Nigel Farage Strikes Again

By Greg Hunter’s

I suspect most of the Members of the European Parliament really despise Nigel Farage.  Farage  represents the United Kingdom, and even though the UK is a member of the EU, it does not use the Euro as its currency.  Farage is a straight talking truth-teller and says things about the latest Greek bailout such as, “Is this being done to help Greece? No.  It is being done to prop up a failing project because you know once Greece goes others will go as well.”   The EU does not want its Euro experiment or, as Mr. Farage says, “failing project”  to end.  This is why Greece is so important to prop up.  If Greece goes, the entire Euro currency will eventually be doomed.  In his latest tongue lashing to the EU Parliament, a little more than a week ago, Mr. Farage lambasted the caviler attitude of the EU  to the unfolding disaster.  “Carry On Up The Khyber” is a 60’s movie (comedy) that illustrates how oblivious British leaders were to the dangers facing them.  In this case, the dangers are very real, and there is nothing funny about this dire situation.  Enjoy the video and MEP Nigel Farage.  In this case, he is very entertaining:

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  1. Troy


    • Greg

      Thank you for sending me the latest Farage rant and for your comments.

  2. Troy


    I am just a layman, but I think not the dollar to be out side of this coming crash. In the short run, money will run to the dollar, but at the same time dollars will flow to prop up the Euro system, It’s a web of debt. Thus undermining the not separate dollar and ever increasing debt. (Hana ho, the band must keep playing) IN DEBT WE TRUST! In the aftermath, will be a solution given by those who created the problem in the first place, only on a more global scale, as nation States will have proven not worthy of money. Money should be the business of banks not the people. Problem, reaction, solution. Is it not interesting that while all this is happening, the FED has posted it’s second highest profit in it’s history, only slightly off from last year, the highest profit ever for the FED. I guess this recovery 😉 somewhat hurt the profit margin. I’m sure the government welcomed the 75 billion with glee. Would a real dollar (371.25 troy grains) system ever produce such wealth ;)?
    Note: BRIC nations at this moment are scrambling to set up a separate banking system, and America prepares for unrest.

    May you get many readers at this site,



  3. Sean

    Thanks for the video, Greg. I love Nigel! He always manages to put things in exactly the right perspective. I honestly don’t know how he’s managed to keep his position over the years but he’s absolutely perfect for the job.

    If you want to see one of his best moments (and a great eye opener) go to youtube and search “Nigel Farage on who’s who in the EU commission”. Priceless.

    FYI, there have been plans for some time to fully implement an EU type parliament in North America but they keep getting thwarted by bloggers and other alternative media who consistently “out” the privately conducted planning sessions, and forcing officials to deny them. I have no doubt that some of the more aggressive globalists (those who don’t subscribe to the Fabian philosophies) are the ones who are pushing pieces like the NDAA, the recent upgrade to martial law plans from last weekends PO, and many other activities.

    Some states are actively working against this, like Tennessee who passed legislation last week with 33 co-sponsors condemening UN Agenda 21 (the largest UN initiative – a comprehensive plan to regulate and control all human activity), and with Georgia and New Hampshire considering the same type of action. With state legislatures beginning to act against the core interests and goals of the globalist banks, it’s no surprise to me that policy is being pushed out more quickly to legally justify taking warrantless action against citizens using both police and military assets. And that the Bush Administration took control of State National Guard away from the Governors and handed it to the White House.

    Here’s a link to an article on the legislation in Tennessee:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

    • Greg

      Thanks Sean for the comment, kind words and link!

  4. FutureVoter

    How utterly dashing! A politician speaking truths, this is unheard. I dare say he better watch himself or someone might yell, “Off with his head!”.

    Though with all seriousness its good to see someone can be a politician and straight talker (when it counts). By the way ,Greg, how is Britain handling this situation. I know they don’t use euros but that won’t really protect them if things go south. Just curious about your take on them as a newsman.

  5. MasterLuke

    That was an awesome speech.

  6. AndyB

    Too bad we can’t elect this guy President because he doesn’t meet the constitutional requirements on citizenship. Oh Wait……….we have already set the precedent.

  7. Woodman

    I love Nigal Farage. He’s one of the few visionary canaries in the European coal mines who actually sees it coming. I watch his scathing rants at the EU parliament and look at the bloated, sniggering, chucking, unelected fat cat bureaucrats around the chamber having a laugh at his expense, and I wonder, what’s going to happen to these weasels when the shit really hits the fan…and it will. Soon.

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