Cheater in Chief, Political Persecution, Biden Tanks Economy

By Greg Hunter’s (1.22.21 WNW 465)

 Joe Biden was sworn in as 46th President of the United States, but many still believe that he cheated his way in.  Many also think there is no way Biden, who largely did not campaign, received more votes than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  There is lots of evidence of massive cheating in the 2020 Election, and, yet, the mainstream media, Democrats and key Republicans tell the public there was no cheating at all.  Also, the outgoing Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe reported that China did, in fact, interfere with the 2020 Election.  This is even more evidence of cheating, and this data was covered up by senior CIA officials who sat on this stunning proof.  Maybe this is why CIA Director Gina Haspel resigned abruptly this past week in disgrace.

Former CIA Director John Brennan, a key player in the failed coup of former President Trump, is spilling the beans on the Biden Administration’s plans to “root out” political opposition.  Now that’s what I call “healing and unity.”  Looks like the FBI is more than happy to be the point of the spear to persecute Trump supporters while BLM and Antifa commit all the violence they wish.  Hey FBI, how does it feel to now be considered the bad guys?

First day in office, Biden got to work destroying jobs in America.  He killed the Keystone Pipeline along with getting back into the job killing Paris Climate Accord.  Of course, this should be a treaty ratified in the Senate, but McConnell is too busy worrying about impeaching former President Trump for a second time even though Trump is now officially out of office.  The RNC is tanking right along with the Biden economy.  Voters will not forget what the backstabbing Republicans did to “We the People” and Donald Trump by not fighting the 2020 Election fraud that reversed a landslide victory for Trump.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts will be the guest for the Saturday Evening Post.


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  1. Greg

    All Americans should look at what happened in the year 1871 to our US Constitution !

    • John Henry

      1871 I know very well because are these Bankers these carpetbaggers destroyed the banking system at every chance they could and create a war within the realm of America every chance they could they finally got us to the point where we had excessive debt and could not pay which is what they wanted they done turned us over to corporatism Maritime equity starting with the birth certificate is a bond ensuring payment fascism America people became an employee of the corporate state of America this is why you pay taxes on your home you do not own your home you are a tenant in your own home

      • Inov8tr

        Well said sir now if we can only get people to understand this is modern day slavery…..No longer whips and ropes they hit u in the pockets

      • Paul ...

        And look at what happened in the year 2001 … Joe Bribe’n wrote the Patriot Act … and now he is putting together a “Domestic Terrorism Bill” (to more severely curtail our civil liberties and take away our guns) … it has been nearly 20 years since the passage of the Patriot Act (a heavy-handed domestic spying and surveillance law passed under the guise of “National Security” to dramatically expanded the power of Federal Authorities to obtain detailed information about citizens’ banking history and personal communications without having to seek Judicial Approval … even allowing “sneak and peek searches of peoples homes and offices for guns, etc.) … anyone charged with terrorism under the Patriot Act can currently be automatically detained before trial (disregarding Habeas Corpus) … and now Bribe’n wants “even more sweeping powers” … what Demon-rat liberals don’t understand is that such laws “destroying our Constitutional Rights” can eventually be used “against them” … so go ahead Demon-rats … support the imposition of more Orwellian legislation by Bribe’n “to supposedly just restrict the Civil Liberties of Patriots” … and one day … it be used against you!!

        • Pete

          I have been telling people this lately, even just this evening. There is very little room or tolerance for competition at the top of the communist hierarchy, most will get thrown under the bus by their comrads (Communist- Radicals) at some point along the way.

          • Paul ...

            You know … we have Deep State surveillance companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter imposing penalties on conservative Patriots (like Greg) “for an insurrection” that was “in reality a peaceful protest” that did not kill any Congressmen (the way real insurrectionists murderously shot at a Congressional baseball team) … who was shot at the Capital …only a lady named Ashli Babbitt (a Conservative Patriot was shot dead and killed)!! … but in this “upside-down” New World Order … the BLM, Antifa, Demon-rat insurrectionists … who shoot at Congressmen … burn down our Cities … and bash people in the back of the head with Bricks (provided by Deep State Soros operatives) are praised and given blessing by the “commie surveillance companies” … while they impose “free speech penalties” upon all Patriots … because a few the unarmed Patriots who didn’t burn down the Capital or kill anyone utilized their Constitutional Right to Free Speech and Assembly and where only a Patriot (Ashli Babbitt) was killed!!

        • JC


          This new claim that Biden is not the President because Trump dissolved the corporation is just crazy. This is a Psychological operation (PSYOP) but it is intended to identify people who they will track and then target for imprisonment as Domestic Terrorist Act. I have stated many times that you have to be careful because the opposition in politics will always infiltrate and create false theories and narratives. That is why I am cautious about conspiracy theories. This is the standard operational procedure.

    • Linda Ballard

      Populist Right & Left Joining Forces Against Establishment.

    • Robert Jamison

      Great job 👏. 🙏. Try GAB. They also have a tv channel. I am deleting my Facebook account and leaving Twitter. Have also set up new email address at

    • Rick

      Yes, In 1871 our country was given away to the European bankers for paying the debt on the Civil War. Our country is now a Corporation known as: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    • Eric Setting

      Greg Thank You for being a honest and truthful reporter. Its such a pleasure to read your comments and know there is not an agenda behind them. I pray for you and America!

    • BDS

      I tried to understand the Corp. of America a few years ago and was looking into becoming a citizen of the United States of America, passport , pay no taxes but give up SS but my financial needs would be taken care of. It is weird and I didn’t really understand what the heck happened to our country 1871. I am like most of us, a debt slave to the corporation. I think Trump and team just bankrupted Corp of America by taking control over the Federal Reserve to get our freedoms back. Washington, DC, City of London and Vatican are sovereign States. City of London responsible for causing wars/conflicts and having other countries use their blood and treasure while they make trillions of dollars. Industrial War Complex was more than happy to climb aboard the fraud. I think most of your followers will puke when they find out what the Vatican, Corp of America and City of London have been up to. The Vatican even has their own Central Bank (imagine the VCB does the same as the Fed Reserve). Corp of America Has its own Central Bank called the Federal Reserve located within Washington DC. The Fed Reserve is owned by several wealth families and have been screwing the American population for decades. This is a world wide problem and I believe Trump put an end to it. This is why Trump has been hated by so many. He is fighting for everyone even the liberals/worldwide who hate him. The word out on the street is a massive dump of info over the next few years not only about the Vatican but about, Fed Reserve and City of London how much money has been taken away from people (taxes and Usury) and held back advanced technology(including secret space program) . A little info at a time because it is shocking and difficult to believe.
      Maybe the Nesera/Gesera is a thing and Trump has implemented a plan as did JFK did. The only difference is JFK was killed for it.
      Is the United States Incorporated 1871?
      The corporation was created for the District of Columbia, aka Washington, D.C. (not even a state), via the Act of 1871. THE UNITED STATES corporation operates under private international law with their own corporate constitution.
      Is the City of London a Corporation?
      The City of London Corporation, officially and legally the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London, is the municipal governing body of the City of London, the historic centre of London and the location of much of the United Kingdom’s financial sector.
      Is the Vatican a corporation?
      Encircled by a 2-mile border with Italy, Vatican City is an independent city-state that covers just over 100 acres, making it one-eighth the size of New York’s Central Park. Vatican City is governed as an absolute monarchy with the pope at its head.

      • BDS

        I would like to add to my comment.

        Through theses 3 entities you will see connections to various organizations that push for globalization. I will list a few off the top of my head as I type. Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations, Tri Lateral Commission, Free Masons , Committee of Three Hundred, Club of Rome and there are a few organizations out of Europe disguised as think tanks and other entities. Can’t remember them all. This system of control has been built up over hundreds of years . It costs billions and billions to run so you see the corruption is needed to pay for these programs. Also I recommend people look up these organizations and see who is a member (future politicians, current politicians, wealthy people well known, Corporate CEO’s). Another item to look up is the name of the founders. You will see well know names Rockefellers, C. Rhodes, Gates, and other who support eugenics. You will see how John D Rockefeller made a business out of American Medical Association and control how medicine is practiced via licenses.
        You see what is going on today with the corona virus and if any Dr. speaks out against the AMA, CDC or UN WHO they get fired. There is many fronts that we are being attacked on. I suggest everyone start looking into the topics and find out for yourself as Greg suggest. You need the info for your ammo. I just did this as I typed from what I can remember. I may have missed other important info and that is why you need to do some work or you will get screwed along with your children who are to young to do this on their own.
        It is a tremendous amount of work but if you want to live free you have to do some work.

        • Olaf

          Thanks BDS, & Greg for you great work of informing people of the truth.
          What I would like to add is the fact that CHINA is behind the formation of a One World Communist Government. The following addresses are a compilation of facts that highlights their involvement.

          The Bible points out the fact that the RED DRAGON – a description of Lucifer the Devil, who is the power behind it all – is who Jesus (The Author of Revelation – Rev.1:1) identifies as the BEAST power. It is also the JESUIT Pope Francis who will HEAD the United Nations this year as the chief of this World Government.
          Rev.12:3. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a GREAT RED DRAGON, having SEVEN HEADS and TEN HORNS, and seven CROWNS upon his heads.
          The U.N. – BEFORE World Government has G7 (7 Heads) having Sovereignty (Crowns) 10 Horns are the World Trade Org. (with 10 CENTERS) under U.N. Control.
          The NEXT Description is the TRANSITION of POWER (as CROWNS) to the 10 WTO Centers.

          Rev.13:1. And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast RISE UP out of the sea, having SEVEN HEADS and TEN HORNS, and upon his HORNS – TEN CROWNS, and upon his [7] heads the name of blasphemy.
          Rev.17:12. And the ten HORNS which thou sawest are ten KINGS, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power AS KINGS one hour WITH the BEAST.

          These 10 WTO “Kings” with SANCTIONS power will be placed under control of the U.N. Beast.

          But, who is the BEAST’S – HEAD? – It is the 7th KING of the Sovereign COUNTRY (since 1929) which is sitting on the 7 MOUNTAINS (of ROME). [Look up Lateran Treaty of 1929].

          Rev.17:9. And here [is] the mind which hath WISDOM. The seven heads are seven MOUNTAINS, on which the woman [WHORE] sitteth.
          10. And there are [ALSO] seven kings: five are fallen, and one is {Pope Benedict}, [and] the other {Francis} is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must CONTINUE a short space. [42Months]

          You see TWO Popes – STILL alive! The SEVENTH Pope will move from Vatican to the U.N. To be HEAD – TOP Dog, of the U.N. In New York. This POPE will CONTINUE – How LONG?

          Rev.13:5. And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and POWER was given unto him to CONTINUE forty [and] two months.
          Pope Francis is 84 years old this year.

          What happens to the WHORE?

          Rev.17:16. And the ten horns [WTO] which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the WHORE, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and BURN her with fire.

    • Jim Hall

      Thank you so much for your message. I don’t our country will recover from the installation of Joe Biden and Kumila Harris. It’s apparent that they are redacting President Trumps policies as quickly as possible. With the amount of debt we have to service it will be impossible to keep this afloat. Yes, I’m also talking about the additional 21 trillion dollars that Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Mark Skidmore have substantiated. Normally economic problems are resolved in a score. Political problems can take several generations and frequently leave the country decimated to never recover. This is what I fear for my children and grandchildren. God bless you and your wife, I pray for you both. This is the greatest challenge our country has ever faced. Where is your interview of Bill Coulter? I understand that this was pivotal in the strike you received from YouTube.

    • Shae A

      I love your weekend updates Greg.
      Please join Rumble…works the same as YouTube per the monitization for ppl who post videos…but there is truly free speech!


    • Ken S

      I was first exposed to this bit of treason over 20 years ago, 1997 IIRC. I was surprised at all the info available since the internet was still quite new. I wandered off to other things and didn’t give it much thought until the past few months. In 2018 Trump triggered the end of the ‘corporation’, informing the queen of england (fake royalty) that we were no longer playing the game. What could she do? Other than begin planning to have him assassinated, which is how (((they))) get their way.

      Trump will return as the 19th president of the United States Of America (Note not all caps that would denote ‘The’ corporation), taking up where the traitor U.S. Grant (18th president) left off.

      So Old Slow Joe is sitting in the seat of a soon to be totally failed corporation! In DC the fences aren’t there to keep people in or out, it’s a fence much like on our southern borders, surrounding a hostile foreign country owned by London & the Vatican. The ‘corporation’ Joe is overseeing is in the process of being dismantled. And you have to ask why the military didn’t send a plane for Joe to get to DC. Because he isn’t president of our United States, and that’s how the military views him, he isn’t CIC. We are under military rule ATM. Trump invoked the Insurection Act at some time in the very recent past, triggering what I’ve outlined here. The next few days and weeks will reveal information to patriots that our wonderful military is in charge of the nation. Their aim is to restore the Republic! Our aim should be to stay out of their way and let them do their job!

      Here’s an interesting fact to chew on: Why did Trump take the ‘nuclear football’ with him to Florida on AF1? Is that unusual? Did the military hand the ‘football’ over to Biden? No, they did not, and for the reasons I outlined above.

      I don’t have all the anwsers but I feel very confident that my facts are 90% or more correct. So lift your spirits, patriots! God is in control, He has a wonderful sense of humor, or He wouldn’t have given us Donald Trump! Things are playing out exactly as Q has said it would, and if you don’t believe in Q all I can tell you is Trump gave a farewell speech in front of SEVENTEEN US Flags! Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. There simply are no coincidences, are there?

      So rejoice, Patriots, our long years of slavery is nearly at an end.

      • Pete D.

        I love this Ken. Thank you so much….

        • JAS

          … Hey Man , I hope you are right Ken S ; You have made my day and seems why President Trump just walked away …

    • Gary

      I’ve been watching your videos foe a few years now. They’re informative and honest. I only wish to point out that our government has been corrupt for 40 to 50 years now since JFK was assassinated. The public has been fed propoganda all these years. Trump should haveknown this beforehand thru the military sources if nowhere else. The coup was heavily financed and orchestrated by some brilliant strategist outside the government. They know just like the Chinese what it takes to win, The Art of War. I question if he’s going to return in some capacity. However if he doesn’t return within six months the US is a doomed nation.

    • RT3 BOX6 TX

      Ha! The last time I commented on a dotcom website 44 was still prez. Utoob became a thing, now cutting off it’s nose to spite it’s face. Now I’ll have to install the correct video player to watch the show. I’m thoroughly disgusted with this censorship, as I’m sure you are.

      • Greg Hunter

        Yep, got that right, but I am going to press on. Thanks for commenting after all this time.

    • Denise

      Nice page Greg🙌🏽

    • Graham Dougherty

      The republic was lost when people figured out they can vote themselves a welfare check. The key focus now should be where new boarders are placed. We will be be consumed by the mono culture of the left otherwise. Time is of the essence. I am convinced we could part ways peacefully.

    • Trinacria

      Thanks for your work Greg. I still cannot get my head around this massive election fraud. How was this coordinated among so many states and bad actors? HOW DID THE ORDERS COME DOWN AND FROM WHOM? THERE HAS TO BE AN EVIDENCE TRAIL. Have so many people been bought off? It is being allowed to stand because I estimate, so 80% of the republican party is traitorous as well, so no difference between the two criminal parties. HOW ARE WE GOING TO HAVE ANY SEMBLANCE OF ELECTION INTEGRITY GOING FORWARD? This is the question no one is addressing. How can poll watchers be shut out? How can this even be on video and not be heard in the courts? When the legal system is completely corrupt what is left? I fear this “thing” is going “mad max”….I pray that is not the case. As you pointed out, the economy will suffer and so will people whose livelihoods are tied to this. How will these evil clowns do what they want to do with the debt levels already to the moon?

    • Roger Hubbard

      That was a good wrap up! Please, always leave a quick note on YouTube indicating you have a fresh video on your website! The gray man option definitely has its place in this new political world and face coverings should be worn at most rallies , not for the CCP virus but more in support of the American flag (identity)..
      Thanks Greg

    • Marilyn M Curtis

      I saw an interview with Ted Cruz several days ago, and he said there were 11 senators that were in agreement to back Trump regarding the fraud in the wrongly gertified votes. TC said logistically he couldn’t get all 11 signatures on the one paper in time by Jan 6. So, he only got six to sign it. He apparently invested a lot of time in this effort.

  2. darrell rolstone

    Greg….I’m a big fan and I’m SO GLAD to get to your own website!!! As a 72 YO patriot and expat living in Asia for over 27 years now, I would like to ask you to PLEASE get “English subtitles” for us older Veterans!!! Thanks for all you do!!! Darrell

    • John nolan

      Greg please hang in there. There are many out there who hate us and I feel bad that so many are so badly informed. The GOOD LORD will work it all out. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Juanita Pearce

    Have you listen to Penny Kelly on BitChute patreon has a free video explaining all the soldiers in Washington DC and restoring our republic and that we are free. Would like to know what you think about what she said.
    Thanks (so glad you have your own web page)

  4. Strike Eagle

    Greg you are the man ! You need a pick me up so you need to listen to first update 1/21/2021 . Then you need to listen to 1/20/2021 geo political video . This will tell you what went down on inaguration day ( and the plan going forward on ( !

  5. JC

    G.A. STEWART :
    Benghazi, Libya CIA Station attack on 9/11/2011

    Director of the CIA, David Petraeus resigned on 11/9/2011

    Director of the CIA Gina Haspel resigned on 1/19/2021

    (9-11-2011 – 11/9/2011 – 1/19/2021 – REVENGE FOR BENGHAZI)
    Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels seems to be all over these dates.

    Donald J. Trump was elected to the Presidency on 11/3/2016. President Donald J. Trump was Impeached for the second time on 1/13/2021. This is the dance of the Ritual Magicians.

  6. pax0r32

    Thank you Mr. Hunter for hosting the weekly news wrap up on your site although the costs of video hosting is rather high. Your message more important now than ever!

  7. Billy Channel

    Lost your broadcast at -1:47. Censorship everywhere….

  8. James

    Hi my younger brother, may God bless my brother Greg and his family and keep you in HIS very strong hands.
    I love my, sometimes overtly opinionated, brother and admirer your courage.
    Aloha from Lahaina.

  9. Joe

    Greg, Someone said it was a green screen oath taken. I thought that was crazy. But, I turned on Cspan live stream at 8am and they had a thumbnail of Biden raising his hand taking an oath. I thought that was odd.
    I downloaded just the oath taking. I am not an expert, but it looks like a six camera recording. Seems odd. To me the shadows also look off for noon.
    But the things that bother me is the location of the people. I have seen many inaugurations and they always do it at the podium. But here, Mr Biden and his wife were several feet from the podium. It appears to me that there was almost 10 feet between Justice Roberts and the Bidens?
    Also in any public venue they use two microphones. Just in case one goes out the other is immediately available. The podium had two mics. But during the oath taking they had other mics. Those were not duplicate as far as I can tell.

    Why? Why do it this way , unless you were trying to do something underhanded.

  10. steve

    Trump was naive, he also had the chance to do some real good by pardoning Assange, Snowden and Manning but he didnt,, I think he succumbed to the deep state.

  11. Brian W

    It only took Joe Biden 24 Hours to begin screwing up world affairs. The United States military is moving a MAJOR military convoy INTO eastern Syria. Russia is now moving their own MAJOR Convoy to intercept the US Convoy.

    The map below shows the APPROXIMATE locations of both US and Russian Convoys. Hal Turner com

    • Mike R

      Dems are KNOWN AS WARMONGERERS. Back at their same old devices once again. Buck Fiden is a disaster for this country. God has a plan here, and we may not be able to discern it yet, but the American people have been shown all the fraud.

      Here is the ‘good news’ that came out of the Trump 4 year MAGA process:
      1) Dems lost seats in Congress. Even more significant, they lost power in state governments. These are the same state bodies that are going to reapportion congressional districts this year. Dems have exposed their true nature to all Americans.

      2) Through their actions over the last year, they’ve revealed themselves to be petty, vindictive, dishonest autocrats. It is not an attractive look. They’ve also exposed all of their covert operators. We all knew election fraud was existent, but Trump brought it to the forefront in spades. The media, tech oligarchs, and faceless bureaucrats have taken sides — and now EVERY AMERICAN knows this. Previous to this, much of their power came from secrecy, which they no longer have.

      3) All of this was sacrificed to drag a demented, racist has-been (Buck Fiden) across the finish line. President * enters office in the weakest position of any president in recent history. We’re not at the dawn of the left’s ascendancy. They have peaked. They’re spent. I’m sure they’re not done fighting, but their strategic position is not something to envy. It’s highly doubtful they can retain power.

      4) What conservatives have is quite formidable. We have AT LEAST 75 million followers. That number is our floor, not our ceiling. Our ranks do continue growing every day. (Its just that MSM will have you believe otherwise). The more our ruling class attempts to suppress us, the faster our movement will grow. Remember when the left used to warn us, “Don’t mistreat terrorists. They’ll use it as a recruiting tool.” They were right, and it applies here too. They are going to get it back in spades, at least double what they have persecuted Trump and US with the past 4 years (and longer dating back since Obama tarnished our nation)

      5) Republicans control a majority of state governments now. Republicans control 32 upper chambers (versus 18 for Democrats) and 30 lower chambers (versus 19 for Democrats and one TBD in Alaska). Republicans ARE in the driver’s seat for reapportionment. They’ve been on the receiving end of gerrymandering for a long time. Now it’s their turn.

      6) In addition, state and local governments stand as a bulwark against tyranny, example towns like Star, Idaho recently declared themselves a 2nd amendment sanctuary, as many other communities across the country have.

      7) This is hugely important ! Sheriffs are beginning to step forward and assert that they will not enforce unconstitutional laws. Our state and local governments have the ability to push back, and many are beginning to do so. Sheriffs and law enforcement, are key to protecting us from the garbage the Dem’s attempt to spew on us.

      8) Finally, and most importantly, we have the truth on our side. EVERYONE deep down knows the election was compromised. We know the left is trying to impose socialism on us. We know socialism never works. We know we are not a racist country and we can no longer be subdued with name calling.

      Many on our side are arguing that the left institutionalized election fraud and we’ll never be able to win an election again. That is simply not true. Elections are controlled BY THE STATES, and Republicans control the majority of states. Out of 50 states, the vote was compromised in perhaps six of them. Fraud was only able to tip the election because it was close. As Hugh Hewitt used to say on his radio show, “If the election isn’t not close, they can’t steal it.”

      Some argue that now that the Democrats have all of the levers of power, they’ll use the military to subdue us. I’m sure a few Democrats have given that some thought and realized the notion is nonsense. Putting aside the optics of another Kent State massacre, it simply wouldn’t work. Soldiers are not robots. They are us. Some would follow their orders, but many would not. So no, military suppression of the citizenry is not an option.

      Footnote: The legacy media approval rating is bouncing around somewhere between that of Congress and that of a used-car salesmen. They have big-tech oligarchs that went out on a limb and then sawed it off. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are now facing legal challenges from state and foreign governments (bet they didn’t see that coming). They’ve got educational institutions which have been politically indoctrinating our children for generations. But COVID-19 lockdowns and remote learning exposed many parents to the reality of what’s been going on in classrooms. It was both eye opening and disturbing.

      So the Democrats have a tenuous grip on political power, and are likely to lose it in the mid-term election. This happened nearly every time in the past first term elections dating all the way back to Clinton.


      We (conservatives) MUST keep up the pressure. We need to vote nationally BUT work locally. Speak OVER the FAKE propaganda by the DEMS and MSM, by talking to your friends and neighbors. Get involved, and take over your local school boards. Deprogram our children by talking to them. Engage in local politics. Elect local officials based on a constitutional litmus test. Trump’s administration WIPED the floor with the Dems at all local and state levels. It was a true landslide, and despite the cheating, the legacy of Trump’s local steam roller is in place, but you have to realize that it is in place, and get involved. If you don’t know it, Trump’s organization at the grass roots level has picked up a ton of formerly brain=washed Millenials and GenZ’rs. Media (if they knew this at all) does not want anyone to know about this. Its under the radar and thats for the better, from a national perspective. And Trump did you all a HUGE favor, by installing hundreds of conservative judges across the nation. Biden could do the same, but the odds are not in his favor. He’s senile, to the point of slurring nearly his entire monologue called an ‘inaugural speech’ that was made up of platitudinal sound bites you’d see in Hall mark cards. All fluff literally and Zero substance. MSM can keep painting lip stick on this very old pig, but he is a gonner. He’s marking time to his grave, quite frankly, and has NOWHERE even remotely close the vigor or 1/100th of the mental acuity that Trump still possesses after 4 years of withstanding brutalization from all sides. Most people would have been in a mental institution after 2 months of what the Dems did to Trump. Trump let it all bounce off of him, like Superman let bullets bounce off his chest. Its still remarkable, the mental strength and discipline of Donald J Trump. Don’t wallow in the fact that his Presidential term is over. Knowing Trump he already had a plan in place for his private life, and planted many seeds across the US in ways too innumerable to list that will exponentially grow conservative power over the next decades and beyond.

      I’m grateful that we had Donald J Trump as our President for 4 years. I’m also relieved for him as a person and human being, that he can perhaps take a break from the massive burden he has carried for us all. He took ALL THE ARROWS from the Dems, and was a lightning rod for their hostility. It gave us all 4 years to re-charge our mental batteries, and gird ourselves for the coming leftist on-slaught. We can endure it with God’s help. and we WILL prosper with God’s blessing.

      My daily reminder is one that Norman Vincent Peale would often cite (paraphrased): We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us !
      (insert I for ‘we’ if you prefer) Take it one day at a time. Each day will build upon the prior. We are prevailing, but the MSM (false prophet for Satan) constantly wants you to believe otherwise, and that if you are conservative or on the right, you are losing the battle, and the war. Remember this – that is ALL the MSM has going for it – painting false pictures and illusions. Collectively and effectively, they are very very weak, and will continue to suffer untold damage. Their regular viewership is in shambles. The ‘best’ all leftist pundit maybe gets 2.5 million viewers on a great time slot. 2.5 million viewers out of a population of 350 million citizens. That’s not even a pimple on an ant, that is sitting on an elephants butt. if the internet webpages, didn’t re-broadcast their garbage, nobody would know they even exist let alone had an opinion on anything. Again, BUCK FIDEN ! He is a senile sock puppet. On his BEST day, he is blowhard of pure nonsense.

      • Greg Hunter

        Mike R,
        I really appreciate you comments but could you make them shorter? Or split them up into parts. Don’t stop commenting. Thanks again.


      • lucy

        thank you, I feel better and have hope for our future after reading you comments

  12. dano

    Great job Greg – long time watchdog here. Would you please look into having Simon Parkes or Charlie Ward(both in bit chute) on for an interview. They both have deep contacts and insight into what is going on behind the scenes today in regards to our state of insurrection, military governance and where it’s going. Both Charlie and Simon have a cool and calm demeanor that will lend to great interviews. Thank You!

    • NC Gal

      Charlie plays a bit fast and loose with the facts and says things that are either not accurate or can’t be verified. Simon gets his info directly from the players on the inside, and everything he has ever said is both verifiable and true. Charlie is more comedic and personable, but I don’t trust everything he says. Simon has proven himself over and over again, for the past 10 years or so that I have been aware of him, and he speaks calmly and directly, which has a very calming influence on me.

      It isn’t over, but we are going to have to wait. Trump isn’t going away. Listen to Simon’s version at and you’ll see that the best IS yet to come!

      • Steve Bice

        Nothing Simon predicted for the 19th and 20th happened. He also told his audience there would be major events the prior week, and once again, they did not occur. Simon is very calm and convincing, but he is either a fraud, or his “sources” are utterly uninformed.

        His 21st update just moved the goalpost.

        I respect you NC Gal…but I have no respect for “Simon”, other than perhaps for his acting skills. Be safe…

  13. JC

    All eyes are on Biden right now and he signed an executive order appointing Jeffrey D. Zients as the official Covid-19 response coordinator who will report to the president. He is supposed to put in an effort to “aggressively” gear up the nation’s response to the pandemic. That has capital in fear right now. The order also restores the directorate for global health security and biodefense at the National Security Council. Biden is doing his best to outright reverse whatever Trump had done which included disbanding that element in addition to withdrawing from the UN’s WHO. Of course, they are painting Trump as evil, but in fact, corruption at the WHO is legendary. It was Ronald Reagan who first withdrew from the WHO which was mysteriously restored by Bush Sr because he was a career politician as it was suspected. Trump withdrew and now Biden, another career politician, is restoring this agency when the head of it is not even a medical doctor. The number of flu cases is minimal because everything is being attributed to COVID.

    • Rodster

      Brandon Smith from is now saying the possibility of States considering secession has gone way up. It’s an idea that Martin Armstrong has also echoed most recently as well, the possibility that in the future, the US might break apart because we are no longer being ruled by law.

      • Paul ...

        Rodster … Each Red State that secedes from the new “China Commie Union” (CCU) … should immediately put up a border fence like Bribe’n put up around the CCU’s Capital for his inauguration (while out-organ-nation ceremonies took place simultaneously at abortion clinics nationwide) … Red States need to keep the Demon-rat baby killing commies out (mark the beasts with an upside-down cross on their foreheads so they can be easily identified) … if they get in they will infect the Red States with their “dreaded commie moral disease” (that also came from China like Covid-19) and they will vote to place dictatorial Governors in charge … who only know how to raise taxes ever higher … never lower)!!

    • Sir Manley Robinson

      martin Armstrong: King of hindsight. when will we get sub 1000 dollar gold like he predicted?

      • JC

        Sir Manley,
        I think his political insight is very interesting.
        Regarding gold, stock s etc. maybe it’s necessary to be a subscriber to Armstrong Economics to be up to date when things change according to Socrates?

    • BDS

      Hi JC,
      I found this in an article for what is a plan for the Covid 19
      Operation Lockstep:
      From The Rockerfeller Playbook

      First Phase: Common cold/flu. Mild symptoms at most. Media endorsement of mass paranoia and fear.
      Flawed testing system utilized, which picks up any genetic material in the body and triggers a poitive result.
      Inflation of Covid case numbers, through changing of death certificates, double counting, and classifying
      all deaths including other diseases and natural causes as Covid 19. Lockdown will condition us to life under
      draconian laws, prevent protest and identify public resistence.

      Second Phase: The first phase will lead to compromised and frail immune systems through lack of food,
      social distancing, wearing of masks, and lack of conctact with sunlight and healthy bacteria. Exposure
      to 5G radiation (electropolation) will further attack the immune system. Thus, when people re-emerge
      into society, more people will fall ill. (coincidence for a rush to implement 5G prior to covid pandemic)
      This will all occur before the vaccination is ready to justify it. A longer & more potent lockdown will
      follow until everyone takes the vaccine.

      Third Phase: If the majority of people resist the vaccine, a weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS virus will be
      released. Many people will die from this. It will be survival of the fittest. It will also be the ultimate push
      for everyone to be vaccinated, in order to return to normality. Those who have taken the vaccine will be
      at war with those who have not. It will be anarchy from all sides.

      From The Article: The Time Line Of The World’s Future Will Be Chosen This Week
      By Benjamin Fulford
      Also, See how J.D Rockefeller made a business out of the medical field

      • JC

        If you check past comments by “Jerry” here at USAW, you will find a lot of of information and links related to your post. We are definitely in big trouble.

  14. Gerard J Marcou

    hi greg love your site you are doing great work just want to recommend checking out simon parkes who is on bit chute he has some interesting revelations on president trump check it out

  15. Das

    A dark winter indeed. Now we have the first Commander In Cheat. #CommanderInCheat #TenPercentForTheBigGuy  #DNCCP

  16. G. Walker

    Greg, I’m a Canadian citizen who’s been following you for several years now. You are one of a very small handful of news sources that I consider to be a legitimate. Thank-you, sir, for doing your very best to help all of us by trying to reveal the truth. What a world we live in – up is down and fraud is legit – it doesn’t get anymore bizarre then it is right now during this very dark and gloomy time in history. Most of us are good people and it is that very small percentage that is evil and oppressive. Your words: “don’t worry – God is in control” is my mantra now. God bless, my brother and please be safe at home and abroad! We cannot afford to lose a patriot like you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks G!!

      • jeanette todd

        hey greg, GOD has not lost a battle yet, stand therefore and see the salvation of thelord, GOD is greater . NO WEAPON FORMED SHALL PROSPER, THE REMNANT IS WARRORING AND GOD WILL ANSWER,.

  17. Wanda Grubbs

    Ty Greg So glad I can still come here to listen to your words of truth. I learned tonight, that another 4 buses of National Guard troops arrived in DC again, the 21st, the day after the so called threat they were expecting. What the hay? Why such a huge buildup of Military? Could all the Banks that are closing have any thing to do with this? I like to read what ppl are saying, in comment sections. From all over, homelessness is rising, painful to see. I understand in one state gasoline prices rose by .45 a gallon right after Bidens party of success in DC. .45cents at one time? I think the left has accelerated the collapse as fast as they can now.

  18. Scott

    Communist coup d’etat. Not hyperbole, not histrionics – it is an accomplished fact.

    I am in my sixth decade under the sun and I have never, ever witnessed anything like what has just been done, take place in this country. The Rubicon has been crossed, and there is no turning back.

    The rest of the planet is having a good laugh right now, but their mirth will be turned to tears before too long. The unlawful overthrow of a duly elected President – no matter how you may feel about him – will have dire consequences for the entire world.

    • Charles+H

      Good summary. Thanks, Scott.

  19. Shana Bennett

    It was difficult to get on your site. It was Audible wanting me to join so I could watch you.
    Maybe you need instructions because I went to and for some reason it hijacked me.
    I got disconnected from you twice? To me you are family that always tells the truth.
    Also please mention what nights you are on.

  20. Anti NWO

    Thank you sir for all your hard work and fighting spirit. You and your family are in our prayers.

  21. john beasley

    It seems like the US Republic just formally ended. How does everyone else feel about the nullification of the election results?

    • Nick de la Gaume

      America has just imposed the same form of “Democracy” upon America that it has been imposing upon the rest of the third world since WW11.

      As you sow…….

    • Chip

      Defeated. The entire republican party is dead to me. They did nothing as the country was stolen from us with mountains of evidence right in their faces. They are no different than the democrats… Chip

    • Jim Hall

      Just like you, I believe that our Republic ended on 1.20.2021. We now have a communist, totalitarian government.

  22. Roxana S Mendoza

    Thank you for your video! Now I know, to follow in your website is the best. I added your website to my browser. I saw your ads here, is it possible to add some ads for the female group? The pair of shoes I saw here are only for males. Thank you!

    • JC

      The ads are not generated by Greg.
      He has no control over them.

  23. tim+mcgraw

    Dear Greg, The election is over. Politics are over. Our loss of freedoms over this Covid nonsense is a much bigger story than which puppet is put in the White House. My wife and I have been locked down here in California for ten months! We don’t care if Mickey Mouse is President. We want our lives back!
    Are you going to file your income taxes this year? Are your viewers? Do you all still buy into this government bullshit?
    I’m done with governments and politicians. Done.

    • JC

      The government is not done with us.

      Joe Biden used to brag that he practically wrote the Patriot Act, the Bush-era law that massively increased government surveillance powers. Now he’s hoping to pass a further “domestic terrorism” law once in office. The danger is real that the January 6 Capitol attack will be used as an excuse to severely curtail our civil liberties.

      • William+Stanley


    • Stand up Melinnieal

      Free people do not ask permission to be free. Liberty must be seized. Follow freedom wherever it still exists. It is not easy to walk away from our previous life, but we are at a crossroads. This is our opportunity to reject what we do not want. Where you live, how you live, how you spend your money is an equally important vote.

  24. Dave Beavers

    Secure Freedom Radio – Trevor Loudon Part I – 01.20.21
    13 views•Jan 20, 2021 Frank Gaffney Jr.
    Today’s Chinese Communist Party has more resources than the Communist Party within the Soviet Union every had in its entire history!

  25. Alfy

    I’m happy to see your video here, independent from youtube. If our military fails to honor their oath and the constitution, then our nation is likely to have fallen.

    • Paul ...

      Alfy … It was over on 9-11 … when our Military stood down … and allowed commie criminals within our government free reign … to rob and gut our National Treasury … and cover-up their massive theft!!

      • JC

        The ultimate battle of good vs. evil can be seen here at the 21:00 mark.
        Hymie the Robot vs. Groppo.

      • alfy

        hold your fire, lets see how this plays out over the weeks to come.

  26. sandy

    The cost of living will be felt shortly. Cost of food will be effected because of transport. All the same issues in Canada. Globalists running our countries. I’ve been praying for Trump. I have a feeling that as he said, I’ll be back in some form, will happen some how.

  27. Rob

    I will be watching you on this site. You are a news reporter than can be trusted. You have a strong moral and ethical compass and strive to get the truth to the people. Thank you for all your wonderful and hard work. My prayers are with you !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rob!

  28. Graham

    We’re about the same age. I’m a Canadian and always viewed the US as our big brother to the south. Thanks for your work and effort to expose the truth. We have a lot of work to do to save our society from the evil permeating throughout the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Graham!!
      Brother Greg

  29. southernpatriot

    I’ve tried my best to follow what your telling me the bible tells us to do,FEAR Not! But I tell you what if they can take President Trump down, then what chance do we have or I have to live or die in a Free America! Stolen votes,stolen monies,lost of our Constitutional rights,destruction of Old Glory and our country.
    I will never vote again for any Politican! I will tear up my voting card and send it back to the GOP ! Never did trust a politican after they killed President Kennedy and sent my generation to a frecken hel* hold called Vietnam! Dang you , dang you all to hel*. May you rott in He………..!
    I have rid my computer with all sites, except your’s Greg.
    To you young folks, keep fighting for your Freedom,your Right’s and you country If I’m lucky, I will die before all our freedoms are murdered!
    Love my county. President Trump is my President and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!

    • BDS

      Hang in their southernpatriot,
      I too had my little pity party also. I know you didn’t give up; your frustrated! Live free or die! Your wisdom and service has valuable incites that our youth doesn’t have. I can see a huge difference in the base of knowledge the general public has on the global corruption and political fraud over the past year! It’s been exposed! It will not be long before critical mass causes a change in society values for the better. Better a digital war than a kinetic warfare. We can’t be manipulated into any more wars and sacrifice our blood and treasure’s!
      Be patient and more people will connect the dots. We will see CEO’s, leaders of countries(past and present) and governments step down and some may even be executed.
      It’s too obvious for this not to eventually happen.

  30. DaveBeavers

    Secure Freedom Radio – Trevor Loudon Part II – 01.20.21
    8 views•Jan 20, 2020 Frank Gaffney Jr.
    More China D.C. espionage and CCP San FranSicko radical Marxists. Who are they?

    Trevor Loudon Part IV – 01.20.21 More CCP Canadian, Biden’s, election selection, ad nauseum…..get vomit bag, in case.

  31. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks: That was a terrific news report!

    After only one day, it’s looking like Biden’s administration will fail . . . BIGGLY!
    1. The insanity/incompetence/dissociation-from-the-will-of-the-People starts off with National Guard troops in D.C. being vetted for “loyalty” by the FBI. Then we have an inauguration ceremony attended only by a sea of American flags and military troops . . . many/most of whom then literally turn their backs on the new president as he drives by
    . . . on his way to pay his (hypocritical and insincere) “respects” at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The whole spectacle evoked surreal images of Hitler’s Nazi Germany (minus the adoring crowds and any sense of order or an obedient military).

    2. Further, in a complete and deliberate insult to Israel and its right to exist, I’ve heard that Biden’s new ambassador “there” is designated as ambassador to “Israel, The West Bank, and Gaza“! (The Gaza part was later rescinded). One can only imagine the havoc and horror to which THAT is leading. A few possibilities include: (a) a major Middle East war (with a Chinese attack on Taiwan as a “sideshow”); (b) a fireball of indignation and fury by religious American Jews (along with a lot of Christians) culminating in; (c) Biden’s impeachment.

    3. Simultaneously (and “curiously”), the World Health Organization admits that — as currently administered and conducted — PCR tests produce so many false positives that they’re useless. (Of course, when the Ct cycles are reduced from 40 to 30, Covid 19 “cases” will dramatically drop . . . proving (so the MSM will claim) that Biden’s 100 days of ordered mask wearing actually worked). Meanwhile, many medical personnel are avoiding/evading taking the vaccine . . . and at least some are taking it only under threat of getting fired if they don’t. (I heard that from a friend with reliable information on the matter).

    4. One completely unexpected development is that the EU is completely freaked out about the behavior of the U.S. tech giants, especially the banning of President Trump on Twitter. I speculate that is because the techs’ behavior seems to reveal Chinese influence and leanings . . . and, thus, it unmasks China’s threat to Europe and the survival of its own (still-non-Chinese-dominated) Globalist faction.

    5. Meanwhile, the economy continues to crumble (with the associated incipient destruction of the middle class) while more and more politically-charged lawsuits are (or will be) headed to the Supreme Court, where they will receive an uncertain fate. (Since the fate of the Supreme Court, itself, is on the line, one might perceive hints of a dark outcome).

    The whole situation is so unstable that it’s impossible to predict which catastrophe awaits us. Indeed, it’s so unstable and unpredictable that a (in-the-long-run) good outcome also seems possible.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the extra analysis William!!

  32. David Baxter.

    Greg. Your posts are always cutting edge and above all the up to date Truth. From Australia keep up the great work I suggest you take time to watch this following link.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “DB”!!!

  33. Paul Walz


    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that Paul!

    • Russ D

      Why to the middle of April?

  34. Billy Moore

    Thank you for your work. Keep exposing the thieves in the government so we the people will see who they are.

  35. Paolo Susanni

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    I have been following you for years. I am no expert political analyst but I have a good education. I see your disappointment but must tell you that things are no different now than they were in the ancient world. We, as humans, have made no progress because we are always looking for change coming from the outside , whether political, religious or any other institutional system. The answers you seek are already inside you. Neither Trump nor Jesus will save you because you are already saved. You do not need salvation. You are a good man and as such, you need to rely on what is inside you.
    Thank you.
    Paolo Susanni.

  36. mihaela gavril

    After the Congress certified the electoral fraud, I felt in my spirit that there will be a resurrection, and it turned out that it was: two different sources (Simon Parkes and Steven DeNoon) independently confirmed that President Trump signed the Insurrection Act shortly after January 6. We are now under a military leadership, which will arrest all traitors and return the rightful President to the White House. It was meant to happen on Inauguration day, but some national threat came from the bad guys which meant that the good guys had to postpone the arrests. This is why JB’s gang were nervous and gloomy, more like for a funeral than an Inauguration. There were NO people there: where were his “80M voters”??? National Guard members turned their backs on JB’s motorcade. Clearly, NOT their President either:

    By contrast, President Trump was very optimistic and upbeat at his departure! Thousands of people welcomed him back in Florida!! He KNOWS that all will be reversed, and that he will get his second term.

    Today Alex Jones announced that the Pentagon refused to work with JB’s administration, which confirmed Simon Parkes update:

    Have you ever seen the Pentagon refusing to work with the President?? That should tell us that JB’s Presidency is not real.

    Simon Parkes also published the letter that President Trump left for JB. It is real.

    On the spiritual side, Kim Clement had a prophecy a while back about 2 Presidents:

    All other prophets continue to say that the Lord will reverse the current situation, and President Trump will be inaugurated for His second term. I asked the Lord about it myself and He confirmed it to me as well. There is NO doubt in my mind that we will see very soon a stunning reversal, with all the fraudsters being arrested and tried for treason, as Mark Taylor prophesied.

    May the LORD GOD bless you and reward you abundantly Greg, for your courage to tell the TRUTH, and for standing up for President Trump and for justice!!! Keep the faith, put on the armor of God and STAND!! We are living in historic times!

    Romans 8:31 KJV
    What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

  37. RJ Wolf jr

    Hi Greg,
    Your frustration came through “loud and clear”. You’re
    not alone, my friend!! The Biden Administration is Obama 2.0 or his third term. And of course everyone knows how successful Obama was as President. The Inauguration looked liked something you would see in a
    third world banana republic. Absolutely, disgusting for a country that is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic. If the Democrats stay in for two terms, the United States will be a third world banana republic, which of course that is what “ the new world order” wants to have happen with China as the new Global leader. I had heard from a different podcast that President Trump wanted to invoke the Insurrection Act, but was advised not to by the Pentagon and would be arrested if he did. Believe me I would have been thrilled to see a mass sting operation and a mass purp walk in jump suits and bracelets. We’ll have to save that historical moment for another time. In closing, I do have an interesting question. If Biden was elected Unconstitutionally by the House and Senate based on known Unconstitutional polling results. That would mean every
    one who voted to approve the results committed treason.
    And as a follow on every Executive Order approved by Biden is Null and Void? Silly me, I almost forgot, we are now a banana republic!!

    • Steve Spear

      Greg keep on doing your great work. I agree with one comment made that Trump should have pardoned Assange and Snowden. Also I thought he was going to release classified documents. For example 9-11. Well we don’t know what kind of threats he is under. But that sure would have broken up a lot of this corruption. God Bless America

  38. Terri Houchins

    The FBI have been questioning people for just supporting our President on Jan 6th in DC. Unbelievable! I’m with you, I believe the military needs to step in at some point, it was good to see them turn their backs on the Biden motorcade after the Inauguration. Well get through this difficult time together with the Lord leading the Way. God bless Greg.

  39. Harriet Hunter-Wise

    Thanks Greg. Greetings from Australia. Great to be informed with the truth. God bless you. Harriet Hunter-Wise Melbourne Australia

  40. Xomatosis2

    It makes me disgusted! The United States has fallen! Be careful Greg, they have taken down thousands of our websites.

  41. Beavers Dave

    “The country is run by a small handful of people who hold the microphone, and no one is allowed to challenge them.”
    The media, license to kill, steal, destroy.

  42. Marie+Joy

    “It ain’t over til it’s over” – Yogi Berra
    It’s NOT over because, I know, he would NOT leave us.

  43. Sharon

    Thank you Greg for your totally honest and impassionate reporting in this horrendous time. The corruption is so deep and it all ties into The Great Reset. Trump had to go at all costs to makes sure this Global Reset is implemented.
    The whole world was praying for Trump to win.
    I really don’t know how humanity can get their freedom and right to survive freely back.
    It’s just soul destroying.
    Bless you for all you do.

  44. Suzanne Greenberg

    We have let thousands die due to withholding ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin.This is exactly the new cruelty associated with the new world order.Even more stunning the question remains why do two parasite or amoeba drugs work at all?Furthermore ,why have they pushed the vax solution so hard so as to sacrifice a multitude of innocent people with a medical complicity?As many die now to the vax for example today James Munder’s mother two days after the vax gone.

  45. Duggo1941

    According to Charlie Ward at the video of the Biden inauguration was received in Spain 10 hours before it happened. It was a ‘rehearsal’ that went live. Why did Lady GaGa sing to a crowd of flags instead of a crowd of people. Why didn’t she sing to the assembled guests? Why did most of the guests seem to be badly dressed? Because it was a rehearsal.

  46. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a severe dose of reality. Look at this photo of the instalment of a puppet regime.
    Now America has now been sold out and the troops are cheering this . Now who isn’t the enemy within the security services?
    GCHQ here in the UK are spying on the people of the USA and handing that information to the Biden regime and a third country we are not allowed to discuss.
    May I also say how brave you are for carrying on with the truth in all its aspects.
    Being brought up in Northern Ireland during the 1970s,not that it has changed much,the political and religious persecutions backed by a state that was blackmailed was continuous. Even those on the right side according to the British state were used and their religion was trashed. Now Catholics are doing this for themselves. Expect what was learned there to turn up in the USA under many false guises. This is an AUTHORITARIAN takeover where the political elite need never stand for election again,rather like the European Commission full of power and no democracy .
    So again where are the military in all this ?Have they sold out the USA ?The man on the street can only assume.

  47. Paul in Oz

    its ripe for the a.c. God bless and God luck to all.

  48. Kimberly D Liberty

    Thank You Greg, I never miss any of your clips. Bought a book from the “My Pillow” guy because he’s being targeted. Want Alex Newman’s book and Solaris. $10 a month to National Pulse (Youtube demonitized) and Bannon has been taken completely down from Youtube. I support Viva.. Barnes Local for $5 a month. That might be one you can check out. Just bought $10 for 5 Boycott China stickers. Note: good luck finding “country of origin” online now. I’ve checked, Home Depot, Target, Walmart… something is going on. Unless its used (craigslist/thrift) I’m boycotting Chinese goods. Would gladly pay $30 a month for a Youtube alternative to keep informed from journalists/creators like you and keep you monetized. We need you, especially NOW!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kimberly. I will always be right here on


    Hi Greg; Thank God you had a back up channel your followers and video friends could find you on. Without your weekly podcasts my family and I would miss you terribly. You are honest , uplifting, and tell the truth. You are surrounded by a good spirit of love and your friends know it. As a suggestion only you might try to use Rumble as a platform, but it is only a suggestion. We have lost our way due to a fraudulent election and Mr. Biden is now President. AMERICA MUST STRIKE BACK. Not violently or with hurt, harm or malice. We must simply unite all 100 million Americans and keep extracting the truth and prove the fraud happened and keep up the MAGA spirit until we have a referendum, or the military quietly steps in to hold a new honest election at the request of the people. There are 15 states and over 100 million Americans that want to strike back. The only way they can is to show the fraud expose the corruption and have a new honest election. We must however do this with no violence. Perhaps this is Gods will. He wants us all to work hard again for our freedom that we took for granted for so many years. God will help but he only helps those that honestly help themselves. You are one of the select few people God loves and watches as you simply speak the truth to the world and you are loved for it. Do not stop and keep inspiring all freedom loving Americans to demand a new honest election and Biden to step down. You have 100 million people with you and it is up to you simply to reach out and watch your family of peace loving deplorable Americans grow. God bless you and help America in this dark hour recover their true Independence and Freedom.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank Ray. You made my day!!!!!!

      • Jeremy

        How do I leave comments on your usawatchdog videos?

    • Brenda Lafever

      Thank you Ray! Someone must stand and bring all of us together to make this happen. It has to happen before Biden and his band take us down!




  51. TheMotherBoxx

    We lost. Trump didn’t use THE INSURRECTION ACT and AMERICA is DESTROYED. And is asking where’s the military??

    TRUMP FAILED… prepare for 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️

  52. Charlie Patterson

    Thank you Greg! Glad to join your web page…

  53. Robert Dziok

    McCarthy Era put in place Military Code 11.3 as a final line of defense to remove illegitimate government. The concern was Communist takeover of government. January 20th 2021 Inauguration put in an illegitimate government controlled by China due to massive Biden China bribes and massive 2020 Presidential election vote fraud of all kinds including China interference. The Military can now legally act and is not a coup. They have all the evidence. Indeed, the Military is required to remove the illegitimate government and have a legitimate government put in. Episode 2383b covers this. Redpill78 post there also does. No government plane was even sent to pick up Biden. First time in history. He had to take a private plane.

    • Jim Hall

      Jerry, the WEF is having a meeting on 1.25.2021. It’s obvious that they have played the Covid19 issue to take down the world economy. It should be obvious to everyone that there is a coordinated effort around the world to propagate this story. This enables them to create fear with the masses and use this to eliminate their human rights. The USA was the lynchpin necessary to complete the takeover. I don’t think that we will ever have another honest election. I think you would have to be very naive to believe that they won’t use their time in power to consolidate their control. At this point I believe it would take an act of God to rectify the situation. I question whether God would intervene for such an evil country. I think back to that ghoul cackling about wanting a Lamborghini for the sale of aborted baby parts. Can you imagine driving a car that you had acquired through such monstrous endeavors. You would have to be the epitome of evil to even consider doing such a thing. I don’t think a lot criminals would be involved in such horrendous crimes against God.

  54. William Bays

    When I started watching the Vid my whole computer shut down>>> I had to reboot my computer

  55. L

    The people in the religious union do not behave as persons . this is the nonhuman antechrist power. You see them all united. They are a “stuff” and act as the body of corrupt spirits.the pontif was calling for the support of clinton in 2015 and recently was calling on all criminals to join forces in subverting humanity for the sake of the “divine” corruption. The left are in favor of being the unconciounable house of demons. United as one evil. The pontif calls for this union. Those who oppose them from the right are PRESSURED via bribe or threat. This is how they are united those on the left bless the crimes of the wicked and look forvwhatever carnal temporal power they can muster. They wish to inflict more injury and abuse the innocent and vulnrable. They virtue signal as their act of self agrandizement without having any goodness in truth. Thsts crime compliant and easy. They are murderers slamderers perverts and all kinds of evil. Busy body backbiting slanderous gossipers. Murderers liars and thieves. They are united in accuseing the non-psychopaths by all projection. This is a religious people. The pontif unites all the evil. They accuse the innocent of the crimes of the guilty. The left are not secular humanists. The are the capitalist communist religious antechrist. They serve the bank’s principal spirit. They are the many. The citizens are being slaughtered by racist urban demons. The opposite of what they say is true. The police protect the criminals and terrorize civilians. When you dont live in the city, you have no clue. This is the church of antechrist. They run china too. China is captive of the same evil. The same evil spirit. Slander is violence. Execution of justice is not. The church prevents justice. Secular humanism was the consignment for the righteous, not slander and projection. The church teaches lies and corruption. They murder humanity as religious devotion. The psychopathic slanderer is what they consuder holy.

  56. TitusTitus

    Just got rid of u-tube. Biden is sick, he will not make it through the week.


    Watch: Rand Paul Challenges New Secretary Of State Over Regime-Change In Syria
    by ZeroHedge
    January 21st 2021, 4:10 pm
    The congressman argued that Blinken continued to push regime change in Syria

  58. Daniel Gum

    Hello Greg,

    Get ready, get set, and observe the hand of our Heavenly Father, and true Jesus Christ making its move through the spirit of human beings to the path of victory through or over evil satan and his demons….. These verses speaks with volumes in a big way in Job 26 KJV:
    1 But Job answered and said, 2 How hast thou helped him that is without power? how savest thou the arm that hath no strength? 3 How hast thou counselled him that hath no wisdom? and how hast thou plentifully declared the thing as it is? 4 To whom hast thou uttered words? and whose spirit came from thee?
    5 Dead things are formed from under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof. 6 Hell is naked before him, and destruction hath no covering. 7 He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing. 8 He bindeth up the waters in his thick clouds; and the cloud is not rent under them. 9 He holdeth back the face of his throne, and spreadeth his cloud upon it. 10 He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end. 11 The pillars of heaven tremble and are astonished at his reproof. 12 He divideth the sea with his power, and by his understanding he smiteth through the proud. 13 By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent. 14 Lo, these are parts of his ways: but how little a portion is heard of him? but the thunder of his power who can understand?


    Remember our Heavenly Father God, the true Jesus Christ is the will and way in spirit that will overcome and defeat the evil empire of satan’s plan….

  59. Derek Sinclair

    For the first time, as far as I’m aware, the POTUS will be spending his tenure living in Florida. Meanwhile a criminal squatter will be in the White House.

  60. Joseph Lavoie

    Greg, 2000 jobs will be lost in my stomping grounds. Calgary Alberta, Canada. Keystone pipeline done. Donald Trump is still the leader of the free world!

    • Gary C

      No media talks about the fact the USA. Imports 62 million barrels from Russia,
      mostly Washington State.
      If Canada had its act together we would have put Hunter Biden on the board
      Of TC Energy, “10 million” and bought him a new Laptop. Joe would
      have skimmed off, just like Ukraine, or The Clinton’s, Uranium One,

  61. Greg Too

    Greg, your new embedded video player is NOT working with Dissenter Browser (based on Brave/Chromium)

  62. Larry Mach

    Communist and thief is not my Chief!

  63. Paul

    All the cool kids are on Telegram now.

  64. JC

    The FBI?
    Remember the F.B.I. television series? Starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr.?
    Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Remember “The Adventures of Superman” Truth, Justice, and the American Way?
      yeah, right. Best always. PM

  65. Jerry

    I drove by a Trump for President in 2024 sign yesterday. Somebody had spray painted “ traitor “ in red paint over it. People are so programed. They think this is like a television show where the good guy rides in an saves the day at the end of the show. The truth is, life doesn’t work that way. Bad things happen to good people, and the most righteous person who ever lived on this earth was nailed to a cross. As I’ve said before, this is much bigger than the theft of the election. This is the next phase of “ the plan”

    Greg. My time here is growing short. I kind of want to see how this all works out, but in the back of my mind, I think we’ve all been coned by the biggest psyop in history. I’ve posted over the last ten years how deep China was in the new world order. They have literally bought this country one piece at a time. Including our congress. And now a president. The Vatican, the city of London corporation, and Washington, D.C. are all joined at the hip by the world economic forum. You cannot tear apart a global organization like this without collapsing the entire global economy. Oops! I spilled the beans. That’s exactly what they’re intending to do with the “ great reset”. It’s been 7 years since Christine Lagarde gave her 7 speech. IT IS TIME! Get your spiritual house in order.

    • Jerry

      It’s like Event 201 all over again.

      Anyone who thinks the pandemic wasn’t planned really needs a reality check. It’s not that hard to find. The pandemic was about getting the needle in your arm. The next phase? The takedown of the grid, and the “ build back better plan”using a global 5G network linked to a global cloud. Those of you that love having your life totally controlled will love it. Those of you, like me, that enjoy your independence will probably be eliminated. I’m not much of a conformist. I spent a lot of time standing in the corner as a youth.

      • Charles+H

        I got swats – when they wouldn’t spare the horsepower for the effort!

        • JC

          Jerry and Charles H,

          Catholic school was fun for me. When in the 5th grade, an old hag teacher called me to the front of the class room, and smashed my head into the black board in front of the whole class. I don’t remember why, I think it was that I didn’t have the correct answer to a question.

          Catholic high school was fun too. On the second day of freshman year, I was sitting in the row next to the wall, and 80 year old “Brother Ernest” asked to see my homework assignment. I told him I forgot to do it, and so he smashed my head into the wall.

          It’s amazing that I don’t have brain damage… or maybe I do.

  66. TN

    Hey, I’ll continue to watch you. Copy your videos to Rumble / Bitchute and most importantly LBRY is an open source peer to peer video network.

  67. Benjamin Sproston

    Thankyou Greg and by the way if you Google antifa. Com /sad to say it takes you now to the white house page

  68. Dan Reynolds

    “There is lots of evidence of massive cheating in the 2020 Election, and, yet, the mainstream media, Democrats and key Republicans tell the public there was no cheating at all.” President Trump helped to fulfill a *VERY IMPORTANT* and necessary mission for every American to understand. There is an underlying initiative that is practiced by many a politician and lobbyist in Washington DC. This undertaking uses the American citizens for all that can be gotten. The whole service for your vote thing is just a ruse. Once many of these individuals get into office * they tune into WIIFM- What’s In It For Me. If putting our great country in jeopardy by allowing the CCP Communist Chinese Party the keys, then so be it!! We as a nation have to work at removing such sleazy individuals and it has to start at the local level and work up from there.
    * There are honest individuals in Washington DC, though it is becoming evident that they are the few.

  69. Ray J Price

    Check out It seem good for the likes of us.

  70. Darryl Melton

    Wow, screw tube is really, really bad. I was going to start a channel a few years back. Glad I didn’t put too much effort in it. Thanks for all you do Greg. I use to post videos to share with my RC Buddies of my/our RC planes. Not so much anymore. Still have a channel but it is not monitized.

  71. Will Arden

    Greg, Thank you for this news wrap-up. I have attached a you tube post from my hero Nigel Farage and I hope this helps your viewers get an understanding that outside of the USA there are supporters that are fully aware.Good luck all and God help America.

  72. virginia clark

    Please interview the guy from God is he does an incredible explanation on what Trump accomplished by dissolving the corporation of the USA. Will explain everything. Also listened to Simon Parkes and he’s says he is told MArch is too soon probably looking at mid April for Trump’s move. WOW, starting to tie in with Bo Polny. Happy to follow you anywhere

  73. Charley

    After raining chaos and tears across the globe for the last 70 years, the “regime change machine” Harry Truman authorized the CIA to construct in 1950 returned home last year and the nation began to reap what it had sown. A great lesson was given all with eyes to see and ears to hear this weeks inauguration. For the first time the nations electorate were given definitive proof they exercise absolutely ZERO control over the political, legislative and judicial processes of the country. Worse, voices in the media questioning the legitimacy of the election have been purged from various platforms and dissenters are being characterized as internal terrorists who need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. One wonders if those in the USSR, NAZI Germany and Communist China were able to grasp the initial lessons significance or if they didn’t get it until they arrived in the gulags and reeducation camps? Of course voters have long known they had a terrible beast by the tail that tear asunder all in it’s way with nearly 70 million abortions to it’s credit as well as invasion of nearly 70 countries in the last 70 yrs either overtly or covertly. Isn’t it amazing how the number 70 just keeps coming up? One might wonder if the Lord’s wrath is just beginning with sin’s like these?

  74. Carey Logan

    Keep a LOW PROFILE???? in other words, you have no 1st amendment rights. I would rather take the heat and stand up for freedom than zip up my lips. Luv ya Gregg. fear not!! the wrath of the ungodly powers because all power is vested in our Savior. I would rather go down fighting than cower in the corner.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not say don’t fight. I said go stelth.

  75. Bill

    Good video, Greg. Please checkout The form you used for this video gave me two commercials every 5 minutes. It was very annorring. All the best. Stay safe.

  76. OOTB Jerry

    Great job Greg…….

  77. Dan Kenny

    Hi Greg,
    We’re looking to hang our hope and trust on anything and everything we hear out there and most comforting is your closing: “Fear not, for God the father, son and holy spirit are firmly in control”. I repeat this to others several times daily.
    Knowing you’re trouble w/YouTube, I will use this site for my updates and will begin patronage when I can.
    I’ve reviewed your sight for past videos looking for a particular guest you had on a while back and can’t seem to find it. Your guest offered a small “security” stash of gold and silver coins that could be used in case of an emergency, something he called an “emergency box” or somthing, I can’t remember. Can you help me out?
    God bless you, your efforts and all your listeners.

  78. Matthias

    Thanks for having geopolitical analyst Dr. Paul Craig Roberts back on the show!

  79. Diane

    Vaccinations are being touted as our savior from Covid.
    Are they?

  80. Art Barnes

    Greg, this godless country for the most part now is in judgment. Look for further tumultuous times ahead. The Restrainer has lifted His hand and will now allow this sinful nation to its own devices. Judgment is now in full swing. Remember, no sin will ever go unpunished forever sayeth the Lord!

    On another note, is close caption forthcoming for the hearing impaired?

  81. Carl

    Greg Great report…..Truth you know it when you here it .

  82. Charlie


  83. Karen H D

    Glad you have your website to post your updates and other videos t9 Greg! Love watching your very informative posts. Also, pleasantly surprised to see other fellow Canadians are doing the same! Praying for God’s blessing for you 🙏🇨🇦❤️

  84. Mike

    Great work, Greg!

    I have to disagree with you to a degree. I think this was a fake inauguration allowed by the military. Trump activated the 2018 Executive Order Election Foreign Interference Election Fraud at the last minuet, this transitioned the power over to the military.
    60K troops are now on stand by in DC, right as the dollar collapses and the pedo tapes get released. No where for our friends to run too. Military tribunals?
    Fear not, my friend.

  85. Brenda Lafever

    Thanks, Mr. Hunter, for helping me keep the faith. I know it is going to be hard but I am going to keep on going. Some where, there will be a turning point and all the people will see the truth. Thank you again for being here for me! God bless to you and your family! Love you.

  86. matt

    How come Biden put his hand on a piece of wood not a bible? How come Kamala had a purse on top of the bible she wouldn’t touch the bible? Then I saw pictures of Biden signing blank presidential orders with images of cars in the window behind him? There is no parking lots behind the oval office. Why is the inauguration over of yet the troops are still living in the capitol? I also heard president Trump still has the football?

  87. Jon Vaughn

    Since when has the FBI NOT been the bad guys???
    Everyone in law enforcement whom I have personally heard comment about the FBI has stated explicitly that the FBI is literally the Gestapo. Its portfolio is to enforce the will of the political donor class.

  88. Kay

    We are missionaries in a foreign land now. America will not go back to what it was. That doesn’t mean God has left us or forsaken us. God can still do great things for us. Thank you, Mr. Hunter, for being on this journey with us.

  89. Paul Morgan

    Gina Haspel, “bloody Gina” Is a traitor and is long overdue for hanging.

  90. Nancy McDaniel

    States cesession is the only way to stop taxation without representation using 1776 as our example. The communist abomination unconstitutionally placed usurper thief in chief will be obummers third term on steroids. They will take away ALL RIGHTS. They have taken the 1st amendment, our right to work and feed our families and next is the 2nd.

  91. al

    I have buffoon biden voters around me and no one is celebrating? I speak to them, they avoid saying anything as if they have buyers remorse. They don’t know I’m a Trump Supporter because I don’t like showing my cards to anyone, so they speak to me as if I was one of “them”.. no one is happy here.

  92. Ed Philbrook

    I have a feeling Republicans control more polling areas than Democrats. We need to stuff the ballot boxes for 2022, then we will see how THEY react. Just do the exact same things they did, how will they be able to call foul? It will be an admission of guilt to Biden’s illegitimate presidency. I’m tired of NOT fighting fire with fire, it DOESN’T work. We either fight dirty like them or lose our country forever.

  93. Donald Wilson

    Greg as a 20-year veteran I wouldn’t depend on the military taking any action now or in the future. Why you say, several generals and admirals are complicit in the stealing of the election. Several are members of the CFR (Council Foreign Relations) as well as members of the Bilderberg Group. Furthermore, if these Dominion voting machines are eliminated you can forget about having any fair and transparent elections. Why you ask. The Democrats have proved they can cheat and get away with it. The only true way to ever have fair and transparent elections is to return to paper ballots, have the military watch over the elections and eliminate all past changes that resulted in this travesty. Then and only then can we ever possibly have a fair and transparent election. Take care GOD bless…

  94. Nancy McDaniel

    Hmm they never released the name of the person who murdered Leroy Finnegan either. Their playbook is cloward priven, rules for radicals and everything the opposite of what Scripture says. That’s how you know they are demonic and “of their father the devil” as Jesus said. States sesession is the only way because the machines are rigged for no more legal elections ever again.

  95. Mike

    Joe Biden is an illegitimate president who can only issue illegal orders that should be accepted only by criminals. After all that has been revealed, the only way to restore the Republic is military tribunals. I would not be surprised if Trump was already sworn in as the legitimate president. The persecution of Christians and Trump supporters will be met with armed resistance if the military does not act. The “low profile” suggestion will not protect people from evil. Only the full armor of God through faith in God will protect people from evil.

    • Mario

      Hey Mike

      Good post and point!

      God sees everything and has a plan. He is not surprised by what happened!


  96. S Regus

    Greg please consider providing an audio stream of your work for us podcast listeners, this is another alternative to youtube as the podcast software app typically allows the users to aggregate their podcasts so they don’t have to go to separate websites for each of the videos they wish to view. Thanks for all of your great work and all the best!

    • Paul ...

      Yes Greg … a podcast would be good so I can listen (as they have blocked your video from my computer) and I’m not going to buy a new Apple computer “ever”!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Try a different browser Paul.

      • Rachel

        Paul, It’s working in Chrome

  97. iwitness02

    The pedal is to the metal for us as a nation.
    Final destination, unknown.

    • William+Stanley

      Yup. The bad news is that we’re lost. The good news is that we’re making good time.

      • Charles+H


        That is exactly how driver here in Mexico behave! They aren’t sure where they are going: but they want to get there first!!

        • Self+Exiled

          Same as Philippines, always in a hurry and always late.

  98. David Ferguson

    Hi Greg. I made my way over to your channel because I need to know the truth. ✝️God bless you Greg.

  99. Keith+wilson

    Well Greg it has been like watching the old movie High Noon. Sheriff Trump has been a good man over the last 4years. Kept America out of war and started to clean up the problems which the swamp created over the last 60 years. The Joe Biden gang storm into town and Trump begs his loyalfriends in the Republican party to support him and drive out the Biden gang.Most of the Republican senators and congressmen shit there pants and beg sheriff trump to quit and go quietly. Thank God John Wayne and co ain’t around to see this .

    • 😞Shame on YouWho

      Kieth, you hit it. John Wayne didn’t like the movie as he revealed in later years. The reason? He said Americans were not such cowards. He couldn’t see the townspeople cower in fright. Well as history proves and the Marines say. There’s only a few good men. Trump is a good man and unseen forces tied his hands behind his back.
      Why again? This is Biblical. I personally feel Trump didn’t get as far as he did on his own. He was used because he’s got guts. So we must all stand back a bit and see the mighty hand of the power’s beyond what is normal and relize everybody will get what they deserve in the end and these clowns, that think they pulled a fast one, will relize the emperor has no clothes and his stark nakedness will be revealed to all. What they’re preparing for us, they will get what Haman got.

      • Keith wilson

        Thanks for your comment. I don’t want to run salt into America’s problems. You can smell the cowardice from the Republican leadership all the way to London. General Cornwallis and George 3rd must be laughing there heads off regarding what has happened with Biden and the gangs take over in Washington.

  100. Jim

    There is Gab and Gab TV. They wrote the book on free speech. (Like your wrap ups)

  101. Robert Coleman

    I always record your shows and keep them on file.
    Thank you for your continued fight for truth in reporting real news.

  102. Craig Zumbroegel

    Yeah, we can talk about cheating all day long, but guess who’s in the White House now?
    We’re doomed.

  103. Paul from Indiana

    Friends, it’s this simple: all of our so-called intelligence agencies are on the take and completely compromised. We should have understood that a deep state powerful enough to rig/steal an election of this magnitude also has the power and connections to assure the fix stays in place (refusal to recognize evidence). Even the Supreme Court, despite three hard-fought “Trump” appointees, comes into suspicion. I expect that there are numerous other shocking, alienating, grotesque revelations/conclusions ahead, as this sorry state of affairs continues on its not-so-merry way. In the meantime, abandon the RINO party and STOP VOTING. It is the ONLY way to show we are onto their scam. Best always. PM

  104. Cindy Hodnett

    So good to hear the uncensored Greg again! Video played fine on my IPad, actually much better than UTUBE. As you said, lots of rumors flying around out there. So appreciate your honesty and truth telling! Thank you!

  105. John Snodgrass

    Thanks Greg for being there. Been watching you for awhile. Today I for the first time I can remember, have to disagree with you. I think every person who supports President Trump (my president) should fly a flag, wear a hat, have a bumper sticker. We will all stand we win. If you see someone vandalizating a Patriots property, or harassjng a Patriot, jntervene, stand against that, follow them and “Maxine Waters” them. Others will join. Only if we stand, if we speak up, if we push back will we win. Perhaps if we stand early the other side will retreat and there will be no need for bloodshed.
    I live in San Diego County. Last year blm/antifah came to LaMesa, a quiet conservative community. They burned, vandalized and looted. Nothing happened to them. The police stood by. Then, perhaps emboldened by their success, they went to Santee, also a conservative community, but more so. Lots of cowboys, off-roaders, construction, and like type live there. They met blm/antifah in their trucks and on their motorcycles (yes bikers don’t like antifah either) they brought their bats, chains and guns. They pushed blm/antifah down the street and out of town. Not one fight or injury. Stand together with courage and resolve. Cowards don’t win. Patriots do.

  106. Sharon

    Thanks Greg. I let the ad play through on the other channel before I came here. Keep up the good work. I pray God’s guidance for you in Jesus name!

  107. wayne hardin

    Greg .
    Keep being you and reporting what God tells you to .
    People telling you to watch and listen to this person or that person .
    No need you are doing what God has told you to do .
    God uses different people for different things.
    You are on point .or on target if you will.
    Keep firing the truth out there and many people will see .

  108. Coalburner

    BDS above is telling a very important info dump. The other day I was telling my Grand-kids about the City of London Company and that the Queen announces before she visits. The square mile in the middle of London that is the biggest banking outfit in the world. I even looked up the picture of the Dragons to show them so they would remember.
    Someday, there will be another “French Revolution”, it will be global.

  109. Scott Erickson

    I hate to be an armchair quarterback but here’s what I would do to get back at Youtube. I would just post a single video when allowed back for the first 2 weeks directing people to During that time I would keep the normal flow using whatever video provider works best outside of Youtube. Then after the 2 weeks I would premier the videos sooner using a non Youtube provider on with an intro stating it is on your site first. So when it goes to Youtube it directs more people here. An intro because data shows more people watch the beginning which makes sense. I mean I don’t randomly chop off the first 15 min of anything I watch. I know it’s easier to type do this than actually do it plus there may be other variables I am not familiar with. Just figured I’d give you my unsolicited 2 cents.
    May The Lord Bless You

  110. Coalburner

    I have received Republican begging mail by the pound since the election. I have sent nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They even used Trumps name on some while stabbing him in the back. So happy to hear KY Censored McConnell. I love KY and lived there many years and voted for Mitch. That scumbag now knows he is finished but already has 6 more years lined up. For a man his age, he will be lucky to finish six more. To old to run again. The fun part is Schumer is a meaner SOB than the Turtle and he will make Mitch miserable as long as he is in charge. The people are going to switch to the House to slow the damage. The Senate has shown its true colors. Most of them are worthless garbage. If the Republicans or Democrats cannot shake off the Chinese ownership, we need a new party and it should be based upon rooting out the Chinese money buying the politicians on both sides. Arizona needs to get rid of there Governor same as Georgia and Michigan. I don’t care what your party is we cannot tolerate the Chinese ownership of our politicians.

  111. D

    We have to create our own narrative and make sure the history of what happened with the illegal fraudulent election of 2020 is NEVER forgotten. We have to make it a habit to say Fake President and Fake Inauguration. Do not give him any credence. He is FAKE!

  112. Charles+H


    RULE OF LAW – which is based on factual, actual due process of rule and regulation – for America goes into History. “The ends justify the means” spiritually and morally bankrupt godless philosophy has made criminals out of the ruling class. Brazen, crass, shameless criminals. (Politics/Media/Technology)

    The sad part is that they will determine criminality upon the law-abiding masses. Nothing too draconian, or absurd to foist upon the great, deplorable majority. It is sooo easy – when you don’t have to obey the laws you enforce on others.

    As a child – I wanted to be popular, and esteemed: so I made-up “stories” (lies) to impress others. Problem was – I had to memorize all the lies so I wouldn’t get caught in some discrepancy. But there came a time when I realized that I couldn’t remember the difference between the lie I made up and the Truth. This frightened me. I was staring into the realm of Insanity, not being able to distinguish between what was a lie and what was true. So I determined to not lie, and bear whatever consequence: in order to stay within the realm of Truth. Because once you willingly cross into Insanity, to believe lies: like Virginity – you loose innocence forever, and one crosses-over to another abode. And like all vices; once you get a taste – you always come back. The big problem for those who embrace lies – is that they can come back to the Truth, when it is convenient for them: but THEY ARE ONLY VISITING (Sanity). Integrity for them is forever lost. But what means ‘integrity’ when you get what you want?

  113. Patrick

    I’m not American, but from an outside observation. I really wonder why the Insurrection act was not enforced???
    Whats next.

    • Charles+H

      Too many people to lock up?

      • Self+Exiled

        You betcha; and time under the Biden CCC Party, I’m sure there will be converts.

  114. DeeJay

    The video stopped working as I was listening to it 3/4 of the way. Went to lay it again and now unavailable.

    • Greg Hunter

      Plays fine for me “DJ”. So sorry you had trouble.

  115. Tory S Allan

    Hello Greg!

    Please do a Rumble account since I am switching all my YT video news gathering over to that platform!!

  116. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Democrats ask Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to rework their suggestion algorithms
    Igor Bonifacic 12 mins ago

  117. Nod Nostrebor

    Cheater & Thief!

  118. Diana

    Greg come to Gab ( and leave Twitter) the owner is a Patriot/Christian and they have Gab TV for video’s. It is free from Big Tech so your numbers are what they are and you won’t be cancelled. There is also a strong patriot presence.

  119. Constance McKee

    Today I wrote to President Trump at Mar-a-ago thanking him for his service and suggesting a new political party:
    KARMA (Keep America Respectful. Maintain Allegiance).

  120. James+sullivan

    Hello Greg;
    I couldn’t read your review this time. While i agree the election was stolen, i grow weary of the knashing of teeth from those who truly believe Trump wastheir best chance to restore the castle on the hill. Trump had four years and he blew it. We will probably have to wait for the historians to tell us what the hell Trump was doing the last four years …my guess is just he was a con man who took advantage of americans need for salvation from the deep state… instead they got WC Fields. Oh the humanity!

  121. Catherine

    I am truly grateful to you Greg and those you interview. Your reporting has changed life for the better. Theoretically, The impeachment goes on based that Biden is a criminal and Camilla is not considered a true American. Therefore, They are fully aware they are treasonest pigs, who have taken over the white house. Inturn, Trump presidency is officially still vallad. When the day come and it will soon. Biden and Cameella will be gone and Trump will continue his fulfillment of his presidency.
    Amen (Not A Women) LOL….
    PS. Thanking God, For Your Website

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Catherine!

      • Catherine


  122. Fred Daake

    There are too many good people here who are delusional. If anyone is relying on a miracle to avoid doing the things that God wants us to do ourselves, they are barking up the wrong tree.

    While I would welcome a miracle like everyone else here, a lifetime of wisdom tells me that the only way that we can stop this lawlessness is when large numbers of us go out into the world, find the delusional people, and lovingly persuade them on the value of a moral world that lives on Gods laws. We must tell them to demand that political and spiritual leaders in their communities call out and enforce moral codes. Without a large enough group to make this happen, the world that we have been given will continue to evolve into chaos.

    Jesus did the grunt work, going from synagogue to synagogue, ignoring those who spit in his face and kept going. That is the the example of what it takes to get us back to a moral society.

  123. Dadwad (Dale Whitmore)

    Hi Greg, Had to come to this site to hear you, I tried and finally got your USA Watchdog onto my bookmarks. They made your identification title so long that it wouldn’t take. Got you now. Great show and interviews.

  124. Lightning

    With all the information and disinformation comingled , it has been very difficult to understand what transpired during the last few months of the Trump administration.

    If I resort to falling back on what is the most substantial factual information, its a fact that President Trump had an EO executed since 2018 establishing a cyber organization to monitor election information and one that required the DNI (Ratcliff) to issue a report that confirmed or refuted foreign interferences in our election process. This EO gave the President enormous powers once the DNI established that Foreign powers interfered.

    DNI Ratcliff affirmatively declared that there was foreign interference in our election 45 days after the Nov 3rd election as required by the EO. We, the public, learned that China, Iran and other were involved and that the CIA tried to stop the joint intelligence document from including China.

    Gina Haspel , Director of CIA, resigns post same day Trump leaves office.

    So, does anybody have any idea why President Trump didn’t legally use the Powers afforded to him to declare a national emergency and call for an accounting of who was involved with China, Iran etc…..seize their assets and imprison the culprits and then call for a new election with paper ballots, fingerprints on the ballot and ID required etc for a specific date (after we cleared out all the corrupt folks?)

    It makes no sense unless he sold out, or was threatened or there is a legal plan in place to account for fixing this. One that is now in the hands of someone who was legally empowered to resolve it and is ongoing.

    We can’t have the 17 intelligence agencies confirm foreign interference in our elections and then continue on as if nothing happened. Why isn’t Ratcliff publicly pressuring the House and Senate Intelligence committees (ideally prior to Trump leaving and certainly now with the Democrat led Intelligence Committees?????)

    It does not add up . Hoping someone can help me here. Greg…Any thoughts?!

  125. Jeff

    Fear Not Greg

    Trump won and Joe knows it. All the deep state know it and soon all the world will know it as nothing that is secret shall not be revealed. This is Biblical and God will bring down his righteousness to all those who have chosen to steal, comply and consent to this fraud of an election. Keep faith in God’s plan. The truth will soon be revealed and God always wins.

  126. Brandt Mohney

    Hey Greg,

    I’ll give you my two cents. If and when the scumbags on Youtube/Google kick you off permanently, I’ll be more than happy to contribute to your site on a monthly basis so you can keep interviewing the same great people you do and speak the truth. Ask for $5/month from each listener. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised by your listener’s response.

    On side note, if you do reach that point, please, please, please find someone else to facilitate the money transactions other than Paypal. Paypal is just another sh*t NWO/Nazi/Libtard company and why on earth do we want to give them any more of our money? Time to cut out those organizations that clearly work against us, and Paypal most certainly is.

    Keep up the great work!

    Brandt Mohney
    Indy, IN

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brandt!

  127. Fred Daake

    It is time to look at the facts. America has accepted a fake President who was the result of a stolen election. Because the voting majority has accepted Biden as the President, he will stay there. He is sitting in the Oval Office issuing executive orders. He just sent troops into Syria. Government workers are carrying out his orders. These are facts.

    It would be fantastic if some magical formula existed that would change those facts. I would certainly welcome Gods justice like everyone else here. But God wants us to seek the truth and not cover it up with illusions. If we do not do the grunt work of shouting the truth from the rooftop, we will not be able to see his power at work.

    The 1871 argument about America having been converted into a corporation has no bearing on what is happening today. Because no one properly enforced the Constitution in the past, it no longer has the power needed to put America back on its original course. America is now operated on the dictates of an oligarchy of judges that only have an delusional relationship to the original US Constitution. So, it is wishful thinking that a change in organization form could be the key to make everything better.
    The argument is silly. Judges do not consider this as relevant if they even know about it. And without judges on your side, the argument is useless (or “moot” as they would say).

    The other nonsensical claim is that Trump is somewhere in a Florida bunker secretly commanding the huge American military. Under his command, the military will sweep up all the bad guys in one cold dark late night operation. Then they will be taken to GITMO where they will all be hung for mutiny or treason on public TV.

    Once again, these are the kind of thoughts that occur to people who are in captivity too long. The illusions are understandable. I doubt that I would oppose anything that relates to true justice. But, once again, God wants us to deal in truth. Only then will we take steps that will fix the problem.

    • Mark Maples


      Your comment is the best on the thread

      I voted for Donald Trump twice, but I consider his time in office mostly disappointing

      He continued our money printing which will eventually destroy the median income of the majority of Americans

      Candidate Trump called Wall Street a corrupt, fake bubble

      President Trump was its biggest cheerleader

      What I have observed over the last 4 years is unique in my memory, people opposed to the president were accurately labeled with TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) but a large percentage of his supporters were cult like in their worship of the President

      I, like you am not happy with the result, but a bigger problem for Americans future might be this deity worship of the President and these delusions from Q and 4D chess nonsense

  128. M miller

    Glad to see you resurface… I was wondering. If you go to Monkey werx YT yesterday afternoon he montiors aircraft flights.. he watched the ingrog….and noticed that when B walked down the road… the troops lining the road did an about face with their Backs to B as he walked by.. you might want to check it out.

  129. Richard Page

    Greg I am pleased to see you on an alternative videos service. Looking very good! No problems with playback! Very pleased that dailymotion has an embed option for sharing (not all of them do!). I am sharing your show on up to five (now down to 3) socials from my website BTW I take it that you are a Missouri native!? I am from Kansas (enjoy your reports out in the fields of Missouri). If you are interested in knowing more about me you can go here:
    Keep the faith!
    Rick page (webmaster: [email protected])

  130. LAE

    So glad you have this website up and running. I have been watching your WNW every Friday morning for last 4 years on YT, and will delete that account and come here from now on. I watched your coverage of the election in 2016 and immediately realized that you are truth. Thanks for being the stalwart for God and his son in this crazy mixed-up time.

  131. Stan

    Shorted more Gold this week.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … if you keep shorting gold … I’m going to buy Etherium … wait for it to go ten times higher … and then buy 10 times the amount of gold “to counteract your shorting”!!

    • wayne hardin

      If your eyes are not brown they should be .

    • William+Stanley

      I went rogue last week and bought some Bitcoin.
      So far I’m only down 22%! Should I sell now; or should I ride it right to the bottom like a man?
      Here’s the song “I fought the law (and the law won).” I don’t know why, but it comes to mind.

      • Stan

        William+Stanley: I hate Bitcoin. The fed can and will shut it down at their leisure. It will be worth zero.

        • William+Stanley

          How about silver?

  132. wayne hardin

    The Lord’s Prayer

    Our Father who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name.
    Thy kingdom come.
    Thy will be done
    on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread,
    and forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us,
    and lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom and the power, and the glory,
    forever and ever.

    To all the people out there that are telling people to pray this or that
    and this or that will happen .
    And then when it doesn’t happen you are like ol well .
    God is not pleased / people are being hurt .
    People are being lead to and fro looking for answers .
    The answer is God is in control .
    There is peace in knowing that .
    You would think people don’t trust God looking around .
    I don’t like what is going on but i do know that what ever happens it is Gods will .
    Step into the water wade out a little bit deeper and come join angles singing
    praises to the >LAMB OF GOD < God is God in this valley to .

  133. Konrad Gola

    The planning for this fraud started four years ago.

  134. david crosby

    Mr. Hunter,
    This is in response to 01/22/2021 weekly wrap up.

    I have been fighting the decay of the American moral compass for 30 years. The result has been loss of social respect, conspired deprivation of my business, harm caused to my property by local government, and most deplorable is the persecution of my children.
    Without exception I remain vigilant to take stand for good and TRUTH.
    You Sir may advocate concession to the puppeteer and recommend others to do the same. With that I ask questions man to man. At what point does a man no longer stand in the light thence submit to the puppeteer of darkness? In submission is a man not living on his knees? Would a man not then serve one unworthy to wash the feet of the one most high? What be the gain of the world if one makes exchange for their eternal spirit? Confident am I that men of good stand shall continue to carry the cross, endure beatings from the lost, bear the scars, and emerge victorious.
    Since Job remained then what am I if not to at least be of some same good measure in faith? Send a good man to judgement and does he not only become stronger in hearts of men of good stand. This strikes eternal fear in the heart of the puppeteer.

    Out of this moment of despair, our greatest hour is at hand.

    Greg, You are a good man,
    God speed.

    “It has forever been thus: So long as men write what they think, then all of the other freedoms – all of them – may remain intact. And it is then that writing becomes a weapon of truth, an article of faith, an act of courage.”

    ― Rod Serling

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not “advocate concession to the puppeteer.” I said don’t be a target and keep a low profile. In effect, go stealth. This is similar to what Jesus told his apostles: King James Bible: Matthew 10:16 “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Please note Jesus still wanted His apostles to spread the Gospel.

  135. Mike

    WOW !!

    I see lots of comments , many mention 1871 , maritime (admiralty). Municipal/territorial/ u.s inc / u.s.a. Inc is the awakening happening now?
    I certainly hope so . Break free now- Or Try the blog on there you will learn about
    The birth certificate scam, the fed , the INC government and how to com home . Trump is still president , has the keys , and will be the 19th president of the United States of America unincorporated. You will learn the difference between a U.S.citizen and an American national.
    All are welcome . Join us Greg . Your talents would be appreciated . Mike

  136. Lord Nasdaq

    Great Weekly News Wrap-Up as always, brother Greg.
    I always watch videos on your site.
    I’m boycotting YouTube, and don’t subscribe to FB or TWTR.

    Investors I know have recently discussed USSA digital currency within two to four years – we call them “Comrade Coins” (goodby dollar and bitcoin value!), hyperinflation due to a money surplus addiction, and the increased need for hard assets including precious metals which are now the safest investment in years proceeding under a Biden administration. Keep it on you/safe!

    I suggested to others: “They’re coming after your 401k’s and Roth’s via b.s. taxes and trading fees. This includes trading platforms such as SCHW. Even if trading fees are free on these platforms in 2021, uncle Sam gets his cut in 2022.”
    God Bless you and USAWatchdog.

  137. Shawn

    There’s a massive push back coming in this country. People are awake and will revolt against this.

  138. Sal Ramirez

    Is #Italygate real?

  139. James+sullivan

    Darn!, Stan shorted gold? Lookout Greg, let the finacial addicts into this conversation and youk’ll start looking like Zhedge…. oh the humanity!

  140. Not So Free

    Is there any way to download videos from dailymotion?
    I used to go to youtube and download your videos to watch later.
    I’ve never signed up there, just watch some videos and download a few.

  141. Rodney

    Cant get it to play your vid, comes up with an error id..

    • Greg Hunter

      Please use a different browser and clear your cashe. Press “Ctrl” and “F5” keys at the same time.

  142. Annaliese

    Greg, how would the people have seen for themselves the plan to destroy America unless Biden was granted the opportunity to wreak havoc on this great nation for a short time? Anyone who believes God was using Trump to straighten up this country can’t believe God would abandon us now. God loves a great story. The bible is full of stories where He stepped in at the penultimate moment when all seemed hopeless. Remember, he didn’t rush to cure Lazarus but waited until he was FOUR DAYS in the grave. What a story! Why should this story be anything less than incredible? I can’t wait for the climax. It will be epic.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Annaliese. I wanted to make that point in the Wrap-Up but forgot to. I am happy you did!!

  143. James Cortright

    I wondered when they would kick you off youtube. I have figured out how to watch on my TV so it is now just a different app I have to use to watch you. I can tell you felt more free to speak your mind with the new provider this can’t help but improve the quality of the service you provide. For what it is worth I watch another news show that was kicked off of youtube and now broadcasts on Rumble. They seem to be an ok host.

    Do you know any lawyers? If you do ask if a writ of quo warranto can do any good for Trump in his lawsuits.

    Another thought I had was that Satire can be a powerful weapon in times of repression. I had an idea of a sitcom called “The Usurper” about a senile old man who had a tart for a vice-president who stole the election from a popular incumbent through massive voter fraud with the help of a rival foreign power. Assisted by weak , feckless , and disloyal opposition he stumbles through his rein each week tormented by the hero who humiliates him and the hero’s former allies. I believe this show would write itself each week. It could be broadcast on platforms like Rumble. I believe it could attract strong viewership and possibly generate revenue through ads.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not totally kicked off YouTube just yet. I was suspended for 7 mdays.

  144. Brian S.

    Ahhhhhh, now it comes in clear. Of course!

    You are a very presient man, Greg Hunter, your comment about Chinese troops here in the United States.

    What if the last four years were a Psy-OP? I mean, what if the last four years of PresidentvTrump was nothing more than an information gathering exercise?

    They know exactly where to go. And, they know one other thing – American soldiers will never do what they are planning on doing to fellow Americans.

    At you can search the Bible on keywords. Look up keywords like ‘flee’ and other similar terms. I can’t recall the passage but Jesus says something to the effect of, ‘If are you persecuted in one place, go (flee) to another’.

    They are coming, and soon. I dont have the means to leave, but if you do, please consider it.

    There will be no chance to reason with them.

  145. Billy

    Alexander Hamilton was a great man. I think you were thinking of Benedict Arnold. He was a traitor after getting passed for promotion.

  146. Billy

    The dems and it’s allies will all turn on each other. You see the biden crowd then their is the AOC radical left, then BLM and then those whose got used to help them win such as media,corporate, big tech.


    Look at how the nazi’s started to turn on each after after Stalingrad.

    This house cannot stand!!

  147. Billy

    Greg you missed the biggest point. A biden win is basically Obama’s third term. it is joebama3.0!!
    Obama is running this party and the direction!! This is Obama’s third term!!

    Obama is behind most of the corruption and dictatorship that has inflamed the democratic party.

  148. Randy Best

    Congress has been ineffective for decades. They do not work for the people.

  149. Randy Best

    Greg- We need to hear from Mark Taylor.

    • wayne hardin

      The last i heard he had lost his mind.
      Running around cursing people to the fourth generation .
      And trying to prove sleepy wasn’t a dem .
      Since he said no dem would ever enter the white house .
      And there was no way sleepy would never see Inauguration .
      That is what happens when people say what they want GOD said .
      God did say trump would win and he did get the most votes .
      As trump would say Lets see what happens .
      And as God said he is in control .

      • Charles+H


        Thanks for the reporting. This is what happens to those who ‘go off reservation of the Holy Bible’; to claim extra-Biblical revelation and then see it fail. As you note on other comments: those who make prophetic claims in God’s name, who’s prophesies fail – are false prophets. The Holy Bible is clear in setting the criteria for prophets. It’s just there are many people who are not content to limit ALL prophesy, and ALL authority only and exclusively to the Bible. The Pope can speak for God ex-cathedra; debase the Bible, and falsely decieve millions; but contemporary ‘prophets’ and ‘apostles’ – do the same: and are no more denounced than the Pope.

  150. Sky King

    As Biden was being sworn in, a new development was taking place in South Korea
    366,641 views•Jan 21, 2021 TFIglobal
    President Moon is making it clear that regardless of the political changes in the US, Seoul is going to continue with Trump’s Korean policy. Watch to know what South Korean has just done.

  151. Anthony Australia

    I’m still on here Greg. There are bigger issues than who’s in the leaders chair.

  152. Michael W Vega

    There’s NO WAY this fraud can stand!

  153. KingSky

    Biden in DANGER after Trump’s team extend SHOCKING probe in to his ‘November fraud’
    7,470 views•Jan 23, 2021 Taylor Gacha
    Biden in DANGER after Trump’s team extend SHOCKING probe in to his ‘November fraud’
    first 5 comments
    Sue Morin 43 minutes ago
    My gosh he reads all his info. Nothing spontaneous, unless he’s belittling or sniffing someone.
    marianne boyner 55 minutes ago
    I cannot even listen to this joe, he is totally evil.
    Peter Jensen 27 minutes ago
    Biden is not a president, he’s a poser.
    barry mcdonagh 45 minutes ago
    My god Biden has to go.he will destroy America wile he sits in his bunker.
    ANGEL HOYT 41 minutes ago
    He’s An Illegitimate President!

    • Jay Smithson

      Sky, go to the 18:14 minute mark, they’re still finding fraud in the selection election of president!

    • JaySmithson

      Sky go to the 18:14 minute mark, they’re still finding fraud in the selection election of president!

      • Charles H

        Commenting on your own comment – in order to give a perception of acknowledgement? This deception places content at less than nothing.

  154. Brian

    The CIA says the China was involved in the fraud of an election, it’s more likely the CIA was involved in the fraud and the rest of the USSA government is complicit in the fraud.

  155. Roger Stamper

    oh my gosh what wrong with america tks for post

  156. Jeannette+Rowden

    Can we really believe anything we see or hear from the MSM is truly real? If we believe them, it seems stealing the election and booting Trump out was as easy as taking candy from a baby. Barely a peep of protest and a beaten Trump walking sadly away. But Trump is no baby, and he just doesn’t just walk out on 80 million voters. Quit focusing on the mirage and wait for God and President Trump to reveal their plan.
    The fake inauguration was simply the final nail in the deep state coffin.

  157. Jeannette+Rowden

    I disagree with you that we who voted for Trump should become as inconspicuous as possible. I think we should decide together for a date, and everyone wear red MAGA hats everywhere we go. Let them arrest 80 million people. It should be fun to watch.

  158. William Lester


  159. ccchivers

    Interesting how you’ve changed your tune about ‘fighting back’ or words to that effect that you uttered just a few months ago. You spoke about the consequences of not fighting against what was happening, seemingly ignoring the deep consequences people were having when they did (job loss, property loss, children being taken away). Now, all of a sudden, you are telling people to ‘keep a low profile’ when Trump is no longer in office, just when other countries are now taking up the gauntlet. Is this because YOU are no longer feeling safe? I don’t know what consequences you have suffered, but this 180 attitude is confusing.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can’t fight back if you are in jail. I am telling people to be smart and careful. Jesus wanted his apostles to take the gospel to the world, but he knew there were risks. Matthew 10:16 16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” You are not being fair here. By the way, I am posting using my identity. I am out front and center. You on the other hand, are posting with an anonymous name “CCChivers.” Now, you have had your say and I disagree. Got it?
      Greg Hunter

  160. Tom Wigand


    Thank you for NOT participating in the BIG LIE – bearing FALSE WITNESS – that this was a “free and fair” election! FWIW, I’ve ben saying to people that to do so: “While not in degree, is in kind the same as accepting the Mark of the Beast, for to do so lends obedience and acceptance to the Satanic evil that has seized control of this Divinely-inspired nation.”

    Regarding your comments re: stealth mode. I just finished “LIVE NOT BY LIES” by Rod Dreyer. It’s about how people kept the flame of faith alive under Soviet totalitarianism — highly recommended. I believe that we all need to pray for guidance and adapt as circumstances warrant. In the book he mentions that one is not required to seek out martyrdom. May I also recommend the movie “Tortured for Christ” based on the book (true story) of Richard Wurmbrand in Romania — it’s excellent.

    I’ve taught myself to screencast and so am able to still watch you on my “big screen” even from your website; and look forward to following you over to Rumble / Bitchute.

    I’m now a big proponent of lowering our “corporate footprints” (total separation where practical) with the coup-supporting corporations.

    Last week I cancelled my (Amazon) Audible account — and told them it was because of what Amazon did to Parler. I just got a device to stream over-the-air TV on my home WiFi — once I get that set up I’m going to drop ATT U-Verse cable (I’ll just Roku and OTA … and screencast from the web).

    Speaking of streaming:I also endorse supporting good entities — dumped Hulu and Netflix a while back, and replaced with PureFlix and Christian Cinema. I’m not giving these ideas in a holier-than-thou sense, merely to share some ideas and encourage us all to think of ways we can all lower our “carbon” – no – “corporate footprint.”

    • Mario

      Hey Tom

      Thank you for the post and information.

      God bless you,


  161. Nasdaq5088

    Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are Communist thugs.

    • Libby

      And their CEO’s are right where they belong – in jail. But the movie must continue so those who are asleep can slowly wake up and direct their anger where it belongs, even the left will realize what has been going on when it’s all over.
      Censorship, election fraud and theft that involves 4 foreign countries, fake inauguration with fake past president attendees, fake signing of blank EO in the fake WH of CastleRock Entertainment, a division of Warner Brothers in Culver City, CA.
      No Marine One, No AirForce One, no clearance to the Pentagon, no nuclear codes and no little brown box with the red button on his desk – shame on those in charge of set objects – they missed it. And be sure to check out the car parked behind his back and people walking, none of which is possible behind the oval office at the real WH.
      This movie is becoming a little boring waiting for the end, the real POTUS back in the WH, hopefully March 4th, the original inauguration date under the Constitutional Republic of 1776, since the corporation of 1871 filed for bankruptcy by none other than DJ Trump in the Tallahassee courts (you can check it out- no mistaking that signature)
      It’s the only way to wake up the people.
      As shocking as that will be the real shocker will be when the people find out about the Bushes, Clintons and Obama’s have done, Cheny, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Page, Strock , Schiff and the list goes on but I’m sure you get the picture of what Trump means by draining the swamp. But the shocker that will have people vomiting on their living room floor is what these people have been doing to our children. I can’t wait for these demons that rule over us, those in Hollywood, all entertainment and corporations are gone. Why have hundreds of CEO stepped down in the last 3 years ( there is someone who has been keeping track of all the resignations worldwide) – the latest Jeff Zukker -CNN & Jeff Bezos -Amazon. This is a very deep rabbit hole!!!

  162. H.Craig Bradley


    President Xi of China recently issued a policy directive to the Chinese Military to “Prepare for War at ANY Time”. Of course, the Chinese military currently lack any current real combat experience to speak of, are poorly equipped and trained, and therefore grossly overrated, according to the Indians. Like our counterparts ( those of military service age) their recruits tend to be out-of-shape, overweight, and ironically for the same reasons in the U.S. and China alike: Both countries have McDonalds and like to eat Hamburgers regularly and spend lots of time playing video games on our personal computers or hand-helds ( I-Phones).

    So, If war ever does come to us, we probably will require a service draft at that time (later in THIS decade ). The DOD recently determined only 29% of current military age citizens in the U.S. meet service minimum requirements or standards to serve in a Voluntary Capacity due to obesity, drug use, criminal record, or lack of a proper basic education.

    So, keep feeding the Chinese Big Mac’s ! ( Covert Military Defense Strategy?)

    Regardless of today’s military readiness in the U.S. or in China, the future will be determined by our overall military readiness and if the balance of power ever changes, then the prospect of a real war becomes much more probable. No conflict in the next 5 years other than the existing “cold war” we have with China. However, Martin A. Armstrong’s A.I. program Socrates is still forecasting a War around 2027 with China.

    So, I would not dismiss this growing probability and assume we are necessarily all safe. Our safety and security requires sound national policies to continue. I don’t see our growing domestic policy focus and political emphasis on social justice policies exhibiting that kind of national readiness.

    Martin Armstrong also forecasts in his Economic Confidence Model (ECM) that China will pass us by in 2032 A.D. Our comprehensive decline is pretty much baked-in from now on. Trump’s unanticipated political defeat just moved the timetable forward by 4 years. Just saying.

  163. al

    one word

    S C A M !!!

  164. jim

    Well greg looks like you are no better than the people you hate, you never posted my comment,my free speech has been smashed by you. mark taylor and bo polney have both said god talked to them and trump will be president , So now they both have to be liers or frauds there is no third option, You won`t post this either because for so reason you stick up for them or you are just all about the click bate. And to think that i have donated to you and you still didnt post me.

    • Mario

      It’s not over yet dude.
      Patients. God’s timing is the best. And it’s not the same as our timing.

      • wayne hardin

        Yes Gods timing is best .
        But what he is saying is they lied about what would happen
        and how it would happen .
        There is no other way to see that .
        Again i think everybody with a brain knows Trump won .
        The bible says they are not saying what God said if it doesn’t come to pass as spoke .
        The bible calls people like that false …… That is a fact . No excuses .

      • wayne hardin

        I don’t think it is over .
        And i don’t agree with everything this guy says .
        But search this and see what he has to say .
        A Strong Appeal to Those Who Prophesied Trump’s Reelection .
        Again i don’t think it is over .

  165. Peter

    Every executive order that Senile Biden has signed will hurt the working middle class in the USA. He’s a fraudulent, ignoramous that will harm America. The FBI is nothing but a democrat organization that investigates patriots instead of real crooks like the Clintons, Bidens, Obamas, etc. Look at what the deep state did to a good men like Michael Flynn and Donald Trump. The democrats are currently working to prevent the states from investigating the cast mail-in ballots for the 2020 election. They will never permit the states to discover the truth. In Arizona FBI operatives are probably working to deceive and alter the audit results, so that nothing will come of it.

  166. wayne hardin

    It is wild what is going on .
    The bible says to call out prophets that don’t tell the truth .
    Or in this case add their thoughts to the truth .
    Which made it not the truth but a lie .
    Trump did get the most real votes . That is the truth .
    The rest not so much .
    Those are facts .

  167. Charles Ford

    Greg who cares/ We can never have a real election again and the govt is a cockeyed tyranny I am interested in options and solutions. Have any?

    • William+Stanley

      Mr. Hunter has frequently offered us “options and solutions.” One big one is the opportunity for commenters here to offer their own suggested options and solutions. Here are a few more that immediately come to mind.
      1. “Fear not.” He’ll remind us again at the end of the Weekly News Wrap-up. Guaranteed.
      2. “Get ready and stay read,” i.e., food, water, shelter, sanitation, medicine, means of self defense, community . . ..
      3. “Get out of debt.”
      4. “Hydroxychloroquine and zinc, Ivermectin, Vitamin D”
      5. “Hard assets”

  168. Delbert Lloyd

    Oh Greg, glad to see the comment section. Not because I ever say much worth reading but there are a lot of smart people on here that say interest and enlightening statements. Best of luck Greg, I’ll come see every post as I have for years now.

  169. Brian S.

    He Greg,

    Great Weekly Wrapup, of course.

    I especially liked the Numbers passage. You are very good at communicating. I certainly got it.

    Jesus recruited sinners.

    The one person that Jesus loves more than anything is a sinner that has repented. Plus, so many are falsely accused. I believe it was Sidney Powell that says she is now sure that at least 10% of all people in prison are innocent.

    Imagine that. Most people just can’t internalize that fact, as it would destroy their view of reality. Instead, they usually say to the person they are referring to, “that may be true, but not in your case”, and then they carry on with their life of illusion.

    In the Gospels, the disciples ask if their chances of getting into heaven are better because they follow him as opposed to those that don’t. Jesus says they are wrong to think that.

    I’m pretty sure a true Christian would view a epentant sinner as about the best type of Christian. I’m sure as this is how Jesus tells it.

    And in Job, I believe, he states that no matter how perfect he lived his life that he will be crushed to the ground as all sinners are during Judgement because he knew that the sin that runs through us all is unending.

    I guess that is what makes your Numbers passage so great. It applies to everyone come judgement day. Only a fool would think they have lived a sinfree life.

    I’m sure that is how you meant it. I got the meaning loud and clear.

    In fact, it is stated that there is only one act that can not be forgiven, and that is if one blasphemes the Holy Spirit. I’m sure that includes ignoring him.

    The Old Testament is good, but Jesus corrected many of the old law. Once Jesus arrived things changed. And now the Holy Spirit is active, fulfilling his role once again, revealing what was hidden in scripture. Im thinking Christians should start seeking out what is being revealed through his incredible power.

    In closing, a notable quote from Bob Dylan – “I’ve already confessed, I don’t need to confess again”. I love that quote. It handles it all – the acknowledgement of sin, the repenting of sin, and the getting on with a life full of joy and vigor.

    And, that fits in perfectly with another one of his famous quotes – “Don’t look back”.

    God bless you.

  170. Eli Dumitru

    Please address the fact that you and your guests have been telling us for years that Trump was ordained by God to have a second term. Please don’t just ignore that and pretend it didn’t happen. Please tell us what you make of the fact that what was supposed to be God’s Plan, didn’t happen. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nobody is 100% and Trump won on election night!!!! Massive fraud stole the election–period!! I am my guests did get it right, but could not forecast election fraud this big.

  171. Kevin

    Here yall can use some real Wisdom

    Good luck over there!

  172. Elias

    Remember when Hilary and McCain were photographed with ankle bracelets, and this was supposed to be proof that arrests had happened, they were just prepping the public for mass arrests somthe sheeple wouldn’t get freaked out that such beloved figures were in fact evil..? And that the “Deep State” was “freaking out”??

    Yeah, I’d like to say, me neither, but unfortunately, I remember all too well.

    To me, this is proof Q was a psy op from the leftist side! Deep State was trolling us all along…

    Also, check this out….There’s nothing new under the sun…

  173. Mark Snyder

    Greg, thank you for your work. May God watch over you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark!!

  174. dan

    Greg, we thank you for your work. May God be with you.

    Dan – Landscaping in Colorado

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan for your support & very kind words.

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