McCain Kills Skinny, Congress Curtails President, Sessions Drama

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 294 7.28.17) 

The Senate and House have just passed a veto-proof bill that will increase Russian sanctions. The Russians vow to retaliate, but that is not the big story.  This new sanctions bill looks to curtail the power of Donald Trump to lift these sanctions and take away any and all discretion when it comes to Russian sanctions.  Is this going to turn into a Constitutional crisis and a “Separation of Powers” fight between the White House and Congress?

Will President Trump get rid of Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Trump is still upset that Sessions took himself out of the fight when he recused himself from the so-called Russian collusion investigation.  Now, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is hiring Trump hating Democrats and is far from investigating Russian collusion.  Mueller is turning the investigation to Trump and is going back 10 years when Trump was a private citizen.  There is huge conflict of interest with Mueller, and no one at the Justice Department has the power or the will to put the brakes on what Trump calls a “witch hunt.”

Even though the stock market has been hitting one all-time high after another, it does not mean everyone thinks the economy is healthy. Many top money managers are increasing their warnings that something is seriously wrong, and the stock and bond markets could be in for a very big fall.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(There is much more in the video newscast.)

After the Wrap-Up: 

The guest for the “Early Sunday Release” is money manager and analyst Michael Pento. He thinks fall of 2017 is going to be a very dangerous time for investors.  Hear his five reason why.



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  1. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    There is only one political party in Washington. It has no intention of fixing the Health Care Destruction Act. It never did and it’s still relying on “the stupidity of the American voter”. That political party accused Trump during the campaign of wanting to start a trade war. Now they are trying to start a trade war and a hot war with Russia and continue to support ISIS terrorists in Syria. They want to continue wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and maybe North Korea and China. They want to continue dismantling the U. S. economy and complete the destruction of the middle class. They are promoting hate by any means necessary by race, religion. region, income, age, sex, sexual orientation, etc., etc., etc. A former CIA director who committed perjury called this week for the virtual overthrow of the President while heaping sycophantic praise on that fraud Mueller. The Establishment party in D. C. is treacherous and criminal beyond belief .

    • Roger D

      Satan is a clever master of deceit. He took down a once-great Christian nation by deceiving us with ‘false choices’, both of which were evil.

      Even to this day Americans are blind to the fact that the Republican Party and Democratic Party are the same evil. We cling to hope in political solutions (i.e. Trump) to save an evil system intent on destroying us.

      So clever is Satan that he even used a false interpretation of Genesis 12:1-to turn Christians into a blood-thirsty people. When was the last time you heard Christians discuss war and ask, ‘What would Jesus do?’ Seriously, name one of our many wars that Jesus would support! No, we can’t let Jesus interfere with our love of war and interference in the affairs of sovereign nations.

      ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18

    • Paul ...

      Yes Mal … the gang in DC is treacherous and criminal beyond belief … they and their Deep State buddies gave us 9-11, the Iran war, the Afghanistan war, the Libyan war, the Ukrainian war, the Syrian war, the Yemen war, they also want a war with China, a war with N.Korea, a war with Iran, a war with Russia and they have a war going on with Trump … they and their MSM propaganda machine think they can convince the American people that continual war is in our best interest and that we should pay for all their wars … “our suppose-ed representatives” in Congress are totally in bed with the Deep State warmongers and have just passed a bill to impose even more sanctions on Russia who will respond in kind and put sanctions on Europe (who will then respond by putting sanctions on the US) creating a “trade war” … Trump better beefing up his Cabinet with people who will act to take down “the real crime syndicate in DC” and he better also beef up his own private security forces to prevent what happened to JFK from happening to him … trying to appease the Deep State by firing Tomahawk missiles at Syria and becoming belligerent toward China and N. Korea is not going to get the Deep State off his back … Trump must completely “pull the plug” on the Deep State warmongers who are out to impeach or assassinate him … the gloves must be taken off and the Deep State warmongers arrested for treason … a half century of continual wars upon wars upon wars upon wars is enough already … put these evil Deep State Satan worshiping neocon pedophile warmongering men (and women) in chains … then lock them away and throw away the keys!!

    • jodyp

      Agreed MAL. And on both sides of the aisle,they prayed for McStains recovery. Just who or what do these sub-humans pray to?

    • Paul

      ” Draining the swamp ” will be the most difficult task ever for a president. Trump will need as much support and action of every kind by individuals to succeed. Letters, phone calls, protests, occupation rallies, and anything the people can dream up. Do not be fooled this a fight for the life of your country.

  2. Neil

    Hi Greg,
    You must be having major problems getting your next video up?
    Just wanted to propose a new avenue for your reporting.
    I would like you to consider some interviews with ‘ordinary’ Americans doing their best to make their way in manufacturing or farming or whatever productive area. That is connect with real Americans on the ground rather than just economic and market forecasting. Your reporting ought to be of interest to these people but perhaps they are too busy working to be informed about what is going down or perhaps they just want to put their feet up and watch football when they get home. I think part of your personal mission is to prepare people for a crisis and you might consider reaching out to people who aren’t in the loop yet. I am in a design related business and occasionally I find interesting YouTube channels like this. .Titan is a good man putting up a good fight. Honestly it pains me to think of these fine people being forced to the wall (again) by the pathetic lack of performance of US politicians and fat-cat bankers who do very little for their stolen money. These people are trying very hard in good faith. What about the good folk who are the factory workers, who work in the fields? Why should we accept these people are useless eaters to be sacrificed or cleaned out in a financial collapse?
    There are many fine things about America but I am very disappointed about how it seems this is going down with barely a whimper because apparently the people with responsibility do not care.

    • Russ McMeans

      Neil: we’re out here and we hear you! I guess you could call us local American heros. There’s millions of us! And yes we’re busy. We are thankful for our newly elected president doing the heavy lifting too.
      Please remember to pray for him DAILY. As for all these smart ass people that Greg interviews weekly:
      PHD types are really fun to listen to and quite educational. I’m taking actions to prepare thanks to them. Thank you Greg for all these awesome guests- though I take some of the conspiracy concepts lightly, the guests are excellent. I will proceed to post this beautiful puppy on my Facebook public page since Greg says more in 30 minutes than a month of crap on TV.
      Btw: I think Rush stopped watching evening TV & he’s Much happier. So the moral of the story is: KILL YER TV FOLKS!

  3. Robespierre


    Stocks are generally on a tear right now and probably for the next year or two. Risk of recession or correction are faint for the time being. Still, things can change anytime but nobody knows when or how much. So, general fears are healthy at this time. Among the actual individuals still in the market in recent years, its party time once again. Question is: for how long? This recovery and bull stock market is said to be the second longest in modern times, maybe “Ever”. Just remember never and ever are pretty long to think about, and not relevant to an individual lifespan.

    As an aside, historically, serious bear markets can last up to 16 years, such as the last big one from 1966-1982. Its been a whole generation since we had one of those periods. We are overdue. So, I expect a similar period to fall upon the land again sometime after 2030. Its quite possible the next big war will erupt during the same time period. Bad news comes in Spades, as the saying goes. Anyone retired during a true bear market will probably not live long enough to see their assets or lifestyles recover, Public Employees and Underfunded Public Pension Funds (especially) included.

    The next true Bear Stock Market Period will tend to deflate all the asset classes together and possibly globally which the FED and other central banks have pumped-up since 2007. Diversification will not protect you. Government sure won’t protect you. Only you can protect you by using your noggin. During such a period, more economic, political, and social change will occur than we can possibley imagine. So, plan ahead regardless. Much uncertainty lies ahead. so don’t get too comfortable. It could all change someday.

    Can you look into finding a guest to elaborate upon the possible impacts of having major Public Employee Pension Funds default, such as CALPERS ?

    I mention CALPERS because at 70% funded, its the poster child of state government incompetence and corruption all-in-one. Certainly, there are other states and the list of miscreants is indeed growing larger each year. We seem to still “get buy” for now. The silent crisis.

    Individual Cities and the State of California are busy hiding it or putting the Day of Judgement off a few more years by taking Millions from the local city General Fund and putting it in so-called Pension Stabilization Funds earmarked just for CALPERS, in addition to regular payroll contributions by member governments and public employees alike. California is currently digging a hole for itself and its 40 Million residents. No news about that one. Time to sound the horn, don’t you think ?

    Its surely an accident ( train-wreck) just waiting to happen and we are getting closer every year, yet nobody seems to care. Politicians don’t really talk about it much either. How much longer ’till the shinola flies? I am afraid America as we have known it, is literally on borrowed time. Wasted opportunities. ( Senate ‘fiddles while Rome Burns’). Each of us needs to be mindful of the times we live in and “get our own house in order” while we still can. The Window of opportunity extended for individuals surely won’t last indefinitely. There may be a due date.

  4. murcus

    Hi Greg
    I was wondering if you could interview Dr Jim Willie Golden Jackass, he has been very accurate with his forecast, I find that he is spot on with the way the world is changing. Outlining direction of the future West V East with backed up information, as far as i can tell most of what he is saying is coming into the spotlight now.
    It would be real cool to have someone with your smarts to have a 2 way conversation with Jim, I also believe it would attract some interesting comments and research for me from the masses of smart people that follow you and Jim.

    • Greg Hunter


      • Sue Little

        Greg, have you seen the VIPS Report (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) which did a forensic analysis of the “Russian hack. They concluded it was a leak within the DNC . It was covered on the LaRouchePac site and includes a interview with Ray McGovern. They also published their memo by VIPS to President Trump. Check it out and see what you think. Thanks.

  5. Bob

    Great job Greg and very insightful commentary and analysis! Thank you and bless you.

  6. Russ McMeans

    On firing Jeff Sessions: I agree Greg- I’m blown away that you even intertained the thought. But you nailed it: Trump needs someone to block the attacks NOW …
    but finding a loyal alternative quickly?… and dealing with a Senate sign off? Trump knows the situation.
    Wish I could be his AG. I’m nice but MEAN too.
    You got to hand it to the Democrats; they protect their own. It’s group think. The Republicans are different; we’re so independent that we scatter in the progressive liberal wind. SAD!

  7. Russ McMeans

    Again please remember to thank God for Trump and ask that he prevail against the corruption in DC DAILY!

    • Paul ...

      Monsanto now makes humans seedless along with their watermelons, grapes, etc…. will there will be any children left to enjoy the world after Trump saves it? … … Monsanto is not feeding the world … it is simply killing all our unborn children (now there is a logical long term corporate plan) … then we have the Demon-rat neocons fostering wars to kill our older children … and the pedophiles killing our younger children who may have been lucky to avoid being brain damaged by doctors vaccinating them right out of the womb (and then feeding them fluoridated water with GMO soy in their baby bottles) … doesn’t it seem like it is about time to give the finger to Satan and his followers??

  8. Russ McMeans

    The Hunter enters the swamp wearing his muck boots and a hat- not a baseball cap but a kind of hat that Matt Drudge wears….. must go with the territory. Anyway he’s looking for critters and there’s plenty of activity in the rotting swamp. When he encounters his prey he cuts em open with his sharp journalistic scalpel. It’s been a good hunting season for Sir Greg, but he’s exasperated because the D.C. Swamp critters are full of worms. Not fit for consumption. But that’s his job you know. Old fashioned hunter journalists are hard to come by that are willing to put on farm muck boots and roll up their sleeves and enter the pig pen. God bless the Gregs, Matts and Tyler’s of this world! Oh and Rush and Michael S. can’t forget them too!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ.

  9. Peter

    Thanks Mal,
    You said: ” The Establishment party in D. C. is treacherous and criminal beyond belief ” and again and again I’m saying: the USA is a BANANA REPUBLIC.

    So what would be the conclusion and the end of this story? WOW.



  10. Kim

    God’s love is more powerful than anything or anyone and HE IS IN CONTROL!

    Thank you Greg for keeping us informed! We can let our light shine with confidence no matter the uncertainty.
    God bless!

    • Paul ...

      Throughout the ages … when man stepped out of line … God usually stepped in to put man in his place … however the Deep State now thinks they are “too powerful for God” to do anything about them (and their “breakaway civilization”) … so they are flaunting their power and giving God the finger (by killing women and children and having continual wars) when God commanded “Thou Shall not Kill” and wanted us to be peaceful and good to one another!! … Joseph Farrell has some thoughts the Deep State should consider for even all powerful Atlantis was destroyed …

      • Paul ...

        Isn’t it interesting that physicists today have found that a diamond has properties that make it ideal for use as a laser weapon … and that mankind has always venerated diamonds as being very valuable! … now consider the fact that mankind has always considered gold to be very valuable … the Deep State tells everyone that gold is “a worthless relic” … but who knows what power gold truly holds (some say mankind would not exist today if the gods of old did not create him to mine gold for them) … so those thinking about selling their gold … better re-think such rash action … gold could be head and shoulders very much “more valuable” then those bit coins you want to buy!!

        • Paul ...

          From Edgar Cayce … “Russia is the Hope of the World” … no wonder the Deep State is putting sanctions on Russia and wants to attack them with a nuclear first strike … can’t allow for hope in the world … only more wars, more killing, more pedophilia, more Satan worshiping and the eating of babies!!

  11. Dan

    TRUMP is an EMBARRASSMENT to this (always has been & still is) GREAT country of ours! What a sh*t show his administration has become. He reminds me that the LESSER of two evils (he & Hillary) is STILL evil! He ALMOST makes me wish for O’bozo again. At least HE showed SOME class & dignity while leading us to ruin!

    • Freebreezer

      class & dignity – no war has ever been fought and yet won with those two word! Wars are ugly (period) !!! and right now those of Judea/Christians values are in a fight/war for the soul of America against the SOCIALISTS, far left, aristocrats AND the privileged of Washington DC. Just maybe, a tough talking billionaire off the streets of New York is just what we need to lead our fight. Take Trumps transgender order, Greg succinctly articulates it … do what the hell (My word) you want with your body, BUT DO NOT MAKES ME PAY FOR IT!!! I judge by actions … Border crossings way down; Our coal industry is getting back on their feet; EPA is getting gutted; Global climate scam – stopped cold by Trump giving it the finger! Illegal alien criminals being hunted down and jailed or deported … So far, Trump’s action seem pretty good to me.

    • Jallen

      America began its decent into Hell when the Federal Reserve was created.
      Why don’t you read the book of Revelation and then tell me how THE MARK OF THE BEAST WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT.

  12. dlc

    Elections do have consequences. McCain very soundly beat his opponent, an ER doctor. The people in this state would elect him again. Trump himself backed McCain in his re-election bid.

    AZ is one of the states that accepted funds for Medicare. That could be one reason for McCain’s decision. The main reason is that he is a vindictive SOB. Unlike Teddy, the people will remember this sick pup for a long time. On the game shows, it’s called a parting gift — John’s gift to the people — Obamacare.

    I ultimately place the Obamacare debacle at the feet of the voters who elected a jive azz president who promised a sucker’s deal and left the WH laughing. November 2016 was a dud election, every crook returned to Congress by same voters. I predict that McCain is just warming up. So little time, so much damage to accomplish.

    By the way, Mayo Hospital does not accept Medicare patients, much less Medicaid. John is getting the best that medicine has to offer. Fat good it did Ted Kennedy.

    This desert snake will go out getting even, however.

  13. ccwaters

    Perhaps the signed release the hospitals require for surgery contains a clause to administer this chip? (In the interest of identification of course)

    The pulse of society has changed. The pains are coming closer now. Your survey of the current events is breathless compared to, say–this time last year. I’m worried.

  14. dlc

    A real hero who did not spend the years after his return from the Hanoi Hilton demanding respect from the public. A man who did not enrich himself feeding on the emotions of the American people.

    Are we done paying homage to John McCain? Never has one person made such a lucrative living off public guilt. He got rich busting out the country from his Keating Five days until his latest knife in the American back. This country always supports the rotters, and then we’re shocked when we get rotten deals.

    Remember Admiral Stockdale: “Who am I, why am I here?” The public had a real horse laugh over this opening remark in a VP debate.

    Who’s laughing now?

  15. Oracle 911

    I think this whole “impeach Trump” is just a show to discredit the neocons and their propaganda machine aka MSM. The MSM is lying and creating phony stories in 24/7 and only zombiefied Americans didn’t noticed it (look at the earnings and their stock prices) and the neocons in both parties are in meltdown (some of them are masking themselves with liberal agenda and rhetoric).
    So, if you look at it from this perspective everything suddenly make sense.

    From historical perspective, something similar happened with Yeltzin in Russia. There was impeachment attempt and it ended with his position solidified and his political opponents destroyed.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  16. pat the rat

    What do you think of the Hong Kong market that say you must have the gold or silver at the end of the contract? I think it has long ways to go before it will replace the paper market of gold from the real market of gold and silver!

  17. Tad

    McCain sucks as a Senator and a human being. One Republican president against about 530 Democrats. How can this end well?

    The only conservatives and a very few Democrats left in America will be holding gold, silver, guns, and foodstuffs.

  18. Chip

    Awesome WNW Greg! This Russian sanctions thing has me worried. This is exactly what we did to Japan that prompted them to lash out and bomb Pearl Harbor. We’re backing the bear into a corner and it’s going to get ugly… Chip

    • tsuki

      The Russian sanctions are a smokescreen. Since the last set of sanctions, the RF has hedged significantly. They have completed their pivot. These sanctions may cause a blip or two, but the RF is part of the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken, OBOR. They are now allied with China, India, Iran and Turkey. They are selling military equipment around the world. They are the largest exporter of wheat. They are food sufficient.

      This is an economic trade war against the EU (Germany). I hesitated to post this previously until I had some confirmation. Now that Folker Hellmeyer, head of the Volksbank of Bremer Landesbank, has publicly confirmed such in the DWN, I feel more confident in my assessment.

      Measures are being discussed in the EU (Germany) to counter any sanctions levied against the EU and its industries.

      I cannot believe that howling pack of feral dogs in DC are willing to blow up the EU alliance and the NATO alliance, but they are.

  19. Tad

    I suggest that the Sessions recusal or his forced resignation is, ultimately, depends on someone taking out all three Clintons.


    How many dead witnesses or lawyers would one suggest to counter them in court?

    Some brave soul(s) will need to . . . .

    • Paul ...

      Is Trump worried when he looks at that long list of dead people the Clinton’s had a hand in burying that is floating around on the internet?… obviously Hillary will be jumping for joy if trump is taken out by any means possible … and new elections will held under the auspicious of Homeland Security so every vote from illegal aliens and dead people will count … then Hillary will get (what in her mind) she is rightfully due! … as for Trump … he will get some highways and airports named after him!

  20. foggygoggles

    Congress is panicked because a third of them are pedophiles………….

    • Paul ...

      We must do to these evil pedophiles what God showed us he did to evil entities … he took Satan and the 1/3 who followed him and through them right into hell without any qualms!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Not just Congress….Catharine Fitts says a special panel should give everyone with a dirty control file a chance to come clean privately and get away from the blackmail paralysis. Many people are terrified s++tless. Some of the files were made with extortion, drugs, booze. Like John Profumo, they need to repent and find redemption….they need that avenue opened because all aren’t hopeless criminals.

  21. The Seer

    Greg, Maybe have an executive from Great alternative for healthcare. They even covered my acupuncture naturopathic DR blood tests and chiropractor. $1 million coverage per incident for only $181 -$150 per month.
    Americans can ALL drop O—–Care and show them – erase it by switching over
    to Liberty meets the O——Care standards on your tax forms, too!

  22. Jerry

    I will be the first to admit that I was wrong about the global economic reset being a singular event, when in fact it is precisely what CAF said it was ” a series of controlled demolitions” which will ultimately culminate in a new system. Here’s a prime example.

    AIIB has hired bnpparibas to help facilitate the transition of its funds globally throughout its network of banks under the guise of infrastructure project management.
    In my opinion the Chinese are using this company as a Trojan horse to help saturate the western banking systems with gold backed securities to be used in a global currency reset. Do I have proof ? No. But in the business world you never hire third parties to handle projects that can be handled internally unless you anticipate massive expansion. In this case it happens to be the entire EU and the failing Federal Reserve Bank system who seems to be preparing to clear its balance sheets.

    • Jerry

      According to my sources, whatever form the new global currency takes in the next few months , whether its crypto currency or paper bills, it will be backed by gold.
      I’m hearing from my sources (which can’t be proven) that AIIB is about to release a new form of gold backed securities to be used for investments that totals in the trillions of dollars. If this information is true, you can say goodbye to the petrodollar and the old Bretton woods system. I’ll post more on this as it comes in, but right now it looks like the target date for release seems to be October 1st which is the start of the fiscal year for 2018.

  23. frank reps

    Mr. Hunter, I voted for Trump { after taking a pass on the prior three elections } because of his crystal clear promises. His lack of action leads me to believe that he won’t act on his promises because someone has some real ” dirt ” on him. He once made the statement about how ” Epstein really knows how to have a good time “. Why else would Trump be so timid ?. This is not a good thought…..but a logical conclusion. Am very sorry about this; but what other conclusion can be arrived at ?.

    • Greg Hunter

      Give him a break, no other President has been attacked like this in the Nations history. Trump removed the U.S. from the TPP and the Paris Climate accord. Illegal immigration is down 70% and Trump is building the Wall. Al this and more while under constant propaganda attacks by the MSM and felony leaks to destroy him and his administration. Give him a break and get real.

  24. wondrouscat

    Nothing is ever for naught in a comic’s depiction and the deep state here by Branco is obviously the silhouette of no other than our last President. The ears are the tell. Also love the MSM with that old, as in obsolete, T.V. for a head.

  25. Flattop

    Its time to consider the candidates for the 2018 election. If someone is now in office and has shown no leadership, DO NOT re elect them just because they are nice people. We need new young people with new ideas. I am frustrated and angry with these ” Go along to get along” congress people who will say anything to be re elected. SEND THEN HOME

  26. foggygoggles

    The Awan thread includes brothers, Imran, Abid and Jamal. They were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, and ran the House of Representatives IT for years. George Webb has been all over this story for months. He would be worth an interview.

    • Chase

      Agreed, please bring on George!
      -ultimate USAW fan

  27. steve pool

    I was hearing you talk about the transgender in the military and the cost to the tax payer and watching democracy now make the comment, that the military now spends 10 times the amount for erectile dysfunction. if this is true, I want my taxes to be spent on military items for the soldiers like body armor. what say you

    • Greg Hunter


  28. Russ

    Excellent wrap-up Greg. I have a lot of things bouncing around in my head about all the turmoil and the simplest explanation is that it’s all part of a plan. The “fake news” is the good looking blonde on stage intended to keep everyone focused on her while some major “magic” stuff is going on behind the curtain. Trump’s tweets and now Scaramucci’s verbiage regarding other folk on Trump’s team were and are for what pupose? Watch the blonde, just keep watching the blonde. It’s possible that the NYT and WaPo headlines are what they are because Trump is playing them like a violin. How can anyone be certain, but I for one hope all this BS ends well. It might end very badly.

    What’s reakky going on? Who knows, maybe that IMF stuff Jerry found. The IMF wouldn’t move to Beijing for the clean air, it would have to be some compelling reason.

    Looking forward to Pento on Sunday.

    • Russ

      reakky? What’s really going on?

  29. maria das santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,none of Mr Trump’s dreadful attacks on him are being reported in any depth here in the UK.Unsurprising really.
    The economy here still sucks and the cupidity and stupidity of our elected MPs and PM are astounding but not really surprising.The media,yes even the BBC(the one we are made to pay for),can’t be bothered to analyse the Westminster gargoyles or the bureaucrats who are lining their pockets at our expense.
    Surprisingly,the most expensive car dealerships and homes and the “impressive”schools lie within commuting distance of Washington and Langley,how irritating.
    The BIS and its many hosts are not just a nest of vipers but a truly cancerous growth on the USA and the world.The IMF and its handmaiden Christine Lagarde,a former work chum of Mr Obama,are but nasty sirens luring the USA to her doom,surprisingly or not the deep state seems disinterested in their loss of power at their fingertips they have with the hegemony of the USA Dollar,are they all expecting a huge pay off in Yuan,the Renimbi is for the Chinese?
    The “super elite”who we are not allowed to know of,seem quite happily to allow their plans to be known and cheered through legislative houses everywhere and the populace remain silent as the euthanasia van turns up at the front door of the peasantry.Is this hubris on the “super elites”part,or our part,assuming it could never happen here?We shall see.

  30. andyb

    Despite the never-ending rhetoric, the ONE PARTY Rinos never had any intention of R&R Obamacare; it is doing such a good job destroying the middle class specifically and the American economy in general. Our pols are all traitors, marching to the orders of the Red Shield and the puppets placed GLOBALLY to implement policies. Hopefully they will all hang after the next revolution.
    I’ll give Trump credit for trying. But he is overwhelmed by these traitors. If not impeached, he’ll be taken out by a 3 named patsy like Booth, Oswald et al. The ultimate distraction for the economic implosion.

  31. Frederick

    Greg it’s Kushner NOT Kirschner

  32. David H

    Trump’s biggest problem is the Rhino Republicans. If the Republicans stood by Trump he would be in good shape. Rep. Devine Nunes was thrown under the bus when he stood up for the President. It was to make him an example for other Republicans to think twice before assisting Trump. The Rhinos like Lindsey Graham stand against the president loud and proud. The Trump supporters in the congress have choosen self preservation over God and County by standing by watching on the sidelines. What can Trump realistically do under such adverse circumstances?
    Blessings, David

  33. Diane

    This will be of interest to those interested in Gold…actually it will be interesting to everyone.

  34. Ben Sellors

    Very true, but the issues covered in this weekly wrap are so frustratingly painful I had to step away several times to get through it. Come on Trump – call on the American people and attack this directly. Go on the offensive or this is destined for failure and all will be lost.

    As for chipping, if technology moves in that direction no financial incentive will be needed to get us all to chip ourselves and it will be very difficult to resist. Most everyone carries a cell phone today that tracks just about everything about our lives. We try to resist but how can we live in the world today without one.

    • C romana

      I don’t have a cell phone anymore. It’s possible.
      Greg, I can’t bear the news anymore about Trump. He just seems to be impotent at standing up for himself in taking action. I just listen to you for updates and try not to get depressed.

      • Greg Hunter

        C Romana,
        Fear Not God the father and Trump are winning. This is why the deep state and propaganda media are soooooooooo angry.

  35. This sceptred isle

    More russian sanctions. Is America’s genius plan to create a stronger russian-chinese alliance? Is america isolating russia or itself?

  36. Fear Not

    Greg, You obviously know what time it is. I’m also a follower of Christ, and He warned those who would listen of the signs of the end of the age, and His triumphant return. He related these events like labor pains. If you have children, you know what that entails. The pains will start off slow and infrequent, only to increase in intensity and frequency as the birth date nears. So, in other words, the news ain’t gonna get any better. Greg, throughout the Bible, it tells us what to look for in His return. And for those who pay attention, our jaws have dropped at the speed in which these signs are converging. Christ said in Luke 21:28 28 “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

    Greg, I didn’t tell you all of this so you’d quit your job and go sit on a mountain top. No… Keep spreading the message. You have a great format and a great audience. If you plant the seed for only one person to receive the saving grace of God’s gift to mankind, that being Jesus Christ, then all of your work is worth it.

    I realize this is a secular opinion and news analysis site. However, it helps me realize that you can’t trust any man (or party). As you always say, God the Father is in charge. Stay strong Greg, and keep spreading the message.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fear Not and “Fear Not.”

  37. Doug

    McCain showed his true self, a democrat, how worthless he is. When Trump was saying about his war record, I thought that long before Trump said it. I hope that brain cancer takes him sooner then later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Paul ...

    Hey Sessions … stop sitting on your hands while the witch is free to roam the countryside hunting for Trump … appoint a second special council to go back 10 years and uncover the massive illegal criminal activity of some real crooks … lets finally put an end to the Hillary coverup …

    • Robespierre

      McCain is a PAIN.

  39. evan trofholz

    Great stuff as always. A real treat!

    You are so correct. You’d think the DNC would be racing to get the most damning piece of evidence (the servers) out to prove their claims. You’d also think the Leftish media, eager to lose the “Fake News” label, would want the same. Guess it’s easier to be an “Election Denier” without actually having to pony of any justification.

  40. Paul from Indiana

    Nothing is going to be done about anything. We are in an irrevocable nosedive. The only question now is how it plays out, with a bang or merely a whimper. So far, it’s the latter. Not even General Yamashita’s gold can save us. Let the dollar blow up. Let the markets crash. Let the Chinese issue gold-backed currency on a new exchange. None of it matters, as we have no soul. Best always. PM

  41. Deborah

    Look at Liberty Share for Insurance. It is Obama Exempt. They are out of Ohio. They are growing in leaps and bounds in popularity.
    I am 62 and pay $200 per month , although rates vary. I have a $500 deductible.
    They are slow to process but I am getting reimbursed.

  42. David H

    I think this quote gives an accurate assessment of the current media coverage of the president.
    “Never before has the world witnessed the total media onslaught against Donald Trump, which seems to grow in fierceness each day. Not even the worst dictators in the world have been treated with the kind of one-sided media bashing Trump endures—not Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, nor Castro.”
    Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
    David H

  43. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Another thoughtful weekly wrap-up, thanks! And thanks for leading the fight. If you will permit me one ponderable: I admire your courage in covering a few very controversial topics on your Sunday interviews. It does spice things up and gives those topics some air time. However, I wonder if you are not too valuable a national resource to go there too often (which so far you haven’t). A civilizational catastrophe seems to be starting and we will need a “broadcaster” around whom a large segment of the population will coalesce and find highly reliable as a source of news analysis and opinion. If not you, who will that be? Please forgive me if I’m asking you to take on a task different from what you envision for yourself.

    • Greg Hunter

      All I can do is all I can do and will stand at my post until I cannot continue.

  44. Charles H


    You’re right about Trump being in the fight of his life. The big issue about his government is this – it doesn’t matter who you are, or qualifications are (generally): what IS the issue is loyalty and actual support. Everyone who cannot begin right and continue through the whole term of his administration: needs to be summarily fired and replaced. Obama cleaned-out the military of conservatives. Trump needs to run a tight ship; or it will sink of a thousand leaks.

    • wondrouscat

      Charles H that is a superior post. Should be tacked up in the oval office. One of Trump’s great assets, and one of the reasons I supported him, was his very shrewd analysis and choice of who he surrounded himself with, and who worked for him. That was always paramount when he was a businessman – and he would quickly rid himself of people who failed him. He spoke of how many people fail to succeed because they keep bad people in their life who derail them. Time to pull the wagons up close round the fire.

      • Charles H

        You’re very kind. Thanks. Trump is in a real big pond now; not like before.

  45. Roman

    Greg, I am getting tired of you defending Trump when evidence and his behavior does not deserve your unequivocal support. I find it very hard to believe that Trump is not an agent of elites looking to maintain the status quo. The Health care bill proves it: it was nothing but a sham to gut Medicare and pass on Tax cuts to the 1 percentages.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump just put a pro 2nd Amendment judge on the Supreme Court. Trump took the U.S. out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Paris Climate accord. Trump is building a wall on the Southern Border and curtailing illegal immigration. Trump is also going after the “animals” of MS13. Open your eyes man!!! This is just off the top of my head, and there are many more things that show you are wrong.

  46. dc

    It’s “sickening” Greg what these human parasites and serpents are doing, besides wasting time, resources and $$$ (again) just to bring in the zany ‘world order’ run by scum and low-lives! Could it be that the dem*s are foaming at the mouth and grinding their teeth because they had the computers ‘rigged’ for Hilly to win and some ‘smarter hackers’ out hacked them and made it straight up to ‘really count’ the votes. Since they can’t stand to lose they’ve got to grind on this stupidity, instead of admitting they ‘rigged / hacked’ it to begin with (remember Bernie – who was given the 400k lake home mansion to keep his mouth shut about him being shafted – rigged election by Hilly stealing it the Clinton way).
    If anything, I’d love to see it come out (exposing) who all was involved in the collusion and put them in Gitmo orange! Sickos do what they do, so it’s up to those with something of “worth” to pin them down and stop ‘um! God keep the good ones safe and let the sickos fall into their own snares!

  47. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Jesse Cafe is hinting at a big change….he’s getting serious today about something he may know.
    The stock market is getting ready to sucker punch little folks out of their savings.

  48. Tim McGraw

    Every day it’s something. Today it’s McCain keeping Obamacare alive and North Korea launching a missile into Japanese waters. I wonder what it will be tomorrow?
    Here in Northern California folks are calling for socialism and redistribution of wealth and housing. It’s like “Dr. Zhivago” without the snow.

    • Flattop

      Tim McGraw: Did you see where gov moonbeam is giving 3 billion tax payer dollars to electric car advancement

  49. Frederick

    Had drinks with my Lieteniut Colonel friend on leave from Afghanistan tonight and he showed me pictures of himself entertaining Johnny Wetstart in the green zone in Kabul I told him how I despised the man and he didn’t disagree actually

  50. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    Good rap-up Greg. You put a lot of work in, to sift the news. Focusing on the real key issues. I’m a minority on your site. Unique from most of society. Our founding Fathers designed a wonderful Republic. They just could not protect us from greed.

    To correct the system, we must collapse economically. The dollars must die, debt and wealth must be destroyed and we all start over. Instant equality. A wake up for the snowflakes that are sucking us dry. For all those “Darwinian”s, the weak must die off and the strong survive. That’s why they love big government……..their weak.

    He who does not work….shall not eat.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      I like your sentiments, but you just gave the greatest exposition on exactly WHY there will be no complete collapse or dramatic crash. The masses serve the purpose of their masters. And the Founding Fathers assumed we had an incentive, namely freedom and self-determination, that would help us overcome the frailties and shortcomings of human nature. It was a noble idea but eventually impracticable. Best always. PM

    • JC Davis

      James you inspire me. No word can replace what you said. Sent from above. I see it.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Sorry….define “work” please. Many criminals work very hard indeed…and many people grow tomatoes and help grandchildren with homework. The work thing is ill defined and over rated and smacks of hubris.
      Personally, I think America suffers from a decline in intangibles like friendship, conversation, prayer, constructive leisure to braid a little girl’s hair and do crossword puzzles. I’ve spent my entire life that way…and if I live on tea and toast and a tiny SS check, who are you to judge?
      I watched many people spend their whole lives obsessed with security and ignoring their family’s need for slow, kind conversation and watching the sunrise on the porch…people who don’t even know the color of their grandchildren’s eyes or what size they wear.
      All over this gadget people are obsessing over gold, silver, and bitcoin, whatever that is. But the Lord promised to care for us….are we calling Him a liar? Remember, Mary chose the better part. Martha was a really good gal, but she ruined the mood.

      • Charles H

        Working with our hands, the things which are honest. To be human is to err… uh, I mean CARE! Thanks Deanna forr your refreshing view. And the Lord said He would suppy our “needs” – but that is lost as well.

  51. Aussie Clive

    Well Trump’s rage must have stirred up some activity in the swamp. Two articles from Zero Hedge posted this morning give some cause for optimism.
    ‘Gauntlet Thrown: House Judiciary Demands Special Counsel To Investigate Comey, Lynch, And Clinton’


    ‘FBI General Counsel Reportedly Under Investigation For Leaks To Mainstream Media’

    Perhaps when this nonsense has ended Trump will be able to fulfill another election promise – to Reopen the investigation into 911.
    With the release of an article in Europhysics News 2016 – ’15 Yeasr later: On The Physics of High-Rise Building Collapses’ ( ) AND
    with the release, of a two year crowd-funded study by Dr. J Leroy Hulsey from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, due next month, Trump may not be able to look the other way for too much longer.

    Although the Europhysics News article is not strictly a scientific article, which leaves it open to attack, Dr Hulsey’s study will adhere strictly to scientific and engineering rules governing published studies. It will be a peer-reviewed ‘completely open and transparent investigation into the cause of World Trade Center Building 7’s collapse. Every aspect of the scientific process will be posted here and on the university’s website so that the public can follow its progress’ (quote from ).
    And unlike the NIST models, the sources code for Dr Hulsey’s models will be available for all to see and scrutinize and the models will run longer than the 2 second model that NIST produced. If the critics can’t find fault with the study they usually attack the messenger, but Dr Hulsey is clearly a man of integrity.

    If Trump really wants to clean out the swamp – and I mean really clean it out – he must initiate a new 911 investigation (including following the money transactions at the time – although this has already been done).
    Many of the people and organizations responsible for 911 are attacking Trump today.

  52. Justn Observer

    Greg, Good job again… as for McCain…a true Tory at heart…the linkage of his family is obvious…that he follows the ‘establishment’ Pilgrim Society/ CFR/ Atlantic Club/Trilateralist/ Travistock/Bilderberg/globalist fanatically-inimically will at every step – against the wishes of the people and the Constitution is of no surprise. The U.S. is a corporation as is each state and county thereof —are they not? There ‘representatives’ once elected…serve the ‘corporate’ for profit interest of their corporations as their fiduciary obligations call for —do they not? How is it the people do not understand this? That the corporate names and their ‘boundaries’ are shared by both seems to cause some of that ‘CON- fusion’… but be clear there is a difference between Constitutional rights….and civil rights… and those given via cronyism, license , permit, and fees. That the people still complain about the cost mechanism of ACA…and not the affront to the Constitution and the penalty/tax quality…of being FORCED to enter into a contract…appears to have now been lost! And there-in the surrender of another constitutional right. Which was another underlying undermining of it… and advance towards more central control and as Lenin projected that control over healthcare would be an advance the interests of socialist-communism.
    The ACA fills to purposes…it garners the votes of the lesser class to stay in power while it bleeds off the wealth/savings of the middle class … In such days….the elite need only to hold on to what… they have… as those below are fleeced …to stay on top and in power. It is only those that need/want to ‘increase’ their wealth to ‘climb’ the ladder that suffer the lack of opportunity, loss of wages/hours -full time to part time or no employment. as ‘their’ assets suffer de-valuation at the same time ‘inflation’ strikes at basic needs. Your site like others have shown the ‘illusion’ of the NOT recovery of the last administration…
    I am stumped at some on here always stammering about the ‘collapse that has not come’ and those they decry a ‘ sky is falling’ meme… Yet – it not the picture and message clear ? It is collapsing now ! It is as CAF says— a slow burn – a systemic demolition – a bleed out. Did not Lynette show and continue to show…the ‘insiders’ selling and slipping out the back door. I am sure Pento will have ‘wonderful news’ about the bond market ! LOL
    People should focus on LOCAL…on family, friends, community … People should identify that which they are invested in, where their wealth is , and what products they buy… they do not have to leave it up to POTUS Trump to do things for them…it is time people buy things produced in the United States and OWNED by people of the United States so not only the jobs are secured …but the profits also… Was Boeing’s earnings beat because of their opening operations in China? And so what else does one of our corporations that serves the interests of our military have to ‘give up’ to gain market share in China? And what foreign corps now in the U.S. that due offer jobs to citizens here have in common other than this is the inner-mixing of the globalist web that dissolves sovereign interests…which has bleed off what was once the technological advantage of the U.S.
    Do people not understand what Lynette Zane said… and has shown…the de-valuation of the dollar…only has pennies to go to be worthless…and it gets there… what will the stock, bonds, paper money be worth when it gets there? Yet – people sell real – tangible things for a fist full of paper assets denominated in dollars? It is clear…this ‘game’ is going to go on as long as the people continue to ACCEPT de-valuing dollars printed out of thin air for real time spent at work or tangible assets sold to be able to pay for ever higher food, medical, education, and energy costs. Until the people stick a pipe in those gears…it will continue or they wake up and see the hamster wheel and sweatshops they have been economically enslaved in!
    Those that lambaste the ‘stackers’ can…must wish that QE goes on forever…since that is the only way the market will not suffer a remarkable ‘correction’ which even if around 20% is said to find a support line from 2008… and still ‘appear’ in a bullish up channel…in a rigged market. The question is what would the pension funds suffer with over a 10% fall in stock market…a decline of over 10% of the dollar …and massive sell offs in the 2’s and 10’s for short term bills of 1/4 to 1/2% a month ? And can the ‘markets’ function in such short term unpredictability and volatility…as the PM’s and Crypto-currencies soak up liquidity in fear of a ever higher prospect of ‘bail ins’?
    Just questions that will get played out likely before the end of year … as we all wait for ‘how much’ the debt ceiling will have to be raised to keep the ‘game’ going and ‘risk on’ ! lol

    Oh – and Clif High just did a vid about Populus…and an enlightening view of how it has taken a kinder road to open credit and opportunity and investment…

  53. JC Davis

    Father of Jesus I ask you to help my friend Greg to be healthy. Heal and protect Him from the evil that stands against him. Those of the faith repeat it. Today !

  54. Richard Moore

    Greg….You are in the 5 ring with everything you said in this program. I just have to add that Senator McCain is a traitor to the United States of America.

    I am a 71 year old Marine Corps combat veteran of Vietnam. McCain was shot down in October of ’67 after I had left Vietnam after a 13 month tour of duty. McCain was given special treatment when he was a “prisoner” of the North Vietnamese because of his status as the son of a U.S. Navy admiral. Other Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force pilots were tortured but did not betray their country.

    McCain made radio broadcasts in behalf of the North Vietnamese, accusing America of wrongdoing, war crimes and demoralizing our troops in South Vietnam. McCain, along with John Kerry during Senate hearings did their dead level best to prevent the rescue of American prisoners being held captive in North and South Vietnam.

    McCain is bought and paid for by the Deep State….his latest vote to kill Obamacare is only the latest of his treasonous actions against the citizens of the United States of America.

    • Greg Hunter

      I appreciate your comment AND your service!! Thank you for adding to this post.

  55. dlc

    Currently challenging Jeff Flake for his Senate seat. Dr. Ward was who John McCain beat last November — John vowing to dismantle Obamacare. Jeff Flake is a younger version of John McCain, champions lib causes, pro open borders, despises the deplorables.

    I caught Dr. Ward on my car radio today, only heard the beginning and end of her hour-long interview. way too hot and humid to sit in the parking lot. I didn’t know it was her at first but was taken in by the conversation. She is the real deal.

    It’s up to Arizonans to replace Flake, so I try to contain my hopes.

  56. dlc

    Matt Bracken/Hagmann interview — what a civil war might look like.

  57. Elderlearner

    Greg: This all doesn’t matter, a former guest of yours claims (Mr. High) that very shortly the dollar is going to – not be in a strong position., to say the least. Hope he’s wrong. (But who knows, …)

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif High has made some spot on predictions on USAW. Nobody is 100% but I would not bet against Clif High. Technically, the dollar has been diving and is now below a key support on the USDX (DXY) of .94. :

  58. frank reps

    Mr. Hunter, I made an earlier observation that the complete turnabout by the potus from his campaign promises { not withstanding a bone or two ; supreme court appointment and some other minor actions to soothe his supporters } was probably because the revelation of some devastating ” Dirt ” is being held over his head. Another possible reason for Trump’s reneging on his promises { particularly prosecuting the Clintons } could very well be that he has had some serious threats against himself and his family members. Ross Perot’s sudden dropping out of his presidential campaign has been attributed to such threats. It would not take much for Trump to have a heart to heart talk to the American public to outline the common interests between Russia and our country; and Trump could also outline the conflicts of interest of the current leader of the investigation into his life. Trump’s silence about these issues means he is frightened about one or the other of my reasons.The man is a very calculating individual , but has very little time left to act.

  59. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Sorry, Greg, but the Weekly-Wrap-Up isn’t the same without sweeping pastoral vistas of Missouri in the background.

  60. G Man

    Unfortunately, we are directly respinsible for the position the USA is in today. The majority of our government personnel have been bought, so to speak. We allow the lobby from big business to continue. The real reason why the Affordable Health Care Act was not repealed is due to the deals made between government and big business. The end result of these deals made relative to AHCA will eventually be a monopoly funded by us, the tax payers. Let’s repeal and replace all of our congressman and senators in 2018. It can be done if we organize and support good honest men and women to run for these positions.

  61. Mike from the North


    I have noticed the last few months that we are seeing more and more reruns of PROPAGANDA Movies from the cold war days on our TV channels.


    SHEEPLE…that is what many of us are. Sheeple being led by the elites who think they are smarter and wiser. CIVIL CHAOS…that is what I feel coming..

    If you have studied the past you can foresee the future.

    Can we survive the future is the question.

    Pray for us Greg..we are going to be in need of prayer.

  62. coalburner

    Dear Greg and Jerry;
    I have been in the CAF camp for a long time. Honestly I don’t know if it was because I wished for more time and putting off the misery or if I believed it would actually work that way. So Jerry, don’t let that slow you down, I look forward to your updates working around Greg’s big picture. Keep it up, Can’t wait to see if we earn the next step of devine intervention!
    One report from the western hinterlands. I note that some of the long held treasures large and small are quietly moving into the market place. Some because more of the older generation are moving on the next step and partly because the younger need the money or do not value the old heirlooms. Time to watch for what you want at the places you trust and know.

  63. Roger Carpenter

    Gosh Greg. Your reporting is Terrically candid. Watch you 6 o’clock friend. Thanks So Much Patriot an may you forever be blessed and protected.

    Retired Law Dog.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your public service and comment Roger!

  64. evan trofholz

    What if I don’t want to buy Obamacare? What happened to “my body, my choice?”

  65. evan trofholz

    Went to a museum here in Omaha today. Saw an exhibit on the tornado that ripped through the city in 1913. One piece that stuck out was that the Mayor was too proud to accept aide from the State or the Fed’s initially. Sometimes we forget that it wasn’t that long ago that people took care of themselves and it isn’t “lacking compassion” to take away the freebies; or at least offer them with conditions. Please keep this in mind for all those who pay NOTHING for insurance and still gripe that Trump wants to “take away THEIR insurance.” Excuse me, I’m paying for that insurance, to really it’s MINE.

    • evan trofholz

      so*, not to

  66. Sam

    Highly recommended article & infographics about the CFR media network:

    Given this, the media coverage of Trump appears in an altogether different light..

  67. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, Just a word of advice – It is not wise to badmouth John Brennan. He is a very very powerful man. He could have you squashed like a bug. Just a heads up. I dont want to read about or learn of anything happening to you my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Brennan is a treasonous criminal that tried to illegally undermine a duly elected president in my humble opinion. You think that statement will keep him off my ass? Is Brennan going to employ some of his thugs to commit some more crime?? We are NOT friends either.

  68. SWAT Officer

    Trump is tops in my book. He is for law and order and supports us in our efforts to get drugs and bad guys off the streets. At a recent event, he essentially told us to take off the white gloves and get after it. Every law officer needs to take this to heart and put it to action. We need to administer some tough justice and give a flying f–k about someones rights. I am glad that the officer indemnity bill is now being discussed. Officers should never have to second guess their actions while in the heat of battle during duty. I’m proud to say that I’ve shot 9 in the line of duty and I’m proud to say I’d do it again exactly the same way again.

  69. Marco

    What the hell is a “veto proof” bill,??? The veto being one of the inherent checks and balances in the legislative process, can not be negates, simple logic would dictate, nor does the entire concept make any sense, logically. If I were POTUS, and, Congress passed a Bill, and it is going to cross my desk, and, it is being touted as a Veto Proof Bill…I would simply, refuse to sign it, and, while it would not be vetoed, at the same time, it would also, never become Law, either…or, at least, not until a new role player filled the position…

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