Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.9.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The big story was the meeting between the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of the United States on Monday.  Netanyahu told Obama in no uncertain terms that he was tired of waiting to attack Iran over its nuclear program.  Iran has said repeatedly it is for the peaceful production of energy, but Israel is not buying it.  Netanyahu did not announce it would attack but, also, did not mention a word of letting the sanctions work or diplomacy.  I think this was a very dark omen, and in my mind, Netanyahu was publicly putting the President on notice that an attack is going to be launched.  It has, also, been reported that Israel was requesting bunker buster bombs among other military hardware needed to carry out an attack.  (For more on the story, please click here and here.)

The Greek debt deal looks like it’s going to get done, but will it trip credit default swaps?  Is this deal really done?  What’s the possible fallout?  Who knows, but the European sovereign debt crisis is far from over.  (Click here to read more on the Greek debt deal.)

Super Tuesday turned out to be not so super.  Romney padded his lead, but the big headline to me was there was no knockout punch for any of the candidates.  Santorum, Gingrich and Paul are still in it to win it, and Romney is a very long way from getting the 1,144 delegates to clinch the GOP presidential nomination.  (Click here for the complete delegate count as it stands now.)

Gold, once again, topped $1,700 an ounce, and with the monster deficits the U.S. is racking up, please do not expect the yellow metal to crash.  Many experts (who have been correct on the economy) think it is a great long term holding.  (Click here to check the spot price of gold.) 

Finally, even though GM announced some layoffs because of sluggish Volt sales, it was chosen as the European Car of the Year.  It can’t be that bad.  (Click here for more on that story.) 

There is no video for the Weekly News Wrap-Up as I am working on improving the quality of the segment.  Look for it next week with a lot better video.  Thank you for supporting USAWatchdog.com.

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  1. Jeff S.

    No Weekly News Wrap-Up video, this week???

    I’m already getting the shakes… it’s worse than when I had to be locked in my bedroom during my 12th heroin intervention, five years ago.

    Okay, just take some deep breaths and think happy thoughts… cotton candy… Care Bears… marooned on a small island with only the swimsuit models from Sports Illustrated to keep me company… Ron Paul wins the 2012 presidential election…

    • Greg

      You are both funny and flattering. Thank you for your comment and for supporting this site.

  2. Barry

    Iran says; “peaceful production of energy” What a joke. A country swimming in oil and natural gas wants to spend billions on a much more expensive and dangerous energy source…..

    • Greg

      It is actually not such a crazy idea. Iran is rich in oil but also uranium. It would not be such a wild stretch to see why the Iranians would want to conserve their fossil fuel and develop their uranium assets. That said, there are many who feel the same way you do and that is what makes this a very dangerous situation. Iran may already have a nuke or two or three. It could have bought them from cash strapped former Soviet States back in the early 1990’s after the break up of the Soviet Union. Who knows what’s really going on. Bottom line, Israel and Iran are both making threats and that is not a pathway to peace. If there is war the entire world will feel it and suffer greatly. Thank you for expressing your views here.

      • M SMITH

        I agree with you Greg & most of the vets I know agree also. Ike warned about the corporate military complex & just how many more have to die for their huge profits? Thses politicans only serve themselves!
        Peace! M.Smith

        • Greg

          Hope all the readers here are preparing for rough times. Thank you M Smith for your participation in this site.

      • xxxxx

        YES, Who knows what the truth is but Iran has stuff to trade with and Israel has government healthcare because we give them tons of welfare help.
        The truth, Israel is a failed idea and won’t fit in the information age.

  3. Nolan Lerche

    For busy people these days who don’t have time to listen and/or read a lots of news each day, I highly recommend USAWatchdog. The hand full of concise no fluff articles each week are all anyone needs to read in order to stay on top of what is “really” happening concerning national and world events.


    • Greg

      Thank you Nolan for your comment and support.

      • norcar survivor

        I find your inclusion of readers post and the information gleaned from their ideas also helpful in understanding where we are in the race towards self destruction.Not a doom and gloomer but being realistic as to where things are going, and knowing that other (educated) people have come to that same conclusion helps validate my fears and progress towards preparation. Thanks for all your hard work and open eyes Greg.

        • Greg

          norcar survivor,
          Some of the brightest people on the Internet read this site, present company included!

  4. Will


    Absolutely love the weekly news rap-up video. I missed it today but glad it will be back next week. Keep up the great work. I link to many of your article on my facebook to try to wake people up.


    • Greg

      Thank you for your support and for promoting the site!!!

  5. Ron P

    Greg, thought you might have read this. Follows up comments on your banking article couple days ago.
    While I support a program that allows people to refinance a home to a lower interest rate even when the home is underwater, programs like this are unfair to everyone that is responsible when they buy homes and do not over extend their budgets.

    In cases like this, why are some people allowed to refinance and lower a principle? Some will qualify and some will not. Tax payers are paying for this one way or the other. A simple refinancing at a lower rate does not cost anyone any money and may save money if the owner is able to afford the reduced payments.

    • Greg

      Refinancing a home worth $100,000 on the open market with a $200,000 mortgage is very bad business and puts the taxpayer on the hook for another round of huge losses. No private bank would every do that and taxpayers shouldn’t either. Good men can disagree.

  6. Jim H

    Happy Friday Greg.

    On the Iran issue. What’s going to happen if Israel or the US invades? Will we blow up the nuke sites declare a job well done and leave or will we confiscate resources, send me and my friends over to guard the poppies and set up bogus photo ops. I’m really sick of the hiding bad motives under good ones.


  7. George Too

    Chevy Volt dubbed Euro car of the year = Obama getting Nobel Peace Price 😉

    Sorry for the dig…I look forward to being able to see the weekly news wrapup next friday. Keep the real news coming

  8. George Too

    Greg, Thanks for the news items you post under Hunter’s Top Stories. Reading the articles you post really cause me to question what is happening in both the economy and Washington. Thanks

    • Greg

      Thank you George Too for your comment and content.

  9. George Too

    This was great…

    they are not even trying very hard to hide the stealing anymore. all you need are connections in the justice dept

  10. Mike P

    I thought thee last few videos were a little choppy. The Weekly News Wrap-up is something I look forward to every Friday. The reading all week is great. The WNW gets played over the sound system at work for all my co-workers to hear. Keep up the awesome work Greg!

    • Greg

      I think I have finally am going to have some better quality from here on in. I was testing it with my tech last night. I don’t lknow it the content will be any better but the video will be much improved.
      Thank you for your support and comment.

  11. josh

    saw this in yesterdays wsj in an article on brazil, “Separately, government-run development banks from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will sign a cooperation agreement to encourage lending in each other’s currencies, according to a spokesman from Brazil’s national development bank, BNDES.

    The pact, to be signed at a summit in New Delhi later this month, will create some parameters for the bilateral negotiations that will allow the lending in local currencies, he said. “

    • Greg

      Thank you Josh for adding some content to this post.

  12. rrrobert

    Check out Capitol Account with Lauren Lyster on Fri. 3/09/12

    • Greg

      Do you got a link? What is the segment about? Thank you.

      • rrrobert


        • Greg

          The links you have posted do not work. Sorry. Please check and try again.

          • rrrobert

            sorry about that…basically in a nut shell, the 227,000 jobs that were created in February: 160,000 private sector jobs were low wage paying jobs (McDonalds, Walmart,etc.), 45,000 professional and business services jobs were temporary. The only industry that was making money was guns

  13. Timmer


    I too look forward tp your weekly news wrap-up every Friday! You do an outstanding job in reporting what the MSM fails to see or report accurately. Keep up the good work! As a financial advisor I turn to your website to garner the news that can ultimately affect my clients portfolio’s. It’s imperative to be aware of world events because they can impact one’s financial position if not planned for accordingly.
    I look forward to your new video next week. Thanks for doing what you do! Have a good weekend.r

    • Greg

      Thank you Timmer for your support and kind words.

  14. xxxxx

    I never look at my home as a investment. This is like saying the shirt on your back is a investment.
    Many people were used and fooled and many were looking for a easy path.
    Like I say most people can’t grow a potato but they talk about freedom. PEACE

  15. M SMITH

    Greg, with no winter here in the south has made it easy to grow winter gardens & the fishing has been great, stocking up on good fresh fish & winter vegs! I had to buy more freezer space just to keep up with the increase of fresh meat ‘we’ as a group share between the group we have put together, in this group all of us have a certain skills we share with the whole group, such as home security systems all connected to all members homes, hand gun training, hunting classes, we cover all the skills to survive the coming changes, even the monetary changes. This has taken a few years to complete but it has come together quite nicely with help of your & other web sites that produces the truth! What was once just a group of friends has become a big family of ‘doers’ not waiting on the gov or any one else to take care of us, the sad part is watching those who will do nothing no matter how hard you present the facts, their years of being dumbed down instilled the mindset it won’t happen in the USA, well tell that to the folks who have lost everything from the ‘tornado break outs’ & those who lost most of their life savings in the stock markets because of brokers who said that gold was a relic & paid no interest, how wrong these brokers were/are even today!

    The readers should read these article how things are changing. http://thedailybell.com/3693/Ron-Holland-No-Paul-No-Vote-In-November. There is a sweeping movement that goes unreported by the MSM & we know why!

    Thedailybell.com has many good pieces of reading but this stuck out big time! http://thedailybell.com/3691/Cost-Benefit-Analysis-Another-Questionable-Meme. What’s inside this article does surprise me one bit, but it goes to show the power held by the banking cartel or their true true function as back room dictators running the government.

    Our group does not brag, we go about our lives preparing for the worse & hopping it will never have to be used except for the increase in storms we have become use to! We meet up on week ends at a lake where the kids can play, cook out & discuss new ideals/inventions in a peacefull settings. The wifes & older children have become very good at all sorts of canning meat, fruits & vegs.natural medicine from local herbs, bark, moss & ‘silver’! Yesterday was sunny & warm, we were injoying the day at the lake when a bus load of boy scouts came to hike, the scout master saw us & came to say hello, he was pleased with the smell of the fresh fish cooking on the grill & then eyed all of the herbs & roots spread across the huge wood tables the boys & girls had gathered in before befor they would play. The scout master was impressed & asked if we would let him show the scouts what the herbs, moss & other pieces of what Mother Earth provides. A 16 yr old girl volunteer to explain what each was & the many uses each one has & what ‘not’ to ingest! Greg, you could hear a pin drop as the young girl spoke. I could see the expression of how proud all of the adults were of these young people, because they were not a bunch of brain washed kids like the ones who know nothing but texting, facebook & american idol! It was a wonderful day of learning & fun!!

    We owe you a big ‘thank you Greg’ for the hard work & info you freely give to those who will listen & open up to the truth not found in the MSM.
    M.Smith & the group.

    • Greg

      Thank you M.Smith & the group!!

  16. kenergy599

    Thou shalt not murder. Bibi needs to go to church sometime.

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