Deep State Loses Narrative, Debt Ceiling Game, Inflation Now

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 498 10.08.21)

If you want to see that the Deep State globalists are losing the narrative and control, look no further than the news of the DOJ under AG Merrick Garland.  He is sending the FBI to go after parents as domestic terrorists for the crime of protesting Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught to their children.  Who cares it CRT is hateful and racism that is labeled with some academic sounding name.  It’s not academic, but pure junk science and leftie propaganda infecting our schools and children.  Clif High says it’s “absurd and a desperate attempt to regain the narrative, but it’s not going to work.”

Mitch McConnell has given the Democrats an out and bought them a window of time to figure out a way to explode the Federal debt by trillions of dollars.  McConnell and 10 other Republicans joined with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling $480 billion  That will get keep the federal lights on and bills paid until early December.  Is the debt ceiling game more dangerous than ever?  You bet it is, and the U.S. dollar and Treasury debt credit rating may suffer from the gaming of our huge debt.

Been to the grocery store lately?  Then you know everything is costing more.  So much for the Federal Reserve saying inflation is transitory.  Market experts are saying it’s permanent or at least sticking around for many years to come.  Why is inflation back with a vengeance?  There are many reasons, and I’ll name a few.  It might be a good idea to stock up –on everything!!

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up (10.08.21).

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Biblical geopolitical and economic analyst Bo Polny from will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will talk about what’s coming between now and the end of the year and look into 2022 and forecast what’s coming there too.

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  1. JC

    It’s a plan. They are targeting the old, the weak, the useless, and the stupid. That’s just the beginning.

    G.A. Stewart:
    May 11, 2021
    Jacques Attali was an advisor to François Mitterrand (former President of France) and wrote this in 1981:
    This fragment is excerpted from his book “Brief History of the Future”, published in France in 2006.

    “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old man, because once he is over 60-65 years old, man lives longer than he produces and it costs society dearly.

    Then the weak, and then the useless who do not contribute anything to society, because there will be more and more, and especially finally, the stupid.

    Euthanasia directed at these groups; euthanasia must be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. (our emphasis)

    Of course, we will not be able to execute people or organize camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good.

    Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to stop abruptly rather than gradually deteriorate.

    We won’t be able to pass intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!

    We will find something or cause it; a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the elderly, it does not matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb.

    The stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.

    The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.”

    • Marie+Joy

      JC, I sent this to my family. I don’t think they’ll pay attention but I tried. Thank you for this post.

    • Rachel.M.

      Hi Greg,
      I think that facebook and the major banks that went down were not hacked at all. They probably needed to shut down to install a vast amount of digital currency application software to enable a smooth switch over to their encrypted system coming soon. Didn’t facebook want to expand and become a payment processor for their users a while back. I’m sure they want to be included in a central crypto rollout with their buddies when the time comes. Just a thought.
      Craig Hemke today was discussing a trillion dollar coin being issued soon which sounds like hyperinflation preperation.

    • virginia clark

      Ever think about the wealthy heirs of these people? Like the wifes and daughters who SHOP for a living. They take, take, take and contribute nothing except more heirs that will also be spoiled brats. Let’s start with them thank you. And if Bill Gates etc are so worried about it maybe they should set an example and do themselves in. Reduce a whole lot of crap. And here’s another thing, if the people less likely to get the jab are the “stupid” lower class because they don’t trust authority, and their distrust makes them question, then maybe they are not the “stupid” ones. It’s been pointed out that the first ones to get the jab where the educated and so called “smart” people. The medical profession was all gung ho until it smacked them in the face with the truth. So, they got “stupid”?

      • Mark Maples


        I disagree regarding heirs.

        Every generation works to give our children a better life than what we had.

        So your saying if I leave generational wealth to my children because I worked my butt off and was successful, that my children should not benefit from that and the state should take it and give it to broke people?

        Every situation is different, but in general I could not disagree with you more

    • dee

      sounds a lot like berlin under the weimar marxists. antifa were certainly not nazi. those who call them that are grossly in error. severe error. here they are doing this very thing. anti-socialists.

    • eddiemd

      Statement issued by the ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine).

      They are going to punish any doctor who speaks out against the mRNA injections.

      They are going to label any truth as disinformation. Take away their license. Eventually they will be labeled as domestic terrorists (already happening).

      The British Medial Journal article from this week.

      The only authority is Fauci Mengele.

      Blood on the risers.

      • JC


        Why are they so afraid of the man who invented the mRNA Vaccine?

        October 2, 2021
        ‘They Have Blocked My IP Address’: mRNA Vaccine Inventor ‘Blocked’ From Reading New England Journal of Medicine
        This is fascinating.
        I am apparently no longer allowed to read the New England Journal of Medicine.
        They have blocked my internet protocol address.
        — Robert W Malone, MD (@RWMaloneMD) October 7, 2021

        • eddiemd

          The NEJM is part of the propaganda. It went bad years ago when they started promoting transsexual and the homosexual agenda.

          I went to med school in Boston. Back in the 90s the NEJM was respected. Still has some good information but the editorial board is run by wicked people.

          Besides, they worship Fauci Mengele. They are deceived and given over to delusions. Greater than 95% of the medical professionals are given over to the covid deception. They have forgotten basic medical science. They serve mammon.

    • Dawn

      I have said it before and I’ll say it again, why should animals be used for experimenting on for the sake of humans?

      I am against the vax but if people want to get vaccinated w/o questions then that’s up to them. I just don’t want it forced on me or those who prefer not to get it.

      All the Gvt really had to do was ask for vax volunteers and I firmly believe a lot of people would have stepped up the the plate.

      But please using animals for experiments simply has to stop forever. It is is not right and is very cruel.

      • JuicyMoosey

        Hi Dawn.

        I’ve been trying to learn about “how the world works” since I was a teenager. I remember the day I read one of David Icke’s books about the reptillian conspiracy. Part of the concept of that book explains that the people who run the world are not “human” and when you accept that then it makes sense what THEY are doing to humanity. That humanity is being “farmed”. It’s similar to Clif High’s idea of “the bug”.


        Take a look into a slaughterhouse, a vivisection lab, a CAFO… just take a look at the way “normal” humans treat other species anywhere really.

        Pigs drowning in their own excrement. Cows being stabbed with forklifts. Dogs being blowtorched and cooked alive in public. Monkeys having electrodes needled into their brains to turn them into puppets of their handlers. Sheep having their breasts shaved literally off. Chickens being dumped alive into hot metal bins to die slowly of thirst and heat or being defeathered and de-egged while alive. All on an industrial scale, tens of thousands of such incidents everyday. Maybe more. It’s Hell on Earth for them. The cruelest and vilest of tortures.

        (I’ve personally worked on a small farm and witnessed kind and good natured female goats being beaten and kicked, for just expressing an opinion…that they don’t like their breasts being touched and don’t like being treated like soulless milk machines. I’m sure many women here would object if a man who didn’t care about them just grabed hold of their breasts and started heavy-handedly squeezing them, right!?)

        And with a heavy heart I’m forced to conclude that “normal” humanity really is capable of evil. Humans don’t have to be “the bug” or space reptiles to do the things that THEY are doing. Humanity is perfectly capable of evil all on their own. I wish there were supernatural excuses for humanities vile behaviour but there aren’t.

        Even from a very purely anthropocentric point of view this treatment of other species must stop because while such evils are socially acceptable then humanity maybe is creating their own Karma and bringing evil upon itself as a universal atonement for the evil they do care-free everyday to the other species who share this planet.

        What good can torturing purely innocent beings be for our souls? We know it’s going on and look the other way and pretend it’s not happening but I can’t believe for one moment that there’s not a spiritual reckoning for all this. What kind of universe would this be if there is not? That would mean that THEY – the so called elite – are doing the right thing wouldn’t it? By selfishly serving themselves at the expense of everyone else?

        You’re not on your own Dawn, there’s definately others who feel as you do.

      • Earth Angel

        I totally agree with you on the animal abuse issue Dawn! If we stayed with the natural herbs, foods & remedies given us by our Creator we would have no use for the big pharma/petro industry’s chemical drug concoctions and implementation of torture on innocent creatures by ‘doctors’ and ‘scientists’ gone MAD. These sick and deranged ‘experiments’ on animals ‘for the good’ of the human race completely turn my stomach whenever I think of it.

      • christine schmael

        100% agree, Dawn.
        Evil only generates evil, and the end does NOT justify the means.

    • David Dansker

      I have been scanning this guy’s book for an hour with a search document tool on Internet Archive 25 without finding this passage. By the sound of Attali’s writing, I could easily believe him the author of such thoughts as you quote, but as far as I can find it does not seem to be in “A brief History of the Future.”
      Thank you, David

      • JC

        David D,

        You may be right!

        I just sent an email to G.A. Stewart at The Age of Desolation site, for sure he will post an update regarding verification.

        Unfortunately, he will be fired in 60 days for not taking the jab, however this will give him more for the website.

        (Had a glitch posting comment, not sure if it’s duplicated.)

        • Mark Maples

          I have researched

          Looks like he said a couple of statements:

          Over 65 become a net drag on society and it would benefit the planet if people died off around that age of 65

          As far as I can tell, he never mentions a virus or culling stupid people

        • JC

          David D,

          G.A. STEWART has replied. After reviewing the link I provided he agrees that it is questionable and he has removed it.


        • Claire

          So you sent an email to yourself.

          You are transperant JC. We can see that you are the webite owner, especially when you announce what you will write next.

          • JC


            You are insane. Go to the website and you can email G.A. Stewart yourself. Anyone can.

            People like you find a way of spoiling good intentions. Go away.

    • Warren B.

      I posted this article several months ago.
      Very well written article on the Man …Jacques Attali – “the burgeoning population retirees in western nations would force an economic crisis that would bring on the planned extermination of older people via a “pandemic targeting certain people… a virus affecting the old or the fat… the weak will succumb to it, and the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment,”.
      Here is the link again for those who wish to pursue this explanation.

    • Martin

      Greg, can you put up a link to the FDA Letter so we can I form others with factual evidence? Thank you.

    • Phil


      I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all you do. Your channel has become on of the best on the entire internet. I believe you have more viewers than CNN and you weekly wrap ups are fast becoming legendary. Please stay healthy so you may continue your work. We are living in times where men become Saints and you are doing the work of a modern day Saint.

      God Bless You
      Phil S

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Phil,
        You are very kind!!

  2. Stan

    When people bash our current monetary system they always compare it to some medieval model. Folks, listen up, creating more Dollars creates more economic activity and thus more wealth. Once you wrap your mind around the brilliance of the US Dollar system you won’t have one bit of fear about the future. I write this sitting on the balcony of my room at the Sonesta Ocean Point Resort in St Maarten finishing of my fourth ice cold Becks with a freshly lit Davidoff Double R. Align yourself with the Dollar, not against it and you shall flourish like me. 🙂

    • JC


      Was ‘Bowling For Dollars’ one of your favorite TV shows?

      • Mike and Ann Almon

        Jesus is real! Amen to that Greg!
        Thank you for always telling the truth in this lie infested world we now live in!

      • Greg

        Here is what people of your persuasion don’t understand: Dollars created out of thin air for nothing leads to ruin. Why? Because it was created without being earned. Money has to be created out of an economic activity {and a positive activity at that}. Any thing else is both inflationary and debauchery of the currency. Allot of people today are “thinking backwards”. They {like yourself} believe that money creation makes prosperity possible, when actually it is prosperity that makes money creation possible. This is why we find ourselves in the mess we are in today. Allot of people believe there is such a thing as the “free lunch”. If you are living the high life, it is either because you have earned it, borrowed it from future generations or because you stolen someone else’s productivity. Which is it? Unless there is a mechanism in place to tie the politicians and bankers hands, they will print to infinity in an effort to create an illusion of prosperity in order to both look good to the people, and also enrich themselves. That leads to serfdom and ruin.

    • rwmctrofholz

      Stan, good post. I love satire.

    • dee

      exactly. you have to put money over ethics to work in a school hospital police department or church . the system makes sure political correctness is the only commodity. you need to have your heart set. love the self and exploit your neighbor. this is why they invade countries. we’re being invaded right now. nancy shaeffer said it was evil cultists.

    • cheryl

      not if the money isnt going to the people, then it creates inflation and more poor people.

    • deerflyguy

      Will you please say those things a bit louder? All the stores in my neck of the woods don’t seem to be able to hear you? All the prices here are up, not down!

    • Dennis Burton

      Have you always been uninformed, or is this just a summer thing ?
      Thankfully, many others that are also uninformed, thought getting the jab was a good idea. Baa, Baa…….Baa !!

    • Texan

      The more dollars comes from more debt, when the time comes to pay the debt, all of the benefits (debt enslavement) are reversed in a horrific way. I’m sorry, but you have no idea about what you are talking about.

    • Self Exiled

      Your definition/concept/standard of flourish is different than mine.

      But I am like a flourishing olive tree in the house of God; I trust in God’s faithful love forever and ever. Psalm 52:8 What is it with that island; there are others very attractive in the world and the wine is less expensive and foods even more exotic.

      • Stan

        Self Exiled: Look on the back of every US Dollar and you’ll see “In God We Trust” . The Dollar has God’s backing.

        • travis moss

          God doesn’t back fiat or should i say unjust weights and measures.
          #endthefed and we might as well #endthebar

        • Self Exiled

          That’s the first time you have mentioned HIM. Thank You Stan.

          • JC

            Not sure about having faith in dollars, Stan.

            Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:3
            It will seem that God the Creator has loosed Satan from the prisons of hell to give birth to the great Dog and Dohan,

            TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:3
            After the collapse of the dollar and the global economic chaos that ensues, [Gog and Magog] will be given the powers of Satan and set free from the prisons of hell.


        • Earth Angel

          You must be kidding Stan- our current fiat money scheme devised by the criminal international banking cartel and executed through the criminal privately owned federal reserve system is EXACTLY why Jesus TOSSED OUT the moneychangers from the Temple in a fit of rage! It is nothing more than legalized FRAUD for THEM.. but not us. We are simply passing THEIR counterfeit money… get it?! Are we going to wake up and TOSS THEM OUT on their ear again soon?! I sure hope so. This is why the native peoples always bartered in REAL value for REAL valued items. That’s GOD/ NATURE’S system- not satan’s.

    • Warren B.

      Tell us what’s its really like living the life Stan.
      We know you are really shacked up in some tiny s$#thole south of the border – Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela …whatever…..and haven’t got two cents of common sense to rub together. No one in the position that you describe would be spending their “Valuable” time writing blog entries for the benefit of those who actually care about the fellow humans. You’re a piece of work and a figment of someone’s imagination. Get a Job …but do stay out of harms way !!

    • Greg

      Why take financial advice from someone that isn’t very bright? You must have missed the memo about how the over indulgence of alcohol and the use of tobacco is not healthy.

  3. Marie+Joy

    blm and antifa were educated? in these schools. Pull your children from these schools. Starve the beast.

    • dee

      they dont need your children. they have your money. blue cities get all the money for education. the state spends your money to grow antisocialism in the cities. 25k per student in these pathetic marxist recruit camps. these are violent anti-civilians. this is not a joke think about how much money that is to the children of families who do not pay and are as anticivilian as their kids. these are not socialists. these are lawless criminals . these are the welfare children of drug dealers and migrants . haters if america. think of the money. its being stolen to grow more seditious lawlessness. these are not socialists. meanwhile suburbs pay a fraction for their schools and get better results and pay for it. (cities funnel the money from the suburbs. ) marxists are lying stealing corrupt people. socialists are not marxists. the religiously pious antechrists are irresponsible. they feed evil and call it good. look at what they are funding. marxist schools hospitals polices churches and courts. antecivilian society. the hospitals are with the masses in attacking civilians. the colleges are violent towards civilians. the migrants are violent towards the civilian. it not only treasonous. the complicit pious antechrists are also against the civilian. they stand idly by as they feed the beast. what are they feeding this beast with?? these antisocialists have no sense. complicit. proud. spreaders of lies. gossip. slander and violence. they are united

  4. Andrew Zebrun III

    This brave doctor brought me his story~! Hear about COVID from a real DOCTOR~!

    Andrew Zebrun III

  5. JC

    Amazing Polly has a video about ‘Pfizer’s Inside Man,’ Fernando Polack.
    His work is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      JC — excellent. I viewed that video just yesterday. Polly deserves all the accolades we could possibly bestow on her. ~ Blessings

    • regaleagle

      The problem as I and most others see it……those that are wealthy around the world have been “captured” by these drug and vaccine gangs, and given preferential treatment……or have been threatened and compromised. This is the ONLY reason there has been no serious push back against these terrorists of mankind. Vaccines by their very nature do harm, and certainly manufactured unsafe ones developed to maim and kill are targeted by design. Until there is a coalition of powerful and wealthy to lead the fight against these vaccine cartels and those culpable that have become their minions…….we are ALL at serious risk of losing…….EVERYTHING!!!

  6. [email protected]

    We need action on this assault no more talk alot of people have died we need action now! If not now then when? We need class action law suites now we need to get physical while you still can we need to take action now

    • dee

      the antechrist is slaughtering the civilians. you dare not be a marxist wherever the church is. this is the satanic church. they do not want socialists.

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      guyazbell — There’s no solidarity and no real leadership, unless you think Donald “take the vaccine” Trump is still trustworthy. I wish he and his daughter, Princess Ivanka, would do a 23-skidoo out of our lives. Princess Ivanka is pushing the vaxx as well. The politican I trust is Gov. Ron DeSantis, God bless him, but apparently his wife has breast cancer now, so with 3 little ones he has his hands full. (Please everyone, say a prayer for his wife). So anyway, I guess it’s high time for our military to step in and save the day for America . . . what’s keeping ’em? Our Constitution is being violated continually; have our generals forgotten their oath?

      • Greg

        I keep hearing from people how they are waiting for the military to ride to our rescue via a coup. Sorry, but that isn’t going to happen. Obama purged the senior officer’s corps of patriots ten years ago, and Biden is now doing it to the junior officers and enlisted ranks. Very soon all that will be left will be the social justice warrior types: Feminist, LGBTQ, and Marxist. Our military is full of them now. Conservative thinking servicemen and women are either silent or discharged for being “radicalized”. The republic is lost.

        • Greg Hunter

          Way to fight man!!!! Just quit and hide like a little girl!!!!! Stay out of the way!!!! Go quite some place else!!!!

          • Greg

            Sounds like posting the truth is something that isn’t tolerated by Mr.Hunter. Seems he has his own brand of truth, and doesn’t like it when someone else differs. Well, you just told me basically I’m not welcome here, so I’ll move on. Good luck with your site Mr. Hunter, hope it meets whatever goals you had in mind for it.

            • Greg Hunter

              Who’s “truth” Greg? What you are saying is your opinion is “truth”. It is NOT. Start your own site and post all the “truth” you want. And please make it free, and please let ungrateful weasels use your platform to tear you down. Let me know when you are up and running.


    • Paula Davis

      Our friend Paul has been saying the same thing…
      Now see this: Steve Watson,…..Rand Paul warns Americans to “Be afraid of your government”; Says watchlist of dissenters “already exists.”
      I detest violence however I have a God-given right to protect myself from harm from anyone or any group who thinks otherwise. AG Merrick Garland is sicking the FBI on parents who dissent at school board meetings & never forget the Patriots locked up J6 DC.

  7. JC

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Pfizer just filed today with the US corrupt Biden Administration to allow the use of its COVID-19 vaccine in children ages 5 to 11 — and if regulators agree, shots could begin by January. The rumor is that Biden will then issue an executive order that schools will be directed to vaccinate children without parental consent.

    This is very serious. There is absolutely no data to show the long-term effects of these vaccines. Bill Gates is behind this nonsense and is an advocate for depopulating the world.

    • virginia clark

      The world needs another Nuremberg trial set up. The vaccines are the vary definition of what the Code set forth. No EXPERIMENTAL things done on people without their full consent and knowledge of what they are taking or being subjected to. Strange how the Gates and Fauci’s of the world don’t seem to fear they are breaking international law or their crimes against humanity. The Illuminati cabal have given them absolute immunity I guess.

    • Coal Burner

      They are begging to get DC nuked. I would not stop the Cartels from trucking one through NM to DC. Porous as the border is that would be no problem.

  8. Howie

    Greg, I am glad you are having Bo Polny on tomorrow. Both he and Charles Nenner have called for a stock market crash, and so far not even a sign of a crash. He also called for gold to go “off the charts”. Gold is so manipulated, it can’t even get to $1,800 again. I am sure it will at some point, but when? I am not trying to trash Bo Polny, but so far these things have not happened.

    • Jeff

      I doubled down on many shorts today. It is coming.

  9. JC

    Facebook goes down for six hours and nobody know what happened. And now the banks…

    Hal Turner: At about 7:30 PM eastern US time last night, Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo, Citibank, US Bank and the SNAP-EBT system all suffered severe trouble until about 11:00 PM. This morning (Thursday) banks in the UK are suffering similar troubles, with accounts showing ZERO Balances! which tracks electronic system outages, reported the troubles shortly after they began as shown below:

    • T. Smith

      WOW thanks for the Information !

  10. Dr. Joseph

    Great show Greg, thank you for all you do God bless…

  11. Lightning

    We need to start local urgent care/hospitals staffed exclusively by the fired unvaxxed healthcare workers. I was hoping the front line doctors org was going to step into that void

    I’m wondering what would happen to our health care organizations if all the unvaxxed stopped paying health care insurance. If they aren’t going to treat the unvaxxed, why would they pay?!

    • A. Anthanovich


      Excellent idea, but we’d need to find a way around all of the government rules and regulations which would attempt to shut things down…just like they shut down Covid-19 treatment options that would have helped people.

      Health insurance is another hot issue…also, what happens when more and more hospitals start refusing to treat unvaxxed patients?


  12. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the WNW. Yes, THEY are losing control of the narrative. Clif High is right. But here in Sonoma County, CA we will be the last to lose the false narrative and wake up from the deep sleep of madness.

  13. TN Girl

    The “woketards” ran Smith and Wesson out of Massachusetts. They had been there since 1852. Now, they will be calling Tennessee home.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, and they should have been out of there 50 years ago! Better late than never, but every one else needs to get out of “enemy” territory NOW> Best always. PM

    • FedUp

      Good for S&W. Now, if I can just get my family to buy in, we will escape the failed State of California and look for some good farmland around McMinnville. Family has lived in that area for 5 generations.


    Hey Greg. The latest here in Sydney Australia is good news a total resigning of the political leadership and what I think will be a more realistic political grouping taking over. The new treasurer was leaving his office on his first day and the cameras were on and suddenly a man walking down the street falls over with a heart attack and the new treasurer is on to it and giving him the heart thumping massage until the ambo medics arrive —people are dropping like flies for the love of God wake up people , the treasurer is labeled a hero of course but no investigation into the gentleman who had the heart attack was he fully vaxed ? I bet he was —-just a coincidence like it happens all the time

    • Bailey

      Remarkable timing. Smells fishy to me.

  15. Marie+Joy

    Federal lights are on and bills paid to early December. Since this is a genocide, winter is a good time to stop funding. Wood stoves, woodstoves, wood-stoves.

  16. LC

    FB digs in Twitter’s garbage literally. I didn’t know I had a FB acct. Logged in using my ph# to see if something comes up
    .Lo & behold there was my deleted twitter data on a FB page acct bearing my old twitter name & ph# & location for all the world to see & creeping pics of strangers as friend followers, requests. Sleep tight

    • L

      If you don’t delete contacts on your email & phone regularly these contacts including family member contacts will appear as images on your facebook pages you have or didn’t know you had, automatically, and how contact tracing becomes a real thing.

  17. Marie+Joy

    Greg, Please consider having a Brighteon channel. It’s one of the few places I can play an interview. I cannot play this and I cannot get it on Rumble. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please unplug your modem to reset it and clear the codes. also try a different browser. Lt me know if that works.

  18. R.Patrick Carpenter


    I think in all honesty you are a man deserving of a award in Effective Journalism! They just don’t make guys like you anymore!

    Sincerely R. Patrick

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks R P!!

    • SouthernPatriot

      Roger that! Good man-Greg Hunter, a greater American reporter.

  19. R.Patrick Carpenter

    You are the last word in truth brother Greg!

    God Bless You Sir!

  20. Joseph Rocco

    On the jab…one thing that seems to have been forgotten as in our rights is our CREED. Our creed is our beliefs. Those beliefs can be I believe that unicorns are real. Or as simple as I believe in the Bible, in the constitution or I believe in Bigfoot. It doesn’t matter…if it is a strongly held belief or just an opinion….our creed or beliefs are covered and upheld by the constitution

  21. stanley skrzypeK

    Thanks Again, Greg Hunter….Always looking forward to your news casts…You are an American Hero and Patriot…History will be Kind and Grateful to you….as we are now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stanley!

  22. rwmctrofholz

    I go to the same gas station for lunch each day. My guilty pleasure is Barq’s root beer for the fact that it’s one of the only caffeinated root beers on the market. I’ve been paying 99 cents per bottle for 4 years. Went in Wednesday, $1.59. A HUGE increase by way of percentage.

    I’m sure it will go back to 99 cents just as soon as this “transitory” period of inflation has passed.

  23. Didier

    An absurd and desperate attempt to regain the narrative? It’s so absurd that I think we’re watching a movie, meant to wake people up. Unless the Deep Staters are horribly stupid. They are not. They have decades of experience with mass manipulation. So, I tend to think we’re watching a movie. Who is orchestrating it?

    • Self Exiled

      They think they are: by there own doings they will destroy them selves.

      He has turned back their own wickedness upon them
      And will destroy them by means of their own evil;
      The LORD our God will wipe them out. Psalm 94:23

  24. R.Patrick Carpenter

    Truth Hurts but Stupidity Kills

  25. Bethany

    Hi Greg
    I am on your mailing list at last. I have followed you for many years although I am not an American citizen. British living in spain. I followed the money for years and could see the wonderful agenda of DJT the real President of the USA at this time, to take down the corruption and the ‘fiat’ system. I was a former financial services company some years ago and knew the corruption and contol of the the City of London over the American people.

    I am glad you are going to post on Rumble. I no longer listen to anything on Youtube as since their Notice accessing info they make it clear they will be accessing as much info as they can get from one’s pc. When I last listened to a video over one hour, I noticed when closing down my pc at the end of the day a folder was open, that had not been opened for a couple of months……curios….!

    Thank you for your great interviews and presentations…..wonderful.

    Kind regards, Bethany

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bethany for all your support!

  26. Mark Gunderson

    Morning Greg,
    I just wanted to let you know the sound broke up several times during your presentation. I backed it up and replayed it and it was no better. They really didn’t like you talking about the Trillian dollor coin load of crap. Maybe they could use some of Hunter’s art work as collateral to back it up.
    Anyway Thank you for another weekly news wrap up, excellent as always.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark!

  27. R.Patrick Carpenter

    Greg Hunter is the Real Deal!

    31 years of my life we’re defending freedom and life in the previous system! That system is dead now! Prepare for extremely difficult day to day survival! Not conspiracy theory boys and girls!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Patrick!

  28. dee

    the reason marxists run the schools the press the hospitals the courts and all government agencies, is because of the censorship that takes place from antisocialist antechrists. marxists are not socialists as those who are friends of the world are no different than the marxist. realize their stories are on their face ridiculous but the can not be questioned because of the piety of antechrist prevents logic or reason . socialists are not mad scientists. to make such a case without evidence and in light of contrary infirmation, is to be tremendously naive. records show one thing, while the lies of the powerful worldly sinners says another, shows simply where the carnal mind feels comfortable. one must recognize our current situation. the marxists are flooding the country with millions of lawless directed violent people. millions are here already. the mob. the bio attack and media attack is after the civilian. they are looking to murder the civil nationalist. not the worldly religious apostates. the only thing keeping these people in power is the censorship here they will tolerate no civil union to oppose their religious domain

    • Lightning

      When I graduated with my undergraduate engineering degree , I had to take the GRE exams to colleges that I wanted to attend to continue graduate studies.

      The three majors that took the GRE were engineering, science and education majors . There were three parts to the tests which included Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.. After taking the test, we received our scores and how we compared within our group and between groups.
      In all three sections , the education majors were literally half the scores of the engineering and science majors.

      Unfortunately, these lesser minds have been teaching our kids for decades.

  29. virginia clark

    Best thing I ever did was turn off the TV, cancel Netflix and turn ON you and follow other truth seekers who are the Paul Revere of our day.
    Anyone who still thinks the shot is valid are probably hopeless at this point. I feel so bad for them when they lose a child or have them compromised by it. Unfortunately at this point tragedy is the only way to wake them up. That goes for democrats who still defend Biden. When the Chinese soldiers with the Jihad Muslims show up their neighborhoods they might figure it out. Maybe.

  30. SouthernPatriot

    I still have the pox mark on my shoulder from childhood. Still alive and kicking. We trusted our Government and our doctors, THEN! Not now!
    Waited up for your show Greg, your one person we trust in our home. I’m writing a shopping list of what I need for my family to survive Satan’s stampede throughout America. The Bible and our Constitution! And a box of milk dudes, if you please
    These day’s my family and I have been talking more to God. We’re trying to get closer to God! Also, we have been praying for Israel and the US. As for me personally, I’m also trying to love more and forgive more…….
    I’ve been looking at myself and thinking on how I need to walk closer to God in these later day’s of my life.
    Greg, I thank you for letting us hear Freedom in the last bastion of Freedom & Liberty on earth, on your show!
    Just maybe, with God’s help we can get it right for our children’s, children’s sake?
    I still plan to be standing at the ramparts defending a once great Nation from her enemies! Fox Mulder_ Trust no one….., in government! Moody Blues-QUESTION! God Bless you Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SouthernPatriot for your Blessings & support!

  31. Dave

    Adolf Biden and the Forth Reich continues to hold the votes of the 38% known as the Communist Democrat Marxist party traitors, and that was mostly females and nutless wonders. Because of the back stabbing females, the mothers of America have handed the souls and lives of their children to Adolf Biden and the Forth Reich and they now own their children. The Communist Democrat Marxist party traitors love to chop up these dead babies and use their body parts for countless experiments.

  32. A. Anthanovich

    Here is an excellent interview of an emergency room physician in Ontario, Canada who resigns over vaccine mandates.

    Please listen to her story where she unmasks much of the propaganda surrounding the Covid-19 virus and the mRNA inoculations. She also exposes the corruption in our medical institutions…where following “protocols” is more important than doing what is best for the patient.

    How many of you on this forum have been prescribed a statin drug for high cholesterol by your physician…and if you hesitate or ask any questions your doctor immediately goes into defensive mode…and if you dare to disagree or mention any of the severe side-effects…your doctor gets agitated? That’s you doctor following “protocol”

    It doesn’t take much imagination or insight to see how these mandated medical “protocols” are being weaponized by the oligarchs who are controlling many of our medical institutions. It is also obvious that these criminal activities were taking place in our “sick-care system” long before the roll out of the Covid-19 operation.

  33. Jed

    Well that’s curious, bout 33 minutes in the important stuff starts getting garbled. Just as you talk about the billion dollar coin. You must be directly over the target

  34. Roger Stamper

    balloon already pop long ago right??

  35. Ron

    Damn censoring interruptions in the audio….Greg Hunter as you know YOU must be over the target. We appreciate every thing you bring on air.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ron!

      • Jed

        Send them all back, we don’t need any of their foreign cheaply made imported products anyway. the kids make Halloween costumes out of construction paper scissors and glue. Remember the days …no we probably don’t remember the days where we were self-sufficient

  36. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia

    No one will be held accountable. The system is crumbling. Collapsing.

    It’s time to get prepared for great chaos. (Tribulation)

    God has had enough, that’s why the Biden crime syndicate is governing.

    • dee

      those of the world are neglecting all laws and sense. their rhetoric is broken. the migrants are recieving cash payment for their labour at 5 times the rate of civilians. houseing food and medical is paid for and they receive 20/hr. civilians are offered 10 and must pay high rent. no medical coverage. high food costs.

      i will wipe these people out myself with the gift of fire from the sky. the sky will burn from horizons.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      I totally agree with you James. I watch Pastor Murray Shepherd’s Chapel as he goes through every verse slowly in Revelations. We will win in the end but as some Christian friends now say is we are in The Age of SATANISM. Collaspe, war and famine are in the coming horizon. The AntiChrist will show himself soon and that will be followed by Jesus someday to take the bastard out for 1,000 years.

  37. Kerry Funk

    President Trump always said, their coming after you, I am just in there way.

  38. Richard 1776

    Off topic a bit but We should take all the fentanal that is being made in China and coming across our southern border and make a missile to use against the evil players in the world. Justice served

  39. Mike Johnson

    It basically comes down to the observation made by Abraham Lincoln quite some time ago. “You can fool some of the people some of the time. And you can fool some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    The Deep State has grown so arrogant that they have chosen to ignore that wisdom and are attempting to fool all of the people all of the time. It can’t work. The only question to be determined is how big the backlash will be.

  40. Steven Hindman

    Hi greg:

    This video is having a lot of glitches (voice stops, video pauses, etc…). You must be on target!!!

  41. Jim Miller

    Great show Greg. The psychopaths are swirling out of control.
    Do you remember during the administration of O Ba ba mama? The great one’s administration stated that all veterans were potential terrorists? Especially, combat veterans.
    And therefore, veterans who wished to purchase a gun must be background checked for PTSD.

    Democrats still hate veterans. Democrats hate all unwoke persons as terrorists, insurrectionists, traitors, and on and on. This administration sounds not much different than all previous communist revolutions. Inch by inch, they resort to greater and greater emotional babel until they grant to themselves the right to bash and bash, burn and burn.

    In the final act, they killed the hated “unwashed.” Today they seek to kill the unwoke. Within our own lifetimes, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and more recently Pol Pot. The Cambodian Marxist killed anyone who wore eyeglasses. A pure self-delusional psychopath. Ironically, Pol Pot also murdered every teacher. A psychopath? Those teachers sure looked like terrorists to Pol Pot.
    After the teachers were murdered Pol Pot proceeded to murder 30% all living Cambodians.

    If the history of Marxist regimes is a guide, the American leftists are no different. Their psychopathy is spiraling out of control.
    If the American leftists, are like their predecessors and like their admired heroes, they too are born psychopaths They too are born to hate. They are the Cain’s of the modern world. It is in their DNA. They are not going to go away soon.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Jim,
      Pol Pot didn’t manage to kill 30% of Cambodians on his own. The frightening realisation is that there are always people prepared to ‘follow orders’ beyond the understanding of decent people. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, even Jim Jones – nothing changes. This time, ‘we the people’ need to get ahead of the curve. Did anyone mention misadventures on super-yachts?

      • Brooklyn


        I was Hunting you down in the (Greg) Hunter comments section, because in the Clif High Chat (comments) I promised to get the info on how and were to buy Ivermectin, but as you might imagine, the Good Doctor Klyashtorny can only write scripts for The States. But, you may have a contact who can get them for you….

        You may begin with the FLCCC Alliance (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance)
        Left column click on: “How to get Ivermectin”
        Scroll down to find a listing of 15-20 Doctors, make sure they “serve” your state.
        We found Dr. Alexander Klyashtorny, MD, New Jersey Anesthesia and Pain Management Consultants, LLC, at 940 Amboy Avenue, Suite #104A, Edison, NJ 08837, Phone number 732.738.3963. An extremely nice Office Manager named Kathy who is “Always Grateful” and a pleasure to work with. The initial consultation (via a Tel-Health Zoom) costs $100, where you will need to send in prior to the Zoom meeting. Dr. K has a number of “compounding” pharmacies that he works with for the either the NY, NJ, CT tri-state area, or others who will deliver to all 50 states in the US.
        Dr. K sent a prescription directly to a local pharmacy with very competitive prices for Compounded Ivermectin (24mg tablets, rather than the usual 3mg tablets (caps), where we need to take just one (1) tablet, twice a week, when needed.
        We also recommend taking (NAC) N-Acetyl Cysteine) 600mg with Selenium & Molybdenum, 250 Veg, which we purchased online through Wal-Mart, but was rerouted to DailyVita and shipped in two (2) days at no charge. URL:

        Hope this helps,


      • Jim Miller

        Hi Andrew,
        I absolutely agree. I just wanted to keep this long message as short as possible.

  42. Marilyn Guinnane

    I’m going to contact my ins. man and ask that he reduce my insurance, (supplemental, as I’m on Medicare), to the cheapest stuff he has on file. I no longer trust MDs and have no intention of ever visiting one again unless I break a limb or something of that nature. And I’d sooner take a bullet than find myself in a hospital. I have a whole new outlook and it’s this: when my number’s up, it’s up. Period. I have no desire to stay in this world one more second than the Creator wants me here. In fact, I’d commit suicide but my soul won’t allow it. And I’m not even depressed! No, I simply don’t want to be here anymore. Every time I see little kids with masks on their faces, my blood boils. It’s child abuse! And you see it everywhere!! The very thought of their parents leading these kids to take a kill-shot is more than appalling. You know, I had polio as a child yet when the polio vaxx came out, my parents, who knew nothing about immunity, took me for a polio shot. Also the sugar cube. They thought that they were acting on my behalf. But they didn’t have the internet. We DO have the internet today, so there’s no excuse for ignorance, uh-uh, not anymore. Hospitals are murdering people, Greg. They receive $39K for every death labeled as “covid” when in fact no one has ever proved that “covid” even exists. No b.s. It doesn’t exist. People get a bad cold and think it’s covid-19, a made up name to give the scare tactics oomph. And Ivermectin was developed to deworm horses. Since the fake-vaxx has had parasites put in it as well as the other deadly and horrible stuff, it’s a good idea to take Ivermectin to rid yourself of parasites if you’ve taken the jab, but other than that, Ivermectin is useful as a mere placebo effect. If you think you’re well from it, you will feel well. So back to hospitals murdering people, they put patients on a drug called Remdesevir (unapproved by the FDA but pushed by Mengele Fauci) and Remdesevir shuts down the kidneys. Then the poor bastard has a respirator placed on his/her face while the lungs are filling with fluid from the malfunctioning kidneys, and the respirator finishes them off. Their death is listed as ‘covid’ and the hospital gets a $39K reward. The Deep State gets to claim umptity ump deaths from a virus that doesn’t even exist. (Look, none of the corona viruses have ever been isolated. THERE IS NO COVID !!!) Some people die every year from a bad cold. A bad cold can make you really sick, no denying it. How clever of the Deep State to label a bad cold with a fancy-smancy title that would scare the bejesus out of folks. How clever indeed.

  43. Bill

    Greg, great wrap up! However, the issue with FB, Instagram, & Twitter is not from the Biden Admin. it’s from the globalist, Claus Schwab and his cronies (the World Economic Form). What happened was just a test run of what’s coming. They said it was coming months ago…. Keep the faith. Jesus is returning, we just need to endure a few bumps in the road.. (or something like that).

  44. Rodster

    I don’t know why Mitch McConnell is giving in to the Democrats on the debt ceiling? I read an article where he made the point where the Dems have enough votes on both sides of the House to pass anything they want and the Republicans were not going to get in the way. Same song and dance, the Dems oppose anything good the Republicans want done and the Republicans always play ball with the Dems.

    It is why many have said the two party system is an illusion of good cop, bad cop. They are two sides of the same coin.

  45. David+Bain


    Where the HELL is Congress on this? They must be in approval as this insaneness continues!

    From my chair.

  46. Daniel Henderson Hornburg

    Say Greg, love your work Bro, is it possible to post a download link to this Aug.21 FDA document? I can’t find it to show my family the truth about the bate and switch game. I can’t find this document?

  47. Tony Gaetani

    Greg to fill my truck up it cost $130 , so $174 a month is bullshit, it’s probably costing three times that much monthly. Thank you Greg for all you do , keep the great work up!👍🇺🇸❤️

    • Robert K


      Gas on Election Day 2020 in Georgia was $1.84/gallon. Then it’s spiked to $3.79 due to the Colonial pipeline “cyberattack”, in May. It’s
      at $3.00 now.. It cost me $22.00 MORE to get the same amount of fuel yesterday for my car, than it did on Election Day less than one year ago. It went from $25-30 to fill up a sedan, to now over $50-$55.00. Friends in California told me yesterday it is $5.99/gallon.

      The $175.00 may be the number being reported, but that number is likely MUCH higher as hyperinflation is in overdrive. If we look at the bigger picture, that $175/month is likely closer to $750-$1,000 more per month, basing it off my families grocery bills alone. Grocery prices are off the charts and quality has diminished significantly, and no matter what you need to buy, every item has multiplied exponentially.

  48. ron martin

    Your first commenter, JC quotes from a book written in 1981 by an advisor to the French president about culling the population. At the core of our present dilemma is the inability or unwillingness of people to accept the truth that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. were not aberrations but the norm for totalitarian rulers since creation. The NC Renegade website states it simply as “they want you dead”. Prosperity and the never ceasing propaganda of the eugenicists rulers has rendered much of the world population, especially the west anathema to any suggestion that the vaxx, most doctors, hospitals and elites want us dead. When the “awake” attempt to explain this to the “woke” ears are closed and meaningful communication is ended. Families and friends are parted forever due to this closing of the minds. Those that are “awake” must accept that this separation is permanent and unavoidable. Jesus said families would be torn asunder in His name so I will choose to follow Him and our heavenly Father above all the lies and deception spewing from the mouths of the eugenicists and their useful idiots.

  49. Kevin24

    Greg is saying stock up on everything. Watch a video or two on Venezuela and see what is in demand. I did that a few years ago and I was stocked with Toilet Paper, flour, yeast, etc. when we had the initial scare March 2020.
    Another awesome video Greg, BTW who was the doctor in Canada who got in trouble for Ivermectin, I would like to stock some but not sure where to buy?

    • Brooklyn


      If you’re in the States, scroll up a few and read my post to find a courageous doctor named Kylashtorny who will get IVM for you. But, don’t delay, things appear to be getting “challenging” by the day.

  50. Neville

    Thanks Greg, for a very comprehensive crime report once again.
    The Underworld(deep state) hogging the headlines as per usual.
    Their use of the word “narrative” for the ill informed is just another way
    of saying listen to our Lie of the Day !!!
    That they are losing it is absolutely NOT surprising as it is written in PROVERBS
    So you see folks the scum of the earth have to reinvent the lies they tell or couch
    them in language meant to confuse everyone including the idiots that conjure up
    those lies…..
    AAcrime is setting themselves up for PUNISHMENT with their infernal confrontation
    The insults that they throw at GOD have been all chronicled in the Black Book and
    on the day when our LORD JESUS RETURNS and return HE WILL……The ARC ANGELS will be out in full force rounding up thid vermon called the underworld/deep state.


  51. The Seer

    Very well written. Pass around.

  52. David+Bain


    Why has Congress not put a stop to this Vaccine Crime? They must agree with this! This is absolutely insane!

    From my chair.


  53. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter , the lies of Soros ,Gates and Buffet continue unabated and they want the might and wealth of the USA in their Bolshevik Communist hands.
    Meanwhile,Mr Biden is to forgive 70,000+ government employees’ student debt , no doubt as a thank you for getting him into power as they shoved votes through machines multiple times and prevented oversight.

  54. Linda

    Oh no Greg, Merit Garland ‘s FBI is going to “partner” with local law enforcement, so it will be Just fine….do not worry…nothing to see here.

  55. A. Anthanovich

    This is incredible!!

  56. Willard Ferch

    Absolutely great, informative post. According to astrophysicist Valentina Zharkova, the Grand Solar Minimum (little ice age) began June of 2020. In 1979 they were worried about an approaching ice age, for the south pole set a record cold. The other day a new record was set. The future: great food shortages, famines throughout the world, extreme floods & drought, increasing crop loss, earthquakes, volcanic activity, upheavals in society, and fighting in streets for food long before we freeze. In 2002 the Lord showed me a little ice age was coming, so I received plenty of derisive comments. I had no idea of its ramifications. but as you can see, I’ve learned a great deal since then. You’ve ignored my continued comments on this subject, so this the last of it. I just urge you to do your own research. You have a terrific message, so may the Lord increase its effectiveness. God Bless!! from the 83 yr. old Fiddlin

  57. Steve

    Right now we have tyranny without the tyrant. I would be surprised if 5 % of Americans approve of Joe Biden. Evil has been pushing everyone to the right, globally. We are being tricked by evil currently, setup, deceived. Evil is bringing down the 2 party system, intentionally. Evil is exposing himself on purpose. We are being readied to receive the tyrant. He is creating global chaos, so he can then offer himself up to the planet as global Order.

  58. Larry Bradshaw

    It’s time to change the narrative. The issue that should be talked about is why these people are not being investigated and prosecuted.
    The narrative should be “ why the prosecutor’s and courts are ignoring the criminal conspiracy” .
    Until we get our courts back we can’t reverse this massive fraud.
    The grand jury is our last hope.

  59. Virginia

    Greg. Thank you, dear friend. I am utterly fed up with being told the crap they force-feed us is chocolate pudding. You help me keep everything in perspective and I appreciate it so very much.
    I have found that using a Brave Browser with Duck Duck Go as my search engine your broadcast shows and sounds perfect.
    God bless you.

  60. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Have you given any thought to getting Lin Wood to interview?

  61. Really Awake

    Yes, bad times are here, and worse times are ahead. I agree with the article, “The Collapse of the American State Is Underway,” by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. I agree with Marty Armstrong on some points, too. Clif High has made ugly predictions that the SHTF in mere weeks or months. I think it could hit the fan soon, but I’m not counting in it.

    The Washington Marxists have ways to muddle through and prolong the suffering for years to come. A slow grind down into the mud is possible, and something which everyone should ready themselves; on the other hand, the SHTF could happen very, very quickly. The smart people are making their final preparations for the worst case senario. Focus on the basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, heat, medicine, extra fuel, as much cash on hand as you can safely hide, and don’t forget guns. Silver, gold, barter items are all good; however, the ignorant public won’t really understand the value of silver. In fact, the dimwitted public will choose a roll toilet paper over a silver coin after the supply lines go down. Yes, that’s right. When the SHTF toilet paper will have more value than silver for the average fool on the street. Things will get crazy, more crazy than a dystopian ScFi movie… And as the situation worsens and becomes dire, food, not gold, will become money.

  62. Kenneth Bednark

    The CV-19 vaccine was initially sold as a durable solution to the pandemic. Now we find that at best its efficacy is for only a few months and risks abound. So I ask, why would anyone that took the jab take a booster shot knowing what we know now? Just give it time and the sheeple that buy into this fraud will look like a pin cushion from all the booster shots shoved in them; that is if they live long enough.

  63. Steve

    With the Ivermectin results in Utter Prodesh, India, and the absurd lock down and mandatory jabs, along with knowing Pfizer’s corrupt history, it is obvious something is out of wack. Those that can’t see this are a part of the problem.

    One of my sources stated that some of the Star Nations have either pulled back or refuse to get involved. It goes along with the concept of helping those that will help themselves or conversely getting the heck out of Dodge. I suspect the awaken are not doing it right or not doing enough to help the sleepers — awaken! Consider trying the “Thank You”. Respectfully, Steve

  64. Fred Engel

    Went for yearly exam passed 63 no med’s, but the doctor was trying to sell me on the shot I said no. He gave me a story of a friend male nurse he knew for twenty years. He passed because he didn’t get the shot, the whole time he would not look in the eye cause I was looking at him. Good indication of fibbing. I haven’t had a flu shot in twenty years not getting this. Fear not! Vaxx not!

  65. David Gordon Dunne



    Thinking about the 6 uild 6 ack 6 etter agenda I think I have figured out the logical reason that Illegal Immigrants are released into the U.S. without having to be mandated to take the poison Covid clot shot.

    The 666 Plan is to collapse the U.S. and have these illegal immigrants take over the U.S. after the Mandatory Covid Clot Shot has killed or weakened most of us U.S. Citizens ?

    These poor Illegal Aliens will will be taking our homes and communities after the Covid Vaccines and Boosters have killed most of us U.S. Citizens.

    Ready made community courtesy of the Neutron Bomb like Covid 19 Clot Shot.

  67. tim mcgraw

    I continue to read “After Custer” by Paul Hedren about what happened to the Indians of the Northern Plains after the Battle of Little Big Horn. How did the USA Army and government defeat the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians?
    A: Destroy the Indian food supply. 2 million buffalo killed in 24 months. Gone.
    B: Build forts all across the Sioux Country to protect settlers and keep the Indians under control.
    C: Send Indian children to government schools.
    D: Outlaw the Sun Dance and other Indian rituals.
    E: Arrest Indian Medicine Men for practicing their religion and rituals.
    F: Demean the Indian chiefs and have all political power rest with the government agents who run the Indian reservations and agencies.
    G: Make the Indians dependent on the USA government and Army for food, shelter, and clothing.
    Sound familiar?

    • Self Exiled

      Prior to that traders along the Missouri River traded small pox infected blankets to the Mandan and the Ree in the Dakota Territories.

  68. Robert K


    Another excellent WNW! You are 100% correct about the sat. phones being in short supply and backed up. When I ordered two weeks ago, there was already a three-four week lead time. I imagine that lead time has significantly increased by now.

  69. tim mcgraw

    Continuing: The first thing the government and Army did when the Indians, who were starving, surrendered at the Army forts and agencies was take away the Indian’s guns and ponies.

  70. Brian C

    PEOPLE you need to listen, Greg is correct STOCK UP BEFORE IT’S ALL GONE!

    SEEDS you’ll need them for growing food

    Anything for your vehicles (oil, filters, plugs, batteries, wiper blades, EXTRA TIRES, & GAS, ECT…).

    Your HOME (FOOD hit the dollar store ( before the price goes up, it was in the news! ) toilet paper, paper plates, napkins, ect…, check out how to store long term on u tube, get mason jars before we have another run out.

    REPAIRS, TOOLS, BATTERIES, FILTERS A/C ETC., PUMPING, ELECTRICAL, can you change out a sink washer how about the toilet gasket good luck fining one of them, look around what BREAKS DOWN?

    The BIG ONE for us WAS the VITAMINS & MEDICATION. I would get a prescription and tell them I was paying cash DON’T CHARGE IT TO THE INS. CO and DO NOT GO TO THE SAME PLACE!!!!!
    I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM ANYMORE, make sure to keep them in a cool dark space and rotate.

    If you have a need fine AWAY!!!!!!

    BUY SILVER, start with junk coins (Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars)


    THE LAST ITEM PROTECTION!!!!!, are you ready?

    For storing item, pack & put under bed

    I ‘m in my early 60’s IF I CAN DO THIS SO CAN YOU

    • Paula Davis

      B C,
      Great advice. Could U recommend a solar generator for when the electricity is shut off? I only care about keeping my fridge & freezer running. Heat & cowboy lighting are covered. Thank You

  71. Grant Parkinson

    Knowing Full Well Firsthand They’re Lack of Controls and Utter Incompetence. . ..
    ___Did Dr. Fauci Deliberately Handover to China, his Smoking Gun?
    SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: [The Plausible Deniability of] What Really Happened in Wuhan! /Premiered Sep 27, 2021 Sky News Australia
    This Special investigation into the origins of COVID-19 reveals what really happened in Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic.
    Award-winning journalist Sharri Markson spent more than a year investigating the potential leak of the virus from a top-secret laboratory in Wuhan.
    Ms Markson uncovered evidence of a widespread cover-up and unpacks the new theory that “patient zero” worked in the Wuhan lab.
    Sky News Australia anchor and Investigations Writer at The Australian, Sharri has been at the forefront of investigating the origins of COVID-19 since early in 2020 when the virus spread globally. Since that time, the precise genesis of COVID-19 has been hotly contested, with scientists, government officials, the World Health Organization, and the Chinese authorities releasing conflicting reports.
    In a coup for Australian television, Sharri secures the first sit-down interview for an Australian broadcast media outlet with Donald Trump since he was elected president in 2016.
    Sharri also speaks with a range of Chinese whistle-blowers, scientists, and high-ranking intelligence officials to bring us closer to discovering the truth of what happened in Wuhan.
    These include John Ratcliffe, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence from 2020 to 2021, and former head of British intelligence service, Mi6, Sir Richard Dearlove.

    • Percy Faith

      Granted, Dr.”Mad Scientist”Fraudci, is a little atheist demon and by not believing in God, enables him,” with a clean conscience”, to kill, thinking he’s saving the world. His world of course. The world of Bill, bar the Gates, Gates!
      A world without a God to protect it and instead of leaving such things to a God, Fraudci makes himself God. How can you trust in good verses evil, if you can’t believe a God exists. You become evil yourself Fraudster and not a God, but still a mere mortal! A Dr. Frankenstein! Welcome to the real world!
      Attorney Thomas Renz speaking at Clay Clark’s Re-Awaken America Tour in Michigan says he is constantly contacted by families across America who have loved ones being killed by the hospital protocols that Fauci instituted in all US hospitals. The Remdesivir + Ventilator protocol finds people dying, and hospitals making Covid money. CLICK Belowe, TO WATCH/ You have Medical Rights!
      Attorney Renz gives you several key pieces of information on how to fight hospitals and why you must fight for your family members.
      1- Do not let the hospitals isolate your family members from you.
      2 – Remdesivir and Ventilators equal death for your hospitalized family member. That is the Fauci protocol.
      3 – Early treatment / intervention is key.
      Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Budesonide work.
      Renz Law (
      Watach out useless eater’s Fraudci’s got a needle with your name on it!

  72. Independent

    Hi Greg,

    Friday must be Chemtrail day the last two weeks. There is more going on than the vax.


  73. Gisela Watson

    Yes they’ve lost the narrative. And that is why they will release Operation Dark Winter. A pandemic exercise held in 2001 of…smallpox. There is a video of Gates and his now ex wife both smirking stating “the next one will get their attention.”

  74. Gregory John Morrissey

    PLEASE WATCH she worked for the defense dep’t RED ALERT



    Have you considered that the vaccines may actually be inoculation for the public for a coming biological warfare? Similar to when troops go into combat they give them all these vaccines to protect against whatever they expect them to be exposed to? During the election Biden kept saying we are going to have a dark winter. If you google Operation Dark Winter you will find it was a war game done back in June 2001 in which biological attack occurred in the USA. I see things are being sparked up with China and was wondering if this is what they are prepping us for. Best way to get the people inoculated is through “covid” scare.


    • JuicyMoosey

      The government only has to lie… ONCE

      And they’ve shit their hole… PERMANENTLY

    • Chip

      Yes we’ve considered it. I’ll take my chances with Ivermectin, HCQ, vitamins D, C, Zinc, and Quecitin. Plenty of sunshine, exercise, etc… Chip

  76. Jennifer Updegraff

    Sadly they DID do animal trials . They were never able to complete the study over and over, because the animals ALL died.

  77. Verdon Susan

    I thank god for you and Clif High.
    Sending Love your way 🙂

  78. susan russo

    Your work is from the rock pile I build my foundation with. My survival is with gratitude for your guidance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Susan!!

  79. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. Kinda funny in a not funny kinda way that suddenly everyone is realizing the vaccines being given are not Comirnaty and that the jabs are still under EUA and therefore experimental.
    From your 8-27 interview summary with Chris Martenson:
    “ Martenson says the FDA just approved a Pfizer CV19 vaccine named Comirnaty, but the public is not getting it. This is classic bait and switch because the public is still getting the same Pfizer jab they have been getting all along. It’s still experimental (Emergency Use Authorization or EUA), and it still gives Pfizer total immunity from liability. Dr. Martenson explains, “For all practical purposes, there are two identical drugs. One stays under EUA, and one has been given approval. The problem is the one given approval, and if you are in the United States, you can’t get it. There is none here. So, they approved something that doesn’t exist. This feels like legal wrangling. People say, oh, they have approved this vaccine, and they have our best interest at heart. I say if that were true, they would have released a lot more data. We did not get any new data on the filing, and they would not have given us this legal Rube Goldberg runaround, and we would not still be seeing people being injected with something still under a EUA, which absolves the manufacturer of liability. That’s the situation we are in right now. If the FDA was looking to build trust with people who were a little hesitant, I think they completely dropped the ball on that and committed a huge error.” True then and true now.

    my own comment from that interview was:
    Thanks Greg, that’s how I read it too. The letter I refer to is the…
    FDA letter to Ms. Harkins at Pfizer Inc. dated August 23, 2021
    ( 2 of 13) …” On August 23, 2021, FDA approved the biologics license application (BLA) submitted by BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 years of age and older.
    On August 23, 2021, having concluded that revising this EUA is appropriate to protect the public health or safety under section 564(g)(2) of the Act, FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA. “…

    No bout a doubt it, the EUA is still active which means the Covid jab drug is still experimental. The long term human test trial continues…“

    Amazing that only when Se, Ron Johnson says it that anyone notices. Can they not read? Can they not do their own analysis and use logic as a guide to the truth or are they stuck with a patently false narrative? … okay, rhetorical question that answers itself.

  80. Neil Currie

    God Bless you, Greg.

  81. Randy Avera

    A good friend has a fully vaccinated (screwed as Greg says) nephew with covid. During an x-ray, a spot was discovered on his liver. How many other unvaccinated folks out there have these unseen dangers lurking in their bodies?

    • The Ogs

      Hi Randy, unfortunately suppression of the innate immune system of the injected people is being observed.
      This presents as repressed illnesses coming forth, things like herpes cold sores, shingles, things that are within us but have been inert. Cancers too.

  82. Tarheel

    Do our Supreme Court judges get paid by Communist Chinese Universities to lecture every year? If so, which ones ? We need proof. I can’t find anything to back this claim up. Can you help?

    • Kay

      We have friends in India. We warned them repeatedly not to get any jab. Unfortunately, they didn’t listen to us. They got COVISHIELD. Our friend’s sister got brain hemorrhaging. She was rushed to a hospital and put on a ventilator. Blood pressure had skyrocketed. She is out of ICU and off the ventilator but is unable to talk. I have no idea if she can walk or if her memory is OK. It has been well over a week. I looked up that jab in India and brain hemorrhaging and clots do happen. She is only in her 40’s with a husband and teen. How do the people that do this sleep at night? Ivermectin is easy to get in India. 80% of chemists will give it to people over the counter. They don’t need jabs there.

      DARK WINTER =heartbreaking winter

  83. Pamela Hankins

    While I agree that they’ve “lost it” I don’t think that will stop them whatsoever. These people are murderers, they are willing to sacrifice anyone who gets in their way, and anyone else too, just because they want to. They don’t care about anything but their own power, and they will not let that go. Therefore, I think they will simply do what they always do and double down on their oppression. They don’t care who knows, who sees, who understands, they want what they want and they are not going to stop now. War is brewing with China, I’m sure that will server their purposes. The Bible says that someone will step up and take control in the name of peace. Someone that will be adored by most of the world, and backed by the false prophet and actual miracles. He will cause EVERYONE to take his mark as part of a New World Order. So, it’s not going to stop, it’s just starting.

  84. Julia

    Mr Hunter, you are a true journalist and you do your craft well!

  85. Jeff robbins

    Thanks for the news, and reminding us to not be afraid. Where can i go to print off that fda letter? Coincidentally, it’ll be scary how the world reacts when the truths of all this comes out. I see a fractured world with more broken supply chains, broken alliances, and major financial problems. Lastly, for all the believers, why would Jesus change some very minor things in the bible (King James mostly)? I contend its a warning – Amos 3:7. Look at how many times corn is in the K.J. I only ever remember one or two verses, all the others, it said grain, supernatural and hard to believe. There’s others, prepare accordingly. Keep fighting, those that are strong need to help those that aren’t. I have been blessed abundantly for showing kindness to a preachers widow, His widow.

  86. Marie+Joy

    Being asked online… Why do the protected need to be protected?

    • Fran Barnes

      Hi. Having taken your comment to prayer, the answer came in gentle spring rain-the quality of mercy – that which blesses twice – to whom it is given and who gives it.
      The 1st party is basing an attitude of once protected always protected assumption. An assumption that once one’s soul is washed in the Blood of Jesus, one never commits another sin? or iniquity? or failure in virtue or other obedience to the Word of God? One has no further need to humble oneself before God to confess or seek His help, Counsel, Mercy?
      The 2nd, quite the contrary, once touched by the Spirit of God and empowered to become an obedient child of God, as a child it is the most natural inclination to look to God, our Father in heaven for our every need, breath, a clear and Truthful mind, speech and action, sight as He sees the hearts of men and His creation. We ask His provision and blessing over the food we eat, His protection over our souls, spirits, minds when we sleep as when we are awake. We pray to become obedient even to death if it be a death upon the Cross He has given us, as Jesus did. Finally, as we work to become less ‘worldly’, more selfless so like the grain of wheat we can bear fruit for His kingdom, we talk to God in prayer as trusting children and as we seek His protection in these times of very aggressive assault by the devil and his followers who prowl about seeking the ruin of souls, we ask as much for ourselves as for the others we love.
      MarieJ – I am not sure if your comment was a statement or a question. All the same it inspired my morning meditation and hope it helps you or someone to take courage in the asking, seeking, knocking and in the meek and humbleness of the heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

  87. David

    The 34 min mk to 35 min mk is being interrupted so that one cannot understand your words.

  88. Dan

    Greg, this is a funeral director from the UK you should have on your show, he is trying to get the truth out to the people.

  89. iwitness02

    I keep thinking that we will reach a tipping point where enough people understand the evil that is at work here on the earth, and rise up against this unbridled evil. I guess it is happening, but it is such a slow process. I would prefer the Hollywood approach where everything is wrapped up in an hour and a half. This is the hardest test yet on my faith and patience. I suppose we will all find out what we’re made of by the time this is over.
    Persevere or buckle under. The harder evil pushes, the more firm my resolve to persevere becomes. In fact, I believe it is beginning to crystalize.

    • Self Exiled

      I think The Holy Spirit/Holy Father sums it up for us.

      “Behold, we are slaves today,
      And as for the land which You gave our fathers, to eat of its fruit and its goodness,
      Behold, we are slaves in it.
      “Its abundant produce is for the kings
      Whom You have set over us because of our sins;
      They also rule over our bodies
      And over our cattle as they please,
      So we are in great distress.
      A Covenant Results ————– [I would call this resolve.]
      “Now because of all this
      We are making an agreement in writing;
      And on the sealed document are the names of our princes, our Levites, and our priests.”
      Nehemiah 9 35:38

  90. Jan Vise-Goodman

    I believe they are pushing it on children because one of the mistakes they made in the AIDS epidemic they created was not taking into consideration the orphans that it would create. Must have been more than they could traffic. So sad.

  91. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Watching President Trump on Hannity last night – he is totally against McConnell staying as Minority Leader of the Senate!!! 10 Republican Senators caved on raising the Debt Ceiling. I’m so sick of the weak Republican Party – Trump was right about everything!!! Biden is a Despicable incompetent Traitor and is destroying America from within. Southern Border is out of control by design. I’m beyond Sick of these cockroaches
    Mr. Greg Hunter our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Thanks for all you do
    Semper Fi 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • W H

      Trump was right about everything!!! ???????????????
      Did you take the jab that he said he was father of ??????????

    • MikeTW

      Screw trump. He brought us this vaccine curse. He handed them this weapon.

    • Chip

      Trump was right about Operation Warp Speed? Chip

  92. William Simonton

    Hunter Biden’s art is better than Marina Abramovitz “art”.🤣

  93. JC

    Yes, “they” are losing the narrative!

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: They will fail. They are getting desperate now. Their window starts to close in 2022. And since they read everything I write – FU!

  94. Greg

    White v. Blacks = Division
    Seems the Democrat’s are losing this talking point.
    Vaxxed v. Unvaxxed
    New division?

    PS. Love your show.

  95. Jennifer Updegraff

    This shot was always to be the endgame. It has been in the works for years, long before the December 2019 intro of the virus. I for one am grateful that the ugly truth about the genocidal agenda to depopulate the earth is not able to keep itself hidden any longer. Like the man behind the curtain in the old Wizard of Oz movie, they cannot keep the curtain closed any longer. Thank you Lord!
    I remain hopeful that the Lord will give us one more season to prepare for the inevitable Daniel and Revelation timeline to finish this season on earth. But in order to not stay asleep, folks need to finally settle in their minds that they are actually out to eliminate us. It makes things fall into place and then we can face what needs to be done with the Lord and with the courage this season will take, even if things turn and we get that short season to prepare.
    Thank you Greg for your honesty and willingness to just be upfront and dogged in your pursuit of the truth. You are refreshingly real and in the face to true evil, you call it out. Thanks!

  96. ken

    Sorry charlie…. The vaxxine doesn’t cause variants which cause the problems,,, its the poisons in the vaxxine itself causing the problems.

    Even if there were variants how would a booster shot containing the same ‘stuff’ as the first two shots do any good?

    Naaa,,, they just want to get this stuff in everyone to die of all sorts of different diseases that will be blamed on covid variants being spread by the unvaxxed.

    Trust me,,, most in the US are plenty stupid enough to believe everything the lunatics say. As far as the plebs are concerned you wear a tinfoil hat and pump out conspiracy theories.

    They’ll be blaming the variants and the unvaxxed regardless the number of people injured and dying from the vax. This is a well planned depopulation scheme even though it seems confusing at times.

    The answer… I don’t know. Pray?

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow!!!! You know more that the Nobel prize winner in medicine in 2008!!!!!–NOT!!!!

      • AndrewB

        Hi Greg,
        I understand what Professor Luc Montagnier has to say about ADE and variants – much the same as Geert Vanden Bossche. However, as we are living in unprecedented times and needing to question everything, I am naturally suspicious when I hear a ‘theory’ expounded that exactly fits the Globalists’ narrative. TPTB have used the ‘variant’ narrative to enhance fear, to persuade the ‘vaccinated’ that they need booster shots and to justify continuing with mask mandates and social distancing dictates. This is not to deny ADE, but to question whether it makes any meaningful difference. Mike Yeadon thinks not.

      • Kay

        We are seeing some contradictions to the story on variants. AT this point I believe almost anyone over the hospitals.
        Hospitals dispute firefighters’ claims that EMTs see more with vaccine reactions than COVID-19

        Freaky stuff is going on in our hospitals. My friend’s husband went into the ER in south Florida and they diagnosed him with lung cancer. They didn’t do a covid test but they admitted him to the hospital for more tests the next day. His wife went home to get his things and when she returned she was told she could not see him because he was a COVID patient. She freaked out! Finally, her husband in the room sent pictures of his chart to her phone which she showed to the staff. They finally let her in his room and she found COVID protocols posted on the outside of his door. She took a picture and told them to take it down. Can you imagine if he was alone with no advocate????!! I have heard other strange stories about hospital stays.

        This remdisivir treatment for COVID is also causing major kidney problems. They used it in Ebola patients in Africa and it killed them in studies. Why are they using it here? Something is not right. I don’t care what people call me. Someone needs to speak out. I told a friend our hospitals are turning into prisons and he said no, FEMA camps.

  97. Coal Burner

    I don’t know how you do it! Better and better!

    For Watchdoggers only: Look for items on hand especially from older shipments.
    They are cheaper than the new stuff coming off the boats much more than you can believe. I went too a big box to pick up some new gas cans. They were new and 3 to 5 times the price. so I bought water cans that were older and the old price. Get what you need now. Prices are going up, straight up.

  98. James Cortright

    Thanks for all you do. I have been able to get Ivermetin out of Canada in case someone in my family needs it this winter. I also found a local doctor who has saved a few lives treating covid with it as a back up. I noticed the price went up 50 percent since I bought it 2 weeks ago. I also bought NAC at the same time. I noticed that at least 20 companies on the website were I bought NAC have run out although it is still available from others. I hope that this is due to you informing people and that they are preparing as I am doing.

  99. Self Exiled

    Karen Kingston connecting the dots ——– Interconnectivity of the jabs.

  100. Self Exiled


  101. W H

    I am old enough to remember when being called a expert meant your opinion meant
    more than someone else’s . As in knowing more about what was going to happen . the definition has apparently changed like so many others .
    These experts as they are called have moved the goal post so many times that they are becoming a joke . and are turning most people away from even thinking about what is going to happen when all the money or gold or silver in the world wont buy what is really needed . Just like in the days of Noah most people are running around living for today and wont be ready for what is about to go down hard ,
    Just look around it is real easy to see .

    No surprise though since that is just what the Bible said would happen .

    And if you don’t believe it read it for yourselves .But you will have to read it all not just what you want to hear .
    Fire is on the way !!!!!!!!!!! It cant be stopped get ready .

  102. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg. Always a pleasure to get your perspective.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for supporting USAW Diana!!

  103. anony mouse

    Has it occurred to anyone [Hopefully someone with the ability to influence is reading this] that an independent counsel should be appointed to investigate the Biden family as there behaviour seems to indicate there is a high probability that they could be Paid Agents of the Chinese Communist Party?

    Trump was investigated on a lot less.

  104. Geena Gador

    I have a tenant living in my house who is upset that I am not vaccinated. I am 67. I will not get the shot. I asked him, “If you are double-vaccinated, why are you afraid of getting the virus?” He is 53. He said, “I might still get it, but it won’t be as bad.” I told him “Make sure you get your booster.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Cannot fix stupid.

    • Self Exiled


    • Ray

      Clearly this crocodile you describe is an imbecilic imbecile of the highest order!
      Next time he arcs up about being worried about catching COVID 19 from unvaccinated people, simply say to him…….
      “If you’re worried…….go out and get a vaccination”.
      He’ll probably reply…….”But I have gotten a vaccination”
      Then just say to him……”Well, clearly it wasn’t a very good one, was it? No go and play with a funnel web spider you oxygen thieving simpleton”.

      Fair Dinkum…….the absolute idiocy of some people on this planet!

      Ray, Canberra, Locked Down QR Code Nation

  105. Poochiman

    Keep up the great work. You are making a big difference. Unfortunately, more people will have to be injured before things change. The current situation is similar to what happened during the Argentinian Dirty War. It took a while before people stated noticing their neighbor were disappeared.

  106. Trinacria

    So is Israel committing suicide with this “shot” that so many in the population has taken???
    What is the status there? This is just insane.

  107. The Seer
    Government took Ivermectin and hid it.
    Breaking news!

  108. Mary Mason

    Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails: ‘We Want to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There’
    Veritas Whistleblower At Pfizer Reports Story Of Fetal Tissue Use The Company Did NOT Want Exposed

  109. Mike

    Greg , your a pretty good investigator.

    So investigate: my understanding is that the IRS is closed , their phones don’t work !

    The FBI in DC and Alaska are boarded up!

    The White House in DC is empty and has been since at least last January!

    Currently being used for tribunal!

    The fence around the White House is designed to keep people in not out!

    The federal reserve is no more!

    Nesara/ gesara is about to go into effect!

    There will be a new currency at that time !

    Joe Biden is a fake/acter/doppelgänger/ clone!

    The republic was restored on 10/01/21 , after the U.S. inc. went defunct on 9/30/21!

    Metals will rise dramatically very soon!

    Currencies around the world will be equal !

    The White House will soon be a bird reserve!

    The Vatican , and many other structures will be no more!

    Either you are missing something or I have been following the wrong trail !

    Feel free to look into this or just delete me , that’s up to you ! Make a few phone calls , check it out !

    Thanks. Mike

    • Self Exiled

      Mike, how did you acquire this information or thought wave?

  110. dlc

    My medical epiphany was the day my husband collapsed at work and was taken to Mayo Hospital. He died in the ER from a massive stroke.

    I was not told, never consulted when staff admitted his body and hooked him up to avoid the body’s dying process. When I finally found him, I asked questions of his attending nurse. No one would talk to me. No one would tell me what they were doing. In my shock state I was hoping he was still alive somehow.

    The next day I was approached for the subject of “harvesting.” When it hit me what the whole maneuver was about, I insisted my husband be allowed some dignity. I wanted him released from the hospital. To them he was just a collection of body parts, a very lucrative find for them. Sudden death provides the best parts.

    I had to run home and call my family back in PA to bank the hospital phones and demand that they take him down off all the monitors they had him on so I could proceed from there. I do not allow myself to dwell on all of this as it is still traumatic to me.

    If this kind of ghoulish practice is performed at Mayo, imagine what other hospitals are like. Today you will probably have a police escort if you dare to express your rights as family if it is counter to their intentions.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am so sorry you had to endure that kind of criminal activity in the hospital!!! Evil of them and shame on them!!!

    • Jane Farmer

      Hi dlc: unfortunately, your experience is very common practice at almost all hospitals. My sister died of cancer. She had received both chemo and radiation ‘therapies’ prior to her death, so her body was pretty toxic. Nevertheless, the hospital asked for permission to harvest her organs. I considered it both goulish and insensitive of them, however since her driver’s license indicated she was willing to be an organ donor, the family allowed it. Needless to say, my driver’s license does NOT indicate a willingness for organ harvesting from me.

  111. Mike+G

    The depopulation plan Let’s Go Brandon

    • AndrewB

      (For Jane Palmer not Mike)
      Few months ago, the U.K. did a 180 on consent to donate organs. Used to be, you had to elect to donate. Now, the default is that everyone has agreed to donate UNLESS they specifically opt out! Hospitals are becoming ever more dangerous to health. Makes sense if the objective is to cut the cost of the National Health Service. Time to brush up on First Aid!

      • AndrewB

        Reply intended for Jane Palmer

  112. Robin

    Oh yeah shutting it all down because they didn’t get their criminal ways is nothing compared to the evil I have seen them do…

  113. paul anthony

    whos going to be on the saturday eve post … maybe i missed that you mentioned it

    good friday info thank you Greg


    paul anthony

  114. James C Rattenborg

    Looks like Facebook and the drug companies are afraid of Greg Hunter and USA Watchdog.

  115. James C Rattenborg

    Facebook and drug companies are afraid.

  116. James C Rattenborg

    Facebook has blocked USA watchdog.

  117. James C Rattenborg

    Facebook has blocked USA watchdog. I wonder why. $$$$$$ DRG Comp.

  118. James C Rattenborg

    DRG Comp $$$$ Greg Hunter – Facebook.

  119. James C Rattenborg

    -Greg Hunter because $$$$ Mecication Comp. Facebook.

  120. dlc

    Many thanks for your kindness, Greg. I wish my personal story were the only one I am aware of. Have heard much over 35+ years of transcribing. I began to think of modern medicine as borderline criminal. I now feel it is a criminal gov’t run exploiter.

    Imagine who is left as staff now that they are unloading all of the people still left with a conscience. It’s really rolling the dice to check into a hospital right now. My husband’s story came to mind to deeply disturb me when I read about Robert David Steele. It was a reminder of how little chance you have when dealing with these determined predators.

    Remember the Russian children who were held hostage at their school and drank their own urine to hydrate themselves? Putin ordered a bullet to the head of the hostage takers. It brought justice but did not alleviate the grief of those who lost a child. It was said you could hear wailing throughout the town. I expect we will experience this as those closest die off.

  121. Marie+Joy

    When they don’t have cooperation, from Americans, they will get much more aggressive in their methods of killing. I fear they will gas us, mostly, in inner cities.

  122. Marie+Joy

    Ashli Babbitt’s birthday is being celebrated this weekend, south of Houston. I got this from InfoWars on Brighteon.

  123. dlc

    The Nazi Officer’s Wife

    Not what you think. I have watched this many times. A different time but pretty much the same story — how the world you knew is obliterated by the evil around you. I’m thinking this would make one of the best movies ever but could not be told currently.

    This lovely woman tells her story of loss of family, loss of freedom, loss of personhood, but a determination to survive somehow. I have listened to many testimonials and this is the best in my opinion. I do not have my grandmother to remind me of my blessings. This woman reminds me so much of her, same sweet nature despite it all.

    P,S. Narrated by Susan Sarandon. What an irony.

  124. Martin

    Greg, can you put up a link to the FDA Letter so we can I form others with factual evidence? Thank you.

  125. Marie+Joy

    Is there proof anywhere that many MORE people are dying? Is there such a list?

  126. Jim

    “vaccine” – I have heard but cannot verify that animal trials were conducted with the “vaccine” and all the animals died!
    My younger sis had gotten the two Pfizer shots and I thought I had convinced her to NOT get the third shot. She told me yesterday that she was at the pharmacist to pickup some insulin and they were giving the “booster” so she went ahead and got it!!! I didn’t say anything, she knows my opinion already.
    I haven’t gotten a flu shot in about 30 years and don’t intend to get one. NEVER have taken a pneumonia shot!

  127. Bloglogician

    hold it together Greg! its only the end of the world as we know it. 🙂 love your work.

  128. Shirley Thompson

    Greg – note sure why you’re allowing unrelated cut/paste diatribes. Comments ONLY your content should be limited in length. Allowing forum style posting will eventually eat your bandwith driving people to Rumble AWAY from your site defeating your sponsorhip ads.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Shirley.

  129. A+Jones

    DEMOCRATS ARE EATING THEIR OWN: Everyone sees things differently. I have been listening and reading the recent news about the invasion at the Mexican border and the mothers going to the school board meetings and being labeled domestic terrorists not to mention the apparent population extermination vaccine scheme. Let’s look at this from another point of view: Every time an illegal immigrant comes into the country who loses their job? Answer -mostly blacks. Where do these illegals settle? Answer- large metro areas? Who will pay for their care and maintenance? Answer -taxes from the metro citizens. Who were these women that were labeled domestic terrorists and where are they from? Answer- urban/suburban women from northern Virginia. Who is this forced vaccination effecting mostly? Answer- mostly large corporations employees and minorities in urban public schools. Now to the heart of matter: What composes the Democratic base? Answer: Blacks, urban/suburban areas, and suburban women most significantly. There is an old saying: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. If you really believe that this whole vaccine program is a scheme at depopulating the planet then why are you so concerned? Let them drink the cool aide and sit back and enjoy the show. I will bet you that Trump didn’t get 5% of the northern Virginia suburban women or black or Hispanic vote. Terrorism like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Remember the old jingle” “Cool aide cool aide real great. I love cool aide can’t wait.” They are destroying themselves right before our eyes.

  130. Keith Wilson

    Back in 1939 the German war machine had a secret drug called Pervitin. It allowed the German tank divisions and infantry units to fight for 50 hours non stop without rest. The Germans overran Europe in 12 months and get to the gates of Moscow by Christmas 1941. Sadly for the Germans when the soldiers needed food and warm clothes in Russia when the temperature was minus 50 the German war machine could not provide these essential items. Pervitin was no use in stopping millions of Germans dieing of starvation in Russia. Covid vaccines are like Pervitin in 1941. They will not stop the final outcome of events with many of our family and friends dieing in the months ahead .

  131. fred finger

    Rand Paul goes SCORCHED EARTH on Congress over spending/COVID
    Oct 7, 2021
    Guest on

  132. Self Exiled

    Sophia, the first android with citizenship, now wants to have a robot baby

  133. JC

    Anyone stocking up on canned food, check your inventory.

    Crider Foods, a Stillmore, Ga., establishment, is recalling approximately 525,717 pounds of canned beef with gravy products that may be contaminated with unsafe levels of lead, due to a spice mix used from an outside supplier, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

  134. Edwin Meyer

    Yep, I am pissed…I posted 2 comments yesterday and Greg seems to have not deemed them not important enough to allow posting….Greg, are you that high and mighty? Are your widdle feewings hurt because I called you out for not speaking the whole truth? Or maybe, as has happened in the past, you want to use my words to glorify yourself and take “credit” for the things that I said….I’m beginning to question your authenticity…Yes, I am questioning YOU Greg! (I harbor no false hopes that you will bother posting this…it would not put you in a very good light.). Luckily the comments were posted on Rmble…so those who read and liked those comments will see the things that you seem to be afraid to allow.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have posted no less than 15 of your comments. What is the problem??? Start your own website if you do not like it here.

    • eddiemd

      Ask your doctor if haldol is right for you.

      • JC


        Would Haldol be right for “Claire” who commented above that I am transparent, that I am the owner of the website and that I email myself?

        USA WATCHDOG is starting to attract a lot of weirdos, they should go away.

  135. Heinrich

    „The delta strain is the vaccine.“

    A must see video.

    This is not some fake stuff. It is absolutely authentic and credible.

  136. Jeff Denney

    Have you ever considered the bigger plan? Communist cannot take over the country without disarming all Americans. It really is the keystone issue to any long term take over. My theory is they are causing any turmoil and misery they can for average people (forced vax, no borders, shortages, inflation, mask, censoring, etc.) in the hope that some group in the public will rise up with arms. This armed uprising could even come as a backlash caused by the massive Vax deaths in the future. They can then start the propaganda machine onslaught about having to take all the guns from the public due to domestic terrorist. There is always a larger plan. Just a thought?

  137. Joe Wong

    Look at it this way – there’s a ton of CORRUPTION going-on between the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines now. The FDA’s approval of same was done by a Dr. Scott Gottlieb MD, whom resigned from same a day or two later, and now sits on top of the Board of Director of you know who -Pfizer !!!! I wonder how many DEMOCROOKS & REPUBLIKUNTS in Washington DC was paid-off by Modern, Pfizer, J&J & Astra Zeneca ??? At least I have to give them credit, and knows where to go where the money is !!! They are ALL ON THE TAKE!!! THIW’s.

  138. Richard Hanes

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