Collapse of Civilization Coming – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s 

Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who uses “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events. High has had many freakishly correct predictions months and even years in advance.  In one prediction months ago, he said there would be increased traffic accidents that he named “vaxxidents,” and vehicle accidents recently reported are up more than 20% since the so-called vaccinations started. Clif High says the good news is the globalists are failing.  The bad news is life is going to get much harder.  High explains, “We are talking about the failure of systems, and we are at that point right now.  This is the failure of systems to interact and work with each other.  I see the signs of the failure of the United States all over.  Even if there was not an organic response to it at a coordinated level, these people would be failing just on their own incompetency.  They are trying to do things to a social order that is very, very diverse, and they are trying to do things as if the social order is not diverse. . . . We truly are a melting pot that you have so many diverse cultures that a medium of expression is bound to fail attempting to go from culture to culture to culture, and we are seeing that failure now.  Now, more people oppose BLM than support it.  Now, what is going to be the impact of BLM with the Rittenhouse verdict?  Will they riot?  Will it show how weak they are?  . . . . We are going to see all types of things happen here because the nature of the communist takeover is failing. . . . .We are going to watch it collapse.”

What about the economy and the social structure and how hard is life going to get?  High says, “Let’s say the ultimate paranoid understanding is this is a collapse of civilization to some degree.  In order to understand this, we should extract ourselves from as many of these failing systems as possible.  If you can extract yourself from the money system as much as possible, the school system and any of these systems because they are all going to fail, and you don’t want to be dragged down by them.  Here’s how bad it’s going to get. . . . Members of Congress will be rushing out of meetings, heaving their guts out and vomiting all over the hallways because of the emotional shock because of the death of the dollar.  The death of the dollar is not going to be a slow thing.  It will come to the point, probably fairly rapidly, and it might even be in just a couple of weeks because we have this drop dead date on December 3rd.  Anyway . . . This is the thing to imagine, and that is we are coming to the end of a civilization, which, in my opinion, we will be able to rebuild for the first time a true Constitutional Republic the way it had been envisioned.  It was taken over, at least in my life, since 1913 by the central banks (Federal Reserve).

High talks about the mass death coming as a result of the vax, which is failing badly.  He also talks about gold, silver, Bitcoin, China, how much longer this will last, the “Greatest Depression” and much more in this 1 hour and 15 min. interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Clif High.  He will give us an update as well as predicting future events and trends he sees with his data mining program.  (11.16.21)

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After the Interview: 

Clif High says he no longer sells his Internet data mining reports, but he does commentary about his data mining research and gives free analysis on his Bitchute channel.

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  1. Enrico

    My favorite people!

    • Sandra Sullivan


    • JJ

      Awesome work Greg!!! Thank you so much!!
      Your interviews with Clif are the MOST VALUABLE content on the internet in my opinion.

    • Nick de la Gaume

      Greg and Cliff


    • Trinacria

      Yes indeed. Does anyone know why the embedded video appears on my phone but not on my desktop computer.

  2. Stan

    Good interview, Greg. Although I disagree with much of what your guest said.

    • Greg Hunter

      How is that gold short going? Thanks for being civil.

      • Stan

        Greg: Before the end of the year there will be a huge smash down on Gold. My people told me that and they are never wrong.

        • david wilson

          You may be right about gold dropping price but you have to remember, you are comparing Gold (God’s Money) to fiat (paper)
          the PTB can manipulate the fiat price of everything. thats the problem! You need to try and understand, Gold is real. Fiat is backed by nothing, (And dont give me the bs about the full faith and credit of the us) how much faith do you have in the us government?

          • Paul ...

            DW … The banksters (an utterly depraved and psychopathic aristocratic class who want to maintain their rule rule over the rest of us) are after more then our gold and silver … they are after our family jewels (by serializing us with their “jab”) … they probably feel the American Capitalist system is creating too many wealthy people … which is a threat to their rule and control over the world … so they have used a bio-warfare plandemic attack along with sophisticated psychological warfare tactics and hired a completely immoral medical establishment to inject literal poison into millions Americans to kill and mass murder them … any who refuse the “jab” … have been threatened with losing their jobs and denied their livelihoods … all designed to consolidate their vast political and economic power and transform Western society so that “the already rich” can stay in control and turn the rest of us into slaves … the immoral money hungry greedy medical establishment cooperating with and facilitating this power grab are no better then the worst criminals in human history (the banksters) who have taken our US dollar from 100 cents to a penny in a little over 100 years!!

          • TheTrumanShow

            The PTB can, and in fact, do actively control and manipulate the price of gold — regardless of whose money it is. And if need be, their control of governments allows them to outlaw the possession, sale, and redemption of god’s money.

          • Sally

            Yes are so right. We will come out of this with something.

        • Mike R

          “your people.” LOL thats a good one stan. Earth to Stan: You dont have any “people” except for the multiple personalities that thrive in your mentally sick brain.

        • ronin

          I’ll see you in the coming weeks and months Stan, as gold and silver continue to be the safe haven people invest in to diversify their savings and portfolio, and those continue to rise outside of the false paper metals market smashing them down. I don’t know who your “people” are, but silver and gold, and brass and lead, food and seeds, are real goods, and have been for thousands of years, and I can hold them in my hands. If you are still around, touch base with us again next year, and we’ll see how accurate your people were.

        • Mike+G

          Stan hopefully your people are right, then maybe I’ll buy some.

        • Earth Angel

          Good. Then we all better buy up some more while its down! Thanks for the tip Stan- especially since your friends are never wrong!

      • Brooklyn


        For the benefit of your loyal followers …. please ignore Stan.

        He contributes little and extract much.


        • tim mcgraw

          brooklyn; I agree with Stan in that I disagree with a lot of what Clif says about currency. I agree with Martin Armstrong. It’s all about confidence in the currency. Could be bitcoin, could precious metals, could be pieces of paper with images of dead presidents. Or it could be beads or stones with holes in them or sheep or cattle or people.
          The currency is half of every transaction in the economy. What do you trust?
          I trust what the local storekeeper accepts as payment.

          • Paul ...

            Tim … The aim of the banksters is to exert total, full-spectrum physical, mental, and financial control over humanity before we realize just how badly we’ve been extorted by these maniacs Ponzi scheme!!

          • Paul ...

            But Tim, Tim, Tim … the American Indians who saved Wampum or sea shells 200 years ago because it was “accepted by merchants as money” are in big trouble today … just like Americans 100 years ago back in 1913 (who saved Fed dollars worth 100 cents “that merchants also accepted”) … find that today … those dollars they saved … are only worth a penny!!!

            • tim mcgraw

              Paul. The Indians in North America were beaten by technology and the pure land and blood lust of the Americans. The Indians were starved into submission. Not that the Indians didn’t practice child abductions, slavery, and torture themselves.
              I think it comes down to technology as far as who wins the land. Now the bad guys are holding technology over our heads.

        • Paul ...

          Yes … Ignore Stan … gold has just broken out of a year long triangle to the upside … … and an even longer cup and handle pattern is now in play which could see gold rocket up by at least one thousand dollars in the very near future …

        • Dawn

          Why should we ignore Stan?
          He’s entitled to his opinion.

          • Stan

            Thank you Dawn.

          • Chris


          • Paul ...

            Dawn … Stan has his right to free speech … but we can’t ignore him … because he is working with banksters (who want to put the majority of us “on the wrong side of the gold trade”) … Stan does what he is told … tell people who believe in “real money created by God” to hold on to fiat US dollars created by man (that have gone from 100 cents to a penny in one hundred years ) “as a means of preserving their wealth” … you don’t ignore someone like that … because the US dollar can lose “that last penny of value” in one year … then what do you think the price of gold will be in US fiat dollars?? … it will shoot very rapidly toward infinity … just like the Zimbabwe dollar and Reichsmark did)!!

          • Brooklyn



            Most of us who come here share our thoughts by posting comments that are relative to Greg Hunter’s guests or his fabulous weekly wrap ups. We are an International Group of friends, who come here to lean, receive pertinent links to further the discussion and to in turn, share with others.

            Please review the link below for the CAF interview where there are 25-30 IRRELEVANT comments based on STAN!


            That’s why….

          • Linda

            I agree Dawn. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion on this platform unless it is hating on someone. We can all individually and peacefully disagree but no one knows the future so all anyone is doing is voicing their opinion.

    • Self Exiled

      We here in the US expound the currency issues with great intelligence 🤔. BUT in the Philippines where no one uses cell phones to pay bills, get special deals at McDonalds, yada yada yada they just use it because they need it and could care less about supposed values compared to the yuan bla bla bla, cash and carry. Simple: lets eat. With their local, smelly, noisy, bug infested vegitables markets they will probably never go hungry. Oh did I mention abortion is not legal there. Mmm hmmmm

    • Beverly

      Good interview Greg . I have to say that I don’t believe the problems will go on for 18 years though. There is a famine that has been prophesied with the first 4 years slowly getting worse every year and the next 3 are recovery. Those last 3 still aren’t good ones though so we have to be prepared to make our own goods. Once the economic collapse hits, I think we can start counting down from that date—-7 years.

  3. Steve Bice

    Re: Vaxxidents…I have a friend who is a long haul trucker who told me this week that accidents were up over 18% and deaths over 9%. He did not specify a time frame.

    I was traveling a curvy mountain road running about 45 mph recently in a Jeep Wrangler…and was on a straightaway when a middle-aged woman at a stop sign suddenly surged across the road directly in front of me. I locked ’em up and missed broad-siding her by about a foot. Thankfully, the roads were dry and I had new brakes and excellent tread on the tires. The first thing I thought was: vaxxident. There was nothing obstructing her view…she just drove out in front of me with no other cars around us. Assume the worst and be prepared…

    • R J Wolf

      Thanks Steve, interesting experience thanks for sharing and the heads up.

    • andyb

      For some time, I’ve been posting about the ancillary effects of vaccine adverse reactions and what may possibly happen such as pilots dying in flight, unexplained and numerous freeway or turnpike accidents, and athletes dropping dead on the playing field. Now all is happening seemingly at once, but still on a small scale. It will take a death or two at an NFL or NBA game to wake people up.

      • Laura McDonough

        Wonder if parents will wake up now that they are jabbing grade school kids. These kids will come down w/ heart problems and some will die of strokes. Parents are functionally illiterate if they allow it, incl allowing their kids in public schools.

    • Russ D

      VACCIDENTS GALORE: More people are dying in traffic accidents despite traveling fewer miles – is it the “vaccines?”

      Wednesday, November 17, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

    • Brooklyn


      Looks as if Ethan Huff from NewsTargets has picked on Clif High’s term for vax related traffic accidents….

      • Greg Hunter

        This was yet another correct trend spotted by Clif High many months ago.

      • Earth Angel

        Vaxxidents- its a perfect term isn’t it? I like using it too. Thanks, Clif. And thanks always to Greg for bringing such illuminated minds to his interviews for us.

  4. Carla hayes

    So glad we have cliff giving us information! 👍🏻 Thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Carla for tuning in!

  5. Moira Egan

    I have been trying for about 10 minutes to find the link to the interview. ??

      • Gabriel

        Hi Greg,

        There is more and more data about people suddenly dropping dead. This is a recent article from Zero Hedge:

        Have you or anyone heard anything about Gov. Newsom of CA. Nothing about him in 3 weeks or so. Last week he “issued” a statement that he was out of the public eye because of Halloween, but there is a suspicion he may have had a side-effect form the vaccine.

        I watch your interviews weekly.

        Keep it up.

        • Myn

          There’s a casting call on reddit for a Newsom look alike, with peppered hair.
          Don’t know. Someone noticed that in his last video, he was sitting down which is unusual he would always speak behind a podium in the past.

          • Brooklyn


            We can add that to the need for Jobama, aka: #FJB, look alikes and HRC look alikes…

    • cr

      turn off your privacy badger (if in firefox) or your ad blocker.

    • Marie+Joy

      Moira, Sign up for Greg’s messages, upper right, so you get the link whenever there is a video.

  6. Randy

    Love the last two guests you have had and read most of their writings but their opinions on the short term strength of the dollar are quite opposite of each other.

    • Robert Brown

      Stick with Armstrong when it comes to currency.

  7. Ron

    Greg, you might want to branch out across the pond and see if you can interview the Scottish archaeologist and social commentator Neil Oliver.

    For example, see his monologue “Hey Government, we are not stupid”

    “We are not stupid and we must not let the Government treat us as though we are. I believe we, the people, are living now in a version of an abusive relationship with our government. Words I do not use lightly or to cause offence.”

    • Marie+Joy

      Ron, Heaven forbid Oliver should cause offense during a genocide. He sounds like a sissy.

      • Marie+Joy

        In fact, I’m giving some serious thought to the fact it’s about time to cause some serious offense.

        • TheTrumanShow

          Right on, MJ. I’m with you. Only offense in the extreme talks. The rest walk.

    • JuicyMoosey

      All the signs of an “abusive relationship” are there. Anyone would think the government was composed of psychopaths or something :

  8. art pullman

    The criminal syndicate(FED) is responsible for all what is happening. There were no world wars until the it’s creation in 1913. When all else fails they take us to war.

    • Paul ...

      Art … In this War they are using ventilators (they built at Warp Speed) … “instead of machine guns” … to mass murder us all!!

      • Brooklyn


        If memory serves me right, didn’t Trump order(?) a GM or another auto manufacturer to retool to produce ventilations..?

    • Gale Storm

      Every detail; WWIII?Art;
      The evidence of world conditions in fulfillment of Bible prophecy clearly establishes the fact that this present system of things is in its “time of the end,” its “last days.” –Dan. 12:4; Matt. 24:3-14; 2 Tim. 3:1-5. This has been the case in recent history and especially since the world wars, when Jesus foretold nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom. –Luke 21:9-10 Matthew 24:6-7 Mark 13:7-8 Revelation 6:4 Revelation 6:8 Romans 1:28-32
      Are we deep in to the “last days”? Can we have complete confidence in Bible prophecy?
      Jesus foretold that some of those who were alive when the “last days” began would live to see this system’s end. Already over 100 years have passed since the “generation” of those world wars, saw the start of these troubles. (Matt. 24:34) So time has nearly run out on this “crooked and twisted generation.” (Phil. 2:15) Shortly we may be eyewitnesses of the fulfillment of the many Bible prophecies related to ‘the passing away of this world.’ (1 John 2:17) And we can have complete confidence that these prophecies will be fulfilled in every detail.
      Prepare for Armageddon: China’s warning to the world | 60 Minutes Australia
      182,895 views Nov 14, 2021 60 Minutes Australia

      Chinese President issues warning to US on Taiwan
      6,610 views Nov 16, 2021 Sky News Australia
      Chinese President Xi Jinping is warning the United States on Taiwan as he and his US counterpart held their most substantial talks since Joe Biden took office.
      In a virtual meeting which lasted three and a half hours, Xi Jinping told the US president [whoever plays with fire will get burnt.]
      Mr Biden said the US and China need to communicate openly and directly to avoid military conflict.
      [Following the meeting, Chinese state media immediately reported Biden had reiterated the US does not support Taiwan independence!]
      However, the White House had a different take – saying in a statement stressing the US “strongly opposes unilateral efforts to change the status quo or undermine peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait”.
      The meeting covered a range of issues which have brought relations between the countries to an all-time-low.
      A senior US administration official called the talks “respectful, straightforward and open”.
      In Other Words, at Juggernauts!

  9. david wilson

    Great Interview with Clif High.
    He is an amazing and very smart person.
    I could listen (and learn) from him for hours and hours.
    I am in my mid 60s and people think i am crazy when i tell them i have not turned on a tv in 9 years. Its all propaganda.
    Amazing times we live in and most people have their head up their ass.
    Tell people prepare because we are at war and they look at you like you have 3 eyes.
    thanks for all that you have done and continue to do.
    You are a true American Patriot

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David,
      I agree we are at war and people are cannot see it. The MSM and Big Tech propaganda is strong and evil.

      • Self Exiled

        Yes, the age of deception. The only clear message.

        • Charles H.

          The phrase ‘control the narrative’ is deceptive in itself. For the most part – the TV and radio MSM ARE the narrative; and we are the kooks. It is a world divided by ignorance, because most people won’t look beyond what is conveniently foisted in front of them.

          • Self Exiled

            and the blindness you speak of is so complete.

  10. Michael

    Thanks Greg
    Cliff is out there and has me scratching my head at times. Yet he has a pretty good batting average.

  11. Dr. Joseph

    Aliens not vaxed, now we know why. 1. To vote for the rats or risk deportation 2. The new worker bees for the elite to bake the bread, so to speak. I’m sure you all get the meaning.

    • Paul ...

      Yes we do Doc … the plandemic is being used as an excuse for a vast political and economic transformation of Western society that will enrich the already rich (and keep “them” in control)… as they turn the rest of us (aspiring to be wealthy) into incapacitated “shaking” slaves on welfare who will eventually die of a failing heart or an outright stroke from the constant shaking the “jab” produces in people!!

      • JC


        Riddle me this…

        VIENNA (Reuters) – Austrian coronavirus infections hit a new daily record on Wednesday, the third day of a lockdown for those not fully vaccinated aimed at halting the surge.

        • TheTrumanShow

          To keep the record straight, “coronavirus infections” is incorrect. It should read, “coronavirus cases,” which are not the same thing as a coronavirus infection.

        • Paul ...

          The ultimate plan of the Globalists is to lock-down the people who think for themselves (the un-vaccinated) in FEMA Camps … then use cyanide and guillotines “on them” … leaving only the brainwashed masses (who survive the “jab”) to be their sterilized slaves!!

      • Monica Craig

        You noticed it too

  12. Shirley Thompson

    Here in Tennessee I recently heard on local news that traffic accidents are at an all time high – 1 out of 5 drivers has been involved in an accident. They reported traffic deaths are up by more than 20% this year over last. Although TN is a red state, Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis are liberal Dimwit enclaves that have pushed jabs and nearly everyone in those cities are complying. their vaxx rates for those areas is very high. Vaxx rates for the rural portions of the state (majority population) very low in the 20% – 30% area.

    • Paul ...

      ST … All it takes is a blood clot to break loose from the lungs and enter the brain … and people driving cars will fall over at the wheel … the same way athletes are falling over on the football field … but worse … because they will probably be killing people who were intelligent enough not to take the “jab”!!

  13. Monica Warren

    I adore Clif High.. he’s a 21st century prophet, probably a genius 🧐 and he is very very cool too..Great show Greg🌹

  14. Mr. Yuk is Green

    Brokeback Biden 2024 website…
    President They/It/Vegetable says: “Dismantle, Destroy, Deconstruct!”

  15. c
    Record-Setting Rains Flood The Pacific Northwest

    The moral of the story is never talk or laugh at someone else’s suffering.
    Our existences are only temporary in the dramas, but the traces of our actions and speeches we left behind will hardly go away.

    • Paul ...

      Well … Well … Well … could it be the Military (who can control the weather) has finally decided to fill the dry lakes in the Pacific Northwest … next … they should throw a big rain storm at California … and begin fighting back at the Globalists … who want to destroy all our US food production from California … to create the famine they need … to bring their new world order/reset into being!!

    • Self Exiled

      ” never talk or laugh at someone else’s suffering” —— Amen. I have seen people, sleeping on card board, very thin people on bridges staring into the water below, children with extended stomachs and boney arms and legs, listened to a brother and husband argue what corner the attractive sister/wife should work so as they will have food to eat, a gray haired no teeth lady mouthing her need to eat separated from me only by a pain of glass, a little girl doing same exposed to pedophiles because of her hunger —- these are the people that should bring tears to our eyes and tightness to our chest for we are the ones lacking the Revelation of Him in our presence. These are they who will be the High Priest of God, they reflect His image to a dying world. Lord Jesus please take me back to Manila. I need to see you again.

      This hope [this confident assurance] we have as an anchor of the soul [it cannot slip and it cannot break down under whatever pressure bears upon it]—a safe and steadfast hope that enters within the veil [of the heavenly temple, that most Holy Place in which the very presence of God dwells). Hebrews 6:19

      • Brooklyn


        Well said…!

        As our leader, the Honorable Greg Hunter has told us, “Jesus is Real” Pray to Him. He will hear our prayers from Heaven and heal our land. As you know, many will not survive, but those that do, as Clif High has forecasted for us, will be the catalyst to a true Constitutional Republic the our Founders believed in and – died for….

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not your “leader,” I am your reporter. I work for “We the People.” People need to know and understand the news that “Jesus is real.” Thanks for the kind thoughts though.

          • Brooklyn


            You are too humble to admit it, but You Sir Are – Our Leader…! For it is your dogged determination to search for the Truth, in not only your World Class Weekly Wrap ups, but your fabulous guests who each take turns sharing their expertise with all of us, your loyal followers. Amen!

            Onward & Upward,


  16. Robert B

    This interview was a tremendous blessing thank you Greg. If you know the wave is coming you can brace on the Rock for the shock. Praying for you every night we’ll be increasing our donation.

    • Gunny HiWay

      I beg to differ.
      There are no “dry lakes” in Washington State or Oregon.
      Western Washington still leads the entire North American continent in annual rainfall and snow melt.
      We have more than enough water here in Washington.
      Spokane, where I live, sits on the largest aquifer on the continent.
      California has plenty of water as well, they just drain their dams to kill of the conservative farmers.

      • Paul ...

        Gunny … Interesting … so it was not the Military “trying to help fill the lakes” in the Pacific Northwest … but they do control the weather … so why did they stand down and allow the flooding?? … when they could have easily redirected the storm toward California to fill their reservoirs???

      • Justn Observer

        Gunny, Maybe a large aquifer in Wa. but simply NOT the largest in continental U.S. and yes there are dry lakes in SE Oregon…and yes both WA and OR are in extreme drought conditions currently…

  17. Michael Lee Shirey

    GOD bless you guys!!

  18. Tom Parankewich

    Thanks again Greg for this outstanding interview. I live in Canada , un vaxed . Time goes so fast when you interview one of your favorite guests

  19. Tom Parankewich

    Great interview again thankyou

  20. Larry

    4 weeks after my sister had her second shot she was hospitalized for blood clots in her lungs and fluid retention internally between organs. She has had a filter installed in her blood stream and has had fluids removed. While hospitalized she had a battery of tests and has been diagnosed with aggressive ovarian cancer. The doctors installed a chemo port and She will be starting chemo this coming week. She has complete faith in modern medicine, I have my doubts and suspicions but have kept them to myself. She has asked for our family for prayers and that is all I can do. I ask that you who read this offer prayers not just for my sister but for all that took an experimental drug because they accepted a false narrative. I would also suggest praying for the collective soul of our country because i do not think that the lord is to pleased with us. Larry

    • Paul ...

      Larry … Sadly … sometimes it takes the sacrifice of one to save the world … perhaps … people seeing what happened to your sister will now begin to realize that putting their hand into a fire is going to burn them … just like taking the “jab” is surely going to kill them!!!

    • The Ogs

      Hi Larry,
      So sad. I hope you will always keep good memories of your sister (despite what she has done)…

    • Brooklyn


    • Charles H.


      This is sad. You might point her to the Holy Bible – as a source of faith and consolation. It is man’s only way to draw near unto the Almighty God. She may personally find Jesus Christ in it, as the Savior that He is. I, like you, have little confidence in the medical field today. But through the Word of God – she can prepare herself and find Eternal Life, by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ the Lord. I lost an older brother through an untimely death. It is always heartbreaking.

  21. John Nordstrom

    …as we enter into the Ice Age…
    What ???
    Would be nice to drill into this one.

    • Marie+Joy

      Wood stoves and one damn lot of wood and coal, if you can get it.

    • Paul ...

      We need to stop the coming ice age … by burning coal and releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere … China is the only Nation helping out … they build a new coal fired electrical plant every week (screwing the Globalists plans impose a carbon tax on people)!!!

      • Skeeter

        CO2 is actually a coolant as it emits to space at 666 cm-1 in the stratosphere at increased concentration. It does absorb in the long wavelength IR at 666 cm-1 at the surface of the earth but at current concentration absorbs all of the possible black body radiation at that wavelength. A higher concentration in the atmosphere can absorb no more. But there is actually scant blackbody radiation as water , vegetated, or wet surfaces since less than a mil (1/1000 of an inch) of water absorbs that radiation. In short, global warming due to man is a lie revealed by the most basic understanding of IR spectroscopy.

    • Scott

      Its called the grand solar minimum. We are going into much colder weather and by next year you will know about it big time. It will result in food shortages, malnutrition, disease and death. Probably revolutions throughout the world and a collapse in currencies and governments. Also war internationally by 2026 most Probably. You have been lied to about global warming so when it was revealed they changed it to climate change. Well there has always been climate change and the next change is colder. Ice age colder for about 30yrs.

    • Paul Anthony

      Prayers for your sister yourself and family sent !

    • Reeze

      Please see Maunder Minimum

      The sun goes through cyclical warming/cooling phases. These also seems to be exasperated by our orbit around the sun, and our entire solar systems traversal through our galaxy.

      Is it true? I don’t know.

      Most people think this is crazy, but some very rational people (imo) believe the Earth is entering a new minimum. If so, we’re in for a crazy 100 years.

      • Edward

        Thank you for posting this link.

    • Michael Cagney

      Right, I caught that too. Greg, please indulge Clif on this will ya?

    • Stephen Woenker


      She doesn’t have to prepare to die, isn’t God a healer? Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with HIS STRIPES we ARE HEALED.

      I am believing God for her healing because aggressive cancer is no different than non-aggressive cancer.

      • Paul ...

        She should immediately fast … so all her body energy can go toward fighting the cancer … simply put her on a water diet for about 2 weeks which will increase all her T-cells and activate them toward killing the cancer … then only small meals afterward … and plenty of oxygen … cancer cannot survive in oxygen … hyper-barric oxygen treatments (at 2 times atmospheric pressure) will get deep into the body to kill and eradicate the cancer!!

  22. Trevor Marang

    Great video. Your my first go to for a number of years now. Great guests, great info and probably saved my life.

    • Diana Brown

      I thought the exact thing Trevor!

  23. Max Carter


    I sure am hoping that you might mention or comment on the 5th. Circuit Court putting the brakes on the poison mandate. I had my employer pull me into a private meeting attempting to persuade me into taking the horrible clot shots. I came back at them with all the knowledge I’ve heard and had around me. Most info from you and all your guests. Thank you for what you do as I was prepared for the situation. I really appreciate everything you do. Blessings to you and your family.

    • Paul Anthony

      Thats the way to fight Max! Yes! Dont put up with bullshit while informing them of reaility! Nice!

  24. Huck

    Greg, the links to your videos are removed from many sites. Are you aware of this? for myself, to watch, I now must use TOR or I can view nothing. I don’t understand how that happens, but you might.
    thanks so much for all the Good you do…

    • The Ogs

      Hiya Huck,
      Greg broadcasts on Rumble and anyone with a proper browser, (ie. Brave) that is neither infected nor logged into Google, can easily view!
      Unplug your router from power when you slumber; plug it back in, in the morning when you wake up. And do browse while logged into Google, or anything else for that matter.
      Run CCleaner regularly to empty your browser cache and history. I run it every day. You should too. The company is called Piriform (so you recognize you have found the correct cleaner).
      Always reboot your PC after running CCleaner and before browsing. Most PCs (90%) are infected. Greg and I pray that you do not participate in this group!

  25. Divingengineer

    One thing Cliff said a few interviews ago, that there will be a major media event marker. He was off by one or two weeks, but CNN is now announcing they’re laying off most of the “talent” and going back to being a 100% news channel—capitulation.
    When I read that, I thought about Cliff and his October timelines he had, he said the news media would go into a mode where they were just trying to keep up with the narrative and they wouldn’t be able to spin narrative at that time.
    I think we’re very close to that point and I think CNN folding like a cheap suit might’ve been a good validation for him.

  26. Steve

    He is talking everything biblically. Near the end he was talking about wars and rumors of wars. He talked about aliens and debris in the atmosphere which is signs in the heavens in the stars and the moon. He is talking about pestilences, he said 1/3 of people may die, he talked about massive inflation, he talked about the unveiling of corruption of our systems and institutions and how they would fail which would leave no stone unturned. Everything he says is biblical, and he is giving descriptions to what the events will look like. He even talked about the massive global chaos coming.

    Our system is being brought down intentionally…purposely. We are all being pushed to the right, globally. Nation will rise against nation, meaning populations will rise against their own governments soon. No governments clears a way for evil to rise right to the top. Evil is purposely bringing down all our systems and will create massive global chaos. Then, with no governments He can rise to the top with the solution that will bring global Order. People will love this man for about 3.5 years. We are being set up by evil to mask himself as a savior….and the planet is going to love Him.

    • Sue

      The only thing is that “He” shouldn’t be capitalized where you mentioned the one who will be loved, as he is not HE, the ONE who will finally bring justice and the real “resetting” of the world! Maranatha!

    • Sue

      And Steve, I understood what you meant! It’s all been foretold in the Good Book! We just need to hang on tight!

  27. Shawn Davidson

    And Stan, maybe with the “huge smash down on gold” we’ll also get a huge smash down on the price of meat and other necessities such as gasoline, heating oil and gas, not to mention rents, housing, cars, used cars etc etc. Personally I think that you’re dreaming in technicolor, but if you happen to be right for some unknown reason, then I also welcome the deflationary collapse that would inevitably accompany the “big smashdown in gold”
    One way or another this baby is going down big time, whether through deflationary implosion or inflationary explosion, or perhaps even from a combination of both all at the same time. Hope you’re prepared Stan!

    • Paul ...

      SD … Remember … in just about one month “this year will end” … and all the banks “will be forced to own a lot more Gold” as a Tier 1 Asset (to cover their derivative liabilities) … and banks having to own “more” Gold doesn’t logically fit in with … Stan’s “gold crash” scenario!!!

  28. JKG

    Love your show and your guests Greg. Thank you for all you do for us to keep us informed. Judith

  29. tim mcgraw

    Greg, I like Clif. He’s entertaining. He’s right on some things. His Sci Fi World is a pipe dream imo. Human nature won’t allow a utopia. At least not now, not here. And not in space either.
    Humans are flawed. We do our best while we are here. Then pass on.

    • TheTrumanShow

      Nice comment, T.M. I fell the same way about Cli and his SciFi World.

      • Greg Hunter

        You got to give High credit where credit is due for many correct predictions and trends from his data mining research and analysis. He termed coming increase of vehicle accidents as “Vaxxidents” and was spot on many months in advance. It is now an established fact there have been a statically and verifiable big increase in accidents since the CV19 shots were started. This is a huge correct call made right here on USAW. If you don’t admit this, it is you who are in a “SciFi” world of delusion and denial.

    • Paul ...

      C … All the supposed trillionairs (Blackrock and Vanguard) own is (fiat “Wampum” paper) … outside the game they are playing … they are not rich at all … Bill Gates sees the light (and is buying farm land) … and Warren Buffet sees the light (and is buying Barrick Gold)!!

  30. tim mcgraw

    I have no faith in bitcoin or cryptos. They are digital.. The real world is analog. There are no magic beans.

    • L.C.

      I agree with both of your comments herein. For this one on bitcoin, any unforeseeable in-hand form of “cash” buys you what you need i.e. Argentinians were using links from gold necklaces during their currency collapse 2001.
      Also, if Clif says satellite space junk could shut down internet, there goes bitcoin.
      Ask both: do you trust either Federal Reserve or viable dependable internet?

    • Paul Anthony

      I am with you on that Tim. Too much control with that digital stuff as currency screams evil on its face. Its bad enough our bank accounts are digital and not very private these days

    • Paul ...

      Tim … In this world … gold and silver are as close as we get “to owning magic beans” that never lose value!!

    • Charles H.

      Even a digitally controlled motor, as in a hybrid car – must rely on analog tires.

    • Warren B.

      Tell that to the Chinese.
      They have been operating on a digital platform for some time now (as early as 2013)….(even though they have paper currency still in circulation). That platform is the CCP’s control mechanism linked to social credit scores…..and provides every other bit of data for analysis. The China paradigm was by design and it came from the West (American Marxists).
      Can you see how they have created this monster to allow it to be executed across the western world ? A gradual introduction (through death by a thousand cuts) – slowly they have encroached on our liberties and freedoms whilst robbing the Treasury blind. Next phase is the Digital Currency Age. It cannot be avoided….in fact it is a Necessity (owing to the insurmountable Global Debt and Derivative position). The Slate will be cleared allowing for the transition. Be assured there will be a cataclysmic economic upheaval event to work in tandem with the desired outcome – in fact it is more than likely planned to precede the introduction of it.

    • Linda

      I agree Tim. I’m not a fan of the crypto currencies. What makes Bitcoin worth $60+k anyway? Why would anyone pay that much money for a digital entry?? I understand that Bitcoin is peer to peer and can travel across countries, but how does that make it worth $60k?
      I thought we were trying to get rid of fiat currencies, not reinvent them…

      • Warren B.

        “How could you pay that much money for Bitcoin”…… indeed!
        What does $60K represent to you Linda? What is the VALUE of fiat ?
        “Its a lot of money” – but that money is debauched…..regardless if it has the full backing of the US Government (and Armed Forces). In simple terms it is brought into existence with no cost /exertion/ expense of labor or materials.
        You seem to be in a state of flux with regard relative values.
        What is the Value of a Buck?
        Then consider what is the Value of Bitcoin.
        One shouldn’t burden their mind with questioning its cost/value. It merely represents a medium of exchange – that in a true market – where you have willing buyers and sellers – there is an exchange of goods or services at an agreed price. The indoctrinated school always reverts to the Dollar as the price (because of its generally widespread acceptance). Once again it comes back to confidence (that the seller wishes to accept Bitcoin as the compensation for the goods/services that are being sold – because they obviously believe it represents some value to them and has formed an opinion that the Blockchain mechanism is something that is gaining traction and confidence).
        Keep an open mind when it comes to BTC. Its not going away.

  31. tim mcgraw

    At 27:00 Clif doesn’t know how politicians are going to “back down”. LOL! The politicians are going to be running for their lives!

    • Paul ...

      Tim … They have already surrounded the Capital with a barbed wire fence (that is useless against drones) … so the politicians who are out to kill us with their mandatory “jab” will soon be running (not for office) but for their very lives!!

    • Scott


    • L.C.

      My second agreement with you made me laugh. You say what the current popular saying says: “They i.e.politicians won’t be able to walk down the street.”
      I would add, when Clif said members of Congress will be rushing out of meetings, heaving their guts out and vomiting all over the hallways because of the emotional shock because of the death of the dollar, I immediately thought, all that NOT for the collapsed dollar, but for what you said. . . fear of their constituents assaulting them for all their lies and corruption.

      • Brooklyn


        “…constituents assaulting them…” is putting it very mildly../:

      • tim mcgraw

        L.C. Thanks to you and all the others for you replies to my comments. Back in 2006 or so I was having a beer with a friend at John & Zeke’s Bar on the town square. It was a sunny summer afternoon. The door to the bar was open to the sidewalk.
        I gaze over at the door and there is Dick Gephardt!!! You can look him up. He was a Democratic Congressman from Missouri and House Speaker for six years. A real weasel.
        And that’s how he acted that afternoon. He stuck his red head in the bar, saw me recognize him, and he dashed off like a frightened hare.

        • TheTrumanShow

          Add one more compliment to your list. Great to see so many reader-commenters lighting up at the sight of the truth simply told.

    • L.C.

      For your comment on politicians running for their lives, I agree 100% and would add more.
      When Clif said: “members of Congress will be rushing out of meetings, heaving their guts out and vomiting all over the hallways because of the emotional shock because of the death of the dollar,” I immediately thought all this NOT over collapsed dollar but over their visceral fear of raging constituents coming to get them.

    • Paul Anthony

      I am very suprised we the people are putting up with all this and for this long and they are not running from their lives YET! But I think that will happen before the end of all this

    • Scott

      I sincerely hope so. I will be doing the chasing. Rope in hand. Lol

  32. jack mathers

    Greg. Mark Taylor was on the McFiles show, and said there was going to be a ” Big die off
    starting in December or January.

  33. OuchTime

    Hope Kyle don’t get bingered pray 4 him!

  34. tim mcgraw

    Vaccinated = terminated.

  35. nathan dunning

    Im so glad I have the Bible and faith in my creator and his prophets. Otherwise I might fall for a lot of Misinformation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif High is NOT a substitute for the Bible or Jesus. I put High on because he has had many spot on predictions and has seen many trends. I am putting on every one I can to help us get through this but Jesus is number#1n and I would book him first and foremost if I could.
      “Fear Not” because Jesus is real!!

  36. JC

    “Western society finally reveals itself for what it is… temporary. That is why this is called The Apocalypse.”

  37. Ashley Wells

    There was no sound with the Chif High video of Nov. 16th. I opened it up at 1:15AM ET ! ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Ashly please unplug your modem and reset it. Let me know it that works. There is sound on the video.

  38. Stephen

    Greg, this was a captivating interview. I couldn’t walk away, even as long as it was.
    A lot to think about. Have been prepping for awhile, but this takes it to a whole new level.
    I want to re-think what preps I have done, but I guess in the end, we will need to be able to do stuff ourselves. I need some processing time.

  39. JC


    Of the 89 total infections, 87 people were fully vaccinated, the nursing home said.

    Residents and staff will become eligible for the booster shot when the community has gone two full weeks without any new COVID-19 cases, they said.

    The “vaccine” doesn’t work! But get your booster shot. Sure. OK.

  40. Steven Farnsworth

    At one hour in the program Clif said chaos 10 to 18 years as we enter into the Ice Age? Is that what he predicts? Or, just kicking some thoughts around?

  41. David Gordon Dunne

    I agree with a lot of what Cliff says. There are so many zombie, Stockholm Syndrome friends and family I have. Some of the most intelligent too. Not to smart as it pertains to Government lies and Covid fakery. I have bombarded them all from day 1 over two years ago with data from the likes of Drs. Tennpenny, Mercola, Mikovitz, Malone, and many more. Many call them all baffones and quacks. Hardly anyone has seen the light of truth now. That scares me. Two brothers got the jabs, BAM a heart attack and a stroke, my own dimwitted daughter has a heart mur mur now but can not correlate it to the jabs she took. I have played cards for 32 years with the same group of 10-11 men and all but 3 of us got the jabs and sadly are craving for more. Some are very wealthy, highly intelligent and quite frankly stun the 3 of us that have brains and said NO. I had to move to Thailand in 2016 per our grand Govt. with my Thai wife. I can tell you the people here are more chicken chit than in NY or CAL. They all drive cars, on motorcycles and even in their homes all masked, double masks and dying to get the jabs now being rolled out in earnest. It makes me so fuc-ing frustrated to be screaming out “look at the facts, open your eyes and ears.” So many deaf and blind people so in this regard, Cliff may be wrong. I honestly do not see any awakening of any sort, just sheep going to slaughter and the only way Trump will be allowed back is if every brings out their muskets and forces change.

  42. LA

    Clifs always been ahead of the times. I been following in 20 years. Glad i followed his advice bought bitcoin several years ago 😊. He saw covid coming end of 2019 said get prepared and i avoided the rush to buy. Hes also predicted tons of correct happenings to much to mention. I hate to see in the comments cancer after vax but clif did warn that was happening months ago. Glad you have him on regularly. I hope people listen.

  43. Nigel

    Even if you take a less pessimistic view the coming depression combined with parts shortages is going to be horrendous. For example, in the 1930s depression my grandfather kept his car going by cannibalising parts and been inventive something that is no longer possible. That allowed him to get jobs helping out on farms which would pay him in food if they had no cash. He’d get a week’s worth of vegetables for the whole family and a pigeon or rabbit or two for a day’s work. That’s not going to be possible this time around.

  44. Kevin Fernandes

    Cliff is great…however, GOD IS ABOUT TO SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT; PROPHECY!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Kevin on both counts.

  45. TORY

    Driving on the street for the past few weeks after spending time on my farm relatively secluded I noticed a change. People are driving demented! Agresive and careless. A woman was driving her small car on the wrong side during daylight and at rush hour. People swerved off the road and others looked like they were in shock, even though no one got hit. Was freaky.
    Each day I’ve seen it getting worse and today a woman that was listening to me and a friend talk about how bad the vax is while waiting for our food she started glaring at me. Asked her directly, she wouldn’t look me in the eye and said “all my doctors saI’d to get the vax and they know more than you! Your spreading misinformation” she declared. She had two children with her. I tried to talk to her but she said she wasn’t going to talk to me, all while she looked like she either wanted to shoot me or run away. Was freaky. I apologized if I upset her and took my food and left.
    Maybe it’s now time to hunker down, not go out, and keep vigilant because that “emotional” trigger that’s happening will not be rational. It won’t just be at the people who lied to these folks, but to anyone bursting their illusion that’s it’s all going to be ok… It’s going to be chaotic in the extream. It’s already begun.

  46. Jennifer Sue Smallin

    Man o man…I have been prepping and prepping…and still feel so unprepared!
    Thanks Greg and Clif High! God help our children!

  47. Craig

    One of the best people to hear from at this time. Great stuff Greg

    • Stephen

      Me too. Im still trying to rethink it, and am able to fill holes. but in the end we probably can’t really ever be fully ready for this one.

  48. Foxx Drake

    Collapse of civilization? Sounds good, it wasn’t all that civilized.

    • Self Exiled

      LOL….. same rational

  49. andrew healey

    I trust Trump less now than I ever have. I think he played his part in all this to line his pockets .I don’t care to see his face again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Many people think this way but I think he was misled about the vax and he cannot admit he was duped. He will come around. Mr. President say to the world NOW “Stop the Shots”!!!!!!!

  50. Gary Horn

    So Clif states that gold will rise in value proportionate to the Dollar’s collapse. Most others I’ve listened to who are in the know seem to think it will rise much faster since it has been artificially held down all this time by paper contracts, I suppose.
    Also, I don’t know how someone can talk about fiat cryptocurrency as being somehow safer than paper fiat. As much as I despise our non gold-backed currency at least I can hold it in my hand, its existance not being dependant on the Internet or power grid.

    • Greg Hunter

      Listen again. He’s saying the dollar may not even be accepted. So, the price of dollars to gold would not mean anything. This is why he said un-obtain-um may be the word gold gold. If the dollar was crashing in value everyday would you sell your gold for dollars?

      • Edmund Burke

        Which is exactly what Bill Holter has said for at least a decade. Gold will go “No Deal”, nobody will sell their Gold for currency.

        Great interview in a very long list of great interviews.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Edmund.

      • Gary Horn

        I guess at some point that will be true Greg, but as the value of gold rises and the dollar drops I was hoping to pay off some mortgages, lol. I like Clif High though. Mny of his points do make sense.

      • Paul ...

        But “evil” Big Pharma and the “immoral” medical establishment under their control … “will kill human beings” (both adults, children and fetuses) for ever more worth-less fiat dollars … which just goes to show the unbelievably evil magnitude and utmost extreme degeneracy of these “true” Demons from Hell!!

  51. Tim Buck 2

    Greg, it would be great if you gave the links where Fauci and Gates admit that the jab doesn’t work. I have looked and the web pages are all saying that it is all conspiracy theory. I know it is the truth but can you put the links where they admit that the bioweapon, jab doesn’t work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tim Widely reported. Fauci was in the NYT.

  52. Margaret R. Reid

    What will happen to pensions?

    • Greg Hunter

      Pensions are liability debt balls and the debt will be defaulted on or cut I am afraid.

  53. Robert Will

    2 weeks ago, I was stopped at a light waiting to turn left and was rear-ended.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for reporting you Vaxxident!

  54. Margaret R. Reid

    There has been fighting in the tunnels. I just learned soldiers of the CCP were underground from the Canada’s west coast to the east cost of the US and the Mexican border. I believe they were beaten. For now.

  55. Margaret R. Reid

    Have you heard of CCP soldiers on the west coast of Canada going underground to the US east coast and the Mexican border? Is it true they fought with US troops?

    • Diana Brown

      cite the source Margaret – havent heard or read that

    • Marie+Joy

      Margaret, Links?

    • Marie+Joy

      Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 in October. That could be the reason so many of us are having problems. It is only one, of many, possibilities.

      • Marie+Joy

        I think my inability to receive Greg’s videos is security related.

  56. Bob

    If they revalue gold at the correct price that should bring stability to the fiat currency. That would put everyone back on a gold standard. But, it would also open the door to confiscation.
    Cryptos I’m still not understanding. If nobody wants the dollar and a crypto is priced in dollars why would that make it any better than the currency? Honest question.

  57. Daniel Auld

    Hi Greg — huge fan of your work! My friends wonder why I seem to have such an encyclopedic knowledge of so many topics, so I steer them to your site!

    I had a smart-alec recently ask about the link to the Oxford pre-print study you’ve mentioned a few times where the vaxxed were found to have 251x higher viral load. Have any of your guests been able to point to the original document? DuckDuckGo, as good a search engine as it is, may not have crawled the medical literature sites. Google is a lost cause.

    Thanks Greg!,

    P.S. I say ‘smart-alec’ because this person made the comment that he wouldn’t want to go into a hospital with unvaxxed staff because it wasn’t safe. He dismisses Dr Peter McCullough, who presents solid evidence of both infection and spread in vaxxed people, as a ‘misinformation spreader’ but won’t cite his own sources or ‘experts.’ 🙂 Typical Marxist tactic: label and dismiss, and state your own opinions as fact so they are ‘unassailable’. So many of those people out there!

  58. Vincent.

    Greg, I love when you have Cliff on, he’s a top man. What he said about Western Governments and businesses been reliant on The Communist Chinese nowadays is so true. We can’t do nothing anymore because of our corrupt Politicians and greedy corporations moving everything over there. This has weakened us incredibly and China know this, they have us by the knackers now, and we’re all very vulnerable. I hope you can reach out to Mike Yeadon and see can you get him on your show, I know he’d come on. God bless you Greg. Vince in London.

  59. Bruce

    I’ve been expecting the sky to fall for over 6 years now. I agree things seem to be way different but I think only to those of us that understand there’s even a problem. I don’t have any faith in general humanity and I’m only left to work Der when and if it all will break according to many of your guest. Thanks Greg. I appreciate ya

  60. Donald Audia

    Does Clif High have an email?

  61. Jerry

    It’s beginning. Yesterday I started my cancer treatment in Jefferson City. . There was a man sitting next to me that had this unbelievable cough. He was wheezing like he had a severe case of pneumonia. I began talking to him, and told me he was there to see the doctor about treating his cold. I mean this guy looked like death warmed over. I then asked him if he had received the vaccine? He told me that he had not only got the vaccine, but all of the boosters as well including the flu shot. I was stunned. I didn’t say anything. I told him I would keep him in my prayers and to hang in there.

    He got the flu shot, but yet there he was sick as a dog looking for more meds? And then while I was waiting to finish my treatment, I ran into this information.

    Greg we are going to see the ramp up to force the vaccines in the next thirty days that you’ve never seen before. The 5G companies said they would delay startup for thirty days after putting out that B,S. about Ariel safety. Cliffs predictions appears to be spot on. Pray for deliverance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Praying for you Brother Jerry!!!
      Brother Greg

    • MCasey

      Jerry, In my prayers. where God is, there is only Good.

    • Zyggy

      I think the delay is more from aviation having concerns about 5g and interference to the RADALT. The RADALT Radio Altimeter tells them altitude to a few thousand feet. Lots of very hi level chatter on this issue.

  62. Jerry

    Well this is weird.
    A demon jumping into a mosh pit at astro world?

    The whole thing looked like a satanic mass to me, so I’m not surprised
    a young child would be sacrificed. Who knows what’s real anymore?
    Look around. We have a so called president wearing diaper on his behind, while they force the rest of us to wear one on our face. Who says Lucifer doesn’t have a sense of humor? It’s all fare game in war.

  63. Todd

    One of the most important interviews you have done this year!
    My business partner and I had to listen to this interview twice!

  64. Jim Vanzandt

    Greg you are old school journalism, you got balls my friend. May the force of the most high be with you. See you on the other side.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jim!! I did the same thing at the networks but they did not want that.

      • 1ofthemany

        Well Mr. Greg Hunter, WE want you and it appears you are exactly where you have been placed by the most High! I and many other souls are blessed with you.
        For myself and my soul, this is a beautiful Thanksgiving gift. Thank you for all of you hard and welcomed Godly work. I am called to watch you being a watcher…oh and a Paul Revere. You have never stood down.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank You “One”!

  65. Gray

    Great Interview Greg, 👍, Cliff Rocks 🪨 🎸 👏 as do You, I would have never known about him had it not been for your Show, Thanks, God Bless and keep fighting the Good Fight ! 👍

  66. Tony D

    Hi Greg,
    Long time listener!! Thanks for telling us the truth. Cliff is such an interesting man, always love it when he’s on as a guest. On the subject of a huge number of people dying off, Michael Snyder has asked this question in several of his latest blog postings because of the lack of available people/workers to fill job openings, he asks “Where have all the people gone”? I personally think there’s been a massive number of under reported deaths that’s affecting the labor pool. I’ve had two family members die in the last 4 months, one from CCP Virus and another shot related clots. In both cases, its has taken approx 3 months to get cremated!! Family was told there was that many ahead of them waiting to be cremated. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I try to prepare my kids and grand kids for whats coming but its a difficult task. Again, thanks for all you do and God Bless.

    • Paul ...

      Hitler had the same problem (so many people lined up to be cremated)!!!

  67. Armando

    Another great video, thank you for all you do. I have been a long time watcher of your videos and fan of yours. About the gold smash down, there may be something to that. I have no knowledge or powerful secret friends but it is extremely odd that a lot of items are going through the roof except gold and silver. We know the Fed and bankers want a digital dollar that they control. It’s only logical they would want to smash it down and have no competition with their digital dollar. I have investments in precious metals still but I see the logic and strategy that could be involved.
    Thanks again,
    Longtime viewer and fan,

  68. Gray

    Greg Greetings from the UK,
    Please accept my small donation to the running of your Fab show, I lost my lucrative job for refusing to take the vax ! Not too stressed at this point as I have a feeling there going to be desperate for workers pretty soon !

    I’ve listening and loving your show for a long time, realised if I want Honest media I need to start helping that take place !

    Mighty Blessings on You and your Show Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Grey!!! Don’t worry they are going to hire you back next summer!!!

  69. J. Loughran

    Why wait? Start figuring out the new (old) way today. Couple days ago I was spreading bed-pack before flipping the sod when a neighbor kid (sophomore in college) introduced himself (5 years since his family moved in). He asked what I was up to. I said it is a flip garden. A practice the Irish used to double the thickness of marginal soil. He then asked about my “bona fides.” I said I have diplomas on sheepskin in a box in the basement with the words “Science and Art”, and said Universities have since the early 90’s dropped “Art” from science degrees. Interesting kid. We talked about history and Oligarchy and bull and Evolution. We concluded our talk with CRISPR. He said (AS A SOPHOMORE) he wanted to map the genome of sp. X for the purpose of making a chic domestic pet from something considered wild and creepy. I said I worry CRISPR labs will replace Meth labs and that the Simpson’s viewership will migrate to Futurama. Great kid, he just needs a little about face direction. Any delinquent Dad’s out there available for face time?

  70. SLG

    Greg, great interview. Cliff is always so informative and tells it like it is. God Bless Greg

  71. Erik Brave

    One of the defects of Communism is that Communist believers tend to focus almost exclusively on goals having nothing to do with the requirements of process. This results in an inability to solve problems that have nothing to do with political ideology. In other words, they cannot deal with reality effectively. Therefore they fake it. This necessarily produces failure. And as complications increasingly become realized, incapability as it relates to appropriate problem solving also increases, until the patterns of failure become primary instead of merely incidental. When this happens the system collapses. For a system to survive it must address and resolve problems according to the characteristics presented by the problems themselves. By trying to address such problems according to characteristics inherent in ideology the attempt at problem solving must fail in some degree. The more complex the system the more substantial the failure. Ideology therefore needs to develop through direct experience — from a direct working out by individuals involved in the minute details by means of personal experience — rather than from trying to apply a preference for an imagined system of belief that is derived merely from conjecture. Communism is derived from an ignorant assessment of reality and therefore must fail. The time this requires is perhaps not short, but it is automatically a dead end.

  72. phillip smith

    It looks like MSM (main stream media) is playing catch up with people like Clif High. It’s early days yet, but I wonder what the truth is behind these ‘extra’ deaths –
    Keep up the good work Greg. You’re well ahead of the MSM.

  73. Robert Dziok

    Excellent interview Greg! Thank you very much. Cliff High is quite a treasure for us all. Very glad the truth of correctness of Oct 24 to Oct 28 event of emotional release he saw via predictive linguistics came out as some are too quick to judge. That truth being the cover-up by the corrupt MSM and China of Evergrande going bankrupt and monumental consequences for China and the world. Jim Pugh ( in interviews with and Sovereign radio this year pointed out that since July 4th 2020 to the 2020 Presidential election the Trump Administration created some 20 volumes each 5 inches thick of what the Constitutional Republic will be. They removed/modified the Act of 1871 which took away our Sovereignty. At his Mount Rushmore ceremony July 4th 2020 President Trump announced we have our Sovereignty back. America as a corporation from the Act of 1871 was now bankrupt. Jim Pugh briefly mentioned in his Sovereign radio interview he is also involved with work on the new economic system. He noted that within the US the dollar will remain one for one and outside the US will become essentially worthless. Recall President Trump saying multiple times to bring back your dollars to the US. Now see why. These interviews are easiest found by going to Jim Pugh’s website. Cliff High has also mentioned the Military’s plan called “Devolution” in recent interviews with Greg. Created in 1947 by the Military with updates over the years for such a time as this. Cliff pointed out it went into effect 10/31/2020. Q (Military Intelligence operation/group during the time President Trump was in the White House) posted many times to “Trust the Plan”. We now know the name of that plan is called “Devolution”. Cliff also notes (as well as others) that President Trump remains Commander-In-Chief. RRN ( reports on the Arrests, Military Tribunals and Executions (as well as other events) going on. NO Military Tribunal Prosecutor/Officer or Defense Attorney has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in any RRN articles and would do so if false as involves National Security. RRN points out it sources are people in day to day contact with President Trump and the Military. RRN states it stands by it’s articles and sources and any disclaimer is only on the advice of legal for protection. Difficult times but much going on to protect and defend the Republic and Constitution. Thank GOD and our Military.

    • David Levin

      I believe that reported that Bill Gates was executed at GITMO on October 1 of this year. Yet a person who is ostensibly he, was photographed at an early-November COP26 climate change meeting in Glasgow. Is there evidence (aside from the reporting) that this was an impersonator?

  74. Joe Boudreau

    Another great interview by Greg Hunter with Clif High, true light warriors!

  75. Jean-Bernard Digeon

    @ Larry I would recommend visiting the YouTube page of a “Father’s Heart Ministry”. They are a healing and deliverance Ministry based in South Africa that pray for people all around the world, including people that got vaccinated from the shot. The blood of Jesus is more than enough to destroy all diseases because by his stripes we are healed! I have also attached their telegram channel so that you can interact with them: God is raising right now an end time army, filled with the Holy Spirit to destroy the works of darkness. We pray that your sister is healed now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ🔥🔥🔥 Be blessed!!

  76. A+Jones

    Greg started of talking about trucks in short supply and I had a little experience on that subject that may help people understand just how bad it can get and how fast it can happen. Back in 1970, during the Vietnam War a lot of troops that had served their overseas duty and had more than 90 days of service left were sent to Fort Carson Colorado. Ft. Carson is the home of the 4th Infantry Division consisting of 40,000 troops at the time and considered to be capable of deploying within 24 hours anywhere in the World. I was sent there and assigned to the PLL section of a Vulcan Gun Battalion. PLL is like the parts department in an auto dealership. The Vulcan Gun is a 20 mm cannon that fires 5,000 rounds per minute. Each round at the time cost $2.50 so one minute of fire would cost $12,500. Our annual budget for the battalion was $4,500 per quarter or $18,000 per year so 1.5 minutes of firing used up all the annual budget. A good illustration of hyper inflation and a paper army or in our case a paper economy.
    We had about 15 track mounted Vulcan guns, 20 jeeps, and ten 2.5 ton trucks plus tract wrecker vehicles. The way the system worked was if a vehicle or gun was out of action because of parts and the PLL books showed a valid paper showing that the parts were on order the equipment was reported as being combat ready. The month I was discharged from the Army there was one vehicle in the motor pool in working condition and that was the colonel’s jeep even though on paper we were ready for action. We kept his jeep going by salvaging parts off other jeeps. Most of my time during this period was running around the fort trading parts and juggling the paperwork to keep us legit on paper. My point being that I have seen how this system falls apart. When you start scavenging parts things can cascade out of control in a New York minute. Every time one vehicle goes down one or more go down with it. It is like trying to stay alive by drinking your own blood. Plus the fact that if the supply chain breaks down the system falls apart in short order accelerating the process and it takes a long time to recover. Been there, done that.

    • JuicyMoosey

      Small motorcycles are home servicable with cheap tools and also economical on parts and fuel. Little bikes might be another prep item for many of us to consider. While this hyperinflation kicks in a motorcycle saves a load of cash that hefty trucks would otherwise eat up. (Though watch out for vaxxidents like your life depended on it)

      Otherwise, some of us should look into browns gas / hydrogen generators that can be fit in most vehicles to save fuel. Just add water to save gas / diesel. Then start stowing the excess fuel savings away into canisters.

  77. jon

    Great interview. When one researches, they will find. Large crypto transactions are occurring between crypto owners and precious metals brokers. This is a nice eco system outside of fiat developing.

  78. Mike

    I want to know when will the first charge of premeditated murder be filed against the “vaccine” pushers.

  79. Kenny Chan

    What is woo? I cannot figure it out.

    • swimfinz

      “woo” is Clif High’s term for all that is in the process of becoming manifest. If you look at Tao, I Ching and other disciplines, “woo” is really the spirit world seeking to impact the Here & Now.
      Make sense?

      • Margie Nieuwkerk

        swimfinz, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for ages I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what the dfinition of woo was, I had a rough inkling, this really helps me, thanks again!

    • Paul ...

      Kenny … Ever “woo” your girl friend … it’s a mind control technique the Globalists use to control us!!

  80. Andrew BAC

    Hi Greg
    I would like to tell you that I’m taking ivermectin horse paste for urinary track infection
    And infection is gone.
    It’s a magical drug.



  81. mike d

    Nice to hear from Cliff again… i like that he gives his opinions from his data on what is on the horizon…. what would be even better is if He scrubbed his predictions based on the Bible and Biblical Prophecy…… if he did this, he would probably more accurate or he could mention it….. but i don’t think he is a believer….

  82. Robert Coleman

    Shipping via DHL to USA from Hong Kong has increased from US$14 per kilogram to US$17.5 per kilogram and has increased from 3 day delivery to now up to 7 days. Is anticipated to get even worse before end of year and Chinese New years February 1, 2022

  83. Steve Bice

    Zerohedge article today: Worldwide Search Trend For “Died Suddenly” Spikes To Record Highs

    I noticed yesterday that there were three articles on about semi-well known people in their forties that died suddenly. They almost never give a cause of death…

  84. Gloria Charlier

    Another terrific interview! Love Clif High! Thank you so much Greg for all the smashing interviews. The information helps all of us tremendously. Fore warned is fore armed!

  85. Guy Fawkes

    Mr. Greg Hunter or Mr. Clif High: If someone took out a Small Business Admin loan to help get through the pandemic, once the crash happens, how I am to pay it back in Dollars, if Dollars are no longer accepted? Any productive ideas on this are very welcomed since this has been my only preoccupation before falling asleep every night (I have all other aspects of preparedness covered and this is my only financial obligation withstanding). Furthermore, given the financial reset as a very viable possibility, should a person pay off all of their debts, or let it all go down in flames? Would there even be a credit score since the whole system is crashing down? Or would it be a jubilee year where all debts are forgiven? I have a 800 credit score, so it’s not like I’m a bum skirting my financial obligations, more that I’m trying to take this information and implement it for asset protection. I have heard the rumor that debtor prisons may return. I’m trying to envision if any debts made in the US Dollar, if that would carry over and still have enforceability, especially since the DEBT OBLIGATION/CONTRACT was made in US DOLLARS. Third, if the aforementioned is true, and no debt can be carried over, I am wondering if it would be perspicacious to max out credit lines to buy PHYSICAL GOLD, SILVER, and some crypto. Please advise. Thank you so much.

    When the global cartel realize that the vac-assination agenda is not working, enter the world war to kill off more of humanity. Thomas Malthus said that war and natural disasters were essential for depopulation. So the Satanist today will implement a global world war along with more weather modification warfare (Just look at Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars Weapons” known as HAARP in Anchorage Alaska and in Aricbo Puerto Rico, if you are inclined to dismiss this info). And for any Christian, what does Jesus tell his disciples in Matthew 24? Wars, rumors of wars, PLAGUES (PLURAL so more to come – look for mousepox/smallpox – since Bill Gates just said last week **after receiving FDA approval for a smallpox vaccine** he ominiously warned the world of a smallpox outbreak, similarly as to who he foreshadowed the pLandemic of Covid in 2018), pesitlence, famine, and disease. There has never been a time like it in history and there will never be a time like it in the future. Only God the Father knows the day and the hour, but be not asleep, for I have given you signs and that moment comes like a thief in the night [unexpected]. – so to anyone who says we aren’t near the end times, I’d really be interested in hearing you explain away God’s 2000 year warning. Because the time we are in now makes for a very scintillating argument for an End Times argument.

    May Jesus bless all of you abundantly in the tumultuous and vexing days ahead.

    • Greg Hunter

      I cannot advise on that Guy. You are taking on risk in taking a loan and I advise people to cut risk and nothing more.

  86. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Greg Hunter is the Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    The Biblical Epic Nightmare is upon us

    • Greg Hunter

      You Too Rod!!

  87. Steve

    My holistic doc gave me N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine which is what Cliff mentions. This is to clear the vax bad stuff out of my body.

  88. swimfinz

    Amazing guests Greg Hunter! You are the news now! Thank you for all your long hours of efforts bringing us amazing guests.

    • Diana Brown

      If you can get some NAC, get it. Its getting more and more difficult to find.

      • Francine Archambault

        You can get in on pure bulk same website where cliff sells his sleep powder

  89. Joe Prime


    • Francine Archambault

      Yes Cliff High Bill holter two of my absolute favorites

  90. Justn Observer

    Greg, Hope to share this with ALL on here…darn important to understand and pass along to ‘vaxed’ family and friends…can’t express important enough to consider!

    listen to all…but @ 32:40 and @1:14 to get the crux of THE LIES…then ‘circle back’ to 9:23, 31:26, 1:03 but though over a hour…it goes quickly and should have a pen and paper handy.

    • Paul ...

      JO … Shocking … actual recordings of evil immoral hospital executives discussing and coordinating plans “to restrict fluids and nutrition for hospitalized COVID patients … and deny them vital medicines … to increase COVID mortality rates”!!!

  91. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, wide ranging interview.

    Regarding Ivermectin (generally not available) being able to reduce the damage of the spike protein, I wonder if that’s why Pfizer has put “Phizermectin” (real trade name escapes me) on the front burner. Pfizer has to know their vaxxines are not working as vaccines and those who have taken the vaxx will need treatment. Maybe it was planned this way, who knows besides Pfizer’s top floor.

    “Why Bill Gates Is Pivoting On Existing COVID Vaccines”
    “Does Bill Gates understand the difference between a computer virus and a human virus?”

    I don’t know how the inventory/supply chain issues will be resolved but my gut says that human ingenuity will fix it much faster than it took to build the current failing system. Manufacturing will need to come back to our shores. Hard to import stuff if no one wants your worthless money. Regardless, already got new tires for my old truck — a new battery and other spare parts may be in order.

    • LizaCA

      Merck’s version, molnupiravir, is believed to cause human RNA/DNA mutations just like the vaccine. Don’t trust any of it.

      • Charles H.

        I concur. WHY would anyone buy a drug from the same company that is killing by the millions? Fool me twice? Apparently, many do.

  92. Susan R

    Nothing in my world has ever been too wacky. Walking the path amongst gives a life that is NEVER boring. This morning before the (clouds) took over, I spotted at a very high altitude a very quick moving group of three objects :. that altered positions .:, not in a normal flight pattern. This is the fourth time since the early 70’s that I had sightings. I love Clif because he talks the language I crave and I love you Greg for for having him talk on your platform.

  93. Bibi

    Thank you Greg. Clif High is always very interesting and I very much enjoy Martin Armstrong, Michael Pento and Rob Kirby. I study this injection and it is not certain the spike stops reproducing. Even if it does there is immune depression and annihilation as the spike gets into the cell nucleus and inhibits DNA repair mechanisms. Therefore causing AIDS like syndrome. This was published in Sweden recently. People that took the shots are doomed.

    • Paul ...

      Exactly the reason Fauci added “HIV” to his deadly Corona Bio-weapon (to kill off all our T-cells) … Fauci’s mother must have been very proud when her son skinned his first cat … she knew at that point he would make a fine (pronounced fee’-nay) doctor … like her idol Dr. Josef Mengele!! …

  94. Bruce

    I’ve been thinking about all of those fully loaded container ships that are stuck off our West coast. What better way of hiding the fact that people are disappearing from the scene because of the vax than to throttle the imports where there doesn’t appear to be large gluts of new imported products on the market? Obviously dead people don’t consume…they only vote democrat.

    • Self Exiled

      LOL Thank You.

  95. Bruce

    Hey, Greg! Could you please interview someone that can give advice on how to go about obtaining Ivermectin? Thanks!

  96. Maria+das+Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter and Mr High, yet again a thought provoking interview.
    Suspicious Observers has been analysing space dust impacting our planet due to the quiescence of the Sun,this dust will have an impact on many of our satellites and particularly the Moon,never think of it as a satellite though not man made.
    Many of the newer satellites from the likes of Gates are the banks in space for the Central Bank Digital Currency which we are all “breathlessly” awaiting. Now they are under attack by something they did not plan for,how amusing!
    The invaders in the midst of your government are the Bolshevik Communist Greenies who are armed to the teeth and these we will have to go to war with throughout the world.They will sound and seem so plausible how could we plebs hang them after all they only want us dead! The techniques of this group are widespread and have engulfed many eras from Rome,Japan (1300),Fascism,Monarchy,Totalitarianism and so much more,all bound at the barrel of a gun by our own children who cannot see these implants for what they are, after all they pay their wages. This is the war I dread as they will be everywhere with every weapon and we plebs will be naked hunters but we must prevail.

  97. Diana Brown

    Thanks once again Greg, for an enlightening interview with Mr. High. I routinely read the comments as well as they often support my well being in that there are many people who are expressing understanding and togetherness as they communicate between each other.

  98. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg……….good interview

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Da Yooper!

  99. Tim

    Great job Greg!!!!. Always great to see Cliff High. He does an amazing job and answers all your questions.

    Take care Greg


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tim.

  100. Kerry

    Greg, I was a patient of a DO here in my area a few years ago. When my illness became too severe, he referred me to a group of specialist who are incredibly skillful in cancer care. I called this DO up the other day because I cannot find anyone who will provide me Ivermectin are write a script for it. His receptionist told me directly that he was contacted about a month ago by some of the pharmaceuticals to stop are else providing Ivermectin prescriptions to his patients. I found this extremely disconcerting knowing what a great guy this DO had been to me. The acquisition of Ivermectin seems to be exceedingly difficult. BTW, another wonderful interview with Clif.

  101. foggygoggles

    Clif is spot on–we are at WAR! This goes way beyond politics–which is really a distraction and a waste of time. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift. Life as we knew it is over. We’re actually not really losing anything, as things were never what we thought they were anyway. At the same time, we are leaving the Third Dimension. Those who live on the relative level will suffer. Those who have been preparing for this on a spiritual level will operate on the level of the Absolute. This is the time to put on the full amour of God. Light conquers the dark every time, but as Clif says, it’s going to be very chaotic and for an extended period of time.

  102. Clyde Cates Jr

    Forget Trump, the best hope, right now, for the 2024 election is the Governor of Florida!!!

  103. LeRoy

    I’m in Ct. Since I’ve stopped watching the MSM news it’s hard to keep up with the nonsense. I do see an uptick in the events Cliff is predicting. I.E., car jackings, road rage, juveniles stealing cars, and retailers simply allowing theft. Love your content Greg. God Bless all. Best wishes. Stay safe.

  104. Shannon

    Considering the fact that it is GOD Who is in CONTROL of ALL- there will be NOthing that He does not allow- Turn your eyes to Jesus- repent of your disbelief of what He did on the Cross in dying for your sins. Confess Jesus as your Saviour. Then understand that after you are born again, NOTHING else in this crazy world matters….

    From the King James Bible; The Gospel according to John:
    3:16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 3:17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

    We all can see that a BIG something is coming, and that it is not based on our own physical understanding of what we see is happening. It is God’s will. Is not God, He who sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us, so that through Him we may be saved and live eternally with Him in Heaven; is He not greater than anything that is on this earth? To know Gods blessed salvation through Jesus Christ, one must become Born Again… Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and You shall be saved.

    You are not reading this by accident. Please answer the call to salvation, available only through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. Please call on Jesus to save you- Believe what He did for you on the cross of Calvary in shedding His blood and dying for you, and then being Resurrected by God Himself so that we who believe also could be resurrected to live with Him Eternally!!

    From the book of Romans: 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10:10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 10:11For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

    If you get to this point and believe, please feel free, as God leads, to pass this message on.

    to know more go to:


    (This message is not affiliated with nowtheendbegins. However, nowtheendbegins gives a very in-depth study and explanation of ALL of what is happening in the world in relation to Gods plans for this worlds future)

    • MC

      “Then understand that after you are born again, NOTHING else in this crazy world matters.”
      if that^ is true, then Revelation 20:11-13 is false.

      Obviously there is a reason for what Jesus says in Mt 7:21-23. He foresaw the eventual rise of John Calvin and Martin Luther and the heretics who have followed.

  105. Frank


    I will believe it when i SEE my vaccinated neighbors disappearing without explanation. Perhaps the media will cover-up this story too , explaining it away as due to so many “Alien Abductions”. A definite possibility.

  106. Jo Veno

    How does Clif High’s predictive algorithm figure two huge issues that NEED to be addressed which is DEVOLUTION by Trump and the Patriots AND the EXOPOLTICAL activities happening with our secret agencies and non terrestrial races? If he didn’t include these two issues then his predictions are only partly correct. I believe taking both of the above we will have a QUICK massive crash then a QUICK massive Renaissance and an ascension to Star Trek Type II Civilization within months.

    • JuicyMoosey

      We have to look towards a future of abundance and community, not subsistence and isolation. There’s many of us who have amazing knowledge and skills who can turn the world into a paradise once we’ve got the beast off our back.

      The technology and medicine they’re holding back from us is revolutionary sci-fi tier.

      I wonder if that’s the real reason they want us all dead? Because once we’ve got that tech then we leave the present scarcity model where they’ve been throttling our growth through metered food, fuel, energy, fake money, fake medicine, etc.

      Right now is the time that each and every one of us needs to innovate. Fill the world with ideas and solutions for our future. Invigorate the people with hope rather than drowning them in doom.

  107. Lesko Brandon

    The fall of the dollar is being felt most by the working poor, who do not have the equities or housing to benefit from the melt-up inflation in assets caused by the overprinting of the US dollar. Congress doesnt care.

    The FDA lost two top vaccine regulators in August as it became apparent that the vaccines are not working as expected. Google Marion Gruber and Philip Krause for details. Not a good look for the FDA when top vaccine people quit with little warning.

  108. Curt

    Where does someone purchase Ivermectin and Hydroxy? I’m with the VA and told I can’t have it?

  109. Paul

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the advice, I have gold and silver, food, and started buying things Ill need in the future. I just had my car serviced for it’s yearly check up. I also bought all the parts like filters and such for next years check up

    • MC

      If you don’t already have whiskey, rum and wheat vodka then you have next to nothing. These are useful for barter, as psychiatric medicine (esp when no pharma is available), antiseptic, as truth serum for questioning POWs, and proven by the British Empire in WW1 & 2 as liquid courage for civilian/irregular conscripts.

      The current price of quality glass bottles, wheat, enzymes and other additives . . . make home-made wheat-vodka (which is the best & softest tasting) cost more than retail off the shelf where there is better quality control and taste.

      Judging by what Michael Snyder wrote this weak about meat prices (livestock is fed grain), the price of liquor is about to skyrocket, esp as it has been lagging other foods–e.g., a bottle of Kentucky bourbon is the same price as a year ago, but a 5lb of Gold Medal flour and yeast packets in Kentucky doubled or tripled. . . . Snyder would be talking about liquor, but he has a bias and so withholds life saving information despite trying to appear as a leading-edge prepperman. . . Furthermore, condoms are expensive and likely to get more expensive, but Snyder won’t be talking about that. Condoms will be necessary for married couples where one spouse is vaxed and the other is not. The vaxed pass STDs..

  110. Da Yooper

    Greg just came across this.

    Biden Administration in Full Retreat: Federal Vaccine Mandate is Now *Suspended* Due to ‘Onslaught of Legal Challenges’

    November 17, 2021by Kyle Becker

  111. Free Slave

    People who try to preserve wealth in cryptos will lose everything.

    • MC

      Clif could have been pressed to say how cryptos function in a world where the satellites have crashed into each other and there is no longer Amazon Cloud which currently provides excess computing capacity, etc.

      And if cryptos go dark for 29days or more, then behavioral psychology has proven people will develop new coping mechanisms or new obsessions. Only 29days and the crypto addicted will become sober or goldbuggs.

      And if cruptos are darker for longer, then software and technology will change greatly.

  112. Marie+Joy

    Several countries, including China and Russia, are telling their people to stock up. Looks like Deagle is right. Get ready.

    • Self Exiled

      I read Deagle years ago, forgotten what they said pertaining to your above post.

  113. Susan

    Hi Greg, A psychic I follow said that the agenda of the vax was to connect the
    vaxed people up to a satellite . It would be able to track them and frequencies
    would be sent to keep them very docile and controllable. I’m sure we will eventually
    get the truth one day.

  114. Mark Olson

    Greg I’ve watched your presentations for years, I’m a Canadian and you are what I’d call a real American hero and patriot! We’ve learned so much from your efforts. You’ve been a pillar of the awake and aware movement! Thank you so much for all your efforts! I’m better off today because of the education that you have been delivering day in and day out! Mark Skidmor is amazing and opened my eyes to something so large that it’s difficult to grasp the magnitude of the frauds and criminal minds running this earth. Clif High is also an amazing guest that I follow closely. These hero’s offer something not available to the masses without you having done what you do! Bravo!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark for all your support!

  115. O 0o0

    so clif said 5 months – wears off – Revelation 9:10, KJV: “And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.”
    So me thinks Australia is all about the elites knowing about an upcoming asteroid strike
    in the Atlantic ocean – which will make America useless and a wasted land – because of earth quakes and nuclear meltdowns and land mass changing because of polar shifts –
    Australia will be the Goldie Locks zone – with the most sunlight – and right now the largest land area with the least population so an easy target
    I see the metal in the xxxx as a product that will release poison toxins amplified once it is heat and cooked and eaten by the roving gangs of cannibals – which will be part of the entire earth scape – You Greg keep trying to be normal and talk about elections while Clif is clearly saying it ain’t going to be a thing – so this asteroid might be arriving in the last week of January 2022 – out till march of 2025 – but definitely politics is done – perhaps the politicians are puking because they ate some of the poison meat – and last time I mentioned gold and silver being worthless in the end times you didn’t even post it – so your kind of a poser to me (cut and paste christian) – Ezekiel 7:19 ‘They will throw their silver into the streets, And their gold will be like refuse; Their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them. In the day of the wrath of the Lord; They will not satisfy their souls, Nor fill their stomachs, Because it became their stumbling block of iniquity.
    The thing is if an asteroid really did hit – like predicted by bible – the whole landscape of how awful we think it is now would change – the entire narrative would change and listening to clif I kind of hear it in his voice – look up the term “rain forest mind” and that is clif. – so while all this diatribe is interesting – the bigger issue is not about stocking up on toilet paper or barbecue sauce but getting working out your own salvation with your creator. – meanwhile sure gold silver and bit coin will have its season but not for long and when clif is talking about don’t let parts of the system tear you down – isn’t money and anything representing it part of the system? So ya think about it an realize Australia would be great place to make a last stand and control – while the rest of the world is killing itself – and while there might be a rapture of sorts with good souls leaving the body – guess what – no one here gets out alive – because those that are taken in the so called rapture will be returning in a new proto type – physical body but spiritual soul and they will be returning to help convert the insanity that will thriving on this planet – and since those that return are in human form they will be able to be tortured and killed however the strength and conviction of their soul will eventually be enough to convert people in a conscious shift — how many does that take? I guess we could ask Noah – in other words – very few are needed to create the new earth – and most of the people wearing their crosses and bumper stickers and going to church ain’t going to be here. Cheers mate.

  116. Trinacria

    Thanks Greg for another great interview with Clif High whom I always enjoy hearing. One question: last time her referred to October as “Red October”, can you please clarify what he meant in context. Thanks.

  117. MC

    Trump has said many times that he wouldn’t need vax mandates because he would use “persuasion”. What exactly does that mean? . . Because in Australia they are harvesting children from families and tapping bank accounts in order to persuade the public to take the vax.

    “Take the vaccine” shouts Trump. 2mins in Alabama which live in infamy:

  118. Marie+Joy

    Some expect kinetic war. Dear Friends, please stock up, if you can, get self defense and go to to learn about radiation etc. Put mass between you and radiation.

  119. Dave

    Does anyone have a link in the mainstream media where Fauci says the vaccine does not work? I can’t find a source.

    As a Christian I have some issues with High’s use of psychics and numbers which can slip into numerology. Remote viewing is, effectively, channeling. Scripture warns against such things as angels of darkness often are involved in these things. Are his psychics speaking to a disembodied entity which would be a form of conjuring? Again, that goes against Scripture.

    High at one time said Trump would get back in. Now he is hesitating. Maybe because his window is now just 6 weeks or so as he said. Arizona can’t do anything until the new session next spring. Trump will not be in office in January. As Seb Gorka says – if they did remove Biden and Harris over electoral fraud then the Speaker of the House becomes President.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fauci said this in the NYTimes. Here is the article with the NYT link:

    • JuicyMoosey

      Experiments in Communication with Morphogenetic Fields

      What if psychic ability is just another sense that all living beings possess? Should we dismiss our “intuition” just in case we might be “channeling” something?

      Weapons don’t kill people. Weapons aren’t evil. The evil is “intention” itself operating technology for evil ends. I think the same can be said as to our psychic faculty. The intention of our psychic ability can be used for the progress of truth.

      • Lisa

        The Bible calls it sorcery, and anyone who practices divination will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.

  120. Astronaut Polka

    President Falsies doesn’t understand repeated immunizations become harmful to even the most healthy body, just like the overuse of antibiotics. Those that get several jabs in a few years will soon find they have no defense, and will even die from a paper-cut.

    Talk about terrorist insurrection! Pallets of bricks that are never intended to be used in construction were again pre-positioned, this time in Kenosha. Why isn’t that a felony crime if just one of these bricks is tossed? To me pre-positioning a pallet of bricks is just like leaving a store full of automatic weapons unlocked and unsupervised in any urban ihithole city.

    I’m convinced half the people in America don’t belong here due to their open hatred and victim-pity-party-entitlements.

    • Marie+Joy

      President Falsies DOES understand repeated immunizations harm. The intent is genocide.

  121. Carol Joyce


    As always another excellent interview with the amazing Clif High! When I see you are interviewing Clif I get so excited. You ask the best questions and allow him to talk. We all best be getting our houses in order. Thanks for the advance warning. You are the best in the business!

  122. Marvin

    Cliff is always a good interview and this one proves that many times over. Everything he’s discovered with his analytical software lines up with the general trajectory of current events. Even without the benefit of his software one can see certain trends developing. However Cliffs reference to a catalytic event is very noteworthy and especially concerning. Also noteworthy is his reference to years of fighting inside the US, but not from a civil war. Treachery, sabotage, localized anarchy driven by a variety of different factors including radical ideologies and misguided motives may all come to bear on how such a thing could manifest. I think this is not just a probability but also a situation which is coming into focus now. Highly polarized groups holding vastly different views will it seems continue to gravitate to become even more opposed to each other. Add to that fact a fifth column component and the potential then for conflict becomes more self-evident. It is not hard to imagine that such conditions will then generate armed conflicts and generalize chaos as such groups vie for power and control as the US enters a period of perpetual lawlessness in certain regions. Normalcy will likely be only the stuff of dreams as the country is enveloped by an ongoing nightmare.

  123. Richard J. Johnson

    Big question: How does one get a MD to prescribe Ivermectin?

  124. Marie+Joy

    2 interesting sites are and and


      don’t take this as medical advice, but there are places on the internet of pharmacies NOT from this country that will ship Ivermectin without a prescription (I have about 90 tablets 12mg) Just research, you’ll eventually find a way as I did. I don’t have a name for you, but just look.

  125. Cat

    Where is all of the urgency to “save the children” from adrenochrome?

  126. Jesse R Colling

    Bitcoin will be replaced by ISO-20022 cryptos. Look it up.
    XRP to the moon!
    Look at page 17.

    • Paul ...

      When one crypto Bitcoin is worth a trillion US dollars (and all those dollars are only able to buy you one gallon of milk) … you will be wishing you owned some “real money” … where one gold coin (back in the days of the Wiemar Republic) could buy you a Hotel on Boardwalk!!

  127. Marie+Joy

    Employers, who force their employees to be vaxxed, are NOT protected the way Big Pharma is protected, by treasonous law. Start suing the pants off every company that forces vaccination. Make their treason hurt.

  128. Mike+G

    I Like listening to Clif, he is very entertaining, but just like many pundits I take his predictions with a great grain of salt. I’ve always been a pessimist about the future of society, but I know that there are millions of people working their asses off to make sure it doesn’t fail. I put my faith in these people that work so hard, If at some point, these people fail, we are truly screwed.

    • MC

      Luke 17:34 is another reason men & boys need to be careful around King James:

      “I tell you, on that night two people will be in one bed. One will be taken and the other will be left. – New Catholic Bible


      “I tell you, in that night there will be two MEN in one bed: the one will be taken and the other will be left.” – New King James Bible

      ” I tell you, in that night there shall be two MEN in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.” – KJV

  129. Self Exiled

    I don’t need to know anymore, the cruelty of man being revealed to us by The Most High; allowing each man to go his own way. ” And shed innocent blood, Even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, Whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; And the land was polluted with their blood.” Psalm 106:38 [substitute Canaan for Profit] really think we’re coming back from all this

    For us who believe and know—— we

    Seek, inquire of and for the LORD, and crave Him and His strength [His might and inflexibility to temptation]; Seek and require His face and His presence [continually] for evermore.. Psalm 105:4

  130. Cayle Reinders

    Clif High always has some interesting points of view and hypothesis on the future.
    If Clif is right about the disintegration of society, then humanity had better start to begin designing a new system.

    With this COVID debacle and corrupt complicit politicians taking our freedom and liberty away with their Great Reset agenda, it is obvious that power is winning and, us, the little guy is paying the price at the moment.

    It is time we the people put peaceful pressure on the power structure and begin fighting for our rights to take humanity to the next level by implementing a true/direct democracy framework, where the common person is able to become a significant, productive part of the decision making that affects their lives.

    Here is a good article about true/direct democracy, and what we the people could have if we take the energy to make it happen.

    Thanks Greg for all you do to inform the populace and having intelligent , outside the box thinkers on your program!

  131. eddiemd

    Getting closer to where you will not be able to buy, sell, trade, or work without the mark.

    Step one. Vaccine passport.

    Step two to be determined.

    • JuicyMoosey

      Then it’ll be time to look into common law, deregister our vehicles as to make them our sole property and enforce our “right to travel”.

      Or more simply put: If the government doesn’t obey the law then why should we. They let in illegals and fly them around without passports or papers so if they don’t need passports or papers to travel then we sure as hell don’t.

      There’s milllions of us who aren’t playing ball. That’s a good size army and when they push us to the point we’ve nothing to lose… then we’ll take back our freedom by force.

      Or there’s another solution to the travel problem… Saddle up.

    • Charles H.


      I surmised that technology was a second Tower of Babel – man’s attempt to reach Heaven, or be as gods. It follows that God would in unsearchable irony – allow man to use technology for such a “mark”. When this ‘system’ translates to skin permeatable apparatus – placement will invariably steer to Biblical designated body places. If bodies are being turned into antennae; the need for a CPU as an intermediary connection seems correct.

      • eddiemd

        The technology in the link speaks to “retail, healthcare, law enforcement.” It covers all the bases for a totalitarian dystopia.

        An electronic plantation controlled by AI. A modern form of Babel. It will be an electronic language.

        My sources on the ground inside Ukraine are saying that they are already at war with Russia. Perhaps russian FSB people preparing the battleground.

  132. Maurice

    Great show as usual! I noticed that the video didn’t show up in my browser using Google Chrome. Using the Brave browser it shows up fine. Haven’t tried any other browsers, just thought you should know.

    God Bless and thanks for doing these interviews. They mean a lot to my wife and I.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Maurice!

  133. Shane Martin

    Hi Greg. I am impressed by the amount of engagement there is on your website. I am doing my last swing of work here in the Pilbara of Western Australia, losing my job because I refuse the clot shot. Cliff is a smart guy, I was serendipitous to hear Cliff talking about Fenbendazole and cancer. I was just telling a women on Tuesday at agricultural supply store how her husband who has had cancer should be looking into it. I even had a bottle of Panacur in my hands while I was speaking to her. Lol

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t worry Shane they are going to hire you back mid 2022. You replacement will be very sick or very dead.

  134. Cj

    I very much appreciate Cliff interviews, but he loses me at the space talk. I don’t know why anyone of us should believe the information we get regarding space given the numerous times that NASA and the other space agencies & companies have been caught lying by faking space in their videos & image releases. So much of what we hear about space are unverifiable, pseudo-scientific claims that individuals are expected to take as gospel. There is most a large deception hidden in plain sight, and the coming space/alien narrative will be another falsehood sold to us as being real.

    Greg, reach out to Dave Weiss of DITRH for a new level of Woo. I think that your audience, especially the Christians, will find this alternate view as particularly interesting as it regards the earth and our cosmology. The reality presented to us, the one that we automatically accept, is not what we actually experience here on earth.

  135. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Excellent report.

  136. Robert

    Greg, you need to get on Mel K. She’s a female version of Ben Shapiro. One of the most quick thinking, articulate, well informed, strong female journalist out there. And she’s religious too. You’ll like that.

  137. Johanna Singer

    Clif High, great as always ! May I point out that Austria had “Schillinge” and not “Mark” and its Habsburg not Hapsburg….. (from an earlier Video)


    next time clif is on ask him how do we know their not putting the vaccine in the food we eat or drink, their is every think else in the things we injest

  139. Mike+G


    let’s remember the Van Allen Belt, that NASA miraculous got Apollo astronauts thru in the 60 70s but not so much now.

  140. Don Conrad

    Can anyone answer this? Dr. Kory recommends Ivermectin a couple times a week as a preventative. My question is how much should a person take? I know the dosage is based on weight when prescribed but how about when using for prevention?


    EVERYONE: PLEASE VIEW PDF – A Catholic Bishop saying no more caskets, funerals, etc — turn deceased into liquid and use as compost. GREG, please discuss this in one of your reports. My take on this is that the Bishop is aware that millions will be dying in the near future.

    • Anna

      It’s already Law in Washington State – just more demonic overreach. One of the laws says that after your family member is liquified in a vat of lye water moisture and poured into the sewer system – loved ones can “gather the bones and do with them as they please” It’s like the law is not written by a human with any sort of human feelings….like it’s some casual event. Totally demonic…….

  142. JuicyMoosey

    Archbishop Viganò Appeals for a Worldwide Anti-Globalist Alliance —

  143. Anna

    ICE AGE? Can Clif talk more about that?

  144. Doug

    Hi, 57 minutes in the interview, you two talking about the drugs one can take. I know where I can get zinc, (at your local drugge store, ) taken zinc tablets for years for fighting off colds. I know you guys have your ” drug dealers” (joke) where can I get some of these special one you were talking about ?

  145. Self Exiled

    What fools we are viewing. The Corporate Banking Elite of the European west using Taiwan as the line in the sand for their quest for world domination. The CCP also using Taiwan as the line in the sand saying you can not stop us. The U S populace caught in the middle. Biden’s whip cream drive US Government used by both sides, both working for a depopulation for two different reasons. One for CCP occupation,the other for world government momentum. Both with this last same intent. Result: distruction. Man always seeking perfection but in a state of constant failure even with his own decried concept of self made goodness and I’m right and you are not/I know best, listen to me. Come quickly.

    Yet the earth [beyond the land of Israel] shall become desolate because of those who dwell in it,
    Because of the fruit of their deeds. Micah 7:13

  146. Lois

    Cliff analysis of future is by his own report faulty recently due to censorship. He is not able to anylize data with all relevant information. While some things are good not all is reliable.

    • Free_Loader

      That’s a pretty good thought and track you’re on. I’m of the same sentiment, that censorship and secret plans (like devolution) are impeding his research and data mining, making his predictions come up short IMO.

  147. Jeff Bertrand

    I recently found an article on gain-of-function research on small pox dated from 2016. Perhaps you should have a look.

  148. Lois

    Alian invation- think BOARDER NOT SPACE.
    DECERTIFY ELECTION= 1 STATE? WHICH STATE? 270 electoral votes needed. Do the math.

  149. Computer Guy

    What happened to Cliff’s prediction of a red October? Fauci in prison and the end of the Vax program? Here it is November and nothing has happened. I like these interviews but these things have to be taken with a grain of salt. If the dollar dies so does the rest of the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Computer guy,
      We talked about that at the very beginning of the interview. Please don’t comment if you do not watch the interviews.

  150. Robert K

    The honest doctors all seem to be punished for not following the evil big lie, that is the scamdemic/plandemic. Apparently you cannot tell the truth anymore, or promote ivermectin, otherwise you’re labeled a tin-foil wearing hat conspiracy theorist and you’re accused of spreading “dangerous misinformation”. What a joke.

  151. Robert K

    Well, this is very telling:

    The FDA wants the public to wait until the year 2076 – a full 55 years – for them to release the information it relied on to deem Pfizer’s vaccine safe for usage. (In 55 years, all the people who took the vaxx will be dead…) I say why wait? Cleary, if this was a “public emergency” & “pandemic” as so claimed, surely we shouldn’t need to wait 55 years! I call B.S.!, and they want to give themselves as much time as possible, in hopes most of the people who received the poison are long dead.

    They said they can release 500 pages a month for the next 659 months.

    Paging Karen Kingston…

    • JC

      Robert K,

      You have to have patience. Same as the JFK files. We are still waiting.

      • Warren B.

        What are you waiting for JC?
        What do you expect to see in the so called JFK Files?
        Do you need more confirmation it was the Russians or the Mafia or the CIA ?
        Or perhaps you are looking for a clue that it wasn’t any of those usual suspects.
        Perhaps it was all just another mystery…that until this day remains unsolved.
        I stopped looking – because I have found what I needed to know.

    • David Dansker

      AND – we can expect to see the phrase “this page intentionally left blank” ad infinitum.

  152. RICHARD

    I’m definitely in the let him talk camp. He is a very interesting person with what I believe is a unique and often scary correct view of the direction of this nation and the world.

  153. Geroege

    LOL. I love science fiction…

  154. Brian V

    Is COVID a test run? Is this just part one of the plan? Is small pox next on the horizon?
    PLEASE take ten minutes to listen to this video. Fast forward to the 5:00 minute mark. You may want to research.

  155. Justn Observer

    Greg, Wheat outlook world =
    Idaho wheat down 32%

  156. Free_Loader

    Great interview, always love this combo and thanks to Greg for having Clif on! Always a wealth of information to learn.

    Following this interview, I’ve come to the conclusion that Clif’s methods work only based on the mining of the available data that’s out there. That being said, I firmly believe and trust that Trump actually has always had a plan for what’s happening and coming to fruition, much to our detriment. However, plans of devolution, Arizona audit, pedophilia etc, aren’t topics that frequently surface in the news, media, or online. They’re not a “hot” topic which I believe may shortsight Clif’s data. Just because something isn’t talked about (devolution and the continuity of government) doesn’t mean it’s not implemented and won’t be executed, along with the possible plan with several heads of state (Xi, Putin) to overthrow and destroy the global central bank system. These are secrets at the highest levels, and would fly under Clif’s radar yet present a possible (better) outcome than the current dismal forecast for the next 15-20 years.

    As for the missing tractor parts, it seems that John Deere Co had a strike which indeed led to parts shortages for farmers that’s now been resolved…


    • Greg Hunter

      High has had many correct calls such as the Vaxxident and increasing wrecks caused by the vaxed. That’s a fact.

  157. Ercole Soprano

    President Falsies will order the snakeoil poisons contained within the pill form to be added to all processed foods. That way the big fat American pigs will get lethal doses. And I’ll still never ever get it.

  158. Amanda

    Just got uninvited to a family get together on Dec 5th. My son tested positive today at school but has no symptoms. He only had to take the test because he was a close contact to another student who tested positive. None of us are vaccinated. Now my son and daughter have to stay home from school for 10 days. At least part of those days are during Thanksgiving break. My husband and I have been feeling a little sick since yesterday but nothing terrible. Told my dad and his girlfriend doesn’t want us coming over – even though the get together is 17 days from now. Oh well she’s not as good of cook as my mom used to be anyways. If we were vaccinated she would not have cared after 17 days but since we are not we can’t come.

    • Greg Hunter

      You need Ivermectin. Get it.

  159. Greg Morrissey

    I am in the electric control industry and parts are getting had to get and bitcoin is electrical . The electric grid is the most important element of our society, no electricity no digital currency .
    please read

    • Paul ...

      GM … All for want of a nail (chip, grid, etc., etc.) … the “digital” Kingdom will be lost!!! … Gold is robust (it doesn’t need anything but itself) to be an important “element” of society!!

  160. Mary

    I was just about ready to buy a Savings Bond, (currently paying 7.12%, can redeem it after 1 year w/penalty being 3 months loss of interest) supposedly, the safest place one could put some $$. and now Cliff says that by May the gov’t likely won’t be able to pay. Sigh.

  161. Jr
    excellent documentary on the history of “vax” scams

  162. Roger Hubbard

    Good interview Greg! As for Stan.. have you tried to buy gold lately? Good luck. All the local coin shops are out or have one or none odd philharmonics or Canadian maple leafs and forget about Eagles!

    If gold goes down I’ll buy more, if I can get it!

    Metal is a way to carry your wealth into the next economy while being able to buy a meal along the way.. (Roger Hubbard)

    Keep it up Greg

  163. Lisa

    Speaking of vaxxidents, my uncle was the victim of one, and indirectly died from it. A young guy pulled out in front of him, and left the scene, and hasn’t been found. Meanwhile my uncle broke a lot of bones, had surgery and then a heart attack which left him essentially brain dead.

  164. John Ryan

    This is a great video. These two together are a very informative combination. I truly appreciate them both. Also, the sound quality of this video was better than any video I have ever seen. EVER!

  165. GENESIO

    The COVID-19 “vaccines” do work for what they were intended! The purpose of these so called vaccines was never to avoid infections and death due to COVID-19, but to make people sick and kill them! These vaccines were designed as a depopulation bio weapon to force the introduction of the New World Order agenda, with a unique world government (actually dictatorship) ruled by the elites and enslavement of everyone else. As part of the vaccines are nano devices that will, after many injections, transform the few survivors into techno-biological robots connected to a worldwide artificial intelligence not to only monitor, but also control the robot slaves. If these criminals succeed it will be the end humanity!
    With respect to Fauci and Gates, they are now saying that the vaccines are not working, not because they want now to play the good guys, but because they are seeing that people are waking up to the real purpose these vaccines they were intended for. In addition they hope to get a new round of vaccinations to counter the effect of the vaccines (this will be the deceptive explanation). In fact, the new round of vaccinations will do the final kill of all those who survived and will take the “vaccine against the COVID-19 vaccines”!

  166. Gregg

    Greg: After watching this for the 3rd time, may I please comment on your issue with Trump regarding releasing the vaccine? My understanding is that the DS was going to 1) keep us in Fear for 3-5 years while the vaccine – “the end-all to this horrible C19” (he says sarcastically) – was being “developed”. In the meantime, we have been locked down and locked out, economies are crashing or have crashed, and then 2) the sheeple are “rewarded” by and for getting the vaccine. Massive deaths in both scenarios 1) and 2). IMO, Trump bypassed the lockdowns and lockouts by bribing big pharma to bring out the vaccine – which you know had already been developed! – early; no mandates, our choice.
    Sheeples in Fear got it, others did not. And many Sheeples only took 1 dose, then stopped.
    So I am good with Trump, he definitely made the best of a bad situation, and actually turned it around on them where now the DS “owns” the vacccine!!! Who’da thunk it???

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not good with Trump telling the world to take the injection and it’s “safe and effective” when all evidence says it does not stop Covid and it is a bio weapon that has cause many deaths and permanent health problems!!!!! He looks moronic at this point and he needs to come out and say “Stop the shots”. It is really that simple. I don’t work for Trump. I work for the health and safety of “We the People.” That said, I thought Trump was a good President and worked for $1 a year.

      • Gregg

        Fair enough Greg, I get it. It’s understandable to hold that position. What a mess!

  167. Didier

    Unbelievable : Three (vaccinated) footballers collapse in England in the same match … (While rumors suggest Agüero will quit football due to the arrhythmia generated by the puncture). It’s happening, people.

  168. J.F. Ysita

    Greg, phenomenal Clif High interview. They just keep getting better.

    Do you by any chance know where I can find a Cancer Protocol for Ivermectin?

    I’ve been looking everywhere and all I’ve found are successful studies in which the correct blood concentrations are mentioned, but I have no way to convert those into dosages for humans.


  169. Michael B

    Greg, can you ask Clif what are some good places to buy Crypto? I was in it back in 2013, but the old sites are almost all gone. Coinbase I know, but they have been shady in the past. they seized millions from their account holders in Wyoming using some Law in that state, back in 2013-14, so I would like to avoid them.

  170. gabriel sullivan

    im around vaccinated people im not vaxed, so now im worried about the spike protein , and wondering what over the counter med or natural plant could be used for anti parasite-viral to help against the spike protein that is getting past my immune system? i take vitamin d3 thats it. should i avoid large gatherings? should i not excersise much? how to tell if i have the spike protein after being around vaxed?

    • David Levin

      Here are a couple possibly relevant links that I had saved from the comments section for a previous Clif High interview. I haven’t delved into either one, but they seem promising.

      There’s probably a lot of other advice on how to protect oneself from those who have taken the injections. You might look at the comment threads from some of Greg’s previous interviews. For efficiency, I’d try doing “Find” on “http” rather than skimming all of the comments for a particular interview.

      Hope this helps.

    • LoyalWeim


      I have read that one of the most important to take is N-Acetylcysteine, aka “NAC”. NAC is used within our bodies to produce glutathione which is the real goal. However, glutathione is not efficiently available with supplementation, while NAC is so I take both. It does seem to be harder to get nowadays though.

      If one cannot obtain these then I have read that suramin is good and if I recall, pine needle tea is a natural source. Please do your own research on these as it is a great place to start if one cannot avoid the vaxxed altogether.

    • LoyalWeim


      Some people to search for on alternative channels that address this issue:
      Clif High
      Ricardo DelGado (from La Quinta Columna)
      Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

      There are a host of others and the information is out there to find! Good luck

    • LoyalWeim

      Hey for all those like myself that have heard about pine-needle tea as beneficial, a word of caution! I just saw a video by Dr. Mikovitz that it is actually dangerous and she claims this is intentional by TPTB to discredit the use of suramin. She says that suramin works, but it is not in pine needle tea. Frankly, I do not know who to believe on this at the moment. So please do your own independent research and be careful!

      For me, I will be sticking with NAC and Glutathione (and Vit D, C, etc…).

      Here is the interview with Dr. Mikovitz that I saw if you wish to see it for yourself…


      • Myn

        I heard her also say it’s not pine needle tea. But, several other articles say suramin is in pine needle tea so I don’t know what is up with her. Seems she is withholding information. Why not tell us where then if not pine needles? Hidden agenda? May God lead us in the right direction.

  171. chloe

    While doing an interview with Cal Newport, Lex Fridman presented an idea so profound, I have to give him credit. He said (in paraphrase) social media, in conjunction with recent events, has caused a tremendous leap in understanding human behavior. We’re in the midst of the greatest social experiment of our time–or perhaps anytime. I contend that it teaches us about the deficits in OUR behavior–across the board–no matter how we choose to identify. It has revealed the worst in ALL of us. Once you limit access to the social media paradigm and watch it all go down on the outside looking in, the revelation is astounding and extremely unnerving. Let the Trump-et sound. 1 CORINTHIANS 15:52

  172. Michele

    Many many blessings to you and yours each.
    I cannot adequately convey my gratitude and respect for you both

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Michele! You just did!!

  173. J.F. Ysita

    Greg, is there some way to contact Clif High? Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      What do you need from him?

      • J.F. Ysita

        Greg, thank you. I would like to ask Clif if he knows where one can find a cancer protocol with Ivermectin, because all I’ve been able to find is a series of very successful lab studies that mention the blood concentration of the Ivermectin, but I have no way to convert that into a human dosage. I have found a very few pages that imply that they mention this information, but as soon as I try to access them, I am automatically diverted to some online pharmacy which in my mind is simply a way to hide blatant censorship of this information.

        But Clif might be able to point me towards a site where that information is not censored yet. Thanks in advance for any comment.

  174. Randy Best

    Bo Polny’s time in November is running out. God has not moved his hand. Our financial system is not 180 degrees opposite. His predictions are again at risk. Does anyone in their right mind think the direction of the country has changed since Ginsburg’s death? Oil selling for -$37.63/barrel is another joke, a non-factor.

  175. Randy Best

    Clif said the Biden Administration would collapse this Fall. Will it?

  176. Randy Best

    Bitcoin is fool’s gold.

  177. Randy Best

    10-18 years? Do we even have that long?

  178. Michele

    Based on Clifs Explanation of what would have occurred if President Trump did not push the creation of the vaxx. Even with the problems from the vaxx imimenting it did in fact save millions of lives. We would have been locked down for years and the death toll from that. And the effects on society etc certainly would have killed untold millions.
    Thank God for Clifs clear deliberate understanding and explanation of the thought process behind what our President did. God bless each of you❤🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      It saved millions of lives in a fake pandemic where there nearly zero flu deaths in 2020 and most of 2021? Please tell me what metric President Trump is using to say this cv19 bio weapon saved millions of lives. Please link to the science proving this. You can check VAERS and there are now more the 18,000 deaths from the vav and hundreds of thousands life time injuries. Harvard study from 2011 says less than 1% of adverse reactions are reported. There are more CV 19 VAERS deaths than all vaccines combined since VAERS was started more than 30 years ago. Again, please show us how this bioweapon has save millions of lives.

      I am not giving you a hard time but the evidence is the opposite of what we are being told.

  179. Daniel Auld

    Hadn’t heard of Clif High before you started interviewing him, now I can’t get enough 🙂

    One of the forecasts that wasn’t covered was the word ‘massacre’ associated with an event between the 10th and 14th of Oct. Was that discussed during the pre-interview? I’m guessing it either hasn’t happened yet given the fuzziness in the data, or it was something like a ‘massacre’ of human rights as Australia has gone full concentration camp/genocide on the aboriginals in the North.

    Curious what Clif had to say about the ‘massacre’ forecast.


  180. alfie

    My Dad was a product of the 1930’s and the depression ( he was 9 yrs old when the stock market crashed ) and he always said that it is going to happen again and that it was going to be a lot worse. Well, guess what Dad, you were right again, it is going to happen again and yes, I believe that it will be a whole lot worse.

  181. Michael Sissons

    Not sure if you have seen this recent video, but it’s pretty disturbing (shocking, really) if at all true, which it certainly seems to be! We have sent it to many politicians here in Canada to ‘wake’ them up, and hopefully the gravitas of this will gain a foothold.

    In any event, here it is :

    We love your program, and have been following you for years, Greg! Keep the faith, my man!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Michael!!

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