More 2020 Election Audits, Forced Vaccinations, Mega-Drought Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 484 6.11.21)

It is reported the Maricopa County Arizona 2020 Election audit is nearing completion.  When finished, auditors will have hand counted and inspected 2.1 million ballots.  Getting the audit started was months in the making as Democrats and their globalist overlords fought every step of the way.  Now, other states have sent representatives to tour the audit location to see how the audit was done.  States such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Virginia and others have been on site in Arizona and are also talking about conducting their own 2020 Election audit.  Many say there was massive fraud in the 2020 Election in America.  Arizona will be the first state to verify that claim.

Some employers are forcing their workers to get the experimental CV19 vaccine.  The federal government said it will not require the vaccine for federal workers, but the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says it’s okay to force private workers to get vaccinated or be fired.  What gives?  Can the EEOC allow forced vaccinations that is against federal law and not required by the federal government?  Can the EEOC cancel the Nuremberg Code of 1947?  The answer is clearly NO.  Expect some huge court battles in the not-so-distant future.  Here is a form you can use to fight forced vaccination from your employer and the home page with other forms you can print too.

The “Mega-Drought” in the Western U.S. is getting so bad that some western cities may run out of water if this drought continues much longer.  The water for 25 million people is facing big problems with the worst drought in 1,200 years.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview: 

Data scientist and predictive linguistics expert Clif High will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  High will talk about CV19 vaccines, how to fight CV19, political implications for mass vaccination, coming chaos in the political and economic arena, Bitcoin, the dollar, gold and even if Donald Trump will make it back into the White House.  This is an extensive interview that you will not want to miss.  Clif High has a very accurate track record with his predictions he derives from internet data mining.

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  1. Bob

    Cliff High! Great haven’t listened to him in a while.

    • Nick de la Gaume

      You can find clif on twitter and BitChute. I am sure Greg will give the links.

      Greg and Clif, my absolutely favourite Americans. May God guide and protect you and yours.

      I do not agree or believe all that Clif says but he has been correct about so much and is particularly pleased with himself at the moment. I do not do false modesty either!

    • Peter Campbell

      Now its time to look up and stop the dimming project and whatever else they are spraying in our skies. Start the march on cleaning up our skies not this false narrative of the world that we are killing our environment. Its not us its the government and scientist who are trying to kill the planet and geoengineer it. Bill Gates need to be in a jail

    • Jconn7777

      Aloha from Maui my younger and better looking brother. Hi Gman, just wanted to say God bless Greg H. my wonderful friend.
      Yehushua Messiah is returning soon little brother, keep fighting.
      Much love

    • peter starr

      Dear Greg, thanks for your excellent presentations and videos.It is so nice to be well informed.I for one have read up on covid-19 and will not have the jab and as you say many people are ill informed and are stupid and go with the flow.I am already in the twilight zone and do I really want remaining years curtailed ?
      Greg, is there any way to download your videos to watch later.
      Sincere Regards from;
      Peter Starr
      North London

    • Lucas Doolin

      Clif High has moved to Bitchute.

  2. Jeff Richardson

    You are so spot-on, Greg, thanks for reviewing it all about the China Virus.

    • DD

      Well I am extremely happy they are using humans as gineau pigs instead of animals .
      Humans are so undeserving.

  3. John Nordstrom

    You can buy prescription meds (including HCQ and Ivermectin) from w/o a prescription.

    • Jeff

      John (or anyone) What is the shelf life for HCQ and Ivermectin ?

      • Sneed

        So long as you store it in a cool, dark place the shelf life for HCQ is at least a year or more. I’ve been taking it for many years and have had a more than one year supply on hand a few times with no apparent loss of potency.

        • Jeff

          Sneed If I might ask why have you been taking for years and also doesn’t it’s effectiveness diminish over time with continual use ? Thanks

      • Sneed

        No you can not. I just looked and “prescription required” at least for Ivermectin

      • Maurice, MD

        If you get the solid pill form of either hydroxychloroquine, or ivermectin, those can last up to a decade or longer with sealed, dry, cool, dark storage 😉

        NEVER believe expiration dates for non-injectable meds. They lie, and tell you to throw out all your old meds, in order to get you to keep paying for new ones. Expiration dates are not accurate. They are a paid-off scam, just like the FDA in total.

        • Juli Barbato

          I admire your honesty. Thank you. You live up to the Hippocratic Oath. You’re a pearl among swine.
          On a related note about ivermectin, I noticed that it is the primary ingredient in Heartgard Plus, which is given to dogs to prevent heartworm. It’s well tolerated by the overwhelming majority of our canine friends.

      • Lori Sorensen

        Hi Jeff-
        Like any prescription you can put in freezer and it stays good up to 20 years. Have always done this with prescriptions.
        Look what happened during this last pandemic, people couldn’t get their prescriptions filled.
        Keep an eye on the sky’s, the chem trails in AZ are beyond bad.

  4. JC

    So no one has to pay rent anymore,and no one wants to work anymore.
    Don’t worry, the government will take care of you and give you free stuff.
    It’s a wonderful life! Be lazy and get fat. Supersize your fast food meals, and above all, trust the government!

    This WNW gets a thumbs up!

  5. eddiemd

    I went to the VA here in Phoenix for an annual appointment at the end of April 2021. The first question from the nurse was have I had the injection. No. I don’t want it. I already had the coronavirus in June 2020.

    Next I see the MD. First question was had I been injected. No. I already had the coronavirus last June 2020. He asked me how I knew I had it. I told him I lost my sense of smell/taste for a month and recovered it back in 3 months. I was on my deathbed for two days and sick for a couple of weeks. And I still have not recovered completely. And by the way I have an MD degree. He still didn’t believe me and asked why I would not take the shot.

    I asked him for an antibody blood test to see if I have covid antibodies. He said the VA does not do that test. Liar.

    They pushed the mRNA poison from start to finish. A bunch of frauds.

    Here in Maricopa county the water situation is critical but you would never know.

    The Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal from the Colorado provides water for Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima counties. Probably more than 80% of the Arizona population including metro Phoenix and Tucson. No one is calling for conservation.

    It will be too late when they decide to ration. It will be Biblical.

    • eddiemd

      Map of CAP.

      • eddiemd

        A cyberattack on the CAP pump stations will disrupt the water supplies to 80% of people living in Arizona.

        A major strategic target. Even a simple commando attack on one key pump station (at the Colorado River) takes down the CAP. The CAP system is the number one consumer of energy in the state. Grid down, no water.

        Arizona is very vulnerable. People are not aware of the situation that they are in. It will be too late when it goes down.

        Biblical prophesy. Never fails.

        War, famine, pestilence. The four horses of apocalypse.

        • Freebrezer

          E – I read a good short story about foreign terrorist taking down the AZ grid on a very hot summer day. It was eye opening to how easy (if true?) … this with about 5 to 7 people. All they had to do is target the major sub stations and shoot down a few of the main transport lines … all within minutes of each other. All of central to southern AZ goes dark. The story tells of the catastrophe that follows in the ensuing, sweltering week in Phoenix. I wish I could find it! If living in the desert have at least a few hundred gallons of potable water!

        • Ray

          My thoughts and best wishes be with you Ed.
          Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
          Thanks for the excellent information you bring here.
          Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Bill Wilson

      They might have keep asking you to see, if you would say something radical?

    • Paul ...

      Edmd … Looks like people at the CDC are now trying to cover its ass … before being indicted for murder …

      • Paul ...

        Consider this … if “strong young men” and teenage boys (16- to 24 years-old) … are now getting myocarditis and pericarditis (heart inflammation) following their second dose of the mRNA-based Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines … just imagine what the vaccines are doing to “older weaker men” and women’s hearts … this is “pre-planned mass murder on a genocidal scale” affecting 340 million Americans (even greater numbers of people then the Holocaust’s 6 million … which was never to happen again) and why the Nuremberg Codes were set into International Law and placed into American Law throughout all the United States!!

        • Cathy

          Still I sometimes have lunch with a group of older women who had the jab blabbering about how their grandchildren must take the vaccine and being LIBERALS,, they are HAPPY the schools are forcing college children to get jabbed or leave the school. Its just impossible to believe these very wealthy older f0lks are so oblivious to the facts and so destructive to EVERYONE who comes in contact with them.
          I simply had to leave the room and cannot even play golf at this club with them any longer. very very disturbing.

          • Paul ...

            Cathy … The tears have not yet begun to flow … listen to the first few minutes of the following indictment against the Demons … it is sad that people were so trusting of the evil Demons (and still are) … listen closely … those who took the jab “will all be dead within two years” … eugenicist Gates and Fauci evilly designed their jab to act like a PAC-man to eat our bodies from the inside … some in the Military believe the United States will be lucky to have 100 million people left in two years … I’m not sure praying is going to help … as God the Father may figure … if people are going to be so dumb as to take an “experimental vaccine” (on the word of greedy politicians or doctors in the pocket of Big Pharma) … then let them bear the consequences of their insane actions!!

            • Paul ...

              Opps … forgot the attachment … listen closely to the first few minutes … … it says all the people who took the jab “will be dead in two years” … what a horrible crime these Demons have committed!!

              • Paul ...

                Make sure you scroll all the way back to the beginning … where the Nuremberg Code is being explained!!

            • Cathy

              Paul, after watching your link, I must say the part in the beginning was chilling indeed. I feel as though all that was said is happening and might get worse. However, the suits filed and the criminal acts against humanity are true but the “IF THERE STILL EXISTS A JUDICIAL SYSTEM” statement is saying it CANT BE FIXED DUE TO THE COMPLETE TAKEOVER OF OUR GOVERNMENT….. we NO LONGER HAVE A VIABLE JUDICIAL SYSTEM, therefore it negates all that was said!!!!
              Of course I knew that occurred because of the effort and careful planning that took place to steal the election from us and then proceed to quickly vaccinate and stop all prosecution of efforts of the conservative to maintain a justice system.
              The very last bit about the IQ drop in the USA is also true, since I taught 30 years and saw the destruction of the education system through the infiltration of the liberal left over that period of time. the vilification of our country, 1980s, the beginning of special ed 1987, the proliferation of bulling programs (anti family homo agenda) 2007, and the encouragement of gay lifestyle 2008 to present. For the most part white students k-12 are unruly and protected by helicopter parents from all attempts to get them to work harder, no one can touch the black unruly child due to the BLM racist labels, the schools are encouraging medication mostly for young boys (who they deem unruly) and parents are listening, and the asian child sits there and works hard from the minute they sit in their seats to the minute the dismissal bell rings.after school the asian community bring their children to TUTORS to learn even more…sometimes every day.
              The pledge of allegiance is said over the intercom and children don’t even hear it as they speak and laugh with friends and no one is taught to memorize the words. Is horrific because it true.
              The most chilling thing said was the statement about heading toward genocide of the white or black who protests or refuses to conform…Its being taught in the high schools at this moment to push back on those who favor conservative values and thoughts. The concerted detailed and effective efforts by the left for at least 30 years or more to brainwash the public has left us in a quandary. There is no one to save us…we are on the road to destruction…knowing about these problems might raise some awareness but the majority of Morans here are stuck with their heads in the ground…thinking it will never happen and we are delusional..

          • Lucas Doolin

            I remember when liberals hated and distrusted the federal government.

          • Kenneth Landon

            I used to frequent A dog park in Alexandria VA., fraught with liberals who can’t leave their politics at the gate. I rarely take my dogs there, since libs ruin everything for everyone, including an off leash dog park.

      • eddiemd

        The bureaucrats at the CDC had no idea that this whole thing was going to blow up like it has. They thought Fauci Mengele could keep it contained.

        None of the .gov leaders in FDA and CDC took the injections. They know better. They are the ones taking HCQ and Ivermectin.

        I saw a comment over on zerohedge. This guy says he tells people he is a part of the “control group” during this massive public experiment. Those ignorant enough to take it and those in the control group. It makes sense.

        It is almost time to release something else. They have virus and bacteria that make the coronavirus look like the Influenza A/B. Oh, that is really what a majority of the cases were. They stopped testing for influenza.

        The VA population is a target population for the globalists. The minions working there are more interested in their retirements and .gov bennies. You know a physician gets 5 paid weeks of vacation a year from the start and 2 more weeks of sick time. They get 30 minute slots for a returning patient and 1 hour for a new patient. It is a slacker job for a physician. You have to be able to put u with an occasional knucklehead.

        I worked for them in Fayetteville NC. Being a veteran I loved the job. As a SF vet I would not put up with any nonsense.

        The other comment was correct. They were trying to get me to say something radical about the injection.

        • Kenneth Landon

          Kudos for your service Green Beret!

    • charles michael johnson

      I had it in Nov/20 and everyone still wants me to get the jab. My reply is the wound has healed…why put a bandaid on it.?

      Yes get the anti-body blood test and then keep the results with you. In PA this allows you(for now) to not wear a mask in certain stores.
      It was NEVER about the virus. It was ALWAYS about the drug.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, the exodus of the “Okies” from the plains to California during the Dust Bowl era (as chronicled in John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”) is apparently due to reverse. As you say, it will be Biblical, but it might provide the physical, and therefore electoral, re-concentration of traditional-values Americans, which we have needed so badly these past 50 years. There’s plenty of water in the Ohio Valley. Best always. PM

    • Charles H


      I went to my yearly VA exam, and complained about the Tdap vaccine they gave me over a year ago – still hurts. Availability for the CV-19 jab wasn’t yet to my age, and I said I wouldn’t take any more injections. My ‘new’ African-American doctor told me that the vaccine was “voluntary” at that time. I said – yeah, for now. Really nice guy; but I’m sure he feels the pressure. My thyroid med is stable two year in a row and he thinks we can just do the next over the phone. One email from the VA suggested that if I got vaccinated in Mexico: I could report the batch and lot number, date and registration of vaccination. I hope to find a way to bribe someone here to provide me the info with no injection. So, yeah – they are going to push everyone hard for sure.

    • William L Munns

      The VA in my state started out with no less than three forms of vaccination notifications this year; a voice call, a text … followed up by an automated phone message. Last year we received a letter explaining the dire nature of the pandemic along with a 5 minute medical phone consultation to renew expiring medications. A source within the VA told me that once these gentle reminders fail to move you to take the required action–there have been discussions that may limit or end further VA services or supplies. It was pointed out that all the illegal aliens flooding our southern borders who are in current need of medical care– they will soon find themselves on the rolls for Obama Care. Proving once again that Uncle Sam is indeed adapt at giving; as they are at cutting problematic people adrift. SOD

  6. Claudia Smith-alderink is traveling the country to fight mandatory vaccination with emergency experimental vaccines. “The uncensored truth tour” This definitely needs more news coverage.

  7. Craig

    Very good Greg , keep up the great work ! Thank you Sir

  8. wallstone

    You’re on fire tonight Greg. I look forward to your interview of Cliff High. All signs are the deep state are in panic and the good guys are in the driver’s seat. It is going to be

  9. Jeffrey Webb

    Thanks for the work you do on the weekend updates, Greg. It’s informative, factual and covers many categories; we need more of that. This is where I get my weekly news. I think that many of today’s preachers need to focus on the fact that Jesus is Real! The King is coming, praise God and blessings on you and yours. Jeff Webb / God Bless America

  10. George Hudson

    Hi Greg, I love your show because it isn’t a show; It’s the truth. I can only reach about 150 people with this but I’ll reach them all. Thank you for all you do! I love your ending! Everyone should hear your great words of wisdom!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the viral promotion George.

      • DanKnight

        Greg, the theory that the vaccine will create a variant that is resistant to the vaccine will not come true. Lou’s theory would be true, but because the testing and testing guidance has been changed it will not come true. The theory depends upon Sars-Cov-2 actually being present in the environment, but it is not present. The ‘covid-19’ cases are influenza, rhinoviruses, pneumonias and other upper respiratory infections. We need someone to go over the guidance changes and the testing protocol changes and explain how much of Sars-Cov-2 might really be present. I could do this, but as a former health dept. official I don’t think I have any credibility with the scientists who need to hear this.

      • Jim



  11. Ashley

    Uff, clif high ? Hasn’t he hurt enough people already. I wish you wouldn’t have him on your show .

    • Greg Hunter

      Ashley, Hurt? How? I have never heard Clif High has hurt anyone and I am on line all the time.

      • Jr Jon

        Clif is excellent on the materium and dark side of the spiritum but apparently rejects the “Holy Spirit” as Jesus defined in reported dialog with nicodemus in scripture and claims the term translated as “holy spirit” in aramaic from sumerian is talking about triangular ships. It appears discussion about the topic on Clif’s comments page are summarily deleted (mine were) and so I, a “Yuge” Clif fan for a long time, and tho I love him dearly, ….I’m out. Philosophy and religions are merely a rejection of Jesus who is “foolishness to the greek, a stumbling block to the jew” …I have found a relationship with the “Godhead” is had only by asking Jesus in (only then does one know) until then the relationship is with “the universe” as Clif delineates often.

        • Greg Hunter

          Jr. Jon,
          Remember “God’s word will not come back void” no matter who is doing the data mining.

          • Jr Jon

            amen brother – and God bless you for laying it out there – I will only listen to those that do and these evil days that leaves you, Mike Adams & Alex Jones –

          • Juli Barbato


        • sk

          ‘Aliens’ in those ‘triangular ships’? Clever predictive programming!

      • Jim

        Gotta agree with you Greg. When I read that “hurt enough people” I said “HUH?” I used to listen to Clif all the time and get his reports.

    • Lazlo

      It’s true. I have to pay hundreds of thousands in taxes now because I used Clif s information to become a multimillionaire. Clif, If I ever run into you, you will be getting a big hug from me, and maybe a big wet kiss too.

  12. Bob

    Greg, thank you for bravely speaking the truth

  13. Marie+Joy

    Prepper Dawg, on YouTube, reports a blackout in Puerto Rico. A power station has exploded.

  14. will Rodgers

    Greg can you cover “Stealth” force vaccinations. The government is pushing all corps to make the vax pas a requirement to do Alost anything. Eat inside a restaurant, go to a movie or sport event, concert or any normal activity where there are other people: Fly on an airline. These area all covert ways to force people to get the JAB. I think this is illegal because it is discriminatory.

    • Paul ...

      Imagine a scenario like this happening 1000’s of times a day all across America … a Mother grabs her young daughter who was about to get into a truck with a man offering her child a ride and some free candy and ice cream … and slaps her … saying: “Don’t ever get into a truck with a man offering you ice cream or candy … as he may have devious sexual motives”!! … then a few moments later … the mother is walking down the street with her child and see’s a truck … and the man inside is offering free lotto tickets, free beers and a free ride to anyone who would get into his truck and allow him to poke them … unable to restrain herself (as her husband just got the Covid-19 vaccine and was under the weather) … she immediately grabs the first homeless man she sees on the street and tells him to watch her child … and she jumps into the truck to get all those free gifts and a free ride … but sadly … just as she had warned her child previously … getting into a truck for free gifts and a poke by this man … will be the death of her and many others!! …

  15. keith j

    Mike Lindell is correct in his analysis of election fraud. President Trump will be vindicated, returned to office by late summer, and those who were involved in the wholesale election fraud will be held accountable. With the looming arrests, just how will the chaos be limited and tempered down?

    • andyb

      Mike is optimistic that SCOTUS will take the case due to the overwhelming evidence. I’m not so sure. Every other USG organization is corrupt. Why should SCOTUS be any different? It is quite obvious that many politicians in the swing states were bribed to allow the criminality during the election process. There were $billions floating around. I find it unlikely that any of them looked the other way because of political ideology.

      • Loretta Pruitt

        Reply to andyb
        There were $billions floating around. I find it unlikely that any of them looked the other way because of political [ideologic bribery].
        Yup andyb, at Democrat party controlled, inner city urban election poling center’s, $100 an hour counters, money talks and b. s. walks!
        Thank you Mark, the sucker, Zucker”Burgomaster burgermeister”Berg: Your an unfit Burgomaster, mate!
        We will never let an alien serve mankind!
        Your the cookbook Mark!
        We will fight you Mark, in the trenches of the;
        The Internet
        World wide web
        Word of mouth door to door
        The printing press _PC printer
        You control the operation Mockingberg media, but not us!
        Tell that to your wife and boss Soros&Son too!

        Glenn Beck Takes Back His Apology for Calling Barack Obama Racist: ‘I Was Exactly Right!’
        James Crump 4 hrs ago
        |Conservative commentator Glenn Beck has taken back his apology for calling former President Barack Obama “a racist” 12 years ago.

        It’s fascinating to see ‘the reality of that fraud Fauci’: Murray
        334,352 views•Jun 6, 2021 Sky News Australia
        This guys zeal for altered function research, is the scariest thing
        Dr Fauci-Stein, a real fair-dinkum mad scientest !

      • James Herendeen

        If SCOTUS doesn’t do it the military will have to. Its about the Costitution…..

  16. Verdon Susan

    I always love your work Greg, thank you !
    Clif High retweeted a good interview today from Disclosure Quebec.
    God Bless

  17. Madeline Gerwick

    Russia and China would LOVE to buy the G7 gold! They already own quite a lot.

    • Greg Hunter

      Macron is an idiot, a traitor to France, or both.

      • JC

        Macron? Remember this?

        “Is Macron trying to adjust Trump and Melania’s hands into the devil horns Illuminati hand symbol?”

      • Paul from Indiana

        And Angela Merkel gets a pass? All these types that have sold Europe out to the Muslims? There’s nobody with clean hands on the G-7 panel! These individuals are the supposed Board of Directors of “modern” democracy. If so, we’re in trouble. Many thanks for all you do. Best always. PM

    • Paul ...

      The likely reason France’s Macron is urging other G-7 Nations to sell their Gold is not worry about Africa … but worry about the new rules being imposed upon the banksters by the BIS … Macaroni has just made it glaringly obvious to all that the banksters are in desperate need “to some way to keep the price of gold down” … while they unload their short positions … now that we know we have them by the balls … buy more gold!! … for as the chart Greg showed us proves … … that when banksters force entire country’s like England and Canada to dis-hoard their Gold reserves (to get the banksters out of a dangerous short position) … gold rallies upward for many years afterward!!

      • Stan

        Paul: Macron is smart. He knows Gold will never be a part of the monetary system. He can unload Gold on some suckers and get cold hard cash in return.

        • Cus D'Amato

          Have you ever boxed ’cause you seem punch drunk. Serious question though, How many futures, options and swaps on LBMA and Comex have “Authorized Participants” sold into the market? Is it 100x? 500x? >1000x of registered and unallocated stocks? Exeter’s Pyramid says total above ground Gold is approx $12 trillion which isn’t insignificant but doesn’t equal even half of the current reported National Debt let alone include unfunded liabilities. Kyle Bass and most Greg’s viewers believe you’re suffering from a brain injury, prob pro vaxx too huh, punchy?

        • Paul ...

          Yeah Stan … And while he is selling France’s gold … why doesn’t the Macaroon sell France’s nuclear weapons to Iran at the same time (while he can get some cash for them) … because if he waits to long … the nuclear weapons will simply get into the hands of the immigrants “for free” in a few years (when they become a voting majority) … and they will likely use those to nuke Israel … the Iranians will likely buy France’s gold now and use it as leverage in the future … to have the immigrants who take power in France do their bidding!!

          • Paul ...

            The result … in few years when the emigrants take control of France and nuke Israel … Israel will retaliate and nuke France … but Iran (who bought all of France’s gold) … will see the gold price rise during the nuclear exchange … now that would be one hell of an “Iranian deal” … and should be considered carefully … before allowing these idiot banksters trying to cover their short positions … to tell France it must sell its gold the same way England and Canada did!!

        • Ray

          Stan……you are a deadset goat son.
          $1 of “cold hard cash” this year, at 10% inflation (excuse my under estimate) =
          90 cents next year
          81 cents the year after
          72.9 cents the year after that……..
          Mate listen…..I can hear Bentley over in the paddock, and he is hungry.
          Go feed him a carrot will you, and leave the intelligent discussion to others.
          Thanks Champ……off ya go now……there’s a good lad.
          Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • sk

            Bentley wants TWO carrots. One for now and one for next week. Bentley has horse sense and knows that due to inflation carrots will cost more next week.

            • Ray

              Well said sk….well said!!
              Ray, Canberra, LDN

  18. David W. Brown

    You are a voice crying in the wilderness! Praying you will keep it up. Much Thanks!

    • Greg Hunter

      I will David!

  19. Gordon

    Thanks, Greg.
    Powerful and on point.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Gordon!

  20. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter , here in the UK the propaganda is on steroids as is the protection of the agents transmitting the propaganda. I work ,as a mere cleaner,in Chelsea and South Kensington ,London,UK. Each morning as I go to work I see MSM presenters on their way to work with security details . All those promisers of truth at the BBC and beyond need security . Growing up in Northern Ireland during the 1960s onward this clearly does not end well.

  21. dlc

    Don’t remember if it was The Twentieth Century series, but do remember, as a kid, watching footage of WW II every weekend with my aunts and uncles. Throw in some Eastern European real-life tales, and I would say I was fairly well imprinted regarding rogue leaders and their effect on the rest of us.

    My dad, a mechanical engineer and democrat politician in later life, always told me in private “go to government for nothing, find your own way.” It was not unusual to be at the kitchen table hunched over my cereal bowl, look up and note umpteen faces staring at me through the front door screen, wanting favors of some sort. Police officers’ wives would sometimes be at the door ratting on their husbands. I was taught to observe people’s behavior, used to sit for hours in “night court” just taking in everything said and done. Don’t know if my judgment is any better than anyone else but I am a cautious sort.

    Then, I entered the la-la world of medicine as a transcriber for 35 years. Hospitals are liberal hellscapes. It was never enough to just just do your job; they constantly shoved their liberal doxy down your gullet. Over the decades I observed how drugs and a carving knife were used and abused. I once mentioned to a physician that my illnesses were becoming as exotic as my medical coverage. He threw my chart across the room when I said I was more inclined to trust holistics. This incident was after months of whole body diagnostics for mere wrist pain.

    You are truly a fly on the wall when you transcribe. It was a valuable education just listening to doctors’ musings, things they would never fully discuss with the patient. Informed consent? Are you kidding? Just ask your doctor? Ya, that will clear the fog.

    The agenda in medicine is make money and CYA while doing so. And these days, with the unholy alliance of medicine and politics, virulent liberal politics that is, your best bet is to be your body’s best advocate. I always look back to my mother’s generation when you could have 9-10 kids and die in your 90s un-drugged to the eyeballs. I try to follow her common sense approach to living.

    I never gave in to the last year-plus pandemic hoax. It is hard for me to understand how the whole world got so snookered. But then, this experience gave me the answer that I never had regarding the people of Germany in the 1930s and 40s.

    The German mindset parallels people’s reactions today to gov’t decrees, swallowing whole every insane (but calculated) utterance. Would you allow a child sleepover with Joe and Hunter? Why trust anything else about them?

    Next stop, space aliens.

    Noticing a pattern? One gut punch after another, all dovetailing nicely to keep an insecure populace off balance, making stupid moves out of manufactured fear.

    • susan

      dlc, I surely wish some of my friends would read and pay attention to what you have written. My “roots” concur with yours. No one listens. Even some of my friends whose families came from Europe is the late 40s do not understand. My heart cries out for this country.

    • sk

      Greetings from Nebula X35! Or is it Orion 98? Listen to your Earthling authorities! LOL.

  22. Louis

    Everyone needs to see this report.
    This should be the outcome for many.
    Murder = Jail Time – No statute of limitations for murder, homicide, or manslaughter.

    • Paul ...

      Manufacture “fear” … that is “the key” (in any market) … and you can get “filthy rich” … look at the French “Macaroni” announcement for proof … as he jaw bones … he puts meatballs, spaghetti and bread on the table for the banksters … who are now buying Gold with both hands into the “fear” (and covering their huge short positions from the previous top)!!

  23. dlc

    The smarmy liberals in Scottsdale received a gift just recently to bolster their image of “the compassionate ones.”

    A section in Scottsdale that voted for Biden had 1,200 illegals dumped in a vacant hotel with only a 24-hour notice given. The liberal love bugs were livid. Easy to be open-minded when it’s someone else’s neighborhood being overrun.

    Wonder if their connecting the dots yet, that Dems will target you no matter how you voted. Patsies!

    • eddiemd

      Right on Scottsdale Road itself.

      How ironic. Not in my backyard says the Snobsdale resident.

      I remember driving through Snobsdale back in the 60s as a kid. It was a farm/ranch town back then.

      We went here throughout the summers from 72-77. South Snobsdale/Tempe.

  24. Rodster

    “CDC To Hold “Emergency Meeting” After 100s Suffer Heart Inflammation Following COVID Vaccines”

  25. barsoom43

    Go here and get the pdf form for the Covid 19 vax card.. Print it on common card stock.. Search for data entries.. Fill it out and you are vaccinated.. I know, that’s cheating.. Ok, the Devil made me do it.. It’s not my fault.. 😉

    • Glenn

      Cheating? How about a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

  26. LoopGaroo

    Karens and fatherless soy boys in my circles WANT to comply with Fauci masks and Gates shots regardless of proof of dangers and hidden agendas [21]. Perhaps, it is good that they will knowingly cull their own secular herd. Let them die, all of them, even relatives.

    • JC

      LoopGaroo, this is classic!

      “A few days back I mentioned in a comment that I am not welcomed by my son-in-law, his family, and my expectant daughter to join them in get-togethers unless I am fully ‘vaccinated’ makes them feel uncomfortable and unsafe for me to not be like them. I also will not be permitted to see or be with not only my first grandchild, but also my, per sonogram, grandson that is due October 7.”

      • Greg Hunter

        Don’t get the kill shots!! You may be raising your grand kids. Watch the Clif High interview Saturday night.

        • JC

          No sir, no shot for me. What I posted is from an article, written by T4C, not me.

        • Nick de la Gaume

          I’m 69 and have 8 and 11 year olds, numbers 4 and 5. I would have had more but I am to tired already. I too am wondering how many of their friends will need homes in the future. It is going to be hard.

        • Dave

          Mike Adams has some scary info also. If he is .2% right, there will be a culling of ww2 proportions. Prayer, prep, and more prayer. “Pray without ceasing “

      • susan

        JC, my husband and I were looking forward to seeing our first great grandchild about 2000 miles away. If we can’t fly without vaccine, we will not go. Unbelievable how far we have sunk…. what freedom?

      • James Herendeen

        My guess is when TSHF they will be on your doorstep with their hands out. You might be going to several funerals…..

      • RTW

        We’re living through a real life version of “Invasion of the Body snatchers”.

    • barsoom43

      Says who? FBI says possibly a crime.. possibly.. That’s the same FBI that raided a safe deposit box company in CA with a warrant that said explicitly they were not allowed to open the boxes.. They did it anyway.. Now they are holding millions in cash, coins and other valuables and owners have to jump thru hoops to reclaim their property..
      That’s the same FBI that shot 14 yr old Sammy Weaver in the back and his unarmed mother in the head while she was standing in her kitchen doorway..
      That’s the FBI of Steele Dossier fame, illegal FISA warrants and entrapment of Gen Flynn.. The FBI is a criminal organization and yet they want to try to intimidate the people with threats of possible lawbreaking.. Right.. You want the shot, go for it but before you do, research another government health program, the Tuskegee Experiment.

  27. Bill Wilson

    Greg, Good report! Thank you, for keeping us up to date on the important points, on our road back to True American Freedom! I can’t wait for Trump to come back, and clean out all Deep State riff-raff that has infiltrated our Government.
    Earlier, I watched a valiant, feisty Teacher, tell the Fairfax County school board with ferver, that no one wanted their
    “Critical Race Theory” Program, imposed upon them! Then, they(the school board) cut her mike off!

    • Bill Wilson

      Today, June 11, 2021, ZeroHedge reports 100’s of Military Whistleblowers are complaining about the Military, forcing them to take Critical Race Theory classes. CRT white students must tell the rest of the class, that they are lower than Whale Dung.

  28. William Sheets

    Check out the deagle report Greg, they are a conglomeration of the military and intelligence agencies. They expect the U.S. population to be 100 million people in 2025. So how are 230 million people going to either leave the country or die? Well according to the government, over half of the American population has taken the poison “vaccine” already, so that’s about 165 million deaths right there, and I expect an E.M.P attack from either china, Russia, or possibly our own rouge intelligence agencies before 2024, which the government says would kill 90% of America’s population within a year. This has been planned out by our elite globalist masters for a long while now. And you are 1000% right, a LOT of people in our government should be hanging at the end of a rope very soon.

    • Paul ...

      WS … We can save “a lot of rope, bullets and guillotines” … by force vaccinating all the evil Demon rat doctors and nurses (with the dangerous left over vaccine viles Big Pharma produced so as to get rid of them) as they were intimately involved in the killing of millions of us Americans “it’s only fair” that they die the same horrible death (of being eaten up from the inside) by the Fauci and Gates “gain of function Pac-Man virus” they purposely designed” with a eugenics gain of function (to eat humans alive) … and “it won’t be a violation of the Nuremberg Code” to do so … because these Demon rats will have already been convicted of murder and given the death penalty!!

  29. Joshua Porter

    Hi Greg, I just wanted to say even if these shots were approved by the FDA, I would still not take them. I prefer to rely on my God given immune system.

    • Paul ...

      JP … At least with God’s immune system … when we develop anti-bodies … it can kill off “variant strains” of the original virus … the Big Pharma vaccines “don’t” … you need a new vaccine “for every virus variant” (just like Gates designed into his Microsoft computers) … as God’s immune system is more like the Mac!!

  30. James Foster

    Another awesome show 👏 😎

  31. Samantha

    Great report Greg. Thank you for all you do. So excited and looking forward to the Clif High interview.

  32. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and many thanks for WNW484. You are so, ‘on point’. I’m not sure there is any other source people can rely to to get the insight you provide each Friday.

    Recent interview with Dr Reiner Fuellmich – the lawyer who successfully sued Volkswagen and Deutschland Bank, so no lightweight! – who is coordinating a legal challenge to the Covid scandal:

  33. Dana James

    Love your show. Great Guests that are not afraid to speak truth.

  34. S W

    While there are fools playing god and trying to control the weather there are other things taking place like the magnetic poles are on the move and picking up speed. This is causing the jet streams to change their patterns that we are use to. There are two options ahead. The pole shift is just an excursion or we get a pole reversal. Both have been credited with being extinction level events. short 20 second video While the pole shift on its own would be enough to create major problems on Earth there are other things taking place that are going to change life on our planet. The Earth’s magnetosphere is weakening at an increasing rate also. This is going to allow more energy in to influence our weather and create extremes. another short video There is a reason all this is happening see the Space Weather News website for more information. He has some links to video series on the different topics. He also has a youtube channel ( with a video series on the 12000 year cycle that connects the dots. The Sun has sunspot cycles that they track. It is currently starting into cycle 25 coming out of a minimum moving into a maximum which is an eleven year cycle. On top of that total 22 year cycle there is a 400 year cycle taking place known as a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM). They have named it Grand Solar Minimum Eddy. I had gotten curious about the GSM events when I found out that they are a major cause of famine in the world. Empires fall during these periods of time. I was wondering about the events in 2 Kings 6:24-31 where the king sees the women talking about eating their children because of hunger. I started looking back at the GSM in history and found what looks like a GSM happening during that period of 2 Kings 6. The Homeric Minimum is a grand solar minimum that took place between 2,800 and 2,550 years before present (c. 800–600 BC). When you study eschatology you can see how all the predictions of war and famine over lap with these cycles when you understand how they change Earth’s climate. And it is not because of SUVs or cow farts. Governments understand these cycles and fear them.

    • BDS

      I took a look at some of the links and has helped me understand better the normal cycles of earth.
      I made the you tube link a favorite to watch the many video’s and get more information.
      Thank you!

    • Fatima+message

      S W great info! Check out scientific series on YouTube called “Is Genesis History,” and more recent “Beyond Is Genesis History.” Great bunch of scientists!
      This series proves that 12,000 years ago there was a huge catastrophe that caused the deluge of Noah’s time that produced forgotten civilization. What was occurring beneath the flood waters that Noah saw was horrific. Continents colliding, huge formations such as the Grand Canyon being carved from sediment laid down by the flood. This 12,000 year cycle occurs in our solar partner. The sun every 12,000 years or so sheds its outermost layer called the Corona. The 12,000 year span finds the sun collecting dust and debris as it circumscribes the galaxy which it finally explodes away in a major CME or even a Micronova. This solar event would appear as “Fire Falling from the Sky” as it strikes the earth. Huge plasma vortexes everywhere. Checkout the work of Plasma physicist Anthony Peratt of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Or better yet read Geophysicist Robert Schoch of Boston university book “Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future.” Or read Physicist Paul LaViolette Ph.D book “Earth Under Fire.” BTW, I was in Dr. John (Jack) Eddy’s Astronomy class years ago. Scientists have pretty well pieced together how God used a solar micronova to destroy Noah’s evil civilization. They also know that the solar environment is primed again to produce another such event. Unknown to most Protestants is the fact of huge number of prophecies have been given to holy Catholic persons for ages predicting the destruction of evil from this planet by Our Lord’s use of such a micro nova. Check out on the internet the phrase “Three Days of Darkness,” or as it was used in past times, “The Day of the Lord.” Reminder: 2nd Peter
      chapter 3. This event will save the elect and shorten the chastisement period that we are experiencing. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” There exists no evil in heaven! A quarter of mankind will survive this event! Research the miracle of Fatima that occurred on October 13, 1917. The sun was involved and Our Lady had a yellow cord with a yellow star attached. Showing God has control of the sun!

      • S W

        I’ve watched some of the Thunderbolt Project videos on youtube they are really interesting Doug Vogt also gets into the nova event on Diehold Foundation see Series 4. He sent information to Trump, Pence and the Pentagon and got a reply back from one individual at the Pentagon. He thinks the 130 + DUMBs Deep Underground Military Bases are for hiding away the élite when the time comes. Another really interesting channel is Uncharted X. He looks at some of the stone work dealing with the pyramids and talks about how today we don’t have the technology to machine some of the stones.
        Some are expecting the earth to roll over 90*. They had found evidence that it has happened before with a magnetic pole reversal. Some think it will only be an excursion. I found some interesting things in the scriptures. Isaiah 13:13 Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, … Isaiah 24:1-6 Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, … Time will tell.

  35. John Clark

    Cliff High predicted bitcoin accurately the last time you had him on, but the $600 silver is already three years or so overdue.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Clark, He’s not alone there in that prediction. Mr. High was not reticent in stating clearly on USAWatchdog that his data were showing a Trump victory in 2016. It was that victory, in my opinion, that fixed the Left’s resolve never to let something like that happen again, and voila! We get the 2020 mess. Best always. PM

    • Better Chetter

      Yes, the Clif High silver forecast … still waiting … and waiting from the Greg Mannarino days (2012-3) when a single USA WD commenter noted that silver would drop to 15, & GM was dumbfounded! Then silver dropped – and we waited – and its up to 28, so silver’s lauded again …

      • Paul from Indiana

        Really? Mannarino on Watchdog goes back to 2012-13? I’ve been hanging around here that long? Time flies when you’re having fun! Best always. PM

  36. Daniel

    So as it was in the days of Noah so shall I be in the days of the son of man there was nobody raptured in the days of Noah they were all caught up together and take it to a safe place there will be no rapture that is idiotic…..
    Jesus said who has seen me has seen the father Jesus said my father and I are one he said one do you know how many one is one is just one Trinity is crap… Rapture and Trinity are like covid and Gulf of Tonkin false flags attacks Houston was attacked why are they doing something any plane that goes over your airspace should be shot down these cargo Jets they look like little space shuttles spring and spring and spring they don’t care what they’re doing it’s a job….. The government destroys your economy destroys your educational opportunities forcing you to join the military and die in undeclared wars article 1 section 8 in violation of the war Powers act why do you pick up a gun to kill innocent men and women in violation of your oath to God

    • Dana James

      Daniel I’m sorry you have such a bad attitude. Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you.

    • eddiemd

      Do you feel better now?

      Sounds like a demonic rant.

  37. Steve

    Thank you Greg

  38. Jerry5

    I am firmly convinced that the backup plan to force the global reset will come in the form of a grid down situation perpetuated by a cyber attack. Here you have the Biden energy commission laying the foundation for the event.

    Please, please remember that “ Event 201 “ was conducted exactly one month before the virus was released. When I discuss the virus event with people I always ask the question “ was the virus an accident or was it planned”? I always get the deer in the headlight look. Most people don’t have a clue. They don’t understand that all of this is planned. And now when I mention “ cyber polygon” I get the proverbial tin foil hat look. Well …..people that put a diaper on their face, stand six feet apart, and jab their bodies with experimental drugs without asking questions, get what they deserve. Forget the tin foil hat bull rap. The good ship normal sailed the day the Keebler Cookie Elf “ Fauci “ took over. Use your head and open your eyes.

    • Jerry5

      Here’s a sneak preview.

      The movie “ pandemic”was released one month before covid19 was released. Here you have the movie “ awake” being released exactly one month to the day of cyber polygon. Coincidence? Maybe. But just remember the global elites like flaunting their intentions in the face of the unsuspecting before they carry them out, in the same way Muhammad Ali used to taught his opponents before he got in the ring.
      It’s all for show don’t you know?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Honored Sir, You wrote “perpetuated” (meaning “cause to last”). Did you mean “perpetrated” (meaning “brought into being, caused by”)? That would make your comment mean something different but make more (to me) sense. At 68, I do succumb to mixing up words at times, too. Best always. PM

      • Jerry5

        Sorry Paul,
        I usually post at 5:00 A.M. and sometimes my thoughts are not in synch with my typing. I hope you still get the point.

        • JC


          Here is another practice session for Cyber Polygon…

          There were at least 400,000 people without power in Puerto Rico on Thursday night as the company that took over the island’s power transmissions has been faced with fire and cyberattack.

          Luma, the company that took over Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority on June 1, has seen more than one million customers this month without power at some point, officials said, USA Today reported.

        • Paul from Indiana

          No apologies necessary. I admire you; I wish I could be up at 5:00AM! I want the post to be so clear as possible. Many thanks and best always. PM

  39. dlc–j4

    Maybe I’m going way out on a woo woo limb, but found this discussion fascinating in light of all that has transpired in the last year. It has been said that the German people lost the war, but the Nazis never did. This talk may interface somewhat with the Clif High interview.

    I agree with Farrell, that we are being prepped for something that is not for our own good.

    A space alien god? Would the powers really try such malarkey?

    • charles michael johnson

      If “THEY” will sacrifice children for A-Chrome. THEY will do anything to stay in power.
      Or to keep anyone else from power. An actual virus/EMP/Dirty bomb(s). Or the more obvious just hide-wait.

  40. andrea van de Kleut

    Africa is the country where the globalists are buying up a lot of land , I think a LOT of european billionaire’s will run to that country to hide as well as Switzerland ( cern and zurich and davos). = no extradition rules.
    but Africa is the new ” hide away= cheap large lots of land /gold). they will make it so that we think it is a violent country yet they are buying on the cheap! China has already taken over a lot of airports and shipyards.

  41. Steve Carter

    We need to replace everyone in our government that we don’t Hang for Treason and start over. DC is not a swamp it’s a cesspool shithole worse than several countries we have called shitholes ! Thanks for you honest approach to this travesty and keep the truth coming !
    Steve Carter

  42. BDS

    Good Morning Greg,
    I want to thank you for the “Form for Employees Whose Employers
    Are Requiring Covid-19 Injectons” since my daughter is going through Nursing School and they are requiring the Vax for clinicals or face the threat of failing out. I told her to hold out as long as possible.
    I personally have done many hours of research and I can’t believe the stupidity of people put in positions to make these uniformed decisions. The leadership of this country to act morally is probably from the dumbing down of the American people through our flawed educational system and destruction of the family unit!
    Thanks again! This form may save me a few hundred dollars for legal counsel!!!!!
    I appreciate your insight and looking forward to Clif High interview who loves to share knowledge as you do!
    PS- made a Donation through Cornerstone

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks BDS for supporting USAW!!

  43. Jr Jon

    A Mike Adam’s interview should be a priority as the “health ranger” has interviewed all the major medical whistleblowers on the covid 19 situation -Clif has referenced Mike’s comments on the “spike protein” recently. Mike is a christian who is close to Alex Jones -AJ would be a great interview too –

    • Jim Hall

      Mike is great. I just wanted to agree with you about Alex Jones being a good guest. He is so disparaged by the msm. I love the meme showing the “Alex Jones was right” jar overflowing with change. He has made some great documentary films and had some really interesting guests over the years. Thank you.

    • eddiemd

      Perhaps an interview with the polish preacher from Canada would be interesting.

  44. Linda

    Hey there, Greg, haven’t heard anything from Cliff High in a long time. I will be looking for the interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      It will not disappoint and I am not hyping it either.

      • Juli Barbato

        I’m sure you’re not. Been listening to Clif since 2009 (heard him first on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory). I’d better take all my vitamins, minerals, and supplements and put on my thinking cap. Thanks in advance for having him on! (PS Have you been watching THE CHOSEN? I just received the devotional and a “Trouble” T-shirt yesterday. That show has brought me closer to Jesus.)

      • susan

        Greg, I have been waiting for you to interview Clif for a long time because you do the best interviews to know what he thinks.

      • susan

        Greg, here in northeastern Montana, we have had a couple of pretty good rain storms, but then we had “Mothership Supercell” storm. We got 2 inches of rain, m0re or less in other parts of the county. This is a semiarid climate and so 2 inches is a big deal! Dancing in the street!!

  45. Russ 2

    Hey Greg — Here’s another ZeroHedge article re the vaccines. The title says it all…
    “CDC To Hold “Emergency Meeting” After 100s Suffer Heart Inflammation Following COVID Vaccines” — ZeroHedge

    Do you think the CDC might know there’s a problem? Nonetheless, …“the “emergency” meeting is in 7 days? … and in the meantime, every public health authority figure is encouraging parents to get their young children vaccinated?” Oh yeah, that makes total sense. Better get those children vaccinated before we “have a meeting” and are forced to go full stop.

    Clif High — excellent.

    • Russ 2

      and another
      “D’Souza: An Orchestrated Hoax”

      The article goes into how the Lancet article was orchestrated to show that “science” proved the Covid virus originated in a Chinese wet market. Yeah, enough money and even a revered scientific journal like the Lancet can be corrupted. This was Peter Daszak providing cover for the lab leak.

  46. Lynda

    Thank you Greg for another informative update…!!! Just finished reading Acts, and Saul/Paul kept his faith and bulldozed forward spreading the Good News… Keep up the great work, and God’s most awesome blessings to you…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lynda!

      • Marie

        Greg you should also post your videos on

    • Mark

      Dear Lynda, Greg and all who come here to read and post!!!
      Below is a post I sent to a friend and brother in the Lord concerning “a righteousness of God which is through JESUS CHRIST’S FAITH” (i.e. the faith OF Jesus Christ) which is “to all who believe” which I offer for your joy and encouragement in the faith. As brother Greg always reminds us and the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures testifies: “FEAR NOT” but “prepare yourself” in other words, be diligent with respect to the faith once delivered to the saints for “He Who has promised IS FAITHFUL”
      Hallelujah brother John!!! Amen!!!
      When we read Paul’s “argument” (if you will) in his letter to the Galatians (chapter 3) together with his letter to the Romans (also chapter 3) we see that he is talking about a “righteousness of God” which has come into being by Jesus Christ’s own faith (Rom.3:21-22) by which He fulfilled all righteouesness with respect to the putting away of sins once for all through the sacrifice of Himself, so that in resurrection He could receive the promise of the Spirit (Gal.3:14,19,22, Acts 2:33) which Spirit He became in resurrection as a life-giving Sprit (1Cor.15:45b,2Cor.3:17, Jn.7:37-39) so that any and all who believe on Him for this righteousness which has come into being through His faith or His faith-fulness, receives His very Spirit as a Spirit of “son-ship” in their hearts which cries “Abba, Father” (Gal.4:6) which is the same Spirit of “son-ship” by which we now cry “Abba, Father” (Rom.8:15) and is immersed in that same Spirit into His one Body of which we are members one of another IN HIM (Gal.3:27,1Cor.12:12-13,Rom.124-5) as His very members with our spirits joined to the Lord as one spirit (1Cor.6:17) and our bodies of flesh now having been made His very members (1Cor.6:15), which is the very “mystery of godliness, God manifested in the flesh” with it’s hope of glory being “Christ in you” and is the fulfillment of that which was spoken by our Lord and recorded in John 14:1-4 about the “many dwelling places” which comprise “My Father’s house” in which He was “going away” through death and resurrection in order to “prepare a place for us” so that “where I am” (in the bosom of my Father- Jn.1:18) “you also may be” so that we may know with one another forevermore the joy of that love in that glory which the Son Himself, the One in Whom the Father of glory finds His delight and the One in Whom we have been graced, having been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies IN CHRIST, has known in His bosom from before the foundation of the world and which “blessing” as the very “blessing of Abraham” (Gal.3:8, Gen.12:3) is the very “promise of the Spirit” that was to come to the nations IN CHRIST JESUS (Gal.3:14) and which promise after having been received by Christ as the “Seed (singular) of Abraham” as a promise from the Father (Gal.3:19, Acts.2:33) was “poured out on all flesh” having been given out of Jesus Christ’s own faith (Gal.3:22, Acts.2:17,22), which blessing was clearly implied but not revealed at the time the “promises” were spoken to Abraham concerning his offspring which would inherit a land as an everlasting inheritance.
      So now when we consider the letter to the Hebrews, we receive further insight into the promises which the Son Himself received from the Father which form the basis for a “better covenant which has been enacted upon better promises” of which the Lord Jesus is now Himself the Mediator and Guarantee, having obtained a “more excellent ministry” as a kingly High Priest forever according to the order of Melchizidek in which He ever lives to make intercession on our behalf as our Advocate with the Father (1Jn.2:1) while “sympathizing with us in our weaknesses” through the one time sacrifice of Himself by which He has “perfected forever” (completed) those who are being sanctified.
      Hallelujah brother John!!!!
      No wonder we are encouraged to “come forward with boldness” to the throne of grace so we can “receive mercy and find grace for timely help” for we have not received a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”!!!!!
      This is the “mystery of godliness, God manifested in the flesh with it’s hope (certain expectation) of glory: Christ in US, Whom we announce, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man complete in Christ”!!!!

  47. ron martin

    Thanks Greg. Never miss a single episode. We should not be surprised at the % of American automatons getting the shot. Never forget that only a single man (Noah) was righteous enough to survive the flood. His wife, sons and daughter’s -in-law just went along for the cruise because he was the boss. We refuseniks still represent about 25% of the population but I can envision harsher persecution/prosecution for us in the near future. I’m 78. Me and my wife of 46 years will choose death before the shot. We have legal HCQ, Ivermectin & quinine as back-up. Unlike many our children & grandchildren have same mindset.

  48. Diana Brown

    A ball of snot? You are way too kind Greg!

    CDC is dictating rent policy? They are not an independent agency. THEY ARE A VACCINE COMPANY. They have patents (some 20+) where they make (+-) 4.6 BILLION DOLLARS a year in revenue. Now they are in the business of rent control? Reject this nonsense good people of the United States of America!

    Thanks again for your weekly wrap up! I look forward to it.

  49. David W Leonard

    Greg, to let you know. My wife’s employer was pushing the “JAB” very hard until she emailed her boss’s boss, the one pushing the jab. She questioned the company’s liability issues laid out in the Salori Report.
    After a few back and forths that day there was no more pushing the jab. Nothing more has been said about getting the jab at her job.
    They employ over 2k.
    Thank you so much Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow David! Thanks so much for the feedback on a positive outcome. We saved some more.

  50. James

    “We will find or cause something a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment. We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself: You go to the slaughter by yourself.” [The future of life – Jacques Attali, 1981] Interviews with Michel Salomon, Les Visages de l’avenir collection, éditions Seghers.
    More at
    Other details on this sordid character –

    • Paul ...

      James … Who would have thought … that a majority of Americans (just like the Jews) … would go to their own slaughter … “voluntarily”???

  51. Gloria Charlier

    So glad you are going to have Clif High on. I have been following him for years and saw the video when his ALTA report first came out with the prediction re: the “sun disease.”
    Thank you Greg for all you do!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gloria for all your support!

  52. Robert Coleman

    The Election was a Farce / Fraud / Illegally handled – so surprised that the Supreme Court has done nothing with all of the evidence available to substantiate that fraud.

  53. Steve Baker

    You da man Greg… da man !

    • Greg Hunter


  54. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Voter Fraud was rampant. Greg you nailed it – they waited to see how many votes they needed. Sickening

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Rod. Sickening. Thanks for all your comments.

  55. The Ogs

    Despite everything recently learned about these horrible injections, you’ll hear nothing about it here in Canada where injections are still ‘full speed ahead’.
    Most people (and even the government) believe it is a real vaccine, and if you receive it you are protected. Of course fundamentally this is simply not true.
    The government of Ontario for example, follows only the instructions of the WHO. This allows them to avoid thinking almost entirely, while ignoring any/all medical professionals.
    I have carefully copied all of their misleading propaganda posters and advertisements, which state (on hospital letterhead) “Get vaccinated! It’s safe.”
    I believe this is really startling, to see in writing the proclamation “It’s safe”. Because last I heard, the injections are experimental and definitely NOT proven to be safe at all!
    So in the future, when this has all gone bad and the fearful, gullible and witless population of Ontario has been decimated, I shall be diligently reminding them of their appalling LIES. It’s pretty well all that I can do…

  56. david brownallen

    The implications of fleeing to an area with low water supplies could be quite devastating. Most areas will experience lower property valuations when it all hits bottom.

    Living in California, Arizona, and Nevada means the most favorable economic conditions wouldn’t exist without sustained water supplies.

  57. Juli Barbato

    OMG–I’m getting a video with ZERO minutes on it. Been trying since the middle of the night (Rocky Mountain time ~2:00 a.m.) and even went directly to Rumble. I see others got to listen and comment on the video. Did Rumble pull it? Anyone else having this problem? As I write, it’s 7:40 a.m. (MDST). This is my favorite broadcast of the week every week, and I “got” nuthin’! Fie on social media dictatorships!

  58. Jan Vise-Goodman

    This is another reason for aerial spraying. They are making people transmitters and receivers. Very interesting.

  59. Joe

    Greg, I know you’re real busy and everything but you see this???

  60. Greg

    Greg I am so happy that your bringing Clif High back on. He always gives thought provoking ideas. I have several of his Alta reports and have been pleasantly surprised at the accuracy.
    Thank you for your hard work and integrity in your journalism!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Greg for all your support!

  61. Jim Hall

    Excellent show Greg,
    Clif High like you has been banished from YouTube. He is great just like your broadcast. He’s now on bitchute. I’m always hearted by the fact that you have so many great guests that I listen to outside of your channel. I have had people scoff at me and told them about Dane Wiggington and his geoengineering channel and they were enlightened. I tell people that I was indoctrinated but I started listening and reading and came to the realization that I had been lied to all of my life. I’m really looking forward to your interview with Clif High.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim for your comment & support!

  62. Gloria Quintana

    Dear Greg, thank you for keeping us informed with the truth! I pray for God’s protection over you and your family. Love, Gloria

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gloria!! My family & I need it very much.

  63. Sue Patterson

    Been following Clif High on Bitchut; crazy and scary stuff. To those who say he’s “hurt enough people” I say YOU, YOURSELF NEED TO BE A BIT MORE DISCERNING. Whenever someone prognosticates, even someone you highly respect, think it through. If you decide to jump on THEIR bandwagon, always remember, that was YOUR choice.

  64. Trinacria

    The AZ audit should yield lots of evidence of fraud!!! I simply pray that the evil clowns/globalists don’t find a way to suppress it and the people get the biggest curve ball of all time. I pray for the success of AZ and that other states follow suit!!!!

  65. Skip Havely

    Bravo Greg! Another great update. Forwarding your update to others.

  66. Nancy Henriksen

    Thanks, Greg.

  67. Marie+Joy

    There is a Mack truck barreling down on us and WE are the deer in the headlights, unable to act, unwilling to move.
    In every genocide, there are some who see it coming. Some leave. Some hide. Most put their heads in the sand and hope it will blow over. This won’t blow over and one day, you, I, and they, will, all, find ourselves in a mass grave.
    Christians are taught to turn the other cheek, taught to be wimps and that’s where WE are.
    GOD helps those who help themselves.

    • JC

      Marie Joy,

      I’m not sure we interpret “turn the other cheek” correctly. Perhaps if a person has the true power of Christ in him, when hit on the cheek, it has no effect, and the other cheek is offered as to say, “Want to try again?”

      And then maybe it is “turn the other cheek,” but what happens after that?

      Watch this clip from Cinderella man starting at 0:55.

  68. Steven Allen Pool

    hi greg i dont want to be picky but the math on the 13 billion after 10 months is only 130 billion not 1.3 trillion. that happens with math sometimes

    • Greg Hunter

      You’re right. No teleprompter. Doing this all off the top of my head. Thanks for backstopping me.

  69. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Great report Greg,I appreciate your hard work to provide this weekly Intel. There is a storm cloud on the horizon, it may appear small presently but it’s going to be HUGE when it arrives! Keep your arms and legs in on the ride at all times do not stand up and keep your safety belt on it’s going to be a bumpy ride 😱 Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  70. Nick-Dog


  71. Elias Andrinopoulos

    It’s truly insane times we are living in. The propaganda coming from the medical establishment concerning c 19 is not even convincing, they just say, “I’m a doctor, I know what I’m talking about, take the shot, and oh, your “conspiracy theory” friend on Facebook is an ass—-.”

    It’s like, really?

    These are establishment doctors and nurses talking like thugs and truckers offering no information beyond, “Trust me and take the jab or you’re stupid”??


    They struck fear into the hearts of the sheep and now that the Covid ruse is wearing off they can’t get any more people to take part in their experiment. Ha! Serves them right.

    Thank you again, Greg! Looking forward to the Cliff interview! God Bless you and your family! ☦️😊👏🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🌟

  72. Gord Higham


    Do not overlook Canada’s direct role in funding, research and the release of the actual working virus through intellectual theft and espionage by Chinese spies at the Level 4 Virology lab in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. These spies stole research and fled the country just prior to the COVID-1984 outbreak. Worse still is that our national security agency (CSIS) was FULLY aware of what was happening and made no effort to stop them at the International Airport even though they were alerted to the breach and knew exactly who to stop.

    Further, just after this event our PM Trudeau overrode Dept of Defense Generals who objected to Chines Red Army special forces being billeted and trained at an abandoned Canadian Forces Base without any supervision or oversight.

    Wake up world, we are in the grips of a world wide Communist takeover. From medical tyranny that has destroyed your Constitutional rights to the outright capture of every agency including Defense, Security and all the way down to your local school boards.

    In fact in my Province of Manitoba Bill C-64 aims to remove ALL local school boards and replace them with central command and control.

    Enough said? Fight for your rights or give in to slavery.

    • Paul ...

      This quote from Gord bears repeating … “Wake up world … We are in the grip of a World Wide Commie Takeover (from the medical tyranny that has destroyed our Constitutional Rights … to the outright capture of every American Government agency … from Defense … all the way down to our Local School Boards)” !!

  73. iwitness02

    Greg, you briefly mentioned Saul and his conversion and becoming the Apostle Paul. I wish that Paul could come back to the earth right now and have a look around. I would love to read the resulting letters/epistles that he would write to the churches. Of course, what he has already written should suffice, but I guess not many are paying attention. This is one of the things I really enjoy about USAWatchdog; it attracts people who do pay attention. There are a lot of good students here. In turn, that reflect well on you Greg. By this measure alone, you are successful in your chosen field. May God bless you and your continuing work.

  74. Cathy

    The real virus going around is a BRAIN VIRUS… ordinary people are now unable to follow obvious facts, ordinary people are unable to use COMMON SENSE about their own health, ordinary people are unable to see the truth in the fact that the mask doesn’t work yet continue to wear it even AFTER FULL VACCINATION, and others who haven’t taken the jab are still wearing masks even when the others around them have had the jab and no one is getting sick anymore….its A BRAIN VIRUS AND AND SICKNESS IN THE SOUL OF THIS COUNTRY.

  75. Cheryl

    Are you kidding me? Me, plain-Jane-no-one proclaimed Trump would win 2016. I have witnesses. I also predicted 2020 correctly. Trump won. I used common sense, critical thinking, careful observation and a highly informed understanding of how data can lead us astray… sorry to say, more often than show us the truth if it’s not handled by highly trained experts. It’s not all that amazing.

  76. Rick Hayle

    I so look forward to your Friday show ! The government is about to change in ISRAEL from conservative to radical lefties . JESUS is coming for HIS bride , the church , which includes the dead in CHRIST first , then we , who are alive and in CHRIST will join them in the air , and WE WILL BE WITH THE LORD FOREVER ! p.s. we’ll have bodies just like JESUS , THEY’LL NEVER GET OLD OR WORN OUT OR SICK . We’ll never get an earache , a toothache , etc. THE KING IS COMING ! GOD bless you & your family Greg !

  77. mike

    I see you are still beating that abortion stick. Maybe you could gain more traction if you tried a more carrot like approach. What would you be willing to give to provide a viable option to abortion? I would suggest that it should probably start with universal Medicare for all children from birth through age 5. This should include all health care, nutrition and child care while the parents work. For any child with a chronic condition this Medicare should provide continuing healthcare for as long as the condition persist for the rest of their life if necessary. Remember, it is Republican social policy that makes abortion such an attractive option in the first place. By the way, good job getting Clif on again for Saturday.

    • Greg Hunter

      Abortion is killing babies. There is no viable murder option.

      • mike

        PS You are a soul, you have a body. Your soul is not your body anymore than your car is your body. If a soul misses out on a body due to an abortion, no problem, they just get the next one. Of course theological crackpots like to get melodramatic and self righteous because they fail to recognize that souls are immortal spiritual beings. They have options. Getting an abortion has as much meaning to your soul as junking a car has to your body. Most people lack the ability to study enough to learn this and you seem to fall into that camp. I don’t hate you for it.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are an idiot Mike. Babies in the womb feel pain. That’s a scientific fact. Abortion is murder. You are already a soulless believer in the black hole of nothingness if you think killing babies is OK. I don’t hate you for it either, but Jesus, your ultimate judge, may be a different story.

    • Jerry5

      Either life maters or it doesn’t. The same people who are pro choice are against the death penalty. That makes about as much sense as people who are against GMO foods being injected with mRNA. What happened to my body my choice? I guess that only applies to death of innocent children. I used to think this logic was stupid. Now I realize it’s mental illness. But hey, I’m not the one who’s going to judge you, so abort on.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mike, GET REAL! Abortion always has been and always will be after-the-fact birth control. An alternative to abortion? How about universal access for everyone, no questions asked, to the morning-after pill? Yes, there are some diehards who can’t go there, but the majority of right-to-lifers will go for that. Every drug store could have the item ready, on demand, for anyone, no questions asked, for a nominal fee of 50 cents. The technology is there. The desire to stop the murder of the unborn is there. Your “alternative” is there. Why isn’t this happening? Maybe because your side doesn’t want the issue to go away? Best always. PM

  78. Cathy

    Greg, there is no doubt in my mind you were born to do exactly what you are doing now. Maybe the CNN position gave you the insight into high level corruption, but the real reason for your professional news background was to report the issues of todays unprecedented high level of corruption that NO CREDIBLE news source is giving.
    YOU are doing it at the level of a credible professional investigative reporter because you give sources and have knowledgeable and experienced professionals as guests.
    There is a God in Heaven and you are one of His angels…maybe even an archangel!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Cathy to say this. Thanks.


  79. eddiemd

    Big Pharma. Gives us the fake injection and now another solution. The solution is dangerous. They would be better off telling you to do cross word puzzles.

    Maybe this will help with all the people who took the injections who will soon experience the CNS side effects of dementia.

    There is a simple cure for dementia. It is called the Word of God. Read it daily. Search it with your whole mind, soul, and spirit. It will be food for your soul, health for your bones, and salvation for your spirit.

    2 Timothy 1:7,8 NKJV
    7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
    8 Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me His prisoner, but share with me in the sufferings for the gospel according to the power of God,

    A sound mind. Do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the power of salvation.

  80. Michael B Anenberg

    That would be….”Tru-doh-doh Bird.

  81. john

    Greg, I, like many others ,look forward to your show on friday mornings. Your research of the facts is awesome . It’s so refreshing to hear truth in reporting. Too bad the million dollar , so called ” conservative ” media press doesn’ t have anywhere near the cahones that you do in truly seeking out the truth and reporting it. I , like many, am praying for Christ to afford you his
    protection daily, we need voices like yours to be heard. Thanks for what you do, it is much appteciated by many of us that do not want to be sheep led to slaughter by ignorance of the facts. God bless you.

  82. jon

    Houston Methodist should keep the Unvaxx’ed on retainer. They will probably lose to disability the majority of their vaxx’ed staff come winter time.

  83. Elizabeth

    Thanks Greg for all your fantastic work!!

    Here is a link to an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, a prominent cardiologist from Texas. He gives a courageous, insightful analysis into Covid treatments and the pandemic.
    Again, thanks so much for all you do!

  84. Sue Robinson

    Bravo for the outstanding wrap-up and a Standing Ovation for having Clif High on this weekend. Clif is an obvious genius, and you, Greg, carry me back to my days as a journalist when facts mattered and reporters and editors were no longer sold out dimwits and worse. Both of you are carrying our mail through the blizzard during this horrendous period. I do believe we will ‘overcome,’ but it is going to be messy, to say the least.’Thank you again for your superb site. AND, a guest you might consider on the VAX front is Robert Kennedy Jr., whose site Children’s Defense has a very good newsletter with all the unvarnished Covid News. I subscribe to it now and it comes via e-mail. This is a ‘liberal’ site in other areas, but RFK and his group are ‘dead on’ (no pun intended) regarding this scandalous ‘vaccine.’ Finally, to everyone reading USA Watchdog, Godspeed.

  85. common sense

    Here is a parable .
    Men way say something will happen next week and is still hasn’t happened 2 or 3 months latter which is normal because men are not perfect .

    But when GOD says something will happen next week it might be 11;59 Saturday night but it will happen next week . He is perfect .

    So if anybody says GOD said something that doesn’t come to pass GOD didn’t say it .

  86. Phil Zieber

    You are the Watchman, Greg Hunter, and your message is heard. Thanks for all you do! (Looking forward to the Cliff High piece.). Best to ya, brother.

  87. Merry Piper

    Greg: Awesome wrap-up. I never miss. This might be your most powerful one yet!
    God bless.

  88. Xie Hang Ten

    Vitamin D Deficiency Strongly Exaggerates the Craving for and Effects of Opioids – Supplements May Help Combat Addiction – SciTechDaily
    If worried about skin cancer, eat plants. Yes plants. Plants have colors that offer protection from any free radicals that lead to cancer. Berries and a banana, maybe some kale or spinach. Nuts and even an avocado, in a smoothy is heavenly! The colours in plants protect your skin from any harmful rays and protects the plants too.
    Go slow and switch sides for a tan that is about the best protection. Just remember, your a pale face because your body wants and kneads sunlight penetration, with a beach massage!🌅

    Sunshine on my shoulders make me happy; John Denver

  89. Xie Hang Ten

    John Denver – Sunshine On My Shoulders

  90. Bible Reader

    Good interview.

    JR Nyquist interview: China planning to launch attack on America “in a matter of months”

    Health Ranger Report

  91. John

    Thanks for all you do …..LOVE you are having Cliff High…back on …..n I am off work gonna be a awsome sat night …lol….be well

  92. Mike

    Hopefully the “med beds” will be placed before we lose too many.

  93. Jeff Robbins

    At present we’re raising kids and working and all that stuff. Financially, we’re doing better than most- that said if you can hang in there doing these informative broadcast, I sure would like to be a sponsor in the future. There’s lots to worry about, but i have hope for the future, hope in Jesus, hope that we’re just one blessing away from being financially independent and hope that with folks being willing to speak the truth this country isn’t lost, not yet. Thanks for service.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeff for your kind comments & offer.

  94. Steve Kloppers

    I wonder what the viewpoint of Life-Insurance Companies are in the case of death/injuries due to this experimental drug? Anyone care to address?

  95. Roy madison


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Roy for all your support!

  96. Hopinow

    CDC is privately owned. How is it they get to hand down edicts to we the people???

  97. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg. You are right on the money.

  98. Jerry5

    This is a huge problem for the globalist……and us.

    I have relatives that are involved with this audit. The story I’m hearing is that Trump won by 80% of the vote in Maricopa county.
    There are several other states involved that are monitoring this audit that plan to use the same methodology that is being used. The timeline for completion is June 14th. President Trumps birthday.

    I am very concerned that a black flag event will be fourth coming to sway attention away from this, otherwise it will create a major problem for the globalist and their puppet president. Stay tuned…it’s about to get interesting.

    • regaleagle

      Update: It’s now June 17th and nothing has happened out of the ordinary yet……except for all the normal lying that’s been escalating in all areas of our economy and government to cover up the Truth. God actually HATES liars……they are the most despicable creatures on this earth.

  99. Jim

    I bought neglected and overgrown farmland in north Alabama within the past year. We have had so much rain that we have been unable to put a building on the property due to the soil being too wet to construct a lane to the building site.

  100. Barbara DelCotto

    Can’t wait to hear the Clif High interview…

    Here is another stunner – link includes transcript. He would make a great guest. Our country is completely infiltrated – scary.
    Kyle Bass: The Chinese Regime Controls 200 Sq Miles in Texas Next to Major Air Force Base

    Thanks for all you do Greg – we really do appreciate it!



  101. Bill

    Greg, you have such an active comments section! By the time I get to one of your articles its already a mile long!

    I’ve been waiting for Clif to upload another video on BitChute and wondering why he’s been late on this one. He’s been talking to you! I’ll bet there’ll be so many viewers it’ll crash your site.
    Thanks for all you do.

  102. BlueCapitalist

    Greg, I am a physician practicing in western NC and originally from Salisbury NC. I agree with every word you said and especially regarding the NC medical board. Thank you for all you are doing and for being fearless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Blue Capitalist for your comments & support.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Blue Capitalist for your comments & support. I just wish we knew how to find conservative doctors in our area.

  103. Steve Bice

    “First do no harm…”

    This will have to be sorted out via further study. But there is a problem if the risks of hospitalization from vaccination of otherwise healthy children approximate or exceed that of the disease itself among teens. Pushing vaccinations of teens in such an environment is irresponsible and reckless.

    Hospitalizations Potentially from Vaccines
    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday that it will convene an “emergency meeting” of its advisers on June 18th to discuss rare but higher-than-expected reports of heart inflammation following doses of the mRNA-based Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.
    So far, the CDC has identified 226 reports that might meet the agency’s “working case definition” of myocarditis and pericarditis following the shots, the agency disclosed Thursday. [There are reportedly at least 600 more cases pending review.] The vast majority have recovered, but 41 had ongoing symptoms, 15 are still hospitalized, and 3 are in the intensive care unit.”

    Hospitalizations From Covid
    “The study looked at 376 adolescents ages 12 to 17 who were hospitalized between Jan. 1 and March 31 and tested positive for the coronavirus. Of that total, 204 youths were hospitalized primarily for COVID-19, the report said, with 31 percent admitted to an intensive care unit and 5 percent requiring invasive mechanical ventilation. None of the youths died. (The report said the other 172 hospitalized youths may have been admitted for reasons not directly related to COVID-19.)”

    One word: Appalling.

    • Steve Bice

      This sort of thing bothers me. I’ve been looking for numbers of teens hospitalized for Covid-19, since the CDC began sounding the alarm recently. I can’t find raw numbers. I only find rates, topping out at 2.1 per 100,000 at the peak. Why?

      Let’s think about this for a moment. There are 42 million teenagers in the United States. If every single one of them got Covid, there would be 882 hospitalizations. Using CDC data, it looks like approximately 1 million teens caught Covid from March to December 2020…which would have led to 21 hospitalizations using their data.

      Perhaps Mark Twain said it best: “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”

  104. Pat

    I’m running out of hopium. The Darksiders are prevalent, entrenched and monied. They control the MSM which is where 90% of America gets their “information”. Only God can solve this mess.

  105. Marti Baker Girl


    thank you so much for your message “Jesus is REAL”. When I looked at you saying this I could sense the Holy Spirit in the delivery. And as you say,” Jesus loves you” is very true and the essence of the Gospel, but many take it as just a trite statement because they have become so accustomed to hearing it, and as Christians we have become so accustomed to saying it. The time we are living in necessitates that very serious – “Jesus is REAL” message as we live in an age of great deception.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Marti!!! Jesus IS Real!!!

  106. Charles H


    What people don’t understand is – that immigrants bring all the bad baggage from their native country with them. It is not far from the truth that the Latin hoard is “hot-headed”, mostly due to their matriarchal, “Macho pride” culture. The big problem enters because they find themselves in an environment where firearms are legal and plentiful: exactly opposite from where they come from – so they not only lack the ‘growing-up in a culture that is respectful and used to armament’; but they don’t handle the bravado within the norms of a strange culture and language. This is WHY there is such a surge in gun violence in the USA now. Also the Latinos tend to be territorial and this badly impacts on the black community. Blacks don’t take well to the Latinos trying to take over – and are keenly aware that the coloreds were here first. OH, sure this is politically incorrect: but where are the mass shootings happening? In the cities, mostly. The stinkin Dems think they will consolidate power: when actually they are destroying the country. Watch that “Gun Violence” will become a big cry from the Left. But nobody will define where the problem comes from; except to point fingers at the Right.

  107. jon

    Hello, The Ayn Rand’s three part TV series Atlas Shrugged is a must with the gang in washington dc as dumb as they come. In light of the Pipeline fiasco, kind of wonder if the washington stooges forced the CEO to shut things down for what we now find out was the billing system compromise, not operations systems. Perhaps all the good ceo’s and talent will walk away from doing the real work required for the country to function. Can’t imagine anybody of talent and skill still in the workforce lifting a finger to help the stooges.
    Who is John Gault?

  108. tim mcgraw

    Good report, Greg. Yesterday it was the usual 73F and windy with lots of government spraying in the sky. It’s been like that for weeks. But TODAY… the spraying stopped. The winds lessened; and suddenly it is 90F here in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California. This is not normal weather. Usually it is 85F every day from about May 10 to Sept. 10 with some heat waves mixed in there from time to time. It is never 73f in June like it has been.
    Our rainfall last winter was 13″ vs. the usual 39″. The reservoirs are going dry.
    Buy food.

  109. tim mcgraw

    “We the Few; the happy few.” Shakespeare. I suppose the intelligent kind and caring humans will always be in the minority on this mad planet.
    But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  110. Merry Piper

    Greg: Interesting hand sign from your guest at the end.


    I understand that the only way an “Emergency Use Authorization’ can be issued is if there is no other effective treatment for the condition. If true, it would seem that members of the CDC, Fauci, NIH and other medical professionals in government who are known vaccine patent holders or stockholders in big pharma companies certainly have a vested interest in discrediting other known treatments like HCQ protocol and Ivermectin; both of which they have since admitted are safe and effective against the CCP virus.

    Since it is now acknowledged that there are indeed other safe and effective protocols (mentioned above), why is the EUA still valid? Why has it not been rescinded? Is it perhaps because the FDA knows that with all the disastrous side effects as well as unknown after effects there’d never be approval for experimental trials on humans?

    Time to withdraw the EUA and hand medical care back to the patent and doctor.

  112. Lynn Moser

    This ‘weather’ has been geoengineered for years. I have documented the skies over NW Washington state. After watching 1PacificRedwood for years; his information matches my observations. Controlling the Weather by 2025 IS a government program. Like Mockingbird, they make information public and nobody pays any attention…and 20 years later here we are with an intentionally imposed food shortage issues to back up the too many people and time to depop mentality.
    And people still don’t know about the 12 Rules for Radicals’ 8 GOALS…and the 45 communist goals…we’ve pretty much accomplished them all. But how many useless eater know about them…Glenn Beck exposed Cloward and Piven’s work but we as a nation need a review.
    Get rid of the ‘smart phones’ I’m staying old school as long as possible.
    I read Alas Babylon in the 60’s and it changed my life. Then decades later I read One Second After…Nothing new. Taylor Caldwell wrote Your Sins and Mine in the mid 1900’s and it could have been written tomorrow.

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