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Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.30.12

By Greg Hunter’s  A budget has been passed in the House of Representatives by the Republicans that cut $5.3 trillion over the next 10 years.  Can it pass the Senate where the Democrats are in control?  Probably not, and that

Cartoons Explain Fed Chief’s Actions

By Greg Hunter’s  The folks at Reachwest News Networks (RNN) had some really interesting cartoons, this week, explaining the words and actions of Fed Chief Ben Bernanke.  Bernanke hinted this week at more money printing (QE3).  There is also a

Recovery? Housing says it’s a Hoax

By Greg Hunter’s  Watching the financial channels yesterday, I could not tell you how many times the word “recovery” was used.   Sure, the stock market is up, but that is compliments of the Federal Reserve.  Since the 2008 financial meltdown,

Could U.S. Dollar take Big Hit by Summer?

By Greg Hunter’s  There are plenty of reasons why the U.S. dollar is under downward pressure.  There have been massive bailouts of the global banking system by the Federal Reserve, exploding deficits and a movement globally to move away from

More Bad News for the Dollar

Greg Hunter’s Buying gasoline these days has turned into a horror show.  I filled up my car and handed the attendant a $50 bill to turn the pump on.  I had a little more than a quarter of a tank. 

Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.23.12

By Greg Hunter’s  The top story on the USA Today Newspaper was titled “NFL’s Big Hit.”  I could not believe this was their lead.  This week, there were several stories that I think should have taken its place as the

Dollar Quietly and Continually Under Attack

Greg Hunter’s  If you listen to the mainstream media, you would think that we are in a recovery and the future of the U.S. dollar’s reign as world reserve currency is not in jeopardy.  But a look on alternative news

It’s All About Control

By Greg Hunter’s  (Revised) Ever since the original Patriot Act was passed by Congress in 2001, American civil liberties have steadily shrunk and government control has steadily grown.  In a financial crisis, your bank or brokerage can severely restrict the amount

Nigel Farage Strikes Again

By Greg Hunter’s I suspect most of the Members of the European Parliament really despise Nigel Farage.  Farage  represents the United Kingdom, and even though the UK is a member of the EU, it does not use the Euro as

Karl Denninger–EU Debt Crisis and Coming Financial Crash

By Greg Hunter’s    Plenty of financial news was made last week which gave us lots of questions for Karl Denninger.  It seems almost every week, there is a major story coming out of Wall Street, Washington D.C. or from the

Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.16.12

By Greg Hunter’s  Israel and Iran are, once again, the big stories this week.  The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, basically said he doesn’t need the blessing of the U.S. to attack Iran’s nuclear sites.  Meanwhile, the U.S. has

More on CME, CDS and Iran

The nice folks at RNN gave me and a nice plug.  It, also, broke some news that was basically ignored by the MSM this week.  The U.S. gave Iran a “last chance” ultimatum about its nuclear program.  This is a cartoon,

Is the Greek Debt Problem Really Solved?

By Greg Hunter’s  Yesterday, a short but ominous press release was issued at the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.  It said, “At the request of CME Clearing Europe Limited (CMECEL), pursuant to Section 7 of the Commodity Exchange Act, the Commodity

U.S. Deficit Growing–Not Tax Receipts

Monday’s post closed with, “. . . The nonpartisan agency projected the government will run a deficit of $229 billion in February, the highest monthly figure ever.”  (Click here for the complete report from the Washington Times.)    That means the government

Collapse Coming–Not Recovery

By Greg Hunter’s   (Revised) The way the latest unemployment numbers were reported by the mainstream media (MSM), you would think the Great Recession was over and the United States was solidly on the road to recovery.  The Associated Press reported