

  25. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    I’ve been reading G. Edward Griffin’s ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island”. Everyone who hasn’t read it should, as it is greatly increasing the depth of my understanding of the Fed and how truly evil the institution is. The web of lies, deceit, and misinformation that they spin seemingly has no bottom to it. And it will not end well… I’ve only read this evening’s synopsis but will listen now.

    Sir Greg – Is there any chance of getting G. Edward Griffin on the site for an interview?

    • Greg Hunter

      Give me a contact. Help me out. Thank you.

      • Thomas1

        [email protected].

        That would be the email address to inquire.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Thomas.

          • Mason

            That would be nothing short of absolutely awesome!

            If you do manage to get him on USAWatchdog, please please please Greg, don’t forget to ask him about the New World Order.

            He is not only an expert when it comes to the Fed, but he is also an expert on the NWO. In fact, the reason he founded Freedom Force International is to fight the NWO. He has been living and breathing this stuff for decades.

            In my humble opinion, two things to check out in preparation before the interview would be:

            [An excellent lecture by G. Edward Griffin entitled “The Quigley Formula: A conspiratorial view of history as taught by the conspirators themselves”.
            “Quigley” is the late Carroll Quigley, a Council on Foreign Relations member and historian, as well as mentor to CFR & Trilateral Commission member Bill Clinton.]


            [Take a some time to read through the issues that Griffin presents. They are presented in Part 1 through Part 5. You can click on them through that link.]

            The two G’s in one interview: that would be absolutely great! I wouldn’t want to miss that one for the world.

      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        [email protected]

        Hello Greg. This is G. Edward Griffin’s email; good luck and Merry Christmas. Thaddeus

        • Greg Hunter

          I have sent him an email for an interview.

          • Silence is Golden

            Give us a heads up when/if you have GEG on please Greg.

            • Greg Hunter

              I have sent him an invitation to come on, but it is Christmas. I won’t give up. He’ll be a good guest.

    • Silence is Golden

      That Book is in my collection. Good choice.
      It gave me indigestion several years back.
      I still have stomach ulcers resulting from the consternation over not only the manner in which the Beast was created, but also the immense weight brought to bear on not just a nation, but the globe.

    • Rick Perkins


      If you haven’t seen it, check out Mr. Griffin’s 1985 interview (when his hair was still brown) with a high level KGB agent who defected to he West and tells of the communist method for transforming a country to that cause. What the interview reveals accurately describes the history of America over the past 50 years.


      • Greg Hunter

        Great stuff everybody should view.

    • OzFan

      Then by your logic, the wealthy elite families (ie: rothchilds, rockefellers) are also evil.

      You can’t call out the institution (ie fed) without calling out the people who created it.

  26. Dale Holmgren

    I’ve been a GATA member for about 12 years now. Chris Powell has been a relentless gumshoe to ferret out information regarding the existence of manipulation and I praise him for it. I think the point that needs to be emphasized is that gold is like any other market in that “the cure for low prices is low prices”. If they manipulated, say, the price of steak down to 50 cents a pound, eventually there would be a reaction in the market regardless of the manipulation; people would observe that steak is so much cheaper than chicken, they would always go for the steak – until supplies run out. We all need to be our own central bank; I am. I believe gold is severely undervalued, so I buy it. I am fine with Home Depot, for example, at 23X earnings; eventually the market will punish that stock for having such a high PE, especially considering it had to get there with high leverage. This will all be sorted out in due time – with much much higher gold prices. I have given up trying to convince others to buy – they smile and do their own thing. I have no responsibility towards people who build their homes at the bottom of a volcano.

  27. Klemens

    Harvey Organ
    He makes good calculations. The question is, if the offizial numbers he get`s for his calculation are real?

  28. Silence is Golden

    This is becoming more and more like a Harry Houdini show….you keep pulling them out of nowhere. I watched and listened with astonishment …mouth agape.
    So many related issues very well covered here. I want to express some thoughts:
    – Collar Trading – notice the $100: $3 limits for Gold:Silver = Ratio of 33:1….indicative of what may soon become a repricing expectation ?

    – Why now ? – Anticipation of something that will occur in the not too distant future : Consider what I said above…China making a Public Announcement to the World about its Gold Holdings. BOOM….price is set to skyrocket.
    FDR once quipped ” In Politics nothing happens by accident, if it happens you can bet it was planned that way”.

    – Interesting dialogue on the “Confiscation” issue – seemed to revolve around the theme of Gold not being part of the monetary system (at least in the US today). I don’t know if it has merit but there is some chatter about the Gold that has been leased by the FED/Treasury which cannot be on sold with good title, if it is only on Lease. Implying that the Bullion Banks do not have title to the Gold that is used in settlement of the shorting game that they have participated in. This might have something to do with the re-casting of gold bars from 400oz to 1KG Bars by China….where all traces/signature/identity of the Original Gold have been removed. BUT can the FED reclaim its re-hypothecated Gold from the ultimate purchasers of the Gold from the Bullion Bank futures transactions. Is this the NEW Confiscation ?

    • Silence is Golden

      Final point with regard the mandate of GATA – Exposing the CB’s aim of controlling all markets. Chris is correct this ends up being Totalitarianism.

      Propping up markets:
      -Does not generate employment
      -Implies that all business will eventually be owned and run by the Government = Communism
      -Does not remove the fear / anxiety for consumers
      -Gives businesses false readings of economic metrics
      -Poor (misinformed) and incorrect (false assumptions) decisions are being made
      -Money will not circulate
      -Economies will stagnate
      -No growth will eventuate
      -Governments and CB’s will face stalemate
      -Monetary system must terminate.

      That was unintentional…. but it works. 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words and additional analysis. By the way here’s some light reading for you. It’s CME Group’s 10-K : http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1156375/000115637514000012/cme-2013123110k.htm

      Merry Christmas!!

  29. Jose

    Electron and Toilet paper… Great description of the American Economy.

  30. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    I couldn’t stop thinking about this interview this afternoon as once again there is a lot of very fascinating content to absorb.
    At around the 16.00 mark though I am at odds with Chris’s take on the accumulation of a large Chinese foreign exchange reserve being a dumb move.
    My take:
    The Chinese are way ahead on a number of counts;
    #1 A large foreign exchange reserve is always a healthier scenario than huge deficit spending.
    #2 If this foreign exchange reserve is managed with stealth and not spent too much at a time or too quickly then all is well anyway. This gives plenty of time to gradually buy up hard assets especially PMs without alerting the market too much. In fact as Chris points out with all the manipulation they are being helped into these assets at bargain prices.
    #3 Why pull the pin on a trading partner [US] too early if you can prolong trade to your own advantage and bleed them of hard assets for as long as possible.
    #4 When they have finally accumulated all these assets they will have hedged themselves perfectly and the upside will be massive in comparison to what they have lost in finally crashing the US $.
    Too me the Chinese have the joker, both bowers and most of the other heart trump cards as well. They have had plenty of time now to work out what is in the US hand and are just getting ready to call 10 hearts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Col!

    • Charles H.


      The Dollar Reserves of China can be negotiated for hard assets through the government, for US interests and properties. They don’t even have to spill the beans. I think natural resources will be the first claimed. One of the Great Lakes?

    • Paul from Indiana

      The Chinese may have the deed, but they have to come take possession. That’s when they learn that no plan is perfect. They think because their government speaks for their people that the same holds true here. Best always. PM

      • J C Davis

        PM with the grid down all they have to do is wait. Then walk in like they were invited guest.

      • Charles H.


        Here’s an oldie but goodie…


        • Charles H.

          Just to clarify, Paul… I am NOT for laying my guns down – not in this life, anyway.

  31. david

    First off thank you for having the courage to expose the criminality
    of the system as it exists. I would like to also introduce you to Michael
    Noonan who has known about and written about the manipulation
    of the system for years now. I think he would be a wonderful interview.
    I have attached his latest piece for you and the rest of the viewers of
    your great web site. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and may
    God bless all of us.


  32. Spanky

    Chris Powell’s discussion of central bank intervention into the futures market struck a nerve with me. The phrase “free markets” should be synonymous with “a free people.” The interference and manipulation of the markets by any government-supported organization or agency has the disgusting stench of totalitarianism about it. If we let these thieves take an inch in the name of public safety and fairness, you can be assured they’ll eventually steal a mile. It’s one thing to regulate a market in an attempt to insure equality, but it’s something altogether different to intentionally impact prices and market direction.

  33. allen ols


    China and Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on railway cooperation in Bangkok to boost connectivity in the Asian economy.
    Following a bilateral meeting, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha witnessed the signing ceremony at the Thai Government House on Friday.

    The project is estimated to cost some $10.6 billion.

    The agreement stipulates that China will invest in two dual-track rail lines in Thailand that will span 867 km (542 miles) and connect northeast Thailand’s Nong Khai province, Bangkok and eastern Rayong province.

    The Chinese Premier has indicated there could be expansion plans for the project at a later stage to aid neighbouring countries.

    “The new railway will also benefit neighboring countries if extended to other places of the region,” Li said.

    “This is the expansion, extension and further confirmation of the previous agreement that the Chinese and Thai governments reached last year,” said the Chinese Premier.

    The two countries also signed another MoU on cooperation in trade of agricultural products.
    China will now double its purchase of Thai farm products on the basis of the volume the two sides agreed upon last year, said the Chinese Premier, which translates to about 2 million metric tons of rice and some 200,000 tons of rubber.


  34. DiscoProJoe

    Really good interview, with a couple of points of minor disagreement:

    1. When (not if) China eventually dumps their U.S. dollar and U.S. bond holdings, the value of the Renminbi will skyrocket *so much* in response, that this will *offset* the losses in their U.S. assets by ***many orders of magnitude***. The Chinese will be *much richer* by dumping the dollar, not poorer. In fact, it’s *the Americans* who will be wiped out when the dollar is dumped internationally, not the Chinese.

    Peter Schiff is spot-on about this.

    2. The Chinese are not “stupid” by accumulating U.S. dollars and bonds in the short term. (Please, Chris Powell, don’t be talkin’ like an Arrogant American by sounding like that jerk Joe Biden bashing the Chinese.) The cleverly strategic Chinese know that by temporarily accumulating U.S. paper assets, they can threaten to dump them if U.S. officials don’t comply with their wishes. So not only can the smart Chinese boss America around for awhile, they also can use this fun little dollar instrument to accumulate most Western-world gold reserves as well. China certainly *will be* dumping the dollar when they’re ready, so stay tuned.

    In the meantime,…

    对中国,明天会更好。中国加油,祝你快乐每一天! 🙂
    Tomorrow will be better for China. Go China! May you be happy every day! 🙂

    • brian

      Unfortunately for China, any rosy outlook for them must be tempered by the simple fact that they are confined and deeply constrained by several internal realities. One of which is that although China has a long and rich history, it is the inertia of that history as reflected in the collective (pun intended) thinking of its people that will prevent China from ever becoming more than a second tier power in the world, should it find itself on a first world footing it will only be because the world in general has been degraded. As arrogant or distasteful such a comment might sound I cannot find another way to state it more elegantly other than to simply elaborate…

      China’s rulers historically, as they do today, must deal with feeding and satiating China’s huge population, as most of China’s worst set backs historically stemmed from the obligations its ruling class undertook and then ultimately failed to fulfill in regard to meeting its peoples needs. Today China’s ruling class has beset itself with the consequences of its economic growth model, the foundation of which is the cultivation within its people unrealistic expectations that serve to motivate its population to do what it has done, and that is to take in with deflated labor costs, lack of environmental stewardship and non existent capital and property protections and rights, all of the worlds production capital and become the worlds factory…..and now we obviously see that the fruits of such an endeavor as planned and run by the central authority, are not measuring up to what was promised to all those hard working people, the result of which has ironically transformed the same China that invented gun powder into a powder keg yet again in its long history as the government tries to balance the unfulfilled expectations seeded within its people with an ever dimming outlook in regard to global economic activity needed to sustain all the people who have sold themselves into China’s state run factory economy.

      China’s economy is strictly run by the state, there are none of the proven elements needed in order to sustain stable and lasting periods of prosperity, although a nation of truly hard working and gifted people, those same people live under conditions and in a society that will prove to be a stumbling block and source of continued and drastic unrest and tumult as well as opening China to be exploited by outside forces. Let us remember that even as China provided the world with the very first comprehensive maps of the planet and all of its land masses, it is also the very same China that literally burned the fleet that undertook such an accomplishment and turned its back on the world for over a century afterwards…one must look at why this happened and how it is many of those same causes still stand in China today.

      I think when the world currency identity crises finally hits, and it will, there will not be any winners other than those who position themselves to profit from and cultivate the worst in mankind…its not a pretty picture.

  35. Randy0302

    Great! Just 1 comment. Several times he referred to our gov as a “democracy” we need to ban the “D” word.

  36. Klemens

    german Green Party : “It would be a great sign of peace among the religions , when in the church an Islamic song sung and would in the mosque a Christmas song .”
    We live in a crazy world!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Klemens, das was Sie auf englisch geschrieben haben ist nicht genau und ziemlich verwirrend. So machen wir einen zweiten Versuch. Manchmal braucht man einen Dolmetscher. Mit freundlichen Gruessen, PM

      What Klemens is trying to say is that the Greens Party in Germany, a far-left organization, is demanding [fordern] (according to the link he furnished) that an Islamic song be performed at a Christmas-Eve service. I have not read the article; I am only clarifying what the link says so that any interested might investigate. If enough are interested, I will furnish a translation (or summation) of the article in the link. Best always. PM

  37. David

    You are doing a great job. But there is no need for an interview to include God’s name in vain. I mentioned this concerning the Jim Willie interview some time ago, and now when you interview him, I don’t listen to it–It will be the same with Chris Powell. Please, good journalism does not have to include dishonoring God. Thanks Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry about that and you are totally correct. I have no way of bleeping that.


        David and Greg,
        I understand your feeling’s in thinking Chris Powell used Gods name in vain. But think about it. God is a title, not a name, just as president is a title, not a name. In fact the Bible itself say’s Satan is the god of this world, {present tense of course}.

        New Living Translation
        Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

        For our KJV only believer’s;

        King James Bible
        In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

        Does the almighty God the father have a name and what could it be?

        ———————◄ Psalm 83:18 ►____________________

        King James Bible
        That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth.

        Holman Christian Standard Bible
        May they know that You alone– whose name is Yahweh– are the Most High over all the earth.

        New International Version
        (Let them know that you, whose name is the LORD– that you alone are the Most High over all the earth.) I threw this last one in because many think LORD or God is a name, but even the land lord has a name. But Gods name is very controversial, as viewers to Greg’s site can attest and even since the days of ancient Israel. . . as Monty Python mocked in…

        Jehovah skit, Monty Python and the Life of Brian;

        Interestingly, the Jews took the notion of protection against blasphemy so far, that they would not pronounce their God’s name Tetragrammaton (YHWH). Instead, during readings, they would substitute the proper name of God for Adonai, which translates to “my Lord”. When the Masoretes attempted to add the vowels between the 7th and 11th Centuries AD, they did not know the correct vowels to use, because the tradition of Adonai was so long entrenched. As a result, they adopted the vowels of Adonai and added them to the Y-H-W-H to get Yah voh (Yahweh), or as the English wanted to pronounce it: Jeh-hov-ah.


        To be clear: יהוה (Yahweh) = LORD – specific name, אֲדֹנָי (Adonai) = Lord – title, κύριος = Lord – title.

        • Charles H.


          There is a simple adage: “When in doubt: don’t.” From a HUMAN perspective: anything and everything can be embroiled in controversy: but drawing the Sacred into question is imprudent.
          Two strains of Knowledge exist concurrently: the Sacred; and the Secular, or Profane. The Sacred, pertaining to God, is absolute, True, righteous, holy, eternal; the Secular pertains to Man and is relative, untrue, unholy, and temporary. The former is superior to the latter; and the inferior cannot define the superior. One cannot compare Secular to Sacred without trespassing into the Apples to Oranges comparison. Similarities aside – comparing spiritual with spiritual, and earthly with earthly is the rule inviolate.
          In the book of Revelation, Chapter 4, verse 8 – the Four Beasts near the throne in Heaven “rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holt, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.” This scene is one of worship, and it is replete with triune parallels – three three’s to be exact. Drawing these together, you get : ‘Holy – Lord; holy – God; and holy Almighty – which perfectly describe the triune Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. “God”, then used in worship; and evidenced as Title AND corresponding to a Person: substantiates that such same word should NOT be used in vain. The LORD thy God is one God – there can be no confusion: the term “God” serves to describe the whole of the triune Godhead: it IS therefore Sacred. It is not a matter of US, humans splitting hairs: what matters is if God Himself takes issue whether name or title.
          Anticipating arguments to my statements, I can only say this. If you are not IN Christ, and part of God’s adopted spiritual family by Salvation and indwelt by God the Holy Spirit: you won’t understand this. You simply can’t see, that you can’t see it.
          Folks – it is better to be safe, than sorry.

          • Greg Hunter

            Charles H.
            I debated with myself over posting the MATILDA WALTZING comment. After reading your answer, I am glad I did. You reply was a deep, instructional and spiritual which was to my benefit and added to my ongoing education. Thank you for adding clarity here.

            • Charles H.


              In truth, Greg – I know little. The order and development of the Name of God in itself, through Scripture, is a progressive revelation (building in meaning, and helping us understand His qualities) – as is the whole of the volume. It is inexhaustible – the Holy Bible – no man has ever mastered it, nor will. It continually reveals deeper secrets without yielding to human scrutiny. God Himself, in the Person of the Holy Spirit is THE sole, unique franchise to understanding His Word, through the method of inspiration. This secures to the Godhead – all glory, duly reserved to Himself in revealing Truth. And it also places the overarching condition that we come unto Him only in His way: by Grace, through Faith in Jesus Christ, through adopting (trusting) His Word, the Holy Bible, as Truth. He sees the heart; and receives us to Salvation (and spiritual adoption, where the Holy Spirit indwells the believer) when His conditions are met. (God sees the Faith (or not); approves it (or doesn’t); and seals it by Himself (or waits).) This makes it the same, equal, and fair to all mankind (a perfect singularity): the only problem that enters is that because of pride or rebellion – people want it their way and not God’s way: which is a forfeiture.
              And though I am a born-again believer: I am self-limiting – like everyone else – by devotion in His Word, and relationship to His Person. My wife, I suspect, is more spiritual than I am – and I’m a preacher. (And she is not; but simply my wife.) So even laymen can come to a greater understanding of the Truth. The ground is level, both for Biblical salvation and sanctification: only the human heart and will sovereignly advances or declines God’s purpose to restore us to Himself, and then conform us to His image. THE principle issue in life IS Salvation.
              This is why Jesus Christ came into His creation: God incarnate, Immanuel, God with us – which we celebrate at this time in the year.
              Thank you for your kind reply.
              Charles H.

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you for the enlightenment on Christmas Eve!! Jesus really is the ONLY reason for the season!

  38. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    This interview caused me a great deal of anxiety. The whole system is corrupt. It seems that everything is coming apart. We are moving into a police state. My wife believes that everything will go on like it always has. If this were to collapse soon, I have not prepared well enough yet for my family.

    When the collapse comes, will only the strong survive? Will there eventually be a better world after everything clears and settles? Will instead there be a new Dark Ages?

    I plan to become more active in volunteering my time and effort (and whatever money I can spare) in assisting those who are peaceably pushing back against those who are trying to oppress us.

    Thanks Greg for your efforts.

    Can anyone offer some hopeful signs for the coming New Year?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, “Fear Not” because he is in charge not the folks who think they are incharge.

      • John Doe

        It seem’s the man upstairs is giving TPTB enough rope to hang themselves. The bad PTB of course!

  39. rrrr

    China will end up owning most of the gold, and the West will end up owning most of the little computerized electromagnetic fields which we refer to as ‘bits’.

  40. mohammad


    In Kuwait that US is getting ready for …. Can we say … another invasion to Iraq?
    I thought they were pulling out…!!!!


    • Greg Hunter

      I brought this up in last weeks WNW. Thank you for spot-on confirmation.

      • mohammad

        Please allow me Greg to go a step further and say this will be the invasion of SYRIA that Bush son did not do because Sharon the PM of Israel stopped him from doing that, what happened to Areal Sharon after that is history… 😉
        It is no coincidence that bebe is been sitting as PM of Israel Sooooo loooong….!!!

  41. DanDaley

    Poor Chris, that oversized sweater makes him look as if he’s in a straight-jacket…perhaps that is a metaphor for how he feels about PMs. Very interesting interview, though. Very informative. Thanks much.

  42. NC Gal

    An absolutely stunning interview, especially because of Powell’s lack of emotional charge as he talked about topics that are so threatening to the world as we have known it, especially here in the USA. Thanks to both of you!

    The part that galvanized my attention more than any other was when Powell said that the government can seize anything it wants under the emergency powers that any President can invoke for any reason he/she declares as a national emergency. I have mentioned this in the past, but it bears repeating. The bottom line is that existing laws ALREADY allow a President to take away our rights to anything we posses. Those laws allow us to be told where we can live, what we can eat, where we must work, and on and on. The laws that are NOT being upheld and the prosecutions that are NOT being done do nothing to take away the authority of these emergency powers acts when they are finally invoked.

    As I listened, I had the impression of the elites using all of their resources to keep the lid on everything in order to buy time. At the same time, as knowledge amd awareness spreads, there is upward pressure boiling up underneath that lid, and it seems to me that we are heading toward a crisis point between those two opposing forces. I have said before and I will say again that the elites do not have everything in place that they need for total global control and that is why they engage with these delaying tactics. That being said, I do feel that the pressure is rising in the pot and at some point the lid will blow off , creating one unholy, bloody mess and chaos everywhere.

    It is at that point that all of the preparations for instituting even more controls will come into play and as one source I read said, “Helmets and guns will be seen on every street corner, throughout the globe.” It’s going to get ugly, and what was talked about in this interview is part of the foreplay leading up to that.

    All the best to all of the USAWatchdoggers for a lovely holiday season, whichever holiday you observe. This year is not quite over and 2015 seems to be shaping up to be one for the history books. Only time will tell the truth of all things.

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas NC Gal.

    • John Doe

      Look at 1915, first world war!

  43. Outlookingin

    Greg, not just “financial media control” but ALL main stream media control. The media has never been more consolidated by a small group of people in history! Just six major global media giants, now control a staggering 90% of what we read, watch, or listen to.
    1/ General Electric
    2/ News-Corp
    4/ Viacom
    5/ Time Warner
    6/ CBS
    That’s 232 media executives controlling the information diet of 277 million Americans on a 24/7 basis. And of course these executives follow the directions of their Wall street masters, along with whom ever occupies the “financially captured” white house, parroting what passes for “news” to be fed to the masses.
    With the exception of a small handful of sites such as usawatchdog, the truth is increasingly being with held from the masses, by the forces of darkness.

    • Greg Hunter

      You got to add USAWatchdog.com to that list!!

  44. brian

    I believe that the price control schemes of the paper printers will fail, I do not believe that this will result in the emergence of a free market….there is absolutely no evidence or sign that this could even possibly happen out there. What will replace the failed price controls in current use is a system of people controls we are only just starting to see emerge out here…and those controls of course will be deployed to attend to the horrific chaos we are already beginning to see all over the world. When you have the amount of people living in the level of ignorance and general negligent oblivion that we have there is no way things can head in a direction that any sane, reasonable, God fearing person would understand to be good.

  45. John

    Great Interview Greg and Chris Powell states the case very well, I really enjoyed your interview.
    I will say it again, if beef prices were openly manipulated McDonald’s and Burger King would be filing Lawsuits, the gold companies, seem to relish the idea ,that their product is held down. Only a hand full are upset, which amazes me

    • Jeff L

      John The mining Co’s know full well governments can shut them down if they make waves. Any unsubstantiated claims could be made against them. Mining is already highly political……. Look at Hecla mining. The EPA decided for little reason (if we only knew the real reason) to shut them down (for a year). This was their main mine, employing 1000’s. You not full well the arm of the US could force any countries hand.

  46. mohammad


    West pokes the polar bear, that bears will strike Achilles’ heel.


    • Greg Hunter

      This will be Russia’s undoing if they attack. Mark my words.

      • mohammad

        Russia’s undoing is in “DABBIK”, which is southern part of Turkey, northern part of Syria , (Antakya now) , they will extend after taking most of Turkey until they break at the steps of Syria in the north.
        The undoing of Kingdom of Israel after its rise is another story we talked extensively about much earlier.

        • wd


          Good to see you back. I cant see Russia causing their own demise. They just have to sit back and let it all unfold.

          They have gotten re-insurance from China, they will not be hurt. It may appear that way but they are not. I cant see them doing something that stupid at this point.

          Like the old folk story of Brer Rabbit- the US is picking a fight with tar baby and they will end up doing themselves in.

      • Varughese

        Here is where you get it wrong. It’s not Russia’s undoing it’s all of us (yup including Russia). It doesn’t matter who starts the next conflict including Russia. But when it starts it will be a world war with nuclear weapon flying all over the place. No missile defense system is going to stop a single one of them. BY the way the first step every adversary including Russia and US will do is to take down opponents satellites. So there won’t be any missile defenses. So we all will end burning, the entire world will end up burning.

        Luckily I don’t think Russia will do anything to start a conflict. They are Chess players and looking at long term goals not short term. They know very clearly if they allow the present state scenarios to continue for two more years, the entire West will collapse on the back of the phony system they created. So the question is why you want to wage war when without one you could end up winners.

  47. Myrna

    Thanks for reporting on this Greg. It coincides with what I read at V Guerrilla Economist’s site roguemoney.net and with Steve Quayle’s and Gerald Celente’s sites. It is to the credit of the above people I mentioned and to people like you who report on the factual reality of the global financial markets and who keep us, who are at times so busy with our own lives that we don’t have the time to sift through mounds of material, informed about important movements in this global economic shell game. Being a pms person myself, I especially thank you for your reports. God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’d love to talk to V. Do you have a contact? I have called and cannot reach him.

  48. Orion

    The banks controls and brazenness is so massive that they really don’t care what people know anymore. Thanks for being honest and truthful, Chris and thanks Greg for this great interview.

  49. Mike

    Tomorrow I will take the time to read every response on this piece.
    There are many hear that realize that very little of what the MSM tells us is either incorrect or a mis-information, and I am being way more pleasant in my response than what they deserve.

    One thing for sure 2015 will be a year of change and a year of the WAKE UP CALL for many.

    January 1 2015 everyone had better have some cash on hand and some precious metals stored somewhere safe, because there is a great chance of a banking holiday event happening in North America or other western styled banks.

    Just think about the speed of developments that we have seen these last few months. This thing is heating up big time and recent news on the AIG issue is just one example.

  50. mohammad


    Is China buying out Russia after they are done buying out US/EU?
    Surely dollar negative:


  51. NCDirtdigger

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out. If you want to protect the ‘value’ of the dollar, you must suppress the price of PMs. If you can print unlimited dollars, any loss on naked shorts of PMs are of little consequence as long as you can settle your shorts in dollars.

  52. Ivan Norris

    I have no website like you Greg.
    I haven’t sent any support your way either.
    But I don’t like profanity, that is for sure.
    I would have listened to the rest of what Chris had to say, otherwise.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you waited until you saw something you did not like and this is when you decide to comment? Really? Thank you for your feedback.

  53. Rich M

    Does anyone have a link showing the current inventory levels in both the Shanghai gold and silver exchanges. I cannot find this info anywhere. Its to the point I am suspicious it is being hidden from the general public so no one knows. I want to see how close it is to running out entirely as per Harvey’s prediction by year end.

  54. Jeff L

    Read the written summary and informed comments. That’s what I do. I don’t have (take) the time for the video as I read so much more during the day………. Greg has given us a wonderful, informative site. Info wise, tied with Zero Hedge. Commenter wise, this site excels. Thanks, Greg.

    • Jeff L

      My comment was directed to Ivan who is insulted by the profanity…….. Greg’s summary never includes the profanity.

  55. Varughese

    Great article in understanding what Putin is up to – http://www.gold-eagle.com/article/grandmaster-putins-golden-trap

  56. Kenneth E Baughman

    This is really news not seen anywhere else. Now we know why the price of PM is supressed to cause China not to dump dollars. This will not end well for the dollar and inflation.

  57. J C Davis

    Greg, Chris Powell answered my question on confiscation. I did disagree with him calling the China loans a mistake. The borrower is servant to the lender. With the loans they took our jobs. With the loans the bought our gold, and other metals. Remember the cash for clunkers metal shipped to China. Also the twin towers scrap, or rather precious metal went to China. Now they can close down the dollar at will ? How was this move a dumb one.

    • J C Davis

      Influence is greater then authority. China was given the secrets to deliver long range nukes to America by Bill Clinton. There loans were the key to the fall of this country.

  58. allen ols

    colin, lastman, pfi, jerry, jc, paul, olin, al h, sig, jef l. and others.

    China Offers to Bail Out Russia

    By Jason Simpkins 2014-12-22

    It looks like Vladimir Putin’s overtures to China are paying off.

    Two Chinese officials have offered to help Russia stabilize its currency following the ruble’s precipitous decline last week.

    “If the Russian side needs, we will provide necessary assistance within our capacity,” said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

    For now, the situation seems to be under control, as Russia has taken drastic action to brace the ruble’s slide. The central bank raised its key interest rate all the way to 17% and announced it would sell of $7 billion in foreign currency.

    Still, China’s assistance could be crucial. The price of oil, which has tumbled 50% from its 2014 high, remains dangerously low for Russia and other oil-dependent countries. And sanctions employed by the United States and Europe have intensified rather than abated.

    Russia and China, of course, were communist allies throughout the Cultural Revolution and Cold War. And as neighbors, their financial and strategic interests overlap. China is a huge buyer of Russia’s natural resources, and Russia is a great consumer of Chinese exports.

  59. allen ols

    greg and everyone, esp, CC.

    “Chemtrails” Exposed – Global Geoengineering PsyOps Documented
    Jay Dyer
    Activist Post

    From Chemtrails to Directed Energy Weapons, the System is Set on Total Control

    There has been much speculation in the last few years as to the authenticity of the claims of “chemtrail” spraying of the ionosphere by secretive groups for unknown reasons, with such claims generally receiving the scorn of tinfoil hat insanity. Distinguished from “contrails,” the normal water and ice crystal formations that result from aircraft exhaust vapor, “chemtrails” is the popular name for aerosol spraying by planes in different layers of the atmosphere under the cover of numerous global geoengineering programs.

    (Image: HAARP and the aurora borealis. Image: redicecreations.com)

    Is this possible? Could there be widespread global aerosol spraying programs? Not only is this possible, it’s already being done, and has been going on for decades. With origins in World War II cloud-seeding, the development of weather modification and mass geoengineering programs is no longer even covert, with numerous papers, programs and examples now made public.

    With this in mind, it is somewhat shocking the number of trolls and deniers that exist, telling us daily these are fictions of paranoid conspiracists, while any of the above notions can be easily verified with Google and a few minutes of research. Of course, this is not likely to happen, as the public has never heard of the Royal Society, much less “geoengineering,” since Kim Kardashian’s butt is a much more accurate weathervane of the tides of public interest (a very big weathervane).

    “Geoengineering the Climate: Science, Governance and Uncertainty”

    In this article, I will document several papers from officialdom, including scientific journals and white papers that demonstrate the programs are real. Not only will we see they are real, we will in fact see these programs integrate with one another and provide the establishment the potential for tremendously disastrous social engineering effects, as well as environmental dangers that result from such dark pragmatic scientistic ends.

  60. allen ols


  61. Mike

    Just completed reading all the responses to this new interview.

    Always appreciate the people that take the time to comment.

    We can never be sure of the timing of when things turn but what we can be confident in saying is there is ample reason for concern about how much longer the lie can be played out.

    For me 2015 will bring on major developments.

    The amount of corruption in the markets today will be the reason why many will refuse to buy equities in the near future.

    I have sold all my equities but a few holdings I have in the mining industry.

    I am beginning to doubt the integrity of those as well now.

    In closing… Truth does not find us on its own. truth is what one must search out.

    My sincere holiday wishes to you Greg and to all of us that chooses to search out truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas Mike.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike and Merry Christmas to you!

  62. Jim H

    Great interview! Master of the obvious. Oh my God!!!! You mean the Market really is rigged? Our only advocates who have known this for some time are those you wouldn’t expect. ENJOY!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MbRrXkrYNs

  63. Mike

    I suspect that 2 years from now the world will be a very different place.

    Fiat currencies will have lost a significant amount of buying power and in my view if you have a reasonable position in physical silver, you will have managed to maintain some security for yourselves and your families. I say silver because I not only see it move to triple digit value but increase in value exponentially as the silver to gold ratio returns to a number closer to a historical ratio.

    Thank God for people of conscience like Greg, Jim Sinclair and the many others who have made it their priority to get the truth told.

  64. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    “There is a new legal precedent xmas present for the president.”

    It looks like its official now.
    US Presidents and other high ranking officials can conduct war and kill thousands of people anywhere in the world now for no reason whatsoever and be immune from legal proceedings!
    Check out this link – what a shocker! http://www.globalresearch.ca/federal-court-gives-early-christmas-present-to-war-criminals-bush-cheney-rumsfeld-and-others-immunizing-them-from-civil-inquiry-regarding-iraq-war/5421218


  65. Aziz JAAFAR

    I globally agree with Mr Chris Powell except his thougts about China.He doesn’t seem to know that China is buying the world,including America,with its worthless dollars !

  66. Andrew de Berry

    Greg – Just a quick thank you for all you’ve given us over this past year. We had our differences over Gaza, but that’s minor in my view compared to your obvious Christian integrity and generosity of spirit! Thank you and stay safe, Rev.

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