Desperate Deep State Planning Intense Chaos in 2023 – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s 

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular book “Deep State,” says the world is waking up fast to the global genocide caused by the CV19 bioweapon passed off as a vaccine.  Because of this public awakening, Newman says the desperate Deep State is planning intense chaos in multiple areas to cover their tracks and distract the public away from the extreme crimes globalist elites have committed.  Newman explains, “What they are going to be doing over the coming year is massive numbers of crises and expanding and accelerating existing crises.  They will be fomenting new crises such as food crises, immigration crises, border crises, currency crises and terrorism crises.  You name it because that is what they do.  The U.N. is standing by to provide ‘solutions’ to this.  The World Health Organization is working on digital IDs and vaccine passports to deal with the health crises.  The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is working on the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to deal with the currency crises.  The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, the FAO, is working on solutions to the food crises that they are unleashing on humanity.  So, we are going to see a lot more of this, and I forgot the energy crisis.  This is what we talked about a few weeks ago when we talked about the U.N. climate summit (COP 27) in Egypt.  They are dismantling our energy infrastructure for the purpose of causing an energy crisis, and they say this is what they are doing. . . .They are starting . . . a ‘new energy order’ to take control and limit our energy use.”

Newman says, “. . . Totalitarians like to create the poison and the antidote all in the same laboratory.  That’s what these globalists, Deep Staters and insiders are working on.  They create  the poison and antidotes in the same laboratory to take our freedoms, and population control is going to be a very big part of it.”

This brings us back to the CV19 bioweapon/vax.  Newman says what is unfolding in 2023 is a “mass unstoppable awakening” to the genocide that is CV19 from infection to injection.  This is mass murder, and that is what people will wake up to in 2023.  Newman says, “These people are on the record with statements and speeches where they claim there are too many people consuming too many resources, and we need to reduce the population of the earth. . . . I think the evidence for mass murder and genocide is so overwhelming that it would be hard for a court not to convict. . . . .We have to understand the global elites, the global predators behind this atrocity, that, in my mind, have killed millions and millions of people, are not going to say ‘You got us.  We give up, take us to jail.  We are going to have another Nuremberg.’  They are not going to do that.  They are going to deploy the next part of their plan.  Based on what we have seen so far, we can expect to see some sort of crisis of epic proportions to try to take the focus off it (the CV19 bioweapon/vax genocide).”

In closing, Newman says, “The main issue is . . . What we are dealing with is a battle against evil.  In Ephesians 6, you get a clear picture about what we are fighting.  We are not just fighting George Soros, Klaus Schwab or Joe Biden. . . . Apostle Paul in the Bible calls this ‘powers and principalities’ or demonic entities.  These are fallen angels and demons that are behind the scenes that govern huge parts of the world. . . . Many people do not understand they are being ruled by demonic forces.  They have been turned over to a reprobate mind.  They think they are worshipping money or some statue . . . in reality, they are worshipping Satan. . . . In Ephesians 6, there is really clear instruction on how to deal with this.  It talks about taking the shield of faith to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked ones. . . . It talks about taking the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, the Bible.  That is our offensive weapon.  When you read the Bible, you get an accurate depiction of reality that you won’t get from the lying fake media.  The reality is Satan knows he has limited time on Earth.  He wants to take as many souls down to Hell with him so he uses lies, fear, ignorance, trickery, temptation and evil.  Unfortunately, most of the rulers are in league with this evil force.  We know how this ends, and it’s not going to end well for them. . . . There are only two sides to this fight, and you want to make sure you are on the right side because there are eternal consequences for this.”   

There is much more in the 40-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with hard hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the book “Deep State” for 1.3.23.

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  1. Marie Joy

    It’s them or us and they seem a lot more motivated than we are.

    • Anthony Australia

      I love Americans, including you Stanley, but please look at how your nation was established and why 2025 will be a defying moment in history.

      • stanley skrzypek

        Tony….I Love You too…..all we have left is….us

        • Anthony Australia

          Dido Stanley, we can’t rely on anyone but ourselves. Governments are meant to regulate things, however the amount of advertisements we screened in just one day proved to us that the evil forces are alive and in full force on this plain. Alcohol, Gambling, Prescription Medications, “Reality TV Drama”, Energy drinks are pure debauchery that’s corrupting the minds of the vulnerable.
          Why not promote healthy choices you bastards! (Apologies for the blasphemy Greg).

      • Anthony Australia

        Juan O Savin, Leo Zagami, Ole Dammegard and I discuss who will be the chosen anti-christ?

      • Anthony Australia

        I remember this series from Governor Ventura vividly.

        Alex Jones Warned Jesse Ventura The Government Would Use Vaccines As A Soft Kill Platform

      • Sean

        You know the death cult was in panic mode when they blew up their own georgia guide stones

    • Nick de la Gaume

      Speak for yourself, not me.

      • Anthony Australia

        I am Mate.

        • Nick de la Gaume

          Anthony, my reply was fo Marie Joy.

          • Anthony Australia


    • Ken Landon

      You’re doing Gods work Greg! Alex was right, we will win, only because of people like you, who Lead as a Warrior!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Ken for all your support!

  2. Rodster

    “Did they Get the Pandemic Idea from the 2010 Simpson’s”

    • Anthony Australia

      Nope from here.

    • Nika

      The Simpsons’ writers are very good. Their explanation, for how the Epidmic started, seems very plausible, except for when the CEO of NBC (?) was given the Jab in the middle of the episode. It was funny and shocking, but not believeable!

  3. Marie Joy

    To kill evil, you have to be more evil than evil.

    • Greg Hunter

      Or pure power like Jesus!

      • Dr. Joseph Monteleone

        Absolutely correct Greg, good triumphs over evil. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd amen…

      • Dawn

        I’m sorry I am ALL for getting the world population down and down a lot.

        Almost six billion people have been born since WWII (in just the last 80 years). Do the maths if this population growth continues.
        Does the film Soylent Green alone mean anything to you ?

        People are killing this planet for sure but what the sociopaths are doing to get the population down is wrong.

        We only have this one planet and as said b4 getting to Mars – to ultimately destroy too – is not going to happen in our – or Elon’s – lifetime.

        We as a people are also killing billions of animals every single day to eat, make clothes , to make furniture and used for experimenting and more. More animals are being put on the endangered list too. Animals were put on earth by God as well so they deserve a good life and to live free and without fear from us scum people where most don’t give a shit unless a person can benefit in some way.

        People DO need to STOP breeding
        People DO need to STOP having messy families = children born to different parents.

        People should not be allowed to have more than two children- there are exceptions though like twins on a second pregnancy/ triplets etc. But only people should be allowed to have fertility treatments on condition the woman (or man – low sperm count) is having much difficulty getting pregnant but no more than two children are to be born

        Child and animal abusers / murderers need to be sterilized and thrown in jail for decades / life. Let’s be rid of these bad seeds once and for all.

        But if people the world over adhere to a few rules and doing the right thing I believe the world population will decline over the next one to four decades.

        People everywhere should NOT allow more than 3.5 billion people on this planet at any given time.

        • Greg Hunter

          You should lead the way and step off of a 10-story building. The Lord said be “fruitful and multiply” not restricted.

          • Rich S

            Awesome Greg! Dawn and these people need to turn off their TV’s!

          • Nick de la Gaume

            Please lead by example Dawn.
            Goodbye forever.

            • Dawn

              Ditto Nick.

              • Greg Hunter

                You are done here. Move on please.

        • Dawn

          You say I need to lead the way and step of a building bc the Lord said be fruitful and multiply!!!
          This is one big mistake the Lord made by saying that. Imho .

          Do you honestly think the world is heading in the right direction by having billions of people in such a short time frame – 80 years?
          And just look at the quality of people who are doing the breeding 🤷‍♀️ SMH

          You claim the Karen Kingston’s of this world is saving humanity but the likes of her is just a very very small part.

          It’s not a question of one committing suicide to help get the population down, but it’s more to the point of not being born.

          If the planet is to be saved then the world population simply must come down or we will soon be living in a Soylent Green world and the USA will soon be a fifth world country with her $200 trillion plus debt never mind third world.
          Unbelievable at best – smh 🤦‍♀️
          How in God’s name does a country get a $200 trillion plus debt?

          I cannot believe you support such uncontrollable breeding something every living thing on the planet will soon regret and this WILL be something we will see in our lifetime. Mark my words.

          • Greg Hunter

            Are you stupid? Romans 1:21-22 comes to mind. Show us how it is done and lead the way. By the way, YOUR words are worthless. God’s Words “Will not come back void”!!

            • Dawn

              No I’m not stupid Greg – far from it and your derogatory comment has no effect on me.
              I just think people need to stop breeding on the scale we have seen.

              I hate the way people treat this planet and animals – destroying the rain forests etc
              Shameful at best .

              It’s not Covid vax that should have been used to get the population down – it’s sterilization instead.

              Soylent Green here we come.
              If you have not seen the film I suggest you do.

              • Greg Hunter

                You know what is really shameful? It’s a troll with an anonymous name that wants mass murder. Please step off that building or at least take another booster.

                • Dawn

                  Dawn is my real name and I’m not vaccinated either.

                  Idk why you have to slander people just bc they disagree with some of what you say.
                  Maybe you need the boosters 🤷‍♀️

                  I’m someone who cares about the whole planet not just the country I live in.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    If you care about the planet, lead the way. You be the first to step off a 10 story building & free up some of the resources.

              • Russ D

                If Liberals/Socialists/Communists believed in making the world a better place, they would stop breeding!!!!

              • The Seer

                Thank you for your perspectives and points.
                Let me add this for everyone to digest.
                I agree that mistreatment of all life is not love and ignorant. Education and upbringing are not as they can be. We are in a Malthusian experience and we have peaked. The natural resources are being depleted and will be gone in less than 200 years. The world continues to be run to feed war, trafficking, drugs, slavery, financial manipulation etc. The human species continues to not evolve while surrounded with comforts and technology the ego and greed and evils keep rising in each civilization (uncivilized).
                We have an overpopulation of the blinded and unevolved without tools and knowledge how to evolve. I do not tell people to kill themselves when in a debate. I chose in my life seeing what was coming when I was 10 years old to not have children and it has saved me great worry for Childs and grandkids. As you say, there are 3-5 generations living at the same time on Earth. Had humanity lived and live per the ethical, moral and spiritual multiverse laws this would be a different world culture and the population would be lower, imo.
                Thank you for your message and thank you Greg for your opposite side of this debate.

              • Nick de la Gaume

                Please lead by example Dawn

            • InvestigativeReporter

              Real nice, Hunter. I’m sure you draw a lot of people to Jesus by calling them stupid.

              • Greg Hunter

                I call it the way I see it.

          • tim mcgraw

            Dawn: “Uncontrollable breeding.” I think some guy with a funny mustache said the same thing in Germany decades ago.
            How did that work out?

          • Rich S

            Dawn, Facebook wants its troll back!

          • Catherine

            You should have been called Dusk because your light is dim and negative.
            Just remember whenever one positions oneself as a god and makes judgements about how God the Creator of all is wrong about His creations is not only setting oneself up for judgements but sometimes even worse.
            So look in that mirror and humble yourself before God for stating who should be born or who shouldn’t be born as NOT your decision or your place to question.
            Btw Soylent Green was a movie and in case you don’t know movies are for entertainment purposes not for implementation by people like you.
            And people who refer to parents of wanted loved children “BREEDERS”are usually homosexual.

        • Neil Johnson

          Many of the nations are not having enough children to replace those leaving this earth…..Japan, USA…many developed countries.

          This has been said since time began, too many people. Many days I agree, but that doesn’t mean they need to leave this earth.

          We all fall terribly short in knowledge, pride, thinking we know everything is a problem……

        • Phil

          Dawn – From what you are saying: “That you are ALL for getting the world population down and down a lot” I presume you are a gay/lesbian transvestite who has probably sent a lot of money to Zelinsky in the Ukraine so he can bomb Russian troop barracks and hospitals, etc., etc. killing thousands – and it helped a lot – resulted in the Russians killing thousands more when they responded by wiping out four(4) NATO bases (totally exterminating them off the face of the earth) – – perhaps your next donation should be to the psychopathic doctors who are surgically removing young girls breasts and young boys testicles (so as to reduce the population even more)!!

      • Dawn

        I cannot believe you think that someone should commit suicide bc they think the planet is over populated. SMH 🤦‍♀️
        It’s more of a question of not being born n case you had not noticed.

        It is very obvious to me you are all for uncontrolled breeding as long as it’s not you and your wife doing much of the breeding I’m sure.

        As for the Lord saying to multiple is a big mistake imho and putting humans at the top of the food chain too.
        I mean just look at the quality of people who are doing the breeding.

        Uncontrolled breeding is not going to do this planet any good ?

        We won’t get to destroy another planet – Mars – in our lifetime. But we will see the demise of almost every living thing on this planet in our lifetime. Mark my words.

        Shameful just shameful at where this planet is heading yet we humans will continue to whore about.

        It’s ok you can go ahead and ban me from commenting since we disagree and go against the first amendment- freedom of speech

      • Holly

        Thank you Greg, Jesus is the answer to defeat the evil in this world. My heart breaks hearing the horrific stories of child trafficking and satanic child sacrifice rituals. I hope you could interview Lara Logan on this in the near future. I would like to arrange a unified day/hour of prayer in the United States and possibly around the world to protect our precious children and to take away the powers of evil. Anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this? This I believe is the ultimate answer.

        • susan

          I would certainly join in, but there are people with more avenues and knowledge to put it altogether. Great idea! I pray about these things daily in the name of Jesus my Lord and Savior.

      • Jan

        Amen 🙏

    • Phil

      Marie Joy – To kill evil we must wield God’s offensive sword with great dexterity (the sword of God “is his word”) – go to Leviticus 22-29 where the Lord states: “Do not have sexual relations with a man (as one does with a woman) and those that follow this detestable custom “must be cut off from the population” – Instead we have evil politicians in Washington (like Biden) placing queers into public office – and outside Washington many are glorifying gays and the gay community – we must use God’s offensive sword against all those defiling the word God (as these people are “totally rotten fruits” that need to be cast out) !!!

      • Paul

        Invert the noun rats
        And you have star

        What they have planned-
        And what are we, a star or rats
        Find ways and strength and defeat their evil agendas

        Paul from arkansas

        • Phil

          Invert the noun demon
          And you have nomed –
          Just what we got from the “nomed star” (like Fauci who kept Ivermectin away from the people)!!

    • Kathleen

      One candle dispells the darkness Dear Marie Joy.

    • Nick de la Gaume

      Evil can only be destoyed by Pure Power, this Power lives inside of YOU.
      Jesus had, has, it, so do you.

      If you access the Power of THE DIVINE the evil morons will walk the long way around rather than come face to face with YOU because they humiliate themselves just by being in your presence without you doing anything.

      If you should so choose to attack, while remaining in The Divine Power you can send them into the heart of Total Darkness. Hell, I can tell you from experience is worse than anything that you or they imagine.

    • Patrick

      “Be wise as the serpent (evil) and gentle as the dove” Emmanuel spoke those words some two thousand years ago. The people of his time were experiencing the same as we are now. Trust in God and seek wisdom in Him. Let evil burn itself out. Protect yourself and your loved ones in self defense if necessary. Have faith and pray for guidance and courage. Fear is the ultimate weapon of Satan and he uses our other base emotions against us. God is as close as our breath. God always wins!

  4. Monica Hughes

    I love both of these Truth tellers♥️

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Monica!

    • Jo

      A hearty Amen to what you said, Monica! I love to listen to Alex tell the truth about things and to hear him confess Christ! Greg is absolutely adorable! I’m a retired teacher and I can tell you that having students like Greg in the class always brightened everyone’s day including that of the other students in it! I am so proud of them both!

  5. Carol Bolt

    Greg, I always watch your shows. You have great guests. Watching the McCarthy debacle today as Conservatives can’t seem to get their act together. I think Martin Armstrong is correct. Very interesting the Brunson vs. Adams court case coming up. Praying it all comes to fruition. Looking forward to much more valuable information in the future. Happy New Year Greg. God Bless all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Newman has a take on what went on today with McCarthy. It’s very interseting.

    • Justn Observer

      Carol, May be some of them are putting things off af few until the Brunson case plays out? Things like ‘who’s speaker’ or on ANY committee could turn out to be much different if it is succcessful? Why give the RINO’s any more opportunity to pass more BS like they just did = omnibus bill if they have a ‘leadership’ who’s actions do not align with their talk. Many hope the Mitch, Graham, McCarty, Romney, ilk and quite a few of those on the DNC are pulled out when the garden is weeded, and the swamp drained?

  6. Anthony Australia

    Turn off the MSM Propaganda Network and tune into USAW only, it’ll make life a lot less unbearable believe me.

    • Terry

      Good interview. But the claim that Obama is pulling the strings is laughable. He is as much of a empty suit as sleepy Joe.

  7. Rodster

    Greg, hoping you’ll soon have Celente and Armstrong back on your show. Also how about bringing on Judge Andrew Nepolitano on your show? He’s awesome with his insights on the US Constitution.

    • Jerry

      Celente and Nepolitano both have their own youtube channels. You can watch them pretty much everyday.

      • stanley skrzypek

        they are both never Trumpers….,Celente is a Self Proclaimed Draft Dodger from the Vietnam era…..and… andie Nepalatano got PASSED OVER for a Supreme Court seat..those two “Pisano Losers”….are the CLOWN SHOW

        • Dave

          Celente knows Trump from way back. He considers Trump part of the Deep State given his connections to bankers all his life.

          • Greg Hunter

            I know Celente personally and he has NEVER said this.

        • tim mcgraw

          stanley skrzypek: Are you ever going to let the “draft dodgers” of the Vietnam War era go?
          You wrote that you joined the military voluntarily to fight in Vietnam. Why did you join? Where did you serve in Vietnam?
          Back up your statements or let Vietnam go…

  8. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Newman an examination of our culture that is indeed uncomfortable for us all. Keep them coming sir.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Maria!! “Fear Not” in 2023. Evil wants you to be afraid–don’t be!!

      • Mary Lou Longworth

        II Timothy 1:7 ‘For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.’

  9. John

    MSM, Big Pharma and ALL politicians are panicked about the exploding revelations about “died suddenly”, died from synthetic blood clots, etc., etc. So now Big Medicine has come out with its newest blanket explanation called “commotio codis”. There will be many more explanations, none of them associated with vaccines. People’s special trust and confidence in these individuals and their institutions is in free fall. Watch out below. The more “they” lie and explain away the obvious, the faster the collapse plays out. Keep an eye on this “train wreck”, Greg and keep hitting the ball out of the park with your commentary and interviews.

    • Phil

      If doctors kept their moral integrity they wouldn’t be losing patients as fast as they are now – and inventing “some new explanation” for the deaths they are causing will not cover up their deep immoral degeneracy – wouldn’t it be nice if “all” our nations doctors begin rejecting Satan and telling the queers and perverts in government they will simply not go along with the evil agenda of cutting off our children’s breasts or balls as a form of population control!!!

    • Michael Janket

      A number of prominent cardiologists have come out against the commotio codis notion. It will take a bit of time to establish the truth, but don’t be surprised when they find out Mr Hamlin was recently vaccinated. I see the NFL in deep trouble, you can already see the excuses coming out from various PR agencies. I’d bet that the NFL has hired some mighty good people to massage the US population and defuse the possibility that the vaccine was behind this horrendous debacle. I think the future of the NFL hinges on this distraction scenario that MUST be successful, or else. Several former pro football players have said the hit in Hamlin’s chest area was not of sufficient force to cause this problem. Like most other things happening in the country, we now will resort to propaganda to defuse this very visible tragedy and come up with ways to keep the NFL “safe” from harm in subsequent examinations by inquiring medical people and politicians wishing to appear as heroes.

  10. barsoom43

    This concern about overpopulation goes back a long way.. Art reflects life: 1843, Charles Dickens, The Christmas Carol, Scrooge, “If they would rather die, they’d better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”
    These people preaching overpopulation today are children of their father, Satan..

    • Nika

      Wow! How did Charles Dickens, get that idea? He might have belonged to the illuminati/Deep State back then, or maybe he just read their literature!?

  11. Tag Geren

    As far as all that insist there are too many people on the planet and depopulation is the way, PLEASE lead by example. The rest of us will give you all a big thumbs up!

    • Phil

      The evil people who want to see depopulation have even set up government programs “to help the public commit suicide” – now – if people are going to be convinced to commit suicide by their evil doctors it is up to us morally sane people to take as many of the evil doctors assisting in this depopulation procedure “out of the medical profession” – – and by putting such evil doctors in jail it will likely also save many children from being “scalped” (having their sexual organs surgically removed) – and who will likely later apply for assisted suicide (after seeing how their bodies were surgically mutilated by these evil doctors)!!

  12. Charles Thompson

    Love you guys! Always great info.

  13. Jane

    Thank U.

  14. Vince

    Great interview Greg.
    Found out this week another acquaintance struck with two forms of cancer immediately after the second jab. The tally continues. Fortunately, he came across the Tippens protocol and is in total remission. He told me taking the jab was his greatest regret.

    Keep pounding that table !

  15. stanley skrzypek

    Alex Newman…is about the BEST Journalist out there…..he is a True Patriot…He will be Rewarded…..

  16. LondonCenter

    Megyn Kelly on Athlete Sudden Deaths, AB2098, “Evil” Bill Gates & Epstein Relationship – Ask Dr Drew Jan 3, 2023
    “You can jump ahead to the 1:40 mark, if you can’t wait”
    Megyn Kelly joins Dr. Drew to discuss the alarming uptick of heart-related injuries and sudden deaths of elite athletes, Melinda Gates’ statements about Bill Gates’ “abhorrent, evil” relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, the effect of CA’s new AB2098 censorship bill, and the top stories in the first week of 2023.

  17. David Gordon Dunne

    Greg, Amazing. Alfred is so wise beyond his years. Trump put all the left commies all around him when he was in the WH before and ran off the Patriots like Bannon and others. With him NOT coming out against the Frankenshots is more than I can stand.
    I can’t even watch him now. Newman is correct in that we are in the times of The Parable of the Fig Tree. Satan disguised as the Anti-Christ comes soon and first. He will deceive so many into thinking he is Jesus. All those falling for him will get a second chance at Redemption after Christ comes and it is sooner than later now, will have the 1,000 years of the Millennium to change their hearts and turn to Jesus. Now, remember the instant that the 7th trump sounds, all beings, good and bad will be turned into their spiritual beings and will be in Paradise awaiting Final Judgement. Satan is released from the Lake of Fire for a short time to deceive and use his lies one last time. Sadly, many will still follow him and thus will lose their mortal souls and go up with Satan like a puff of smoke. My point is time is running out for SATAN and his minions so he has to do all he can now as fast as he can. I would never vote for Trump now. Even if he started a 3rd Party, all those votes would still have to be counted and he would lose. I have found now that all my idiot friends who laughed at me and got the Frankenshots are now very quiet and most ignore me. If I could have my dream dinner and beer with 3 people living or dead, I would pick you Greg, George Patton and Jon Voight. I wish you could get on who opened my eyes to all the Covid lies being Dr. Francis Boyle. He was right about all that has unfolded and was the first to do this in the world. God is great. I hope we are allowed to come back some day but it looks very bleak now.

    • Gordon King

      Where in the bible does it say that the people that rejected Christ will be given a “second chance” when Christ returns at His second coming?

      That’s not what I read from scripture:

      Matthew 25:31-33
      “When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His glory. 32 All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats. 33 And He will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left.”

      Matthew 25:41
      “Then He will also say to those on the left hand, ‘Depart from Me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels:”

      And where in the bible does it say:
      “the instant that the 7th trump sounds, all beings, good and bad will be turned into their spiritual beings and will be in Paradise awaiting Final Judgement.”? I’ve never read it in the bible before, and I’ve read it over and over again.

      Where are you getting this information from? I want to read it, preferably from the bible.

      We are not given a “second chance”, that is deceiving people. We are appointed once to die and then the judgment!

      Hebrews 9:27
      “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment”

      And the bible is very clear that those who are still alive and remain when Christ returns at His second coming will be cast into everlasting fire (Matt 25:41).

      God bless!

      • Rebecca

        yes & amen Gordon King.

      • Myn

        During the beast reigning: Revelation 13:9-13 12 This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus.
        13 Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.”
        Rev 6:9 9 When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained.
        And then there’s the 144k, the woman and her offspring that fled into the wilderness to escape at the midpoint with 3 1/2 year remaining till Christ returns. There is a second chance

  18. Roger Stamper

    tks alex greg

  19. Derek Sinclair

    No, no, no, these professional promoters of the bioweapon cannot escape by saying they were duped. These are medical so called professionals and we are supposed to believe that they did not know what so many laymen knew? Really? They knew and they put income before the lives of ordinary people. They need to be tried for what they have done. Tens of thousands of them.

  20. Robert Jackson

    They whom believe the media will perish without hope. We who believe God will endure persecution and triumph…but on God’s terms. The time to ignore reality and cling to fantasy has departed. Hollywood is churning out cartoon fantasies to capture our devotion…”For this reason God will send them a strong delusion that they should believe a lie and be lost, because they loved not the truth.” There is no ‘plan B’.

  21. PersonaNonGrata

    ‘The Great Awakening’ is the antidote to the globalist tyrannical cabal. The Cv-19 awakening is ongoing, however, the public is all too easily distracted. Here in the U.K., people were just beginning to awaken to the scamdemic when – Whizz, Bang, Wallop – they were totally mesmerised by all things Ukrainian! The blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag appeared overnight as ubiquitous backdrops to commercial advertising. Shoppers were solicited to ‘donate a pound (£) to Ukrainian aid’ at virtually all supermarket checkouts! Why are the masses so easily lead?! Why are ‘critical thinkers’ in the minority? What are the common threads that define ‘Watchdoggers’ and the small group of local independent thinkers I have met up with since (because of) the scamdemic? I used to believe humanity were all the same cloth. Mass acceptance of draconian (and nonsensical) ‘Covid measures’ has collapsed this naive paradigm. I apologise for taking your time with this ‘self-indulgent’ introspective – but, dear reader, is the mind-numbing stupidity of your fellow humans not troubling to you too?

    • Bill's Stilled!

      Why are the masses so easily lead?! Why are ‘critical thinkers’ in the minority? What are the common threads that define ‘Watchdoggers’ and the small group of local independent thinkers I have met up with since, (because of) the scamdemic? I used to believe humanity were all of the same cloth. Mass acceptance of draconian (and nonsensical) ‘Covid measures’ has collapsed this naïve paradigm.

      PersonaNonGrata, The answer can be found in the men bending down and taking a drink. Judge Gidʹe·on is the man standing close to them. He is watching how they drink the water, at the side of the river.
      Look closely at the different ways in which the men are drinking. Some are putting their face right down to the water. But one is taking the water up in his hands, so that he can watch what is going on around him. This is important, for Jehovah told Gidʹe·on to choose only the men who keep watching while they drink. The rest, God said, should be sent home. Let’s see why.
      The Israelites are in a lot of trouble again. The reason is that they have not obeyed their Hebrew God Yahweh/Jehovah. The people of Midʹi·an have gained power over them and are hurting them. So the Israelites cry to God for help, and God listens to their cries.
      He tells Gidʹe·on to get an army, so Gidʹe·on gathers together 32,000 fighting men. But there is an army of 135,000 men against Israel. And yet God tells Gidʹe·on: ‘You have too many men.’ Why did God say that?
      It is because if Israel won the war, they might think that they won by themselves. They might think that they didn’t need God’s help to win. So God says to Gidʹe·on: ‘Tell all the men who are afraid to go back home.’ When Gidʹe·on does this, 22,000 of his fighting men go home. That leaves him only 10,000 men to fight against all those 135,000 soldiers.
      But, listen! god says: ‘You still have too many men.’ So he tells Gidʹe·on to have the men drink at this stream and then to send home all the people who put their face down to the water to drink. ‘I will give you the victory with the 300 men who kept watching while they drank,’ God promises.
      Gideon’s attentive soldiers drink while watching around them
      The time comes for the fight. Gidʹe·on puts his 300 men in three groups. He gives to each man a horn, and a jar with a torch inside it. When it is about midnight, they all gather around the camp of enemy soldiers. Then, at the same time, they all blow their horns and break their jars, and shout: ‘Yahweh’s sword and Gidʹe·on’s!’ When the enemy soldiers wake up, they are confused and afraid. They all begin to run, and the Israelites win the battle.
      Judges chapters 6 to 8.

    • Neil Johnson

      I know huh? Here in Vermont we have Ukraine flags all over the place, people didn’t even know there was a country before that, let alone one of the most corrupt and huge money laundering places of the planet.

      But then we have our own, complete news block out in the state. But by the looks of the flags, the propaganda machines are very, very strong, going to every smart phone in the state.

      • Greg Hunter

        The Ukrainian Army lost 100,000 since Feb 24, 2022. We lost 58,000 in 10 years in Vietnam. If these dumbasses really stood for Ukraine, they would stop the carnage and stop the arms flowing in.

    • tim mcgraw

      PersonaNonGrata: “Why are ‘critical thinkers’ in the minority?”
      Well, that’s a tough question to answer with many theories.
      A: Humans are basically lazy and always take the easiest path. Why cause problems?
      B: Most humans are stupid.
      C: The elites have dumbed down the population with their government schools.
      D: Humans have addictive tendencies. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, food, adrenaline rushes, power… education takes discipline.
      E: Thinking critically makes one depressed and full of nihilism towards humanity.
      F: History of mankind… why bother to try and change what you can’t?
      You probably have your own list.

  22. Kathleen

    Dear Greg, If the pandemic psyop was all about getting the Vaxx into people… and the so-called virus was a means to that end?
    Then are we who believe this way, the opposition so to speak, are we divided into two camps … one camp saying Germ Theory is wrong (Germs are not contagious – Pasteur lied and cheated) and in fact The Terrain Theory is the correct path. The Contagion Myth by Dr. Tom Cowan speaks about this.
    And another camp which says that The Virus was made in a lab and spread by evil doers.
    Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Sam Bailey among others can inform on this subject.
    Thanks a lot for allll that you do. Love and Best Wishes,
    Kathleen St Clare

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kathleen. I agree.

  23. Linda Majors


    Alex Newman is an excellent guest. Thank you!

    President Trump’s adviser.
    According to John Fredricks (Outside the Beltway, Real America’s Voice News) Trump’s adviser is a woman whose first name is Susie. Ronna Romney McDaniel, Chairman of the RNC, pays her $285K annually out of Republican donations. Not sure what Trump pays her. Her office is at Mar-a-Lago.

    In any event, that woman is bad news. Naturally, she supports Ronna for re-election to be RNC Chair again. Also, it’s my understanding that Ronna loves LGBTQ, and influenced Susie to persuade Trump to have a big Gala supporting Gay Marriage. Susie probably supports Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House, which explains why Trump endorsed him; however, after the 20 House Republicans refused to vote for McCarthy, Trump has backed off. Earlier, when asked if he still supports McCarthy, he said, “Let’s wait to see how things play out.”

    In my opinion, President Trump needs to get a new adviser. Susie is probably part of the Republican Establishment Uni-party, and promotes the Biowvaccines shots, which explains why he will not change his position. I believe it was her idea to endorse Dr. Oz, and other bad choices for candidates. She needs to go! Trump stays holed up in Mar-a-Lago living in a bubble, and listens to that woman, Obviously, she is not part of MAGA. He needs to fire her and get out more. He is too isolated. Not good!

    Best wishes,

  24. J Smith

    tonight deep-state preparing to cover up after Monday’s NFL debacle:

  25. jomer

    I do not buy any of this “it might have been a pre-existing condition” stuff. Before a team will even come to the table with a contract, often in the millions of dollars, to hire a professional athlete they require the athlete to pass a very rigorous physical.

    An example of the extreme requirements in order to pass these physicals, I recall a while back some teams were requiring the players to have their amalgam fillings replace.

  26. DJW

    Interesting perspective on the US dollar, I’d be curious to know your take Greg.

    • Phil

      So according to the above video the US dollar will just keep getting stronger and stronger and stronger “as it drops and drops and drops in purchasing power” – – dollars are effectively “a Sand Necktie” (where all the dollar grains of sand that are essentially worthless whined up killing you) – yes the warm sand feels good at first when it is pushed up around your feet – but as ever incresing quantities of worthless sand is thrown up about you – you will have sand “Up To Your Neck” – – act now “before you can’t move” (when the authorities declare the “digital dollar” not acceptable for purchasing gold) – better start trading this worthless sand for gold mow “before the ocean tide turns”!!

      • Phil

        A 40% allocation to gold (or more) has served investors well for thousands of years!!!

  27. loverat

    Alex Newman is brilliant. I love the guests on your show. Get Catherine AF’s back. Love it when she says ‘ Now Greg, Im goimg to be a tough guy’ or something like that.

  28. Shirl

    Pray up Stand up Speak out and Take Action !!!

  29. Brian Vaci

    James 4:17 “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them”.
    Depraved Indifference: To constitute depraved indifference, the defendant’s conduct must be ‘so wanton, so deficient in a moral sense of concern, so lacking in regard for the life or lives of others, and so blameworthy as to warrant the same criminal liability as that which the law imposes upon a person who intentionally causes a crime.

    Those who see and have knowledge of the evil around us, yet do nothing.
    Those who remain silent and do not fight against forces of spiritual darkness.
    They are as guilty as the evildoers. To them it is sin.

  30. John Maskell

    Great interview Greg.
    During the Christmas break a fit and healthy dad , aged 48 had a stroke . He is a good friend of my brother . They worked together and he criticised my brother for not being vaccinated . The dad received 2 doses with a booster . He his damaged now. Another person I know is in Guys hospital ,London . He is 34 , also a dad with a 2 yr old. He was diagnosed with a clot on the lung and it’s not good. He has been in ICU for 3 weeks . This killing of people is really happening to a local level now. It’s affecting your bubble and there’s no let up. Thanks for the good work and information you tell Greg .

  31. No Thanks

    Folks we are left with Zero “peaceful options” at this point in time. So this boils down to Fight back or DIE.

  32. Don W.

    You are so good to have people like Mr. Newman on to get the word out to all of us. I have been telling people for several years that “He is coming, and coming soon.” And what Mr. Newman covered is also in REV:6 where the fourth seal is opened and 1/4, yes ONE FOURTH of the people of the world die. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  33. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia…usa…

    God will deal with the population of the world. I do regret America’s corruption and moral failure, but, I understand there is no long term continuation of our present state.

    This system does not last much longer. Surviving through the tribulation does.

    Most of our concerns are just smoke and mirror.

    Revelation Chapter 9.

  34. James Hall

    When are we going to talk about the dual citizens running the country. This is one of the biggest problems. There are over 25 holding seats and the only country allowed. Why is this ?
    Is it good or fair ? Headline from Alex Jones.

    Republican Jewish Coalition Head Slams GOP ‘Infidels’ Voting Against McCarthy, Threatens ‘Consequences’

    • Keith

      James I have been talking about them for the last 10 years. If you read the quotes of Ariel Sharron the ex Prime minister of Israel he tells you exactly who is running the government in the USA. Sadly if you speak out against the cabal you end up being called an anti-Semitic. The main problem is the democrat party is financed by wealthy Jewish billionaires and they get a say who they wanted in the biden administration. Blinken, Yellen, Klain,Cohen,Garland,Haines,sherman,Nuland,Lander, the list is huge. The way money controls the politicians in Washington is the reason America and the western world is sadly in the mess we are in. Money talks and morons get elected into government . Putin and Russian knows who runs Washington and who put Biden in the Whitehouse and is was not the US electorate.

  35. DJW

    What an incredible mind Alex has…like Neo in the Matrix indeed.
    Greg you are awesome!
    Only thing that doesn’t feel right to me is the ‘bad advice’ narrative regarding Trump.
    For obvious reasons I hold both Greg and Alex’s analysis in higher esteem than my own… but I can’t ignore my gut feeling that this isn’t true…not that this means I feel Trump is a bad guy.
    Adversarial narratives toward Trump by the msm could also be 4D chess. Trump would not necessarily still be in power were he part of the club because then the patriot narrative would have floundered when he wasn’t able to stop the globalist plans. Instead, by robbing him of the election, they solidified his base and neutralized revolt by sustaining the hope that Trump represents – in a sense they bought themselves more time.
    This doesn’t mean that Trump is aligned with the deep state – he has loved ones – there are a myriad of ways supremely evil forces could have undermined him.
    To my thinking it is far more likely he was compromised than deceived.
    He may be under the worst kind of duress.
    This also doesn’t necessarily mean that he is not The Trumpet – the rallying cry for people to stand united in righteous non compliance toward this evil tyranny.
    It is time for patriots to stop waiting on Trump or his advisors who are clearly unwilling OR UNABLE to fight for Americans.

  36. James Hall

    See new Tweets
    Matt Brooks
    When all the dust settles I hope the infidels pay a real prices for all the chaos and problems they’re causing. Actions should have consequences.
    2:10 PM · Jan 3, 2023

  37. stephen c spear

    Always enjoy hearing from Alex. Greg you have not mentioned Clif High lately. Is he doing ok?

  38. Ed Siceloff

    Having watched the NFL player fall upon the field, I have to say that it was identical to watching any number of public speakers, even people gungho about the shot, stumble first then just lose consciousness or die. Right there on the spot. Exactly identical to the 24 year old football player. I’ve been wondering why we have not been seeing this happening on the field.
    I certainly wish him well. I’m impressed with the number of people praying for him immediately. Totally saddened about him, but suddenly, people never thinking about our heavenly Father, suddenly knowing that there is an overarching “someone” they can plead to. I much prefer waking up to our heavenly Father over against the political events. But the “awokeness” of the one quite often follows upon waking up to Father.

  39. Gordon King

    I agree with the article stating: “What they are going to be doing over the coming year is massive numbers of crises and expanding and accelerating existing crises.”

    Sure, many people are waking up to the reality that the Covid injections are killing people and that we are the victims of mass genocide. However, I still believe that the majority of people haven’t taken the Red Pill. Even so, the Global Elite will do even more damage in 2023 than they did in 2022!

    In their minds they have to succeed, and they have the money and power to do it, and they also control the media propaganda machine!

    As a believer in Jesus Christ, I know that we should always be praying for peace and righteousness in the world. But God has a plan, and that plan includes a World takeover! A One World Government, One World Currency, and a One World Religion, all headed by a One World Ruler, the Antichrist! It’s going to happen, and we can’t stop it. That’s what all of this is really all about, it’s setting the stage for the coming Tribulation Period.

    God is warning us of the things to come, He is telling us that both Him and His word are true! It’s ultimately about our salvation and eternal destiny!

    God bless!

  40. Jiminva

    Can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming. The tide is turning…

  41. Glen

    I encourage each of us to entreat our heavenly father to give you/us dreams and visions like the prophets of old.. The bible is not a fairy tale folks. Fervently pray, ask your Heavenly Father for dreams and visions. He will not dissapoint. Be ready. It’s life changing. The Holy Spirit will engage with you and train you to know and hear and trust his voice.

  42. FC

    Greg, why is it that you don’t have any bad advisers or Alex, have any bad advisers, in fact why doesn’t any of your guests have any bad advisers? And yet Trump does.

    He said “I could shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters” but instead he allowed the shootings of millions and lost only a few voters. All this because of bad advisers? I’m not buying it.

    The quote by Jean Rostand comes to mind “Kill a man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone and you are God.”

    • Greg Hunter

      I really don’t want to post this, but I am going to for expanding perspective. I do not think Trump was in on the genocide.

      • FC

        Thank you for doing so. It’s only my opinion, being it right or wrong.

  43. Paul Smith

    The only way I think the Deep State can escape their kill-shot responsibility is to stage or launch a nuke at Russia in hopes that Russia retaliates. If that happens everything will be suspended and the criminal psychopaths get what they want.

  44. Christine Bloom

    EXCELLENT ….. How about a conversation concerning what is being mixed with medication pills ? Should we now trust what is mixed with medications we have have taken for years including now? How about people being pressured to …flavor…real water with so called enhanced tasting water? What ever happened to “REAL”water? Look to the sky ….. COVID 19 dumped in the air…we breathe in along with any mixed other chemicals in rain, snow and ice…..well…may God bless all of you,….us … and a special asking of God for you Greg and your family I take a deep bow. You are a hero Greg thank you… also thank you Alex Newman… now that you are in my radar for truth and wisdom

  45. Jeff Kindley

    Actually, the battle against Satan has already been won through Jesus. I have found when you invoke His name they scatter like roaches when you turn the lights on. It is our right and our duty as Christians to take dominion over this earth. There really is power in Christ. He gave us that power to use against the enemy. As the Bible says we do not war against flesh and blood but against principalities.

    • Phil

      Lets continue to shine the light of truth upon the perverted “vampires” in Washington AC/DC and the Fed – although “the sunlight of truth” can harm these vampires – “only silver can actually kill them dead” – this is why silver is hated so much by the vampires in Washington and the Fed (hated even more then gold) – perhaps because (unlike gold) silver has been known since ancient times to be antibiotic (and silver’s anti-vampire utility may well have been inspired by its “garlic-like abilities”) – to understand just how much the “vampires in Washington and the Fed” hate silver – all you have to do is look at silver’s price high in 1980 compared to gold’s price high in 1980 (in 1980 silver got as high as $50 dollars per ounce and gold got as high as $800 dollars per ounce) – today – we find the gold price to be “more then double its 1980 high” – yet for silver “It Is Down By Half” – silver’s price should be more then double its 1980 high right now (just like gold is now $1840 per ounce) – but – the vampires in Washington and the Fed know if silver was allowed to do as well as gold – it would kill their plans for a “digital dollar” (and one ounce of silver would be at least $115 dollars per ounce “Right Now”)!!!

  46. DEE K.

    Greg, thanks for another great interview with Alex Newman. Just watched trailer of a new documentary would be great if you could get an interview with the film maker of this documentary.

  47. Johnny Sic

    TAR & FEATHERS recipe :
    Apply liberal amounts of thinned down tar. Thin with 89 octane. Add faux feathers because they are made with petrol and actually burn. Real feathers do not burn well. Attach a stake to the ground and a chain to the foot of the treasonous scoundrel. Put some octane on the ground, a lit cigarette in the mouth, then wait for the cigarette to drop on the octane. You have 5 minutes until the barbecue is ready.

    Get the steaks prepared for grilling.

  48. Dave

    Kevin McCarthy – stinker of the house

  49. Dave

    Trump strongly endorsing McCarthy today and criticizing Gaetz and the other 19 tells you something. His bashing of pro-lifers for the election loss and his celebration of gay marriage are red flags. Lila Rose and other pro-lifers shot back. Rose warned Trump he is losing his Christian support. I don’t think Trump cares. He is part of the uni-party. He will run 3rd party in 2026. That is part of the plan. It would fracture the GOP and could leaf to major Democrat gains. THe Dems want the House and Senate and to eliminate the filibuster in order to pack the Court. A progressive Court will dismantle constitutional rights like owning guns and religious freedom.

    Trump’s endorsement of McCarthy comes just as rumors are McCarthy may work with Democrats to get the Speakership if he can’t win with GOP votes. AOC inadvertently let that out yesterday.

  50. johnny sic

    ALL OF YOU…..

    I sent to Greg, a few years ago, a very nice collector coin, dandelion in color. If you have never donated here, it is high time you do so.

    He never asks for money and you know he works hard.

  51. Won Witness

    Please all,
    let’s remember to support Greg’s sponsers and Greg’s site.
    So important to support those who have helped get the truth out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Won for saying this!

  52. Ken

    According to Patrick Wood author of four books about technocracy and owner of the web site Technocracy news & trends that Elon Musk’s grandfather was one of the top movers of technocracy in Canada during the 1930’s. The Canadian authorities were putting pressure on this movement as they were way too close to the Nazi’s or Communists in effect. Do to this pressure Musk’s grandfather moved to South Africa started a family and was very much alive as Elon grew up. Trust Elon not a chance but in the meantime enjoy the openness at Twitter.

  53. Rich Rozmarn

    Greg this is scary stuff that is coming out with more data on the vaccines. This massage therapist does craniosacral massage and can tell when someone is vaccinated.

  54. Shiloh1

    Trump endorsement of McCarthy = nice knowing you, Trump, have a great retirement, and say hello to Jimmy Carter for me!

  55. Linda

    That’s a huge NO to McCarthy. I don’t care if Trump backs him. He backed McConnell too. Chinese drones are flying around DC because they have taken over DC.

  56. Mike Reid

    The people who believe that there are too many people on the planet should lead by example and commit suicide starting with Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and George Soros and all of their flying monkeys. These are the true enemies of humanity.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Mike!

  57. Catherine

    Have you ever seen a caged wild animal?. Would you ever walk into that cage with it or open the door to release it.?
    Absolutely not. You would have to shoot it because either you die or it dies? Not even a question is it?
    Well the democrats new world order brats and psychopaths are in that cage and their backs are against the wall.
    So what would you as their prey do? Walk in? Open their cage? Or just shoot them? I wonder what you would choose because I think it’s setting up that way.

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg and Mr. Newman. Nice sum up of what most here have seen coming for years. A culmination of different aspects of devolution now seemingly coming together at one time with the greatest of odds … if not for being LONG PLANNED?
    Yet, the multitude of sheeple of the world are still asleep. or distracted or mis-directed by the FOX’es, MSM, AND LLM and complicity of the world gov’t puppets and stay behind force of their individual nations un-elected/appointed SES.
    Can only imagine the ‘rolling eyes’ of millions listening to this report and their labeling those of us listening here on USAWD…and this message as ‘CON-SPIRICY’ theory! as the WORLD currencys are all collapsing, most all nations are floating in debt, the world energy and food supplies and supply chains are also collapsing…right along with the collapse of morals, ethics, faith in ‘re-legions’…and the increase in strive between every wedge identity – culture, race, ethnicity, class, age, gender, political wing, etc.
    then…added to the increasing dis-ability to assemble and communicate…and speak freely…’they’ now incessantly change the meanings of and definitions of…the very words used themselves…as they ‘mask up’ the people to even cover the ‘inflections’ and physical signaling of the intent of what a person sees in another’s face…no frowns or smilies allowed…as we now learn to ‘short-hand’ near encrypted text spelling, and use of emojis to near hieroglyphic symbolism…all as we attempt to erase, mis-represent, re-write the historical records.
    All now. just short of all the many sub-groups scream of the insanity of it all, and about ready to run in untold and numbered directions as the world sheeple scatter to the winds of ill-content like the days of BABLE!
    All while the people and their ‘representatives’ cannot define even a man or woman, or what the words….SHALL and SHALL NOT…and INFRINGED means and they squabble of Slaughterhouse RULES over votes for the Speaker of the House, when they long ago stopped passing LAWS…and replaced those with ACTS. Edicts ARE different from Laws passed by Republics, of Congresses that tolerate majority party rule -over the wishes of The People that ‘supposedly now’ people voted for them to go to D.C. to ‘represent’ their needs and desires NOT smoky cigar- scotch smelly back room dealings… Only fools would continue to allow themselve to be ‘led’ by such people.
    Recent reports are that although the MANDATE to force the jab on the military was repealed…. that does NOT apply to National Guard. Which, should we find ourselves spooling up for a war… how many of those that will then get called up…will be added to the at-risk personnel? Then we have the ‘at risk’ how many Marines which could be compromised further by reduced immune systems because of the jabs in San Deigo and their ‘lawsuits’ over the poor water causing a multitude of health issues for them and their families? NOT a great time for the U.S. using proxies to ‘poke the Russian bear, or the Chinese tiger? All this while we see the west states of WA, OR, and CA deep sea-ports increasingly in the hands of the PROGRESSIVE/Marxists as those same states keep pushing radical anti-2nd Amendment issues to dis-arm the population of the coast…as they also push to defund Constitutional bent police, AND let millions of un-vetted/identified people cross the border and take up residence as the fentanyl kills off more and more U.S. military age youth and curtail the birth rates of their future replacements. One too, does wonder how many coming from down south are/were in the more Marxist/Communist militia of Central-South America like those of FARC who Obama’s crew have given such a pass there and in Cuba = you know the Che poster hangers? Then too – most of the above is not even in the millennial’s mind frame…due to their age…and of course their entrainment in the currect U.S. run indoctrination centers called schools.

  59. Dave

    The McCarthy fiasco is telling. Notice how controlled conservative media from Fox to Salem is strongly backing McCarthy. And Rona McDaniel for RNC chair.

    Hannity, Levin, Hugh Hewitt and almost all national radio hosts are strongly backing Mcarthy and trashing the 20. Hewitt said they need to be primaried and denied committee seats. The same Hewitt who is a huge fan of McConnell and who supported the Omnibus bill as it gave massive additional money to the military and Ukraine. Levin is calling the 20 Putin lovers – he hates that these 20 oppose more aid for Ukraine. McCarthy’s camp floated a lie on Monday that some of the no’s would vote for a Democrat speaker. The lie was repeated by Hannity and Levin (almost on cue). The same Hannity who told his audience there was fraud in 2020 but privately told friends there was not. He was forced to admit that under oath recently. Hannity lies regularly.

    Sadly, there only a couple of dozen non-Deep State House members and even less in the Senate. It is a uni-party and controlled conservative media has been their tool for years to suppress conservatives. It’s priceless to see folks from Hewitt to Gingrich squealing. as their true selves are revealed.

  60. Armando M.

    Thank you and Alex for another great and good informative report.
    This is very important but I don’t know if it’s old news but I will pass it on. My friend at work was off sick with covid. He got a phone prescription for a “covid medicine” from his doctor. He said it made him and his wife feel worse (his words). He subsequently requested an antibiotic and steroid but the doctor said because of the first medication he couldn’t give him the antibiotic and said his inhaler had the steroid in it. He “recovered” but is weak and says his breathing is still not back to normal.
    Here is the very intersection part. The medication he was given is Paxlovid from Pfizer. It’s an emergency Use Authorization drug and is not approved by the FDA (from their website). This drug is the oral version of the vaccine. My friend wasn’t vaxxed and didn’t want to be. He said he wouldn’t have taken it if he had known. Whoever sees this please beware of what they are doing.
    Thank you and God bless you,

  61. Son Of Ethan Allen

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This country belongs to We the People, ad we ae taking it back.
    Zero tolerance for tyranny. Those who do not fight tyranny, are complicit with it. No kneeling. My opinion. Click my name, thank you.

  62. Count de Monet

    I’m surprised the 201 RINOs don’t all vote for the DEM Jeffries,
    since the RINOs and DEMS are two peas in a pod, joined at the hip.

  63. iwitness02

    Read on Twitter that Mike Huckabee says that SCOTUS will hear the Brunson case probably on Friday Jan. 6.
    I notice that Marjorie Taylor Green and Trump both are sounding a little different these days. Both are for McCarthy. I read that McCarthy has lost a fourth vote and that there will be a fifth vote now.
    If the Supreme Court cancels the credentials of 388 politicians, as a result of the Brunson case, it seems to me that would be a death blow to the Beast System. It would not die in a single day, but would certainly die from its mortal wound. I don’t think the Beast System could repair itself quick enough to survive.
    These are exciting times in a morbid sort of way. Exciting, because we all have skin in the game. The outcome will affect all of us one way or another.

  64. LonBell

    Deep State Mafia scores major victory as Covid Mandates Return, Lockdowns next? | Redacted News Started streaming 31 minutes ago
    If not live, you can jump ahead! Don’t have to wait.
    Covid mandates are making a big comeback despite scientific evidence showing they don’t work and actually make things worse. The deep state scored two victories overnight in two separate lawsuits, and journalist Whitney Webb joins us to discuss. Matt Taibi just dropped the next round of Twitter files showing just how far the government will go to silence journalists.

  65. Jackie Pollock

    The truth is out now. There is massive amounts of evidence. This was pre-meditated. Donald Trump needs to come out and admit he was duped along with many others and he made a mistake with promoting the “vaccine.” If Trump does not, he will not be viable for the 2024 election in my opinion. All of what Alex Newman is saying is 100% true and many many people now are wakening up to what was pulled over on the American people and the entire world. How are all these sports people and celebrities and paid promoters and ordinary average citizens going to handle this killing deception as it clearly shows its evil results in growing large numbers??
    Thank you Greg for your powerful info packed interview with top-notch Alex Newman!
    Jackie from Texas

  66. Patricia

    TWO “journalistes extraordinaires”: Alex Newman and Greg Hunter 🙂 Many thanks to you both for all your excellent work, enlightening insight and great dedication!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Patricia, for the kind words.

  67. Patricia Hough

    I hope and pray that my own relatives, who are still defending these bio weapons, will wake up to the truth. They are so far, unreachable.

    • Greg Hunter

      They all need Ivermectin ASAP.

  68. Justn Observer

    Greg, HOW can this NOT BE reported on MSM , LLM, AND FOX – =

    well, we do really know don’t we! AND we know ‘they’ are LOSING the narrative because of USAWD and ALT MEDIA….that is the WHY of the assault against alt media social network…BECAUSE – all new information based advances caused the same reaction, it afforded the people knowledge. Much like not ‘allowing’ slaves to learn to read or write…so ‘they’ could control the message and use propaganda as a weapon to keep their deplorables they ruled over in the dark!

    A good listen on their LOSS of control of the MEDIA MATRIX time and again due to information sharing technology ‘they’ now are in a fight to suppress =

  69. Roadmap

    No, the court will not convict. The entire system is CORRUPT. Those who pushed the clot shots will never acknowledge accountability or responsibility. Why should people think so when the Mongol hordes have not been held accountable or responsible for unleashing the WuhNguyen pandemic and Hispanic Illegals are freely over the border?
    We live in a demoralized world where perpetrators are being protected and breeded when law abiding people are fewer in numbers.
    The Constitution tells us the next step…from the people.

    • Greg Hunter

      You sure about that?

  70. TKO

    The FBI has made Zero arrests in the 200+ attacks on churches following SCOTUS overturning Roe vs Wade. The FBI has done nothing to interrupt Antifa-BLM command and financial structure in 2-1/2 years since nationwide rioting.

    it was Donald Trump promoted Christopher Wray into the FBI Director’s job.

    Greg Hunter needs to pull his head out of the false prophet Mark Taylor and repent for blasphemy. Trump is NOT anointed. He pushes vax, 5G, LGBTQP and appoints satanic pedos.

  71. Tim Gibson

    I live in ontario canada. I know next to no-one who has woke up. Mask wearing alive and well here. I see around the world that people are waking up. Just not here. cheers tim

  72. Robert Crotty

    There is approximately 54 million square miles of land on the earth and we’re told we’re running out of land. Mind you there are 640 acre’s in a square mile. There’s a lot of resources on this planet unused still.

    • Nika

      I remember driving through, Nevada and Utah. I made a mental note to myself, because I would not see a person or any kind of building for 50 miles at one time.

  73. Neil Johnson

    What we are seeing is an actual insurrection. McCarthy has moved into the office illegally, way more defiant than the tourists two years ago on Jan 6th.

    Love that they have held out for 6 votes. Hold the line, show the world their true hearts, if they don’t vote for any of the other Republicans you know what will happen.

    They (the swamp) will spare no quarter, that is for sure. If anyone expects them to play nice, they are not prepared for what is coming.

    Lord, we look to you for guidance and help, we are nothing and can do nothing without your grace. You are in control. TYL No need to worry. It’s not the first corrupt governance on this earth, for sure.

  74. Cry Me a Ruble

    God bless the Magnificent Twenty standing up to the Uni-party. McCarthy is a sell out just like the rest of the rinos. There must be a starting point to take our country back. This is it. We The People should and will have a say in Washington D.C.

  75. Randall Maxwell

    Men can’t preach anything other than subjective truth and pseudo-science of men Jer. 10:23. Only, the Spirit of God knows the mind of God 1 Cor. 2:11! Christ preached supernatural objective truth and objective science! “Let Theos be true and every man a liar” Rom. 3:4.
    The Lord hid His face, power, glory, majesty, and Bible. He gave, us a strong delusion so that for the last 1680 years, we could not understand the bitter truth that Satan, the man of sin, was ruling over us with the insanity of Gnostic preaching. He claimed we could be “sound” of preachers as Christ Himself and give to the world bibles and religions Rom. 5:12-21; Gen. 2:17-4:12; 2 Thess. 2:1-11.
    The Lord promised that He alone would be sanctified and glorified in the Kingdom of Heaven Lev. 10:3. This means, in part, no preaching of men! All the world will be silent before Him in the Kingdom Hab. 2:20. No preaching of men! At the first coming of the Lord, He wielded the Sword of the Spirit along with His destroyer – space weather, along with His Gnostic messengers Rom. 13:4 to consume all the ways of men Isa. 29:6; Dan. 2:44; 2 Pet. 3; Rev. 6, 8; Dan. 2:44; Matt. 27:54. He claimed that He was the way, the truth, and the life, that His burden was light and easier to bear than the burdens of the preaching of men. He claimed all authority, that one faith Christianity, from Him, was superior to all of the religions and preaching of men Hebrews! He claimed to be the righteous judge without a beam in His eyes and taught that we are not to judge other men even if all we ever did wrong was committed adultery in our hearts! The religious world hated and murdered Him, and they will hate you too if you believe Christ has all authority and we should love our neighbors and enemies as ourselves, because it robs Gnostic men of their authority to judge, abuse, manipulate and control and rule over men. Preaching the gospels and faith systems of men silences the GOOD NEWS about the kingdom, that only Christ can preach Matt. 4:23! Men do not want to lose their places and positions as religious leaders John 11:48. We can’t murder Christ, but we can try to outpreach Him, but the Lord will only allow it for 40 more years because the perfect preacher is back in the last days or end times of the ways of men Heb. 1:2!

  76. Nika

    I believe Matt Gaetz, or Marjorie Taylor Green would make a Very good Speaker of the House. Matt is still young, but his “fire” makes him a GOP leader in the House!

  77. Minerva

    With Birx coming out and saying she knew the vaccines were ineffective, why wasn’t there a massive outcry at that time? And I have to wonder why all the major cable channels suspended all news to cover the Damar story. This was unprecedented. His injury was tragic, but why would these major cable channels do what they did for a football player in a sport that always suffers terrible injuries? The whole thing was surreal, especially since the news coverage tried so hard to make it anything but a vaccine injury. None of this was normal.

    • Steve Bice

      Agreed Minerva. Surreal indeed. Looks like they were trying to get out in front of the story because they knew a firestorm was coming…

      • Minerva

        Thank you! I thought I was the only one who saw this.

  78. John Duffy

    Forget about overpopulation, pretty soon there won’t be enough people to fill all the jobs. Every couple has to average 2.3 children to just keep the population stable. Every western country averages way below that. In Italy most small towns are in precipitous decline because nobody has children anymore. Even the birthrate in Africa is falling. Also there is evidence that most people who are jabbed are sterile, not to mention all the increases in stillbirths. Children used to be called a great gift from God. Think what a slap in the face all the millions of abortions are to Him. We are about to reap what we have sown.

    • Nika

      Yes, I have read that 60 Million black babies, have been aborted, since the inception of Roe vs. Wade. That should be a heartache for blacks!?

    • Nika

      You forgot to mention China. China wants to take this Giant Economic leap forward over the USA, however the CCP screwed themselves with the one child policy for 30 years. I read that, if the Chinese parents determined that their child, was a girl, most Chinese parents would abort the girl!
      So, the article continued to say, there are about 76 million young Chinese men that have never seen a young Chinese woman. Sounds crazy, but that’s what the article said! If that is true, then the CCP (Chinese Communists) screwed themselves concerning their idealistic, ideas on World Economic Domination!

  79. Steve Bice

    Re: Demar Hamlin Incident

    As noted in an earlier post regarding the protection offered by shoulder pads, here’s the “official” version in an excerpt from the NFL Chief Medical Officer:

    “They will also look specifically at the role of protective equipment. I think that’s something that certainly we want to look at,” he said. “We do know that padding over the sternum can be protective to blows in situations where commotio cordis is a consideration, so that is something that certainly will be discussed.”

    “Currently, players’ shoulder pads typically fit in an area that covers the sternum, he said.”

    It will be interesting to see if the NFL will be true to its word and investigate EVERY POSSIBLE cause. Fingers crossed…

    • Nika

      Football fans are asking for Joy Behar to be fired, for her negative comments aganist conservative football fans, concerning the on-the-field heart attack of Damar Hamlin.

  80. John Duffy

    To All NFL Players: READ THIS

    You all saw Monday night.

    Now maybe its unrelated. But maybe its not. I cannot accurately put odds on that; nobody can at this point so any such attempt is a guess.


    How many of you are are marginal players? You know, you got signed but you’re not superstars. You know it too. I know, everyone puffs their chest, but if you got a lower-end deal or were a not-so-first round draft you know that’s what happened.

    Spend $1,000 of your own money and no, not any team-approved or affiliated NFL doc either. Pay a qualified independent cardiac specialist.

    Go get a troponin test and a cardiac MRI looking specifically for LGE.

    If you come positive for damage on either or both go get a lawyer to tell your club to either fork up the entirety of your contract balance, in cash, right now and release you from all further obligation or you’re going to sue the living crap out of both the club and the NFL for coercing you to do what you have every reason to believe caused that condition and which makes you unfit to play.

    Remember, in civil court you only need to prove “more likely than not” and the jury pool all saw the thud Monday night on national television just like you did.

    If you find nothing, you find nothing. That’s good news, right?  Nobody wants to thud on the field — or in their house.

    You have the money and for you, its not a lot of money.

    Tell nobody until you have the tests run; if they’re negative consider it a moderate night out on the town that reassured you that you’re no more likely to die of the suddenly than any random person who is walking down the street.

    You do want to know, right?

    It’s not very expensive to find out.

  81. tim mcgraw

    I received my 500 Ivermectin tablets from India on Christmas morning in the mail. It was wrapped in a pink package. Cost me about $125. But it takes some work to deal with the folks at India Mart. And some shipments don’t get through customs is my guess.

    Due to my recent hip surgery, I don’t get out there in public anymore. I have no idea what people believe or don’t anymore. I’m beginning not to care.

    Thanks for the interview.

  82. Prospector

    Great interview, Alex nails it all and so correct that their plans are out in the open if people will just SEEK it. I was lucky enough to be ‘ Red Pilled ‘ years before that became slang for being awake to the PSYOPS. Dr. Robert Malone recent substack is on 5th Generation Warfare , the mind war that leads to ‘ Mass Formation Psychosis ‘.
    ” Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars ” is an eye opener too , as is a short you tube video called
    ” Ghosts In The Machine ” – US Army recruiting ad for PSYOPS division. Go look !

    A very important book , non – fiction, is Aldous Huxley’s ” Brave New World Revisited ”
    He covers much of what we see now. Babies ‘ grown ‘ outside the womb, Techno Zombies / mass distraction and subliminal programming. Its all there.
    A Glitch in the Matrix woke me up. While watching a music video, with mildly disturbing images, it ended and the screen want black a few seconds. Then for less than 1/2 a second the word ” PAIN ” flashed on screen and was gone. It was not an official part of the video nor was it followed by an aspirin commercial. I think I was a subliminal underlayment to suggest to young viewers to escape that ” PAIN ” somehow.
    ( Drugs ? / Other ? ) Make population weak and dumb = silent weapons. It fits.

    I jumped up, ran to the bookshelf and re-read Huxleys book section on ” Subliminals + The Arts Of Persuasion ” , and then I knew .

    ( Most important part, I had prayed to GOD for discernment not long before this. )

  83. francis reps

    Alex Newman is absolutely correct about Demonic Forces working to destroy Humanity. Alex Newman and many others still have faith in the motives and objectives of Donald Trump. This is to be expected considering the public appeal of president Trump. During the early years of the Soviet Union ; an Organization called the “Trust” purportedly worked against the Soviets ; with financing from the free world. Just the opposite was true. It is possible that this sort of situation is currently in operation. Just look at how many decent people were taken in by the Covid narrative. I think we might “also” want to consider that a Back Channel “Warning” has come from the Russian Federation { which backs and endorses the Brunson Lawsuit } for the USA Government { both parties and most Agencies ; to Clean up their act ; or suffer irreparable damage.

  84. i: a man; travis

    What did God command: be fruitful and…….?

  85. Frank

    Why is Trump supporting the RINO & WEF-approved McCarthy for House Speaker?

    Why is Trump still so popular amongst so-called ‘patriots’?

    How many more excuses will Trumpers make for the NYC Liberal Democrat who conned them in 2016?

  86. Katherine Hine

    Brilliant analysis. Those who don’t understand the vastness and natural wealth of the planet also seem to ignore the “messiness” of “population reduction” and they do this with their inane euphemisms for what is plainly mass murder. But they are too dishonest to say so openly and take great umbrage at those who call murder what it is. Now, what I really wanted to add to these journalists’ Godly analysis is to point out the blind spot I heard during the broadcast and which most of us, for good reason, have as to the “legal” solution. I think I can speak on that because I was an attorney for 40+ years, before finally resigning in disgust in 2019. I too once believed that injustice could be remedied in the so-called “courts” and corporate grand juries. It cannot be. The lawful solution lies in implementing the law of God through the people’s common law courts and grand juries. For more information on how ordinary Ohioans are doing just that by using common law under God to obtain judgment against Ohio’s jab murderers, which we did back in 2021, check out Plaster v. DeWine in the Docket section of the Court website: Others throughout these sovereign state republics can do their version of what we did as well and I am more than willing to assist.

  87. Marie Joy

    THE most easily led, easily controlled, naive demographic is white women. Damn.

  88. JP412


    “I wonder why every major media outlet immediately claimed the vax did not hurt that NFL player”

    Urgent warning from Geert Vanden Bossche, PHD and independent vaccine researcher, about Covid-19 jabbing children…

    • Steve Bice

      Thanks so much for posting, JP.

      Geert warned from the beginning not to vaccinate into the middle of a rapidly mutating coronavirus pandemic. We are now seeing immune dysregulation and possilble ADE.

      A damaged immune system makes every disease more dangerous…including the aggressive and recurrent cancers reported by Ryan Cole, M.D (pathologist) and others.

      He has never waivered in his warnings about the dangers in spite of withering criticism. The impacts of widespread immune dysregulation may well manifest in a way that can no longer be ignored in 2023.

      It could get ugly…and that’s not even considering the rising tide of adverse and potentially deadly side effects.

  89. Nika

    The 20 Maga Americans in the House, are fighting For the Rights of ignored American People. Though, they are small in number, the Maga Americans, jumped right into the narrow gap, just like the 300 Spartans that battled King Xerses’s 10,000 man Persian Army in the Battle of Thermopylae. The Spartans were, fighting defending, the Western Civilization Way of Life vs. the Middle Easterans. While the Maga’s are fighting for the Return of Power to the American People!
    The Deep Staters must be panicked by this action. The Deep Staters, thought they were completely in Charge! However, Surprise, Surprise, like Gomer Pyle use to say!
    The Maga’s, are hopefully, forcing McCarthy to concede a Lot! Meanwhile, the 200 Republicans that are ready, willing and able to vote for McCarthy are re-evaluating their reasons for doing so!

  90. Dave McEwen

    Hi Greg,
    It’s been a while since you’ve interviewed Clif High – wondering if he’s on your call back list.
    Thanks for all you do to present interesting people every week.

  91. Nika

    Democratic Senator Bob Casey announced he has prostrate cancer. He will have Surgery and get rid of it.
    Democratic Senator Stabenow announced she will not seek re-election in 2024. She is chairman of the Agricultural Committee.
    Democratic Senator Jamie Raskin announced he has a serious form of Cancer, but it’s curable.

  92. Matt

    The Ukraine event is a Hollywood production wargame. Zero people have died from this event. If you have military experience you would know all the videos are staged. The Ukraine has elaborate Hollywood style studios and the actor Zelinskyy owns one. All the billions of taxpayer dollars are funding the Brick Road Initiative in that area, as well as all the enities that participated in this hoax.

    It’s not real, 100% fake and I wish Greg would expose this. You would get more viewers that if you continue to go along with the charade.

  93. carra nicki

    Sadly, most of the people I know are on their 4th shot. Fortunately, no one has died. However, they have all had covid 3-4 times and are sick with one thing or another. These people are not waking up at all. I am not seeing people waking up? The news is out but they are not hearing it.

    Regarding DJT, He gave us the shot, the lock downs, he chose Pence, Barr, Wray, Bolton, Amarosa, his attorney Michael Cohen, etc. He walked into too many traps. If he runs in 2024 that is when the Dems will acknowledge the damage done by the shot and they will blame it on Trump.

    • Greg Hunter


    • Chris

      Carra, unfortunately I am not seeing much evidence of waking up either- about Covid, or anything else. A dear friend told me yesterday she got her fourth shot. When I asked in disbelief why, given that I have shown her stacks of evidence as to what the shots are doing to people’s immune systems, and how they open the way for grievous harm, (she’s had two bouts of Covid already), she said she had to, if she wanted to travel. To a place that still requires vaccination evidence, apparently. You can’t help stupid is all I can say. I am sure there are people waking up from the hypnotic trance they have been in these few years past, but will it become a critical mass soon? Without that tipping point, where the majority knows they’ve been deliberately poisoned, and acts, change will not occur. Because most people are cowards or too self-interested to want to stand up and be counted. I actually think the change will come from the people of China rather than any Western people.

      • carra

        Hi Chris,
        I agree with you. I am hearing at this late date 22/23 the reason for the shots & boosters are travel, work, school (NY) and I believe my doctor. They have not waivered at all with all the evidence out there they have not waivered. I’m in shock.
        Stay safe.

  94. Joseph Boudreau

    As a Canadian, I believe the U.S.A. is our last bastion of hope. I have faith in America because I know that the majority of Americans love their country. I grew up at Niagara Falls. I’ve seen tens of thousands of American tourists come visit Niagara and I personally know that deep down in their hearts, Americans are good people.
    America is where it all begins. God Bless America!

  95. Steve

    Thank you Greg for speaking the truth. I love your guests and passion for speaking the truth. I especially respect the fact the you came over from the dark side CNN. God bless from Canada

  96. The Rev.

    Happy New Year everyone! It’s going to be an Exciting one for Christians. God has been impressing on me to have patience. As a Christian, you know God has it all under control. We have it on the authority of His Holy Word. So I’m getting as close to God as I possibly can, preparing, and finally sitting back and watching the fireworks. By the way, our God will NOT be mocked. Those who break His Commandments will be punished, period. Look at history.

    Our God is about to move in MIGHTY ways through MIRACLES and yes, through many of you, His chosen ones. For example, He is working now through Mr. Greg Hunter to help you get prepared. God will straighten this whole mess out. So get EXCITED with me. Anticipate. Pray each and every day. Next, pray some more. Wow! Look up, your redemption draweth nigh.

    Bottom line is, Jesus will have your back no matter what you go through. Praise God!!!!! and Hallelujah!!!!!!

  97. Jeff

    That tennis player that they deported last year, is back in Australia, THIS VERY MOMENT, PLAYING TENNIS.

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