Attacked for Telling Truth About Deadly CV19 Vax – Dr. Mark Skidmore

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

An expert in public finance and policy evaluation at Michigan State University, Economics Professor Mark Skidmore revealed in a recent study that the CV19 bioweapon vax was debilitating and deadly from the very beginning.  His troubles began when the study he conducted showed nearly 300,000 CV19 vax deaths in just the first year of injections.   The report went viral, and it was a top trending study on social media that 17 million people read.  Dr. Skidmore has published dozens of peer-reviewed scientific papers, but this peer-reviewed study is now being retracted by a top scientific publication.  On top of that, Dr. Skidmore is being investigated academically for essentially telling the truth about the deadly CV19 vax.  Dr. Skidmore says, “I have never had anything happen like this in my career.  I have published more than 80 peer-reviewed papers and never had a retraction or anything like this.  Peer review is rigorous.  An editor (at BMC Infectious Diseases) made a decision to publish, and she was courageous.  She had to have known this had potential to cause controversy, and it has.  That’s okay.  There are people attacking me personally, and attacking the integrity of the process and my integrity.  They are challenging the methods. . . . I asked about Covid illness issues, and there was not one inquiry about that.  But, if I asked about Covid vaccine issues, it’s just the questions about that, and was it legitimate?”

The paper was scientifically peer reviewed and published in late January 2023.  Now, for some unknown reason, BMC Infectious Diseases has recently retracted Dr. Skidmore’s study that showed a huge number of deaths that proved the CV19 vax program was an obvious global disaster from the very beginning.  (Dr. Skidmore refutes the retraction here.)  Did Dr. Skidmore get it right, or is his study dramatically flawed?  Dr. Skidmore points out, “Right now, you can go on the CDC website, and you will learn that the federal government and the CDC has acknowledged a total of nine fatalities from the Covid vaccines—nine.  I have, what I think, is a rough estimate of 280,000 (deaths from the CV19 bioweapon/vax in 2021).  One of my mentors in graduate school said it is better to be generally correct than precisely incorrect.  I think I am generally correct.  Nine is very precise.  I think I am a lot closer to being right than the CDC.”

In closing, Dr. Skidmore says, “We don’t need any more surveys.  I think we need actual data to fatalities linked to the CV19 vaccines, and we need pathology reports on people on a large scale.  We need more transparent clinical work.  One last thing, zero dollars have been distributed from the federal government for vaccine injury or death claims—zero.  We know these people who have been harmed and their families need help, and zero dollars for vaccine injury claims have been dispersed so far.  So, we need help for these families.”

Dr. Skidmore has been blowing the whistle on deaths and injuries from the CV19 bioweapon/vax since the beginning.  He did so on USAW more than a year ago in a post called “FDA, CDC Lying About Vax Deaths & Injuries – Mark Skidmore.” 

There is much more in the 49-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Michigan State University Professor Mark Skidmore, founder of Lighthouse Economics.

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After the Interview:

Dr. Skidmore has a website called Lighthouse Economics, and you can find it at  Dr. Skidmore is a prolific writer, and his work and analysis are free to the public.

To read Dr. Skidmore’s “The Retraction of the Skidmore (2023) Article on Covid Vaccine Uptake and Injuries,” click here.

To donate by snail mail, use the address below: (This is the only way to support Dr. Skidmore at this time.)

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  1. Beverly

    Not only are they making people sick with the injection, but they are spraying germs and viruses on people from AIRPLANES! It’s not just aluminum, barium and strontium—–it’s the covid flu. Have you noticed on weekends when people are going to be outside more and it’s warmer weather, that is when they are spraying the heck out of the skies and making people sick. I’m also wondering if they are making people sick with radiationi poisoning. I am personally taking potassium iodide to help with possible radiation poisoning. Notice what’s in your air! Complain to your State Representatives and Congressmen. This spraying has to stop because it’s part of what is making people sick!

    • Marie Joy has information and sells radiation detection equipment.

      • jomer

        The items in that site are for use after a nuke bomb or Chernobyl like event. The old civil defense greige counters are not that sensitive to pick up small spikes above the background radiation. The iodine tablet they have are for use in only nuke events. All worth having once you have a good start on your basic prep items.

        It is never too soon to start building up the iodine in your thyroid, as it can take 6-9 months. I personally use nascent iodine. Also, never too soon to learn about how to survive in a post nuclear event. You can get a lot of information for free online, but those books do have me interested.

        • Freebreezer

          J – I would recommend a much more enjoyable source – any sushi role with the seaweed wrap (just one segment) contains your whole allotment of Iodide for a week. Thus one california role (6 pcs) has over 40X what you need for a week. I tend too eat a least 1/2 dozen or more – that is a lot of Iodide! plus they taste great!

        • Marie Joy

          Years ago, I had one of their radiation detectors and it went off the day after Christmas. The chirping lasted about a minute. The road, here in the boonies, is about 300? feet away. I, later, discussed it with Bruce Beach, Canada’s Chief Radiological Officer, now deceased. In our discussion, we agreed that it was a truck traveling on the slowest traffic day to avoid people on the road. We, also decided that calling the police would be foolish and would put the police in danger of a radiation death. Knowledge is power. I would never have known there was severe radiation in my neighborhood, if only for a minute, without that piece of equipment.

      • Observer

        Expose TRILLIoNS of missing dollars…no problem.

        Expose massive de-pop-you-lay-shun operation…get investigated.

    • John

      They want to knock you off so they don’t have to pay you too much social security.

      • June

        Got that right – and Dr. Mark Skidmore is being attacked just as Jesus was “for telling the truth”!!!

    • Claude Ramains

      We have noticed this in Australia too.
      Especially out in the remote country.
      The spraying is thick.
      I gave video and pics. The chemtrails drip.
      Something in them is heavy enough to drip into our air,soil,water, food, livestock and our lungs.
      I called the EPA and they said they only deal with noise pollution and told me to call the Air Services Australia who told me to call the EPA. I got the run around from these clueless govt department where everybody turned into Sargent Schultz -“I know nothing”
      Typical Australian bureaucratic BS.
      I have a dear friend in Spain who texted me and said exactly the same thing.
      She noticed the spraying and came down with a bad flu not long afterwards.
      They’re clearly on a spraying spree with a very sinister agenda.
      They’re making people sick.

      • Anthony Australia

        Exactly the same thing happening here Mate. I retook photos and sent them to a MSM radio network but no response.
        It is an easy process for me as I wait for a sunny day then bang its on with the spraying. Funny thing too that they are getting more creative and clever now, they pretend that it’s advertisement in the sky and people actually look up and marvel at land guess what’s been written or drawn.

    • George Frye

      I believe that Covid 19 injections are lowering immune system of people and allowing the GMO grown crops to cause cancer. This is the biggest cover up in human history to protect the “To big to Fails”.

      • Greg Hunter

        CV19 bioweapon shots do, i9n fact lower immunity. The more injections one gets the lower the immunity to everything, not just Covid. Here is one of many scientific papers that backs up what you are saying:

    • sally

      beverly..I’m an old person and can’t figure out how to post here..but we need this to get out..the WHO and the IHealth something are still planning to control the whole world. they have added amendments to the health treaty and they read that they will control the world and our constitution will go away if our gov. does not vote NO my Nov. this is desperate to get out so people can’s the amendments that have been changed and the wording says no one will be in control but them.

    • Anthony Australia

      It’s time to Exit The W.H.O.
      Australia is at risk of losing its sovereignty to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) due to proposed changes to the World Health Assembly’s (WHA’s) International Health Regulations (IHR). All this even if Australia votes against the proposals.

    • Tove Irene Strand

      The explanation to that people don’t listen to facts lies in the phenomenon of the Stockholm Syndrome, but even worse, what Mattias Desmet calls mass formation (hypnosis) – when others try to tell the crowd the TRUTH, they can’t hear it, a phenomenon also described in the Bible. Look into Mattias Desmet and others (Mike Yeadon, Robert Malone, and so on), and the Milgram experiment.
      (Jeremiah 5:21:
      “Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear.”)

    • Tove Irene Strand

      The explanation to that people don’t listen to facts lies in the phenomenon of the Stockholm Syndrome, but even worse, what Mattias Desmet calls mass formation (hypnosis) – when others try to tell the crowd the TRUTH, they can’t hear it, a phenomenon also described in the Bible. Look into Mattias Desmet and others (Mike Yeadon, Robert Malone, and so on), and the Milgram experiment.
      Mass formation arises around an object of anxiety (one specific one), and that object always has to be destroyed. Totalitarianism can occur, and that kills the mind or the will – menticide. Mass formation leads to that the individual disappears and the collective becomes absolutely predominant.
      (Jeremiah 5:21:
      “Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear.”)

  2. Todd

    When will you have Clif High back on?

    • Paul of Topeka

      Jesus Christ is the risen Lord of the universe.

      Clif High merely believes in universe, which demonstrates that no amount of psychedlic mushrooms can replace good old fashioned faith.

      • June

        If there was nothing before the Big Bang “but God” – then the universe (that Clif believes in) had to be created out of God – thus Clif (in a round about way) believes in God!!
        If you don’t want to call what existed before the Big Bang “God” but simply nothing (Zero) then out of that “nothing” our universe of Electrons (-1) and Protons (+1) was created (as -1 and +1 add up to zero) – but remember “the driving force” that split the nothingness into our universe is what the Bible calls God [In Genesis 1: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”]!!

        • Dave

          When Einstein was first made aware of the Big Bang theory, he rejected it in part because it was discovered by a Christian (a Catholic priest/physicist) and that the theory implied the existence of God. Which it does. If High denies it, he is a victim of his own dogma in not being able to acknowledge the implications of the theory.

        • June

          And to boot this almighty God that created our universe is in fact “a trinity” just as us Christians believe [as he is composed of “three” elements (-1) (zero) and (+1) ]!!

          • June

            And of course when we die we all go back to God (the Father) “from which everything was made” – so we never lose “the spiritual consciousness of who we are” (part of God) only the physical manifestation of that spirit is transformed – so when Jesus was asked by the Pharisees “do you believe you are the son of God” he effectively stated “you got it” – and for that he was called a heretic and killed and hung on a cross by them (just as they want to kill all Christians today under their Noahide Laws) “for simply believing in Jesus”!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Paul,
        Per your comment, let’s not hear from anyone who’s beliefs differ from your own (!!!). This is a kind of ‘wokeism’. Dr Skidmore complains – rightly in my opinion – that TPTB at his university will not debate the issues he raises. Instead of debate we have censorship and ‘disaccreditation’ of those expressing any view which opposes the ‘official narrative’. If you can see this is wrong, and I hope for your sake that you can, then you may wish to reconsider that we should not hear from Clif High because he does not share your religious beliefs.

        Clif High is calling out the ‘Khazarian Mafia’ as the locus of the evil agenda/s afflicting ‘we the people’. Some consider this anti Semitic. IMHO, this is completely wrong and allows the Khazarian Mafia to hide behind a cloak of pseudo-Judaism. Their evil intent needs to be revealed for all the world to see . . .

        • June

          As Jesus said: “I am the physical manifestation of God here on Earth” (the Son of God) – and Christianities approximately 2.4 billion people (currently the largest-religion by population in the entire world) believe in what Jesus said!!

        • Anthony Australia

          Hi PNG,

          Please listen to Santos Bonacci.

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi Anthony,
            Because it’s you, I reviewed the video you linked to. Not really sure why you thought, based on my response to ‘Paul of Topeka’, the subject matter would be relevant to me? In essence, I was trying to say that peoples’ opinions should not be discounted just because there are some issues you disagree with . . .

            • Anthony Australia

              My bad sorry PNG
              I was off the mark.
              I was looking for a video that was about the Khazarian Mafia hidunv behind a cloak of pseudo-Judaism

    • Paul from Indiana

      Maybe the problem is on High’s end? People keep clamoring for him, but if Greg asks and High refuses, it’s pointless to keep up with the ceaseless importuning. Best always. PM

      • June

        There is “a force” that keeps the negative electrons spinning around an atom from falling into the positive protons in the nucleus (and only by doing so the physical universe is able to exist) – whether we call that force “God” or a “Quantum Field” matters little – what is necessary is that the positive and negative entities “must be kept separated” – same with good people and evil globalists – if the evil mixes in with the good we will turn to nothingness (like a proton and electron coming together) – so our job as sons and daughters of God is to cast out evil and keep it separated and away from us (lock them up, put them in orbit or put them back in the closet “but do it” the same way God locked Satan away (God did not destroy Satan because he felt the beauty of the universe he created was too good to lose (Genesis 1: God saw the good he created and did not want to see that end) – so we too must strive to see that the good does not end by repelling evil “and keeping it segregated” – the Demon Rats don’t understand that if the negative evil Satanists overpower all the positive and good the world – the universe ends!!!

  3. Cathy Ricci

    Hey Gregg
    Love your work, I share it everywhere 👍. Why are you blocking my comments on Rumble 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️?

    Did I say something wrong? You’re alway right as are your guests, what happened? Is it my avatar? Nazi flag over the mask? I don’t get it. Please let me know.

    Ty and Happy Easter

    • Greg Hunter

      What is your name you post under? These platforms are like my house. If you want stand on my roof yell out crazy crap, please go and stand on your roof and do it. Don’t use my roof. I have a big audience and I do not allow people to say anything they want. This is not a 1st Amendment issue. The 1st stops the government from suppressing speech. I am not the government.
      Happy Easter to you and yours.

      • Anthony Australia

        Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again.

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen Brother AA!!
          Brother Greg

        • ken

          Well,,, after watching His creation of men trying to figure out their dress and bra sizes he might decide to cancel. jmo

  4. Bob the Blessed

    Happy Blessed Passover Man of God,
    You’ve saved 100s if not 1000s of lives due to you consistent brave and bold and accurate reporting on the bioweapons campaigns of the devil worshippers.
    Notably exceptional work and thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you, Bob. You made my month!
      Happy Resurrection Day!!

    • Andrew

      Bob, can I please humbly attach myself to your beautiful comment.
      Bless you Greg.

      • Bob the Blessed

        Yes you can Andrew.
        Happy Blessed Passover Resurrection Day to you as well!

  5. Carol Bolt

    Dispicable that people like Dr Skidmore cannot give their opinion on what has gone on. It is up to us to believe or not believe. I’m so sick of censure that goes on by the government. They really are stupid in thinking we are too stupid to figure things out. TY Greg. I do appreciate hearing from all the guests. I can do my own censuring on what I do or do not believe.

    • June

      The despicable people who are blocking the truth spoken by Dr. Skidmore – are not providing any money to the vaccine injured – but “are sending Billions of dollars to that queer in the Ukraine” (so perhaps if the vaccine injured should claim “they are injured queers” – for the vaccine injury money to start rolling in)!!!

    • Andrew

      There is a report out by Ed Dowd coming to almost exactly the same number of vaxx deaths and injuries:
      Join your forces, I’d say.

    • Freebreezer

      CB – Dr. Skidmore’s survey and results touched the “third rail”… TPTB go after anyone that touches the third rail which could cast doubts on them…. it is not about censure and the freedom to decide, it is about power and control! In a free society your comment would be valid and in a free society Dr Skidmore would not be under investigation!

  6. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thanks for this interview with Dr Mark Skidmore.
    Here is a link to a full transcript of the presentation by Prof. Arne Burkhardt, pathologist, that Dr Skidmore refers to in the interview.

  7. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Skidmore.
    “HE IS RISEN!”
    A Blessed and Happy Easter to all.
    It unsurprising that academics have been weaponised as they have been bought off particularly here in the UK at the Lonson School of Economoics ,where so called professors are able to triple their salaries thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation .The academics are used to attack those who tell the truth , what a surprise !

  8. Robert says no

    Ive tried to tell my city elected reps the dangers of these COVID vaccines and they don’t want to admit something’s terribly wrong. I think it’s because they believed the official narratives and can’t accept they were lied to as it would make them feel helpless. Most of them took multiple shots and some still wear mask. I’ve given up trying to provide information counter to the official narratives. I also can’t get then to admit or even acknowledge the dangers of the CBDCs. At this point I’m just looking out for myself and the like minds I encounter. People in general don’t want to believe such evil exist.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your city officials got paid off by HHS and Pfizer most likely.

      • Robert says no

        Yes, the city seems to be flush with cash finally and the streets are being repaved, but we’re still plagued with violence and gang related crimes. That issue alone is why we can’t attract more businesses We can’t even get a Trader Joes to open up here. You can measure the poverty level of an area by the number of Dollar type stores operating in a town. I’d move, but the rents and property prices are so high in the places I’d like to live, Florida or Tennessee. As a retired person, I have to think do I want to struggle financially but be in a city more akin to my liking or live financially comfortable but in a crime ridden with lots of welfare cases town. I think the choice many people are going to have to make as the economy continues it’s downhill trajectory.

        • Paul

          Hot springs area in arkansas
          Great, beautiful and affordable close to booming Texas and gulf states. Another state to legalize precious metals as legal tender as well. Known as the Texas playground.
          One of few states that is fully sufficient for electricity, food and resources.
          Yesterday I bought more property small farm, 15 acres, small house on cow street. My neighbors have minimum 500-50 acres lots with over 1000 cows organically pastured on the road. My wife commented on the farm smell. That’s what I was looking for. I paid 130,000.usd for it. Bartered 1/2 of the cost with nominally excavator

          Paul from arkansas

        • Paul

          Nominally used excavator

      • Shiloh1


        So did many of the local public school districts and colleges.

        With all due respect, I hope those who coerced the kill shots will roast in hell.

      • Michael

        You would think, at some point, people accepting pay offs, would consider their children and their children and they are really sharp, themselves.
        What sort of world are they content to be wealthy in? One where trust and truth are valued, one where people are healthy, one where people are happy and safe?
        Money can anlu do so much when we are having this discussion today.

    • Andrew

      Robert, awesome what ya doing mate. Never give up!
      But you might wanna join forces with new ‘parties’ in vicinity of you.
      There is a storm brewing, ya know 😉

      • Robert says no

        Andrew, the Republicans are very weak in my city and state. Some officials thank me for my willingness to challenge official narratives but they won’t publicly themselves. They’re all in bed withe same corporations and government agencies.

  9. Joshua Lorne

    President Trump doesn’t “love” the “vax” no more than he works at Truth Social.

    The Weak Minded are Easily Brainwashed by their TeeVee and can’t think for themselves…

  10. Roger Stamper

    tks for post happy easter

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your kind words of appreciation! Happy Easter!!

  11. AIG Services

    so: after waingin most of the week for this update, it seems that it’s been *dropped* in favour of a standard inveriew,.,,HOW COME?
    DO you really think that people come for the ’roundup’? the majority of people come for the direct one-on-one dialogue with you…so, *Where did it go*
    We look forward to your interviews every week and find them quite valuable,which brings us back to the ‘why no interview p?

    • Greg Hunter

      The Weekly News Wrap-Up (WNW) is there and playing fine. See below:

      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like

      So sorry you are having problems seeing this WNW

      • Monica

        I love your weekly wrap ups💯

  12. Hal Smith

    Ben Fulford gives update on the KS situation, US and world:

    in the final questions part, he says the real DJT is in a secure location, but what we see pushing the vax is not DJT. He says there is a plan, by some, to relaunch the real DJT.

    he says there are negotians possibly underway between the secret societies and the BRICS regarding the financial system, etc. But if these fail, then all hell will breakloose

    Sheriff praises God and defends the US Constitution

    • Robert says no

      Benjamin Fulford is beyond conspiracy theory. There’s something wrong with that guy. Snh

    • Martin Coombs

      👍 totally agree with bob & andrew & add myself to the list , Greg brings variations of the ( unknown in reported truth) God bless him & is one of his workers for informing the people 🙏🕊❤️

  13. Shirl

    Christ has Risen, Happy Easter!

  14. Allen

    Been watching over 4 years.. one of your best interviews ever !!!!

    • Jeffrobbins

      Come back a day or two after each one and check out the comments. I do. Some of them are very insightful, some are real world reporting, and some are very practical, and some not so much. It’s helpful to have actionable ideas- we are not powerless and waiting for the slaughter. Thanks Greg Hunter- this is like a digital community service/ forum.

  15. Charles Irving

    Hi Greg,

    I love your show and have been following you for many years religiously. I think you are doing God’s work and I respect your choice of guest.

    Could I ask if you can to see if you can contact Clif High and possibly bring him on. He is such an entertaining guest and has very good information that will be useful and impactful to your audience.

    I have never commented on your platform before because I enjoy all the guests that come on, but on this occasion I think this might be a guest everybody might benefit from.

    Take care and continue the great work.

    Very kind regards,

    Charles Irving (from England 🇬🇧)

    • Paul from Indiana

      I’m sure if Greg could get Mr. High, he would. Greg can ask, but Mr. High must make himself available. Maybe Mr. High is the one you need to beseech. Best always. PM

  16. John Maskell

    Happy Easter Greg . Keep strong and healthy . Love from the UK .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John. Jesus has Risen!

      • Don W.

        He gas Risen in Deed
        Blessings to you Greg and all your staff.

  17. Chance the Gardener

    Hey Greg. Here’s my observation of the psychology of the vaxed. One, they will go to great efforts to prove they have not made an error. Two, they are vaxed and are walking receivers. They have resigned from being Human and are now part of the transhuman collective. their thoughts are not their own. Who knows what is being transmitted to them subliminally? They have become Borg

    • June

      Just say a prayer for the mind controlled Borgs – it is to late to convince them otherwise – only after their passing – can we who survive “build a better world”!!

  18. tim mcgraw

    The joke is that if you want money from the Feds for a “vax” injury, just say you are a Ukrainian refugee with cardiovascular problems.
    The state never apologizes. The state never makes amends.
    The state is not human, though it may reflect my in-law’s morality and character.

    Today is our Redemption Day. Easter is a blessing from God.

  19. Marie Joy

    This is what happens in an authoritarian regime. They are slowly bringing us into totalitarianism, which will be much worse than we see now. The long term intent of communism is g e n o c i d e. When I say intentional destruction of America, Americans and the dollar, most look at me like I’m nuts.
    Last year someone said they were going to turn me in for my religion. Constant escalation, everywhere.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Marie,
      “They are slowly bringing us into totalitarianism”
      Not so slowly – the scam lockdowns were instantaneous, and global!
      The lockdown in Boston was a rehearsal. Easy peasy. Use the LLM to scare the population and they will relinquish their liberty for ‘protection’. Doh!!!

  20. Steve Bice

    Happy Easter. The gospel in 4 minutes…

  21. Bennet Cecil

    Humans have a hard time accepting reality.

    The CDC runs the VAERS program that documents reported deaths from any vaccine. 90% of all deaths in 33 years have been from the COVID jabs. It is clearly the most lethal product in medical history. This is deliberate murder, not a mistake.

    Why do the people in power want everyone to take multiple injections? They want to reduce the population. They published their biowarfare depopulation plan in 1954.

    Read “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” and you will understand why so many people are dead and disabled. Weapons for Quiet Wars Original Document Copy.pdf

  22. Really Awake

    All of the anthropogenic plagues (including the bioweapon vaxxines) are the results of decisions made at the very top.. And by very top I mean the unseen ruler(s)…. I often hear and read about the secular elites, the globalists, the central planners, the Marxists, the collectivists, et. al… However, at the very top are the most elite forces of evil. You can’t see them. They don’t do interviews. They don’t appear on the Oprah Gail Winfrey Clown Show. They remain undetectable to all but a select few who have taken the necessary time to study, deeply think become aware of what’s really going on.

    None other than Satan, himself, is the super elite head of (and responsible for) all evil befalling mankind. And the vast majority of mankind are ready, willing and able to follow and walk down the broad and spacious road leading off to destruction.

    And it’s not just about the plagues. Satan has ordered the ruination of everything, e.g., business, finance, money, academia, healthcare, sports, entertainment, sex, gender, in short all aspects of life – especially politics and also religion. Satan is right there in total control of the majority of religion. Just like long ago Satan infiltrated the Israelites’ true worship of Almighty God, so, too, Satan is in control of many, many religious organizations.

    All of the above must take place before the Second Coming.

    • Dave


  23. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg & Dr Skidmore

    Dr Skidmore says “Why is there so much resistance ” ………simple denial is a hell of a drug

    They think it cant happen to me it only happens to other people ……..until it happens to …them.

    You know you are dealing with communists when they label you because they cant deal with facts & truth you present.

    Supposedly the truth shall set one free but not in the corrupt narrow minded halls of higher so called education. What a F’n joke they are.

  24. Brian Susi

    Happy easter. What happened to the missing money discussion with skidmore ? Any update on that?

  25. Michele Anderson

    The data against the Bio-weapon injection isn’t being ignored, “they” know what it is doing to people, and for that reason they will not acknowledge it. Because then they will have to do something about it…
    God bless you and Dr. Skidmore

  26. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg — Happy Resurrection Day.

    Great interview with Dr Skidmore discussing his peer reviewed CV-19 vaxx study and then the retraction of same. I downloaded the link you provided; if it’s so bad the powers in Michigan needed it pulled, it’s good enough to spare a few bytes of space on my iPad.

    Thanks again. Have a wonderful day.

  27. Michael Lee Shirey

    Easter is a pagan holiday. Christians celebrate the Resurrection on Passover. When folks say ‘Happy Easter’ to me I simply reply ‘Happy Resurrection Day to you’! GOD willing my reply will lead to questions and an opportunity to testify. Love you Brother Greg. Much respect for all your hard and diligent work. You have a special Crown waiting for you in Paradise! Peace from Panama City Beach, Florida

    • Jerry

      Funny how many Christian churches have “Easter” Sunday services. I have never like the bunnies and eggs; growing up we did not partake in such nonsense.

  28. Steve Pechak

    This is the very kind of action, to protect their salaries, that the AMA and their journal JAMA used against Dr. Max Gerson (look it up or read his book) when he had provided a ‘CURE’ for cancer and other diseases in the mid 1900’s. He escaped Austria just before WW 2 but still was revered in Europe for his research and cure. Yes there were many against him in Europe but he was still allowed to publish his findings and had many doctors following his protocols. But in America ( New York ) were he reestablished his practice, he was vilified, censured, and blacklisted for his successful work here in America.
    Dr. Max Gerson, “Healing the Hopeless”
    ‘The Gerson Therapy”, Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker DPM
    Max Gerson, MD “A Cancer Therapy (Result of 50 Cases)”

  29. Bob Clayton

    Mark Skidmore is a patriot who displays the finest of human values honesty,integrity,humanity and spirituality and love for his fellow man.It is always Darkest before the Dawn and these vaccines will be shown for what they are,mass depopulation of the human species on an industrial scale.The question now is who or what is behind this and what the effects will be for generations well into the future,many as yet unborn.This is mass murder with the mass majority of the populace in total denial that the state,the medical establishent,the pharmaceutical industry and all Governmental Agencies would actually destroy and Impair the Immune Systems of Billions of people worldwide to do immense harm and suffering.Justice for Crimes against Humanity needs to start today with no hiding place for ALL those responsible.God Bless you Mark for all you do.

  30. Steve Pechak

    One more idea. Before anyone in the Federal Government acknowledges culpability for the vaccine injury issue, they will contrive a distraction ( like a war or a natural disaster).

  31. Dan Knight

    Happy Easter …

    Well, what can I say? … I ran into the buzz saw decades ago. And we are very deep into it. I’ve read thousands of documents regarding cancer, chemicals, environmental hazards, and internal documents from all major Big Tech firms … and we are really screwed.

    As for the Universities … the key demographic is that about 93% of academics in America identify as ‘Atheist’ and ‘Democrat’ … that tells you a lot about the problem. That’s like having book burners in charge of libraries or hijackers in charge of airlines. It’s like having a terrorist hijacker without a pilot’s license running airlines, air traffic control, and the FAA …

    … the wonder is that the lights are still on.

    God help us all.

    • Raymond Browning

      Dan when you consider this civilized society has killed over sixty two million little helpless ones, in the should be safest place possible,how can we escape the furry of the King of all life.

  32. tim

    The government should be put down for what they did to the US people

  33. Dillard

    Persecution is coming. Stand your ground. Those who took the shots were tricked into it. Many of them mocked those who wouldn’t take them. Now you see the result. Celine Dion pushed them and also transgenderism, and now she’s had to give up her career. The disease she has is one of the 1,000+ diseases and side effects listed by Pfizer.

    Stew Peters documentary, Died Suddenly (available on rumble) also exposes the carnage and clots embalmers are seeing, among other things. And the “vaxxed” are now human antennas, transmitting and receiving signals. It was never about a Covid vaccination. It was to kill and maim, and hook everyone up to their universal system, which is irreversible.

  34. J. Kimble Allen


    For those of you who know people … who don’t believe governments commit democide, and/or others who have murdered large numbers of innocent people … you may want to send them the below links and other info:

    Death By Government, published in 1994, Rummel laid out a list (see page 8) of what he describes as the 20th century’s “Bloodiest Megamurderers.”

    They include the following:

    Joseph Stalin (over 42 million deaths)
    Mao Tse-tung (nearly 38 million deaths)*
    Adolf Hitler (nearly 21 million deaths)
    Chiang Kai-shek (over 10 million deaths)
    Vladimir Lenin (over 4 million deaths)
    Tojo Hideki (nearly 4 million deaths)
    Pol Pot (over 2 million deaths)
    Yahya Khan (1.5 million deaths)
    Josip Broz Tito (over 1 million deaths)

  35. Jeffrobbins

    We had a friend come over this past Friday night, in tears and in fear because of his left shoulder. He got the single J&J vax in that shoulder like a year ago- job requirement. He said the shot put him in bed and ever since he has had a numb feeling that has gotten ‘deeper’- as he described it. He was really upset because he wasn’t able to get any sleep due to pain in that area and it didn’t matter how he was positioned. I should add, that i told him not to get the shot, any shots- told him about the mRNA and it being experimental. So we prayed and I gave him some ‘paste’ from a new tube and the rest of the tube. Told him about Pierre Kory and FLCCC. I told him that if in a few days he feels better- its a vax injury, if not then its something else and the ivermectin is mostly harmless. Hard saying how this turns out, but i also told him that he may need the ivermectin for a long time to come. And that leads me to this conclusion- There is going to be some kind of reduction or restriction in the vet version of ivermectin. It’s to cheap and available and it works. Stock up. If ‘they’ want folks sick and dying, the last thing is for us to heal ourselves. Also, i know nothing about raising cattle, but we are talking about getting some and leasing some adjoining land. The Amish sure are looking smart.

    • Robert says no

      Jeff r. I’ve got some tubes of the ivermectin paste for horses. How do we determine human dosage? I’m not vaxxed but I did take the monoclonal antibody treatment. I don’t have any injuries that I’m aware of but I’ve heard shedding is real and some unvaxxed people are showing signs of spike proteins in their system. Ivermectin is supposed to remove those spike proteins. . What’s the dosage for humans? Thanks in advance

      • Earth Angel

        Most tubes will treat a 1200 lb. horse. The dosage is marked in increments of 250 lbs. on the plunger. So if you weigh 200 lbs. you could take almost a full increment 250. Its very hard to overdose, even in a horse, which has a more sensitive digestive tract than most humans. So you could probably take the full 250, especially if you feel like you’ve been exposed to any shedding or have been vaxxed with the bioweapon. I weigh about 130 lbs. and take a pea size or two periodically. Haven’t had a problem. Have been worming our horses for decades with the stuff, sometimes dogs too. Get apple flavor if you can.. now I see why my horses try to spit the stuff out after shooting a full plunger down their throats at one time! Another thing, a generic tube of ivermectin sold for about $2.00-$3.oo per tube before the covid hulabaloo. After the scandal the prices tripled or quadrupled for the SAME exact product. It looks like prices are slowly coming back down, the last I picked up was about $5.00 a tube. Ivermectin has been one of the best and most cost effective ways to worm a horse. They BETTER NOT stop making it- horse owners will come after them with pitchforks, rakes & whips.. You never want to piss off a horseman/woman! ( ask any horse! ha hah ) ; )

        • Robert says no


    • Lucas Doolin

      Research nattokinase. Many on the alt media are talking about it. I have taken it for years. Nattokinase (NK) is an oral antithrombotic agent produced by the bacterium Bacillus subtilis during the fermentation of soybeans to produce Natto, a traditional Japanese food.1 Lab studies suggest it can break down fibrin in the blood that forms clots, potentially protecting against heart disease and conditions caused by blood clots.0

    • Paul

      Hi Jeff,
      I posted a comment on some land I bought on cow street above. I too know little of cattle. The rancher I bought the land from is trading me meat for use of land to graze on. The water well that hydrates his whole herd is located on my property. Another way is possible with imagination.

      Paul from arkansas

  36. russell van wye

    Skidmore is really polite and is walking on egg shells because he knows he about got fired and is very careful about what he says, thats my opinion. I also know as the truth slowly comes out more people come FWD with the facts, even people that pushed it are trying to get out in front of truth, so they don’t get prosecuted. I unlike him believe almost everyone knows at this point that this was a harmful shot and the powers behind it knew that from the start.

  37. Dan

    Top notch interview, Greg. Thanks.

  38. Cheryl

    Dr S, Bravo! An elegant study design, well executed and well reported. It seems noteworthy that your critics’ weapon of choice is an IRB attack. It must have been one of of their very limited options, which you clearly did not violate any human subjects norms, because your methods are sound, customary and transparent. Your situation is also further evidence of a research production system that’s not functioning with a presumed objective of informing policy decisions developed to protect and enhance public health. The journals and antiquated conventional mainstream research funding approaches are two horrific roadblocks to developing public policy that benefits human populations. Your interview further confirms that the status quo is serving a hidden agenda that we don’t know about and probably wouldn’t agree to participate in if we did. Isn’t it entirely ironic that they’re indicting you with charges of an ethics violation? I pray that the Age of Aquarius is bringing us the conditions that we need to practice true public health research and policy making, which we all understand and to which we heartily give our consent.

  39. Greg (not Hunter)

    Greg your are the best. Your guest is honest but very cautious how and what he says. He knows the deep state swamp can destroy you if you get on their bad side.
    Keep up the good work Greg.

  40. Lightning

    I’ve attempted multiple approaches with vaxed family members , all of them completely unsuccessful.

    Every study is disputed, every person attacked personally, every logical pathway averted.

    I even used a basic business approach and asked them to give a credit rating to an organization that spends 30 % more per year than revenues, has long term debt issues that make even payment of the interest on their debt a challenge given that that’s approx 25% of revenues.
    This same corporation has overtly and provably lied about their competitors, which resulted in the deaths of 50,000 Americans and over a million people around the world.
    I then told them that this corporation passed internal bylaws that allowed them to lie to auditors,!so who knows what the books really are?

    They emphatically stated that not only would they not extend credit to this corporation they would ban any future business with samesaid corporation.

    When I revealed that this corporation is the US Government and every example is factual, all conversation stopped and I was told they would no longer discuss this with me. In a sense…censorship of all future discussions on “ everything but music”. Evidently, they will bequeathme the right to converse with them on this highly focused topic.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that they are not victims, but willing participants. I don’t know of any other possible conclusions as there is more than enough info out there to make any reasonable person question the ongoing clown show.

  41. Russell Holmes

    Greg, one person who has also done research on the death shots and would be a great guest is Edward Dowd (link below). He has compiled data from employment records, time lost on jobs, insurance data and so on. Dowd’s numbers are, admittedly, from statistics reported by business so he says they’re “conservative,” but he puts deaths at 300,000, serious, debilitating injuries ate 1.5 million and total injuries that have led to lost work at 15 million.

    Dowd also used to work for Blackrock until he exposed massive fraud and has great information on that and the coming economic apocalypse.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Dowd has great information. I’ve had him on the site previously.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Do you think Dr David Martin is right (70 to 100 million US deaths from the jab by 2028). Hopefully people will realize the truth before that happens.

        The lord is risen indeed!!!!


        • Greg Hunter

          There were 600 million CV19 injections in USA alone. So, 70million to 100 million deaths do not seem out of line with the massive amount of CV19 injections. Also, let’s not forget about the disabled and injured. Ed Dowd peg that number at 26 million in 2022 alone.

          • Tim K

            Hi Greg,

            Thanks for the response. We need to get prepared as possible (including emotionally and spiritually). Keep reporting on the death jabs my friend. You do an amazing job,!!!

            God bless you


  42. Joe

    A very disturbing interview.

    Will the criminals in government, Big Pharma and academia ever be held accountable?

  43. bill

    Remember what happened to James Tracy. Academia is full of scumbags especially in administration. Hopefully he’s safer at a state school.

  44. Glen

    Can someone provide a biblical reference for: baskets full of chocolate bunny rabbits, painted eggs, hunts for the same (aka –EASTER–), and then tie that into the reality of Jesus being nailed to a cross and left hanging on it for most of a day and then having a Roman soldier run a spear through His side (just to make sure He was good and dead, before they took Him down) and then having angels roll away the door from His stone enclosure 3 days later, and having been resurrected by the Holy Spirit, He walked out of there! And thereby gave us access to eternal life???…
    I just can’t find the part about the chocolate bunny rabbits….

    • Jason Lees

      the chocolate bunnies and hunt for candy eggs are a symbolic reminder that Romans (i.e., Gentiles) were an integral part of the story of Jesus. Read in the Gospel about the story of the Roman centurion who had faith tremendous faith so as it impressed Jesus. It is also a celebration of the Ressurection, the season of Spring which is rebirth, new life.

      beware those who wish to transform Holy Thursday into Passover and adopt other aspects of the bondage of the Law. These are the enemies of Christianity.

    • John Blade Willkerson

      When the Roman’s couldn’t lick us, they joined us and brought they’re Roman holidays with em. Like combining Jesus’s birth with the pagan holiday of the celebration of the winter solestice, the return of the solar sun to the Northern hemisphere. Called the Saturnalia. Now Christ’s Mass, Christmas.
      Easter is the celebration of spring with the goddess of fertility, because thats when people think of procreation, like bunny wabbits!
      Pagan cultures find it hard when becoming rice christians, to give up on they’re gods and celebrations. Thats why the true God calls Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion and the mother of harlots. It co-mingles and fornicates with most religion. You got to peel the onion to get to the truth.
      Seek the truth and you shall find, keep on knocking and doors will be opened!
      Right here on!

  45. Doug

    Greg, I highly reccomend that you and mMark go to Balliwick news hosted by
    Katherine Watt and read all her research on CV19. You will be stunned to find where her research has lead her. I will just say one thing about it, it is not a vaccine, it is a prototype bioweapon and as such is being used on all of us citizens of the United States of America by our own Government and its use, since it is not a medical product but a US Military weapon is subject to our military’s secret war against We the People. Check out her research and the extreme prejudice towards the citizenry of our populace and the world that big Pharma, uneder the direction of the DOD has wrought.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have been talking about the bioweapon/vax for more than a year with people like Karen Kingston.

  46. Edward Ulysses Cate

    The sad part about Dr. Skidmore’s situation is the silent forces attacking him. BMC Infectious Diseases is published under BMC (BioMed Central), which is controlled by Springer Nature, which in turn is controlled by Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, a partner of WEF. That’s a big wall to climb over. Greg, thanks for bringing his work to us.

  47. Peter

    Thank you Greg. You’re the best channel out there. You bring truth out. Sometimes you’re getting a little emotional, however, you are doing so for all the right reasons. It’s hard to live in times and to watch so many people desperate and taking decisions they’ll regret. Been following you since the beginning. Respect. God’s watching you. You’ll be fine! Thank you once again. Happy resurrection day. Love from Berlin, Germany.

  48. Marie Joy

    Citizen Free Press has an article that says “Budweiser is the queen of beers.

  49. Suzanne McCormick

    Your interview with Dr. Mark Skidmore
    is fascinating and very troubling!!
    I have become aware of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (the German attorney) who I understand is leading Law Suits in Europe regarding the alleged CV 19 vaccine.
    He also is noted to have stated that “Deutsche Bank is the most criminal
    Enterprise in the World” and has successfully sued them which portends
    Favorably in my mind for his outcome in the Covid matter!
    Greg keep up the good work. Blessed Easter and God Bless you!!

  50. Richard Longacre

    I live in Cherokee Nation NE Oklahoma. We had two Indians go into cardiac arrest and die within 10 minutes of receiving the CV 19 jab at the Indian clinic on the same day about a month ago. Those deaths were not added to the VAERS system and the CDC did not boost their death toll from 9 to 11. This is all about covering up the genocide.

    That is why Dr. Skidmore is being attacked. For telling the truth about this genocide. Stay strong brother Skidmore.

    Jesus was sentenced to death on the cross for claiming He is God. He told the truth and was killed for it. After three days and nights in the tomb He is resurrected from the dead to prove that He is God. He is risen. He is our only hope of salvation.

    • Lorraine Bobbett

      Wow, Richard. God was killed and After three days and nights,’ dead in the tomb. He resurrected himself from the dead, to prove that He is God.
      Thats enough proof fer me! Happy Easter.
      By the way, wasnt Eastorie a Roman cath. god too. I wonder what she can do. With nine lives!
      Something’s rotten in Denmark and it’s got to be more than just cheese. Jeese whiskey!
      As Greg so rightly says, happy rezzurection day!🤔👍🙈🙉🙊💋🖖

  51. Chris Chambers

    I like how analytical Mark Skidmore is in his responses. He is very measured, very exacting in the words he chooses. He was like this years ago when he discussed the missing trillions of government monies. It is certainly looking like a global conspiracy to shut down any dissent about the vaccine. People wanted to believe there was a way to defend against Covid, so they were willing (many of them) to latch on to any life preserver they could get their hands on. Very tragic this is happening, and even the people you would have believed would rebuke the shot after the many, many deaths around the world have not done so. Something big has happened and we still don’t know exactly what it is. Thanks for the interview Greg!

  52. Diana

    Happy Easter and thank you for all you do. Thanks for having Bo Polny and Bill Holter, so good.

  53. Joe

    Dr. Skidmore is an American hero!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree 1,000%

      • John Richardson

        In the interests of Truth Telling it is important to note the conclusions reached in Mark Skidmore’s paper have been seriously criticized by the scientific community.

        Due to significant problems raised about scientific validity his paper has been rejected by BMC editors after peer review post publication.

        “The editors [of BMC Infectious Diseases] have retracted the article as concerns were raised regarding the validity of the conclusions drawn after publication. Post-publication peer review concluded that the methodology was inappropriate as it does not prove causal inference of mortality, and limitations of the study were not adequately described. Furthermore, there was no attempt to validate reported fatalities, and there are critical issues in the representativeness of the study population and the accuracy of data collection.”

        “Lastly, contrary to the statement in the article, the documentation provided by the author confirms that the study was exempt from ethics approval and therefore was not approved by the IRB of the Michigan State University Human Research Protection.”


        • PersonaNonGrata

          Strange, very strange, that such a methodical and careful man, a man who had hitherto published 79 peer reviewed papers, should abandon careful methodology to study ‘CV-19 vaxx’ injury and death. Perhaps you should reflect upon the strangeness of Dr Skidmore’s supposed uncharacteristic ‘errors’ before supporting his detractors. Have you considered that his detractors may be highly motivated to discredit his findings . . . ?

      • Rob McCleary

        Dr Skidmore is definitely a very meek and humble man, and it’s a shame that he is being attacked for just speaking the truth.

    • Nika

      Yes, he is!

  54. Nina

    There is a global initiative to take control of all the animal, plants, and humans under a “health” plan. It is a globalist plan to take control of the food supply under the disguise of a disease control plan. That explains why Fauci had to have COVID come from a zoological source to justify this power grab. There is some evidence that most of these epidemics and pandemic are lab manufactured leaks.

  55. Country Codger

    Dr. Skidmore,
    I have said multiple times that you are a true Patriot, a Watchman on the wall and I still believe it. You are not smart because you have one or more Ph.D’s but you are smart AND have one or more Ph.D’s. Your work in economics and now with the COVID19 Vax is brilliant and cutting edge. Please do not lose heart. In a world of lies TRUTH is always difficult. Stay the course , sir.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi CC,
      Totally agree.

  56. Tony Treece

    Brother Greg & Dr. Skidmore,
    Thank you very much for your outstanding interview. I own a national company managing money for the past 39 years for pre/retirees and retirees. Our staff invest many hours into our client relationships. I would estimate that 80% of our client base is dying because of taking the shots. We have never experienced so many funerals of our high values clients! The amount of spike proteins that our clients are transmitting is very sickening in our conference rooms. We had to have very expensive HEPA filters installed in our conference rooms. I personal take three different types of ivermectin and many different types of vitamins. Our clients DNA is changing and their thinking and reasoning has slowed. Dear God please help true believers with the power to heal the sick! Concord, NC

  57. Lynn

    Dear Greg…Happy Easter to you and your family, Dr. Skidmore, your readers, and remember, fear not, because they rely on fear to control us!!!

  58. Edd

    This is the most comprehensive and sourced article I’ve seen to date , and fully coraborates everything Dr.Skidmore has said.

  59. Farmer Ron

    Eastern Canada just got a taste of what’s to come.
    Ontario and Quebec the two biggest and most populous provinces in Canada got hit with a major ice storm that took the grid down for multiple days. Outages started the 5th, and we just got power back late yesterday. Some areas still in the dark without power. This was a reminder of the massive ice storm of 1998, where 2+ million homes were without power for weeks in the middle of winter. This time around, only 1.1 million homes were without for the 3-5days.

    Thankfully, We were well prepared as we have been following USAWatchdog guests speak of preparation for years. Can’t say the same for neighbours and the majority of the population at large.

    Neighbours came to us to borrow gas (generators) because all the stations were closed. You couldn’t get much of anything anywhere as everything was mostly shut down. Those businesses that were opened could only deal in cash. The majority of the population was stuck in credit and debit land with no way to access their ” bank” funds,
    Big lesson there for the normies…. in times of crises, cash is king! (Thanks Bill Holter!)

    We were well prepared thanks to you Greg and your wonderful assortment of helpful guests who have guided us well over the many years we’ve followed you. Fuel, food, firepower, and “fric”( French for cash) we were able to breeze thru the crisis without worry,

    Hope all your listeners are in the same boat… if not, time is running out to prep… get ready.
    Thanks again for all you do to help the little people Greg! This Easter was a great Easter because of your influence. From my family to yours,
    Happy Easter .
    Farmer Ron

  60. ken

    Wonder how successful their injecting cattle, pigs, and chickens will be in infecting people eating the food derived from those animals?

  61. Tony Samson

    Bo Polny’s next biblical date of May Day looks likely to be when Netanyahu uncorks the nukes and fulfills the Iscariot prophecy (Psalms 69:25).

  62. Fred Engel

    Wow what Dr Skidmore described between COVID illness, and COVID vax wonder is a AI program sniffing these out. Then report back to the shadows then they attack.

  63. Wendy Washuka

    April 2023, Trump proclaims Jesus is risen:

  64. tim mcgraw

    Dr. Skidmore (funny name) is an American hero. My parents lived on an island in the Savannah River delta called “Skidaway”.
    Seems like everything is slip sliding away.
    The publication that retracted Dr. Skidmore’s peer-reviewed paper is being sued. Will the courts settle this? I don’t have much faith in the courts.
    Why have the elites decided that us plebes, serfs, useful idiots… are no longer useful to them? That is the question I ask myself all the time.
    Why kill the milk cow, the goose that lays the golden eggs, their rice bowl?

  65. tim mcgraw

    After much reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that the whole Covid Scamdemic was about control of the plebes (that and robbing them).
    Even if 2 million or 3 million people die from the jabs, lockdowns, etc. it won’t be as bad as the deaths from WWII.
    The Covid Scamdemic was about taking our liberties, what is left of them, and our wealth away from us.
    The elites want obedient workers just smart enough to operate the machinery and move the papers. Just like George Carlin said.
    The elites don’t want us educated enough to think critically or spiritually.
    The elites don’t want us to travel.
    The elites want us to eat bugs, wear rags, and live in shacks.

    • Tin foil hat

      I agree with you except the first point with a slight deviation. It’s not an all across the board depopulation plan. If 2 million or 3 million people die from the jabs, they will be most likely elderly whom have the most wealth to take from.

      I’m sure the bioweapon dispatched early on specifically for the elderly are the deadliest.

      • tim mcgraw

        Tin Foil Hat: The USA medical cartel is really good at robbing the elderly.

  66. Coal Burner

    Greg: I have long ago lost that core faith in our institutions! It started in 2014 and has shifted exponentially two plus years ago. I spent 35 plus years in the most respected organization in the world . I have seen several deadly mistakes in the last three years. At this juncture, I will never trust again anything these agency’s or businesses say. CIA, fbi, DOJ, WHO, NIH, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna, J & J, Dept. of State, FDA, USDA! The jury is out on the last real Big and I do not mean the President, he is a total loser. Oh yes, I am one of the ones who did not take the Covid Bio Weapon. And it is that bad. I can tell you why they cannot wrap their mind around these facts. I know brilliant people who cannot accept it. It is FEAR! I said “FEAR”! Fear is extremely powerful it has been the ruination of multi millions of people. Fear made people take the VAX. Fear keeps them from being able to admit to themselves that they took a vax that was far worse than the disease. The book “Deep Survival” by Laurence Gonzales can shed some light on why fear get people killed.

  67. Coal Burner

    Greg, the last few minutes of your discussion about WHY, why they would do this, made something click in my small mind. You are right there has to be a reason. Have you been keeping up with the rumors and statements about both historic and modern underground man made caves like the one found and kept secret in the Grand Canyon. They have found these all over the world where people lived for long periods of time. They stored food and other things. The history of the Hopi and Zuni people coming up from the ground in Grand Canyon.
    There are several theory’s going around about short periods of great turmoil of the earths surface including great floods, and great winds. We know the earths pole shifts a lot and has over thousands of years. Then there are the theorys about the large meteors hitting the ices sheets 13 to 14 thousand years ago. Questions about the Younger Dryas period. Then evidence of great floods 6500 years ago(Noah’s Flood). The pole shifts are known through lava study to have shifted 90 degrees quickly and then we have the mammoths in Siberia flash frozen while chewing food. Do they know something is coming that will wipe out most of the earths humanity and want to thin the populations before hand. I once heard the rumor that somehow the Submariners learned about all this back after WWII. And for some reason many moved to north Arkansas for safety. Doesn’t make too much sense to me but I am not inside the information. There are a number of other interesting discovery’s that could play into this idea. I do not know what may be misinformation of what is really going on but there has to be some reason WHY. Maybe someone here can put the right puzzle pieces together.

  68. David Caron

    The US Attorney in Utah has given the anti-vax movement in America the greatest gift ever; The US Attorney in Utah has given the anti-vax movement in America the greatest gift ever
    They charged Kirk Moore with a crime. Dr. Moore is allowed discovery to prove his innocence. This means he gets access to VSD, Medicare, NDI, and state death and vaccination records. Whoops!.

  69. Tina G

    Listen to this intellectual—of the Clif High stripe—was a colleague of legendary radio broadcaster Art Bell.

    He says the US has/had technology to witness events of the past, including the Crucifixion & Resurrection of Jesus Christ as though one were watching a movie.

    ffw to 34:00 mins

  70. Naomi from Israel

    Hello Greg, if I remember correctly, in 2013 I was writing a dissertation for a Master’s degree. The degree was taught via correspondence with Aberystwyth University in Wales. As part of the dissertation I was supposed to interview two lawyers who are civil servants, here in Israel.Neither of these lawyers would sign a form saying they agreed to be interviewed. So, unfortunately I could not use anything they told me, in my work. I remember talking to one of them over the phone and sensing he could not speak freely. I came to the conclusion that someone is pulling the strings behind the curtain, and that that someone is not necessarily from Israel.
    Thank you Greg for all you do to try and expose the truth.

  71. June

    Here is an interesting aside – on Resurrection Day – God’s Gold “also rose from the dead” – – breaking out from a 12-year cup and handle pattern – where the logarithmic target is projecting $3,745 to $4,080 by 2025!!

  72. June

    Will the Fed bring about a collapse worse then 1929 by continuing to raise interest rates and destroying the value of the bonds owned by pension funds, insurance companies and banks, etc.? – or – cure the debt problem by hyper-inflation?? – either way “the price of gold will rise”!! –

  73. Mike

    Trump’s only meaningful legacy is the all-around devastation caused by his response to the Scamdemic and especially the ClotShots.

    This devastation is ongoing and long-lasting.

    I think he is eager to get back into office in 2024 so that he can complete the final destruction of America that he begun in his 1st term.

    And most of you here still celebrate Trump’s legacy and want to reward him with another term.

    You all are mentally ill!

  74. RLee

    Another great interview with Dr. Skidmore! Thanks Greg for all the great work you do.
    I have only one difference of opinion in the thesis that this is a mass genocide. The goal of Gates and the elites was a 10 % – 15 % reduction in the population and that’s what they have achieved. Due to different batches (ingredients), different quality controls in the distribution and injection sites (remember the injections were supposed to be kept at minus zero temps) and the possibility of some being saline injections, they kept the deaths and disabilities to a smaller number. Why? So the fall out would be just as we are seeing. And they are getting away with it! Too many people who were injected are fine, at least for now so it becomes more difficult for the truth tellers to be believed. I agree with Dr. Skidmore that too many people refuse to believe something this horrible could be done to us. I have tried to wake people up and they REFUSE to consider the facts. I sent 2 videos to all my friends and families back when all this was first happening with links to all the experts warning folks about the injections. What was the response? Crickets…not one person responded. I now have 2 friends dying from fast 4 stage cancers, another who “died suddenly” from blood clots, others who had parents hospitalized for covid who never came home….None of my kids or grand kids have had or will have the jabs. I have acknowledged the best I can do is protect my own family.

  75. Frank Cooper

    Geopolitics | THE COMING CONFLICT | Brian Berletic | Cyrus Janssen | Alex Reporterfy | 4K iChongqing 5,246 views Premiered 2 hours ago
    Come join this 4K Enhanced Geopolitical talk about the potential comin conflict between the USA and China.
    The Taiwan question is complex and often tense, particularly when it comes to the attempt of Taiwan’s independence. Recently, tensions have escalated even further as news about the military exchanges between Taiwan and NATO since 2018. China has warned that it will take necessary steps to prevent Taiwan from being a member of NATO, including military intervention if necessary. The settlement of the Taiwan question is a matter for the Chinese people themselves, and any attempt to separate Taiwan from China is doomed to failure.

  76. Herman Boring

    EMERGENCY BROADCAST: China Simulates Sealing Off Taiwan From US in Latest Drill as Soros-backed Officials Punish Americans for Defending Themselves! All While Trans Hysteria Runs Wild –

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Apologizes For For ‘Screw Your Freedom’ Remarks During Pandemic April 9th, 2023, 11:25 am
    Years later, Terminator star regrets calling for authoritarianism during height of COVID medical tyranny.

  77. Gill Glenchrist

    soon an angel will stick Clif High with a cattle prod so that even he bends at the knee before Jesus Christ. The Bible says all shall respect the Lord (Isaiah 45:23)

    the more arrogant they are, the angel will smite them more. “All who have raged against him will come to him and be put to shame.” (Is 45:24)

  78. Juanita Valdez

    So, Viki, was it worth it? For a few cookies? All the dead young men and boys, civilians. The destruction? The burden on Europe? The girls left behind, never to find a husband. Like Donna Reed in, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, if she never met George Baily. If he did himself in, in the river of no return scenario. Watch it again Vic! Are you old man Potter in drag, or is it sore ass Soros? Well wake up! You brought the world close to being woke, broke busted and on the verge of nuclear disgusted destruction! Just be glad we don’t actually blame you, but your fat ass, Soros influenced, Hubby. Influenced by Hillary, by her real sore ass Soros boyfriend, George and his 4-eyed son of a gun?
    Do the world a flavor and Younes’s, all jump in the river. Instead of George Baily!

    Russia Ukraine War Live: Putin Replaces Older Jets With ‘Powerful’ SU-35s Against Ukrainian Troops_ TIMES NOW 4 hours ago 8 watching now
    Ukrainian officials have claimed that Russia has 12 times more aircraft than Ukraine and that Moscow’s newer generation fighter jets are providing “increasing dominance” in the skies over the combat area.

    SHOCKING! Judge says Stormy Daniels MUST PAY TRUMP $600,000+
    Nate The Lawyer 5.4K views 2 hours ago
    The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the former president on Tuesday, ordering adult film star Stormy Daniels to pay $121,972 in legal fees for a failed defamation suit.

    The Future of AUKUS with Admiral Harry Harris Jr., USN (Ret.)
    Center for Strategic & International Studies
    _______________17,348 views Streamed Live Mar 30, 2023
    Please join the CSIS International Security Program and the U.S. Naval Institute for a Maritime Security Dialogue event featuring Admiral Harry Harris Jr., USN (Ret.), former Commander, U.S. Pacific Command. ADM Harris will sit down with Dr. Seth G. Jones, CSIS senior vice president and director of the International Security Program, to discuss the latest developments with AUKUS and implications for the maritime industrial base.
    In September 2021, the three countries announced their decision to support Australia acquiring conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarines. In March 2023, they announced a pathway to achieve this capability, including a trilaterally developed submarine based on the United Kingdom’s next-generation design. But there are numerous questions that remain. For example, what are the major challenges that lie ahead? And how might they be addressed?
    Oz, part of a new nuclear triad, now a nuclear nation too! Congrats mates!

    Bing Crosby, Bette Midler, Mills Brothers–1977 TV
    ______________Alan Eichler 4,702 views Premiered Oct 3, 2021
    Bette Midler sings “Accentuate the Positive” with Bing Crosby and “Glow Worm” with the Mills Brothers, and then Bing joins the Mills Brothers for “Dinah” in this segment from Bing’s 1977 TV special! Enjoy
    The Anglow American World Dual Superpower, now Thrice!

  79. Noe Carna

    the Dali Lama believes in reincarnation and is a idol of the NewAgers, psychedlic takers and potheads.

  80. Siroo

    Not all banks are the same. Some are trying to serve their customers:


  81. Kay

    Thanks for the quality guest. I sent this out to many friends and family who are jabbed. I think I only changed the mind of two people concerning the jab, but I keep trying. Thanks for giving us the tools to warn others.

  82. Marie Joy

    WE didn’t care about anybody else’s genocide. Now, it’s our turn. Apathy kills.

  83. Carly S

    this debunks Clf High’s oft’ repeated claim that Trump was/is helping the patriots by pushing the vax:

    the Red States were singled out for extermination by vax, accdg to CDC

    The fruit proves that of all the USAWD guests, only Catherine Austin Fitz was correct about Trump.

  84. Led Skelton

    third lawmaker leaves party, switches to Republican within a month

    C’mon RFK – time for you to switch!! You know you want to leave the DEM party, the anti-straight American family party in ‘yakutz’ with the war industrial complex and the RINOs, the same party that had your uncle and father killed.

  85. Dean

    They know the currency is collapsing they have to get rid of as much unfunded liability as they can. Pensions retirements will be dissolved people will revolt. They’re thinking the best thing is to get rid of as many people as possible that are close to or at retirement age.

  86. Rick

    You know what’s weird? The Georgia Guide stones were destroyed and the story disappears. Seems they wanted millions of people dead.

  87. Julia Delacroix

    please tell Dr. Kory & Dr. Eads about:

    Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

    this is commonly used as an alcohol hangover cure. It helps the liver better detoxify acetyl-aldehyde. …………… But what is amazing is that it also helps those who want to get on the wagon like St. Paul recommends. And also it is currently being experiemented with for Benzodiazepines (e.g., Xanax) detox.

    ******** Go to ScienceDirect and search for “Dihydromyricetin”. You will see tons of scientific articles of its use in diabetic problems, liver problems, cancer, ………………. even against whatever the Covid sickness was/is.

  88. Julia Delacroix

    ps. re Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

    although it is tolerable to many people— those who are on pharmaceuticals need to do research and check things out, because I remember seeing one article on ScienceDirect where DHM overcomes drug resistance and allows an anti-cancer drug to work more so. Therefore, perhaps it potentiates other medications.

    …. Bottom line is that if you are on pharmaceuticals you must consider how things interact, etc.

    do your due dilligence!

  89. Bud Love

    Going Woke? Why Were All Going[so] Broke! Busted and Disgusted……!

    Woke Hollywood is FAILING, and[is]That a Good Thing?
    Celebrity GossipEntertainmentHollywoodNews
    “Hollywood amuses me. Holier-than-thou for the public and unholier-than-the-devil in reality.”- Grace Kelly

    Hollywood Take a Lesson From Louis Prima and his Prim Primadonna’s
    Louis Prima – King of the Swingers (2006 Documentary)
    nectarmuse 221,146 views Mar 13, 2021
    Bandleader and vocalist Louis Prima is featured in this TV biography, which includes contributions from former band members, managers, and his former wife, Gia Maione.
    Denise Lee 1 day ago / He was the first rapper!!

    Budweiser was, King of Beer’s and Now Queer’s?×375.jpg

    Ukraine admits to ‘horrible losses’ in war against Russia; Refuses to reveal number of casualties / Hindustan Times 13,403 views Apr 11, 2023
    Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine’s envoy to the U.K, made a big statement about “real” war casualties. In an interview to U.K based daily express said that “Ukraine will reveal the horrible losses of its soldiers once the war with Russia is over. He added that it is Kyiv’s policy to not discuss our losses amid ongoing war. Watch:

  90. Tom Argyle

    Shifting World Powers & Ukraine Russia War – w/Alastair Crooke
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    2,103 watching now LIVE Started streaming 22 minutes ago
    Zelinski Woke, Broke, Desperate?


    Marketing man’s lame attempt to hijack God’s immune system has failed and the truth is being revealed!

    I organized a debate at a state university on Creationism vs. Evolution. The creationists easily won because God is truly the creator of man and the Universe, despite what the modern Egyptian scientists descended from Atlantis say; such as “Amen,” not “Amein” for “So be it.” Amen Hotep was a leader of the Egyptian chvrch! Why are Christians everywhere foolishly invoking the name of a leader of the Egyptian chvrch? Is it another Greek mistranslation (like “calamus” in Exodus 30:23 NIV) or has the language of our Holy Bible been highly manipulated by palace (“alcazar”) dwellers?!

    For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

  92. Eli

    Great discussion! What a nice man and a courageous man too. Thank you, Greg!!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Eli!! No doubt Dr. Skidmore stuck he neck waaaay out there.

  93. Justn Observer

    22-Year-Old National Guard Soldier Suffers Two Heart Attacks, Neurological Issues After Moderna vax=

  94. Desiree D Effner

    Why do they continue their denial?
    read thi:
    Dr. Skidmore understands. You cannot undermine people’s entire foundational beliefs.
    But it will happen. How many of us have been thoroughly sucker punched the past few years? It needs to happen.

  95. Anne

    The lies, the coverups, the denials about covid about everything pertaining to life is total insanity.

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