America is Burning, More Money Printing Coming-Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby - America is Burning, More Money Printing ComingBy Greg Hunter’s

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says forget what you are hearing about the so-called “recovery.” The powers are hiding a coming collapse. The American economy is being propped up with fraud and crime and time is running out. Kirby explains, “The whole world is grading America and America is burning. When you are burning, it is really hard to put out a message or convince people that all is well. America is failing in spades at doing this. Rigging markets and acting in a sociopathic nature doesn’t make this job easier and doesn’t make it true because they say so. They have idiots making pronouncements that a weak jobs number is good tonic and a good basis for raising rates. It clearly isn’t. . . . We are living in “Alice in Wonderland” with the comments we are getting out of this administration.”

Instead of a rate rise from the Fed, Kirby thinks we are going to get another round of money printing or QE. Kirby predicts, “With China being confirmed as being a very large seller of US government securities, the notion that 10-year bond hasn’t budged is inconsistent with China selling a whole lot of securities unless the Fed is monetizing debt or basically doing a QE job in stealth without declaring it, which I believe to be the case. I believe the Fed is doing a stealth QE, and I think they are going to have to start paving the way to justify an official announcement of additional QE. What better way to do that than report a weak jobs number . . . I believe the Fed is greasing the skids or the path for an additional round of QE.”

Kirby procures tonnage in gold for some of his clients around the world. He sees a global market where physical gold is harder to get and contends, “On the wholesale level in North America, there is metal available. On the retail level, there is very little metal available. In the Asian countries on the wholesale level, there is basically none to be had, and on the retail level it has been bought up too. Increasingly, the people that I talk to that supply coins coming from mints, they are all telling me it’s becoming harder and harder to get, and the wait times to get product are longer. If you want to buy coins, you pay for them, and you are lucky to get them in three or four weeks. This is because they are all back ordered because investment demand has been so strong. . . . As the wait time get longer and longer to get the coins, it is a symptom of stress on the supply side of the market.”

On how the central banks are putting off the coming crash, Kirby says, “These guys are playing with fire. They are desperate and are cornered. The only thing they have left in their bag are dirty tricks and lies, and they are playing them aggressively. When you are lying and telling untruths to the rest of the world, the rest of the world doesn’t stay stupid for very long.  It catches up with you, and that’s when your friends start creating currency swap lines with your vaunted enemies. They think they want to have a foot in the other camp because the old camp they used to be with isn’t playing fair and is doing despicable things. That is exactly where we are right now—burning.”

How bad will it get and when is the next crash coming? Kirby contends, “I think it is unwinding in front of our eyes. I think when it blooms in its full glory, it is not going to be called a crash. It’s going to be called the dark ages.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
Rob Kirby also said that one of his contacts in Dubai told him, “Everything is shutting down. The economy has turned to mush.” Kirby also says his other contacts around the world are all telling him the same thing. Kirby predicts, “Bad things are coming soon. Bad things are happening already around the world where you can’t lie about it to cover it up.” You can find free information on the home page of, and you can also buy a subscription for $149 per year by (clicking here.)

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  1. Grafique

    “Dark Ages”.
    Great interview, Greg.

    • al Hall

      “Dark ages” – most people have no idea how bad this will be. Nothing like this has ever happen on Earth. This will be beyond most peoples imaginations. I’ve been told all communications will be shut down, water and electricity will be shut off. Banks close, ATM’s down. Supermarkets will not be able to restock- trucker afraid for their lives.
      Expect to be thrown back 100-200 years nearly over night. And this doesn’t even consider the possible impact of asteroids and Planet X coming in the next 8 months as predicted by Marshall Masters and my CIA friend W.

      • Freebreezer

        Al, if astronomers can spot a comet, approximately 3 miles wide, two years before it gets to earth, how in the hell are they going to miss a planet that is a thousand + miles wide that is only eight months out?

    • Grafique

      Happy Labor Day to all, on this holiday which sees the middle class in danger, the 9th straight month of manufacturing decline, shrinking wages, and all the other results of liberal policies.

      I can’t tell the future, but I believe that by next Labor Day our once-great country will be on its knees, if it still survives at all.

    • Rob Kirby interview

      Outstanding interview Greg. But please please in the future start doing SOUND CHECKS with your guests. Painfully bad audio with outstanding content. Just have them call on in on a cell with the crappy skype video.

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s Free.

  2. Mike R

    Be careful folks of confirmation bias. we all tend to seek out that which confirms our beliefs, though our beliefs could be formed by many biases that are simply not true.

    My faith is as a Catholic, but I am open to understanding many faiths and concepts of being, and existing. For example, there is a concept in Zen Buddhism known as shoshin, which means “beginner’s mind.”Shoshin refers to the idea of letting go of your preconceptions and having an attitude of openness when studying a subject.

    When you are a true beginner, your mind is empty and open. You’re willing to learn and consider all pieces of information, like a child discovering something for the first time. As you develop knowledge and expertise, however, your mind naturally becomes more closed. You tend to think, “I already know how to do this” and you become less open to new information.

    There is a danger that comes with expertise. We tend to block the information that disagrees with we learned previously and yield to the information that confirms our current approach. We think we are learning, but in reality we are steamrolling through information and conversations, waiting until we hear something that matches up with our current philosophy or previous experience, and cherry-picking information to justify our current behaviors and beliefs. Most people don’t want new information, they want validating information.

    One way to go about this, and keep an open mind, is Assume that you are an idiot. In his fantastic book, Fooled by Randomness, Nassim Taleb writes, “I try to remind my group each week that we are all idiots and know nothing, but we have the good fortune of knowing it.” There could be a number of flaws discussed in the video, and they are simply a product of being human. We all have to learn information from someone and somewhere, so we all have a mentor or a system that guides our thoughts. The key is to realize this influence.
    Just be careful listening to many of these different perspectives, because many are saying the world is falling apart, America is ‘burning’ and our markets are going to crash. Don’t be too sure about that.

    Again, we are all idiots, but if you have the privilege of knowing that, then you can start to let go of your preconceptions and approach life with the openness of a beginner.


    • brian

      Having an open mind is important, allowing oneself to honestly explore as many avenues and potentials is a benefit….but only if it is done so in a way that does not come at the cost of forfeiting hard earned experience and a grasp of ones contextual surroundings.

    • Old Dog

      Thank you, Mike R.
      That is intriguing insight.
      I can agree: We know nothing. We have many “teachers” — many voices telling us what to believe — with no two exactly alike.
      As I read in Holy Bible last night, what “spoke” loudly to my heart, was Jesus’ admonition: Let yourself not be deceived for there will be MANY false teachers, leading MANY astray.
      No doubt, the voices of today are all sincere in their beliefs, fully believing what they teach to be the truth. But we need to realize, as you said, that we operate under their influence and we should adopt the mindset that “perhaps they are right, perhaps they are misled … as we will be, also, if we do not take care to keep ourselves from being deceived.

      All these voices speak in their own earthly wisdom.
      Now, more than ever before, our ears need to be tuned to GOD.
      He is in control — not man.

    • Mary Casey

      Appreciated your insight.

      Our search for “knowledge” has been our downfall since Eve’s desire for “knowledge of good and evil”; (she already had the TRUTH…..”don’t eat that fruit”).

      And now, in this world of duality (knowledge of good and evil), for every thought there is a conflicting thought….thoughts that will literally “lie” to support our predetermined agenda.

      So where can truth be found?

      For me, Truth is found in the Word of God, “….when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.” John 16:13.

    • Evan J


      Great comment!! Put another way, our web of beliefs justify each other and we tend to reject an idea (even though it might be true) if it does not fit into our pre-established web of beliefs (which may well be incorrect, in whole or in part) – I call this ‘bad epistemological coherentism’ in a paper I wrote on the subject. This is why people have a hard time listening to ideas that threaten their pre-established web of beliefs (world view). Wisdom begins with beginner’s mind as you eloquently point out. As Socrates said: “I only know that I know nothing.” As Jesus said “become like little children.” It goes on in wisdom traditions. I find that mindfulness meditation/prayer helps people grasp their own assumptions eventually, and, eventually, get to what us behind the curtain of their own mind. Again, I appreciate the comment.

      Greg, great interview with my fellow Canadian.

    • Vince Shook

      Agreed. Rarely do the extremes in life happen. The more bizarre the supposed confirmations ( shemitah, blood moons, “black swans”, etc., etc. ), the rarer the event. Caution, intellect and prudence will rule the day.

    • Steve

      What’s really interesting to me is the question Greg asks at the 17:57 mark and Kirby’s exasperated response. It is exactly why our system is in such peril. We can say it with certainty because it is human nature, it is logical, and it is a certainty. History shows us for over 5000 years. No fiat currency survives, period, no exceptions. If Saudi Arabia announces they will accept other currencies, our status of reserve currency is shattered. And then a series of very unpleasant events will follow. While keeping an open mind is important, so is knowing the history’s of civilizations, and the negotiated pact with the Saudis to sell oil for dollars and buy treasuries with their reserves. This is the linchpin of our system. It doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow morning, but it will happen. There are some fantastic books written in the early 1930’s describing, in historical terms, how this new socialism in the US would end. They were exactly right, but civilizations don’t burn and crash overnight. This is a process and a path that has been repeated many times in the history of mankind. Clearly Rob Kirby believes that moment is coming quite soon, but keeping an open mind allows me to acknowledge Kirby’s big picture view and salient point about the petrodollar, but also realize things can be strung out longer than we can remain solvent. I agree with Kirby, the next two years are going to be difficult. This raise to the basement should see all currencies collapsing against the Dollar. We are the reserve currency, so by definition, we should collapse last. We are starting to see this with the Yen, Ruble, Lira, Hryvnia, Euro, etc. moving down against the Dollar, and in some cases, quite dramatically. When the bond bubble is pricked, that money will flood into the stock market, and we could see a melt up blow-off in both the dollar and the stock market, not to mention the foreign in-flows due to the desire to escape other currencies. Whatever happens, the next two years are going to be shocking.

    • John Mackenzie

      @Mike R – Unprecedented times require very real – critical thinking.

      We receive what we permit, we have permitted a great many transgressions.

      The “Future” is ours to shape and presently our course is one which has every appearance of dysfunction and disorder on a great many levels.

      It is my hope we begin to fulfill our obligations to one another by committing to support one another under this very simple premise. IF we were to “begin again” – perhaps one path of constructive endeavors for humanity would be to cast off our chains and live our lives in the spirit of obligation to our inalienable rights – given by God, the Cosmos… whom or whatever… it makes little difference – choice is a right, so we may to choose to decide a far more constructive path for humanity – or the choice will be made for us.

      It is axiomatic our present course if failing.

      Thank you for your commentary, it is appreciated.

    • Sleeping Well

      Beginners Mind could include walking away from money. If we change how we live, it might be better. It’s not great as it is, anyway. I’m tired of working so hard to just live in the system. I’m tired of the 64% taxation we pay in the US. Fed income tax, state tax, sales tax, licenses, tax on gas, food and everything. It’s too much tax. Too much work.
      Bad bargain. And then the food is terrible and its too hard to stay healthy. Not to mention the sky trails. They can take their tech and shove it.

  3. Ted

    Well, it’s deep subject. THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. Thanks, GREG!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jim Taylor

    You da man Greg. Your guests are incredible. Keep it comming. Thanks for preparing us for what is to come in September.

  5. David Morris

    Try and understand an analogy, silvers industrial quality, economy slows price drops. Silvers historical monetary use, economy bad, faith in government low, value rises.
    The US dollar domestic economy bad price drops (inflation) . US dollar
    International reserve currency faith in governments round the world low, value increases (deflation) because capital will flee into one of the few safe ports in the coming storm. Remember perception and reality are not the same. It will take another 2 years and the pain of an overpriced international reserve currency for the replacement to come about.

  6. paul

    Rob Kirby is definitely right about a “stealth QE4” going on right now to pay for all the Treasuries being turned in by China and others … where I think Rob is mistaken is about interest rates … a pretty substantial rise in interest rates will be necessary to prevent rioting in the streets as “stealth QE4” starts to affect the purchasing power of the dollar and people start demanding larger COLA increases and bond holders demand higher interest payments … some people seem to think that if the Fed raises rates the price of gold will fall … but don’t be fooled … it is “just the opposite” … gold rises with rising interest rates … simply take a minute to think about it … what do rising rates imply? … Fed printing means more money (inflation) … and when there is inflation people on Social Security and people holding treasuries demand a more hefty payment in return to compensate for their inflation loses … thus a higher interest rate “must be offered” to appease the public and bond holders … with China and others currently selling their treasuries and the Fed is obligated to buy them … means the Fed must print this money out of thin air to pay for all the treasuries being turned in … this “QE4 printing” can not remain “stealth” for long because inflation of the money supply will begin to show up in increased prices for goods and services … the more inflation the Fed causes by printing money to redeem treasuries … the more interest rates will have to rise … now as interest rates rise derivatives will start imploding … so the Fed will then have to buy all the bad derivative contracts from the banks to prevent their failure … the Fed will take the losing derivatives off the banks books and put it safely on the Feds books (effectively putting the bankers bad debt on the backs of the American people) … this money the Fed pays to the banks for their toxic derivative contracts will also have to be printed out of thin air … causing more inflation, pushing rates even higher and thus causing more derivative implosions … so like “a nuclear chain reaction” the Fed will usher in a massive QE4 “hyper-inflation” just as John Williams has been predicting … the Fed Open Market Committee is now targeting an interest rate rise to 3.5% over the next few years… don’t believe it … with the massive selling of treasuries by China and others that will requires massive Fed printing we will see the US dollar lose value as a consequence … and this means the Chinese will be getting back dollars worth less then the dollars they originally paid for the treasuries … fostering even more selling of treasuries (to get out before the US dollar is devalued even more) … this “chain-reaction effect” can be very swift forcing the US Government to declare a bank holiday and a currency re-set that makes the US dollar so worthless it won’t pay to sell treasuries anymore (they will likely have more value burning them for heat in a fireplace) … getting back to gold and silver … as of “today” in inflation adjusted terms gold should be selling for about $50,000 dollars and silver for about $600 dollars per ounce … however after the bank holiday and currency re-set gold and silver could easily be selling for 10 times today’s inflation adjusted price … therefore $6,000 dollar per ounce silver and $500,000 per ounce gold could be on the cards once a “new” re-set currency is distributed!

    • paul

      When interest rates are raised in the next month or so … the stock market will go lower … but don’t expect the market to stay down very long … because as the massive QE4 “chain reaction” take hold … hyperinflation will drive the US stock market higher … just as hyperinflation drove the Zimbabwe stock market upward in nominal terms.

      • paul

        When one studies the relationship between rising interest rates and the price of gold … one finds that gold makes its best upward moves during a rising interest rate cycle … now if everyone keeps saying “interest rates won’t rise” no one is going to buy gold … it is as simple as that.

        We gold bugs “should be extremely happy” the Fed wants to raise rates to 3.5% over the coming months … and should be lighting an extra candle at the alter wishing that rates to go even higher then that … for in the mind of the public … rising rates is associated with inflation … and when the general public perceives inflation coming back … they jump into precious metals!

      • Calgirl

        The “value” of the dollar, as in how much an item costs, is of less importance in the big scheme of things than the “confidence” that people around the world have in that dollar. The “confidence” in the dollar is being lost throughout the world and will receive a huge sock in the belly if and when the Saudi’s decide to begin taking yuan and other currencies for oil. That will be the end of the dollar globally as countries will no longer accept dollars for trade. That’s when the world will realize that the US foreign policy and the dollar are worthless. A worthless dollar will force the US to stop inciting all these wars around the world. That’s when the US will really begin to see all the hate coming home to roost. Paybacks are a %itch.

    • Thomas

      Well said, I actually understood and agree.

      • jack

        “general public perceives inflation coming back … they jump into precious metals!”

        The “General public” wouldn’t know an ounce of gold or silver from a bottle cap if they found it in the street.

    • Paul from CA

      We have had massive amounts of QE in recent years with relatively no inflation.
      You might want to revamp your analysis starting with: “Fed printing means more money (inflation) …”
      I can assure you, a miniscule .25% increase in interest rates will not crash the market.

      • paul

        The “massive amount of printing” I’m talking about is when the Fed starts to bail out the banks from their derivative losses … it will be like nothing anyone has ever seen in their lifetimes … truly hyper-inflationary … and it will begin in earnest next week … as the 7 year Shemitah cycle ends next Saturday (and the Fed meets next week) … what an opportune time for the Fed to begin to raise interest rates and finally allow gold to rise (hyper-inflation will have that effect on gold) … September 14 will be the beginning of a new 7 year Shemitah cycle … raising rates creating derivative implosions will be used as “the excuse” for a massive QE4 announcement and the start of a new bull market in precious metals … those who have listened at WatchDog should be well prepared … so lets sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

        • paul

          One other thing … don’t sell your gold for at least six years … the next Shemitah will end in September 2022 … and gold will likely be taken down “a bit” before that date.

    • Dan

      $500,000 per ounce of gold?!? C’mon, why not just say a million? I believe it will be multiples higher in the future than today, but it’s hard to take anyone’s comments seriously when one makes such outlandish claims!

      • Charles H.

        Point well taken, Dan. After years of being on the wrong end of the stick – the balm of exaggeration gets a little thick? Still, I would mind trading a Gold Eagle ounce for a new Porsche.

        • Jim Moore

          Well spoken, and you realize of course that the IRS would be there for it share of appreciation of said coin?

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Try thinking in terms of all value in the US$ being lost rather than the ‘value’ of gold going sky high.
        Think Weimar Republic where in the 30’s you would have needed a wheelbarrow full of Marks to buy an ounce of gold. In this scenario of hyperinflation if gold can get to $10k an oz then it can get to $100k or $1m or more

        If someone had told a German in the 20’s that he would one day need a wheelbarrow of money to buy food for the house this would have considered this an ‘outlandish comment’.


        • Dan

          Hi Colin,
          I always enjoy reading your comments, so was pleased to see your reply to one of mine! Your point is well taken. Although I believe the dollar will fall hard & eventually lose its reserve currency status, I don’t believe that it will fall to the Weimar Republic’s wheelbarrow-low level (or Zimbabwe’s with its 100 trillion dollar bills), but then again, I could be wrong! To Charles H. (& thanks to you for the reply as well) – the problem is that if gold is $500,000 an ounce, a new Porsche would probably cost around $25,000,000! It’s all relative.

          • Charles H.


            I’m hoping for some kind of lag-effect, where the market perception hasn’t caught-up with relativity. Two gold Eagles? I’d settle for a Scion FR-S!

  7. David H

    I am and have been making some preparations. I will continue to do so. Never the less even I struggle with normalcy bias. There are more drastic measures I can take but I feel as if I am handling this coming crash by hedging my bets rather than with a complete commitment. Greg is it your view that we will get something closer to a worst case scenario play out. If that is likely the case there is more I should be doing. Thank you for all you do. I consider having some clarity on this matter of life or death for my family.

  8. vincent_g

    I agree with Rob but I think his timing is off.

    I expect to see a stock crash soon – the one that t0ok place is just the intro.
    But I don’t think the total melt down will take place yet.
    I think the US dollar will hold up much longer.
    The collapse of the US dollar is the main event.

    When that happens the internet is gone as we know it.
    The internet requires payment via electronic systems.
    The big companies will all fold as they can not change quickly enough to survive.

    I expect you will see many host sites at home if they could afford the ISP fee.
    I imagine the typical ISP will require yearly payment as monthly will not work.
    Will bitcoin be a solution – I don’t think so as it’s not a secure system.
    The biggest problem with bitcoin is the exchange and that is where the security hole is.

    There is pressure on the US dollar with oil dropping in price as lower oil prices means less demand for US dollars.

    But this will not cause a rush away from the dollar although it will cause it to weaken.
    The moment the US government breaks through the 20 trillion plateau is when the dollar will start to get shaky

    I expect Donald Trump will win in a landslide and due to this we will manage to survive maybe through his first term as President.

    • paul

      The powers that be would love a Trump victory … as he has a lot of hands on experience declaring many bankruptcies … as President he would be exactly the right man for the job … declaring the United States bankrupt! … Trump could simply say to the Chinese: “The treasuries you hold are now worthless as the US is now officially bankrupt and can’t redeem them … sorry”!

    • Michael

      Bitcoin exchanges are not part of Bitcoin network. They act as on- and off-ramps, but are not essential for Bitcoin network to operate. Plus, if you want to store bitcoin on an exchange – you are mad and sooner or later you will get hacked. Like with gold and silver, the same is true with bitcoin: if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. Only use custodial accounts exchanges provide to trade. As soon as you’re done with trading, move your BTC to a wallet where you control cryptographic keys. My rule of thumb is: for small amounts – bitcoin wallet on my phone protected with pin and encrypted backup copy of my private key, and for large amounts – paper wallet (private key printed on paper and not stored anywhere on a computer) with additional encryption, printed in 3 copies and stored in different locations: at home, at work, at my folks’ place.

  9. Brian A.

    Here is a tidbit from a man on the street. I’m an American living in Japan I do business with China. I also accumulate gold and silver coins for my future. When I visit Shanghai and Hong Kong I like to buy coins there, because I can get at wholesale prices. Last week (September 1) I went to Hong Kong. I go to two different dealers and both told me that they are selling out of stock at unbelievable rates. One dealer usually had many different silver coins, but he was completely sold out of some types. The other dealer had what I was looking for, but again he said that he is having a hard time filling big orders. Therefore, I confirm what is being said about the physical market being tight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brian A. for the story.

    • your fan in Japan

      Two points. First, Brian, you didn’t need to go to Hong Kong, if you go to Tanaka Gold’s website (a major gold dealer in Japan) you will see that due to strong local demand in the countries where the coins are minted, Tanaka is not able to source Canadian platinum maple leafs, and some other platinum coins.
      To SP, about that revolution, I am, right now, listening to the latest from SGT report- the interview with sofia smallstorm- give it a listen- Love you Greg, don’t mean to recommend another site on your message board, but this is important- it is in the interests of watchdogs to listen to it.

      • Brian A.

        to Your fan in Japan.

        Yes, I know of the dealers in Japan, but they are limited in variety. I like to accumulate, therefore, I like to have a variety for numismatic purposes. The dealers in Hong Kong have pretty much anything and everything, except this time around they were low on stock. In Shanghai I get the pandas at a lower rate than in Japan. At any rate I need to visit there for business so it is just an extra perk to a business trip.

  10. Cryptic LIttle Sister

    I need to make this clear:

    The collapse of the dollar is being manufactured. Life support is being pulled.

    I want to be very clear about the following: power is about to shift dramatically to Europe. The City of London. A new currency is being planned to be instituted by Germany and France. Important: the amount of gold and silver owned by China does not matter: the mechanism for trade lies in the City.

    Someone asked me about the political importance of events, and I will say this: European states are going to realign with the death of the Euro and Swiss Franc.

    What you are hearing in the news is planted to be read by politicians. Russia and China are not “against the west.” From Iberia to Siberia is the slogan.

    Look for the 1.2 billion dollar aid increase in the NDAA.

    • brian

      Would it be wise to hold gold in light of all this that you say?

      • Grafique

        Brian, don’t ecpect a response; CLS is a drive-by commenter.

      • paul

        Brian … Wow … I hope you are not thinking of selling your gold now at the exact bottom?

      • Cryptic LIttle Sister

        Silver and gold will help you to help others, but it cannot change what is coming.

        • brian

          thats all I wanna do lil’ sis, just help a few other people.

    • BluBird

      The dollar will collapse against what? The Yen? Guessing not the Euro. Pound? Ruble? Yuan? Or devalue against hard assets? Oil? Gold? Wheat?

      What mechanism is in place for such a devaluation? Are we talking about a dumping of treasuries worldwide?

    • Calgirl

      He who has the money (gold and silver) rules the world. Fiat money, whether printed in Europe or the US, is worthless paper without backing, since they have sold all their real money (gold) trying to prop up their prestige . My bet is on the Chinese and Russians (BRICS), who incidentally seem to be more interested in preventing wars than starting them.

      Increases in funding for the NDAA is more of the same…propping up governments power toward total control. The same goes for a “cashless” societies………the aim is total control. That’s when bartering will become the currency of the US.

    • Thomas harmon

      I would like to hear more cryptic . Thomas

  11. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Great, great interview Greg – thank you so much. Although I like to suppose a socio/psychopath is easily identifiable, pathological liars take some getting used to. Recently I watched Obama lying over unemployment figures while stating that the U.S. economy is improving, and that Obamacare is good for the nation. But I now know what bare-faced lies means when the perpetrator gives every impression of sincerity through their honeyed words and direct eye contact even as they lie through their teeth.

    • paul

      Andrew … Here is an easy way to spot a pathological liar … take a thermogram of his face as he is talking … if his “nose” increases (in temperature) it will light up red on the screen (like Rudolf the reindeer) … so we currently have the technical ability to easily spot a liar (no matter how sincerely he speaks). In the coming Presidential debates we the people should demand that a thermal imaging camera be focused on the candidates as they answer questions!

      • Andrew de Berry (Rev)

        Very interesting about thermal imaging Paul, thanks. That’s why even as Origen said: ‘In the end even devils will be saved’. Even if it appears at the end of Pinnochio’s nose the divine conscience lights up!!

  12. Silence is Golden

    Few people (RK included) understand the true dynamic of what is the global financial markets. I don’t profess to be anywhere close to being an expert on the topic…..and I wish to make that clear.
    There is a major dilemma that is now faced by Central Banks globally and that revolves around Monetising Debt…aka QE….or better known as printing money. There is a limit to what can be done on this front…and that limit is what is known colloquially as “hitting a brick wall”. You and I have touched on this matter as have a few of your guests….that there is a lack of available collateral. The Central Banks are running out of sellers…..of government treasuries.
    RK mentioned the possibility of stealth QE. The element of uncertainty is misplaced…..THEY ARE doing QE through stealth. THEY ARE funnelling BILLIONS into the INSOLVENT Banks. This is being done in stealthy manner because THEY have run out of willing sellers and those that are selling (BANKS) are SHORT treasuries (the basket of monetizable debt is finite). IN other words the BANKS are short selling (DONT HAVE IN THEIR POSSESSION) treasuries/govt. bonds. Rigging markets in Precious metals, interest rates and currencies is criminal behaviour ….but what they are doing behind the scenes….with unlimited printing….is giving these psychopaths omnipotence…to destroy the very fabric of wellbeing of a financial and monetary system…..and more importantly removing any and all opportunity for the masses to remove themselves from a life of debt servitude. This in essence will also create a very harsh future for most…. where the ability to tread water is lost….in a downward spiral of demoralised standards of living.
    The other point which was hit upon at the beginning of the interview concerning interest rates is also an important one which most have already formed an opinion on…..i.e. cannot / will not be done. In reality, the only hope that the US Fed has in deferring the inevitable (persistent QE to keep the house of cards from blowing away in the next hurricane….. or….. putting off the crash in more succinct terms) is to raise interest rates. The Bond market is the key to all financial asset prices…..and keeping it functioning is paramount. The US FED will be the only CB soon that has the capacity to do just that.
    Illiquidity, volatility and uncertainty are all a recipe for disaster and are all currently visible. Tapering is OFF-LIMITS…..additional QE is now fundamental to the system staying alive. QE requires liquidity….without liquidity asset prices fail. Tapering will inevitably be forced.

  13. FC

    Now, I know why John Maynard Keynes coined the phase ‘barbarous relic’ when describing Gold………because he knew his Keynesian Economics would send us back to the Dark Ages.

  14. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    Great interview. At the 20 min mark Kirby states that Greenspan, Bernanke etc. are pathological liars. Well I couldn’t agree more……after all that’s their job for god’s sake.

    The likes of Kirby and a very long list of commentators need to come right out and say it………. “The Fed is owned by a fricken private banking cabal that has only one agenda…. theft and perpetual wealth transfer from main street into the hands of its owners and cronies”.

    Before your eyes your country is nose-diving into fascism and financial ruin. A completely corrupt and unconstitutional central bank model sponsors this farce yet no one even wants to talk about it. To me this is absolutely extraordinary!

    When you actually wake up as a country you will find yourselves in ruin akin to Nazi Germany.

    • red

      More like Rome circa 500 AD . The age of the neo warlord. What I think we have to realise although SOME truth abound’s in most conspiracy ,is that of competing factions’. What led to Charles’ the 2’nd retaking the throne of England? This idea we understand thing’s to any real degree is absurd. This is why proverbs warn’s against the interfering in the affairs’ of Kings’ for they have entirely different battles too tend. Rob is correct, when fear takes’ hold the Leviathan is awakened. Nothing new JMO.

    • Silence is Golden

      Yes the FED is a privately owned institution.
      The RBNZ and the RBA however are no different (only in size). They both are controlled by the City of London.
      Any country that is in any way shape or form connected via an appendage to the Anglo – American alliance….follows the same principles. Their interconnectedness means they all fail…perhaps not simultaneously …..but they will fail. The central banking model is dying. It is not only killing the masses….but it is devouring itself.
      They have spread their disease far and wide. Infiltrated major trading hubs cities ….and control the entire globes’ assets. If the CB model is corrupted (which it is)….the implication….everything we live and breathe for…is fabricated. It can turn on a dime/in an instant. That’s the reality we face. But life goes on.
      Peace be with you always.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        You said……”The RBNZ and the RBA however are no different (only in size)”
        With respect there are two monumental differences;

        #1 The RBNZ and the RBA are not owned by a cartel of private banks.
        They are totally Government owned!
        Remember too that it is very easy to thieve from a bank if you own it.

        #2 These two central banks you quote are in relatively small countries.
        The Fed however is the central bank of the country that has enjoyed [and totally abused I might add] its privilege of having been the reserve currency of the world for some 70 years.

        Your argument is “whataboutism” where you quote some irrelevant instance around the world that you think somehow justifies your argument. This is the sort of fuzzy muddled thinking that has helped the Fed to survive for over a hundred years!

        Yes we can both agree that the RBNZ and the RBA are controlled by the City of London. They are NOT OWNED by the city of London and its connections.
        Best always to you SIG

        • Silence is Golden

          I shall respond to your comment.

        • Silence is Golden

          My comments are being rejected for some violation.
          I will continue to attempt to post.

          • Greg Hunter

            No SIG they are not being rejected by me. I do have a security program called “cloudflare” that inadvertently rejects comments from time to time. So sorry you are having trouble.

            • Silence is Golden

              Cloudfare is playing havoc with my comments. If its not the time spent in constructing a comment its the time wasted in making more than a dozen attempts to post it. I don’t need to tell you that “certain words and phrases” are not part of my vocabulary and yet it is arbitrarily selecting me and rejecting any and all. I’ve even tried to break it into smaller posts….no success.

      • Silence is Golden

        Hi Col,
        Sometimes the obvious sits right under our very noses and yet we disregard or overlook it.
        You said “The RBNZ and the RBA are not owned by a cartel of private banks”.
        You also said “Yes we can both agree that the RBNZ and the RBA are controlled by the City of London”.
        Can we say Owned and Controlled in the same sentence ?
        In my world….they mean the same thing.

      • Silence is Golden

        Part 2
        The legal process (Acts) that created these beasts merely provide lawful “wealth re-distribution” and to also ensure that they (CB) can act as an agent and banker of the Commonwealth. The RBNZ and RBA are simply a lower part in the branch of world-wide privately controlled central banks where BIS sits at the top of the pyramid. BIS is the central bank’s central bank.
        Furthermore, it is written into the Acts (please check for your own satisfaction) that foreign corporations have Power of Attorney over the RBNZ and RBA notwithstanding (Black and White) Government ownership that you refer to.

      • Silence is Golden

        Part 3
        Colin, with all due respect I do not need a refresher course on the Federal Reserve. I am fully conversant with this entity and in fact was probably the first one to mention G. Edward Griffin’s book “Creature from Jekyll Island” as a reference and full account of the Beast, on this and many other sites.
        The What-about-ism phrase that you use is unwarranted, irrelevant and quite frankly insulting…especially coming from someone like yourself who takes pride in his knowledge of the foundations of the financial / monetary system in which we live. You castigate the point that I make ……about the CB’s of the world being of the same ILK…. notwithstanding the privileged position of the FED. They ALL occupy a privileged position…don’t you agree? There is nothing FUZZY / MUDDLED about my line of thinking….. let me make that categorically clear.
        The bigger issue is the soulless pathological corporations and their government puppets who are colluding to ensure the rise of fascism. The Banksters want to control the masses and the globes’ assets through their broken fractional monetary / financial system. The great wealth re-distribution is happening right in front of our faces. Not everyone (nor I for that matter) have all the facts…but I do know how most are hypnotised by the manipulative media and are also devoid of any real sense of how the global economy is controlled by the same corporations that control the CB’s. They have an oppressive agenda and this guarantees we will not live peacefully ….not solely because of that ……as they are working in tandem with other groups who also possess/wield extreme influence and have similar aspirations for world domination.

    • Diane D

      Yes Colin, America is 1938 Germany, complete with a Nazi Police State, and government-censored and controlled 501(c)3 churches.

      Honestly, I believe the only thing standing in the tyrants’ path is 50 million armed citizens. True, some citizens have already been voluntarily disarmed. Samuel Adams spoke to them. But there are parts of America which will not be disarmed so easily. Woe to any tyrant or deputized jack-booted thugs putting a hand on their homeschoolers, loved ones, Liberty Pastors, their active barter system to name a few injuries and usurpations.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I am terrified for your people and the world.
        All the best possible wishes to you.

        • Charles H.


          Modern education and technology was supposed to bring us to undreamed of health and prosperity. Instead it will throw us back to Medieval tyranny and serfdom. The cause to fear is very real.

    • brian

      Colin, after reading many of your posts and the subsequent exchanges that transpire, I have come to conclude that you might not realize that it is not what you say that puts you at odds with many people, but rather how it is you say it.

      Whether you intend it or not, most American readers will and do interpret a large degree of finger wagging on your part. Justified as your sentiments might be, they sting most who read them with their perceived accusatory and hypocritical tone.

      • sk

        But gentler, more subtle critiques do not appear to penetrate the American psyche. I think Colin, the farmer from NZ, is analytic and smart, and, best of all, cares enough about us all to risk his ‘popularity’ by stating the truth in no uncertain terms. Sort of like the prophets of old. Thanks, ‘farmer’!

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Thanks SK.
          Your point is very valid to me. I don’t post to win popularity contests.

          My comments are from the heart and have no religious or financial agenda whatsoever. I am 61 years old have ‘broad shoulders’ and don’t take the negative responses to heart.
          In fact many of the people that challenge me on my comments and approach, initially caused me amusement. Then on reflection I think I should not be amused and instead acknowledge the dreadful success of the establishment’s propaganda and the programing that is so monumental and far reaching in the US. In fact this agenda has been so effective that freedom of thought and intellectualism is often frowned on even by seemingly concerned and ‘aware’ sectors of society such as the WD contributors.

          To hear opinion from within WD recently that the likes of Noam Chomsky is “a left wing Wacko” absolutely rocked me to the core! It also brought home to me loud and clear, the strength of TPTB lobby and influence. Alas there is much work to be done! The cause will not be helped by ‘namby pamby’ soft talk and the recital of fairy tales as you so clearly point out.

          Best regards to you SK.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Sometimes an honest comment from an impartial observer is uncomfortable to listen to and as such the tendency is to lash out or to shoot the messenger. I make no apology for my tone. If it is irritating to hear my message I suggest you just simply skip my posts.

        I comment from the antipodes regularly because I honestly believe that the recklessness and warmongering of Washington threatens the very existence of mankind. In my view this is in fact the most dangerous regime in global history. If my tone comes across as accusatory…. well thats because it is!

        Your country is becoming more fascist and dangerous every day….softly softly talk ain’t gunna help buddy. If you would rather listen to fairy stories I suggest you kick back, knock the top off a can of cool aid, and switch back to the MSM…..they will tell you exactly what you would like to hear. At some stage your power will suddenly go off and you will hear a commotion outside. You will get up out of your armchair, look out the window and see rioting and killing in the streets.
        At this point it will too late for talk of any kind as your society and economy will be in absolute ruin.

        Last point, I would be very grateful if you could please show specific examples of hypocrisy in my posts.

  15. David

    Fascinating interview Greg. The Fed and our politicians are marching us toward a cliff. The truth is going to surface. Correction: Americans are going to finally accept what’s staring them in the face. We are north of 18 T in debt and we are now monetizing our childish and selfish behavior with our own paper… It will only worsen as foreign government unload their bonds.

    The fact that Trump’s poll numbers are so high is evidence that Americans are simply fed up with the losers in Washington, D.C…. or, who knows, maybe we are living our lives like a reality T.V. show… as though it’s a game. None of my elected officials who are tweeting about the size of the U.S. debt and what they are doing to fix it.

    One final note. There is virtually no one alive who lived through (and were old enough to remember) the Great Depression. We are simply ignoring history… oblivious to what’s around the corner.

    • hobuk

      It’s partly Nazism, but on a grander scale, pure and simple Communism. Central banking is a communist model along with the graduated income tax, and now finally the central bank owns practically all mortgages securities and commercial property of the U.S.

  16. Doug

    Hi Greg;

    I was one of those asking for another interview with Rob and he certainly didn’t disappoint. We don’t like what he has to say but we need to hear what he has to say. Many have an idea that something is desperately wrong but they don’t know what it is. Other’s feel that that what Rob and other guests are saying is accurate but they stick their fingers in their ears because they don’t want to hear it as they can’t deal with the paradigm change that is coming.

    That is why we prep in every area including spiritually. We all need to cultivate a desire for truth even if the truth is not palatable. When Rob and other guests intimate that a ‘dark age’ or however they wish to put it is upon us we would do well to pay attention. Time is about up and I’m learning more and more to be thankful to God for each and every day that he gives us where the hammer is not yet as fallen around us. Many I fear will look back at these times with bitter tears that they did not pay attention and that they spent their dwindling dollars on vacations, new cars and other things that are nice and not needed instead of things that would provide the necessities for themselves and their families.

    Thanks again for another great interview and for all that you do.

  17. Chicken Little

    Wow, I thought the end of days were in September? All summer long everyone has been beating their drums for a September crash, and looky here nothing happened. You people need to get with reality before you all go totally wacko. THE SKY IS NOT FALLING!

    • brian

      haha I’m sure you’ll get the kind of attention a comment like that is looking for.

    • andyb

      Thank God your head is in the sand. You won’t see it coming. It may not be this month or next, but it is coming; bet on it.

    • Jerry

      Chicken Little.
      Hold onto that thought. In a few weeks if you haven’t prepared accordingly that’s all you’re going to have left. That and a bag of Cheetos next to your blank computer screen. If I’m wrong it’s only a because the PTB have prolonged their plan to take the system down. If I’m right, will it really matter?

    • Trev16

      Chicken Little….Please tell me that you are able to read a calendar? Clearly the month is not over so perhaps you should wait to the end of the month before writing your comment.

    • Charles H.

      “Chicken Little”,

      Fascinating – putting the harpoon in… like we are border-line whackos. This only works up unto the real, actual crash. What would REALLY be interesting – the story of what happens to you, and the many like you, who throw out jabs here – AFTER the paradigm shift. We’ll never know. Conversely, there will be some of us who are viable and making ends meet – and you will be left to wonder if it was one of us from this site.
      In the box set, a video series by Peter Jennings, called : “The Century, America’s Time” – there are interviews with people who went through the ’29 Crash. Nobody had an inkling of the disaster that went down. “Blue Skies” was THE popular song then. “Nothing but Blue Skies do I see..” So today, there is a definite parallel – denial and ignorance of HISTORY. The Math is all out there. The result is irrefutable and unavoidable. Go ahead and gloat – time is short.

    • David

      CL: Maybe, maybe not. I am erring on the side that world governments have boxed themselves into a corner. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen anything so out-of-balance on a scale so large. The only question for me is how badly it all ends.

      Just curious. If you don’t buy into a serious economic collapse, why do you watch USAWD?

  18. Charles Turner

    Greg you probably have many people from the UK who tune into you each week and we would be interested in your guests opinions as to where the UK will sit in the coming crisis.

    • Dolly Dogger

      Hi Greg: I second Charles’ request and have seen other subson here also in the UK ( some of us Yanks) and would kindly appreciate how the crash will impact us here to. Thanks so much for being there for us. . .

    • Charles

      Maybe you should check your calendar. Mine is still showing September.

    • Andrew de Berry (Rev)

      Charles, yes the situation compared to yours in the U.S. remains intriguing, even as typical of all Europe our national future remains perilous. Although PM Cameron is a weak man he’s a sort of half-decent person at heart, and who is fortunately still accountable to our Government. For there are checks and balances here which still work after a fashion. Although he permitted the RAF drone killings of two Brits in Yemen last month, he’s not getting away with it entirely, even possibly having to face a judicial review. Despite his penchant for re-engaging over Syria he may be forced through our MPs responding to a growing distaste for war to back down. He also has to deal with not a few Tory ‘back-benchers’ who are showing a growing resistance to membership of the EU. On the other side of the political divide Jeremy Corbyn stands to become leader of the Labour party as of Saturday’s vote. Corbyn wants OUT from all further military involvement whether in the Middle East or beyond, as do a growing number of Tories.
      Of course here in Britain there are many evils still operating with impunity – our banks being an obvious example. A less obvious example is the scandal of our prison system, where as in the States getting proper legal representation for the poor is becoming all but impossible.
      Everywhere people must stand up and let their voices be heard. Best, A

  19. Hilde

    Thanks for a very educating and eye opening interview. I wanted to mention re a post last week where the blame on the large migration into Austria was put on the U.S. .: . The overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya was a joint NATO operation , and the invasion of Iraque was done by a coalition of several countries. The rethoric some Austrian politicians are using where they are putting the blame on only the U.S. , I feel is an oversimplification of the cause, and very incorrect placement of fault. It was the actions of NATO in Libya that unraveled the infrastructure there, leaving a vacuum in leadership and making it possible for rebels and criminals to get a hold of military equipment , thus making life unsafe for hundreds of thousands of people , and giving IS a new foothold there.

    • Evan J


      The U.S. is the boss of NATO. As Paul Craig Roberts says, European NATO countries are the lapdogs of the U.S. No one in NATO does anything without the U.S. say so. Let’s get real here.

      • Hilde

        I understand that, but think nevertheless other countries , some very small with a very good airforce, who were in on the bombing of Libya should also make some thoughts about the chaos they have rendered. Lapdog or not , the actions speak for themselves . One cannot just wash one’s hands of the matter and blame everything on the U.S. Being a lapdog is in itself being part of the game.

      • Charles H.

        Evan J,

        Just a thought… Germany and Japan UNCONDITIONALLY surrendered in WWII. The US had a hand in forming their Constitutions. Could it be that it may be found in the Terms of Surrender – that the US can override these Constitutions, effectively making them puppets???

  20. aries

    Decent interview, just no-one can tell us what a crash , great crash, dark ages crash, deflated or inflated crash, side ways crash, straight down crash looks like, it is all speculation and you may be ok if you hedge with gold, my two cents, there is no crash… only a gradual slope to indefinite future with a major reality at the end. The end being we are all poor because we were all stupid and did not see that in plain view the powers to be designed it that way. In my mind we have been in a crash since 1987 and the slope down has bumps and ravines.

    • art barnes

      Aries, I have always maintained that there will be no sudden crash as the people in this blog like to talk about. In that regard, is has been my thesis that we will keep slogging downward until we are a third world country and become not relevant on the world stage. Although all the guest on this site seem to believe in a straw that breaks the camels back crash I am a staunch believer we will just keep on ticking, albeit a little slower each day until we wake up and have power outages, inflation like the Carter years, gas shortages and hungry people who can’t purchase enough to stretch their social security to fill their bellies – not to mention more violent crime in diverse areas which were safe only a couple years back. After the above is reached, then comes the real socialist government the banana republics. That is my view of whats ahead.

  21. Jerry

    Rob is absolutely correct, the Fed is monetizing the death by stealth QE. Its never stopped. China will continue to dump U.S. treasuries in preparation of leaving the IMF and the corrupt western banking systems before the G20 meeting in November. China and the BRIC nations have had enough. Their markets are in free fall because of the debt drag of the west.

    Greg I’m going to tell your readers one last time. GET PREPARED NOW! THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! You snooze on this, you’re going to die. If you don’t already have food and water, you can go online and order a years supply of food for four people from Walmart for about $2500. and have it in 7-10 days. If I’m wrong, you’ll have extra food to eat, and will have not spent any more money than you would have spent on a cruise. Isn’t your life worth $2500. ?

    • Jerry

      Proof China is dumping the dollar in record amounts. Does anyone want to bet that the rest of BRICS are not doing the same?

      Rob is right! Its a fire sale.

      • JMiller


        Based on the latest data, India has increased it’s Treasury holdings almost every month for the last year. And Brazil’s amount has been steady for the same period. I do not believe that India and Brazil are ready to make the kind of decision that Russia and, until just recently, China have made. In fact there is no reason for them to at this time.

      • JC Davis

        Jerry. When Japan starts jumping. I think that may be the time. However , I think there will (something )happen outside Oligarchy control. It is the year. TIME. Tic tock said the clock. I have seen the other side 3 times, Not to seem crazy, but I know there is a time that don’t belong to any except GOD. Love all your postings… Keep me informed.

      • Steven R

        In the event of a collapse your stores as well as mine will be confiscated by local government. Hoarders (those who prepared) will be shot on sight if needed to gather all private stores of food into government control. The government with the power of the police/military state will go house to house to collect all resources. You might think you will fight back but when you see your fellow Americans who resist simply killed and their bodies dragged from their homes all with the approval of 98% of the population who are hungry you will surrender your food or face overwhelming fire power yourself.

        • Jerry

          That may be true, but this isn’t Russia where helpless women and children where forced under the boot by government thugs. This is America. I have been handling guns since I was six years old, and I ma not alone. The only thing that has kept us free to this point is the second amendment. They know there will be a huge cost to pay for tyranny, and if they fail, they will find themselves on an end of a rope.

        • WD

          I think you will be surprised at what govt forces are even around…or lack there of!!

        • Charles H.

          Steven R,

          Though you may generally be right, and the majority would surrender their possessions – do not underestimate the few. Ofter we judge others as if they were like us: when they are not. There ARE some who would rather have death before living on their knees.

    • Hilde

      I agree with you, Jerry, I have been thinking that too, that they have kept on ‘printing ‘ money in secret all the time . Why would they announce it?

    • paul

      Jerry … a year’s worth of food is a good start … but may not be enough … the Bible states Egypt stockpiled a seven(7) year supply of wheat for emergencies … should we too have enough food to last until the next Shamita??

      • Jerry

        Paul, I think a long term plan would be needed in addition to food storage. Say a garden. Or raising livestock. I have learned how to grow an indoor garden using 2 liter soda bottles attached to 4×8 plywood. It works pretty good. The only problem is I have limited space.

    • rambo's monster

      Greg I’m going to tell your readers one last time. GET PREPARED NOW! THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! You snooze on this, you’re going to die.

      You’re very annoying Mr. Omniscient one. Try a little humble pie and suggest a course of action or caveat with an occasional IMHO every once in awhile Mr. “My sources say”. lol. Gah. Trust me, I’m prepared but folks like you make me feel like I’m following tin foil hat wearers moreso than what seems reasonable prudence. IOW, if we are here, we’re in already. Just saying.

      • Jerry

        Rambo’s Monster.
        Do you have plenty of toilet paper? You’re going to need it, because anyone who reads your post can recognize you’re full of ****.

        • rambo's monster


          BTW, of course I have plenty of tp. My “sources” told me that wuz important, Jer


      • Hilde

        I , on the other hand, find Jerry’s posts very interesting .

    • rambo's monster

      “One last time”

      What does that even mean? So you’ree done bloviating?

      • Jerry

        Yep. Done. No need to post anything else.

        • Charles H.


          Agreed. Shooting dull arrows willie-nillie. Next.

        • rambo's monster

          Martyr much? That’s so special.

    • rambo's monster

      Try having a conversation instead of your pattern of sensationalism. It’s like when greg calls certain interviewees Dr. so and so for cred. purposes but refers to bernanke without the precedent. Tiresome.

      • Jerry

        I’ll try to follow your example in the future, because lord knows you’re the authority here.

      • JC Davis

        Rambo is your real name Dumb? or could it be Dumber ? I think I met you on the MSM. In fact you resemble Piers Morgan. Are you hiding your real Identity Piers ? Just admit it LOL You are a fake without a name. I am James Carl Davis.. Yes I stand for what I believe in. Anonymous crap. Pis me off.

    • jack

      Yep. that’s the ticket. an orderly exit is what the PTB want . soon social security recipients will be dumpster diving but they will still have the televitz on to tell them how wonderful everything is!!!……. and they will BELIEVE it!!!!

  22. Willard Ferch

    When O was elected, I wrote my brother (a screaming Liberal) that O (& company) had one aim, and that was to bring this country to its knees. When they began the first QE, it was apparent that, because strength couldn’t take us down, it would be done financially/ economically. What wasn’t known by me, was that it had been in the works for many years. Much of what is happening most folks think is stupid policies, but who is that ignorant of history and economics? It’s not stupidity in action; it’s engineered, it seems to me. There is no depth to which those seeking wealth and power won’t sink to. Fiddlin

    • paul

      Yes … the manipulators are very very evil people!

  23. Mark


    Another sobering interview with the venerable Rob Kirby. I’m glad I listened to him and other guests on your site about accumulating metals, food, cash, etc. He and others are starting to talk in terms of barter so that would mean to me the downfall is very close. I know delivery times for PM purchases have been pushed out, but would still encourage anyone on the fence to do so now before we have issues with the banks and credit markets which would halt the supply chain for any deliverable item.

    I’m sure many here know of PM sites or local coin dealers to get metal, but I have a link for those interested in stocking survival food for the difficult times ahead. I tried this product and the food tastes great and is non-GMO. The lead time is 2 weeks, but will increase in the weeks ahead.

  24. Steve

    Hi Greg,

    What a great interview, always love to hear from Rob. If America is going to “burn to the ground” it is hard to see how it will not take Canada and China with it since they are so closely linked to our economy. I listened last week to an NPR report (for as long as i could stand it) and David Wessel of the WSJ traveled to Bejing to find out why the Chinese economy is on the skids. If he and the others in the MSM were really doing their jobs, they could save the travel expenses, and look in their own backyard with the FED and the US Gov torching the economy, which of course will impact China as we are their biggest customer, duh!
    Personally I agree with Rob’s reasoning and further would say that in a burning scenario, precious metals will not save us since the USGov can easily outlaw their use, and the public at large is ignorant of them. I’m headed to the store for more toilet paper, vodka and canned beans and laundry soap. These sort of things will be the new “coin of the realm”.
    Regarding silver…what’s with the 10 tons heisted in Montreal last week? Rob- are you missing some silver?


    • art barnes

      Metal coins will be outlawed & our militarized police will take up the torch and confiscate it like illegal weapons. You are right that useful commodities will be the coin of the realm, but our people are not like older generation of tough people, they are weak, demanding little spoiled brats who feel entitled to everything, so look for a lot of unrest & guard your food & supplies against the American weasels who didn’t save a can of beans because they will be after it, after all, they have been conditioned by the American Government to expect something for nothing for so long.

    • WD


      If we are bartering, like RK says then there is no govt “watching over us”. It will be just us.
      I have a hard time believing that troops will swoop in and take over, wait until you dont eat for 3 days

  25. CrazyCanuck

    Hi Greg.
    Thanks for having Rob on. He certainly is not the stereotypical polite Canadian calling out recent Fed chairs and all, is he? My take-away is the “tell” by the Saudis should they announce that they will accept other currencies for oil. Should that happen, the S really is hitting the fan, and last minute preparations are top priority. I would be interested in his take on the relative value of say sycophant currencies like our Cdn currency when the dollar gets clobbered by such a blow.

    Again, thanks for your service to your many listeners.

  26. Dana

    Thanks Greg for having Rob on he is spot on. The fire has started and we have no water and it is only gonna get bigger.He says the world is waking up to this.After the crash we won’t be able to trade a paper clip.He says we are going back to dark ages he is right.Greg i want to thank you for having such great guest on trying to wake people up. The game is almost over. My prays to you and your family.

  27. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview. Rob Kirby paints a fairly dismal picture with his “dark ages” comment (those who are history challenged, wikipedia starts with the line: “The Dark Ages is a historical periodization used originally for the Middle Ages, which emphasizes the cultural and economic deterioration that supposedly occurred in Western Europe following the decline of the Roman Empire.”), may be exactly right. Rome’s version of currency manipulation was to reduce the amount of silver in the Roman Denarius then they crashed and we got the Dark Ages — yet again history rhymes…

    The other side of the supply demand equation as I understand is that as the price of a commodity goes below its cost of production, availability is reduced. Even though demand is high, COMEX paper gold (fiat gold, which is currently at 124:1 paper to physical (IIRC)) has brought the price of physical metal below mining costs so demand is high and availability is low due to a manipulated price. I think that’s how it works.

    The dark ages were a good time to not live through but we may not have that option. Then again maybe it’s all BS and everyone the world over will continue to accept USD in trade for hard goods simply because they like us so much… ahhh, no I don’t buy that either.

    Thanks again Greg.

  28. Markedtofuture

    Excellent interview Greg. Talk of Madoff and other crooked dealings reminds me of what is going on with the Allied Nevada Gold Corp circus. Bian Tuttle comes out with docket 819 Request For An Examiner – that mentions insider trading by some of the funds. The hearing to appoint an examiner is set for Friday September 11th.

    This past Friday, the Delaware court releases all the objections to the motion and doesn’t release one brief in favor. Some of the alleged wrondoings mention 2 bullion banks. The chairmain of the Equity Committe, in docket 962, states they found colorful claims, but they will not persue them because they are from individuals.

    They must be hoping, the deed of witholdind briefs in favor- with charts, falls in the same category of slamming the gold &silver prices prior to NFP and holidays. The objections to docket 819, don’ t mention anything about the 10m+ gold and 480 m ounces of silver in the ground. The longer it goes on, the longer it smells like an inside job.

    They did manage to write down $1.1 billion in value in the last six months.

  29. Jerry

    Here we go again. Another explosion in China.

    • Jerry

      Rod Sterling couldn’t make this up.
      Can we all agree, that we are in a full fledged economic war with China, or do you want to go with the coincidence theory? This makes the third time.

      • paul

        If the US can get a war started with China … Congress can pass a law to “stop trading with the enemy” and also refuse to honor any treasuries an enemy nation wants to sell! … now that would limit the amount of QE4 that would have to be printed … however the effect of having to buy toxic derivatives will still make QE4 a massive inflationary event!

      • frederick muhlbauer

        @jerry 4 in a row is not just coincidence we are most definitely involved somehow

    • paul

      This “economic war” between the US and China is rapidly turning “very very hot” … I guess we will soon hear of another “accidental” chemical explosion in Japan or the US in coming days … “war” is one way pressure can be taken off the Fed to buy all those treasuries China and others are selling … because many people will buy treasuries when war threatens for “safety” reasons … thus lowering the amount of “new money” the Fed would have to otherwise print out of thin air … and hence help to lower inflationary expectations!

      • Jerry

        This is the beginning of an economic unwind in China that will force them to break away from the dollar and its toxic assets.

        American hubris is still in full display on all the MSM media and here, with some of the comments I’ve read. When China breaks away, the collapse will come like a karate kick to the head.

  30. WKSwanson

    Rob Kirby is a pleasure to listen to because he is not only articulate, but he can explain the economic state of things using interesting and colorful similes and metaphors. If his offhand barter comment about 40 ounces of silver as a year’s wages happens to come true, then that is about 0.15 ounces of silver per work day (M – F). If he is not exactly right about this, he is probably not too far off -silver or some other form of payment.
    Very interesting interview, Greg, as usual.

    • paul

      Interesting … one Jefferson “war nickel” contains about 0.05 oz of pure silver … which means people will be working for three(3) “war nickels” per day … assuming an average current wage of about $10 US dollars per hour ($80 US dollars per day) … it makes each “war nickel” worth the equivalent of $26.67 US dollars … since about 19 “war nickels” equals one(1) ounce of pure silver … Rob is talking about a $500 dollar silver price … which comes very close to the “inflation adjusted price for silver” of $600 dollars per ounce that John Williams has calculated!

      • paul

        War nickels can currently be purchased for 0.85 cents each … if they are going to be worth about $25 to $30 dollars each according to Rob and John Williams … each of us should currently be setting aside about $2.50 a day and buying a full day’s future wages (3 war nickels) with it … the return on each war nickel (0.85 cents) would be a staggering 30 times your money when it goes to $25 dollars (it’s very hard to make 30 times your money in stocks and bonds) … so if a “Dark Ages” does arrive protecting yourself by putting away 7 years worth of future wages would likely be very helpful … meaning one has to save about “1000 war nickels” for every year of future wages you want to lock away!

  31. NC Yankee

    Your interview with Rob Kirby was excellent. He answered many questions that had arisen in my mind. Much Thanks

  32. Mike from the North

    Another great interview. One of your best regular guests Greg. Thank You for bringing him back.

    Here is a great read. Very timely.

  33. NC Gal

    Thank you so much for having Rob Kirby on again! He is one of my two favorites, the other being Bill Holter. I do worry about Rob’s blood pressure when he gets so obviously angry about the criminality of those who are pulling the strings behind the scenes, but as always, his sincerity, truth-telling and straight-shooting are greatly appreciated.

    As always, though, I question the view that the Fed is scared. I think all of these developments are part of a larger, INTENTIONAL long-range plan to take down this country once everything that can be drained from it monetarily has been drained from it. ALL sovereign nations eventually will be done away with, and the developments Rob lists right now are just the individual stages of another, larger movement that is a ongoing process, marked by individual events. As Rob and others have said, it is ALREADY in motion and no longer in the future. I have prepared as best as I can, and now it will be what it will be.

  34. Doug

    Greg, a great interview. Rob calls what’s coming the “dark ages”. Don’t forget that for those who survived that period, civilization then experienced the Renaissance. Maybe that is when honest money comes full circle. Fear not. Doug

  35. Diane D

    Another awesome interview. Thank you Greg and thank you Rob Kirby.

    I believe his advice at the end of the interview is right on. Think in terms of barter. What can you offer for goods and services. Our old truck is in for a brake job today. Our mechanic can fix anything. He will be able to offer his services for barter. We (and others) need to ask ourselves, ‘What can we offer folks like him for their services after the system collapses?’

  36. Larry Carter

    Greg, Rob is always so forthright and direct about his comments. Lies do not always make it so. But narcistic people with psychotic behavior can still impact the world in a very big way. Its hard to wrap your head around living in the Dark Ages but Rob makes a great case for societies returning to that era. People get ready to use your wealth thru a return to the barter system.

  37. Diane D

    If there are two things that God hates, they are lies and the shedding of innocent blood. Both have led our once-great country to fire as Rob Kirby describes. Such is the fate of wicked nations. It may be a mute point, but I have to wonder if God has ALREADY passed judgment on America.

    There is hope. God loves to work with his faithful ‘remnants’. Do what you can now to protect your loved ones through what Rob described as ‘the dark ages’. And remain steadfastly faithful to Him.

    • art barnes

      I have always maintained the last 10 years or so, especially since 911, that God is done with America, has lifted his spirit of grace & is letting chips fall were they may, maybe that is why America seems so quiet in eschatology in the great book.
      The God of Abraham, Issac, & Jacob can’t let such sin go unpunished forever.

      • Bob Lamb

        The Book of Mormon talks about America in the last days and predicts its downfall if the people are wicked and allow secret combinations to be established. It also talks about a cleansing of America through plagues, war, famine, etc before Christ comes again.

      • frederick muhlbauer

        İ totally agree Art 911 was the straw that broke the camels back God will never allow that atrocity to go unpunished in my humble opinion

      • Charles H.


  38. Thomas harmon

    Thank you Greg This guy is so sharp he is probably your best guest . Thank you for everything Greg . Without you our shepherd we are just bunch of lost sheep.

  39. dee garmon

    Indeed, this is divine comedy by the Feds in collaboration with MSM.

  40. brian

    I think Mr Kirby is a bit Pollyannish in his assessment of where we are headed. I say this because he does not mention the certainty of large scale conflict and the excruciating level of poverty that will twist this nation into a form of turmoil that goes far beyond barbaric.

    Although Mr Kirby gives mention to the way in which economic laws and any discernible acknowledgement of reality itself have been ignored by the powers that be, he fails to give reasonable weight to the actual limits these people will go to in order to maintain their positions, as evidenced by his assumption that commerce/barter will continue. We must consider the level of authoritarianism and the level of force available to these miscreants currently in charge and the fact that they have already clearly demonstrated that they are absolutely committed to using whatever means and powers are at their disposal in furtherance of their desires, agendas and betterment.

    The only way to survive the coming collapse and the rise of whatever tyrannical hell awaits is to prevent it, its that simple.

    • paul

      To prevent it … the Fed must create a massive bubble … QE4 must be large enough to buy all the treasuries China and others want to sell and large enough to buy all the toxic derivatives that go bad as interest rates rise … add in some extra money for cost of living increases for the people and the “system” will be saved (however it will likely cost $100 dollars for a gallon of milk, etc.) … we managed to adjust to previous inflation … paying $10 dollars to go to the movies today when it cost only $0.10 cents in the 1930’s … so saving the system will likely mean going to the movies will cost us $1000 dollars in the future … and when all is said and done … the average living yearly wage will likely be $2,400,000 dollars.

      • paul

        Assuming the current average living yearly wage of $24,000 dollars eventually goes to $2,400,000 dollars in the hyper-inflation to come … and assuming gold does not increase in value at all … but does nothing but stay at the same price it is today ($1100 dollars) in relative terms … the ratio 1100/24,000 is 0.04583333 … therefore even if gold does absolutely nothing but stay at the same price it is today (in inflation adjusted terms) … gold would be selling for $110,000 dollars per ounce when our yearly wage rises to $2,400,000.

        More then likely gold “will rise in value” in a hyper-inflation by between 10 to 50 times … which means we could eventually be looking at a price for gold of $1 million to $5 million (inflated dollars) per ounce!

        • paul

          Don’t let your grandchildren ask the question: Why didn’t Granddad buy a ton of gold when it was selling so cheap in 2015 at only $1100 dollars an ounce … when it is worth $5 Million dollars an ounce today???

          • Bob Lamb

            If $5M can only buy a loaf of bread, they will ask why didn’t you get some food storage!

      • brian

        Paul, to prevent “it” we need to have the rule of law and sound money as well as a healthy respect for God, the value of life, individual sovereignty, private property and liberty.

        We need to formally, in a court of law, have the crimes of every asshole parading through our government identified and confirmed, and then a meaningful and adequate sentence needs to be meted out upon those who are found to be guilty of what they are accused of beyond a reasonable doubt.

        Any and all fraudulent or wayward agreements, trades, contracts, claims or holdings need to be dissolved and terminated .

        Any existing law, statute, edict or code, as well as any attendant privilege, agency or power that was created in defiance of the process outlined in the constitution of this republic should be rendered null and void.

        A means of effectively enforcing the separation of powers, as well as protecting those powers from undue influence or corruption should also be put into place by the people of this nation. The federal government should be forced, by the very people consenting to be governed by it, to exist within the confines clearly identified within the constitution, with all powers not prescribed to it falling to the states, local government or individuals.

        We should conduct a foreign policy that is reasonable, realistic and honorable .

        We, being a free people created by God, should jealously and forcibly maintain, justify and guard, with our very lives, the rights and dignity that our Maker has seen fit to grant upon us.

      • frederick muhlbauer

        @Paul or just do what they should have done in 2009 allow it to collapse and let the market award those who have been frugal and punish those who have been foolish speculators But that will never happen in this crazy world right?

  41. al Hall

    Greg: As always RK doesn’t let us down. Straight forward input for those of us paying attention- collapse is near.
    My CIA friend W has long said ‘we live in a fantasy world where nothing is as it seems.”
    As Rob said also, the Fed and government lie about everything- they are all bought and paid for. Headed by the liar-in-chief =Obama. The man can’t stop lying to the world.
    We have been told the “new World Order” will begin on 9/15 and a IMF new world currency will be introduced on Oct. 20th, 15. The new communist Pope will announce the New World Oder in his speech to the UN on Sept.25 .

  42. thomas winston

    Greg, your site is bar none the best site on the internet! Jim Sinclair has spoken only to you in the past year which tells me he trusts your honesty and your site! Your guests are top notch and your overall comments and views are right on! You are a man to be trusted and listened to! I look forward every day to your site. Again thank you for all you do and have done, and I believe your site is the best on the internet bar none! Keep up the good work and look forward to the future ! Thomas

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thomas.

  43. Leonardo DiSanti

    Thanx.. Extremely valuable interview emphasizing the virtually ignored importance of bartering.

  44. M. Dundee

    Rob Kirby
    USAWatchdog September 6, 2015
    How bad will it get and when is the next crash coming? Kirby contends, “I think it is unwinding in front of our eyes. I think when it blooms in its full glory, it is not going to be called a crash. It’s going to be called the dark ages.”

    Crash soon followed by darkagesII? Or paradise restored?

    Paradise will be restored on earth during Jesus’ rule as King. In a battle called Armageddon, Jesus will lead God’s angels and destroy all who oppose truth, justice and God. Then Jesus will imprison Satan for 1,000 years. God’s people will survive the destruction because Jesus will guide and protect them. They will enjoy everlasting life in Paradise on earth.—Read Revelation 20:1-3; 21:3, 4.

    Could USAWatchdog be part of that guidance and protection?

    Truth, justice and what was once thought as the American way, always held sway. Think about it. . . Don’t we have a pretty accurate account of history despite all the evil intentions to bury the truth? Yes we do and all our warts and lies and cover-ups exposed through out human history are proof of divine providence despite the sheeple who chose to live in ignorance. We humans are given a large measure of free will causing all sorts of evil mischief but none concerning the truth, the truth will prevail and always will. At least eventually. . . and you can bank on USAWatchdog to deliver the truth, so help me God and you too!

  45. Grafique

    Does anyone remember when China launched a missile off the coast of California as a warning to Hussein Obama?

    And now there have been four explosions at chemical plants in China.
    If Hussein Obama’s behind it, China will know and the next missile launch might not be a warning.

  46. Smaulgld

    The Fed will raise rates to conbat de-dollarization. It’s more important that there is demand for US Treasuries and the dollar than avoiding a market collpase. A market collpase can be blamed on China.

    Higher rates accomplish the fed’s primary objective of protecting the dollar by:

    -regaining credibility- they do what they say;

    -paying more interest than other central banks like Bank of England, Japan ECB & SNB et al attracts reserve capital (who don’t pay interest or have negative interest rates).

    Tbonds demand has declined because of lower oil prices-less need to hold as many reserves and de-dedollarization that has lead to the dollar being used less as a transactional currency.:

    -if the markets crash because the fed raises rates, demand for US Treasuries will increase as people will flock to the tbonds as a safe haven.

    Raising rates is therefore a no lose proposition if the goal is to create demand for treasuries.

    That is the Fed’s primary goal- dollar defense and T bond demand-NOT full employment, stable prices, higher stock market or avoiding recession. Those items are important if they are dollar supportive, but if the Fed needs to sacrific them for the benefit of T bond demand they will.

    That is why the Fed will raise rates and if things implode they will have all the justification they need, indeed will be begged to do QE4.

  47. Tom

    The thing I like most about Rob Kirby is he is sincere, smart and a giving person. I wish I had friends of his caliber. Instead I’m stuck with crackpot right winger neighbors and relatives who like to blame others for problems caused by their own behavior. If I point out the logical cause and effect of their actions they accuse me of being a bad guy and say I have bad behavior. This is human nature, I guess. I don’t know what TPTB are up to and what surprises they have planned for us. I can guess it won’t be pleasant and it certainly won’t improve our circumstances. Quite the opposite I’m sure. I’ve bought precious metals, a couple guns and my larder is stocked with lots of rice, beans and JackD. I’ve invested in a couple of nice bongs and will party away as the nukes are falling. Good luck to all of you.

  48. Donna

    The ugly face of payback.

    Remember Paul Harvey’s quip, “the rest of the story?” I found a documentary that really gave me pause. History being written by the victors often leaves out much of the details as they relate to the average Joe or, in this case, Gerta and Gunter.

    I felt sick to the pit of my being after watching this. Our “Greatest Generation” left out an incident or two. I see Eisenhower in a whole new light after viewing this. Here’s war’s face, an outcropping of an economic bust, and the different ways the citizens pay while the rulers distribute cigars and draw up their newest plans, not a scratch or a bruise among them.

    You might say: “They started it, they asked for it.” What do you think the countries we pillage currently are thinking? Look at the women, the children, the old, the frail and the crippled. Do you think anyone in their right beam would “ask” for this?

    It is one thing to beat your enemy to a pulp in time of war. Maybe they would have been just as merciless with our population had we lost WW II. I always thought we were better than this. Churchill, Eisenhower, Stalin — monsters all.

    We are careening toward another bust. View this and ask yourself if today’s leaders are of a better cloth. Will your children fare any better this time?

    • Mary Casey

      Please see MIKE R’s comments above. The presumption of the creator of the youtube link you provided, “Exposing the Real Genocide of Nazi Germany”, is that Germany was simply a helpless, blameless, innocent victim of WWII.

      The events betrayed in the video are called, “war”; and how the Nazis were defeated. Perhaps the Nazis should have considered the fate that would befall their citizens before they plotted their course for world domination… you really think the Nazi leaders cared? And, yes, the Nazi Army perpetrated the same fate on the men, women and children in the countries they invaded.

      One word, “Holocaust”. The systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.

      I personally know a WWII refugee whose mother was captured when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. She was transported to Germany to work in the slave labor camps and to grow food for the Nazi army. Raped. Tortured. Surviving on potato peelings from what was prepared for the Nazis’ meals. At the close of the war, she was pregnant, all her family dead, but a grandmother, at the hands of the Germans or Russians. Because Poland had fallen to Communism, his mother would not return to Poland. They became refugees in a country where resources were fought for and “foreigners” hated for competing for those resources. My friend was born and remained in refugee camps for 10 years until President Eisenhower opened a small window under the Refugee Act in 1956 and he was able to enter the United States. He suffered greatly as a Polish child in Germany after the war. And he suffered additional abuse in refugee camps where occupants were in “survival” mode. He will very rarely speak about this time; once when asked by a nurse at the Heart Hospital what his parents did in Germany, he said they were prisoners. He was remembering it through his eyes as a child. I told him he may need to clarify they were in a Nazi slave labor/refugee camp. He is not a German citizen under German law, because his father was not German (?); he is not a citizen of Poland as legally Poland had ceased to exist for that time, and he is not a citizen of the United States. If asked, he will tell you he is from Germany, but I have never heard him claim to be German.

      To the part in your suggested video concerning the “mistreatment” of German prisoner of war, there was one such prison in my hometown of Las Cruces, New Mexico that imprisoned WWII German/Italian soldiers captured in Rommel’s North African campaign. There have been many books written, many by Germans, about their experiences in these camps, several who returned to the U.S. to live because of their interaction with Americans and the United States.

      Your video link (and the daily news) betrays what war really is. Hopefully, we will not experience it much longer or that it will worsen.

  49. John M.

    Mr. Kirby explained the situation about as simply as it is possible to do.
    I will never understand why anyone believes what any apparatus of the government says as they are mostly pathological liars and scheming criminals. Incompetence is the least of their terrible qualities.
    The fire is definitely burning, and it will only burn itself out when the whole economy and nation has been reduced to ashes. What political forces are in charge of the masses in the aftermath of all this, is the really important golden question.
    BTW, I wouldn’t be surprised that the Fed is monetizing the debt by at least one trillion dollars a month by using their stealth and clever methods of cheating. To me, that ranks as one of the most heinous of all crimes foisted on Americans and the world.

  50. rambo's monster

    That whole interview was “meh”. I liked the young guns recently

  51. Donna

    “Hey Joe, say it ain’t so.”

    Joe Biden, champion for the little people, just noted today that the working slob is falling behind. Imagine that. Took only 45 years for this bloodsucker living off the public to notice the public plight. Gonna go after those rich people (yawn), get them to pony up.

    These egotistical freeloading freaks. The Clintons, the Bushes, Al Goresky, the Obamas — what does it take to finally drop kick these SOBs to the curb? When does the madness cease.

    They have all the mansions, all the dough, never sweated a day in their lives. When is enough, enough?

    Hey Joe, you and your fellow DC lifer parasites ARE THE RICH. All stolen through treason and deceit. Go home! Go away! Just go!

  52. art barnes

    Greg, I have said many times and its so simple: QE to infinity until third world status. Whether or not it is covert, overt, everyone knows the printing keeps going. We are quickly approaching the third world that we have loved to save the last 60 years or so. Our beloved dollar needs a new look, I suggest change its shape to a banana & color it yellow & then add any designated amount on it you like, it still won’t buy much for a days work.

  53. James Hastings

    This is simple. Be psychologically prepared to move on…no matter what. It is what it is. This can really be exciting times. He was closer to the truth, that many of your guests. IT’S OVER…….:)

    Good job.

  54. Jonathan

    Thanks for another great interview I’ve be a long time watcher and fan. I have to ask you a question. If “”you””” had a 20k self directed 401k and could not take it out of the market aka cash it out, but you could transfer to any fund …. What are a few funds you would research more in considering possibly moving your money for this coming crash.
    If you don’t want to answer it. Then can you list a few of guest that have funds geared for this to research?

    • Greg Hunter

      First thing I would do is transfer it to Edward Jones. It is the strongest brokerage out there, and has fractional derivative exposure. I am not a stock or fund picker. If it is “self directed” then can’t you take it out and pay the tax and penalty? If you could then, pay your taxes and buy some metal, provided you are well prepared. Food and water are going to mean a lot. (And yes, it will get that bad.)

  55. Jack

    I’ve listened to a lengthy interview with the highly respected economist, Richard Duncan. He concurs with Mr. Kirby that the Fed will have to continue QE, like it or not, or we face a 30 year depression. If we face QE forever, that means continued currency debasement. If you keep adding water to the Kool Aid, after a while it’s not Kool Aid anymore. Got gold?

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      You cannot taper a Ponzi scheme……. just ask “Bernie Made Off”

    • frederick muhlbauer

      @jack Great analogy

  56. spirit

    Quote 1- US & Russia are ONE.

  57. woody188

    The mall was packed yesterday and I got a dollar an hour raise Friday. I work in manufacturing and we’re seeing an increase in work. We do have to work harder for sales but we are getting sales all the same.

    There is a big change coming to manufacturing and China should be worried. 3D printing is about to revolutionize industry. No more diecast. No more long waits to production. There will be lots of pain for those using the older ways, but those willing to adapt will flourish as always.

    The big story over the next few months will be the banker shake out. Too many bankers and a loss of confidence in banks means banks will be shedding jobs big time short term. I’d say you can take that to the bank, but maybe you should just hide it under your mattress. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      I heard that too Woody. it’s coming back in the form of robotics.

  58. Ted

    I remember hearing Nikita Krutschev on the radio, saying, we will bury you without a fight.

    • Mary Casey

      Ted, I remember it too. And think of it often.

  59. tulip

    “Rob Kirby claimed in 2009 that there were 5600 gold plated tungsten bars and he had proof.
    Not a single bar has shown up in 6 years. IE, he made it up.
    Comex cannot default. Indeed no futures contract can default. If that was possible in any contract in any commodity, someone would attempt to corner the market. So the rules call for cash settlement, not a default.
    Half the guys writing about gold or Comex or the Amero or the North American Union or the Gold Derivatives Time Bomb or the New World Order are con men feeding people’s fantasies to get subscribers.
    No one in history has made even a penny profit believing in manipulation or conspiracy or gold plated tungsten bars.”

    • Freebreezer

      Tulip – here is link to someone that made some money (opps – got taken is a better representation) from a tungsten clad bar. Thus, the nobody is incorrect.

  60. Diane D

    Greg, I had to come back and listen to Rob Kirby again. Wow. You have had so many awesome interviews here. But if I had to pick just one for my loved ones to listen to, it would be this one.

    Sadly, they seem to be ‘shut off’. But I’ll bet you have awakened thousands (especially parents) who are NOW taking action to protect their loved ones.

  61. Jerry

    Greg. please consider the following holy dates.
    – 9/13/15 Eul 29 the end of the 7 year Shemittah 49 year cycle
    – 9/28/15 Tishrei 15 Feast of The Tabernacle (4th blood moon)
    We here in the west, may not believe that major financial decisions correlate with signs in the sun, the moon and the stars, but the powers that control the worlds banking systems do.

    Joshua 6: 15-16 And it came to pass on the seventh day that they rose early about the dawning of the day, and compassed the city after the same manner seven times: only on that day they compassed the city seven times. And when it came to pass at the seventh time when the priest blew the trumpets, Joshua said unto the people Shout: for the lord has given you the city.

    And what happened? The walls “Collapsed”. And that’s what is beginning to happen here. The Walls of Lucifer’s empire is beginning to crumble before our very eyes. But as you say. Fear not! A better day is coming.

  62. Matt

    The UST’s are being bought up by a hedge fund. See

  63. paul

    I hope everyone is realizing that gold is a “very precious” metal … not because it will rise and make you wealthy as interest rates rise … but because of its “fabulous healing properties” that are slowly being rediscovered by modern science … today medical researchers are uncovering what the ancients of old knew all along … that imbibing gold is good for your health … the earliest records of the use of gold for medicinal and healing purposes comes from Alexandria (Egypt) over 5000 years ago … at that time the Egyptians ingested gold for mental, bodily and spiritual purification (even Moses gave it to his people to eat) … the ancients believed that gold inside the body worked to stimulate “the life force” rejuvenating and curing a multitude of diseases as well as “restoring youth” … so the recent Harvard study showing the anti-aging properties of gold is thus “old news” … during the Renaissance one of the greatest alchemists/chemists of all time Paracelsus (1493-1541) who founded modern
    pharmacology was noted for developed many successful medicines from metallic gold … in the 1900’s surgeons would often implant a gold piece under the skin near an inflamed joint (such as a knee or elbow) and it would reduce the inflammation and the pain would subside or cease altogether … so I ask a simple question … why doesn’t modern medicine implant some gold into boy baby’s prostates during circumcision to reduce inflammation that eventually results in most men getting prostate cancer later in life? …  in China the restorative properties of gold “are still honored” by peasants who cook their rice with a gold coin … to the elite who eat in fancy Chinese restaurants where 24-karat gold-leaf is used in their food preparations … is it any wonder the Chinese are buying our gold hand over fist at current low prices … down through the ages gold was known to have a direct effect on the activities of the heart and to help to improve blood circulation yet heart attacks are still a leading cause of death in America
    … gold has been shown to be beneficial for rejuvenating sluggish organs (especially the brain) yet Alzheimer’s is on the increase … wake up America … buy some gold … if not for monetary gain … for your health, your families health and a very long life!

    • paul

      Notice how the banker’s use reverse psychology and tell the American people “you can’t eat gold” it is just a worthless relic … yet won’t allow us American’s to check to see if our gold is still at Fort Knox and “can’t find any” to give the German’s their gold back? … yet all the gold from the countries we invade i.e. Iraq, Libia, Ukraine, etc. are immediately confiscated and shipped back to the Fed! … now just how many Deutsche Burgers do these guys eat anyway??

  64. Mike from the North

    Funny how some come here to simply try and punch holes in the stacker mindset.

    I have some family members who love to accuse me of saying.. Yes the World is going to Blow Up.

    I have never suggested the world is going to blow up.


    Normalcy bias might want you to think everything will be fine but REALITY and MATHEMATICS suggests that all is not fine and that preparing is a reasonable course of action.

    Sometimes in life we need to investigate the risks.

    To those here that have tried to make fun of the SEPTEMBER timeline.

    It matters not when but IF there is a risk….

    Think about that and act accordingly. Only you will suffer the consequence of your action or inaction.

  65. Walt

    Thank God that we have. He said there is away out for everything. Our God is watching over this as well when he was watching over Adam and Eve. He will take care of the believers. Our God is bigger than this problem. He has been talking we just have not been listening.

  66. Calgirl

    When the world’s economy fails and only those crooks in the 0.01% are left standing with food, water, and the amenities of life, it will be interesting to watch their in-fighting (if we little people still have the means to gather and present the news) . I would guess that the lives of that 0.01% will become very restricted and fearful. Each one of them will need the equivalent of the “SS” to protect themselves.

    We can already see the “infighting” in the stock market. The little people were forced out long ago and now it is just governments, big hedge funds, HFT’s, Buffett, Soros, and the like that are swapping their money back and forth. I wonder which entity will be the “winner”. We read occasionally how they are buying “islands” and huge properties in New Zealand to distance themselves from the masses. I wonder how isolated one must be to be safe.

  67. JC Davis

    If you are to live a good life in the future you must find people you can trust. Gets hard to find in this day and age. David Wilkerson.

  68. oneno

    This chart of Dow-to-Gold ration going back to 1900 says it all about all those who promote Gold. Chartists will draw support and resistance lines. Statisticians will ask the question: “How many times in the period from 1900 to the present was the ratio 2 or below?” Statisticians will also determine the least squares function for the line that represents mean trend. Martin Armstrong appears to be ‘more’ correct about Gold than other advisors. There is always the possibility of price action traveling some distance away from the least-squares line. However, such price action has lower associated probability.

  69. WD

    This is a quote from Fran Zappa…
    In some way he just might be right. I remember when the Berlin wall fell, “all the guards just took everything down and left”…no ka-booms or fireworks explosions etc.
    It just died….

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

    • oneno

      Re the Berlin Wall:

      “Do you remember when the Berlin Wall was dismantled? The media described the incident as: “Today communism fell without a shot being fired!” Nothing could be further from the truth. The Berlin Wall was dismantled because communism discovered an ally in the West and that ally was: England, France, Italy, Greece, Canada and the United States!” … pg.74 The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America by Judge Dale.

  70. Cyptic Little Sister

    To those here who are assuming that the Fed has an interest in supporting the dollar: you need to test that assumption.

    The people to whom you are listening have facts at a certain level, but they do not see the larger picture. They may believe that the London silver fix “went away,” but do you believe them?

    Do you believe that it just went away?

    Didn’t you ever think it was strange that the U.S. was alone in not joining the AIIB?

    What does silver do without a price?

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