Dr. Fauci Admits Vax Failure, Pushing Nuke War, Inflation Rising

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 599 9.15.23)

The death and disabilities from the failed CV19 bioweapon vax must be getting obvious to the general public because Dr. Anthony Fauci just admitted the CV19 so-called vaccine can cause severe heart problems.  We all have known this for more than a year, but Dr. Fauci never mentioned it.  This is a sure sign that it is becoming obvious to all that the CV19 shots were a total deadly and debilitating scam on America and the world.  The total public awakening is going to be beautiful and ugly at the same time.

It seems every week there is a new announcement of more weapons and more funding in support of the disaster that is the Ukraine war with Russia.  NATO has failed, and yet, more and more deadly weapons are being sent to Ukraine and used against Russia.  This past week, NATO missiles were used by Ukraine to attack the Russian Black Sea Fleet.  What will the response be?   Russia is also warning the UK not to train Ukraine commandos to blow up Russian nuke power plants.  Putin is promising “serious consequences.”  All the while, the brain-dead propaganda spewing Lying Legacy Media tells us Ukraine is winning, which is the exact opposite of reality.  There is absolutely zero talk of peace, and all the signs point to an escalating war that will end with a nuclear exchange.  Our leaders are reckless compromised idiots, and the world will pay dearly for it if it is not derailed soon.

Inflation is on the rise again as the August inflation rate spiked .6%.  That’s the biggest increase this year, and more inflation is on the way with oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and food all headed higher.  No way the Fed will be in the interest rate cutting mood with this news.  On top of that, the ECB just raised interest rates to a record 4%.  Watch the Fed follow suit at the next meeting or before.  Bye, bye housing and commercial real estate, and hello Greatest Depression.   

There is much more in the 47-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 9.15.23.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Analyst Bo Polny of Gold2020Forecast.com will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  His analysis says we are headed for a big financial fall that will change the corrupt system we live under forever.  Polny will fill us in on what to expect.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Great timing for BP to be on your show Greg!

    WHO Pand€mic Treaty falls through

    In a rare win vs. Big Pharma
    cr!m!nals, the World Health Organization has backed down on proposed amendments for compulsory va<<ination and lockdowns – Australian MP Malcom Roberts.


    • Linda

      Well, I haven’t checked out your link yet. Hope springs eternal, but don’t relax. These people are like boa constrictor snakes. They are patient and just wait for you to breath out. Then they tighten thier grip and so on and so on.

      • Doris

        Like a boa constrictor snake Biden’s handlers “need to act soon” to release Biden’s grip (and replace him with “a stronger Demon” to squeeze us even harder to death) – as the South Carolina Demoncratic primary race is coming up fast (February 3, 2024) – seems they finally got McCarthy on board!! – https://omaha.com/partners/video_78d9f1e0-9553-53d8-b43e-630ac53eb1bd.html

      • Ken Mazel

        Linda, excellent analogy!

    • Anthony Australia

      Clif High: Military Will Oversee 2024 Election… the Cabal’s Days are Numbered


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Anthony,
      Many thanks for the linked-to video. Great to receive evidence of effective pushback of the WHO, but TPTB never give up on their deadly agendas. ‘We the people’ MUST remain vigilant . . .

      • Harry

        The US House of Representatives needs to put Biden under “House Arrest” by issuing a “House Arrest Order” and the Senate “Must Execute that Order Quickly”- BEFORE (the Nuclear War with Russia begins) – BEFORE (a Grid Take-down is ordered) and BEFORE (the Plandemic 2.0 is ramped up)!!

      • Charles Irving

        A friend of mine, his 15 year old grandson died about a month ago from blood clots and a heart attack. None of the family members had no clue why he died. I asked if he took the jab and he told me “I don’t know? ”

        It’s going to be horrible when the flood gates open. All these elites and their kids are all going to have to live underground or off the planet.


      Anthony Great News. Thank God 🙏

  2. Rodster

    Children’s Hearts Destroyed by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. Their Heart Transplants Are Not Going Well, with Complications


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Rodster,
      And to think, ‘people’ sat down in a meeting sometime / somewhere and planned all this carnage – including infanticide!!! These same ‘people’ claim to be concerned about ‘saving the planet’ while at the same time demonising carbon dioxide – an ESSENTIAL respiratory gas for photosynthesis. Oxygen is a by-product of photosynthesis (biology 101). The other essential product of photosynthesis is sugar – providing food and energy. Also, while ‘saving the planet’ TPTB are busy polluting the atmosphere with chemicals and burning down forests – killing the entire ecosystem that depends upon the forest habitat. Yes, the ‘zero carbon’environmentalists’ are in process of destroying that which they profess to protect . . .

      WAKEY, WAKEY!!!

      • Lucas Doolin

        I want a t shirt that says CO2 won’t hurt you.

    • Rodster

      Just a coincidence because this really is the new normal and we all know since the CV19 vaccines are SO safe and effective, we can rule them out.


      “Former Celtics, Magic player Brandon Hunter dies at age 42”

      Brandon Hunter, the former Ohio University star who played two NBA seasons — one with the Celtics, one with the Magic — then had a long career playing overseas, died during a workout in Orlando Tuesday. Hunter was age 42.

      Hunter collapsed and passed away during a hot yoga workout, an exercise he did regularly his mother-in-law, Carolyn Cliett, told NBC News.

      “It was hot yoga, and he did it regularly,” she said. “He was in good shape as far as we know. We’re just shocked.”

    • Valerie

      This confirms what I suspected. A friend’s 26 year old son got myocarditis and pericarditis from the CV jabs. Doctors have told him that he needs a heart transplant. When I heard this I thought “Won’t the spike proteins, etc., damage the transplanted heart too?” It’s a Holocaust!


      Thank you Greg for everything you do and all your wonderful research. This has to be the most evil thing ever done to humanity these shots its bad enoubh that they killed adults but to be shooting babies and children is just to hard to get ones mind around. Oh Lord Jesus 🙏 Father God SOS save-our-species remove the evil quickly please let evil have an mediate harvest on their evil seeds they have planted in Lord Jesus Christ wonderful name 🙏 I pray that the people who know their God (Father God) will do exploits will start laying hands on the sick , injured, damaged and heart ❤️ damaged children and grandchildren, adults and pray the prayer of Faith in JESUS NAME and JESUS WILL HEAL THEM.

      • Doris

        The Bible States in Matthew 18:6 : “Those Who Hurt Children (by cutting off their sexual organs and making them into Transgender Queers) will be forcibly taken have a millstone hanged about their neck and drowned in the depths of the sea”!!! So – what are we waiting for????


        🆕 New Mexico Governor gun grabber Michelle Grisham was caught using taxpayers money to pay for her GROCERIES, WHISKEY, AND TEQUILA. Reported on Dave Hodges” The Common Sense Show” 😲 I remembered what British PM Margaret Thatcher said something like “Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.”💰 What a joke! I guess that’s why she wants everybody’s guns she’s a thief. 👿

        • Doris

          Under pressure and sensing that her job may be at stake this Dictatorial Commie Traitor to the US Constitution has now modified her gun ban – now she is declaring her own gun law to simply take away the peoples right to carry guns “in safe parks and playgrounds” – however – where she does her shopping on the public dole – the criminals and thieves will still be allowed to carry!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHJbYslgX7E

  3. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Wow! Late publication of WNW599. When you’re late it’s always a cause for concern. We are living in ‘VERY STRANGE’ times and USAW provides an essential counterbalance to all the madness . . .

    • Greg Hunter

      Everything is OK. Just takes me awhile to produce this. Lots to sort through.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks for posting this information even though the news is not good. People need to know what is coming.

      • Lord Nasdaq

        I was worried too! Need my Weekly News Wrap-Up every Friday!
        God bless USAWatchdog.com

      • Mary

        Don’t know if you saw this one, but awakening is getting closer to the LLM.

        • Greg Hunter

          The TV stations took Pfizer money and HHS money to push these bioweapon “vaccines” and they never put any fight about these “experimental” shot. They are doing damage control, now that this is an obvious deadly and debilitating thing they did by pushing this crap on the public. They will never recover and most of them at the LLM have taken the shots too. They want to look like they are on your side when they killed people by pushing this crap and not acting as the press but vax propaganda pushers.


        Greg! I read an article on “American Intelligence Media” about Alex Newman kind of disappointed in him. If you want to check it out. Thank you.
        Sister Linda 💟

        • Greg Hunter

          Did they contact Alex Newman for comment and allow him to respond to what they said? In the “About Us” section of the piece of thought shaping crap called ““American Intelligence Media” there is not a single name on this!!!!! https://aim4truth.org/about/ Therefore, I call bull crap on this site. You cannot fight evil from the shadows. Being anonymous is not journalism it’s an agenda, no matter how often they say they are Christian.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Okay Greg thank you. Peace 🕊️🙏 So many voices out there.

            • Greg Hunter

              I am not trying to be mean.

              • LINDA J CREAN

                Greg , I know you’re not mean that’s why I asked you I don’t have any one else to ask the truth of on Earth 🙏 All of my small family is thought captured. Thank you. 🙏

                • Greg Hunter

                  Sister Linda,
                  Happy you are captured by Jesus as am I.
                  Brother Greg

    • better chetter

      At my job, when I’m off work, it is to see the dentist, get a massage or acupuncture session, even to do something fun . . . so when Greg’s posts are late, I assume he has other things to do besides just educate/inform his viewers. Sort of like an iceberg, with what we see being just the tip, and all the other work GH has to do, being the enormous behind-the-scenes/below water chunk of iceberg . . .

  4. Harry

    Speaking of deadly weapons being sent to Ukraine by the globalists – “look again
    at what Hawaii was recently hit with (where these same evil globalist acted just like a child with a magnifying glass – getting off on burning people to ash like they were ants) – which then of course necessitated the erection of black fences “to hide all the charred bodies”!! https://www.ournewearthnews.com/maui-hawaii-strange-vertical-flash-caught-on-video-what-in-the-hell-is-that/

    • andyb

      the black fences are there to hide the fact that THERE ARE NO CHARRED BODIES, just ash; a definite indication of DEW. The lack of bodies, charred or not, would be a great tell.

      • JayJay

        I’d like to see police dept. photos of charred bodies from cars or homes to compare with the photos of those few pictures we saw in cars in Hawaii before they stopped all investigations.

      • Harry

        Doesn’t it seem STRANGE ?? – No one is seen walking in the streets looking for family members ??? (just hundreds to thousands of people are just “GONE” – likely VAPORIZED !!!) – Meanwhile black fences are erected by the Perpe-TRAITORS “to Cover -up Their Crime Scene”!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Harry,
      Thanks for the link.
      Taking the video footage at face value, it appears the energy ‘beam’ is so powerful that it can render houses to ground level ash in seconds. If true, this would explain why surrounding (non directly targeted) vegetation is unaffected. The heat generated is very focused and of such short duration that surrounding areas are not affected by radiant heat. Just my 2 cents . . .

    • Harry

      Some say all the flashes are simply electrical generators blowing up (not peoples homes being targeted and destroyed) – notice the Shell Gas Station “still has its lights on” while all these electrical generators are supposedly exploding??

    • john lance

      News Flash , on Hal Turner Radio Show , North Korea is sending 300,00- 500,000 troops to Ukraine to help Russia. Looks like we are going to need a bigger bag of popcorn.

      • Harry

        Threaten Crimea and Putin will threaten South Korea and Japan!!

  5. Shirl

    Just when you thought The Clot-Shot disaster couldn’t become more INSANELY WOKE until the same is reintroduced as version 2.0…..Get Woke Get Flat Broke, DEAD. I’m Praying for a real awakening among the people, sooner rather than later…

    On the War Mongering too, More WOKE nonsense brought to mankind by the same Death Cultists for CASH. Simultaneously we see the WOKE Glo-BULL Warming push for environmentally friendly Bradley TANKS….you can’t make any of this stuff up and as Greg says, ” it’s too stupid to be stupid” that’s for certain!!!

    I’m praying too for President Trump to return ASAP with Nuremberg Style Trials across the board to see Justice Peace Sanity with Hope Life & Love returning back to earth, amen.

    • Trudy Caes

      Sorry. If you think you only need to worry about Obama & Biden, you are in grave danger. The redneck fakse prophet led people astray about Trump, whose fruits are plain to see. Jesus said “judge them by their fruits” not by what false prophets say.

      It was not only the deadly vax that was rushed. Under the lash of sodomites Peter Thiel and Tim Cook (both of whom attended Trump’s inaugural ball), Trump also warp-sped implementation of 5G tech thereby increasing the EMF exposure of Americans. None of this tech had been screened for health safety. Just like the vax, it was rushed.

      The vax and the 5G work hand in hand to destroy health. Even your phone is toxic:

      These dangers were made known, but ignored, years ago, while Trump was in office. Dr. Sharon Goldberg Testifies at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018

      After watching the brief Dr. Goldberg testimony, then search for this: “Remarks by President Trump on United States 5G Deployment”

      • Greg Hunter

        So you are not worried about the guy who has been in office for the past three years. It’s Trump you have a problem with? You should read the Trump Pfizer contract where the company was required to make a safe and effective vax and gave up their liability shield as well. https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/pfizer-inc-covid-19-vaccine-contract.pdf Educate yourself and don’t just shoot your mouth off. The CV19 Bioweapon vax came out one month AFTER Trump lost the election and it was Mandated by the Biden Crew!!

        Again, you are worried about the guy who has been out of office for 3 years!!!!

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Thank you Greg. I guess Trudy thinks Pres Trump shut down the pipeline, canceled drilling in the Gulf and Alaska and forgot Biden sold off all the oil Pres Trump bought and had in our reserves and that gas has doubled on Biden’s watch. Oh yeah and Biden had a kitchen fire he told the people of Hawaii. Pres Trump had no wars, people were working. now all the American car manufacturers workers are on strike. Nobody is running this ship. ones Winken ones Blinken and Joe’s Biden his time in office waiting to release his dad excuse for a son. His mother is probably doing a Whirling Durbis in her grave. What a sad excuse for a President and family. The whole World is watching and laughing. Pride comes before the fall. How far they fell. Have mercy on us Father God 🙏

        • Shirl

          Exactly Greg, blaming the guy who had America & consequently the entire World on a course of Peace and Prosperity where everything is now going in reverse due to the effects that O’Briben’s WOKETARDOLOGY Consequences and others of like minded nutcases in few numbers are having right now!
          I find the arguments some make with Biblical references are hollow, incongruent to reality of the imperfect man condition, and are offensive. After all, mankind is imperfect (including President Trump) and requires the love of Jesus Christ along with the Biblical teachings of his word to guide us to his light and love for all of eternity….the very purpose of life… No one is perfect not since he walked the earth some 2000 years ago.

          The Mug Shot seen around the world speaks volumes…the man is under attack by EVIL WOKETARDOLOGY for daring to use what is supposed to be guaranteed Free Speech in pointing out the Crooked Election where it becomes more obvious by the day, everyday…and of course, for daring to expose those who are now exposing themselves in poetic justice for all the world to see…as I see it, it’s a kind of imperfect perfection unfolding before all to witness.
          Clearly too, the effects of WOKETARDOLOGY BRAINWASHING has the WOKETARDS literally begging for themselves to be turned into nuclear ash…”its too stupid to be stupid” as you say and utterly ridiculous!!!
          Most, however, want to experience again World Peace, Secure Supply Chains, Secure Borders, Secure Energy Independence, Secure private medical choices not forced along with Proven therapies like Ivermectin hydroxy chloroquine Vitamins and more, Secure low inflation with high employment – at a minimum… except for laughable Fake News TeeVee BRAINWASHED WOKETARDS clapping for their own ending to arrive faster than a nuclear flash will certainly bring !!!
          Pray up. Stand up. Speak out. And Take Action because the Evil WOKETARDOLOGY is a rot that has infected some that effects us ALL.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Sorry to say this, but while you are praying, you should prepare for disappointment. Best always. PM

      • Doris

        I think Humpty (Hunter) and the Dumb-ty (Big Guy) are due for a Big Fall – where only “a Nuclear War with Russia” can put the Demon-ratic pieces back together again!! (and that’s the horrible disappointment we should be preparing for)!!! – the psychopaths in Washington DC think they can acceptably get away with “a one week-long nuclear war” (involving just about 100 weapons) that would only kill 27 million people directly and after two years (with international trade halted and a 34.7ºF temperature drop) the famine caused would acceptably kill just 255 million people (well worth it in the minds of the psychopathic neocons (just like Madeleine Albright said in 1996 it was “worth it” to kill 500,000 Iraqi children)!!

  6. DJW

    Hi Greg,
    I want to ask your opinion about Ivermectin and if you don’t know I thought you might know where I could find out. Internet search engines are useless. I am not seeking medical advice or recommendations…just what you may have heard.
    In Canada a prescription is required to get the ‘human approved’ version of Ivermectin which is impossible especially if you’re trying to get it for a jabbed loved one, however I can go to the local farmers co-op and buy a bottle of liquid pour-on Ivermectin for cattle. Is this the same Ivermectin and is there anything else in it that shouldn’t be consumed?
    If it’s just as effective, how do I determine dosage?
    Thank you for any info.

    • Kalz

      Hi DJW; I’m a Canadian farmer and I use that pour-on Ivermectin every week. It’s strong and tastes awful but quickly swash it down and follow it with 8 gulps of warm water. Then go out and do morning chores. In about 15 minutes the taste is all gone and you feel pretty good. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years and I think it has removed other toxins from my body too as overall I feel better now than previously. I use about an ounce of it per dose, with water to dilute to taste and do it once per week. I’m 73 and feel good, no clot shots. One bottle lasts for bout a year and it’s better than horse paste on a cracker. Price has doubled during covid to about $150 per litre. Try it, you’ll feel good. Since it’s made for livestock it can’t be poisonous for us.

      • DJW

        Hi Kalz,
        I haven’t heard anyone speak about the pour on stuff so thank you very much for sharing your experience.


        Dear Kalz, This is great news! Over a year ago I started buying the horse 🐎 paste and using it ( I got two shots to be able to see my grandson Jackson, get them or else, I figured if that little darling got three shots at 4 years old I’ll throw caution to Lord Jesus Christ to protect us then Benjamin was born so now there’s two little guys 😭) one time when I was at the store I saw the Ivermectin animal wash it was kinda expensive but I bought it not knowing what to do with it since I’m a city girl from Philly living in Jersey I thought whatever but I didn’t know what to do with it. So Thank you 🙏 thank you 🙏 thank you 🙏. May Almighty God keep us all in this very hard time of life in Lord Jesus Christ’s beautiful name 🙏. We all have to stay on the ball and listen to the Mighty Holy Spirit who God sent us and who raised 🙌🙌
        Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, death could not keep LORD JESUS 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
        Thanks again 👍

        • Greg Hunter

          God does not suspend the laws of gravity if you throw yourself off a building. I would have chosen “or else”.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Yes Greg that’s true but I was not tempting God like the devil tempted Lord Jesus. I said to Lord Jesus “Lord Jesus if my little 4 year old grandson and his infant brother and my one 13 yr old granddaughter got these shots and died I wouldn’t want to live in this world anyway. Two of my 3 children after they got their childhood shots got Type 1 Diabetes which is a horrible disease it’s nothing like Type 2. Type 2 Diabetes is when people get old and heavy Type 1 is when their Pancreas is attacked and stops working. My daughter was 2 years old when she got it, 2 needles a day of insulin and 4-6 or more blood tests a day. I heard Bobby Kennedy on Joe Rogan Show say that the childhood shots gave children auto amune diseases one being Type 1 Diabetes. I don’t want to do 50 years of this again. You’d have to walk a mile in my moccasins to know how I feel.
            I also lost 5 pregnancies I’ve had enough. Peace🕊️🙏

            • Greg Hunter

              I hope it all works out for you and your family.

              • LINDA J CREAN

                Thank you Greg. Plus after my husband was was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer 6 1/2 years ago and he went through all the surgeries and medications and radiation it had gone everywhere the doctor said we finally got a hold of it after 31/2 years then COVID came and he was told he had to get the shots for protection I didn’t know our daughter made and took him for 2 Madurnna shots within three months I rushed him to U of Penn emergency room from NJ he had myocarditis 25 % kidney function a month later I then took him to his cancer Dr she said ” I don’t know what happened the cancer all came back”. I said “it’s the shots”. She said “don’t be silly I got the shots too” Asplund Cancer Center in Penn is now so crowded with cancer patients theirs no seats left. So since April 2021 he’s been mostly in bed. Our one son Daniel does all the food shopping for last 18 months because when they changed the cancer med my husband was going to the foot Dr 1 mile away and passed out totalled our 4 year old car. I
                feal like Job and I will not curse God and die. ❤️ 🙏 Father God & Lord Jesus & Holy Spirit are Good and their mercy endoureth forever. The devil is the evil one he knows his time is short so he’s pulling out a;l his last shots but he’s going to Hell and he can’t change that. Peace 🕊️

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi DJW,
      You must be new to USAW to ask that question. All the info on Ivermectin that you could possibly need is to be found in prior USAW interviews – all of which are accessible via clickable links provided on this site. Go to the Home page and select the link to Doctor Eads. You should also view the latest interview with Dr Kory, who is the author of, ‘The War On Ivermectin’.

      • DJW

        Hello PersonaNonGrata,

        Thanks for the link. Long time listener but I’ve never heard a single doctor on USAWD or anywhere else talk about using pour on Ivermectin for cattle. Maybe I missed it.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi DJW,
          My apologies. I didn’t realise your enquiry was specific to ‘pour on’ Ivermectin.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          DJW, I have also been watching for years and never heard anyone speak about the pour on Ivermectin that’s why I didn’t know what to do with it. Thanks for asking about it and thank to the farmer who replied. That’s why Father God made us all different we are all a 🧩 piece of God’s gigantic puzzle/ tapestry.
          Lord Jesus Christ never made a mistake. 🙏

  7. Civic Chick

    Right before your Friday notice popped up, I was listening to Clif High on a Rumble show by some guy called Man in America. Clif thinks that we won’t have an election and will reinstate Trump fully or that the military will monitor the election and Trump will win. However, unlike Dave at X22, Clif admits NO ONE in the military is informing him of anything and it’s just a best guess based on this, that, and the other.

    Honestly, I hope the military (those who cherish and adhere to the Constitution) do show themselves ASAP to be in charge (per the documents featured on THE GREATEST STORY ON EARTH docu by Nick Alvear) and that they fully and completely monitor the election and insist the voting be done on PAPER ballots, numbered and with a carbon (hooray for some of the pre-tech ways!) copy that goes to the voter. I cannot take another stolen election because so many men and women are wimps and will sit back and allow the USA to go full commie. I was born in mid-1950: Kill a Commie for Mommy.

    I still have shred of hope that vigilantes will rise, stealthily, and vanquish the demons one at a time . . . and I’ll leave my thoughts on that at this.

    Best of all would be God actually intervening bigly. In any case, thanks for your shows and for pressing on with the topic of the coof and bioweapon. You are a source of the best information and a patriot par excellence. God bless and keep you and yours always, Juli B.

    • Harry

      Most likely the US Military will stand down once again during the Deep State Controlled 2024 Election – just like they stood down on 9-11 when their own Pentagon was attacked by the Deep State – and stood down when their Commander in Chief JFK was shot dead by the Deep State – and just recently stood down when Americans in Hawaii (and previously in California) went missing (vaporized) by Deep State controlled beam weapons!!

    • J.D.

      There has been speculation since the “election” that the military is in control, Trump will be returned to power, etc. The deadline for every prediction has passed. Things are what they appear to be and Trump will likely wind up in prison.


      Civic Chick, Dr Jan Halper-Hayes a Patriot who worked for President Donald John Trump was on ELIJAH STREAMS last week on Rumble, Episode 77 she explains what’s going on with the Military, Votes, Elections, Pres Trump, the 🔥 fires in Hawaii. The MILITARY HAS IT ALL.

  8. Charlene Bliss Beyer

    Greg Hunter….a Friday must! Years of truth! Years of information!
    Thank you!!

  9. William Smith

    Greg – your anti – Ukraine rants are really a mystery to me. I think it is wise for Ukraine to fight for its integrity and territory. It is wise to reduce Russia to a 4th or 5th world power. Putin has not done the world any favors. These rants make you look foolish.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a moron Will, and you are the one who looks foolish. The USA is responsible for Ukraine. We broke every agreement that would have not allowed the carnage to happen. I have gone through this in detail. YOU are backing a Nazi dictator (Zelensky) and that is a pure fact and there are many more you ignore.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Well said Greg.
        People new to USAW probably don’t appreciate that you are a US patriot to your core. As a long time follower of USAW, I guess you have been ‘dragged, kicking and screaming’ to the realisationthat the US is not always ‘the good guy’ when it comes to international affairs. Paradigm shifts are painful. ‘William Smith’ has yet to face that pain . . .

        • Ray

          Well said PNG……well said.
          Take care mate.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.


        Great reply Greg, I try to tell members of my family about Ukraine and what we have been doing to Russia and they think I’m 🥜🥜 nuts. IF the Democrats, Obama, Clinton’s, Biden’s, Bushes, Neocons are FOR SOMETHING A PERSON WITH A CLEAR SENSE OF THOUGHT SHOULD BE AGAINST IT/ The people just listen to the Mocking Bird News and believe everything the liers say. Sad. I pray for their 👀👀 EYES of their understanding being enlightened to know Lord Jesus Christ so that the TRUTH WILL MAKE THEM FREE.

  10. "Enrico"

    I think I’d jump off a bridge before having to live in a nursing home.
    A quick death would be preferable.

    “COVID-19 cases and deaths are rising once again in U.S. nursing homes as vaccination rates continue to lag, according to a new AARP analysis of federal data.”


    • Harry

      Is that you Stan??

  11. Bart Wiilliams

    The U.A.W. rank and file walked off their jobs Thursday midnight.
    They demand a 32 hour work week for forty hours of pay.
    The insanity has permeated every area of American life.
    We have become a nation of grown babies who want everything
    for the least amount of effort or risk. Not directed @ U.S.A.

    • Jamie

      Hi Bart.

      What do you think of all the retired and soon-to-be-retired Baby Boomers who expect to collect Social Security, Medicare, and Pensions and sit around on their butts for the next 20-30 years?

      Mind you—due to a complete accident of history—this generation had the luck of being the wealthiest ever.

      Also, they are the generation who presided over the downfall of America and are leaving their descendants unpayable debts and a wreck of a country.

      They don’t care that all of the ‘free’ money and services they expect to collect in retirement will cause economic ruin for their progeny.

      Seems EXTREMELY entitled to me…


        Dear Jamie, Us Baby Boomers just happened to be born at that time we had nothing to do with our births. Most Baby Boomers parents went through the Greatest Depression in the USA my parents parents lost their little row homes in Philly and had to move in with their grandparents. My dad had to quit highschool in 10th grade and go up and down Broad St in Philly with his father to fix cars for 50 cents, my mother had to quit school in 8 th grade and work in a Fabric Mill with her mother at 13 yrs old. Then when they got to their 20s WW2 broke out the men went to war because of the BANKERS my father in law a Marine went to Guadal Canal my dad born a preme in 1914 and no help for preme’s was blind in one eye and a heart condition, because he & his father knew about cars
        (my dad’s dad was a chauffeur for RICH people from Upstate NY) they got jobs at the Phila Navy Yard my father was the sent to MD to learn and work on aircraft. After the war they got to live in Government housing my dad went back to cars after working at a few airports/he worked long and hard.My parents like most had 5 children to make up for the dead. Us children knew nothing about their heartaches just being children. So if you want to blame someone for all this trouble why don’t you do some research and see who started it all. THE Bankers the Bushes the Clinton’s. Why don’t you read a bit of Catherine Austin Fitz work her mother was murdered for trying to stop the destruction of Philadelphia by the government with drugs and poverty. I also can attest to the distruction in Philadelphia born and raised there my grandfathers house had to be demolished from the crime and thievery all the plumbing stolen. So don’t put the blame on the children put the blame on the EVIL BANKERS & THE GOVERNMENT.

  12. Laz

    GOD Bless you Greg. It’s time to have Clif High on.

  13. Walt Doc Fahey

    Great job Greg !!
    Always waiting for my Weekly News Roundup so I can get the Truth. Where / when did Fauci make the statement that the original Vax was ineffective? … I would like to document that for my battles ( from a Clot Shot – myocarditis- clot (thrombosis sound better ) in my heart that caused heart failure 1 year ago … Survivor taking my ivermectin routine … FLCCC ❤️

    Please keep up the Great Rrporting.
    May God continue to Bless You .
    Doc F

  14. Roger Winkelman

    Wifi Weaponized Exposed!! New Wifi Networks Affect Your Hemoglobin?? Joe Imbriano warned us in 2018-60GHz blocks Oxygen uptake=fake virus=kill grid= forced vaccinations. September 12, 2023
    At the least, turn the dam wi-fi off before bed!


      Thanks Rodger Wink 😉 We will.
      Rodger that over and out. 👍

      • Winky Blinky

        And tanks a lot Linda! You’re the soul of us commentaters!

  15. Rodster

    The following are examples of people MURDERED by the medical establishment. These are individuals who specifically stated they did not want to be put on a ventilator and given Remdesivir. They knew of the high death rates from such treatments. Instead, the hospitals did not care and proceeded with the ventilator and Remdesivir, resulting in death to the patients.

    The Death Of Informed Consent

    Here’s an excerpt: “The reason that conversation never happened is that it would have cost the hospital too much money. If the hospital gave you ivermectin and sent you home, the federal government paid the hospital $3,200. If the hospital gave you Remdesivir, the federal government paid the entire hospital bill, plus a 20% bonus. So the hospital executives’ choice was to receive $3,200 or $500,000, which was the average hospital bill. No contest. Patients were going to get Remdesivir — whether they wanted it or not.“


  16. Fred Engel

    The war in Ukraine is in part to destroy the Christian population in Europe. 200k men 16-60 have died. Fact, googled 85% of Ukrainians identified as Christians. There is more to it hiding what’s been going on there. Biden removed under the 25th like Trump said. Kamla acting prez… in comes Michelle for 2024. Great report Greg.

  17. Michele Anderson

    Dr. Makis, a Canadian Oncologist is the interview to get. This man is concise and explains how, why what and the unmitigated gaul the entire healthcare industry continues to push trying to save their rear ends.

  18. Da Yooper

    Thanks Greg good wrap up.

    It is September & one of my projects before winter hits is changing motor oil – trans oil – hyd fluid in my many vehicles & equipment. I give the used oil to a fellow to burn in his waste oil heater. When I was just there he was on his high horse ranting to several locals about having gotten double vaxed & boosted & how his immune system was at least 5 times stronger than an unvaxed person. The stupid burns. I could see it was a waste of time to tell him otherwise. So I dropped my waste oil & left. The psy-opp done on the GDP ( generally dumb public ) is there if you have eyes to see it.

  19. Michele Anderson

    The horrible truth about the entire vaccine programs in the US have a history of death and destruction. Yet pharma, researchers, and medical doctors continue to push ALL vaccines.
    Our population has been decimated throughout history. This latest horror is the wake-up that should have occurred decades ago.
    You were one of the most courageous, vocal and unrelenting defenders of the public health.
    God Bless you Sir.
    Please consider interviewing individuals that have known this since Every vaccination inception and it will stop the intentional murder of American citizens.

  20. Rose Mont Sellicka

    What would happen if Putin used an EMP on Ukraine?
    Story by Zeleb.es • 11h EMP Over Ukraine? The Finale Salutation?
    1 Here’s why Russia might consider it over a tactical nuclear weapon
    ©Provided by The Daily Digest
    There has been a lot of nuclear saber-rattling coming from Russian leaders ever since Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine but a nuclear blast isn’t the only thing you should be worried about according to some analysts.


      Rose Mont very interesting 🤔 thanks.

  21. Prospector

    AEROSOLIZED VACCINES If they can’t jab you , will they spray you ?

    Do you remember the footage of Chinese in white suits and masks spraying ” disinfectant ” in the streets ? Scientists are known to be developing these airborne Vaxxines to spray bats in caves they say. They would NEVER , NEVER , resort to spraying large population areas , right ?

    Vigilant Fox
    ” mRNA Vaccines Go Airborne: How to Protect Yourself from Involuntary Vaccination
    Is it hard to believe that the people who were willing to take away your job or deny you a life-saving operation for being unvaccinated might also try to surreptitiously vax you against your will? ”

    ” This noncompliant demographic (the unvaccinated) represented somewhere between 19% and 30% of the U.S. population during COVID-19, depending on how you do the numbers, as reported by The Epoch Times.”
    So, what do you do about the noncompliant?
    Well, researchers at Yale have recently made a scientific breakthrough. According to their paper titled, “Polymer nanoparticles deliver mRNA to the lung for mucosal vaccination,” they successfully developed a new airborne method of delivery for mRNA vaccines.”

    “” Compulsory moral bioenhancement should be covert “”

    ” bioenhancement to be administered without the recipients knowing that they are receiving the enhancement.”

    Source: pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30157295/


  22. IVAN

    Matthew Grassa https://www.facebook.com/reel/1344684426134496

  23. Joe Henson

    I wanted to refer you to a book called World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin, “The Story of Vitamin B17”. With all of the damage the COVID vax is doing, people must learn about true ways to beat cancer. Check it out; it is beyond fascinating, and you might be able to help your listeners.
    Thanks, for what you do.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Joe,
      If memory serves; Dr Eads talked about B17 in a prior interview on USAW. She informed that B17 is not really a ‘vitamin’. It is present in apricot kernels (which also contain arsenic – so be careful with the dosage!). I could not find any source of ‘vitamin’ B17 tabs / caps in the UK (B17 is excluded from ‘Vitamin B Complex’ capsules) so I bought apricot kernels and fillable gelatine capsules online, crushed the kernels and made my own. I’ll be careful not to overdose . . .

      P.S. You can just eat apricot kernels, but they are VERY bitter.

      • Barbara Janz

        Look up http://www.drjohnarichardson.com or rncstore.com. They are the experts on apricot seeds and their powerful anti-cancer properties. Dr. Richardson was shut down for his studies on it. I buy their seeds, super fresh!

  24. Kaibe

    Greg, your Mitch McConnell impersonation made me fall out of my chair laughing. Spot on!

  25. Mark

    The latest casualty report I came across yesterday is that Ukraine lost 71,500 dead in their counter offensive.

  26. Richard

    in the early days of vaccines if there were 2-5 deaths they PERMANENTLY HALTED vaccines! But now, it’s ALL about money and power! Gates and Fraudci are evil entities! The only peace I get is knowing all these demons will rot in Hell for eternity!

  27. Lou

    When you cannot sell your product then let them go on strike

  28. Derek Sinclair

    That Mitch McConnell impression was priceless.

  29. H.Boring

    Put The Blame On Hunter, Boy’s!
    Obomber’s CIA Puppet Master’s Want Joe Out Now, Pronto!
    FINALLY! Biden’s SECRET ADVISOR Exposed! | Jack Posobiec Exclusive
    Stephen Gardner 290,960 views Sep 13, 2023
    This video interview features a conversation with Jack Posobiec, the Host of Human Events and a former US Navy Intelligence officer. The discussion covers several significant news topics, including the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. House Republicans are looking into this inquiry, aiming to expose alleged crimes, even though it’s unlikely that Senate Democrats will vote to impeach Biden.
    The New York Times has exposed that Hunter Biden has been secretly living at the White House while the DOJ investigates him. The newspaper also exposed that Biden has been getting advice on running the country from his son, Hunter Biden. Yes Hunter Biden the one that has the laptop from hell, that took bribes from foreign leaders and used his dads name to get filthy rich. [That guy has been advising the sitting president of the United States in secret according to the New York Times.
    Some top Republican Senators, like Mitch McConnell, John Thune, and John Cornyn, [ Don’t forget Mitt the Romney or the Bushie’s, Clintons ad-nauseum!] have expressed that investigating and impeaching Biden is a waste of time.

  30. Continued

    This has raised questions about their motivations, whether they are trying to protect Biden or are influenced by a culture of covering up each other’s actions.
    YOU GOT IT, NAILED IT! They the Uni’s are influenced by a culture of covering up each other’s actions. Down with the Uni-party up we the Sheeple people!

  31. James Sellars

    Greg; The first thing that must be done is to hold them accountable and the best way to do that is to insist that ‘no proceeds of crime’ can be enjoyed by people who committed fraud or assault to earn these proceeds of crime. Full stop, before we sentence them to jail we must strip them of all the ill gotten gain.

  32. TheEnd

    Elon Musk’s recent revelation that Donald Trump was removed from Twitter due to pressure from the [hear interview] and the subsequent drop in advertising revenue on the platform raises questions about corporate America’s susceptibility to bullying and pressure campaigns.

  33. David Gordon Dunne

    I don’t think the NWO is going to allow elections now. They are in control solidly and nowjust flaunt their EVIL in front of all of us. Satan has to be pulling the strings. God must intervene now. The dam is about to break with all the cracks now. So many I know are simply MORONS. I see news where they say if a bomb goes off, just close your windows and take iodine. I was ostricized for being in line with Dr. Judy Mikovitx, Merritt and Tennpenny and screaming not to take the kill jabs. My daughter said she was about to stop talking to me but she took them and yes, has a heart issue now. Another friend who took two and the booster came down with Parkinsons so that is the second in several months. God help us. He does perform miracles as I had Stage 3 prostate cancer and a Gleason Score of 8 going in and the over 400 who prayed for me daily. Well, I have the prostate gone and there was no spread and they say I will die of something else. God, we need you to perform another one now please.


  34. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  35. Lars Christiansen

    Where is Edward Dowd? Was he lost in the Maui fires? I haven’t heard him since

    • Greg Hunter

      Dowd is fine. He wrote me and told me so.

  36. Jeffrobbins

    Oh no, thank you. This might help, try to use upside down thinking when some message comes out from the BIGS; just about the opposite is true from what they say. I remember when they said “we need to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated”. It’s fair to say 95% effective would be 95% damaging. How about the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’? “Most secure election ever” It was hard to read these things when Trump was in. I believe him to be a straight shooter, even though he’s a New Yorker. IF Trump can get back in— we will get 3-4 years to prepare for what comes after. The money has to expand exponentially.——-On the plus side, I’m almost done reading a fascinating book. Title: “Issuing Divine Restraining From the Courts of Heaven” by Francis Myles. Don’t get hung up on the ‘restraining’ part like i did. Also the guys picture reminded me of someone and i thought he looks dim witted- I was wrong. What he talks about is a revalation and he is brilliant. I keep saying “wow” and again “wow”. This teaching really is amazing- Heavens courts. All our problems have started in the spiritual.

  37. chris


    PLEASE change your language, and never use the word ‘vaccine’ when talking about Pfizer/ModE-RNA products!!! The SYNTHETIC N1-methylpseudouridine which accumulates in human bodies after each injection, has that one very special feature: when incorporated into 4 fundamental transcription factors ( KLF4, c-MYC, OCT4, and SOX2) it WILL change the type of the newly produced somatic cells in human body to so called PLURIPOTENT cells, which are non-differentiated embryo style cells, which can become ANY type of new cell, also basics for cancer development…. Here a quote:”Ψ-modified RNAs, coding for four transcription factors (KLF4, c-MYC, OCT4, and SOX2), were successfully used to reprogram human cells to pluripotency with great efficiency (Warren et al., 2010).” The more of the products containing that synthetic GENETIC MATERIAL, the nearer the moment of the NEW HUMAN REBIRTH!! Please get that and get a specialist here who will explain that to people!!! This is about HUMAN biological EXTINCTION! mejbcart Substack explains some of it, just few pieces, but enough to grasp the crime. The need to change the language is more that a MUST right now.

  38. Kathy

    Thank you, Greg, for your dedication in bringing the truth to us time and time again. It’s encouraging to hear from the truth tellers. God bless you and your family!

  39. Jerry

    Greg, there is NO Rosh Hashanah in scripture. The first month of the Hebrew New Year is Abib. It is found in Exodus 13:4. There is no “civil” new year found in scripture.

  40. Lars Christiansen

    Don’t forget that the big company in voting machines is Israeli owned

  41. Lars Christiansen

    There are many layers to awakening, we are just at the beginning layer. It goes so deep you can’t imagine

  42. Lars Christiansen

    As Cliff High says we are dealing with the kazarian mafia, and where do they come from? Yeah you guessed it – Ukraine. Wonder why Ukraine is at war, perhaps they have relocated to the US. I think so.

  43. Lars Christiansen

    This is it

    Could perhaps be the real awakening that wakes up the American people

  44. Rich Rozmarn

    Hey Greg , news from Australia

    The Sidney newspaper is discussing the winter issue that has been plaguing Australia: everyone is sick, and they cannot stay well.

    “So far this year, there have been nearly 10,000 more cases of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) compared with 2022, and an average of 714 COVID-19cases were reported per day across Australia in the past week.

    Australia’s flu season started early in March instead of April or May, and there have been nearly 250,000 lab-confirmed influenza cases in the year to date.”

    They are blaming “poor immunity” after being locked down for 2+ years, but that has already been debunked here by numerous health officials. Australia is one of the most heavily vaccinated areas in the world, with draconian vaccine mandates on their citizens. The immune system wipe-out is on full display.

  45. Dawn

    I don’t think there will be a nuclear bomb set off that destroys the plant back to the Stone Age.
    I think it will be a germ bomb of sorts that will only destroy a small percentage of this planet yet keep the rest of world infrastructure in place – buildings transportation electricity oil and even the food chain to some degree. Much food will be protected in some way from the germ bomb as will some cows pigs etc

    The germ bombs – guessing around six will be used – will be in the atmosphere that will kill humans and animals within weeks.

    The only real destruction is going to be in and around where they decide to drop the germ bombs which will most likely be on overpopulated cities. Then the germ in the air will be carried to other places and spread via the wind.

    The wealthy elite + friends + servants will be underground in their souped up luxurious bunkers – safe

    The germ bomb will kill most people and animals within weeks or a few months
    Then the wealthy just need wait a couple of months longer for the stench of rotting bodies to become just bones.
    There will always survivors though- those who will be naturally immune to whatever germ they use. Or some people will be in the right place and the right time so not to get affected.

    Then they will have a testing device of sorts to test the air to see if they can come to the surface or not.

    As far fetched as this germ bomb might sound this is how I kind of see it and I think it’s very doable

    Because if you destroy everything on the planet there is no point to life
    Even the wealthy may as well shoot themselves in the head if there is absolutely nothing left and the sun being blocked for years – might mean freezing freezing temperatures too.

    But germs bombs will not destroy on the same scale as nuclear bombs you see. Much world infrastructure will remain in tact and not long after 6-12 -24 months. The survivors can rebuild or demolish etc what they want and don’t want.

    I also want to add that I am very very very happy they used humans to experiment the vax on vs animals
    Animals are NOT here on this earth to be eaten in the scale we see, tested on, make furniture or clothes and more.
    They have rights and need/want to live just like a human. Animal abuse and murder needs to stop . Even that demonic whore Fauci funded a heinous dog experiment in Tunisia.
    If Fauci path ever crossed mine, I don’t mind admitting his life would be in danger.

    On a last note
    No jail time for the demonic monsters behind all this bs
    To assassinate is best.

  46. Carol

    Hi Greg,

    Can you have Clif on soon. Here is what he talked about on a podcast yesterday: Clif High “A Cataclysmic Event That Will Change The World Forever..”

    I’d very much like to hear you interview him. Also, excited to hear what Bo Polny has to say. Thanks!

  47. I Dig Au

    The first round of ‘clot shots’ must have destroyed peoples ability to think and reason because the same fools are asking when they can get the “new’ round of poison.

  48. Janice

    I just watched a news clip from Rep. Jim Jordan which appeared to be from 2020 because everybody is wearing masks, but no, it’s current….Congress is all masked up again. Why!?!?
    Manipulation of weather
    Manipulation of viruses
    Manipulation of elections
    Manipulation of gender
    [To name a few] …With so much manipulation going on they have to censor speech or risk exposure of their dirty deeds to the sleepwalking sheeple. I hope this isn’t true: 2% Think, 8% Think they Think, and 90% would rather die than Think……..
    Proverbs 1:7 “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction”

  49. LondonCenter

    The Real Glory – 1939 – Gary Cooper – 🎥 FULL MOVIE
    PrimeSiteUK 180,381 views Premiered Sep 8, 2023
    In 1906, Alipang (Tetsu Komai) and his Muslim Moro guerrillas are terrorizing the people of the Philippine island of Mindanao, raiding villages, killing the men, and carrying off the women and children for slaves.
    Sounds like the southern US. border!

  50. Robin Sassman

    I love your show. Keep up the good Christian work. I would do it also, but I am old and am unable to do it. Thank you so much for all the information that you put out. Great doctors and such that you have on.

  51. Susan R

    So much to get ready for the big storm, but I made notes of importance. #1 I never have seen the total number of views you get, only comments. You mentioned 150,000 views and that is fantastic, I would like to see that each time. #2 I praise you for your devotion to bring us the truth. I thought of how you reported for many major networks, I remember seeing you on CNN (I think), and then a huge following on Y.T. and now on an auxiliary network. Your devotion is stronger than any obstacle. You are exemplary. Just the truth!

  52. Marie Joy

    The loss of humanity is staggering.
    Justice will have to come from the people because it will never come from a corrupt justice system.
    Sabin didn’t speak to Salk because Salk’s early vaccines killed so many people.
    They want the mRNA put in pork and beef.
    Democide = Mass Murder By Government
    A Biden conviction puts Kamala in the White house.
    Dominion, 2000 Mules, Traitors.
    Please get involved in politics and the voting process before 2024.
    Bruce Beach had an impressive, large bunker.
    Aliens from space are just more lies to keep us afraid.

  53. Harry Faultner

    AOC shouted down by angry protesters: ‘CLOSE THE BORDER’
    Fox News 80K views 1 hour ago
    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a delegation of Democrats face furious protesters as they survey the migrant crisis in New York City.
    @seniorskateboarder5958 1 hour ago
    Isn’t that sickening. The American public is screaming, “Close the border!” and these
    heartless politicians are completely ignoring them.
    Immigrants Make America Strong, Unfortunately Legal migrants shout the loudest!

    ‘SPEAKING THE TRUTH’: 2024 candidate obliterates Democrats’ ‘woke poison’
    Fox Business 30K views 1 hour ago
    2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on his campaign stances around the economy and labor force, decoupling from China and gaining the young vote. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rnVtWN-lIs
    We need more migrants to replace striking useless eaters! More slaves will make America great again!

  54. Linda Copping

    I hope all who come to Greg’s site will share this video. The best speech is Dr David Martins but Dr Peter McCullough’s is excellent and the last speaker, an MP named C Anderson is on fire, telling the criminals who engineered this Covid tragedy ‘to go to hell’ and has wise words for the people.


  55. JOhn

    What we are witnessing is the destruction of America in real time, make no doubt about it. This is the final push to shove America over the edge. Its an all out effort, they are pulling out all the stops. When we hit bottom it will be a Mad Max situation, just what they want. Out of the chaos will come order, a New World Order, and it ain’t going to be pretty.

  56. Catherine Wallace

    Love your Friday news! Look forward to them.
    Would love a crypto Clif High interview. It’s been a long time since you had him on. Martin Armstrong as well! Thank you for your work.

  57. Paul from Indiana

    HOW can anyone claim Ukraine is “winning”? Winning for Ukraine means getting Russia out of their country, all the while being independent and sovereign. None of those things is in place: Russia still occupies eastern Ukraine AND the Crimea; Ukraine is neither independent nor sovereign, because as soon as the USA quit sending $$ and materiel, the whole thing would collapse. Ukraine, along with the supposed Big Dog (USA), is holding off Russia, but if the USA and the lapdog NATO (not sure exactly what NATO is contributing) waver in the slightest, the whole deal is over. The implications for continuing this insanity are enormous. Mr. Putin has already said he has considered nuclear options. Sometimes the other guy’s priorities and objectives carry to high a price to thwart. What the hell is wrong with us? Best always. PM

  58. Anti-Atomist

    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

    He makes me lie down in green pastures.
    He leads me beside still waters.

    He restores my soul.
    He leads me in paths of righteousness
    for his name’s sake.

    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.

    You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies;
    you anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.

    Psalm 23:1-5

    The Role of Myrrh Metabolites in Cancer, Inflammation, and Wound Healing: Prospects for a Multi-Targeted Drug Therapy





    And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”
    Acts 2:38

  59. Radnor

    FINALLY someone grills Trump on his covid treachery!

    Megan Kelly exposes Trump as a LYING conman and buffoon!

    Most Conservatives ‘journalists’ have done nothing but cover for Trump as if they were paid by him so a BIG THANK YOU to Megan Kelly!


  60. Justn Observer

    Greg, doing a great job there Mr. Hunter! yes, the people are waking up for sure. MORE people every day, and open discussions avout the Covid fraud in stores, in bars, and church. The people certainly appear to have had ENOUGH.
    And as you report, many are now attempting to ‘come clean’ and distance themselves from what the know is coming, retribution, crimiial investigations?



  61. Doris

    There is some speculation going around that the US will take down its own grid in the US for two(2) months beginning September 23, 2023 and blame it on Russia (saying that Russia did it in retaliation for the recent cruise missile attack on the Russian port in Crimea) – hope everyone has all their preparations in place “just in case” – with the US grid down (and Russia to blame) the Globalists will have a handy excuse to go to full out nuclear war with Russia (and as a wartime President will get Biden re-elected in 2024 if anyone is still alive by then)!!
    Time for Prayer is NOW!! (as these Psychopaths who are driving us toward Armageddon are both stupid and evil)!!!

  62. JJ

    Pelosi comes back as Speaker of the House. Joe and Kamala removed somehow and the Nancy becomes President. She’s all they’ve got.

    • Doris

      But Nancy can’t win if Robert F. Kennedy Jr. forms a Third Party and “splits” the Demon-ratic Vote – hence – the recent “assassination attempt” on RFK Jr. – and the continuing denial of Secret Service Protection to this Presidential candidate!!!

  63. Greg Hunter Superfan

    Mysterious flash illuminates Moroccan sky moments before earthquake:


  64. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    The Sound of Silence Lyrics
    -Simon and Garfunkel
    recommend the Disturbed cover

    Hello darkness, my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains within the sound of silence

    In restless dreams, I walked alone
    Narrow streets of cobblestone
    ‘Neath the halo of a street lamp
    I turned my collar to the cold and damp
    When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
    That split the night, and touched the sound of silence

    And in the naked light I saw
    Ten thousand people, maybe more
    People talking without speaking
    People hearing without listening
    People writing songs that voices never shared
    And no one dared disturb the sound of silence

    “Fools,” said I, “You do not know
    Silence like a cancer grows
    Hear my words that I might teach you
    Take my arms that I might reach you”
    But my words, like silent raindrops, fell
    And echoed in the wells of silence

    ​And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon god they made
    And the sign flashed out its warning
    In the words that it was forming
    And the sign said, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls
    And whispered in the sound of silence”

    • Doris

      If the American People Want Their Children To Live – they better “Overcome their Sounds of Silence” – and FAST!!! (Before the Multitude of Deaths by Nuclear War With Russia, Before the Multitude of Deaths by a Grid Shutdown and Before the Multitude of Deaths by Jab 2.0)!!!

    • Tolstoy at the Train Station

      The big Reveal – why would I want to post this song – well I interpret as an empath – and for me – the sounds of silence is the Christ dimension of what Jesus owned and lived in – and in this song its talking about hello darkness my old friend – which would be death – or the bardo we go to between our lives – and the flash of the neon light would be the upcoming event that the powers that be might try to hoax us with – regarding they make it look like an act of god but the reality is it is them doing it with their new power weapons = either nukes or the lasers,
      that they recently used on an island – and when I brought that up before Greg, you asked me why did we not give guns to the slaves? But my statement was – they let us slaves have guns because who are we going to be able to shoot at if they are using laser weapons from drones’ miles up? And why do we think the companies that own the gun makers are our friends – I think smith is traded stock but all the rest of them have always been in private hands making a few people and families beyond rich – and they would give slaves guns because – besides taking out the guy next to you – how would they do against a drone or satellite – the song includes you Greg – who speak but your words are not heard – the masses continue to be deaf to what you know to be the truth –
      how frustrating – you see that people are remaining silent about the effects of vax and yet the cancer of this silence grows – and just spreads – I mean really after everything you by yourself have said with so many intelligent guests – how is it that they are now coming up with a second round of shots – and why am I seeing people walking around with masks – and me as a vet – the first thing the VA did when the Cove started was send me a formal letter saying I stepped up for my country during war time and now I should step up again and get the XXX – do you know how that makes me feel – the back stabbing — and they kept the mask policy in place right up to the last after all the other places stopped it – and then I have to worry about dental and what is in the nova cane – a primary care doctor that is useless and me researching myself and getting useful information from you and your guests and others – just an old guy trying to get a few more years when I have a target on my back – mean while all these other vets who somehow feel beholding and the sound of silence about the truth must not be disturbed – they are sheep and don’t stand up and everyone still serving the neon god that they invented in their mind – tulpa it is called – when so many believe in something that it gives it a life of its own and it becomes a real thing – in the ether. Ya and so words fall like silent raindrops – and everyone on here has an opinion like on other places and everyone saying, “those people should be blah blah blah ” and written on the subway walls is the fact that no one is really doing anything – there are no white hats – and trump is pile of distraction and people are still falling for all the malarky and not seeing politics like organized religion has always been about control – In the end Jesus just said “Thy will be done”
      how lonely – but a lonely I can feel – he knew the truth – and yet there was nothing he could do about it – because there was 10,000 maybe more, he had crossed paths with that he had spoken to that had not heard him and they had spoken words that said nothing. So that is what I take from this song – and I doubt anyone even gave it a second thought – oh that weird guy who posts songs – the consciousness of what we are has been around a long time and what we would become and where we were heading has been around for such a long time, but everyone is swimming in their own ego and has no room for seeing with the eyes of the heart. Thank you, Greg – don’t let your work bring you down – keep at it – if I can hear you – and others that are answering in a way that says they also hear you – nothing you’re doing is in vain,
      for the sake of your own soul and those that have the kind of soul to hear your words.
      I love everybody but there is only so much I can do – mostly not becoming totally disgusted and thinking “they all deserve what they are going to get” – because to think that way makes me over into their image. and that would be the worst way to die in that frame of mind.

      • Tin foil hat

        I agree with everything you said except I don’t love everybody and am disgusted and thinking “most of them deserve what they are going to get” – I don’t care if that frame of mind would be the worst way to die in since I believe I’m going to take that elevator down anyway.

        I just want to be the last one in and all the other evil doers are down there first before the gate is closed – I’d love to be assigned to round them up.

    • Ray

      Thanks Tolstoy for putting those lyrics up.
      Magic song……and the cover by Disturbed is absolutely stunning in its’ ability to bring enormous gravitas to those amazing, clairvoyant lyrics.


      I’ll have a listen to it again later today, raise a glass of frosty beer and drink a toast to you.
      Thanks again.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  65. sam

    You SURE DO…..have…..BIG BALLS!………Every Patriot America we ever had did!

  66. Loren Hecht

    THANK YOU for sticking to the topic of the covid19 bio-weapon lethal injections. It is, you’re right, the MOST IMPORTANT issue of our day. Thank you, sir, for being courageous and holding to. I love your show!

  67. Dan Knight

    Thank you for your weekly reports. Our family loves watching your updates and interviews. Although so much of it is sad.

    But we all enjoyed your Mitch McConnell impression. As a Christian, I would love for him to get right with God … but your impression cracked up our whole household. My daughter wants your impression as her screen saver …

    God bless. 😉


    Not gene-editing, not gene-therapy, the lethal injections are gene MUTILATING shots.

    Again, thank you for your show and your “way”– it’s invigorating listening to you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Loren!!

  69. Elinor Saunders

    Love your honest work Greg. Thank you!!!! BMO–Bank of Montreal just announced it will no longer provide retail auto loans. One of the biggest providers of car loans…Car prices going to tank and auto loans will be recalled as they will soon be underwater.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Elinor, for this important information!

  70. Ivan Borg

    I would lower the odds that China invades Taiwan on October 1st to 3:2 if the UAW Strike and the Government Shutdown is in play. It seems like a Pearl Harbour storm is forming with a focal point of the first week of October when all the black swans are coming home to copulate.

    With Dopey Biden getting daily experimental drugs, and spending the rest of his 6 hours of wakey-wake time handing out medals to military drag queens; China may never have an easier time to win.

  71. Rick Skoreyko

    It may be a good time review the Obama executive order allowing government to use propaganda to influence and lie to the american people.
    Rick Skoreyko, from Canada

  72. Lord Nasdaq

    Another home run, brother Greg. Quad witching was today. Look at oil prices, your yearly home insurance or six month car/s insurance, etc. Need I say more about my moves into 2 year through T-Bills, to 3 to 1 month brokered c.d. yields since last October. Debt is getting more expensive, the dollar purchasing price crumbling, exchanges still near 2022 highs, and ^N225 moving nicely. Waiting for 1989 peak on ^N225, then it’s over. Let’s keep T-Bills and brokered c.d.’s on the hush at USA Watchdog.com! Don’t won’t outsiders knowing our current game. Shhh.
    FOMC moves, debt yields increase; Will it be a .25 basis point or .50 basis point increase?
    That is the only discussion now.

    • Tabitha Sloan

      You’re losing money every month with any T-bill. Inflation is so much higher, better to buy physical gold/silver for a payout down the road that will exceed inflation!

      • Tin foil hat

        I concur since I’m losing my money on T-bills every month. Energies including coal are moving up every week from 5% to 10% almost every month for the past 3-4 months as I’m stuck with my lousy 5% T-bills. I sold XOM at around $100, CEIX at $60 and it’s freaking $117 and $96 now.

        However, like the T-bills, PMs are not moving much either.

  73. Diana

    You rock.

    Where do I donate?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your kind words and for whatever you do for USAW!!

  74. Ned Jeffers

    Those who heard Clif High on Nino’s Corner this week warning about an imminent cataclusmic event that makes 911 look like a molehill, will find the following familiar territory:

    Watchwoman65 says Rapture is to happen right now any time: https://youtu.be/1wfU0gBFQWY?si=xTrZYUSvfBAaPiU9&t=452

    Maybe Bo Polny ought give the bitcoin Bible cycles a break and focus instead upon evangelization.

  75. Greg (Not Greg Hunter)

    I completely agree with you Greg. I hope the push back is coming soon.

  76. sean

    Greg, pay little attention to the coments.
    It’s time to cut loose, just put it out there as you see fit. The only way to get through to the masses is to go scorched earth with your language. My God place the sword of Archangel Michael on your tounge and may it cut through with a white hot heat that makes them hear and see.
    Go for it Greg, with TRUTH in your HAND and GOD at your BACK you WILL CUT THROUGH and you WILL bring them to HEAL !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Sean!
      Brother Greg

  77. MK

    WTF do they care? They got luxury bunkers, while the rest of us got ‘duck and cover under the kitchen table’. This is bullshit on the backs of ordinary Americans.

  78. scott

    Thank you Greg for remembering what Fauci and all the brainwashed media said in the beginning of their vaccine roll out, December 2020. they were 95% “effective” . Really they are 100% deadly . It’s simple, to understand when your blindly injecting unknown toxins, poisons, for unknown , never found (in any human body fluids ) for any, zero, none, never found isolated viruses . You cannot vaccinate against something that has never been found to exist…You only being poisoned for a made up boogyman, patsy scam.

  79. GreenPeas

    Clif High telling Nino Rodriguez all hell is to be unleashed:


    13x worse than 911 to usher in the Antichrist

    • Greg Hunter

      Bo Polny says the same thing.

    • JayJay

      I watched this and every citizen in America needs to watch.
      Get what you can in the way of surviving…water, food, supplies for you to remain independent.

  80. John Maskell

    Greg, I think your reporting is the best out there. Every interview and every news wrap up is top notch ! The information and your advice is taken with serious thought. Thank God for someone like you to be here for us .

  81. Prospector

    THIS IS A TEST – Make no mistake about it. Soviet model state run food stores.

    They want this across THE COUNTRY. They’ll gut the cities first (big population centers) and then it will spread outward.

    Chicago Mayor Johnson Moves Toward City-Run Grocery Stores
    ”’ rising taxes and crime had led many to leave, particularly businesses.
    This includes grocery chains. Walmart, Walgreens, Aldi are just some of the companies closing stores. Johnson’s solution is telling.
    Rather than address the underlying conditions, he is suggesting a solution that has failed historically — government-run stores. Indeed, the failure in dealing with crime and hostile business environments has allowed socialist activists to realize a major new socialist agenda item. ”


    Have your QR-code ID , VAXX Pass , and travel papers ready.

  82. Felicia Music

    Yesterday, I was talking with a customer at the PO who was doing a COA. He’d just gotten out of the Army and was moving back to Michigan. When I brought up the point that I’m hearing all military simulations sre showing the US losing a war with China. He told me 40k troops have gotten out of the military in the past few months due to a weakened military.

  83. Roger Ram-Jet

    That no-good-nick, bi-partisan, imperialist-neocon think-tank “Center for Strategic & International Studies” thinks the USA will only lose two aircraft carriers from the upcoming China/Taiwan war.

    CSIS ran 24 iterations of a wargame to see how such a conflict might play out. In all simulations CSIS thinks the Chinese will be unable to conquer the island. In four weeks of fighting the CSIS thinks the USA to lose hundreds of aircraft, two carriers, and two dozen other ships.

    I SAY the USA would lose their entire carrier fleet in the opening ten minutes, along with “the lighting of the skies” of at least one hundred targets, including Hawaii, Guam, Japan and the Philippines, simultaneously at the start. Go ahead CSIS, keep playing your war board game where you can’t lose and where a loss of a single life is nothing and the loss of millions is just a statistic.

    War isn’t played like a board game where everyone takes their turn and are limited to what they can do by the numbers on the dice; where you can play the nuke card often and no harm is done to any of the players. PERHAPS this is why America can’t even win a war against per-historic cave dwellers.

    I’ve just got this feeling the-powers-that-be think the full scale nuclear war will be a piece of cake, after-all, the past 50 years of testing, they already set off thousands of high kiloton nukes and the Earth population numbers haves never been so high… and heavyweight.

    The problem is they put no value on life, they think life has no value.

    I think each life is priceless, and in the deepest sense, each life IS a Universe, even if the life is a fetus or even an Ukrainian manure salesman/comedian named Dr. Evil.

    Stop destroying Universes. Make your trillions by creating benefits to the Earth and all of its lifeforms.

  84. Rodster

    This guy was 100% vaxed and boosted as required by the NCAA.

    “Former NBA All-Star, current Michigan coach Juwan Howard undergoes heart surgery”


  85. Hellothatgirl

    Just a thought here…but has anyone else thought of the Oct 4th alert everyone is suppose to get on their phones? If this is a self assembling metal device that is in the injections, what will happen on that day? Will a lot of people drop dead right in front of us? That’s a scary thought as Everyone where I work and all the residents have taken the Jab. Might want to do like Greg says prepare mentally. Thanks Greg

    • Ned Jeffers

      Dear hellothatgirl, your hypothesis rocks! It would fit what Clif High is saying is coming better than his own guess of a DEW because your hypothesis is much more individual personal since most everyone has a cellphone (except for us old school rednecks).

      Wasn’t there a horror movie that was all about whether one answered the phone or not? And we are close to Hallow’s Eve.

      Listen to Clif with Nino Rodriguez … links above.

    • JayJay

      I am unplugging all things I can get to on that day…..Oct. 4, 1:20 pm.
      Esp. wifi. I have no cell phone.

  86. Jackie Pollock

    Oh my gosh! Greg, That was a good laugh for me on your depiction of Mitch McConnell. He always makes me think that he is a cross between a turkey and a turtle!

    I think too that the constant help to ramp up Ukraine to keep on fighting and provoking the Russians with the help of Nato, the UK and US in particular is to get to a thermo nuclear war to cover up all the falling systems – the economy, ours and the world’s, the covid “vaccines” results being outed publicly now, our borders wide open letting in millions of unchecked immigrants, the sick condition of our military forces, our pilots, our nurses and medical personnel forced into taking “vaccines” in the last few years, older people, younger people, Hollywood, and babies, fires and explosions at facilities, the breakdown of operations at the Panama Canal, the awful corruption and outright lawlessness of the Biden bunch from Joe on down the family line, to the likely aerosol spraying now of “vaccines” to further propel the destruction of all of us worldwide. Except for the PTB of course – they have their enclaves readied for their immediate use. Not us – we are the targeted objective of their hate and destruction and it cannot wait much longer because The Awakening is Coming and they know it!
    Fantastic news wrap-up Greg. You really are a blessing!

  87. Linda Vernon

    Hi , Thank you for all the helpful information. I want to get Ivermectin ,for preventive care , but don’t know which brands are trustworthy . Can you recommend any. Thank you, Linda

  88. Mark

    Dear Mr. Hoffman: Is Rosh Hashanah Biblical?

    Hoffman: Unfortunately, no, it’s not. The holiday is a pagan Babylonian tradition using a Hebrew name to conceal its origin. Corporate media suppress this theological fact.”

    “The Jewish religion today traces its descent, without a break, from the Pharisees.”
    – R. Travers Herford, Universal Jewish Encyclopedia

    Gems of wisdom from the Talmud:

    Gittin 57a. Jesus is in hell, boiling in “hot excrement.”
    Kallah 51a. Christ is called a bastard. Rabbi Joshua said he is the son of a niddah (a child conceived during a woman’s menstrual period). Rabbi Akiba said he is both a bastard and a son of a niddah.
    Sanhedrin 106a . Says Jesus’ mother was a whore.
    Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile it does not have to be returned.
    Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies against Gentiles.

  89. Coal Burner

    To me there is a major problem with the Auto worker strike. Remember GM built 13 plants in China. China own GM. It is calling that shot for GM and could just close GM on this side of the world. They own the tech and build cheap. On top of that w2e cannot afford to buy them anymore. No one should buy an EV, that is stupid and it is crawling out everyday.
    As for Ford, they are built in Mexico and we have thousands parked in hidden lots all over the country that cannot be sold.

    I am totally with you on the interest rates. They are going up to pay off the National debts with worthless dollars. They have to do it before BRICS kills the dollar. China and BRICS is playing right into their hands. It will take a few years but they intend to shake out all the worthless debt. Like you and Bill Holter have said, what you have is what you will get until it is over. The real reason Metals, food, electric bicycles, horses, self sustanement is going to be the answer. And on top they may force a vicious and deadly war.

  90. Clay Lane

    Obama Era Official Drops Bombshell About Biden White House! | Allen West Exclusive
    Stephen Gardner 9,878 views Sep 17, 2023
    LTC Allen West shares insight with Stephen Gardner on the US Economy, who is really running the white house, Biden’s cognitive decline, the safety of the United States, the border crisis, the danger in Biden having Hunter as an advisor in the white house, Obama era officials still quietly running the white house from unelected positions, the Afghanistan withdrawal and the Ukraine Russia war. Ukraine will lose the war without air support but America should not put boots on the ground.
    Is Hunter running the once United States now dis united? Sure looks like that a cracked head wet nightmare. No, it’s warbucks son Alex’s lgbCIA pulling Obombers strings!

  91. Forgetful Medful!

    The Biggest Vaxx Mandate Flip Flop EVER By News Host!
    The Jimmy Dore Show

  92. Wads Binghamton

    Ukraine War as Putin meets with NOKO Kim Jong Un w/ Scott Ritter
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 151,759 views Streamed live on 9/11/23

    “I Got COVID Wrong!” Admits Gavin Newsom
    The Jimmy Dore Show 104,937 views Sep 14, 2023
    California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom recently sat down with NBC’s Chuck Todd and made a stunning admission: that if he could he would have done the “exact opposite” of everything he did in response to the COVID pandemic. Of course, being the skilled politician he is, Newsom wouldn’t offer a single specific change he would have made nor would he explain why he allowed Hollywood to proceed during COVID in ways no other industry was allowed to.

  93. catherine serra

    Stay off my roof! LOL… I love it!

  94. Anne

    Some of us realized at least 2 years ago that the covid shots are effective at death and disease acceleration.
    As long as people continue to follow the medical advice of lying doctors, politicians and the MSM. We will continue to hear of unnecessary suffering and premature deaths and physical disabilities. Good show once again Greg. Anyone with a working brain should have known something was wrong with the covid story when pharmaceutical and natural medicines that can actually reign in covid were rejected by those in the mainstream. Oh well. It’s a blessing to hear from and know of those who tell the truth. Bless you Greg.

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