Aliens Created Humans is the Biggest Lie in the Universe – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle says he is uncovering artifacts in central Mexico that are thousands of years old.  What is shocking is Quayle claims his ancient artifacts dug up in the last three years prove that the history we are being taught is a huge lie.  Quayle explains, “What we are doing with our dig in Mexico is upsetting the official narrative and the whole psychology and the B.S. of the evolution of mankind from Neanderthal all the way up. . . . the artifacts are showing aliens, pyramids being built, human sacrifice and Aztec, Mayan and Inca, and our digs are showing this.  Most importantly, in the Bible, you have the Fallen Angels, and this is what our digs show, that the Fallen Angels had sex with earth women.  This produced a group of hybrids, which the Bible calls the Nephilim. . . . It’s half human, half Fallen Angel. . . . We are watching the genetic manipulation of the human genome.  We are watching mutagenesis, which is a fancy word for destroying the human gene and becoming something else–transhuman.  We are watching the World Economic Forum (WEF) talking about doing away with humanity.  They are coming up with something they call H-plus or transhumanism.  Our digs are showing aliens messing with human DNA, and that’s why these digs are so critical.”

Quayle says the artifacts of ancient time and the data today, the one thing they both have in common is evil wanting to do away with all human life on earth.  Quayle contends, “Now, we are watching people having the most hideous medical response to the CV19 vax.  I don’t think it gets any worse than dropping dead.  Notice how the cause and effect is completely divorced from the public narrative.  Oh gee, why are all these people dying?  Why are all these women having spontaneous abortions?  Oh, gee, why are they giving six-month old babies the vax.  You are watching the extinction of the human race.  You are watching the genocide of the human race.  Every one of those bastards of the WEF wants to kill off humanity.”

Quayle warns of the biggest lie in history that says that aliens created humanity, and there is not God the Father and there is no Jesus.  Quayle says, “The lie is going to increase as the persecution of Christians increases.  As the mockery of the Living God increases and as the denigration of Jesus Christ increases, you are going to see the displacement of Biblical history put into the background.  Then the alien gods are going to come to the forefront and show hidden history and claim that they are mankind’s creator. . . . This is the biggest lie in the universe.  The biggest liars in the universe are the ones covering up and covering over the true history of the world.  It’s a false history, a false narrative . . . and it’s all designed to attack the Biblical narrative and to assault the God of Heaven saying aliens created us, and they did not.”

There is more in the 55-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to radio host, filmmaker and top selling author Steve Quayle as he talks about his truth revealing, ancient artifact dig and his new documentary called “Lies of Men and Gods.”

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After the Interview:

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  1. Loxie Lou Davie

    Hi, Greg!!

    Being a Baptist Preacher’s daughter at age 78 I am well acquainted with the Biblical Mindset.

    I have lately been very impressed with the work of Anglican Priest, Paul A. Wallis & Vat. Translator, Mauro Biglino. Together they have shown that key words in the Hebrew Scriptures have been incorrectly translated which gave us the Creation Story we have in the Bible.

    Paul would make an excellent interview for you!! He has a website called The 5th Kind & videos on YT.

    Appreciate your work!! 😉

    • Barb

      Biglino, very interesting stuff. I will have to look up Wallis.
      Many people are threatened by these revelations. But there is a big difference between the God or Gods of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The more I learn of these revelations, the more imperative it is to fully understand the message of Christ.
      There is so much deception leading us into a time of One World Gov’t and One World Religion… It’s reckless to ignore the information of all the ancient tribal stories, or put your faith in one interpretation or set of evidence (as Greg related to Sitchin).

    • Phil

      Here is another explanation of alien:

      3993. A Taste for Symbols and Numbers

      3995. The Month of Purgation

      • Barb

        This is very interesting, thank you for sharing!
        I love Anna’s work from her common law info and I knew she talked of the bible, but I did not know she had this much.

      • Paul

        And another explanation of alien.
        Honest money
        Government fiscal means
        Honest government and judiciary
        Oligarchs respecting humanity

        Paul from arkansas

    • Mat

      Unfortunately for everyone here, you guys are way behind. Many years ago, a group of disgruntled historians began leaking the real history. They had access to the books most of us do not. What Steve is discussing is the remnants of Atlantean civ that started dispersing all throughout the America’s and Middle east/med region thus the similar architecture and artifacts. Atlantis began and ended (the Atlantic ridge is where it was) 70,000 years ago until 32,000 years ago. They were more advanced than we are today but like today they tried to subjugate all other cultures and eneded with a devastating war and the destruction of their home. You can get some idea from the old Indian tales which are more factual than any histroy books. 250, 000 years ago a more advanced Human race (the first) began and ended about the time of the Atlanteans. They were created by a much more advanced non human race. There have been many races and beings walking this place and our history is all made up of the one’s in control. Sorry.





    • Earth Angel

      Also don’t forget that under the obummer regime (I believe it was his) there was a project introduced by the government called “The Human Genome Project”. I wondered at the time what the h*ll business did our government have researching something like that?! Now we know.. its just more evidence pointing to YET ANOTHER ‘steaming pile’ compliments of the demonrats in charge of governments. This would appear to back up some of Mr. Quayle’s claims and recent discoveries.

      • Earth Angel

        I also remember obummer discussing a program called ‘Mapping the Brain’. Why would a government want to research that? It couldn’t have something to do with 5G, graphene oxide, spike protein bioweapons, wireless frequency warfare, or AI mind control mechanisms, could it ? It seems the psychopaths never ended programs like MK Ultra, only expanded them. It’s like we’re living in a creepy episode of the ‘twilight zone’. Pinch me somebody & wake me out of this sci-fi horror film, Please.

  3. DAV

    Steve Quayle is right and you can take it ‘to the bank’. Whatever happened to the ‘evolution’ explanation that humans came from monkeys ?!?! The Lord is coming when His time is right and He knows who to be looking for because He knows all the names of Devil’s Disciples.

    • Bob

      Agreed. Not so long ago, analysis of Asteroids speed and trajectory was backed up to determine when the Planet blew up, creating the Asteroid Belt Beyond Mars (which looks to have been a Moon of that Planet) and the time of that .planet’s destruction, from that limited number of Asteroids investigated, places its destruction at between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago, and imho resulted in the Recording of War in the Heavens, and which supposedly was behind the Star Wars Fils. So Not “A Long Time Ago in A Galaxy Far Far Away” but – Not So Long Ago in a Solar System On Our Doorstep ? Something interesting I have Come Across, Apparently the First King of Egypt, was the Same guy who was the first King of Sumeria, was also the same guy who was the King of the Indus Valley Empire at the time, and that Empire stretched West, through the Middle East, through the Mediterranean and out into the Atlantic, up into Britain, for Tin from Cornwall, and Lead from the Mendip Hills in Somerset. Who knows how much further West they Spread ? But, from the Indus Valley, did they Spread North into Afghanistan, South into the Pacific, and East into China, Indonesia, Australia, and Into the Americas as well ? Likely imho. So either East or West, or both, would explain the presence of large amounts of tobacco and Cocaine in Egyptian Mummies. So Maybe The Bronze Age Civilisation wasn’t Globalism Mk1, That may have been pre entry into interglacial Globalism, and Bronze Age Mk2, or looking further back Mk 7, 8, 9, 10x or more? Film Groundhog Day ? What if we’re really living in Groundhog Millenia until we get it right ? Just athought. Best Wishes. Bob. 🤔👍✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️

  4. DAV

    🎶 Bad boys, bad boys; whatcha gonna do when The Lord comes for you ? Bad boys, bad boys ! 🎶

    • Kay

      Dav, I am stealing that one. Excellent!

    • Richard

      how could NONE of these photos/items been exposed by now? i’ve never seen anything like these details. i want to see the object not a photo! call me skeptical, but i want to see this in person or at least him holding them.

      • Greg Hunter

        Watch the 7:44 min FREE trailer in the after the interview segment.

  5. Mike Reid

    That missing planet was also called Maldek. Some believe it’s destruction was an act of war, go figure.

    • Barb

      Just heard an interesting perspective that Mars was its moon. And our moon is a vessel, as we found out when NASA crashed that rocket into the polar region. But you have to wonder, with all that’s said about NASA, why they wouldn’t have already known what they would find. And why then, would they do something that might reveal it. So much unknown and so hard to know what to believe.
      Such as how much money and accommodation it would take to unearth so many relics in such a short period of time…

  6. Lynn Scott

    Greg! You are rocking either the speakers!

  7. Don W.

    We have the end times in our view. Rev. 6: has the seals and the first four are already happening with the next two just around the corner. Then satan will sign the 7 year agreement shortly and here we go. Who is satan though but we will know shortly. He may be the person that is shown very often with his father that is in the white house. He has been dealing with China and sending them secret docs. No I don’t have prof of that but I had a top secret clearance for over 20 years and know how to read between the lines on a lot of stuff.
    So please, all of us, pray for others to accept our Lord and Savior as their Lord and Savior as soon as possible, because He is coming SOON.

  8. Hugh Hereford

    Praise the Lord for this rebuke of false prophet Clif High.

    Somebody needs to inform Mark Taylor that the #1 job of the prophet is to rebuke and drive repentance. Prognosticating is the last j0b. Taylor had it backwards, which is why he got mixed up with the father of the vax et freind of sodomites.

    • John Murray

      EDD while I agree about Steve always have something to sell or some new endeavor into sensationalism but a Pre-trial rapture or pre-trib theory because thats all it is,please just read what Gods word says.

    • Don W.

      Yes, I know a lot of people feel that we will have the Pre-trial rapture as I did until about 20 years ago when I made a study first of 2 Thess 2. Then after reading that and thinking about it I went back and really started to study Matt. 24 and found that really showed me why 2 Thess. 2 was that way and then with more study just on when the rapture would be, I found that it is just after we all go through the Great Tribulation that is shortly after the Mid Trib time. Matt. 24 is really the story of our lives leading up to and telling us even when He will come with His Angels to get us.
      Another way of putting it is the Rapture is Pre Wrath. The Bible tells us several times that we will NOT experience His Wrath. I also feel that the Bible tells us that so we will not fear when His wrath starts in the last half of the 7 years. As you read through Matt. 24, you see where believers are mentioned still being here as the things are happening with the seals and horns happening. It did take me about a year of study with much repeat before I really could see the whole picture. And I also believe that is why we will have a falling away in the end times when people think they missed the pre-rapture just like they did in Thesslinickens did in 1 Thess. So it is yes seals, yes trumpets, NO BOWLS. Blessings Brother

    • Scott

      Hello Hugh, Clif isn’t a profit, he never claimed to be. At best, he’s a guide to some. He backs-up his analytics with a scientific process so there’s not much room to call it ‘mumbo-jumbo’. I personally do not like his take on origins, the Christian faith, etc. And in that way, he could be a type of blind guide. For secular matters, he has an innate ability to see and can call things the way they are.

      I don’t know much about Mr. Taylor but would like to remind that even Christ associated with sinners of all types: prostitutes, thieves, back-stabbers, and tax collectors. Lets work to encourage each other. We have difficult days ahead.

  9. Dave

    Great job trying to keep Steve on track with his thoughts.
    Sometimes listening to him is like asking a women for directions to the nearest gas station.
    Great report

    • Tony

      Thank you Greg for your excellent interviewing skills because Steve is a difficult personality to keep in focus. You are a natural at what you do. Keep up the good work!!

    • Tarey

      Yes, Greg; Kudos for keeping Steve on track and bringing him back to complete his thoughts and sentences. His brain runs faster than his mouth, creating lots of gaps of important information that makes his narrative often confusing or unclear.

    • John Murray

      Excellent point Dave can relate having been down that road more than once…

    • Won Witness

      Dave, My wife. in defense of her gender, would point out that a man’s ego won’t allow them to ask for directions in the first place !
      On Steve Quayle,
      I believe Jesus Christ is my savior. He has written my name in the book of life.
      Whatever else is true or not pales in importance to The above fact.

      • Rebecca

        👍 amen Won Witness!

  10. Mike S

    .Brother Steve is always on the edge revealing what most of us view as sensational.

    But the great Deception that will lead so many to accept “The Mark” will not start out looking like some of those grotesque creatures Steve has revealed. It may end up revealing that later on though!

    It will initially be a slick imitation human appearing being for long enough to drag so many to hell, where he resides and belongs.

    There’s Hope…
    “But God…”, Steve. But God!

    And may God bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families

  11. Kay

    If we look at history, we have been primed to seek out something to save us other than Jesus. During my childhood, it was Super Man, Batman, a president, a political party, a genie in a bottle, John Galt, and now aliens. Satan has been priming the pump for a long, long time. Someone from outside is going to right all the universe’s wrongs, but most humans don’t want to believe in Jesus because they would have to humble themselves. Humans want to be empowered, not humbled. We like to shake our fists, not bend our knees.

    • Carol

      Bravo, Kay!! So true, and very well said:
      Steve Quayle is brilliant. Thank you, Greg, for such
      a fine interview. I have watched “Lies of Men and gods”
      several times, and I can tell you it is absolutely stunning.
      So much information – incredible.

  12. Self Exiled

    Sometimes I wonder if this is not the United States.

    Raise the battle cry against her on every side!
    She has given her hand [in agreement] and has surrendered; her pillars have fallen,
    Her walls have been torn down.
    For this is the vengeance of the LORD:
    Take vengeance on her;
    As she has done [to others], do to her. Jeremiah 50:15

  13. Jeffrobbins

    Greg, i was looking over comments from the WNW with PCR and saw ‘Linda’ complaining about her comments being deleted, and you said it wasn’t. So i looked for a comment i left and didn’t see it. Not sure of he reason why comments aren’t making it through, but it must be some tech issue. Or big brother is helping you out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sometimes my spam filter puts things in the spam bod. I get hundreds of spam emails per day.

      • Frank Cooper

        Does it filter comments too, Greg? If so notch it up a bit?

      • Don W.

        I guess that is what happened to the second post I did yesterday in answer to a person.

  14. Michael from Indiana

    And the hits just keep on coming! Great guest and then more!
    Thanks Greg

  15. Led Skelton

    It’s not a question of a lack of police.

    The question is why are there so many criminals out in society?

    If 99% of the adults in certain areas commit crimes,
    then 99% of the adults in that area should be removed from society.

    Repeat offenders permanently banned from society.
    I know it sounds harsh and un-Christian but crime must NOT pay.

    There solution, lock up many of the store items behind locked plexiglass.
    My solution, a society where there are no criminals out on the streets.

    • Clinton Corruption Interrupted!

      Led Skelton,
      As you said above;
      Repeat offenders permanently banned from society.
      I know it sounds harsh and un-Christian but crime must NOT pay.
      There solution, lock up many of the store items behind locked plexiglass.
      My solution, a society where there are no criminals out on the streets.

      IN OTHER WORDS LED Skelton, “LOCK EM UP!” The criminals! Not the store items!
      “Lock her up”: Video shows Hillary Clinton shouted at in New York City | ‘Eric Bolling The Balance’ / Newsmax 191,673 views Feb 17, 2022
      Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows sounds off on the return of Hillary Clinton at the New York State Democratic Convention – Via Newsmax’s ‘Eric Bolling The Balance.’

    • LOCK EM Up🕵🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️

      LOCK HER UP! / Here it is folk’s. Proof!

  16. Olaf from Oz

    Thanks Greg and Steve for the great info.
    The SOURCE of all of most of our problems today are revealed in the following Video. It can be Copied and it is encouraged to be Copied, but BEWARE it is ONE Gigabytes long.
    The Video was Launched Yesterday, and will be up for just a few days only so HURRY!
    Happy Viewing!
    Olaf – Australia

    • Slvrwllwn

      Harry, This is a theory that I have had for years. Satan made that cheap silver transaction happen in order to accomplish two things; silver was cheap and Jesus was too. Most of us know better regarding the savior of this world, namely Jesus Christ. Where we are today with how the world views silver is a direct link! People in the know are well aware that the physical silver has a true value of much much more than what the devilish world is expressing it through hedge, derivative, Ai, and debt currency. You can be sure that one day Bo Polny’s predictions will shine through. Perhaps VERY soon!

  17. Wayne C. Scott

    I have a video showing about 10,000 miles of Firmament pictures, horizon and ceiling, all taken over by the fallen gods. Also a 1972 US Naval Flat Earth photograph showing other Earth’s, other Suns, giant beings,
    massive buildings, war games of the
    Beast, etc.
    Plenty of other places for weird beings to travel here from, like Steve showed us in those wild pictures. Other videos of the fake projector Sun, octagon moon, and fake Stars per se… ‘Lights’, Scripture rightly calls them.
    Steve with a cinematographer could make a billion for the Kingdom, while professionally showing the world these Scripture realities.
    ‘Confirmations @ Bitchute.

    • jdh

      I read it too. I’m an equal 0pp0rtunity comment reader whether I agree or not.

  18. Jayna Williams

    If Big Pharma can create an mRNA injection that can alter our DNA to the point where we become something other than human, a human hybrid of some sort, then how much more easily could an advanced alien race change the life forms on this planet to create humans. However, just because our DNA MIGHT have been manipulated by aliens or some other kind of beings, still begs the question “If aliens made life forms into modern day humans, then who created the aliens?” There is a lot of equivocation on the word “create”. If aliens did anything at all, they didn’t actually create us, they simply altered the DNA of already created life forms to change them into modern day humans; much like Pfizer has done to most of humanity now. There are a lot of people making money, and a lot of governments controlling people, off of obfuscating logical thought. Critical thinking and analysis is no longer taught in schools. A simple analysis clears up many questions.

    • Harry

      You know – today we have “Noah” Horrori telling us how some of us will be genetically modified to make us “even better human beings” (and of course that means all the rest of humanity “will need to be exterminated like lab rats”) – Jesus warned us that the last days for humanity would be “as it was in the days of Noah” – remember back in Noah’s day “humanity was also exterminated like lab rats” – everyone was flushed down the toilet (except for the 4 men and 4 women on the Ark “who had better genes”) – seems there was a massive experimental attempt at genetic manipulation back in the days of Noah just as there is now “anther attempt at genetic manipulation of humanity” going on today with the “jab” (Mark of the Beast) m-RNA shots which has brought upon mankind “a truly incomprehensible evil” (by people “who are so alien” they don’t even seem human anymore)!!


    One cool thing about owning some night vision is you can sit out sometimes on a clear night and gaze at the stars. Especially fun when it’s during a meteor shower but every once in a while you will see something that defies explanation zipping around up there. Not saying it’s aliens though in fact I’m more of the belief Earth is the center of the universe and everything else we see just decoration. There’s over 200 scientific experiments that show Earth is motionless and the heavens and the sun revolve around us!

    • Cassie

      Thumbs us, Brian!!!!!

  20. Nika

    20 years ago, Art Bell had guest-speakers on Coast to Coast. The guest-speakers, use to tell us, that about 300 Aliens crash landed on Earth some time in the forgotten past. The Aliens, could not get back to their World, because their space ship was inoperable. So, they decided to blend in with the Earth People. The Aliens looked like lizards in reality, they were more advanced mentally than the Earth People. The Aliens also had hypnotic powers of deception. They could use their powers of deception, to look like a normal average Human Beings. They only assume this look, when they had to talk to Earth people. The Aliens, knew they were more advanced than the Earth people, so they always wanted the best positions in Society. So, they almost always assume the roles of Kings and Queens of all countries. The guest on the Art Bell Show, would say, all the earliest Kings and Queens of Europe were aliens. The most important Alien, being the Queen of England-she was in charge of all the others. The guest on the Art Bell show, would usually call the Aliens, the present day Illuminati.

  21. Vince

    I do believe the Bible, ever jot and title…I believe the historical coverups of giants and antediluvian civilizations…. I believe there were even fire breathing dragons etc…. but I don’t believe that laid back gray alien with hands behind the head cruising in the saucer.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was dug up in Central Mexico. That is a fact. Quayle has video of the dig from top to bottom for the skeptics. I am a little insulted because you are saying I am booking a scam artist and Quayle is NOT. This was all free for you, by the way. You are welcome.

    • Nika

      Obviously, you think the figure in the Saucer looks too lacadasical-(that’s your Opinion!) That might have been a “norm” for 9,000 years ago!
      Steve said it was “Dated”! To me, that means, he used a Sciencetific Method called “Carbon Dating” the Relic, to find the age of the object, which convinces me!

  22. Edgar Zetar

    Come on! Deceit its all about on this Internet Age and Fake news times…. some people believes PROPAGANDA started with Nazi Gobbels but it was way before, we had the Example of NAYS CODE of 1934 on how to make movies… During Cold War started the MYTH of UFOs so, we live in modern society with reject nature and the nature of mens, modern people are thought to believe in anything and not live the Reality… so after 100 years of Propaganda and Fake News people should be careful of a very refined Propaganda and Deception.

  23. Brianroy

    As Christians who actually read and search out the Bible, we KNOW that Panspermia is a lie. Only those with an evil agenda and a desire to NOT have eternal life (like the Communist Pope Francis) are those who say differently, and try to root up those not truly of the Faith to be surely destroyed with them.
    Jesus, the Logos or Word / Reason of GOD (John 1:1-3), who is called “YHVeH Messiah the breath of our nostrils” (Lamentations 4:20), the eternal ONE of old — even of everlasting– (Micah 5:2): who is called YHVeH, breathed into man the breath of life and gave him a living soul (Genesis 2:7). In effect, it is a soul of REASON by which man is superior to the animals. That soul which came from GOD as a yod or sliver effectually in the Hebrew gave us 2 souls, the soul we obtain from the Earth (the animal soul returns to the earth) and the soul of the pre-incarnate Son of GOD. When that soul of YHVeH in man had its pilot light put out with Adam, Satan effectually killed GOD inside of man, and the pre-incarnate Jesus was determined to redeem it by the same act in reverse that it took to put it out. Irenaeus keeps a saying that when Adam was created, he was created as a 12 year old boy, or words to that effect. Keep that in mind with manhood in Judaism at 13 and a child-like faith.
    Unbelief killed man’s soul from GOD or at least extinguished the pilot light of it, and a trusting faith into Jesus rekindles and lights that pilot within man and fills the GOD-shaped hole within him or her. cf. John 1:9-13 in the English KJV and in the Koine Greek.
    The early Church would call “aliens” dis-embodied demons, and that is how we should treat them. No fear, just determined and confident resistance empowered by GOD’s authority given us by and through Jesus Christ.
    The Cross is the center-point of mankind, and is by symbolism before and around the throne of the Father in the faces (and order of their directions) in the 4 Living Cherubim / Seraphim. We, as humans, are the center of concern before GOD the Father , and when Job 38:4-7’s creation of this enclosed universe (Colossians 1:15-17) and Psalm 33:6 (before that event) happened, the Father did so through the pre-incarnate Jesus. Alien panspermia is Biblically refuted.

    • Cassie

      Thumbs up, Brianroy!!!!

  24. Clay Lane

    Won Witness01/25/2023 •
    This brought tears to my eyes,
    In a powerful letter making waves across Europe, French General Christian Blanchon praised citizens who refused the experimental Covid “vaccines” injections.

    How Big Pharma Runs Our Government…Taxpayer PAID free jab’$
    By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

    Personally Fight Big Pharma: The Ecumenicist Globalist Eugenicist’s
    A 45-year-old biotech CEO may have reduced his biological age by at least 5 years through a rigorous medical program that can cost up to $2 million a year, Bloomberg reported
    Story by [email protected] (Lloyd Lee) • Wednesday

  25. Nika

    Thanks Greg, for an interesting interview. I would like to know more, when Steve Quayle figures it out! I would like to know, who are the present day Nephiliam, if any? It was very interesting, that someone carved out a picture out of stone, showing the missing planet! Who knows, when that planet broke apart. That shows, people thousands of years ago, were knowledgeable about the Solar System. Amazing! I will be waiting for an update from Steve!

  26. HereThereEverywhere

    Very interesting discussion, consistent with stuff surfacing elsewhere. I would be curious to know why both Greg and Steve seem firmly opposed to the idea that God could work through intermediaries, e.g., the idea that our present species could come from somewhere else and be a product of breeding or engineering by other groups, especially when evidence points in that direction. “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” – John 10:16

    • Greg Hunter

      Because the Bible says otherwise. You are misquoting the Bible!

      • HereThereEverywhere

        Thanks, Greg. Our understanding of the Bible will be tested as hidden history emerges. It should make for more interesting and enlightening discussion. I appreciate your research and interviews. You are a soldier, fighting the good fight.

      • Cassie

        Right on, Greg!!! And for no other reason.

    • Steve Bice

      “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” – John 10:16

      In context, Jesus was speaking to the Jews. It is a reference to the gentiles. The Jews of the day could not have imagined that the gospel and saving grace would be extended to the gentiles.

      Acts 10 details how God revealed to Peter that the gentiles would also be saved. God prepared Peter to minister to Cornelius and his household (gentiles) as the Holy Spirit descended upon them. (” And the voice spake unto him again the second time, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.”)

      Romans 11 talks of how the Jews were blinded to the truth (temporarily) so that the gentiles would be grafted in: One fold, Jew and gentile…

  27. Ray

    Fellow Watchdoggers,
    Some interesting news today that I quite literally stumbled upon.
    Just reaching out to see if anyone is having (or had) something similar happen to them when going to sites such as Greg’s or others similar.
    I woke up this morning (Sunday, Australian Eastern Summer Time), looking forward to Greg’s Saturday evening post…….no video at USAWATCHDOG for me to see!
    That’s strange, given that I made comment just last week to others who could not see Greg’s videos (albeit at sites other than USAWATCHDOG.COM)…….my comment was to simply come to Greg’s site to view video content, which supports Greg and his direct advertisers).
    Anyway, I thought maybe the video hadn’t been posted yet, and waited a couple of hours…..but noticed that some comments were rolling in, meaning that others could indeed see the video.
    I unplugged my router and waited 10 seconds as Greg sometimes recommends in his comment section…… joy.
    I turned off the ability for my I-Pad to connect to Wi-Fi (leaving the I-Pad in 4G mode)…….and yep……Greg’s video was right there!
    Switched back to Wi-Fi……Greg’s video was not there!
    I went back over the past 10 videos that Greg had posted……NONE AVAILABLE over my Wi-Fi connection……….ALL RE-APPEAR & ARE AVAILABLE when Wi-Fi is disabled!
    Could it be that some ever loving government agency……I don’t know, like the asswipe bastards at The Australian Signals Directorate are frigging around with my router when it comes to what I can and cannot see on the internet?
    Same is happening on my I-Phone……only that both Wi-Fi AND 4G cannot access Greg’s videos at his site……they just don’t show up in the usual place on the page.
    However……my I-Phone supplied to me by my employer……NO PROBLEM…..can see Greg’s videos in 4G mode (I won’t put my Wi-Fi password into that phone, so as to maintain something of a stop gap)
    I am no computer genius, so if anyone has any pointers on what might be taking place, they will be well regarded by me.
    Perhaps I could get around this skullduggery be having a good quality VPN saddled up to my computer?
    Hope all are well out there.
    I have a feeling that things are lurching toward some terrible times, and that governments might be beginning to identify and prevent people such as us from accessing various parts of the internet.
    We WILL defeat them. We HAVE to.
    Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Adam

      Hi Ray , i’m in Perth… and i cannot see the video on my PC Computer , nor my iPad. I’ve tried on Rumble also but to no avail. It just doesnt appear

    • Adam Munyard

      Greg, my last comment disappeared which was in reply to Ray from Canberra
      I’m in Perth, Western Australia. I am having the same experience. All internet is fine on my WIFI except when i go to this page on USA Watchdog website, no interview with Steve comes up. Same as on Rumble… cannot see the interview
      Now when i turn WIFI off and use Phone Data… amazing, the interview comes up

    • Olaf from Australia

      Ray, We live 2,500km apart from each other, I live West of Cairns.
      I am with Optus, and you are connected to the Telstra, or Optus Network?
      I usually look at the Video, but this last one (above), there was no usual Picture frame with a triangle button in the Centre. I have the same problems, and I would assume it is with our government blocking us from USA Watchdog. I have good reception, and use a Mobile Wireless Modem (about the size of a Cigarette box, only half as thick.)
      Hoo Roo,
      Olaf from Oz

      • Olaf from Oz

        Yesterday there was a problem, but today it is back on track.
        I did nothing to fix it, but now it is fine.
        Was able to watch Steve today!
        Thanks, Greg! great work.
        Olaf from Oz

        • Ray

          Same happened with me Olaf……strange!

      • Ray

        Optus mate.
        Hope things are going well in Sunny Cairns 🙂
        Our American friends would love it up there!!!

    • Bloglogician

      Gang stalking by the aussie cia (ASEO)possibly limiting people from seeing this website?
      I think the exploded planet that became the asteroid belt/ shattered bracelet was also called Tiamat? If you believe in planets. Takes a lot of trust in nasa. And I don’t trust any of their pictures. Should we believe in planets or are they just heavenly lights in the waters above?

    • Greg

      Had the exact same problem. My vpn was out of New York-when I switched to another city sure enough videos showed up. Goes to show there is state by state censoring !

    • Shirl

      A word of advice: MOVE

      • Ray

        Where to Shirl?

        • Samuel L. McCord

          WHERE TO RAY, Mate. The last frontier, Mate!

          • Ray

            Hi Samuel,
            MAGNIFICENT SONG MATE!!!!!!
            Thank you for the link……I really enjoyed it sir!
            It’ll be in my head all night no doubt 🙂
            Ray, Canberra, Australia

  28. NatTurner

    recently there’s a guy SG Anon (SGA) running around alt media like Juan OSavin. When these two turkeys are asked about Trump pushing the vax nonstop for over two years, they change the question to why did Trump launch the vax. They never address the question of Trump continuing to push the vax as millions drop dead and are otherwise wrecked by it.

    Futhermore, SG Agon is a big promoter of XRP crypto. Clif High has been warning XRP is a WEF asset.

    Lastly, both Juan OSavin and SG Agnon spout Newage heresy mixed up with King James bible talk. It’s not Christianity. It’s more like General Flynns speech of a global religion.

    SG Anon, Juan OSavin are false prophets. Beware!!

  29. Julie C

    Christian woman prays over Trump while at the burger restaurant:

    this is a prophetic sign that something big is about to happen

    • Earl Gardeners

      Wow! Shiver me timbers! What the Dems don’t understand. This is deep psychology 101 stuff. Listen in special British intell pysop’s propaganda unit. All this condemnation of the Trumpster is backfiring, because not going into detail. The human psyche looks at all in leadership roles as a judge and the ones you praise come off as condemning in judgement, but Trump comes of as, ok, I’ll let you go this time. That’s why they want him. They know, can see, despite your work, that he won’t throw the book at them. Whereas, Obomba/Bideb certainly would! Or Soros or Shwab. or Gates ad nauseum. would!

  30. Jay


    Is the satilite phone NDAA certified? I don’t want the Chinese listening in, and I want American made!


    • Greg Hunter

      It’s secure Jay.

  31. Linda Majors

    Thanks, Greg! Steve Quayle never disappoints. Always has new fascinating discoveries and info to share.

    Connection between WEF, Aliens, Fallen Angels. l agree with how Steve connects the WEF to Aliens and Fallen Angels. King Charles III (formerly Prince Charles) is a force in bringing about the Great Reset/New World Government. (Princess Di claimed that Charles was an alien.)

    Britain has always been against America (secretly). Has never recovered from the fact that we gained our Independence from England. Since England was unable to defeat us, they decided to use America to fight their wars. We saved England’s butts in WWI and WWII.

    In contrast, historically (prior to Linen, Stalin and Communism ) Russia has come to the aid of America. Even assisted President Lincoln in saving the Union. (Ref. excerpts below.) I believe Putin would like to be friends with America, and save us conservative traditionalists from the Woke Lunitics and Perverts in power. Putin is a traditionalist. In my opinion, Americans with traditional values have more in common with Putin’s ideology we have with the EU, except for Orban’s Hungary. (Putin is not a Communist.)
    But those in power in the U.S. are having none of it. Those devils want WAR! No doubt we are in a battle of Good vs. Evil.

    Russia: Historically, Russia has been a friend.
    Excerpts from articles written by Richard Poe. (Ref. Richard Poe substacks.)
    . . . . From the beginning of our independence from England, Russia had always been a friend to America, until Stalin got control. I believe Putin still wants to be friends with America. He does not want World War III. He’s being pushed into it by fools . . . .
    “Russia alone has stood by you from the first, and will continue to stand by you. … We desire, above all things the maintenance of the American Union as an indivisible nation. … Proposals will be made to Russia to join some plan of interference. She will refuse any invitation of the kind. … You may rely upon it.”56 (Ref. Richard Poe.substack.)

    Princess Di claimed that Charles was an alien.
    Further, King Charles III (formerly Prince Charles) has played a big part in the Great Reset and World Government orchestrated by Klaus Schwab.

    I believe all of those characters who meet in Davos, Switzerland annually to conspire to force the rest of the world to eat insects, reside in pods, and grovel, are descendants of Fallen Angels and Aliens. King Charles helped organize the Great Reset and One World Government, probably in hopes of bringing America down. COVID-19 – LifeSite (


  32. George Berwash

    They’re already defeated.
    Raymond. From what I hear, the Apple products made in China, have back doors to them. I CAN’T GO INTO DETAIL BUT, since Davos things have been getting screwy. They took a real pounding and as the guy in network says.
    I guess they can get upset too. Let’s see who gets the maddest in these last days.
    Don’t count out Satan the Devil, he’s as mad as hell also!
    Ray, PEOPLE who are materialistically minded may scoff at the idea of wicked spirits, Spirits aren’t just drinks behind the bar. Down at the local saloon, they don’t call them spirits fer nothin! It is no laughing matter. Whether you believe it or not, demonic activity exerts pressure on everyone. Worshipers of God are not exempt. In fact, you are a primary target. As your Chi-com phone attests! The apostle Paul alerts us to this ongoing conflict, saying: “We have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments [that are not in the realm of blood and flesh], against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.” (Eph. 6:12) In our day the pressure has reached an all-time high because Satan has been cast out of heaven and is furious, knowing his time is short.​—Rev. 12:12.
    How can any of us possibly succeed in a struggle against superhuman spirit forces? Only by complete reliance on almighty God. We must listen to him and obey his Word. His only begotten Son and the Bible are his word and the word. By so doing, obeying his Word. We can be spared the physical, moral, emotional and mental damage experienced by those under Satanic attack and control.​—Eph. 6:11; Jas. 4:7.

  33. Jane jones

    Senior Pfizer Exec Caught on Tape Revealing Possible “Mutating” COVID Research / Megyn Kelly 69,125 views Jan 27, 2023
    Megyn Kelly is joined by Michael Knowles, host of “The Michael Knowles Show,” to discuss the Senior Pfizer exec admitting Pfizer was trying to mutate COVID research, the referral to gain-of-function as “directed evolution,” and more.

  34. Roger Stamper

    tks for post steve greg

  35. Todd

    First, I don’t know who or what created us. God? god. I’m a “Christian.” I believe in Jesus because 1) I chose to and 2) because his story gives us hope.

    That said, the “Flood Myth” enshrined in over 40 cultures speaks to the fact that the Earth and mankind has gone through cycles of destruction and reset…repeatedly.

    Jesus is coming! What’s stopping him? Was there enough suffering in World War 1? WW2? Was there enough misery? Does he need more? But he loves us. With that kind of love, honestly, I have doubts. These last few years 2019-2023 are like the icing on the cake, if not now…perhaps never.

    But it’s Satan’s world…obviously. If I could build a spaceship and leave, I would and never come back here…ever. Admit it. This planet is awful.

    Second, on a side note, I got banned on Twitter today after being unbanned just yesterday. Why well right before Elon took over (days before) I Tweeted…

    “When will it go back to being well understood that transgender = mentally ill?”

    They said that was “hateful conduct.”

    Well after getting unbanned yesterday I saw 5 more articles regarding Transgenders doing evil things like sexualizing children, committing armed robbers, assaulting people, claiming special rights and privileges…etc., etc.

    So I Tweeted in reply… “When will it go back to being well understood that transgender = mentally ill? ”

    And was promptly banned again. So much for Elon Musk!

    I appealed and included the TOP (1st) Google result to “Transgender IS a mental illness” and included this result…

    “Transgender people will now be diagnosed with “gender dysphoria,” which means emotional stress related to gender identity. “Gender identity disorder” had been listed as a mental disorder since the third edition of the DSM more than 20 years ago.”

    DISODER? ILLNESS I ain’t going to parse their BS. FK Twitter. It’s a toxic soul sickening poison anyway that probably is one of the main causes of societal mental illness; giving megaphones to wack-jobs and, YES! Or whole society is mentally and spiritually ill.

    That all said, I don’t give shit if Twitter unbans me or not.

    Let’s hope Russia begins losing the war with Ukraine and before retreating into the bunkers, glasses the planet.

    But remember Jesus loves you. But if he loves me I’ll have ZERO notice, it’ll be a blinding flash of light I can barely register in nano-seconds, and he’ll let me into heaven or at least purgatory.

    That’s my only prayer now.

    • Harold Windsor

      Todd, Bad Things Do Not Come From God
      The Bible makes it clear that God never intended that we suffer this way. He placed the original couple in a paradise home that was free from pain and suffering. (Genesis 1:28) No doubt Todd, you well know how things went wrong: An invisible spirit creature, who came to be known as the Devil and Satan, induced Adam and Eve to disobey God. (Genesis, chapter 3; Revelation 12:9) By doing this, Adam condemned all his offspring to sin and its devastating effects.—Romans 5:12.
      Clearly, it was not God who brought evil upon mankind, but man himself. (Deuteronomy 32:5; Ecclesiastes 7:29) In fact, all the bad things that people suffer today—the sickness, the death, the wars, the injustices—resulted from Adam’s willful act of disobedience. Furthermore, we are all subject to what the Bible calls “time and unforeseen occurrence.” (Ecclesiastes 9:11) Both the wicked and the righteous experience freak accidents and tragedies.
      God’s Permission of Wickedness?
      While it is comforting to know that God is not the source of wickedness, you may still wonder, ‘Why does he allow wickedness to continue?’ Again, this goes back to issues raised in Eden. God told Adam that if he disobeyed, he would die. (Genesis 2:17) The Devil, though, told Eve that if she ate from the forbidden tree, she would not die! (Genesis 3:1-5) In effect, Satan called God a liar. Furthermore, Satan implied that man would be better off if he made his own decisions and didn’t have God telling him what to do!
      God could not ignore these charges. Have you ever seen a classmate challenge a teacher’s authority? If the teacher lets him get away with it, other students start acting up too. In a similar way, universal chaos could have erupted had God not met Satan’s challenge head-on. He did that by allowing man to follow Satan’s way of doing things. Has man come to enjoy the godlike independence that Satan promised? No. Satan’s rule has brought havoc and misery, proving him to be a vicious liar!
      Will God allow wickedness to go on forever? No. To settle the issues Satan raised, God will soon bring an end to all wickedness. (Psalm 37:10) But Todd, how do we cope in the meantime? That’s the question!

  36. Barb

    I’m not over there, but it’s said Christianity is the fastest growing religion in places such as Iran. There is an agenda to make us divide ourselves and make us fight each other. And we can see the effects of that, all around us. But everyone’s culture has been under attack. Unfortunately, most churches have sold out for a tax break. I think there is an important reason why we should love and not fear.

    Right now, Big Pharma is sterilizing our children. In multiple ways in the US. It seems this transitional phenomenon is mostly effecting white children in the US. And “white guilt” is one factor. There are “medical doctors and shrinks” making big money from butchering genitalia of 5 y and up, brainwashing parents and selling blockers… Good interview of Chloe Cole, by J Peterson.
    Amazingly, people are more distracted by legislating abortion than Big Pharma… crimes. Roe v Wade right before the election wasn’t by design???

  37. Paula D.

    Don’t remember where I heard it, but it is alleged that Sitchin was a 33rd Degree Mason, or it’s equivalent.
    As to the presence of ancient Egyptians in the America’s, I watched a video on YouTube by a group of remote viewers on the Grand Canyon that was quite fascinating. They did a blind target on the Grand Canyon and came up with very interesting information. One thing they found while working the target was an area underground that two of the remote viewers described as the Walmart of gold. (Each viewer had no access to the other’s work at the time they came up with their findings.) They described there being enough gold under the Grand Canyon, billions of ounces, that if it were ever released onto the market would make gold a worthless commodity. One viewer said he saw men in 18th century clothing (bankers) making decisions about what they would do about this information and they decided to ensure that information never come to light. It should be noted that nobody is allowed to mine in the Grand Canyon. If what the viewers said is true, then such a finding could explain why such a law has been put into place. 🤔

  38. Andrew Cox

    Steve Q. has some great info to share – but he rambles and frequently can’t finish a sentence.
    He needs to have a presentation with the key facts and talk slowly!

  39. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Quayle.
    Utterly fascinating.

  40. jomer

    Unless I missed it, it was never mentioned about the 2-bonus pdf’s you get when you purchase “Lie of Gods and Men”. (I do not think it was only for people who pre-ordered)

    One is 270 pages of pictures including the ones Greg held up. the other is a book titled “Intelligent Life In The Universe?” .

    I cannot give a review of the film because my old DVD play bit the dust and I had to order a new DVD player which will be here this week.

  41. Really Awake

    Steve Quayle has a good reputation, so I think this interview is fascinating; however, I’d like to see some peer review before I make my final decision on whether or not I accept the artifacts as authentic.
    They need to be authenticated by an independent source – preferably by someone who has never even heard of Steve Quayle. This can be done. It’s not so difficult, and I won’t accept any excuses, e.g., Satan controls all of academia and they are all against the truth coming out.

    Satan does indeed run a vast network which suppresses the truth, but it’s not impossible to take such an important and significant archeological find and have it independently reviewed.

    Graham Hancock is a good example of a secular newsman who successfully fought the system to get his theories into the mainstream. I’ve read Graham’s best books, so I understand how difficult it can be for a man like him to go contrary to the official opinion. You can even watch Graham’s work on Netflix. That’s how far he has come. So, there are many accredited individuals who can substantiate and possibly even corroborate Steve’s artifacts. I’m going to wait and see some independent proof before I even start to believe.

    Before I get excited on somebody’s claims (no matter how credible that somebody is) I want to see other credible individuals agree. And even then I remain somewhat distrustful.

    Finally, I must say a great big thank you to USA Watchdog for interviewing individuals who have a Biblical perspective and a Christian viewpoint. This is the kind of news I like. The secular men are also very interesting, especially when the secular actually confirms the Bible’s Holy writings.

  42. Rob

    As an amateur archeologist whose interest is in the ice age & the early peopleing of America, where I happen to have had extraordinary finds myself dating back 10-20000 years as proof of man living with a few species of now extinct megafauna, I can tell you I have never come across alien looking artifacts. Those are mind blowing finds and really explain much of mankind’s history and the purposefully polluting of it too as Steve explains. Very Interesting. I’d like to know more. Thanks for posting this incredible documentary/interview.

  43. ron martin

    Only two news aggregators I visit daily for the last 10 years are Steve Quayle & Zerohedge. Already bought Steve’s latest video. First time I’ve ever seen Greg fire back at non-believers. Love it! Many commenters reside in rabbit holes via normalcy bias. Most will remain in their holes. Opinions are akin to assholes, etc. I’m 80, have read 7000+ books on all subjects, authored one titled “It’s Over” & never found Steve wrong. Don’t trust or attend any church, don’t trust most so-called Christians but study/discuss the canon/Jasher/Enoch/Josephus/etc daily with my wife & buddy of 47 years. Worship & pray only to my Father through His Son Jesus Christ. Thanks Greg for helping Steve spread the word about our true history and what’s coming.

  44. Rick Bright Sides

    You cant get emergency authorization for a so called vaccine, if you have available. Authorized therapeutics, treatment and care of a patient for the purpose of both preventing and combating the disease or alleviating the pain or injury. Which were available but suppressed by the DOD!
    The remedy was worse than the so called plandemic, Mr. Gates

    The Darian Gap is open for business! Every bus line, from Panama to Mexico is transforming the Gap into a nation of banditry. US. Homeland Security’s MyOrcus, under command of the Soros and son arm of the United Nations, is guiding all comer’s throughout the earth, safe passage through the Gap. Encouraging the sex trade between consenting adults and children, to foster peaceful sex work in the Gap. See you in the Gap in 23, is the word in central American casting. See the blockbustering trailer, be there or be no-where! To be or not to be, in The Gap, in 23. Be There or Be Square!

  45. Jeffrobbins

    Years ago i took my brother to a Creation Conference. We listened to a couple of the speakers and one of them talked about and had toy/ clay dinosaurs that had come from Mexico. There’s a mound down there (don’t remember the name) that has been closed off to the public for digging where some of these were supposed to come from. Of coarse the main question is- how can you have figurines of things you’ve never seen?

  46. Naomi Zentmyer

    I have some questions regarding Quayle’s account of what is going on during these digs.
    1. He personally is not there.
    2. From what I can get from his presentation is that other people are doing the documentation and establishing a pristine chain of action of finding the artifact, where it was found and then the interpretation of said symbols and information represented in them.
    3. Who are these people?
    4. He also states that there are people from the outside, who are connected to the Mexican government or some agencies that go unamed by Qualye who come in and “clean the site and artifacts” thus changing dating capability?
    There is a lot we don’t know, Smithosian has been historically an institution that is flawed, controlled and cannot be trusted. But based on the questions I have regarding Steve Quayle’s work, I am having a hard time putting all my understanding of our ancient history in his corner.
    There is a push for this alien creation of the human being by governments, media, and God know who else. Why? That should be a question to remember.
    The Bible states that “knowledge will increase and men will run to and fro”
    Thank you Greg for your work and open presentation of various people.

  47. Susan R

    I have felt this attack on humans is not perpetrated by our own, but by other entities who have bribed the familiar faces. The consequences are too severe for the extinction of our race. The greed necessary to enter into this evil compliance blinds one to the outcome.
    We do have a refuge by protecting our soul, our eternal spirit in God. If this planet is to become inhabited by evil, our path is clear, thrust out all that God rejects to ready our only ship of salvation, our soul.

  48. James C Rattenborg

    During Noah’s flood the plates of the earth divided and caused a massive global tsunami. They figure the plates were moving at about 2.5 meters per second. See is genesis history on you tube to learn more.
    Egypt and South America were connected at one time.

  49. Mark Chadderdon

    I watched the interview with Bill Holter without issue. The WNW video never loaded. I though it was on Greg’s end but then the Steve Quayle interview never loaded and I decided to read the comments. Now I don’t see the Bill Holter video or any others – they’re all gone. Switching to Cellular Data didn’t make any difference for me.

    The pages load but not the videos.

    My ISP is Charter Communications, aka Spectrum


    • Greg Hunter

      See if this will work.
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like

      • Mark Chadderdon


        Restarted the modem, etc. but still no luck. I neglected to mention that the missing videos are on my iPad and MacBook Pro. So I decided to boot up my PC and try that… no problem, I can see the videos.

        So something changed with my 2 Apple devices after the Bill Holter interview. (I did not change any settings on either device after the Bill Holter interview.)


        • Mark Chadderdon

          Update: Both my Apple devices are now loading the videos. Perhaps the modem reset did the trick (after more than an hour?).


  50. r b

    I personally have come to the conclusion all or at least most all of the politicians and government people of the world are, NOT REALLY HUMAN at all. How do I know, because you can tell what they are by their deeds.

    • Greg Hunter

      r b,
      House and senate got an exemption for the Vax. You know, because it was so good for us.

  51. Shiloh1

    Regulars on USAWATCHDOG know this stuff that’s to Greg and his guests. This condenses re Ivermectin:

  52. Tony Lauria

    And my comment was eliminated.

    • Greg Hunter

      What do you want to say?

  53. Lyle Carlyle

    verily if Clif High wasn’t a false prophet,
    the first person he would send his pamphlet
    is to Trump, who continues the vax to push it

  54. Shiloh1

    As Catherine Austin Fitts says, either Trump was in on it. (COVID theater / vax) or he was rolled.

    Here ya go – Pence was right up there with Fauci as minions of the deep state-

  55. Nelson O Fuller

    a lot of Evangelicals like to go laying hands and praying over people. A woman did this to Trump the other day in a chicken restaurant down yonder from USAWD media HQ.

    But St. Paul cautions those with pious impetuosity: 1 Timothy 5:22

    People better be real careful about praying over Democrats and those among the vaxed who took the vax and bragged about having done so.

  56. jon

    The Demar Hamlin recovery situation is certainly weird. Has anybody considered. Perhaps the MRNA Nano Tech. Actually created a Trans human conversion?

    • Susan K

      keep in mind Trump was on stage with Bill OReilly bragging about being vaxed and boosted. So it is likely Trump is now run by the Borg.

  57. Marie Joy

    Most believe we have no recourse but we do. We have just decided it’s simpler and easier to just bend over.

  58. Shiloh1

    Update from Gonzalo Lira, mostly about US domestic politics-

  59. Dan Masterson

    The West Has Already Lost / iEarlGrey 70K views 21 hours ago
    Huge thanks to the incomparable Mr George Galloway ( ) for having me. Don’t miss an EPIC RANT from Jimmy Dore on this episode of MOATS at

    • Nika

      I bet George Galloway, admired Walter Winschell?

  60. Led Skelton

    What the world leaders that are bathhouse butty-boys with strokin’ Joe Hynder are saying tonight: Quick!! Let’s start our war before the Americans run out of money and war material. Got to quickly get all of our free stuff from the stupid American working taxpayer before the American economy collapses once and for all.

    True… Even “the nation that can’t be named due to antisemitic wokeness” is reportedly in the American military freeshit line, rumor of a coming war with Iran this summer.

    Look for the new government Amazon-like website…

    …where any foreign non-American legal citizen can order billions of dollars of the latest military hardware and ammunition, and pay absolutely nothing! Free shipping. Free ICBM and launch keys and codes for the first 1 million orders. Free ICBM drop-shipping to all Moscow addresses.

  61. Novak TheJokervich Serbski

    Nikola Tesla SOLVED our ENERGY problem, then he was SILENCED | Redacted History with Clayton Morris / 103,347 views Premiered 6 hours ago.
    Nikola Tesla had a dream of providing free power to the world. He had working plans to create limitless power by harnessing, magnifying, and distributing the electrical energy located within the earth itself. His test machines showed that he could tap into stationary waves, the electricity created by the earth’s vibrations, allowing him to send energy through the earth and air. But suddenly that technology vanished off the face of the earth and along with it all of Tesla’s documents and plans. This is the true history of why Tesla’s technology was redacted.

  62. Nika

    Now, that I had a few days to think about Steve Quayle’s interview, I do remember seeing that picture concerning the flying saucer with the relaxing Alien about 3-5 years ago, maybe longer. Off the top, of my head, I think Steve Quayle has been on Coast-To-Coast several times at least. Since, it was Radio, I never saw Steve’s Face. Coast-T0-Coast had a picture page, and that’s where I saw the picture of the Relaxing Alien in the Flying Saucer. When Steve returns, please ask him, who in the government, are the Aliens working with? Are they working with the Democrats, George Soros or who? Thanks Greg! Very Intersting!

  63. Russell Holmes

    There’s well known scientific facts that nuke both evolution and long age creation. Observation is, of course, the basis of scientific discovery and the fact that humans and all other species are losing genetic material (information) from generation to generation has been observed and documented many thousands of times. Creation scientists say that each generation of humans loses around 200 base pairs of code each generation while some evolutionists will put that number as low as 10 or 20. Though these numbers are low compared to the 3 billion base pair we have, the fact is that it’s exactly the opposite of “evolution” while never once has science observed this loss of genetic code and/or mutation leading to any higher functions or an increase in information. 

    There’s hundreds of other things I could list and the same is so for long ages and I’ll mention just a few. First is the fact that dinosaur soft tissue has now been found in bones many hundreds of times and that includes DNA which breaks down very quickly. Carbon 14 dating (though there are problems with every dating technique) is somewhat accurate, accepted by scientists and used to date only things that were living in the past (plants and animals that are carbon based). Because the half life of C14 is relatively short, it’s considered to be accurate only to around 60,000 years, 100,000 at most. In fact, if the entire earth was made up of C14 there wouldn’t be one atom left in a million years (if you divide the number of atoms in the earth by half by half the 157 times C14 would divide in a million years you get less than 1. Since there’s no such thing as half of a C14 atom, that means there’d be 0 atoms left). But the fact is that C154is found in everything; oil, gas, diamonds, coal and, yes, dinosaur bones. 

    I’ll also address what probably the biggest thing that evolutionists think they have “proving” deep time. They argue that since we can see stars billions of light years away that proves the universe is billions of years old. However, many of the most respected physicists, including Einstein, said that the one-way speed of light (in a vacuum) could be infinite (by Einstein’s theories the one-way speed can’t be measured so this isn’t a proven fact). Too, there’s strong evidence that the speed of light has been slowing down since it was first measured around 150 years ago. Astrophysicist Jason Lisle extrapolated this decrease backwards  and came up with the speed approaching infinite around 10,000 years ago. It’s a bit of a complicated issue so if anybody would like to research it further here’s a good site: 

  64. Mike G

    I think it is hard to just discount evolution when it comes to mankind, take a look at what sits in DC.

    • Russell Holmes

      I’m guessing you’re referring to the models of pre-humans like Lucy (an Australopithecus) and other so-called human ancestors. There’s a branch of science called “morphology” and though it’s a good tool with living structures when it comes to evolution it’s right out of where morphing first started; cartoons. I could practically write a book on it but just to stick to Lucy some anthropologists claim that the bones found shows she stood upright. Yeah, like the knee that was found a kilometer away and in sediment that by their own time scale would be 10’s of thousand of years older. And the hip bone, which (hard to keep from laughing) they took a grinder to because it wasn’t “human enough.” Then there’s many per reviewed papers in anthropological journals which point out that the hands, feet and other structures of Australopithecus look nothing like what is displayed in museums but are much more like those of an orangutan. Just as with cartoons, they create drawings and models of so-called humanoids and present only those to the public. The same is true of every other so-called evolutionary science disciplines; they present models and “facts” to the public which their own journals say are no longer and sometimes have never been considered as science. It’s true with things like the big bang theory and others parts of evolutionary physics and astrophysics, biology and especially genetics, dating methods and of course the one that takes the cake, anthropology.

  65. Toot W

    I spent a lot of time on a thoughtful comment, it was once again deleted or disappeared. I sent another comment asking you to check your spam folder. That one disappeared too. I will not send from my regular email address again since apparently your spam filter really hates me. Linda W

    • Greg Hunter

      Toot W,
      Try it again. I would have remembered your name.

  66. Steve Bice

    Again, I know he has had a lot of stress, but this man doesn’t look well…and it happened “suddenly”.

  67. tim mcgraw

    My opinion is, “Why are we here?”
    If your guest or some archeological find can answer that question, let me know.
    And I’ve read the Bible. No real answer there to the big question of why we are here. The Bible is a guide to how to live here, but not why.
    I’ve read Genesis over and over and it doesn’t answer the big question.

    • Robert F

      I thought we were the “custodians”.

      Thats the hardest question, like why do we exist at all.

      For me personally, humanity is his story, history, when human being die offs there wont be any history, no one will remember, because there wont be anyone. When we die, so does everything mankind ever did, ever created….

      We are all connected, in this moment, we are making the story as we go. We are the universe in expression, God is our creator.

      What else ks there to consider?

      That we can become machines and live forever?

      Why would anyone want to live forever in this world?

      Death is only transition, you arent here, nor are you anywhere,

      you are in a dream state, when you wake up you will understand why

  68. L Nonamaker

    Great interview Greg. Thank you so much for helping Mr Quayle finish expressing his thoughts. He is such an interesting man with such vast knowledge. It is a joy to be able to follow his complete meaning. I am a little late making my podcast rounds. Too much news.

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