Election Chaos Means Market Chaos – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Evening Post)

Money manager and economist Michael Pento predicts, “We are going to have an election in this country that is the most contested vote this country has ever seen.  Whichever party that loses is not going to accept the results.  That’s mad chaos for the stock market, and that is one of the things I am thinking about when I am managing money.”

Another thing Pento is thinking about is massive Fed money printing in response to CV19.  They have printed a massive amount in a very short amount of time.  Pento explains, “They borrowed $3.3 trillion in fiscal 2020.  All of it was monetized by the Federal Reserve.  We switched to an inflationary hedge, and that worked out wonderfully for us.  Then a funny thing happened at the end of July, the PPP loans, the paycheck protection loans, they were exhausted.  The money that was spent and sent by helicopter, $1,000 per adult, $500 per child and $600 in enhanced unemployment, that was all spent too.  So, you have this massive fiscal cliff I warned about is here and here now.  Last week, I got much more defensive. . . . We borrowed $3.3 trillion, and that was monetized by the Fed, and that is all going away.  The amount of new borrowing is done.”

Pento points out one huge lingering problem, and that is unemployment and people still collecting a check.  Pento says, “There are many programs that people have access to get unemployment insurance.  One of the major ones is called Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).  That number is 29.6 million people when you include continuing claims and pandemic claims for unemployment.  The PUA portion was up one million people last week.  The number of claims might be going down under the traditional channels, but they are all filing claims under the PUA.  We have a huge divergence of what’s happening in the stock market to what’s happening in the underlying economy.  Rod Serling could not have imagined how crazy this stock market valuation has become.   The valuation inequities is 180% of GDP.  To put that into perspective, it was 140% of GDP in March 2000 just before NASDAQ lost 85% of its value.”

Pento says his portfolio is now weighted with 20% Gold and Silver.  He predicts Fed policies that are coming soon on inflation, and interest rate suppression “will be rocket fuel for gold and silver. . . .And gold and silver are just getting started. . . .  If Bitcoin is $10,000 per unit, why can’t gold be $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 per ounce?  With the amount of dollars out there, it could easily be $5,000 or $8,000 per ounce, and that is where it is headed.”

Pento also says, “The bond market will eventually collapse, but the biggest collapse coming is the faith in all fiat currencies.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with economist Michael Pento.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Stan

    My boys at the NY Fed tell me that the Fed dictates who will be President. They told me who the next President is. I am trading accordingly.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well who is it Stan?

      • Stan

        If Paul, Jerry and others on this board apologize to me for their many insults then I may consider revealing who the next President is. The apologies must be sincere and detailed.

        • Greg Hunter

          Just do it for me Stan. It has nothing to do with other people here.

          • William Stanley

            This one’s going to be a hard to refuse: Greg’s extended the olive branch to you.
            I’d like amity to break out here. Please talk to each other. (Maybe offline. But you, Stan, would need to make the next move in that direction; and I know that entails huge risk).

            • Stan

              William Stanley: Me and Greg are cool

              • William Stanley

                I should have figured.

          • Ray

            Stan doesn’t even know what day of the week it is, let alone who will be the next President of the US.
            He has ZERO friends at the Fed…….it’s all in his head!
            He comes onto this site and baits everyone with ridiculous comments, then goes on to describe some fantasy life wherein he is some Big Wheel in the investment community.
            Moreover, he openly pushes for the current DISHONEST MONETARY SYSTEM to not only continue, but to grow further in power, so that people in the 1% of 1% (of which he is NOT a member), can continue to leech off from everyone else on the planet.
            When HONEST MONEY, such as gold is mentioned here, he is 100% against it.
            He didn’t keep his word……didn’t jump off the bridge…..big indicator of his personality right there…….fair dinkum.
            The only apology required here at this site is from the imbecilic imbecile named Stan.
            Full Stop.
            Deadset Stan……who the phuck do you think you are anyway?
            You’re all tip and no iceberg son!
            People that you aspire to being like, who ACTUALLY HAVE the connections that you describe, with solid, substantial wealth, Park Ave properties and a couple of Bentleys at their disposal DO NOT frequent sites like this……..nor would they engage in the outright piffle that you continually spew forward to this intelligent audience.
            Others here are being magnanimous toward you today, with your ridiculous request for an apology…….not me. I’ve had it with your BS.
            You’re a Piss Ant son, nothing more.
            Wake up to yourself.
            Ray, Canberra, LDN

            • Stan

              Ray: Dude, I think you have an anger management problem.

              • Ray

                Stanley, old son…….the only one with a problem here is you.
                It is a “credibility problem” to be sure.
                If you were a cocktail………let’s name it “The Stanley”, it would be made up thus:
                2 parts Bullshit Artist
                1 part Habitual Name Dropper
                1 part Financial Drop Kick
                1 jigger Utter Delusion Of Wealth Status.
                Shake well over a crush of frozen Imbecilic Web Page Comments.
                …….and there you have it…….The Stanley.
                Available at all good night clubs where nothing but Monopoly Money is accepted as payment.
                Drink Up old son!
                Ray, Canberra, LDN

            • AndrewB

              You’re spot on! I can’t begin to imagine why anyone here responds to ‘Stan’. Many times I have advocated ignoring his comments . . . let them wither on the vine.

              P.S. Always thinking about you guys in Oz. Whatever happened to the free-spirited Aussie? I thought the ‘convict DNA’ would rebel against tyranny but, from afar, it appears the nation is rolling over! People in Victoria are living a nightmare – mandatory masks at all times, curfews, travel restriction of ONLY 3 miles (5k), and only one family member allowed out at a time! Is there a spirit of resistance? What say you?

              • Ray

                Hi Andrew,
                Hope all is well with you.
                Down in Victoria they have lost their marbles good and proper mate.
                Thing is, most here in Australia are just like most Western Nation people……
                Human Drones that consume nothing but shit day in, day out:
                Shit food,
                Shit News Media,
                Shit Entertainment
                Shit Politics
                Now 99% of them are CONVINCED that their economy is falling apart because of some virus.
                Intelligent people, like those who frequent USAWD (less one notable imbecile) understand that the global economy was completely razzed LONG BEFORE this virus craze came along.
                It was said in this country, around 100 years ago, and quite proudly may I add, that “Australia rode to prosperity on the sheeps’ back” (due to our successful agriculturally geared economy back then)
                Today, I am ashamed to say, Australians have devolved into actual sheep themselves, whilst complete asswipes ride on our backs daily, onward to our utter ruin.
                I will leave matters there……….
                Best wishes remain with you and yours Andrew.
                Ray, LDN.

            • China Syndromes

              Ray, Your command of the English language is amazing. Almost rhymes.

              • Ray

                Hi China Syndrome,
                Your words are most kind.
                I was a cadet journalist when first out of school……many years ago, when journalists had to pass a series of writing tests just to get an interview!!!
                Not so todays’ crop of “journalists”…….even with spell checker they stuff it up!!
                I have always enjoyed writing……thanks again and take care.
                Ray, Canberra, LDN

            • K. Wayne

              Let it go buddy.
              You are fighting an imaginary persona. Stan doesn’t exist.
              He is the creation of someone’s alter ego.
              Consider if you will…that there are unscrupulous minds posting on this forum.
              Included in that are those who have noticed the collective mindset…and will (to provoke a response) intentionally strike an out of tune chord to awaken the sense and sensibility of those who possess wisdom, knowledge or common sense.
              Stop wasting your energy. You are a better served helping real people.

              • Ray

                Well said KW……real wisdom in your thoughts right there to be sure.
                Thanks for the sound advice.
                I always look forward to reading your posts here at USAWD
                Keep throwing out the left jab my friend!

                • Martin Astonov

                  Ray, Make that a right jab f0r poor Kayster, in the keyster! sHe’s an operative for the right wing, of the deep state. They’re the military industrial side of the complex. Poppy Bushie’s New World Order dreamer’s. Not to be confused with the Soros Hillary Morell Obama psychopathetic mob of fascist, leftie deep stators. The only thing the two sides agree on is Russia. The land of they’re wettest of dreams. 12 time zone’s, the Sun never sets on. The gas station of abundant mineral resources and wealth. Named after Viking Russ, the people’s of the biggest European tribe on earth. The Slavic/Viking & Siberian supermen, who exiled Hitler’s entire Russian front to Siberia. Never to return. A fate worse than death! Which provided a humongous army of post warbrides to America. Maybe larger than the British or Australian? I have a st’neaking suspicion, Kay heShe, is a war child. Which? GERMAN! Hiel Merkel!

                  • K. Wayne

                    Your Deception and deceitful intent are not attractive qualities for you Martin. You also evidently post under many (false) names on this platform as I have noticed. Shameful. Your statements are misleading. You are promoting concepts that are not true. This is not for your personal gain so it is abundantly clear that you are engaged by some agency.
                    Our taxpayers dollars are being wasted …. money should be allocated to something more beneficial for the greater population.
                    Move on Troll.

        • Mike R

          Stan – you owe everyone on this board a HUGE apology for all the ridicule you’ve dished out. I take offense to your mocking of people who are bullish on gold, all the while you claim to be short gold, yet it just keeps on riding.

          • Stan

            Mike R: Disagreeing with a God bug is not insulting a Gold bug

        • Self Exiled

          Stan I never insulted you once until you said I needed help. I even said I hoped you wouldn’t jump of the bridge. I even offered you a home for the Bentley. Come on Stan have a heart; altho you seem to have developed an imaginative sense of humor with your post. Oh have a heart Stan; tell us.

          • Stan

            Self Exiled: Ok, I forgive you. You aren’t as bad as some of the others.

            • Self Exiled

              Thank You Stan, I forgive you too.

        • Paul ...

          Stan … I don’t need you to tell me who the banksters want for President … banksters are “globalists” who want to impose a world government … so it is clear they don’t want Trump!!

          • Freebrezer

            P – Agree – per Stan that is the biggest DUH ever!!!! Who would the DS (deep state), industrial military complex, globalist, the Fed, China, etc be supporting for president? Given the complete lack of coverage by MSM … Please tell Stan!

          • Freebrezer

            P – Agree … Could be the biggest DUH ever!

          • JC

            Is that you?



          • Freebrezer

            P – Agree … This could be the biggest DUH ever!!!!

          • Paul ...

            Stan … Your trading accordingly? … does that mean you are finally buying gold (in anticipation of “free spending Biden” and his fellow “commie Demon-rats” doing MMT creating massive inflation)??

          • Stan

            Paul: Trump has agreed to play ball with the Fed. Therefore, he will win in November.

            • Paul ...

              Stan … Trump wants a weaker dollar (to cut our trade deficit) … so … you will still need to buy gold for protection against a depreciating currency … therefore knowing in advance who is going to win really doesn’t matter a whole lot (when it comes to owning gold)!!

              • K. Wayne

                The forces of Evil knew that a WEAK Dollar would prevail once they opened the floodgates and turned the switch on the Printing Presses.
                Do you ever consider how they work around something they know in advance…….
                “A LOWER DOLLAR”……not achieved through the actions (or words) of POTUS….but merely capable of being attributable to his great foresight, planning and policies.
                Convenient how they have used Trump to hide their insidious behavior….in the form of debasement…..with the commensurate deflection of attention away from themselves (FED).
                My call…..TRUMP IS IN BED WITH THE FED. I can provide more support for this statement if required.
                You don’t have to agree with me or like me for that matter. Just post your argument to the contrary….. if you have one (not directed at you Paul).

            • William Stanley

              RE: Trump “playing ball” “in bed” with the Fed

              Tell the truth “Stan”: Is “K” really one of your “personae”?

              • K. Wayne

                Much can be said of your family name (STANLEY). You have inadvertently given the game away either overtly or subconsciously.
                Most here have no understanding.
                I know however!!!
                My question to you is …..if that is indeed your actual surname ….. then kindly advise why you spend your valuable time on a forum such as this ? An inadequate response will provide clarity around who you really are.

              • K. Wayne

                Also given your response….I have already sensed that I have hit the target. “Alter-ego”!!
                Deflection or mid-direction is a well known ops strategy.
                I’m really starting to enjoy this little game. Lets play.

        • Jerry

          I think your face mask has cut off the oxygen to your brain dude. For your information the federal reserve bank is an errand boy for the IMF and the Bank of International Settlements. They have much bigger fish to fry with the global currency reset being orchestrated by the World Financial Forum than worrying about who the next scapegoat will be in the United States.

          • William Stanley

            IMO, it’s really more the other way around: the real power lies with the central banks and (to a lesser extent) the IMF. The BIS provides central banks discrete and confidential “services.” It’s unclear to me whether the IMF plays any direct part in the goings on at the Bank for International Settlements.
            See, e.g., https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/resources/knowledge/finance/bank-for-international-settlements-bis/

            • William Stanley

              I suppose I ought to go ahead and point out now that the “real power” where the Fed is concerned lies with the big New York City money center banks. You know the names.
              However, the banks and THEIR Fed usually go along with the Treasury during crises.

              (As an aside: Four years ago I heard from someone with informal access that some of the most influential names in NY financial circles didn’t respect Donald Trump. Recently, I’ve come to see that President Trump is, and always was, the sharpest pencil in the box. Incredible as it is to the common wisdom, Donald Trump declined to disabuse them their arrogance. Apparently it didn’t serve his purposes. My guess: they’re too late, and only now are they — and others — beginning to understand their mistake).

            • Tin foil hat

              I second that. Jerry is usually on target but he must have had a Biden moment.

            • Jerry

              William Stanley,
              That’s a matter of opinion.

              I happen to believe that it goes much deeper into The City of London Corporation “ and the Rothschilds and Rockefeller families. Unlike Stan, my family had real connections with them in the early 1900s in California. My mothers aunt who was contracted with Warner Brothers was told by her Rothschilds connections to move her bank account and business operations to China 12 months before the crash in 1929. Three years later she came back and bought 30% shares of Coca Cola. This was no accident. These families control the banks whether people want to believe it or not. And they’re doing it again now.

              • K. Wayne

                When you have a connection as the one you described, then there is no refuting that the system is designed for their benefit.

            • K. Wayne

              To be clear the BIS was created in 1930 (coincidentally). It is owned by the Central Banks and interestingly sets the Banking Rules / Standards for Governing how Central Banks perform….think standardized products for harmonious development….. (Capital, Supervisory and Discipline).
              The IMF was created (conveniently) out of the Bretton Woods agreement in 1945. Its agenda is to burden developing Nations with Debt to bring them to a point of Bankruptcy…to further divest them of their sovereignty and their Material Wealth and Natural Resources.
              In terms of where the ” Real Power ” resides…..it is neither the Central Banks nor the BIS/IMF.
              Jerry is partially correct. One must look to the Aristocracy of America and Europe as well as the Elite Banking and Industrialist Families (too numerous to mention here). These Families are the ones pulling the strings and levers that control the World.
              Conjecture all you may about it…..but these are provable Facts.

          • Stan

            Jerry: You should be a guest on Alex Jones

            • Self Exiled

              You listen to Alex Jones, I don’t think you should have admitted to that. I been waiting for him to blow a gasket [Bentley terminology]. I watch him for psychological interests. If he didn’t have the show: so that he could release once a day, he would self destruct. That’s why he comes in on Sundays.

            • Tin foil hat

              Stan: You should be a guest on the Fantasy Island.

              • Ray

                Ahhhhh Tin!!!
                Thanks for an absolute belly laugh!!!
                Can you see Stan yelling out “The plane, the plane”??
                Love it…..nicely done and thanks again Tin!
                Ray, Canberra, LDN

                • Tin foil hat

                  My righteous friend,

                  You are welcome. I’m glad to bring about a little laughter out of you in this trying time, especially in the expense of Stan.

            • Self Exiled

              Stan you shouldn’t have said that to Jerry. Now they know you watch Alex Jones. I do too but my reason is wrong, terrible, I want to see it when he blows a gasket. Bentley terminology.

            • Jerry

              Give it up. You’re not intelligent enough to insult me. By the sheer fact you never provide a link proves you’re a wack job. Here’s news for you Stan. You might want to tell you’re “ friends at the Federal Reserve “ that they can add Wells Fargo to the plinko list with Deutsche Bank.

              See how that works? That’s real information. What do you provide Stan?

            • Jerry

              I’ll make a bet. I’ll bet you won’t respond to this information:because it is fact. Not the Bentley riding, gold stiffing B.S. you post.

              I would call you a troll, but that requires a certain degree of intellectual skill, that you obviously don’t have. I appreciate the fact that Greg allows you to post here. It provides a certain degree of entertainment, but that’s about it.

              • Stan

                Jerry: Ok, I’ll respond. If you don’t like Digital ID then don’t participate. Simple. Are you able to comprehend that?

              • K. Wayne

                You are consuming a lot of energy on this ghost (alter ego).
                Did you ever consider who Stan really is and what their motive might be?
                Perhaps now would be a good time to demonstrate your acumen.

                • Farley "Fritz" Gunther

                  And whom are you Kay, but a lab-dog of ad-numerous un-intelligent, has been operatives. Who’s your agent, at whose agency?

                  • Ilya Koriatkin

                    Grant? I’m sure that’s Mike Pence, younger days of course. Wow, working for S.P.E.C.T.E.R., incredible!

      • Stan

        Greg: Trump will win, but only because he has not tampered with the Federal Reserve. TPTB told him to back off the Fed and he complied. Should this change between now and Nov 3rd then the Fed crashes the markets and Biden wins. However, I don’t think Trump will turn on the Fed. He will play ball.

        • Paul ...

          If you read the Bible Stan be warned: “When the Fed enemy shall come in like a fiat flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a Gold Standard against him”.– Isaiah 59:19

    • RAFO

      Sorry to bust your bubble Sir, but the Fed doesn’t pick who the next President is… God Almighty does. He raises up leaders and puts them down for His own purposes. Sorrt, but you DON’T have the inside info that you think you do.

      • A. hall

        Wrong to a point. Obama was picked by them when he was seventeen years old. and this is provable – i know the video that proves it and the fact Obama is not a USA citizen.

        Obama made a massive mistake when he put our his – what he said was his real true birth certificate. It was fake and even has the wrong name on it! Plus it’s impossible to have a Connecticut social security # being born in Hawaii!!!!!! – TOTALLY CAN’T HAPPEN!

        Obama is fake and a crook and behind all this black lives matter bull-crap! These are his brown shirt Army he wanted and funded by Geo. Soro’s!

        • K. Wayne

          Correct factually and I Agree with most of your comment.

    • John


    • jim

      Stan you are a fake and a phony , and too stupid to have any connections like like , We all already know that the globalist hate trump, like we don`t know what your answer would be.

      • Self Exiled

        I don’t think all the globalist hate Trump, I think maybe we are watching a globalist takeover with an embedded dispute amongst them.

        • Greg Hunter

          Trump is not a globalists at all.

          • Self Exiled

            I was thinking more like he is caught in the mix, {as we all are} because He has a definitive personality and issues he is more susceptible to use. I also think the globalist are more divided than we know, power addicted personalities. In time they would feed on each other. Also he is pro Israel and I’m sure there’s a certain amount of protection, my thoughts. I see Israel as the last globelist standing {not enough room to explain}.

    • Charles Casaburi

      I attended a conference a couple of years ago where data was presented that showed that JP Morgan was profitable in its day trading operations everyday except 2 for 5 years. Only Jamie Dimon knows for sure.

  2. iwitness02

    If there was a window at the bank where I could cash in all my ‘uncertainties,’ I could buy me a Bentley.

    • Self Exiled

      I think Stan is more sensitive than we thought.

    • sk

      Don’t buy Bentley. He eats too much oats and demands apples – he will eat you out of house and home. Buy a donkey instead!

      • iwitness02

        Roger that, SK!

  3. al

    Very simply put… Bitcoin lives as an entry on a Worldwide secure ledger called “the blockchain”. Think of it as a check ledger that lives in everyone’s wallet, but you can only control your portion of the ledger, no one else can.
    Everyone can see everyone’s transactions, but with so many exact copies of the ledger around the World, the system secure from manipulation.

    Pento is very good but he has to stay on point and use understood terms. He digresses which clouds the answer which is lost in a swirling muck of economic jargon.

    So when Trump wins, what he wants doesn’t matter, the system is DESIGNED to be at this UBI point before it explodes. UBI, in the form of a stimulus check or EBT style card, will be the norm, then inflation goes to the moon and Trump will be blamed, when in reality this was designed in the blueprint on 1913.
    Pento is looking at deflation which did start on Aug 1st, but there WILL be another bout of UBI induced inflation, and another, and another and it will be retroactive.
    Helicopter money is here, it may pause a bit for political reasons, but when it resumes it will be retroactive and super inflationary.

    So what does the every day Joe do? I am using the UBI to purchase hard stuff I will need in the future, like extra water filters, A/C filters, a new stove, a new faucet, a newer car (yes, I sold my other car a few Months ago ).
    I’ve been without a car for Months because the prices keep going up. I finally nabbed a deal, but it was very very difficult. .. here’s why:
    Check this chart out, this is what happens when UBI and ZIRP is initiated…


    I recently lived this “super V” in used cars and it was nerve-racking.
    Why did I sell my car? It needed work and I was done with it! By the time I sold it I noticed prices of cars skyrocketing, so I waited. Stimulus was in effect and I was stuck!

    Buy stuff you will need in the future, be a few years ahead.
    If you believe, like me, that we will be getting more money from the Government beyond the election, then borrow at fixed interest rates now and pay it later with cheap money.
    I would never say this any other time except now. That’s how you deal with UBI induced money velocity.

    • William Stanley

      RE: Bitcoin

      I don’t think use of Bitcoin means that everyone knows what everyone else has bought: Bitcoin can be purchased anonymously and thereafter traded for goods without everyone simply looking at the blockchain to know the details of the ensuing transactions. They will only know that a transaction took place, and only the new owner of the Bitcoin will be able to prove the ownership that will allow him, in turn, to transfer ownership to someone else (but that, also, can be done anonymously).

      Other cryptocurrencies could be designed that don’t allow the anonymity that Bitcoin offers.

      • Ray

        Hi William,
        I hope you and yours are well.
        Good comment on Bitcoin there.
        With regard to this so called “distributed ledger”……..has anyone here at USAWATCHDOG ever seen it?
        If so, what does it look like?
        How is it presented?
        Or is it something that people have heard of, understand the overall concept of, and just accept where this trustable distributed ledger / blockchain exists “somewhere”, to perhaps be shown “someday” when questions need to be raised regarding transactions made via crypto currency?
        If someone can show me a screen grab of the distributed ledger, I’d really appreciate it!
        By the way, my command of foreign languages may be slipping in my temporal dotage, but I think the work “crypt” is Greek for “hidden place”.

        https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/cryptWord origin
        C18: from Latin crypta, from Greek kruptē vault, secret place, from kruptos hidden, from kruptein to hide

        So…….I am not too sure I want to end up inside a digital vault, locked to an inescapable block on an electronic chain!
        This “Hidden Place” world monetary system…………..
        Seems to me that such has already been built by Humanity, as evidenced via the filth that is the Fed, IMF et al.
        No need to make another one.
        Ray, Canberra, LDN.

        • William Stanley

          Good point!
          That’s why I don’t own any cryptocurrencies. Yet.
          (Who knows what they’ll try to make me use to buy the covid vaccine that I also don’t want or trust?)

        • Paul ...

          The word “crypt” has a different meaning in English … it is where you put something that is dead … if you want a place to put your dead money … put it into crypto!! … if you want “immortal” money that never dies … buy gold!!!

      • al

        ok, but I did not want to go in to a long diatribe about the tech behind Bitcoin and it’s anonymity angle. My point was to make easy a difficult matter to explain using analogies like a checkbook ledger. Yes, it’s much more involved but that’s where you lose people. One has to ease in to the matter so to speak.

        Yes, you are correct. If you only buy with bitcoin the transaction is seen, but no one will know who you are, but the moment you convert to fiat and give your KYC info, you have just shown your hand. The blockchain can be traced back to every transaction you made.

        • Ray

          Sweet…..thanks Al.

        • Tin foil hat

          “but the moment you convert to fiat and give your KYC info, you have just shown your hand. The blockchain can be traced back to every transaction you made.”

          I think bitcoin and other crypto will be made illegal the moment governments become involved with creating their own cryptocurrency. It could be easily enforced by shutting down the exchanges.

          How is cryptocurrency (Central bank Digital) going to work as a global reserve currency if transaction couldn’t be traced – how would nations balance trades?

          What fiat/commodity would a nation with excess reserve of the global reserve cryptocurrency convert to ?

          I think Jerry may be a little too early to discount gold.

        • K. Wayne

          Once Quantum Computing goes mainstream….Crypto Currencies and Blockchain are dead in the water. Codes can be cracked in very short order. Renders the technology useless. Just my 2 cents and some food for thought.

          • Tin foil hat

            I’m a computer illiterate but what you have said is plausible.

    • Diane

      I like you Al
      You’re a good guy

  4. Marie Joy

    Minute 2:40
    I don’t think Trump said he would NOT leave the White House. Links, please.

    • Greg Hunter

      He was implying Trump will fight the fraud and win.

      • Marie Joy

        Minute 43:12, Matt Bracken, in an interview with TheModernSurvivalist, 9/12/2020, on YouTube, says “We are in the beginning of a civil war”. It would not surprise me if that civil war started this November. Get ready.

        • Freebrezer

          M – it has already started! A whole lot of fires in Washington and Oregon are via Arsonist! They are going after the Red state voters in a big way!

          • William Stanley

            I’ve had similar thoughts. So please forgive me for using your comment as a springboard into the more ethereal: Upon reflection, I’ve come to suspect that the arson — both in the cities and in more rural areas — is aimed more at destroying America (as a set of ideas) generally, than it is at damaging or destroying particular states or demographics.

            IMO, it’s the Global fascists — the present most salient incarnation of evil — against all the rest of us. It’s beyond annoying watching them employ the MSM to spin the web of lies composing the narrative that the crucial issues facing us are defined by such malarkey as “race,” “gender,” “climate change,” or “Covid-19.”

            • iwitness02

              your last sentence in your reply to Freebrezer: It’s beyond annoying watching them employ the MSM to spin the web of lies composing the narrative that the crucial issues facing us are defined by such malarkey as “race,” “gender,” “climate change,” or “Covid-19.” I have to agree with you 100%.
              This morning I got an email from a friend that reads in part: “All the underpinnings of society are being worn away and soon it shall fall around our feet.”
              Our nation’s moral compass is pointing south instead of north.
              In my neck of the woods, ammo is unobtainable. Nothing in stock. Guns are selling at a record pace. One shop owner I talked to explained that he has never seen so many first time gun buyers. He became very concerned over this, and has started a one hour training class at his indoor range to teach the first time buyers— gun safety, and let them shoot their new purchase under close supervision. He is making an effort to get these people started on the right foot.

              • William Stanley

                Thanks for letting me know a little about how things are going with you. You are often in my thoughts. I spend more time contemplating and reflecting upon your posts than the frequency of my responses reflects.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Free Melbourne!

    • William Stanley

      I’m pretty hopeful; hang in there.
      BTW, President Trump invaded Nevada today: The Governor tried to ban a Trump campaign rally on the grounds that it violated the Governor’s covid-related edict banning gatherings of more than 50 people; President Trump and his supporters simply moved the rally to a different location and declared it a “protest,” and then went right ahead with it. It was beautiful display of peaceful civil disobedience and resistance to an unconstitutional and tyrannical edict.
      (I would also point out that recently some Spanish citizens spontaneously asserted their authority and made the police stand down when they attempted to arrest a woman for not wearing a mask).

    • Errol Finn

      Sorry mate, your in test city. If you guy’s don’t bust out soon. The whole world will be in Marshall law! Hear the song of the battle cry of freedom!

      • William Stanley

        Did you know that last night President Trump traveled quite close to Virginia City?
        It wouldn’t surprise me if frequenter-commenter, Beverly, was there to see him. Actually, it wouldn’t shock me if they know each other.

        • Beverly

          I wish I could have been there to meet him. We don’t know each other. I wish it were easier to communicate with President Trump. I haven’t known quite what to think since he signed the USMCA(United States Canada Mexico Agreement). That agreement had a lot of the TPPA in it. They just basically rewrote a trade agreement that is not in the best interest of the U.S and he signed it. Maybe he did it to stay alive. He’s done some good things, and I don’t fully know his plan. All I can do is pray that he will be led by the Holy Ghost and will be protected from those who would do him harm and have the energy and strength to lead this country. And, if he needs to repent, send in the Holy Ghost to remind him that he needs to do that. If he doesn’t prove his allegiance and loyalty to God, then God will quit protecting him. I know what has been prophesied and I believe that prophecy was about him, and it doesn’t look good. He needs our prayers. We need our prayers for this country.

    • Mosquito Coas

      Air Force One Landing at MBS Intl. in Freeland, MI

    • Self Exiled

      Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order


      Filipino’s I sense are getting tired of it and becoming apathetically compliant. Altho according to local radio news 4 cases now in Numancia, 1 hospitalized, 3 in house quarantine.. Kalibo has 19 in quarantine and 1 in hospital , all local transmission which seems to cause anxiety for some people. I also noticed wealthy citizens at the local market today. Those who have expensive vehicles. A car is absolutely an unnecessary expense in this climate. Like buying long thermal underwear and wearing it to the beach to show off.

  6. Lord Nasdaq

    Great show with Gurus: Pento (tonight) and Celente, I might add.
    Yeah Federal Reserve Board caved in during late February and early/mid March.
    Early March (maybe first day or so) .50 basis cut. Then two weeks later a 1.25 basis cut or zero. Fixed income (all fiat money) died that day. Nothing happened for many years under Obamma – no moves. The second key prime rate increase (Dec. 2016) move was a simple .25 point expansion. However, this was Trump’s first of many after 2016 (Nov.) election.

    Damn Pento knows his history – see around 23:00. Yeah inflation high in late 70’s early 80’s. U.S.A. paid for their spending back then. See Failed Society in 65 and Vietnam War. Yeah 1983ish mortgage was in mid teens (and you had to have 20% down!) with 1983 one year c.d.’s (if you had available cash) paying near 20%!
    I hope we don’t go to a 2013 Cyprus “Asset Seizure” for worthless cash!
    “Dollar late and day short,” as we say in the south.

    Best advice to anyone in 30’s or younger who is serious about their family and future – stay out of debt! If you can do this, you’ll be accomplishing something no country/government can – China, Japan, U.S.A., Spain, etc. – being solvent/liquid!
    Then you buy hard assets like guns, fine antiques, land, precious metals, and individual stocks for the long haul.
    D.C.A. with your 401k’s and Roth’s but have dry powder in same accounts to buy individual equities you have studied when shit hits the fan like March 2020 or August 2015! But you can’t do this with high debt. Do you really need to purchase a $40000.00 car while renting an apartment? Can you pay for gym memberships, on-line classes, causes/charities, without having any concern for current expenses. Conquer debt first.

    If I wasn’t a professional investor since 98, and in my early 30’s with dry powder but confused about funds or trading, I’d damn sure contact Pento Portfolio Strategies, Celente, Mannarino, Fitts, Schiff, or other Greg Hunter guests way before some young, investment manager at any any local bank. These individuals on USAWacthdog run circles around your average Vanguard, Fidelity, etc. no-name fund manager as well.

    No vaccine from Dr. Gates for this paleface. Yall do it first, then I’ll observe and decide.

    Oh yes lefties – President Trump created the Great American Outdoors Act which designated over 1 million acres of wilderness as protected land, upgrades to national and state parks, saved U.S. taxpayers money by not sending money to Luxembourg, Paris, etc. to fix the climate.
    You wish to do the opposite: new needless roads, ebt stores like DG or WMT to support new section eight housing in rural counties along the new roads, and sending my damn $$ to Europe! And now your people are burning down the same nature/wildlife you accuse U.S. of destroying. Too obvious but yet sad.

    I’ll get back in The Game probably in November. Let the world/U.S.A. citizens figure out where it/they want to go first. Then I’ll move.

    God bless Greg Hunter, his guests, and USAWatchdog.

  7. eddiemd

    Trump should use this RT video for his campaign. In fact this should be copied and expanded and used against all democrats in the USA elections.


    • eddiemd

      The Saker website with an opinion on the dems.


      • Greg Hunter

        Who is the Saker? Russian propaganda.

        • eddiemd

          Every website has a component of propaganda. As long as you start to read it with this mindset, then you can form an opinion as to how much propaganda they are putting out.

          I have been reading the Saker website for years. Certainly there is propaganda but there is also valuable open source pieces of intelligence hidden within. In addition it gives the insight into the minds of potential enemies of the USA. It also provides a view from the other side.

          The “Saker” himself lives here in the USA, Florida. He has a background as a military intelligence analyst. Some of his guest writers are certainly anti-USA but their propaganda is useful for its perspective from the middle east and Russia. Some of these writers are on the ground in those locations or are from those countries.

          I see the world from a perspective of a Special Forces soldier, 97B counterintelligence background and a medical doctor. I am a remnant of the Cold War days in Europe. The best way to defeat the enemy is to know the enemy. That includes reviewing propaganda from all sides.

          • Greg Hunter

            Who the hell is Saker??????? If you want to be a real player in the information game, drop the bull crap fake name and bring it into the light of day. I refuse to read crap from this weasel. If he wants my respect and time to read his crap, then give me a verifiable name. Otherwise he can hide in the dark like a little weasel. That is my point. He’s anonymous and therefore what he says carries zero weight with me. Put out there and own it like I do. That’s my point.

  8. Country Codger

    Fantastic interview guys. Michael, you never disappoint. Thank you both.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  9. Kenneth Lowndes

    Trump knows ALL about this. His Press Secretary gave it to him in early November of 2018. He became ecstatic, exclaiming, “Yes we do have the ability to have a gold based
    economy.” [slightly paraphrased]

    So does every member of the Federal Reserves Board of Governors.

    In fact, they also know who I am and what I look like.

    I have even driven a car on loan from their former Head IT guy for nearly a full year.

  10. Kenneth Lowndes

    I am offering the ONLY DOABLE SOLUTION, and getting ignored by everyone not listed above.

    Absolutely making no sense. If it cannot do what it clearly will do, say so, and then tell me why.
    Here are things it will do.
    Totally STOP Printing Press FIAT Cash.
    Totally STOP the Manufacturing of money “out of thin air.”
    Give money value all its own, intrinsic value.
    Stabilize Markets.
    Stabilize Markets AND People.
    Create an Honest Money Society, REPLACING (not “reforming”) our current
    Dishonest Money Society.
    Honor the Wisdom of Jesus Christ in all of this.

    So why is this being ignored, and awareness of it not being “pushed”?

    I am a devout Christian and because it became easy to mathematically foresee this current crisis was headed our way AND prayed in private prayers for “what can we do?”
    This became the Answer to my prayers.


  11. Marie Joy


  12. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    That was an astounding interview.
    I went to the Fed’s website to double check Mr. Pento’s assertions about the extremely slow growth (or decline) in the various measures of money. He seems to be correct that the Fed has recently NOT been increasing the money supply in order to “monetize” additions to the US debt. In other words, the Fed has NOT been expanding its “balance sheet” in order to purchase US Government debt.

    The US Government is running a huge budget deficit and it’s entirely unclear where else but the Fed the Treasury could be getting the money to make up for the tax shortfall. I have no explanation how the Treasury is obtaining sufficient money to finance US Government operations. Could some other entities — such as some countries in the Middle East — have stepped in to (temporarily) save the day? If so, why? What is going on? It’s hard not to see something extremely ominous in all of this.

    • William Stanley

      I talked with an economist friend about this. He suggests that the slow growth (or decline) in the money supply may be partly attributable to the destruction in money due to defaults on loans. I think he has a point and I’m now questioning whether the Fed has, indeed, stopped buying Treasuries (as I thought Mr. Pento had implied).

  13. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Pento,quite disturbing.
    Here in the UK Bolsheviks in our bureaucracy are enjoying their time in the sun,
    Many years ago sitting in my common entrance exam history class,we told how mystified we were as to why the German people allowed Adolf Hitler and his tribe to do what they did,now here I am at 60+years old and look at this populace of people here in the UK and the same bowing to despots.Police going Stasi and Chekka,medicine being practised on the basis of a witch doctor,if the doctors and nurses bother to open clinics that are in powerful hands of Bolsheviks.A parliament body getting their shut your mouth money and not bother to turn up.So much for democracy.Whores all and we plebs so cowered by our own stupidity that we refuse to react.Meanwhile the French have had it,
    Our royal family have gone rogue and betrayed us plebs,what a surprise,with a New World Order of Greens thanks Prince Charles at Davos .

  14. JC

    Pento says he is not taking the vaccine.
    But Trump says, “When we have the vaccine we have the military all lined up, and they are going to deliver it in a very powerful manner.”

    Interesting times.

    • Paul ...

      The Corona Virus is “a common cold type virus” … for decades Big Pharma could not make a vaccine against the common cold (yet all of a sudden Big Pharma is going to have one ready in a few months without even testing it on animals)??… and idiot Trump is going to get the military to force it on us??? … we are human beings not “human beans” to be used like farter to help fertilize Big Pharma’s profits and bring about global warming???

    • JC

      We are absolutely in Never Never Land.

      Bob Moriarty:
      Are you aware of what the Center for Disease Control just came out with? The Center for Disease Control, I expect them to talk about vaccines, I expect them to talk about COVID, I expect them to talk about HCQ. I do not expect them to talk about the economy. The CDC has come out and said there will be no evictions until at least January. Now, what the f*ck gave them the right to dictate to landlords who can be evicted? We are absolutely in Never Never Land. We’ve got the government screwing around with things as they’ve screwed up everything in the past and they’re doing it and they’re getting far worse.


    • eddiemd

      My understanding is that the vaccine must be kept frozen up until it is used. They will need frozen warehouses for storage.

      They will use the military to include national guard and reserves from all branches. Going door to door may prove to be difficult. Instead they will link it to digital currency and access to finances. Everyone needs to eat. People getting EBT, SS bennies, VA bennies, and other .Gov support will be cutoff unless they have evidence for the vaccination. The rest of the folks will be locked out of their bank accounts until they provide evidence (nanoparticle tattoo for example or covid passport ID). They say that upwards of 40% of the people will go willingly to take the lethal vaccination.

      They are already pushing the “flu” vaccination. I recommend avoiding it.

      Take measures to boost your immune system. Exercise, adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, cut back on sugar and HFCS, clean water…etc. Watch what you eat and wash your fruits and vegetables.

      Watch, take heed, and pray…most importantly.

      • Beverly

        Judy Mikovits has pleaded with people in her videos to please, please, please don’t get any vaccines of any kind. Especially flu vaccines or covid.

    • Beverly

      I have to wonder if this is what Pres. Trump really intends to do or if he is just playing along for now. He knows the whole Covid thing is a farce. He must know that the whole plan is to use a pandemic to take control of the freedoms of the people. Like Del Bigtree talked about—-We are the owners of our bodies, not the Federal Government. The Federal Government cannot make decisions about what we will and will not do in our medical treatment. They try to get closer to that reality by accusing people of abuse if they don’t do this or that because the doctor said so, but people can leave hospitals. I can’t see Pres. Trump willingly wanting to administer vaccines to every person in the nation via the military.

  15. neville

    Another good value for money interview.
    Greg I as analyst collect information from interviews/articles such as this one.
    What is very clear to me going forward is that all the shenanigans caused by the
    underworld/deep state ,has rendered the USA completely dysfunctional.
    Their complicity in the Bio Chemical arena which they have weaponised , the stock market manipulation which includes the Commodities Complex and let us not forget the dollar which is probably the most over-valued of all the Fiat currencies and can be likened to either the Wiemar D Mark or Zimbabwe dollar is abominably
    We must not forget your interview with Bo Polny whose 21st September Time-Line has the Dow SLUMPED and DUMPED and GOLD / SILVER doing what they do best in times of Crises and this is the mother of crisis .
    It certainly looks like to me that we are now in the final stages of a Volcano Blowing..

    The Chinese are doing the right thing by preparing for the explosion dealt with above.
    No time for criticism just follow a nation which has been around 5000 + years which makes it 20 times the age of the usa and so have a track record for survival second to none.

    To people of peace and goodwill I wish you all GOD’S RICHEST BLESSINGS
    Thank you Greg & Michael

  16. Gina Moorehouse

    The ‘monster which looked beaten’ sending Dems into a panic!
    Sky News Australia

    This is what happens ‘when Joe Biden has to think for himself’
    Sep 9, 2020 Sky News Australia

  17. Stoelman

    Hi Greg,

    Where is Clif High???

    • Greg Hunter

      I have been trying to get him on recently but he has some family health issues he has to take care of. I will keep trying. Clif is a smart guy with many correct predictions. In 2016 his predictive linguistics predicted “Hillary would go missing on the night of the election.” She did!!!

  18. dlc


    Run Boy Run

    A riveting polish film with subs. Especially in these times I gravitate to stories of survival. I could have not have withstood what this little boy endured. The very first image drew me in and had me on edge throughout.

    Not much has changed, just hasn’t yet gotten to this point. Jews, whites and christians have a bullseye on their back this go round. We’ve had a reprieve. As Trump likes to say, “they’re really after you, I’m just in the way.”

  19. Rachel

    Hi Greg, Awesome interview! This week is one of Bo Polony’s key dates on the 18th of September. Interesting times!

    • Self Exiled

      May 31 – September 18, 2020
      Initial Price Move Expected: Gold $4000+ / Silver $60+
      and then before the end of 2021 silver expected to
      react like ‘rocket fuel’
      May silver was 15.00—–today it is 27.00 Is this the key date implication, silver almost doubled plus future possibilities.

  20. JC

    Inflation starting in Pento’s home state of NJ?

    Pay Up! Tolls Are Going Up on New Jersey’s 3 Main Highways Sunday

    ‘The extra revenue will go toward road construction projects.’
    Possible translation: Dollars buy less construction then they used to?


  21. Jerry

    While Stan has been busy playing grab ass with the federal reserve bank, this is what you need to be paying attention to.

    As I have been posting for the past several months, the groundwork for the fourth industrial revolution is being laid by the World Financial Forum right before our eyes. The template for a Chinese replacement of the United States was expanded to global one, under the auspices of the United Nations and the globalist inside our government. Do the math. GAVI, and APIJECT , who have been tasked with creating the vaccine for the coronavirus, are both global
    organizations. And the 5G network? All the major components are made by a Chinese weapons manufacturer. What could go wrong?
    You figure it out. All the pieces on the board are being moved into position for checkmate.. America was on life support before Donald Trump took office. We all knew it, and he knew it to. He bought us four more years of time. I hope you used it wisely. Get your spiritual house in order. Times about up.

    • eddiemd

      Everything is moving quickly.

      Meanwhile the USA is distracted by the election, wildfires, rioting and the plebes stare aimlessly into their iPhones. The CCP has 375,000 “students” inside the USA infiltrating computer systems. Cyberwarfare and the war in space. Surprise attacks to decapitate the USA.

      Watch the Middle East with Turkey. “Peace” between the arabs and Israelis is moving along.


      WE are on the precipice.

      • Jerry

        I can’t believe what I’m seeing. A syringe on the Abraham Accord coin.

        I was to busy looking at the coin to watch the video. In the sword there are a lot of symbols, and one of them is a syringe. Gee I wonder why, in all that is holy, why they would put that above Donald Trumps signature ? What does a syringe have to do with peace ?

        • eddiemd

          Very good observation. Not just the syringe, but look at all the other symbols in the sword. And just the use of a sword…does that mean that all items inside the sword will be ushered in through the threat of the sword? Perhaps. Ones and zeros, watch cogs/gears…I have to examine it further.

          They are telling us what is coming very soon.

          Isn’t that the type of sword used for beheadings?

        • JC

          Wow. A syringe on a coin. What is the message?

  22. Self Exiled

    An update to a post made about 10- 12 months ago. THE REAL NOAH’S ARK FOUND / IN PLAIN SIGHT


  23. Jerry

    Reference to my last post,

    Surprise, surprise. The 5G cubes are made in China. That should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention, instead of watching the four year dog and pony show. Most of the 5G companies like T-Mobile ( who now owns Sprint ) are owned by a group of global investors in Bonn Germany. It only makes sense that a Chinese manufacturer would make them. Just try buying something that isn’t made in China. Let’s just hope that they don’t have an embedded chip in their motherboard that links them directly to destruction protocol?

    • JC

      Jerry, I keep wondering….
      Is there a “message” in the movie “Cell?”


      • eddiemd

        I read the book several years ago. Perhaps.

      • Paul ...

        Just wondering … since we are considered “human beans” by the globalists … will part of men’s Social Score include the number of times they take a pee each day? (as they usually release some greenhouse gas at such times)!!

  24. Mosquito Coast

    The jury is in on Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives’: Rowan Dean
    179,758 views•Sep 9, 2020 Sky News Australia
    The Jury Has Spoke!
    Gates doesn’t like anything outside of his vaccines, money, money, money – not health!
    Politicians need investigating, to find out where their investments lie
    Don’t worry folks, if Trump loses the election, which I hope he doesn’t, this pandemic will disappear. This pandemic quickly turned political.
    Quote “Doctors are stumped by lack of Covid cases and deaths in malaria prone Africa”..
    The worst is that the government has broken the relationship of doctor and patient.
    It’s all about money, not our lives.

    • Paul ...

      I believe Bill Gates is currently looking into using mosquito’s to deliver his vaccine (if Trump doesn’t come through with using the Military to inject us all)!!

  25. Gary May

    What about the 14th Amendment?
    There appears to be Treason by a huge number of the political class?

  26. The Seer

    Finally a guest with new insight not found on the internet. I actually had a consult with Pento long ago and he was accurate. He is for real.
    Would like to hear more about mining stocks
    though not just 20% into metal. My opinion is
    50% in metal while you can still get it. There are sources without premiums added on top.

  27. eddiemd

    Upcoming leftist conference featuring Pelosi, Atlantic editor Goldberg, Dr. Mengele (Fauci), Stacy Abrams, blm founder Alicia Garza, Bill Gates…and Hillary in charge. The luciferian conference.


    • Paul ...

      Will Trump remove Mengele (Fauci) from the White House Coronavirus Task Force … and instead take advice and counsel from his newest appointee (Scott Atlas)?? … remember … when the US told Fauci to stop developing “gain of function” viruses that could infect humans more easily … traitor Fauci “disobeyed orders” and went to China to do his deadly research (and released the virus on the world from there) just so he and Gates could make a trillion dollars each selling their vaccine … Hitler had Mengele as his “health advisor” (Trump has Fauci) … but hopefully … Fauci (who works very closely with Hillary and Gates) will soon be out on his ass!!

  28. eddiemd

    Interesting report on Russian ships in the eastern Med. The last time this occurred was in 2013 when Obama was being pushed into Syria. Perhaps we are getting closer to the Ezekiel 38-39 war. Turkey on high alert, Israel bombing Syria three times over the past month, EU threatening Turkey….and Israel making “peace” with Arabs.


    • JC

      eddiemd, are things gonna get hot?

      “What do you think Chief?”

      “I don’t think. My orders say I’m not supposed to know where I’m taking this boat, so I don’t, but one look at you and I know it’s gonna be hot.”


      • eddiemd

        We will wake up one day with the news of full on war in the MENA involving Turkey, EU, USA, Russia, Iran, and China. Not “if””, only when.

        Or we will disappear in the twinkling of an eye and find ourselves in the presence of Jesus Christ. Many “Christians” will be quite disturbed when they find out that they have been deceived by false teachers and left behind. They will try to rationalize the disappearance of millions.




        Judgment is here. It is going to get worse.

        • JC

          eddiemd, thanks, amazing sick stuff, especially that first link!

          I may have to dig out my black and white 1964 New York Mets yearbook to calm myself down! I was at Shea stadium for the first time, my father got tickets from a friend who was a cousin of Joe Pignatano who was the Mets bullpen coach. Joe was known for his tomato plants which he nurtured in the rich soil of the bullpen… ah the memories…

  29. Marie Joy

    Ice Age Farmer, on YouTube, says we will have a colder, than usual, winter because of the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. Expect, worldwide, crop failures and government interference with farmers and farming. Stock up.

  30. Gerald Benton

    I am from southwestern Indiana. Just south of I-64. If you are self employed or small business, ie, plumber, electrician, HVAC, Auto repair, hair saloon, roofer, lawns, pools , construction, you are slammed with work. People are paying and the work is not slowing down. One factory is offering a $10,000 sign on bonus if you are a welder. There are help wanted signs up. Home sales seem good. People are over pricing their home not to leave any money on the table, but inventory is moving. Restaurants that I do work for, their owners are reporting that their profits are greater in this pandemic than before the pandemic. My auto mechanic’s shop is packed. This is the first year in my business that I had to start telling customers that I cannot take on any more work. I turned down a $14,000 heat and air job. This has been the busies year in my 40 yrs in business. So what is going on as far as this bad news stories I keep reading on the internet?

  31. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    If Paul Craig Roberts is correct, and I hope the outcome he predicts proves to be incorrect, then it’s time for all freedom loving people to (figuratively speaking) ‘Go to your window and shout, I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!’
    From the movie, ‘Network’.

    • Mario

      Good to hear you are busy.
      Trades are always busy, people need plumbing, heating, cooling etc…
      People aren’t travelling as much and aren’t spending as much money in stores shopping but seem to be doing work on their homes as they have a bit of money saved for their trip they didn’t take etc… They hadn’t had the time before is another reason and now find they have more time.

  32. Mike R

    Biden’s on medications for his early stage Alzheimers. He has his ‘good days’ now, and his ‘bad days.’

    Can you imagine the BS they will put Trump through trying to coordinate Biden’s debate appearances, for his ‘good days’ ???? They wont know until hours before a scheduled debate.

    No wonder freaking Pelosi wants them called off.

    Plain and simple, the demoncratic party is committing big time elder abuse, putting this clown Biden up for nomination. It was painfully obvious he was already on a downhill slide mentally, back when he was VP for OBozo. Folks, alzheimers is a progressive disease. You never recover, or stay the same. You are daily, and perpetually getting worse. There’s no way this guy can handle any debate, let alone be counted on to not push a nuke button. There is NO thinking about this at ALL. They can’t let this guy run, and voters on BOTH sides of the aisle, had better not risk having this guy make it into office.

    • eddiemd

      They are electing Harris not Biden. Joe is on the ballot but will be discarded almost immediately if elected. Probably before swearing in.

  33. AndrewB

    ‘Mad as hell’ speech . . .

  34. Self Exiled

    Four Arrested for Arson on the West Coast, One a ‘Regular Attendee’ of Anti-Cop Rallies in Seattle


  35. Self Exiled

    The U.N. has tapped a former abortionist and advocate for teen prostitution to its top post of expert on health and human rights.


  36. Hubert

    Great interview!
    My only regret is that you did not ask him, what as been in my mind from the moment China said they are buying huge amounts of commodities in 2021: WHY are they advertising their plan?
    Chinese are usually very secret (people will be shocked when their REAL gold reserves are reported and this is coming soon) and it would make sense to just shut up and buy commodities while prices are low. So WHY are they openly talking about it? This is the question to ask and when you ask the question to yourself you understand the monetary, financial, economic AND political implication of the announcement.

  37. Lee

    Hi Greg, thank you. I needed to hear from Michael. Thank you also Michael,

  38. Energy

    Can you move past Stan.

  39. Clyde Bonner


    ‘Daniel Andrews’ police state is now world famous’: Bolt
    190,645 views•Sep 3, 2020 Sky News Australia

  40. Self Exiled

    Stan with your connections at the feed would you please, cautiously get the names of those persons who shorted the stock market on September 11, 2001.

    • Stan

      Self Exiled: Due to certain privacy regulations I cannot reveal who was short airlines before 9/11. Although, I can tell you that members of certain US Intelligence agencies were among those who were short.

    • Self Exiled

      I meant the Fed. Never investigated, talk about compromised from the beginning.

  41. Ronda Quatro

    Trump holds ‘Great American Comeback’ campaign event in Nevada
    608,190 views•Streamed live 10 hours ago
    Biden can get Rock Stars& Movie Stars….
    ButTRUMP IS A_ 😎 *STAR!

  42. Jay

    So…… let’s see…….. rounding up, let’s go with 332mil people in the U.S.. now lets multiply that by $1200 (which not everybody got, as stated in the piece). That gives us $398,400,000,000. But didnt he say there were checks written for roughly a total of 3.3 trillion? So that leaves a WHOLE lotta money unaccounted for, that nobody here seems to want to talk about. Huh. That’s interesting.

    • Greg Hunter

      You just did Jay.

  43. Hjalmar Bergman

    Communism is ‘knocking on the door’: Alan Jones
    107,359 views•Sep 9, 2020 Sky News Australia
    A Source Of Fear Or Comfort_DONALD J. TRUMP?

    Want to really get ready fer whats comin?
    Free e-book of the after math of WWII
    If you’re curious about the aftermath of the war, there’s a great book called, The Savage Continent.
    In those days, there were many orphaned children, the infrastructure was destroyed, people were displaced, there were no jobs, many were sick and there were no hospitals, people had to steal food to not die of hunger, etc.
    It’s a bit of a forgotten chapter in history to be fair. Many history books just say Europe was rebuilt and then magically skip to the cold war. The years after the war were really rough.
    If you survive the coming CivilWar, or if a believer, God’s War. You might find interesting. Go back then, now;
    Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)
    A lot of these poor San Franciscan’s didn’t know they would be dead in 4 days, sad but a fact of life in this old doomed wicked world, we live in and our only hope? Don’t be a dope, the meek shall inherit a new earth. You have his, the word’s, word on it!
    San Francisco, a Trip down Market Street, April 14, 1906

  44. Michael Shriver

    Please interview conservative BLACK people like Candice Owens that support President Trump. More people need to hear the voices of clear thinking minorities.

  45. EU Leaders

    Joe Biden ‘sounding increasingly vague and confused’
    56,278 views•Sep 14, 2020 Sky News
    If he can’t even read anymore maybe he’ll make a mistake and vote for Trump.
    Its sad as an american that i have to go to Australia for my news sources.
    Joe’s family should step in he should give it up. It’s not even funny anymore.
    I’m from UK and am truly disgusted at the vicious evil mob mentality. Its the new disease in society 😔 and sadly covered by left msm as “peaceful protesters ” . Vile individuals.
    BLM and ANTIFA are literally setting the west coast on fire. The fake news blames the fires on climate change and Trump. This is madness.
    The man can’t finish a sentence and this is who they want for President…. Seriously??
    His advisers who puppet him are also lost, they must be!
    If you think Biden has a chance you are smart as Patrick starfish.
    Sorry, but trying to listen to him just put a sentence together, let alone get the stats correct, is just too painful. 😩
    If Biden wins the presidency he will quickly fall sick and be replaced by Harris. The next move will be another Middle East war. There is nothing to gain but it will sell lots of armaments. Check Out More Comments See Video above/

    ChinaAdviserBlasted #ChinaGreatestThreat #MilitaryJet
    China is greatest threat to world order: UK; US top China adviser kicked out of family clan
    68,620 views•Premiered 4 hours ago

    • Bob Lamb

      Wish the media reported like that in the States!

  46. AndrewB

    Three mounted police, over half a dozen foot patrol police, and a helicopter overhead – all to harass just one 71 year old for walking in the park. This is the State of Victoria, Australia, today. Coming to your location real soon unless, like this brave soul, we ALL demonstrate our human right to ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’.
    Worth watching to the end . . .

  47. Charles H

    The FED will own the balance of the COUNTRY – at the cost of almost NOTHING: and they do it by position as Bankers. When they crash the System, well… ‘Opps!’, but they’ll have title to everything that their ‘money-out-of-nothing’ can buy! Forces of evil have scoped the USA for a long time. Financial (fiat); cultural (education); and spiritual foundations are crumbling.

    • Self Exiled

      Woe (judgment is coming) to those who join house to house and join field to field [to increase their holdings by depriving others],
      Until there is no more room [for others],
      So that you have to live alone in the midst of the land! Isaiah 5:8

  48. JC

    Ok, Mr. Miller, from all all of us here at USA WATCHDOG, thank you for your sincere and condescending comment.

    I guess you are Frank Miller in ‘High Noon’ gunning for Will Cane (Greg Hunter…)


  49. Tom kasper

    I say we stop fighting them and American s as a whole just stop going to work and stop buying anything and everything for a few weeks maybe we will get the right peoples attention and end the madness

  50. eddiemd

    Very good response to the prophecy by the pastor Dana Coverstone. Form your own opinion. Listen to the commentary after Mario Murillo.


  51. Tin foil hat

    Why are you so frightened by our comments?

    You want the truth but you can’t handle the truth?

  52. Self Exiled

    For thus says the LORD, “Behold, those who were not sentenced to drink the cup will certainly drink it, and are you the one who will be completely acquitted? You will not be acquitted, but you will certainly drink it.

  53. Tin foil hat

    An open question for insight:

    Why platinum is not a better candidate as a monetary metal than silver?

    I look at the Spot gold, silver and platinum chart from 2000 – present. The gold chart is relatively stable in comparison to the silver and platinum. I suspect the reason being is that gold is the first go-to real money during uncertain period of monetary transition.

    Since silver is the more speculative second go-to real money, it’s reasonable that the volatility is more exaggerated relative to gold. My concern is its wide ranging industrial usages which should disqualify silver to be used as a monetary metal supplementing gold – I’m an owner of physical silver and have PSLV in my portfolio.

    Ever since platinum lost its industrial usage in the automotive industry, the price had plummeted to record low and hardly bounced back as silver and gold had. Apparently, nobody has considered it as a monetary metal. I wonder what is the consensus among the gold bug here regarding platinum – I own couple of platinum coins and bought PPLT at $69.

  54. Tin foil hat

    One more question, why did you wasted your time reading these inane posts?

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