Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.16.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Israel and Iran are, once again, the big stories this week.  The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, basically said he doesn’t need the blessing of the U.S. to attack Iran’s nuclear sites.  Meanwhile, the U.S. has given Iran a “last chance” ultimatum to work out a peace deal with its nuclear program or be attacked by the end of the year.  Can war be far away?  Fuel prices are heading higher according to Edmunds.com and many other oil market analysts.  The national average is approaching $4 a gallon, but it’s already $5 a gallon in certain areas on the East and West coasts.  Experts expect to see a $5 per gallon national average this year, but if there is war in the Middle East, all bets are off.  The sky is the limit.  There is still no clear winner in the GOP for the presidential nomination, but Santorum and Romney appear to be fighting it out at the top.  Some Republicans want Newt Gingrich to step aside, and the MSM is now nearly ignoring Ron Paul.  The Greek debt deal was hammered out last week, but is it really over?  The CME is signaling there is trouble brewing with the credit default swaps that insure the toxic bonds.  This week, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange voluntarily asked that it be removed as a derivatives clearing organization in Europe.  The bondholders took a nearly 75% loss to get the new Greek debt deal done and are likely going to be looking for the CDS “insurance” to pay the difference.  Could it all blow up soon?  I don’t think the CME stopped doing business in Europe because it was going to be making too much money in commissions.

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  1. Art Barnes

    Greg, as I have said lately that you have made me a believer, an Iran war is coming. I might add that the Administration has denied the “ultimatum” but I do believe Hillary told the Russians to give that message to Iran. Here is what I believed happened. Netanyahu made it clear to Obama that Israel was going forward like it or not, basically, get on board to step out of the way! At that point Obama knew he couldn’t stall any longer and therefore had no choice with an election year, Jewish vote and contributions, etc., and told Hilary who was already on board in the first instance to wretch it up a notch and deliver the ultimatum. The time line will be after the election though because prior to he must appease the liberals. If he doesn’t win re-election the Republicans will do it anyway and keep the promise in any event giving the US future credibility for other ultimatums. But in honesty Obama is against it, he has no stomach for it, but is placed politically to have to do it. His theory of closet containment has not played out politically and he totally underestimated the power of the Israel lobby and its historical western influence. Obama’s black theology, the Rev. Jerry Wright type Christianity, rhetoric, etc. has historically has not held the Jewish people in high regard. Couple that with his early Islamic childhood, core beliefs of Islam as a religion of total peace, (even though they have been warring for three thousand years) and you have a president that just can’t stomach such an attack. But he could not buck the political pressure to stop Iran from going nuclear. Frankly, he prays (hopefully to Jesus) that Iran will temporary stop its program and allow this issue to ease, but both Obama and the state department lacks the full understanding of the Iranian principals in play that unless Iran actually is up against the bullet they will not stop, and if stopped short of war will start up again when the world stops looking. The President is a good honest man, great father and husband, etc., but he simply is not up to playing poker with middle eastern players who lie, murder, cheat, & steal for the pleasure of doing so, basically, the President is not street smart and the events are overwhelming him because he doesn’t understand the principles of the players, their core ethics, etc. The President is pretty good a blasting out at American Republicans as being dirty human beings but lacks the understanding of just who is the leadership of Iran and what they will do if they get the bomb. Let me be clear here, Iran will bomb the great satan (the U.S.) by proxy as quickly as they will use it against Israel, making a case for an non-nuclear Iran by bunker busters an easy and sure bet.

    • Greg

      Thank you Art Barnes for your analysis!

  2. william m. head

    Hi Greg: As I have said in a comment posted here previously, Obama needs a war in order to impose dictatorship. Everything is in place to do so, legally and technologically, so, all that needs to happen now is for a war’s initiation (preferably with apparent provocation by Iran, but quite possible and indeed likely without it)to provide
    a feasible foundation for a false flag attack upon U.S. soil blamed on Iran that will likely be far more devastating than what occurred on September 11 to incite maximum hysteria, so a militarized police state can be all the more swiftly/efficiently effected, in the name of the national emergency.

    I was quite confident war would break out long before November given Obama’s calculated goading of Netanyahu, and his most recent actions coupled with those of Netanyahu/Hilary Clinton only affirm my belief war is imminent, within the next 3 months or even sooner. Of course a very large part of war’s imperative lies in the impending and most expected financial collapse of Europe, and in this country. That is why dictatorship is necessary to avoid the widespread social unrest that could and would quickly turn violently and fatally against the Establishment. Obama has his own ambitions within all this but he’s basically useful as a most convenient figurehead due to his massive mind=blind cult following, at least for the moment. He could always be disposed of by the elite if Netanyahu hasn’t decided to kill two birds with one stone by getting rid of him to start the war, though
    I don’t think this is really necessary as Obama was always with him, they only differed regarding the timing of an attack mot that a war would happen.

    Given what is happening economically and the certain total financial disaster the elites here and in Europe are facing and the fact Obama has continued to speak/act belligerently despite knowing the certain terrible consequences of war with Iran, any truly logically thinking person viewing the current situation can only conclude that this – the emergency establishment of martial dictatorship here in the U.S. and possibly also in most European countries, owing to their acute awareness of imminent economic collapse – is the true agenda of any war with Iran.

    To embrace such an utterly absurd enterprise that in very short order could so easily escalate into a massively destructive regional/global conflagration(i.e.WW3)should Russia and China enter into the conflict along with other nations, several of whom possess the nuclear weapons (Pakistan, India)Obama is so insistent on denying Iran to my mind can only be rendered sensible if a strategy such as have outlined is the
    actual agenda behind it.

    In rebuttal of your first poster, Obama is NOT “a good man”, he’s not some lesser evil or even simply the other evil,he is the GREATER evil as I believe the coming events will serve to prove. My only remaining question is whether any, or even some rabid Obamamaniacs will see fit to demonstrate the moral courage needed to repudiate him, should this scenario of war/attempted dictatorship transpires, or will they click their heels, salute, and fall quickly into fanatical lemming-lockstep to initiate tyranny, and the certain sociopolitical persecutions that will accompany it. I wouldn’t hold my breath to witness the former to give you fair warning.

    Thanks for all your good hard work, Greg, and keep em’ flying, you’re needed more than ever!

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding your analysis on this post!

  3. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg

    Much improved video and audio! Thanks.

    I have never understood why Israel would have to have ask any country’s permission to defend itself, even the good old USA. OK, I get it we give them billions of dollars each year, that should stop; but they have less than ten minutes to make a decision about Iran or any other Arab nation attacking them.

    I think they put up with a lot of death and destruction as it is with Hezbollah sending rockets into Israel every day. How long would any other country put up with that before going over and kicking their collective ass?

    Gasoline prices will continue to climb because those that control the price say it will. War is the excuse and when it is over the prices will remain higher. The higher the price, the more control over the population. Freedom of movement will be curtailed for many.

    Just like all the other elections the fix was in at the beginning. The only real candidate on the GOP ticket, Dr Ron Paul never had a chance. I will vote for him anyway even if I have to write him in.

    Europe is toast economically. The real problems will surface after the election is over. Then the USA will see a lot of trouble and I believe some of it will involve armed conflict. Hope not, but there are a lot of people out there already suffering and it won’t take much to set them off. The FEMA camps may get full of “We the People”.

    • Greg

      Happy you like the improvementb Chuck.

  4. acepilot

    “Thank you Art Barnes for your analysis!”
    Indeed. Greg is not the only one who appreciates
    your additional content and thoughtful analysis.

    Another example of such fine content
    is this seven-minute dramatization of
    “The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse”
    Many related videos are linked on that page.

  5. MasterLuke

    Go Ron Paul, sadly I have to also say “***k the Mainstream Cheat-Wagon’. In history we will be told Ron Paul lost, yet his ideas sill lead to a paradigm. When the TV has most Americans in a downward spiral of lies .

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