Unpayable Debt & Vax Causing Hell on Earth – Ed Dowd

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Wall Street money manager Ed Dowd made billions of dollars in part by being a skillful number cruncher.  When he applied his skills to the vax, he saw massive fraud, death and economy killing disability everywhere he looked.  Add the vax genocide to the popping debt bubble, and a nightmarish perfect storm is clearly taking shape.  Dowd explains, “It’s my thesis that the vaccines are not only deadly but cause massive amounts of disability.  We had 220 million people in this country take the jab.  Globally, it’s even worse because some countries had higher vaccination rates.  What we are seeing now, 91 or 92 weeks since the vaccination program started, is rising disability.  Everyone focuses on the deaths, and that’s bad, but disability is multiples of the deaths, and these are disabilities where people can’t work.  They are incapacitated.  Three million people disappeared from the labor force from death and disability.  That number will cause labor shortages.  That number will cause supply chain breaks, and we are seeing that.  Here on Maui, my car got injured in an accident, and I am not going to get it fixed for six months because of parts and labor shortages on Maui. . . . There are some predictions I make that I hope I am dead wrong.  This is not one I want to be right on.  I think, personally, that Hell on Earth has already started, and it’s going to start to accelerate.  What I mean by that is we are going to be overwhelmed by people being disabled and dying at such a rate we have a breakdown in the supply chain and basic necessities that we used to take for granted.  They just won’t be there because there are not enough people to deliver goods and services.  This is where I hope I am dead wrong, but my own anecdotal situations is I see a lot of people who took the vax a year ago and the problems are just now starting to show up.  This makes me very, very frightened.”

On the economic front, Dowd says, “I have talked about this extensively, and a sovereign debt collapse is inevitable.  The way you know it’s occurring is watching the U.S. dollar index.  That is accelerating to the upside, and the dollar is going to fail up.  They will eventually try to introduce a new currency.  It will be central bank digital currency or something.  The dollar is 113 on the U.S. dollar index, and it was 104 this summer.  So, this is a big, big problem.  It’s causing debt defaults globally.  It’s causing margin calls.  I think we are seeing the greatest ever margin call ever seen in the history of the world unfolding before our eyes.  What I have been telling people since January and February is we are going into a global economic death spiral.   I told people to raise cash in their portfolio . . . I also think gold should be a good part of your portfolio, but don’t have all your eggs in one basket.”

In closing, Dowd warns, “80% of the country thinks everything is fine.  It’s not fine, and the global crash is already in progress.”

There is much more in the 42 min. interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he as he goes One-on-One with money manager and investment expert Ed Dowd, author of the upcoming book called “Cause Unknown” The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022 for 9.27.22.

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After the Interview:

Ed Dowd’s website is called TheyLiedPeopleDied.com.  There, you can pre-order Dowd’s book called “Cause Unknown” The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022. 

There is also free information on TheyLiedPeopleDied.com, and Dowd will be adding to the site as information and new data rolls in.  Bookmark it.

Follow Ed Dowd on Twitter by clicking here.

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  1. arvind

    Hi Greg,
    There is a message, “waiting for an encoding server to claim video”. You may want to check that out.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s processing and is at 33%. Soon come.

      • Johnny

        Hi Greg great shows. Thanks. I now see why I think you and Greg Manarino have parted ways. Ive watched him lately and sadly he has become a rude, crude fowl mouthed goof ball. I feel sorry for him.
        Thanks for all you have offered.

        • stanley skrzypek

          Manarino lost me as soon as he started Bashing President Trump…what is Wrong with “These People”?

          • Jim1a

            Mannarino is a numbers guy. He knows all debts are eventually paid by either the borrower or ultimately the lender. The lender he rails against has a printing press through computer keyboards. The current situation will get to the point the mechanics of the money in the system won’t work right. The British Pound trading being halted Monday is a precursor to other currency problems. The 113 dollar index is inhibiting agriculture exports now. Is just one canary in the coal mine. Nothing on the horizon to change this in a positive way now. It is making Mannarino emphatic as he sees it unfolding from his point of view.

          • Rob

            Same here. Unhinged & unprofessional = unwatchable.

            • Johnny

              Agreed Rob, seems like our opinion is shared with a lot of people

        • Sheryl Pardue

          Johnny I agree with you I stopped listening to mandarino shortly after the Fallout with Greg and Mannarino I didn’t like a lot of things man Reno was starting to do like saying gold will never be a backup and knowing what an outstanding moral honest person Greg was or Greg is I am talking about Greg Hunter Mannarino and I didn’t like a lot of his even just gestures like spitting Etc I just gave up on meanderino’s daily updates

          • Johnny

            Yep, your right!

        • Thomas Malthaus

          He’s been like that for some time (years).

          • Beverly

            Greg Mannarino has lost a lot of weight. He doesn’t look well. Something is going on with his health. I don’t know why. Give the guy a little space for being human. Our job is to have some compassion. Let’s hope what he sees will make his paths straighter.

            • Joseph Boudreau

              Yes, I noticed that too.

        • Mary

          I stopped watching Mannarino a long time ago. I found him too full of himself and always boasting about his gains in the market. It was too much.

        • Dave O.

          Hi Greg Hunter, as always you knock it out of the park with your weekly guests. The “jabba the hut” creature from the bank of international settlements is named Carstens. These morbidly obese pig lays out in 55 seconds how they plan to control the people through CBDC’s. Thanks for all that you do, and may out lord Jesus Christ always have you and your family under his divine protection.

          Dave O.

        • don

          For what it is worth, GREG MANNARINO IS a 32nd degree Mason. I lost interest in anything he had to say after hearing this.

        • kay

          Johnny, Gerald Celente has also gone in that direction. I love Celente, but the overuse of obscenities is too much. I have to turn down my speakers, so the neighbors don’t hear him. I understand the anger, but he is becoming entertaining rather than informative. It is every bloody youtube video. I can’t forward his stuff to others because of the overuse of crude language.

          • Dana

            Kay, I stopped listening to any Celente interview quite awhile ago. He has no information that I have not found in several other places; and I refuse to subject my ears to his potty mouth. His vocabulary is both unnecessary and beneath the dignity of this site.

        • JAC

          Love listening to Ed Dowd- he’s humble, kind & relates his data to where anyone can understand- if they choose to listen.

      • Tom Dee

        Hey Greg, come on over to TLBTalk.com. I’ll set you up your own space gor your videos and you’ll never have to worry about saying what you feel or having any guest on that might get you booted from any other social media platform. I PROMISE! Hope to see you there!
        Project Administrator
        The Liberty Beacon Project

        • Wayne

          Tom Dee is a man of his word & TLB is a great project.

      • Paul

        Expect lots of disruptions the closer to mid term elections we get. Can’t hear truth.

        Thanks Greg

        Paul from arkansas

      • Greg

        Very cool. Thanks Greg. I love your broadcasts.

      • Chris wren

        Question? if this fraud has never been isolated, how does anyone know they got it or had? plus they use the fraudulent PCR test that doesn’t work for anything, SO STOP SAYING You HAD COVID because all you most likely had was a bad cold.

        Rant over.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think I had spike proteins which is a bioweapon they called Covid.

        • paula

          Chris, Greg was seriously ill with “?” for many weeks…
          I kept thinking that he would need to be hospitalized but many of us prayed for his healing & prayers were answered.
          Many of us were exposed to the “vaxxed” unaware that the so-called spike proteins would infect us with whatever label you wished to identify the illness.


        Ed’s audio has issues

      • AmigoSFFS

        Gregg, Fauci may be hiding something else… FYI


      • Laurel A Henderson

        Thanks to you and Ed for your work getting this info out to people. We just went through Ian on the Gulf coast 1 hour north of landfall. We are fine but many lost everything. Take care and God bless.

        • Greg Hunter

          Happy you are OK and thanks for the kind words!

    • Craig Yeargin

      Agreed still waiting at 12:30am EST

      • Greg Hunter

        So sorry Craig.
        It is a Rumble problem. I tried 4 times to upload the video and get a Rumble server to process it. I guess it will be fixed tomorrow.

    • Sam

      Gonzalo Lira’s analysis of the not so mysterious Nat Gas Pipe explosion sabotage:


      • Free Slave

        Gonzalo blames the US repeatedly while offering no real evidence. There seems to be an orchestrated campaign to blame the US that started immediately after the incident.

        Do not rush to judgement. The stakes are very high.

    • steve

      Your second attempt to get the Dowd interview on the air fails about 10 minutes into the interview. Looks like somebody doesn’t want the interview to be published. Steve

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s playing for me. No problems. Unplug your modem for 30 sec and plug it back in. Also use a different browser.

    • Donna Bartlett

      Fantastic interview!!! Thank you both!!

  2. James

    Waiting for an encoded server to claim video…
    Is that video going to be playable soon?

    • rory moore

      I saw that too, and Mannarinos poison-Trump nonsense. Wonder if Manny is happy with “Nuke’em Joe Biden” and the open borders?

      • stanley skrzypek

        maby manarino got the JAB……AND……a Few BOOSTERS…..what else would soften up his Brain?…..he ain’t a corrupt politician…..he has no graft to gain……..and everything to lose…..and I think he…… “Lost it”!

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Mannerino is unequivocally against the vaxx. To respond to Sheryl, I have not heard him ever say that, ‘gold will never be a backup’. On the contrary, Mannerino has for many years stated that both gold and silver are his core investments. While his delivery has become more animated and his language more intemperate, this is, IMHO, fully justified for anyone who fully appreciates the horrors ‘we the people’ are facing and is trying desperately to WAKE people up. The same can be said of Gerald Celente. Even our host has utilised language that hitherto he would not, and has permitted so called ‘foul mouthed’ commentary on this forum. There are too few awake to make enemies between ourselves. ‘Divide and conque’ has served ‘them’ well. Let’s determine not to assist those who wish us ill by falling for it. Together, we are stronger . . .

          • Coal Burner

            I listen to Mannarino once n a long while. When I read the comment about FGpld , I thought what you said, never heard of that. And yes he is a no shot guy who I think is so invested is what he says and people not listening as we all see, that it is making him ill. I feel sorry for MAn….. screaming in the wilderness and seemingly no one hearing. Reminds me of John the Baptist who ended with his head on a plate for someone who was wearing the guilt of the truth. No, I doubt most people would want Greg to get him back on, yet! Like this “new guy to me” with data from completely different sources, Greg made a good choice getting him. It is tough living with the curse of “Knowing” when your family doesn’t want to listen and are already vaxxed. I have quit getting any closer than the edges, mostly I step where Angels fear only too try to protect my Grandkids.

            • Galaxy 500

              Coal Burner
              Greg Mar ain’t no John the Baptist

            • Jims55

              I listen to Mannarino too and think his message, like the messages here, are important. I am not offended by harsh words and to be honest think he is too toned down when you understand the message he is trying to get out. We are screwed, we have no representation in DC and no accountability. I see a lot of rumors and speculation here about him. And how dare he speak poorly about Dear Leader Trump. Really? I am 100% behind Trump but can also say he has disappointed me when it came to his fiscal policies. I wanted him to start holding the Fed accountable, he never did that, instead he wanted more free money like every other president wants. As our economy roared back to life in 2017 the Fed started to raise rates. Trump called them out and asked for more of the same. I was really disappointed in that. I like his policies to bring manufacturing back to the US. I am not a fan of the lack of fiscal accountability.

          • Johnny

            Interesting comments to be pondered. I think you are correct on many,. I hope that we don’t have to degrade to the bolsheviks level . Agreed Celente can be and does come across as a vile old man. I wonder if they ever think about that.

            • Beverly

              Gerald Celente is a very passionate man. He is trying to do some good in this world and using all of his strength to do it. But, you can see that he is very frustrated. He is putting so much out there and not getting very much response. His work is great and I love the guy, even if he does use some swear words. There is so much frustration in the air because of passive people out there. We have to work with people the best we can, but so many will die because they weren’t awake and willing to do anything about politics or preparation. You really have to have been awake for several years in order to really prepare for what’s coming. Most people aren’t going to become educated overnight. It just makes stress levels go up to a point where they can’t handle the truth. Most people on this site have probably learned the truth over the years—some more years than others.

              • Joseph Boudreau

                I agree with you, Beverly. Gerald is so fustrated, trying to wake the masses, a daunting task indeed. I have to turn the volume down a bit when he starts screaming but the truth is, when push comes to shove, this is what we get. I think he’s a great guy, like Greg, who is desperately trying to get the message out, in an effort to save lives. I think that’s an excellent trait, whether he’s swearing or not.

        • Oscar

          One thing for sure they are certainly dividing us and no one is talking unification of the people against this corrupt few. What a pity millions suffering at the hands of a few history repeats itself and we all take it. Pity

  3. Nancy

    “video error”

  4. Linda Majors


    Now it says “Video error occurred.” Contact support if it persists. If you have the opportunity, please check it. We are all waiting with anticipation to hear the bad news that Ed is going to lay on us. Perhaps Dr. Elizabeth Eads can save those we know who got the dreaded vaxx.


    • Greg Hunter

      It is a Rumble problem. I am going to try to re-upload again.

      • Linda Majors

        Thanks, Greg! Guess I went see what I can find out about the Nord Stream leak. I believe Biden gave the order to cause the damage. He said in an interview that if Russia attacks Ukraine he (Biden) would shut down Nord Stream, or something to that effect. Also, the MEP of Poland thanked the USA in a twitter post.

        Those maniacs will not be satisfied until they have destroyed the planet. And they have the gall to preach to use because we do not want to drive those electric vehicles that catch fire.

        If only there was some way to rid the planet of “them” before 2024. In two years, there may not be anything left. Oh, well.


      • Bob

        Greg, I’ve got the recording, but it is very distorted. Couldn’t continue watching it. Hope it clears up soon. Thanks for all you’re doing.

  5. z

    US Dollar Index Futures – Dec 22 (DXZ2)
    Real-time capital.com
    114.502 +0.455 +0.40%

    115 coming British pound will go to .87
    Trading floors – panic

    Exporting Inflation around the world.

    • Warren B.

      Not only Exporting Inflation…..
      They (The FED) are officially FINANCIAL TERRORISTS.
      Those stakeholders of the FED are the culprits… with their direct support (via Monetary Policy) of the Dollar……not that Puppet in Chief Powell…. who like all those before him (Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen) …is merely following orders.
      Anyone with a functioning brain stem cell can piece together how the Tool De Jour of this day and age (USD) is being used as a Nuclear Weapon to cause extraordinary Inflation along with a soon to be explosion of Unrepayable Foreign Debt obligations (denominated in USD).
      The FED has weaponised the Dollar and that is being used in conjunction with the diabolical and utterly useless Green Movement = leading to an across the board failure of Businesses and Industry. The downstream effects are the dramatic shortfalls of those things that are needed by every human – food , water, shelter, health care, energy combined with prices that are abnormally extreme and getting worse.
      The lame (and intentionally deceptive) excuse /narrative that they use – “HALT RUNAWAY INFLATION” – as justification for raising FFR – is pure evil. It is cover for crashing the world economy…..just like COVID19 was cover for a fake Pandemic…..another tool used to crash the Economy. They want every man, woman and child impoverished and destitute….in order to bring about total reliance on Government and their newly devised CBDC….as a replacement for the dying FIAT currency system.
      Get ready for a littany of Debt defaults and bankruptcies of European, Chinese and S.E. Asian Banks and Businesses. 1 or 2 more rate increases (of 75 bps) will push the DXY through 120 and the debt strain will become unserviceable and will require liquification and default. That’s when the SHTF …and it comes home to America. We do not go unscathed. This is more than a Currency War/De-Globalization ….it is outright Terrorism against Humanity …..to bring about a Tyranical /Marxist paradigm that has been on the drawing board for decades.
      The Rothschild’s are behind this together with the Jesuits (controlling the RCC). They and their ilk are the disease that requires eradicating from the planet. They together created our false history and have hidden the truth from us intentionally. They are the ones who drive the Wars (all Wars)….which are merely overt depopulation schemes….all of them. They design, engineer, manufacture and fund every agenda that comes to fruition. Nothing happens by accident…..nothing is coincidental….it is all planned.
      They desire to reacquire all the worlds wealth whilst forcing the masses into a neo-feudalistic system. Mass Bank failures and Bail-Ins are already planned. The introduction of the CBDC across the planet will only strengthen their authority and control over the souls of humanity. Hegelian Dialectic on full display – Problem-Reaction-Solution. Nothing can prepare you for whats coming. Pray.
      oh….and then there is this Patent taken out by Microsoft which should never be discounted.
      You become the energy source/battery for mining….especially if you took the useful Covid19 shots.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Excellent summation – points to the REAL (behind the curtain) culprits and their well worn modus operandi.

      • andrew

        You nailed it. Check out the “Committee of 300”.

        • Warren B.

          Thanks Andrew,
          I know of the Committee of 300. In my view it is merely an intermediary for the true Rulers who wish to remain anonymous. The European Royalty/Nobility are all represented and the UK Monarch (formerly QEII) is the head. They manage the Political power of the International Banking Families (predominantly Rothschild). They are pro-enviromentalist movements – which are covert operations to curb the world population. Their intention is to DESTROY INDUSTRY and take the world back to a NEW DARK AGE…..(as I have desribed above in my comment). They are not of Christian faith…their religion is Masonry. I do find it rather interesting how they operate in this fashion. Same is true for the Bilderbergers…or the Bavarian Illuminati – which has equal representation (13 each) from the worlds 3 Power Groups – The RCC (Jesuits), The Nobility, The International Bankers. They chose to operate behind closed doors – secracy is their motto.

      • Freebreezer

        W – Reading the claims, I read it differently (may years having read many patents)… Via the claims, they are tracking the means and methods of the body activity/output which get encrypted to generate the digital currency i.e. converting human body activity into an encryption algorithm output … do/perform as I say or get NO digital currency to live … Can you say slavery! It is worse in that your are not an energy source/ battery, it is your ACTION output that is encrypted and harnessed to mine the digital currency! Can you scream EVIL!

        • Warren B.

          Hello Free,
          I should have expanded on the concept a litle more….
          Yes indeed….”Mining” implies that there is something useful to be gained by acquiring the inherent resource(s) …in this case the body becomes the network of data…supported by its own energy source (thanks to the myriad heavy metals and reduced graphine oxide structures injected into the system)….capable of carrying electrical charge and transmitting…therefore capable of being “mined/captured” + “analysed” + potentially “programmed”. The application of encrypting a digital currency and linking it to the human system (as seen with MS patent) is within the realms of reality with this dastardly plan. So Evil words cannot speak enough to its darkness.

  6. Galaxy 500

    The Principalities and Minions of Satan have declared war on us.

    It isn’t going to go like they think.
    Not even close.

    Just like Biden declaring war on Russia, blowing up two (2) Russian gas pipelines and dooming thousands in Europe to freeze to death this winter. Biden stopped all gas from being abled to be delivered…
    Got that? If Germany wants Gas from Russia, decides not to play the destroy Germany game, too bad… This destroyed German and the rest of Europe. We have Satanic morons in charge. China just wiped out Europe a la Joe Bin Biden.

    • Madpatriot

      I sounds like they will declare war and thus starts WW3!….Will not take much at all now as there is too much flying around! We have too many enemies that are loud and ready & too many allies that are scared as mice, because they know what it means! i
      We in Ameirca, have NO idea at all what a bombed out nation will be like and so many are oblivious as they are standing with the fools of Bumbles Biden and crew!! The
      handlers are making sure he dances well to make him the ‘fall guy’ and they can stay
      in the shadows telling all of us what to do…is anyone going to EVER get off their duffs and DO something about all of this? or is all the government in on it all and WE are the bumbles too?

      • Clyde

        We Will Defend God’: Italian PM Giorgia Meloni Puts the Globalist Agenda on Notice With Stunning Speech

        It would be nice if America had even one politician like this.


        • Shirl

          Hello Clyde, You might need intervention for the brainwashing from the TeeVee Legacy liars…America has
          President Trump with Promises Made Promises Delivered…(not all delivered, yet) Despite the heavy brainwashing that has clouded the weak minded to believe Orange Man Bad…America Is Bad etc etc etc Those with eyes to see and ears to hear who are actually awake are comparing Georgia Meloni to Trump, not the other way around. Very similar comparisons have been made too with Bolsonaro of Brazil, Wake Up.

        • Tod Mills

          As Gerald Celente says, “politics is show business for ugly people.”

          This new Italian PM is just another actor on the stage, nothing to get excited about because she is just saying her lines like every other politician. She said that to get a certain group of people salivating in anticipation of a politician’s salvation: take their money and their freedom like a common thief. Just watch, you’ll see I’m right, Charlie Brown….the football will get yanked away again.

          • TR

            A must-read regarding the Italian election.
            Analysis by Archbishop Vigano.
            (Spoiler: She’s a tool)


            • Frebreezer

              Good read – Archbishop Vigano is one of the great intellects in our time who is against the elite (WEF, TPTB, unelected Elite at the EU, etc)… A true Christian. And he sees the elite for who they are … power mongers and evil.

          • Earl

            Having questions about the new Italian PM is healthy , however, Vegano himself doesn’t denounce her…geesh!
            Has reading for comprehension gone out the window or have those clot-shots clogged up some peoples minds out there?

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Clyde,
          Thanks for the link – passionate speech from the new Italian PM. I tried to back this up by posting a link to Victor Orban’s victory speech after winning the Hungarian leadership election. Although I tried to upload the comment several times it was immediately blocked?! My guess is TPTB are running scared of ‘we the people’ waking up. Hungary and Italy provide substantial proof that Joe and Jane public hate their anti-human agendas.

        • Warren B.

          Impressive well written and delivered speech…but unfortunately it is all smoke and mirrors ……she is nothing more than a puppet and chosen to ensure adherence to the great totalitarian / neo-feudalistic plan.
          Italy is a very important European country…..it is the key between EU and ME….it is the closest country geographically to the ME and linked to their economics and politics. It is also the home of some of Europes most powerful ruling Noble/Aristocratic Families and of cource the Roman Catholic Church. The ME economic stability is tied very much to Italy…with its main gateway for drugs to enter from the ME (Iran and Lebanon). The US influence in the ME is directly impacted by Italy’s survival. You can be assured that Ms Meloni will perform according to the eddicts of the Nobility, RCC, and the International Bankers…(all of whom control America). Why has every modern day POTUS paid Homage to the Pope upon Inauguration…and then also make special trips to have council with the Pope? Connect the dot points.

    • Coal Burner

      Hey G500 we missed your with around here lately. Show up more often!

    • Johnny

      Yes Satanic is correct !

  7. Galaxy 500

    The write up looks good. I will buy his book too. Cant wait to watch this but I am exhausted. I will watch tomorrow.

    • Tom Joad

      You aree 100% correct. She is WEF, Globalist, pro vax, and anti Putin. Just another NWO Ho.

  8. David

    Ian there an old financial commercial that’s says something like “when Ef hutton speaks people listen”. That was for Dowd. Everyone is interested to hear what he has to say. Which explains why we can’t wait for the video to encode. How much longer Greg? Lol!

    • Jeffrobbins

      I remember that.

  9. z

    Marty had an article on his blog


    Removing legal tender on September 30 2022.
    What is interesting not in martys blog is the Vatican is also telling all churches in usa to have money at the Vatican bank on September 30th.

    what is going on Sept 30th ?
    Thought it was interesting. Great guest looking forward to watching your interview.

    • Denise Naylor

      I am based in the UK. Bank of England has been issuing plastic money for some time and allowed the use of the pre-existing paper notes for a time to allow the transition.
      We have until 30 September to hand in any paper notes at a bank and receive equal value in plastic notes.
      That’s all; nothing to panic about

      best wishes to All

      • CJ

        Do the plastic notes have chips in them like a credit card? If so, can the chips be tracked by who gets them from the bank, where they are spent, what they are spent on, etc? Can the chips be turned off if a person says something, or tries to spend it on something that is not allowed? Just questions that popped into my mind.

  10. Ken

    Rumble has had issues all day Gregg, it’s the storm.

  11. Robert Coleman

    NO VIDEO on RUMBLE ! ! ! !

    • Greg Hunter

      I have re-uploaded it for the third time and now we wait.

  12. Ron

    Hi Greg, any chance you can get an update from the funeral director John O’Looney about what is being found when embalming vaxxed deaths, and what is being done by the authorities to cover it up, for example hospitals now arranging multiple child cremations directly with the crematorium.
    Old interview: https://rumble.com/v19sffr-interview-with-uk-undertaker-john-olooney.html

  13. rory moore

    Greg, thank you for doing your videos and interviews week after week. Always wait for your updates and share them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rory. Rumble will get this posting problem fixed. My video mis good.

      • Valerie

        Great guest! Powerful, yet sobering interview! God help us!
        Thanks, Greg! Glad I was finally able to watch it after the technical difficulties were fixed!

  14. Rodster

    All the talk is about the Nordstream pipelines. Tucker Carlson asked the question if the US did it? He has ajoe Bidet and Victoria Nuland on camera saying they would destroy both pipelines.


  15. Agent P

    ‘That is accelerating to the upside, and the dollar is going to fail up.’

    Gonna give credit to a gent whom called this nearly 10 years ago — Jim Willie. He said the dollar would rise, and rise, and rise – and then, ‘poof’…

    Greg, can’t remember if you ever had Jim Willie on your program – I think you may have…?

    • Greg Hunter

      Agent P.
      Rob Kirby called this three years before he died. Kirby said it would go “Super Nova”!

      • andrew

        RIP Rob.
        THIS is exactly the moment u want to get the pop corn out…and be so lucky to have some.
        I recommend Jeff Snider….he will blow the ceiling on most ‘experts’ analisys of how the monetary system is concocted….if u hear him, u know what and how u ‘the little guy’ will survive.

      • Sam

        Indeed. Not widely known but, Rob Kirby advised Jim Willie for years.

    • James Kolb

      He said it would crash first 11 years ago. Willie flipped and talking to Rob. They were buddies, you know.

  16. Mike R

    Have to totally agree with Dowd on this dollar melt up being a very very very bad sign of things to come. Other currencies are rapidly collapsing while the Fed raises rates, and there is a massive rush out of those currencies into what else ? the US dollar. Its a bad move for those people, as many country’s debts (demonated in US dollars) are now becoming totally unserviceable. no country can handle these increased interest rates, including our very own.

    So here is something NO ONE CAN FATHOM. Right now the Fed is raising rates, and is chasing the 2 year yield. Until it gets to the 2 year yield, it wont pause, or reverse course. As it keeps chasing the market keeps going down. But in every crisis we have had, the market NEVER bottomed UNTIL AFTER the fed bottomed out its rates.

    So this means the Fed needs to keep raising, which will keep the market crashing, then it needs to pause, and then do a u-turn. This takes months. Then it needs to start lowering rates. The market keeps crashing. Take a WILD GUESS how much more the markets crash before the Fed stops lowering their rates, and this time, probably going to negative rates ????

    Try MINIMUM of 80% crash from HERE. From Where we are today folks. That will be the bottom of this market in stocks. rest assured that the Super rich who got clobbered in 2022, are going to be clubbed like baby seals in 2023. The lower 50% of the income spectrum here in the US wont be harmed, as they own no stocks. And no bonds either. They will just stay poor. Think about the impact of Apple dropping 80% or Google dropping 80%. How many layoffs will be occurring ??? How many people will be disabled or dead due to the death VAX prior to these mass layoffs occurring ??? Either way, 10’s of millions will have next to no income. Corporate earnings will go kersplat. Hence why we will for sure see stocks imploding bigly.

    • andrew

      You got it pretty well sorted…apart from what EVERYONE seems to be oblivious to
      : the core of who is ‘benefitting’: Watch the vidco named ” Committee of 300″

      • Paula D.

        Just read a book about the Committee of 300. Interesting reading. It was especially interesting how so many things have been arranged through groups like the Tavistock Institute and how we have been manipulated into much of what has taken place from that one Institute alone. Made me go 🤔

  17. Johnny Cool


    Robert Cormier, who played Finn Cotter on the show “Heartland,” died on Friday. He was just 33 years old.

    The actor’s cause of death is yet to be determined.


  18. Marie Joy

    9/6/2022, Health Ranger Report, on Brighteon, says 91% of Biden voters took the jab.

    • Paula D.

      No wonder why they need so many illegals coming through the Southern border. They must be aware that their voter population is about to take a huge hit. Very sad.

  19. tim mcgraw

    My son lived on Maui for over ten years. He loved it and then came to hate it. Haoles (whites) are not loved on Maui.
    My son also told me that without the ships bringing supplies to the island, food and energy supplies would be gone in two weeks or less.
    Why does Ed Dowd live there? You can get good weather in Sonoma County and plenty of food and energy here. The taxes and bad governments are about the same.

  20. Oliver

    If you upload the raw video to your host via ftp or using your file manager in the control panel and use the code you can get here:

    You can allow us to watch it while you work on the rumble issues. Beats reuploading every 30 minutes and having it fail all night.

    No need to make this post public, email me if you need more assistance.

    Love you Greg keep up the good work.

  21. Robert Coleman

    Greg, Still No Access to the Ed Dowd Video.
    Should consider using crwdview.com and even brighteon.com to post your videos.

    • John Maskell

      Come on Rumble, looking forward to this ! It’s frustrating for you Greg. We know it’s their problem not yours . We just have to be patient . Thanks Mr Hunter, you’re a good man .

      • David Bagley

        Until Trump condemns the jab..and calls it by its real name..Jenny O Side..I’m saying he’s playing a part.

        • Tommy

          David Bagley, do you HATE TRUMP too for recommending Ivermectin HCQ Zinc Vitamins as well as a variety of other alternative therapeutics and most of all for not making any of them MANDATORY across the board? Yawn…

  22. Marie Joy

    IF I were Xi, I would invade via Alaska.

    • Nick

      No need to interfere with self destruction.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Are you serious? And then what? Do you think this is Hannibal crossing the Alps? Do you have any idea about the geography, climate, weather in Alaska year-round much less coming into winter? And from where will they stage this invasion? Across the Bering Strait is Russia, not China. And with satellite technology, will the build-up and preparation go unnoticed? Assuming you are serious, I am at a loss to understand your position. The real danger from China is their economic takeovers on-going in Africa and South America. That’s how they set up checkmate. Best always. PM

      • Marie Joy


        There’s a lot going on between Alaska and China.
        There are Chinese all over America, and some make no bones about their intentions. China buys up as much of America as we will sell to them. We are ripe for the taking with our traitor politicians, catastrophic debt, drugged up, dumbed down population.

    • Pete+only

      Unfortunately Marie, Xi Jinping’s whereabouts have been unknown for the past several weeks, which leads a lot of people to believe he is currently under house arrest, as is his top military leader.
      China’s media is remaining silent on the matter as well which isn’t really a surprise, but it does make one suspicious that something is up.
      There is rumour of a Chinese Coup taking place, but who knows.
      Xi Jinping may not become leader of China for life…afterall…
      Greg, what say you?

  23. Nick


  24. Jerry

    It’s interesting that according to the Jewish calendar, the day of atonement is on September 30th ?

    I don’t know if that fits into Bo’s prediction or not, but it is interesting watching the markets go into free fall. Somehow I think they will delay the detonation and reset until after the midterm elections.

  25. Dan

    Big tech not stopping critical information just slow walking it. Also,what happens to the blood supply if people who took the jab donate to it? If you need a surgery and need blood will you now have spike proteins wrecking havoc in your body?

  26. Jerry

    Here is the WEF calling for an emergency meeting about the global economy failing.

    What does that tell you?

  27. Robert says no

    Rumble seems to be working for other content providers as I see some with today’s date. Are t you on Bitchute too?

  28. stanley skrzypek

    7:02 AM.EST…. never has one of Greg Hunters Video’s EVER been this Late…..I usually get up to watch it a 2AM…….Our Country/Constitution is Being Attacked…..Attacking and silencing Patriots like ……USAWATCHDOG……..this is Horrendous….and scary.

  29. Julia

    While we’re waiting, we in Sarasota County, FL, will appreciate any and all prayers to God for the safety of Venice, North Port, Sarasota, Florida, where we will supposedly take the direct hit (in Venice) later today, 9/28/22. I myself am asking Archangel Michael to push Hurricane Ian out to the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Thank you! God bless us every one.

  30. Cmoore

    Morning Greg Thank you for all you do , I don’t mind waiting for the new video. I watched the Bo Polny video again. I’m so appreciative of what you bring to us



  31. Neville

    Lyrics for Ode to a missing Video
    The Video’ll Come Out Tomorrow
    Bet Your Bottom Dollar That Tomorrow There’ll Be a Video
    Just Thinking About Tomorrow
    Clears Away The Cobwebs And The Sorrow ‘Til There’s None
    When I’m Stuck With A Video That’s Gray And Lonely day
    I Stick Out My Chin And Grin And Say
    TheVideo ‘ll Come Out Tomorrow
    So You Gotta Hang On ‘Til Tomorrow, Come What May
    Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You Video, Tomorrow
    You’re Always A Day Away

    Tum dee tum


  32. Jim Hall

    This is just unbelievable that someone blew up Nordstream 1 and 2. I am totally shocked that even the mentally ill people in charge would do this. Every morning I awaken to find that someone has done the unthinkable. This insures that Europe will suffer immensely from the upcoming winter. This is an act of terrorism against many countries and I hope that they find the culprit. My money is on us, the United States government, not the people of our country. Read what Herman Goering said about the common people and taking them to war. It’s just very sad in the end that our government wants to kill us. When you hear joe biden say that there will be no Nordstream pipeline this should answer any questions about who’s responsible. Perhaps we can read a book about white rage and try and figure out why General Miley committed treason when collaborating with the Chinese military.

    • Timothy

      There are many Teams.

      But there are only Two Powers.

    • Richard Longacre

      The USS KEARSARGE (LHD-3) incl. Fleet was traveling in the very area where the Nord stream pipeline sabotage took place and they intentionally shut off their AIS GPS tracking system while in the area of the sabotage. I’m sure it was CIA rather than our military that actually planted the explosives. CIA just hitched a ride.

      They wanted to make sure that Russia could not provide LNG to Germany even if they struck a deal and wanted to. We will fight this war to the last Ukrainian and last frozen and starving German. Coming soon to a country near you.

    • Garfield

      Nobody in charge is mentally ill. They are evil beyond our imagination.

  33. Robert Coleman

    Greg, Obviously this Video is extremely controversial and they do not want the public to hear what Ed Dowd has to say – seems they are blocking it’s upload. Have uploaded a number of my own videos without any difficulty since you have had this problem. Played my own as well as many of your past Videos on RUMBLE. Seems this particular one has them shaking in their boots.. We are all waiting anxiously to hear what he has to say. Let us know when you have it up and running. We are all together with you standing against tyranny. The Gates of Hell Will NOT Prevail.

  34. Mike

    Hi Greg

    Edward Dowd is a must to watch, listen and learn from
    Top-Top-Top Notch interview

    Keep up God’s Work to awaken the populace with analytical truth

  35. Robert says no

    Here’s Biden telling the world that the USA will bring down Nordstream Two. Feb 2022. . It’s way too unusual that both gas lines were taken out. Way too unusual. It’s as though the west is deliberately destroying Europe and the USA. pure evil is upon us and I’m not religious.


  36. Roger Stamper

    tks for post ed greg

  37. Nick-Dog

    Hi Greg! Thank you for your show–I always enjoy your show and appreciate all of your hard work! Definitely a Rumble problem that started on Tuesday. I wonder if it’s being sabotaged.

  38. Jeff Kindley


    Keep up the good work. I read through the article and once it uploads it should be an excellent interview. I see a lot of comments about Greg Mannarino. I use to listen to him sometimes, but I got tired of his cussing etc and bashing of Trump etc. I do not understand why people keep attacking Trump. He is trying to help but I believe people like Mannarino like status quo because they are making money off this broke system which needs to be revamped or eliminated.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “but I believe people like Mannarino like status quo because they are making money off this broke system . . .”
      Gregory Mannerino admitted he had LOST a third the value of his investment portfolio during the first several months of this year. Mostly, I believe, by holding onto his Bitcoin stake. Whatever the reason, this does not chime with your assertion that (Mannerino – sic) is making money off this broke system”.

  39. CJ

    I think I have a USA Watchdog problem. Having withdrawal symptoms waiting for Rumble to get this fixed. Guess I’ll go back and get my fix by watching some previous episodes. LOL.

    Technology is great as long as it works. Something to think about as they take us to digital currency.

    • Jeff Kindley

      Yes, but I am referring to stocks and bonds not crypto which is highly speculative at best.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        “Mostly, I believe, by holding onto his Bitcoin stake.” This was only my opinion. Mannerino has asserted for some years now that, ‘there are no markets – everything is manipulated’. Historically, he has succeeded by interpreting markets based on cause and effect – human investment reaction to events. IMHO, the current “status quo”, where there are no markets, only centrally controlled manipulations, does not favour the likes of Gregory Mannerino. Thus, I do not believe your assertion that he supports the “broke system” is correct.

  40. Paul

    Hi Greg, thanks so much for all the great free content you provide.

    Something I haven’t heard anyone talk about, re: the KillShot, is the potential for this experimental mRNA injection to cause birth-defects in the future children of those who took the vax.

    I remember some Desert Storm vets having this problem, most likely because of the anthrax (I think) vaxes they were given prior to deployment.

    Have any of your contacts mentioned anything about this possibility?

    • Greg Hunter

      I did a story on birth defects and the military way back when CNN did the actual news. It was not anthrax but Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions.

      • jomer

        Now that you mention it, I recall seeing clips of your story.

        It was brought up in an interview with Candain Military Officer who was in charge of a recovery unit. All of the people under his command had already died, including some of their family, from the DU exposure.

        A friend of mine who was with a artillery unit in Bosnia said most of the people in his unit have also as suffered from the consequences of all the DU rounds they were shooting.

        the DU story is such an important story but based on more important things going on today it has to fall off the radar. as the saying goes “just when you think things cannot get any worst, BAM! it does.”

      • Blackwater River

        And guess what we (UK USA) have been sending to use in Ukraine? Depleted uranium warheads. Add to their WMD BioLabs accidental experiments in the local population (exposed in 2018) and birth defects are a given to that population.

        As for all that MSM noise about distributing their wheat – they’ve allowed GMO crops to be grown without labelling.

        I read somewhere that Global Financials (Blackrock, State Street, Secretive Vanguard etc) have been buying up massive tracts of land since Z- elensky was selected.

        Greg, do you have any confirmatory info on above? It would be like yet another Banker war with the bonus of huge loss of mostly men. WW1 meant so few men for British women that many were left as maidens.

        P.S. would you please mirror your interviews on other sites. Brand new YouTube, bitchute (been closing down most of the old movie channels I’ve been following for over a year!)

        FYI Russia does not allow GMO crops.

  41. Jonny Syk

    Pilot to bombardier, we are over the target and our bomb bay doors have been jammed shut by a hacker.

  42. Jim Hall

    Greg, have you considered that the problem is that you are over the target. This is a war, nothing more, nothing less. I fear that we are going to see what we would have previously thought unimaginable.

  43. Anti-Atomist

    Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

    ‘Ridiculous’ number of missing kids in Oregon

    An actual BIGFOOT trap in the Oregon forest

    The Abominable Snowman – Documentary

    “The Abominable Snowman” documentary shows actual footage of a yeti in the Himilayas; therefore, it is certainly zoologically possible that “Bigfoot” AKA Sasquatch’s 8-foot tall yeti ancestors migrated across the Bering Straight land bridge into Alaska, Canada, & North America….


    • Galaxy 500

      Believe in something that has no evidence…
      Big Foot is hiding next to the Martians. They are working together

  44. Andrew Maggard

    Good Morning Greg,
    I am sorry to see the difficulties that you are encountering in getting the news out to your followers. I am of the opinion that nothing much these days is coincidental, unfortunately any number of recent news stories as well as several of my experiences tell me that I am neither paranoid or delusional. I believe there is something sorely amiss within the broadcast and news services involving accurate and unbiased reporting of the news. I have come to be suspicious in instances where technical difficulties intervein in preventing a timely disclosure of situations that are contrary to the “official” reporting offered, these technical difficulties can often be equated with an effort to censor or intimidate news reporting that is accurate and unbiased. No doubt exists as to the accuracy of the reporting of USA Watchdog.
    Whether or not such is the case in this instance remains to be seen, however, my personal experience would indicate that the possibility certainly exists, especially within the current political environment that we confront.
    Again, I appreciate your steadfast and accurate reporting of current events and of the thorough analysis that consistently rings true involving economic and geopolitical events that bear upon the well being of the country and the people.
    Thank you Mr. Hunter.
    Andrew Maggard

    • Jim Hall

      I agree with everything you said. Spot on.

  45. tim

    Greg your video being held up might start the revolution.

    • Greg Hunter

      I still think this is an internal problem with Rumble. Nice people but they have a problem to work through. The video is fine as I have re-uploaded it on BitChute and it’s playing fine. So sorry to you and everyone else for the delay on posting. I will be deleting most of the other comments talking about the problem posting. I am not being mean, but just want to get on with the comments about the problems at hand.

      • tim

        Yes Greg i was just making light of the situation. Hope all is well. Looks Like QE is back on. Bo may have just been a few days off on his prediction and the Pipeline explosions. Tough times ahead

  46. z

    Greg Hunter is over the target !!!!

    Behind The BOE’s Panic: Billions In Margin Calls “Death Spiraling” Into A Complete Bond Market Collapse


    Why was the Queen Funeral on every channel TV in usa ? Are Americans the Queen or kings subjects?

  47. Enrico

    Okay I must have posted my question just as you finished posting on bitchute. I see it on USAWATCHDOG,COM now.

  48. myke mallano

    This is more of a tip than a comment for Greg…Reports coming in that ALL shots, ALL flu shots, ALL “experimental vax: shots cause SHEDDING to the unvaxed and contain up to 10 mRNA alterations. No wonder countries don’t have to mandate shots anymore. First place I saw this was SGT Report, on Bitchute and Rumble, “Here Comes The Next Bioweapon. Hope and Tivon.” Please check this out!

    • Blackwater River

      When family and I went to a no lockdown get together in London we spoke with Not the BBC about ‘what’s in them’. He told us my previous Flu vax in 2019 was compromised. And if I had a recent mri with dyes which he also said was compromised.

      Interestingly at that time all of us noticed we were undone but magnetised. We are talking coins sticking to foreheads, spoons (plural) on our torsos. And phones sticking too. We’re in countryside with no Towers.

      He advocated NAC (FDA attempting to ban), zinc and quercetin. We also went to the sea. Seems to have worked.

      FYI I believe British Regent is the Main man. Charlie took over Privy council in 2014!

  49. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg — Major wake-up call in this video. When Ed Dowd was discussing actuarial tables at time: 11:30 and he mentioned life expectancy dropping from 74 to 53 over the next 5 years. Did I hear that right? 53? That’s huge. Wow, life expectancy below the age where you can take one dime from social security — shortfall fixed. Seriously not good.

    Treason for the Generals at the top who went along with this is totally appropriate.

    “Cause Unknown” looks like a good informative work. Being the good US consumer, I signed up for pre-order — Amazon, everything goes on my Kindle. My instant-gratification gene is having a fit with needing to wait over a month, but I’ll deal with it. 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep!! and this is why people like Dr. Mike Yeadon is calling this a depopulation/genocide.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Thanks for having Ed Dowd on. He is my new favorite. It sounds like that there could be 50 million vaxx deaths (USA only) in the next 3 years and an equal amount of severe vaxx injuries. Going to be very hard to function as a society!!!!!!

        God bless and take care my friend.


  50. Nick

    It was interesting to hear Ed mention fasting a few days. Sound a good strategy for those vaxed. I will pass it on.

    My anecdotal study shows a few bad cases of flu among vaxed friends and family and that is it. I know that is counter to the new normal, but worth a mention.

  51. Steve Kloppers

    Terrible acoustic when Ed Talks

  52. John Maskell

    Thank you Greg , it’s playing fine. Just a bit of patience , that’s all.

  53. Mark


  54. pbd

    Greg – thanks for another excellent interview.
    The FED raising FFR interest rate – is aimed at supporting the inflation fighting propaganda narrative – the indicated “tightening” policy on the one hand will increase CPI inflation (as Martin Armstrong pointed out). In a stagflation environment higher interest rates increase input money costs and cause money to flow out of inflated financial assets into real stuff – aka CPI inflation – and at the same time increase “stagnation”. The idea that the FED higher interest rates are aimed at fighting CPI inflation arising from an overheating economy is on its face a lie.
    But these higher interest rates are NOT going to contract the overall currency supply because the FED on the other hand is currently MASSIVELY printing (digital) USDs openly (and covertly) hand-over-fist to buy financial assets (mainly bonds) to keep the U.S. debt market from collapsing – which is critical to keeping the U.S. Government in business spending/barrowing – gaslighting and making war.
    From the rising U.S. 10 year Treasury rates it appears the battle is being lost by the FED – which suggest we may be on the final run into the forever forecast inevitable fiat currency ponzi collapse – financial doom loop that cannot be stopped because of the State sponsored Covid clot-shot death spiral. That is we are going broke slowly at first and then all at once.
    The higher interest rate competition “beggar-thy-neighbor” policy to drive E.U. demand for USD denominated financial assets (mainly bonds) has limits and appears to be waning – and is not carrying the full freight re. supporting the U.S. bond market. U.S. stocks are a huge potential looser – unless you are buying no-debt/steady revenue value propositions (that will not be nationalized in the future coming State sponsored chaos) – because when the debt markets implode – highly leveraged publicly traded stocks will go to zero and the assets will be owned by the debt holders and/or Government (from bailouts/nationalization) – remember what happened to the “little people” stockholders (bag holders) of GM.
    European countries are presently pivoting to openly martial law/police states. It is likely some kind of false-flag or induced crisis will be the excuse used for a similar pivot soon in the U.S. that will allow the midterm elections to be delayed/deferred indefinitely – under the propaganda that it is “temporary”.
    Best of luck all.

  55. Martin Coombs

    Z, YES

  56. Clarks

    Well “Hell On Earth” seems to be the theme being used to describe the condition of the times from the highest levels of gov’t’s around the world, to us front-line-foot-soldiers. From our perspective “watchmen on the wall” going on now for over 40 years this would be the awarded interview of the year. Doesn’t get much more plain, honest, sincere of a message we’re in for a world of hurt!

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks for the link. Gosh that guy is huge. He might need to fast for several months.

  57. Barbara Hersom

    Have to wonder why Biden is saying the most important thing to do to prepare for hurricane Ian is to get vaxxed

    Also, what is with all these states now allowing human composting as a funeral option – the timing is very suspect

  58. nobody

    World wide the 15% to 40% increase of life insurance payouts in 2021 are the writing on the wall. Ask any business owner or coworker if the loss of a competent coworker, specialist or mid manager would effect them? Depending on the experience and business acumen lost if even 5% of their work force left due to illness or death, it would greatly effect any business immediately and for any future projects.

    Praise God, Jesus, and the Spirit of Truth.
    Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

    • Richard Longacre

      Nobody, Their plan is to destroy every small business, farmer, rancher, self employed, and independent trucker in our nation so only the big corporation companies will be left. We will need far less workers alive and not disabled once everything is destroyed. That is all Satan knows how to do, steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10).

      Turn to Jesus if you want life and have it abundantly .

  59. scott

    Since no viruses have ever been found in any human fluids , No vaccines can ever possibly work.
    All vaccines are medical fraud…

    • Jim Hall

      Tim, I believe that the purpose of holding physical gold and silver is when the currency goes poof. You can trade the markets for capital appreciation but for the long haul I think that we will need to take delivery. You’re spot on about the vigorish. Thank you for your introspection.

  60. Patrick O'Carroll

    The Ed Dowd video is STILL not showing.
    There is a RUMBLE problem.
    So please place the Ed Dowd video on BitChute.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes it is there. I just checked it. Unplug your modem and plug it back in and/or use a different browser. Let me know if this works.

  61. James

    Have a solution for the debt & banks summed up in 2 words.
    Tar & feather

  62. Robert Coleman

    Thank you Greg for finally getting this timely information uploaded. What a Wake Up Call to Humanity. Thank God us PURE BLOODS ( unvaxxed ) will be the foundation to usher in a New beginning to humanity with Gods help. Have friends of mine world wide who took the jab, some of them 2 or 3 jabs and have friends in Israel who have had 4 jabs of the Pfizer death shots. They will not listen to even go out to the FLCCC Web Site to lok at the protocols for Vax Injured individuals – feel so sad they will not be around much longer – hopefully sharing this video with them will open their eyes and hearts. Thank you for all you do.

  63. Sue Robinson

    Hi Greg,
    Your interview with Ed Dowd was totally worth the wait! Thanks so much for yet another wonderful job. AND, Re the Nordstream Pipeline undersea attack. Biden and Victoria Nuland announced the U.S. intentions to do this early last Spring – they both said Nordstream would go down if Russia ‘invaded Ukraine. And, this is a brutal attack on Germany. An act of war against Europe and Russia by our unhinged government and its terrible leadership. The internet is packed with searing commentary on this and also with UTube of Biden and Nuland making their threats.. check out Pepe Escobar’s commentary on this disastrous move by our government.

    • Coal Burner

      I am happy people are beginning to realize there is an unspoken WAR between the US and EU going on. For a while I thought it was primarily a Fed Banking War but I guess I underestimated something. What do I mean? The FED has realized that if the WEF wins the world power and becomes the world banker the FED boys and Wall Street power brokers will lose their power, influence and money. So they have joined the fight. Not like they care about us but their purposes does align with ours, suddenly. I would add, don forget Klause Shuab is actually a born and bred Rothchild. A grandson of the direct connections.
      Above Warren B mentioned the Jesuits were in cahoots with the Dragon of “The City of London Company”, I never heard that before, can anyone help me here. The Jesuits have quite a hidden history but I had not heard this play. Yes, play, life and death is just a game with these people at their level. We are the Serf’s, pawns, dogs they use for war. When I was young, more liberal and stupid, my WWII father tried to inform me but I was as I said. His words ring like the Bells of Notre Dame in my head every time I open my brain. Turns out he got a fantastic advanced education surviving in Patton’s group of Iron Men survivors. He had a PHD in world politics and the evil behind that by the time he got home.

  64. Uncle Sal

    My Generation Z Grandkid, college age, concert goer, tells me due to requirements at school, employment and to get into concerts, events he and his have acquired and also distribute FAKE Vax cards that are registered and can be authenticated, he, they make more money selling these than working.

    • James Kolb

      Nice felony coming!

      • Robert F

        Yup, I would not advise that, and by doing that uou are capitulating to the lie.

  65. Eric Thorp

    When you are aware of the level of evil that’s taking place and where humanity is being led, to the slaughter! any person who possesses empathy for his fellow man or woman or child for that matter, is going to be outraged, especially towards those facilitating these egregious crimes against humanity. Greg Mannarino is brilliantly entertaining in the way he mocks and denounces the diabolical enablers. My message to the detractors is, ignorance is bliss!

  66. Dee K.

    Thank you Greg for this important interview Ed Dowd & his important book coming out! I have shared this informative interview.

  67. Jim

    Fasting I’ve heard from several integrated medical doctors. Clif High’s telegram (half past human i think) lists the supplements. He pinned it at the top of his channel. Seems little downside for either.

    When i got “covid” (yes i know the arguments but i had something nasty that wasn’t a damn flu) my body basically forced me to fast. And many other conditions improve when you just stop eating. Wise to consult a real doctor if you go that route.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Check out Ariyana Love (ND) on Telegram. She has a few protocols for vaxxxed and non vaxxxed who are victims of shedding. Time will tell but we may all be victims of shedding.

  68. Really Awake

    I totally agree with fasting as a primary treatment for the “Vaxx” injuries… Autophagy is a proven method of getting well naturally. I learned of this in 1981 from Jack Soltanoff. A few years later Jack wrote a book called, “Natural Healing”. Gerald Celente still talks about Jack to this day.. Jack was a close, personal friend of my mother and a friend of the entire family. I still have his book, and I highly recommend it to anybody who is suffering from poor health. Because of Jack Soltanoff and his personal advice I enjoy excellent health to this day, and I have never needed any drugs or medications; and Covid (if I ever cought it) was nothing to me. I don’t know if I had Covid, and, frankly, I don’t care.

    Fasting is a major part of my healthy lifestyle.. Fasting is a proven way to get well and stay well. 5000 years ago people recognized the value of fasting, and it is more important than ever nowadays.

    Get a used copy of Natural Healing. And follow the advice. Another great man was Jack LaLanne. Read his advice, too. I actually have developed my own personal methods from both Jacks. And I was out at 5:30am this morning hiking the mountainside better than men 40 years younger than me… Fact: Covid was nothing to anybody who lived a healthy lifestyle.

    • Greg Hunter

      Really Awake,
      You also NEED Ivermectin. Why do just one thing? This is advanced medical technology that mobody has ever seen before administered on this scale.

      • Really Awake

        I don’t disagree that many people do “need” Ivermectin (especially the vaxxed and boosted) and those of whom living an unhealthy lifestyle – especially those with serious preexisting medical conditions. So, I actually do have a stockpile just in case;however, I haven’t used it, yet. And I probably never will.

        I’ve done my own research; I think for myself; and I draw my own conclusions. I highly respect the doctors who recommend comprehensive treatment programs which include Ivermectin. And I’ve actually consulted with one of my own doctors ( a man I’ve known for over two decades) who is one of the top doctors in Thailand. He has an American Ivy League medical education, an Eastern Chinese medical education and a Thailand Medical education and he speaks and writes fluently in all three languages… His experience with SARS 1 puts him way ahead of most. The fact is that there is no long-term proof backed up by peer reviewed studies that Ivermectin does anything for a non-vaxxed person in exceptional health. And until I see such studies I’m not putting any man-made drug in my body.

        There is plenty of short-term evidence that non-smokers, non-drinkers, non-drug takers, non-fat persons, individuals who exercise, sleep well, eat well, drink plenty of pure water and get a good night’s sleep don’t have ANY health problems and don’t NEED anything other than a role model to follow like Jack LaLanne.

        I say, never underestimate the power of a healthy body, a healthy mind and a spiritual man who prays and reads the Bible everyday. Don’t underestimate such a man to overcome evil. You don’t have to be perfect at all of the above, either – you just have to be consistent…

        I’ll take my methods (including natural Chinese medicine) over ANY drug or man-made medication any day.

        Mr. Hunter, you do excellent work. And thank you for grinding out one great interview after the other week after week. And thank you for putting up with so many comments. Your work load is incredible.


      • Scott

        But our bodies were designed to self heal – why introduce something that you may or may not know you are actually receiving the real medicine as described on the bottle – – Do a little research on a Peter Glidden and how he describes natural medicine, processes for how the body will self heal, etc.

        My house no longer takes any medicine nor will my kids take any more vaccines….

  69. James PTY

    Can’t say I worked with BlackRock, but for 35 years I have worked in financial markets as a numismatic/metals dealer, commodity trader, and managing a boutique fund domiciled on the Isthmus. When Dowd mentioned the Fed CBDC being used to prohibit one’s ability to “transact” if one is naughty it struck a chord with me. For this reason I basically abandoned most of the legacy financial system, and have spent the last five years focusing on Decentralized Ledger Technologies. DLT does work for P2P/B2B transactions, and this is just the beginning as large international transaction between Countries begin to take place with frequency: Rob Kirby’s thesis on BTC volume centered on large corporate or government cross border transaction settlement, and Russia has recently publicly commented on a willingness to do so. Open source DLT is nothing like Reserve Bank CBDCs, so understand this technology sooner rather than later.

    • J. Kimble Allen

      Hi James, thanks for your comment.

      Could you please provide us with more information regarding Decentralized Ledger Technologies?


      • James PTY

        Hi J.K.A., you might start at coingecko.com, there is more than just Price reported, and learning to navigate those resources will help- the cel app has a category called “explore” listing recent news from many sources (the desktop version has different “learning resources”). A general internet search/YouTube has an abundance of material If you like e-books, I published one on amazon in 2019 “Blockchain Explained In A Useful Way: by a seasoned financial professional”, it is a bit dated, but is sure to end a sleepless night… don’t buy it download for free with kindle unlimited! My experience has been unless a person has a tech background people 45 and older tend to struggle a bit with understanding the technology, so as with all of life, remain undaunted.

        • J. KImble Allen

          Thanks, James!

  70. Jim

    Bitcoin Litecoin Monero. HEX to earn interest. Vee don’t need no stinking fake money ever again.

    • Robert F

      no thanks, did you see what happened in florida?

      And nothing that reauires interent is decentralized

      you btc guys are crazy imo

  71. mike

    Great Guest Great Information..
    already went to the link and purchased the book.

  72. Jeffrobbins

    Even if this guy was- used to be- a big liberal donor- listening to this interview makes me proud and pleased to know there are honorable people willing to speak out. There is hope for our country, and maybe someone like this could/ would be a future representative for the people. You can hear the thought progression in his statements. Great job Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeff.

  73. Mike G

    US Navy blows up ns 1 and 2 releasing billions of gallons of methane into the atmosphere. This from the Biden Admin, the concerned global warming admin and Blinken says will support renewable sources. Senile Pedo Criminals

  74. Jim Hall

    Greg, no need to apologize. You have some of the best people on the internet on your news channel. Unlike the msm you confine yourself to the truth. Hence your audience is expanding rather than contracting. I wonder what Catherine Austin Fitts has to say about the terrorist attack on the Nordstream pipelines. I wonder if she will remain in the Netherlands for the winter or head back to Tennessee. Another great guest, Paul Craig Roberts posted a narrative on Zero Hedge yesterday. It’s well worth the time for a read.


    From my neck of the woods – I have 6 family members getting anywhere from 2-4 jabbs. So far one has had a bad flu, another with internal body tremors. Otherwise, nothing that I know of that they are talking about. Just an FYI.

  76. Russ 2

    Greg — unrelated to other comments or the Ed Dowd interview …
    “Nord Stream Pipelines Sabotaged, and Only One Country Benefits”
    I really hope that guy at the podium who is forever forgetting his audience is the fracking world and all too often blurts out the truth, doesn’t blurt out on this … or maybe I do hope his senior moment tendencies shine thru yet again — light of day and all that…

    • J. Kimble Allen

      Russ, President J. Robinette Biden already addressed this issue in FEB 2022.

      President Biden on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline if Russia Invades Ukraine: “We will bring an end to it.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS4O8rGRLf8

      Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs in JAN 2022.
      ‘I Don’t Want That Pipeline Operational’: GOP Sen. Presses Witness On Nord Stream 2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBUIlHM9WSo

      Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs FEB 2014 … states how she feels about the European Union … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdygnTrrGVI

  77. Divingengineer

    When your guest is talking about disabilities it made me think back to the classic adage of warfare that a wounded soldier slows an army down more than a dead one. You can shoot an enemy soldier in the foot and cause them more impact than killing him.
    I think disabilities in the workforce are going to be more impactful to our economy than deaths. These people will need a lot of continuing care, they will use a lot of resources, and most of them won’t be able to put anything back into the economy. That to me sounds like a huge upcoming trend if he is correct and millions of people have been disabled by this monstrous shot.

  78. Marie Joy

    If you have to ask if something is safe, it never is.

  79. Linda Majors


    Excellent interview with Ed!

    Hopefully, his book will convince people (at least some) not to get any more shots or boosters. In California, the Health Department continues to promote that poison. But not surprising, considering Communists run this state, and plan to make it illegal to drive anything except those electric cars, which are dangerous and very bad for the environment. What a bunch of ignorant dregs!

    I hope Ed sends copies of his book to the DOD. Those mandates are cruel and inhumane. Further, we can’t win wars with sick and dying troops. Sometimes I wonder if our military leaders are interested in winning wars. The high ranking ones are so “woke” that they can no longer think rationally. There is something strange going on with people who have become “woke.” I believe their brains are being controlled.

    Hopefully, it will not take years to bring Big Pharma and the rogue hospitals to justice.
    I watched an interview with Dr. Marick. He said that the world has “gone mad.” That he would like to “get off.” He lost everything, including his license to practice medicine, because he prescribed Ivernectin and saved lives. He resides in Virginia.

    Faraday Bag. You probably heard about the FBI cornering Mike Lindell at a Hardee’s drivethru and confiscated his phone. It is believed that the FBI had tracked him with the cell towers. If Mike had his phone in one of the Faraday Bags, he could have prevented them from snooping on him, and violating his rights. Currently, he is suing the DOJ and U.S. Government.

    Best wishes,

    • Self Exiled

      “FBI had tracked him with the cell towers”

      I watch a flight tracker site and the day Mike Lyndel was arrested; there was a plane circling Mankato Minn; for a long period of time and I thought why are they monitoring Mankato. You can tell when these planes are up because their flight path is a continues tight circle around their target. These planes have extremely advanced equipment that can monitor cell phones and act as a cell tower. As I understand it this gives them power to take all the data off your phone also. All they needed was the phone for hard evidence.

    • Linda Majors

      Followup to comments.

      During Dr. Marik’s interview, he revealed that hospitals receive as much as $400-450K from our government for each Covid Medicare patient. (What a racket!) This explains why hospital administrators don’t want patients to be treated with meds that save lives. such as Ivermectim and Hydroxychloroquine. Instead, they put them on medications that are not effective, and very expensive. They torture those poor souls until they’re dead. Then rip off the taxpayers.

  80. WD


    I have noticed that the ATTORNEY market here where I live seems to be drying up.
    What I mean is that the number of ATTORNEY jobs has tripled in the last 3 months….Very strange

  81. Alan Grimes

    Long term unemployed here. There is no such thing as a labor shortage until I get a job offer. =| That said my father was well vaccinated so therefore I now have Dr. Evil money from my inheritance and my main concern is getting it out of the way of the collapse of the Federal Reserve Note.

    • thought bomb

      the USPS is hiring and has been for a while. The Bible says slackers will get the lash.

  82. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for a great and insightful interview.

    These are hard hitting facts to ponder and how to prepare on different levels to live through times like the present.

    The BIS person that Ed referred to is none other than the general manager of the BIS, Agustin Carstens – https://www.bis.org/about/bioac.htm.

    Here is a link to the video that was referred to during the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpNnTuK5JJU

    Smart people who watch this clip will get it immediately, it is about control and the technological means to impose that control to take away people’s freedom to transact and ultimately means to live. This implies that the Central Banks want ultimate power over life and death over every person taking part in their system.

    The question is how long will it take before the majority of people realize the implication of these plans?

    Martin Armstrong and Catherine Austin Fitts alluded to this speech before during their interviews.

    Do keep up with your good work and God bless you.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Marius,
      “This implies that the Central Banks want ultimate power over life and death over every person . . .”
      True. however, IMHO, it is potentially more ‘productive’ to lay the blame where it ultimately lies – with the dynastic banking families who own and control the whole stinking central bank / fiat currency / Babylonian Money Magik system.


    Majority of people just dont care! They are being majorly distracted by every thing around them. A degree of stress due to work, debt, fear of what the future may bring. Terrorists, covid, monkey pox , fear of nuclear war. The general population just sits back and says ” As long as I have 3 meals and a cot two weeks vacation, its not my problem”.
    If the government had tried this stuff 40 years ago, I dont think I have to say what would happen.
    In my my heart I wish we had a solar event and put the population back into the stone age. Thats what we deserve, FOR BEING STUPID….

    • Self Exiled

      They killed a president, a presidential candidate and a peace activist 60 years ago and nobody did a thing. The silent majority sat back and watched them shot college students on campus at Kent State and allowed a ten-year war in Southeast Asia. Nothing’s changed.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      You are exactly right. The people I am around everyday don’t want to think. They want to be entertained. Show them this funny video or tell that joke. Do not discuss the news or what’s really going on. The masses have become zombies.


  84. Colleen

    Do you think the Nord Stream explosion could be a Black Swan / King Ferdinand event? I think this is a lot scarier than people think. They’re all distracted watching the Florida hurricane. Aside from the political scenario, gas- oil in the ocean is disastrous. I’m reminded of the nuclear leak in Japan which still isn’t repaired..nor can it be repaired. I feel like we are seeing the stage being set for the AntiChrist. God have Mercy!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Colleen,
      I agree, this looks like a premeditated ‘Crown Prince Ferdinand’ moment. Somehow, ‘we the people’ have become so inured to outrageous events, that the magnitude of blowing up Russia’s two gas pipelines to (Western) Europe is not SHOCKING people as it should. Much depends on Russia’s response. Let us all hope her government has more sense than those of the ‘Anglo-American alliance’.

    • Robert F

      The fact that this guy is mentioning the Rothschilds is peaking my interest.

  85. Nina

    My husband’s cousin’s 30 year old son had a heart attack and died after his second covid injection. He was healthly and died in front of his family: wife and two children. A 30 year old health young man died from an unnecessary treatment for something that would have been a “cold” for him. Horrific. The people who did this need to be held criminally accountable. The “Prep Act” needs to be overturned. There should be NO immunity for fraud!
    Thank you, Greg for being a voice for the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry to hear this. I really feel sorry for the wife and children. Thanks for sharing even though the news is very sad. I agree with you 110%!!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        A thirty year old dying in front of his wife and two children in such circumstances is truly tragic. So sorry Nina.

        Outstanding interview with Ed Dowd – no need to ‘wax lyrical’.

        Nina’s story prompts me to re-post Janet’s link (from the Martin Armstrong comments) concerning people dying suddenly. This is a heart wrenching video. I found it profoundly saddening – and it made me ‘Mad as Hell’ (Peter Finch in the movie, ‘Network’). The whole ‘Covid’ saga is an outrage upon humanity and we should all, rightly, be as mad as Hell! https://www.ournewearthnews.com/2022/09/24/ultimate-video-on-people-suddenly-dropping-dead/

  86. DAVID

    my special forces buddy told me,UKRAINE SOLDIERS are chopping the heads off of Russian soldiers and making soup out of them CANNIBALISM.

  87. Robert Moffett

    I don’t remember where on youtube I heard it but a doctor or researcher was saying there was a possibility that infrared from sunlight could help the body remove spike proteins. I have been walking outside without my shirt for 20 to 30 minutes every morning around 11 am. My sleep has gotten better.

  88. Marie Joy

    We, all, need to be in better shape for what’s coming.

  89. Nancy York

    UNMUTE button on Rumble video does not work. Can’t hear the video.

  90. Larry Serflaten

    Just a heads up in case you do not see it; the video player here is different than before. In particular, it does not go full screen in Chrome. I went back to the Dr. Peter McCoullough interview and it still has the old video player which does go full screen. I thought video players were a browser thing, but apparently there is more to it. The old one displayed ‘rumble’ in the lower right corner, the player here does not. Its not a game killer in that I saw the whole interview, but if you can get the old player back, that would be preferable. I just checked the interview with Martin Armstrong, and that also has the old player with ‘rumble’ in the lower right corner. Just sharing what I see…. (No need to go public)

  91. Leslie

    Hi Greg, I saw your comment that Rob Kirby said the dollar would “go super nova and then “poof””. I am so not a financial wizard. What would that look like? What would be the timeline experience of that occurrence?
    A reminder for myself and all:
    All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

  92. Jeffrobbins

    I wonder about that German politician claiming that the 24th would be a day to remember? Was this pipeline supposed to go off on that day? I keep wondering about what the goal of this is. I wonder what the German population thinks and what they are being told to think. Is there anyone looking at this with any insight to the German point of view??

  93. Pete+only

    Thanks Greg for having Ed Dowd on your show.
    He offers a unique numbers and business perspective.
    One thing that wasn’t touched on was how long that insurance companies will continue to take the hit in losses from vaccine deaths and vaccine injuries, and how long will they turn a blind eye that the unvaccinated may turn out to be the only people showing up for work in the not too distant future.
    Many of these insurance companies are publicly traded companies, so they should be held to account eventually, you would think by their shareholders.
    Surely these insurance companies need to be losing a lot of money these days, particularly ones that offer group, life and health insurance.

  94. tim mcgraw

    I agree with Dowd that S & P 500 will go down another 20%. I keep any extra money in cash. Gold, sure, but it does have counter-party risk. The premiums to buy the coins and then sell the coins, really cuts into the value of the coins! None of these “financial gold supporting wizards” ever mention all of the vigorish on buying gold and silver coins. I find this disingenuous at best.
    And any financial wizard still living in the Hawaiian Islands is a fool imo.

    • JB

      The “vigorish” you mention will become moot when real market forces enter the equation as cash goes burrr in rising to the moon. Real money will be recognized simultaneously because of the fake money printers whose ink wells will become dry. When that takes place, obtaining physical gold and silver will not be the usual play for the dealers, it will become a necessity for those who wish to preserve their wealth with less and less available to do so ..at least at current spot plus vig prices.
      Not sure what your beef with living on Maui or the islands is but, last checked they are so very Very nice and are part of America despite high costs and some islanderTards residing there….they are everywhere though.

      • tim mcgraw

        JB: If supply ships quit coming to Hawaii, food runs out in two weeks.

    • Johnny Cool


      But, but who can resist paradise?

      Paradise Hawaiian Style! 😎


      • tim mcgraw

        LOL! Illusions are fun until reality arrives.

    • eddiemd

      People who live on Maui live in a fantasy world. My good friend lived there for 20 years and still swears that he could survive WW III on the island. He states that he could forage for food and catch fish to survive.
      Those living there may soon get a chance to test their hypotheses. Too many people and too few resources.

      You have to look back in history to see where the natives were able to survive. Here in Arizona the native peoples were able to survive in certain areas. Many were nomadic such as the Apache. The Hopi and Navajo stayed up in the northeast.

      It all depends on fresh water supplies. Natural springs here in Arizona are common at around 4000ft. Many are naturally contaminated with arsenic.

      Phoenix, Tucson, and all desert cities will cease to exist in the near future. No power and no water.

      • tim mcgraw

        Eddie MD: I agree with your assessments. No way Maui or the desert cities of the American SW can survive if the SHTF.

    • Paul

      Best to consider it as generational wealth.
      Dig it out of the ground, to put it back there. A long term asset. If can’t do that, your of victim of short term,

      Paul from arkansas

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Arkansas: If you can keep generational wealth going, you are a wise man. You are a Royal, a Rothschild, a Rockefeller, etc.
        Most wealth is pissed away in three generations.
        You can bury all the gold you want, but if your grandkids are stupid, the wealth will be pissed away.

  95. Rusty

    Greg, the white shirt is a super look.

  96. Jonathan Clark

    Great interview Greg.
    You and Ed discussed a shadowy organisation that controlling the medical boards and they had a system setup before the jab rollout happened. There was an expose on this controlling organisation this week. It’s the Federal State Medical Boards (FSMB). They were founded the same year as the Federal Reserve & IRS (surprise surprise).

    An american doctor Bruce Dooley uncovers it and talks about it in this interview.
    It’s starting to go viral in the medical community and was picked up by Kennedy

    I know Dr. Bruce Dooley personally. If you feel this warrants and interview, I can connect him to you.


  97. Bruce E. S

    There is a storm cloud on the horizon!Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  98. PersonaNonGrata

    “If anybody is not saying that they (CV-19 vaccines – sic) need to be pulled from the market immediately, then they are on the wrong side of history and they are on the side of crimes against humanity.” James Roguski on Stew Peters Show – ‘Doctors Unite To Handle Jab Aftermath’

  99. David Tiger

    Written to a friend 1.2.22: Well let the leaking of truth begin……the proof is in the pudding (numbers) unfortunately this data is coming from my home State of Indiana…..the funeral director is the ultimate death counter even the homeless make an end of life visit…..however a close second would be life insurance companies and their disability coverages, which is a good barometer on how many people are suffering from vaxxd adverse reactions that don’t result in dead employees but does result in employees unable to work which for a company means a dead nonproductive human asset ….keep in mind lots of people don’t have life insurance or disability; I don’t have any now nor did I when I worked for these big companies……this data really is the barometer of health for a significant potion of the US workforce because almost all medium and large company in the US have life insurance and disability benefits….and this barometer is signaling extreme dangers, every dead or maimed employee is like throwing a pebble of disruption into every single body of water you see the ramifications of which will be complete multi-level chaos…..one day soon, employers won’t hire vaxxd people due to the health risk and higher premiums….this article assures and guarantees an economic collapse this year or next-killing and maiming your working populations by millions (probably billions) worldwide is and will be the death nail to any economy not by one big blow but death by hundreds of millions of cuts (dead or unable to work employees)!!!….the workforce issues we are seeing in the news now will be child’s play compared to the next several years, see the vaxzzd numbers below and let those numbers sink in a bit………..

  100. Joseph Boudreau

    Greg, I have to say… WOW! I was aware of excess deaths but Ed Dowd’s factual numbers comparing those who were forced to get jabbed compared to those who weren’t is absolutely shocking. Clif High warned us this was coming, didn’t he? And he warned us several months ahead of time!
    I quit my job a year and a half ago and refused to take the shot. I’m so glad I took that route because I now know without a doubt I’ll be needed to help get society back on its feet, since I’m able bodied.
    I knew from the very beginning, Covid-19 was a sham and mainstream media / politicians / corporations were all lying through their teeth. When they offer a chance to get a free burger and fries, a free joint or the chance to win a lottery in exchange for getting some experimental shot, you know something’s off. What I can’t understand is why there weren’t more like us who stood up to this tyranny and coercion.
    Thanks for another fine interview!

    • Joseph Boudreau

      By the way, may I recommend getting a dental expert on. I’m picking up tidbits that the mask has caused a spike in gingivitis and other oral ailments. I think you might already know that bad oral hygiene can lead to heart problems and other chest issues, right?

  101. Robert l

    Tell Ed Dowd that he can trick Las Vegas in to generating COV2 data while making money. By ALLOWING significant statistical targeting BETS on number of “sports deaths/injury” caused (while stressing hearts etc) year over year Ed will earn death money, earmarked for education & philanthropy. PUT YOUR MoNEY WHERE YOUR MoUTH IS.

    It’s a PUT UP OR SHUT UP opportunity.

  102. Rlee

    Regular viewer here Greg and looking forward to the Ed Dowd interview which still is unavailable on your site. I went to Rumble directly and put in usawatchdog and have found the interview and its watchable. Hopefully this link will work for folks; https://rumble.com/v1lv4dc-unpayable-debt-and-vax-causing-hell-on-earth-ed-dowd.html
    Guess someone is trying to block your site?

  103. MStu

    Hi Greg,

    I enjoyed your interview with Ed Dowd.

    If I remember correctly, Ed said the blame lies with “politicians and the Federal Reserve, and that’s it”. I agree, except this excludes the elephant in the room, the WEF, which is a private, non-governmental organization that likes to make appearances as if it is a governmental organization.

    Also add to the list all the people that make the annual pilgrimage to Davos…many are well known billionaires, in addition to politicians and bankers that attend. And include those that colluded with these efforts, including the MSM, social media, the pharmaceutical companies, the medical industry, doctors, the well known billionaires that want us to buy into their garbage, etc. etc..

    Recompense to humanity will be required, and obtained.

  104. alfy

    He’s appears to be well grounded. my own view on the jabs- those rotten bastards are criminals, I’m sure to go with the full dose, they also made a whole lot of saline jab (that they were paid for, cheating twice over). my view of anyone who got even one jab that had a full dose of graphene (billions of microscopic razor blades), all of those poor souls will sooner than later end up either profoundly disabled or dead. modified by the cheating, selling saline as a full dose jab, I’m going with the rule of thumb- 50% of those who received one or more jabs is sol. His view about holding cash and getting a big win when there is blood on the street. to my view, that is a high risk strategy when a currency is heading towards failure. I think a more reasonable strategy would be to take that cash and put it into gold/silver (two currencies that are not at risk of failure). then use gold/silver when chaos is running rampant. I could be wrong, seems many of your guests are having a difficult time coming to terms as to just how dire our situation truly is. With that said, I strongly feel in my gut, we are going to win against those evil bastards.

  105. JW

    Greg please get Cliff High back.
    He nailed it a long time ago.
    Hope he is doing well.

  106. JW

    Greg do you know if the Sputnik V vaccine is making people sick in Russia?
    I know Putin would never give Russian people anything that would harm them.
    Putin did not allow GMO seeds in Russia.

    • Lightning

      That’s a critical question. Add the Chinese Vax’s to that question as well.

  107. thought bomb

    Michael Snyder says you miust slave for the Kharzarians or else: https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/exactly-one-week-after-bidens-fateful-decision-the-u-s-was-hit-by-one-of-the-worst-natural-disasters-in-our-history/

    His is a sick & twisted interpretation of the KJV.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      I must be getting paranoid (people are out to kill me!) because the hurricane hitting South West Florida reminded me of a recent story about Nancy Pelosi wanting to buy a house in Naples for her retirement. According to the story, the people of Naples told her to ‘keep the hell away’. So I am entertaining the thought – could this be her spiteful revenge? Crazy, I know, but we live in strange times!

      “He who controls the weather will control the world”. President Lyndon B Johnso, 1962.

  108. Greg

    Thank you Greg Hunter and Ed Dowd. It takes guts and backbone to stand up for the truth and the people. God Bless you both for what you do and who you are. As long as we have good men and women willing to stand and be counted, we have hope.

  109. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,

    Well, it looks like “the Event” took place between the 26th and 28th, you just have to decide which event is the biggest: the Flash Crash of the British Pound; the worst bond crisis in 90 years; or the sabotage of NS1 and NS2. The next hurdle will be Oct. 5-7 (this is Judgement Day on two different calendars). After that watch for things to bottom going into October 19th. This is the 8th day or also known as the New Beginning.

    After that, comes the 25th which is the opening of best time for a war to start, Nov. 1st is the peak time for war to start, on up to the 8th. It will be in or come from Central Asia; Russia, China, Pakistan and/or India. As Martin and Mr. Nenner have said it will go into 2023. I haven’t plotted the next cycle but it will be in the Spring of 2023. I’ll plot it out later.

    Lo Iyrah!

  110. thought bomb

    Now there are lots of videos coming on-line of this situation where it appears that the vaxed are seeing entities coming to apprehend their soul as their body sudeenly is vanquished by the vax that Trump says is safe & effective.

  111. alfy

    something that has come to mind. along with many folks in the medical and pharma business looking to be in a whole lot of trouble, as well as many folks in banking and government. there is another group who might want to consider the climate, that group is those folks who engage in profiteering, including the taking advantage of blood on the street folks. we are looking at mass death and suffering, and exploiting that for personal gain is probably not a not a good idea in my opinion. that’s not the same as a little guy investing his hard earned money into to let say gold/sliver or property or a productive company in the hopes of preserving or growing their wealth.

  112. Justn Observer

    Greg, the paper from BLACKROCK hardly anyone in MSM is talking about =
    Many Ed Dowd can flesh out some the thoughts on this?
    Is stagflation for a long period of time expected/planned?

    • Warren B.

      That paper is from Aug 2019….?
      The world has changed dramatically since then.
      My 2 cents worth….
      We creep a little higher on the FFR…..but Inflation will persist.
      A stong Dollar/ other Fiat currencies struggling….is intentional….causing a global bust with widespread industry destruction in 2023. Deflation of all asset classes and massive wealth destruction will ensue.
      We will see all CB’s then step in with QE on steroids late 2023/early 2024…..re-inflating the world….at the same time interest rates will have moved and continue to move to extraordinary levels. This is not a Stagflationary environment….we will see deflation…then Inflation…..however the bubble mania will not be revisited.

  113. Robert Lykens

    Why do you think the US Govt and the institutionalized markets make so many anti-gold moves, driving down the price of gold? Because they don’t care that their 8100 tons gets devalued? Of course not.
    It’s because their 8100 tons aren’t there and if the price of gold shoots up they’re exposed as frauds and the USA will be truly bankrupt.
    Not that 8100 tons of gold can match $$$ Hundreds of Trillions $$$ in debt and liabilities.

  114. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg.

    Thank you for having Ed on the show, great interview. Many valuable take-a-ways.

    I know some commenters have been asking about JSMineset. Here is a link to an interview with Bill Holter, Jim Sinclair and Dave _ . In case the link does not work, the title of the video is The Bubble Has Already Burst, from Saturday September 24, 2022.


    Jim Sinclair is as sharp as ever. Note about comment about “the table goes over before the (mid-term) elections” about 5 minutes in.

  115. Future Boy

    “Putin Did It”

    FROM THE Single Shadow World Government FICTIONAL creators of
    “Biden Wins with Record Number of Votes”,
    “Those Darn 911 ‘Thermites’ [I should of called the exterminators]”,
    “That Unfilmable Pentagon Missile That KINDA Looks Like a Jet Aircraft”,
    “That Darn 5′ by 5′ Shanksville Quicksand Pit – All Atoms Gone Instantly”,
    “1969 Moonshot – 2023 We Just Can’t Do It Again!!” and
    “The Lone Gunman of JFK”.

    I’m sure happy we have no petroleum reserves and WWIII has begun.

    Strokin’ Joe: Time to save the ‘stuck mocket’ again, time to announce the next $10 trillion dollar giveaway, FREE MONEY AND ICE CREAM TO ALL ON THE PLANET except NO FREE ITEMS to the actual working legal citizen taxpayer.

    This 8% inflation is like losing a months pay each year just to Strokin’ Joes teeny inflation… and then add that to the normal “it takes until July for the average full time US earner to pay for their total tax burdens” NOW WITH STROKIN’JOE you’ll be working 12 months and only see 4 months of earnings. I think it is time to tea party DC!!

    Why isn’t the MSM reporting just how bad the working taxpayer is getting screwed by DC ?

  116. Rod Van Mechelen

    Good interview as always, but he cites “Doctor” Naomi Wolf, who has a PhD in English Literature. That aside, her career was built on lashing out at men to undermine marriage to tear apart families to destroy Western culture. Dr. (PhD in Philosophy) Christina Hoff Sommers first book, Who Stole Feminism, exposed Wolf’s many lies in her first book, The Beauty Myth.

    My few experiences with “Doctor” Wolf have uniformly undermined all confidence I might otherwise have in her credibility and integrity. She is, it seems to me, a writer who built an audience, then ran out of things to complain about, so she went looking for new things to complain about but from time to time she still manages to lash out at anybody who speaks truth to Feminist Power.

    • Astraea

      It is good to see some sensible talk about fe-manists and Naomi Wolf” Thank you!

      I blame fe-manism above all for destruction f our world and Western Civilisation

  117. ken

    There is no virus. Never isolated. There is only a insilico (computer generated)version The PCR is not a test per the inventor Mullis.

    It’s slowly coming out. Even Peters had a renowned journalist recently that did investigation on the fake virus.

    No one has or had or have covid. The shots are poisoning folks and the quacks are calling anything they have covid to get the government $$$ reward.

    By continuing to say the virus is real is helping the other side to continue the tyranny.

  118. Nika

    Thanks Greg, I enjoyed hearing, a slightly different perspective from Ed Dowd!

  119. Colleen

    Just an FYI. Two days ago while shopping at Kroger s/Ralph’s grocery store in California, I purchased a generic bottle of non drowsy Day Quill for treating my seasonal allergies. The clerk said I’ll need your photo ID to scan as you’re purchasing this bottle. I said, Why? He answered because of the alcohol. I said there is NO alcohol in this product. I then said The government has no right to know what I’m purchasing. They are already are too intrusive. I refused. The clerk sent me to the front check stand where I purchased the generic bottle WITHOUT showing my ID. My receipt, however, stated that no ID was presented.
    Heads up, California is a trial balloon state. Don’t be surprised if this propaganda comes to your neighborhood grocery store soon. 🎈

    • Linda Majors


      Thanks for the info! I, too, reside in California. Fortunately, I live in a conservative county. However, I’m still in the process of living under the radar as much as possible.
      We could be hit with another phony pandemic which will reinstate the vaccine mandates, and all the rest.
      According to Ret. Col. John Mills, if we want to protect America from the Globalist Great Reset and their plan to bring down America, we need to get involved with our local county (where we reside) to ensure we don’t lose our rights. It’s my understanding that the Globalists cannot destroy us without cooperation from wthin.
      Further, you probably already know that the County Sheriff has enormous power.
      The Sheriff can order anyone from their County. Obviously it is important to elect honest, conservative Sheriffs who will protect our Constitutonal Rights. Fortunately, I live in a conservative County. I believe our Sheriff would protect us . . . .

      (I’ve been reading the comments while waiting for Greg’s wrapup. But it’s getting late. Will watch tomorrow. )


  120. David Gordon Dunne

    Amazing interview and ditto on everyone’s comments. Greg, you da man.
    I heard Greg Manirrino admit he is down over 38% a while back. I got tired of him also being so vulgar and arrogant. I experience so many who are so defensive and either bark at me with no facts or ignore me. They call me a “Conspiracy Theorist.” The CIA created that term to shut the truth up and trick everyone. My question is for Ed, if the Life Expectancy is going down from aggregate in the USA from 74 to 53 in 5 years, how would that translate into total deaths? I know it has dropped about 2 years already in 2021?
    God Bless all you wonderful people.

  121. Nick Reynolds

    Calling this one of the greatest disasters of all time is putting it mildly. The only thing worse occurred 65 million years ago. This is genocide, Greg. The goal is 90 percent of humanity dead and the remaining 10 percent enslaved. It’s not accidental. And who’s doing it? Not China, not Russia. They may become our allies before this is over. The very wealthiest people in the world are the ones doing this. Nobody wants to believe that, but that’s who we’re up against. We may get Divine Intervention. Things may not work out as they plan. But this is utterly terrible, utterly evil. Don’t worry about investing. Worry about surviving. Pray.

  122. Greybeard

    I attended a funeral yesterday, a co workers father. Hundreds attended, my co- worker found me and said “ You were right, the vax killed my father, took years off his life”, a few days after the first vax he developed heart problems, they got worse, when his doctor gave him the second, he died a month later.

    That is the fourth sad story for the elderly getting jabbed. I know of three others where the children have confirmed serious heart or neurological problems- to disgusting to tell. It took a trip to numerous specialists before they found one who would admit it was the vax.

    Seven victims in my “ front yard” , when does America wake up?

    • Greybeard

      I must add a comment: my mother, 90, a spirit filled woman, survived WW2 in Eastern Europe told me when the C flu hit early on, “ do NOT take the vaccines WHEN they come out, do NOT, something is evil about them”…….talked to her today, still enjoying life in Florida….
      Take away: give daily thanks, Praise, and Worship, Pray often, DISCERNMENT is a gift.

  123. Tarey

    A highly informative and important interview with Ed Dowd, Greg. Thank you for all you do to produce such a riveting and refreshing program: your guests are cutting edge, your questions insightful, your comments thoughtful, your enthusiasm infectious and often entertaining, your demeanor humble and modest, and your viewers/commenters brilliantly informed. I am addicted to USAWatchdog and grateful for you! Much love and continued success–forever.

  124. Lisa Mooney

    Greg, Thank You for having Ed on again. I would posit the Jabs are harming women to a greater degree as it is disrupting the Ovarian function and thus lowering Estrogen levels. It is well known women who go through Menopause early have a diminished life span and more morbidities as they age.

  125. Keith

    Thanks Greg
    Great interview with Edward, Todd Calendar must be on your list. He has a level of expertise that is fascinating.

  126. Tokyo Rose

    He’s a little bit naive about Japanese. He is a “handsome guy” to Japanese, and Mongol extracts (Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Thai, Taiwanese, Hmong, Mien, etc…) because they like his skin. Have you seen how much powder Japanese women put on their skin for his complexion?

  127. anthony

    i think what we are witnessing is the next reset, en masse…

  128. Peter

    Greg, I don’t know what is happening but it looks like Rumble has been blocked. I haven’t been able to view the videos this week. There is no link to click.

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. Also try a different browser. Let me know if this works.

  129. Jason wall

    You were talking about what to invest in, in my opinion investing into cancer research facilities in Israel will be a very good investment. Prophets have been saying that a cure for cancer will be coming out of Israel. With the growing number of our population being diagnosed with bizarre cancers, cancer research is where it’s at folks. So again, CANCER RESEARCH FACILITIES IN ISREAL. God bless ya buddy

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