End of Days, Collapse & Calamity – Steve Quayle

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle says the global banking meltdown, tanking economy, CV19 bioweapon/vax deaths and disabilities and war in Ukraine is all part of what the Bible calls “End of Days.”  Brace yourself.  It’s not going to get better anytime soon.  Quayle explains, “Preachers in the pulpit are whores.  They won’t even speak the name of Jesus.  They want to be friends with the world.  They want to be seeker friendly and user friendly.  Jesus said, ‘To be friends with the world is enemies with God.’  So, the battle lines are being drawn. People are going to have to decide which side they are on, and then they are going to have to stand.  They are going to have to call on God for him to be with us because God is the only one that can stand with the fire that is now already manifesting itself in the world before us.”

Quayle goes on to say, “All Hell is breaking loose with the banking system. . . .Let me define ‘All Hell breaking loose’ and what that will mean.  When all Hell breaks loose, there will be no credit cards.  When all Hell breaks loose, there will be no transactions because there will be nothing on the shelves that you can buy with paper money.  We are going into hyperinflation right now.  We are watching the housing market collapse.  We are watching the automobile market collapse.  The word collapse is a great word, and the other word that comes with collapse is calamity.  With the collapse and calamity under way, people think, well, as long as it doesn’t touch me, I’ll be okay or I’ll be dead, and my kids will have to deal with it.  What a selfish way to deal with the Biblical times we live in.  I think we are in big trouble with this banking situation that will really kick into high gear in April.”

Quale also talks about war with Russia.  Is it closer that many believe?  He also talks about the ongoing  CV19 bioweapon/vax genocide that will end up killing millions worldwide along with killing the economy too.  Quayle says people need to get ready ASAP because with all these big problems, things will turn into a calamity faster than anyone thinks.

There is more in the 52-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to radio host, filmmaker and top selling author Steve Quayle as he talks about our world in the Biblical “End of Days.”

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  1. Prospector

    The ” Polycrisis ” is being engineered by the WEF – UN etc. Following The Club Of Rome’s outlook in ” Limits to Growth .”

    “The World Has Cancer and the Cancer Is Man.”
    “Climate change” is not about climate change. It’s about depopulation and degrowth.

    The Researcher
    “The Strategy of Tension” switched from bombs to “climate change” in order to create fear.

    ( Recommended Read )

    Republicans must not budget a single penny for “climate change” or the international NGOs, especially the UN.

    • Sandra Qualiano

      what good will it do to have these phones and gold and silver..
      If Russia bombs America..It will be all worthless!

        • Pete+only

          There have been 5 or 6 global reserve currencies that have come and gone since the mid 1400s, and the average age has been 94 years time. This represents 3 generations of people, before the wheels fall off from all the corresponding corruption and loss of work ethic among other things.
          The U.S dollar has lasted a period of 105 years since it became the world’s reserve currency. It’s time is probably long over due for a collapse.
          What will the U.S dollar be replaced with? This is anyone’s guess. Central Bank Digital Currencies. (I hope I am wrong). It might be competing with a new BRICS currency backed by a basket of physical resources, such as Silver, Gold, Copper, Natural Gas, Oil, and other necessary commodities, but no longer the fluff of a FIAT currency.
          https://www.midasgoldgroup.com/news/world-reserve-currencies-since-1450/ Revolutions are known to happen when 4 meals are missed…Time to make friends with trusting allies in your own neighborhoods, and to stock up with things for the coming uncertainties, and to make peace with God.

      • Tommy

        This is the beginning of the end of unsound fiat money beyond the quadrillions and the return of real money. It won’t be an easy ride but, a necessary one.
        Brace yourself.
        Do what you know you need to do.
        Remain in Prayer, in Christ name, forever and always, amen.

        • Linda J CREAN

          We can’t give up. The Bill Gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. What if Jesus gave up we wouldn’t be here. We can’t let them win. No antichrist and a cup of tea for me. I’ll just have a good cuppa Scottish Irish, Welsh real English tea with no taxation not Vlad the impaler tea. We’re the 10 % God’s tithe we have to hold the line. I don’t want to be cannon fodder for Bill Gates or Charles the red dragon, Hillary & Bill and I don’t want to be quail meat Steve. A thousand may fall at our side 10 thousand at our right hand but it will come near us or our families because we have our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God put Gates of Hell in the Bible for US and said Bills Gates will Not prevail against the Church. Finish the sentence Greg. Please 🙏 Who’s report will you believe I’ll believe the report of the Lord. I’ll stand with Jesus, Joshua and Caleb. Next week is Easter yes Easter could we wait until the stone is rolled away. Who was at Jesus grave a woman. They’ve taken away my Lord and I don’t know where he is. There was Jesus the Gardner. You are God’s garden and we have been put here for such a time as this. Thank you Jesus.

        • Jack Treaster

          I have never seen Steve Quayle so on fire as he was during your interview,Greg. I believe his words of warning were totally inspired and powered by the Holy Spirit of Jesus. I love you and your work Greg, but Mr. Quayle was not entertainment, not even in a good way. He was offering a seriuos warning from the Lord. Thanks for all you do Greg.

      • Anthony Australia

        “Professional politicians in the major parties have ruined our country, serving not the citizens of the nation, but representing foreign powers and ideologies, as well as other special interest groups. We must make the choice not between ‘left’ and ‘right’, but between right and wrong.” – Riccardo Bosi.


        • Paul from Indiana

          All government eventually goes bad. The bigger the government, the worse the fall. It’s the USA’s turn in the drum. Best always. PM

          • Paul

            Keep in mind

            The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.

            Paul from arkansas

            • LINDA J CREAN

              To Paul and our navigator is Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus SPOKE to the sea the wind and the waves. Speak it. Peace be still in Jesus name. Let’s claim the 91st psalm and get under Father’s wings He loves us so much. Let’s speak it together over and over out loud. Peace be.
              God said light be. God told us to be imatater’s of Him. PEACE BE in Jesus name How about William Wallace? Freedom let’s say it out loud Freedom . Our families came here for freedom this is our country they have to leave NOW. Evil leave the USA now in Jesus name then we’ll go get our friends and relatives from around the world and set them free with Jesus👑. Bow your knees you devils of hell to Lord Jesus Christ. and get under our feet. Now! Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence not yet seen. We command the evidence to start to be seen, Now!

          • Anthony Australia

            Brilliant Mate

      • Michael Driver

        Steve was fired up like I have never seen him. Great show. Our job as Christians is to serve God and love our neighbors. He is our only hope.

      • Russ McMeans

        You can call your loved ones and tell them you love them.

      • Jim

        Regardless of the situation you make efforts to prepare to survive as comfortably as possible.

    • Anthony Australia

      Gold hit $3011 AUD an Ounce!

      • Russ McMeans

        It’s still on sale here. I can go buy it if I wish to for $1890.00 an ounce in Carson City, Nevada.

    • Moby

      We are to look for our country above:

      Hebrews 11:14-16  For they that say such things make it manifest that they are seeking after a country of their own.  (15)  And if indeed they had been mindful of that country from which they went out, they would have had opportunity to return.  (16)  But now they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed of them, to be called their God; for he hath prepared for them a city.

      We are in the 2nd year of the last 7 years of tribulation:


      • Mike

        Excellent . What a show. Thank you Jesus for hope is only from you. Thank you for dying for our sins, for those who believe in you.
        What a awesome show. Love usa WATCHDOG WITH GREG.

      • Lynn

        We know judgement on America is going on now. Invasion from another country is real

      • Dirk

        When the Rapture of the Church occurs the light will go out of this world, ushering in the events of the Book of Revelations as darkness settles on the earth.

        The way that you get saved in the BoR is radically different from the way you get saved for the last 2,000 years. Not that many understand that, either.

        Works or grace? CHOOSE NOW, while you can.

        • Paul

          Faith without works is dead. James 2, vs.14 thru 26.

          • Linda J CREAN

            Yes Paul Faith without words is dead. Saying is doing you are then using your faith and heart, mouth, mind of Christ. Jesus said we would get what we say. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speeketh. Jesus said to Say to that mountain be removed and cast into the sea and don’t doubt in your heart and you will see it. Jesus did not quit and Jesus said to occupy until He returns. We’ll go to Heaven when we’re done. Paul said I ran my rase I finished my course. We’re not done yet we have millions to help we’re not deserter’s they get hung . I have to finish the course that Jesus set before me it might be hard but so was childbirth and I got through that. Also I saw in The Antichrist and a cup of tea, that Charles was born on Nov14. and people wonder what that date means, my dad was born on Nov14, 1914 and my mom went to Heaven on Nov 14,2009. I told my little granddaughter that dadamommom went to Heaven on poppop birthday to surprise him. Hannah was 3 said to me a couple days later Mommom I saw dadamommom in Heaven she was sitting on a couch with poppop Jack having a cuppa tea. I said Oh Hannah there’s tea in Heaven. Yesterday morning not thinking about it I thought what does
            11+14=25 I said Lord. How many continents are their I said 5. Five is Grace to God. The Lord said to my heart my grace is sufficient for you and every continent on Earth even if the red dragon was born, I picked the day Charles has nothing on Me the great I am. AmenAmen
            Thank you Jesus 😍 Watch & pray.

      • i: a man; travis

        Here’s a different view of eschatology; https://youtu.be/Kh4U0l0X-T8 daniels 70 weeks; where is the “rapture”and ” 7 year tribulation “? Pastor chuck baldwin’s view on eschatology differs from most/all mainstream preaching and seminaries; his ministry is located in kalispell,montana; he is a fiery preacher, non 501c3 does not hold back when it comes to politicians, or any leader(type) ; i do personally favour the view that the ” end of age” is the destruction of Jerusalem in 70a.d

        • Glen

          agreed. I: a man;

        • Peter O

          Hi. I don’t believe in 5he secret rapture either. Pastor Doug Bachelor from Amazing Facts does dozens of presentations on Revelation. Revelation only talks about 42 months for tribulation. Also I agree with the Daniel 70 weeks. The last week is cut in half when Jesus sacrificed Himself for us and the second half is when the Apostles go out for 42 months preaching to the Jews. After that to the world. Hopefully that wasn’t confusing. Get 10 Pastors together and get at least 7 different interpretations. I love Greg and Steve but it did sound like an infomercial for a little while there lol. No problems with that though. Have to pay the bills. God Bless everyone. Thanks

      • Don W.

        2 Thess: Tells us that we will see the person sign the peace agreement for the seven years. But I do agree that we are so close because of the first four seals that we see happening NOW. But I assume they will continue until we see the signing happen. And, yes, we will see the Great Tribulation that starts just after the mid tribulation time but it will be cut short or no one would be alive. But this is all covered in Matt:24 where it tells us that then OUR LORD COMES FOR US. That is all in Matt:24. A great summation of end times. I am 88 and may not see it and all the trouble we will have before we get there, but I still am planning on it as I would rather go straight up than down 6′ first and then up.
        Blessings Moby

    • Jane Reynolds

      Probably the best video and I was never a great fan of Steve’s. Respect now. Thanks both. God bless. Fight the good fight.

      • KnowItAll


    • Henry

      More engineered wars are coming – Israel has been sending hundreds of drones deep into Iran (this is going to kick start a war “that will engulf the entire Middle East”) – Israel now striking Syria and Iran on a daily basis will likely hit the Saudi’s next (now that they have joined Iran and the BRICS) – and the US has sent out a warning for all American’s “to get out of Israel fast” – for us here in the US expect American boys to soon be sent there by Biden to die (and for what?? – to raise oil prices???)!!

  2. Enrico

    Greg, just wanted to mention that Martin Armstrong has a Kindle book about the Neocons for $9.95 it is in the reports section of the “store” tab. Very informative and worth every penny.

    • Bradley

      Amen Mike

  3. Enrico

    Re: Neocons – Martin Armstrong: Oops, I meant in PDF format.

  4. Don W.

    Thank you so very much Greg for having this interview. I full agree with Steve about Pastors and even any others talking about the end times. They are going to be here SOON. I talk to many people here in this Senior Living Community about the end times as I have seen it coming for a number of years and it is now within a couple of years of seeing the signing of the world peace agreement for the start of the last 7 years. We need to get ready for the misery of the next 42+ months after that. But then He comes and takes us home to be with Him forever. Praise You Lord Jesus.
    And Blessings to you Greg and Steve for this interview.

    • Linda

      A baby died at the local children’s urgent care yesterday of heart failure. Do you think that child might have been vaccinated? Lord have mercy on us.

      • Laura Ann

        Babies get covid shots (and other shots filled with aluminum, mercury, and other bad stuff) at four months. The fourth covid booster is out for all ages, may be mixed in with flu shots. Everyone needs to avoid shots now as most are altered with Mrna tech.

        • Linda

          That baby’s heart was enlarged to three times the normal size. It was displacing the lungs. The misery that baby suffered. Desolation has come upon us and we are perishing for lack of knowledge.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Let’s call for the shots to STOP in Lord Jesus Christ’s name NOW.

  5. Helen Troynee

    this prophecy lends support Quayle’s contention that things are very close. …………… The Prophecy of the Popes, attributed to St. Malachy of Armagh:

    see also, Conchita of Garabandal (ca/ 1961-5) prophecy of the “pope of the brown habit” (though Pope Francis is Jesuit, which wear black habits, his chosen name is Franciscan, which wear brown habits) and a great miracle sign given before the chastisement.

    Quayle is renowned for this discussions about giants. Here is a Roman Catholic perspective that is comprehensively exhaustive in its command of the Bible as regards that topic: https://youtu.be/1VXhavCcamk

    • James

      Only among your group

  6. John Forgione

    The quality of your guests way surpasses other channels. Thank you!

  7. Prospector

    BTW – Klause Schwab / WEF spoke of a ” cyber-pandemic ” much the way they talked about the ” Opportunity ” that pandemic SARS-COV-19 offered for their vision of world change.

    The exercise simulating a massive cyber-attack was called : CYBER – POLYGON
    Think of the poly-crisis multiple effects that creates. How would they exploit that ?

  8. Julio San Martin

    Crypto maven jsnip4, who is a friend of Clif High and colleague of Bo Polny, and who was the first that I know of who called out the plandemic scam.

    jsnip4, has just issued a warning that bank closures for multiple days is imminent. …. And don’t travel far from home in car as the gasoline might not be available, or at least the credit-cards won’t work, pcerhaps cash.

    footnote: in the above video jsnip4 refrences this Entheos post (not necessary to watch this video to get the point of the one above)

  9. Alvin Cooper

    Forget the Climate clock; LA water reserves are full with a major snow melt coming. The question is what time is it on the dollar clock? The dollar has a potential $32Trillion anchor. This not theoretical its real. Saudi Arabia and the BRICS can lierterally bring this about in a year while we are trying to protect girls sports.

  10. Stephen

    A lot of money to move around. They wouldn’t be able to do so quickly if they had to do it legally.

  11. David Anthony

    Thanks for the Update Guys…David Out…Aloha
    Good Show…..One Love Loved One’s………..

  12. JENNY


    • Wanda

      Yes I am in agreement. I studied the Russian faiths practiced there, and I am in need of their basic, beliefs. Yes the Bible is my first go to every day, but to actually attend a service with other believers would be so wonderful. Sadly, where I live there is none available. Perhaps one of the Orthodox churches have an on line connection?

    • Russ McMeans

      Amen Jenny. Also Calvary Chapel. Its birth place was in Huntington Beach, California. Pastor Chuck Smith’s wife whispered into his ears ” let the surfers come into our Sunday services wearing their board bathing suits and barefoot. A dress code isn’t important dear”…….

  13. JENNY


    • Laura Ann

      Jenny: Forming bartering groups is best with people you know in the community. When things get crazy ( civil unrest) avoid strangers in the group, best to keep groups small. People are forming (already formed in my area) home churches unaffiliated with any hierarchies, councils, or nat. assoc. and no 501c3’s either -these are all tied to gov. using KJV bible study and traditional hymns. Sermons online from conservative preachers @sermonaudio.com Some family church. One man uses his business on weekends for mtgs. Other ways: zoom, google meet ups, not really private, but some are doing online interacting on prophecy studying.

      • Russ McMeans

        Don’t forget RC Sproul. My favorite pastor. Look him up dear.

  14. David Anthony

    To Steve.
    You knownb about the Watchers..
    They didn’t have a chance against Him…
    Where Battling the Many Here …
    All I can say …Enjoy the Show.
    Protect You and Your Loved One’s
    And Hold That Love Tight…
    Pay No Mind to the Demon’s
    They fill You With Fear..
    And when You Are..
    You Known they Are Near..
    David Out…Aloha………..

  15. Bobby

    Perhaps (To Prevent Armageddon and a Nuclear End Times Event) – unknown forces are methodically taking down the US Military’s KC-135 Stratotanker’s – the primary mission of these Stratotankers “is to refuel long-range Nuclear Bombers” – its secondary role is to provide aerial refueling support to Air Force, Navy, Marine and Allied aircraft!! – the following post states two(2) more Stratotankers were taken down the other day – https://israelinewslive.org/our-channel-yt/ – but some other “Act of God” seems to be at work here (perhaps to prevent a US Nuclear First Strike??) – for inexplicably the tail section of these planes are falling off!! – recently the US Air Force “ordered its entire fleet of KC-135 tankers to be grounded” over concerns their tails would fall off mid-flight”!!

    • Truth in Tension

      Bobby, Respectfully, I believe that the primary mission of the military KC-135 Stratotankers has been and continues to be 24/7 geo-engineering (spraying) of the skies. This program is destroying the food production of the planet. In short, the Air Force is spraying us like bugs.

  16. Dee Hawkins

    Greg: I’ve searched “Redacted” in reference to Steve’s statement about a NATO-person interview about NATO attack on Russia in next 3 weeks. I can’t find it. Can you ask him what episode that was??

  17. Eddie Leong

    I am marking May 1, 2023 on my calender as May Day…the real apocalypse May Day. Let’s see

  18. Dean

    Thanks Greg. It’s going to a rough ride, but the Lord’s righteous judgement must go forward.

  19. Really Awake

    And in those days the men will seek death but will by no means find it, and they will desire to die but death keeps fleeing from them.~ Revelation

    Over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about the Bible. One of the things I learned is just before Jesus returns in all of His splendid glory, mankind will be on the verge of self-extermination. I have my own interpretations. One of those interpretations is that no amount of silver, gold or any material items will save you or me during the last days when “unless those days are cut short no flesh will be saved”.

    Almighty God will be the one who cuts short “those days”. My point is the Second Coming isn’t going to be like anything else in history. It isn’t going to be like the collapse of an empire. So, I’m not counting on my silver, gold or anything I own to help me stand before Jesus during the final judgement day.

    The reason why I own gold, silver, a fallout shelter, massive amounts of food, medical supplies and a complete stockpile is because I’m prepared for a collapse of the American Empire and the end of Western Civilization. I’m ready for nuclear war. WW3. Being ready for that is entirely different from being prepared to stand before Jesus during Armageddon.

    Armageddon is much different than WW3. WW3 might lead to up to Armageddon, but surviving Armageddon is much, much different. Only those approved by Almighty God live through Armageddon, i.e., spiritual men and women. And there is a lot more to becoming a Christian than most people think. It’s not as simple as just going to church every Sunday.

    • Ray

      Excellent comment RA……thank you for your guidance and wisdom.
      Ray, Canberra, Magic Submarine Land

      • Anthony Australia

        Ray you are Golden.
        Yes we can always paint the Subs Yellow and live in them.

        • Ray

          Hi my Brother Anthony,
          Yes mate…..the irony is not lost here either mate.
          Fair Dinkum……what an ABSOLUTE RABBLE the nations of the West have become.
          I’ll email you soon mate.
          Ringo Starr, Canberra, Yellow Nuclear $368,000,000,000 Submarine Land.

          • Paul in oz

            got to somehow get e-mail addresses from the two of you …. we may all need each other at times.

            • Ray

              Agreed Pauly 🙂
              Take care Captain.

    • USS Liberty

      I agree! I don’t have much insight into the last days but I did pray once to the Lord to allow me to survive long enough to witness Armageddon and then to see Christ come out of the sky triumphantly with His legions of angels to annihilate the anti christ and his armies. You never know, I may see you in those days. God speed

    • Almost Home

      I agree. I also recommend studying the true seventh-day Sabbath God sanctified for ALL people at creation. It is a sign between God and His people (both literal and spiritual Israel). He has never changed this day of rest and worship. God bless!

      • Peter O

        Hi. I agree 100%. I was raised as a Catholic for 25 years but always knew something was wrong. I was an alter boy where TWO PRIESTS went to jail for mole stating children. Not me but people I know. Disgusting. I have been called back about 7 years ago ( I’m in my fifties) and started studying Biblical Prophecy. Honestly if you listen to 5 Pastors, you’ll get at least 3 different views. That being said it always has to be in accordance with the Bible. Seventh Day Adventist’s agree with the Sabbath cannot be changed. Saturday ONLY. It’s amazing how obtuse people can be. As I was. I highly recommend Pastor Doug Bachelor with Amazing Facts. He always backs up his presentations with Scripture. Check out The Revelation Series. I learned soooooo much. Good luck. God Bless

    • crystalquartz

      RA, Amen.

  20. Eddie Leong

    I want the satellite phone, solar power pack, the whole works. Does not look that expensive and for a world traveller, it is compact enough.

    • jon

      Hi Eddie, If there is a phone number. The number still has to be authenticated and authorized to use the phone system by the phone company your phone number account is with. IE if the ATT service provider is not available to authorize your number as a valid number to route your call with your phone number. It will not work.

  21. Jerry

    Revelation 12:17 “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

    Satan will make war on those who are “saved” and keep YHWH’s commandments. America’s churches have no interest in YHWH’s commandments as they think they’re done away with. Maybe they won’t have it so bad?

  22. Eddie Leong

    This has to be the most astounding interview I have watched…Soros is dead, in coming weeks a War between USA and Russia, credit cards will longer be used, 80 million Americans will die, 500,000 Chinese are already in USA, etc.

    I am saving this webpage and will watch again the video in 3 weeks. If nothing happens, it means it is another of those fear-mongering interview.

    • Julian Assange

      It’ll happen Ed, but more like the frog in the boiling pot. Slow but sure then, God’s speed, it’ll be over. So it won’t be over until it’s over and the fat lady sings, deep in a yellow submarine! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxO96oYYuy4

  23. Janice

    Fantastic interview. track, whack, stack. We need the Armor of God !!

  24. Lora

    Hi Greg
    The Bible talks about a Great War at or sometime near the beginning of the Tribulation. Then the world cries out for a savior (anti-Christ).
    Midway into the tribulation, the anti-Christ desecrates the temple in Israel, which signals 3.5 years of absolute hell on earth (great persecutions like no other time in history…beheadings too). . Since the last temple does not exist right now, then it seems to me that in order to know the nearer timing of very last days, it’s important to WATCH ISRAEL and the progress of building this temple. So it appears to me that America may not survive as a Republic (will take God’s intervention to save America now), but the tribulation appears to be a ways away yet, with things getting much worse on a world scale before the actual tribulation begins.

    • Sprice

      The end times temple is a spiritual temple composed of the many-membered body of Christ.
      Beware the doctrine of the scribes and Pharisees.

    • judy hulsey

      Luke 21 is worth everyone reading.
      We will suffer, but we will be saved.

      To all the states suffering weather events, God bless you and wrap his arms around you and your families and friends in this hour of this sad time.
      May we all realize how blessed we are and send prayers for all of you.

  25. Dave

    He is absolutely correct. The judgment is here – and we deserve it.

    • Bobby

      Who is going to be making this End Time Judgement?? – It obviously “won’t be” by Noahide Rabbis (who believe “useful idiot” Christians deserve being be-headed “For Simply Believing in Jesus”)!!!

      • Jan, from Budapest - Europe

        God uses manmade and nature calamities to wake up people so they can turn to Him. That is judgement on the nations, and we will all suffer, believer and non-believers alike. Those who listen to God, will find a way through the judgment, even though no one will be unscathed by what is happening.
        Will we all listen? No, but a remnant will. And, remember from God’s Word, He always speaks about a remnant.

        What does judgment look like?
        Earthquakes, volcanos, draught, pestilence, hurricane, tsunami, war and devastation, terror attack, etc. Some people think the Covid-19 and the vaxx are judgment. People listening to Greg seems to have woken up, and thanks to Greg for hammering this every time he is on.

        The end time judgments are for awakening spiritual sleeping believers, to wake up and repent, and to be signs for unbelievers. Hopeful some of them will understand and wakeup. The judgments are also birth pangs for the millennium kingdom with Jesus on the throne on Earth for 1000 years.

    • Sprice

      Judgment is a two-sided coin. It could represent punishment or reward. True Christians should look forward to Judgment.

      • A Scion

        if the devil is atacking people and God is chastiizing people, who is actually trying to help the people?

        • Henry

          Seems we are being taught to help ourselves!!

        • Jan, from Budapest - Europe

          The Devil attacks people to steal, kill and destroy people. God is chastising people to wake them up so they can be be saved for eternity.

  26. jen malinoski

    Love you Greg, but Steve is a spokes person for JESUS FIRST, first JESUS Greg🙃!!!

  27. Dee K.

    Tks Greg for having such a man of God, Steve Quale on this Saturday post. I respect him so much. I am 67 & read Hal Lindsay’s “The Late Greate Plante Earth”, always have had it in the back of my bind plus Matthew 24 is knocking at your door. As Micheal Snyder as said in his lastestt book, “END TIMES”, very exciting if we are prepared to meet Jesus, as you say, “Jesus is real.”

  28. Michael

    Ms. Fitts tells us to have cash on hand and Quayle tells us that paper money will be worthless. So what is it anyway? What to do? Just starve and forget about it?

    • Bobby

      Michael – Paper money “will be worthless” – but you still will want to have some on hand (to buy things from the people who will take a chocolate bar over a silver bar)!!

      • Laura Ann

        Majority of people over 90 percent are uninformed, know nothing about banks in trouble, or read alternative news sites, their entire lives focus on social media and texting, video games and they wil take cash for anything like guns and anything else they might want to sell. This country is sliding into the abyss because there are so few men with spines who will stand up and fight for their future, family and community. Less than 3 percent of the popuation are informed.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Laura,
          I read somewhere that only 3% of ‘Americans’ supported the idea of rebelling against British rule – yet that was enough. Don’t lose hope.

          • Laura Ann

            Problem today is most of that 3% are over 65 and need joint replacements or have other health issues.

        • Pete+only

          Yes it is sad and true Laura Ann..we can fight this through words..of the origins of the term Conspiracy Theory, which originated by the CIA in response to the JFK assasination when anyone challenged the single bullet, single gunman theory…later we found out that the CIA were involved in JFK’s assasination, followed by Richard Nixon’s removal from office as 4/5 Watergate conspirators were CIA operatives. Both JFK and Richard Nixon wanted to do away with the CIA…Remind people where the term conspiracy theory came from is a good starting point, but it is still best to prep for what is really coming..too bad for those that don’t know…

        • Randy Best

          Yes, you are right. Rob Kirby, RIP, stated many times that the ignorant masses only care bout being fed and entertained.

    • judy hulsey

      I believe the dollars we have will force us to black market.
      I’m ready==bring it!!

      • Yellena Kingsworthy

        all those Bibles the guileless Michael Snyder tells people to stock will be of no use for barter. Aged spirits (cognac & whiskey). coffee and nicotine/tobacco/gum is key to existing in a provisional economy.
        Schindler’s List black market shopping:

        not a single USAWD guest recommended stocking aged liquor, nicotine, coffee and condoms. These people are too inexperienced wtih the ways of the world to be advising anyone about the hard times that are now upon us.

  29. Anita

    O boy, what does one say or where to begin. I am not a big fan of Steve Q. & have not listened to him for yrs. but thought I would this time. He is really a mixed bag. He is most sincere & says many correct things. But unless you have discernment you can be lead into falsehoods. And today God’s people have little if any discernment. Steve says Mystery Babylon is America, he is on that bandwagon. Was he on the jab is the 666 bandwagon also ? I do not know, like I said I don’t listen to him. Mystery Babylon the Great is the Antichrist beast system which will be global. To say it is America does not even make logical sense. What do we produce, what do we export most ? Smut & the US dollar. Has been so for decades.
    He then says the real God is about to judge the false god. No Satan had been judged at the Cross & Resurrection of Christ Jesus. I do not find or pick much fault with Steve but he is not as insightful or has as much understanding as he imagines he does. But he does has more then most, I will give him that. But in these times the sound of the trumpet had better be clear and on note. God said let few be teachers, teachers will be judged more strictly then others. It can not be what you imagine His word says, but what His word actually does say. His word is not open to mans interpretation.
    Also the question is not does Jesus Christ know you, but do you know Him ? He knows us all, even more then we know ourselves. He see the heart. Steve misused the scripture he quoted about Jesus saying He never knew them.
    Also Greg this has not to do with whether one is “down with this crap ” or not. Many are not who are not Christians. Finally The famine already here & getting worse is the famine for hearing the word of God (Amos 8:11). We stumble when we try to take what is spiritual & bring it down to earth. What is on earth, seen, is just a reflection of what is already true in the spiritual realm.
    Steve was correct, repentance is needed. But as stated in Rev 2&3, It is His people, 6 of the 7 churches He is calling to repentance at this time, mainly. As far as what the 1st 4 seals are about, it is too long for me to address here. I have already commented enough.

    • Monica H. Warren

      Money might work a short term but in hyperinflation it will be lining for the bird cage.Gold is always desirable but silver is more of a trading metal ..all metal will be useful ALL METAL.Do not toss out metal because it will come in handy when shtf .Believe in the Our Father Jesus because that is the SAVIOR ❤

    • Sprice

      Some good points Anita. Anytime I listen to Mr. Qualye or similar types I always think of Jeremiah 17:5 and pray to be blessed and not cursed.
      You’re so right about the true famine being not of food and water but of hearing the words of God. Biblical illiteracy.
      Shepherd’s Chapel student?

    • Sue Patterson

      I truly appreciate your comment. As a believer in Jesus I can say I’m not a fan of Steve Quayle. Since I am a fan of Greg Hunter I try to listen to all his interviews. I’ve heard SQ say a few confusing or inaccurate things from the Bible, but I’ve let it pass. He seems to talk faster than he thinks and may just be confused.

    • Russ McMeans

      Anita; your insight is totally correct. In Steve’s defense ( I’m not a follower of him) I’ll only say he’s doing the best he can do and he’s pointing us all to Christ. That’s pretty darn good in my book. Amen?

  30. Robert Sinclair

    I know what you mean, “The End of Days”, I say The End of the Age, for that is what we are in, where God takes the Holy Spirit and put Him back onto the Jews for the Terrible Times ahead! 1 Peter 4:B12, exciting times we have enter! God Bless Greg, you are a blessing my friend!

  31. Eddie Leong

    I looked up George Soros, read his essays and his speech to the Munich conference etc. At age 93, his hands are not trembling…he could lift the glass of water, he could hold a piece of paper without hands trembling.

    His speech may be slow but he is not wearing glasses. He has a full head of hair. I presume his health is holding up quite well . His mind is lucid.

    As for rumors of his death, Soros have been reported to be dead every year. He must be a reincarnation of Jesus if every year he is reported to have died but is still around.

    I maintain an open mind on what he says. In today’s world, it is best to listen to different sides.

    • Bobby

      Eddie – Soros says he does not believe in God – he probably can’t conceive of how something (like the living God Jesus Christ) can come from “the spiritual nothing” before the Big Bang – obviously it shows he was not good at math – real numbers like -1 and +1 can arise from nothing – and our entire physical universe is made up of electrons (-1) and protons (+1) !!!

    • Monica H. Warren

      You know old George is Hungarian but he can’t go home because of the damage and human tragedy he has inflicted on his homeland.They say he’s dead all the time because he’s hated and there is lots who wish him that way.idk

      • regaleagle

        My money is on him being DEAD. Satan has used him and is now through with him…..the now worthless old coot. Satan seeks to destroy even those who worship him. So good riddance to George Soros. I stated on this site just several months ago that he was 93 and would not be around much longer. I hope he enjoys his lake of fire torment forever and ever. I know of people that actually prayed to God for his ending.

    • JD Cuauhtlatoatzin

      if you had any self respect as a man, you would not take anything from that vile servant of Satan that is Soros.

      And if his hands don’t shake it’s only because of his steady diet of Adrenochrome. We saw what happened when Ellen and Louise Ciccone lost their supply during the latter term of Trump Admin. It was subsequently resupplied when Biden/Obama began importing children for harvest via the southern border migration.

    • judy hulsey

      In regards to soros, think ‘clones’.

    • Pete+only

      Eddie, I have also seen a recent video of George Soros not looking very well, barely speaking, even worse than unelected Biden.
      Keep in mind that George Soros was notably absent from the recent Davos event, and that event for him was like Christmas time to him.
      A George Soros death today, I am almost certain, would be hushed up, because his bought and paid for judges and DAs might suddenly bolt, or wake up to the changing momentum now going on..

    • Russ McMeans

      I hope George Soros kicks the bucket asap. Along with his son. This man is the epitome of evil. So is his demon seed son. They’re in for a big surprise when they leave planet earth.

  32. Don

    Greg, Great Interview, Good timing, just returned home from mass!

  33. Prospector

    Catholic or not , read the recent writings of Archbishop Vigano

    Eyes to see and ears to hear

    • Bryce

      Fear not, God the father and his son Jesus Christ are in full control.
      Greg, you say that and every listener has those words etched in their memory.
      No man knows the hour or day of Jesus return, only our heavenly father.
      Thanks for all you do, have done, continue to do warning and being a watchman.
      God bless and protect us during these difficult times.

  34. Sandra McIntosh

    WOW Wonderful interview….. Both of you knocked it out of the park…Thanks to you both

  35. No Thanks

    Folks sitting back, doing absolutely NOTHING is NOT working out well for us! No one is going to save your sad a$$, so you all best man up or you will end up in a FEMA DEATH CAMP. Folks Wake Up!!

    • Pete+only

      So right you are No Thanks, inform as many people as you can what is really happening, while at the same time prepping for your selves and immediate family.
      Doing nothing is much more dangerous when you know what the consequences are for losing this war we are in right now.
      Wokeness is both a destabilizing and depopulation event as is so called Climate Change, and as is Covid-19, and Central Bank Digital Currencies eventually..
      REAL SCIENCE ALLOWS DEBATE…wear this statement on your person, and have it as a bumper sticker..waking up the Sheeple that aren’t yet too far gone is our best hope yet.
      Don’t waste your time on those still wearing masks…

  36. Anan

    It does not matter what asset you buy because it can be taxed to 100% .
    What makes people think that some satellites will not be taken down?
    Anything digital can be tracked.
    People need to start using their brain.

  37. Bill

    I know we are in serious times but Steve has been doing this for years. Please don’t let him get you in fear. Serious, yes. Fear, no.

    Steve seems to be a true brother in Christ but he is not a good voice to listen to on a regular basis. He may have some good research/insights occasionally but it’s in the midst of wild speculation that often is naught.

    Be ready for sure. But please take caution with Steve and his loose use of scripture.

    • Sue Patterson

      Thank you for your thoughtful insight. Anyone who still sites the Deagal Report, who hasn’t realized it’s bogus, not written by John Deagle, who just worked at the Rockefeller Foundation, isn’t using good source materials. Caution is warranted.

    • J. Loughran

      Yep. And probably much worse. Many industries are becoming more and more entwined in this cannibalism. Too Evil to fail?

  38. USS Liberty

    I do believe we are in the end times but the big things have not taken shape yet (i.e. Temple rebuilt and the anti Christ enthroned). St Paisios prophecied in 1994 that a world war involving Turkey, Russia Britain France and the US would occur (likely in our lifetime) and wipe out a third of the world’s population. I think that will happen but we are not there yet. The modern day pharisees are doing this.

  39. Mike S

    Steve was the most focused I’ve EVER seen him in an interview.

    And it wasn’t some drug he took.

    It was Who he put on, In greater measure than ever! And rightfully so! Much needed messages!

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his giuests and their families!

  40. JJ

    Thoughts on the Embargo of Soros’ death — Antifa and BLM know their paycheck comes from Soros — so do vote harvesters.

  41. Marie Joy

    Seeds and growing supplies. Grow inside and outside. Seedling heat mats.
    Cash for as long as it works.
    Access to clean water if you do not have power.Water filtration.
    Wood/coal stoves.
    Stock up on wood/coal and hide it in the basement, porch, etc
    Don’t get the next genocidal clot shot. Expect much worse than covid.
    Deagle was right.
    Nice guys will have to change how they think to survive.
    Ammo up. Security up.

    • Diana

      JJ he has sons just like him. Alexander is just like him and I’m sure the other three are close.

  42. Ed Mustafo

    Yes, things are going to get worse as we lead up to the collapse of this fake financial system. Yes, we will see a “ scare event “ of some sort related to war. No, it’s not the end of America but it’s a new beginning in a much better financial system backed by hard assets (gold and possibly silver). No, we will not have World War but a new peace deal will be brokered by President Trump.He already said he could make a peace deal within 24 hours. So prepare but don’t panic, everything is gonna work out better overall. I think Steve needs to switch to decaf though…..Have faith everyone, there is a plan in place to turn things around.You’ll sleep a lot better.

    • Olaf from Down Under

      Ed, Have you read the following?
      1 Thessalonians 5:1. But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.
      2. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.
      3. For when THEY shall say, PEACE and SAFETY; then sudden DESTRUCTION cometh upon THEM, as travail upon a woman with child; and THEY SHALL NOT ESCAPE.
      4. But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

      Who are the …”THEY”?
      Olaf from Oz

      • Ed Mustafo

        THEY are the DEEP STATE/CENTRAL BANKERS. THEY , and THEIR SYSTEM is being brought out from the shadows and into the LIGHT little by little every day. If THEY were in control, would that be happening?? Logical Thinking. Stay out of the way as much as possible ( because EVIL doesn’t give up) and enjoy watching THEM get Destroyed.

        • Henry

          Seems “they are destroying us” pretty damn good – turning off of our oil and gas pipelines, burning down of our food processing plants, destruction of our egg and beef production, putting farmers out of business, de-railing our trains, bringing us to war, and collapsing our US dollar – “it is all a controlled demolition by these evil traitors within our government” – and they are doing it to us again just like they brought down Building 7 and the Twin Towers on 9-11 !!!

  43. Pam

    In the Arms of the Angel
    Sarah McLachlan

    Spend all your time waiting
    For that second chance
    For a break that would make it okay
    There’s always some reason
    To feel not good enough
    And it’s hard at the end of the day
    I need some distraction
    Oh, beautiful release
    Memories seep from my veins
    Let me be empty
    Oh, and weightless, and maybe
    I’ll find some peace tonight
    In the arms of the angel
    Fly away from here
    From this dark, cold hotel room
    And the endlessness that you fear
    You are pulled from the wreckage
    Of your silent reverie
    You’re in the arms of the angel
    May you find some comfort here
    So tired of the straight line
    And everywhere you turn
    There’s vultures and thieves at your back
    The storm keeps on twisting
    You keep on building the lies
    That you make up for all that you lack
    It don’t make no difference
    Escaping one last time
    It’s easier to believe in this sweet madness
    Oh, this glorious sadness
    That brings me to my knees
    In the arms of the angel
    Fly away from here
    From this dark, cold hotel room
    And the endlessness that you fear
    You are pulled from the wreckage
    Of your silent reverie
    You’re in the arms of the angel
    May you find some comfort here
    You’re in the arms of the angel
    May you find some comfort here
    Source: LyricFind

  44. Wendell Stewart

    Steve Quayle’s depiction of end times prophecy is biblically accurate , and the United States fits the description of “Babylon The Great” at this point in time. We may very well be forced to lie in the bed we’ve created as a result of abusing our free will and complacency in the face of evil. Only the Lord Jesus can keep us from the hour of trial coming upon the earth. Luke 21: 34-36 “Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap. 35 For it will come on all those who live on the face of the whole earth. 36 Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

    Contrast this biblical teaching with Bo Polny who promotes New Apostolic Reformation heresy. 2 Timothy 4:3 “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

    Romans 16:17 “I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them.”

  45. Thomas Fiust

    Greg and Mr. Quayle.
    I am totally serious about this. I was born and raised on O’ahu island. A few years ago on a mountainside about 200′ foot elevation, I discovered huge sandstone carved monolithic structures and statues, from perhaps 10,000 and 100,000 years ago. I believe that the University of Hawai’i archaeology “professors” know about this and stay silent. No other Polynesian culture quarried and carved stone blocks, save Rapa Nui. The sandstone blocks I seen on O’ahu have right-angle cuts. What technology did that? Thousands of years ago. Water saw. Direct energy beam? The evidence is splayed all over a hillside in plain sight, if you know what you’re looking for. That’s why I had to be so “public” here. Dangerous information to the establishment.
    Aloha Gentlemen.

    • Nu

      Check out Archaix channel. His last video was reading from a book published in the 18th century about the land of Mu and its destruction. Hawaii, Rapa Nui etc are merely the fingertips left of an enormous civilization that was Mu

  46. dlc


    The opening comments of this story could easily apply to the cast running D.C. today. Can only hope that they ultimately suffer similarly.

    Every time I think I’ve seen ever piece of footage from the previous world wars, there is always a newer showcasing of those events. There are a whole series like this one that isolates each depraved individual from the inner circle in Berlin and their role in turning the world of that time upside down.

    The parallels one can draw from then and now are unnerving. Makes you think of the Biden family along with Obama and Bush. I chose the portrait of Hermann Goering as the blatant example of the pursuit of power and insatiable greed and where it leaves the people in the end. I saw shades of Ukraine, the failure of socialism/communism when you run of of other people’s money and ultimately run out of the people themselves.

    • Frank

      Sir, the “depraved inner circle in Berlin” were responsible for saving Germany from a Communist takeover, lifting the German people out of banker-imposed destitution post WWI, creating the most prosperous nation in Europe, and fighting to prevent Bolshevism from taking the rest of Europe.

      I am sorry if you continue to believe the TV and “academia” regarding the concentration camps. That is modern propaganda. It should be telling that Eisenhower, de Gaulle, and Churchill all failed to mention “the holocaust” in their memoirs. Or were they lied to by the media and we are fortunate to know the real truth these days?

      This is the relevant directive on the subject:

      On Feb. 29, 1944 the British Ministry of Information sent the following note to British clergy and the BBC:
      Experience has shown that the best distraction is atrocity propaganda directed against the enemy. Unfortunately the public is no longer so susceptible as in the days of “Corpse Factory,” the Mutilated Belgian Babies,” and the “Crucified Canadians.”
      Your cooperation is therefore earnestly sought to distract public attention from the doings of the Red Army by your wholehearted support of various charges against the Germans and Japanese which have been and will be put into circulation by the Ministry.
      Your expression of belief in such may convince others.
      I am, sir, Your obedient servant,
      (signed) H. Hewet, Assistant Secretary
      see: Rozek, Edward, Allied Wartime Diplomacy: A Pattern in Poland, John Wiley & Sons, NY. pp. 209-210

      Patton realized we had fought the wrong enemy and said so. He didn’t live much longer like so many truth tellers.

      This is well worth your time – https://archive.org/details/breaking-the-spell-by-nicholas-kollerstrom-2014/page/1/mode/2up

  47. FreeBirdJohnny

    Man, Steve was caffeined up today! He was speaking much faster & more forcefully than he usually speaks. I rather prefer when he takes his time when he speaks. Always fascinating to hear.

    • Brock Kinard

      yet another e.g., why it is critical to have a cache of American bourbon whiskey in case it’s showtime with Greg Hunter.

      Otherwise WHISKEY is fantastic barter money that has a proven historical record in America and UK as such. And the DS is attacking all food storage facilities. Maybe the liquor rick-houses are on the their list, for they are awfully near Ohio River valley.

      BUY SHOES & socks. Also, Hunter is always saying put tires on the car. How about having couple extra pair of shoes. What will you do with the international markets quit supplying textiles/shoes to the Americas? A car is nice to have, but if there is gas. But a man can walk 20 miles a day in good pair of shoes & socks.

  48. Carol

    Absolutely Fabulous Interview!!!! Those questioning Steve would do well
    to listen to this interview again and go to the Scriptures. “Does Jesus know you”
    means: Do you have an intimate, born-again relationship with Jesus; not
    simply a 10am Sunday showing up at a church and sitting in your favorite
    pew. That’s religion. Jesus wants a heart relationship with us. That’s the
    true relationship with Our God.

  49. Joe Wong

    Great narrative video Steve Quayle.

    However, did you know that Vladimir Zelensky BANNED all Christian faiths, Islam Mosques, and Judaism Temples and have ordered them all CLOSED to prevent independent thinking in the Ukraine??? The Ukrainian people must now worship him as their Almighty GOD instead of the traditional GOD, and Stephan Bandera as their Lord and Savior instead of Jesus Christ. And the US & UK are supporting this as well.

    Also Steve – the ANTICHRIST is already here and it is Victoria Nuland that has, and will cause all of this mayhem that you are seeing now. So Greg Hunter, and Steve Quayle – BEWARE and enjoy the ride, because it will be a very rough one indeed. After this is all said and done. The Kings of the North will be Russia (aka Rosh), The Kings of the South will be Iran (aka Persia), The Kings of the East will be China (aka Chine) , and the Kings of the West will be the 10 nations that will come out of the ruins of the EU & a destroyed NATO to form the French or German lead Second Coming of the Holy Roman Empire. The 5-eyes of the Israel or the English speaking nations such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US & the UK will be ENSLAVED & PUNISHED for their horrible SINS they have wantonly committed on the human race, and are showing NO signs of REPENTING anytime soon – but are DOUBLING DOWN instead, which will lead to their DOWNFALL & PUNISHMENT by the Almighty GOD and their time is rapidly approaching my friends. Have a wonderful weekend, and the late jack Van-Impe (1931-2021 aged 89 aka the walking Bible) said this time, and time again – SO BEWARE !!!

  50. Prospector

    Greg , and Watchdog readers , I just realized the quote up top says :
    ” The Earth has a cancer and the cancer is MAN ” — says Club Of Rome report.

    The last line on The GEORGIA GUIDESTONES said : ” Be not a cancer on the Earth ”
    Now we can know, with confidence , who built The Georgia Guidestones.

    Weston A. Price Foundation, London Chapter – Nov 11 2020

    @UN’s Club of Rome:
    “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of GLOBAL WARMING, water shortages, famine (viruses?), etc. would fit the bill.” “The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

    Quote from : The First Global Revolution — is a book written by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider, and published by Pantheon Books in 1991

  51. Mike B

    Ps 27:1 A Psalm of David. The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
    Ps 27:2 When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.
    Ps 27:3 Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident.
    Ps 46:1 To the chief Musician for the sons of Korah, A Song upon Alamoth. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
    Ps 46:2 Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
    Ps 46:3 Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Selah.
    Ps 112:7 He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD.
    Isa 8:12 Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid.
    Isa 8:13 Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.
    Isa 8:14 And he shall be for a sanctuary; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
    Isa 12:2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.
    Isa 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.
    Isa 26:4 Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:
    Isa 26:20 Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.
    Isa 26:21 For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.
    We are the bride of Christ and Jesus is faithful and he will not lose one the Father has given him. We are chosen for this very time for the Glory of Jesus and to share the Good News – Jesus and our hope that we have! We have the authority and power of Christ who lives in us. Fear Not for Christ lives in US. If God is for US who can be against us!

  52. Fred Daake

    When Joseph stored seven years worth of food for a future famine, he was not investing solely to enrich himself. He was investing so that his return on investment would help all of Gods people in his land to survive a famine. They key here is that he KNEW that there would soon be a need for food. So he used logic to store the food. And it was for Gods people and not solely for himself.

    Move ahead to the day we live in. We do not know what will happen, when it will happen, what we will need to address it, or how it will help God’s people. Although we can and should prepare for short term disasters like blackouts and tornadoes, we would be throwing darts at clouds if we tried to prepare for a new and unknown life on a damaged earth. Even if that were possible, what would be the eternal value of trying to survive in a Hell where no one had any interest in listening to God?

    The bottom line is that there is no Biblical formula that guarantees a worldly ROI on worldly investments. The kingdom of God is one that is equally accessible to everyone, not just to those who have the money and guts to buy investments to enrich themselves.

    On the other hand, we should maximize our value to God by living today. Part of our task on earth is to take risks by investing our time and money, without worldly guarantees of ROI, to build our families and while building the kingdom. That is how be build our treasures in heaven. And we will be judged by how we used our limited resources to make these investments.

    “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

    Article: The Only Guaranteed Return On Investment Is In Gods Kingdom:

  53. Todd

    I enjoyed this episode.

  54. Lynn

    Greg please listen. Read the book of Isaiah and Amos. They speak of what happened when Israel turned against God. Please read book of revelations starting chapter 6. The church will be gone by chapter 4:1. Go to jdfarag.org and listen to his teaching on the book of Isaiah. It’s amazing. Go you will learn

  55. Vernon Tart

    When Steve quoted “Those who remain silent in the face of evil…”
    is what most people do naturally about everything that would put them at risk.
    Let us all pray that voices will speak up.

  56. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Quayle. Utterly chilling.

  57. Nu

    Check out Archaix channel. His last video was reading from a book published in the 18th century about the land of Mu and its destruction. Hawaii, Rapa Nui etc are merely the fingertips left of an enormous civilization that was Mu

  58. Da Yooper

    Good interview Gentleman

    Greg can you do an interview of Scot Ritter or Cliff High ?

  59. Sam

    Two Talented and Sincere Christian people on one computer screen….almost Every week….What a Treat

  60. Dylan C.

    We are not at the End Times but in fact are in the Latter Times.
    What will happen will seem apocalyptic but it will not be the End; that is for another time. We will experience the Great Chastisement and the Judgment of Nations. After the Illumination of Conscience, God’s last warning to the world, the Chastisement will come. There will be three days of darkness where any outside will die and demons will come up from Hell. 2/3 of the world population will die and entire nations will be destroyed. The remainder will be purified and lead a good life.

  61. Russell Holmes

    So-called pastors and “conservatives” gave not an inch, they gave the entire universe to the murdering, liberal Satanists back in 1966 when Mississippi first made it “legal’ to rip the arms and legs off babies. Since, we’ve allowed the murder of NINETY MILLION babies (counting abortifacients). Mr Quayle is right on blaming both Demon-crats and “cowardly” Republicans for our current situation but I would argue that so-called “pastors” are even more to blame. And maybe I’m long winded here but I have a story that says it ALL: In 2008 I was in Colorado and got involved in a Personhood petition which would have legally defined a pre-born as a person, thus protected from being murdered via the 14th Amendment and written into the Colorado Constitution. We needed around 150,000 signatures to get it on the ballot and one thing I did was work the phone lines to call “pastors” to ask for permission to collect signatures at their “church” or even just to sit in their parking lots and ask Christian to sign. ONLY 2%, one out of FIFTY, gave us permission for such a simple request and the number one LIE was “we don’t get involved in politics.” Murder is a MORAL ISSUE you lying POS “pastors.”

    It blows my mind that “conservatives” REFUSE to see that when you “give these Satanists the entire universe” then of course they’ll tax and regulate us to death. That when our so-called Supreme Justices allow babies to have their arms and legs ripped off, OF COURSE they’ll start using the courts as a weapon against people like Trump. OF COURSE they’ll teach children they can change their sex and cut off little girls’ breasts. OF COURSE they’ll double the Debt every 8 years and print 10’s of trillion$$$ more until they totally destroy our economy. And mostly, OF COURSE God will abandon our nation and allow us to fall into total fascism. I’ll link a must see video with Edward Dowd (who’d make an excellent guest, BTW). He points out that what the fascists running everything are really scared of now is losing the petrodollar as the world currency. So they have to introduce CBDC (called Fednow and set to be shoved down our throats in June by our fascist Fed) and get us into a war. Dowd also wrote the best book on the bioweapon vaccine, “Cause Unknown,” and has probably the best statistics on the deaths and injuries the Fauci-ist are guilty of. https://www.kitco.com/news/video/show/Market-Analysis/4466/2023-03-25/Total-control-as-CDBCs-rolled-out-only-6-banks-left-standing-in-controlled-implosion-Fed-to-cut-rates—Edward-Dowd#_48_INSTANCE_puYLh9Vd66QY_=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kitco.com%2Fnews%2Fvideo%2Flatest%3Fshow%3DMarket-Analysis

  62. Joseph Boudreau

    We’ll have to rely on each other as things go south. The Chinese are confused in thinking they’ve conquered America. Those 500,000 or so Chinese military that snuck in are going to be very disappointed when they realize half the pop did NOT take this killer clot shot and are quite able to fight back. Yes, things will get ugly but we will prevail because we wear God’s armor. The WEF / NATO will crumble. The liers / murderers / thieves will pay for their crimes against humanity.

  63. Susan R

    Steve IS a TRUTHTELLER. I have seen this truth for awhile now and have been in morning for the loss of life that Steve confirms will happen soon. I have family who do not accept this. I am grateful for family who are with God. There will be seas of souls lifting up to God. For those who remain here, God Bless them, us. I see this as a function of God’s law that will correct what has been corrupt, unfortunately for a very long time, where there are those who believe anything is justified to bleed others for gain. Steve refers to this time in the bible, so this has been known and yet many ignored it. The temptation is too strong to not believe we are eternal and this life is a blip in time.

  64. Clay Lane

    Douglas Macgregor: “Russian ONE MILLION TROOPS MARCHING TOWARD BAKHMUT” in Exclusive Interview
    Red Pilled TV 186,265 views Premiered 15 hours ago
    Douglas Macgregor: “Russian ONE MILLION TROOPS MARCHING TOWARD BAKHMUT, THIS IS IT” in Exclusive Interview
    Douglas Macgregor is back on the show to talk about the war in Ukraine. Macgregor gives his assessment of where things stand on the ground. They talk about the astounding casualty numbers and the horrifying nature of the battle over Bakhmut. Macgregor then gives some predictions for the next stages of the war. They talk about the rising tension with China. They agree there is no need to go to war with China but discuss what may explain the sudden attention shift towards Beijing. Lastly, they talk about the effects of cronyism in the weapons industry and the probability of a nuclear war. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ko1Xei4JcA
    That’s the $64,000 Billion Dollar fiat Currency, Federal Reserve, Central Bank Ponzi Scheme, Question?

    Scott Ritter: “Russia IS INVADING FAST, THIS IS FATAL” in Exclusive Interview Red Pilled TV
    53,934 views Premiered 14 hours ago
    Scott Ritter: “THIS IS FATAL” in Exclusive Interview
    Scott Ritter joins us on this exclusive interview to discuss the Russia Ukraine war, the conflict of Bakhmut, the bad feelings between Putin and Zelenskyy and how this war will end. Russia rained down over 80 missile on Ukraine last night after figuring out how to bypass their air defense systems. Scott Ritter and Stephen Gardner also discuss military predictions of Colonel Douglas Macgregor on how this war will end and Putin’s next military moves.
    Scott Ritter is an American author, pundit, former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer, former United Nations Special Commission weapons inspector, and convicted sex offender. Ritter served as a junior military analyst during Operation Desert Storm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jwt9dmZ4tl4

  65. S W

    I recall you correcting me that America wasn’t Babylon in the Scriptures. Bo and Steve have both said it and you didn’t correct them.

    Jer.50:12 the hindermost of the nations
    Jer.50:29,31 proud against the Lord
    Jer.51:52 judgment on graven images
    Jer 50:11 O ye destroyers of mine heritage
    Jer.50:3,9,41 a land out of the north
    Jer.50:9 the northern weapons shall hit their mark
    Jer.50:3,13 no longer inhabited
    Jer.50:3; Isa.14:4 made desolate
    Rev.18:10,19 judgment in one hour
    Jer.50:39,40 no longer inhabited as Sodom and Gomorrah

    Timing is linked to Lev 23 and God’s festivals. The spring feast teach about the first coming the fall feast teach about the second coming.

  66. Robert Dziok

    Today, in a nationally televised speech in Kenya, President Ruto said “Those of you who are holding dollars you shortly might go into losses. So you better do what you have to do because this market will be different in a couple of weeks.” According to RUMOR the past year “Operation Sandman” will “put the US Dollar to sleep” by having all it’s 142 countries around the world repudiate the currency on the same day, and refuse to continue accepting it for payment in Trade. HalTurnerRadioShow.com covers this in detail. One country’s Finance Ministry recently told the US, “We are no longer willing to accept ones and zeroes in a bank computer as actual payment for REAL goods.”. The countries agreed that holding US currency was becoming foolish because it was becoming worthless on it’s face, thanks to all the rampant over-spending by the US Government. Like Ross Perot said in the early 90’s about NAFTA “You’re going to hear a big sucking sound of jobs leaving the country.”. Thank Satanic Globalist Controlled Bill Clinton and Congress for that legislation that sold out America and shipped jobs and manufacturing overseas.

  67. John Maskell

    God will judge every living soul on this planet. The good will live, if not welcome to hell.
    I pray that my time on this planet has been kind and giving to others. I have been dumped on by many and people have taken advantage of my innocence .Ah well that’s life, but I never took the vax as that was a judgement . So many who did harm to me are succumbing to the injections but I never wished them fate or death . Universe and power of Christ decides . Rid the evil and bless the good, that’s what God does !

  68. Prospector

    To Steve Quayle , at the 12 minute point you state that Russia ” has announced to the USA ” it will launch four missiles , some say six , with dummy warheads as a demonstration to the United States.

    Could you please provide a source for this, I have looked and found nothing. Thanks.

    This claim was not part of the – Redacted March 22 show with Clayton Morris that quoted German tabloid BILD with the upcoming attack on Crimea story. Found here at the 18 minute point. Link :


    • Shiloh1

      Gonzalo Lira Roundtable # 47 with Larry Johnson (x-See Eye Eh) and Michael Vlahos about 1:40 in. Episode easily found online.

      Johnson talks about existing Russian hypersonic missiles with conventional payloads which can hit the U.S. and London in minutes being on the table sooner rather than later. Prob when the first NATO DU weapon is used.

      Even Gonzalo was stunned on that one.

  69. Kathy

    Excellent information from Steve! I appreciate his earnestness for Jesus. Fervor is called for in these times. Thank you, Steve, for this message of encouragement!

  70. Jerry

    Here we go.

    Deutsche bank is in trouble. Who will bail them out? Not credit Suisse that’s for sure.

  71. Roger Stamper

    tks for post steve greg

  72. Prospector

    Video going ” Viral ” . A old Merck manual page says virus’ are micro parasites.
    they knew.


  73. Olga

    The GREAT RESET = the Great Tribulation = (Distress of those days / End Times of Revelation chapter 6) = New World Order = New Normal = Agenda 21 / 30 = 4th Industrial Revolution = 4th Beast in Daniel (Dan. 7:7)


    SEAL #1: (Revelation 6:2) The rider on the white horse was given a crown (Corona) and a bow (Toxon, from which we get our word poison) and is bent on conquest.

    SEAL #2- (Rev. 6:4) fiery red horse: peace taken from earth and men slaying (slay in Greek can also mean maim or wound) each other with this poisonous “toxon” (bow) jab;
    SEAL #3 black horse (Revelation 6:6) (hyperinflation & scarcity) which will lead squeeze us into the MARK OF THE BEAST

    SEAL #4: (Rev. 6:8) pale horse: ¼ of earth to die by SWORD- CONSEQUENCE FOR NOT TAKING MARK (Rev: 20:4 about beheaded saints; 13:10), famine, plagues, etc.. Sword in Greek can be broad blade or cutlass – ie. Guillotine)

    SEAL# 5 (Rev. 6:9) Souls under the alter of martyred saints who did not take the mark & held to testimony of Jesus (cf. Rev. 13:10, 20:4);

    SEAL # 6: (Rev 6:12) RAPTURE/ First Resurrection (also at 7th Trumpet of Rev 11: 5 or the last trump of 1 Cor. 15:52) see also Mk. 13:24-27, Mt 24:29

    SEAL #7 Wrath of God-bowls of wrath of Rev.16


  74. ken

    Nato wants to build 300,000 on the Border of Poland and Russia. Where do they get these suckers,,, IMO a draft.

    Nato flying Bombers close to Russian borders,,, flying Drones close to Russian borders yet Russia is the aggressor. Come’on Man!

    Gold Silver? Can anyone imagine the innumerate morons out of “school” today that cannot give correct change or read at grade level working a metals money system! lol It’ll take awhile. In he meantime maybe the fiat dollar might survive awhile assuming there is anything left to buy.

    People now at the governments direction hate China yet go to Walmart where 90% of everything is made in China. Most Americans have zero skills and could not make a compact oven.

    Can anyone imagine this nation when food becomes scarce and stopping by for a quick Quarter Pounder won’t happen because they cannot get the food to operate. Better be able to defend yourself against the zombies that caused all of it.

    The scriptures? I don’t know,,, People were saying the same things during the first and second world wars,,, End of Days,,,End of Times. I tend to agree with Chuck Baldwin that Revelations was about the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD by Rome.

    This can all be stopped by People saying NO! to the government psycho’s. I doubt Americans have the intestinal fortitude for that so…. As we used to say in the Marines,,, Stand By for Stand By!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jon,
      This shows the level of evil we are fighting!!

      • Jonathan

        Thank you Greg for sharing this information. With the world. We have to Wake people up. This might help do that. We are fighting pure evil.

      • Jonathan

        Question – regarding the mutilation, torture and murder of children taking place in those facilities, one might ask how a loving God could allow such horrors to be done to the innocent.

        Possible Answer- Psalm 8 says people were given Dominion over the works of God’s hands. In other words, people were put in charge of the Earth. If I understand that correctly, then it is actually our responsibility to prevent and fix things like this, and no longer God’s responsibility, if that responsibility was in fact ceded to us.

        What do y’all think?

        Thank you.

  75. Susan

    Whether it feels comfortable or not Greg, Steve is telling the truth about so called Christians and Pastors, relationship with Jesus versus religion, and Revelation 6. Go deeper in your relationship with Jesus. Listen to the Holy Spirit in you, if you are a true Christian. The Holy Spirit will lead, guide and comfort you through what is coming upon the earth.


  76. John

    Steve Quayle nailed it on the head, he did not pull any punches. Best interview I have seen him give in a long time. America is America in name only and has been for many years. The future is upon us and it ain’t looking good. Prep and Pray.

  77. Jane jones

    Now, suppose you are at a congregation meeting place. As you look about, what do you see? Greeting you are smiling faces. Only occasionally may you detect another slight sentiment. Courageously, your Christian sister who lives in a divided household hides the pain she has experienced. When she returns home unpleasantness may confront her. Perhaps her attendance at this peaceful, spiritually upbuilding meeting has come about at the expense of no little unhappiness. She shed tears before leaving home because of an opposing mate, though you may never know it. What love and concern you would express toward this one of God’s “sheep” if you but knew her circumstances! How your heart would go out to her! Surely you would not ignore her or say some unkind word to her in a rash moment. Oh, this sister may even find it necessary to curtail meeting attendance somewhat because of her husband’s demands, though she does not forsake gathering with fellow Christians altogether. Do we begin to look down upon her? We should not, for, if she is doing her best, God knows this and is not displeased. Remember, God “sees what the heart is.” (1 Sam. 16:7) It would be unkind indeed to find fault. She needs aid, not discouragement; kindness, not criticism. When we speak encouragingly to her, we warm her heart, we make her truly happy that she is a part of such a wonderful, loving group. And in showing kindness we are polishing another surface of the gem of love.
    Kindness is also expressed when we patiently explain truths to persons in our ministry—this, though they may at first have difficulty in comprehending some things or in applying Scriptural principles to their lives and thinking. But, whether at home, in the ministry, or at congregation meetings, expressing kindness is essential. It is an important aspect of our love. So, we are admonished: “But become kind to one another, tenderly compassionate, freely forgiving one another just as God also by Christ freely forgave you.”—Eph. 4:32.
    “Love is not jealous.” Hence, envy will not engulf us if we have love. We will not permit our love to be stifled should another be entrusted with a position of responsibility in the Christian congregation. We will not deny him our active support because of jealousy. Instead, we will thank God that our spiritual brother can use his good qualities and abilities to the advancement of God’s good news. We will rejoice in his success. Envy will be recognized for what it is—a sin. The counsel of Galatians 5:26 will find a place in our hearts: “Let us not become egotistical, stirring up competition with one another, envying one another.”
    But suppose we are in a position of responsibility. Have we reason to boast in our attainments? Love “does not brag.” We have nothing that we did not receive. (1 Cor. 13:4; 4:7) We may be shepherds, having oversight, but remember, we never lose the position of sheep by reason of such an appointment. As sheep, all should boast, not in self, but in whom? First Corinthians 1:31 answers: “He that boasts, let him boast in God.” How fitting it is for all sheep to boast in the Great Shepherd of all the sheep! And why not boast in God? We may plant and water, as did Paul and Apollos, “but God kept making it grow; so that neither is he that plants anything nor is he that waters, but God who makes it grow.” (1 Cor. 3:6-9) Then again, what of tomorrow? If we boast today and rely on ourselves alone, this may be fatal. Note the apostle’s warning: “Consequently let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall.” (1 Cor. 10:12) Do not forget that, “if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he is deceiving his own mind.” (Gal. 6:3; Rom. 11:18) So then, if we boast in God, not in ourselves, we will act lovingly, not proudly. We will thus be polishing and brightening still another facet of love. How so?

    18 Love will not permit us to reject truth. “Truth is . . . stranger than fiction,” it has been said. Yet, if it is truth, love will accept it. Why? Because love “believes all things.” Still, love is not gullible, or credulous. If something is improper or untrue, love will not permit us to accept it. Love will, however, cause us to receive with appreciation the truths recorded in God’s Word. It will move us to accept spiritual food provided through the “faithful and discreet slave.” (Matt. 24:45-47) We will not be skeptical of it. Why, if we were doubtful in this regard, we would be like the restless, turbulent waves of the sea. Have you observed roaring waves, perhaps driven by changing winds? Their motions are erratic. Well, if we are skeptical, we will be like the waves. Thus, for our benefit James wrote: “So, if any one of you is lacking in wisdom, let him keep on asking God, . . . and it will be given him. But let him keep on asking in faith, not doubting at all, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven by the wind and blown about. In fact, let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from Jehovah.”—Jas. 1:5-8.

    19. Love “hopes all things.” What things?

    19 A Christian must also hope in all things in God’s Word. The Thessalonians were admonished: “But as for us who belong to the day, let us keep our senses and have on the breastplate of faith and love and as a helmet the hope of salvation.” (1 Thess. 5:8) A soldier who enters battle without proper equipment or protective covering can hardly hope to survive. If our love fails, what kind of spiritual soldiers will we be? We will not have the “breastplate of faith and love” or the vitally necessary helmet, “the hope of salvation.” Fittingly, then, love “hopes all things,” all things in and truly founded upon the Word of God, the Holy Bible.—John 17:17.

    20. What will love enable us to endure?

    20 Another facet of the gem of love is that it “endures all things.” Love for God makes possible the endurance of persecution. Even after the apostles were flogged and dishonored in behalf of Christ’s name, “every day in the temple and from house to house they continued without letup teaching and declaring the good news about the Christ, Jesus.” (Acts 5:40-42) Suffering due to persecution can be endured with the strength God gives. (Phil. 4:13) But what if we receive rebuke from God through his Word or organization? Then remember this wise counsel: “The discipline of Jehovah, O my son, do not reject; and do not abhor his reproof, because the one whom Jehovah loves he reproves, even as a father does a son in whom he finds pleasure.” (Prov. 3:11, 12) Let not your love fail. Accept correction. Never permit it to drive you away from God’s organization, or to kill your love of it or of Jehovah.—Ps. 141:5.

    21. (a) To show love, upon what must Christians depend? (b) Why cherish love?

    21 Admittedly, it is not always easy to exercise love. Therefore, you must work at it and must depend upon Jehovah’s spirit. If you do, it will be possible for you to show love, for it is a fruit of God’s spirit. (Gal. 5:22, 23) Be determined to display love that attracts. And bear this in mind: “A true companion is loving all the time, and is a brother that is born for when there is distress.” (Prov. 17:17) In summing up his inspired appraisal of love Paul said: “Now, however, there remain faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” (1 Cor. 13:13) Love is that grand quality that permeates the Christian congregation. Love will survive Armageddon, as will true Christians who demonstrate it. (Rev. 16:14, 16) So keep a tight grip on the gem of love. Do not lose it. Let no one rob you of it. Cherish it! It will ever prove to be a blessing to you, to your Christian brothers and to all with whom you have dealings. Show it now and forever. Remember—”Love never fails”!—1 Cor. 13:8.

  78. Bill's Stilled!

    North Koreans volunteer in droves to fight “evil U.S. imperialists”
    Story by Zeleb.es • Mar 26, 2023

    “Advanced Weapons” For Upgraded Tu-160m | Russia To Produce More Strategic Bombers Amid Ukraine War
    CRUX / 1.74M subscribers 6.6K views 1 hour ago
    The Gorbunov Aviation Plant in Kazan is increasing production of the Tu-160M strategic missile-carrying bomber, which will have expanded combat capabilities with upgrades, as per Russia’s state corporation Rostec said.

    Explosion In Russian City Of Kireyevsk | Putin Slams “Global NATO” | Ukraine Repels 85 Attacks
    CRUX / 13K views 44 minutes ago
    Ukraine claims a Russian airstrike hit two multistoried residential buildings in Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast on March 26. A Russian official said that two people have received fragmentation wounds in an explosion in the city of in Russia’s Tula Oblast. A large fire broke out late in a plastics warehouse in the Russian city of Omsk in western Siberia on March 25.

    Kevin O’Leary: There’s an ‘incredible situation’ unfolding here
    Fox News 94K views 2 hours ago
    ‘Shark Tank’ star Kevin O’Leary explains the success behind North Dakota’s public banks and the impact of the SVB collapse on regional banks.

    Black Conservative Patriot 63,123 views Mar 25, 2023
    Tucker Carlson covers the latest Hunter Biden backdoor bombshell with the reporter that broke the story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=satSQEhyLgo

    World War II Veteran delivers a promise after 73 years…
    OBON SOCIETY 4.7M views 5 years ago
    World War II Veteran delivers a promise after 73 years…

  79. Marie Joy

    http://www.ki4u.com sells everything from MREs to radiation detection equipment and they have a lot of information on their site.

  80. Cornelius Whitherspoon

    General Flynn rebuffs Clif High’s theory of a SOC. The gneral says there is no freakin Plan. The general says we’re on our own.

    (ffw 2:03 )

  81. Robert Bailey

    Hello Greg,

    Its very sad that still many many
    Christians believe that there is a Rapture
    and a 7 year which the Anti-Christ, will
    work his oppression in this world ?

    This false teaching called the Secret Rapture is not from the Holy Scriptures !
    But come from the Jesuits at the Council of
    Trent in northern Italy, from the middle 16th century!

    This false teaching has over taken many Evangelical churches in Christianity! So sad indeed ! May the Lord of Glory open our eyes and mind against this false belief!

    • Cassie

      Robert Bailey, how heartening to read your words! Yes, so sad most believers are deceived. The reason this needs to be of huge concern is that this false doctrine deceives people about their own identity or standing with our Holy God. We who follow the words of our Savior Jesus Christ, and obey His law, know we are all (Jew and Gentile) Spiritual Israel. There will not be a future milennial kingdom. We are in the invisible, spiritual kingdom Jesus is building and we are the lively stones. When he returns, it will be as a thief. Only those watching will be rewarded, as five of the ten virgins who kept their lamp oil topped off.

  82. robert keenan

    Greg, just sending this link to see if you could check out your sources and let your listeners know> If this happens the country will be in MAd Max. Thanks


  83. Catherine Panera

    USAWD regular guest Karen Kingston and others have warned about 5G and EMF. Dr. Sharon Goldberg Testifies at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018 https://youtu.be/CK0AliMe-KA

    Trump authorized the installation of 5G towers. These have been getting installed next-door to Evangelical churches and schools.

    Here are some low cost remedies with real-time demonstration of their effectiveness.

  84. Nika

    French Leader emmanuel Macron show the French people, he is a Magician also. Macron (in a Press intereview) told the French people, we are going into Hard Times, and you people better learn to suck it up and tighten the belt around your waist and absorb losses.
    That’s when Macron accidentally hit his 80,000 Euro luxury watch, on the table in front of him. Macron, kept on talking and put both of his arms under the table, and when his left wrist appeared, vola his 80,000 Euro Luxury watch is gone! However, some sharp observers noticed his watch was Gone!

  85. Faith Faber

    To Steve Quayle: I know that we are in perilous times but don’t lose your peace! God is still on the throne. As a prayer warrior dealing in the Courts of Heaven I know that defeating evil is a process. We can take our concerns and petitions to the Courts of Heaven and see a righteous Judge rule in our favor. Thank you for all that you do. Faith

  86. Cry Me a Ruble

    I was listening to an interview with Whitney Webb. She was talking about 21 trillion dollars that just disappeared from HUD and the DOD. She, without hesitation, blamed the missing 21 trillion on Catherine Austin Fitts and Mark Skidmore. Just want your take on this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Webb is an uninformed idiot.

    • Shiloh1

      When was that? I’ve heard W. W. on several very long podcasts over the years, but never heard her mention that connection. I thought she collaborated with CAF from time to time, especially on Epstein stuff.

    • S W

      Look into her family connections for an understand on her selective reporting.

    • Justn Observer

      Cry, would like to see that link….WW might have credited CAF and PH’d Skidmore for finding that the money went missing….NOT …that they took it.
      Blame and credit are not the same… post link please….

  87. Shiloh1

    J6 set-up. Mind blowing. Comments, too.


  88. The Hag

    In Ivanka Trumps official bio she touts being mentioned as a ” young global leader” by the WEF – https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/people/ivanka-trump/ – this goes a long ways to determining for me the “Trump mindset” – CLUELESS AT BEST; COMPLICIT AT WORST.

    • Ironhue'er

      Old Hag,
      She’s a dumb blonde. I’ll never forget how she leaned on her dad, to take action on a white helmet fake gas attack in Syria. He complied and the only causality, was a little girl killed.
      Everybody was so happy to see us flex our muscle’s. I thought how a little girl died because of lies and dreams of sycophants, for pipelines through Syria to Europe. Still dreaming and people dying today. A cockamamie world system, deserving of elimination. By the hands of a manly God war and love.

    • jr

      It’s well known the CIA met with the Simpsons producers and made them insert scenes – was the “Trump escalator” scene one – had to be – who would re-enact that scene EXACTLY in real life years later other than a deep state asset – fool me twice shame on me –

  89. Led Skelton

    A million and one injustices go unfixed each day, 30% of the population belongs behind bars and/or padded room. Instead, they put their time and effort into defending the rights of a tranny that gets her female testicles fondled by TSA.

    Instead of teaching our children how to be responsible taxpayers living the American dream earning everything they have, they teach the kids to be a professional victim, an anarchist, pretend they are a sex that they are not and how to scam the system to get free entitlement money and never working a day in their life.

    Focus on Trump and what he ate for breakfast, and let the Joe Hindend-Clinton-Obama-Pelosis get away clean. The freak show is winning.

  90. Glen

    Depleted uranium was used in both Golf wars. It’s not a new thing.

  91. tim mcgraw

    2:15 “Everything people used to put their faith in and trust in the system… is collapsing around us.” Steve Quayle.
    Steve talks in a rambling style which drives me nuts sometimes. He’s always adding phrases in a sentence. Steve must wear out the comma key on his keyboard.
    But really, now people are losing their faith and trust in the system?
    I lost my faith in the system 52 years ago when the state, media, church, family, and the military tried to draft lottery my 19-year-old skinny ass to go fight in Vietnam.
    Well, I suppose better late than never.

  92. Pete+only

    Who funded the U.s Election fraud in 2020?
    This is a number of months old, but it is still relevant.
    Pallets of money with the CIA involved…no big surprise I suppose..

  93. Dave

    Patrick Madrid hosts one of the largest call-in Chrisitan radio shows in America and he mentioned the flight. It was from Las Vegas to Columbus where he lives. He said several similar incidents have happened and specifically one a few months ago of a flight from Chicago to Columbus where the captain died in flight. He wondered why the airlines don’t give the reason for the medical emergencies which would ease concerns. He added one can’t help but ask if the cause was related to the vaccine. Madrid is on 400 plus stations so this news is getting out there despite what the Fauci types would hope for. As Martenson said, it’s becoming common knowledge.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Dave, for reporting this! 600 million CV19 injections in America alone, and you can count on this getting worse.

  94. Nika

    The Globalists have to be scared! Clayton Morris, reported after Mexico joined the Bric Countries in their new currency, Lloyd Austin and General Miley lashed out at Mexico, by saying they want to invade Mexico! How can General Miley and Lloyd Austin hope to win any War with their policies of Incompetence and Wokeness?
    They shot themselves in the Foot!

    • Marie Joy

      The point is NOT to win any war. The point is to lose all wars to destroy America, Americans and the dollar..

    • Glenn

      I’m loathe to believe the likes of Clayton Morris. Do your research! He scammed hundreds of people in a real estate fraud, and had to flee the country to avoid prosecution. This was only a few years ago. Now suddenly he’s some sort of insider? That just doesn’t compute. I’ll give him one thing… he’s good at making money online! I’m a bit surprised that Steve Quayle would take his word for anything.

    • Jr

      they plan on striking the cartel stronghold cities with 30 parachuting brigades of drag queen story time mariachi and flamingo dancing fags prancing into the main city elementary schools and undermining the catholic cultural underpinnings of the social order by twerking 2nd graders. How else? Same thing they’ll do to defend us when the invasion of blue helmets happens here –

  95. William T Westenberger

    Steve! The majority of the nation will NOT see the display/intimidation of the Russians off our coasts, the news media will have a blackout on the incident. I believe God has passed judgement on our country and the Tribulation will soon follow. Best believe in Jesus Christ’s Life, Death, Burial, and Resurrection! Our Blessed Hope with which we are to comfort one another is going to come to pass, whether you believe it or not!

  96. Wanda

    Ty Greg for having Steve Quayle as a guest! I love this Man, I have followed him now for years,God bless him! Here he comes out with support for Redacted and I smiled, I watch Redacted every day! They make a great team, all 3 of them! this is what every one needs to hear, now. The truth! Praying for every one and if some one has any idea if we should all move to Mexico let me know! lol Not funny, if we are the Great Babylon we know what going to become of the United States, course if it comes to a nuclear event? The earth is doomed any way. Pray every one, for this to cease, and to heal our land! 2 Chronicles 7 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

  97. Lee

    George Soros being dead won’t matter–His son Alex is very much alive and just as bad as his dad only much younger. He gets his daddy’s Money.

  98. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Sir Greg. Many tears. Dan Quail is totally right and true to what the Bible speaks of. Get ready folks. And get right with your Maker.

  99. Rose Mont Sellicka

    Steve Hilton: We’ve lost free speech in America
    Fox News 58K views 11 hours ago
    Fox News host Steve Hilton warns America’s ideals are under threat by the Democratic Party on ‘The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton.’

  100. Carol Bolt

    Wow Greg, what a show. I have followed Quayle from many years ago. Back in his early CoastToCoast days. I am going to try and post this a few places. More people need to hear it. Thanks for all the good info on this channel.

  101. Jeffrobbins

    I have a much younger brother who has (hopefully) finally quit smoking pot. With a family, there is no room for errors in judgement. To tell all of you the same as i told him: Our nation is now and has been sedated by number of means. If small group of people wanted to control a much larger group- sedating them and finding ways to pacify them would be necessary. People are asleep and are not growing, every ten or fifteen years should be a new thing in your life, and the zombie looking drug addicts on the streets are not the only zombies. Tell your families- its time to sober up and pay attention. I explained (and you should too) the parable of the sower and that the soil is not just a heart condition, but our very lives.

  102. Mark Benassi

    The comment about Soros being dead was a confirmation to me. I have had a fair number of dreams coming true and one of them was that Soros was actually dead and noone said anything about it. People forget that his son has basically been managing the money for years and he is more radical than his father. If Soros was officially dead, his fortune would be divided among several children (source on this is Barron’s but I do not have the date) – as long as Soros is officially alive, his son continues to control the entire fortune.

  103. Victor Jensen

    for 5000 years the preachers always telling us God is going to punish the people for masturbation and fornication. But NEVER do we hear God is going to punish those causing war and starvation. There is something awfully wrong with the preachers.

  104. Jessie Sanders

    A few weeks ago, Trump told a gathering of three hundred homosexuals at his private mansion Mar aLago that he would “fight for them”.

    Presumbably Steve Quayle’s values are decidedly opposite these sodomites, some of whom favor drag queen grooming of children.

    So why doesn’t Steve Quayle call out Trump and rebuke him so that Trump may right his path. Why doesn’t Quayle tell Trump to quit availing those who commit the filthy, vile and grievous sins: sodomomy and pederasty. Instead he is on here giving the ordinary viewers, who have no influence over others, a hard time.

  105. Coal Burner

    Dear Greg; Just my opinion but Christ said basically not to worry about the end of the world, the last days. I asked myself why? Is it that individually we never know when the last day for us is anyway? When we are passed from this body our race is run. We are done missing chances too honor God and do the best we could as Jesus directed. We should be thinking about our daily walk and asking for forgiveness for the things we have done and the things we have left undone. I know that does not preclude studying to know what the end looks like. But we see this over and over in history and we keep doing the same things because every four of so generations we forget as soon as the last people who lived the last one, pass on. We go back to same mistakes. Individuals make those mistakes and they accumulate too disaster for many millions each cycle. It is the daily walk that needs attention, I think!

    • Cassie

      THIS!! What Coal Burner said!!!! AMEN

  106. Vernon Locke

    Aussie Treason Part 2 Published on Nov 28, 2018
    Prep gives gives an in-depth look at the connections of the Australian Government executive branch and the Russian collusion story, following the yellow cake rogue, 25 million AUS. Dollars to the Clinton Family Crime Foundation?ssie
    Clinton corruption without interruption. You be the judge!
    Prep Email – [email protected]
    Prep Video – Aussie Treason Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2gzh3dtdpc

  107. Mama Cast Iron

    Joe Hind-end proudly proclaims: “AMERICA IS OPEN FOR INVASION” and the DNC crowd pisses themselves in gleeful orgasmic misadventure.

    From Joe’s pie hole on MSNBC:
    We are defending this great land from the right, I sent in our 101st Tranny Battalion to defend Portland, Oregon, 25,000 he/she/its/those/LGBT+/BLM pretend supporters, complete with female testicles, victim cards, DNR documents, and man caves. In Seattle, we are dumping leaflets from the balloons that I ordered shot down by our AF top guns, requesting the invaders all to go to red states and ruin their society and economy. In San Francisco, we retreated in record time, no other President with a black VP seceded so much land in so little time. Victory at last for The Socialist Hell Hole of California, even the ghost of Clint Eastwood moved to Texas.

  108. Marie Joy

    The overthrow of America is almost complete and they didn’t have to fire one shot. What does that say about us?

    • Tom Washand Renze

      Remember Gina? She/he thought he was James Bond, but not cool, with a Temper and no wit. Trump’s James Bond, witty like Bond. Big broad shoulders don’t make a man Tread. See, “High Noon.”
      She/he/he’s spying on us Greg. She said a FEMA camp and a cage was awaiting us. By observing us they know what the American sheeple, the informed American people, have been able to figure out from all the chatter, on the web, which USAWatchdog.com is a Large Part. But USAWatchdog.com is different, because you police it and keep it civil and keep it free. Information of freedom, for all to see and chum and chime in.
      Remember when Rich Treadway would get all hot and bothered under the collar and threaten us and boast how he was going to bomb everybody and their brother and sister? He and his handlers thought we all should be eliminated along with more and more regime change throughout the world? We’ll they sure showed us didn’t they. LOL! That they couldn’t even figure their way out of a paper bag! They think their the real government? Thank God their not! WE is! USAWatchdog.com. Why they can’t even stop their own regime change. Well, their finding out that we are the real government, aren’t they. We the people of the United States of America. Heck we put our secret weapon right in the middle of their swamp!

    • Nika

      They found the Weaknesses in our Constitution and exploited them to the 10th degree. I was watching, Senator Josh Hawley question Secretary Mayorkas today on Youtube. Senator Hawley is a very skilled prosecutor, however Senator could do very little against the Excellent-Excellent Skilled Liar called Secretary Mayorkas. I guess, if the USA survives, the coming carnage, there must be changes written into the Constitution to stop these (Manchurian Candidates) Office Holders from destroying our future Govt.
      “Josh Hawley Explodes At Mayorkas Over App He Says Helps Illegal Immigrants Enter US”

    • Gene

      Did forget the 300,000+ Southerners who died resisting Lincoln’s tyranny in the 1860’s?

      America was overthrown then, not now, but since the winners write history and because you and almost everyone else were indoctrinated in schools controlled by your enemies, denial/ignorance of this basic fact is the norm.

      If you’re voted for the likes of Trump, Bush, Reagan, and all the rest of the awful Republicans who’ve held office, you’re partially culpable.

      Or, in other words, who is this “we” you speak of Kemosabe?

  109. Marty

    During your show, you asked Steve where in the Bible does it talk about the die-off from the Covid-19 vaccines. He never really answered it, but I can tell you exactly where it is:

    Note that the Greek word for “sorceries” is “pharmakeia” or pharmacy.
    Revelations 18:23-24
    23. And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
    24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

    • Cassie

      True. Thank you, Marty. The first horseman released by Jesus describes the white horse (medical profession garb color); the crown in Greek is translated corona; the bow is translated “toxon” where we get our word toxic. Revelation 6:2. Search for New Patriot on Brighteon; he describes all four horsemen according to Scripture. It rings true in my heart.

  110. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    The UNITED STATES, is a Federal war corporation. They are foreign in relation to the fifty union states. The United States is the manufacture of the wars of aggression and invasion, through the pentagon they invented the SARS-2 Covid-19 Bioweapon, both the virus and the bioweapon was intended to murder far more people that it did from the virus and the harmful shots. If there is an anti-Christ then it is in fact the foreign UNITED STATES Federal war corporation. When the war regime dropped the two nuclear bombs in Japan, the U.S. ripped a hole in the upper atmosphere that has accelerated the murder regime of decades of presidents who are all the same bad actors. Their allegiance is to the transnational cabal or finance, murder, torture, human trafficking, drug trafficking and regular wars to keep the people all stirred up and destroyed. The problem with Americans is the vast majority remain willfully ignorant of the criminals that give the appearance of being government, not really in fact government at all, all the power is with the people, capable people that can and will give orders in an emergency, any body can give orders during an emergency, you don’t have to wait for somebody to save you because there are very few that are able to provide aid and assistance during a disaster. The people who are awake and willing to use the brain that God gave them should make whatever preparations you decide are necessary to have a plan of action in the event that the war is brought into your city, county, state or any other disaster wether natural or man made. The psychopaths and sociopaths that occult the UNITED STATES Federal war corporation are already going bananas because most of the other nations recognize that the UNITED STATES is dangerous and panicky. The other nations recognize on their own that WASHINGTON DC, District of Columbia, UNITED STATES is an extreme group of criminals that are largely detached from reality and they and their transnational business partners are lunatics that will attempt any crime to stay in power and continue their world wide crime spree of murder and mayhem. The department of defense in Virginia owns the bio labs that make the bio weapons in many locations, Ukraine and China are two locations that are common knowledge regarding bio weapons made by U.S. tax dollars, other dollars that are made outside of “The United States of America” which consists of fifty union states. The presidents are presidents of the United States federal war corporation. There is no government for the American people, only the illusion of government by “public pretenders”. The nut bags of DC will try alien invasions from space to scare the masses, they will create chaos in the Union states and the best defense for the people in the Union states is civil defense. Organize better than the public pretender criminals that rule you in your own community. All the power is with the people to move beyond this US war corporation that is in fact dangerous to life everywhere, that is why the other nations are isolating the UNITED STATES because they are as dangerous as the human traffickers at the 3355+ former county courthouses, US courthouses, now occupied by the UNITED STATES and its war agents, the only human traffickers I ever ran into wore black robes and had wooden toy hammers and barked out mumblings about their war on the American family unit from the big desk in the courtroom, those are the only kidnappers I have ever met, I am sure they have whole networks of “officialdom” that coordinate the human trafficking. The suggestions by Steve Quayle and Greg Hunter are very good ideas to prepare the best you can for any emergency in your area that could affect you. Quit being afraid, those control freaks of Washington DC and the foreign United States thrive on your fear, they thrive on your ignorance and they also thrive on heinous murder. The fifty Governors are corporate governors of the STATE OF NEW YORK, STATE OF CHAOS. The original Union states have this corporation overlay which is how foreign federal war corporation known as UNITED STATES made their way out into the Union states, they are crafty little devils for sure in how they pulled this scam off, but they are losing their force around the world and getting panicky about their loss of imperial power. If it gets bad enough on the surface they will retreat to their hidey holes underground which for some strange reason they think is safe. 😆

  111. Marie Joy

    Audrey Hale is the latest shooter. She is, reportedly, a female who wanted to be male (though I cannot imagine why). So, does this mean she will go to a male prison?
    Asking for a confused grandmother (me) who finds all this sheet confusing.

  112. Pam

    Interview with Pascal Najadi. Start vid at 14:18.
    He also mentions a court ruling in New Orleans………….
    “U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans reversed a ruling by a three-judge panel of the same court that had upheld the vaccination requirement”.

  113. Blitz Krieger

    I’m not inciting nothing here, just asking some questions.
    When your house is on fire, do you shoot the fire department.

    Why are the pretendsexuals shooting kids and innocent bystanders? And the so called adults blame the guns?

    Pretendsexuals should focus on those teachers and school administrators that brainwashed the kid into becoming a pretendsexual.

    Maybe even go after the lawmakers and elected officials that allow pretendsexuals.

    Maybe even go after the medical establishment, shrinks that allow pretendsexuals.

    Maybe even go after the woke mega world corporations and entertainment people that allow pretendsexuals.

    Just a thought, I often wondered why American troops kill innocent foreigners and not the enemy government.

  114. Tony

    Another great interview Greg. Some interviewees just need to be left to speak for the most part. And Steve limited his “and by the way” sidetracks today, which have over-complicated previous interviews.

  115. Ruben

    Hi Greg,
    I’m unable to view your videos. Can you help?
    Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ruben, try this & let me know if it works: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.) Greg

      • Ruben

        Hi Greg, I tried everything you stated on three laptops. Two are macs and one pc (hp); that didn’t work. I tried my ipad which has it’s own number and it worked. I don’t subscribe to social media; how else can I view the videos. I have been following your videos for several years until last week. I don’t know what changed. Thank you for all your work. Ruben

      • Ruben

        Hi Greg, I think I figured it out. I isolated my computer and used my phone as a hot spot and it worked. I think the internet service provider is not allowing your wedsite to full load. I will contact them for information. Thank you.

  116. Joe Momma

    If I had a dollar for every time Steve Quayle’s predictions fell short I would be a millionaire.
    Someday he will be right of course. So I guess two weeks nukes start flying? Will see.
    I don’t see the point of a satellite phone since the comm satellites will be taken down quick if shtf.

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