Dems Dumb & Dumber on Economy Killing Lockdowns – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says parts of the global economy have been permanently destroyed, and nowhere is that more apparent than job losses. Armstrong explains, “You have such a collapse in the infrastructure of the world economy. You have effectively 300 million people who have lost their jobs. On top of that, you have these negative interest rates where nobody is buying European bonds where the European Central bank has been buying them all. They can’t raise interest rates because their own portfolios blow up. So, they are grasping at straws, at this point, to try to appear to be doing something. Although the Fed printing a $120 billion a month sounds like a lot of money, it’s still not going to produce inflation. We have such a contraction in the global economy, the losses are amazing. . . . Driving down the streets in Hollywood the streets are full of people in tents. The homeless have skyrocketed dramatically, and mainstream media (MSM) won’t talk about this. It definitely seems this has all really been just political. There is just no justification for lockdowns. . . .We have such a massive contraction with 60% of small businesses that will not reopen in America, and we are not through this yet.”

Armstrong contends the lockdowns and reaction to CV19 in big liberal Democrat controlled cities were a much bigger problem than the virus itself. Armstrong explains, “There is significant risk, and, economically, we are still in a major contraction mode. That can continue until 2022. On the other hand, you have food shortages. The number of oil wells in production in Texas alone, for example, went from 400 to 100. So, the social distancing and lockdowns have also created shortages in the commodities sector. The inflation we see going into 2024 . . . will be coming from a shortage of supply than in the speculative demand like we saw in the 1970’s. . . . Energy prices are going to rise, not fall.”
Armstrong goes on to say, “You have a contraction in the capital formation, which is creating this deflation economically, but, at the same time, they have created shortages . . . and that has created escalating prices. So, food prices are rising exactly when you are throwing everybody out of work. You have food lines showing up for the first time since the Great Depression. Honestly, the management of this is more like dumb and dumber.”

On the November Election, Armstrong says, “The Election in the United States is the most important point globally, and everybody is looking at it globally. Outside the United States, Trump is much more popular than inside the United States. They look at him as Trump is the only person that is standing against these crazy people. . . .If anybody else did what Bill Gates did, they would be in prison for multiple lifetimes.”

Armstrong thinks many European bonds will never be fully paid back. They will be a default, but it won’t be an outright default. Armstrong explains, “So, in Europe, all the bonds they have bought, they have to constantly keep rolling them over in addition to what they buy. It’s not sellable. The proposal in Europe, behind closed doors, is to convert them to ‘perpetual bonds.’ It’s a way to default. So, effectively, they will just give you the interest, and you can never redeem them.”

As far as the stock market goes, Armstrong says, “Rich people are selling stocks again.” Remember, this is just like what happened just before the CV19 lockdowns.
What can the common man do to cushion from what is coming? Armstrong says, “Buy canned food because food prices are going up.”

Armstrong also like soft commodities, energy and gold and silver, especially silver. Armstrong says, “People are not going to know what a silver bar is . . . I would buy silver coins that are dates 1964 or earlier. . . . The average person can look at that and know what it is. I would recommend that more than silver bars. I would say silver would actually be better (than gold) because it’s a smaller denomination that can actually be used.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with cycle expert and financial analyst Martin Armstrong.

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  1. Just sayin

    Nah sorry this guy is just making it up as he goes along. He wasn’t particularly bullish on gold and silver when you last interviewed him and only changed his mind when those metals went up strongly in price during the summer. He also said in mid 2019 that he couldn’t see the Dow going ‘anywhere but up’. He was predicting 35,ooo on the Dow minimum by next year. Now he seems to be suggesting the Dow is about to turn down. I have just read Greg’s notes and not seen the video yet so correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      You should watch the video before you comment.

      • Terry Harbes

        I watch you and give you money for your videos, but I’m not so sure about Armstrong. He’s such a con man. He ripped off people for 700 million, spent 11years in prison. I don’t know where the truth lies, but he has a bad track record. ….and he is a thief. I don’t like people that take money from others that work so hard for it. I don’t trust him.

        • JC

          TERRY HARBES,
          You don’t know what you are talking about.
          Armstrong was in his battle for life with crooked NY bankers and lawyers. Study the details of the case and you will think differently.

        • Douglas Tuttle

          Get. it right.

          He spent 8 years in a maximum security prison for contempt of court, for not turning the source code to his software over to the state as ‘evidence’ in the trial where First Republic Bank stole 1.4 Billion and pinned it on Martin. The software wasn’t material to the crime. FR was eventually found guilty and Martin was exonerated. While he was in prison, his cell mate beat him within an inch of his life to get him to release the software. He didn’t do it. The guy’s a stud.

      • Paul Anthony

        Right ! I was thinking the same thing. Did he EVEN WATCH IT ! Does he even know who Martin Armstrong is! He’s freakin Brilliant. I even asked my wife to watch this interview with me and she picked up right away how smart he is. Anyway thanks for your hard work Greg! We also know YOUR’E really smart as well !

        • Rachel

          I thought he was brilliant as well. That was the most interesting interview that you have done all year Greg. I want to read his book after listening to that. Especially given that he looks at economies world wide and puts the countries into perspective relative to each other. I hope his book outlines WHERE the wars will likely break out. Smart guy.

      • Jack

        I agree , this guy is CIA all the way , one of the conditions of his prison release was that he would never promote gold , waste of time Greg , you have been interviewing a disinformation agent. he is very smart though , but he is not gonna tell us little people what is going on . a guy that smart , KNOWS gold is going to the moon , he just can’t say it.

        • George3490

          You are correct. That’s why he is recommending junk silver (i.e., 1964 and earlier silver coins). It’s next impossible to store any real wealth that way and he knows it. You better believe he and his buddies have gold and aren’t talking about it.

          • Better Chetter

            Do you really think he would give away his top advice for free -?
            More than likely, he gives 10% of his strategies in interviews like this – then gives 50% to his basic subscribers, and 90% to his inner circle (the other 10% is his error factor).
            You want something for nothing – all his top strategies – not gonna happen.

        • Septic sceptic

          I can’t see how the economy is going to improve after 2022. Some commentators don’t seem to realise this is the end of an era not a normal bull/bear market.

          • William Stanley

            Re: “end of an era”

            If so, is that good, bad, both or neither (or does it depend)?

    • Dianthus

      Yes he is. Is does not now anything what is coming with his dates. Research ‘economic reset’ of the economic forum bc that will begin in Jan 2021 and good luck with all your gold, silver, Bitcoin and whatever bc there is only 1 crisis here and that is that the masses are sleeping BUT are waking up and when this elephant is awake then there will be good changes for once and all the traders and speculation with charts and such will be a silly thing of the past or do we think the masses will let a few that have gold, silver or Bitcoin be the new riches? Come on wake up bc we are entering a new cycle that is never happened before and you need to think outside the box and not back into the past into the now. That is just silly now.

      • William Stanley

        Good point.

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur with your sentiment regarding Armstrong’s outlook on PMs. I believe gold is a much better bet as the ultimate global reserve asset than silver. When Armstrong said silver is better because of its lower denomination, he lost me right there. I own physical silver, mainly American Eagle, for that reason (bartering) when I thought we would eventually have a monetary collapse.

      I no longer believe that would happen, I think we are undergoing a monetary transformation rather than a monetary collapse.

      An open question:

      Why platinum is not a better candidate as a monetary metal than silver?

      I look at the Spot gold, silver and platinum chart from 2000 – present. The gold chart is relatively stable in comparison to the silver and platinum. I suspect the reason being is that gold is the first go-to real money during uncertain period of monetary transition.

      Since silver is the more speculative second go-to real money, it’s reasonable that the volatility is more exaggerated relative to gold. My concern is its wide ranging industrial usages which should disqualify silver to be used as a monetary metal supplementing gold – I’m an owner of physical silver and have PSLV in my portfolio.

      Ever since platinum lost its industrial usage in the automotive industry, the price had plummeted to record low and hardly bounced back as silver and gold had. Apparently, nobody has considered it as a monetary metal. I wonder what is the consensus among the gold bug here regarding platinum – I own couple of platinum coins and bought PPLT at $69.

    • Peter

      Sorry Greg, he/she isn’t wrong.

      And have you found Clif High already?

  2. Steve

    Martin Armstrong has helped me a lot over the years, his Socrates tells it like it is , not what we want to hear, thus correct information.

    • Paul ...

      Here is something to ask Armstrong’s Socrates computer … what would happen if there is a contested election between Trump and Biden and US Constitutional “crisis” occurs … and we get a deadlocked 4-4 Supreme Court (now that Ginsberg has passed) which fails to declare a winner?? … I’ll tell you what Socrates will likely tell us … that FEMA will become the “Dictator in Charge” of the United States of America … so Trump better move fast … and get a new judge appointed to the Supreme Court “before the election” who can break any tie … do it for the sake of the US Presidency and do it for the continuity of a US “Constitutional” Government … with FEMA in charge our Constitutional Republic, our the economy, the stock market, etc., etc. will be at risk … and we will have a “one party dictatorship” just like in China … where FEMA = CPC!!!

      • Jack

        geee I wonder what what happen to gold in such a situation ????? ( to the moon?)

        • Paul ...

          You got that right Jack!!!

      • Freebrezer

        Paul – confused why you think FEMA will be in charge .. If everything is tied up in the courts and no clear decision by Jan 21st, the worst of the worst happens – Nancy Pelosi becomes acting President

        • Paul ...

          Freebrezer … Nancy Pelosi will be defeated in the coming November election (and so will Schumer and other “commie” Demon Rats like AOC)!!

          • Greg Hunter

            Careful what you whish for . Pelosi running against a far left weasel.

            • Paul ...

              I would do it anyway because the “new weasel” won’t be Speaker of the House and won’t have all the nefarious connections to organized crime that Nancy has!!

        • Paul ...

          We need to change the underwear (crooked politicians) often … if we keep the crooked politicians in office for more then one term “they begin to smell and get bolder” … as they begin to launder larger and larger amounts of dirty money to hide in their private places!!!

          • Beverly

            Term limits are not the answer. It can go both ways and if you get a good politician in there who is doing good, but can’t do it for very long, then you might just get a bad one in the next election. Creates instability that way too, if you are always moving them in and out.

            • Paul ...

              Beverly … we need to take some bad with the good and term limits makes it hard on the political blackmailers to recruit puppet stooges who will do their bidding … if we lose a good guy in the process … put a new good guy in his place … and we can finally rid ourselves of the easily corrupted demons!!

  3. Sir Manley Robinson

    So gold goes up with mistrust of governments. Gold price will start to go up significantly in 2022 according to Armstrong at around the same time he reckons the economy will start to recover. Won’t confidence in government increase with an upturn in the economy? Armstrong also predicted gold price would go under 1,000 dollars.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Keep up the great work Greg. Redemption is at hand.

  5. Country Codger

    Fantastic interview, both of you.
    Lo Iyrah!

  6. Anthony Australia

    Published by Gary Ablett Senior, for those around the world who don’t know about his background; one of the greatest AFL (Aussie Rules Football) players of all time.

    (With permission Greg),

    • eddiemd

      Very good. Thanks Anthony.

      Watched it to the end. He tells the truth. The Almighty God is speaking the same message all over the earth.

    • Garth Harris

      Thank you Anthony for your post of Gary Ablett snr and the YouTube video. Absolutely amazing to see and hear Gary Ablett giving the synopsis on Covid-19, the biblical implications, who’s behind it and so on. I remember Gary Ablett very well as a footballer (played and loved AFL at the same time as Gary, an absolute superstar), with the end of his career ending in personal tragedy and him completely off the rails, if you recall. Anyway, fantastic to see him now a committed Christian, spreading the good news and trying to lead others down the right path, plus warning everyone about the bigger ‘satanic’ picture behind covid-19 and what is really going on. Brilliant, thank you.

    • Lou Robson

      Gary and Tony,
      The Day After is an American television film that first aired on November 20, 1983, on the ABC television network. It was seen by more than 100 million people during its initial broadcast[1] is currently the highest-rated television film in history.[2]

      The film postulates a fictional war between NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact that rapidly escalates into a full-scale nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union. However, the action itself focuses on the residents of Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri, as well as several family farms situated near nuclear missile silos.
      Jim Cook 2 months ago
      This movie is factually WRONG. We all know that when people they buy toilet paper!
      The cast includes JoBeth Williams, Steve Guttenberg, John Cullum, Jason Robards, and John Lithgow. The film was written by Edward Hume, produced by Robert Papazian, and directed by Nicholas Meyer.

    • Julia

      I watched the video. A lot us are saying what he did. It is good to know alot of us are catching on. Anthony, have you heard of the book? Come out her My People by C.J. Kostner? He documents how Baa/Sun worship was introduced into the Church and how Constantine changed the true worship beginning with the Council of Laodicean. You will be blessed. It is time for the government official who will enforce the AntiChrist laws to come forth along with the apostate Church.

  7. Jay

    This is no accident and the lockdown, the forced use of masks and all the rest is a military assault on America and most of the world. The rich men of the earth are about to be exposed for their crimes and their future will be very ugly. Yes, it’s dumb, but they almost got away with it. Now there’s gonna be hell to pay.

    • Maria das Santos

      I do hope so Jay,here in the UK the collaboration amongst the people is astonishing at best,the elite Bolsheviks need to pay and pay dearly particularly those Bolsheviks in our local government.As in WWII many of the pro-Hitler supporters in the UK,went on to wonderful lives.I expect history to repeat although we do need a cleansing.

    • Paul ...

      Masks are a farce … they will not stop particles 40 micrometers in diameter … and the Covid-19 virus molecules are about 0.1 micrometers in diameter (400 times smaller than the 40 micrometer particles that can easily penetrate masks) … so it goes without saying that the “commies masks” will not prevent a wearer from inhaling or exhaling viruses or bacteria … masks provide “absolutely no protection” for either the wearer or anyone else nearby … all they do is create a false sense of security … and force the wearer to re-breathe carbon dioxide (reducing the wearer’s blood oxygen level) … our sleazy “commie” politicians and Big Pharma’s vaccine shills are playing a very dangerous game getting people to listen to their unscientific nonsense … the “commie politicians” love it because they get kick-backs from Big Pharma to help them get re-elected!!!

      • Jay

        Maria, I think what is really telling here is that the Globalists are fighting it out and dividing up the spoils as they take their own regions of the planet. Pretty sure Newt Gingrich is a Globalist and Fox News shut him down for lashing out at George Soros the other day. But then again, Rupert Murdoch is a globalist as well. He has had the ownership of Fox News for decades.

        • Dr Darrel L Smith

          Jay, I have a hard time understanding your comment about Newt’s comment about Soros. It was Marie Harf who stopped Newt from talking about Soros. The next day Faulkner made her feelings known about Harf’s retort to Newt and she wasn’t happy. Harf is the FOX’es Democrat balance and she is a globalist all the way but not Newt. There are between 20-40 District Attorneys who Soros got elected that are allowing the perp’s to walk. Think Foxx, Smollett, Harris and the druggies she let off. If you would have watched FOX the next day you would have seen the DA’s/Soros alliances.

          • Greg Hunter

            Not true Dr. Darrel,
            Francis also chimed in and Falkner said after a very pregnant pause “let’s move on.” FOX seems to be having an internal war on information that is allowed.

      • paul jr.

        You need to get educated. Most of what you said is a totally false.

        • Tin foil hat

          No, I disagree. I think you are the one who need to be educated. The only mask that can stop the virus is the N95 mask but not too many folks are wearing them correctly.

          I’m taking hydroxychloriquine every 3 days with zinc and elder berry every day. I wear the mask only to blend in a world full of body snatchers.

          Btw, DO NOT take the flu shot!

          • paul jr.

            You are free to disagree even though you are wrong. No mask, not even N95 masks, are guarantee to stop all the virus particles all the time. However all masks can help reduce the spread of the virus to others. The effectiveness depends on the type and construction of the mask. Even using a handkerchief can help reduce the spread when you cough or sneeze.

            • Tin foil hat

              I wonder if you have seen the video of Jerry Nadler stating Antifa is a myth. If you had seen it, don’t you wonder why Nadler wasn’t worrying about getting infected at all. Nadler wasn’t wearing a mask and he allowed the unmasked citizen journalist violated the sacred social distance. He then conversed comfortably even thought he is the kind who would likely die if infected with Covid 19.
              The news shouldn’t be his denial of the existence of Antifa but why he was so confident that he would not be infected!
              I think what we have here is a scamdemic or plandemic rather than a pandemic. Hence, you shouldn’t worry too much about the mask.

              • paul jr.

                Oh, I am not worried too much about the mask. It is other people who keep bringing it up and saying false things.

                • Bob

                  But you say false things, like “Covid19 has killed 200,000 people.”

                  That is false. Hospitals were told to only accept Covid19 patients. They were empty. They were not making money so the govt said it would give them money for every Covid19 patient. (I wouldn’t even call them cases, because most of them had no symptoms.)

                  Then, they would lie to get the money. It’s a huge lie. A massive scam that the Branch Covidian sect drives and supports.

                  • paul jr.

                    Bob, I never said “Covid19 has killed 200,000 people.”

                    You need to get your facts right about what I said in my comments.

          • eddiemd

            Elderberry, zinc, vitamin C and HCQ. The only real contraindication to the HCQ is a cardiac arrhythmia specifically a prolonged QTc problem. There are other cardiac arrhythmias but have your physician do a baseline EKG before starting the medication. I would also add an antiplatelet med such as basic chewable 81mg aspirin. The cytokine storm releases cytokines and the like that promote the possibility of coagulation. Non RX aspirin would be helpful although no the absolute solution.

            N95 masks or better are the only masks that can make a difference. The homemade cotton/polyester/etc masks that people wear are not made for virus. Most people use ill fitting masks and leave their nose exposed; the exact location where the virus testers sample–nasal passages. So useless.

            I asked the door guard at Walmart if I could go in wearing a Halloween mask…he said it was a mask and no problem. It is all a joke.

            Hospital staff are usually required to have a mask fitting appointment before starting employment. They typicall do a “sniff test” with a known substance to determine if you have the proper mask and fitting. A N95 mask.

            I had the coronavirus at the start of June. I lost sense of smell and taste for 2+ weeks, serious cough, chest pain, extreme weakness, and shortness of breath with minimal activity. I was bedridden for 2 days at the worst of it. I took elderberry/zinc/Vit C with 4-6 81mg chewable aspirins, cough medicine OTC, probiotics (Kefir/yogurt), and rest.

            Correct. Avoid the flu shot this year. It is being hyper promoted at this time. They are preparing the lists of people for coronavirus vaccines. You will automatically be on the list if you are receiving any form of .Gov benefits. No vaccine, no payout from SS, VA, Medicare, EBT, TANF. They will make the vaccine mandatory for children especially. Don’t fall for it.

            • Beverly

              If people will only get themselves a Nebulizer-mini, you can use that with a cortizone type liquid(Budesonide is generic name) in your nebulizer. Since it’s made for things like asthma and allergies and such, it reduces the inflammation in the lungs. You can also put colloidal silver in the nebulizer and it will kill the virus. A nebulizer is basically a humidifier, only it breaks down the moisture particles into much, much smaller particles. And, you wear a little mask inhaler thing when you are using it. You breathe in the vapor particles and since they are so small, they go right to your lungs. Since colloidal silver kills both germs and viruses, it will kill Covid. Also, people ought to get used to using minced up fresh garlic to treat illness. If you aren’t used to taking it, then start with one clove and then slowly move up to more cloves. People may frown at the thought of garlic, but it has no side effects and kills bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites. You can mix it up with warm water in your blender and do a garlic enema for real quick results—like 5 minutes. Everyone should also own an enema bucket and know how to use it, and own Dr. John Christopher’s book called Herbal Home Health Care.

              • Tin foil hat

                Does cooked garlic count or do you take that raw?

            • Tin foil hat

              Thank for the tips, I have a lot of vitamin D3 and E on standby just in case I get sick. I have been taken 1,000 mg of vitamin C everyday religiously for many years.

              Did you regain your sense of smell and taste soon after?

              • eddiemd

                It took almost one month to recover the taste and smell. I went through a transition recovering my smell. The smell was distorted coming back to normal and everything smelled like smoke for a few days. It was strange.

                It is now three months later and my exercise tolerance is not recovered. Before the illness I could bike 17-30 miles without problems. Now I can barely make 4 miles without having to stop and catch my breath. I suspect that it caused some lingering cardiac inflammation. The virus itself directly attack myocytes and cause a viral cardiomyopathy. I don’t get chest discomfort or pain, cough, chest tightness…just fatigue and shortness of breath. I have to stop and rest. I keep pushing through, if I drop dead, then it happens.

                This is a good article on coronavirus.


                • Tin foil hat

                  I hope you will fully recover and get on with your routine soon. My neighbor is a firewoman who got it in March, she tried to tough it out at home but eventually went to the hospital after a week – none of her four kids, husband and her parents who visited often got it. She was not put on a ventilator in the hospital and was released after two weeks.

                  She had the exact symptom as you including fatigue and shortness of breath during her recovery. She is still on limited duty but I have seen her running around with her kids and lifting shopping bags without much efforts. Btw, she stopped wearing the mask a week or two after she came home from the hospital. Her sister was tested positive, around the same time as her, but she only felt sick for about two days or so with no further symptoms.

                  I haven’t worn a mask outdoor since April and I have been eating inside restaurants in Long Island and outside on the street around my neighborhood for more than a month now. I don’t know if I’d caught it yet since I refuse to get the test. Like you said, I keep pushing through, if I drop dead, then it happens.

                  Btw, did you take any prophylactic medicine before you caught the virus?

                  • eddiemd

                    I am three months out from the illness. At baseline I feel fine. No symptoms.

                    I will be riding my bike this next week early in the morning when it is cool. Probably 5-10 miles at an easy pace.

                    Before getting the illness I took baby aspirin 81mg chewable 3-4 a day. Plenty of purified water and coffee. I am not taking any other supplements or vitamins now or before the onset.

                    I eat healthy. Healthy carbs, no fried foods, no processed foods, minimal canned foods, fiber from fruit(papaya, cantaloupe, avocado, banana, pineapple)/veggies (spinach, broccoli, peppers, garlic/onion, tomatoes, beets {borsch}, etc), oatmeal, Kefir, low fat yogurt, not much milk except in coffee, beans/rice, …I rarely eat outside of the house.

                    Remember that the largest part of the immune system is in the gut. Peyer’s patches. Food is medicine.


                  • eddiemd

                    I used to take Vit C on a regular basis a few years ago. It is difficult to find good Vit C on the market. I was also taking turmeric/ginger/black pepper tablets for pain a few years back that eliminated the pain completely. The link is below. I took two tablets a day for several months.

                    This worked well. I may start this again just for maintenance. Read the reviews for yourself.


                  • eddiemd

                    I am a supporter of Vit C. I have read several of Linus Pauling’s books and his research. It makes sense.

                    You have to make sure you have good purified Vit C. Not stuff from China or India. You will have to pay more but there are certified USA made sources.

                  • Tin foil hat

                    I used to take a baby aspirin daily but I’m taking one every other day now since I’m pushing 60. I thought too much aspirin could cause internal bleeding or burst blood vessle for man over the age of 60.

                • Tin foil hat

                  Correction: my wife just told me she went back full duty doing 24 hrs shift in the firehouse last week.

      • Freebrezer

        P – Hmmm I wonder if the mask is a way to make western women cover their faces … kind of like in the Muslim world? Just wondering?

    • Beverly

      And they will create hell to put up their fight against freedom and God’s ways.


    Fourth Industrial Revolution uses computers, servers, voice recognition, food processing equipment, machine picking planting, machine farming to replace almost all humans. Total automation of traditional warehousing, packaging, shipping, sales, e-commerce machines without the need for human intervention. The technological developments in all industries means very few humans are needed or wanted.

    The optimum population of Earth – enough to guarantee the minimal physical ingredients of a decent life to everyone – was 1.5 to 2 billion people rather than the 7 billion who are alive today or the 9 billion expected in 2050, said Ehrlich in an interview with the Guardian

    Fourth Industrial Revolution was first introduced by Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, in a 2015 article published by Foreign Affairs

    charton heston tried to tell us with “planet of the apes” “soylent green”

    Rod Serling “The Obsolete Man”

  9. ray stephins

    how does Socrates compare and relate to

    • Paul ...

      You know … if everyone simply uses their God given brain … there is no need for Socrates!!

      • Paul ...

        Martin Armstrong recently put out a report produced by Socrates on Bitcoin … that states Europe’s biggest banks have called upon the European Commission “to implement tough regulations on crypto currencies” … crypto currency enthusiasts (who used their God given brains) should have realized this was inevitable “years before Socrates figured it out” … and that it will soon be coming to the USA … think crypto is going to rise in this type of environment???

  10. Fred Hughes

    An earthquake in your North Carolina, New Jersey and here in Southeast Michigan, north west Ohio Toledo area. All seperatly within the last few weeks! Is somebody trying to tell us something? Is anybody listening?
    All I know is Arma-geddon outa here! To where? Ill give a boots on the ground reporting when I get there. Does Ozstralia shake rattle and roll? Mad Max? Mel, where you been hidin?

    • Rachel

      Hi Fred, I’m not Mel, but yes we shake a few times a year usually.

      It’s fairly mild though and not for long and we are not directly on any great fault line or directly on the ring of fire so we don’t think about it generally. It’s no threat to us. I’m in the south of the country and our greatest natural disaster threat is bushfires.

      Nine months ago I was choking on smoke everyday in our summertime when I do my 40 min daily run. My sympathies go to your fire struck regions and what they are currently going through. Been there many times, it’s horrible.

      Some one mentioned last week on this site that they were questioning whether your fires are deliberately lit. I can comment on this through a lifetime of fire experiences. What usually happens when the conditions become conducive to fire the air flows cause lightning strikes that get the ball rolling, but at the same time when the news starts reporting that the conditions are ripe for fires then your local nutcases will get wind of this and any arsonists in your local population will also light fires. You will end up with both scenarios simultaneously. This happened to us last summer. Our fire investigations were reporting on which fires were arson and which were lightning strikes. Then once fire has taken hold it creates its own windy updraft that sends ignited embers far away that start new fires.

  11. tim mcgraw

    I like Martin Armstrong. I check out his website every day. I read his smuggled out of prison typewritten sheets of reality many years ago. Armstrong writes on his site that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg got him out of jail. Armstrong was in a coma for a week from the NYC banker thugs who tried to kill him.
    But really, “Canned food and silver” are going to save us?
    We all know what is going to be required to regain our liberties and property and lives.
    We just can’t say it for it is forbidden.

  12. JJ

    Great interview Greg. Thanks for getting in depth with him and giving him the time to go into detail. I’m guessing he’s a no-go on gold even though he never really said.

    • Greg Hunter

      Actually he said he thinks “silver will be better than gold.” That was in response to me asking about the common man. Gold is still good and he does think that. He implied in the interview gold was going up too and said, “but not yet.”

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        I guess pre-1965 Silver is better than nothing (yeah, I own quite a bit). Even a 1965-1970 Kennedy half dollar is 40% Silver and worth $4.00. Just remember that you’re better off with higher purity Silver coins and bars. Same thing with Gold. 1 oz Gold American Eagles are nice but only 91.67% Gold. Some people (like most of Asia) won’t touch them and prefer the .999 or even .9999 stuff. Works the same way with jewelry. Sure, 14k is durable. But 24k doesn’t have to be melted down and refined.

        • Steve Bice

          Purity of gold bullion coins is irrelevant except for durability. All so-called one ounce sovereign gold bullion coins contain one Troy ounce of gold. The weight refers to the gold in the coin, not the total weight of the coin itself. The Krugerrand is the most popular gold bullion coin in the world, and is the same purity as the American double eagle.

        • Lake M


          A US gold eagle coin contains ONE oz of gold so the impurity percentage is not relevant.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            If it’s not relevant then why does most of Asia prefer .999 or .9999? It’s the same with 1 oz Gold Krugerrands. Yes, they contain an ounce of Gold. But if you want pure Gold you have to melt them down to get rid of the copper.

            • Steve Bice

              Hi Cheri: I think its great that you like the higher purity coins. But for the bullion investor, all that matters is the weight of gold and liquidity of the coins they hold. There is no “investment” reason to seek higher purity per se or own “pure” gold…liquidity is what matters. Premiums are an indicator of liquidity/demand, and for example, right now .9167 Eagles command a higher premium than do .9999 fine Canadian Maples. There may be regional/political biases, but as a general rule, weight trumps purity every time. One should be perfectly comfortable buying any of the sovereign 1 oz. bullion coins for investment purposes, subject to increasing risks of counterfeiting as geopolitical tensions continue to rise. Enjoy those .9999 fine coins. They are beautiful.

      • Paul ...

        Gold will go up “but not yet”?? … does he not have eyes to see??? … … “he should wake up” and plug some “real time data” into his Socrates computer program to see what the gold price “should really be” in terms of fiat dollars (as provided by the US National Debt Clock … !!!

        • JC

          Stay calm. Smoke a cigarette. Have a drink. Sniff some glue.
          Do whatever you have to do to stay calm. Everything will be ok.
          Won’t it?

          • Paul ...

            JC … The entire world is entering a “Black Hole of Nothingness” … and you want me to stay calm??? … you may personally have no problem accepting such a fate … but people like me have faith “in our ability to defeat the commies” … if we just say NO to their Demonic Plans for all of us!!!

            • JC

              Everything going down today, including gold.
              Dollar is very strong.
              Stan must be happy.

      • regaleagle

        Hi Greg………really attached to your site for the past 5 yrs. or so. Love your guests and really get a great education here on what is really going on in the world.
        Is it possible for you to get an interview with Hugo Salinas Price??? I think he would be an outstanding guest for all the viewers here.

    • Clif Lowe

      Right now George sore ass Soros is trying to impeach our police chief here in Detroit, because he didn’t allow Antifa thugs in town, to take it over. George, even if you could get our police chief fired, were still armed to the teeth. So come on in, believe me National socialism wont work with a well armed people. Take your Nazi B.S. someplace else!
      “I’ve taken a firm stand here in Detroit,” police chief Craig said. “I’ve been supported by Detroiters. But let me just say, Detroiters want them gone. And so I’m not leaving. They have to leave. And I’ve said it publicly, both locally and nationally, and I’m going to hold my ground. Because our men and women who serve deserve much better than this.” SOUNDS LIKE TRUMP!
      Detroit Chief Of Police: ‘I’m Not Leaving The Job’
      By Kelton Brooks September 15, 2020

      Detroit police chief explains lack of violent riots in Motor City: ‘We don’t retreat here’
      James Craig says city’s mayor, community members have ‘stood together’ against street radicals. July 28 By Victor Garcia | Fox News

      • Paul ...

        And what comes out of that $ORE A$$ is $HIT he uses to fertilize the pockets of greedy “commie” politicians to make them grow in power into “dictatorial order givers” to destroy our Constitutional freedoms … even to the point of ordering the killing babies for their organs!!

  13. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Armstrong,a wonderful interview allowing Mr Armstrong to clearly tell us the views of his well tested Socrates.
    Here in the UK the Johnson junta have lost their mind and the police are enjoying their Stasi moment in the sunshine.Mirrors on sticks are going to be needed a lot more in the future.

  14. Bob

    “…Honestly, the management of this is more like dumb and dumber…”

    Not at all…!
    They know damn well what they are doing. They are planning a second LOCK-DOWN, coming before the year’s end that will last until at least spring time.
    No rioting this winter… GUARANTEED!
    Once all jobs are gone by mid 2021, they’ll put us all on Universal Basic Income. That would be OK if there is no price to pay for it… TOTAL loss of freedom.

  15. JC

    The little old lady is buying silver coins, as Armstrong says, the older have experienced the ups and downs, while the young think oh, this will pass.

    I see the teenagers out and about, laughing, smiling and joking with other, while some groups sitting around staring into the abyss of their cell phones (as eddiemd often mentions), many crossing the street without looking left or right, eyes fixated on the screen.

    I understand what Martin Armstrong is saying about the “recognition” of silver coins… for example, the late Richard Russell, as an experiment, was in a convenience store and he took out a gold eagle coin as payment. The clerk said “We can’t accept that. What is it anyway?”

    Russell, considered the reply an “ominous sign.”

  16. J in Europe

    Hi Greg, The two webpages I watch every day are Martins and your homepage. I’m an academic surgeon and have just walked through a completely empty “covid” emergency room in our tertiary referral teaching hospital. This weekend I’m covering emergencies for a population of nearly 1 million people and we have an empty emergency unit. Please watch and the facts become clear. Take care and many thanks to you both. J in Europe
    Ps: the extreme left should read this for some insight

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “J” for the street reporting in Europe!!

      • Coalburner

        All the Watchdogs Thank You J and wish your the best!

  17. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview, thanks.
    MA has always been slightly dismissive regarding gold. He does not mention the BIS (bank of international settlements) significant move to elevate gold to ‘Tier One’ status. [Prior to this change, banks could only value their gold holdings at 50% of gold’s spot price – a clear disincentive to hold gold as part of reserves – and after the change, banks could value their PHYSICAL gold holdings at 100% of spot price] He does not mention central bank buying and hoarding of physical gold over recent years ~ especially the Chinese and Russian central bank buying. Historically, every cyclical financial reset has used gold as the key reference point (the gold standard) against which to value the ‘new’ unit of currency. Today, even the mythical ‘shoeshine boy’ knows that massive currency creation is running out of control, lemming-like, towards a cliff edge and that a currency reset is imminent. I am not rubbishing anything MA had to say. Just pointing out that, IMHO, over the years MA has projected an ambivalence toward precious metals – to the extent that I wonder if somehow his freedom to speak about gold is constrained. Were strings attached to his ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card?

  18. Septic sceptic

    That was interesting about the government not actually defaulting on bonds just turning 2 years into 5 and 5 into 10 to avoid ever paying. This makes sense as no government would want to officially default. Not sure I agree with his preference for silver dollars over silver eagles. How would you convince the average person that your dollar was silver when most are cupro nickle. Surely a coin saying 1 ounce silver on it is much better.

  19. Her Majesty's Regent

    How does the economy improve after 2022? Will the debt be cleared?

    • William Stanley

      George Soros will allow a farmer somewhere w/o Covid-19 to sell two sacks of potatoes for two ounces of silver to someone who is also free of Covid-19. Assuming Soros allowed the farmer to sell one sack the previous year — the world’s economy will immediately double.

      After that, the economy will grow exponentially. Everyone who is still alive will rejoice — except George Soros and Bill Gates, who will be worried that their AI surveillance systems might fail and a small flame of liberty could somewhere emerge from the still-smoldering ashes of civilization.

  20. Garth Harris

    Excellent and timely interview with Martin Armstrong. Always something useful and practical to pick up from these dialogues, and Armstrong is one of the best. His analysis and insight (and his Socrates AI system) is pretty extraordinary, so worth taking on board, and hopefully will give some practical approaches listeners can take up given the upheavals happening everywhere around the world. Thanks for your outstanding journalism as always. Garth

  21. AndrewB

    Back to the BIG issue of the day, Covid-19:

    Scientists speaking out. Report from Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd.

    • Paul ...

      You know … anyone using just one of the brain cells God gave us … should automatically realize the complete and utter folly of governments all around the world shutting down their economies, bankrupting businesses and putting millions of people out of work … waiting for a vaccine “to inject the Corona Virus into all the people” (so as to achieve herd immunity) … when all they had to do … was allow people to go mask-less … and keep going to Church’s to achieve “Holy Communion” (where the host is put into the mouth by hand and the tongue of each parishioner touched) which would have quickened the pace of achieving “herd immunity” without any lock-downs or a worldwide economic contraction and depression … but that would have been too simple and thus could not be allowed … because Big Pharma, Fauci and Bill Gates would then be denied trillions of dollars in personal profits (to forcibly inject the Corona Virus into each of us) … when we all could have simply and easily “achieved the same result” by going mask-less and allowing “communion between people” to inject the virus into all of us (instead of waiting to do it with a vaccine needle) thus creating the desired herd immunity the natural and “More Holy Way” (without all the draconian worldwide economic consequences the “commie” politicians purposely created to make a few evil people rich and bring about the desired destruction our Constitutional freedoms)!!!

  22. Jerry

    The cats out of the bag.

    Now that the general public is beginning to wake up to some degree, the central planners and the technocrats will implement their plan at “ warp speed”. Keep in mind that the World Financial Forum has two major meetings in January 2021 to implement the “ great reset” so a lot can happen between now and then, namely the covid19 injections ( certificate of vaccination identification numbers ). While the vast majority of the public is wrestling with the elections, I am dealing with the reality of contact tracing, testing, and vaccinations.
    I see business after business shut down temporarily because of contact tracing. They reopen, and then shut down again. The cost of doing business must be astronomical. At some point testing and of course vaccinations will become mandatory and at that point we are going to find out how the cow ate the cabbage, and whether President Trump is really Yankee Doodle Dandy or Lucifer’s pawn. Shuuuch. Q says its a secret? It’s part of a master plan. 🏴‍☠️

      • Jerry

        It’s no longer conspiracy theory, it’s a verifiable fact.

        The sleepy public has no clue, because they want to believe in Q.
        He says trust the plan, meanwhile the government is prepping the FEMA van. Shuuuch. Don’t tell anyone it’s a secret. 😀

        • Bob Lamb

          The article I referenced is even more scary than what I saw in the profusa article. In the article I posted, they seem to have the ability to send programable signals to reprogram RNA/DNA(?) in the body! That could make us a new species maybe?

    • Paul ...

      Those who want fires, blackouts, high taxes, poverty (with urban squalor & homeless living in the streets) and “commie” run schools for your children should vote a straight Demon-ratic ticket this November … as for those who want to make a better world … make it a point to vote all the entrenched Demons (like Pelosi, Schumer, etc., etc.) out of office this November!!!

    • Dr Darrel L Smith

      Jerry, I hope that cat you are talking about is kept in the bag. We don’t need your vaccinations. This whole fiasco would have ben over in March if people had listened to President Trump about hydroxychloroquine and zinc. This therapy not only would have treated those cases with early symptoms but could be taken before and provided prevention. A therapeutic/vaccination all in one and a 60 year proven track record. This would have made it available immediately. Why did Fauci and the rest not want it, treatment cost was abut $15 and the cost of Remdesivir was $1000/dose. The cost of the vaccine will probably match that.

      We better hope President Trump nominates a SCOTUS replacement and the Republican Senators get it confirmed. With what the Democrats have planned for the election a full court will be needed. Schumer can’t have any more to put on the table than they already have, riots, sedition, treason, food shortages, closed economy and this Flu called Covid-19 that they used to frighten the American people into buying all their lies. It wasn’t any more than a new strain of flu like all the rest we have had.

      • Jerry

        Dr. Smith,
        It’s time to wake up now. It never was about politics, or the flu. It’s about the technocrats dream of a new world order and the installation of the fourth industrial revolution by the World Economic Forum. ( I’ve only been posting this for the past three years) Here’s what’s coming.

        Democrats. Republicans. It makes no difference. They’re all in on it. The only thing between you and the needle is a gun barrel. If you are a man of faith, now would be the time to pray.

        • JC

          Jerry, this stuff is just “wonderful.”

          It made me think of Louis Armstrong singing “What A Wonderful World.”

  23. Ranlar

    Great interview again Greg. Mr. Armstrong is in the business of selling a valuable commodity; information. I think some people equate hesitancy as one viewer posted, “making it up as he goes along”. I don’t believe Mr. Armstrong is making anything up as he goes along, in my opinion, he is selecting his words and answers very carefully. I also noticed when he does answer a question, he appears to hold back. I not only analyze what people say, but what they don’t say, so I think there is a little more to the story. The open advice that you give is not only sound, but it is also logical. Don’t take on debt, buy food whilst it is less expensive, invest in tangible assets that you need, have some precious metals, and most of all keep the faith. If people don’t see the interruptions in the supply chain, visit your local lumber supplier. Prices have doubled and in some cases tripled on lumber. I don’t buy homeowners’ insurance because I want my house to burn down, nor do I buy gold/silver because I want the economy to burn down. I do both, just in case it does. Godspeed Greg

  24. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    There you have it. The military to help distribute the vaccine.

    I can see it now. Troops guiding little old lady’s to the testing centers, because they can’t find their way, and handing out coffee and donuts. We should feel so blessed. They’ve never found a cure for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, but somehow they found a cure for the coronavirus in less than twelve months. Never mind that there are thirteen different strains, including sars. It’s a miracle!

    • eddiemd

      The news out of Europe is a second wave of coronavirus. True or not. This supposed second wave will coincide here in the USA with a second wave around election time. We lag the Europeans by several weeks.

      Victoria state in Australia is the test bed for complete totalitarian rule.

      The next 6 weeks are going to be monumental now that Ginsburg passed on into eternity.

      The week starting 26 September will be big.

      • Jerry

        This is why there probably won’t be an election.

        I could knock Joe Biden out with one hand tied behind my back. Hunter is dirty from one end to the other. He not only got bribes from Ukraine, he got a stripper in Arkansas pregnant who spent a year in court fighting for child support. What a classy family. The looks on the women’s faces says it all. The deep state won’t rig the election, they’re going to stop it from happening with either a lock down, or a false flag. Watch and see.

    • JC

      Jerry, like Trump said some months ago, when the vaccine is ready, we have the military all lined up, and they are going to deliver it in a very powerful way.

  25. Rodster

    Many in the alternative Media besides Marty Armstrong are predicting food shortages. It’s not a bad idea to stock up on canned goods which have a very high shelf life. Peanut butter is also another staple that has an extreme shelf life.

    But even if food shortages don’t arrive which I believe they will, many will be dealing with food price inflation which also takes the form of product shrinkage.

  26. Self Exiled

    Rachel09/19/2020 •
    Hi S.E., please stop assessing me about whether I’m right or wrong whenever I make a comment.

    I now understand the significance of the date, at first I thought it had to do with gold and silver [also thought you might be a silver investor] but after Greg’s comment I understood it had to do with timing [“Friday, September 18 at sunset (today) ends Sunday, September 20”] and Ginsberg. I just didn’t want you to miss it. I’m still trying to understand the cyclist you and Mcasey mentioned. Never ran into these guys until now. No assessments, assumed you might be silver investor and didn’t want you to miss Greg’s comment. Nothing Intended.

    • Rachel

      Ok, Ta.

    • Self Exiled

      Any body, what does the—- Ta. —-mean on Rachels post? I do not understand the younger generations alphabetizing of language or words.

      • Rachel

        Short for ‘thank you’

        • Paul ...

          And Ta Ta means “goodby” to the Demon Rats this November … and when they are finally gone I will say it again nodding to Jesus … Thank you … Thank you!!!

        • john doesmarter

          Rach, thought ta was short for ta ta?

          Ta Ta SOROS*BIDEN*NULAND *you 3 Stoges!

          Why do Democrats have a right to Trump’s tax returns when there is no crime….
          but we’re supposed to dismiss concrete evidence of Biden’s corruption and crimes????
          Because we are in a psyop, first Ukraine, than cover the Ukraine psyoperation!
          Only hope that the report also implicates John Kerry. The company involved in all this international grifting was Rosemont-Seneca.
          Rosemont is the Heinz family investment fund (of Heinz ketchup fame). Kerry married John Heinz’ widow and adopted his son, Chris Heinz who runs the fund. Rosemont-Seneca was a partnership with Hunter Biden, and Kerry’s former chief of staff Devon Archer.
          So this was John Kerry and Quid Pro Joe practicing some good ol’ fashion Dem nepotism to create grifting opportunities for their kids.
          Chris Heinz knew this would come back to haunt them. He tried to do damage control on Biden’s Burisma dealings back in 2014.

          Rosemont Seneca also was involved in dirty dealings with China. Right now, China is on the **** list and the Biden family’s grifting, where the media will give more play.
          If this had been Trump and his son, you wouldn’t be able to move for the amount of articles, documentaries, op-ed, news reports from the investigation, to the impeachment, to prison for the Trumps.
          If anything Trump is still the cleanest president ever because if he had committed criminal acts the far left would have found and revealed them to prevent him being president in 2016 and 4 years of un-Wiseman. READ “Obsession” by Byron York!
          Yet we all know, and have done for years that Biden is your typical Democrat and corrupt up to the eyeballs, and still expects to get away with it.

          • Rachel

            No , but Ha is short for Ha Ha!

          • Rachel

            Good links John!

            • markp

              Rachel, are you an Aussie? Just curious. markp.

              • Rachel

                Yes Markp, I am.

  27. Jerry

    This is getting close to being my final warning. The window of opportunity to prepare is beginning to close. The Marxist are no longer hiding their intent.

    Whenever law enforcement cannot ensure safe passage for truckers delivering food to warehouses you’re going to see the price of food and the lack of it spike. Most private trucking companies are not going to take the risk of delivering supplies to these facilities should chaos break out.

    • JC

      Jerry, if they are asking for death, they may get their wish.

      “Over our dead bodies. Literally,” Aslan wrote in response to a tweet saying Sen. Mitch McConnell intends to fill Ginsberg’s seat, shortly after it was announced Friday that she had died at the age of 87.

  28. Robert E. Salt

    A placebo vaccination would solve everything. Everyone who wants to receive a vaccination should be given a shot of saline solution and told it’s safe to go back to their normal routine.

    • Freebrezer

      R – it makes one think – will the actual vaccine really be just a placebo?

      • Paul ...

        The masks are definitely a placebo … what is important to Big Pharma, Fauci and Gates is not the efficacy of the vaccine or the masks they make us wear … but simply the trillions in worth less fiat $$money$$ they can made by doing it!!

  29. roger stamper

    tks for post

  30. al

    Armstrong is looking good lately. Glad to see he’s healthy, his work is important.

    From what I gather he is saying Covid is akin to a World War economically speaking. I agree. They couldn’t start a World War and they needed a major catalyst… thus, the Plandemic/Scamdemic.

    No inflation? Contraction? Maybe in some States or some Countries like Europe, but wait until the helicopter money increases in the US, and it will. It’s inevitable. It’s designed in to the fiat system, there is no escape.
    His “no hoarding / digital currency” comment is in line with many true economists who say they will force people to spend on their brand new EBTish (government money) card because the balance will have a time limit, much like coupons, there’s an expiration date. That will bring on hyperinflation.

    I had to watch this video a few times, lots of info to absorb.

    GOLD AT $60,000.00: My favorite subject. He said it doesn’t go up due to money supply (printing), I say the money printing is like the fuel in the rocket (potential energy). The velocity of money (money changing hands) will ignite the rocket and all that fuel in the rocket will dictate how high the price of gold, helicopter money is the ignition and gold may actually hit $60K and over. Crazy but mathematically true.

    As for the last three 2 term “presidents”, we had a pedophile, a pea brain and a punk. These mental midgets were put there to aid in the destruction of this Country, which is not a democracy but a Republic! Thank God for the Electoral College.
    Trump is more than a breath of fresh air, he’s a literal savior! I can tell you for a fact that Armstrong is right about other Countries loving Trump. It’s very true.

    Martin is yet another person who lives in Florida! Over 1/2 Million people moved here this year alone, and the year is not over!
    Guys… it’s stormy, buggy and extremely hot and humid here, Northerners Beware. Hurricane aftermath is NO FUN, take it from a Floridian! It’s a very different way of living. You WILL be a prepper by force! Think about it.
    During evacuation I-95 (the only available east coast artery) is like a parking lot already! We’re not ready for the influx! (sorry for the rant)

    Thank you Greg for getting Martin on again.

  31. Stan

    You see how careful Marty is about not telling you to run out and buy Gold?

    • JC

      I’ll bet if Marty sent Greg a postcard, he would receive it.
      What happened to your postcards from St. Maarten and Vegas?

      • Greg Hunter

        I never got anything in the mail from Stan. I have a PO Box here: near the bottom of the page.

      • Stan

        JC: Be patient, Greg will get the postcards

        • Self Exiled

          I thought you were a fast mover Stan. I’m going to send Greg something from the Philippines just to see if he even gets it and to see if it beats your mail to it’s destination. I’m definitely at a disadvantage .

          • Rodster

            Don’t bother, he’s a troll.

          • Beverly

            I wish people would just quit putting Stan down all the time. Yes, he may have some things wrong about gold and maybe he’s a troll too, but do we need these negative comments about it all the time, putting people down? Who needs the anger or the hate of it all?

  32. Paul ...

    Instead of asking Armstrong what the common man can do to cushion them from what is coming … ask Socrates instead … who will likely say: Do a “mask-less” million man march on Washington DC and just SAY NO to any forced vaccine!! … assuming Socrates reads the following article from which I quote a few lines: “In this country, the mass vaccination of children at voluminous levels is nothing short of unmitigated child abuse or worse. In addition, vaccinating the old by introducing toxic viruses through vaccines that also contain poisonous and dangerous brain-altering adjutants, is certainly criminal, but also borders on the concept of premeditated murder. This is the essence of the vaccine industry that is controlled by world health organizations, eugenic based foundations, and pharmaceutical giants; all tied to government for funding and promotion through propaganda the false efficacy of mass vaccination. This is nothing more that a multi-billion dollar profit generating effort by very unscrupulous and evil corporate and government partnerships that seek to gain power at every turn” …

    • eddiemd

      Operation Warp Speed. Here in the USA at least.

      We don’t much news out of central and south America, Africa, and the MENA in regards to coronavirus vaccinations. Even many Asian countries. I am assuming that the luciferians have other plans for these nations. Several large populations such as Nigeria, India, Pakistan, SE Asia are high risk because of poverty and lack of health care. Unless the future plan is to poison these peoples by other means to reduce the populations or just starve them to death. Perhaps they are not targeted for the vaccines is because they don’t have financial means to pay for them.

      mRNA vaccines are not just limited to the coronavirus.

      Moderna (currently developing a coronavirus vaccine) has been developing mRNA vaccines for several years.

      “mRNA medicines are designed to direct the body’s cells to produce intracellular, membrane or secreted proteins, that can have a therapeutic or preventive benefit and have the potential to address a broad spectrum of diseases.”

      In the last link I posted, scroll to the bottom references and click the mRNA vaccine link. It provides a “white paper” reference to mRNA and DNA vaccines. It will provide you with good basic information about these types of vaccines. For the lay person.

      • Paul ...

        Vaccines “are not cures” for a virus … all they do when injected into us is create a serious threat to the body “that the body has to defend against” … just like the flue vaccine which does not cure the flu the Corona Virus will not be cured by a vaccine… the human body that God created is what cures us … what we need to do is deny Big Pharma any profit from their vaccine … and perhaps they will jump off the George Washington Bridge for us!!

    • Stan

      Paul: What happened to Gold today? Looks like a crash to me.

  33. Paul Anthony

    Life moves fast. But Global resets happen slowly. Nothing wrong with preparing and Praying. God is in control .

  34. JC

    This is rather disturbing…

    Gary D. Barnett:
    As an example of these collusions between the controlling classes, Trump recently, and as usual, did a complete reversal, contradicting his phony position at every level in an effort to gain certain political support while doing the exact opposite of what he claimed. Doublespeak in this arena is common, but in this case, it is also deadly. In order to gain favor from tentative supporters, Trump stopped all U.S. funding of the World Health Organization (WHO), pretending to show contempt for its policies and control of this fake pandemic. But at the same time, he gave over a billion dollars to GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a fascist public-private global health organization. GAVI is one of the largest contributors to the WHO, so in essence, Trump’s actions were a total lie, as the new contribution to the WHO funding GAVI was many times more than the past three years, which by backdoor techniques could be used to fund the WHO covertly. It is telling that since the U.S. quit funding the WHO, the largest single contributor to that evil and corrupt organization is the Gates Foundation, and Trump gave the Gates’ created GAVI over a billion dollars of taxpayer money.

    • Paul ...

      Calm down JC … take a Tylenol with a glass of red wine … politicians like Trump always “speak with forked tongues” … remember how Trump said if he was in charge of the Justice System “Hillary would be in prison” … and then as soon as he is elected he said “Hillary is a nice lady” who he “was very proud and honored to have attend his inaugural dinner” … and not one move was made by Trump to take down the corrupt Clinton Foundation!! … you need to learn to accept things!!

    • K. Wayne

      Welcome to the World of Politics and BS Artists.

  35. Armand Ruckli

    The lockdown was forced on governments by the deep state elite on a global basis. They want the collapse so that they can come up with their evil NWO digital currency.
    They need the collapse to introduce it.

  36. Truthseeker

    A few things. I think Armstrong is doing people a disservice to advise against having cryptocurrency. With governments and corporations moving towards block-chain, and Bitcoin being near $11,000, it will not be banned anytime soon here in the US. Further, you can ban it, but there are ways around the ban, and it’s being used globally, including in Europe. I wouldn’t put my life’s saving into it, but I would certainly have anywhere from 5-15% of my portfolio in cryptocurrency.
    He also said his models show that Trump would win, but we probably won’t know who the winner is until December. Personally, I believe it will be a landslide for Trump – even with all the cheating and manipulation by the Democrats. I forecast Trump will easily have, the night of the election, 350+ electoral votes and it will be a case closed election! The Supreme Court should make a statement before the election to clearly state that whomever obtains 270 electoral votes on the eve of the election will be declared the winner.
    However, if we do end up having to wait days/weeks for the Supreme Court to make a decision this country will be totally turned upside down with Soros paid for riots/looting/arson, as well as an army of democrat sponsored attorneys to fight tooth and nail. The people will panic watching this mayhem, fearing for their lives and livelihoods, and not knowing the future. And how do we know that the SC justices will not be subjected to all kinds of figurative and literal threats – remember justice Scalia was found dead in a resort with pillow over his face with no autopsy ever performed.
    Most reasonable people in the US can clearly see what the democrats are about, and are now frightened of the thought of having basically demonic and destructive people in charge who are willing to do anything to get and keep power.
    I personally don’t think the democrats can be allowed to get into power ever again! They’ve shown their hand!

  37. H. Craig Bradley


    I like Martin, read his free blogs every day and listen to him, as well. But lets face it, he is not in the book business. If he were, he would manage his publisher differently if he even has one. Martin’s affectionados is a tiny ESOTERIC market, at best. Its mostly institutional clients and family offices of DECA-millionaires and up, not retail investors by his own admission. Martin is High Dollar for the most part, except when ordering copies of a publication or recent book like “Manipulating the Global Economy”.

    Can you imagine Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, whose books always make the New York Times Best selling list and are in high demand, only releasing 300 copies at time, running-out, and then having to order another edition or printing ? That is nickle and dime stuff. Martin is trying to make it appear that its a sell-out, but he won’t commit to a normal press-run and take the risk. Instead, he is doing it incrementally and assessing real demand for the book while limiting supply. Shrewd but lets face it, purposeful.

    If your book is so popular then why not go full-out and print a lot more of them to meed the demand. Martin is a Piker.

  38. Hjalmar Bergman

    Two good reason’s why we must move forward to fill Ruth’s seat. One. This is not your father’s or even brother’s or sister’s democratic party. During the past 4 years we’ve found out there has been a coup against our representative government from those who hide behind the cloak of un- plausible deniability! An impeachment kangaroo court of fools! It’s comes down to either we allow foreign enemies to take down our constitutional government, a constitution that enabled a slave class to be free. Or go down the Marxist dust bin of history! Two, fill in the blank…….

  39. Andy

    Hi Greg,
    love what you do although some guests speakers are a bit too abstract for me. I guess it serves the purpose of breadth of view. MA seems like a brilliant and straight line guy that has everybody’s interest in mind. I must say that i have been forced to change my mind. I think he is still brilliant in selling the content of his voodoo box. Read his blog with letters that are published. I have done so for years. Letters that are always praising him and his achievements, never a critical tone. Once someone wrote asking him a simple but pertinent question: he was brushed aside with a completely insensitive remark. Or his unfathomable experience and insight into currencies. True some things were correct, much like wikipedia but him being the all seeing messiah….good grief what a joker – in the historical sense. I I would have listened to him in 2012-2014 I would be very sorry to say the least.

    • Sir Manley Robinson

      This is my main issue with Armstrong. He markets himself as an infallible genius that never makes a wrong prediction. He is king in a pond of goldfish. No one seems to judge these forecasters on past predictions, which seems crazy! What about 2015 when markets were supposed to top out?

  40. eddiemd

    The MSM does not report on the Middle East and this trend will continue and worsen in the near future.
    The focus of events in this stage of world history is the Middle East. Look to news sources out of Israel and the Middle East. Know what prophecies are being fulfilled. Do not be deceived.

    Israeli 7 news is usually good. Southfront gives war updates from the front lines. These are types of reports you will never see on western propaganda channels. The luciferians do not want you to know what is happening in Syria, Libya, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc. That way the thief will come in the night. If you know Jesus Christ of Nazareth and walk in His Spirit, you have nothing to fear. If you don’t…then you need to get your act together quickly and repent and believe. This is urgent. Today is the day of your salvation. Don’t take any chances. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He does not wish that any should perish. He is the God of forgiveness and mercy.

  41. eddiemd

    The attack is on. The subversive antifa/blm are going to attack the homes and families of anyone who is against the Marxist/socialist/democrat agendas.

    They will go after politicians, reporters, police, and religious leaders. On all levels. Watch the next few weeks.

    I expect them to be gathering for the debate next week and preparing to shut it down by rioting in the streets. Police, NG, and federal police should already be planning to set up a perimeter around the proposed site. Now.

    Don’t be surprised if there are attempted assassinations of politicians. Look at what happened with Rand Paul several weeks ago.

  42. GVB

    I’m not young, I’m not old. I’m everything in between, some might say “mediocre”. As of the age of 27, I’ve been suffering from a severe urge to disentangle rather complex systems and mysteries. Some are “in your face”, others require more study. As expected by some professionals, the first three years of that quest, I wasted my time trying to understand money, politics and several other items, considered “important” aspects of life. I’ve been considered certifiable, etc. Still am. You might know how The Game is played.. I was (still am) guided by a strong desire to know the truth. In my opinion, this lust for truth, and as a consequence being able to make correct and logical decisions, is deep imbedded in everyone’s soul, mind, whatever you prefer to name the concept. It just needs to be found.

    I hate to say it, and I’d rather not sound arrogant, but many will not make it past that level. They – without any help – will suffer from normalcy bias and will never encounter the psychological shock (necessary) to make it to the next stage. They rather drown in politics, before questioning a higher calling. I hope you understand that I prefer to talk in broad language and to not address specific subjects. This is a quest that everyone needs to undergo. It’s sad, but it’s like separating the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, and I’m being optimistic here, 75% will never get there.

    To cut a long story short, there are many stages in life and each stage has a failure rate of minimum 25%. Meaning, as you pass each level, which by the way is not pleasant at all, you are dealing with a decreasing amount of people that know – let’s just say “things”.

    To look at it, in a more abstract way, it looks more like the opposite of the infinity aspect defined in fractal geometry. It is my conclusion that – if both forces meet – we come to a point where infinite knowledge approaches an ever decreasing set of people. Some might say “God” is the one that knows all, and one would think that – for fun – he (or she) makes it increasingly difficult for people to understand life.

    All I want to portray is the following.

    Some people have granted themselves the statute of “God” and I cannot conclude anything other than the following. They’re about to get the most awful experience a person can experience. They’re about to get their socks rocked. As they say, there’s nothing new under the sun. Ayn Rand made the connection. Others have. But please understand, by any means, this is no threat, rather a simple observation. Insanity rules and therefore mistakes are easily made in times of extreme disorder.

    I address those that are in the process of designing a plan called “the great reversion to the means” (not to name the R word). Ivy League knowledge is not bad, but I sure pray to God that they mastered the imperfections of the universe before resorting to a shift of perception of wealth by all Western Nations, therefore rewriting perception of wealth, as seen (now) by the entire world. I don’t think they can pull it off. Psychology is something delicate, but also the thing everything is based on. And in times of distress, a dying system is to be replaced by another?

    I mean, you’re talking new systems replacing old systems. A change in how people percept the value of their work. I don’t think it ever has been done in history, without a major calamity. That’s right, The C-virus is here and augmenting as we speak, which only speaks to how desperate everything has become.

    Conclusion, going back to the stages and percentages of people not making it to the next stage, therefore unable to SEE, how do the masters of the universe expect to impose a new system on the world? How in their right mind are they willing to dare to do it?

    OK, I’m very sure I made my point. I also know for a fact that other people are eager to know how to get out of this…pickle…

    If there’s any person on the earth that can revert psychology of the current state of the world to a more sane manner of perception of things, do it for the honor of being upright and for the love of country. Because – apart from a handful of people I follow – NOBODY DARES TO DO IT.

    People like the interviewer or interviewee do their best. I call them soldiers of the people. But please tell me how to reach significant mass of population to do this without intervention of agencies with a plan. People need to wake the hell up. Katy Perry with billions of YouTube views versus a high profile interview on this channel tells me all I need to know.

    I value your work and dedication over the past years.

    Best to all. Autumn is coming.

    • Clem Darling

      I’m surprised you haven’t learned as most your age, how to be sane in an insane world. Get married and have kid’s!
      If not, as you grow further than your married peer’s, you will have to face insanity. All the live long days, days & nights….but you’ll do better!________◄ 1 Corinthians 7 ►
      36 If anyone is worried that he might not be acting honorably toward the virgin he is engaged to, and if his passions are too strong and he feels he ought to marry, he should do as he wants. He is not sinning. They should get married. 37 But the man who has settled the matter in his own mind, who is under no compulsion but has control over his own will, and who has made up his mind not to marry the virgin—this man also does the right thing. 38 So then, he who marries the virgin does right, but he who does not marry her does better.

    • lightning

      For what its worth, here is my personal guess at “reality” and the society we live in today.

      1) WW2 and the subsequent formation of essentially autonomous intelligence agencies created publicly unaccountable “governments within the government” . Who these people are accountable to is a critical question I have no insights into. Who the hell really is the deep state?! We need actual names. Maybe these folks are the “military Industrial complex” President Eisenhower warned us about (but did nothing about as President).

      2) JFK was likely killed by or with the assistance of at least one or more of these agencies. RFK was clearly assassinated by these folks as well and most likely MLK.

      3) Johnson was the beginning of the end of this country. Most Americans supported the US Government up until Kennedy (Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country) but with his assassination the expansion of the war in Vietnam, Guns and Butter and a massive explosion of debt …. we can clearly see the “recipe” of our decade after decade of self destruction.

      4) Nixon takes us off the gold standard, onto the Petrodollar and now we have the means to print whatever monies are required for government exhuberence. Our debt begins to climb substantially. Without a balanced budget requirement, we , as Americans, never get into a critically important conversation around our national priorities….we can finance everything! Why prioritize, why collaborate, why should we highlight the need to fix problems as we can spend unlimited money and create unlimited amounts of debt on everything!

      5) Reagan comes into the Presidency and finds himself unable to get his agenda of smaller government into being. He’s forced to turn to George Bush (his VP) for Bush to use his “influence” to get things done. Bush is ex-CIA, and as deep state as it gets. Government debt grows hugely.

      6) Clinton undoes Glass Stegal act and the Banks and Financial institution are let loose to securitize, defraud and exploit , via every and all financial shenanigans, the entire world. Housing becomes a bubble, US manufacturing is shipped over seas to China and the American Middle Class is kept happy by being given acccess to credit to create a lifestyle (for a shortwhile anyways) that allows them to live a decent life without those manufacturing jobs. People think they are getting wealthy because their house price is increasing. This is the period where they open the casino so we can all go and trade stocks in the casino.
      The marginally credit worthy working class has to have some pathway to success so they look to the Armed Forces for careers. Since Government is expanding and following the recipe of war after war being waged….there is an endless need for these folks. In essence the military replaces what had once been manufacturing blue collar jobs.

      7) The expansion of easy credit now undermines the basic social fabric of the USA. Mom and Dad can go to old folks homes rather than living with the kids, two parents have to work to afford this debt laden lifestyle, latch – key kids have minimal supervision and oversight, guilty parents backfill guilt by giving money rather than guidance to kids. In the 70’s the Churches start to push for acceptance /tolerance of homosexuality which opens the door for homosexual men to enter the church, get to positions of power and then abuse young children (98% of them young boys) and further erode the moral backbone of our country.

      8) 9/11 occurs and even a casual perusal of what transpired at building 7 should tell you that the official story is pure fiction and the government is complicit in the event. Most Americans accept the official story and refuse to consider and are unable to process abject facts that run contrary to the official narrative.

      9) Common core / new math and Marxist teachers begin to grossly under educate students and indoctrinate them into “everyone gets a trophy and America and White people are Evil. ” These teachers standardized GRE test results show them to be functional dolts when comparing their cognitive abilities to engineers and scientists taking same test. Functional idiots but Marxist in their beliefs. The reason they push fairness and everyone gets a trophy is because they’ve never succeeded and won one on their own. …so they create a world thats “fair”, liberal and ultimately taken over by Marxists

      9) Acting President Cheney (Since GW Bush was milk toast) took us to war in Afghanistan, Iraq….. our debt explodes to astronomical levels, and the USA is now clearly being seen around the globe as a bully. They pass the Patriot Act , stripping Americans of our constitutional rights, declare a “War on Terror” that still is officially in effect giving the government unprecedented powers .

      8) Obama gets on board and leans into government control and the corruption of the government, now that Bush has stripped Americans of our rights. He passes laws to allow the US media to spread propaganda to US citizens and expands digital surveillance. He had a mandate from the American people to further improve race relations, but instead went 180 degrees in the wrong direction and substantially worsened race relations. He also made student debt something that cannot be erased through bankruptcy and substantially supported academia with his Marxist ideals.

      9) Whistleblowers are all considered enemies of the state for exposing the corruption of the government. They remain categorized that way to this day. None of them win the Nobel peace prize or the Pulitzer prize for these efforts….they reserve those for war mongers like Obama.

      10) Hillary Rodham Clinton runs pay for play and sells out America to enrich the Clinton Foundation. The Bidens clearly got graft monies and Obama does as well, sending pallets of unmarked cash to Iran.

      11) A substantial portion of the The American people see the corruption and miraculously get Donald Trump elected. Candidate Trump says all the right things about opening up and getting truth about 9/11, JFK files, exposing Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation etc. Essentially none of that happens…. He clearly backs off on Hillary early in his presidency with public statement saying she’s a nice lady. They send an FBI agent to investigate Clinton Foundation and he does nothing.

      12) From day 1 of his presidency, Trump is undermined by the FBI, CIA, DOJ . None of his chosen leaders seem to truly support him and he names deep state after deep state officials to lead critical posts (Gina Haspel as CIA director, Sessions as AG, ) . All of these folks appear to be a part of the resistance. Mysteriously President Trump continuously fails to declassify information which would clear him and expose the wrongdoings of the government. Lots of Republicans seem to be corrupted like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Romney , etc.

      13) Now we have AG Barr and John Durham that are clearly slow walking everything. Barr is unwilling to police his own DOJ, Pompeo is unable or unwilling to police his Dept of State and Cristopher Wray and Gina Haspel appear to equally be part of the resistance.

      14) The covid Plandemic and the actions of Democratic Governors and Mayors to destroy the small business portion of our economy and the very communities they were elected to serve will end in absolute destruction for this country. They should be tried for Sedition . Its more than coincidence that this occurs as the FED is pumping trillions into the Repo market in attempt to keep the system from imploding. Said Plandemic is all the cover the FED needs to keep enough credibility that economic troubles are due to covid not due to fractional reserve banking. The FED actions continue to re-distribute government monies into the hands of billionaires and trillionaires (amazon, Facebook, google, hedge funds, etc) ever widening the gap between the ultra rich and the rest of us (functionally working poor). It doesn’t help that the Ultra Rich are mostly awful people.

      14) I suspect Ruth Bader Ginsburg was on life support and the Democrats strategically pulled the plug . Why? They know that abortion and “women’s reproductive rights” are likely to push a substantial number of independent women and maybe even some conservative women to vote for Biden. Sadly, I know extremely few women that are ardently pro-life.

      14) TRUMP should officially end the war on Terror, repeal the Patriot Act and declassify everything. 9/11, Anthony Weiner’s laptop, JFK, Epstein files, etc . Today. Run on cleaning it up. Name Tom Fitton to the Supreme court . Or name Tom Fitton (Head of Judicial Watch) to the AG position. Judicial watch has done more than any other organization at trying to get the facts out.

      15) The current situation of having a contested election and a supreme court divided at 4-4 (now that Chief Justice Roberts has betrayed his conservative principles and country) is all that’s needed as an excuse for martial law and a full military state. I pray that this does not occur, but it seems to be playing that way. It is not an understatement to say we are on the brink of losing our Republic. Yes, we should vote for Trump, but we have to clean this sh^t up as one man can’t be our savior going forward. We have to hold his toes to the fire after the election to clean this stuff up

      • JC

        I think your analysis and thought processes are at an exceptionally high level.
        Perhaps someday, you will be guest here on USA Watchdog.

      • eddiemd

        “I suspect Ruth Bader Ginsburg was on life support and the Democrats strategically pulled the plug . ”

        Right on target. Trump knew this 3 weeks ago when he released his list of candidates.

        Trump also knows that her dying last wish was written by Schumer and Pelosi. She has been in an induced comatose state while on a ventilator for the past few weeks.

        I saw news today of Pelosi quoting Scripture in DC. She is a delusional luciferian. It makes one wonder how these people think. Their conscience has been seared so that they don’t know the difference between good and evil.

      • Paul ...

        Lightning … very wise words … you summarized things perfectly!!!

    • GVB

      To Clem, Nancy, Lightning, watch the movie “Assault On Wallstreet” and see with your own eyes how many lives are destroyed by financial engineering. The timeline has been broken. Time’s up. I don’t care anymore. 1500 here 1500 there, til I get my way.

    • Beverly

      Shorter posts help to get point across. Yes, acceptance of the truth is must, but you have to do it on an emotional level. Faith in God is needed to survive. There will be One Like Unto Moses that comes on the scene. And, people need to rely on scriptures to determine where all of this might be headed. There are individuals on this planet who have been translated and cannot be killed. They can perform miracles. They know what will be. There will be miracles and there will be God’s people who choose to gather and try to survive, just like Jacob’s sons and their posterity going to Egypt. There will be another gathering of Israel in the last days and these terrible events will make it happen.

  43. Trinacria

    Greg, thank you. Love your interviews and the truth you strive to achieve. Pretty much appreciate most all the guests you have on as well. Here comes the….however…..I just have a tough time with Mr. Armstrong (and Polny as well). My BS meter seems to click on a little when I hear the two of them. Sure, he says some good things, most of which I already knew. I much prefer Nenner, who for the most part lets his computer do the talking. Kevin Shipp and Austin Fitts are great as well. The part of 7 seven states (dem states) sending out cheat by mail ballots (great description on your part there as that’s what it is)…well Calif. and some of the others would never be carried by Trump, but he should still win the election and we won’t need to wait as long as Armstrong says for a result. I appreciate what you do, and good to listen to all folks and we draw our own conclusion. Take care.

  44. Mactrader

    Armstrong has been wrong on his gold call since 2015. We should be below $1000 according to him. I’ve follow him for 15 years and have noticed he seems like he has been compromised by the powers that be since his prison release. He’s not wrong on all topics, but I wouldn’t trust his precious metal call for a minute.

  45. Dominick Perez

    What’s wrong with Silver coins minted after 1964?

    • Trinacria

      Dominick: silver coins that were minted and circulated 1964 or earlier had approx. 90% silver content. Today, because of the silver content, they will fetch almost $5 (changes daily as silver price changes). 1965 and later the quarter virtually had NO silver and were full of non valuable metals. They had a brown ring around them and I call them the “copper sandwich”. This is a form of currency debasement. The Romans eventually did this to their coins as well. Hope this info helps.

  46. Keith

    Armstrong loses some credibility with statements like this: “The number of oil wells in production in Texas alone, for example, went from 400 to 100” There are about 180,000 producing oil wells in Texas.

    • Trinacria

      Dominick: you ask what’s wrong with silver coins minted after 1964….well, they have NO silver. I call them the “copper sandwich”, which is why they have the brown ring around them. A 1965 quarter is worth a quarter – just like it says. A 1964 or earlier quarter is worth around $4.50 today because the silver content is about 90%. The Romans did this as it is another form of currency debasement.

      • JC

        I have a glass jar with quarters and dimes from the 1940’s to early 1960’s. It’s funny to think in those days you could get through a typical day with just some coins in your pocket.
        Everything was priced in cents.
        The newspaper, a cup of coffee, a candy bar, a slice of pizza, a hot dog, a sandwich, ground beef, milk, eggs, tolls, etc.

  47. Self Exiled

    When you look at Trump’s government, he has surrounded himself with enemies. Little wonder the military/security complex, Democrats, and presstitutes are confident that they can remove Trump with a color revolution. No one in his government supports him. The populus who will re-elect him are unorganized and cannot come to his aid. America is set for color revolution in November.

  48. Self Exiled

    One of the highlights for me in leaving the US was the insights gained by people from other countries views of the US. They having a completely different political grid to look through reveals a different sight pattern than I do no possess. Due to a baseline grid that I look through I have biases and thought patterns that can not be undone but by being exposed to different grids to look through, views and alternate perspectives my pallet for diversity, a more authentic and realistic perspective is my desire.

    “The USA of 2020 in so many ways reminds me of Russia in February 1917: the ruling classes were drunk on their ideological dogmas and never realized that the revolution they so much wanted would end up killing most of them. This is exactly what the US ruling classes are doing: they are acting like a parasite who cannot understand that by killing its host it will also kill itself. The likes of Pelosi very much remind me of Kerensky, the man who first destroyed the 1000 year old Russian monarchy and who then proceeded to replace it with kind of totally dysfunctional “masonic democracy” which only lasted 8 months until the Bolsheviks finally seized power and restored law and order (albeit in a viciously ruthless manner).”

    This entire article should be read and considered:

    My biggest concern for my fellow Americans and also one of the reasons why they find themselves in their present predicament is refusing to even look outside the box let alone think outside of its boundaries. I scan the internet for the Sakers views and I think CAF consulates with him.

  49. AndrewB

    Expose of Biden’s links to the CCP. View NOW, this film is unlikely to stay up on YouTube.

  50. AndrewB

    More on, ‘Riding The Dragon – The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets’ link posted above:

    This documentary is so explosive, so detrimental to Biden’s presidential candidacy, I wonder youtube has allowed it to stay up for a minute longer than their censors had time to view it. On reflection, could it be that the Dems have come to the full realisation that Biden can’t win and will use this documentary as justification to replace him? Obviously, the DNC has full knowledge of these unsavoury dealings and approved them, however, throwing their lame candidate under the bus at this late stage in the election cycle enables them to insert a ‘last minute’ replacement candidate into the race. This leaves less time for the opposition to ‘examine the new candidates credentials’ (tear their reputation to shreds in the eyes of the electorate). It would also paint the Dems as ‘anti China’ – untrue.
    Just saying . . .

    Here is the link to the movie:

  51. J.D. Clampett
    •Sep 19, 2020

  52. Robson Louise

    42,483 views•Sep 20, 2020

  53. john doenuter

    Former Mueller prosecutor writing book on investigation, LOL!
    Former US Attorney Claims Creepy Mueller Gang Leader Andrew Weissmann is Obstructing Justice – He’s Partaking in the Same Crime He Unsuccessfully Attempted to Pin on President Trump and writing a book to prove it!
    By Joe Hoft

    Junket justice: How special interests pay to schmooze DOJ and FBI officials

    Liberal Woman Posts Selfie Video of Hysterical Meltdown Over Death of Justice Ginsburg (“Ruth! You Just Had to Make it to 2021!”)
    By Kristinn Taylor Published September 19, 2020
    A liberal woman posted a video of herself have a hysterical meltdown over the death of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Friday night. The woman is driving a car, swearing, screaming and shaking the steering wheel, ending in hysterical screeching.

    “F*** You Ruth Bader Ginsburg – F*** You for Not Retiring Under Obama!” – Leftists React to RBG’s Death
    By Jim Hoft September 18, 2020

    ____Better send in lots of ballots An, yer gonna need em!
    Trump holds campaign event in Minden, Nevada
    1,159,893 views•Streamed live on Sep 12, 2020
    YOUR GOING TO JAIL “in speech, see above/find it”
    _________YOU OWE US 40 MILLION SIR
    ___________________THE PEOPLE WILL DEMAND IT
    Our Hero’s! Pin photo in nearest post office in Moscow🤣

  54. Bill B

    GREG; Bo Polny really nailed it on 18 Sept. RBG. What is his next prophetic date. Seems to me he said April 2021 .

    • Greg Hunter


  55. Bill B

    Bo Polny really nailed t for 18 Sept, something big happening. RBG happened. whats his next prophetic date?

    • Mike

      She’ll arise from the grave ?

      • JC

        Mike, you’re killing me… 😂👍

    • H. Craig Bradley

      Better LUCKY than GOOD ! He was lucky, not clairvoyant.

  56. Paul ...

    The $hit-Hits-The-Fan in a few days … and Biden (like a true “commie” Demon Rat) will deny any wrongdoing (just like Hillary has denied any wrongdoing … and Cuomo denies any wrongdoing … and Deblasio denies any wrongdoing … etc., etc., etc. … Stock Markets are crashing “in anticipation of very bad news for the Demon-ratic Communist Party” … precious metals are taking a temporary hit “but will recover strongly”!!! …

  57. Paul ...

    Poor Stan … Deutsche Bank crashes … … he probably thought that the bank’s involvement with the Trump family and members of the Trump inner circle would save it!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow DB down more than 8% in one day!! (Now $8.35 per share.)

      • Paul ...

        Yeah Greg … getting close to Nenner’s magic number … and once DB goes … other banks will follow … imagine what the Fed will have to print to bring stability back to world markets … and laughably “there are a lot of people like Stan” who really think the collapse of the world banking system is going to make gold go dawn to new lows … why can’t they can’t use their brains figure things out?? … they need to rely on a computer (like Socrates) to figure things out for them??? … why not make use of the brains God gave us (which they will find is more powerful then any quantum computer if they turn it on)!!

    • Rachel

      The banks are panicking and smashing the metals lower in what looks like a knee jerk reaction to banking collapses. Once the markets process everything maybe they will panic into the metals and push the metal prices up even more. I’m buying the dip.

    • Stan

      Paul: I bought more DB today – incredible buying opportunity


    Without Warning:* THIS IS NOT A WARNING

  59. The Canuck

    I first became aware of Armstrong in the year 2000 when I had seen him speak at a financial conference in Vancouver BC. He then disappeared as a result of being imprisoned, wrongfully in my opinion. His prediction of the fall of socialism and therefore the western economies were made back in the nineties as a result of his life’s research of financial history and his early and ongoing expertise in computer programing. His economic confidence model based on the geometric constant Pi (3.141) identifies that we are now entering the fifth cycle of a set of six and that this set of six cycles equaling 51.6 years is the last cycle of a larger set of six. And that larger set of six cycles is the last cycle of an ever larger set of six. The last time this timing of 666 occurred the Roman empire fell and the time prior the Minoan empire fell. This 666 timing of the cycles indicate a complete shift in “humanity” and it had been made clear via the Economic Confidence Model that China will be taking the global baton come 2037. It’s playing out right before our very eyes. Gold, silver, bitcoin, …. whatever. Either get remote or live your lives as fully as possible while you can. Martin Armstrong is to decent to explain this to us today. Peace and love to you all.

  60. Greg Hunter

    Oh and you have great intelligence?–NOT!! Let’s have your CV and full verifiable name. Armstrong is in in demand all over the world and consults for nations. That is a fact. Those people must think he “knows what he’s talking about.” Who the heck are you???? Put up your credentials or shut up. It is you who does “not know what you are talking about” and can’t even own your own words. Oh, and I am not posting another response from “Mr. Miller.” Full name and CV to let us all know how informed and smart you are.


  61. Andy

    Hello Greg, i want to express my sincere respect for you publishing the above letters. MA does tend to polarise but it is nice and refreshing to see that you are interested in credible representation of all types of opinions.
    best regards out of Munich

  62. W.T. Ford

    St. Helens (1981) – Full movie with eng. subtitles
    TheReal Deal
    If it doesn’t blow your mind it will blow you away!
    Gregory Miller 1 year ago
    I was stationed at Fairchild AFB during the eruption, even the the vehicle the sheriff was driving is of the time period, including the police light bar. Us security police at Fairchild were driving the same Ford Broncos. By 3 in the afternoon it was dark as night as the ash cloud drifted over our base. We were having an open house and airshow that day, the base commander cancelled it, ordering security police to evacuate civilians off the base. After everything calmed down the search and rescue squadron at my base started rescuing people trapped by the eruption. We raided the base exchange for nylon clothing to protect the air cleaners on the military and civilian vehicles on the base. The destruction was beyond belief. I had ash in my car when I drove back to Arizona in 1982 over two years after.

  63. SilverHawk

    Great interview. Martin has been one of my pilliars of information, in my hall of knowledge, since he started on the web. Smart man. But I’m smarter with 100% physical, circa 2003. You see I’m now a Bank, that has scratch to play with. Wall Street is one big poker game with 6 bankers and a dealer. Everyone sitting there at the table wins. Who loses? . . . Yup, you. They profit from the little fish. So when you dont give them your money, you never lose. Preserve wisely.
    Been 2 days when I said here, DOW gonna take some profit before Robinhood starts dropping money on all the wealthy banksters’ neighborhoods, and what happened today? DOW Down -509 after bobbing around -850. They’re setting up, waiting for all them delicious fish…
    Fun with numbers time… Want to buy a new $1,500,000 Bugatti Veyron? For 375 ounces of silver? Official silver to paper is $4000, and if we every go back to a legal money system, this is what silver can and will do. But hold it right there. We need some icing on da cake. Missing 21T. Make that around 190 ounces of silver. GAO had a brain fart with the numbers. Oh, oh, oh but wait, now someone says add another 60T more that they printed up? Alright, lets just say 50 ounces of silver for the car. Deal or no deal? By the way, whats insurance run for this money pit rocket?

  64. Matt

    Mr. Hunter,
    I would have enjoyed Mr. Armstrong’s opinion regarding the coin shortage in the United States. I have a hard time believing it’s due to the pandemic and the lack of circulation. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s another scheme to get rid of the last vestibule of real money.

    • SilverHawk

      Saw your post under mine, and had to reply my opinion. I think half the machines are printing new 2021 coins in preperation for the reset. Old money is coin form, too. Old coins will be no good, like paper. Just a hunch I got, one day, using the “follow the money” formula. I’ve learned a lot after seeing every episode of “American Greed”. Good and bad, by the way…

  65. Science Matters

    Your guest lied to your viewers. Donald is NOT more popular outside of the United States than in the United States. Citizens of other first world countries are appalled that Americans would choose Donald, as he is clearly less capable, less well spoken and less of a leader (more of a sniper) than any past President we’ve ever had.
    Remember this about Donald in the next election.
    Smart men
    don’t tell you how smart they are
    Rich men
    don’t tell you how rich they are
    Tough men
    don’t tell you how tough they are
    Honest men
    don’t tell you how honest they are
    Con men do.
    You don’t have the guts to post this, Greg, but I wanted you to consider these words.

    • eddiemd

      Considering that CNN and the rest of propaganda news are the main sources of “news” outside the USA, it would not be a surprise. Given that a large number of people get their news from Twitter and Facebook in the “first world”, it would not be surprising.

      By the way…can you name any second world nations? How do you define your classification of first world nations?

    • eddiemd

      Perhaps you are referencing this article. Conservative countries in Europe support Trump’s policies. Cultural Marxist philosophy is in opposition.

      Seems like more countries are following Trump’s move to Jerusalem. Must be because they hate him and Israel.

      Peoples who have experienced the pain of socialism/communism can’t understand why the left democrats in the USA want to live under such government. The old Warsaw Pact countries (Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Eastern Germany, Slovakia, the Balkans, Baltic states) have long memories and have passed this to their children. There are many peoples who support Trump. First, second, and third world.

    • Buzzby Doogle

      Real Science Matters, “CATCHY PHRASE EH?”
      If Trump didn’t speak up, we would know nothing but whats comes out of the mockingbird media. Would you stay silent while traitorous intell operatives, like yourself, pull a psyop’s operation on you. Vicky Oldland took down Ukraine with the same operatives, like Mike Morell. Whom eats and sleeps Trump. Because he makes a fool of the scoundrel! No concern for the killing of old woman and children, grandmothers in Ukraine and Syria, fer what?
      Your like the girl who falls in love with the strong silent type. But quickly falls out of love with the guy after they’re married. You hate Trump, because the American people love a guy who is entertaining, smart and witty, all the things you two goof balls aren’t. Your both dull and boring. You’ll both will never amount to anything, of any significance.
      You may be able to fool the American people some of the time, but never ever, all the time! Even the Ukrainians are biting at the bit, to see you in chains at the Hague!

  66. JC

    Martin Armstrong:
    Governments are simply incapable of proper management of society, for every action they take is to retain their own power. They will not act in the self-interest of the people or the nation. It is not that they may even do this in a knowing manner. They simply think they are preserving the nation when that to them is government.

  67. Paul ...

    Is it OK for Governments to take this journalist … … and lock him (Assange) away in prison because he exposed inconvenient truths about them???

  68. Paul ...

    Speak of dumb and dumber … Facebook will be using their nuclear option (EMP – Exceptional Measures Platform) to significantly restrict the circulation of content on the internet … this means if Trump dares to declare victory on Twitter … Facebook can simply shut him down … the reason they will probably give for denying First Amendment “free speech” is that Trump’s announcement “could possibly” trigger some violent action by a few “commie” Demon Rats!!! …

  69. Justin Factoid

    ‘Your freedoms count for nothing’ as politicians have the power: Jones
    3,120 views• Sep 22, 2020 [SkyNewsOz]
    Alan Jones, “Than You Daniel” Fer nothin!

    Daniel 4Eye’s Andrews can ‘get away with anything’ due to soft ABC coverage
    2,464 views•Sep 22, 2020

    The best way to counter communism is to ‘demonstrate with freedom’
    1,670 views•Sep 22, 2020 PEACE


    Alan Jones

  71. Trinacria

    Hi Greg: a quick question; a couple of days ago I tried to answer a post question above by a Dominick, who asks “what is wrong with coins minted after 1964…but my post seems to have been deleted ? Was something wrong with my post? It seemed pretty straight forward to me. I ask so that I don’t violate any “posting rules” in the future. Thank you for your time.

    • JC

      Your comment is there, but for the last couple of months there has been a glitch in the system, sometimes after posting a comment it “disappears” instead of saying “your comment is awaiting moderation” but it is not deleted.

    • Jay Smithson

      Greg, you do need a break. But till the election, we all got to give it our most. Because if we loose this one. It’s all hands on deck and total reliance on the LORD. Of course we should all be there already. But alas, we find that lacking in ourselves and our loved ones. So what can we do? Specifically you Greg. Throttle back that algorithm you got going and if you can, check some of the rejects that it spits out. Then you can fine tune it maybe and you wont have some watchdogger who puts his sweat and blood into something, that is as the bible calls his pearls thrown before swine, “AI”. AI, is artificial. Like when you get that taste in your mouth, when you don’t get the original. It’s pretty close without you giving it 100%, but at least maybe till the election. Maybe 96%. Greg, this is your baby. You have changed the course of history. Your a thorn in the side of your former bosses at CNN. Your putting them to shame! But don’t forget your base. Tell your better half, to hang in there just a little while longer! We love you both. We know all you two do, for this country and world and God himself. Your in our prayers! Don’t give up the ship! You will win this fight for our lives! We got his word on it, because he is the word. We can rely on him, because he has total loyalty and reliance on our God the father and has proved it and Greg, we are his witnesses!
      John 7;
      28 Then Jesus, still teaching in the temple courts, cried out, “Yes, you know me, and you know where I am from. I am not here on my own authority, but he who sent me is true. You do not know him, 29 but I know him because I am from him and he sent me.”
      It’s getting down to the wire Greg, but the target is still a deal to close for our president…
      Even a peaceful president must protect himself these day’s, treachery and other unpleasant things. . .

      Some say were in a second un-Civil War? No, were still in the first and John Browns
      body is still, moldering in the grave. But his spirit is alive and well, in these now again dis-United States….
      Canadian actor Raymond Massey was outstanding and, by all accounts, accurate in his portrayal of the deranged and homicidal John Brown in this movie. Brown suffered many business failures and the loss of most of his children during his life. Brown was a religious fanatic whose delusion made him believe that he was on a mission from God.
      A film like “Santa Fe Trail” would never be made today. History has been sanitized to distort the facts. Today its all been simplified to ‘good verses evil’ in a totally dysfunctional USA of 2020.

  72. Paul ...

    Under Trump or Biden … this transformation process is well underway … … it is like 7 billion cows being lead to slaughter (some will resit) but most will walk the plank to their demise … to turn things around … “all of us” have to resist like bulls (and gore the bastards) starting with their vaccine and the tags they want to place on us!!!

  73. H. Craig Bradley


    Martin A. Armstrong has forecasted gold has been making its “21-year high”. If Martin turns-out to be correct, the gold bugs are in for a Great Disappointment. No $10,000/ounce gold in that case. In fact, gold could go way down, as its last low if around $200/ounce was set back in 1999. Very long cycle. However, this does not mean gold can not spike-up on occasion, as it has in the last year due to political uncertainty and loss of confidence in Government.

    Even so, gold remains a good hedge for possible future “Black Swans” and such. Gold is often inversely correlated with the U.S. Dollar Index, as well. So, if the U.S. Dollar is oversold, as many experts are currently suggesting, gold is due for a major correction, in my view.

    Another possible inference is gold is Way Overvalued at even $2,000/ounce, let alone $3,000/ounce. ( No suppression of the cycle by banks or traders, only short term, at best). In addition, Martin is beginning to doubt we will be allowed to own ANY physical gold or even bitcoin once the global reset to a digital dollar (currency) is achieved. Gold and precious metals will then go underground and be used in a local barter economy. Best to keep all financial options open for a very uncertain future. No assumptions at all, as anything is possible now.

  74. Luis Bunting

    Martin Armstrong is a con man. His analysis” is typically plagiarized. . . . .

    Greg I would suggest you distance yourself from that crap. I am not going to listen to his videos any more even once. . . . .

    (This is Greg Hunter. I deleted the links you posted. I am not posting links from anonymous sources. If you want to criticized Armstrong, or anyone else, don’t post anonymous sourced material. I have no idea if this is accurate but I do know nobody has enough confidence in it to stand behind it with a real verifiable name. I will say that Armstrong is in huge demand from top financial people from all around the world and they certainly don’t think Armstrong is a scam and rip-off.)

  75. James Robert Brown

    James Brown here.
    As always, I love you Man!!!
    Martin likes silver better because it’s more affordable for the middle class.
    It can be used to purchase food and clothing.
    That’s what he meant by lower denomination.
    Because of that, silver might have more potential for growth than other precious metals.
    If Marty likes it better, it’s better.
    Thank you Greg!

    • Tin foil hat

      Wine, scotch whisky and vodka are just as affordable for the middle class and more recognizable to be used to purchase food and clothing than silver.

      However, if PMs were to become the designated global reserve assets post reset, wine and whisky will become very expensive but not nearly (hyper-inflated) expensive like the PMs.

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