China Virus Accelerating End Stage of Fiat Currency Disease – Wayne Jett

By Greg Hunter’s

Wayne Jett is an accomplished lawyer who has argued cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Jett is also an expert on the Federal Reserve and says all the signs he sees say we are nearing the end of the line for the debt based monetary system. Jett explains, “We are at the end stage of the fiat currency disease, which means they always go to zero. It’s just a matter of how long can they extend it in terms of the way they are able to acquire more hard assets with their worthless currency before it goes to zero for the rest of us. . . . I believe the Trump Administration is on the course towards turning to sound currency, meaning an end to the Fed and meaning something in return to something like a gold standard. My view is the gold standard – period. In that circumstance is how do we get there with the least disturbance in our economy and the wellbeing of our people? We’re going to try to get through 2020 and the election without having to make that change. . . It involves a great deal of displacement in terms of financial capabilities of the population, provision of necessary services, food and accommodations. It is very disruptive. I think the President wants to have a gold standard and a new currency in a ready position. We need to have our current account balance, meaning the amount of goods we buy from abroad should be roughly equal to the amount of goods we sell abroad. We have made great progress on that.”

Jett says the China virus crisis is not a coincidence. Jett thinks that it is happening now because the Deep State is hitting the global economy and Donald Trump in an election year to stop him from winning a second term.  Jett explains, “I am quite convinced of it. I think, most likely, there was some communication behind the scenes at some level indicating either you stop these investigations and prosecutions that you are planning . . . or we are going to do this. They got a ‘NO’ on that, and so the so-called virus has been released. . . . The story is China has done this to the world, and I don’t think that is the case because the virus has shut down their economy, and that is the last thing they want to do. Why would they do this to themselves?”

On the Fed, Jett says expect more easy money policies. Jett explains, “I think the current rate of inflation is substantially higher than government statistics would indicate. . . . I would think we are going to get more because of what the Fed is doing presently. This is an unprecedented expansion of the money supply, the monetary base.”

If the derivatives market blows up because of the China virus chaos, will people lose their money in the banks? Jett says, “That is correct. That is exactly what the design is. As a result of the tremendous amount of derivative risk big banks have taken on, it exposes the FDIC, and it would wipe it out in moment. So, there would be another need for another bailout. It would make the $700 billion bailout of 2008 look like chicken feed.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Wayne Jett, author of the popular book titled “The Fruits of Graft.” 

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Linda

    Great interview Greg. Thanks for having Wayne on. What he says rings true to me. I think the new currency will be digital, that’s pretty clear, and it will be backed by gold. I have thought about this coronavirus the same way Wayne is speculating, that this virus was unleashed on purpose, to dislodge a second term of Trump hopefully. They are purposely trying to put the economy in the ditch. It is interesting the virus is affecting a country the most, that is responsible for manufacturing so much of the goods that the west buys. A slow down in production from a country as big as China will have a big affect on the economy of the west. Look at the stock market the last two days. All the democratic candidates are poor, many of them down right crazy, so there is not much faith in getting back the power this way. Thus the virus.

    • K.Wayne

      I would agree with your observations about how this Virus has been directed at the City/Country that has developed the world’s supply chains. I have thought long and hard about the following proposition with many of the pieces having fallen into place.

      The troubling issue with the COVID-19 is that America (its citizens), the Economy and the Stock Market…. WILL be dramatically affected because our Health Authorities will NOT contain a widespread outbreak of this virus.

      That is based on reasoning and deduction from the series of mishaps, mis-steps and intentional acts of negligence and obfuscation by those trusted to ensure that an appropriate screen is put up as a defense mechanism (quarantining, testing, isolation have all been and currently are deficient at every level)……………. as well as instigating border controls at an appropriate level to keep out the undesirable contagion of a deadly disease (never occurred).

      If that seems Orwellian in nature…’s because it is. It is devised by men of EVIL.

      I have previously outlined a series of events that have occurred over a period of time which in my belief are all part of a longer dated time frame / big picture Agenda. After all, this Blueprint was set in motion more than 2 centuries ago. Time is not of the essence in this equation. A series of smaller inter-related coincidences and planned actions are not in themselves of any significance at the time they present themselves and are disregarded in the near term. What is paramount is the end result over a multi-generational time frame. This is not for the faint of heart.

      What will be seen in the true light of day is that this is a Communist Plot to overthrow all Sovereign Governments and instigate a One World Power, with the core theme being Centralisation.

      • K.Wayne

        The first part of the plan has been well executed – The Bankers needed to Bankrupt the World -which they have achieved with amazing fervour. Sickening, sinister and diabolical.

        Concurrently the Masters of Deceit needed to ensure that they have complete and unfettered control of the World’s natural resources…. which they have achieved through hostility, theft, coercion, bribery, takeover, and bankruptcy.

        To deal with the last element – too many useless eaters destroying the planet …… the Luciferians required a scheme to diminish the Global population to a level that would adequately support the Elitists and their New World….(the Kings were all promised their Kingdoms in return……).

        The appearance of the COVID-19….. for all intents and purposes, meets the requirements of reducing global population with an uneasy alacrity. It is a possible death sentence for those that become infected…..the real virology is not known but is proving to be as virulent and deathly as anyone could imagine. It may even have an in-built activation code which can be triggered on some level of antibody deficiency at some future point in time? We certainly know that is designed to attack those with health issues (lungs, diabetes) and that the body doesn’t develop the required antibodies after infection.

        The earlier and current indiscretions of the US “State” Health Authorities/Disease Control…..were/are interplaying with the actions of the Group/Agency responsible for the Virus’s development and release. Yes…I strongly believe it was a deliberate and purposeful act and is now being allowed to manifest exponentially across the globe.

        • K.Wayne

          The targeted subjects for infection, dense populations, conditions for transmission, and known visitation from potential carriers from every corner of the Globe with many more arriving for short term stays for celebration of New Year festivities and thereafter returning to their place of Work or Study in another country ….in most cases slipping under the radar (asymptomatic)…… the perfect breeding ground (Epicentre/ Ground Zero) for deployment of such a deadly biological weapon. Non-testing of asymptomatic carriers is the key element here. It will be this fact alone that will enable the Virus to achieve the desired unthinkable outcome…to further the plan for One World Government.

          If all of this sounds too much….. is implausible conspiracy theory nonsense……then consider 9/11 – The staging of the War on Terror….The Endless Wars. These Evil beings can devise anything that will bring their dream to reality.

          Here I present a video link of an interview……for those who have some uncertainty about past events and how they are constructed ahead of time… part of a Master Plan……… and how I contest that That Plan, is now being further perpetuated as explained above.

          Brilliant and if true….absolutely terrifying.

          • paul ...

            The Corona Virus was “man-made” and there is legal precedent to bring the scientists who developed it and the politicians who funded it to trial (and then hanged like they did to Saddam Hussein for developing weapons of mass destruction)!!

            • paul ...

              And we have the legal “smoking gun” evidence of their dastardly and murderous deed!!! …

              • paul ...

                As someone once said: “When murder plunder egregious greed and baby killing to harvest organs becomes a way of life for a group of evil men in our society … they always create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it … and a demonic atheistic moral code that glorifies it”!!

            • JC

              paul… what are you talking about? Saddam Hussein didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction.

          • JC

            K. Wayne, it is absolutely terrifying.

  2. Davina

    Excellent plain talk interview. Thank you Greg.

  3. Mike

    Mr. Jett mentioned the constitution , I believe him to be very intelligent , and appreciate both yours and his opinion. A great place to learn about the constitution , lawyers(bar ) “ British accredited registry “ would be A real education on D.C. , constitution etc.
    you work is greatly appreciated. Thanks , Mike. All rights reserved. Without prejudice. Ucc1-308-old 207

  4. Mike

    Worried about “ corona. Virus “. I believe the answer is already there ,
    Lysol kills 99.99% of all virus. And bacteria. I’m just saying.

    • paul ...

      Someone needs to do analysis as to what is more dangerous … breathing in a spray of colloidal silver, a spray of hydrogen peroxide or a spray of Lysol!!

        • paul ...

          Colloidal Silver Spray: …

          • Freebrezer

            Why not just move out to the country and breath fresh country air!

          • Rich

            Paul, Good information

          • Beverly

            MMS and Jim Humble—-I think this could be a big answer to the problem of any virus and bacteria out there. Jim Humble has had pretty amazing results with MMS. He’s written a book about it. Look into it.

      • paul ...

        Most people die from the effects of a Cytokine-storm … … so what can be done to mitigate this storm?? … seems cooling the body helps … a controlled reduction in body core temperature (hypothermia) seems to reduce damage to brain cells as well as reducing the progression to a full-blown cytokine storm and multi-organ failure … so part of your supplies should include towels that can be used as cold compresses to take down the high fever of patients who can’t walk … or having them step into the shower if they can walk!!

      • Gary C

        Paul, I have consumed both silver and peroxide 3% food grade for bacterial infections, under direction from a Naturopath, in VERY small doses . I also use Hydrogen Peroxide in a Spray Bottle for foot fungus,
        and would not hesitate to spray either on a N95 mask, hands, door nob
        etc., have used it for sanitizing kitchen counters for 40 years, and treating our water, the Water company’s use 35% food grade for sanitizing their
        Note: 35% HP is VERY Dangerous, can burn your skin off, and must be diluted BIG TIME. Lysol is a product I that I would not allow on my property. TIP most farmers use HP 35% food grade.

        PS Like most people on this site you try to warn your friends family, about the systemic crash that we are experiencing, and 95% of them think your a flake. When they think Chris Martenson is blowing smoke, then their is no hope for them , until their personnel bubble blows.

  5. Papa Randy

    The bomb Wayne dropped about the Harvard Law Review is exactly why I listen to interviews like this one. I heard it first at
    U.S.A. Watchdog. Keep up the good work Greg !

    • paul ...

      What about the bomb dropped on Wall Street … in the space of just six days the Dow went from record high … to a “correction” of over 3,000 Dow points … this is like living through the firsts days of the 1929 Crash!!

  6. Anthony Australia

    Wayne Jett is the man!

  7. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great guest with in depth insights.
    Wayne Jett’s central thesis appears to be that the Federal Reserve is the author of the globalist plot to disenfranchise the vast majority of mankind. This mirrors everything G Edward Griffin spelt out many years ago in his best selling book, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ – a paradigm shifting read for me personally. Once you understand the raison d’etre of the Fed, it’s very existence seems incredible. How can it be that a cartel of private international bankers got the exclusive right to ‘print’ the US currency?! It seems rediculous – and it is. JFK tried to subvert the exclusive money-printing power of the Fed by Executive Order 11110 authorising the Treasury Department to print US dollars. The result of that attempted take-down of the Fed is history! R.I.P. JFK. So, a full frontal assault on the power of the Fed is clearly perilous for any President – but disarming the Fed is absolutely essential if mankind is to throw off the shackles of usury and debt slavery.
    Republican vs Democrat is a sideshow. Russia, China, Iran, the war on terror, et al, are ALL sideshows which serve to keep the public’s focus away from the real enemy we face – the faceless owner-controllers of the Fed.
    Great to have Wayne Jett call out the Fed. We need more of the same to wake the majority to the evil they are mostly completely unaware of.
    Thank you again for a great interview. federal reserve.htm

    • AndrewB

      Sorry, above link does not work – that damn auto-correct added spaces! Try this one:

      • AndrewB

        Having just read Executive Order 11110 in full, it’s clear that it enables the Treasury Department to issue debt free US dollars BACKED BY SILVER. The accompanying article claims that EO 11110 has never been repealed or amended. Is this why TPTB are so intent to own vast quantities of silver (J P Morgan, et al) and at the same time suppress the price?
        Just a thought . . .

  8. JC

    Mr. Jett poses a good question.

    ‘The story is China has done this to the world, and I don’t think that is the case because the virus has shut down their economy, and that is the last thing they want to do. Why would they do this to themselves?”

    What if…. G.A. Stewart is correct in his interpretation of a Nostradamus prediction regarding where the corona virus originated from?

    …In writing he will place it. The Physician, astonished, summoned in person…. The Great Physician lives in Brussels, and very soon the Chinese are going to figure that out.

    The Physician of The Great Disease is found in 3 of the 58 Sixains.

    As I have shown readers, by following Nostradamus’ narrative, indirectly we also can deduce that The Great Plague arrives in 2020.

    From another connected series of predictions we learn that the year after it arrives, most likely 2021, The Great Plague gets dramatically worse.

  9. JC

    Brussels. What is in Brussels? NATO headquarters.

  10. Anthony Australia

    Hi Greg,

    Could this be considered ‘helicopter money’?

    • paul ...

      Yep … but unlike the US Fed (who will only be dishing out Trillions to their bankster buddies) the HK authorities are doing it the right way … and giving the money to the people (who will circulate the money into the economy) … rather then giving it to banksters who will simply put the money into Wall Street (which provides zero economic growth) … why can’t Kudlow use his God given brains to figure that out???

      • paul ...

        Wayne Jett’s book “The Fruits of Graft” explains how the Federal Reserve is the head of a globalist plot to disenfranchise and steal the wealth of all mankind (who seem powerless to fight back and End the Fed) … but as fate would have it … a virus (even more evil then them) has now come on the scene … and is completely upsetting the best plans of these bankster mice and men (and broker rats and demons) … by bringing the entire world economy to a halt … which is now accelerating the demise of the evil banksters worldwide fiat monetary disease and crashing the criminal brokers giant pump and dump Ponzi scheme known as Wall Street … it seems fitting that … justice finally comes to those supposedly doing “God’s work” … by those doing the “Devil’s work” (who’s goal is to kill off the 6 billion pigeons in the world the banksters and brokers feed upon)!!

        • paul ...

          Wow … this is amazing … this Corona Virus is wiping out “all our enemies” like crazy … China, Iran, Korea, etc. … just think … we can now bring all our boys home from around the world, close all our military bases and easily balance our budget … there is no longer a need for a Navy, or an Army, or an Air force any longer … however … we may still need the Space Force … unless we can figure some way to infect the aliens!!! …

  11. Jerry

    My wife’s niece has been under lockdown in Hong Kong for the past month. My wife has texted her several times with no response, which tells me that the Chinese are monitoring what information is coming out. I’m told many people are working from home to avoid going out in public, which begs the question, who is working at the grocery stores and food banks? Logistics gets really murky when consider a breakdown in the supply chain, and who is willing to access the risk in going to work in the service industry’s. I find this information very telling considering our current situation.

    Determining what the Fed will do will become a moot point, if the Covid19 virus breaches containment here in the United States. I myself have considered what level of risk I am willing to take to do business and travel into populated areas, considering my wife’s delicate health condition. The jury is out on this topic, considering that the CDC has only tested 400 people for the virus here in the United States. I find this number staggering considering the numbers of people who travel in and out of this country on a daily basis, and that the Covid19 virus has an incubation period of 30 days. In short, it’s to early to tell what the impact level of the virus will be, until the true numbers of the infection is known.

    • Bob

      Texting? Did you try an actual voice call at all? It’s kind of important…

      • Jerry

        My wife said, her brother did talk to her on the phone. But she said she has still not responded to her text, which I find kind of weird since they text back and fourth all the time?

        • Bob

          Ok so phone up and see what the problem is. Don’t keep us in suspense.

    • Coalburner

      This is not comforting but there were a couple of months to get out. It was coming as big as a Godzilla when China lined up army’s on the border. The locals had to react harshly or be disappeared by Beijing.
      I remember thinking a lot of very rich westerners have a load of money in Hong Kong and they should have been moving it out the first day of the street marches. Figured they would move it to Singapore, no risk or safety problems there.

  12. Montana Guy

    Watchdogs are still protecting their gold; their loved ones not so much…

    Willful ignorance is a rebellion against God. 2 Peter 3:5

    • Greg Hunter

      Montana Guy,
      Jerk comments like this with a Bible verse from an atheist (that’s You) is why I rarely post your comments.

      • Jcd

        I find nothing wrong with this verse. 5 for this they willingly are ignorant the word of God the heavens were made. I see mens hearts failings for fear.

  13. Rob

    This global financial system is being forced to culminate in a breakdown of supply chains beginning in China that will quickly spread globally. This is going to force the FED to open up the credit spigots:

    When this debt bubble blows it will set in motion the need to replace the entire global fiat system with a global digital currency system:

    When the G20 agrees to this replacement the last 8 years will commence:

  14. paul ...

    So lets look beyond the Corona Virus that is destroying China, Iran and others … it would seem to me most American corporations will now be forced to begin to source their supplies from American companies … this will obviously make our “balance of payments problem” go away … and hence allow Trump to go to “a gold standard” … highly beneficial to making America Great Again … so now I ask myself … did Trump really do this to China?? … to rid us of the Fed and their fiat paper??? … I don’t even want to think about the morality of flooding the world with a killer virus to achieve a better world … politics is a very slimy and dirty business … and we now have a business man in there who knows how to play hard ball (just like God the Father who flooded the entire world with water to drown evil … even if it meant killing everyone except Noah and his family)!!

    • Stan

      Hey Paul: How is that safe haven treating you? Took a huge tumble recently. The Dollar stood strong like a true safe haven should.

      • Anthony Australia

        Just like DB

      • paul ...

        Stan … look at gold over the last five years … I has broken above resistance at $1350 and has not looked back!! …

        • paul ...

          Stan … Even your bankster buddies at Goldman Saks see gold advancing to $1800 plus …

          • paul ...

            Stan … Instead of your bankster buddies encouraging Kudlow to tell Trump “to pump up Wall Street” (which raises stock prices but does nothing for the US economy) … why don’t they encourage Kudlow to tell Trump to give every American $12,000 dollars the way Hong Kong is doing (as doing something like that would create explosive growth in the US economy) … obviously the reason they won’t do such a thing is because getting Trump elected is not part of their game plan!!

            • Stan

              Capital should be injected into the economy via QE

              • Greg Hunter

                And you should buy gold and silver to retard this fraud. Stan why the heck can’t people take loses/ Why does the currency have to be debased to help the Buffetts of the world?

  15. Jerry

    I find the timing of the corona virus with the dollar index approaching 100 very suspicious.

    Could it be that the central banking cabal was trying to stall a global currency reset by launching the corona virus in China? If the dollar index would have reached 100 it would have put to much pressure on the other global currency’s, forcing a currency re-evaluation by the IMF, and possibility forcing a return to the gold standard. The funny thing is, with this desperate move, they might have accomplished the same thing by pushing the global economy into a depression forcing the fed to print even more cheap money than they are right now with the repos.

    • Stan

      Jerry: Dollar is King – what don’t you understand about that?

      • paul ...

        Stan .. it looks like your dollar has been having problems getting over 99 for the last 5 years …$DXY/technical-chart?plot=BAR&volume=0&data=MO&density=X&pricesOn=1&asPctChange=0&logscale=0&sym=$DXY&grid=1&height=500&studyheight=100

        • paul ...

          Hey Stan: How is that safe haven Stock Market treating you? … Dow took a huge tumble of 1200 points today … those holding gold didn’t lose a cent!!

      • Jerry

        Really? I guess the Fed loves printing money for free then. If the dollar truly is king, let them raise interest rates and see what happens. Stan you’re fraudulent thinking never gets boring. It’d to bad you believe your own B.S.

      • Bob

        Every gold bug has dollars too Stan. They might call the dollar toilet paper on the internet but if they saw a Benji in the street they’d all pick up that piece of used TP pronto.

        Having a bit of gold helps one sleep at night but don’t buy too much.

        How much is too much? Certainly when you start worrying about it, you have far too much.

        Your concern that some people will make foolish decisions and buy too much gold is valid though. Always buy gold in moderation.

        • Freebrezer

          Just like many of Greg’s guest on this site teach … as a hedge/insurance policy. Jim Rickards is at 5 to 10 % … along with land etc,. be diversified!

          • Self Exiled

            I disagree, I put 1/3 of my inheritance in gold in in 1998. I slowly sold it as I needed it over the last 22 years. Supplement my income for 18 years at a less stressful job, paid for health and cancer issues for a family member for 13 years, 4 college educations and still cashing in for my monthly income in my exile. [almost gone now]. Paid the taxes on it as I cashed in small amounts. God blessed me greatly.

      • chuck

        And pride comes before a fall. Trump will win a 2nd term but God has said through a few prophets that the US economy will tank. A 2nd Civil War will ensue and the US will see a devastating military defeat. This combination of America ripping itself apart and creating the biggest power vacuum in history, will encourage our former allies, like Germany, to become re-emergent enemies and join forces with all nations hostile to the Anglo-America-Israel power block and ‘finish the job’.

        • Greg Hunter

          Where did God say the USA economy would tank?

          • chuck

            Well, Ezek. 23 for one. US [primarily] and UK [secondarily] are jointly called, Oholah. The Jewish nation is called, Oholibah. Calling the Jewish nation, Israel, was done by the Vatican, to deceive the world as to the true identities of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The Bible says that the 2 brothers who had the family name of Israel conferred onto them by Jacob, Ephraim and Manasseh, thereby becoming a dual tribe, had a different maternal lineage than Judah, whose descendants are called Jews. If the House of Judah are the Jews, then the house of Jacob are NOT Jews. If they are not Jews, then who?
            What group of people got the promises of national wealth and power under the blessings recorded in Genesis? By using the simple method of elimination you find the Anglo-American peoples. It is no coincidence that the UK/US peoples are almost always grouped together with the Jewish nation. But calling the Jewish nation Israel instead of Judea, which it IS, was done to deceive and obfuscate the truth.
            The Anglo-American peoples are right now at the outer edges of realizing all of the curses listed as being visited on the people of Israel. The Jewish nation will get it even harder, as the open sore of the Arab issue will cause East Jerusalem to be occupied and the Jews threatened by mass carnage. They will invite an EU army to be peacemakers and this decision will result in an end time fulfillment of the carnage listed in this chapter I cited at the top.
            Everywhere you read the words Israel, Jacob, Ephraim, Manasseh, it is talking about the UK/US peoples. Maybe you can research the origin of the Stone of Scone in your spare time. and ask yourself, why is the coronation ceremony in England identical to that of the coronation of the Kings of Ancient Israel? Was that throne eliminated after the Assyrian invasion? If not, then where did Jeremiah move it to? During the time of “Jacob’s trouble” the Royal family will be captured and killed [and the Trump family will see a similar end] and that throne, represented by Jacob’s pillar stone, will be moved back to Jerusalem. Jesus will not come to occupy a non-existent throne.

            • chuck

              Specific to your question, Ezekiel 4 begins by talking about an economic siege and the consequences of it. The details of this vision/prophecy continue into the next several chapters. It is addressed to the end time peoples of the House of Jacob, namely Israel, who comprise jointly a company of nations and a great nation as per the blessing by Jacob [Israel] on the 2 sons of Joseph recorded in Genesis 48:16 – Let MY NAME be named upon them…. There is only one peoples on the entire planet who fit that description, who got the national blessings and who are now going to get the curses – and it’s not the Chinese, it’s not the Russians, it’s not anyone in South America or Africa, it’s not India, it’s not the various island nations of Asia and it’s not the peoples of Continental Europe.
              Both the UK [including the commonwealth nations of Australia, New Zealand and Canada] and America will be isolated from world trade. And it is going to happen very, very soon. It will all lead to a very violent downfall within a short span of time.

              • chuck

                I apologize for being so wordy, but the answer to understanding who America is in view of the Bible and the history of human civilization, is a bit lengthy. When I was a child I discovered what a lie is, starting with Santa, and from that point forward, at 5 years old, I made it my mission to engage in critical thinking and take God’s admonition and search things out. I had long discussions with the priests and found out that they were ignorant, and could not square the obvious.
                American history is replete with those people who knew their place in history and understood Biblical things prior to what modern evangelicals spew.
                When William Bradford stepped off the Mayflower in 1620, he borrowed his New World proclamation from the Prophet Jeremiah: “Come let us declare in Zion the Word of God.” For Bradford, Michael Oren writes in Power, Faith, and Fantasy, Zion “was not the old Promised Land of Canaan but its new incarnation, America.”
                William Bennett made a similar point in Our Sacred Honor: “Like the Jerusalem of old, America’s ‘New Jerusalem’ was to become God’s promised land to the oppressed—an example to all humankind.”
                In Character of Nations, Angelo Codevilla says there was a tendency for “Americans to equate themselves with the children of Israel.”
                The first American statesman to draw a parallel between the biblical Exodus and the establishment of colonial America was Benjamin Franklin. Have a look at his version of the Great Seal. In Joshua’s Altar, Milt Machlin said Franklin described early America as “God’s new Israel.”
                This New Israel concept became especially poignant during the Revolution, Oren wrote. “Yale president Ezra Stiles noted that the number of Israelites present at Mount Sinai—3 million—was precisely the population of the United States at the time of independence,” he wrote. “Harvard’s Samuel Langdon suggested that ‘instead of the 12 tribes of Israel, (of which one is a dual tribe making 13) we may substitute the 13 states of the American union.’”
                The comparison between the birth of ancient Israel as an independent nation in the world led by Moses and guided by God through the vehicle of a new government founded on righteous principles and the birth of the United States as a nation, “Under God”, the only other peoples to have done that in recorded history, was obvious on its face.
                As Israel, the extended family of Abraham through the line of Jacob, was the first family of peoples in all of human history to have been given the chance to choose for themselves what type of government they desired, whether they should copy the systems of the nations that surrounded them or separate themselves entirely so as to provide an example to them, to establish Godly government on earth, so too were the peoples who founded the United States given this chance for only the 2nd time in history.
                So, if you take the admonition and search things out, you come to an understanding that exposes many of the lies being taught as truth. All Israel is of Hebrew extraction, but not all Israel is Jewish. Only those born from the line of Judah are properly called Jews, and the Jews got the blessing of rulership – the scepter promise – the throne. And the throne of David still exists.

                • JCD

                  Thanks Chuck

          • Beverly

            Revelations is full of prophecies about the last days. They aren’t hopeful ones, unless the U.S repents. The people of the U.S. have let political things happen that are very evil—like abortion, like gay marriage becoming legal, like organ harvesting, like drug abuse, like letting the Federal Reserve exist in our country, like electing evil presidents because of apathy. All of these things have started to happen here in America because the people started to have some so called wealth, and they started to become more proud and have started to deny God. Now, not all Americans are like this by any means, but even so, even good people have sat back and let these things happen by doing nothing. So, God has to do a cleansing and He will. God has made promises to certain groups of people, namely the descendants of Abraham. And, He will keep those promises. Isaiah talks a great deal about the last days. Avraham Gileadi’s books on Isaiah are some of the best out there.

  16. JC

    My wife says it’s just a flu and they shouldn’t make a big thing about it as it’s bad for the economy. After hearing that I went out and bought some more bottled water and non-perishable foods.

    • paul ...

      Jesus Christ (JC) … has your wife been listening to Stan??

  17. Chip

    OT, anyone brave enough to watch the clown show debate last night? I forced myself to watch the whole thing. Steyer was the worst. He’s all in for slavery “reparations”. The rest of the candidates used every single speaking opportunity, no matter the question, to pander to African-Americans. Listening to the debate you would think blacks are two-thirds of the US population… Chip

    PS, good interview Greg.

    • Freebrezer

      Chip – How about “reparations” for women. they were denied the vote until 1920. Were for the most part considered property of the man. thus I think they all deserve “reparations” also.

  18. al


    These are not my words, but the very words of the President of the United States at his Rallies / News Briefs…. Globalists hate the fact that he has the World’s attention speaking that way.

    – IMMEDIATELY after Trump’s Acquittal we got this ContraVirus push because EVIL failed once again.
    – Trump leaves for India and the Market immediately crashes. Their plan all along is to bring the economy down. TIMING! It’s not coincidence !!!
    Look no further than the timing. When something looks too convenient… it’s contrived.

    Why does Trump love India and Israel? Why did the EVIL Market Makers sent a message when he went there by crashing the market?

    About 10 months ago PM Modi’s administration likened illegal Muslim immigrants as “Infiltrators” and “termites”. Israel has the same exact sentiment. Trump may not use those terms but he agrees by visibly doing something about it. (build that wall). Globalists can’t destabilize the World in that manner because wars are not being fought. No WW3, so let’s send illegal infiltrators to make trouble. Get it? It’s all about control through destabilization.

    The EVIL Globalists want this system on its knees with no repercussions on them so they can suck up all the hard assets at pennies on the worthless dollar.

    The Harvard Law Review is evil, by definition being MORALLY WRONG!
    One of the reasons they want to change the Constitution (Inalienable Rights by God) has to do with the word RESTITUTION relative to injury/harm/theft. It’s in the Constitution! If someone does you harm, they will have to REPAY you and MAKE YOU WHOLE! It’s in the Constitution! Full restoration ! Meaning if they steal/buy your hard assets with fake money, such assets will have to be redistributed to you in full, then the criminals serve time in prison. THAT IS CONSTITUTIONAL RESTITUTION!.. also called Accountability.

    That’s what this is all about. Unaccountable Greed. Look no further.

    As of today Feb 25, Hong Kong Citizens got the equivalent of $1,300.00 per person. Helicopter money. Remember back in the dumb dumb Bush days when he gave everyone a similar amount?

    Negative interest rates and helicopter money entices people to borrow. People buy the goods, the monetary system takes a dive, People lose their goods and the Globalist are there to pick them up on the cheap. No, not your shoes, YOUR HOME! YOUR CAR! YOUR POSSESSIONS!

    Mr. Jett, I don’t know why you’re so painfully retracted. Take a lesson from our President, call evil what it is… EVIL, don’t skirt around the issue like some Politician looking to profit. Sugarcoating only makes you look bad in front of Greg’s astute audience.

    Greg, THANK YOU for making sure the word EVIL is in Mr. Jett’s vocabulary. It’s very important that everyone knows that this failing system is EVIL!

    As for the Harvard Law Review. Remember, the BAR Association stands for BRITISH ACCREDITATION REGISTRY, its members are noted as “nobles” with the title Esquire ESQ. Oh, how elite.


    God bless you Greg

    • Rich9

      Financial reset (severe US dollar devaluation) by government decree (US congress) + tens of millions of Americans with guns = Hundreds of politicians and bankers executed by mobs..
      Financial reset (severe US dollar devaluation) caused by perceived “blameless” act of nature (Corona virus epidemic causing a global depression) + tens of millions of Americans with guns = an enraged public with nobody to blame and nowhere to vent their anger…

      • Al

        Rich9, food for thought. An excellent observation. Wow! That’s why I love this forum, we all benefit from our collective wisdom.

    • shirley

      they are losing Blacks to the Republican part. They are now desparate. If the Demonrats lose 5% of the Black vote they are over.

    • Beverly

      Amen Al! Yes, I also noticed that Jett had a hard time calling what is evil, evil. Yet, I’m sure he knows. Maybe his position as an attorney gets in the way? Harvard is evil. I believe this coronavirus is being used to crash the world economies. This is their timing coming into play.

  19. eddiemd

    The wrath of God is coming upon the earth. A time such the world has never seen. And there has been many times in history where we have seen destruction, war, pestilence, etc.

    Daniel 12:1-3

    1And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.
    2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.
    3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

    Now is the day of the Lord. Repent. The thief is coming in the night. The Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, will set you free from the law of sin and death.

    Ephesians 5:14
    Therefore He says: “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.”

  20. Al2

    No World War? No Problem!
    Push Political Correctness, it’s the same thing

    Sanctuary Cities
    Hatred for Law Enforcement
    Increased street violence
    Illegal immigration
    Propaganda push through TV/Hollywood/Schools etc…
    Protection and glorification of Gangs
    Eradication of the 2nd amendment
    Gender equality and “sensitivity”
    Personal attacks on our founding Fathers
    Watering down Christianity

    This is a small part of what Political Correctness is all about.

    Couple that with Worldwide pandemics and the like and we have a bullet-less World War 3 ☠☠☠

    World War 3 or Political Correctness ….. you pick

    • paul ...

      AI2 … you have to get with the human annihilation program … when liberal women say: “My Body My Choice … it means your choice is limited to killing babies not saving them!!

    • Freebrezer

      AI2 – you must have watched the democrats debates last night.

      • Al2

        I loathe the nonsensical jabber they call “debates”. Please, don’t make me barf.
        They already lost, why waste my time with BS? Give me a break.

    • Al2

      Just saying they either want WW3 or PC. That’s all they have. That’s their agenda, not mine.
      PC makes all I wrote possible for them, in order to fight it, we have to be aware of the very dangerous words “POLITICALLY CORRECT”.

  21. Ruth Newton

    Re: Today’s Episode and remark “Harvard Is Evil”

    I view last week’s email as just another instance of the school’s ongoing efforts to radicalize. [New Orleans alumnus chapter is reaching out to an inactive alumnae living next door in Mississippi. ‘Doubt they’d keep me on the mailing list if they knew my political leanings, my Christian convictions, or my occupation (homemaker, pastor’s wife, mother of 3 birth and 2 adopted children)]. I am sickened to see Harvard leftists using the school’s academic prestige to certify liberal viewpoints and a leftist agenda. Perhaps I’m wrong, but a quick Google search leads me to conclude that the featured speaker (see below) is on a mission to mobilize troops.

    You’re Invited to a Special Harvard Club of Louisiana

    A presentation by, and conversation with, Harvard Professor Timothy P. McCarthy on
    Protest Nation: What the American Radical Tradition can Teach us about Courageous Citizenship

    The event will take place on Thursday, April 16th from 6:15 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

    at the uptown campus of the International School of Louisiana (1400 Camp Street) in New Orleans

    We’re pleased to welcome Dr. McCarthy back to New Orleans. He is an award-winning scholar and educator, public servant and social justice activist who has taught on the faculty at Harvard University since 2005. He currently holds a joint appointment in Harvard’s undergraduate honors program in History and Literature, the Graduate School of Education and the John F. Kennedy School of Government, where he is Core Faculty at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. He is also Visiting Professor of Public Service and Social Justice at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, as well as the Stanley Paterson Professor of American History in the Boston Clemente Course in the Humanities, a free college humanities course for low-income adults. A co-recipient of the 2015 National Humanities Medal, he also received the Harvard Alumni Association Award for 2017.

    The event is free but seating is limited, and light refreshments will be served, so please RSVP to [email protected] to reserve your place. Guests are welcome, but please provide their name in your ‘rsvp.’

    [Since we’ll be on the grounds of a school, we must have the names of all attendees for security purposes.]

  22. Jerry

    I’ve posted this before, but I think considering our current circumstances it’s worth a second look.

    The American people may not be taking this threat seriously, but the military is. FYI I tried to purchase corona virus mask off of amazon and they are back ordered until April. What does that tell you?

    • sk

      Fold a washcloth to 1/3 of is width. Insert a piece of wax paper so it can’t fall out when the mask is worn, and sew four little strings to the four corners. Perhaps wet the OUTSIDE (surface away from your nose and mouth) with lysol spray. If you used wax paper, the internal surface of the cloth will remain dry. No guarantees, of course, but have you seen the flimsy thingies people use now? Inexpensive. And better than no mask at all. My two cents’ worth.

      • Jerry

        That’s sheer genius. Thank you.

      • paul ...

        sk … Lysol is very dangerous to your lungs … better to wet your mask with colloidal silver!!

      • Beverly

        Using essential oil in vaporizers is one thing that can help keep your air clean. Peppermint oil, clove oil, other oils can keep this out of your air. Look at Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. Get on their email list for other natural remedies to be sent to you via email. MMS, colliodal silver, Turpentine oil, garlic, zinc. We need to get used to using these products ahead. Taking garlic is a great way to kill viruses and bacteria, but it can be a little hard on the stomach if you aren’t used to taking it. So, people need to start getting used to using these things. Also, Redmond Clay absorbs toxicity and so does activated Charcoal. I love Richard Schultz’s product called Intestinal Formula #2. Has both clay and charcoal. Great products. MMS and Turpentine Oil both kill Candida(better known as yeast or fungus). Garlic does too. If you have an overgrowth of candida in your bloodstream, it will lower your immune system. So, get on candida killing herbs and foods.

  23. iwitness02

    This is what I find troubling:
    The mainstream media has been lying non stop for so long that I can’t put a starting date to it. But now, with the outbreak of the Corona virus we are supposed to assume that they are now involved in accurate reporting. I just can’t buy into it. I think they may be lying more than ever. As a United States citizen I distrust the media, politics and most of all the Federal Reserve bank, where even their name is a lie. Oh! Lets not forget the so called justice system. In my mind the justice system is run by politically motivated criminals.
    To sum up: We are in some sort of end times. I look for evil to be defeated. In what time frame, I do not know. But we seem to be in the throes of it right now. I would imagine that things will get worse before they get better. I would say the game is afoot.

    • Randy Best

      You are 100% correct. Government/politicians, FED/banksters and the MSM can not be trusted at all. It does appear we are in some kind of “end times” and the US is looking like Babylon.

    • JC

      iwitness02, Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) used to say that. “Come along Watson, the game is afoot.”

  24. L. Carter

    Yes, the Harvard Law Review is the Devil personified!

  25. Dave

    Don’t believe the coronavirus is something done by the Deep State to stop the investigations. Barr is Deep State. The investigations are going nowhere. As Gerald Celente and more and more analysts are admitting. It’s most likely the virus came from a bio-weapons development facility in China.

    Trump’s response is disingenuous. Even conservative Trump supporters are criticizing the Administration for not doing enough. Such as Senator John Kennedy. You know the Administration is running to play catch up on this when it announces a sudden press conference with the CDC today. The CDC urging caution and preparedness to Trump’s the heat will kill the virus. Japan apparently does not think warmer weather will kill the virus – it is suggesting workers telecommute for a while.

    Rush has been outrageous on this. Saying it was a plot to get Trump, that there is nothing one can do to prepare for a possible outbreak. Downplaying it all. One would think given his recent health issue that Rush would show a little humility and empathy on this. But no – Rush is of a man of virtue and this just confirms it once again.

    • sk

      Hmmmm…if you wanted to frame China, would you not introduce the virus in a town in which China has a level four bioweapons research lab? My three cents’ worth.

    • Bob

      PCR has written many articles on the new Coronavirus.

      In particular the real exciting stuff is here, regarding the murky and suspect origins of this apparently man-made virus:

      And this one about racial bioweapons.

    • Freebrezer

      Dave – per the cov-19 coming from a L-4 biolab … Tucker had a guest on that was saying that the janitors at the level – 4 biolab in Wuhan were suspected of taking the dead animals and selling them to the wild meat market in Wuhan. This seems as plausible as any rumors that I have heard … Maybe – The poor guy working in the basement is told go get the five monkeys in the other room from their cages, kill them and throw them in the furnace. Has absolutely no idea what is in them or what bio-contamination even means. Instead, he kills them, throws them in sack and takes them to wild meat market to make a few more yuan. Occam’s razor – the simplest explanation usually hold true?

      • Keith wilson

        Reminds me when I obtained a position at a pie factory years ago. Beef and potato pies. Brains, tongue, eyeballs, liver,testicles,kidneys,heart,plus bladder for your meat. All thrown into a meat grinder with some pepper and boiled up as filling for your pies. Would never eat them after seeing what body parts of a bull goes into making a pie. Don’t know what a Wuhan meat and vegetable pie is made from . Probably some old guy from a nursing home chopped up and thrown into a meat grinder and a bit of cabbage added to give it a better taste ?

    • Perce Sledgehammer

      Pentagon policy chief to step down in latest high-level departure
      John Rood departs as undersecretary of Defense for policy, one of the department’s most senior posts, just over two years into the job.
      Rood is just the latest in a raft of senior departures, including the Pentagon’s acting personnel chief, top Asia policy official, No. 2 intelligence official, and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency director.

  26. James Brown

    Hello Everybody,
    James Brown here.
    I feel good like I knew that I would, I feel nice like sugar and spice – Because I got YOU Greg.
    So…..the market is dropping because of International Capital Flows!!!!
    Not the Corona Virus.
    The world is watching Barney Sanders and they know, if he is president, the economic party in the United States IS OVER!!!
    The most amazing economy with amazing economic opportunities, will become a marxist utopia.
    Everybody outside the United States has seen what Barney Sanders’ ideas do to an economy, so…. they are selling their stocks and taking their money back outside of the United States.
    Barney Sanders equals making everybody poor and stealing money from every investor.
    The words Barney Sanders used were, “A modest tax on wall street”.
    Now, in Barney’s world, modest means, “I’m taking everything you have, even your clothes, you’ll be cold, hungry and naked, so I hope you aren’t modest”.
    The democrats are going to annihilate Barney in the press to get him out of the way.
    God Bless You all!

  27. Justn Observer

    Greg, At @3:00 …did people forget Obama kind of endorsed Pete Buttgieg ( a unknown mayor) ? Is that if people try to connect Peter Stzrok with Buttgieg in Africa?

  28. Luis A. Garcia

    Greg, with a reset what happens to cash being held in and outside of the system?
    Does it become worthless?

    • Greg Hunter

      This next take down will involve some sort of credit crisis so your cash will work really well for a short while. I don’t know if it 3 weeks or 3 months but that is the time period I am guessing. We will probably also get some bail-ins at the banks as depositors are now considered creditors. The FDIC says it can cover 2% of all deposits in U.S. banks. My research shows a total of $14.28 trillion. Let that sink in. The physical $’s you have will not become worthless but worth less in terms of buying power as the crisis proceeds until, there is need for a new currency. This is my best guess as to what will happen and I do not know th timing but we are getting a lot closer because of the China virus.

  29. Bob

    Trump has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help all the people banned from the Internet for helping him get elected. Millions banned off Twitter and he does nothing. Youtube is censorship central and Trump does/says nothing.

    Trump was elected because of what he said he was going to do. Now he doesn’t even complain about twitter on twitter. He should because they can’t ban him (but they can shadow ban him of course).

    The only people now remaining to help Trump get elected are the democrats (who are working 24/7 to be as un-electable as possible). It’s almost like they are working together they are so bad.

    Since the government is allowing private companies to circumvent the First Amendment on its behalf, will they also allow private companies to circumvent the Second as well? And the others? Maybe they are just going to go down the list until “private companies are not bound by the Constitution” is the basis of the republic and “our values” and nobody has any rights left?

    MAGA (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon) will say “make your own platforms if you don’t like ours” and then proceed to use every dirty trick in the book to shut down anyone who dares to try:
    1. Sic the ADL or SPLC on them for “hate speech”
    2. Threaten ISPs to get them shut down.
    3. Fiddle with DNS to make sites unreachable.
    4. Merciless hacking (which is expensive to deal with) and denial of service attacks to increase traffic to servers.
    5. Frivolous lawsuits to exhaust finances.
    6. Banning from Paypal, etc.
    7. Banning from bank accounts and credit cards. Yes, this is happening now.
    8. Police harassment of people making donations via Bitcoin (you can get around this by sending money to your own private wallet first).
    9. Stealing donations from Paypal, etc. Then banning if that doesn’t work.
    10. Stealing domain names. Pressuring ICANN to do so.
    11. Doxxing people left right and center if they help or donate.
    12. Manipulating Cloudflare, BitMitigate and other DoS attack services to provide reduced service for unapproved sites.
    13. Manipulating search engine results.
    14. Black listing sites on searches. Google is proven to do this.
    15. Programming browsers to block sites.
    16. Deplatforming.
    17. Replacing search results with negative press about the search term.
    18. Sending police/feds to intimidate people running unapproved sites.
    19. Setting up low IQ and actually retarded patsies with entrapment and then blaming a target web site.
    20. Constantly demonizing white people in the MSM so we won’t read web sites supporting our interests, or even those of Americans in general.
    21. Redefining speech as “hate” or some other phenomenon so it can be banned outright if these other methods fail.
    22. Smear campaigns so no one will advertise on a target site.
    23. Shadow banning – you are effectively banned but it is hard to prove or detect and is deniable in any case.
    24. Huge amounts of government mis- and dis-info to muddy the waters and make true reporting look crazy.

    That’s just some of the ways. Most people don’t even miss the sites that have gone down the memory hole because they never read them, but tens of thousands have gone. Many were valuable insights into the malaise afflicting the west and held important information.

    It’s like back in the age of newspapers – there was 100% free speech and you could print what you liked and they “would defend your right to do so to the death”, but they also carefully controlled the supply of newsprint and not everyone could get it.

  30. SilverHawk

    Forgot this is the last week for futures… Cancel – silver going over 20 this week, prediction. Two weeks ago after posting my waiting for a 1000+ down day, I thought I’d place a pretend trade. Im like Kramer(Seinfeld), reformed kid day trader. So I pretended to buy 10 DIA 290 puts one month out, 3/13 exp. 2.66 each, $2660 invested. They closed today at 20.55. Giddy up. $21,615. Silver is going up…. Some dang day. Just never play the options there.

    • SilverHawk

      $20,550. My program includes the investment and loss of the 299 CALL I bought for insurance. Sold it at a $1,352 loss.

  31. Stan

    Powell will come thru with more QE

    • Greg Hunter

      And you are shorting gold???!!!

      • Mike R

        Gold is about to break the backs of all shorters, as its going to plow right through 1700 on up to at least 1850 in the next 30 days. Goldman just announced zero earnings for entire S&P500. Zero.Nada.Zilch for 2020. This means they finally acknowledge entire China supply chain is in tatters, which severely impacts the US. And they finally acknowledge the depth of the pandemic. MSM is weeks behind the curve, as is all of Wallstreet. 10 year yield lowest on record ever at 1.28 %. Going to zero.

        • Stan

          Mike R: Are you willing to wager on that prediction?

        • paul ...

          The Corona Virus is being “contained” in the US (by simply not testing anyone for it) … I think a maximum of only 400 people have been tested so far out of 340 million people!!

          • paul ...

            In America … the “criminally insane” rule the rest of us … and the rest of us don’t care … because we are just “ordinary insane”!!

    • Jerry

      Yes Stan,
      More QE in the form of repos, and a coming interest rate decline in April.!/treasury-yields-extend-slide-as-haven-flows-pick-up-20200227

      The dollar is so strong, that the Fed loves we’re giving it away for free. Can you say debasement? Cheap = worthless.

    • Justn Observer

      Stan, You are such a distraction …almost a troll. How does one ‘chart’ and make any meaningful analysis of ‘rigged’ markets? All a click of the mouse in the basement…
      We are at a point we know where they NEED to go …to keep the status quo in tack…and we know where it will likely go –when they decide —or the people REALIZE and ‘LOSE TRUST’ in the fake un-backed printing scam… People are also aware of the banking policy set in place the same time of the Ferguson riots…at the G7…remember the gloomy pic of FED Chair…Janet Yellen? Yes, the ‘bail-in’ Ellen Brown warned about… oh yeah… Greg had her on in 2016 ! How time flies ! but the situation has not changed… And what is the % of gaps being retraced…is it 94ish% DB and HSBC seem to have headed the same since 2008 ish. and although there seems to be suppression of the paper PM for sure…how is it royalty shares continue to rise if someone is NOT buying a lot of physical?
      Ellen Brown-Depositors Die and Banks Live in Next Financial Calamity

  32. Bob

    Pete and Obama went to the same acting school (or mind control lab, depending on who you ask).


    • paul ...

      And they likely also went to the same (out of the closet) sexual orientation classes together!!

  33. JC

    Rick Mills says…

    In light of these real and possible pandemic scares, we believe it’s prudent to be prepared. How does one prepare for a pandemic? The same way you’d prepare for a major emergency like an earthquake, forest fire or flood. Set aside enough food and water for an extended period of time – long enough for you and your family/ close friends to wall yourselves off from the rest of the population who, in this scenario, would impose a very real and probable risk of infection.

    Along with basic supplies, you should also have some rolls of cash and a cache of gold and silver coins. (silver is best for day to day transactions) The latter might seem alarmist but consider how much damage to the global economy the coronavirus has done in just a couple of months. A really serious pandemic that spreads like wildfire through Canadian and American cities would presumably cause a financial crisis the likes of which we probably have never seen.

    Until financial stability is restored you’ll want to carry with you the only form of currency that can both serve as a substitute for cash and a store of value that will not suddenly become worthless: gold and silver bullion.

  34. JC

    Bob Moriarty says…

    The spread of the virus is expanding and that will continue. The damage to an already weak financial system will also continue. This is going to pop the Everything Bubble including gold, silver, mining stocks, the general stock market, Bitcon, real estate, collectibles and everything else that had absurd gains. Paper money just regained its real value, that is naught. People are going to go to bed rich and wake up poor.

  35. William

    URGENT must watch!
    I came across this information this morning and it is an absolute must see! It is in regards to CV-19/5G here is a link PLEASE review!!!

    • Diane

      I saw that William..very interesting

  36. John

    Greg, where did you find Macy’s filed for bankruptcy? I’d like to know the source.

  37. Justn Observer

    Greg, So what now IS the f b i ? a ‘U.S. federal investigative agency’? or a GLOBAList spolice agency? Is this ‘mission creep’ on steroids all while the taxpayers are kept clueless as to where and how their ‘federal police’ taxes are being spent? Seems now the military /police lines are so blurred – how does anyone have any ‘congressional’ or ‘executive administrative’ oversight…when even the President and Senate leaders are likely in the dark as to who is doing what -where – when?
    “””The purpose of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) is to operate CIA missions off book. Without knowledge of the President or Congress.
    It allows the FBI to destroy evidence of CIA missions in Africa with immunity from prosecution. In the name of national security. Unable to verify who is the FBI’s Special Agent in charge of their Nairobi, Kenya. Their last one, Dennis Brady, retired in July, 2016.”””” in =
    *Seems something like a meme of, they have ‘gone rogue’ applies to the State Dept.
    and F B I but then what do I know ? Guess my ‘concept’ of ‘jurisdiction’ is obsolete? Or maybe some have already set aside the ‘border’ concept…while other’s are confused and still believe is ‘national’ sovereignty of one’s country? Yes, maybe some do believe the world is ‘their’ oyster…and all the pearls there in? LOL Looks like if one is ON TOP…then it likely is just about two classes….. the We the people are the ‘them’, and ‘they’ are the JUST US ?

  38. JC

    George Ure at Urban Survival says…

    If you haven’t been following our advice to slowly begin to load up on long-term goods, you haven’t been paying attention. Prepping and isolation are likely to become critical and it’s only a matter of when, not so much IF – since today’s “run rate” on the virus will have us passing a quarter million cases around May 1 and by June 1 we anticipate well over 10,000 dead.

    Happy-talk all you want, but this isn’t a happy outlook. Like “If the Virus doesn’t get you, you’ll starve.” Sheesh.

  39. Country Codger

    Hi Greg, Good interview. I’m sure that you have seen it but it is a very good article by Charles Hugh-Smith, as usual, that might make people think logically about the COVID-19, Wuhan Flu coronavirus (take your pick).
    Be safe.
    Lo Iyrah!

  40. Mike R

    Costco sold out of ALL emergency food kits. Hey looky that. People are finally starting to ‘get it.’ If you dont have your 60 to 90 supply of food, and maybe now it should be 6 months, good luck. Chickens might be good for some eggs. Some goats for some milk.

    P.S. All schools in Japan and China are now indefinitely closed. Thats coming here folks.

  41. paul ...

    Oh Boy!! … Japan and China have now closed down all their schools “nationwide” … this deadly virus has the potential for being “the second biggest mass casualty event” in all of recorded world history (Noah’s flood being the first)!!! …

  42. Mike R

    Dow ended down 1190 points. Sort of amazed the PPT has allowed this much of a drop occur in such a short time period. Now that they seem to be letting the tide roll out, it’ll be interesting to find out who’s been swimming neked.

  43. southwest Mo. Cowboy

    do you think they put in a little over a trillion dollars in the repoes overnight this week ?Greg don’t know if happened could you ask around; thank you for everything you do

  44. oneno

    Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

    Unprecedented ET outreach for the survival of the people of Earth
    Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported
    Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
    Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small
    Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection
    Hermetic quarantine required, must be longer than 2 weeks
    Asian races initially most susceptible but will spread to others
    The WHO culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, Hard not to believe the lid is not now coming off. Remarkable revelations and the backstory will be filled in…the breadcrumbs will lead to where we all know they would…for many it is confirmation…for others it will there struggle to accept what they chose not to believe for so long now…= a breach of trust, a part of the U.S. government a criminal drug organization selling heroin and opium on U.S. streets for profit and without regard for the dead and destruction of lives…but also the loss of life of so many young patriotic American servicemen, regulars and draftees!

  46. Jethro

    In the article you ask about China: “Why would they do this to themselves?”

    I think China would be willing to do this starting with their own people first as it is a temporary problem and they play a very long game. Why and how? They have too many old people that are a burden on the economy. If they created this virus they likely have the vaccine for the “elites” to protect themselves, watch and see that the lead Chinese Communist Party members don’t get sick and die. China comes out with the young workers and no old age people. Notice that this virus is not reporting to kill many children, another benefit to China.

  47. Bob1

    CoVID-19 is a real virus, regardless of where it originated. It isn’t contained, it will not be contained, and it is technically already a pandemic regardless of how the WHO officially classifies it.

    Cases are continuing to increase and will continue to do so until enough of the population develops immunity against it. The severity of illnesses and case fatality rates will need to be clarified over the coming months, but the social and economic fallout will be difficult for the US to avoid. There’s a lot to be concerned about in the next several months.

    Mr Jett is wrong in his assessment of CoVID-19.

  48. Frank jeffries

    I posted this on Facebook and was told the content was inappropriate and violated ethical standards of Facebook.

    • Greg Hunter

      I hate Facebook

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