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Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.9.12

By Greg Hunter’s  The big story was the meeting between the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of the United States on Monday.  Netanyahu told Obama in no uncertain terms that he was tired of waiting to attack Iran

The Banking System Needs to be Fixed

In my mind, ever since Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) allowed the banks to value things like mortgage-backed securities and real estate at whatever  they think they will be worth in the future, the system was insolvent.  The banking insolvency problem in America is

Israel is “Master of Its Fate”

By Greg Hunter’s  On Monday, President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in the White House to discuss how they were going to handle Iran’s nuclear program.   I think the meeting was a disaster for anyone who thinks

If Greek Debt Deal Blows Up–$1 Trillion in Losses!

By Greg Hunter’s There are more ways for the world economy to get much worse than there are ways for it to get better. One landmine waiting to be stepped on is the Greek sovereign debt.  The IMF and the

Subprime to the Rescue

By Greg Hunter’s  (Revised) Subprime lending is back, and it is creating headlines like: “February auto sales rise to highest level in 4 years.”  That comes from a story last week from Reuters.  Reuters goes on to say, “U.S. auto sales

Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.2.12

Greg Hunter’s  The Middle East is hot and getting hotter.  Reports are out that the Pentagon is preparing aerial refueling for Israeli Jets.  U.S. military, also, now says it has what it takes to knock out Iran’s deep bunkers hiding