World in the Process of Bankrupting – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter says, “nothing is getting better” and points out the proof is everywhere that we are clearly headed for a financial calamity, the likes of which we have never seen before.  Holter, who is also a precious metals broker, is seeing a big pick-up in business because big money is looking for a place to hide in the physical world.  Holter explains, “We are getting more orders and larger orders.  I think this is natural because I think people know something is wrong, and when something is wrong, you want to get defensive.  I think people are finally making the connection the world is in the process of bankrupting, and you want your capital in something that cannot bankrupt.  By definition, that is gold and silver.”

Holter says evil is trying to take over everywhere.  Holter contends, “The consensus is the fact that we have a 2nd Amendment and we still have guns here is the only reason they have not snapped the trap shut yet.  The United States is ‘the last bastion.’  Just look at Australia.  Look at New Zealand.  Look at Canada.  Look at Britain.  Can you have guns there?  No, they have taken them away.  What did they do?  They forced the population into lockdown.  They forced the population to get the jab.  The result is you are going to see the West vastly depopulated and degraded in the next 1, 2 or 5 years.  They have total control over their population.  Whereas, that is not the case yet in the U.S.”

Holter has long said when the overloaded debt system breaks, it will break “fast and ugly.”  “Credit will dry up overnight,” and “The world runs on credit,” according to Holter.  His math shows a dark time ahead even for the prepared.  Holter explains, “All you have to do is wake up in the morning and read the news, and you know it has gotten worse than the day before.  That’s day after day.  I have talked about ‘Mad Max’ for several years.  When I first started talking about it, I got all kinds of grief, and they called me a nut case.  It is certainly looking more and more now as the likely scenario.  It just goes back to the West and, including China, it is not in the West, but it too is extremely levered (or indebted).  When you over-lever a financial system, you over-lever an economy.  At some point, the only thing that can happen is something bad.  It’s either default or hyperinflation of the currency to pay the debt back.  As far as timing, I would be shocked if we make it through the end of this year and people would still consider the system normal.”

When the system does break, that’s when it turns “ugly.”  Holter explains, “As far as how are things going to work when this thing goes down?  My question would be is anything going to work?  Will your bank be open?  Will your broker be open?  Will there be a store open or a restaurant or any place to buy goods?  That gets back to Jim Sinclair’s ‘Get out of the System’ (GOTS).  Become your own central banker.  Stock up on the things you think you are going to need.  Is it going to last two weeks or two years?  It could last two years.  One thing for sure, our life in the United States is going to be drastically changed to a lower standard of living. . . . You are watching the breakdown in real time.”

There is much more in the 41 min interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter of for 8.20.22.

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  1. John

    Bill has great insight . Fiat currency is finished . No purchasing power left regardless the currency you’re holding . Here in the UK inflation is over 10% and climbing but the sheep just accept it. Very little purchase precious metals . Most just wear it around their neck as jewellery in the UK. Only the savvy buy bullion . We cannot wake up here especially with the clot shot. So many have taken it . God help us when this financial crash and depopulation starts . The worrying thing is that Deagle estimated a 46 million die off by 2025 in the UK, along with Clif High prediction of a billion plus worldwide . Just prepare the best you can and hold on tight. Thank you Greg . Best interviewer !

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      The problem you’re going to run into with bullion in the UK is the taxman—“There’s one for you, 19 for me.” Silver shoots up to £1,000? Nice. Only the government will take £950 when you go to sell. It’ll be the same here in the United States. We’re getting 87,000 new IRS agents who, as a job qualification, must be ready to kill us. The only difference between the UK and the US: you might get a fight here in the US with 393 million guns in private hands.

      • The Seer

        Some states have authorized metal use as money so cannot be taxed including in the constitution. There is probably a case that already challenged this or will be.
        New Zealand does not have capital gains but GST tax I think would be required unless private exchange/sale.

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          When did the IRS ever follow the Constitution? Gold and Silver are currently categorized as “collectibles” (not money) and taxed at a 28% long-term capital gains rate.

          • Faith

            The taxable rate varies but in essence you are correct.

            Anyone that invests in gold or silver should be aware that they will be taxed upon the sale of their PMs.

            A windfall profits tax is always possible, as well. The US did that to oil in the 1980s.

            • Chip

              Unfortunately I lost all my gold and silver in a boating accident… Chip

          • Free_Loader

            Junk silver and silver eagles are considered legal tender, to this day. Obviously their worth in silver is much more than their face value, but they’re legal tender nonetheless.

            • Pedro Bossio

              Article 1 Section 10. for it not to be they’ll have to change the constitution, same goes for ‘cashless’ plans.

        • Better Chetter

          Constitution also says only Treasury can print currency, yet we all know that a foreign company does that. Constitutional law is dead, unless it serves the purpose of the PTB.

          • Moe Langowitz

            Not true. The constitution states the treasury has control of coinage. That’s the reason why coins only are made buy the government and paper is controled by the fed. The founding fathers evidently didn’t put much thought in to the fact that cash would dominate in modern times.

        • Bob

          I nz there is no gst on bullion. There is no capital gains on bullion either if you hold it for 5 years or more. No need to even report the sale. The 5 years should be one year or less but I can live with it. There is no sales tax of any kind on bullion. In the uk it’s hardly worth buying to speculate.

      • tim mcgraw

        Cheri Rodriquez: Find a merchant from India in your town. They will probably barter their goods for silver and gold coins.

        • stanley skrzypek

          Tim….you are right….I showed a Silver Eagle to my local Gas Station Indian and got back a BIG SMILE….so i know i will have Gasoline for a Long time to come…

      • Earth Angel

        My feeling is thet when the final collapse finally does hit- there won’t BE any of the current criminal syndicate government left to collect the taxes.. Why would there be? Whose going to pay these 100,ooo’s of thousands of tax collectors everywhere to collect the taxes?.. How?.. with what? In a complete collapse of society I think they’ll all be gone too. We can only HOPE SO! : )

        • Bob

          They will just get a cut of what they collect and become even more motivated.

        • Shiloh1

          Amen Earth Angel!

      • Shirl

        “John” You forgot to mention “its all Trump’s fault.” from your previous nonsense that you failed to back up on that when challenged, What happened?

        • Janet

          What John forgot to mention was that months before the release of the Covid bio-weapon – Trump signed Executive Order 13887 (which linked Public Health to National Security for the WEF Globalists) so that the coming “jab” Could be Mandated upon the American People at Warp Speed by the Military – thus – Trump is the Father of the WEF Globalists “extermination program” now killing millions – I personally won’t vote for Trump (even if he now says he was duped into doing it) because this man is just “too dumb” or “evil” – whether he was he used by the Globalists because he was dumb or he was consciously their evil “hatchet-man” – Trump was the one who implemented “Medical Marshal Law for the WEF Globalists” (before Covid was even released) – if Trump didn’t sign Executive Order 13887 – the Plandemic “could not have gone forward with such genocidal effectiveness – and “Millions of Lives Would Have Been Saved” – go to 38.50 in the following post for even more information –

          • jr

            lets the hildebeast slide, appoints wilber, barr .sessiions, rosenstein etc and etc,12 meeings with kissinger in the white house, let mandates in ocare remain law, what did anyone expect would happen – he’s a paid actor like all the rest – listen to his recitation of the snake again -watch his “escalator ride” exactly like ihe simpsons – what serious patriot would do any of this

          • Shirl

            Hello Janet and “the right John”,

            Those unsourced claims from David Knight who is still Butt Hurt for being FIRED from The Alex Jones Show – for the same reason – screeching to the skies based on unfounded allegations and assumptions…are nothing new and you know what they say about ASS u Me ing things, right?

            Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I do want to hear from President Trump from his perspective, however, for the sake of those still wondering or having Q’s regarding the wild accusations being floated about on the inter-webs, they deserve to be demolished exactly in the same way with the TRUTH like ALL of the other unfounded Insanities & ALL of the Other FALSE Stories of the past 6 Years that we have heard and still do that come from the same Legacy Media, DemonRats, RINO’S, and too of course those kooky proven liars they got to swear under oath during the 1-6 SHAM Committee……INNOCENT until Proven GUILTY…

            I would only ask that we ALL remember the US Constitution & The Bill Of Rights and hope that we adhere to our long held & fought for Juris Prudence. We all would want the presumption of innocence applied to us if the shoe were on the other foot with a chance to rebut accusations etc, wouldn’t we? I know I sure would and to hell w/what the COMMIE STALINIST FAKE NEWS BUTT HURT MARXISTS Screeching all together say. They can kiss my grits!

            And Last but not least, to todays John. I’m sorry John if you are not the RIGHT John from the previous Watchdog report I referred to above. That other “John” accused Trump of having “conned” us or me specifically on the jab despite the many facts to the contrary… Look at the previous report to get the gist of the setting there. I apologize, again, to the one John but, not to the other 🙂 and I hope you will accept my apology.

            • Janet

              Un-sourced Claims?? – Is Executive Order 13887 an un-sourced claim??? – Trump was the one who allowed Big Pharma to put Self- Assembling Clot Circuits into our bodies –

              • Greg Hunter

                It was way more than one EO that caused the genocide CV19 vax evil. It was a series of laws including some parts of Obama Car that are to get the lion’s share of blame.

                • Janet

                  Yes – All these men will be judged (likely by the huge numbers of people they got away with killing) – when we judge Stalin and Hitler “we compare the number of people they killed” (not the good things they did for their economy) – so what will come out of this massive tale of horror created by the Covid “killer jab” – we are likely going to find that even more innocent people will be killed by the “jab” then by Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot combined!!!
                  Mao Zedong is the current “mass murdering champion” – he outdid both Hitler and Stalin during his his Great Leap Forward (killing upwards of 45 million people) making it the biggest episode of mass murder ever recorded in world history (until the Trump/Biden “Covid jab era”)!!

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Sadly, Janet, I think you are going to be correct. In America alone 599 million shots were given and that means many got 2 shots and at least one booster. What a record!!

                  • Shirl

           possibly Lez Cheney,
                    Here’s the “judgement” that the American People have that never have been more eager for President Trump’s return:


              • Shirl

                Janet that’s a bunch of loose conjecture…get a clue, the Dims and RINO’S will do anything to prevent Trump from running again:


              • Shirl

                Hello Janet,
                Everyone can read that you are upset…the mistake you are making, however, is in your misplacing of blame…that EO you cite as somehow being proof in no way means what you claim it means. You completely misconstrue the meaning.

                Now, I’ve asked this Q in various ways several times before and have yet to receive an answer from any of the loons that make the same claims: >>>If you ordered a well done steak in a restaurant with baked potato, fresh salad with a side of Garlic Bread, with an Iced tea to drink and the waiter returned sometime later with a raw fish head in a soupy mess instead, would you blame yourself for order? <<<

                Loose conjecture tied together with Lez Cheney SILLY Slip Knots is all you offer as proof? Geesh…

                I have to wonder, is that you Lez Cheney? Or Schiffty Schiff? Or Obozo? Or perhaps Hellery? Maybe you are AG Garland?
                We all know that the loons are crawling around in the lowest of mud puddles below a snakes belly in trying to drag the country down along with them to GET TRUMP because he has been 100% Right, not perfect though because no one has been perfect since Jesus Christ Walked the Earth over 2000 Years ago,…they know it too and more importantly We The People know it.

                The LIES, FALSE Accusations along with ALL the rest of it never Stop…but, that's really a good thing because the USA and the World Needs a Purging of the Criminals who expose themselves…their GAS LIGHTING Blame Game that is cast upon others including President Trump for what they themselves are GUILTY of has never been more clear. It's the Desperate Panic that is the tell…

            • Paul

              If Bill Holter is worried about not being able to use your broker why is he investing in the gold company in Africa, r gold and silver stocks different from having cash in the bank when the system comes down?I am invested in mining company’s should I sell and buy gold and silver bullion?

              • Free_Loader

                Holter is part owner of a mining company with mines in Tanzania. The way I understand it, is if the banks go down, you won’t be able to pull your funds from anywhere -not your checking, not your brokerage, not your 401k. Owning mining shares is nothing more than a paper IOU which in a crash will be meaningless. Add to that, that most likely after the crash all US mining corporations will be nationalized. In that regard, the idea is to be self-sufficient by owning actual metal in hand vs. stocks or SLV or anything else. Owning metal in hand takes your money out of the system and into your own possession.

          • Free_Loader

            Janet doesn’t understand the options that were faced by Trump: 1) keep the country on lockdown for 7-12 years with no option to refuse the jab thereafter, or 2) Op Warpspeed AND you can volunteer for the jab. Seems like #2 was the right call. You may not like it, but given the alternative (which fortunately didn’t play out), this was the better deal by Trump.

            • Janet

              No Free-Loader – Trump had the goods on Hillary (yet did nothing about it) – Trump Had The Documents Containing Evidence That Hillary Tortured And Ate Children – but “instead of putting her in prison” he probably tried to use it as blackmail to keep the Deep State from going after him and some of his dirty dealings – Hillary not wanting to have someone with such power over her lashed out with constant attacks against Trump (even now sending her FBI Gestapo on a raid of Trumps home to retrieve the documents and affidavits that implicate her in Satanic Rituals – where she (and other politicians) participated in child murder and cannibalism as presented in the following post –

              • Shirl

                The POTUS is not a KING that has the sole right to order around arrests of even those who everyone assumes are GUILTY as SIN.
                America is a Constitutional Republic that is supposed to operate and be guided by The Rule Of Law, NOT by a single person. Study up on history and get back to us afterwards, Thanx.

                • Janet

                  You mean like the fake Rules of Law Biden and the FBI are using against Trump “to lock him up”??? – or the real Rule of Law “that will put Trump in jail” (if he ever admits to the deaths he caused by approving the “jab”)? – Trump “better not admit to anything” if he does not want to be found guilty before a Nuremberg Tribunal (because just following Fauci’s Orders – will not be a valid excuse)!!!

            • PersonaNonGrata

              “1) keep the country on lockdown for 7-12 years . . .”
              While the population at large was disappointingly compliant at the start of lockdown/s – on the back of an unprecedentedly massive psychological propaganda campaign – it’s a stretch to imagine people would have continued to comply (to lockdown) for “7-12 years”. The argument that ‘Warp Speed’ saved the nation from a worse fate is hypothetical, at best.

              P.S. My comment is not intended to be pro or anti Trump. Like all Presidents before him, he did good things, inexplicable things, and bad things – depending on your point of view. Leaders are seldom universally popular. As a putative candidate for the presidency in 2024, his current stance re the Cv-19 vaxx is, to say the least, baffling . . .

            • Shirl

              Hello Free_Loader,

              Yes, indeed I agree “Janet” there above is missing much as you point out and MORE as she erroneously assumes blanket guilt by association to anybody and everybody with 10 feet to it. She doesn’t grasp the fact that the true intent was not known to 99.9% of those surrounding it who were honestly doing their job trying to help including President Trump.

              The responsibility is on those that designed it, NOT on those that believed in what they doing to HELP MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

              YUGE DIFFERENCE.

              This should be OBVIOUS and is to those without Trump Derangement Syndrome or to those with a little understanding of what goes on in complex projects especially of those that would be anywhere close to this caliber..

              NOT all involved, even in the manufacture… could possibly be guilty of some massive Genocidal Worldwide Plot where they all knew what the other was doing.. The complexities involved during manufacture require the purposeful necessary compartmentalization needed to complete such a massive scale product where separation of responsibilities would be needed to complete it. Most everyone involved would NOT be aware of what one speciality was doing or even how they were connected or for what purpose, again, for the end product. I mean the stretch and conflation she holds onto is completely unfounded. She sits out on the end of an impossibly thin and brittle BLAME GAME branch of implausibility that doesn’t add up in fantasies or in real life.

          • Chris

            For what it’s worth Janet, Australia has the Biosecurity Act, Section 472, which empowers the federal “Health Minister” to override parliament, even his own cabinet, and any other laws, and to mandate whatever he/she decides is needed to handle a “pandemic”. Powers Hitler would be jealous of. Whoever is ruling us it’s not our elected representatives. They are mere sock puppets. Governments are at war with their peoples and it’s clear these people have become psychotic. How or why is beyond me but it’s plain to see.

            • Janet

              I agree Chris!!

          • Free_Loader

            The vaccine was never mandated as per EUA, which made it entirely voluntary. Had Trump NOT done what he did you would still be in lockdown mode waiting for the “approved” vaccine with door-to-door vaccination campaigns to reclaim freedom to go outside. Your commentary was short sighted and erroneous.

        • The right "John"

          Thanks for a positive comment “Shrill”. Who mentioned Trump anyway in a previous post and what troll stone did you crawl out from. Please tell me that you’ve had the vax so the world will be a better place. So many sponge brains now, it’s so funny to see these idiots act a normal life with this toxin in their body. You’ve got 3 years max on this planet , make the most of it before the spike protein takes hold.

          • Tracey Graf

            I agree that the IRS 87,000 new employees will be like Nazi Brown Shirts. Scary stuff. Our only hope is in God.

            Thx Greg for bringing us the truth. God bless you.

            • Free_Loader

              Bix Weir did a reading with Jenny Moonstone on the IRS subject, and she reported that it’s nothing but a facade (these IRS agents). They’re just trying to push as much fear as possible

      • Ron

        Cheri, if you buy Gold or Silver Britannias in the UK they are Legal Tender from the Royal Mint and not subject to any taxes except for 20% VAT (purchase tax) on silver due to its Industrial uses.

      • Tinfoilhatted canuck

        I would humbly suggest one would need to learn how to operate without detection in an underground economy scenario.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Cheri,
        In the U.K. there is no CGT (Capital Gains Tax) on coin of the realm, including gold and silver bullion coins. So, provided people in the U.K. have acquired British sovereigns* and/or Britannias* then they are exempt from tax on any gain in value. There is V.A.T. (Value Added Tax) – currently 20% – to pay on the purchase price of silver, including coins of the realm, but sellers can recoup this if they sell to another private buyer**.

        *Sovereigns and Britannias can be acquired in multiples, such as double-sovereigns, or fractions, such as one tenth ounce Britannias, and all are exempt from CGT for U.K. taxpayers.
        **Since all private buyers have to pay dealers V.A.T. on silver, the tax inclusive price is THE retail price. Private sellers, selling to private buyers, can demand a V.AT. inclusive selling price, and there is no requirement for the private seller to pay the tax element to Customs & Excise.

      • Zach

        Hi Greg,

        You always ask how much over spot it costs to buy gold or silver. Bill Holter said $15 over spot you buy a Liberty silver. Can you ask them how much one can sell a silver Liberty on the market for to a dealer?

        Thanks Zach

    • don

      Just a side note. I am rewatching the last Nenner invterview and have a comment on the plannedemic.

      Nenner is working on ‘natural’ cycles. There is nothing natural about the bioweapon. The great die off is happening now and speeding up.

      Second; 14 yr of inflation? Again, this is not a ‘natural’ business cycle, nor has anything on a world wide level like this happened before. I think there will be ‘inflation’ in the sense that people won’t part with rare and valuable things, like potatoes for ‘money’. But there will also be a huge deflation because of the collapse and die off. If 2 billion people die, there will be a lot of empty dwellings around.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi don,
        Good thinking . . .

  2. Skip Walton

    The drunken sailor analogy isn’t quite accurate. When drunken sailors run out of money they STOP spending.
    Congress just keeps going.

    • stanley skrzypek

      I was a Drunken Sailor…..and to compare me to the CONgress is an Insult to the Highest Degree…….

  3. al Hall

    THE COMMENTS ON 87,00 NEW IRS AGENT TO GO ALONG WITH 78,000 already there, plus 5 million rounds of ammo and thousands of automatic weapons is frightening. This is the Obama”s army he said he wanted outside the military. Biden isn’t in charge, it’s Obama and his gang of thugs behind the curtain! I got this info from the inside!!


    • Stinking Bull

      That is NOT accurate. The dumbesick army consists of infer guard citizen corps antifa BLM, and a few others that do really nasty things to good people using chemicals like morgellons slurry. All these fingers answer to the same handlers organized by the fusion centers. If you are vocal republican they most certainly already have you under surveilance and know everything about you. They were doxing people and their homes ten years ago. Look up the term TARGETED INDIVIDUAL, because that is what is going on. Its just a matter of what level a person is on.
      Attached find a brief description of what is going on….

      • AL


    • City-Wide-Clyde

      Stock up on what you can now.
      You can do it.

      Thank you Bill and Greg.

  4. Marie Joy

    Bill Holter, my favorite.

    • Brooklyn

      Marie Joy,

      Without a doubt. Bill Holter, has one of the sharpest minds of all Greg Hunter’s guests. When Bill says, “Buckle Up!” we should be hearing nuttin’ but seatbelt clickin’!
      Oh, and Gold and Silver buys…;)

      • Beverly

        I agree with Marie Joy, Brooklyn and SO many others. I have always listened carefully to Bill Holter and knew that what he said was the truth. Gerald Celente is another great source, along with Alex Newman and Cliff High. Thank you Greg for ALL you do for the United States and the people of the world in general. We should all be as supportive as we can because Greg and so many others are sacrificing to stick their necks out to inform us.

      • Ryan Carter

        I miss Rob Kirby and his assessment. RIP Rob

  5. Werner Strohmaier

    you really need to provide closed captions.

    you are ignoring a huge number of potential viewers.

    • Charles


    • stanley skrzypek

      I understood 100% of what was said…..something is wrong with you….How do YOU know who will stop listening or not?……I say this with all due respect.

      • wayne hardin

        Closed captions are for people that cant hear well or deaf .

        Wayne Hardin

    • Laura Sodders

      Use the Google Chrome browser (I know, Google stinks) and it provides closed captions on the fly. That’s how I follow these conversations.

  6. Bryce DeBorde

    Today in my little town we celebrated Vietnam veterans as well as other veterans. We had a huge flag flying over Memorial park which was dedicated during WWII.
    As I walked around, everyone happy, vendors selling, good old fashioned Americans enjoying a near end of summer weekend.
    As my wife and I and the grandkids walked away, I was thinking to myself. Will this be the last celebration here in my town ‘Woodland Park, Co’?
    My family has served and fought in every war, including the civil war, and it was brother against brother, including my family at that time.
    Bill said it right however.
    Todays America is not the same, the adversity and drive is gone.
    If what is being predicted truly is coming, We need a come to Jesus movement fast, or we will never survive what they have long planned.
    God Bless America, and God Bless you Greg and your family !

    • Os

      Bryce, Jesus is on His way. I mean you can hear His footsteps. Just a little more patience.

    • tim mcgraw

      Bryce DeBorde: Why do you celebrate Vietnam Veterans and all the wars? Your family sounds like the one Lieutenant Dan belonged to in “Forrest Gump”.
      I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have to pay for those wars. If I didn’t have to go through the military draft lottery for Vietnam (slavery for those who were drafted).
      And all those wounded veterans and broken families from those wars. I see nothing to celebrate there.
      Your comment just made me sad more than anything. No doubt the wars will continue and your family will fight in them or ‘serve’ in them. And I’ll be one of the millions who will pay for them.
      For what? God and Country? I don’t see it now and never have.

      • Shiloh1

        In the mid 1960s there was a globe in my third grade classroom. I couldn’t find ‘Vietnam’ anywhere, but there was a place called ‘French Indo-China’. That’s all one needs to know to know it was -ed up.

      • Sam

        There goes SAD Timmy a California dreamer hating & disparaging Veterans with another cheap shot….he who hasn’t tried that WOKETARDED Crapola in person for good reason, and he knows it…please, spare us your WARPED WOKE ideology….AGAIN.

        • stanley skrzypek

          SAM,….You just said what I was Steaming about….this guy Tim is a quack…..he sounds like the lefty commie pinko’s that spew that BS…….He is Very DISlikeable…..

          • tim mcgraw

            stanley skrzpek; You and Sam attack my character and make assumptions about my political beliefs. You don’t refute my arguments. You are not debating me, just attacking me.
            This is an old trick by people on the losing side of an argument.

          • Paul

            Hi Stanley,
            We reveal most about ourselves how we speak of others. Regarding Michigan, heil whitmer , comment about not living in Michigan.

            Next time you go the store please thank our people for producing your food for you, maybe the transportation to get there and most likely the lumber and Portland cement in your dwelling.
            You seriously need to think before you shoot-your mouth.

            If you want to be close to source of food, water and raw minerals Michigan is the place
            Not Detroit.

            #1 in nation in
            Black bean, cranberry beans, small red beans, Bush beans, asparagus, potatoes for potato chips, cucumbers for pickles, squash, tart cherries, apples for pies, Kellogg cereals,
            #2 for all dry beans
            #3 blueberries, salt
            All eggs in McDonald’s restaurant’s east of the Mississippi come from Michigan.
            Worlds largest cement plant to name a few facts.
            Besides an ocean of fresh water.

            These people will outlast, outwork and out camp about anybody. Like our Canadian brethren we are the human polar bears of the north
            Think before you downgrade others , we are in this together.
            By the way these producers are conservative.

            Paul from arkansas

            • Paul

              Lastly Stanley, as you have what remains as manufactured in the USA you can thank the Great Lakes region for making it. It comprises 5 of the top ten states in manufacturing in the USA.
              Detroit is the Arsenal of our republic. And some day , when shipping lanes close our savior.
              Paul from arkansas

        • tim mcgraw

          Did you ever kill a human being, Sam?

        • Gary Horton

          Sam, I don’t know you. I want to believe you are a decent person, but I must say, I know from first-hand experience that Tim is right.

          I served 12 years on Special Forces detachments and in Ranger Battalions.

          I do respect our veterans, some are down-right awe inspiring. Mostly I grieve that they have been used and caused to suffer because of the evil psychopaths controlling our country. If you don’t see this, you aren’t looking.

          I once believed the United States was good and that as a solder I was doing God’s work, but Grenada changed all that for me.

          If wars are just, why are we always lied into war? General Colin Powell admitted that he lied before the United Nations about Iran’s weapons of mass destruction in order to justify that war, resulting in the deaths of 655K people.

          Gen. Powell earned $100K per speech and was worth $60 million when he died.

          President Johnson lied us into the Vietnam War with the Bay of Tolkin incident, which never happened. That war cost the lives of about 3.5 million people.

          President Johnson was worth $131 million when he died.

          Every war is a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.

          Take a close look at every war the US has been involved in, including the Revolutionary War, and you’ll see that in every case the wealthy benefit.

          Sam, can you tell me why the United States, arguably the most powerful military force on the planet, attacked Grenada, a tiny island nation that had no strategic weapons and posed no threat to the United States?

          I can tell you from first-hand experience it was not about medical students at risk of being held hostage. They were out filming the invasion. We had to confiscate their cameras.

          It was not about the new expanded runway on the island that supposedly Soviet spy planes could use to refuel. They were already using Cuba air fields for that.

          There was no reason to attack Grenada. The United States could have achieved the same objectives with a naval blockade.

          119 people were killed in the Grenada invasion, including Randy Cline, a sergeant with the 1st Ranger Battalion who was killed when Cuban soldier’s ambushed his jeep.

          Randy was put in harms way by an incompetent commander. He left behind a pregnant wife who gave birth the following February to a baby girl.

          I could tell you more and it will break your heart a thousand times. We have been lied into every war in the history of the United States.

          God bless the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Air Force personnel who serve in our wars, please give them peace, and damn to eternal Hell’s fire the wealthy psychopaths who profit from their pain.

          • Sadie

            Very well said

          • tim mcgraw

            Gary Horton: Thanks for your story about Grenada. What a sad tale. Clint Eastwood made a movie about the Grenada invasion. No one shows it on cable anymore. I think even the Pentagon is embarrassed by it.
            I have nothing but sympathy for the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Air Force personnel who served in the wars. I don’t think they were “our” wars.
            My great uncle Stub was in the Bataan Death March. He spent WWII in a Japanese POW camp outside of Manila.
            After the war, he returned to his wife in their home in a small town in southern Minnesota.
            My Mom would visit her relatives in southern Minnesota once a year or so. After Stub’s passing his widow told my Mom that after Stub came home from the war, he screamed in his sleep every night until he died.

          • Janet

            Instead of fighting for psychopaths giving orders to kill thousands of people they don’t know – why can’t all the soldiers simply point their guns into the air and empty their weapons “all at once” – the noise may just shock the psychopathic Generals back to their senses (knowing their troops have a moral mind of their own) and won’t follow orders to indiscriminately kill and maim just so the Military/Industrial Complex can make some money!!!

          • Sam

            “The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.” -John F. Kennedy

            • Paul from Indiana

              That was then; this is now. Things have changed, I’m afraid. Best always. PM

      • Steve Bice

        Your bitterness has left you bereft of compassion. Your comments are about Viet Nam vets are shameful. You sacrificed nothing and pretend you were victimized. Others paid the price while you complain about being subject to a draft where you were left untouched. What a shame…

        • tim mcgraw

          Steve Bice: You don’t have to be in the war’s front lines to suffer from war. You and every other American, are about to discover how much the home front suffers in war.

          • Steve Bice

            My draft number was 210. I was one of the lucky ones…like you…

            • tim mcgraw

              Steve Bice: I’m sure you had friends as I did, who were drafted. Some went to Nam, some went on the lam. You and I had to go through the high inflation and then the 20% interest rates on the home front. I always wonder what I would have done with a low draft number. I probably would have gone on the lam and not to Vietnam. I’ve always hated authority and don’t do well around it.

      • Beverly

        While you are right and so many are considered Cannon Fodder to the elitists, I think what Bryce meant is that he considers those willing to fight, to be those willing to fight to keep their freedom. People were deceived in the past, yes, and they will be deceived again. But, I think what he is asking is: Do Americans care enough NOW to fight for the freedoms they and their children have enjoyed and for THIS country? I sure hope we have some fight left in us because we NEED to fight back—legislative and politically, as long as possible before an all out gun to gun or bomb to bomb war.

  7. Todd

    First..! (?)

    You know it’s pretty sad when my favorite thing on the news is a little known truth telling ex-newscaster who sports some charming Ron Burgundy vibes.

    Thanks Mr. Hunter.

    • Bryce DeBorde

      I served, I don’t consider myself a hero, but my dad and his generation who fought fascism and the Japanese were.
      My ggg grandfather fought on the losing side of the civil war, his brother on the winning side. He only volunteered after Northern troops ravaged his family farm, their cupboards, leaving them without livestock, or a pot to piss in.
      So before you go spouting off on how misguided men like me and my forefathers were, keep an eye on your own hen house and cupboards, cause their is always someone who may come to take or harm.
      I wrote these couple of memes , the 1st for the flag, the 2nd for all who have served, because despite men who are misguided, some do it for a purpose or cause.

      They tell me you were given the right to insult me,
      spit on me, stomp on me,
      urinate and defecate on me,
      cut me, rip me,
      drag me, burn me.
      As a protest against me, or against my nationalism, or just because you feel insulted, based on your freedom of speech.
      Some of your schools no longer fly me, nor your children pledge allegiance for my cause.
      But, regardless of what you do to me. I will fly where I am welcomed.
      I will cover those who sacrifice, and represent those who cherish virtue, liberty, justice and freedom.
      I will not waiver in my cause, no matter what forces come against me.
      I represent something much greater, than your right to desecrate me.
      And I shall fly proudly, and cover all those who sacrifice for that something greater!

      I heard a trumpet sounding
      so I hurried to its call
      without regard to consequence
      whose price both great and small

      I stood in sheer amazement
      when the trumpets sound grew near
      a formation just ahead of me
      its number was unclear

      A great number there had gathered
      to the trumpets call
      on that hallowed ground
      I heard a long roll call

      Would I be counted worthy
      my sacrifice was small
      for many had paid so greatly
      and sacrificed their all

      Alas my name was spoken
      and it all became so clear
      those who paid the highest price
      had blown so I could hear.

      The great thing about America is we can debate and disagree.
      At least it was that way once

      • tim mcgraw

        Bryce DeBorde: You do what you want with your life. Just leave me alone. Leave me out of your wars. For they are your wars. You support them. You can pay for them in blood and treasure.
        Just leave the rest of us alone. I never asked any of you to protect me. I never will.
        Just leave the rest of us alone.
        You pay for the wars.
        Yes, we can debate and disagree, but I still have to pay for your wars. So you win the debate. You get the money. You get your wars.
        What I say means nothing.
        The wars will never end until people say, “NO.” to them. All the people say no. Not just people like me.

        • Sam

          Naive TIM… Very naive….in other words, WOKE.

          The WOKE ideology of its okay to enjoy Freedom & Security while someone else is to pay for it while enjoying the benefits simultaneously only to then turn around to blame Veterans & the Price they paid most for it too. Sigh.

          You can’t fix WOKE, folks..they are out there…especially in California where the cancer of WOKETARDOLOGY has metastasized the once Great State while threatening the rest of the country.

          • Steve Bice

            Naive…and bitter…is right. He does not understand the nature of man…or biblical truth. If we all say “no” to defense, we will be conquered by other warring nations. “There will always be wars and rumors of wars.” Utterly blinded by bitterness. And thank you Bryce for standing in the gap in spite of everything. I know who I want on my side when it soon comes unraveled…

          • tim mcgraw

            Sam: “Freedom and security”??? Have you been asleep for the past 2.5 years?

        • Bryce DeBorde

          Quit putting words in my mouth Tim. I was against the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and all these years later can see that the Vietnam war was started by a false flag, Gulf of Tonkin.
          You wouldn’t have supported the colonist either, yet sit back and enjoy the liberty they gave. They say only 3% fought the British.
          So Timmy I’m done here.

          • tim mcgraw

            Sam: When the Iraqis and Afghans invaded California…. oh, wait. They didn’t.
            Steve Bice: Quoting the Bible in support of war would be hilarious if so many people didn’t kill in the Bible’s name.
            Bryce DeBorde: Your own words show your support for war. I saw no disclaimers or qualifications in your memes. As for the Revolutionary War, about 6% fought and many of them, if not most, were Scots-Irish who have a history with the English. My ancestors were still in Ireland in 1776. There is no glory in war. Only death. We’ll see what God says on Judgement Day.

            • Ray

              I’m with you in this one mate.
              You have provided such a rich & thoughtful tapestry of commentary at this site for many years……your’s is a voice of reason, and a voice of balanced argument, which is needed in this world more than ever.
              One crocodile here is calling you “Woke”…..fair dinkum!!!!!
              That has to be THE joke of the year.
              These people giving you a hard time are Johnny Come Lately’s here at this platform mate, in comparison to you.
              Let them have their say, for that is what this site is all about, but remember……you are a good & decent man, with a fine moral compass.
              Let the Johnny Come Lately’s walk their path…….for each man’s path ultimately leads him to where he needs to be.
              Take care mate…..and thanks again for a veritable plethora of wise, considered comments over the years. I always look out for them.
              Ray, Canberra, Australia

            • JohnPaul

              Your words strike me as ungrateful and disrespecting.

              My number was 61.

              I’ve never forgotten how I was treated when I came home.

              Never thanked or respected.

              We didn’t need you.

    • Steve Bice

      Thanks Tim. On this, we are not far apart. Viet Nam was a total cluster. I have nothing but sympathy and sadness for those caught up in the travesty that was Viet Nam. No winners…

  8. Daniel B

    Greg, Thank you for sharing truth. Soon, the world will awaken. May you and your family be blessed by Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the living God, the great I Am! Let the truth be known Greg.

    • Steve Bice

      “Quoting the Bible in support of war would be hilarious if so many people didn’t kill in the Bible’s name.”

      Again, naive and twisting words. The quote does not support war. It speaks to the nature of man and the reality of ongoing conflict until the return of Jesus to set things right. When Jesus returns: “Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.” Take up your complaints with Almighty God. See how that works out for you…

  9. Roger...

    2 Thessalonians 2:7-8

    7The Mysterious Wickedness is already at work, but what is going to happen will not happen until the one who holds it back is taken out of the way. 8 Then the Wicked One will be revealed.

    Until then: the WEF, Klaus Schwab etc can pound sand!

    Psalm 37 25
    I am old now; I have lived a long time,
    but I have never seen good people abandoned by the LORD
    or their children begging for food.

  10. CJ

    Stopped by our local precious metal dealer yesterday. The shelves had plenty of open spots. He didn’t have anything with a 2022 date. I purchase walking liberty’s for gifts and wanted to get some put back for Christmas. Ask some pricing. Best price he quoted was Canadian maples for $30.

  11. Jim Ledyard

    Thanks Greg for WNR and updates. I pray to god that the leaky ship holds water for a few more months while we prepare. Davos WANTS a civil war (kinetic) so they can call in UN Troops and take over. The dollar is collapsing…even the machine gun-toting woke IRS agents are not going to work for free. As Martin Armstrong said…”once the Euro fails…it may only be a matter of days until the liquidity crisis hits the banks in the US. ”

    Many of the triple vaxed are dropping dead in the prime of life, while it takes two years for the birth defects to show up (which we are now beginning to see.) Use cash every day..for every purchase. (Davos hates that) Buy local and get to know your neighbors. God will protect us if we hang on and do not fall prey to their fear porn agitprop.

  12. Adam Conner

    Hi Greg,

    I like Bill, but he’s mistaken in regards to Canadian firearms and I’d like to clear it up. We have more than a few guns up here; not like the US, but we try. While the sitting Liberal Party of Canada hates firearms and firearm owners with a passion, attempts to confiscate firearms have been a disaster with no end of legal and logistical problems. Attempts to limit firearms sales have resulted in record firearms sales. They’re over two years in trying to take all the AR-15’s. They’ve taken zero. They’re hoping to pull it off in about another year. We’ll see. Imagine the Democrats with way less money, way less manpower, and trying to manage 1/10th the population of the US spread out over a geographically larger country.

    • Connie Sponheim

      Additionally, while I was in New South Wales, working for a B&B just two years ago…I had discussions with families living ‘in the bush aka country areas outside of Sydney’..and they assured me that Aussies did NOT give up all of their guns. Hunters in OZ have guns. There are many hunters in Australia.

      • Chris

        As I understand it, the government went after semi-automatics and made it an offense to have one. I stand to be corrected there. I am sure there are guns in the hands of Australians though. However, I do not doubt that if the government, there or anywhere, including the US, went “medieval” using its lethal military and police force, with their powerful weapons, they would be able to overpower any gun toting citizens pretty quickly. That’s not going to defeat them. We are going to have to look at mass non-compliance in every facet of life (refuse to pay tax or mortgages like the Chinese people are doing) combined with non-violence – no matter what. It ain’t gonna be easy but I think that is where it’s heading.

  13. Don Wohlers

    Greg, you did it again with getting someone that really knows what is going on and tells it to us to prepare us for the next couple of years ahead. I could see this coming when we studied about the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission back in the late 1970’s. Then when we got our 44th President and I know a lot more about him than what I have read from other people, I knew we were on the way to very hard times like I have never seen in my 88 years. When Trump beat billerery , that set them back for the four years and they made sure it would not happen again and it will NOT happen again. They will make sure of that. IF??? we make it through 2022, we will not make it through 2023 without the loss of a lot of people from hunger and NO power for heat and all kinds of hard situations we have not faced for years. Yes, I remember the days of the 1930’s when the hobos rode the trains and would get off in my home town and go down the streets of homes asking for food and even though my parents had very little, my mother always found a little for the hobo. I may me only one fried egg on a slice of toast, but it was something. The new generations has NO CLUE of what is going to happen in the next couple of years but they will learn soon but to late to do ANY prep for it.
    Blessings to you and all the people that you interview.

    • Dennis DeLaurier

      Wow, that is what my grandmother did. She lived along the railroad tracks and fed every hobo that came by. There was a hobo mark an the telephone pole that said there is a lady who will geed you here. May you be enjoying the love of God in heaven Grandmother. Soon the whole world will become hobos. Dennis – Central Texas.

  14. Justn Observer

    Greg, Does this DISTURB you? UN already PICKED the next U.S. President while all are concerned about starving and freezing? OH— but ‘Pat on the head’ the 401K’s are fine = they will be printing more endless money to hand out to ‘their’ cronies’ and to keep ‘their corporations, gov’t jobs, NATO and U.N. funded as they fleece the middle-class?

    The FED bankrupt?

    All as the people need to focus their survival on what? energy and food costs and the obtainium of the needs of life and the coming persecutions?

    YOU ARE NEXT “They will be using this to terrorize…” -Alex Newman=


  15. MacGuy

    Hi Greg, Can I ask what happened to Bo Pony and his forecast for this past June/July period? I just remember him saying no matter what happens remember God is in control and it only takes one day for him to change everything around. I am gathering from what Bill Holter is saying all of America will be reviving a Grapes of Wrath scenario. How realistic is it to tell everyone to move to the rural country? I have been looking for two years and prices are astronomial for farm land, and being a single person how on earth could I run a farm on my own with no farming experience whatsoever?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t remember him making that prediction. He was predicting Roe V Wade being overturned and it was.

      As far as farming there are tractors and it is hard work. I am a farm boy and it can be done. Youb can also lease the crop land for 1/3$ you and 2/3$ to the farmer.


    • MCasey

      Hello MacGuy, If you are single and alone, do you really need an entire farm to be self-sufficient? Do you really need that much food just for you? How about a smaller “country home” on an acre or two with a garden, a greenhouse, fruit and nut trees, water well, chickens, pond with fish, ducks, frogs? A fireplace, propane, alternative solar energy (and) a home generator (Generac), ceiling and porch fans; alternative cooking set-up on a big back deck, a few out-buildings for storage, garage to protect your vehicle and a safe room for you. A smaller home would less expensive, use less heat, air, and require less maintenance. Just get out of the city.

    • Margo Dumelle

      You can still buy reasonably priced land in Michigan with a small houses. Lots of lakes. Look into classes in permaculture various schools that teach sustainability, old fashioned farming like (Viroqua Wisconsin), (draft horse, oxen, blacksmithing, coppering, timber framing) (Scots, Michigan). holds Organic farming conferences in Wisconsin. are classes around the country in building cob and strawbale houses. (Vermont Timber framing) bookstore has sale on all their books through Sept 5. If you are in a city now, you can check if there are any permaculture meetups. Good luck!

  16. James

    With my very limited budget. All I could afford is another purchase of 90% Constitutional Silver (roll of mixed 50 dimes). When silver gets below $20, make a buy, when gets below $19 make another buy and so on.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Michigan ????/are you serious?….with that commie pinko leftist whitmur in Charge?……it gives me the Shivers….

  17. Lynn Scott

    Great interview as always. Thank you

  18. Country Codger

    Fantastic interview, both of you. Please keep your eyes on Sep. 26-30 for a financial event and war in the US as soon as November 1st.
    Lo Iyrah!

  19. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview. Holter’s internet connection is better outside, but not perfect. Still a big improvement over his last video.
    I looked up TRX Gold. Fascinating story. The gold mines are in Tanzania. So I looked up Tanzania. It has an interesting history. Today average per capita income is about $1100/year. 95% of the citizens are against homosexuality. Sodomy is against the law. The economy is improving, but Tanzania is the second worst country in East Africa for hunger after Burundi. I’m not sure what the corruption index is, but I bet it is high. Gold mining is big business in Tanzania as are tourism and banking. Mt. Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania.
    The new gold discoveries that TRXGold is exploiting do look very promising.
    Oh, and one more thing; don’t be an albino in Tanzania. Albinos are considered bad luck and evil by the black magic beliefs many Tanzanians follow. Albinos are killed.
    Tanzania is majority Christian and there is no real common language.

    • stanley skrzypek

      I LIKE that……”Albinos are killed”……….AND……..”Tanzania is majority Christian” ………sounds like a real nice place to live……..

      • tim mcgraw

        stanley skrzypek: My brother-in-law and his two daughters went to Tanzania years ago to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. They had local guides. It is a very tough climb starting in a muddy jungle and ending in snow and ice. They liked their guides and got along well with the people.

  20. Jerry

    Once again you’ve broken the mold with this interview. I think Bill has been as surprised as I have been on how long the central banks have been able to sustain this fake global economy. But that’s about to change. The Saudis are being pushed into the corner with the Biden administrations goals of ditching oil in favor of electric cars and all the deals they’re trying to make with Iran, they’re arch enemies. They’re response will be the ditching of petrodollar. It’s all in the works.

    Other than the fact that the globalist are doing this intentionally to set the stage for global digital currency, when it comes to business, why would you continue to sell your product using another countries currency when they are planning on dumping your product? When it comes to economic survival, it’s every man for themselves. The Saudi’s have already stated they would take any and all forms of currencies when it comes to buying their oil. I must admit I would do the same thing.

    Just in case people have missed it, oil was been used to back the dollar with when we went off the gold standard. So what will the dollar be backed with if it’s not oil? The globalist are planning on digital currency
    to be the solution, and disposing of cash along the way. But every place they’ve tried it, it has backfired. The alternative to a soft economic landing in which people gradually accept the changes, is a forced collapse in which people are forced to take the changes whether they like it or not.
    Like Bill said, therein lies the problem. An armed citizenry will not be forced into anything. Until they disarm us, there’s nothing they can do other than launch another bioweapon virus and use medical martial law to try and control our lives. In my humble opinion, the globalist are losing their patience and are about to do something really stupid to try and force the issue. What it is, is anybody’s guess, but I have it from a very good authority that they are planning on something disrupting the economy and possible social unrest between September 15th to November 15th. Once again, I have no idea what it will be, but anytime a multimillion dollar corporation shuts down because of security concerns you know they are planning on something? Time will tell.

    • MCasey

      Jerry…good to hear from you…thinking I haven’t seen a post from you for a while.

    • Earth Angel

      Check out I believe this just may be the answer moving forward AGAINST a digital currency being imposed on the world. Bringing back a value based TANGIBLE medium of trade for everyone is the best way that I can see. The MORE ways we have to barter with one another the BETTER. CHOICE is always good. There will still be many worthless fiat dollars floating about for awhile, so many have been printed. Get going on this folks. They will go ahead and promote their digital crap! If at least we have a groundwork laid for trade with something else, meanwhile, we won’t be ‘caught with our proverbial pants down’ after the crash, right?!.. So lets get cracking!.. What say you? : )

      • Jerry

        Earth Angel,
        My moms aunt who owned a design studio for Warner Brothers moved her money to a Chinese Bank in Hong Kong one year before the stock market crash in 1929. Three years later she bought up Coca Cola stocks for Pennie’s on the dollar. Coincidence? Not hardly. She got information from the global elite insiders she knew. It’s always that way. It’s not what you know, but who you know. This time will be no different. Those still dabbling in the market and have debt will loose everything when the elites pull the trigger. Those that have their money in real assets like gold, silver, and real estate, and have no debt will survive, provided they have food storage and other important supplies. Those that don’t will be forced to play by the NWO rules that demand stricter downward controls. Bill Holter is absolutely right. It will be Biblical on every level when it comes. Biblical starvation. Biblical death. Biblical fulfillment of prophecy.

  21. john beasley

    The whole point of the 2 Bushes, Clinton, and Obama was to destroy the USA. Our nation is being destroyed by our own government, bankers, and military.

    • Larry

      I totally agree 💯

    • Earth Angel

      So are we all going to sit by like a bunch of dummies and let them do it?!! I say NOT!

      • Paul from Indiana

        EA, We have been so far….Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        Earth Angel,
        Read my last post. CME is having a previous metal convention on September 15th. with its private investors in New York City. The keynote speaker is? You guessed it, the CEO of Warner brothers. Nothing has changed.

        Remember this date because according to CME data over 40% of the gold stored in the Chicago mercantile bank has been removed by private investors in the past few weeks. The old saying still rings true. Follow the money. Once again the game is rigged. The table is tilted. Only this time the insiders are storing gold to back their investments with when the reset comes. My advice? Get whatever you need now because there might not be a later.

  22. David

    A snake eating its own tail, i.e., the Fed creating dollars to buy back dollars. When it happens the end is near.

  23. Jim from NJ

    Thank for this sobering but necessary interview. Bill Holter tells it like it is. Sadly we are witnessing the end of America in a very diabolical plan that seems to have been orchestrated not only by luciferian deep state but a treasonous administration in the hands of the Chinese. Could it be that all of this is part of a communist conspiracy with Russia and China leading the way to undermine our nation in all aspects. Just look at the Unrestricted Warfare document that was leaked to the CIA and eventually got out to the public. Also what about the leaked tape of Chinese generals planning an attack of some kind by sometime around November 2022. Although it seems we might think of an invasion of Taiwan, the plans from that meeting seem to indicate a more intensive offensive. Perhaps the West coast of the United States? With lib/woketards in California they might just welcome them before they get a shot to the head as useful idiots like Gruesome Newsome. Furthermore I can only think that the Chinese have only shut down their factories to sellout companies like Walmart because of the hot weather but shutter to think that they are hiding the real reason which is to run a wartime economy building tanks, planes, ammo and God knows what else. There is no doubt that while the West sleeps the Chinese and Russians are mobilizing. To further investigate this take a look at Jeff Nyquist blog and interviews regarding his over 3 decades study of the communist conspiracy including deep analysis of Russian and Chinese defectors that Russia and China have together lulled the West into sleep while at the same time building up massively modernized nuclear forces while at the same time weakening the West with a bio weapon and decapitation of the economy through the purposeful collapse of the supply chain. We have traitors in our midst that think they will get a place if China and Russia are successful at this. But remember the people who dug the mass graves were the last to get a bullet to the head. Its time to pray and pray very hard.

    • Judy

      Chinese military has been very active in Latin America as well. The Gulf of Mexico is within their reach.

    • stanley skrzypek

      DO NOT put the Blame on China and Russia……..The BLAME is put Squarely on the American People….the Baby Boomers specifically the “Educated Dope Smoking Elite”..that GREED sold us “Down the River”…..and…..WE let them do it……little by little….starting with Johnson clear up to Clinton……then it accelerated…..

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Stanley,
        Agreed. IMHO: the rot started in earnest with the assassination of JFK. Johnson was one of the instigators and CIA agents set it up. Worse than the assassination was that the perpetrators got away with it! Since then, they have dared to visit ever more atrocities upon ‘we the people’. 911 and the deaths of 3000 citizens – in order to usher in the already prepared ‘Patriot’ Act, derail the investigation into the missing $2trillion, and to steal gold held at the WTC. The Western world is run by a ‘mafia of psychopaths’. Fortunately, the Covid scamdemic and all its attendant craziness is awakening more and more people to the truth. Knowledge is power.

      • Jim from NJ

        You are correct on all you say. But my premise is that while we can be blamed for not doing enough in our own houses the Chinese army are being told the women in America will make up for the lack of women in China after they kill all of the men, women they don’t want to keep and children. It’s in their leaked documents called Unrestricted Warfare. They also have used goggle earth to map out nearly every house in America. The rot and corruption runs deep and it seems that the international communist movement is very much to blame and seems to have infiltrated many levels of our society perhaps all the way up to the Pentagon. This administration seems bought off by the Chinese. We need to mobilize or we may face a Red Dawn scenario here in our soil. I pray what I state here is very wrong but I don’t think so.

  24. The Seer

    Correction since I have Nee Zealand residency lots of self defense weapons registered for hunting or security purposes.
    NZ exports food for 55 million. Population of New Zealand 5 million was 3 million 30 years ago. To immigrate there need to be young with wanted skills or show US$2.5 million as to not be a burden on the government there. Outside the cities very free.
    Lots of water and hydropower most homes have wood fireplaces/stoves tree reforestation industry.
    Not war military and nothing nuclear.
    Lower hemisphere away from radioactive sky clouds if they go to far more n northern hemisphere.
    Government will he voted out next election. Restaurants do not serve unbalanced politicians and farmers truckers protested. Currency will be par shortly. Peter Thiel built a 24 bedroom house there as his redout.

  25. Ian Anderson

    No one in any country now thinks Mr Bill Holter is exaggerating.
    In fact he may be a little to conservative in his views.
    If the US Mid Terms are carried out to the US citizens people’s true wishes with Trump & supporters a win, this will delay the denouement of this awful storey.
    The outcome will still be open to be written.
    We need you America . This is Australia’s 1942 SW Pacific Midway moment where you spent your blood and treasure to come to our aid. We are all at the crossroads.

    • Shirl

      Ian Anderson, my father served there to help out and glad you acknowledged it.

      Stand up Speak Out & Fight in all of the various ways for God Family Country and Freedom. The entire world is watching the evil raising its ugly head once again, you are NOT alone.

  26. Charles

    Just finished listening to Bill Holter. We moved to a small Midwest town a year and a half ago. We are surrounded by friends who are likeminded and self sufficient for the most part. Most of us have the basics for survival, but the big thing is, how do you get ready for life with electricity and gas. What do we do with cash after we have what seems a goodly supply of yellow and the other less expensive stuff. How do we prepare for all out warfare more than we have? It’s hard to wrap your mind around our world suddenly going up in smoke. We have a home based business but it depends on transportation and communication capability. What will happen when everything is gone? Hard to imagine and most people will loose their minds when what you two were talking about happens.
    The only way we make it is Jesus!!!!!

  27. Matthias

    Here is the 9/11 Truth tweet from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Bill talks about in the interview:

    It was made by Zhao Lijian, the official spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

    Wikipedia: Zhao Lijian

    who has currently 1.7 million followers on Twitter.

    His tweet starts with a series of images that show various countries that have been attacked by the US empire, then goes on to show a picture of Superman with the caption “What I [the US empire] think I do” underneath it, followed by a picture of the attack on the South Tower on 9/11 with the caption “What I [the US empire] actually do” underneath it, pointing to 9/11 being an inside job (and the operational starting point of the Neocon’s claim to World Hegemony a.k.a. “The Project for the New American Century”)!

    see also the corresponding news story at RichardGage911:

  28. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Bill Holter on again. For many years now, when he speaks, I pay attention!

  29. Dan

    Bill is wrong about Canada. There are millions and millions of guns in Canada and those are just the ones that the government knows about. What lock down, what jab?? I defied everything and I mean everything from day one of the scam and went about life free, because I knew it was a lie and my rights are mine and not the governments. Yes we had millions of brainless, spineless sheep doing everything they were told and many still living in fear over the lie. The last time I wore a mask I was sanding drywall maybe 15 years ago. The Canadian Charter of rights is there for those who can read and think. Never had a cop bother me even once during any of it. We still have some Zombies wearing masks, afraid to breath the air. You know the took booth jabs and boosters, so they will be dead soon enough. I went back to paying cash years ago, and keep almost nothing in the bank, because I know how things work. You either live free or as their slave, I have been free my whole life which is 67 years.

  30. Sheryl Pardue

    I was so happy to see this podcast up so early. My head is spinning with truth. This is the time to come together. My whole family has taken the shot and boosters. They constantly push me to get it because I’m 73 and say I’m really at risk. I have to stay away from the subject I refuse to get it or argue about it. Prepare now TODAY. Rice beans whatever you can handle money wise. Most of all keep the faith. Greg is doing us a huge service with all this information. God bless all!

    • Ray

      Regarding your family urging you to take the wretched vax…..because they say you are “at risk”.
      My mother is 88 years old, and, being the clever girl like you that she is, refused the vax.
      Last month, she came down with C-19……. was sick for 2 weeks……and got through it.
      I know that had she been vaxxed, she would not be with us now.
      Stay the course……you are doing fine.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Sheryl Pardue

        Thank you ray! Good for your Mom. I did get sick. My Grandson had covid. He was in the hospital for a couple of days and beforehand he ate some mac and cheese from my plate. I was sick two to three weeks Glands swollen headaches cough etc. I made it through even after stage 4 cancer.

  31. Akdave

    Thanks again!!

  32. Trinacria

    Don’t overrate China as they are in very bad shape. I said it over 20 years ago, that China would follow as Japan did in 1990. The USA is still the best looking horse at the glue factory. Believe me, that is NO endorsement !!! We are at the end of a super cycle, exacerbated by all the government stupidity and greed.

  33. Mike

    Nothing is etched in stone and our enemies are incredibly intelligent and able to guide the sheeplings at will.
    And here I thought the 3 Stooges were fictional characters
    Looking at this Biden Executive Order 14067 (specifically section 4 ~
    It Replaces US Dollar With Trackable “Spyware” Version)

    Looking at this at face value nobody would use this system
    But if everything falls apart
    And The government comes in with a total jubilee
    You are house, car, student loan, credit card every single debt is wiped cleaned and your savings are moved into this crypto-Orwellian universe all you need to do is put your John Hancock on the digital Docu-Sign
    By the way, this is a limited-time offer and they will probably throw in a year’s supply of food for the first 10 million participants
    Everyone else will be shut out of the system

    It will be televised using persuasive logical friendly commercials

    Why do I think it will shake down like this
    Very obvious they can trick you to join and take all your assets within a couple of years

    Gold and silver vs this?
    Think about the average sheepling
    Metals are to difficult and the majority of people have no self-analytical skills to figure out metal values
    For crying out loud Many still drive alone wearing a mask in their car.
    They prefer to have everything done for them
    It is what it is
    Let us not forget the enemy of my enemy is my friend ~ China, USA, Europe the entire world were in lockstep with this Covid thing. They are in lockstep together creating a tyrannical crypto-global currency that can be turned off and on and shut down on an individual level. And I am certain they will reward many handsomely that follow the Orwellian Rule. They need to show the populace hey these people are doing great ~ so can you

    You need to start awakening people about this Executive Order 14067 section 4 nightmare scenario

  34. Kim Beaney

    Bill Holter has laid it out consistently over the years and what he has told us is happening!
    Great interview as always Greg, thank you. I pray it does not become Mad Max.

  35. Free Slave

    Thank you Greg for having Bill on your show again. It is a pleasure to listen to him, a voice of reason among a cacophony of madness.

    I agree with investing in the metals having done so for many years.

    I am pleased to recommend the metals dealer we have used and trusted for over a decade They have served us well.

    • Free Slave

      I would add that owning metals brings peace and tranquillity. The roller coaster gyrations of the stock market are but a curiosity. No matter what happens there, my gold coin and two silver coins do not get any bigger or smaller.

      Money really doesn’t grow. It doesn’t have to. It just sits there until it is needed.

      We sleep comfortably at night. Even and steady, no roller coasters here.

  36. Trish

    How in the world are people going to be able to just move out and into the country at this point? I assume very few people would be able to accomplish this now.

    • Brooklyn

      It is not so much a warning to “move to the country” as it is to GET OUT OF THE MAD MAXX CITIES…!!!

  37. Ray

    Another quality interview…….thank you Greg & Bill.
    I must respectfully pick a bone though:
    “ Just look at Australia. Look at New Zealand. Look at Canada. Look at Britain. Can you have guns there? No, they have taken them away. What did they do? They forced the population into lockdown. They forced the population to get the jab. The result is you are going to see the West vastly depopulated and degraded in the next 1, 2 or 5 years. They have total control over their population. Whereas, that is not the case yet in the U.S.”

    OK Bill……fair point…….well taken.
    But…….the US government has just announced, as you so eloquently put it, the hiring of “87,000 Brown Shirts” to be unleashed against Americans families.

    Has anyone……will anyone…..pick up a gun against that?
    Doubt it.
    The perplexing issue seems to be this (from many thousands of miles away here in Australia).
    The 2nd Amendment at this juncture in time, is basically meaningless in terms of how it was imagined / designed by the original Founding Fathers of the USA.
    Yes, yes…..we hear the odd story of “good guy with gun stops bad guy with gun”, and every year some imbo seems to walk into a school / cinema / shopping centre and slaughters swathes of innocent people.
    Sadly, that appears to be par for the US course, and I do have a feeling that some of those incidents are indeed brought on by the Deep State, that insidious cancer that needs to be slaughtered.
    But where……O’ WHERE… the much vaunted “organised militia” that would stand up to a tyrannical government?
    The sad fact is……there isn’t one. Even sadder…….in all probability, there won’t ever be one.
    Now……I welcome the understandable growls of commenters who might say to me in reply, “Well… Australians, you gave your guns up”!!!
    Fair point……but Americans……they have guns…..and as we have observed here for MANY YEARS, they have a right to be extremely angry, yet they refuse to form the “organised militia”.
    Fair enough too……for the first 500 or so that organise will be turned into Swiss cheese by National Guard, so not many will want to “go over the top” in a first wave of Patriotic duty.
    Suggesting that the 2nd Amendment is a mechanism for standing up to a tyrannical government is absurd. Not absurd in a demeaning – of – character way……but as a simple observation – of – societal behaviour way.
    It’s like having a shiny new, state of the art fire truck…….a building well ablaze…….and not turning the spigots on to douse the flames.
    “No no……we won’t use that state of the art truck just yet……looky over here…..why, we have state of the art beach sand castle buckets that we can fill with water to throw atop that blaze”.
    My apologies if my comments caused consternation among my US friends at this site……it’s nothing personal……it’s just an observation. An observation of exasperation.
    We here in Australia, yes, we are disarmed. I have one extremely sharp samurai sword and a very good slingshot. I could go on a rampage and last about 2 minutes before I would be shot dead methinks.
    But ye good folk in the US…….as Bill says…..are THE FINAL NATION that at least has some capacity……some mechanism…….to really take the fight up to a government that sees you as less than pieces of dirt, and has NO PROBLEM in treating you that way.
    Here’s what will happen in coming months:
    The digital USD will come in…….and no one will do a thing.
    All will be under the government microscope……the New World Order will win.
    People like me…..big, brave imbeciles like me……we’ll keep tapping out protests on our keyboards, and people will read and nod in agreement and go back to whatever they were doing that day (as they did the day before, and the day before that).
    I am no hero……just a hypocrite sitting here at my keyboard, urging armed Americans to be my hero for me…..I am ashamedly aware of that reality.
    AND THE GUNS THAT ARE ACTUALLY FIRED IN THE USA…….they will remain in the hellish realms of elementary schools, cinemas and shopping malls.
    Nary a single one will go up against the government……..nary a single one, sadly.
    May Jesus return soon……the One Man who has the means to end all of this insanity that Humanity hath brought upon itself, and His beautiful, beautiful planet that His Father once upon a time gifted to us.
    Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Rodney

      Valid points all Ray, for some reason though when you referenced organized militias being made into swiss cheese by the military, I pondered how it was Afghan goat herders with sandals and long rifles defeated two of the most powerful militaries in the world, that being Russia and the USA, so there’s that.
      Just a random thought I had….I have those sometime.

      • I Dig Au


        America will once again come to the rescue of Lady Libery and save ourselves from this tyranny. The level of justice that will be served against the globalists will shock the world for generations to come.

        • Ray

          I D A,
          I raise my glass to that mate!
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Ray

        Hi Rod,
        It’s a more than a random thought…..and one worth pondering to be sure.
        Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in what we are “told” about Afghanistan.
        Instead of “Goat Herders……Sandals…..long rifles”, the media might have been more accurate with “Tough……Proud Ancient History……A people deeply connected to their land”.
        In that connotation…….I can see that they indeed did have a chance to win those wars……where two “uninvited, rude guests” broke into their home and tried to take it for their own.
        They were turned aback……with Karma.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Let the records show that I stated the writing style of the “………….”. after a word

      • Ray

        Hi Stanley,
        Not sure what you are getting at there mate!
        Anyway……I always enjoy your posts here.
        Take care Champion.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Bob 'Spike' Hockney

      There is a ‘deafening media silence’ on global protests
      3,309,203 views Jul 17, 2022 Sky News Australia
      There is a “deafening” media silence on protests around the world protesting against the elites, according to Webster University Assistant Professor Ralph Schoellhammer.
      “They are significant protests – we’re talking about 30,000 people in The Netherlands,” Prof Schoellhammer said.
      Prof Schoellhammer said the media and political campaign across the west against “disinformation” is part of a broader attempt to “undermine” organised protests against the agenda of the elites.
      “That the best way to prevent the pushback from large numbers of people is if they don’t know that anything is going on,” he said.
      “Think about the situation of the truckers in Canada when they pulled their bank accounts … so this is undermining the possibility of those people to organise.
      “It’s what interest groups, what these players do – they see there is something coming that could be a threat to their power so they try to do something to undermine it.”
      Ray it’s an information war now. words and votes. Words instead of bullets and voters the artillery and where’s the real skinny?!

      Donald Trump has ‘still got it’
      29,950 views Aug 20, 2022Sky News Australia
      Even at the age of 76 Donald Trump has “still got it”, Sky News host James Morrow says.
      “By it, I mean the ability to make previously sane, rational, calm, thoughtful, otherwise intellectual, cultured and reasonable people go so absolutely crazy that they wind up driving their careers and their reputations into a brick wall,” Mr Morrow said.
      Mr Morrow said those individuals are victims of what he calls “Trump Induced Reputation Destruction”.
      “The latest victim of this phenomenon … is Sam Harris.”

      • Ray

        Hi Bob,
        Your analysis is correct in that people only act upon what they think they know……and the media controls the overwhelming majority of that.
        Let’s hope The People see a Lightning Rod moment……one where they are compelled to move together as one, up against those who enslave us, yet call us “free”.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Janet

          Let’s hope The People see a Nim-Rod “Kingdom” is being revived by a select group of Jewish men (Soros, Schwab, Horrori, etc., etc.) who are trying to mingle our seed with Nephilim DNA so that we can be connected with AI computers and facilitate “a soul transference” between Demons and Humans – while they strive to “revive the Babylonian Empire of Nimrod” –
          we already have Nephilim blood lines all across our planet who traffic in and prey on our children (eating their flesh and drinking their blood) – these WEF Globalists have inducted Trump’s daughter to their side and made her one of their “chosen ones” and God help Trump to see the light (who has dutifully helped to advance the Globalists “jab” program – which is doing more then just changing our DNA)!!

    • Mark Maples

      Excellent post Ray.

      As an American, trained as a youth in the Marines, and currently a POST certified law enforcement agent, I would like to offer a response to your text.

      For the majority of Americans, certainly those of us in red states (I am in Georgia) life is pretty much as it was pre virus

      Most of our sheriffs refuse to enforce any federal dictates

      Are we frustrated by the state of our nation? Yes

      However, we are still free to do as we please, and we are living our lives, taking care of our families, and hoping that we will continue to be left alone

      In addition to this, we see things like the J6 atrocities and think “if I storm the castle, what is the result? I will be mowed down, or locked up, my fellow Americans will be upset, shrug, and continue with life

      Bottom line: As long as the lights come on, and we can put food on the table, we aren’t going to do anything but bitch and complain

      I believe there is a line that if the government crossed, we would push back, but we aren’t there yet.

      Also just a suggestion. When thinking about America, you must consider states and counties.

      County sheriffs are a huge factor in what does or does not get enforced

      People from other western countries sometimes look at America as a single entity, but we have states and counties

      I grew up, and most of my family is still living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

      My wife and I love in rural north Georgia.

      These two locations are a completely different reality regarding the virus and life in general

      Thanks for your post, you made some valid points

      • Ray

        Hi Mark,
        Thanks for your thoughtful, genuine post in reply to mine.
        You make very valid points also.
        Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

  38. Johnson T

    Those guns haven’t stopped the vaccine mandates being more Draconian in the US than in the UK though. In England the mandates never extended much beyond nightclubs, sporting events and theater and even then they still accepted negative PCR tests. In America it was much worse with the mandates effecting necessary things like university entry and jobs in companies with more than 100 employees. Consequently uptake of the booster was lower in the UK. So not sure how America is better off than the UK at the moment.

    • Keith Wilson

      With a population of 67 million . Over 20 million never took the Jab. Another 20 million only took the first jab and never went back for the booster jab. Most people I mix with know it’s a vaccination to destroy the old , the weak , and the uneducated who have only themselves to blame for listening to the corrupt media and politicians who are owned by the globalists. So the UK is not in any worse situation than America. The American revolution in 1776 was a revolt which the majority of the patriots where from English and Irish immigrants who settled in the 13 colonies.Today with a population approaching 400 million and the country having tens of millions of firearms there seems no appetite for the US citizens to March on Washington and restore democracy and kick out the moron Joe biden and the Zionist government which has taken over your country.

  39. Really Awake

    Bill Holter is a smart guy with a lot of common sense. I always enjoy listening to his opinions. He is a gold bug, and so was I. But over the years I’ve learned the reasons why the U.S. dollar is King. Perhaps one day Marty Armstrong will do an interview on USA Watchdog and lay out ALL of the MAIN reasons why the gold bugs have been wrong for decades on the fall of King Dollar…. For example, just look at how strong the dollar is currently. Why?

    Marty knows why, and he rarely walks through the reason why for free…. But I bet if Greg Hunter asked Marty to give the main reasons why the gold bugs were wrong and why the dollar is so sought after all around the world that Marty would tell you why…. And guess what? As smart as Bill Holter and all of the other smart gold bugs are they have never figured it out, yet….. The shine of gold fever keeps some really, really smart guys from seeing the truth…. No offense to Bill Holter, because he’s got true integrity. And I wish America was still on a gold and silver standard, too. I’ve owned physical gold and silver for decades and I don’t sell. I only buy more. I think everyone should own gold and silver.

    I’m not saying it’s right that King Dollar rules. It’s not. And the love of money is the root of evil. I personally think the entire monetary system is completely corrupt. But as best selling author, Robert J Ringer, told me decades ago, “corruption works until it doesn’t”…. And the U.S. dollar has worked a whole lot longer than 99.999% of the gold bugs thought it would….. And according to Marty Armstrong the dollar’s strength will kill the economies of third-world countries and even badly damage giants like China…

    2024 is when the dollar begins running into trouble… And as we draw closer to 2030 socioeconomic and geopolitical conditions will worsen. And a big shooting war is a real possibility. That’s Marty’s secular view. And the gold bugs also have a similar secular view….

    My view is Kingdom Come is getting close. And Almighty God doesn’t like what he sees taking place on His Earth.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would never have one or the other. You need both. Rich smart people are buying gold and not hoarding dollars.

      • Johnny Cool

        GEORGE URE: Enjoy the strong dollar while you can. Both China and Russia have a strong interest in continuing the domination of U.S. politics by liberals. Much easier to pick off global resources if the U.S. remains effectively asleep.

        So today – with the dollar hitting OVER parity with the Euro, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better time to take delivery on physical gold.

    • James Kolb

      Yeah, the dollar is doing great! Just keeps allowing me to buy goods cheaper every day, every year, every decade!!!! Geesh!

      • Neville


        • Janet

          On December 14, 2022 (under Biden’s Executive Order 14067) all US dollars will be declared worthless (and effectively you will own nothing) then you will be issued “digital US dollars” – “that can only be spent on things the government approves of” – and most likely “you won’t be able to buy gold and silver with their digital dollars” – that women who bought $50 million dollars of silver coins knew what she was doing – “at least she will still have control” over what she can buy with her precious metal money!!
          PS: The un-jabbed may be told that they can’t buy food with their digital money until they have been “jabbed” – you people holding “strong dollars under your mattress” better GOTS (Get Out of The System) NOW!! – those “strong dollars” will effectively become “the property of the State” (hope Stan is listening)!!!

          • Johnny Cool

            GEORGE URE: As NASDAQ reports PRECIOUS-Gold hits lowest in more than 3 weeks on stronger dollar, Fed worries, another story is worth a careful read: Seems the well-heeled are scooping up Gold physical like crazy: WHOA! Forty-One Percent of Physical Gold PULLED from Chicago Mercantile Exchange Kilo Vaults in ONE day!

            Since the “rich” generally got that way inheriting or being shady, we’re led to think that gold will soar as the Multi-War WOE expands in coming months. Which should be obvious, given the risk of the Internet going down which will paralyze commerce, food, life, jobs, etc. for those of us in the working class.


  40. Catherine Cronin

    So I don’t think I understand exactly what Holter is saying because I am not a financially savvy person.
    If the dollar tanks, does that mean we can’t buy anything? If true what happens? If I am wrong can someone let me know. If cash only lasts for about a month, what happens? Do we start raiding supermarkets for food after we run out of our supplies? Will they continue to accept credit cards? But then how can we pay them? What happens to our money in our accounts in the bank? How much cash should we keep in our homes?
    Please let me know how to protect ourselves if the dollar fails.
    What a mess!

    • Greg Hunter

      If the dollar tanks you will see less buying power of the dollar. How much less is anyone’s guess. You saw what happened at the gas pump this year. Your dollars bought less gallons of gasoline. Your dollars buy less food. If the debt system goes down, debt will also default. Defaulting debt that is the true definition of deflation. Think bonds that sour and defaulting debt. Pensions will fold or pay a dramatically reduced rate. I think, and have long said, we will get both deflation and inflation at the same time. Get real stuff. That includes Cash (it will work for well for a short period of time as credit will not be issued.) Get a core holding of physical metal but this may be getting harder to get. Talk to Melody at Discount Gold and Silver Trading 1-800-375-4188. An honest human will answer the phone. Get storable food. Simple Can goods will be fine, and dry goods too you can get in any grocery store. Get water that is a basic must have. Get new tires if you are getting close. I like “Drive Guards aka “Run Flat” technology that lets you drive 50 miles on a flat tire. If your battery is 3 or 4 years old get a new one now. Get busy, time is short.

      • Monica

        Greg, I hope you will be able to answer my question. Btw, I’ve become a BIG fan of yours over the last few years (not sure how I even first got connected with your emails), but I think you have the best guests, you put out excellent information, you’re also a true Patriot, & I always really look forward to & appreciate your content! I am wondering when you say “credit will not be issued,” do you mean regarding the credit cards we have, that we won’t be able to continue to use them? Or do you mean just new lines of credit won’t be issued? What about our home mortgages…what will become of those? I am quite concerned over the future, as I’m a 51 year old lady going through a divorce currently. I was a full time mom all through my entire 21 year marriage, so not only am I currently trying to find my way back into the workforce, I am also worried about our economic & political future & everything else that lies ahead. If you could try to answer those questions, & any advice would be appreciated! 🙏🏻 I have a very small amount left from the sale of our house, but I don’t think it’s really enough to buy gold & silver. ?? Is a small amount better than none? Thank you for all you do! God bless you!

        • Greg Hunter


          Both and that happened for a short while during the Lehman Crisis in 2008. It will last longer next time. Any money is better than none. Take some of that and by some storable food. Can goods will work well, and you don’t have to get fancy.


          • Catherine

            Greg we are in the process of getting 1031 exchanges and don’t know now ifs a viable thing to do. Do you think investing in properties that are part of a group real estate good at this time. The decision has to be made in the next month. Otherwise we will be paying a large amount of money taxes to NYS the evil capital of the world.
            The limit would be only 3-5 years before we get out of the exchange.
            Time is of the essence. We have lawyers investors advisors etc but no one knows the future for sure.
            They all say keep some cash invest rest in 1031

            • Greg Hunter

              Group real estate has greater counter-party risk than sole ownership. You have to worry if your co-owners can stay solvent. They could pull you or your investment down even if you are solvent. I avoid comingling money and property with other people. I am not giving financial advice I am just telling you what I think.

              • Catherine Cronin

                thanks Greg for your thoughts.
                BTW my husbands stroke is minimal due to the fact I brought him to the stroke hospital within one hour. so he is in rehab now doing well…I took Ivermectin horse paste (I rode horses for over 20 years and love them but I never thought I would be sharing medicine with them 🙂 )
                for 5 days and now twice a week Due to your guests I now realize that my husband, I, and my son had the spike proteins from the Omicron we all got last November. My son and I got sick again in May of this year and my husband had a small clot in the brain which led to his stroke. So My husband can’t take ivermectin right now and my son is not interested in it. But for me I think the advice is very sound and I am doing it to get rid of the spike proteins I may still have in my system.
                You are an unbelievably good source of information and your kindly nature is much appreciated by all. God bless you and your family.
                As far as the 1031 exchanges they have to be with other groups right now, in real estate mostly because we are not able to buy our own right now and take care of them. However we have only 5 years before we can get out. At that point our plan, God willing, will be able to buy our own properties and then have our son take care them. He is only 27 but very very savvy when it comes to business. He works for a defense industry and he handles the group of engineers etc involving designing fighter jets for our country..
                He is handling the closing on our properties now and is very capable. We are very proud of him.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Thanks for the update and good news.

        • Rodster

          As Greg mentioned, load up on storable food and stay away from survival MRE foods. They are expensive and are loaded with junk that’s not good for you. You can stock up on food now well under $500 that should last you a couple of years until things settle down. Here are some examples from Walmart:

          20lb of rice $9
          Canned veggies 50-75c can
          Canned beans 50-75c can
          Dry beans $3.70 4lbs
          Gelatin (Jello) 48c box
          Pasta $1.70 2lb box
          Pasta Sauce jars
          Peanut butter and Jams or jelly

          That’s just a few examples. A hundred pounds of rice should last a family of two 1-2 yrs and have long shelf life. Look for sales at local supermarkets. In my area Publix Supermarkets have BOGO each week.

          Buy a small freezer and load up on cheap meat and freeze it. Ground beef has a decent shelf life if frozen between 6-12 months. If you have an Aldi’s in your area look for deals.

          Lastly find your “Food Banks” in your area where you can receive donated food for free.

    • James Kolb

      1) self defense
      2) water
      3) food
      4) gold and silver

      Any questions?????

    • Faith

      The first step to knowledge is admitting one’s ignorance.

      You are where I was in 2009 when I realized I was economically and financially illiterate.

      The information is out there if you want to be educated. It takes time.

      The questions you asked I could write 20 pages but most of it wouldn’t mean anything to you, right now. Why? Because it takes time to understand and to become economically and financially literate.

    • Janet

      Catherine – In March 2022 Biden signed Executive Order 14067 – carefully read Sec 4 – the US will be bringing in programmable currency so that “your buying power can be turned off” if you continue to refuse to take the “jab”!!!

  41. Steve

    All I can say is wow. Awesome interview, scary interview, Bill seemed more serious this go round. Thanks Greg.

    • stanley skrzypek


    • Paul from Indiana

      Martin Armstrong was absolutely deflated this last interview. Fatigue is setting in among the experts; they know it’s like the monkey who got his tail caught in the lawnmower: it won’t be long now! Best always. PM

  42. Wanda

    Greg I have read comments elsewhere, people believe this IRS hiring of 85,000 agents? Is going to go drastically down, at the get go. They believe The administration is going to force any one who wants to be one of these agents, to take the toxic juice via their arm. Its a back door way to inflict more injury and deaths. I have to agree with them. First its more fear to put on Americans this hiring, secondly if they do attempt to hire so many. it wont work. By now I am seeing the truth come out on this toxic blend all over. Including court wins for people who sued because of the juice demand.

  43. Marie Joy

    Wood/coal stoves with a lot of wood/coal, just in case.

  44. Linda Majors


    Excellent advice from Bill!

    Progammable Digital Currency.
    I’m still waiting for one of your guests to address the transition into the Programmable Digital Currency, which is predicted to take place in December 2022, executive order signed by Biden on 3.9.21. (Ref. links below.)


  45. JJ

    Sinclair had a warrant trading, 10 years ago.
    Any warrant now?

  46. Robert

    BIG TIME breaking news—“Assassination In Moscow”

    • Janet

      Biden and his henchmen in NATO and the Ukraine are pushing the war onto Russian territory – the Military Industrial Complex is salivating over this (as it means a wider war and more money for them) – the WEF Globalists are also ecstatic but they are hoping to see the huge Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine “Blow Up” (and kill millions in Europe that their “jab” didn’t get)!!

  47. Mr Mike S

    As Greg’s poll shows, the majority of Americans are actually in agreement with the things Bill is saying.
    This is an orchestrated plan that will create a lot of chaos and suffering.

    And not everyone has a lot of means to fight it.

    God help us get through this time and remove the evil behind it!

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families.

  48. Paul

    The fear index here is getting out of hand,
    Plan for what it is difficult now while it is easy, do what is great while it is still small.

    It’s good when guests don’t talk their book.

    We did not stack the endless cords of wood for the needs of that day. Rather, we stacked them for the cold of tomorrow.

    Paul from arkansas

    • Janet

      Stacking cords of wood is a very good idea if you are planning on surviving the energy shutdown that is coming this winter (especially in Europe)) – the Demons are currently focusing their attack on oil, gas and coal right now – to make their shut down of the world electrical grid more effective when they decide to pull the plug!!

  49. tim mcgraw

    I read all the comments. I don’t usually do that. Good comments all. The old America I knew is long gone. It isn’t coming back.
    Everyone gives advice on how to survive the coming cataclysm. But no one asks, “Do you want to survive?”
    Well, do you? And if so, why?
    Can you handle a Mad Max World?
    Many will say, “No.”
    Only those who really want to live will survive.

    • stanley skrzypek

      “Profound”….you are a deep thinker….”Yeah Right”!

    • Guest

      I agree. I’m only 47 years old, but even I recognize that this isn’t the country I grew up in. Sadly, that America is gone.

      Yes, I want to survive the difficult times ahead because something better is coming afterward!

      • Greg Hunter

        Don’t give up “Guest”! That’s what evil wants. This is far from over.

  50. Scott

    Thanks for the insight on the gold & silver market as well as the candid discussion involving the fiat system.

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, Not to change subject but just released tests show the ””clots””are not human blood clots….per the elements found in them….Might help those with family and friend as to what to get tests for in hospital or to identify real causes of death?

    • Janet

      The white tapeworm looking stringy rubbery things being removed from the dead by funeral home embalmers “are self-assembling conductors of some type” (that are “rich in metals that conduct electricity”) – most probably so we can be zapped with 5G “that heats up these metals” in the self-assembling conductors – and the heat thus generated by the 5G microwaves “cooks the blood in the veins and arteries” (causing blockages and blood clots that can flow directly to the heart, lungs and brain) – it is sort of the same principle Big Pharma uses to kill cancer cells (i.e. they inject a metal like gold into the cancer cell and then zap the cell with microwaves “to heat up the gold red hot” which then cooks and kills the cancer cell)!!! –

  52. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter , it is a deep sadness to see the USA being destroyed from within, the most dangerous enemy.
    Meanwhile within Moscow Alexandr Dugin has had to watch his daughter be murdered in front of him by a car bomb supposedly planted by an SAS team from the UK ,but that just may be twitter chatter. However the enmity between the UK elite and the Russian elite is now on steroids,yet five years ago the Russian oligarchs were welcomed in with golden visas. Talk about stabbing people in the back!
    Abysmal corruption abounds in the USA,
    Refi Faber asserts the Federal Reserve is setting on a real $1.6 Trillions LOSS.
    Here in the UK corruption and inflation are on steroids the police are going beserk and the people are at best fuming and inebriate. The tax authority here in the UK are the brown shirts and delight in their power on behalf of the communist/fascist elites. The “cesspool of crime” are here enjoying the Christmas shop at Selfridges ,these Ukrainian elites are shameless as are their ghastly children with their vile demands and our shops are only too happy to take their blood soaked money for trinkets.
    Meanwhile a sample of Ukraine that the USA are supporting,
    All utterly depressing.
    A lot of distressed commentators as well.

  53. Mike M.

    Got news for you. To answer to the question of “how long is this going to last?” is simple. Once the takedown really begins it doesn’t stop and the country and rest of the west are gone – and by gone I do mean gone.

    You have been sold out by the ones you put in power and were too stupid to see what their ultimate goal was which is to survive by offering all of you up as the sacrificial lambs that you are. China and Russia need what you have and soon they will have it with little resistance on your part.

    Seriously, you can’t be this gullible and dumb and hope to survive. Based on credible information I have collected, I believe most of you will be dead or wish you were dead within two years if you stay in the US or several other countries in the west. Stay in denial and there is little hope for you and realistically, that is what will be the case.

    • Paul

      We are a hunting nation , another form of target , is a possibility, Their remains will be eaten by the many ants hidden.
      Stay in your country and continue to spread your courage there.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Mike M

        Left the country long ago. The US is an evil empire and its days are numbered as are yours if you stay put.

        • Greg Hunter

          Not true Mike. Please stay gone.

    • Father Time

      Mike M.,
      I hate to say your right. But Gods word says, the impending tribulation, “will be worse than anything the world has ever seen and worse than what will ever be seen again”.
      You have his word on it, God’s word the son.
      He said lift your heads up, your deliverance is getting near.
      So hang in there, so we don’t hang separately, Benjamin Franklin


    Well lets look at some other facts. How about the “Covid thing”” was nothing more then a bad flu. an excuse to enrich-en certain people. How about when that didnt work anymore, well now we have a war which we are not fighting but paying for. More printing money. now “monkey pox” Oh we gotta pay our drug company buddies a little more money. Nancy Pelosi takes this daring trip to Taiwan. Right after she caught heat about her husbands investing in a chip manufactuer, in the company of her son who was there on some sort of business deal? (Mommy I have to go to Taiwan and Im scared of being shot down).Dont worry kid they wont shoot down mommy’s plane. Oh “The inflation reduction act” which does nothing to help we the people. The hiring of 87 thousand IRS agents potentially armed Federal officers? ( a sister organization to ATF.)
    The country is broke. All the lies and scams are coming to light .
    Do you really think we will have an election that they know their going to lose? Id be very surprised. And there will be reason , may a false flag. here or abroad. Bank failure? Time to go back to take a “mason” jar stick your cash in it and bury that sucker.

  55. Donald Wilson

    Regarding mass depopulation Greg, check out the website
    “Deagel organization predicts massive global depopulation of 50 to 80% by 2025.”

    The population of the United States is estimated to be reduced from 300 million to approximately 100 million.

    • Janet

      Two out of three people will be dead by 2025 (that’s 200 million people murdered – likely most of them Deep State believing Democrats) – so I guess we who are still alive in 2024 should elect Trump “to show our appreciation” (for what the “Trump jab” did in exterminating the Deep State)!!

      • Janet

        Problem is – the Demoncrats are bringing in “replacements” across the southern border faster then they can be killed off by the “jab” – probably to keep the US population numbers relatively steady (even as the “jab” die-off takes place)!!

      • Janet

        Here is the proof that more Democrats, Blacks and Latinos will die of the “jab” vs White Republicans!! – – and why the Demoncrats have to keep the border “wide open” – I don’t want to believe what I’m thinking – but could authorizing the “jab” have been Trump’s “unspeakably horrible” Machiavellian plan to kill off the Deep State – and thus save our Nation???

  56. K.M.

    Russian Defense Ministry: Proof of Ukraine’s ‘Chemical Terrorism’ to Be Sent to OPCW Soon
    by Sputnik August 20th 2022
    “Against the backdrop of military defeats in the Donbass and other regions, the regime of [Volodymyr] Zelensky authorized terrorist acts with the use of chemical poisons against Russian military personnel and civilians,” Russians tell chemical weapons watchdog.
    Moscow previously presented to the public the documents that Russian servicemen had recovered from several laboratories in Ukraine, which suggested the work was being carried out there on compounds and pathogens that could be used, among other things, in biological weapons. The Kremlin stressed that these labs were funded by the US.

    • Janet

      Also of interest – Russia discloses that Actress Anne Heche And Republican Jackie Walorski Deaths Are Linked To The CIA and their “QNX Murder Device” (that can remotely take over control of your vehicle and crash it) – on 3 August Congresswoman Walorsky was in a car which “suddenly crossed the centerline of a roadway crashing head on into a vehicle driving in the opposite direction killing her and others – then on 5 August a car driven by Hollywood actress Anne Heche “suddenly speeds up crashes into a house and bursts into flames” – so within 3 days the two people working to expose child trafficking “are taken out” and the Los Angeles Police Department says “it will no longer investigate Anne Heche’s sudden car crash”!! –

  57. tim mcgraw

    Today was Dr. Ron Paul’s 87th birthday. Dr. Paul has fought for sound money, peace, and liberty all his life. And yet not a single person on this website acknowledged his great contribution to our cause today.
    This is sad. Who will replace Dr. Ron Paul? Trump? Give me a break. DeSantis? No.
    We must stand on our own now.

    • Steven


      So-called ‘Conservatives’ (Baby Boomers especially)—who pretend to care about liberty, the Constitution, secure borders and America-first—revealed their true colors when they rejected Ron Paul in favor of the terrible John McCain & Mitt Romney in 2008 & 2012.

      ‘Conservatives’ love whining about “RINOs” but when presented with a chance to choose otherwise in Ron Paul, they opted for the worst of the RINOs—and I guarantee you there are people here on the USAWD comment section who happily chose McCain & Romney over Paul.

      As much as the people here at USAWD complain about the state of the country & like blaming Democrats, they will never take responsibility for their own awful voting choices: Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, Trump, and congressional “RINOs” (whom they whine about but re-elect to office—McCain & Romney being good examples).

      These ‘Conservatives’ can’t even discern the truth about Trump…so even at this late hour I expect nothing better from them than what they’ve proven to always be (fake patriots who are always easily conned).

    • Jerry

      Well Greg,
      China is under another lockdown again. My wife’s nice who lives in Hong
      Kong just posted this on Facebook. Not only can they not leave their apartment, the food they are supposed to eat is delivered to them.

      Talk about total loss of freedom? But hey she’s where she needs to be. She believes totally in socialism and views free enterprise as a money trap for the poor. Hmmm. Where have I heard that before?

      I double seriously this lockdown has anything to do with Covid. It’s more of a cover for military preparations for war. They can’t have the general public seeing them loading massive amounts of military hardware on ships and troop movements throughout the country. The Covid excuse works nicely for whatever purpose you need it for.

    • JAC

      I was just thinking this morning that we had our chance with Ron Paul- truly a great statesman & honorable man. Thank you for posting about him- I think of him often & how much he’s taught me.

  58. stanley skrzypek

    I liked the way he stuck it to Martin Armstrong about the computer programing…..i NEVER thought of it that way……My EYES are Opened now!….Thanks Bill……oh yeah ….you too Greg….

    • tim mcgraw

      Yes, Stanley Skrzypek; you are right. Armstrong programs the Socrates software. And yet he claims not to know what Socrates predicts. Armstrong says he was put in jail because he wouldn’t release the software to the government. I remember the days when he was in prison. Seems like a million years ago.

      • stanley skrzypek

        Didn’t he have some kind of newsletter sent out?…i think i remember it…he showed the Face on Mars…it actually looked like a human face….oh well that was 40 yrs ago…mid to late 70’s

      • Janet

        We need to be careful about what we put into a computer as there is an old saying (garbage in – garbage out) – would you like to see “the garbage at the WEF” develop the technology that would allow human conciousness to be imputted into an AI computer? – can you envision how wonderful it will be when human brains (who own nothing) are controlled by the WEF?? – think about it folks – they are planning initially to put our human consciousness into “flawed” robotic bodies (replacing our self-healing physical bodies created by God the Father that can bring forth children)!! – but the end goal of the WEF Globalists is to have our brains simply controlling “holographic bodies” like was promoted in their Avatar movie (where Jake disposes of his human body at the end of the movie to become an Avatar) – this is the ultimate goal of the WEF’s New World Order – a world full of “hybrid silicon humans” (a blending of man and machine) CONTROLLED BY THEM!! – Hybrid Humans are currently being created by their “jab” and their transhumanist agenda is currently well on it way (using eugenics, reproductive controls, sterilization campaigns, genetic engineering, RFID chips and rewiring of the human brain through pharmaceuticals) to achieve their goals – the WEF’s quest for immortality (with the merging of humans and machines) is just one part of Satan’s convoluted scheme (to gain global dominance over all humans) – and sadly Trump signing Executive Order 13887 made the general public guinea pigs to be used by the WEF to perfect their experiments) – by 2050 the WEF Globalists want to have their control grid over the entire world fully implemented – and if we don’t stop them now – there will be “no one left” to dissent!!!

  59. stanley skrzypek

    buy and hold……….Ag………Au is too expensive for the Drunken Sailors out there….and NOT bitcoin (it is a cia token)….but ..THETA and Tfuel Cannot be bought in America (I wonder why)….go to coinbase….buy XLM…..go to Simple Swap swap ……and…..swap XLM for Theta or Tfuel…on your Trezor Wallet… will thank this Polock……….later……………with All Due Respect……

  60. Connie Sponheim

    I’ve been prepping since about 2013, when I had an epiphany over the corrupt judicial. As a mother I was incarcerated awaiting a trial, judgment, etc. for 9 months just for trying to see my daughter. She had unlawfully placed an anti harassment on my freedom of movement because she was mentally ill. Anyone can do that to anyone else, without evidence of harm. When I was released I set about to SIMPLIFY my life. I traveled the world, lived in my van ( or with others) while helping families in work-trades. I placed all belongings in storage, and searched for the steps to leave ‘the matrix of corruption that America had become’. I became an American National, N.Dakota State Citizen, Secured Party Creditor (I haven’t paid taxes for years, but I’m no longer a ‘taxpayer’ or a ‘person’. I am a “Living Woman, born on the land, whose blood flows”. I studied the system, their law..discovered that America was originally in Common Law, but that had been replaced by The Crown. I started hiding long shelf life foods. learned gardening/canning, gaining homesteading skills. I then purchased pre-1964 dimes and silver coins. I do not have great wealth, but I’m certain that I can survive well; have built community and ‘safety nets’ of others that are living autonomously. I can barter, forage, (at least 20 wild-growing plants are edible!)… I’ve also done a great deal of soul searching, giving myself a personal spiritual foundation.
    A wise woman’s advice: Follow my lead, and you will be free of fear, faith-strong in the future and in a position to help friends and family….

  61. Astraea/

    Happy Birth day Dr. Ron Paul and may you have many more.
    We all need to watch His news casts on Youtube.
    And thank you Greg and Bill Holter who has been a favourite of mine for many long years.
    He makes it all VERY CLEAR and perfectly simple to understand. Not everyone is as clear.

    • Gunny HiWay

      @Connie… GOOD LUCK with that folly.
      The “sovereign citizen” movement is dead and you will be arrested and jailed.
      Just ask that KOOK named James T. McBride all about it.
      He is serving 25 years in Federal custody for his “sovereign citizen” activities.
      I know, I was his bodyguard for 6 months and got out and away just in time.

      • Jerry

        I agree with you. There is no way out of the matrix. With technology they can track you wherever you are. They tried running away in that book 1984 and it didn’t work for them either.

  62. Robert says no

    I’ve been listening to doom and gloom for decades. Have you seen the stock markets. They keep going up. Do you think the Globalist, like Blackrock and Vanguard, are going to let the market crash before the election that has the party in power that’s enabling them and behind the great reset and BBB? The money printing will continue as long as it’s necessary.

    My theory is when Obama moves his family to Hawaii into their new mansion on the ocean front ( you know the ocean front that’s rising from melting glaciers, according to the climate change doom and gloomers), that’s when the plug on the economy will be pulled.

  63. Astraea/
    Many people are impressed with Putin – (I am!) and hoping that the world really is going to change into something much more free and prosperous, but the very warm friendship between Putin and Kissinger is more than worrying.
    I believe that we all need to listen to this Corbett Report and look at it all more critically. Much as I like Putin – he is dignified, clear and strong and he does, I believe, just love Russia. (Russians seem to have very deep feelings for their country).
    (Look at the difference between Zelensky and Putin – and those around Zelensky and those around Putin! Those around Putin are real men.
    Look at what we have in the West – they are either women who are so full of their egotistical love of POWER that they are just silly and doing really stupid things – or weak men! (Look at what the woman running the EU is doing. WHAT could be more stupid?)
    And God help us if that women called Liz Truss gets into power in the UK!

  64. al

    I’ve been following Bill way before he hooked up with Sinclair. What he knows is factual and provable but the outcome is always the same. It’s a slow walk down Devaluation Street, yet somehow we’re still the World reserve currency.
    I’ve been hearing about the dollar coming back to our shores for just about two decades now and the hyperinflation scenario painted all these years has not occurred.

    Frankly Greg I’m growing very tired of all this. I have been sitting on a lot of stuff, ready and waiting for this “reset” to occur. It should have happened long ago but it hasn’t, and the SLOW systematic destruction of the dollar we are witnessing is not that impactful. Not Hyperinflation / Mad Max impactful at all.

    It’s all about public forgetfulness and “new norm” acceptance. As Normies are being slowly lulled in to this trap, people in the know like me (thanks to you and your guests Greg) are growing tired of it all. The collective slap in the face will not come from a devaluation or hyperinflation, the slap in the face will come once THE MEDIA WHORES GET PUBLICLY HUNG FOR DECEIVING THE POPULACE THUS CAUSING DEATH AND DESTRUCTION !
    It’s all about Perception, and the Marxist Enemy Media is still somewhat in control. THEY HAVE TO BE ERADICATED!!! or their perception will keep this BS going on for yet another 20 years.

    There were NO words of encouragement here. All the same talk. It’s logical and correct, but not a reality and frankly, very depressing.

    • Self Exiled

      ” growing tired of it all” I too reached this point, but I’m still hear. I reached this point years ago. Got tired of bringing up issues that needed discussion, clear back to when they occurred. The Kennedy assignations, Viet Nam war, succession of predictable presidential candidates, Clinton selling our patients, Obamas manicuring of the government to suit his passions of the military/FBI and on and on. It has only hardened my believe system in divine creation and original sin; there can be no other explanation for the rise and fall of empires. Christ was the only person who gave an explanation for such social structure demise. His explanations about the nature of man were cause and effect accurate. Man, constantly stiving for perfection but being completely destructive. Basically, I’m saying everything we touch turns to xxxx.

      • Janet

        Speaking about everything we touch turning to shit – I voted for Trump “thinking he was the best choice compared to Hillary” – now I’m having doubts because the nuclear war Hillary would have started “may have only killed 50 million people” – which now seems insignificant to the “many hundreds of millions” Trump has put on the butcher block promoting his “jab”!!!

  65. Roger Stamper

    tks bill greg

  66. Harold

    I always watch for Bill. I appreciate so much the interviews you do. One thing… Canada still has its guns. Not a whole lot but we still have 12 million of them here. Mine are not for sale, not for grabs and with so many examples of what government does when they take them, mine will be useless to me when they are taken.

  67. fred

    Bo Polony says next month, around the 24th

    • Self Exiled

      Good then the probability is it will not happen. My weird humor today. He has made accurate calls. I just think trying to figure out Gods plans, events, timing, strategy is somewhat futile.

    • Robert says no

      Something unintended and disastrous could occur but my bet is Blackrock and Vanguard and their buds at the Fed aren’t going to sway the election away from the party in power that is enabling the great reset for the WEF and the UN. I don’t see the power structure changing and wonder if there will be an election. We’ll see.

  68. Johnny Cool

    Guilty. Will he be put in prison?

    JPMorgan Gold Trading Boss & Former LBMA Board Member Found Guilty By US Jury.

    ‘In a major embarrassment for banking giant JP Morgan and the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), a federal jury in a US criminal trial has convicted Michael Nowak, global head of JP Morgan’s precious metals trading and former LBMA board member, on 13 counts of attempted price manipulation, commodities fraud, wire fraud, and spoofing prices in the gold, silver, platinum and palladium futures markets.’

  69. Nick

    It is my understanding that the Socrates program analyses vast quantities of data, far beyond the capabilities of teams of analysts. By programming in the building block of how to analyse, it can make connections that seem trivial but can have greater significance in the broader picture. The importance of cycles have proven to give great insight as to “when” forecasts may take place.

    Bill Holter, has been correct to point out the importance of holding precious metals, but cannot provide the “when”, so adopts the “now” approach which is safe since a broken clock is right twice a day. People who have been holding for ten year may not appreciate the “now” approach. I only mention this because Bill sounded a little resentful about Martin Armstrongs stance on precious metals over the years, by knocking the Socrates program.

  70. Michele

    As always Bill Holter delivers the facts.
    Thank God for his honesty regarding the Socrates system.
    Not a mysterious prophet.
    Great respect for you and Mr. Holter🇺🇸🌠

  71. Kevin24

    Bill was awesome, always like his 40,000 foot view of the big picture. I wish Rob KIrby was still here for another perspective. I bought more Maples this week, thanks M.F. Bullion for best price

  72. Steve

    No one forced the population to take the vaccine in Canada. They just made life a little more difficult if you chose not to take it with things like travel restrictions and Job restrictions. No one was forced. I am not vaxxed.

  73. James

    Bill is my favorite guest by far but the Brownshirts were organized to prevent Antifa from intimidating the citizenry and preventing the slide into Communism. Very sad to see people still parroting the mainstream media/academia nonsense.

    Germany would have fallen to the Communists if not for the rise of the NSDAP. See the history of Antifa, the Bavarian Soviet Republic, and David Irving’s Hitler’s War for starters.

    Hitler took out the leadership of the Brownshirts when it became clear that they intended to try to seize greater power from the military.

    Basic taboo factual information. There would have been no fascism in Germany but for the criminal Versailles Treaty. See also the Morgenthau Plan for post-WWII Germany and Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadow Camps.

  74. Dan

    O ye of little faith
    The Lord has already acted twice this year, with more to come.
    1) Roe V. Wade
    2) Georgia Guidestones

    • stanley skrzypek

      Dan…… ” The Lord has already acted twice this year”…….WRONG DAN!!!!…the Lord acts twice EVERY DAY not only TWICE this YEAR………He acts in the Morning when i “GET UP”….and at Night when I “GO TO SLEEP”….

  75. Ron

    This monologue by the Scottish broadcaster Neil Oliver about how all our leaders and media ought to just resign and leave due to all the pain they have caused is well worth watching.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Ron,
      I love Neil Oliver – former documentary maker for the BBC et al – and this is one of his best! Thanks for the link.

  76. alfy

    in order, the most dishonorable in international dealings- china, japan. the most honorable- germany, russia. I see the usa as at long last breaking free from their evil west european overlords. the fed bank and all of that is not the usa. once free, the usa in short order will become both a resource and industrial super power. become the most prosperous nation in the world. but first, must take out the trash. I keep hearing how americans are a bunch of soft weaklings without any grit. truth is, americans have been under a strong attack for at least the past 20 years, and are still in the fight. you amercians are in truth battle hardened bunch. you have a termendous amount of grit. far stronger and much more resilient than what all the bs’rs claim. americans truly are the best of the best. you will not only win against evil, you will lead the rest of humanity to freedom.

    • The Ugly American

      I agree wholeheartedly Alf. As the good book says, the meek shall inherit the earth. Yes as an American, it’s hard to be humble, but looking forward to our well deserved inheritance. I’m sure we’ll make way for our little brothers too. Australians are just about as American as Americans, if not even more. Others, good luck hurtling through space!

  77. leo

    I find it incredible that people are asking, what will I do, at this late time. If you haven’t prepared by now it is to late. A few cans of rice and beans will never cut it. We have been warned for years. You cannot fix stupid.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can do a lot in a few weeks. Never give up.

      • leo

        Greg, well a little bit is better than nada, but you cannot prepare for mad max in a few weeks. Gold , silver, ammo, water, get out of the city, that takes serious long term planning. There are some who say you only have to prepare for 4 months, some say 2 years. This thing could last for 7 years. It is very close maybe 60 days but if these NATO fools succeed in blowing up the Kerch Strait bridge in Crimea , its game over.

  78. Rod Brumley, Sr - USMC LT. Colonel (ret.)

    Several points I’d like to make
    1. I own two houses – one in Michigan and one in Florida – a good friend of mine is a real estate Broker – he told me 36% of his sold listings fell thru last month – Banks Canceled the loans. He now said that almost half of the buyers now are cash buyers wanting a huge discount on the listing price
    2. My goal is to accumulate another $1,000.00 face in Pre 1965 US Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars before year end
    3. As a retired Marine our military is in disarray and needs all new Senior Leadership. We are in serious trouble
    4. Watch the 10 year end yield – when it goes over 4% the Credit System Implodes and we will see a Severe Depression!!!
    5. Lastly the Democratic Communist Party is now in total control
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American 🇺🇸 Patriot
    In God I Trust

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rod, for the Street Reporting and analysis!!

  79. Jeffrobbins

    While there are million dollar homes out there- my brother lives in northern Idaho and just had to move into a tent in my parents yard ( small house there). Of coarse everyone can shower and have a hot meal, I’d guess the kids will sleep on the living room floor- him and his wife have five kids. He has full time job, but all the hot money that has come in since Covid has driven up the prices for all the real estate in that area and the local wages barely support the local people. He has a job lined up in Alaska, but is struggling to find a house to rent there also- even with just as high prices. How can people pay 50% of their pay in rent?- We moved out of town (bought a small double wide on 10 acres) about 6 years ago and at the time weren’t even looking to do so- God’s blessing for sure -I am beginning to install 2 R.V. Spots at my place. One 30 amp, one 50 amp. Could be a good idea to have extra eyes out by the shop.

  80. Lady Au Stackers United

    What I don’t understand is why gold and silver spot price is so low, however, the premiums are so high.

    • Shiloh1

      Back your Suburban up to the CME loading dock and demand to buy $1,000,000 of $20/ounce Silver and see what they say the price is.

      • Shiloh1

        Meant COMEX.

      • Janet

        Buy low and sell high (like when oil goes to $500 dollars per barrel)!!

        • Janet

          Think $500 dollar per barrel oil is impossible – Biden and NATO are now bombing Russia – do you think that will make the oil price go down???

  81. Joseph Carris

    Just a few thoughts that I haven’t seen discussed.

    Health is a major consideration for preparedness. Lose weight, get in shape, stock up on needed medications, and take care of all your health issues including teeth. Get everything fixed that you can.

    Get receipts for gold and silver purchases. You may need them for the IRS.

    On the injections, we have been there before, although not as bad. Remember the tobacco Industry. They worked with the Government to push tobacco. The Industry gave free cigarettes to US troops during WWII. The troops came home addicted. Hollywood glamorized cigarettes. TV advertisements abound. The hero C. Everett Koop, the US Surgeon General, took on the Industry single handed. Legitimate scientific studies showed tobacco was bad. The Industry fought back with studies showing tobacco may not be that harmful. Finally Koop won. He even got warnings placed cigarette packs. However, people had been injured and many died prematurely. Government penalized the Industry with big fines, but the injured people didn’t get the money. Nobody went to jail. Is this what will happen with the injections?

    • Self Exiled

      ” Government penalized the Industry with big fines” and now Industry is the government.

  82. Frank S.

    Great interview. I especially liked at 20:33 where Greg showered Bill with hearts. Very sweet of you, Greg (lol).

  83. Clay Lane

    Florida Uhuru leader defends Russia, bashes Colonial powers after FBI press conference 94,297 views Jul 29, 2022 FOX 13 Tampa Bay
    Eritha ‘Akile’ Cainion, who ran for mayor and is now the leader of the St. Pete Uhuru group, led the press conference. Cainion defended Russia, saying the U.S. and other “world Colonial powers have been collaborating against Russia for well into the early 1900s.”
    “The history of the African People’s Socialist Party is to unite with any forces that unite with the anti-colonial struggle. and we feel that is a just struggle. What this is a propaganda campaign against Russia. We can have relationships with whoever we want,” Cainion said.
    She did not confirm or deny any of the charges within the indictment.

    China, Russian ‘new world order’ is inescapable: Gen. Keane
    275,946 views Aug 18, 2022
    Fox News senior strategic analyst reacts to China sending troops to Russia for a joint military exercise on ‘Varney & Co.’
    one tin soldier 2 days ago (edited)
    While China and Russia are doing drills, the US military is learning their pronouns. We’re screwed.
    Larry Horowitz 2 days ago
    This video did not mention that India is also participating in the joint military exercises, as well as a few other countries. This fact means that a good fraction of the world’s population is now associated with the China-Russia alliance.
    David Little 2 days ago
    Nothing lasts – sadly the US is in a state of moral decay & is so divided that it ‘s hard to see it as a world leader in the very near future.

    Gravitas: Why factories in China are shutting down
    677,860 views Aug 19, 2022 WION
    Chinese authorities are being forced to close factories. But this time – it is not because of the pandemic. A new crisis could derail China’s economy. Palki Sharma tells you about it.
    Lahiru Prasanga 5 hours ago
    “Natural disasters or disasters that appear natural” – 😀. Well said Palki
    Frederick Campana 1 day ago (edited)
    What is heartbreaking is with all the problems we already have like drought, unemployment, underemployment, poverty, pandemic, supply chain, wealth gap, food supply, inflation, recession just to name a few leadership wants to add war to the list. Shows the true nature of some people who are at the top of governments.

    Americans ‘never been more eager’ for Trump’s presidential race
    7,893 views Aug 21, 2022 Sky News Australia
    American people have “never been more eager” for Donald Trump to “get in a race” for president, says Fox News Contributor Lara Trump.

  84. Ron Lang

    Before anyone sacrifices Ukraine on the alter of ‘moral high horse’, just remember it’s the citizens who are being slaughtered and left homeless by the invading Russians who are specifically targeting civilians. You can talk all you want about money laundering and biolabs in Ukraine but don’t forget about the worse corruption in Russia and the West.

    • Greg Hunter

      This could have been worked out long ago in some sort of peace deal. It is the Ukraine government that started the war and keeps this war going. Look at the attacks this past week in Crimea where the Russian Black Sea Fleet is located. The Russian counter-attack is going to be brutal.

      • Robert says no

        Greg, as you know I’m not a religious person, but there’s something very evil going on domestically and internationally? And I mean at a level never seen in the history of the universe. There’s some people in power that I question if they’re even human beings as we know it. They lack empathy and compassion.

  85. rainer baudrexl

    Mr. Holter ; to any sentient person who has a modicum of historical knowledge is ” The Oracle of the Obvious”. We must Thank him for explaining the present World Social and Economic issues in plain talk.

    • Ron Lang

      You have history turned upside down. On August 24, 1991, Ukraine declared its independence from the Soviet Union, just days after Boris Yeltsin made a speech from atop a tank in front of the Russian parliament on August 19, 1991. This famous speech brought an end to the Soviet Union on December 26, 1991. Crimea still remained with Ukraine until 1992 when an agreement was made between Ukrainian and Crimean leaders to give Crimea the status of an autonomous republic and grant it special economic status while remaining an integral part of Ukraine. Russia recognized Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty over Crimea in a nuclear agreement outlined in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994. Russia again recognized Ukraine’s sovereignty including the Crimea in the 1997 Russian-Ukrainian Friendship Treaty. On December 31, 1999, Yeltsin announced his resignation and named Putin acting president. Putin won the 2000 election on the platform of rebuilding a weakened Russia, with his broader motives to reconstitute the former Soviet Union under the new Russian Federation. But Putin later would come to learn that Ukraine would not accept his plans for integration into the new federation. CRIMEA BELONGS TO UKRAINE.

      • Greg Hunter

        No it does not!! The Russians held Crimea by treaty for its Black Sea Fleet. It was atunomous and that is why it voted to leave and join Russia. Ukraine/USA broke the 1991 Belgrade Agreement and was going to become part of NATO and put nukes on the Russian border. Ukrain and USA broke a 1992 Bio-Weapons agreement too!!! Ukraine started the war and continues it today. Ukraine is getting its ass handed to them while NAZI Zelensky is posing for Vogue with his beard wife. This is not going to end well for Ukraine. They should have cut a peace deal long ago and now it will be total destruction if the Ukraine people don’t kill Zelensky first.

        • Jeffrobbins

          ‘Beard wife’ ? Have to admit i haven’t seen any pictures. Maybe ‘wife’ is the wrong pronoun. There should be some good novels born from these times.

        • Janet

          Our Politicians couldn’t come up with a few Million dollars to build a wall to protect American borders from invasion – but $8 Billion is sent to the Ukraine to defend their borders from invasion??? – perhaps we should simply donate a strip of land along the Mexican/Texas border to Zelensky and then send funds to him to protect it from invasion!!!

  86. Steven R Bard

    Bill Holter mentioned that if Saudi Arabia joins BRICS, then there will be at least a ten percent drop of the US Dollar.
    Several analysts, most recently Chris Reed, have said that the Saudi monetary shift will cause the US Dollar to drop thirty percent.
    The temporal marker will be when Saudi Arabia makes a huge oil deal with China instead of the USA, a deliberate rejection of the PetroDollar.

    • AnnetteMarie

      The term Beard is used for a woman that is married to a homosexual for the purpose of hiding /covering up his homosexuality from the public. She is known as his ‘Beard.’

  87. Stan

    The only thing going bankrupt are people holding Gold & Silver. If y’all shorted them when I told you to it would be a different story.

    • Greg Hunter

      $30 trillion in “official” US gov debt and Saudia Arabia getting ready to join the BRICs. You are delusional.

      • Pay Attention

        Way to belittle your guests, Greg!

        • Rodster

          Perhaps you are new to USAWatchdog but Stan 🤡 is a certified troll. He is so rich from selling his stash of gold, he now owns 65 imaginary Bentleys. He even offered to take Greg Hunter for a ride.

        • Self Exiled

          It’s okay, this has been going on for a long time. It’s a relationship dynamic that has also developed with manny others of us who have resided here for a long time. We rather enjoy Stan and begin to wonder about his welfare if he doesn’t show up from time to time to promote his gold shorting.

    • Janet

      Stan – Your strong dollars are all going to disappear on December 14, 2022 – read Biden’s Executive Order 14067 (especially Section 4) – you won’t be able to spend your “digital dollars” on anything you want – you can be denied buying a good cigar (because it produces CO2) – and you may be denied buying gas for your Bentley (for the sane reason) – and you may be forced out of your Big Mansion into a small one room apartment in the city – and “if you refuse” – your “digital dollar” will be “locked up and made un-spendable” until you do comply!!!

      • Janet

        Stan – Look at Comex Gold Open Interest –×698.jpg – in 2020 when Open Interest reached 469,000 contracts (near the current level) there was a bear squeeze in gold that took it from $1450 to $2070 as all the shorts like you ran for cover – again in April 2021 Open Interest got down to 449,729 contracts which again resulted in the bears like you getting squeezed and that pushed gold up to the $2070 level eleven months later – here we are today Aug 23, 2022 and Open Interest has declined once again to about 450,000 contracts (which is about as low as it gets) and thus is a strong indicator higher gold prices will follow once again over the coming months!!

    • Jerry

      Yawn”………Snore……same old line. Gold bad….paper good!
      Why don’t you send Greg some of that paper mr. moneybags since you have so much of it?

  88. Ratty

    That is true. Once you let them decide to PRINT money to satisfy everyone FROM bankruptcy the end was near before it even started. The game was over before even being played.

  89. Dean Backer

    I have to vehemently disagree with Bill Holter on the fact that he said we do not manufacture anything anymore. The United States manufacture’s Godless transvestites, Marxist, useless lazy slugs of people that feel they deserve a handout, and The MSM that pushes fear, hatred and division nonstop.

  90. Dean Backer

    I have to vehemently disagree with Bill Holter on the fact that he said we do not manufacture anything anymore. The United States manufacture’s Godless tranys, Marxist, useless lazy slugs of people that feel they deserve a handout, and The MSM that pushes fear, hatred and division nonstop.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Dean,
      Thanks to enterprises such as the HARRIS ASSEMBLY GROUP, manufacturing can be fast-tracked back to the US. I have personal experience of managing the relocating a large manufacturing facility from one country to another and (subject to complexity) it can be done in months, not years. The off-shoring of the US manufacturing was a politically motivated event. True, labour was much, much, less expensive outside the US but granting China ‘most favoured status’ (Bill Clinton) facilitated the duty-free import of finished goods formerly made in the US. Without the political initiative, DUTY-PAID imported goods would have had to compete with quality US made products at similar price points – no contest! The US has been gutted from within but domestic manufacturing can rise like a Phoenix.

      • Paul

        Hi persona,
        Having a automated Cnc machine shop, Swiss lathes- 5 axis. And a import, export and distribution business. The only way is tarrifs to imports to a country. Other countries protect their industries this way, not the USA.
        India avg labor rate 3.53usd a day
        Mexico avg labor rate 11.00usd a day
        Vietnam avg labor rate 140-202 usd per month/160= 1.26usd per day at 202 high scale.

        Automation and extremely modern machinery, it can offset labor cost, granted, they don’t do same. Most people today don’t like working with machines oil.
        Presently my raw material costs are greater than their finished good price on commodity type products.
        Proprietory type goods and a mountain of processed raw material across the street is another story. To bring back industries to our countries will need subsidies, more capital equipment tax breaks, tarrifs to offset these real issues, as our competitors have been doing for a long time. Let alone oppressive govt regulations and high cost of living, employees need high wages.
        My experience in the international market since 1988. Our trade “experts” know developed countries plights and exploit it.

        Paul from arkansas

        • Paul

          Follow up with better news:
          As imported goods continue to take longer with material shortages origin side, transportation by ships continued delays, cost of fuels, geopolitical uncertainties, patent and copy concerns, relinquishing parts of ownership to host countries, delays of goods and reduced turnover of capital. Americans manufacturers despite the unbalanced playing field are importing record amounts of machine tools. Unfortunately delays of delivering after purchase order is over a year, as my machinery manufacturer told me.
          America has to manufacture for national security, as well as all countries.

          Link below of double digit machinery imports to USA that’s forecasted to continue.
          It’s in English.

          Paul from arkansas

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Paul,
          CNC machine shop. I know that environment. Respect . . . !

          Regarding your follow-up comment, below, it’s great to learn about the resurgent US demand for machine tools. Shame about the order fulfilment delays – this invalidates my assertion that relocating manufacturing can take place in just months.

    • Justn Observer

      and an endless supply of weapons of every sort for the endless wars….

  91. jomer

    Greg, I have not heard anyone else report on my most logical reason for the additional armed IRS works. What do you think of this idea:

    if the purpose of going to a cashless society is to track and trace everything you do, then I can easily see them making it illegal to buying or selling using other means. What branch of the government will be kicking down your door if you refuse to use the mark of the beast currency?

    • Paul from Indiana

      J, in theory, the cashless society with digital (trackable) dollars would require FEWER agents, not more. However, your idea of their anticipating mass civil disobedience at the individual citizen level and needing double the amount of agents WOULD make sense with regard to lethal enforcement. It will be interesting to see how it goes. One thing sure: they are not doing this for fun or to “help” the citizenry. it is a logical step in the continuing weaponization of government against the citizenry. Best always. PM

      • jomer

        Yes Paul, I do agree it would take less agents when figuring your income tax.

        My comment was more along the lines of enforcing the use of the digital dollar. Say I opened a little farm stand, and I was trading in barter. I could see getting a visit for the IRS and accused of tax evasion. I can also see the agents being brainwashed into thinking anyone refusing to use the digital dollar is an extremist and they need to be prepared for potential armed confrontations. Then again even the USDA made a massive purchase of guns and ammo, so better not be using their trademarked word “Organic” without being licensed. (That is why you often see the USDA logo on packaged organic foods.)

        I do agree they also see mass civil disobedience coming like a “No one pay your taxes this year” movement. I can see them using lethal force to squash the movement.

    • Janet

      To outwit the Demons – put your US dollars into pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and halves – it will still be spendable money “without the controls” planned for the “digital dollar”!!!

      • Janet

        It may even pay to borrow money from your bank or pull cash out of your credit card (before Executive Order 14067 goes into effect Dec 14th 2022) to purchase “pocket change” that will be “free of government control” and thus available for use to buy food with “if Biden shuts down your digital dollar account” (because you refused to take the “jab”, etc.) – just like Trudeau did to the truckers when they disobeyed government mandates!!!

  92. Jeffersonian

    Thanks for the excellent interview nothing new really just reinforcing what he’s said before but perhaps with more conviction

    Wow Canada free—really? I can see Vancouver Island and Salt Springs from one of my properties and before Canada became a WEF puppet thanks to Castreau I took my boat to Victoria, Sydney Pender etc on a regular basis —Beautiful country and pleasant people mostly

    But no more—I won’t get jabbed and brining a firearm in is like an act from God
    My friends in BC all jabbed so they could travel
    And not one of them own guns

    I’m sure there are Canadians with some basic firearms like shot guns and hunting rifles and 45s
    But come on Canadians it ain’t in your blood and you ain’t got enough fire power to make a fight against your dictator—-ain’t happening just like they shut down your truckers way to support them not Heck I donated to their cause and your government stole my money hmmmmm
    And If I remember correctly you still got the queen on some of those flimsy Canadian dollars hail to her majesty so much for Independence not mention your government selling all its gold but I do like the Canadian gold maple leaf high quality

    Like Holter says the last bastion of freedom is here in the good old US of A

    I think Abe said not one foreign country could invade and conquer us and he’s right — if it happens it will happen from the inside

    Ps haven’t seen one boat with a Canadian flag in our harbor. Wonder why?

    Cheers from down on the farm next years garlic in the ground and fruit finally ripening a bumper crop

  93. Jeffersonian


    If you feel comfortable would you mind asking Dr Kory what treatment he recommends for transverse myelitis we have a family member late twenties who was diagnosed with it after having a virus and has stabilized after steroids and is headed for rehab Tuesday. Can feel from waist down 30 percent and can’t really walk
    Fatigued but getting stronger

    Thank you

    • eddiemd

      I would recommend turmeric/curcumin/ginger with bioperine as an antiinflammatory.

      In addition I would do purified CBD oil, sublingual drops. There is some literature out there for CBD oil and transverse myelitis. You need to find good quality CBD oil from a reputable source, with no THC.

      I have used the turmeric/curcumin combo with CBD oil for chronic pain and have been successful.
      In myelitis, it may not be absolutely curative but may help in modulating the inflammatory response and help with recovery. They are natural plant based treatments. Start with one, add the other after a week to separate the treatments. That way you can gauge if you have an allergy to anything.

      • eddiemd

        I used the Vimerson brand turmeric/ginger/bioperine. The amazon link above does not work. Look it up for yourself.

      • Jeffersonian

        Thank you for the info I’ll do my due diligence cheers

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi eddiemd,
        Would this treatment protocol be any use for Fibromyalgia? My wife is a long-time sufferer and standard ‘painkillers’ are ineffective.

        • eddiemd


          I would do a two month trial.

          Here is the link.

          You can google fibromyalgia and turmeric. There appears to be plenty of antidotal reports that it should be added.

          Pure CBD sublingual may help. Although the mechanism of action is speculation, it states that it may interfere with pain receptors.

          I went to a women’s medicine conference in Tucson years ago and heard a symposium on a theory of origin of fibromyalgia. They discussed central and peripheral nervous system problems with signal modulation. It was interesting.

          I have thought about these ideas in relation to chronic pain. I thought that a reset of the nervous system might be beneficial. Bringing someone to the OR and using general anesthesia with a paralyzing agent to “reset” the peripheral nervous system.

          Also consider Vit D, elderberry with Vitamin C/zinc, and probiotics. These will help with immune system functioning.

  94. Really Awake

    “The dollar is being rigged”.

    Indeed. And this has been going on since 1776….. e.g., Continental Currency Dollar…. Yet, the dollar is now King of all other currency… Why is that?

    FDR “rigged” the dollar but good… On May 1, 1933 Executive Order 6102 rigged the gold-backed dollar. And anybody who didn’t see it coming and take evasive action got hammered hard. My uncle made his first million during the Depression. A million dollars. Dollars. Let that sink in.

    The dollar used to be gold and silver. Then it became paper. Then it transmorgrified into digital xoxoxox on the Federal Reserve’s computer screen. Soon the dollar will be a blockchain dollar. And paper will be fazed out. Are you and I going to be smart, like my uncle was, and take evasive action? Or are we going to remain financially illiterate? – and get steam rolled?

    One rigging after the other…. That’s the future. So you and I better “stay liquid” and stay nimble….. Pisssstttt. I tell you a little secret that I learned from my uncle after he took me under his wing when I was still just a boy…. The value of everything fluctuates. Money. Real estate. Food. Energy. All goods and services. The skill set to develop as a boy is embodied in a saying you have heard many times: “buy low and sell high”. Easier said than done.

    The dollar is rigged. Yes. But you still have to pay your taxes with it, buy food, gas and toilet paper with it, pay the dentist and so on and so forth…

    Going forward the only way in which you’ll do well when millions of other Americans are suffering incredible hardship is to stay at least one step ahead of the rigged dollar while still using the relative strength of the dollar to your advantage….

    We all know by now (or we should) that we need extra food, water, medicine, fuel and a big stockpile of supplies – including both gold and silver… I’m not trying to pick a fight with the gold bugs. They are good people. Really good. I’m just telling you that absent nuclear and or biological world war that the dollar will be the currency far, far better than the euro, yen, yuan or any other…. Try and understand the difference between the relative value between the dollar and other currency and use that understanding to graduate from Gold Bug 101 to a Buying, Selling and Trading PhD….

  95. Paul Simmons

    It appears globalist want an inflation hard enough to wrench the current dollars from everyone. Then they come in, when the pain is sufficient on the public to pledge to heal all with a centralized fiat digital thing. They will do this before midterms while they have leverage to do it. Then you become China with the control score etc..

  96. Anita

    Thank you both

    • Anita

      Maybe the question should be, what branch of government would not be kicking down your door ? Also note, they really need not send anyone. Could send a drone or just ramp up the frequencies coming at you from smart meters, cell towers, cell phone ect. or use a DEW.

      • Janet

        What Humanity must come to understand is that we are not supposed to do things “because we can” – we need to “not do things if we possibly can” especially if it is going to hurt others – how many people out of the millions living along the coastline of the US have ever bought a live lobster – took the rubber bands off its claws – and released it back into the ocean (rather then dropping it into a pot of boiling water)?? – very few I would imagine (as money is involved – and we know how valuable people think the US dollar is)!!!

  97. Paul Simmons

    It appears globalist want an inflation hard enough to wrench the current dollars from everyone. Then heal all with the centralized fiat digital thing. Globalists run the government now and have in degrees for at least back to the Bush family admin. where GH Bush invited on public camera that all back the new world government order. We have seen that the Biden admin. could care less about following and upholding U.S. Constitutional Law. Rather, Globalists were cheated into power in the U.S. So, call them Globalists not Democrats. Decertify the election of 2020 on the basis that persons of a foreign government were running for high office here and won by deceit. Their pledge so far to uphold Constitutional law and the wellbeing of the public has been so broken as to make those actions to look like and be like that of an enemy to all free nations. The domestic enemy to freedom worldwide is fully in attack mode and the public is carefully kept in the dark by the purchased Globalist big money media.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Paul,
      “So, call them Globalists not Democrats.”
      You are so right! There is NOTHING democratic about them! We the people’ need to know our enemy – and calling them ‘Democrats’ is flattering. Calling them ‘Globalists’ is not. I’m with you . . .

      Here in the U.K. we are facing having the choice between two idiot Globalists as Prime Minister to replace the disgraced (Globalist) Boris Johnson. The MSM are promoting the notion that we need an election so that the Labour Party leader, Kier Starmer, can be Prime Minister. Kier Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission!! He has no interest in the average working man / woman (Labour Party voter). He is at one with the NWO freak show! Talk about being between a rock and a hard place – that’s the U.K. today!

  98. tim mcgraw

    I wish to clarify my position on military veterans and war. Some commenters here on this website take issue with my position. They conflate support for war with the support of veterans and current soldiers.
    They are not the same.
    I see soldiers as marks in a con game. The soldiers fell for a devious con game and paid for it with their blood. The con artists got rich off of that blood.
    I am all for compensating the soldiers and veterans for this. But I will not celebrate them being marks in a con game.
    I would like to see those neocon warmongers pay up to recompense the victims of their con game of war. I fear we will never be able to make it right with all of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of civilians killed in these money-making wars for the elites.
    Where do you think the $30 trillion Federal Debt (no doubt it is much more money) came from?
    It came from WAR!
    Every time we pay more for gasoline, food, rent, and utilities; we are paying for WAR.
    The wars must end. Don’t believe the con game.

    • leo

      your are 100% on target and a lot of us vets feel the same way. Who cares what people think. My dad was in five major battles in WW2 and his ship was hit by a kamikaze I was shocked he even survived. My brother was in Vietnam in 1970 and my neighbor in 1965 and his whole platoon was overrun, he had 5 wounds and was found the only one who was still alive because a dead marine was on top of him. He came home and never walked again and finally shot himself from complete despair. I was in s.e .Asia and came home to protest out side SF airport. Later I had a peace sign on the back of my car and was stopped by the MP who told me to take it off as it was a conflict of interest. Everybody has an opinion .

    • Gaylene Muir

      ‘They Will Beat Their Swords Into Plowshares’—When?
      A FAMOUS statue at the United Nations in New York City depicts a man beating a sword into a plowshare. It is based on the Bible prophecies of Isaiah chapter 2, verse 4, and Micah chapter 4, verse 3.
      The New York Times carried the headline “Global Arms Sales Swell to over $200 Billion”! Who are the leading suppliers of this vast array of arms? The United States led the way with sales of $169 billion. Second was Russia with less than half that amount. However, Russia nearly doubled its sales over the previous year. Then came Germany, China, France, Britain, and Italy. The same report continued: “As in the past, roughly two-thirds of all arms were sold to developing nations and Ukraine.”
      After two world wars and now the third, many other major wars during the last and early 21st. century, which left hundreds of millions dead and wounded, one is led to ask, “When will the nations ever learn peace instead of war?” The Bible indicates that this turning to peace would be “in the final part of the days.” (Isaiah 2:2) The good news, in all this new world dis-order? In fact, this prophecy is already undergoing fulfillment, as nearly 3 billion Christian witnesses have allowed themselves ‘to be taught by God.’ As a consequence, their ‘peace is abundant.’—Isaiah 54:13.
      Tim soon God will bring an end to all weapons and wars and those who promote them, for he will “ruin those ruining the earth.” —Revelation 11:18.

  99. leo

    This could be the next domino to fall: There is no diesel fuel within the next 60 days, all supply chains halt, marshal law is declared to limit chaos and halt the mid term election.
    Get serious folks something is about to happen that will change life as we know it There is no way freedom continues these people in power i.e.globalists will never surrender

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi LEO,
      You may be correct – I have read ‘stories’ about the “only two” corporations “in the world” that make an “essential additive for diesel engine oil” declaring “force majeure” – claiming they are unable to obtain the raw materials – and stating that ALL supplies of these essential additives will be unavailable within “30 days”, 60 days”, and “90 days”. First read about this over 30 days ago, so the “30 days” prediction was wrong. Is this story based on fact, or is it ‘fear porn’? Time will tell . . .

  100. Steve Bice

    “They conflate support for war with the support of veterans and current soldiers.”

    Projection. No, they do not. This is exactly what you have been doing. You have criticized the many good men who have been caught up in the dangerous dysfunction of our world called war.

    Absolutely no one has been “supporting” war. They just recognize the reality of it. NO one is promoting war…and to suggest otherwise is simply setting up a straw man to express your disdain for others who have done what they thought they had to do when confronted with a nation at war…for good or ill. Conflating indeed…

    • tim mcgraw

      Steve Bice: I criticize soldiers who are marks in a con game and PROUD of being marks and then celebrated for being marks for going off to fight a stupid illegal war by people who should know better.
      If you celebrate soldiers going off to war, you are supporting war.

    • tim mcgraw

      Steve Bice: PS: If you show me ONE example where the US Military saved my life, liberty, and happiness since I was born (1952), I will concede the argument to you.

      • Johnny Cool


        MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Armies are created by the rulers. They demonize their opponent to get the people to be willing to die on the battlefield for some noble cause.

        • Janet

          Here are a couple of “noble causes” for Americans to rally around – 1) Destroy the bridge connecting the Crimea peninsula with mainland Russia (U.S. Says Russia’s Prized Kerch Bridge “Is A Fair Target” For Ukrainian Forces) – 2) Destroy the Ukrainian Nuclear Power plant “as the next Fair Target” for Ukrainian forces!!!

      • Steve Bice

        It’s impossible to prove a negative…that you might have died if something didn’t happen. No more arguments from me. I agree that every war since WWII has been unjust…and suggest it “proves” the biblical warnings about the inevitability of war in this fallen world. My only objection has been to the harshness toward the unwitting victims. Be well..

  101. Jeffrobbins

    Field observation; i live here in eastern Washington and normally our weather pattern is from the west or west-south west. About a year ago i noticed the clouds moving from south to north for prolonged periods of time- we had a wet winter. In the past that would have only been when some weather front moved through and then only for a day or less- same thing for any other direction. About a week ago that same ‘flow’ has returned. I think its an indication of a wet winter here in the Pacific Northwest and a dry southwest through the winter- a repeat. Man made or not.

  102. Eric Smith

    I am not in general opposition to what is being said, but the condition of our enemies may not be as strong as what is represented. If you get a chance watch Peter Zeihan’s “Energy at the end of the world.” He may be overly optimistic about the future – not coming from a Christian perspective – but the reality is very dark for the East. He expects 1 billion dead over next few years from starvation.

  103. Doug W

    If Saudi Arabia joins BRICS, they will need that GOD that they don’t believe in, that’s right, they believe in that god , Huli, Alia, or what ever that thing is called. If Saudi Arabia rulers think they are getting ” Screwed by the U.S. Government viva (U.S Dollar), wait until they get into bed with Russia and China. Remember, Saudi rulers , the slight eyed people don’t like you, you are terrorists in their eyes, just look what the do with they GOOD muslims in their counrty. Yea, the U.S dollar is flawed, the government prints and spend like drunken sailors, but when you made the deal with Satin, (The U.S. Government.) When the U.S went off the gold standard, there is nothing keeping you from buying gold. The same with France , that worthless country , nothing said that they could not go on to the open market and buy gold, the U.S Government just did not want worthless countries like France, that was given billions of dollars anyway thru worthless programs to buy their worthless friendship trading their worthless dollars in for gold, “THAT SIMPLY”, Nixon was right in taking the U.S off the gold standard, Again, to many worthless countries like France were trading in their Dollars “THAT” were given the them in to first place.. Again, Saudia Arabia rulers, you climbed into bed with Russia and China, you will fine out what your throat is
    like being cut from ear to ear like your people like to do !!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Anti Atomist

    Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?

    “Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you—you of little faith! And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them. But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.”

    Luke 12:22-31

  105. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg & Bill

    Just a little ground level reporting
    Took 2 weeks to get a prescription sent from my primary Doctor to my Orthotics provider because my doctors staff are all sick.

    And my veterinarian took so long to send a prescription to Allavet for an antibiotic that Allavet canceled my order because they could not get through to my vet because his staff was not answering their phone……… because they are understaffed because so many of them are ……sick

    give this another 30 – 45 days & things are going to get real interesting let alone getting to November election.

  106. Jim

    If/when Trump runs for President in 2024 and proudly campaigns on Warpspeed having saved millions of lives…how will Trumpers rationalize supporting him?

    • Greg Hunter

      How will all the Democrats respond to be forced and coerced into getting the injections by Democrats in Power. Democrats took the injections at a far greater rate than Republicans. How will the Democrats respond to the Democrats in power who lied to them about the safety and effectiveness. It was Biden and company pushed the “Mandates.” No vax no Job was the battle cry!! How will the Democrats respond to the awful idea Dem Leaders came up with to VAX BABIES??? How will Democrat Voters rationalize supporting NAZI DEM leaders who pushed a genocide and murder on them????
      Don’t come back troll bot.

  107. tim mcgraw

    I have become optimistic lately about humanity’s chances:
    A: 2 million school children have been taken out of government schools in the past 2.5 years. This is a 4% reduction in parents sending their kids into the government indoctrination centers.
    B: The US Military is having a very hard time finding volunteers for their government indoctrination centers.
    C: 72% of Americans polled say they will NEVER take another Covid injection. Doesn’t matter if they’ve had 0,1,2,3,4 or more injections. They won’t take any more.
    D: With those already awake to the elite’s indoctrination and culling campaigns, we have reached the 6% threshold of those dedicated to liberty to make another revolution happen.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Tim,
      Yes! Martin Armstrong stated (USAW) early on that the whole Covid scheme was a huge “OVERREACH” and that it would not work. I have hung on to that ‘prediction’ and it’s coming true. To your point, contrary to the heinous plans of TPTB, the scamdemic has been instrumental in waking ‘we the people’ up. Hope springs eternal . . .

  108. tim mcgraw

    TRX Gold is now up to over 51 cents. That’s more than a 10% jump since this interview. I don’t know how liquid the shares are.

  109. Jerry

    This information backs up what I have already been suspecting.
    My wife’s niece who lives in Hong king recently said that they were under lockdown again and not allowed out of their apparent. This is not about covid at all. The lockdown is being used as a cover for war.

    Taiwan is no doubt the target. What will the United States do if the CCP actually attacks Taiwan? My guess is nothing, and I think the CCP knows that to. As for the rest of us, who knows what the crazy globalist running our congress will do? After Afghanistan and Ukraine, I’m not sure they even know, but I have a hunch they’ve already cut a deal with the CCP to cover their ass.

  110. James Foley Journalist/operative

    Biden facing scrutiny for building wall around Delaware home
    422,861 views Aug 21, 2022 Fox News
    Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss the latest on the border crisis, the nationwide crime surge, and education concerns.
    Sarah 1 day ago
    I don’t even have words strong enough anymore to correctly portray the absolute anger and disgust I have for what’s going on in this country. It’s truly sickening.

    Like the Trumpster said so many times, “there not really just coming after me but you, the American sheeple!

    Biden administration targets Amish farmer with armed raid and $300K fine
    453,762 views Aug 23, 2022 Fox News
    Jeremy Loffredo with Rebel News shares insights from his reporting on an armed US Marshalls’ raid on an organic Amish farmer and his family on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
    Teresa Dasher 5 hours ago
    Words can’t say how miserable this administration can make this country feel.God Bless America.

    American politics not for the ‘faint-hearted’
    16,310 viewsAug 21, 2022 Sky News Australia
    Curtin University Political Analyst Joe Siracusa says American politics is not for the “faint-hearted”.
    “Since 1865, one in four presidents has had an attempt on his life and one in five presidents has actually been murdered in office,” he told Sky News Australia.
    “Imagine your chances of being killed going to work as 20 per cent.”
    They’re last option and if they miss, even Stelter and Conway will call for hanging’s!
    Chianti Simon 1 day ago
    Trump can’t be held responsible for what others do. Geesh.
    Pamela G 1 day ago
    Thanks to Mr. Siracusa for telling it like it is in US politics right now. He’s seen a lot and knows a lot. A great guest for the current phase of political lunacy.
    Lee Kirkman 1 day ago
    Trump is not like them not part of the swamp so he’s good.

    22 Aug, 2022 Russia & FSU
    Dugin reacts to daughter’s murder
    Philosopher blames “Nazi Ukrainian regime” for car bombing that killed his daughter
    People who gossip are saying that…, there is a rumor going around that…, bomb sniffing dog’s have gone missing around Langley and Kiev?


    What does Biden’s FBI have to hide? DA TRUTE!
    44,171 views Aug 23, 2022
    Devine slams ‘get Trump cabal’ in FBI: ‘Personal police force of Biden, Dems’
    37,037 views Aug 23, 2022 Fox Business

    New York Post columnist Miranda Devine
    What does the federal Bureau of Investigations do?
    The Federal Bureau of Instigation (FBI) enforces feral law, and instigates a variety of criminal activity including terrorism, RAY EPPS FALSie fLAG mAN bOOB’S, kybercrime, BROWN SHIRT collar crimes, public DISrruption, civil rights violations, and other major crimes.

  112. Paul Anthony

    Just dawned on me – 87k IRS agents hired to come to you home to audit taxes … we had 31 or 32 members of congress decide to call it quites last year ? Did they know last were when theyt anounced there resignations that this was planned? If true – there may be blood on the streets but no way they are winning the mids by sending 87 armed IRS agents to our houses – thats just a stupid winning” strategy” Is this like just “giving up ” so what the heck just shoot everyon dead in their homes before they do it to us ?? I dont know just thinking aloud

  113. The Seer

    Mr Gold, Jim Sinclair, founded TRX.
    It broke out today up closing at 55 cents.
    Historically rises over $1 very fast!

  114. The Seer

    TRX historically rises over $1 very fast!
    Closed at 55 cents today.

  115. Esperanza

    Grow your own food now!
    Here’s some inspiration – organic food growing and self-sufficiency.

  116. Chris Chambers

    Hey Greg! You got linked on Zerohedge for your last Bill Holter interview by Tyler Durden. Congrats!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the heads up Chris. Holter is the MAN! The financial blow out is coming soon.
      Get ready.

  117. Tango1776

    How is the government employment force going to be paid if the system disappears? no Banks, Dollar worthless etc.? this question also goes for the IRS with all the 87K projected Bolsheviks. I think that they too will have to go get a real job out of the system like us all.

  118. Dan Gowin

    A solution to the Energy Supply inflation with real solutions.
    General Stan Osserman.
    # Stan and Dan the Energy Men – 06/28/2022

    # Dan & Stan and Utility Scale Hydrogen Storage – 08/24/2022

    Keoki and Malia Energy Freedom

  119. Alison

    You’re wrong in the text intro summary. Guns have not been banned in Canada. People have them and can still buy them, it’s just always been more regulated there.

    • Greg Hunter

      Whatever you say.

  120. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  121. wayne hardin

    Chapter 3
    4 When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.
    5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:
    6 For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:
    7 In the which ye also walked some time, when ye lived in them.
    8 But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.
    9 Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;
    10 And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:

    This is what it means to be born again .
    What keeps Gods wrath away is obedience .

    Wayne Hardin

  122. John

    Hi Greg please tell Bill for a week now whenever I try to access any link to jsmineset it starts to load then freezes up. Interviews with Bill on other programs have the interviews taken down. The audio on this interview is broken up.

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