Civil War, Nuke War & Financial War Destroy America – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle has been warning of dark times coming for America and the world.  Quayle now warns of a specific time frame, “I can’t remember a more dangerous time than the month of June.”

We will be seeing civil war, nuclear war and financial calamity soon.  Quayle predicts dramatic changes coming, and most people are simply not aware or even prepared in the slightest.  Quayle says, “I am on record that we are already undergoing a communist takeover and takedown.  There is no regress at the ballot box any longer.  I hear that we can win the 2024 election.  If everybody in the Congress, with the exception of a few Senators and Congressmen, and the cabinet are still part of the appointed Left, what would a President, whether it is Trump or DeSantis, be able to do?  The whole military is shot. . . . Communist takeovers and takedowns always result in millions of people dying. . . . Back in the days of the Weather Underground, they wanted to kill 25 million to 40 million people.  Now, we are up to 120 million people that need to be killed.”

Quayle goes on to point out, “I believe that concurrent with the nuclear war, we will see preceding it for a short period of time, the absolute civil war mayhem, and you can call this anarchy.  It is basically going to turn this country inside out.  What happens when there is no Social Security?  What happens when there is no electronic benefit cards?  What happens when the stores are closed?  What happens when McDonald’s closes?  What happens when the transportation system shuts down?  We have seen little instances of this, but what happens when it is total?”

The so-called “debt ceiling” is still not decided in Congress, but even if they approve a fresh $1 trillion or $2 trillion in federal spending, who is going to buy the debt?  Quayle had sources at the G-7 that recently met in Japan, and they told Quayle, “I was told by my sources who were at the G7 that Treasury Secretary Yellen and President Biden went there hat in hand trying to get people to buy our debt.  They have to liquify the Treasury. . . . The G7 wanted nothing to do with new debt and told Yellen what are you going to do about your old debt?  This is what is happening.  At some point, the American dollar will have force majeure declared against it.  That means anything dollar denominated has no value. . . . You had the President of Kenya tell his citizens three weeks ago to get rid of their U.S. dollars because they may not have any value. . . . Because of the inflation that is present, we have watched the assassination of the middle class.  We have watched the empty shelves come before our eyes.”

Quayle also talks about gold and silver becoming unavailable in the near future, the CV19 bioweapon “vaccine” genocide, the truth being killed off at every turn, the importance of stockpiling food and water and, the most important thing, your spiritual relationship with Jesus in “The End of Days.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 15-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to radio host, filmmaker and top selling author Steve Quayle as he talks about the world facing “Supernatural Evil” on 5.27.23.

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After the Interview: 

Quayle points out last week’s federal appeals court ruling on the gun brace case will slow down the Biden Administration tyranny.

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  1. Christopher

    Actually it was the President of Kenya, not Nigeria.

    • Anthony Australia


      • Anthony Australia

        In one of the most important interviews ever conducted by Zeee Media, Celeste Solum joins us to expose the totality of the agenda surrounding nanotechnology being embedded into humans, animals and plant life to destroy and replace all biological lifeforms from God’s natural creation with synthetic biology.

      • Rick

        All cause mortality from the “Nuclear Weapon Clot Shot” has already caused 1 Billion deaths – the Immoral Evil Demons set off their “nuclear bio-weapon within our bodies” with their jab while promoting it “as safe and effective”- now that their dirty murderous deed is done (and people awaken to the fact that they are now “walking dead with limited life spans”) – the Demonrats lie right to our faces and say “taking the jab was your own choice – we didn’t force anyone to take it”!!

      • AL


    • Anthony Australia

      The Holly Bible is the most powerful book ever written.


      • John Franklin

        Hey Anthony,

        First, another great interview by Greg Hunter. Steve Quayle is always a great listen!!

        And I couldn’t agree more, the Holy Bible is by far the most powerful book ever written. I read that about 60% of the US population does not believe that the Advocate will come in the flesh during the Last Days. I disagree. I think i found something very interesting that I’m following now and wanted to share it with you. This may be the one from what I’ve read and watched.

        I think that people are going to start understanding just how powerful the Holy bible really is. Most have no clue at all.

    • Footsie

      Christopher, You could further nit pick on the message by telling Steve that Orange is the new Black… 8-/

      • Saeed

        Hi Greg, thank you hosting Steve Quayle. Steve is a solid researcher, especially, as a Christian.

        Islamic Eschatology says the Khazaars (International Banksters) are the fake Jews (Rev 2:9 and 3:9, p. 1131 and 1132, KJV). They are the Gog and Magog (“The 13th Tribe” book by Arthur Koestler)…God Almighty’s power- and money-hungry creations who are precursors to AntiChrist.

    • Shirl

      INTERESTING, must read on the Pistol Brace Nonsense:

      The sentiment expressed in the comments section with the article on this too are worth noting as well.

      This amounts to Proof that the US Constitutional Law HATING DEMONRAT & RINO COMMIES have gone Full Tilt LAWLESS Mode with their subversive “rules” in an ongoing erosion of America’s once Guaranteed Protections of UNALIENABLE RIGHTS and LAWS.
      The US CONSTITUTION and THE BILL OF RIGHTS that was paid for in blood over 200 years ago, which of course, had made America that GREAT Shining City on the hill for all the world is being undermined piece by piece.

      >>>MAGA is what is needed and that is being upended by the current cast of EVIL CROOKS LIARS and THIEVES in Public Offices.

    • Shirl

      I should like to point out too that the imbedded clip in the link includes a video clip of the WEASEL ATF Director whose display of double talking nonsense is truly disgusting which, unfortunately, is typical of the other WEASELS that have infected the other agencies of top appointed positions in the US Government today…uggh!!!.
      Pray Up Folks, the EVIL WEASELS are pervasive.

  2. erick

    Love your guest greg why i come back. I wish you had that other guest who talked about body harvesting in china. Why bring this up because a friend in china was put in prison i have not heard anything from him in 3 years. Covid in china was mass genocide agaisnt Christians/Muslims. Kinda like what stalin and hitler did. Remember all those jewish children who came back to their homes and they were sold off to german families….

      • Bob

        Great show possible hard times coming however even in my past 65 year old condition I am not wanting to rely on any computer or phone equipment. There are scenes in the matrix movie that show even a hard wire phone that may not be digital or computer connected could be tracked. People may be better off with bullet proof phone booths that have a non computerized land line. Privacy and a small amount of safety and if you have to make a call the phone will possibly continue working during a power outage..

        Bitcoin and bitcoin mining is a computer game that has programing-programmers, although you many not know who they are. Bitcoin did not just randomly evolve from mineral soup.

      • Joel Blackford

        Hi Greg, I’m an eschatologist and an expert on the Hebrew and Greek meanings of the Seven Seals corresponding to Matthew 24. I believe the Third Horseman is riding. Here’s a sample of my work.

      • Mike

        Hi Greg
        I love listening to your show and Steve Quayle.
        Personally, if we make it to 2024, I believe there will be no election as martial law will suspend elections.
        Thus, a war breaks out here, or some false flag catastrophe. As far as the Senate given Sat phones.
        Why? They have done NOTHING but have phoney investigations with zero consequences. It’s over for the USA.

      • Mike
        Greg. Hope this above link works for you. Rumble censored this post.
        Schools teaching children to masterbate

  3. Marie Joy

    Holy Mother of God.

    • Sam

      You said it Lady!

  4. Suzie McCormick

    May God continue to help and protect the USA
    and thank-you Greg very much for all your stellar work – God Bless everyone!

    • Rick

      God can easily get rid of this evil commie/neocon US government controlled by perverted queer DemonRats by simply allowing the YELLOWSTONE volcano to erupt (and we have Quayle saying he can’t remember a more dangerous time “than the month of June”) and Yellowstone is rumbling??” – scientists say one of the magma reservoirs underneath the Yellowstone Caldera holds a lot more liquid molten rock than they previously estimated – such a giant eruption would have more then regional effects such as hot lava flows and falling ash across America but global climate effects as all the sulfur dioxide released would create a thin veil of sulfuric acid around the planet (that would reflect light from the Sun back out into space and cool the planet) – on a side note – isn’t interesting that the people worried about Global Warming are the ones shutting down all the coal fired plants “that release sulfur dioxide” and thus would actually “help to cool the planet from the global warming they fear”???

      • Rick

        Instead of criss-crossing our skies all over planet Earth spraying toxic aluminum, poisonous dust, and m-RNA virus’s, etc., etc., etc. into our atmosphere (killing the people) with their supposed geoengineering program “to prevent” Global Warming – all they have to do is re-start our coal power plants to prevent Global Warming and we will have all the electricity we need (that solar and wind can’t produce enough of)!! – but the Globalist eugenicists need to shut down the coal fired electrical generation plants (that will cool the planet) “to have an excuse” to spray the human population with toxic chemicals and viruses to further their depopulation goals!!!

  5. Paul from Indiana

    Quayle combines mysticism, knowledge, experience, and pragmatism. I believe he is sincere and cares about mankind in general. He is a modern-day John the Baptist. Friends, it’s about to get real. Best always. PM

    “So Daniel trained his mystic sight, delivered from the lion’s might. And John, the Bridegroom’s friend, became the herald of Messiah’s name.” (Pope Gregory I, 6th century Latin text, translated by Maurice F. Bell, 1906, Oxford University Press)

  6. missy b

    A riveting interview Steve and Greg! Thank you Steve for risking much in speaking wisdom and truth. There is no more wiggle room for apathy. We’ve been warned, the clock is ticking and the hour is much later than we think.

  7. Irene Elliott

    As always Greg, another informative and awesome interview with your guests. Steve Quayle is awesome and I am so pleased that he points to our true God and our Savior Jesus. Bless you both and your families!!!

  8. Country Codger

    Fantastic guys, Fantastic!!!


  9. Lynn Scott

    Absolutely great program. Take care of yourself and family Greg

  10. Adam Munyard

    Appreciate and admire Steve Quayle. I’ve been following / listening to him for probably 10 years now. He is known for being sometimes decades ahead of what is to come . I’m a Qfiles subscriber , and also since Private Briefings began i joined up also – very cheap amount for what you get .. its incredible and i thoroughly recommend to all on here.

  11. Raymond Carl Hardie

    If nuclear weapons are deployed, their will be no one in control of any thing ! The Russian doctrine of nuclear war is overwhelming force ! That is the premise that if they are driven to use their nuclear weapons, they must launch everything necessary to give the enemy no retaliatory ability left after the initial strike, which they anticipate will result in our Trident subs launching their missiles against Russian military and government facilities so the old adage ” of use it or lose it ” is basically what drives their National and Military doctrine of survival. The leaders of the western so-called democracies are ignorant and foolish thinking they can corner Russia or any other country with nuclear weapons to control them and use their natural resources for the benefit of the fiat currency elites and their industrial minions who have sold their souls for keeping an economical system of lying and deceiving every country under this so called fiat control by ” world reserve currency” this is a dying system and history bears record that every nation before us that went this path it led to destruction and demise of all nations that went down this path of national debasement of money , corruptible leadership and immoral debauchery of the culture by the same.

    • Paul

      Their intention of destroying farming is upside down. They want exclusivity of turning the ground over for their visions of crop or fruit. They don’t realize when they try to bury us all, we come back as more resilient seeds.
      Hang tough with calm steadfast will .

      Paul from arkansas

    • Rick

      We must think about what evil people can do to prevent it from occurring – we know they want to destroy humanity and we know they want to get rid of real money – so we must stop the wars, stop the clot shots and buy your gold NOW (while it is still safe to hold) because “if you simply think like a Globalist” you know what these evil people are likely planning to do to real money (they will likely mix depleted uranium into all the gold at Fort Knox) so people “can’t hold it as money” (for at least 4 Billion years) as it would simply be too radioactive to hold – thus fulfilling the Biblical Prophecy “that people will be throwing their “radioactive” gold into the streets”!!

  12. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Quayle ,reality there is no recourse to voting now. Soros-ism a new form of Communism has now embedded itself in the bureaucracy ,particularly here in the UK the civil service,the secret services,military and our police and judicary. All handmaidens of the Soros and oligarch class who are now the wonders of the “family of eight” and are now destroying the USA and her people.
    Meanwhile the AI has already invaded much,
    and of course the biological attack on Russia by the USA is a party made in hell,
    Here in the UK our economy has its boot firmly on our throat and food inflation is beyond sanity.

    • Tad Belgravitas

      Soros-ism a new form of Communism? No Maria, it’s just the same old national socialism, socialism for the rich fat cats, slavery for the rest of us. The Nazi’s always fail, just as Soros and son, but cause havoc in the mean time because they close their mind there is a power not what they can comprehend. Just like your cat can’t fathom the love you have for the little scoundrel!

  13. Sam

    WoW!…I just witnessed a Video of ..”Two BRAVE Men”…..Greg and Steve Thank You!

  14. Paul from Indiana

    I have no doubt that other countries are tired of our debt shenanigans and dollar dominance, but what happens if the world, friends and foes alike, should repudiate the dollar? First off, massive inflation would occur here as worthless dollars come home from the entire globe, and costs here in this country would skyrocket exponentially. Then would come shortages unlike anything ever seen here, as we would be shut off from purchasing on world markets. That sounds bad, but it’s worse, because the world would suddenly no longer have the US economy buying their stuff. Net result? Economic calamity of unheard of scale. Repudiating the dollar would suddenly bring a 30% hit to the world economy. I can’t imagine all of the implications. Best always. PM

  15. IVAN

    Who Really Owns the Federal Reserve

  16. erick

    Read some of these and the german one on covid…

  17. Al Gore Such

    Debt ceiling, default worst way to address national debt: experts | Fortune

    US Dollar Dumping Has Started in Both Words and Actions As BRICS Nations Join Forces, Says Russia’s Top Diplomat – The Daily Hodl

    30,000,000,000 Exits US Banking System in One Week As Deposit Flight Grows – The Daily Hodl

    China To Settle $582,300,000,000 in Yuan Worldwide Amid Push to Circumvent US Dollar: Report – The Daily Hodl

    Folks, this is part of the informational and financial aspects of the third world war, we are finding ourselves in. Gone are the halcyon days of peace and security, a growing economy, with no inflation to speak of. Brougt to you by the Trump administration. With the Taliban agreeing to a peacefull and supervised transition with American forces under threatened drone attacks, of Taliban leadership. If any US. service personnel were harmed in anyway. With out giving up Bagrum and the country to the Chi-coms. Building back better, with a border wall for legal orderly migration. With fair legal elections, without stealing the votes of the American people.
    Hopefully the kinetic part of this attempt at a new world order, without the Trumpster, war with Russia and Alejandro Mygorsuches war on the American sheeple. Will happily end soon! Al, were all tourist’s now, not terrorists. Your replacment migration, bay of pigs, is without aircover.
    Pray for peace, not a piece of the pie and drill baby, drill. Not drone baby drone.
    Hastalavista, babies!

  18. Roger Stamper

    Tks Steve Greg

  19. David Anthony

    Another Great interview….Clap Clap Clap. Bravo Bravo..

  20. BVWBVW

    Wow… that was a full session of ´hold my beer’ and ‘live the in between’ of what ever is remaining.

  21. Linda

    Basic food you need. yeast, white flour, baking soda (big bag) cream of tartar, salt, cooking oil, lard and ghee if you can get them, white vinegar, a c vinegar, dry milk, dry potatoes, bullion, corn starch, pasta, tomato powder, canned meats, dry eggs, tea and coffee, hand soap, laundry detergent (I store the large buckets of dry detergent) go on line and copy down how to make your own, cooking items, household items, and health items. Like how to make baking powder (baking soda and cream of tartar) how to make body powder (corn starch and baking soda). How to make laundry soap. These are things you need to know. Buy lots of “rags”
    Save your old T shirts, bed sheets, plastic shopping bags. Make sure you have basic sewing supplies. If you can find them pick up some old cookbooks. The ones put out by local churches and organizations are the best. Many of them have useful information. Essential oils. Frankincense, Tea Tree, Buy small bottles so they keep better. First aid items. Items like Ibuprofen, aspirin, tums, gas X. Extra, shoes, socks and underwear. Matches, and lighters. Coffee creamer, if you use it. I find Sams as the best place to get many of these items. Pasta is still under a$1 a lb at Walmart and Sams. Hope this gives you some ideas.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Excellent contribution. Thank you for taking the time to share this information. Best always. PM

    • richard s

      Ms. Linda. thank you for your list. another is; ;
      bottom line; you can live on beans and rice, those two contain all essential amino acids.
      (these are staples throughout the 3rd world) this guy is concise. 1. white rice. cheap. shows easiest and best way to store it. worried about weevils? freeze it for 24 hours. 2. beans. lentils. (needs an oxygen absorber) beans have all amino acids except methionine, but rice has that one. drawback on both? requires heat to prepare. body will not absorb if not heated. can survive the rest of your life on those two. 3. canned food, for variety, will last practically forever. the fellow has several other videos. Readers; please advise if I am incorrect, I do not want to put out false info.

  22. BVWBVW

    Thank you gentleman from CANADA for telling it as it is . We are full on currently experiencing the narrative here. The precursor to propaganda is censorship. That we have in Bill C11& C18. They are pushing for our guns, the government is back with the WEF/WHO digitized medical identification and with Central Government Digitized Currency in place that is the end to freedom. Recently The National Citizen Inquiry (NCI) across CANADA has revealed the past and current malfeasances we have faced and will continue to face.Catherine Austin -Fitz did a remarkable presentation. My God be with us.

  23. Tommy

    I’ll be back in July.

  24. Don W.

    Thank you Greg for getting all of this out. As you know, I studied about this happening in the late 1970’s early 1980’s and could not figure what was taking so long for others to see it. Well your guest is so right on and hopefully now many more people will see it coming and start to do something about it.
    First, they need Jesus to be their Lord and Savior and tell others about Him.
    Second, they need to do just as Mr. Quayle has told them about getting stocked up on food, silver and gold. Do all we can to cut down on our own expenses so it will last longer, we pray. I have told all of my children that and they have stocked up on a lot of food and clothes. My one daughter has even gotten extra for me as I live in a Senior Care where my wife is in Memory Care so I don’t have the house anymore to do that.
    But I feel we have about five years at the max, that we will need things to live on and It could be some less but a minimum of a little more than 3 1/2 years.
    Because after these years, He is coming for all of us that have made Him our Lord and Savior at that time.
    Blessings to you and Steve Quayle for this interview that gets the word out to so many people. We need more of these people out there telling others.

  25. Linda

    The report was that only 50 congressmen”accepted” satellite phones.WHY? I have nobody to call on a satellite phone. For me, it doesn’t seem it would be of any use.

  26. Damien

    I do not beleive that “nuclear weapons” will be used. It is far more likely that the “traitors” will be using the recently, “missing” 26 tons of fertilizer to fake multiple, massive, right wing, white supremacist, terrorist attacks (done by black or brown white supremacists).
    They have to get the guns before they unleash the millions of “infiltrators” on us. hundreds of millions of firearms and trillions of rounds of ammunition makes America the biggest “Afganistan” in the world, and a logistical, & tactical, nightmare for ANY standing military. Our traitorous “rulers” want it easy for our potential, conquerers. Trust me I have decades of military experience, we have some time yet.
    By-the-way, it will be better to have a handheld CB radio or a HAM radio than a “SAT phone” for passive intelligence gathering and communication. SAT phones must pass through “their” systems and WILL BE controlled and monitored by making only specific, bandwidths available. Civilians will lose access to those systems, period.
    A good “unmonitored” form of comms if you are at least 25 miles from oceans or Great Lakes is “marine band” radio, because communications are not monitored inland. And don’t forget it will be possible once troops start taking casualties that even more equipment will fall into our hands for use in guerilla combat, which is what it will be. Good luck Greg, and stay frosty!

    • Richard Longacre

      Damien, You are spot on about the HAM radios and even CB radios. I’m a 33 year military man myself with 18 years experience with satellites and SATCOM. The laws have already been passed so that with one signature by Biden (who claims to be our President) he can declare a “National Emergency” and take complete control of all forms of communications. This includes TV, radio, cell phones, Internet, and “Satellite Phone Networks”.

      HAM is your best bet because of the signal power, transmitting range, and frequency range. For the government to “jam” all HAM radio (or even CB) frequencies everywhere is impossible. Shutting down and/or controlling all other forms of communication is easy, including satellite phones. I’m not saying that Satellite phones are a bad idea because they are a great idea, at least until the government decides to take control and shut them down. Then you better have a HAM or CB radio. Satellite phones are not a long term fix, besides, how will you make your monthly payments when their entire economic system shuts down.

      Jamming RF signals and jamming mitigation is part of what I taught for the DoD my last 9 years of my career.

  27. James

    Either Bo Polny is correct and we do not have these horrific issues to deal with ( just yet, but it will only appear so ) or Steve Quayle is correct in his forecast for the U.S.A. , I personally will pray fervently for Bo Pony’s forecast to come to fruition as it is polar opposite and ends in victory over evil !

    • Rick

      Victory over Evil requires that we the people “understand what evil is trying to do” – Evil is trying to implant into our brains “that we are going into WWIII” – first by defining what WWIII is – and then doing exactly what is required “to meet that description” – – remember – the DemonRats need to brainwash the American people into accepting WWIII by election time 2024 (as the DemonRats figure that if America is involved in a Nuclear War at election time “The Party In Power Will Stay In Power”) – how about – we the people prove the Demon Rats wrong – and instead “scramble their brains” by putting the Evil Globalists in fear of their lives as they are doing to us – this can be easily done by a few “Government Trained Patriots” with sniper rifles – who have the expertise to take out the 300 strong Globalist Command and Control Hierarchy – by cutting off the head of the Evil Globalist Snake – our world can be put into remission and begin to recover – but we need to “pin point” the Globalist cancer tumor and hit it hard with a killing beam “that eradicates it completely” from our living Earth (before this Globalist “cancer of total human annihilation” spreads everywhere on planet Earth!!!

  28. Matt Jaymes

    I can’t say I don’t enjoy or appreciate Mr. Quayle’s thoughts and opinions, but if it weren’t Greg’s skill as a journalist/interviewer, it would be unlistenable. Steve has a predilection for not finishing a thought; sometimes he leaves 2 or 3 ideas “floating” in the ether, while assembling 2 or 3 others. Without Greg reining him in, the interview would be more akin to a stream of consciousness expose.

    Great content, even though the presentation is a little cumbersome. Thanks Greg and Steve.

  29. Susan R

    In closing you brought up eternity, the reason for this fight. Life seems so long until it is not. What we do here determines if we remain children of God. In balance there is nothing worth destroying one’s soul, our eternal being in God.

  30. Dave

    They just struck a deal. As many of us said, it was all a fan dance. It looks like McCarthy gave more than he got as the “extreme” elements in the GOP may not support the deal. It makes no never mind – he has the Democrat votes and enough GOP votes to pass the bill in the House. Shrewd play by Dems – the GOP is at odds over the bill and will go into 2024 divided. Look what just happened in Texas.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Dave, I’d like to take credit for “predicting” this debt-ceiling deal, but after a guy has seen it 50 times, or whatever it’s been, it’s has nothing to do with being smart or gifted, just even paying half-attention. It’s so obvious what they do. Best always. PM

      • Greg Hunter

        The big question now is who is going to buy this $4 trillion in new debt? The Fed??? Inflation fighing???

        • Paul from Indiana

          My guess: nobody. The Fed will simply “monetize” it. That’s been the method/technique since the COVID gimme-stimmy checks. It’s all just electronic entries, anyway. The REAL question is: how long will foreign governments and trading partners continue to send us REAL STUFF for phony, electronic “money”? I think this is what’s behind the BRICS movement. They’re tired of it. When it all breaks, all the physical and electronic dollars worldwide will be repatriated and the resulting inflation will make Weimar and Zimbabwe look like tea parties. Best always. PM

        • Rick

          If politicians want to Balance The Budget without creating more fiat paper dollars “it is a simple thing to do” simply re-value the price of our gold at Fort Knox to a higher price – one million dollar per ounce gold will cover all our National Debt and Derivative Obligations “without the use of a printing press to create infinite paper dollars” – “or computers to create infinite digital dollars”!!

        • Richard Longacre

          Greg, Spot on question about who is going to purchase this $4T in new high interest debt. If the banks use their depleting deposits to buy this new debt then they will be in trouble (bank runs and unrealized losses from older bonds and treasuries) pretty quickly.

          Foreigners have stopped purchasing our new high interest debt and have been dumping their older low interest rate Treasuries and bonds for .10 -.20 cents on the dollar as fast as they can.

          No matter who buys this new debt the older low interest rate debt is losing value so quickly that it has become a time bomb for banks, retirement funds, and the USG.

          Paying the higher interest rates on the new short term debt is also going to mean the USG has to create more counterfeit currency sooner to pay the higher interest. This is the end game (snake eating its own tail) that will result in hyperinflation and a complete implosion of our economic system and government.

    • Dan

      Trump supported WEF’er McCarthy for Speaker Of The House.

      What excuse are y’all going to make for this…?

      • Greg Hunter

        You cheated Biden in. What is your excuse????

    • Rick

      After babbling on and on – the criminal transgender criminal pedophiles finally struck a deal (until they reach the next limit) – and then they will babble on and on once again – is it any wonder some in the religious community consider the US to be Babylon!!

  31. Tom Cresen

    Quayle almost mentions Trump when, in the early part of the interview, when he begins saying, the one who expedited the release of the vax. That would be, of course, the self described father of the vax who authorized Warpspeed, and has bragged about having done so for years ongoing since.

    However, Greg Hunter cut Quayle off. No way the truth about Trump ever gets mentioned on USAWD, for the official policy here is that Trump is anointed by God because false prophet Mark Taylor said so many times on the show.

    Catholics rebuke false prophets, for they undermine religion. That is why neither Jim Caviezel (Jesus in Mel Gibson’s Passion movie) or Jonathan Roumie (Jesus on The Chosen tv series) would ever be welcomed on USAWD, for they are both Roman Catholic.

  32. Gretchen Ketchum

    Trump’s guy in the House, McCarthy, has sold-out Americans yet again:

    Pretty much nobody Trump hired since 2016 was any good. He is supposed to be a saavy business man but he hires louses. How is that many mistakes possible unless it is intentional. Nobody is that stupid.

    • American

      Quid Pro Joe, is that you?

  33. Julia

    Greg, thank you for a very sobering interview. It is kind of sad isn’t it? I am reading a book, The Tragic Era by Claude Bowers. It is about the 12 years post Civil War, Johnson Administration, the Radicals in the North, Thad Stevens , pillage of the Railroads and General Grant. “Why, the war has corrupted everybody and everything”. Everyone in the South was in agony and the Northern Elite were at Galas and Party. and gowns and jewels. The Elites truly despised the everyday man and woman. They called the people “The Mob”. The book details the beginning of the corruption. I feel I am watching the natural end of such corruption. Call me foolish but I believe in the end the real America will be here…. people who worship God, follow the Bible and serve one another. Thank you for bringing truthful information.

  34. Diane

    Stories like “Stained Glass Tears” is the type of story that is uplifting for times like this of which your host speaks. It can be found on and later this week on Alex Newman’s most informative website on which there is so much good information.

  35. i: a man; travis russia and china and the coming attack on america; by: joe imbriano; the fullerton informer

  36. art simpson

    You guys should read the Bible. The schedule of the seals, Re 6, is the schedule of events. 1st seal, Covid; 2nd seal Uk war; 3rd seal, famine; 4th seal WWIII, 5th seal, Christian persecution, 6th seal Planet X, 7th seal, fire from heaven. Then 1st trumpet and ff.

  37. Dave

    Quayle is right about the 2024 election. Don’t put your hopes in that. Take what just happened in Texas. The GOP controlled House voted to impeach Paxton who, as AG, was a thorn in the side of the Deep State. Unfortunately, Paxton is not a Boy Scout. Not a man of virtue though he claims to be a Christian. Truth is most politicians are corrupt but if you’re a politician who goes against the Deep State that corruption is used to get you out of office. In Texas the House GOP is moving to a less conservative position while the Senate GOP remains very conservative. A bill to restrict drag queen shows passed by the Senate was watered down by the GOP House. Hopes for a school voucher system are fading as a number of House GOP members oppose it.

    What gives? Lots of people moving to Texas from blue states. They are young, fiscally conservative but socially liberal. That is starting to make a difference in the GOP House which is inexorably moving left. So, Democrats and the Texas House GOP leadership worked together to oust Paxton. The trial is a year away, but Paxton is immediately removed, and the quasi-RINO governor replaces him with, some think, the less conservative person Paxton defeated in the GOP primary.

    It’s all being orchestrated by the Deep State. Come next election if the person Abbott appoints rum for AG against a Democrat the GOP will be split. Paxton supporters will not vote for the AD Abbott appoints and the Dems may just be able to flip the AG and garner their first statewide office in a long while as progressive work to turn Texas blue. This could also affect the governor’s race as conservatives are increasingly upset with Abbot. It’s a stretch but Dems may have a shot at capturing the governor’s seat. The front runner for the Dem nomination is an African American with huge support from the minority and particularly the Hispanic community which is actually the majority now in Texas.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Dave, you and I both know that there is no such thing as “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” It’s an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Social liberalism UNDOES conservatism. It’s a dodge, a deflection. The vast majority of conservative, traditional-values Americans are in the 60-80 age bracket. These are the remaining people in the country who REMEMBER REAL FREEDOM. In another 10 years, none of this matters as the Millennials and Gen-Zers take over. It’s a numbers game. The question is: can the current set-up last that long? And what will they be taking over? Best always. PM

  38. Dave

    Again, Trump’s continued support for the vaccine goes unmentioned by a guest. It’s all Fauci. Come on. No mention of Trump’s strong pro-gay stance. His pro-Bud position or his chief confidant son Don who is fine with gender fluidity. When each of us has our exit interview one line item will be did you speak truth to power on unpopular issues like sodomy and gender issues – and particularly did you confront those who support it, or did you remain silent?

    • Ricky

      Trump Cultists will never question their Messiah…

      • Greg Hunter

        That’s BS Ricky.
        We do it all the time. What about Biden you troll????

        • Tyler

          Greg, we all know that you and most of your audience and guests are Trump fans.

          (This is Greg Hunter and I deleted this troll comment to give my own. Stop the troll on Trump and let’s talk about the guy you and your troll buddies cheated in. BIDED MANDATED the clot shots! Let’s talk about that because I know you and your anonymous troll buddies will bever give a real name and WILL NOT trash your moron puppet leader BIDEN who is controlled by Obama. No go away and play in the street where you belong.)

    • Rick

      Speaking of gender fluidity – you have to remember Trump was a lifelong queer loving Demonrat before he changed parties and became a Republickin!!

    • Tommy

      Sounds like more of the same from the LibTarded HELLERY fan club hoping that Demon to reenter the scene. HA!!!

  39. art simpson

    The angel Apollyon, anti=Christ, son of Satan, Ge 3:15, comes upon the earth day 794 of Daniel’s 70th week of trumpets at the 5th trumpet as king of the locusts. Re 9:11. His image is put in the temple day 1230 (2520-1290=1230) Da 12:11, that’s the day great tribulation begins. Mt 24:15,21,22.

  40. Lada Lemonada

    On i24NEWS, Cynet Head of Data Science Timea Kovacs discusses generative AI
    CREAPLUS 162 views 22 hours ago
    “This is as big as search if not bigger.” Timea forecasts the consequences of generative artificial intelligence and sheds light on the importance of guardrails to ensure the responsible development and use of this powerful technology.

    America in Ruins: We’re Entering Our Worst Ever Economic and Social Times Says Peter Grandich Stansberry Research 138,953 views May 26, 2023
    “We’re going to face a far worse crisis than what we’re going through this moment,” says Peter Grandich, founder of Peter Grandich & Company, highlighting the massive national debt and incurring interest folks have to pay. “We have half our total revenue going just to pay the interest on our debt which is unsustainable,” he warns. Peter believes the economic turmoil we’re experiencing has made the U.S. dollar vulnerable as countries around the world continue to shift away from the currency. “Many people in the world now are starting to dissociate themselves from the United States. That’s what there’s a movement to join the BRICS. The end is in sight now,” he warns. He concludes by highlighting the potential of a huge rally in the stock market if the central bank resolves its massive debt issue and shifts away from its aggressive rate-hike policy.

    China New Breakthrough and Policy Puts China 10 Years Ahead of The US In The EV Industry Exploratics 23K views 1 day ago

    Bidding farewell to the American century | The Chris Hedges Report
    The Real News Network 74,605 views Premiered May 26, 2023
    Like Cicero in the Roman Republic, there are always a handful of chroniclers who can see and articulate clearly the social, cultural, and political realities of empires in terminal decline. They call out the bankruptcy of an inept and corrupt ruling class, blinded by hubris, as well as a populace that has checked out of civic life and is entranced by bread and circus spectacles. In his trilogy “Blowback,” “The Sorrows of Empire,” and “Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic,” Chambers Johnson does a masterful job of showing how and why we are disintegrating. So does Andrew Bacevich, who, in his newest book of essays, “On Shedding an Obsolete Past: Bidding Farewell to the American Century,” writes about the debacles that have beset the American empire since the Vietnam war, a conflict he fought in as a young army officer. Bacevich warns that Americans’ inability to be self-critical, to dissect and understand the litany of disasters that have followed on the heels of Vietnam, including decades of fruitless warfare in the Middle East, will have terrible consequences for us and much of the rest of the globe.

  41. LondonCenter

    Wagner’s Bakhmut withdrawal a farce? Kyiv fears new Russian battle before counteroffensive | Hindustan Times 186,776 views May 27, 2023
    Did Russian President Vladimir Putin and Wagner PMC forces fool the Ukrainians with the latter’s Bakhmut withdrawal? As Ukraine’s counteroffensive draws close, the UK Defence Ministry has claimed that Wagner is regrouping its forces to launch new battles elsewhere in the Donbas region after Bakhmut. An Ukrainian official said that intense battles had stopped inside the ruined city but Russian forces continued strikes near it.

    A look at the man running mercenary Wagner Group in Russia’s war against Ukraine
    PBS NewsHour 39,241 views May 26, 2023
    The battle for Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine has been notable for several reasons, its length, its savagery and for the man who’s pressed the fight for the Kremlin, the mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin. As Stephanie Sy reports, Prigozhin and his Wagner Group are now the tip of the spear for Russia in Ukraine.

  42. LondonC.


  43. Diana

    I see many comments here where we are still looking for perfection, there isn’t any. All people are flawed and no one is perfect. God will judge each and every person it isn’t our job. We are to make a stand and hold the line that is it. Everyone needs to decide where their red line is and find those who are like minded. In the end we must come together rather than nit pick everything around us. If we do that we may survive what is coming.

    • Rick

      Because men are not gods “yet” – we must expect such “flawed men” to make mistakes – “so expect the unexpected” – decades can pass in which nothing much happens and we could have low interest rates and low inflation – then – “all of a sudden” – BOOM!! – we have high interest rates – and high inflation – so we should “be cautious” and aware that although we have had decades of “low gold prices” – all of a sudden – politicians could regain their sanity – and BOOM!! “revalue gold upward like Roosevelt did” (over one weekend) – so the better part of judgement requires that we prepare now – before we see “a completely unexpected” immediate upward spike in the gold price (to finally fix our National Debt and Derivatives Problem)!!!

  44. Really Awake

    I agree with Steve that “a lot of people are talking about Revelation”. In my opinion they misinterpret much.

    I think that even some secular men can see how the world around them seems like a Biblical metaphorical description found in Revelation; however, they think like secular men; therefore, their conclusions are incorrect.

    “And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Ma·gedʹon.”

    I ask myself who are “they” and who is being “gathered”? And how shall the gathering being done?

    I claim no special insight. No divine inspiration. No Holy Spirit. I have no heavenly guidance other than I let the Bible interpretat itself.

    The Bible actually answered my questions about Armageddon. Here it is:

    “And I saw three unclean inspired expressions [that looked] like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the wild beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and perform signs, and they go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.”

    So, the Bible tells me who “they” are: answer: demons. And who is being gathered: answer: world leaders, e.g., “kings”. I’ll know when THE REAL Armageddon is about to happen when the unseen “demons” issue forth “unclean inspired expressions” like “frogs” that hop out of the mouths of the seen and unseen forces of evil . In other words when the popular political narritive turns demonic; and when said demonic narritive “gathers” world leaders together under the evil spell including propaganda that’s compared to something like frogs croaking out unclean utterances – then is when I know Armageddon is going to really happen.. There will be demonic “signs”. The Bible doesn’t say what those signs shall be. Maybe very great signs or perhaps more subtle. One sign I expect to see happen just before Armageddon is Satan and the demons and their human subjects to be successfully both verbally and physically attacking anything pertaining to Jesus and Christianity. It’may actually look like they are winning. True Christians will be attacked like they were attacked in the Roman Empire. And “great signs” including depraved circus might be used…. Just look how insane the Gay Pride celebrations have become. Perverted sex is their religion and perverts are their priests.

    Right now we are all getting to see examples of the demonic “uncleanness” in everything, e.g., sexual depravity, twisted gender identity, dishonesty in everything especially politics, open Satan worship, “wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet”…. Armageddon is not yet, but it might be close. Time will tell.

    • Rick

      At a “Drag Show” in Texas numerous queer and transgender “Drag Queens” presented themselves to an audience filled with children with: “Cheers to you, cheers to me and cheers to the ones who lick us where we pee” – as another Drag Queen in a thong leotard ran around accepting dollar bills from children placing them in his thong – the wild whining queers complained about straight people’s questionnaires with only “male” and “female” options to choose from, etc., etc. – pervert Biden (to lock in the queer vote) licks ice cream cones in public and fondles children at every opportunity to show the queer and trans community “how good he is at licking and fondling” – Trump not to be outdone holds a big party for the queers and tyranny’s to show the pedophile, queer and transgender sex traffickers that the Repub”lick-ins” are just as good at licking as Biden (how easy it would be for the Texas Repub”lick-in” Governor to use his State National Guard to close his State border (but he won’t do it)!! – our two Parties are too busy licking butts!!! –

  45. Dan

    As if all this isn’t bad enough… dogs and cats living together!
    Continuity of government.
    June will be interesting, but for different reasons.
    The military is in control.

  46. Lee Wee

    Listen buddy, we need a Trump that wins, not your wet dream B.S.!
    All you’ll do troll, is get us the same old crap! As we go down the crapper! We the people want to live in a free country, were freedom wins out in the end! Gives people a chance for change.
    We will always have the poor with us Jesus said and scum like you, along with immoral people. Thieves and killers. That is not something for Trump to worry about in a selection. God will take care you you and your ilk. He must and will win and hopefully deport you to China, when president. Land of people in chains.

  47. Lee W.

    All this Dave in spite, of the troublemaking Chinese agents George Soros and son, with Hillery, their puppet Obama and his troublemaking minions in the intell community, FBI, DOJ. Victoria Nuland and Hunter Bidens Ukraine shenanigans and Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci bio- weapon labs here and abroad, also in Ukraine. All used to undermine Trump and during his administration. Despite the success

  48. Phil Poe

    talking about communications . what about ham radio? just want to know your thoughts

    • Greg Hunter

      All good but few have them these days.

  49. Randy Best

    Members of Congress do not deserve satellite phones. These people are working against America and “we the people.” They are sinister. Sinister is a word associated with Satan.

  50. Charlie

    what good are the sat phones when the first thing Russia/China will do is knock out the satellites?

    • Greg Hunter

      Tell that to the Senate. They are being issued Sat Phones. I guess they are stupid, and YOU are the smart one?


    • Richard Longacre

      Charlie, there are thousands of low earth orbit SATCOM satellites now thanks to Elon and Space-X and others trying to copy him (plus Iridium and others). If they start “knocking Down” these satellites it will cause a debris field so vast for many years that it would make new space launch nearly impossible plus it would destroy some of their own communications networks. The debris would all eventually re-enter earths atmosphere and burn up, but not as quickly as people think.

      GEO satellites are much larger and fewer and if they start destroying those then they would make the GEO plane unusable as well (forever).

      Satellite phones (and BIVY sticks) will be an excellent tool to have, especially for the first few days and months if we have electrical grid failures or other communications shut down.

  51. J.D.

    In reference to your poll, I have been telling people for a year that “they” are going to put Trump in jail but it has nothing to do with his guilt or innocence. Fox Business is running a cheerleading segment on DeSantis right now. Apparently he is the new Reagan. I don’t have anything against DeSantis, but the fact that Fox is promoting him certainly doesn’t help his cause in my opinion.

    • Greg Hunter

      In agree J.D. and I really hope I am wrong.

  52. Ben

    Thanks for the great interviews latley Greg! Keep up the good work!

  53. Marie Joy

    Can food be tested for mRNA? Are these rumors of mRNA in food, true, or false?
    Depending on water table, I would have a deep bunker. There are options.
    Knowledge is power.
    Hide your assets.
    Wood Cook Stoves/ Wood Stoves, additional toilets and toilet parts.
    Alternatives to everything. Spare parts.
    They want us, all, dead.
    IF they stop Social Security and Medicare, tens of millions will die.
    IF you do NOT amp up, you cannot survive.
    IF you do not bitch up, you cannot survive.
    This is not your parents’ America.
    Like minded people should come together.
    Stand or die. No other option.
    Ironic people vote for and stand for politicians who trying to kill them.
    You would be shocked at how much trafficking goes on.
    HOW MANY AMERICANS HAVE WE LOST??? HOW MANY AMERICANS DIED??? How many men, women and children have been mass murdered?
    How many more will be mass murdered? Will it be you and yours?
    When people are trying to kill you, protesting doesn’t work

    • Jerry

      Mary, my significant other had some blood drawn for a check up. The results came in with normal readings but what we found very interesting was a test that checked for mRNA within the blood itself. You read it right! We were shocked at this. I wonder what this means???

      • Richard Longacre

        Jerry, Vaccinated or not we all have this mRNA biohybrid nanobot technology inside us. Between meat being injected with it, our vegetables infused with it, geoengineering spraying it in our air, ground, food, and water, and shedding from the vaxxed we all have this in our system and need to DETOX.
        Currently I’m using the EDTA cream therapy recommended by:
        “Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD from Dr. Ana’s Newsletter”
        to DETOX some of the heavy metals. I also use Ivermectin and Chlorine Dioxide periodically. Zinc, quercetin, D, C, E, NAC all help as well. Now that my garden has come in I will only be eating the vegetables that I grow. I will only be buying my beef from local ranchers that I know and can ask them questions.

        My adult son who is triple jabbed just got COVID for the 3rd time. Won’t listen to me at all about the jab or how to treat it and DETOX. He refuses to even look at the data.

  54. Claire Robin

    I’ve always found SQ a bit of an alarmist. Perhaps what he says is going to happen will happen, and it may not happen. And if it does happen it may not happen for a few more years. I thought we’d end up where we are today in 2006. But, it’s worse than I thought it would be. I’m not convinced survival is what we should be focusing on, as if it is as bad as SQ thinks it will be, it’s not going to be easy to survive it. And I’m not sure I want to live in the world that is to come…if it is as he says it will be.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is why Jesus steps in. Don’t lose your faith. “Fear Not”!

  55. Anti-atomist

    Where is your faith?

    Don’t worry!

  56. Salvi

    I own myself a satellite phone, but if there is an EMP and the grid is down Satphones won’t work either since the satellite system has a ground unit as well which is used for verification of the unit in use….
    They are useful in a local breakdown of the cellular network in your area, not as a backup for a general down grid scenario.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a reason the federal government is handing them out to the Senate.

  57. Prospector

    I take Quail with a pinch of salt. He often makes big assumptions to support his thesis.
    That said , The watchdog ‘ doghouse ‘ is a rare place for open debate on all things.

    Russia just said this , that will not be shown on USA network news.

    ” Russia is ready for peace talks with Ukraine, but will not give up its conditions, Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin said in an interview with the BBC.

    “Two things are important for us. That Ukraine does not pose a threat to Russia is the first. And the second is that Russians and Ukrainians are treated as [representatives of] the rest of the world. Like the French are treated in Belgium or Italians or Germans in Switzerland, not in a special way. We cannot tolerate discrimination. This is a flagrant violation of the [Universal] Declaration of Human Rights and all other documents,” the ambassador said. ” — @WarMonitors – 5/28

    Sunday afternoon.
    And now some hours later ….. Russain Bear Bombers in the air , first 4 , then 9.
    Their version of the B-52. ( Nuclear Capable )

    ⚡️4 bears airborne so far

    Approximate locations of the Tu-95s that are currently airborne

  58. Dawn

    Suzie –
    Why should God protect the USA? Surely God is going to protect the whole planet that He created and not just one tiny bit of it!! It just does NOT make any sense at all that God would only protect the USA alone and no other country and her people.

    Truth be told – the USA is very much to blame for the state of the whole planet, all the while few people did anything to stop it – liar wars for the most part or to live within their means etc. So from where I’m sitting, the USA is the last country that ought to be protected by God.

    • Greg Hunter

      Because the majority love Jesus!!! You think Biden was not massively cheated it???

  59. Brian Dougan

    There are atheists in Hell. But; there are no “atheists” in Hell. By then; The living God is all too real to them. Too late.

  60. LondonCenter

    NATO-friendly Kosovo faces blowback for escalating tensions with Russia ally Serbia | Key Details Hindustan Times 41,332 views May 27, 2023
    U.S. has rebuked Kosovo for its ‘aggressive actions’ a day after clashes injured dozens in the country. NATO urged Kosovo to dial down tensions with neighbouring Serbia after its government forcibly accessed municipal buildings and installed ethnic Albanian mayors in the country’s Ethnic Serb areas. By doing this, Kosovo PM Albin Kurti defied calls by the EU and U.S., who have championed Kosovo’s independence from Serbia in 2008.

    Angry at the U.S., China refuses to pick up phone calls on military line. Here’s Why
    Hindustan Times 128,333 views May 26, 2023
    The U.S. has claimed that China has either been rejecting or not responding to calls on military line. Ely Ratner, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, said during a thinktank discussion that China continues to ‘block’ any communication on military lines even as the U.S. wants to maintain it. Watch this video to find out why.

    Russia Ukraine War: What Europe Told China’s Ukraine Peace Envoy | Vantage on Firstpost 19,697 views May 27, 2023
    China’s special envoy for Russia-Ukraine peace arrived in Moscow for talks with the Russian government. During his travel to European capitals, the envoy was told to pressure Putin into withdrawing troops. Has China’s ambitious peace plan flopped?
    Leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has revealed that Russia is relocating tactical nuclear warheads to his country. Moscow’s decision to place nukes on Ukraine’s doorstep has stirred global concern. Could this be Vladimir Putin’s ploy to leverage an end to the Ukraine conflict?
    After a tumultuous phase due to the COVID pandemic, the World Health Organisation has warned of another pandemic in the making – “Disease X”. This comes as China faces another wave of COVID. Is the world prepared?

    How Pfizer Used CA$H To Control Hospitals, Universities & Charities During COVID!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 60,636 views May 28, 2023
    We know Pfizer is magnanimous about sharing their COVID vaccine with all of us — for a price, that is — but now it turns out that Pfizer is incredibly generous with financial contributions, donating millions of millions of dollars to worthy causes. Worthy recipients like hospitals, universities, medical associations and any number of other groups that (coincidence alert!) might just have some influence over whether the public is strongly encouraged to take Pfizer products!

    COVID ORIGIN: Legacy Media DOUBLES DOWN, Says NO Strong Evidence For Lab Leak The Hill 25K views 2 days ago WASHINGTON
    Reporter at U.S. Right to Know Emily Kopp weighs in on the origin theories of Covid-19.

    • Rick

      Bob Moriarty provides some useful insight – – effectively that our US politicians should be “explained the facts of life” – that they can be easily “fragged” if they choose to become enemies of the American people (by say intentionally bringing us to WWIII and/or purposely reducing our children’s longevity with their m-RNA Clot Shots) – no one wants to talk about it – but – it is boldly written in our Constitution and our Bible – that we have the right “to take deadly action against those trying to kill us and our children”!!

      • Rick

        Lindsey Graham says the war in Ukraine is best money he ever spent killing Russians – – Putin in response put out an arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham (most likely with a bounty to bring him in dead or alive) for Russia to take deadly action against those trying to kill them and their children “is acceptable” under the laws of both God and Man!!

  61. Moiya

    Greg, who do you think is the Anti-Christ? Has it made it’s appearance on the world’s stage yet? Hope you might share your opinion and insight…Thank you!

  62. Tony

    SOTH Kevin McCarthy is not only a RINO but a WEF’er…and yet Trump is a staunch supporter of him…

    Have Trumpers got any explanation for this…?

  63. Trouble InThe Campus

    Putin’s Kamikaze Aerial Blitz: Five Ukrainian jets, military site runway & Odesa port damaged /Hindustan Times 128,174 views May 29, 2023

    Putin won’t be fooled by West; Russia exposes how West is buying its oil despite sanctions
    Hindustan Times 56K views 7 hours ago

    Turkish Bayraktar drones ‘vanish’ from Ukrainian skies amid Putin’s war | Watch What Happened /Hindustan Times 70,779 views May 29, 2023
    Kyiv has reportedly lost almost a fleet of its ‘wonder weapons’ amid war against Russia. According to a Business Insider report, Kyiv have lost most of its ‘once-prized’ Bayraktar TB2 drones. Ukraine is left with only a few units which are being used far from the battlefield. Before the war began, Ukraine used these Turkish drones to strike Donbas in violation of a ceasefire agreement. Russia claims to have destroyed over 100 Bayraktar drones in Ukraine

    Ukraine Strikes Back: Preliminary Counteroffensive Against Russia Begins | Vantage on Firstpost 5,196 views May 29, 2023
    A Ukrainian presidential adviser has announced the commencement of initial operations for a counteroffensive against Russian forces. This marks a key turning point in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Can Ukraine’s moves change the course of this war?

    Russia releases dramatic footage of BuK missile systems destroying U.S. Himars, Turkish drones /Hindustan Times 36K views 1 hour ago

  64. Joan Jamison

    Kyiv Downs Iskanders | Belgorod Shelled, Governor Says Annex Kharkiv | “NATO, Russia War Possible” CRUX 9,451 views May 29, 2023
    Ukraine shot down 11 ballistic and cruise missiles launched by Russia targeting Kyiv, said Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, commander-in-chief of the armed forces. This comes as Ukraine responded to Russia’s attacks by shelling Russia’s Belgorod Oblast, according to Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. The Belgorod Governor has also reportedly called for Kharkiv in Ukraine to be annexed into his region. Meanwhile, Czech Chief of the General Staff Karel Rehka has said that there is a possibility of war between Russia and NATO.

  65. ken

    Hi Greg.

    My last post didn’t make it. Was there something wrong? I never cuss,,, never attack people,,, etc.

    Just curious…

    Contact me via email if you wish and explain where I sinned or subjects I am not allowed to speak of.

    Ken Munger

    • Greg Hunter

      Post it again Ken. I found another comment of yours in the automatic spam file.

  66. Marie Joy

    The intent of government and quasi government agencies is to take EVERYTHING away from you… Money, your house, your rights, your children, your family, your life, and the list goes on.
    We deserve the government we tolerate.
    Go for their leaders first.
    IF boom sticks are used, traitors will take boom sticks from the people.
    When will the majority of Patriots be ready? When we’re starving? When our leaders are in jail?
    I expect the internet and/or the grid to go down soon.
    Phones… Sat, land, cell. Think of alternatives to those. What did they use in WWII?
    Learn Morse Code, the Navy Flag system, etc. Get a CV.
    Get food that does NOT have to be refrigerated.
    We’re coming down to the wire.
    Find your inner vitch. To survive, you will need to change what you are.
    Leaders first.
    Nice guys and their families will not survive.
    Some time ago, it was discovered all state armories’ ordinance was stolen in every state. All of them. The buildings were even swept after the ordinance was taken. Because the buildings were swept, government believes militias did it.
    Organizaion, Preparation, Learn to work together.

  67. Tim K

    Hi Greg,

    Same thing happened to me. A hospital in Waukegan IL, (Vista East) murdered my sisters friend (Pam). Please see below link

  68. Marie Joy

    LIBOR to SOFR, June 30, 2023
    Historic Change in the Global Financial System.

    • Richard Longacre

      Marie Joy, This SOFR conversion is going to be a much bigger problem, especially for the USD, US banks, retirement funds, and US citizens, than most people think. When you add in the $2.5 Quadrillion in derivatives, that also have an interest rate attached to each contract and must be converted, this by itself could bring down the global system. Yet they chose 1 July as their date to initiate the US CBDC (FED Coin) system. There are no coincidences. We are being set up and this is controlled demolition.

      • Wayne


        SOFR conversion is not going to be as much of a problem as some people are saying. Lynette Zang for example has been fearmongering by falsely saying that your mortgage balance could change because of LIBOR going to SOFR. Watch at the 12:25 mark.

        Of course she is wrong. Your mortgage balance is not going to change. Whatever you currently owe on your mortgage does not change just because the index that your interest rate was set to changes. About 90 percent of mortgages are fixed rate. That rate stays the same no matter what unless you refinance. And the balance of your mortgage will stay the same unless you make a payment. And LIBOR was not even the index used to determine what the interest rate on your fixed-rate mortgage was going to be. LIBOR was and now SOFR is the index that is used for adjustable-rate mortgages in which the interest rate will change periodically. But only some of those adjustable-rate mortgages are indexed to LIBOR. Newer adjustable-rate mortgages have been using SOFR already. So only a percentage of adjustable-rate mortgages will be the ones affected. The interest rate for those mortgages will change but not the balance.

        Also the total notional amount of derivatives is much closer to 1 quadrillion than the 2.5 quadrillion amount that you state especially if you are only referring to interest rate derivatives that currently might be still using LIBOR. There are some derivatives that are not interest rate derivatives such as stock, foreign currency and commodity futures and options. Also newly written interest rate derivative contracts are already using SOFR.

  69. Dave

    Complete betrayal by McCarthy on debt deal. McCarthy was a fraud to start with. He has been a RINO all his time in Congress and was close with Ryan. He made promises to the conservative Freedom Caucus to get to be Speaker. He wanted the power. Now, instead of a 1 year 1.5 trillion expansion of the debt ceiling a 2 year 4 trillion plus expansion. What about cutting the 85 billion from the IRS? McCarthy scaled that back to 1.5 billion. Tiny cut.

    There were 20 Republicans reps who didn’t trust McCarthy and held up his getting the Speakership. He whittled that down to just 5 who didn’t vote for him. Sadly, Chip Roy was duped by McCarthy. He realizes that now and will not vote for the package. Calling it a uniparty deal. Those 20 were berated by conservative media for weeks during the speakership fight. From Levin to Hewitt to Hannity to almost all of the bought and paid for conservative media. Tucker Carlson was almost alone in cheering on the 20 holdouts.

    Unfortunately, McCarthy will be able to pass the deal with Democrat support. It’s true McCarthy allowed for a small number of House members to call for his removal, but he knew that however many Republicans vote against him for Speaker the Democrats will offset and vote for McCarthy. This is a big win for Jeffries who will want something for getting the deal passed in the House with Democrat votes and insuring McCarthy remains Speaker.

    The House GOP is effectively neutered for the remainder of this term. The betrayal will guarantee that the Democrats take control in 2024 as conservative refuse to support a mostly RINO House.

  70. Clay L.

    Free Julian Assange: Noam Chomsky, Dan Ellsberg & Jeremy Corbyn Lead Call at Belmarsh Tribunal Democracy Now! 30K views 11 hours ago

  71. Cooky V. L.

    Pentagon admits Ukraine’s inability to defeat Russian troops; Moscow lauds U.S. ‘assessment’/Hindustan Times
    180,391 views May 28, 2023
    On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov lauded U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Gen Mark Milley for admitting that Ukraine cannot expect to recapture all of its territory in the near future. Lavrov said that US General’s statement was the “first step toward understanding how things stand on Earth today”.
    Struth! Milley, might just now, have SAVED CIVILIZATION! AS WE KNOW IT!

  72. Gay Muir

    Ukrainian citizens run for their lives as Russia fires Iskander missiles at Kyiv
    Hindustan Times 60,440 views May 29, 2023
    Russia fired a barrage of missiles at Kyiv on Monday sending residents running for cover. The rare daytime attack on the Ukrainian capital followed overnight strikes. Explosions rang out in Kyiv as Russia targeted the city for the second time in just 24 hours. Authorities in Kyiv said their air defences had downed every Russian missile launched against Kyiv.

  73. Dwight L. POWERS

    Jonathan Turley: This is getting even more troubling
    Fox News 348K views 2 days ago
    Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley responds to an IRS whistleblower speaking out on alleged mishandling of the Hunter Biden probe.


    Peter Doocy warns of possible debt default if House fails to pass bill
    Fox News 10 minutes ago

    Putin and China just scored a devastating blow to the U.S. and Europe | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 58K views 2 hours ago
    This week we saw a major tectonic shift in economic world power and Putin and China just scored another devastating blow to the West. More than 30 countries are asking to join the BRICS collation and move away from the U.S. dollar.

    Banking Crisis Not Accidental: It’s the Last Leg of the Fed’s Master Plan Warns Jekyll Author Stansberry Research 352,839 views May 22, 2023
    “The world is now in the hands of the banking institutions,” says G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island and founder of the Red Pill University. He argues that large banks have become so powerful that they are now “regulating the governments.” When it comes to the banking crisis, he says that it has been with us for a long time and “might really change our lives in the near future.” He concludes that investors will eventually lose their freedom of choice in the market because we’re moving towards a cashless society. “It’s not our money, we don’t own it,” he says.

    Jekyll Island Author Declares Revolution Is Only Way to Escape the Fed’s Planned Crisis
    Stansberry Research 138,499 views May 24, 2023
    “We will not survive the system by figuring out how to hide from it,” says G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island and founder of the Red Pill University, in the second part of our interview. He says it’s critical for folks to focus on protecting their portfolios. “Our lives and our freedom are at stake here,” Griffin warns. He also believes the banking crisis is not a surprise since it allows for the transition toward “a cashless society” with fewer banks. “Cash gives people autonomy.. it allows them to be independent of others,” he argues. Finally, he claims that de-dollarization is inevitable and might happen soon.

    RFK Jr burning up the track
    George Galloway 16,564 views May 28, 2023
    “If Bobby Kennedy is cheated out of nomination he should run as an independent. Missing in Soledar. Another brick in the conspiracy against Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. And more zingers than you can squeeze into two hours.

  75. John Horton

    Russia to strike U.S. state of Alaska? Putin urged to hit America after Senator lauds Russian deaths Hindustan Times 170,152 views May 29, 2023
    Russian lawmaker Andrey Gurulyov recently threatened to attack Alaska with a string of missiles. This comes after U.S. senator Lindsey Graham in a viral video allegedly said that the billions of dollars which the U.S has given to Ukraine in their conflict with Russia had contributed to the deaths of Russians. However, later it was revealed that the video posted by Ukrainian President Zelensky’s office was edited.–zzbiZdQqQ

    “The American Empire Is Shrinking” – Economist Richard Wolff
    Katie Halper 36,972 views May 28, 2023

    • Kat Kerr

      Russian forces destroy American Patriot Missile Systems in Ukraine; Moscow vows more action Hindustan Times 20,343 views May 30, 2023
      The Russian Defense Minister reported the destruction of American weapons in Ukraine. During a teleconference with Russia’s high-ranking military in Moscow, the Russian Defence Minister said that the troops destroyed an American anti-aircraft missile system in Kyiv. He noted the arrival of Western weapons in Ukraine and said it will not change the outcome of Russia’s operation in Ukraine.
      Wow, we’ve been caught up again, with our pant’s down! The rich cheats have been getting richer off the working slave taxpayer’s, while our deep creep grifters. Have been ripping off the American voters of they’re right to have their votes counted. We want the bums out before they divide and conquer us in unCivil War! Lets not get to the point we have to beg the Russki’s for law and order. Take your falsie flags Soros and son CIA, FBI, FSB and stuff it where the sun never sets!! The Land of The Midnight Sun!
      Where’s the men? Where’s Gary Cooper and John Wayne when we needs am?
      WAR IS OVER_Thy Kingdom Has COME Don’t be caught in the mop up of SATAN

  76. Marie Joy

    It pains me to repeat gossip without substantiation but…
    On USAWatchdog, on Rumble, on “Civil War, Nuke War & Financial War”, Swainman says there will be a grid down situation in September and we have to be prepared to ride it out where we are. I know nothing about it… True, False, I don’t know. I don’t know Swainman. Maybe Greg knows him.

    • Marie Joy

      swainman made this statement in comments.

  77. The Seer
    Dr Martin before EU
    Historical account since 1960s of bioweaponry.

  78. Prospector

    One major problem we must talk about is highly educated people , that simply have the facts wrong.

    An older man was telling me that NAZI’s were ” Right Wing ” on the political spectrum.
    I explained that – nazi – means ‘ national socialist german workers party ‘ , IE , left wing.
    Nope. He would not hear or even consider it. How do you reach these people ?

    Propaganda / conditioning runs deep.

    • Tommy

      I find it interesting over the debate of what’s right wing and what’s left wing. In the end, what’s the difference? Commies, nazis…they both are authoritarian that take away the peoples’ liberty and freedom.

  79. Bruce McGott

    Watch “Douglas Macgregor: It’s Payback Time!” on YouTube

  80. Joe

    There is a prophecy by Alois Irlmaier that southern England is going under the waves as a result of a bomb in the English Channel triggering an unknown geologic fault. Look up Irlmaier, he is very interesting and known among German Catholics. He also said 3 columns of Russian troops would invade Germany suddenly, none would return home.

  81. The Rev.

    What is the devil’s big goal in these last days? It is to wipe out God’s favorite part of creation. Genesis says, “God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them, male and female He created them.”

    God will NOT let the devil wipe out mankind. If your sin is covered by the blood of the Lamb, the devil cannot touch you. Now I know many people will die in the last days; the Scripture is clear about that, but those of us who have asked Jesus to forgive our sin and are living as close to Him as we can will be taken out of this world with Christ when he comes for us. So, believe (John 3:16), have faith (Ephesians 2:8-9) and ask to be forgiven (I John 1:9)

    God Bless You All, and I’ll see you in paradise sooner than many are aware.

  82. Jeff Johnson

    How the banking system works as presented by Three Stooges.

  83. Lon Bell

    EMERGENCY Tuesday Transmission: Globalists Planning Attack on Power Grid, Will Blame Loyal Americans – Watch LIVE Posted 3 hours ago
    Alex Jones is LIVE breaking the latest on what Americans need to look out for TODAY to stay ahead of the NWO!
    Klaus Schwab’s alarming rhetoric on the IMMINENT false flags designed to collapse the country!

  84. Lord Nasdaq

    Brother Greg, hope all is well down the road. I and others at PMF disagree with some of the points regarding China and their military capability. They never, ever, leave the border since The Divine Winds in 13th century. Burma, Korean War, Vietnam, India, etc. they still struggle on the border.
    Plus, please remember limited wars since 1949.
    But along with UNC Liberal Hill, Oxford, etc. they can create all sorts of biological weapons in our view. Military threat, no big deal to me.

    Also, Quayle gets his wish. Eisenhower, last president to cut or try to cut military size, would be rolling in the grave below.
    Under proposed debt ceiling government deal, part of the cuts are domestic spending = border wall, but increases in the military budget for next two years.
    Then the government worker/welfare slave complex will need another working man taxpayer bailout around 2026.

    We’ve seen this time and time again. Now or 2026 will be our Euro Crises.

    PMF comes out to play between the 14th and 2nd quad, buckle up, boys and girls.

    God bless

  85. Ewiak Ryszard

    Where are we heading? Let me remind you of a passage from the prophetic Book of Daniel: “And both these kings [Great Britain and Russia. (In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt. Great Britain then took the role of “the king of the south”. Around the same time, Russia expanded its influence in the region, which previously belonged to Seleucus I Nicator, and took the role of “the king of the north”)], their hearts (will be) to do mischief, and at one table (they) will speak a lie; but (they) will not succeed [neither of them will be victorious over the other before the appointed time]. Indeed yet (the) completion to (the) appointed time.” (Daniel 11:27) And this indicates that here we have a long jump from antiquity to nineteenth/twentieth century, to the period immediately before “the Lord’s Day”. (Revelation 1:10)
    And what was supposed to happen in this period of time, (before “the Lord’s Day”)? “And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that after the previous victories Hitler will attack the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [Soviet Union introduced state atheism]; and will act; and go back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The troops from the Soviet military bases returned to their country].” (Daniel 11:28)
    What will happen at the beginning of “the Lord’s Day”? “At the appointed time [the king of the north] will return back” (Daniel 11:29a) And that, in this context, means that Russian garrisons will return to where they were previously stationed. And this applies not only to Ukraine. The EU and NATO will break up.
    And what will happen next? “And come into the south [this will be the beginning of the nuclear war], but won’t be as earlier, and as later [the current military action in Ukraine associated with the return of the “king of the north” will therefore not lead directly to WW3 (americans and russians firing at each other). This will only happen after the return of the “king of the north”, and the detonator will be ethnic conflict (Matthew 24:7)], then the dwellers of distant coastlands of Kittim [the distant West (US)] will come against him, and (he) will break down [mentally], and will go back.” (Daniel 11:29b, 30a) This will be a mutual slaughter. Peace will be taken from the earth and the sword of great power will be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized it in this way: “a frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” For this reason, there will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders” (lack of public order). The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). It won’t be Armageddon. “All these are only the beginning of the labor pains.” (Matthew 24:8, New Catholic Bible) This will be strong evidence that “the Lord’s Day” has indeed begun. (Revelation 1:10; compare 2 Thessalonians 2:2)

  86. Ewiak Ryszard

    Where are we headed? First, we will see the return of the king of the north (Daniel 11:29a). Russian garrisons will return to where they were previously stationed. And this applies not only to Ukraine. The EU and NATO will break up. After that, there will be direct confrontation with the West. (Daniel 11:29b, 30a) This time it will be a world war not only by name. Peace will be taken from the earth. This will be a mutual slaughter and the sword of great power will be used. (Revelation 6:4) The prophet Amos writes: “With a blinding flash he destroys the stronghold and brings the fortified city to ruin.” (5:9, New International Version) The prophet Ezekiel wrote: “A sword, a sword drawn for slaughter, violently removing from the surface by devouring because of flash.” (21:28) This, however, is no longer just a tactical nuclear weapon, “it is dressed for the slaughter”. (Ezekiel 21:15b, Geneva Bible 1599) This is a strategic nuclear weapon, where “hydrogen bombs” are surrounded by a jacket of, e.g., U-238, to increase yield. Jesus characterized it in this way: “a frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” For this reason, there will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. It won’t be Armageddon. “All these are only the beginning of the labor pains.” (Matthew 24:8, NCB; compare Isaiah 5:24, 25)

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