Desperate Push for Nuke Deal, Economic Warning Signs, GOP Debate, California on Fire

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 202 8.7.15) 

Congress is in recess, but that is not stopping President Obama to continue to push Democrats in both houses in Congress to vote yes in the deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program. The President surely knows it will be voted down by the Republicans and many Democrats in the House and Senate. The only question: Will the President have enough votes to sustain a veto? It is a foregone conclusion that the deal will be voted down and the President will veto it. If his veto is not overridden, then the deal will go through. One big problem with getting the votes are the secret side deals that Iran has with UN inspectors. The other problem is that even unclassified information about the deal is not being released by the White House to the public. If it were such a great deal, why so secret, which is the same thing I said about the Republican sponsored secret trade deal called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). It will all come down to a veto or a veto override.

Plenty of economic warning signs out there such as this warning from ADP, the payroll company. The unemployment rate would be around 23% if it were calculated the way it was by the government in 1994 and earlier. The stock market has taken about a 900 point fall since its peak in May. Gregory Mannarino of said the market had peaked about that time. He is a regular guest on Also, in the stock decline are some big names such as Disney and Apple. Oil and commodities are also under extreme pressure right along with the Chinese stock market. Dr. Marc Faber said recently that the U.S. stock market could take a 40% plunge. Then there was this story in USA Today, and the headline said “JPMorgan Tops U.S., International Bank Risk List.” I thought, why they are printing a headline like this now? USA Today has been cramming the so-called recovery story down our throats for years. JPMorgan topping the list of risky banks does not sound like we are heading for a recovery.

California is on fire, and the drought conditions are not getting any better. There are reportedly two dozen wild fires burning in California. There are also reports of so-called “dry thunderstorms,” meaning lots of wind and lightning but very little rain. In March, NASA estimated that California has about a year’s worth of water left. I am not seeing many reports of rain there or in most places out west. It’s very ominous, and it is not getting better—at all.

The Presidential debates for the GOP were held, and to that I say great. We’re 14 months away from the November election. I thought FOX News was smart in creating two debates so all candidates could be seen and heard. I think the debates are as much about the Vice Presidential candidate as who is running for President. There is not going to be two Anglo white guys on the GOP ticket this fall. Not going to happen. The top picks for the VP position, if they do not get the nomination, are Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Jindal and Fiorina. I think the bigger story is the total lack of debates for the Democrats. There are several candidates that are and probably will run for the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton has many problems and baggage that is not getting resolved. One big problem is the FBI investigation into her emails and how classified documents were handled. I still say the Democrats should consider some other candidates. Hillary is not going to make it.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Zoren Sonash

    Great weekly news wrap up Greg
    I like your final note about Cecil the lion, HaHaHaHaHa
    All the best

  2. Scotland Forever

    Greg, you said there is not going to be two Anglo white guys on the GOP ticket this fall.

    Think about it, we only have half an Anglo now in the strictest sense of the word.
    Obomber’s heritage; Kenyan/English, Biden 100% Irish. Half an Anglo’s better than no Anglo if yer a racist, or a Limey and in the very strictest sense of the race most so called Anglo’s are probably as Norman as Sir Guy of Gisbourne, who’s prodigy live just outside Melbourne. Florida that is, dinky die!

    • Paul from Indiana

      If “yer” a racist, half an Anglo is no Anglo. Best always. PM

  3. alex kincaid ross

    Your readers will agree with me I am sure , you do such a great job putting the good word out , if the self interested pollies in Washington applied themselves to doing their jobs with only half the dedication you have , we wouldnt be anywhere near the mess we are in.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alex.

    • Chip

      I’ll second that… Chip

  4. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    The powers that be behind Obama want that deal, and they will get it by whatever mean. The same powers want take away the superpower title from USA meaning, the USA may became a third world country overnight and probably fall apart in weeks.
    About the bubbles, the Chinese was engineered by the US banks and also popped by them. Well the Chinese reaction was the hacking of the stock-exchanges and other objects. And it is far from over, because they will crash the COMEX and LBMA simply by demanding the PM’s from futures market. Which combined with market plunge will lead to a financial calamity.
    BTW the headline about JP Morgan was the PTB’s doing (these behind Obama).
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  5. Patrick

    Epic report Greg. I had some overtime last week. Check the mail next Friday.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Patrick.

  6. David

    Done, done, and done! Another great week Greg. Really looking forward to your interview next week with Bill Holter. Warmest regards.

  7. Donna

    Spent the summer of 1958 in San Diego in a naval village for military dependents called Eniwetok. Remember walking down the streets picking almonds off the sidewalk, apricots and all manner of fruit trees lining the streets. No funny uncles, no serial killers. Could roam the naval village all day long with my little sister.

    Then there was Disneyland, I believe, the second year of their existence. Traveling north through vineyards, the Japanese gardens and the wharf of San Francisco. Touring the Capistrano Mission, Knott’s Berry Farm, Marineland. Eating dinner on a ship surrounded by military. A dream world.

    Then came the 1960’s, the hippies, the socialists, and here California is today, a state in decline in all ways. I see the people of that state eventually bailing eastward, libs and illegals, like a swarm of killer bees.

    VP picks? I guess I could settle for anyone you mentioned other than Rubio. Rubio is a political creature and nothing more, the type that will hang around DC to the end of his days. A good old financial collapse will be the end of the PC foolishness. Tired of lawyers, lib women, group pandering.

    The Pope, by the way, is reaching out to Matt Damon and Oprah to help him put one over on the flock. I remember how Oprah sold the evil doer in the WH to a gullible public. How is that panning out?

    Looking forward to the interview with Bill Holter. Heard him this week on CTM. Charles Coppes just gave an interview that lasted over 4 hours with 150 plus slides. Coppes gives you a hammer speech wrapped in velvet. He could tell you the theater is on fire without creating a stampede. Always wraps up his interviews with a soulful and hopeful message. Wouldn’t even know who he was if not for this site.

  8. Russ

    Good wrap-up Greg. Late breaking is that Senator Schumer (D-NY) is voting No on the Iran Nuke deal — not good for misters O and K. Schumer could take some other D support with him. We can only hope.

    I watched both debates last night and Carly Fiorina did extremely well. Trump was Trump, thin skinned and doesn’t take criticism well. The field imo did very well, no major gaffes, but Trump was Trump. The next debate will be very interesting.

    The Hillary email server being looked at by FBI is a criminal investigation; that’s what the FBI does. I agree that HRC is done, but just she doesn’t know it yet. It would not surprise me to find that Mr O told his AG to turn the FBI loose and let the investigation go where the evidence leads. With no one covering her butt on this National Security issue, she’s just an indictment away from cutting a deal and an ankle bracelet. Then Biden enters the Democrat race and he doesn’t have to deal with HRC.

  9. K long

    Hey Greg
    I wish people out there could address the future so to say
    The world is changing fast and is gonna change faster
    The government had become obsolete
    Wall Street is obsolete
    But they all think they are still players
    Really stupid if you ask me
    They don’t realize everything everything has changed
    Do you have anyone that can talk to that

    • Paul from Indiana

      There’s nothing more dangerous than a government desperate to survive. At this point, our government exists solely to perpetuate itself. That’s the heart of our problems. Best always. PM

  10. Jeff


    isn’t this just an bad agreement? its not an actual treaty is it? I’m hoping it can be broken at some point. Too much is being dictated to us. When does treason of our country become the discussion of the day?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Since 1971 when the gold “window” closed. Some say 1913 and Bretton Woods. Regardless, our economy, and therefore our politics, became a lie. Best always. PM

  11. Willard Ferch

    This is no longer a Christian nation, according to our “king”. Did any of the candidates espouse the goal of striving to bring this country back to the real Kingdom? If someone wants to learn the future, read Proverbs 1:20-33. That prophecy is ours, and any nation’s to which it would apply. We and Israel are the only ones I can think of, and that is exactly where we are. Fiddlin

    • susan

      Yes! Very good, Willard. Might have to include that in next Sunday’s sermon.

  12. stephen wight

    Some more great news from Iran

    • Mr. Reason

      Why does this HAVE to be a Christian Nation???
      Christians do NOT have a monopoly on morals and ethics!
      How about a Sane Nation where the brain washing by religion is kept to a ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. Can’t we let people live in peace without bashing their brains out with whatever version of the bible you imagine is the only word of god?
      People are basically good, but organized religion make them into fanatical lunatics. It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Jew, Muslim or whatever. Good people are taught to kill other good people because of religion.
      Let’s stop killing in the name of god, because I’m sure he hates that! And so do all other sane people not brain washed by religion.

      • Charles H.

        Mr. Reason,

        For one – people are NOT inherently, or ‘”basically good”. Lying, stealing, cheating, robbing, raping, killing, war – are what people resort to instead of sacrifice or accepting loss. The disposition to Evil is always the easiest, and usually the most profitable. Applying oneself to virtue, instead of vice, requires maturity, work, and self-sacrifice. How much easier to defraud than to to be honest in the extreme. And given the right environment or circumstances: most people will incline to even killing, or giving wrong medicines KNOWINGLY to patients: so your claim really is false. History is replete with masses mislead to commit atrocities.
        Secondly – America was NEVER truly a ‘Christian nation’. It was FOUNDER upon Christian principles; and worked quite well under them. You are either mis-informed on this point; or you are over-wrought and incorrect.
        You say – Christians do not have a monopoly on morals and ethics. That is quite true – nobody has such a monopoly. This “standard statement of accusation” is a mis-used and worn-out inference to some sort of tyranny it exerts. Nothing is farther from the truth. Christian morals and ethics date back to before Christ – when the Supreme Being and Creator gave Ten Commandments to Moses. So WHY isolate Christians – when the Jews possessed these Hallmarks thousands of years ago?
        Christianity does NOT teach to kill. Other religions may do this – so it is not fair, intellectually or otherwise to lump it in with any other system of belief. Neither does Christianity “brain-wash” anybody. You must be completely ignorant of the qualities and principles of Christianity to suggest that.
        And if you have had your brains bashed out by someone: please find help, medical or otherwise – because your rant doesn’t make any sense at all.

  13. Joey Romanus

    //” In March, NASA estimated that California has about a year’s worth of water left. I am not seeing many reports of rain there or in most places out west. It’s very ominous, and it is not getting better—at all.” //

    A drought upon her waters, and they shall be dried up: because it is a land of idols, and they glory in monstrous things. ~ Jeremias (Jeremiah) 50:38

  14. John Ripic

    Hi Greg
    Enjoy your video updates!
    Who do u think will really get GOP nod?
    We all have had enough bushes and clintons!!!
    I like Trump but the powers to be won’t let it happen… Maybe Huckabee or Walker or a wild card?

    Thanks for the great work!
    GOD bless America!

  15. Cathy

    Thank you again and again!!! One of the very few out there telling us the truth.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Cathy for your kind words and support.

  16. Bud Meyer

    Dear Greg,

    I’ve been thinking about all the negative propaganda regarding gold and how it is the “pet rock”.

    If gold is the equivalent of a pet rock then lets open up fort knox to public tours and conduct a full scale audit of the pet rocks.

    I’m also wondering why anyone thinks the politicians represent the people anymore. The ACA legislation was 2700 pages, which one of our politicians has actually written a book that is 2700 pages. I’m sorry to say this but the politicians don’t matter anymore because we are now living in an OLIGARCHY. Red state Blue state, democrat republican, it’s just a side show to give everyone the illusion of freedom.

    Bud Meyer

  17. Galaxy 500

    A year ago the Ruble was 35 to the dollar, today its at 68.

  18. Chris Horger

    Dear Greg,
    It is obvious you oppose the Iran nuclear agreement that was reached between the P5 plus 1 and Iran. First, of the P5 plus 1 only one nation, Germany is in compliance with the NPT. What does this say about the hypocrisy of holding Iran’s feet to the fire to begin with? The hypocrisy is made even worse when one considers that Israel secrets their own nuclear program with over 200 bombs. How come no sanctions have ever been place on Israel, a country that won’t sign onto the NPT? What can we say about the hypocrisy of the US which has provided nuclear raw materials to Israel in the form of our own legacy 1950’s bombs? If we want to stop nuclear proliferation maybe we should consider our own behavior in the proliferation. Finally our own intelligence services verifies that Iran is not working to build a bomb.

    If there is a terrorist nation in the Middle East that nation is called Israel. In the 1950’s the State of Israel tried unsuccessfully to bomb the US Embassy in Egypt (later called the Lavon Affair). In 2005, the State of Israel provided commendations to the surviving member of this group even going so far as to call them heroes. That’s right, Israel wanted to reward people for their botched attempt to murder Americans.
    The most treacherous act in the history of the United States is the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. Every sailor and executive officer on that ship without on one dissention agreed it was a deliberate attack by Israel to sink the ship. When none of these sailor would retract their statements, the State of Israel went so far as to call every sailor on the USS Liberty an anti-semite. This always seems to be the canned excuse. What a disgrace?!

    Israel killed the peaceful American citizen Rachel Corrie in the West Bank for opposing the destruction of Palestinian homes by running over her with a bulldozer. This wasn’t just a murder, it was a message to every single American that Israel doesn’t give a shit what any American or the world thinks about their illegal occupation of Palestine.

    Let’s look at Israel objectively. They are a completely dysfunctional state, socially, culturally, politically and economically. They could not survive without all the aid the US provides. They have been caught red handed trafficking in human organs and evidence is mounting they are at it again. Last year I was appalled to watch Israelis pull up to a hillside with lawn chairs, picnic baskets and coolers of beer and pop. They weren’t there to hear a concert or watch a play. They were there to watch their air force bomb human beings in Gaza. They cheered as if watching a fireworks show.

    Hamas and Hezbollah have been declared as terrorist organization by the US solely at the urging of Israel. I don’t understand how anyone who lives within their own country, defending their own family and homes can be called a terrorist organization. Hezbollah didn’t even exist until Israel under Sharon attacked and indiscriminately murdered a bunch of poor dirt farmers in southern Lebanon in the early 80’s. Hezbollah organized because they had to have a way to defend themselves from Israeli terrorism. Same goes for Hamas. They live in an area a little larger than the Warsaw ghetto. Do they have a right to defend themselves and their homes against Israeli terrorism?

    Iran has been demonized by the media in this country but what is the real history. They had a moderate and democratically elected government until 1953 when it was overthrown by our own CIA. We installed our own thug who tortured and killed any opposition with the help of the Israelis for 25 years until they threw us all out. We got our good friend Saddam Hussein to fight a proxy war using chemical weapons we supplied to kill 250,000 Iranians. Thereafter we shot down a civilian Iranian airliner and even refused apologize for the action. Then we wonder why they chant Death to America. WTF!?

    We have a GOP bought and paid for by AIPAC led by the likes of Lindsey Graham, the Israeli Senator from South Carolina. All of them are dancing to Bibi’s drum like a bunch of drunken whores. Bibi, the lunatic who has lied for the last 20 years that Iran was “a year” away from making the bomb. When are we going to wake up? If the GOP has something better than what is on the table today they should put it on the table or shut up and go home.

    If there is an existential threat to Israel, it isn’t Iran…it is peace. Move on Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “Let’s look at Israel objectively.” What you call objectivity I call Jew hating and Israel bashing. I think you got a little hate for America too, but, then again there is the 1st Amendment. You buddies, Hamas soot protesters in the street and they did so when protester spoke out about firing rockets from densely populated areas in Gaza when wide open spaces exist. (Check Google earth and see for yourself.) Is shooting protesters “defending their own family and homes”? You said, “If there is an existential threat to Israel, it isn’t Iran…it is peace. Move on Greg.” Did you not hear the many top Iranian leaders who have said. “The destruction of Israel is not negotiable”? There is even a book written by the Supreme Leader that outlines how to destroy Israel. Here’s one of many stories on it: I have a better idea Chris. Why don’t you “move on” and not come back.


      • RadarNJ

        well said Greg and in so many(Horger) less words(Hunter)..

      • sk

        Greg. Think. It is you who is totally blinded.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yeah Right. This coming from someone called “sk.”

    • Matt

      Chris, don’t you know by now that any disagreement with Israel is that you will be considered antisemitic. You stated no hatred but this gang here are infatuated with Israel. Like a cult.

      • Greg Hunter

        So you have no counter points to the ones I made other than this comment about posting counter points is “like a cult.” Really? Yeah right, “no hatred” just totally one sided arguments that ignores any points on the other side. How about the stated goal of Hamas (and now the PA because they have reunited) to destroy Israel? Don’t you think (if you really want peace and to be “objective” you would have to address that evil goal? Sound like you are the one who is a member of a “cult” of ignorance of any facts that discredits or challenges your view of the M.E.


        • Charles H.


          Young folk today just take a stand, then couch their arguments in derogatory or demonizing language or insinuations that are one-sided. They sort of just keep plugging-away with whatever they can get away with: but almost NEVER address issues that are raised.
          Anti-semitism? It’s a shoe that fits. Oh, but what villains we are cast as, for calling it like it is. Making contributors (in a blanket statement) into a ‘cult-like, infatuated gang’ – now there’s a pretty painting of a word-picture!

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Charles H for the comment and support.

        • David B.

          If you believe in free speech, Greg, you’ll publish this website.

          Not the site to end all discussions, just a former man-of-the cloth writing opinions.

          • Greg Hunter

            I believe in the 1st Amendment and all the Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That said, this pertains to the governments censorship of free speech. I am not the government, and if you wish to print one-sided commentary, you are free to do so on your property. If you are a man of the cloth, how can you ignore the stated goals of Hamas and the PA that openly say it is their goal to destroy the State of Israel? How do you get peace from that vantage point? More importantly, how do you ignore this glaring fact over and over again. I don’t know what the answer is in the Middle East, as I am only reporter and news analyst, but don’t you have to agree not to kill the folks you want peace with?
            That is a rhetorical question and there is no need for an answer.

            • Michale

              Mr. Hunter I’m a Jew and think
              you are extremely sided with Bibi
              and Israel. You should do a interview
              with a larger segment of the Jewish
              populace you just might be surprised
              by their opinions. Do you even realize that there is a large Jewish
              population in Iran ? Yes they coexist
              peacefully with the Iranians. Maybe
              the problem with Israel is the same problem that exists in the U.S.A.
              The people are generally good, it is
              the government that is the problem.

    • Freebreezer

      You said “Let’s look at Israel objectively … completely dysfunctional”. I am still trying to find in all the news a single gay person being hung in Israel for being gay. I would judge that to be highly dysfunctional (and truly savage!) … google gay_Iran and watch a couple of videos and learn (be sure contemplate and think) what dysfunctional really means and get a real dose of ME reality! I am sure this is never discussed on American campuses … you could be the first with this info.

    • Freebreezer

      I posted this response a few weeks ago per a democratically elected Iran Government – Again: You need to do some home study (and not the crap the universities teach, and do not use the propaganda site Wikipedia!). Mohammad Mosaddeq’s (Prime Minister) uncle was deeply aligned with the Nazi Germany and in addition part of the Muslim brotherhood … They killed quite a few English in WWII – thus no love lost between England and his family. Mohammad Mosaddeq, in his 1951 election win, only the cities center votes were counted (hardly democratic). Most of his opposition was outside the city centers – “Realizing that the opposition would take the vast majority of the provincial seats, stopped the voting as soon as 79 deputies—just enough to form a parliamentary quorum—had been elected.” The book Abrahamian, Ervand. 1982. Iran Between Two Revolutions. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. The provincials DID NOT get their votes counted because he stopped the count – thus stop spewing this democratically elected crap. … It is a sordid history over in Iran. Do the English/CIA have clean hands – absolutely not, but a lot cleaner than the Russians (i.e. Stalin was still the dictator – oops … the socialist elected official to bring social justice to all of Russia and Eastern Europe) in which Mohammad Mosaddeq was leaning heavily towards.

      • Buck

        Please stop justifying Operation Ajax. Chicago has more dirty political shenanigans going on before the morning coffee break (wiki is government propaganda). That was no excuse to overthrow a foreign government and install a puppet dictator.

        As the great Smedley Butler said, “There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.”

    • brian

      Hi Chris,

      At the end of the day I do not think this conflict Israel is locked into would be so bad, or might not even exist at all if Israel was allowed to undergo the process of self determination rather than being thrust into sovereign nation status by external forces far outside the region. I also do not think Israel would still be stuck in such a conflict with the Arabs had it not been for the large amount of support that Israel could count on over the decades. The kind of unwavering support that the nation of Israel has been given has either rightly or wrongly fueled a deep well of resentment against it on the part of the Arab people and has shaped the views and affected the willingness to compromise on both sides of the conflict.

  19. don

    Greg, I found it interesting the ‘Support Planned Parenthood’ op ed had no author…they could not find someone to stick their name on defending selling human organs for profit?

    • Greg Hunter

      That is correct sir.

  20. Dolly Dogger

    Two things Greg: You make me proud of my profession( journalism)and I’m so addicted to your vids, blog, etc that I’m watching you whilst on vacation in gorgeous Sardinia, Italy as I cannot miss a thing!
    -DD ( another American sub who resides in the U K)

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you hear the Senator Schumer (D) just announced he will not vote for the Iran nuke deal? That is a bad sign for Obama sustaining an override of a veto. Thank you for your global support!!

  21. Charles H.


    Obama the Transparent (?!?) More like Destroyer. But this is too hard; too out of context, and lacking respect for a president. Actions, actions, actions…
    The US is in a virtual Depression; and only massive and artificial pumping-up, and cover-up, places any other perception of it. We might as well be Baltimore.
    C a a a a a li forn ia – where the fire comes sweeping ‘or the hills… whether Nature is puking because of moral-less humanity; or our best scientific chem-trails are saving humanity; or something really obtuse, like prophecy is coming to pass – the US will certainly be hobbled economically. But we ARE recovering!
    It’s Hillary or nothing, America! Knock-off the leader, and dynasty-member, a WOMAN?!?? Can the Democrats close ranks and DO such a feat? Like The Donald, EGO and pride fuse ambition to a type of person who qualifies least. I expect the Dems will let her go the distance, even though she may loose – rather than stand in her way. At any rate – I don’t expect either Party will put forth even the better, let alone the best Candidates – not anymore.
    Planned Parenthood – is a Human Holocaust. And it paints humanistic Science as the monstrosity it is: we are only tissue to be harvested and profited by. (Superior representations of humanity will not be affected, but benefit from it.) But if you’re in the Majority: the rest – “Get over it!” Soylent Green, anyone?

    Compensating for this darkening vista, I remember back to riding my Schwinn bicycle through the fragrant evenings of newly built sub-divisions, in the summers of my youth. Then life was just what you wanted to work at… you could be anything you put yourself to. And crime was virtually – unknown. We’ve come a long ways, baby!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Charles, if a nation doesn’t safeguard and promote its culture, this is the result. Implicit in that stance is that a certain culture is, in fact, superior. The so-called melting pot, so ballyhooed in my formative years in elementary school, worked until the PC crowd extinguished the flame. Now we just have a stewpot full of incompatibilities. Best always. PM

      • Charles H.

        Paul from Indiana,

        The issue of Immigration was INTEGRATION; the adoption of like values, language, behaviorisms – to become LIKE the people you came to live with. In a sense – the ‘melting-pot’ was for to be poured into a common mold, of mutual respect, helpfulness, and cooperative pulling-your-own-weight hard work. THAT consensus had long died away, as society and culture changed; moving away from a biblically-based value-system, to a humanistic one; from a strong moral code, to just about everything goes. Change is inevitable: but not all change is for the good. To me – being American was unique, not superior; we were quirky, and good too. As I travelled in the world through the US Navy – I always felt it important to show respect to others in their countries, and never wanted to leave them with a bad impression of the USA because of me. I suppose Americans are no longer RAISED well, or even right anymore. That old, common mold – it WAS right. Best to you.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Brother Charles, your vision of it differs somewhat from mine, but our common failure to promote, nurture, and protect the culture we inherited has affected us all equally negatively. I eat steak in many restaurants, and each is unique, but somehow I go back to the ones that have the better steak. Just me. Best always. PM

    • Jerry

      Forget about the elections next year, there won’t be any. We will be embroiled in martial law long before then. Now you know why Hilary Clinton was the only candidate the Democrats ( shadow communist) trotted out. They know it to. She will most likely be instrumental in restructuring this country into the shape of the North American Union with the support of the United Nations. More road signs along the way.

      • Jerry

        Hillary Clintons allegiance to the NWO in her own words.

        • matt

          Bingo Jerry. Just like military heads,corporate whores. Death to the Money Changers and globalist. Keep voting folks. It’s called self delusion. Fake 2 party illusion. Party of one, Satanic.

      • Charles H.


        I suspect the same – no more elections. Historic, no?!? I wonder what her Official Appointed position will be?? I covered my crystal ball, and set it away. Now easing into preparations, some more.

        • Jerry

          Good idea. The hour is getting late my friend. There will be to two parties of people very soon. And no I’m not talking about Democrats and Republicans. One party is composed of people who took Greg’s advice and prepared. Those are the quick. And then there’s the party who live in denial and choose to takes Greg’s warning as fear mongering arguing over ever point. These are the soon to be dead. RIP

  22. Galaxy 500

    After you finished your report speculating Schumer would oppose, he announced he would in fact be opposed

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Galaxy, Schumer is a pompous ass, but he knows which side his political bread is buttered on. I have stated frequently in this space that Israel would be the altar on which the political Obama would die. The Muslim-in-Chief underestimated Israel’s support in this country and trusted overly in his own political pull. Best always. PM

      • Greg Hunter

        Paul from Indiana,
        A lot of people just think this is a bad deal Jewish or not. We still do not know what is in the “side deals” with the U.N. inspectors.
        There are about 18 unclassified documents are being kept from the public as if they were classified. Maybe this is just a very bad deal and because of the secrecy involved I think that is a big tell that it is a very bad deal.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Greg, a “bad deal” is putting it mildly, but I’ll go with that if that gets it canned. Best always. PM

  23. Agent P

    With regard to the situation here in California – yes, there is no rain right now. It is sorta like that in August, however… I can’t remember if I posted this in March or not, but here it is again in any case:

    Since this post, there have been reputable notices/alerts/stories scattered about here & there, about a significant shift in the weather patterns, and what that means for the upcoming season, California specifically. Also, the hurricane season for the East Coast is predicted to be lighter than normal.

    I can tell you from a ‘man-on-the-street’ perspective, that summer here in California this year, is markedly different from previous seasons, going back a stretch. Humidity and intermittent cloudiness has been the norm this summer. Barring an abrupt change, that usually portends a wetter-than-normal season in the Fall and Winter. Now that could change – literally overnight, as it did quite abruptly last year in early December when, in the middle of seasonally ~above~ average rainfall for California, the ‘spigot’ went strangely dry – and stayed that way for the duration of winter, so literally anything can happen, but hopefully the trend will adjust in favor of wet over dry.

    Experience dictates though, that when up against an existing ‘extreme’, whilst praying for the opposite, one usually receives more than he bargained for… My guess is that California will either enter a 5th year (basically, a ‘knockout’ strike for the State) of drought or, ‘Après moi, le déluge’ (After me, the Flood…)

    The moral decay of the State would suggest it deserves either, but we humbly ask for something reasonable in any event…

    • Grafique

      Agent P,
      I sure hope you guys see a turnaround in weather. My wife and I took a vacation to northern CA at the end of June, and everything was just so brown/yellow (with large green fields of crops).
      While we were there I asked two guys where they would go if the drought forced them to move. One said he would move to the coast and the other said he’d go to Washington.
      Neither answer made much sense to me.

      I’m praying for rain for you.

  24. Cryptic Little Sister

    I hope that everyone is well.

    I would like to emphasize again: in September, the president will sign a very large increase in the budget for defense. This will occur just before a collapse in the stock market, accompanied by a rapid drop in the dollar, by roughly 30 percent. Plans anticipate very high unemployment in the months following September. The Euro has been written off. It will be allowed to die.

    You will see various attempts at propping up the American dollar, and they may work for a very brief time, but I want to be clear that I do not see how these attempts can succeed for very long after the crash.

    I and others like me cannot conscionably participate in what is going on now in the media. The news is completely immoral and without a conscience. It is evident now that the media are very actively pushing aside the truth in the past few days in order to lock up the exits.

    Thankyou for this venue. I will attempt to post this information each week in order to keep it in public view.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CLS. Is there aq way you can disclose how you know this without putting yourself in jeopardy?


      • WD


        If what CLS is saying is true case then why not just let Greece fall and take the Euro with it. We are propping up dollar all the time. How is that to be different. Market is turning downward ( slowly but surely)…..So what is so new about what CLS is saying…. This is the same person that was putting out veiled threats to your regulars….

        Please proceed with caution!

    • Grafique

      CLS, of course most followers of this site agree that a financial crash is coming, that it’s likely in September, that the MSM are fantastic liars –
      – But Hussein Obama “signing a very large increase in the budget for defense”? Come on.
      If that happens, I’ll realize I know next to nothing about the world and become a hermit.

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      I would like to add here the following points which I wrote about in a previous post:

      The crash will have been manufactured.

      After the Euro dies, a new currency will be unveiled, instituted by France and Germany.

      The word that I have seen concerning next year’s elections is “suspended” not cancelled.

      Watch the currency markets: the dollar is being bumped up to clear out traders. When you see the large defense budget increase, look for a crash in the stock market accompanied by a single drop of 30 to 35 percent in the dollar.

      Inflation will continue to rise. These events involve no deflation.

      I am asking you to have faith that the events to which I am referring will come to pass. Be patient. It will come. When you see the events come to pass, that will be your proof.

    • brian

      Hey lil’ Sis, Y

      You are asking a lot of concerned and caring people to put a lot of trust in you simply by seeking an audience with them. I certainly hope that your intentions are more than merely affable and your not just doing this for kicks, because a lot of people take the things you are referring to very seriously.

      If you could, you really should offer something more to go on than a music video from the 1980’s. Given the amount of attention you now have it is somewhat incumbent upon you to do so…that is if you really care about the people you are offering all these enigmatic admonitions and pithy harbingers to.

  25. Alan J Paul

    I regularly visit your site from Brisbane, Australia.
    I enjoy your efforts and believe that you are an increasing force for the greater good
    Subscription pending
    Keep up the good work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alan for your comment and support!!

  26. Mark Reuter

    While I don’t share the concerns for Israel, nor am I worried about Iran, I can appreciate your views. In any case, the US has gone so far with the Iran deal that it’s in a lose-lose scenario. If Congress votes it down, as you say it will be veto’d. Unlikely they would have the political integrity to vote it down. They simply don’t do those things anymore. And even if they did, it presents a fractured US to the world. Unable to count on the negotiating with a nation that will go back on the word of the negotiators. Not that the US has been one the world can trust anyways–it does what it wants when it wants to.

    Of great interest is the long list of Israeli civilian and military leaders that support peace with Iran. Israel is not unified under Bibi.

  27. Mark Reuter

    As a Californian, I can report that the weather is very odd. Reminds me very much of the years that we have devastating rains in the fall and winter. My property is suffering from the drought. Have lost many, many giant ponderosa pines to the bark beetle (a result of the drought). Now we are sweating the fires. More importantly our state government is doing nothing to effectively deal with the drought. Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  28. vincent_g

    That story about J.P. Morgan is interesting.

    Could it be we are about to hear that a bill is coming?
    This reminds me of headline stories that say crime is up 30%.
    The next headline you see is that of a tax raise.
    After all someone has to pay the bill.

  29. smaulgld

    JPMorgan has paid fines far in excess of the value of an entire year of global silver mining production

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Smaul, did you see on Jim Sinclair’s JS Mineset that the entry of China into the IMF is now delayed until 2016? Best always. PM

      • Smaulgld

        I did see that it is delayed. I agree with PCR that china really doesnt need inclusion -the west wants them in to coopt them
        China is biding time with the IMF while they set up Yuan swap facilities, Brics bank, AIIB and while they are stockpiling gold.

  30. Coalburner

    Larry Eddelson says the Euro will die over a couple of years and the money will flow to the USA. That would mean a bail out for a while for Real estate and the stock market. He says Japan will then follow suite. Followed by our final tipping point. Larry has been pretty accurate, I have watched him for several years. That does not mean, no turmoil here. He says deflation first, in fact already. Here is a report from the field from me. About 1.5 years ago I bought from Lowes a 250 feet role of 12-2 copper wire with ground for 76 dollars plus. Today at Lowes I paid 54 dollars for the same roll. Commodity deflation. ERatic but no-one is working. My kids just poured some concrete and saved thousands over their estimate a couple years back. Saved even more by hiring a couple young guys to dig out the dirt. The young guys should have had real jobs but took what they could get. Non Illegals will work and work hard. That will send the illegals to California or New York.

  31. Coalburner

    Brother Paul from Indiana;
    They call it muliculturalism although you are hearing Democrats use that word less. (I know you know this.) But today I saw some PBS news, Take note, inspite of their crybaby, bedwetting, hand wringing, sometimes filled with jibberish reporting, the report was really great about the illegal migrant flood moving across the EU right now. Two good reports this week. Scary as can be. The UK is trying to stop them at the tunnel but they all want to go to UK. UK is actually talking about cutting their welfare benefits to the flood. A little too late, me thinks but shows even the most Libtard of governments can wise up. France is really wanting the UK to let them in because they are already bankrupt.
    One more thing about “Chuckie” dog schumer, you are too nice to that dog pile.
    Best to you, Greg and the USA Watchdog gang.
    PS. I just crossed the country and from Western Colorado to the Appalachians the crops are looking great on the I-40 tier.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Coalburner, it will be the ultimate honor to make the final stand with you and others on the ramparts of the New Alamo when/where the time comes. Best always. PM

  32. Don

    Greg, seen were Gerald Celente was calling for a global deflationary implosion by the end of the year, which I believe he’ll be right about. At least you’ve done your part to inform the public, even though it won’t make things easier, except for the few that has prepared some. As soon as Obama gets a nuke deal with Iran, he and the UN, and Europe will turn aggressive against Israel and try to force BiBi’s hand on a middle east agreement and a land give back. The ball will really be rolling by this fall, and it may finally dong on the American people what type of treason our leaders have been engaged in. Those who have committed themselves to the NWO agenda will aggressively implement there agenda. Which makes Israel a thorn in the side of those who want a revised roman empire and control of the middle east. In Revelations, it says the mystery harlot riding on the back of the last form of global government, commented fornication with the kings of the earth. A perfect picture of Roman Catholicism through Europe’s history. The catholic church used kings throughout Europe and there armies to carry out the massacre of those who apposed Catholic authority and the pope. To this day, taxes from some of Europe’s countries are paid to the catholic church, from former agreements reached hundreds of years ago. The US and other countries have recently put the evangelical church on their terrorist list once again and the roman catholic church will be in the center of the new NWO agenda. So, we can look for more persecution, toward anyone who holds strong biblical views contrary to the new world orders agenda of combining the world into a one world religion. They will seek to unite the religions of the world, as they are in the political sphere. You did another good job Greg, may the Lord bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      These weasels are going to have a very big surprise if they think this will stand. “they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour.” Got that? They are not in control for very long. “Feat Not.”

      • Don

        I do not fear my friend, I am rejoicing. I’ve look for Christ throughout my life, knowing you and I live in the last generation that is seen in scripture. My love for Christ has never wavered, and our hope in God will be realized some time soon. The evil and wickedness in the world and its leaders, will as you have said be judged in the near future. So keep on doing the good you do. The Lord will reward you in do time. Farewell

        • aussie jeff

          Your faith in Christ always encourages me Bro Don.

  33. diane s.

    For people worried about California drought

  34. Sayona

    Another great weekly wrap up. I am absolutely disgusted with the state of the news media. Your site is my number one site for obtaining factual news common sense commentary. You are blessed with the rare skill of conveying factual news and expressing independent opinion simultaneously whether I agree or disagree.
    My comment on this wrap up is how terrible the Fox news debate venue was. I thought the questions asked the candidates were nothing less than hit pieces absent of real substance something akin to MSNBC. There were no substantive questions asked about the economy and the disastrous state of world affairs what he candidates would do to address them. Fox got what they wanted and that was a record setting audience. In my opinion, the winners were all of the candidates for the way they handled the pathetic hit piece questions with so little time to respond. The losers, Wallace, Kelly and Baier, the only thing they accomplished was lowering themselves to compete with MSNBC.
    I used to have some respect for the aforementioned Fox broadcasters, not anymore.
    Instead of watching Fox news going forward, I will just listen and read your interviews and commentaries multiple times every week. Thanks for your great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sayona for your kind words of support.

  35. Southern Girl

    About the article for PPhood, USA Today believes that everyone is a sheeple. They assume that no one knows how to think. They believe if they just plant their story with their opinion that all the sheeple will follow and parrot back what they say. IT HAPPENS…look at my neighbors who are clueless. Amerika has lost is moral compass. and this is part of a bigger picture to totally dehumanize us. Remember what the elite say about us that we are useless eaters. This is why they let evolution be taught in the schools….we just came from monkeys…NOT!!! Then they wanted the teachers to teach about the American Indians…not what we did to them…you know reservations…next it was multi-cultural. Oh! It sounds good but the man behind the curtain said it was so that the students would get use to all sorts of gods in different culture. Just take God out of everything.

    Side bar..There is a man in Arkansas he lives in Conway and he was on Alex Jones talking about the Clintons because he worked for them. What he had to say just blew me away. Starting at 59:00.

    Our local Communist owned Gannett newspaper has not really covered the PP any more. Even the Letters to the Editor contained only one or two remarks against PP. What a shocker!

    My sister lives in Diamond Bar east of LA when I sent an email asking about the water situation …no answer. Got an email she and her husband are going on a walking pilgrimage for 40 day in Spain. There are leaving in September…Ding!…Ding!…Ding! They don’t have a clue the SHTF is set for September thru October. They are not living in the real world.

    • Greg Hunter

      What is coming is going to be rough for everyone, but especially dangerous for the totally unprepared. Thank you for your comment.

  36. Southern Girl


    Another thought…the Pope has not come out against any of this news. Where the hell is his outrage? Our local bishop sent out letters when the gay marriage thing came down and explained that the Catholic Church will not be marrying gays. So I will be waiting to see if this is covered in our Arkansas Catholic paper. We have a walk for life every year so all the Arkansans know we are for life from conception until natural death.

    But it just bothers me that the head of our church says nothing. By the by I don’t like or trust him as far as I can throw him. I will just have to continue on living my faith according to our churches teachings and not his. All of my atheist and nondenominational friends all like him Doesn’t that say something. If they like him …DANGER Will Robinson!!!!!

    • Pondering

      Folks flock to the Dali Lama too…, love, love. Until it isn’t.
      In other news, gasoline is approaching $2 here in parts of the South. What does that mean? Sounds like more backwardation that will coil the spring pretty tightly, until it is released to the dismay of all…

  37. Susan Mills

    Greg, I very much appreciate your interviews, comments and interactions in each interview, but I particularly appreciate your closing statements that each should fear not and each should be spiritually prepared in this time. I agree with Jonanthan Cahn’s closing interview, statement, to paraphase it, was that you were a watchmen on the wall sounding the bugle. You are doing your part as purposed. I truly appreciate you and your mission. May you always fulfill your purpose. Regards.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Susan.

  38. Gina Mancarella

    The Republican presidential field led by Donald Trump is way out in left field. Paul Krugman wrote a great piece about this farce known as the Republican party. Clearly, there is only one one real choice. Its Hillary. Hillary is the only one that cares enough and has real and genuine integrity to save our nation. Our choice couldnt be clearer. Do we want to put our country back on a good path or not ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Please Have Hillary produce all of her emails on Benghazi and her private server too. That will put us all on the “right path.”


  39. peter

    Dear Greg,

    What I’ve noticed over the years, is that a lot of comments are from parties like the FED. But this is the same one zero hedge and silver doctors.
    So…I think as normal Dutch thinking person: the NSA is also in these kind of media! And why not?
    So this is the last time that I will give any comment because your country is FULL of BANKSTERS.
    It is a country who wants to control the world and that makes me sick. Killing millions of people for the benefit of WHAT?
    I wish you and all your USA people a lot of fun in being………nothing.



  40. RTW

    There is no way Hillary is going to get past the primary or possibly prison for that matter. The party is letting her get this out of her system in order to pay off their debt to her. She was a good little girl throughout her husbands reign in office and then they pulled the rug out from under her in 08. They will allow her to lose this on her own, thus wiping the slate clean, once and for all.. I believe the Dems have written this election off and will be setting their sights on the future. Whomever the winning GOP candidate is, he/she will be attacked by the Dems with the total complicity of the media and will be mocked, ridiculed and vilified throughout the entire four years. Unless the unthinkable should happen, as it did in 2012, and we should be that unlucky to have her foisted upon us, the first thing she will do after taking office is fire all the female interns and the next thing, will be to get on with finishing the destruction of our country.

    • brian

      You severely underestimate that apathy and outright gullibility present in our nation. Hillary does in fact have a good shot at winning not only the nomination but the election. She is heavily compromised, villianous, morally inert and likely strangled, bludgeoned and savagely stabbed her conscience out of existence when she was but a child….which by the way makes her very very attractive to the guys who have the money to get pretty much whatever they want.

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