Censoring Reality – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Evening Post)

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter has been predicting the financial system is going to go down. It’s not a matter of if, but when. One of the things that will make this coming so-called “reset” even worse is people are going to be totally blindsided because accurate and truthful information is censored. Holter explains why, “One thing that is extremely dangerous, and I know it has affected USAWatchdog.com, you have had your channel taken down by YouTube. The amount of censorship that is going on across the board, and it’s censorship of conservatives, but it is censorship of reality. It’s censorship of truth. That is so dangerous. If you read the book 1984, we are out-Orwelling George Orwell. The way I view this is very dangerous, and it’s part of the planned reset. . . .Quite simply, if you get taken down or information is taken down, that information is directly over the target.”

Holter says there are huge changes coming to the financial system in the coming “reset.” Holter says, “You are looking at a system that is upside down in the belief that everything is going to be fine because everything is insured. You cannot eliminate risk. You can only move risk from one to another or another. You cannot eliminate risk. The risk is there, it is systemic.”

Systemic risk is plaguing all major markets, according to Holter, “It is the everything bubble. Everything is in a bubble. What they have done is create the most leveraged system in the history of history. I hate to say this, and I have not said this publicly, but I view this as a depopulation event. . . . The vaccine is part of it, but the big depopulation event is crashing markets and crashing the credit markets. People are not going to be able to go to their Walmart or their local grocery store or wherever because goods are not going to be available. If you live in the city, God help you because I have no idea how you are going to survive.”

In closing, Holter warns, “The powers that be have told us that we are going to have a “reset.” Everybody wants to know what the reset is going to look like. The reset, in my opinion, is going to be the rug being pulled out from under everything. . . . The real estate sector, which is 25% of the economy, is going to collapse. You have equities at all-time highs . . . all-time high valuations, not points. This is a coordinated effort, and they are going to pull the plug. . . . Once the average person realizes the workforce has been impaired, that’s going to bleed over into the equity market, credit market and the real estate market. The real estate market is in the process of ending these eviction moratoriums–it’s all over for the real estate market. So, there is your reset.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer, precious metals expert and broker Bill Holter of JSMineset.com.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Tom Mayes

    The video explains why nothing make sense because the bad guys were stopped in time other wise we would all be locked down until vaccines (jabs) were deployed

    • Paul ...

      Tom … Everyone was saying “why doesn’t God do something” … seems he did … he got some moral people from around the world to fight against the evil eugenicists … and they are now in the process of setting up an International Corona Court … where Fauci, Gates and others will be tried … and most likely hung by the neck until they are dead dead dead!!

        • Paul ...

          Diane … Could it actually be possible? … that Bribe’n will do to Big Tech what Trump would not do?? … “seize their companies” under National Security Emergency Orders and make them penniless … which these “free speech censoring” Semi-gods never dreamed could ever possibly happen to them??? … looks like God is making his move!!

          • Paul ...

            God should next find a way to make Bribe’n “stop the jab” … and then order that Fauci be arrested for mass murder!!

      • DanT

        People my ask why won’t God do something. He has. The human race was created with free will and it insists on using it apart from God and he lets us so this is the world we live in. There is much more to the story but know it has a happy ending.

        • john doe

          Jesus came to take back what Adam gave away. He did.

      • travis moss

        That’s right we sue the (wo)man not the corporation (person) you can’t hang a corporation. We need common law. Mr. Hunter try to interview christopher james from awarriorscall.com

    • Jack

      Geert Vanden Bossche is a top ranked immunologist who creates vaccines. He says these Covid ones are seriously dangerous and must be stopped. The vaccines are creating variants that our immune systems won’t stop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mopj9mYkGk

      • DanT

        I don’t believe that. It may be a variant but it still is a virus and immune systems of some maybe most will stop it. If this current virus came from a lab it could be said to be a variant. It didn’t kill everyone did it. My immune system fought it off just fine with only minor symptoms. BTW I got immunity the old fashioned way and need no vaccine

        • technologist.live

          I’d offer to seek out the video Spiro Skouras did last year with partial title Theyre lying to us.

          Then seek out why no control experiment is ever done when viruses are cultured and separated, supposedly, from the growth medium. A control experiment is when no virus, ie, mucus from sick person, is added to the growth medium.

          Problem is the control experiment always produces same as the purposely contaminated sample.

          They stopped doing controls because it exposed the fraud. All of virology is fraud. Just because the majority believes the indoctrination, doesn’t make it true.

          It’s EXTREMELY hard to unbelieve a lie, once you have believed it.

          Cold and flu is simply your bodies natural cleansing process.

          Cv and every other viral creation is man made, and exists only in the minds of scared people. But people can be poisoned. People are being poisoned, and they’re lining up for it.

        • jack

          If you viewed the video, only those vaccinated would not be able to fend off the new Covid variants. It is perfect cover for giving people new vaccines for new variants that your body helps to create. Unending vaccines and lockdown downs until they totally destroy your immune system. Get it ?

        • Rooster bird

          Silver hydrosol wash.

    • Rubicon

      This metal expert fails to point out that as The System fails, the wealthy and super wealthy won’t lose one dime. They’re busy shifting their wealth into different categories.

      It’s the American citizens who are becoming more and more impoverished, under this system. We can fully expect millions of average citizens will be evicted from their rentals; they’ll be evicted and out on the streets very soon. Hunger is going to be a sure manifestation of what US/EU wealthy have purposely wrought against millions of average citizens.

  2. Kevin Fernandes

    Their plans will fall back on their head; SOON!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paul ...

      Kevin … Bill Holter said: “I hate to say this, and I have not said this publicly, but I view this (jab) as a depopulation event” … and they “All Knew” … “The Jab Would Be Deadly” starting from Trump … to Fauci … to the FDC … etc … etc … etc … listen to the horrible truth starting at 2:11:20 mark … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk0qjYiAUZ0&list=PLkhTOem79HG96A3_PTGsP9VjzDx9fp9VF&index=3

      • Paul ...

        As we all know … “the murderer” Fauci approved and authorized that all our US hospitals use Vancomycin and Remdesivir during the start of the COVID-19 plandemic … which “he knew” (were found in previous studies he did) “to produce the highest death rate” in patients treated with these drugs (both Vancomycin and Remdesivir produce “multi-organ failure and septic shock”) … and evil Fauci “damn well knew” it would shut down the kidneys of patients (allowing water to build up in the patients lungs) and therefore Fauci told Trump before hand “that there would be a need for many respirators” (as this “kidney killing Remdesivir” was ordered for emergency use to treat COVID‑19 in over 50 countries) … then … as “an incentive” for the “evil greedy Doctors and evil Hospitals” to use Remdesivir “to put water into patients lungs” (instead of using “safe alternatives” like Vitamin D, Zinc, etc.,etc.) a $50,000 dollar “bounty” was put on the head of every patient the doctors were able to kill (to drive up the death numbers) to instill fear in the general population to take their “killer jab” to produce even more deaths (so they could have an excuse to shut down the world economy and bring about their One World Government) … the immoral evil actions of the Medical Profession killing their patients “for a $50,000 dollar reward” is beyond belief of ordinary people who have always trusted their doctors “to do no harm to them”!! … and now … Klaus Schwab keeps telling us the eugenicists have “something even worse planned for us then the Covid-19 Plandemic” … and they are almost ready to release it upon all the people of the world … so “we better act damn quick” to immediately shut down the “jabs” and bring all the members of the World Economic Council … all the evil corrupt doctors … allthe evil corrupt Hospitals … and all the evil corrupt Pharmaceutical Companies “to justice” before an International World Tribunal (like we did once before when Hitler’s people committed crimes against humanity) … and put “all these immoral evil psychopathic killers to death” for the great evil they have already done to us (and before they release even “something worse” to kill even more people in their quest to reduce the human population to near zero as they have inscribed in stones still standing on American soil)!!

        • Paul ...

          These evil eugenicists tell us “if we don’t reduce the human population there will not be enough food in the world to feed all the people” … this is “An Outright Lie” … we can easily set up hydroponic farms in space where crops will have sunlight 24/7 … we could “easily feed” hundreds of billions of people … https://www.nasa.gov/content/growing-plants-in-space … and there is also plenty of land on both the Moon and Mars to grow crops … https://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/24077/20191016/food-grown-on-moon-and-mars.htm … all these murdering eugenicists from Gates to Fauci to Klaus Schwab “must be put to death” for the evil crimes they have already perpetrated against humanity … and “put an end to their stated goals to eliminate the rest of us (their plan “their final solution” is to mass murder of 99% of the human population on planet Earth)!!

      • AndrewB

        Hi Paul . . .
        Great link, many thanks!
        Since it’s clear from USAW comments that you do lots of research, I commend you review this explosive interview with Dr David Martin. Would love to hear your take on it . . .

        • Paul ...

          Andrew … Very interesting interview … what I get from this interview is that Big Pharma probably looking at their bottom line and wanting more profits … that they simply were not getting from the public religiously taking their influenza virus vaccine every year (even with their big advertising campaigns) … decided to switch viruses (from Influenza to Corona) … but they needed to get all the patents in place before engineering a world-wide plandemic that would force the entire population of planet Earth to take “their new vaccine every year” (and perhaps even on a monthly basis) … a review of the Patents Issued and the Players Involved in this obvious Rico Scam shows the criminals plans go back a decade or more … where people like Fauci … government organizations like the CDC and all the Big Pharma companies “are up to their necks in a well designed criminal conspiracy to create a worldwide plandemic to sell their vaccines” … and they effectively used the Main Stream Media (under their control) “to generate the fear necessary in the public’s mind” … so everyone would voluntarily line up for their “jabs” (generating huge profits for all the criminals involved) … the Corona virus is “Not New or Novel” (they needed to make it look that way to get patents on it) and get this … they had already developed and had gotten patents on their vaccines …”years before” they even developed their bio-weapon version of the Corona virus … this is a clear cut RICO Case of very evil people colluding to spread a manufactured bio-weapon throughout the entire world “they already developed and patented vaccines for … the Big Pharma criminals running this scam need to be arrested immediately and put behind bars awaiting trial for the murder and maiming of countless individuals who are now dead or slowly dying from their “jabs” (that is not even a vaccine) … a “vaccine by definition” is supposed to protect people from the virus it was developed for … instead … the Big Pharma “jab” does not protect from the virus … what it does is insert a hurtful spike protein that creates blood clots, heart attacks, eats holes in the brain, sterilizes and causes multi-organ failure (which of course generates “even more revenue” for the Big Pharma Drug Companies) … and this new “Delta variant” they are now promoting (to scare and force 100 percent compliance to take the “jab” … is a Big Lie) … there is only “one viral code” for their bio-weapon … but what these criminals do is … read the code “starting at different points in the genetic sequence” … to “make it look like a new variant has been created” … these highly immoral evil criminals simply take their bio-weapon viral code … which let’s say is represented as ABAGOFDEADLYSHIT … and alternate the way they read it (to pretend they found a “new variant”) … they will simply read the genetic sequence DEADLYSHITABAGOF (and say they found a variant) … and next week they will say they found “another variant” with the genetic sequence SHITABAGOFDEADLY … there is only “one bio-weapon code” they developed … but … they will will “play these Delta Variant games” to keep the public in fear and religiously taking their monthly (or weekly) “jabs” … generating huge profits for all the highly evil demonic insane psychopathic loony-tune fiat money loving criminals involved!!

          • AndrewB

            Hi Paul . . .
            Many thanks for that. In particular, I love your gene sequencing explanation!

          • Warren B.

            Good analysis.
            As with all schemes of arrangement there is a Brains Trust. Those at the top of the Pyramid who devise such plans. To put the plan into action they need the cooperation of other players (Politicians, Pharma Coys., Health and Medico Industry, Law Enforcement, Judicial and of course MSM). Each one takes a share of the PIE.
            Following the money trail is a proven recipe to uncovering the vested interests. Therefore stopping at “lining the pockets of the Pharma Coys and those holding patents”….will not suffice…..we need to trace the ULTIMATE ownership of said back to Individuals who control the scheme from the highest point.
            Much has been said of the TRUE AGENDA behind the PLANDEMIC = DEPOPULATION. When analyzed to that degree there appears to be a very high correlation of deaths and injury from resultant Gene Therapy Jabs….not to mention the uncertainty of the experimental effects on a medium to long term basis. This along with the destruction of Economic activity (BUSINESS) is commensurate with the human aspect – both are being terminated. There is absolutely no benign reason to support the provision of poisonous jabs to the global population in the absence of mass deaths from infection. The conclusion is that the COVID-19 jabs are intended to harm/kill rather than provide protection.
            We can with a high degree of certainty link the two premises together.
            The COVID-19 JABS / VIRUS are the cover for those Masonic Communists choosing to rid the world of useless eaters. Pharma, their Owners (along with their Philanthropic supporters) are making business investments to achieve a desired return whilst achieving their ultimate goal.
            You will say – that if the world population is killed off through a Genocide then how does that benefit the small group of Unelected Rulers?
            They will continue to rule and have an abundance of everything without the 7BLN excess of souls interfering with their lives and polluting the planet. 7 Bln people require food and services = industry to survive. Production of/through same is a larger component of the resultant. KILLING PEOPLE + KILL INDUSTRY = DESIRED EFFECT.
            I recall the words of Adolph Hitler and how they relate to what we are witnessing through this mass indoctrination and BIG LIE……
            The above is exactly true of why Pharma are acting in conjunction with the others to support the LIE. All Players , as we are coming to recognize, are being rewarded with fabulous wealth.

        • buy budesonide

          Budesonide is specially developed to prevent and control the symptoms triggered by asthma. It is a steroid that helps in reducing inflammation.

  3. Scott Haan

    It would be great if Jim Sinclair would come back on USA Watchdog with Greg and give his thoughts on where we are at. It has been some time. Thank you.

  4. Jerry5

    Bill is one of my favorites, but no one can argue that what we are witnessing is a strategic controlled demolition of the current system in order to make way for the global reset. Today marks the beginning of cyber polygon which will be instrumental in synchronizing the 5G star link system with the banks. It’s all in motion.

    Forget about a date. It’s all be transitioned right in front of your face.
    The World Economic Forum is just the tip of the iceberg of what the globalist have planned under agenda 21. The vast majority of the countries in the United Nations have signed off on it under the Paris agreement. When will cyber polygon go live? If the globalist follow the same plan as event 201 it will be within three months. But just know this. THEY ARE DATA HARVESTING everyday, making modifications and adjustments as time goes forward, so it’s next to
    impossible to predict an exact timeline. But I agree with Bill, somehow it will be tied to the vaccination program. The moment the globalist hit the wall with the vaccine program, they will pull the trigger. They can’t wait any longer. Get your spiritual house in order.
    Time is short.

    • Jerry5

      Cyber polygon update.

      Klaus said, when they launch this thing live it will make the pandemic look like nothing. One can only imagine what that would look like?
      But hey…..call it fear porn…call it whatever you want……but a whole year of wearing a diaper on your face ought to teach you something about the reality of our situation? But then again maybe not. People are dumb enough to shove a needle in their arm because someone told them to do it without researching it for themselves.

    • eddiemd

      More on 5G.

      This site has good information on what is coming.


    • DanT

      Why must every thing be some big conspiracy? Have societies not fallen since they came into being? How many times has it been because they became decadent and without moral direction as this current world society has? You give them credit for their great evil and you are correct but how much great evil genius you give them credit for I think you are mistaken. I think their actions are chaos and not co-ordination. The end result will be just as bad.

  5. Jerry5

    I’m not sure what to make of this.

    I had to watch it three times to get the subliminal messages. It’s supposed to be a warning from 1930 about what the globalist had planned for us today. Who knows?

    • Paul ...

      Jerry5 … Wow!! … Some Patriot back in 1930 was trying to warn us … that there were people who were out to take control of the world … and laid out their exact plan … step by step … he explained exactly how “they planned to own us” … they would introduce a weaponized virus (done) … then flood the news media with talk of all the deaths and talk of more deaths to come (done) … they would shut down small businesses and the Churches (done) … and would use Marshal Law (and censorship tactics) to stifle anti-vax dissent (done) … they would parade the sick and the dead before the public in newspapers, magazines and over the airways to generate fear (done) … and inject every adult and child with a vaccine to sterilize them all ( done) … also euthanize the the old people in nursing homes (done) … resulting in … those who own the hospitals (Big Pharma) … will own the banks (and all gold in their vaults)!!

    • catherine

      Who actually wrote this? It in English and had Italian subtitles. why Italian? In any event if this was American then yes it was by a whistle blower. It could have been a person in the film industry here. In any event who ever did it has government connections and I am thinking CIA… after all they brought the NAZIs into this country secretly after ww2.

      • Jerry5

        I would agree. Little bits of truth always find their way out. My mother told me that during WWII the story of Jewish death camps in Europe was considered conspiracy theory to promote the war by the MSM. That’s the reason general Patton made sure they were the ones to film what they found when the camps were liberated. When I was in high school, my history teacher had us sign permission slips from our parents to watch the films as part of WWII history. I remember girls getting sick at their stomachs and leaving the classroom crying. I’ve always thought that people should be forced to see reality in order to avoid repeating the horrors of the past. This snowflake generation has no clue. It’s all by design.

    • Old Rancher

      And that was on YouTube! With them taking Greg and others off how do they let this stay? Is it too obscure that they think it’s hidden?

      • Old Rancher

        Sorry, this reply was meant for Jerry 5 above.

      • Jerry5

        Old Rancher,
        I would take it as an in your face gesture by the powers that be since it hasn’t been taken down. In other words their mocking us.

  6. Mark Snyder

    The Emperor has no clothes.

  7. Poochiman

    Bill’s deep dive thoughts seem very correct.

    • Paul ...

      I see in Bill Holter’s eyes … what I see in Dane Wigington’s eyes … a look of dread as to what is now unfolding in our world … we Patriots need to prepare and steel ourselves emotionally for a very devastating battle … we will be losing many good friends and family members all around us … the ones who took the “jab” will be the first to drop like fly’s … sadly we are likely going to lose at least a Billion of these good but “un-woke people” in this fight to come (with an insanely evil psychopathic group of eugenicists out to “jab” us all and intent on creating a world-wide holocaust) … but we must remain strong both physically and mentally … we are going to likely lose “One Billion” people in the coming battle with the insane “commie” eugenicists … but it’s a lot better then losing “Seven Billion” people!!

  8. Jerry5

    Here’s Biden’s door to door drug peddling plan.

    I see a potential problem. Do they have a license to peddle door to door? Without some type of warrant, could it be considered trespassing? What happen if the needle meets a gun barrel?

    Oops my bad. Biden already said he would bomb us with a F-16 or nuke us. I’m shaking in my booties.

    • Poochiman

      Do not use weapons! Just ignore the ring. I also believe the gov is stealing money with bogus “services”, no one is coming.

    • Paul ...

      Everyone should put up “No Trespassing” and “Already Vaccinated” signs in their front yards so the evil goons won’t know what house to break into … if the evil goons then just break into any home … to try and “jab” the occupants … homeowners have the legal right to use deadly force against them!! … of course the Demons will then say … too many of their “Jab Storm Troopers” are being shot … and therefore all guns should be confiscated … if they then send “armed goons” to break into your home threatening to take you down if you don’t hand over your private property … again you have the right to use deadly force against them!! … that’s when the real battle to save our Republic and our Constitutional Freedoms from the evil “commies” gets really hot!!

  9. Sylvia

    Thanks for having Bill Holter on your interview site.
    I find his words are always true and can be depended upon.
    I believe the reset, as he says, is currently in progress.

    • Poochiman

      Do not use weapons! Just ignore the ring. I also believe no one will come. The gov is just stealing money with bogus “services” that do not exist.

  10. Steve

    Greg, they left the military hardware and weapons for them to use against the Chinese that are moving into Afghanistan. Why would we make it easy for the Chinese to waltz in. You know they CCP aren’t going to have use rules of engagement if they fight the taliban

  11. Gregory Lavier

    Dear Greg:
    I am a 72 year old person of colour ( I’m white) and I live in the Communist republic of Canada where I was born. It wasn’t Communist when I was born but that is what it has become.
    My prime concern lies with the covid situation. I was in Vietnam when the “virus ” broke out and the Vietnamese locked down many businesses for 6 weeks or so then everything reopened. Upon returning to Canada we were all required to wear the mask until the meal cart came around then 250 people took off their masks and ate their meal. When setting foot back on Canadian soil, all hell broke loose and I presented a hitherto unseen dilemma to the powers that shouldn’t be. You see I have no fixed address and I live in a motorhome and they wanted me to self quarantine. My position was that if I am in my motorhome and nobody is allowed in then what do they care where it is? That wasn’t enough control for the Gestapo anyway the situation was resolved and I have survived but no travel to Vietnam this past winter( where I have spent 7 months a year since 2011/12.) So now to my point, I’m a childless man on my own which gives me a whole lot of time for research and believe me I have done more than my share. I won’t get into all the truth I have uncovered but suffice it to say that once again we have been lied to. I would love for you to interview the highly respected american born German Immunologist Dr. S. Bhakdi who did an amazing interview with your friend Alex Newman which I encourage you to watch. Love your show Greg I have watched for years. Sincere best wishes. G

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Gregory for the street reporting form Canada.

      • Paul ...

        Damn it … every person who has “a God given brain” should use it now … and say “”NO”” to the killer “jab” … these evil “commies” in governments around the world are now trying “to mandate the “killer jab” upon all the peoples of the world both young and old … protect yourself and your loved ones “for God’s sake” … if you want to voluntarily commit suicide “that is up to you” … but at least save your children (who are at higher risk of being harmed by the “jab” because they have a strong immune system … and their lymphocytes will attack destroy and tear apart all their body cells that contain the spike protein” … this why our “commie” eugenicist politicians all around the world are now forcing the “jab” upon the young … this Corona virus is just “a simple cold” that “at most” would kill only 5 people out of 10,000 … this evil eugenicist “experimental vaccination program” (that is not even a vaccine) that is being forced upon the world by doctors who should know better “is both unethical and criminal” to a degree that is “thousands of times greater then the Holocaust” inflicted upon the Jews by Hitler … and that gave rise to the Nuremberg Code … So Such A Thing Would “Never Happen Again”!!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … I knew Americans were dumb (when they chose a chocolate bar over a silver coin ) … but I thought the Jews had brains … but looking at what Bibi did to the Israeli people “jabbing almost all of them all” … is an unimaginable crime against humanity … and he will go down in history as being a worse killer of the Jews then even Hitler (and our former “Idiot in Chief” (Trump) who was good friends with Bibi simply followed in his footprints … declaring that he wanted to “jab” every American “at Warp Speed” … and now we have another “Idiot in Chief” (Bribe’n) over in Israel bowing to the new Israeli President … https://www.unz.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Takingknee.jpeg … who also wants to “jab” the rest of the Jewish people … and idiot Bribe’n just like idiot Trump is following the same path to “jab” us all … for God’s sake people … you must use the brains God gave you … they are coming for your children!!!

          • Paul ...

            And to top it all off … we also have the queers, pedophiles, transvestites, lesbians and trans-human clones happily singing “they too” are “coming for our children “… https://lcaction.org/detail/210710-they-are-coming-for-your-children … when do American Mothers and Fathers “wake up” out of their “commie-tose state” and begin to protect their families against all those who are out to do them “some serious harm”????

            • Paul ...

              Here is the “Free” English language download from immunologist Dr.Bhakdi that should be sent along with the video above … “to all your friends and relatives” you would like to try to keep alive!! … http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/may2021/luisv516-1.htm

  12. Ray

    I quit watching TV months ago. Crap on TV and U Tube. Think for yourself and watch programs like this and some other good ones. I canceled my TV cable and now buy silver with the currency, that’s not much I know but I add it to what PM’s I have in Brinks. Grow food and get out of the cities and get debt free. I have been preparing for what’s coming for about 6 years. Now, I guess I just keep going and wait and see. Good Luck

  13. Frank

    I don’t think the dollar will ever fail in the foreseeable future because it’s the US military that props it up. Yes the US economy really sucks but compared too what? No country wants to trust the reserve status the Chinese’s, Euro, or basket of currency’s as proposed by the IMF. Just as a reminder US has the voting rights in the IMF.
    I think the US is the Prettiest girl at the ugly dance contest compared to other countries. On the other hand I enjoy Bills opinions.

    • DanT

      Every and I mean every currency has fallen without exception. Why should the dollar enjoy a much longer life while abusing its privileged position?

  14. iwitness02

    Grim and grimmer.
    Terrific interview, but no news to rejoice over.
    Signs of the times.
    We walk by sight now.
    We can see the widespread corruption on the whole planet.
    Next, we can see the widespread destruction resulting from corruption.

    • eckbach

      They are “creating” dollars out of thin air to pay the interest (usury) on the dollar debt they previously created out of thin air. it is a case of the snake swallowing it’s own tail. Soon there will be no more snake.

  15. Rachel

    Hi Greg,

    It was really good to hear Bill Holter give a sound perspective on the reality of the USD’s current financial state.

    Thinking about what many of the alternative media economists say regarding expectations of a dollar collapse and the subsequent consequences such as hyperinflation, deflation, stock crashes, bond crashes, property price crashes, collapsing retirement funds and of course the expectation that precious metals prices will rise dramatically against that backdrop…

    The other scenario that could unfold instead of all that; although it could happen afterwards as well; could bypass all of the above is for a simple overnight switch (Reset) to a select number of central bank cryptocurrencies in several of the major countries and a world-wide ceasing and banning of anything else. The smaller countries would have to adapt the currency of a larger country.

    The printing of the USD probably always has been way more than the figures that anyone is aware of and the central banks probably can control interest rates, bonds, equity markets and commodity prices until they are ready to swap over.

    These cryptocurrencies would eliminate all currents banks and lending institutions which can be done if the global interest rate is zero percent. Anyone who wants to borrow may do so at zero percent but only to an approved value for an approved item. (Zero percent puts all credit institutions out of business)

    The central banks could then control all financial transactions in the world and anything else is outlawed. Eventually there will only be one world central bank and one cryptocurrency used everywhere. Taxation is done automatically and a massive central banking system can determine which countries are allowed to do what in terms of paying for infrastructure and the running of everything.

    Every human on planet earth is centralised, monitored and world-wide totalitarianism prevails. China has already developed G6 technology that can process advanced bio artificial intelligence that could help with this, but the new way would be more likely to revert mankind back to a very simple lifestyle that is more sustainable and more controllable. We really don’t have the resources to continue our present line of global development. (If you look at a graph for that we are overdue for a 50% retracement or more.)

    Countries like Russa and China that think they are protecting their best interests by holding gold will find they are mistaken just like China once was in the past when it hoarded silver and then the larger world economies ditched silver as monetary collateral. (Yep; China will get stitched again but this time they will take Russa with them)

    The central banks and politicians world-wide can justify this move as a way to cease financial chaos and civil unrest and poverty globally. Individual governments elections will also cease citing the failure of yours (USA) due to corruption as a means to justify scrapping that system entirely.

    The fact that the world bat population is giving humans diseases such as covid 19, sars, ebola, etc causing global chaos, sickness, misery and economic damage and there has been no talk of culling the bat population demonstrates the use of this scenario to support the coming changes.

    Any monetary debts during this scenario would put you at a disadvantage and holding gold in case the path to the scenario I described above happens in stages rather than overnight could help during a turbulent stage. Hopefully we won’t have a nuclear war first. But you can’t nuke what you can’t see and the true financial leadership has and will always have an unknown location.

    Any country that does not fall in line with this could be taken over. I guess that’s what you call a New World Order. I doubt America will still be in charge of it either. Your deep state people like Obama etc will have been mere foot soldiers in this process and whether or not some of them are prosecuted is irrelevant.

    Anyway that’s my take without a description of the politics involved although I did notice that Vladimir Putin has called for the USD to be dumped several times when speaking to the Europeans who so far are ignoring him.

  16. Bible Reader

    PattyJ07/09/2021 •
    Thank so much for speaking truth. A while back, a commenter posted a link to buy Ivermectin. Anyone have the link handy?


    John Nordstrom06/11/2021 •
    You can buy prescription meds (including HCQ and Ivermectin) from http://www.insulinhub.com w/o a prescription.

    • Old Rancher

      I buy our Ivermectin from the local feed store. Just make sure it isn’t combined with any other drug. It will say on the box. They have injectable Ivermectin that you can take orally or the paste. I’ve taken the paste, it has virtually no flavor whatsoever even though it says “apple flavored”. They must put it on the box to make you feel like you’re doing your horse or livestock a favor.

    • PattyJ

      Thank you.

  17. al

    Greg, it’s simple. Go back to the Hussain days, remember all that military equipment that was either stolen or lost as ISIS was getting bigger. Look back, then look to what’s going on now…. The same thing, except instead of “losing” equipment, it’s left there for ISIS to grab.

    Great info, excellent interview.
    PS: Rumble may pay less but I don’t think you were getting anything from YouTube. Nothing lost, much gained.

  18. Dale Whitmore

    Greg, With the FED inputting all these funds, won’t the FED Own all these big name companies? That sounds like Communism! The FED will control the DOW Jones Stock Market, NASDAQ, and S&P? That’s CONTROL! That would have to be the largest investor and influence decisions…

  19. Barb T

    I had a visit yesterday from the FBI, at my home, wanting to ask me questions about my presence in D.C. on January 6th. I asked them how they knew I was there and they said by an ‘anonymous tip’. So either someone turned me in, or it was facial recognition software. My husband said he wasn’t worried about them but about ‘creating a file on her’ (meaning me), to which the guy said, ‘there’s already a file on her’. I decided to speak to them as I broke no laws and have nothing to hide.

    Here are a few of the questions (and my answers) they asked me:
    1.) Why did I go? ‘To hear my President speak, and to show support for the country I love’
    2.) Do I belong to any extreme militant type groups? ‘No’
    3.) Did I go inside the Capitol? ‘Absolutely not’.
    4.) Did I see any violence? ‘No.’
    5.) Was I wearing riot gear, gas mask, etc? ‘No’
    6.) Did I bring any mace, clubs, or weapons? ‘Absolutely not’
    7.) Who did I go with? ‘Not answering that’
    8.) How long was I there? ‘Two days’
    9.) How close to the Capitol did I get? I answered this honestly, and told him that since we were there to hear our President speak, we waited at the elipse until he was finished, then began the long walk to the Capitol, along with hundreds of thousands of fellow patriots. By the time we arrived at the Capitol, there were no barricades or police barring entrance to the patio, so we went up the steps. I explained that we had no clue what was going on inside the building, but we just stood on the patio and along with the crowd, and sang the National Anthem. I also told him I went to the railing and took photos of the see of red, white and blue as far as the eye could see. Now, I’m sure before these two ever pulled into my driveway, that they knew I was not in the Capitol, or I would have certainly been taken away with them…so I can only conclude that their reason to question me had everything to do with intimidation. I should have asked them why my tax dollars were being used to pay two guys to drive way out to a rural area and question people like me, a 65 year old Gramma, instead of finding the people responsible for looting and burning our cities these past months. As I tell this to my friends, I also tell them that this will not stop me from attending rallys or protests (peacefully, of course) in the future….and it won’t.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Barb T for sharing. Good responses.

      • Kevin

        Fear not Greg Hunter ! God and President Trump are firmly in control !!!

    • eddiemd

      Back when the FBI were on the side of the people. Well maybe not. Hoover was still in charge.


    • Harry

      The FED is merely a tool. The FED is a private company, owned by a certain group of foreign bankers. And they just helped them self to the remaining valuables of the USA – All you got now is debt.

    • Robert K


      I’m not surprised you were told there’s already a file on you by the feds. They have a file on everyone. No matter who you are or what you’re told. They know what we buy i.e. guns and ammo, what websites we browse, where we get out news, they spy on our e-mails, phones, and text messages under the ‘guise of the Patriot Act’, know about our incomes, our C.C./D.C. purchases and usage, what political party we affiliate with, so on and so forth. I’d be more surprised if they DIDN’T already have a file on us.

      Doesn’t mean it’s any less terrifying. Government overreach and tyranny is alive and well and labeling Americans as domestic terrorists is getting easier and easier by the day. Besides depopulation via the poison jabs, part of their end goal is to eliminate by death or incarceration Americans, patriots, and anyone who believes in the Constitution, or goes against their narrative and plan. Stay safe fellow USAWD’s.

      • Continental Traveler

        I’m glad I took the Hillsdale College (Hillsdale Michigan) Constitution 101 and 201 free online courses about 9 yrs. ago +/-
        Until then I didn’t know a thing about it. So glad I did. I’m a Constitutional Conservative and a proud Patriotic citizen..

  20. Bible Reader


    The state-run research centre that developed the Sputn!k V v@ccine was quick to respond to Popova’s comments, reassuring the public that it was only necessary to abstain from alcoh0l for six days…

    …Gamaleya research centre head Alexander Gintsburg said that alcoh0l abuse should certainly be avoided but countered that ‘a single glass of champagne never hurt anyone.’

    On Wednesday he elaborated, saying it was ‘just a matter of reasonably limiting consumption until the body has formed its !mmune resp0nse’, as was the case with all v@ccines.

    ‘We strongly recommend abstaining from alcoh0l for three days after each injecti0n,’ Gintsburg said, according to Interfax news agency, reported in The Moscow Times.

    The excessive consumption of alcoh0l could reduce Sputn!k V’s effectiveness or even wipe its impact out entirely, he said….

  21. Ned

    Thanks, Greg! Love Bill Holter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ned for all your support.

    • Johnnie

      The FBI never were on the side of the American. Their roots trace back to the Albert Pike of the Scottish Rite in the early 1800’s. Masons. The FBI is as federal as Federal Express. Just like the FED (and instituted less than 10 years before the FED in the early 1900’s). They are basically central bank muscle to keep politics on track. There are around 35 000 agents. In Canada their equivalent is the RCMP at 30 000 strong. Where is the proportion? Usually there is a 1:10 ratio of everything when comparing Canada to the USA. Her royal majesty of England appoints the director of the RCMP and determines the length of term.

      • Johnnie

        Meant for the comment above!

      • Felix A Renteria

        very interesting did not know that.None of these so called agencies are for justice.Like I tell people I talk to,we have had the same corrupt satanic rulers behind the curtain since the beginning of time.The zionist bankers, corporations,oligarchs and other evil dogs have always ruled behind the curtain,just like the wizard of oz.They have always controlled the narrative and they have fed us bs as far as history or current events.9/11 was my red pill,since then I don’t trust a word the satanic government says or the satanic hollywood or the satanic main stream propaganda rags.The world is a stage.Thanks patriot.

  22. Daniel

    How in the hell are you going to get hyperinflation you obviously don’t understand the definition of inflation inflation equals the velocity velocity means speed at which printed money goes through the hands of the consumer from one consumer to the next consumer to the next consumer this is why New York City has inflation Los Angeles lots and lots of people lots and lots of printed money going fast fast fast…… And this economy global economy you have zero zero velocity it has been destroyed even though the FED tries as they may to print print print ed money does not cause inflation if you printed 10 trillion dollars and put it in a closet would that be inflationary stupid no if you took 10 trillion dollars and put it in the hands of people quickly quickly quickly yes that would cause inflation….. But we are in the largest deflationary deflationary bubble you keep looking at the bubble disc bubble that bubble the other deflation is a bubble as well deflation and it will take an astronomical amount of printed money to prick the deflation bubble…….. Cash Cash Cash America is not Venezuela…..

    • Greg Hunter

      What do you think the inflation rate is now?

      • Jeff Robbins

        If enough currency was sent electronicly and was then spent on line, you could ramp up velocity quickly. It will be interesting how the child tax credit monies will be spent- starting next week. I’m sure it’s an experiment! Not from the goodness of their hearts.

    • jon

      There are now two common uses for the term Inflation, Monetary and Price. The original is an increase in the money supply which is the Increase in Money Printing. This can be confirmed by looking at older Economic Text Books. This however put the spotlight on the Printer’s of the money as the cause of Inflation. So recently they now call Price Rise as Inflation. This is so they can blame the Merchants and Goods Producers for any rise in prices of goods.

    • Felix A Renteria

      You are correct but he also said the things you own will deflate and the things you need everyday will inflate very much.It really doesn’t matter we are up against evil and evil has no boundries.

  23. David Fogleman

    Something that everyone needs to watch is the Bill Gates ‘Ted Talk”, where he pushes Climate Change. At one points where he is talking about getting to Carbon Net Zero, he states that they ‘are going to hopefully reduce the worlds population by 10 to 15% through Vaccinations’ (paraphrase).

    I would point out that Bill Gates Foundation has had their hands in Zika Experiments, prior to the outbreak of Zika in Brazil around 2014 (with the Experiment facility less than 30 miles from the original Outbreak location), and has been a part of the Research behind the Covid-19 ‘Vaccination’ shot.

    Sorry, but I refuse to take any Medication/Shot that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a hand in ‘Research’!! They probably have some part to play in Eugenics (Human De-Population)

  24. eddiemd

    They are vacating Afghanistan because a bigger war is coming with Russia/CCP. The supply lines run through Pakistan and will most likely be cut quickly.

    They left behind many vehicles. There will be no fuel for them when the big war happens. No one will care anymore about Afghanistan. Afghanistan will go back to the stone age.

    Cut and run. Part of the reset.


    • eddiemd

      For those who will say that the supply lines through Pakistan were stopped in 2011. They stopped briefly. There was no other way to resupply over the past couple of years. The Russians were not allowing for resupply from the north through proxies.

      Afghanistan became a losing situation years ago. They all knew it. It was hidden from the public.

      They will also have to evacuate Syria before those troops get cut off. Time is short.

  25. Stan

    This is the best economy in 95 years. Retail sales exploding higher, little or no inflation, jobs openings galore – it doesn’t get any better than this, folks. Ignore the doomsters and guys like Paul.

  26. tim mcgraw

    Bill Holter is right. Expect a 50% loss of your/our stock market assets. Buy your home improvements now. Pay off your loans. Get some cash, food, water, guns, and ammo. And when you are prepped, prepare to lose 50% of your assets in the market and the bank. It’s all funny money anyway.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Ammo? What ammo? I was at my local gun shop this morning and they’re wiped out (except for a few oddball calibers). The time to stock up on ammo was 10 years ago.

      • tim mcgraw

        Ammo can be had if one looks hard enough.

  27. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for another great interview.

    Re the Dollar Index: At appx 35 minutes into the interview, Bill Holter says that the index is meaningless because it’s comparing paper with paper. While not disagreeing, I think a better description is that it’s like comparing the length of one piece of variably stretched elastic with other pieces of variably stressed elastic – an exercise in futility. Something to bemuse and confuse the masses.

    • Paul ...

      AB … It is like graphing the height of the water level in different paper cups (where each cup represents a different fiat currency) … all the cups have a hole in it (but the US dollar cup has a smaller hole then the rest) … so the US dollar water level is falling at a slower rate then the water levels in the other currency cups … and thus it only looks like it is stronger then all the other currencies … but … anyone who uses their God given brain … will instantly know “all the fiat currencies are heading to zero”!!

      • Paul ...

        Analogy continued: In 1913 the US dollar had some weight to it relative to the other fiat currencies in the world as the water in the US cup was right to the top at 100% (worth 100 cents)… but once the Fed took control … they put a hole in the cup (not as large a hole as other counties Central Banks) but large enough to bring the water level in the cup down to just 2% of its original weight back in 1913 (now worth about 2 cents) … since a picture is like a thousand words look at this graphic showing how close the dollar cup is to becoming empty … https://www.dollarcollapse.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/US-debt-July-2021.jpg … realize that once empty … only your gold and silver will have any weight “as money” (and the BIS knows it … because they just made gold a Tier 1 asset)!!

  28. tim mcgraw

    PS: I’m currently reading “Lost Towns of Southern Minnesota”. It documents how towns come and go in my family’s homeland. But there was one interviewee who said, I had $330 in the bank. I was saving for a farm. Then FDR declared his Bank Holiday (1932) and I only had $131 in the bank. I lost six month’s pay.

    Don’t be surprised if it happens again.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Does anyone remember Cyprus and Greece 10 years ago? hello, bail-in! Only the government gets to call “time out” to buy time to cover their asses. The bank can’t call “time out” (FDIC), and you, the depositor, certainly can’t call “time out”.. Heads they win, tails you lose. Best always. PM

  29. Alfy

    been years wondering when the massive collapse will happen. was both a mystery when and also amazing how long the world kept going along. the mystery is no more, we know with much confidence the end of this ride is drawing near. I’m praying we have until after new year, my gut is saying better plan for sooner.

  30. Carla hayes

    It was a awesome show with bill holter on, it was the highlight of my Saturday night,lol! I m looking forward to rob kirby again,but I can’t wait till bill holter comes back on because he’s so straight forward and to the point. Thank you Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Carla!

  31. R. Patrick

    Folks would be wise to head the words of Greg and Bill! You know they are above the drop zone so just get the preps, mind your affairs and don’t run off at the mouth or you will be approached.

    Greg is one heck of a good man as is Bill, Jim, Dave, and Denny @JSMindset. None better in MHO.

    God Bless Us All

  32. Neville

    Thanks for another crime report Greg. Bill tell like it is Holter is always good value for money. Talking about money when doing the valuation of the dollar one has to drill down to 1971 to get a real valuation and what we came up with is that at 92.15 current price it is more than 700% over valued. When you have the likes of of Mark Skidmore and other reputable people coming up with debt figures like that, then alarm bells start ringing.
    Now what is primarily against AAcrime is that those who have any say in the affairs of the management of this country are some of the worlds biggest inveterate liars unhung which makes modern american history a complete nonsense.
    One has to sift through one lie after another and still you cant satisfy yourself that what you are reading has a fragment of truth about it……

    Now on the question of a reset I was a big fan of seeing a reset but under such dishonesty that rules this world ……HOW THE BLOODY HELL CAN THOSE WHO BROKE THE SYSTEM FIX THAT SAME SYSTEM????
    NOT GOING TO HAPPEN …….Not under such conditions.
    Where and when will the reset take place…….Our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will at any ungiven point in time send back HIS SON JESUS CHRIST ,under whose auspices all the necessary resets will be done ,all THE JUDGEMENT ,will be meted out and all the various useless facilities like parliaments, hospitals, allopathic doctors, currencies and all the facets of military and police WILL ALL DISAPPEAR as we will live happily under very strict conditions that will be laid down for us in other words we will live under a Rod of Iron system.

    Imagine a world with out ghatis gates, the devil fauci and many many others too numerous to list here.
    When next you read the OUR FATHER you will see that the reset is clearly mentioned there.

    Have a blessed day Greg and pass warm regards to our dear brother Bill and thank him from all of us TRUTH LOVING folk out here for his great input.

    • DanT

      I don’t agree all will live happily under a strict Rod Of Iron system as you call it. No doubt that will be needed for a short time and maybe only a generation at most do to the rebellious human nature but the human race will live happily free of evil influence for 1000 years. “Come let us go up to the temple of the mountain of God so that he can teach us his ways so that we may walk in his path”. Sounds to me not much is forced.

      • Charles H.

        During the Millennial Kingdom, Jesus Christ ruling and reigning with a rod of iron, from Jerusalem – under what most scholars consider close to Garden of Eden conditions. Yet at the end, the Devil is loosed a little season to deceive the nations and once again war against God, even though they had the best conditions even presented to humanity. It is the final proof that man’s sinful nature has no remediation, no reformation even under idealic conditions. Fire from heaven destroys that bunch.

        The only good or righteousness mankind knows – is because God has not left Himself without a witness; and His Holy Word with God the Holy Spirit opens the only way back. Alpha and Omega = source and finality.

        • eddiemd

          Good one.

          Sometimes I think about the Millennial Kingdom and was just reading Revelation about it yesterday.

          I wonder what it will be like.

  33. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter.

  34. Marie+Joy

    God helps those who help themselves.

    • Neville

      But GOD help those caught helping themselves! !

    • Doug

      Hello Marie + Joy
      That is simply not true. I have heard people say this as one would think they are quoting scripture. People think it’s a biblical… sorry nope. God helps those who will humble themselves and will speak words of faith in prayer according to his holy written Word…cheers

      • Paul from Indiana

        Nobody ever said it was “scripture”, but it is fact, as action begets action. Sitting around and waiting for deliverance is a fool’s play in my view. You might as well play the lottery! How about this, and it’s not scripture, either: you make your own luck. And my favorite: don’t let anybody do your thinking for you. Best always. PM

      • Marie+Joy

        I did not say it was a quote and I did not say it was scripture. I’m saying sitting on your ass will produce failure.

        • Charles H.

          And you are right.

  35. Jane Reynolds

    Thank you Greg and Bill. Great video. More and more exposure to the harmful injections. There needs to be massive pushback against the evil agenda. The deliberate destruction of humanity with poison, homelessness and starvation is so evil as to be uncomprehensible. These people orchestrating this agenda need to be bought to justice. And soon. God bless all patriots worldwide. Resistance is the only way the masses can survive. Compliance will lead to eventual demise.

  36. John Woodhead

    Thanks for a very good video,Bill Holter is a smart man and he knows this is all a set up,the public are sleep walking into a genocidal programme and I don’t say that lightly,it still seems crazy to me and hard to actually believe,but it’s there alright,right in front of everyone’s face,unfortunately though most of humanity are willing accomplices in their own downfall

  37. Harry

    Planned demolition – The parasites are getting ready to leave the ship, before it is sunk. We all know who they are…
    Hint: Biden likes to prostates himself in front of them!

  38. David Jones

    Interview Dr. Lee Merritt of medical rebel.com
    She talks about the national security aspects of COVID-19 and the jab, both of which may be a bioweapon and the asinine idea of injecting our military with a eugenicists kill shot.

  39. Self Exiled

    Smells like CIA to me. Hit on an antivaxer.


    • Paul ...

      Man of the People (Haitian President Jovenel Moïse) … who in April 2021 refused the 750,000 AstraZeneca vaccines that was offered to him “for free” by the Big Pharma company … was assassinated at his home early Wednesday July 7, 2021 … may God bless his soul and soon bring justice to his murderers (and also take down the evil criminals who hired the murderers)!!

      • Paul ...

        So far Big Pharma has killed off five(5) Third World President’s (who have refused the “jab” for their people) … this is probably why “all” the frightened First World Presidents are on board saying they want to mandate the “jab” for their people … “at Warp Speed”!!

  40. Roger Stamper

    wow tks for post

  41. Mike

    Greg, heard a story from a sibling in PA yesterday. A friend told her of an experience with a doctor in Hershey who insisted that an elderly patient, cancer survivor get the kill shot. When she wouldn’t budge (“I’d rather die than get the shot”), the doctor took her out of the room and explained that he was being recorded inside his office and would not be paid if he didn’t force patients to take the kill shot.

  42. Michael

    I’m a long time stacker the thing that worries me is CBDC🤔

    • Paul ...

      Michael … A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) “that has no intrinsic value” should not worry you any more then a Central Bank’s fiat paper IOU (which is also a currency “with no intrinsic value”)!!

      • Paul ...

        All crypto currency “is fools gold” … crypto has been in existence for a few years … but how long will it last? … most Industrial and Service Companies are lucky to last 100 years (before technological change and other factors puts them out of business) … most “paper” fiat currencies are lucky to last a few hundred years … real physical gold has lasted 5000 years “as a safe and secure monetary store of value” … all crypto “is not a physical entity” that “physical people” can carry around “in the physical world … it is basically “just an electronic bit inside a computer without any real physical presence in our world” (it is more like “a wispy dream” then being like “a physical cell phone” or “a physical car” that can have intrinsic worth of their own (because they really exist in our tangible world and have their own independent utility) … crypto is nothing like a tangible physical object or a company that produces a product or has earnings that could give it “some intrinsic value” … nor is it like gold that has intrinsic value “as jewelry … or as a heat shield for astronauts in space etc. … or as the real physical gold wire inside the very crypto computers carrying around “the fleeting electronic bits” some take the liberty to call money!!

  43. Virginia

    Greg, Thank you for your honesty in reporting! I found it interesting when Bill said more or less. When all is said and done Mother Nature will undo all that was attained by the ill seekers, by her own havoc. I listened twice as he looked up out of the corner of his eye and finished his sentence. I am made in the image and likeness of the Divine God and I can do all things through Him and I thank Him for his protection and guidance in the divine Gods’ name I pray. God Bless Us!

  44. AndrewB

    Hi Watchdoggers. Very – very – informative discussion between Dr. David Martin and Dr Reiner Fuellmich. Current, 07-09-2021. Everything you need to know about C19, it’s true genesis and who is profiting. This is a two hour video interspersed with translations for their German audience, so you need to be very concerned – YOU SHOULD BE – to listen to all these two genius-level people have to say. Please do not ‘give up’ when guests speak in German, all is revealed in English before the discussion ends. Being informed is being forewarned.

  45. Patricia

    South Carolina Stand Your Ground Law. We don’t want their shots and they don’t want our shots. Thank you, Greg for all the great videos and the best in Journalism.
    I truly hope you –and many of us– can join Trump’s Class Action Law Suit.

  46. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia – USA…..

    Wonderful. Nice interview. I do like Mr. Holter. His remark about this being a “death” event is consistent with reality.

    I see comments about….GOD, doing something….!….I think they expect GOD to wave His magic wand and make everything better. Reward us for our sins.

    Why will GOD let us collapse? Well……let’s think about it……

    We have abandoned all moral restraint, practice perversions without shame, are cursed with total corruption throughout our society and government. 60 million abortions. Trans-generderism, homosexuality, cross dressing, pedophilia, wokeness, political correctness and CRT frivolity. Now, the persecution of anyone that doesn’t conform to “the narrative”, by the new inquisition. Most Americans live in fear of being canceled…..The weak ones, not all… This is the last phase of an Empire, decadence, followed by destruction.

    GOD is not satisfied with our behavior. He won’t pull our fanny out of the fire. This stench must be erased. Destroy their wealth. Destroy their food. Destroy their nation.

    Thank you Mr. Hunter.

    • DanT

      You have gone right to the source of the problem. With all too many they see the things happening as some kind of conspiracy when all the time it is the decay of society and its combined actions are to blame. It has happened over and over through history and from age to age. Was it also some conspiracy that took down those past civilizations or was it the human race forgetting their God and his ways and doing the same self destructive acts again and again?

    • Paul ...

      James … Do you think perhaps God is waiting for someone down there in Georgia to at least make an effort to remove the blasphemous Georgia Guide-stones (before he steps in to help humanity) … have you written your Congressmen to remove that “heinous stone atrocity” that promotes the murder of 99% of the human population ??

  47. Stan

    Nixon should be celebrated. When he ditched the archaic Gold standard, a system that was suffocating our economy, we saw 50 years of unprecedented growth and technological advancement. Capital was available to create companies like Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Apple and so many more.

    • DanT

      And the value of the dollar declined the entire period since and wealth disparity grew ever larger along with the federal debt. Look at all the technical innovation that came about before 71 and that only severed the final link to gold as 34 was the death blow for the public and 1913 set the stage. Nixon completed the criminal act begun by Roosevelt with making the public holding of gold illegal and Wilson before him with the Federal Reserve act. I could further easily tear apart your unthinking statement but have not the time nor inclination.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Nixon did not take us off the gold standard (he closed the gold window to keep foreign countries from redeeming their paper dollars for gold) … you should be thanking FDR for taking the US off the gold standard on June 5, 1933 Stan … which was the start of the greatest US dollar currency debasement in our Nation’s history … which saw gold rise from $34 dollars per ounce … to the current $1800 dollars per ounce (a price 53 times higher) … as the US Dollar fell from $1 dollar to the current “two cents in purchasing power (a price 50 times lower)!! … do you understand now Stan? … how gold protects your purchasing power?? … and that by holding dollars under your mattress … or in a bank account … or in bonds … simply makes you a loser!!

    • Charles H.

      Poser and mouthpiece. All-in for the fake, eh Stan?

  48. Alan Van cleave

    My physician asked the question how can we get the leftist to see the light .
    My answer ” Doc they will never listen as the only way they learn is stand amongst the ashes and runes of the destruction they perpetuate by their own stupidity. ”
    He replied that answer is dark and I said but it is truth as exemplified through history.

    • DanT

      The “leftists.” I question how really left they are and tend to think most are as fascist as the Neo Conservatives. What is needed is a third party and a return to what the founders intended. Looks to me blue nor the red side intend anything of the sort and the country continues the slid to hell under the leadership of both.

  49. Todd

    Greg, I thank God for you bringing us the truth! I feel like the whole world lives in anti reality. The election was stolen. Covid was used to totally destroy free markets. Very few are seeing reality anymore. We need to stand in holy places. It is time to get in the bunker. In the end we must each follow the holy spirit. We must look to the eternal for our hope and salvation. God will set up His kingdom only after all other kingdoms fail. Trials are ahead, but God will triumph. Thankyou Bill Holter for telling it like it is! Let liberty ring.

  50. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    When you were taken off You Tube with over a quarter million subscribers confirmed to me that Free Speech is no longer available in the USA. We are very fortunate that you had your own channel that we could continue to see you and your guests. Bill Holter has a good handle on what the possibilities coining are. As a Marine I know millions are preparing for the inevitable that is coming. God Bless America
    In God I Trust

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rod for your comments & all your support. I was fortunate to find a great tech engineer that repeatedly said to keep your website going first & foremost, that it was much more important than YouTube. Thank God I did that!

      • Self Exiled

        I have been wondering how many subscribers you had when you were taken off you tube. I bet that concerned their thought processes. I suspect you have even more now.

        • Greg Hunter

          The official number on You Tube was around 235,000 subs and nearly 100 million video views. I think with all the shadow banning my tech friends say you could easily triple that number. Thank goodness I was cultivating USAWatchdog.com the entire time and never stopped trying to improve it. I can’t be cancelled off my own intellectual property thank goodness!!

          • Self Exiled

            Evidence of HIS personal guidance in your ministry. 100 million, 1\3 the population of the US. Makes me doubt the numbers published by the msm.

  51. Dave

    Excellent! Bill Holter is a great guest.

    Question – if the vaccine was planned to kill off part of the population was Trump in on it or was incredibly naïve? He and his family are still urging people to get vaccinated.

    As to real estate, yes retail stores and malls are in deep trouble. Housing however is local. People need a place to live. Prices for homes are up 30% YOY on the Washington state side of the Gorge. People fleeing not only California but Portland too.

    Commercial real estate will depend on location. 3 million feet of life science space is about to be delivered in the Bay Area. Clients are looking for 2.9 million feet. The space will be taken before the buildings are delivered. Drop Box put up its San Francisco headquarters for sublease last year. As it goes to a remote work model. That space was just gobbled up by a bio-tech firm.

    IMO the Dems will extend the benefits into 2022 and the Congressional elections. In California the eviction moratorium just got extended again. It will be in place at least until the recall election. Newsom is giving away free stuff to win over the electorate. It may be working. Polls show he will easily defeat the recall.

    IMO a collapse is coming but the Democrats and their puppets will do everything to keep the stock boom going until the November 2022 elections. My bet is a collapse comes after that. Late 2022 or 2023.

    • Paul ...

      Dave … Trump was smart enough “not to take” what Fauci was prescribing for the rest of us Americans … if Trump took Fauci’s drugs “he probably would have died in office” … he was smart enough to avoid the kidney killing Fauci drugs and instead took a dose of Regeneron’s antibody drug along with zinc, vitamin D, an antacid, melatonin and a daily aspirin … yet … he still allowed the American people to be subjected to Fauci’s “kidney destroying drugs” (that required ventilators to remove the water build-up in the lungs) … Trump “could have banned the kidney destroying drugs” but simply stood aside and participated in making sure the hospitals had enough respirators (so the damn Mengele doctors could make a cool $50,000 on every patient they killed on the infernal machines)!!

      • Paul ...

        As for our” immoral” Doctors … who swore an oath “to do no harm to their patients” … they became greedy and willing “Hit Men” for the evil Big Pharma Globalist Cabal … taking in a cool $50,ooo “filthy fiat dollars” for every patient they killed (to help increase public fear the Globalist s needed to bring about their One World Government)!!

        • Paul ...

          Incidentally … politicians fearful of being strung up for promoting the killer “jabs” in Australia, Canada and the EU have declared today … The New World Order … “is here” … thinking that by simply proclaiming it … it will save their sorry asses from the gallows!! … https://newspunch.com/multiple-foreign-tv-news-broadcasts-declare-new-world-order-come-into-force/ … it won’t !!

          • Paul ...

            Mean while …Fauci counts every spike (each of which represents a million dollars in his pocket)!! … https://assets.zerohedge.com/s3fs-public/styles/teaser_desktop_2x/public/2021-07/fauci%20covid.PNG?itok=Cc-S11Vm

            • Paul ...

              And while the entire world is finally being made painfully aware of the life-threatening side effects caused by the Covid-19 vaccines … Dr Fauci (the man who went to Alaska to dig up frozen bodies of Spanish Flu victims to get the killer virus out of their lungs … in order to do some “gain of function research on them … and “bring the deadly plague back to life”) likely for future use on the American people … immediately took to the airwaves on CNBC to offer “his reassurances to the world” … that there is nothing wrong with the “jab” … suggesting that private companies “should ignore the science” … and “be more aggressive” in coercing Americans into getting the “jab” !!

  52. Melvin thiess

    To the credit of Martin Armstrong we are still in a bull market until 2032. He is absolutely on of the smartest men alive, everyone has been wrong on the stock market but him. I agree gold and silver are a smart play however this guy sells gold and silver so take it for what it is. The next problem will come from the EU and not united states.

  53. technologist.live

    Apply simple logic …

    Pay off your debt. If it all crashes as described, debt will become unimportant. Ability to survive off the land you are on will be the only, THE ONLY, essential. Paying off debt is like turning away from reality, but think of those who run up debt massively, and prepare to live off the land they’re on with NO fuel and NO electric and NO refrigerator. Think it through.

    No repairmen,no vehicle movement, no drivers, broken wires, broken pipeline, no electricity, no water to your faucets. Forget the toilet, there will be no reason for you to sit on it. No food on shelves because to stores at all. As the military slowly dies, they’ll come and confiscate stored products in every house because they can.

    In any massive crash, except to make weapons, or tools, metals are of no use.

    New tires for your car … Ha ha ha. Who will sell you gas? How far will you get? How many roads will be safely passable?

    Small and protectable. Efficient and unnoticed location. There will be masses moving South, survivors will not be moving, especially not South.

    Winter is when the plug will be pulled. There’s a reason Australia and New Zealand are shut down.

    Most people will give up. Rather most people will never even stand up in order to give up. Most have given up already.

    Water, shelter, knowledge on how to live off the land you’re on. If impossible where you are now (ie, high rise building), then better get to some land you can survive on when there are NO other inputs to you, no incoming energy, no incoming food … NO INPUTS because any there are will be confiscated, and according to many around the world, much has already been confiscated for the chosen Ones (the ones never mentioned because it’s not allowed to say or write anymore).

    If eating worms and beetles and bugs and weeds is an impossible thought, then your mind hasn’t digested what a depopulation event really is.

    When when when is always the question. It’s already started friend, the ship is big but already turning and you can feel it just unwilling to look.

    If the future is too hard to look at, they’re offering a really easy way out … go get the vhacks.

    So simple isn’t it. Yet today people drive around and it all looks fine, crops growing wonderfully in many places. But look into the eyes of those around you. Though their minds are deceived, their spirit isn’t. You can see it in the eyes of those around you, everywhere.

    Just when the storm is strongest, and there’s no hope whatsoever, the waters of tyranny are drowning you and no one else is reaching to help … Just at that moment, those who will survive will be born again. Those who won’t, well, they’re the ones in line who see the door bust open and a person in convulsive seizures rushed away .. and stay in line awaiting they’re turn at what they think is a chance for something better than now.

    Yes, I’m ready they say as they’re injected …

  54. J in Europe!


    Excellent as always Greg – you’re the modern equivalent of John the Baptist ! Here’s Ireland’s “Tianamen Square” moment when Dr Dolores Cahill tries to resist state tyranny. I’m a doctor with many peer reviewed papers and have some knowledge of the immune system. You’re both correct. Censorship, deceit, fear, empty promises of free income and safety – all remind me of 1930’s Germany. How many Germans look back with shame and can’t believe they were deceived. Fear of reprisals also had a lot to do with the response in Germany and it is also present today. Please keep going. The attacks will intensify and most of the people will fall under the spell of government promises. Mr Holters comment reminds me of a friend who said “it’s all grand until it’s not grand !” j in Europe

  55. Jim Hall

    I think Bill Coulter hit on the real agenda when he mmentioned the depopulation program. This is the true agenda and they want to reinstall a feudal system. When I tell people this they tend to not hear me or think I’m demented. Remembering, control food you control people, control oil you nations. It’s obvious that they are they are cutting the supply of both.

  56. DanT

    I agree with some of what you say but one comment sticks out and that is the military going door to door taking food. That is silly on a couple levels. You say use logic but also consider LOGISTICS in going door to door taking peoples food. If that is what you want would it not make more sense going to the source?

    • technologist.live

      Which source,and how will they plant and harvest? It will be done by hand or not at all.

      Machines will sit useless. No fuels. No pesticides.

      You will own nothing, AND love the taste of bugs

      If it is a depopulation event, there won’t be employees, there won’t be people. There will be scattered survivors.

      Livestock owners whose livestock can’t find food on their own will die.

      Your dog, will end up on your spit. Put yourself in the mind of the military Lt, hell-bent on following orders, and managing a rag tag crew … Yep, it’s your door they’ll not bother knocking on … Not because you don’t matter, but because they’ll bust it down as a first step.

      At that point, paper, words, traditions … Two groups, survivors and those about to die.

      When … Winter time, when else.

      Bit, but, but … No one is right on the mark. But why live in fantasy thinking if you just get new tires it will all be ok.

      • Self Exiled

        What I find amazing is the blindness of the people who are the advocates of the depopulation agenda: can not they see they are also bring about their own self destruction.

    • The Seer

      History shows local
      Police go house to house
      Military empty out the grocery stores
      Or delivery trucks
      Farms are abandoned due to
      Life threatening treatment look at south
      Best to improve the power of our words into positive
      Reinforcement and eliminate negative semantics that only empowers the evil against the good
      Watch what words you say and what thoughts
      You have
      Semantics have power
      If everyone dwelt together on good words and deeds disempowerment of evil in sheer numbers it
      Will no longer exist
      Disempower by empowerment of good loving peaceful wise positive effective wisdom support and sharing to lift the world
      Stop whining it is a waste and sends a bad message
      Void and delete disempowering thoughts and words immediately – stop being a victim society to those who are still in victim consciousness .

  57. Keith

    I never miss a Bill Holter interview.

  58. Thomas

    Why can’t or won’t our politicians wonder out loud how the American economy benefits as the FED drenches the people’s currency with anti-wealth?
    Clearly, the situation is desperate but the thinking behind the solution is insane. Those voices that ought to be warning Ma and Pa Kettle of the desperate times ahead are shamefully silent. Invest in ammo.

  59. wondering

    Great show. This link will expose the fake covid sars and Fauci’s own submitted rejected vaccine failures for Covid. It’s all a scam.


    • technologist.live

      Simple. The top politicos know what is really happening.

      This isn’t a ‘save the sinking ship’ event.

      What else could it be?

      Have you gotten your damn vhacks yet?

      • technologist.live

        Oops, that commen was for Thomas.

  60. Bob

    … actually if you own a used car, the value has gone way up in price.

  61. Coal Burner

    Guys, I did not get to this till Sunday. Now we know Wells Fargo has cut all loans by Visa, and all personal credit. Not sure about the actual limitations here.

    I do not think they will pull a plug. It is too dangerous to politicians etc. More likely they will print, print and print to get the rents and maybe mortgages to pay back.

    In New Mexico most people paid their rent and payments all along. The State offered money for those who could truly justify the need, so I think the people in flyover country are not that desperate.

    True Bill, the reset is happening, everyday, it could get messy-er than they wish but I see no way around that. People do not always react like the elites think. Right now our Democrat politicians are in total shock and they do not know what else to do to convince up or their lies .

    I honestly do not know whether gold and silver will go up or down but it won’t be worthless like paper will! Good to see you back on USAWATCHDOG, Bill!
    Thanks Bill and Greg!

  62. Continental Traveler

    Money is Gold and Silver but especially Gold all else is currency/debt..

    • Continental Traveler

      And probably everyone here has heard the quote as said by J.P.MORGAN : testifying before Congress in 1912, “Gold is money, Everything Else is credit”…

      • Paul ...

        But … what good is gold … if our freedom of speech is taken away … for then … dumb and silent … we will be led like sheep … to slaughter!!
        George Washington

  63. technologist.live

    Greg, or any viewer …

    Please. Consider this if you think viruses are real.

    Please consider this if you think they have a valid method to test for viruses.


  64. Jay Dee

    We are far more likely to need food insurance than we are to need insurance on our homes or cars.

  65. William Boni

    The REAL death toll from the VAXX injections is proof this was never about protecting human health. Whether the real agenda is population reduction and/or technological surveillance & control of the people matters little to us..it’s all evil and must be resisted. Some estiamtes ( Cliff High) are as many as 1 out of 7 people will be dead over the next 2-3 years from injections..and the knock on effect of losing so many skilled workers in medicine, transportation, law enforcement/defense etc will destroy the social, economic and political foundation of the world and especially the USA. We need to prepare, pray and try to stay out of the coming paroxysm of chaos that will sweep through our cities. Need to do our best to to stockpile gold, guns, grub, and be right with God..because only those will have value when SHTF..!

  66. John M.

    Thanks Bill for not being afraid to tell the truth, as I agree entirely with your analysis. Of course almost everything we see and hear is FAKE, or being faked for a purpose. And thank you once again Greg for bringing us these brave bearers of truth.
    I don’t like this word “Reset” that is bandied about by globalists and good people alike , because I think it greatly depreciates from what is truly coming. I don’t even think that Mad Max will do it justice as an illustrative movie of our future. The spiritual element of depopulation and destruction does not come from God, but from really evil humans in league, and conspiracy, with dark powers and principalities of the underworld. In hindsight, this will be one of the greatest tragedies in Western civilization and Christian history, as I cannot visualize much love and peace without a lot of pain and suffering that must come first. And of course we are getting much closer to the apocalyptic events that are foretold in the Book of Truth, and those descriptions are frightful.
    Yet God is good, and always wins in the end.

  67. Steve Bice

    Re: Depopulation: Mankind’s Solution
    This was written yesterday. It’s long, but pretty well summarizes the divide between believers and unbelievers. It is simply my view. Posted in two parts…

    Sunday Morning Musings (Early Edition)
    The Great Disappointment

    William Miller was a Baptist lay preacher whose life spanned the late 18th and first half of the 19th centuries. He was known as the leader of the Millerite movement, which ultimately culminated in what is now known as the Great Disappointment.

    Miller went to great lengths to predict the second coming of Jesus Christ, and ultimately settled on a one-year period from March of 1843 to March of 1844.

    Many of his most earnest followers sold their homes and possessions in anticipation of Christ’s return, since they knew they would have no need of them. When the predicted dates came and went without incident, I’m sure the disappointment was crushing.

    Jesus himself cautioned against predicting the date of his return, when he warned that no man knows the day or the hour. Even so, he also said we would know the signs of the times, and commanded us to “watch” and be ready. Some of the most obvious signs:

    • There will be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars
    • There will be wars and rumors of wars
    • There shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places
    • Perilous times will come…and men will become frighteningly cruel, self-centered and uncaring. (2 Timothy 3:1-5)
    • Israel must again be a nation, reconstructed of ”dry bones” from the distant past. [Ezekiel 37]
    * Many will run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased [Daniel 12:4]…and wow, has this one ever arrived.

    These are just some of the signs. (There is a more detailed thread on my timeline dated May 12, 2020.)

    So, can we know the time of the end? Here is what Jesus said:

    “Now learn this parable from the fig tree:
    When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors!”

    Is the return of Jesus at the doors? He tells us we will “know” when all the signs appear. “All” these things.

    • Steve Bice

      My personal belief is that the prophetic word and the course of history run on parallel tracks. Even starting with two human beings, geometric reproductive rates essentially guaranteed that one day, earth would reach a carrying capacity…that we would outrun our resources. These functions must necessarily fail in a closed system.

      In my view, we have reached the point where intervention is needed to save the planet…and us. Even the secular among us see all the signs around us: extraordinary heat, wildfires, widespread pollution, depletion of soils, depletion of fisheries, disease, water shortages, famine, severe weather, magnetic pole reversal threats, solar flare threats, asteroid threats, war and more. The threats are many and mounting…in a time where the social fabric of societies around the world is unraveling.

      The difference between the secular and believers in God is not in the details. We all see it.

      The question is who will intervene…and how…do we escape what it is surely to come.

      Personally, I do not believe the earth can sustain a population of 8 billion people. If one believes we are “on our own” in this universe, then we must save ourselves…and the core solutions are both obvious and draconian.

      Are we at that point? Is summer near?

      We see efforts accelerating at the World Economic Forum to alter the structure of world government and undermine the nation-state model that has endured for thousands of years. We see the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) preparing for a future where the U.S. dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. We see seamless integration of data bases that captures every detail of our lives and have the power to control everything we do.

      Are systems in place that can control whether we buy or sell? Are we on the precipice where we must have a mark (or a license or a passport) to exercise our right to life?

      In my view: It. Is. Happening.

      These are the signs we would see if a pending unified world government was urgently seeking to acquire the power to address the frightening array of problems facing humanity.

      The core question then becomes: Whom do you trust to save you? Not the nation. Not the world.


      The bible says the number of hairs on our heads are numbered. We are each unique. We are loved by the one who created us.

      “Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.”

      In contrast, the world sees us as part of a herd. Herds are culled.

      It seems to be summertime. Will the solutions be at our expense?

      The next “Great Disappointment” may be upon us…but it will likely emerge from the earthly realm this time. If so, it will have extraordinary and frightening implications for all of humanity.

      My hope lies elsewhere, and I will not be afraid. Watch…

      [And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.]
      Luke 21:28

      • Paul from Indiana

        Everyone acts like we have no choice in the matter. Also, believers and non-believers all have one thing in common: mortality. Whether you die in Jesus, or you just die, this mortal life ends for all sooner or later. You can’t alter what’s going to happen, but you sure as “heck-fire” have control over how you respond to it. In crunch time, the quitters and defeatists will be first to go. Best always. PM

  68. Marie+Joy

    Please contact your state and local government representatives and tell them you do not want them to lock down your state/town this fall. Let’s try to head off lockdowns before they start.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, says Great Britain is largely forgoing COVID controls and will just “deal with it.” That’s leadership. Best always. PM


    • Marie+Joy

      And tell them mandatory jabs are a bad idea.

  69. A+Jones

    Does any one note a contradiction in logic in all this talk of total economic collapse, of big cities self destructing with a global depression versus a fear of taking the kill shot because it’s purpose is to depopulate? I see it as a choice of choosing your poison. You can die from the shot or starve inside a big city. Either way a lot of people are going to die so why all the fuss? There is a video on YouTube showing an interview with Elon Musk warning about the global decline in population and its impact on the economic future. I didn’t know global population was declining but Musk gave some interesting statistics. The Japanese population is down 10% in the last 20 years. The bottom line is we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. I want to stay alive just to watch so no booster for me. Actually, I went to church two times this morning so I am not really concerned either way. Two churches, two sermons, same message. I found that a little strange. They must have received the same memo because both preachers kept talking about the same guy and they both seemed to know Him well. Sounds like a conspiracy so maybe the FBI should investigate! That is one line of communication the NSA can’t tap.

  70. Mario

    Stan between 1865- 1910 was the greatest period of real growth and rise in the standard of living in the history of the world. The reason was sound money and real economic growth which made prices drop and thus everyone became richer because their saving rose in value. This caused more saving thus more investment in future also. Yes deflation is good for regular people.

    Then they installed the fed and destroyed the sound money and although wages rose with inflation they didn’t keep pace also this grew people in higher brackets. Also assets went up but capital gains get taken and you can’t right off inflation, it’s why they don’t take it from primary residence because this would show the scam also no one would be able to move.

    Growth being measured in fiat is just a distortion and it makes everyone feel richer but actually poor in real terms. I think in the future someone with a lack of understanding of economics like yourself may think your whole with your stock portfolio but only because you measure it in fiat which is a terrible measuring stick. You’ll probably be down like 50% or so measured in something like bread let’s say. Oh and also you will still be taxed on that 50% “gain” although clearly most people would see the loss.

  71. Mario

    It’s a fallacy that sound money doesn’t allow for economic growth. What it doesn’t allow for is government growth, and surprise surprise we are not taught this in “school”

    • OmarSheriff

      Except Sunday school Mario!
      They asked Jesus, “Do you hear what these children are saying?” “Yes,” Jesus replied. “Haven’t you ever read the Scriptures? For they say, ‘You have taught children and infants to give you praise.’” ◄ Matthew 21:16 ► New Living Translation
      “For the Son of man is to come in the glory of HIS Father with his angels, and then he will repay each one according to his behavior.” Matthew 16:27
      “To the angel of the congregation in Thy·a·tiʹra write: These are the things that the Son of God says, the one who has eyes like a fiery flame and whose feet are like fine copper: ‘I KNOW your deeds, and your love and faith and ministry and endurance, and that your deeds of late are more than those you did at first. Nevertheless, I do hold this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezʹe·bel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and misleads my slaves to commit sexual immorality and to eat things sacrificed to idols.And I gave her time to repent, but she is not willing to repent of her sexual immorality. Look! I am about to throw her into a sickbed, and those committing adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of her deeds. And I will kill her children with deadly plague, so that all the congregations will know that I am the one who searches the innermost thoughts and hearts, and I will give to you individually according to your deeds.’” Revelation 2:18-23
      ___WOW!Chew on dat!

  72. Self Exiled

    Just told by a Filipino that an employee at the hospital that I took my PCR test at has just died of Covid and had had both of his shots. This knowledge was conveyed to her by local radio. Maybe in time they will deduce what we accept as command knowledge. In this province of Aklah before vaccinations there was approximately 4 to 5 cases of Covid daily: now after the roll out of vaccinations we are averaging approximately 125 to150 a day. My own personal question: asking locally, there seems to be many antivaxers. What might give this movement strength is that they have stoped vaccinations due to lack of stock. We shall see.

    • Greg Hunter

      The 2008 Nobel Prize winner in medicine in 2008, Luc Montagnier says, “It is the vaccines that is creating the variants.” The name for that is “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE). Montagnier says Epidemiologists Know about this but are “silent”. Get that booster!!

      • Justn Observer

        Add more Dr. ‘s opinions…

        • AndrewB

          Justn Observer,
          Thanks. Great that more and more doctors are speaking out.

      • Self Exiled

        As I understand these vaccines they are the medium that allows the variants to develop. If natural immunity were allowed to occur there would be no variants and the virus would weaken. Basically they are using the vaccinations as a bio weapon to infect the non vaccinated and the possibility is there are no variants because the virus has never been isolated. Should make all snake oil sales men proud.

  73. Rick

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for persisting in these trying, strange times.

    i just wanted to clarify something. At 20:40, “two orders of magnitude” is 10^2 = 10 * 10 = 100. The current bubble is 100 times 2008, not 20.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rick for the backstop. Considering this is Dr. (Big Short) Michael Burry that is saying this means this is historically bad, as in worst crash ever by a wide margin. If he’s half right, it’s stunning Mad Max stuff!!


  74. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great reports.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick for all your support!

  75. John Clifford Schuler

    Thanks for all you do, Greg
    And thanks to you fine guests.
    BTW: One Order of Magnitude =10x 2=100X 3=1,000X, etc.
    BTW # 2: Re: Interview by Alex Newman of Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
    BRILLIANT. If one can watch his video … & still “Jabbed” = BRAINWASHED!
    One of the most believable and hard-hitting “info packets “I have ever read or viewed.
    John in the NW (EE & Fmr Regional VP of large HiTech Co.)

  76. AndrewB

    Another brave doctor speaks out:

  77. Jerry5

    Well Greg,
    It looks like the cat is out of the bag. The MSM in Australia is no longer holding back.

    I guess gerbils was right. You repeat a lie long enough and people will learn to accept it. No offense to your Australian readers, but this is what happens when you allow your government to take away your metal protectors.

    • Jerry5

      I wish I could tell you the door to door threat by uncle Joe was something new, but it’s not. It was already in the works by our hero.

      • eddiemd

        I retract my previous statement about door to door being nonsense.

        It looks like this will be the direction by local governments. All with the backing of Bribe’em and company.

        We are moving quickly along the Bible prophecy timeline.

        Now this could be a part of the coming war against the masses. All linked eventually to 5G.


        As I have said before, they will use drones against the American public. The electronic warfare and cyberwarfare is here already. They just need to activate it. A major false flag inbound to set it off.

        You must be reconciled to the Almighty God. That is your only hope. The coming terror will be unbelievable.

        Repent, read your Bible, and watch. Witness to your friends and enemies.

        • Jerry5

          I’m afraid you are right. The globalist are running out of time.
          Here’s Jerry’s take. Once the grid goes down, the assault on the homeland will begin. I’ve been watching the cyber polygon exercise.

          There is a tremendous amount of exchange between Davos ( The World Economic Forum headquarters ) and Beijing ( the CCP headquarters ). As an avid chess player, I always see a move as a setup for a long range checkmate. I do not believe cyber polygon has anything to do with cyber attacks. I believe it is a strategic move to install the global matrix cloud using star link and 5G. At a time of their choosing the globalist will take down the current grid and internet web, and replace it with one that they control. Then the poo will hit the fan big time…..and you’d better be spiritually ready because that is when Klaus and the boys will be making house calls.
          Eddie, as a veteran you know the primary target , is always to cut off communication first. Keep your chin in the wind and your powder dry my friend.

          • eddiemd

            I posted last week on the Navy exercises to shut down GPS and cell phones. The military has all the tools to instantly shut down iPhones, wifi, Internet, all electronic communications.

            Look around in your local neighborhoods. Take a close look at the cell towers nearby fire stations. They have back up power generators for when the lights go out.

            Take a look at the fire stations themselves. The ones here in Phoenix have back up comms using HF/VHF/UHF radio systems. They all have the antennas still up in plain site.

            Ham operators will still have the ability to make commo. For as long as they have power.

            Get a CB radio and police/fire scanner. You can figure out alternative power or even better if you have solar. Many people in Maricopa County have solar. When power goes out, make sure you have a kill switch to cut away from the power grid completely. Remember that almost all utility companies have smart meters that they control meaning they can cut you off or perhaps even the capability to send damage to your solar systems. Call your electrician today and install the disconnect switch. Do it today.

            Make yourself a hide site somewhere on your property. A root cellar type place in your yard. Something simple that will allow you to hide for a brief period. Or even better…build an escape tunnel from your house (hidden trap door) that leads outside the house to a small room in the yard. It sounds like paranoia but it may save your life. It can be done.


    • AndrewB

      Who could have imagined that the free and easy Aussies – many of them descendants of rebellious convicts – would roll over without a fight. Fascinating, and horrifying!

  78. John n Marzigliano

    Ehat restaurant is this?
    I just bought land to make i to a farm but the winters here put me out of commission for half the year.
    ill work for them three shifts a day 7 days a week while off season

  79. GrumpyTGa

    We must all become pamphleteers of the 21st century.
    Speaking the Truth is extremely unpopular and can cause you (me) to be ostracized. I have personal experience with this.
    Unless you only “preach to the choir” the truth can be hard to speak.

    • AndrewB

      Good source for ready to print pamphlets:

      • susan

        Thank you Andrew. I made copies so I can pass them out. I’ve been kicked off facebook, also.

  80. David W Leonard

    Thank you Greg!!! ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from Mr. Holter.
    He is right. When social media kicks you off, you’ve got target lock on the truth.

  81. Beverly Myers

    StandUpMichigan.com is in alliance with President Trump with the lawsuit for anyone that has been censored with facebook etc. They are requesting anyone that has been censored to join in on the lawsuit. Just thought you would like to know.

    • susan

      I’ve been kicked off facebook. How do I get in touch with them?

  82. DudlyDimwhite

    113,949 views Jul 10, 2021

    Solomon Islands political leader turns down bribe from China
    26,029 views Jul 11, 2021
    WOW!, if only our US. professional lying bought and paid for un-representatives could pass on their Bribe’n Beijing Biden, ways and represent us we the sheeple!

  83. DudlyDimwhite


  84. Robert Dziok

    Massive Censorship? Satanic Globalists/Deep State Desperate and in Panic Mode? Why would that be? Don’t they control Power? Best look at RealRawNews.com to get insight into Current arrests, Military Tribunals, executions going on (e.g. Clintons, Barr, Comey, Brennan, Podessa, etc.). Keep this in mind when reading what is there: NO Military Tribunal prosecutor or defense lawyer has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in the author’s articles. These are career high level military no nonsense individuals who would never allow that to go on if false. Especially since all of this deals with National Security. These articles get hundreds of thousands of views. Also keep in mind the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery ) and Deep Fakes the Deep State adeptly has and does use to deceive Americans. Also use of “doubles” and mask technology the CIA (even Bush senior could not detect decades ago in a meeting) developed. The author of articles (Michael Baxter) points out his sources are individuals in day to day contact with President Trump. The author stands by his articles and sources and says so in comments multiple times. He reports information he is told. His own comment responses of his articles show it is not his character to deceive or falsely state his sources are in day to day contact with President Trump.

  85. Old Rancher

    With all these people getting money to not work won’t they eventually need to pay tax on that dole? Will they have the money to do that?

  86. Ted Cronan

    WARNING: Toxic Nano particles Used To Amplify mRNA In COVID Vaccine
    Brian Wilson | Infowars.com
    July 10th 2021, 11:07 am
    Scientific studies find these particles may cause myocarditis and strokes.
    Findings from a Spanish study show toxic nano-particles called graphene oxide in Pfizer’s COVID vaccines, suggesting that this substance is causing heart inflammation, blood clots, strokes, and more.

  87. Robert K

    Well, it’s begun… Traitor Joe is now instructing door to door C19 knockers to ignore “no soliciting” signs… The door-to-door knocking is already taking place in Illinois.


    USAWD’s, make sure you have visible ‘No trespassing’ signs on your property and cameras in place. Call police if they come onto your property and ignore your posted signs. This is a crime and is called criminal trespass, and yes, they can and will be arrested for it, if they ignore your signs and push bidens c19 garbage. They will say they are “not soliciting”, but in effect, that is EXACTLY what they are doing, because they are soliciting their ideas/opinions/views/beliefs about the plandemic and the poison jabs.

    These people need to be made examples of, either by an arrest or by show of force. I guarantee you this looney tunes B.S. will stop if one or more of these C19 poison pushers are met with deadly force. I thought the Gestapo ended in the mid-1940’s, silly me, but apparently it is still alive and well in 2021. “Your papers please”….

    • Robert K

      Just to piggyback off my previous post about the Gestapo…well, for the government officials that hate police and continue to demand defunding of police, check this out. They are now creating offices for U.S. Capitol Police in San Francisco and Tampa, and their goal of the new field offices will be used to “investigate threats” made against members of Congress.

      My next question is, who or what is considered a “threat”? American patriots? People who believe in the Constitution? gun owners? Citizens who know the plandemic was a scam? Those who are not getting the poison jab? Those who want to hold Congress accountable for their actions or inactions? It is a very slippery slope. What the hell is the point of the FBI then if we need U.S. Capitol police offices in different states? This overreach is too much and needs to end.


  88. Jim

    Trump = Judas Goat

  89. lightning


    You should really keep a close eye on Reiner Fuellmich and the case he’s building against Fauci, the CDC, Moderna, Pfizer etc.

    This video shows with 100% certainty that the Sars-Cov2 virus was man made, Fauci and big pharma knew, and in fact had 100’s of patents and patent applications on specific virus, spike protein, specific cleavage site yada yada yada. The developed the virus and Darpa had interest in it as a biological weapon. They even inserted language in the patent application to cover “deliberate or accidental release of the virus”.

    Again, this is 100% court of law proof they manufactured this for the intent purpose of pushing their vaccines.

    This is a crime against humanity.


  90. eddiemd

    Keep an eye on 7th Special Forces Group. They are the designated spanish speaking group and Cuba is in their area of operations.

    82nd to the rescue. Both Haiti and Cuba at the same time. 7th Group right there at Eglin AFB. Less than 30 minute ride to the rescue. Plus Eglin is loaded with AFSOC units.



  91. Louis

    Great Report !

  92. Self Exiled

    Paul. Speaking of Doctors, as in one of your previous posts. I had noticed in the latter 80’s and early 90’s the change in the medical field. The incoming/interns would always test,test, and test and not sit down and talk to you. Four of them came into a hospital room I was in with a young child and they were head to toe blue jeans and sandals. Professionalism gone and again many prescribed test. Not a single question to the parent. Two years latter I meet a doctor who had just quit his position at a hospital in Florida and had moved to the Dakotas. I asked why and he said that he had become the problem rather than the hospital dealing with the issues he perceived as important. The testing rather than relationship with the patient, of course the administrator was looking at the bottom line, test as a money maker. And so we have what we have now, hospitals are about profit not people and so goes the United States. Oh and how is your stock portfolio doing. That’s why the Stans think like they do.

    • Self Exiled

      The United States sold it’s soul for money, and the churches too. Prosperity/profits. Fill those benches. Abortion, same sex marriage rights. And now we pray for deliverance as if we deserve without repentance. My view. What do think Charles???

      • Rachel

        Hi S.E., lots of comments from you so it looks like you are back to your old self. Glad to see you looking well again.

        • Self Exiled

          Thank You. I have had a 14 day rest as I have been in lock down: 22 days total as I have not left my home. Because I took a PCR test which tested positive: that I might fulfill my obligations to the Bureau of Immigration to leave to renew my visa which was impossible due to the covid lock downs. No mercy, they gave me an extension with no consideration of my 3 doctor’s statements that I should not be travelling; but I violated the extension when I went into quarantine, and of course they only follow protical. I’m now on a possible Black List and imprisonment. Psalm 91 as Greg says.

          • Rachel

            Oh goodness, well if you need me to send you a care package let me know.

          • Rachel

            …by the way I have become a hero. The house next door was on fire, the lady who owns it was at work and her tenant is a night shift worker so he was asleep inside. I went and woke him up, but he had taken a sleeping tablet so he didn’t believe that I was real, lol. I had to yell at him to get him to leave. Now he is to be too emabarrased to speak to me but the firemen that eventually showed up thought I was very cool.

      • Charles H.

        S E,

        A complex answer to a simple question. You have the True and then the Counterfeits. All the Counterfeits are a draw away from the True, and fill any niche of likes or attractiveness. And there’s a wide gambit – from the stoic, ceremony laden Catholic; to the lively and sometimes wild Charismatics toward the mainstream. There is the farther out toward pagan Shinto/dead forefather worship of the Japanese, to the reincarnation religions of the East. And even from these there are some who are Saved – mainly because ‘God’s Word will not return unto Him void’, and some respond to ‘come out from among them, sayeth the LORD’.

        America, though, has been thoroughly mainstream in a Protestant vein; and History has been seemingly fickle. The early Presbyterians and Methodists had good preachers and writers who were sound in Doctrine; but when they grew to be “organized”: they begun to become “COMPROMISED” by human authority over Divine, Scriptural Authority. Even the great Southern Baptist Convention – when they put all the churches ‘contributions’ into a big pot: the fighting and politicizing began. So a Big Mistake of organizing into Fellowships and Conventions removed the ‘local, fundamental, and independent’ orientation of churches to the violation of : “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves are not wise.” 2Cor. 10:12. It is and has always been a spiritually fatal mistake to to take one’s eyes off of God’s Holy Word and His Authority and cast them toward other men.

        And then we have the real, onward Fundamentalist soldiers – of which camp I was born; and subsequently left. I have a confused identity now – half Baptist while at home; and “Bible Christian” where I live and minister. Two major issue affect this realm: spiritual warfare and Apostasy. The devil has destroyed a great many preachers and their ministries through sexual sin; and some were seduced by prosperity. The church and Christian College I went to were really good when I was there: but I wouldn’t show-up to a service or associate myself to the college because it has gone liberal in music, standards, and preaching of Biblical Authority. This latter compromise reflects more the Apostasy – of starting-out right; but watching the world change and not wanting to ‘loose-out and become irrelevant’. The motive to keep the ministry going is Right: but the method is wrong: and so it is spoiled, or compromised.

        Finally, America as a whole – which was leavened with Christian values and morals that produced laws and cultural norms… seems like the very cycle of Life. Born with all the health and strength the Founding Fathers could provide: it grew and worked and provided well while it held to Biblical beliefs and teachings of honesty and the work ethic; but prosperity always takes it’s toll. Each thing has the seeds for it’s own destruction, whether soul or country. Both the ‘good’ and ‘righteous’ people wished to work and be left alone; while those who bent toward evil sought position, power, and wealth. It was a natural course of Time and age that the body lost strength, gained disease, got set in their ways, and selfish, with ease and prosperity gently helping. The devil brought up ‘science’ and technology to dazzle the masses as new enticements, serving as pseudo-religions in themselves. ALL, AGAIN – to draw away from God and the knowledge of Him. Technology unbound sexuality, in imagery and contraceptive practice. It was just a matter of Time that the devil could compromise, then corrupt even the most basic tenets and teachings. Language manipulation and confusion; redefining meaning and definition – made babies only a ‘fetus’; and the Constitution only ‘a document’. It is the flower of mankind that fadeth. Money and compromise is only the symptom of the disease of turning from the Living God. Repentance and Faith is given for each, individual soul to exercise; and our responsibility is to teach our family. It was a trick and error to allow secular humans to teach our children; and the damage is done. As the Family went- so went the nation. God seems to work toward the underdog and the remnant; it is the ‘few’ that find the narrow gate that leads to life – the many stay the course of the ‘wide gate’ that leads to destruction. It is a “heart-issue” of whether man seeks God, or does not. Then man must seek God in the right way and the right place: which the Holy Bible provides. The character to face Truth and respond to it seems to be declining. So, again – God’s appraisal of the ‘few there be that find it’ correctly reinforces itself. It would take a true “revival”, meaning God the Holy Spirit moving and empowering; but this is not indicated in scriptural prophesy for these ‘End-Times’. And God is not the Author of confusion, or conflict concerning prophesy. It is natural we don’t want good things to go away; but God will bring an end to sinful man: and take a remnant of redeemed mankind into a blessed and eternal economy. He is still saving some, and that is the business we need to be about. Speaking Truth in love; to rebuke lies; and working honestly with our hands is still the main thing – to share Jesus Christ and His Gospel believably. Money buys that which has little to no value: it is Salvation in Jesus Christ which is the ‘pearl of great price’, worth selling ALL to obtain.

        I love America; and have served her Honorably in the Amed Forces. That said; there is a citizenship which is greater; and an honor and allegiance more noble: to God Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, through the only way and Door, Jesus Christ. Church is the social construct for man’s need, as much as rest is for the body. One might say – that when we lost this first, spiritual priority – we lost the nation also. I think the Founding Fathers would agree.

        • Self Exiled

          Thank You Charles, I really knew you would have a clear personal insight to the dynamics of which I spoke as you do have a historical knowledge both spiritual and institutional. My back ground does not give me these insights as the treatment that I received from such was considered abusive: so my view is from a distance. Thank You.

          • Charles H.

            S E,

            You are completely welcome. Being we are both Ex-pats, living abroad – our world-view is broader and more considerate. Writing back in appreciation is a great satisfaction to me. People are SO preoccupied in ‘putting on the best face’ on everything and themselves. Rubbish. I am as imperfect as the world I live in. I have always held to going against the grain when I thought it was wrong. I still make mistakes, and try to learn from them. As long as I keep close to Scripture: I have done well.

            Let us know how you do with the Philippine government. CH

        • Self Exiled

          Oh, I did not miss the significance of the capitalization of the word Time.

    • eddiemd

      There are differences in the medical community mentality. In the 90s in Boston at BU medical center and city hospital medical students, interns, residents, staff male physicians were required to wear ties when present in the hospital and clinics. When I moved to the west there were relaxed dress standards as you describe.

      In the military there were also differences. Some physicians preferred to wear dress green shirts and ties. Others like me preferred to wear BDUs in the clinics and hospital.

      In the 90s drug reps were given free reign to enter clinics and medical conferences to give away food/drink, books, pens, etc. They cut back on this in the 2000s. When I was working in the private sector in 2004/2005, one drug rep came weekly and bought food for everyone in the clinic. The staff was happy. I would listen to their drug appeal but never really considered prescribing their medications because of the cost to the patient. Most insurance would not pay full cost so therefore I used effective old school meds that were well tested and cheap.

      Medicine is driven by the insurance and .gov controllers. Todays students are brainwashed early on by professors who are on the take from grants provided by drug companies.

      I remember questioning why we were giving Hep B shots to newborns back in the early 90s. It was science but driven by profits seeing that it was rare that newborns were at risk for Hep B and they had immature immune systems.

      Then there was the anthrax shots in the military in the 90s. Another scam. Just like coronavirus.

      • Self Exiled

        Thank You Eddie. You have the ability to fill in the gaps concerning both the medical and military aspects of the situations we find ourselves in. Such backgrounds and knowledge is absolutely necessary: HE is putting together a Team/Church of great eternal significance.

  93. 123

    Love Bill Holter – and all of your guests – always look forward.

    I agree with Bill regarding what’s upon us. The Powers That Be own everything and everbody. – they control the world. At this point, can only hope more see this truth.

  94. Marie+Joy

    Zay speak truth, on YouTube, has very short clips, mostly about the jab. Interesting.

  95. Jerry5

    I was advised by a friend the other day, to look up the word “safe”.

    The idiot box is rife with informercials touting the vaccines as being safe. With over 9000 deaths being reported by VAERS isn’t that false advertising? Where is the FTC?

  96. Marie+Joy

    At what point do apathy, and inaction, become cowardice?

    • Marie+Joy

      I ask because I know what has to be done but…

      • Paul ...

        We need to arrest all the Demon-rats … not just those who have fled Texas to keep elections rigged … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/texas-dems-fled-state-private-jet-over-voting-rights-bill-abandon-democracy

        • Self Exiled

          No need 96% took the vaccination except the political and financial elite.

        • Self Exiled

          They have closed their unfeeling heart [to kindness and compassion];
          With their mouths they speak proudly and make presumptuous claims.
          They track us down and have now surrounded us in our steps;
          They set their eyes to force us to the ground, Psalm 17: 10-11

  97. Richard

    The FAKE VIRUS has never been isolated.

  98. Pat

    Hi Greg, what has happened to 321gold.com? A very important precious metals site. Have the Left wing tyrannical marxist tech censors struck again?

    • Paul ...

      Pat … The site is still up!!

  99. Lady Au Stackers United

    More confirmation not to take, “the kill shot”. A friend’s daughter, age 59, with a few comorbidities had received both doses of Modern about mid March. Recently a few days ago this July suffered a pulmonary embolism. She was unable to breath so she had a visit to the local emergency department in Tacoma, Washington. She is okay now, but her brush with death I personally believed to be due to a latent adverse side effect of the CV19 shot.

  100. Lady Au Stackers United

    Typo of recentpost: Moderna.

    Also, my 86 YO friend, retired air force pilot took the J&J jab (against his wishes, of course), and one month later now is experiencing significant muscular weakness.

  101. Trinacria

    I always enjoy hearing Bill Holter. He is a good guy and thanks for interviewing him. I agree with pretty much all that he says. Just a quick point on Wells Fargo – it is the bank I run both personal and business through – not and endorsement by any means as all banks are suspect in my view. Wells Fargo just unilaterally increased my credit card lines and they are encouraging me to spend more, which I have never done and simply don’t do. I use credit cards as convenience as pay them off even before the statements cut to keep my credit score high. They are closing personal credit lines (I have never had one)…this is because they are being penalized still by the FED for the fake account scandal of a few years ago. As part of this, the FED will not allow them to grow their balance sheet, so they had to close some of their product lines.

  102. Donna

    I can feel the integrity of Bill Holter .

  103. Coal Burner

    Greg; Car Wash, reminds me of a song, chuckle! We had a new one built in my little western town. LOL!!! Did you see that Netflicks continued show, staged in Arkansas a couple years back. Vicious money laundering deal based on one of those new car washes and the guy then bought a boat dock and gas sales All cash all Money Laundering! Ding, ding, ding QQQQQQQ. LOLI instantly said in my town a 250,000 dollar plus car wash to get back a turnover of a thousand dollars on a good week. LOL!!!! No one could miss that big noisey car laundry.

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