WNW 192-War Hot Spots, Obama Immigration Shot Down Again, Soccer Crime Not Banker Crime

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

There are three hot spots in the world where war could break out.  Tensions continue to be high in the Ukraine crisis.  The U.S. is continually beefing up supplies and help to Eastern Europe.  There are military drills happening on land and in the air with NATO.  Likewise, the same type of drills are happening with Russian military.  Iraq is a mess with gains being made by ISIS and counter attacks by the Iraqi military and Shia militia.  Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said the Iraqis outnumber ISIS but “lack the will to fight.”  Military sources said, this past week, that Iraqi forces were “not driven out” of Ramadi, but they just “drove out” of that town on their own.  Now, a new offensive is taking shape to take back Ramadi.   President Obama is not planning on sending troops but will train and fly support missions.  The support bombing missions are sparse and some say are a joke.  We see how well the Obama Administration strategy has worked so far.  It’s a disaster.

The big future war probability, that isn’t getting much coverage, is China.  The South China Sea is supposed to be international waters, but China is now claiming a large chunk of it.  That country is building islands, lighthouses and future military bases on them.  The Chinese themselves say these Islands are for military purposes.  They are building bases with long runways, and this is a way for China to project power.  It should worry anyone with a brain.    The Chinese claim the US is causing “provocations and instigations.”  The Pentagon says it will keep sending ships and surveillance aircraft into the South China Sea.  Can a military conflict be far off? 

President Obama’s immigration policy that would allow 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in America and receive benefits took another body blow.  A Federal appeals court upheld the blocking of Obamas immigration amnesty that was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge earlier this year.   This is a pie in the face for Mr. “pen and phone.”  This ruling is going to be very hard to overturn in the next appeal, but who knows what the President will continue to do on his own.

Goldman Sachs is warning the world is drowning in debt.  It is outright warning of another financial calamity that could be caused by a “liquidity crisis” and “ballooning debt.”  Multiple countries around the world have debt to GDP ratios near or more than 100%.  The USA is just over 100%.   History shows that when countries have more debt than GDP, bad things happen to the economy–like it can implode.  I thought we had a “recovery”?  The fact is we don’t have a recovery, and banks like Goldman Sachs don’t want to lose credibility, so they are putting out warnings.  Gregory Mannarino thinks this is a real warning, and Goldman does not want to miss the next meltdown and take a big hit to their waning credibility.  There are plenty of catalysts to cause a crash, and one is a Greek debt default.  The time is running out for the Greek game, and there may be a conclusion as soon as the Greeks are running out of ways to borrow money to pay debts.  The other is a war that goes regional or global, and the three top hot spots are Russia, China and the Middle East.  Big wars in any of those places could touch off a financial calamity worse than 2008.  It’s worse because the debt in the world is much greater.  As I always say, “We have been told that debt (Federal Reserve Note) is money and debt (bonds) is an asset.  We are going to find out neither is true.  Debt is always a liability.”  The world is chocked full of liabilities.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. mark

    Dear Greg,
    Thanks again for all your labor in bringing us interviews with top rated guests who have real world knowledge regarding the topics of which they speak. I have not listened to this week’s wrap up yet as I am just now going over for a second time your interview with Bill Holter after reading the comments there again as well. Very much appreciate Bill taking the time to respond to comments– very helpful. I am writing now because two comments from this week’s interviews were particularly poignant . First is Bill Holter’s comment at the 17:00 mark that “the Fed cannot put this fire out” and the other is from Rob Kirby’s visual of the derailment having already taken place back in the 90’s with the repeal of Glass – Stegall and now the train is in a corn field and its still moving” (20:23 minute mark) . Very powerful visual. Thank you Lord and thank you Greg and thank you guests and posters for providing a forum by which we ordinary folk can gain an understanding about the forces at work in a larger arena which are about to influence and shape our lives in ways we are still trying to comprehend. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg and as always Fear Not. For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sober mind (2Tim 1:7).

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark for your support and comments here!!

  2. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    ‘Global soccer corruption’ and Fifa’s criminal behaviour has been known about for over twenty years. This is so obviously a U.S. red flag to rile Putin with Russia holding the next World Cup in 2018, that it would be laughable if the West wasn’t wholly duped by it.

    • JC Davis

      Andrew de Berry a light went off in my mind. Much to consider Thank you.

      • Paul

        there is another important angle to this that is getting no press in the western media, and that is the fact that “The Palestinian Football Association has called for a vote to suspend Israel from FIFA:”
        “The vote requires a 75% majority of the 209 FIFA members. There was a good chance that it was going to be successful.”
        “But now, just by chance, the U.S. government ordered the Swiss police to raid the hotel where the main FIFA functionaries are residing to arrest some of them on corruption charges going back to the early 1990s. The U.S. wants these to be extradited to face a U.S. court.”
        “Also, just by chance, reporters and photographers of the New York Times happen to be in that very Swiss hotel lobby, at 6 am, to capture the incident live:”

        It’s amazing how the DoJ jumps to action as soon as Israel’s interests are threatened.

        • ugg

          To add further, it was believed that FIFA would vote against Israel. The vote was to happen very close to the timing of the arrests that were made. How does the US have jurisidiction over non residents if any unlawful acts occurred – and not on US soil? The Clinton foundation receieved up to $100K from FIFA, will the Clintons be charged as well? INteresting to note that Sepp Blatter maintained his position at FIFA when his contender, who it was believed would win in light of the controversy, stepped down, leaving Sepp Blatter to take the role by default….his contender was a Arab Royalty from some conuntry I can’t recall. Could it be another message to the US that “former allies are no longer following the wishes of the US if it simply isn’t right?”

  3. David D

    You owe me a new keyboard, “Pie in in face for
    Mr. pen and Phone” I read that and spit coffee
    all over my keyboard. I think that comment
    should be marketed. Just brilliant !

    • Greg Hunter

      David D,
      So sorry for the keyboard but thank you for your support.

    • diane s.

      Wasn’t that a great comment by our Greg?
      Greg Hunter ! You would be a great late night talk show host. That’s why we love you….
      However …..your message is far too honest for the general population…but keep slamming the bad guys.

  4. Robert E. Salt

    Do you think that last big boxing match was fixed? Do you think the Super Bowl was fixed? Could Tom Brady be getting punished for winning a game he was supposed to lose? He’s more talented than we think if he was able to keep the game close until the end when “Oops! I accidentally won it”. Losing has always rubbed Tom the wrong way. A deflated football would have helped both quarterbacks as well as their receivers. As far as I’m concerned, the field, the ball, and all the equipment are all legal as long as the referees have no objection. Did they check Tom’s fingers for pine tar? Excuse me for thinking out loud, but it’s getting difficult to find anything that isn’t corrupt. The authorities have the accused Batman theater shooter convinced that he did it. He was sitting in his car, drugged unconscious, not more than ten feet from the theater’s exit. The parking space must have been reserved special for the operation. There was more than one gunman in the theater.

  5. Mike from the North

    Society has been dumbed down to the point that a major percentage of people do not even have a clue as to what is reality today.

    What we perceive as impossible today could become reality tomorrow.

    What tomorrow must bring is an end to artificial markets.

    It must bring change that returns us to a honest monetary system.

    Society cannot continue functioning on lies and deceit.

    Governments must stop hiding the truth from its populations.

    We either find our way back to true value added principles or we are destined for destruction.

    In closing…what has your government hidden from you.

    The real reason for the many wars of the last century?

    The real truth about why we went away from a gold backed currency system?

    Over the next five years I anticipate that much of what we believed was in fact a manufactured lie.

    Must man always repeat the same mistakes.. Mistakes that often lead to death and destruction so some can become even more powerful???

    Will our greed take us to destruction???

    • paul

      Mike … you say “What we perceive as impossible today could become reality tomorrow.” is so true!!! … how can we explain this??? … Have no fear? … This scares the Hell out of me!!

  6. Dolly dagger

    Dear Greg:As a long time sub, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for your continued perseverance in reporting real news with integrity. Your guests are free to speak their minds which is a blessing. And thanks to most of the bright commentators on here who add context to these reports and interviews. It’s very lonely being aware of how severely messed up things are in the worldand this is a rare place to visit where one can learn and find like minded- souls. Thank you for shining the light of truth. God Bless you and fellow readers, DD

    • Lake Effect

      Does unbridled greed bring destruction? Heck yes!!

      Empires collapse. Excess greed and the destruction of money is a predominant cause found in each. We are no different.

      From the destruction…a new system will evolve. The most important element is who will be in charge of crafting that new system. We must insist it will be an honest system. The current elite must must be prohibited from the rebuilding. If they do retain control, I’m afraid we will emerge in to a post Orwellian fascist and totalitarian dystopia where the elite hire 20% of the population to control the rest.
      Total control is what we risk without a return to the constitution, much smaller government, honest money and the prevalence of truth throughout business and government.

  7. Gertie

    PEOPLE become homeless for various reasons. Some, experience personal tragedies. Others, simply opt out of “normal” life, seeing it as a meaningless routine. Still others become homeless because of poverty, natural disasters, domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness, a lack of affordable housing, or loss of employment.

    Once thought to be limited to developing lands or those battered by war or economic depression, homelessness has “emerged as a major social issue in most developed nations,” says psychology professor Paul Toro. * Contributing factors may include government policies regarding aid to low-income families and a widening gap of income inequality.

    Many people are anxious about tomorrow. Some, however, have lessened their anxiety by considering what the Bible says about the future. The Bible can also help us now by giving us sound principles to live by—principles that enhance both our economic security and our emotional health.


    Jeremiah, an ancient servant of God, lived through a time of great distress. A cruel enemy invaded his homeland and took many of his people into exile and slavery. (Lamentations 1:3) Although spared, Jeremiah lost virtually everything he owned. In grief, he prayed: “Remember my affliction and my homeless state.”—Lamentations 3:19.

    Despite his sufferings, Jeremiah did not cave in to despair. Why? For one thing, he knew that Jehovah his God would not abandon him. (Jeremiah 1:8) For another, he was a student of the Scriptures, which tell of a time when poverty and suffering will cease to exist and will be replaced by true peace and security.—Psalm 37:10, 11.

    Those conditions will come about, not by human efforts, but by means of a perfect government called God’s Kingdom. (Daniel 7:13, 14) The King of that Kingdom is none other than Jesus Christ, who displayed great compassion for the poor when he was on earth as a man. (Luke 7:22; 14:13) Under his rule, “the righteous will flourish, and peace will abound . . . He will rescue the poor who cry for help, also the lowly one and whoever has no helper. From oppression and from violence he will rescue them.”—Psalm 72:7, 12, 14.

    Jesus made God’s Kingdom the focus of his teaching. (Luke 4:43) He even taught people to pray: “Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth.” (Matthew 6:9, 10) What will life on earth be like when God’s Kingdom is in full control? The Bible gives us appealing previews. For example, it says of the subjects of God’s Kingdom:

    “They will build houses and live in them, and they will plant vineyards and eat their fruitage. They will not build for someone else to inhabit, nor will they plant for others to eat. . . . The work of their hands my chosen ones will enjoy to the full.”—Isaiah 65:21, 22.

    “They will sit, each one under his vine and under his fig tree, and no one will make them afraid, for the mouth of Jehovah of armies has spoken.”—Micah 4:4.

    That sure hope can buoy us up during our trials. At the same time, Bible principles can help us to live meaningful and satisfying lives even now, as many have discovered. Indeed, our Creator, Jehovah God, gives us this guarantee: “The one listening to me will dwell in security and be undisturbed by the dread of calamity.” (Proverbs 1:33) May those words prove to be true in your life!

    There’s a people who were kicked out of their home country which when the newly formed United States no longer colonies refused to no-longer accept, went on to an unknown land and future and made a home and life for themselves in the bush of Australia and today it’s called the lucky country. But luck had nothing to do with it. . . .


    • Jed

      Asia Pacific
      Cultural Features
      Life In The Australian Bush

      Top attractions
      Historical highlights
      Cultural features
      Plan your trip
      When to go
      Top hotels
      Top restaurants
      Top cafes and bars

      Gulf Station, the Yarra Valley

      Ten-year droughts, dramatic floods, bushfires whistling through the scrub – the same nat­u­ral processes that allowed the Aborigines to eke out an existence from the land have made life unpredictable for most farmers. Yet de­spite constant threats of bankruptcy, few give up. They stick to the land, aided by their own brand of black humour and the solace of Sat­ur­day night at the pub.

      Never give up and fear not California, you can to can thrive and survive!


  8. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    An excellent WNW as always. As you surmised, I too think that the banks are starting to call out the coming crash to deflect blame when it all does come crashing down. In 2008 all of the banks played deaf, dumb, and blind in regards to the crash that happened and lost credibility as you pointed out. By calling for the crash this time around they will be able to posture that “We warned you, and you ignored us.” What will be interesting to see is if all of the banks call for a crash, who will get to shoulder the blame when it does fall apart. My thoughts are that it will be a circular firing squad among all of the banks trying to blame one another. Regardless of who is to blame, we the people will be the ones to lose in the end.

    Going after FIFA for corruption is so laughable to me I can barely contain myself. The fact that our AG has time to waste on something as trivial as this when we have so many other issues that warrant her attention here in this country makes me double face palm myself. My opinion is that this is yet another case of we are going to talk about what the right hand is doing so you ignore the calamity being performed by the left hand. While we should not condone corruption in any form, this is just a waste of our governments time and resources.

    Keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend.


  9. Tom

    the soccer diversion is a curious one. being as no one in the USSA cares about soccer, what was the purpose of the expose? it almost seems it is to inure Americans to corruption in general. next we will hear about the great Girl Scout cookie scandal, the Miss America Pageant fix, until finally we arrive at the Big Collapse. then everyone will gloss over the multitudes of cheating practices that led to it.

  10. 8Ball

    Obama is held in high regard in the Arab world…

  11. Matt

    One of the goals of The Intervention is to keep the human family entirely consumed with human concerns and at odds with each other. That way we will be blind to the overlay of control from beyond planet earth that is occurring right now. Of course this is too stupid to be stupid. It is being done deliberately. And yes, it is going to get much worse for humanity.

  12. brian

    When an outfit like goldmansucks tells me the time of day and that matches what the clock on my wall is showing then I know it is time to get a new clock. So when these congenital liars tell me the economy is in trouble due to a “liquidity crisis” I have to start to really worry, because those guys look to profit off of everything they say and do so at our expense. If the “warning” they issue is well founded (and it most certainly is), then it is what they leave unsaid, the cards they keep close to their chest, that scares the crap out of me.

    • paul

      Looks like they are now holding “Silver” cards close to their chest … the question I ask is … why is the US importing so much silver bullion?? … why is JP Morgan Chase buying so much silver up?? … silver bullion imports into the US surged 44% in the first few months of 2015 … compared to the same few months last year … in Jan-Feb 2015 the US imported 838 metric tons of silver bullion … versus 583 metric tons last year … and this is with overall industrial demand for silver in the first quarter of 2015 flat to down compared to last year? … so why would the US silver market be in “need of additional silver bullion” if industrial demand is lower? … why exactly is so much silver being acquired? … looking at a silver chart I attached below … it looks like silver could find a bottom at about $16 in a few days … and once silver breaks up above 17.59 … it should rise “pretty rapidly” to about the $23 dollars per ounce level.

      What do I mean by “pretty rapidly”? … by about July 4th, 2015!!!


      • brian

        I understand that they are piling up silver, but it must also be admitted that the last thing in the world these guys want is honest money and they have a proven track record of avoiding what they do not want, if not getting most of what they want.

  13. Tommy

    That was a funny headline in USA Today; “Worker Optimism Surges”. Then underneath the bold headline it says “29% of workers believe their income will rise in the next year”. 29% equals “surge”? And now they just released the revised economic number for the first quarter and oops, the economy wasn’t down -.2%, it was -.7%. My bad. Excuses abounded from too much snow this past winter to a problem with the smoothing the data for seasonal fluctuations. We are all being fluctuated out of our future.

    • JC Davis

      “Worker Optimism Surges” when a starving man smells a old dead fish he becomes Optimistic.

  14. Dennis Downing

    Hi Greg, You know when everything is upside down and backwards and nothing makes logical sense , the day of reckoning is very close but ,Fear Not!

  15. Charles Turner

    One of the defining moments of my life was when I saw Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger land an airline full of passengers on the Hudson River. In a few minutes after a double bird strike, he defied all the odds and used every ounce of skill and bravery to land the aircraft intact. Whenever I feel I need my spirits lifting, I will put on a video of him talking humbly about what he did.
    I sense that many of the powers in the world are fully aware that there will be a double air strike happening to the world economy. But unlike Sully who spent a career with flawless integrity and honing his skills serving his customers, these people will be thinking about how to save themselves and the passengers, us the ordinary people, will just collateral damage.

  16. Diane D

    Iraq is just another Vietnam. Afghanistan will be another Vietnam. Different countries, same American blood. We now have a whole generation that knows nothing but war. Washington and other Founders warned us of foreign entanglement. But we never listened.

    • Art Barnes

      So true, the pentagon is about to get us involved in the South China Sea. First our politicians opened up China and shipped our jobs to the orient for profit, now they want to try and stop the beast they created; madness.

  17. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent news wrap. However, the three hot spots you described are not isolated. They may be reported as separate issues, but Russia is backed by China and both back Iran. Take those “hot spots” and overlay a map of China’s Silk Road initiative…

    • Russ

      BTW, you didn’t mention Greece (also part of the planned Silk Road). If Greece defaults (June 5th?) what happens? Do they pivot to Russia? Can Greece have close ties to Russia and remain in NATO? If Greece leave the EU and NATO, will the EU/NATO survive or is everything Western developed since WWII unraveling. The next couple weeks could be the “interesting times” of which we’ve been warned.

  18. paul

    Let’s make “everyone happy” … the bankers tell us out of one side of their mouth that worthless paper debt “is money” and out of the other side of their mouth they say that money (gold) is “a worthless useless relic”.

    Since the bankers “need money” to make them whole again … and to stabilize the world monetary system … I don’t see why everyone can’t be happy … the bankers who have drained Fort Knox should simply take all the “worthless gold” in secret stashes around the world (Yamashita’s Gold, Nazi Gold, Grand Canyon Gold, Chocolate Mountain Gold, etc.) and hand it out for their “money” … the bankers would be very happy handing out “a worthless metal relic” for their “valuable paper money” … and the Chinese, Russians, Indians, etc. would also be very happy to unload their paper debt for worthless metal!

  19. Ray

    I think by now it has come out on the msm that the USA helped created ISIS, the name of the game is called perpetual war. The contractors can then become rich with a war plan that calls for perpetual war. The country is being looted by the people in control and most people are completely unaware of the looting. When the hollow out shell of our country finally collapses it will be a light switch event, with a back up of “who could of ever seen this coming”.

    • paul

      Perhaps … when Lucifer returns to judge the living (as the Vatican implies) … the nation that created the most “perpetual wars” will be looked upon with the greatest favor?? … and the US politicians are just playing it safe (trying to create a nuclear WWIII) … so it will be “they” who are granted immortality!!

  20. dbcooper

    Greg, Thank you once again for what you are doing… it is certainly like swimming up stream!! Your reference to world debt brought a couple of thoughts to mind… sitting in a boat that is leaking and as the water in the boat rises it ‘sloshes’ around and you know this cannot end well!!! Back in the Clinton years we would listen to Limbaugh on the radio while on the road and he was all up in arms about NAFTA and then he did a complete about face and said that not only was NAFTA good for America but also that debt was good and necessary for the country!! I think this example defines a shill and in my opinion a traitor. Do not stop what you do brother.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, Fear Not… DB

  21. southern girl

    First of all please tell Bill Holter thanks for taking the time to remark on our comments. He took the time to read and reflect and comment, that speaks volumes about him.
    Questions?? I live near the largest C-130 base in the world. My dad was a pilot here and all over the world. My dad use to also work for the CIA. Before he died he finally conceded about some of his work. I flat-out asked him, “Dad, did you work for the CIA?” Now mind you he was now blind and had dementia and was in a nursing home. He thought for a moment and said, “I was not paid by the CIA.” Some of the things he told me just blew me away. My questions is this site has tremendous brain power, do we have anyone who is currently or retired from the service? Can they give us some insight into what Greg is talking about in the Middle East? Our bombing raids and leaving equipment behind smells to high heaven.
    Other note to Aussie Jeff- Siberian Tomato seeds…thanks for the tip. I went online and there were a whole lot of different varieties. Do you have one that you can mention. Thanks!

    • aussie jeff

      Hi SG,………………….The pack of seeds I bought were from a major garden store in Oz,just called Siberian tomato seeds, I think you won’t go wrong as long as they are Siberian!
      We are coming into winter fast here,the one’s I planted into a seed tray are now 6inches and are doing well.
      Whats more I had to unexpectedly leave them for 2 weeks,when I got back home thinking they would be keeled over,but to my surprise
      they were thristy but still growing so a very hardy plant for sure.Hope you have success with them

  22. Chuck

    The Ukraine is a test by Russia to gage the reaction of the United States. The more they pose a military invasion and the less we oppose it will give Russia a good idea of our resolve. This will help them make their plans for taking over Ukraine again. I believe Russia is waiting until the U.S. is financially incapable to fight. Oh I believe we also need a leader.

    Is the U.S. spending money in Iraq just to watch the Iraqi army run away? YES! They continually “lack the will to fight.” I believe this supports Obama’s strategy very well. Obama is allowing ISIS to take over that part of the Middle East. This will destabilize the region and give ISIS economic control of vast oil fields. Then Islam, “the religion of peace”, will have a real capability to wage war against the world!

    The U.S. is continually providing ISIS with our latest weapons by way of the Iraqis leaving them on the battlefield as they drive away. Shouldn’t the Iraqis at least try to destroy them? We have also seen this strategy in Libya. I think Obama made his intention clear when he denigrated Christianity, the founding religion of the United States, when he was a candidate for president. The liberal left must have been salivating all over themselves with a candidate like him!

    I hope we don’t send our troops back into the Middle East since the local population will not fight for themselves.

    If the South China Sea is international waters, then why are the United States and our allies allowing China to take it over and create military bases? I believe China thinks America is a nation in decline and that we do not have the resolve to enforce international law anymore. They are probably right. They also hold an enormous amount of U.S. debt which gives them leverage over us. I don’t believe we will enter into war with China simply because they will foreclose on our debt. It makes more sense for them to just buy up American corporations and properties, like they are doing now.

    On immigration why hasn’t the entire Congress and Obama been impeached and prosecuted for violation of Constitutional law? They ALL have been complicit in allowing this illegal immigration to occur. Hurrah for one Federal judge that still believes in the law of the land!

    Goldman Sachs is one of the main contributors to the failing world economy. Anyone that would believe anything they say is a fool. This is another example of Congress allowing banks to break the law and get away with it. Just name any bank and you will find an illegal operation that has devastated the world economy to the point of no return, and no one went to jail. Just like people in our government at every level. Ultimately, this will lead to World War three (WWIII). Then the bankers can make more money by supporting all sides in conflict.

    Beware of F.E.M.A. when dollars become worthless. Our military will be under their control and used to round up the U.S. population and put us in concentration camps. JADE HELM 15 is a good training exercise for this covering a vast area of the country.

    It seems that government officials at all levels, Congress, the President, Attorney General, Secretary of State, various administrators and you name them; are above the law and completely aided by the main stream media. Recent exposures of liars holding key positions in network news organizations provide an insight into the character of these people and their intentions for reporting news.

    Think for yourself and act to protect your family!

    • southern girl

      Thanks so much for the recap. It is difficult to keep up with what the real issues are in our military action versus what the press say. Everything is so screwed up and the American people don’t have a clue. They are too distracted by who’s team is playing against a rival, the latest technological toy, how many likes they get, etc. That all seems to spell Narcissistic to me.

  23. Coalburner

    Dear Greg:
    China: No conflict and they know it. No matter what, they will be finished before Obama leaves. This is a non issue with him. He wants to pull back US Power and the sad truth is our financial mess says we cannot project power anymore that far away. It is simple, power and financial health go together. Without the ability to manuufacture and build wealth at hoome no country can project power. What we have left, could easiy be crashed by China and Russia. They see no advantage to that because we still buy lots of their crap. As much as I see Obama as the incompetent nitwit, the last thing I want is him leading us into a shooting war. And as for ISIS Obama,’s cowardly ways are saving a lot of our blood for no good reason. If we took it we should keep it but none of our Neo’s leftists or rightists want that either. We need wealth because our idiot leaders have sold us out. We will have no war, we still have the weapons but no gut power behing them.

  24. dee garmon

    My guess is that they want to put that Jordanian puppet who is married to an ex-CNN
    reporter as the head of FIFA and that’s why a three-year investigation was coincidentally
    completed just two days before the elections.

  25. vincent_g

    Economy in U.S. Shrinks for Third Time Since Expansion Began

    To be honest this says since it began but doesn’t say it happened.

    But they go on to say:
    It hit a bigger ditch in the first quarter than initially estimated, held back by harsh winter weather, a strong dollar and delays at ports.

    I have to laugh when they say harsh winter.
    When the Brooklyn bridge was built the East River froze over solid.
    People drove their horse and carriages across the river from Manhattan to Brooklyn and from Brooklyn to Manhattan.
    Now that’s a harsh winter!
    I wonder if these wimps have any clue as to what a winter was like in the 1940’s or 1950’s?

    Those winters never seem to cause much problems with the economy.

    Have we fallen so far down that they will use the weakest excuses to explain why we can’t get up.

    Although the boxer in the white trunks has been knocked out and the ten count seems to be very slow as if they are allowing him every chance to stay in the fight.
    He was given medication between rounds but they claimed due to bad lighting he dropped the medication and they had to go on without it.
    His manager has assured us he will come back strong in this next round.
    His manager insists that in the next round they will only use one man to hold him up as she’s so sure her fighter is gaining the required strength to make a strong come back.

    I don’t know who’s fiction sounds better? lol

  26. Coalburner

    An excellent discussion on ISIS situation, so the Iraq soldiers retreating are Sunni? That tells it all. I say Obama’s CIA is now wanting a Sunni muslim country that rolls back and takes out Assad and they do not care if they take most of Iraq at the same time. Obama is decended from Arab Sunni muslim ancestry. Not really Nigerian whether he was born there or not. This mess does screw Ruissia but Obama wants rid of Assad for some reason and is to block the Russian Gazprom pipeline port by surrogate fighters(Sunni). That is doing his puppet thing for Soros and other billionaire benefactors. That explans us not really bombing out and killing out ISIS from the air or any other way. The Shitites can go back to Iran as far as Obama cares and leave Bagdad to the Sunnis. Obama just doesn’t want to admit he changed sides and is using the Sunni, Shite hatred to his advantage instead of fighting it like G W Bush. It explains why Hillary let the Lybian Ambassador be killed because he tried to rat her out for sending Muamar KAdafi’s weapons to Syrian “so called ” rebels. Same reason we keep sending weapons to ISIS through abandondment by Iraqie troops. You filled the gap by telling us the Iraq soldiers were Sunnis. In on the CIA deal!!!! We are going to see a new Sunni Country and the elimination of Assad. The Sunni Country will keep the Russian pipeline from crossing to a new Syrian Port. Remember we have to go back and track the flow of money and future flow of mega-money to see where this is really going.

    • southern girl

      Thanks so much for the information. What you said seem very plausible, especially about Hitlary.

  27. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    I agree with Dolly Dagger and others for thanking Greg share the loneliness of those who recognise the cataclysmic times in which we live. Whilst others, and typically one’s own ‘nearest and dearest’ can disparage us for being doom mongers, we can do no more than repeat our warnings, even as at best they patronise us or at worst deride us.

    • Dolly dagger

      Hi Rev: Are you in the UK? If so, may I please message you?
      Thanks & Blessings,

  28. Bob

    Good Job my friend, thank you and all your guests that you have on your program here. Gods Blessing to you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob for your kind words.

  29. Gina Mancarella


    You are very much correct about the current state of affairs that even years after the catastrophic financial meltdown we suffered towards the end of the last Republican administration, America is still healing. Everyday Americans are still left wondering when we will finally stand triumphant at the fountain of prosperity and when our rightful claim to a peaceful bounty will be restored. Building a bright future takes leadership and a champion of the people to tackle the issues at hand. There are some hard choices that need to be made here and unyielding fortitude and charactar are required in order save our great nation for the children and grandchildren yet to be born. There is only one peoples champion that can lead the charge and her name is Hillary Clinton.

    Wont you join with Hillary and make it a peoples movement? Because it really is everybody’s movement. Hillary wants to rebuild American’s confidence with the direction of the country and restore faith and confidence and optimism in the future of the country we love.

    Hillary is in it for the long run for all the people. Your color, creed, religion, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and national origin do not matter. What matters is we must take up the American flag and not quit on what matters most, which is restoring our destiny as the greatest power the world has ever known. Lets stand with Hillary. She is a strong finisher and not a quitter, but the election is not about her. Lets make the campaign our own and take on all challenges to a bright American future. Please join with Hillary and tell your friends to go to hillaryclinton.com. Sign up to volunteer. Again, this election is about us, and it has to be about what we do together to restore faith and confidence and optimism in the future of the country we love.”

    • Greg Hunter

      We are in the last 20 months of the Obama Administration and you want to keep blaming Bush 43? You have to be kidding. Please take a long look at Baltimore. The mayor, police chief and DA are all Democrats and Democrats have been running the city for decades. (By the way, all are African Americans.) It is a disaster and it will not get better. It’s the same tired story in Detroit, Chicago and a couple of dozen other U.S. cities and the policies you are pushing are not only not working but are failing. I don’t much care for the Republicans either because both parties just take turns ripping people off. I do think it is time to let the other guys lead and Hillary is not the answer. Every week there is a new scandal with the Clinton Foundation and that is just the Foundation. Please, no more campaign plugs for Hillary. I do not have a Republican doing this and I am not going to allow a Democrat free advertising, especially for a candidate I think is a crook. If you wish to make any other comments you have my blessing, but pumping a Dem candidate will not posted.

      • Thomas j harmon

        Brilliant weekly news wrap up Greg, I just read Gina’s post I’m absolutely stunned seriously this person must of been in a cocoon for the last 25 years and just woke up ,Hillary wants to rebuild the country are you kidding me the just spent the past six and half years taken down this country every week is another scandal, thank you Greg

      • Grafique

        Thnks, Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you and I will not pull the plug on you my friend.

    • Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

      You are the only person I can recall that is brain dead and yet still able to type.

    • Jerry

      Yawn……..same old tired B.S. peddled by the Marxist controlled Democratic party of the USSA. Congratulation’s. You and your ilk have ushered this once great nation into the arms of the NWO. I hope you enjoy it.

    • southern girl

      Girlfriend you are not. You are a male writing as a female. Takes one to know one and again you are not female. You are nothing but a male troll. Hitlary is for no one except the 1%. She is one of the Elites and why should anyone want to be under the power of her or Bill again? All they care about is money and power. She is a consistent liar. How about her remark about her and Bill being BROKE in the White House? End of sentence….. period. Why don’t you find some other place to ply your wares, because we can all smell a stinker.

    • aussie jeff

      Hi Gina,

      The politcal system that you hang your hat on is about to disappear,It does not matter which puppet u support,you cannot overreach satan who is the ruler of this world.
      John 12:31
      “The time for judging this world has come, when Satan, the ruler of this world, will be cast out.”
      To put your faith and trust in something that has already been deemed to be “evil” and in the end will only bring you bitter disappointment is foolish don’t you think?
      Psalms 146:3 “Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.”

      Whether you are a paid troll or not, is of no concern to me,however the dilemma that we all face including yourself Gina is who should we REALLY be supporting at this crucial time in world history?
      You say Hillary is in it for the long run…….I say Christ is in it for Eternity Isaiah 9:6-7
      You say Hillary is only one person who is the peoples champion and will lead the charge?………………Christ says he is leading the charge and not just for America but the entire world! Revelation 19:11-14
      Hillary wants to rebuild America…………….Christ our King is bringing in a New Heavens and a New Earth!! 2 peter 3:13
      You say lets stand with Hillary …………….God’s word says every knee shall bend in recognition of Christ our saviour!! Philippians 2:10
      You say this election is about us?………….God’s word says Christ shed his perfect blood in order that ALL men be saved! 1Timothy 2:3-4
      Instead of joining hillaryclinton.com, why not turn your attention to a real hope held out in God’s word,then your faith and confidence will be restored in a genuine and lasting hope that will never end in disappointment.Psalms 33:4

    • Galaxy 500

      Well its official…liberalism and being Demoncrat leads to mental illness, in the least, and is likely a mental illness in and of itself

  30. Jerrett

    Dear Greg,
    Another great WNW, I loved the correlation between the corruption in soccer and the banking system. I have learned a lot from you and your guests since I found your site a year ago. I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in educating people about what is really going on in the world; I appreciate the reliable info that you provide on a consistently regular basis, as I’m sure everyone here does. I wish I could go to Missouri and shake your hand in person, but these few words will have to do.

    Have a great weekend and “fear not”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerrett.

      • Grafique

        Thanks, that is.

  31. smaulgld

    Soccer Crime, Not Banker Crime-all ye need to know

  32. smaulgld

    Debt to GDP is worse than the actual official number. They boost the GDP by including things like insurance costs and R& D and they lower the debt by not including the unfunded liabilities

  33. Gene

    Hitler’s “Lebensraum” policy sought to occupy the lands of Slavic populations as a presumed “natural right” of the German people, which he deemed to be superior to the Slavs. The Chinese also regard themselves as superior to other peoples. Is their island creation activity the first step in a Chinese Lebensraum?

    • smaulgld

      China has to still be smarting from Japanese aggression (the rape of Nanking) in the 1930’s

  34. James Hastings

    Russia…..we are in the “Chamberlin” mode. (Russia & China hold to much debt)

    Middle east….The “King of the South” is rising. Ignore it. You can’t stop it. Don’t waste our money, military or resources. Pull the troops closer to home before we are forced to abandon them in place. It’s over, fall back and consolidate.

    China…..”The sixth angle poured out his bowel on the great river Euphrates…to prepare the way for the kings of the east….200 million men…Forget about it, they sold our souls for Treasury Bills. Prepare for yourself..

    Financial…”But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and hurtful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction…..” ……”for men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanders, profligates, fierce, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, …….avoid such people.” Dang, that says it all…….. Blind as bats, some people just need to be beat hard about the head. 🙂

    Elvis is leaving the building. LOL
    It is uncomfortable, telling people their life is about to dissolve. I don’t like it. I regret saying these things. 🙁

    Good job, again and again and again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and support.

  35. Mason

    Excellent WNW once again, Greg!

  36. Ross Herman

    I love you Greg,
    Two quick points
    1) Barry Soetoro is fully Muslum Brotherhood and intends to implement shiria law, he would never bomb ISIS, he is ISIS.
    2) We know Goldman Sachs is one of the heads of the hydra, and of course disingenuous with their financial warning, but in truth they know that they have allready collapsed our economy and they are just waiting for the proper time, according to the Luciferian agenda, to pull the plug on all the artificial financial support, and allow the corpse to start the roting process.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ross. “Fear Not my brother.”

  37. Agent P

    “They are building bases with long runways, and this is a way for China to project power. It should worry anyone with a brain. ”

    Indeed it should… Too bad the U.S. lost it’s moral authority to point fingers at other nations a long time ago. Now, those nations are simply taking our cue to expand and project their own power… Funny, the mainstream media is atwitter on daily basis with propaganda ‘hit pieces’ on Putin and China, with a ‘schedule’ so predictable as to make one seriously question just who runs the media in the U.S. and/or, from whom (what 3-letter government organization) do they get their daily ‘briefings’ from…

  38. FC

    The political system is nothing more than a corrupt NFL game or FIFA match. Next year we have 2016 Super Election Bowl, where the Democratic Demons and Republican Rebels clash at the polling booths. Spectators will wave their banners and cheer on their team, while at the same time heckle the opposing side and unbeknown to the majority of them, the Federal Reserve Bank is the match referee.

    At the end of the game, the Demons, the rebels and the Referees leave the field after a wonderful performance for their adoring fans, while the spectators remain in the bleaches arguing over our the next 4 years will play out because of the result……………when really we have all been played out as the Democrats, the Republicans and the Federal Reserve Bank all head back to their Ivory Towers, knowing we the people have been fooled again.

  39. pat the rat

    Let’s start with football, let Tom Brady give his pay to a charty of his choice, and he Mr. Brady plays for the glory of the game! No need for him to sit on the side lines.

  40. John Li

    “Follow the yellow BRICS road”

    CNN = “Clown News Network”

  41. Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

    Hi Greg

    Another murderous lunatic being nominated for the Nobel peace prize.
    This really made my weekend!


  42. NC Gal

    Greg, thank you for a great WNW! You were at the top of your form and I found myself laughing out loud more than once, even though the subjects you talked about were somewhat grim in their prospects. You somehow managed to find the sweet spot between humor and serious concern. Good job!

  43. Your fan in Japan

    Go get ’em Greg. I’m still your #1 Fan in Japan. Love your interviews AND your WNWs. May I humbly request something because I don’t see it anywhere on your site. COuld you disclose your source of funding? I mean is it all donation, any corporate support? just a man doing this out of the goodness of his heart? Let us know.

    • Greg Hunter

      I started the site on a shoestring and I was the funder. I have Google adds. I also sell adds on my own but none are big corporate sponsors.

  44. paul

    At the beginning of Greg’s commentary he shows the Battle Flag of The Iraqi Army … smart people those Iraqi’s … they are not brainwashed to “die for their country” by their immoral politicians who have ulterior personal profit motives for war … if only the rest of the nations of the world raised the “same” Battle Flag … we could have peace on Earth for the next 1000 years and Jesus (the son of Satan as the Vatican calls him) won’t need to return to bring peace to the world!

    • paul

      The Vatican has actually built a telescope in Arizona to look for the coming of Lucifer … like we don’t have enough evil on Earth already with politicians looking for every excuse to start a war? … You know if these loony tune US politicians had half a brain they would simply declare the Ukraine to be the 51st State of the United States and make the Vice President’s son the Governor of this new State in the Union … that should get a nuclear war started real quick … just in time for Jesus (the son of Lucifer according to the Vatican) to look favorably upon his worshipers!! … may the “real” God of Heaven please help us!!!

  45. southern girl

    A friend just sent me this clip. Having lived overseas in a Muslim country I know, they don’t screw their heads on like we do here in the western world.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXodRLLkth4&feature=youtu.be

  46. April Gardner

    The IMF published on May 8th that the 14th rules were approved, and that took years. These resulted in China surpassing most in voting weight but the IMF instituted their own form of Jim Crow Laws and put China at the back of the bus. Quote:” Basic votes are calculated as a fixed percentage (5.502 percent) of total votes (provided there are no fractional votes) as per the Voice and Participation amendment. ” I would be building islands in the South China Sea, too.
    They all go to Lima the first week of October. However, the real public deadline is December 15th. Verify IMF website. I see the posturing as stating give us the votes or we dump bonds. The IMF can approve and then issue an edict from the BoGs to limit. I believe the Chinese Yuan will double, imports up by 50%, and America…North American Union tumbles fast. Remember…Canada is Britain.
    Buy what you need. The IMF deadline is 12/15/15 for new changes. They will be currency therefore life altering.

  47. Grafique

    Greg, I’m going to keep suggesting Christian author Tom Horn as a guest until you pull the plug on me.
    Although he won’t bring any economic insight, he has fascinating things to say about where society is heading.
    He predicted the ***very meaningful*** retirement of Pope Benedict when any rational man would have called it nonsense.
    skywatchtv.com is his website.

  48. Mike from the North

    Lets us never forget the following…..

    Seldom are things as they appear to be.

    It should also be remembered that it is getting more difficult each day to pull the wool over the eyes of the world.

    STAGING should be kept as a function of preparing your house to sell.

    Staging events to distract the masses is a dying strategy.

    Truth does eventually ALWAYS come to the surface.

    • M. Dundee

      Hey, Mike up yonder,

      So What Is Truth?”

      THAT question was cynically posed to Jesus by the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate. He was not interested in an answer, and Jesus did not give him one. Perhaps Pilate viewed truth as too elusive to grasp.—John 18:38.

      This disdainful attitude toward truth is shared by many today, including religious leaders, educators, and politicians. They hold that truth—especially moral and spiritual truth—is not absolute but relative and ever changing. This, of course, implies that people can determine for themselves what is right and what is wrong. (Isaiah 5:20, 21) It also allows people to reject as out-of-date the values and moral standards held by past generations.

      The statement that prompted Pilate’s question is worth noting. Jesus had said: “For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth.” (John 18:37) Truth to Jesus was no vague, incomprehensible concept. He promised his disciples: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”—John 8:32.

      Where can such truth be found? On one occasion, Jesus said in prayer to God: “Your word is truth.” (John 17:17) The Bible, written under divine inspiration, reveals truth that provides both reliable guidance and a sure hope for the future—everlasting life.—2 Timothy 3:15-17.

      Pilate indifferently rejected the opportunity to learn such truth. What about you?

  49. Thomas j harmon

    Greg good afternoon it’s Saturday I don’t want to be negative but as a country Greg we are in serious trouble, take where I live in Burbank California and we have the city of LA their sole purpose is to import poor people into the state we have 20 million undocumented Hispanic people living in the state of California how was that beneficial to me and all the text Paving citizens of America , we have to feed them give them housing free schooling free healthcare and a welfare check , The official figures says illegal immigration cost us 25 billion a year in the state of California so you could probably double that, Greg we need engineers doctors and nurses scientists people that can invent something ,we don’t need any more poor people please The only people that gain from poor people is the Democratic Party with voting that it .this statement is not in anyway racial or negative it’s the absolute truth of what’s going on in California. We have no water in California are these politicians are planning a bullet train to San Francisco where nobody goes in the first place oh we are planning an NFL stadium to.it’s almost too stupid to be stupid . It’s like I’m shaking my head over here in Burbank California . Thomas justin Harmon . PS thank God for Greg Hunter’

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank God to you and for all the folks who support USAWatchdog.com.

  50. Thomas j harmon

    Sorry for the bad grammar Siri is acting up

  51. Your fan in Japan

    Thanks for explaining your funding. Then it is true- you are a nice guy doing this out of the goodness of his heart. That’s what I wanted to believe. Now I can. Now that we’ve got that settled. Let’s go get ’em together! Saddle up. We ride at daybreak. Yee-hah!

  52. Rayster

    FALSE FLAGS Towards a Militarized Police State in America? Explosive New Revelations over “Jade Helm 15 Exercise” and Potential False Flags | May 31, 2015 – See more at:


  53. Rayster

    NSA Forced to Stop Spying on Americans by Monday LOL!

    After all the outrage and controversy since Edward Snowden made the program known to the world, the bulk collection of US phone records will cease as of 5pm (East Coast) on June 1st. After the NSA did not petition the secretive FISA Court for a 90-day extension, the nearly 14-year run of the hugely contentious metadata dragnet has finally met its demise. – See more at: http://thephaser.com/2015/05/nsa-forced-to-stop-spying-on-americans-by-monday/#sthash.e0i9Oj7p.dpuf

  54. Rayster

    Sorry try this one; NSA Forced to Stop Spying on Americans by Monday LOL!


  55. Rayster

    WW3 Ukraine- Nazi’s Target American Journalist in Donbass: George Eliason

    May 31, 2015

    [Editor’s note: We find this deeply disturbing. The number of journalists killed in Ukraine alone is a testament to the ever-growing corporate owned, propaganda, Mocking Bird media that has overtaken truthful, honest, accurate and unbiased reporting that once was the flag-ship of this profession. Please see our Mission Statement.
    We are very concerned not only about the safety of George Eliason, but also about the safety of Graham Phillips a British journalist who has been covering Donbass and Paula Slier, a South African journalist, both of whom have had their lives threatened and stand the chance of being assassinated as have so many others in Ukraine today. By sharing this article and making them household names, we might be able to contribute towards their safety in some small measure.]

    Preface from Washington’s Blog: We are not pro-Russian. We think Putin can be an ass, and we are appalled by Russia’s crackdown on human rights. We are Americans who are pro-truth. And we follow the truth wherever it leads.

    by George Eliason, Washington’s Blog:
    Journalists are seldom the story and they shouldn’t be. The Ukrainian war is unfortunately changing that. Starting last year in Donbass, the world got a taste of what it’s like when Ukraine’s army actively hunts journalists down. This is what happened to Andrei Stenin among many other Russian journalists.
    If American journalists are publishing in America or worldwide markets are they legitimate targets in a war? Can Ukraine arrest American journalists writing in publications outside of Ukraine in the English language?
    Can a private US citizen use another country’s military or “spy agency” to target anyone including other Americans?
    It’s not hypothetical. It’s happening to me right now.
    I have received a lot of communications about what I write concerning the war here. When you consider this one, think about what it means if you live in any country that prides itself on human rights, dignity, and freedoms.

    – See more at: http://thephaser.com/2015/05/ukraine-nazis-target-american-journalist-in-donbass-george-eliason/#sthash.whHXQ623.dpuf

    • Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

      Thank you for sharing this link.
      It confirms many of my suspicions regarding the false narrative that has been emanating about the Ukraine situation.
      This misinformation also involves the coverup of the murder of the hundreds of innocent people on MH17.

  56. Cryptic Little Sister

    If you are looking at China as a stand alone power, you are looking in the wrong direction. You are not being allowed to see certain things that will become apparent to you in the coming two years. The view of people here that see China and Russia as being “against” the U.S. or NATO or the “Big Banks” or any of that is exactly a false image of the world. You are looking at a mirror image of your own desires.

    There isn’t going to be an economic “collapse.”

    Be careful with “debt” numbers. They are not what you think they are. Again, you are not being allowed to see what is really going on.

    • Greg Hunter

      So, here is you chance to tell us what is really going on. You have the floor.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        You only get so many chances to tell the truth, and then no more.

        You have to figure it out on your own without me giving you the amswer.

        Here is a clue: why did Putin go the United Nations in 2013? Do you really believe that Russia is isolated? In the mirror everything appears reversed.

        • Greg Hunter

          You said, “You have to figure it out on your own without me giving you the answer.” The only reason you would say that is so you can keep playing your sick little game. Game over.

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            It is no game Greg. Enjoy the chains of ignorance. I know what you want to know.

            • Greg Hunter

              So, let me get this straight, I’m supposed to let you continue to spew nonsense where the meaning of what you say is known only to you? Then, when I ask you to be specific you say “Enjoy the chains of ignorance.” That’s rich. If you know something, then say it without the riddles, or stop commenting here. Your comments are a waste of time and a little creepy.

  57. paul

    Did anyone hear from the Center of News Control … that the CDC … the Center for Disease Control … recently exposed not only us ordinary Americans (in seven States) but even members of its own staff (in Atlanta) and military personnel to another round of anthrax biological agents that are extremely dangerous … this is the second time in a year a supposed “inactive” anthrax bacteria has been released “accidentally” across America (to seven States) … this Out of Control “Center for Disease” should be shut down and quarantined … the reason the politicians won’t shut it down is because they want a weapon in their pocket they can use “for mass murder” that can’t be easily pinned on them “for being used” … like say a nuclear weapon that has obvious “political consequences” for them. 

    Although the Pentagon is attempting to downplay the risks to their employees … by calmly saying “we have found no evidence that the public health was put at risk from the shipments of lethal anthrax bacteria to seven states” … the shipment to 7 States of a deadly biological agent is not “sufficient evidence” that the public health was put at risk??? … all the people who handled the samples in the US “are currently being given emergency treatment.for exposure” to this very highly lethal anthrax biological agent.

    This is “the second” high-profile anthrax case in the US in less than a year … is it because the Ebola virus didn’t work its magic? … how much evil do these people have to do … to prove to their God (Satan) they are on his side?? … this Center for Disease “is a laboratory of evil” whose intent and focus is to create a means to quickly annihilate humanity without political consequences! … and the “hilarious thing about it to the politicians” … is that the people to be exterminated are the ones being taxed to fund their own death! … can’t fault the politicians for laughing … it is kind of funny … isn’t it! … Ha Ha Ha  … so lets root for them trying again for a “third release” this year … ha ha ha … and when it finally works as planned … clunk ( the good fun and laughter will stop as we’ll all be as dead as a door nails)!!

  58. Mario G.

    Nobody knows what was discussed at the meeting between John Kerry and Vladimir Putin. When politicians have secret meetings, they are probably plotting something against the people. The people should wake up and speak out against all those secret meetings. Journalists should be allowed to attend those meetings.

  59. NC Gal

    Greg, this will probably not be seen by many people because I am posting it on Sunday afternoon, but since you read every post, I wanted to post it anyway because of how it ties in to a comment you made in an earlier WNW, regarding California investing in a high-speed rail system (and a huge sports stadium) instead of directing resources toward addressing the drought and water supply issues.

    There apparently is an official program called America 2050 (http://www.america2050.org/) created by the Obama administration. (FWIW, apparently one of its architects is someone who was a community planner in Chicago during Obama’s developmental years there.) The article on the front page (http://www.america2050.org/2014/06/record-of-decision-issued-for-california-high-speed-rail.html#more) is about the role the high speed rail systems will play in California, dragging out the usual themes of job creation, environmental benefits, etc.

    However, it doesn’t stop there. These high-speed rail systems (one part of the overall America 2050 plan) are directly connected to the Megacity approach (http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/08/27/the-nightmarish-megacities-of-the-near-future/) and its associated elimination of around 244,000,000 Americans from the general population. It ought to gladden Gina’s heart to see her heroine portrayed on this page with a CFR background, “as if to signal her allegiance to their globalist goals.” (such as Agenda 21).

    Hodges links Jade Helm to this depopulation agenda (http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/05/30/jade-helms-role-in-the-90-reduction-in-us-population-as-predicted-by-the-cia-and-the-obama-administration/) and the observation about Deagel playing both sides of the game seems well supported.

    This article about Jade Helm (http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/05/31/jade-helm-offical-reveals-true-purposes-of-jh-15-this-is-a-must-read/) seems to indicate that DEA involvement in Jade Helm might indicate a plan for actions [false flag?] against ISIS groups said to be gathering at the southern Texas border. That particular connecting of the dots would explain to me why ALL of the closed Wal-Mart stores are spread across the southern part of this country.

    BTW, here’s an interesting, FACTUAL article about the Wal-Mart closings that indicates they are now shown on Google as being permanently closed and suggests that the 60 days’ pay given to the 2,200 laid off workers was an attempt to circumvent the WARN act: http://www.lonniewest.com/?p=1121.

    I don’t generally follow Hodges at all, but much of what he says in these articles is supported by actual facts and America 2050 is a clear plan to implement Agenda 21 in this country. The 2050 part of the name indicates the target year for all of it to be completed and in place.

  60. Gertie

    Larry Kudlow May 30th,

    Larry has a hard time putting lipstick on the pig this week!

    Jim Paulsen and Andrew Busch reveal the velocity of the money supply does not lie, take cover correction incoming!

    http://www.stationcaster.com/player_skinned.php?s=1251&c=6381&f=4436873 go past 40 to skip

  61. Dean Steeves


    If I may I would like to make one small correction to your belief that debt is a liability.

    Under the body of law we know as Bankruptcy a liability can and is sold as an asset so in a sense they are correct; however, what they do not say is why it is and that of course is because we (US) are in Bankruptcy and have been for some time now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, but you made my point. When it is sold, then it was a liability that helped cause a bankruptcy. That is a liability in its purest form.

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