Fauci Lied & People Died, Election Audit Wave, Gold Shines

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 483 6.4.21)

It’s not a stretch to say Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), lied and people died.  It’s now been revealed, through release of Dr. Fauci’s emails, that he lied about the virus escaping from a lab in China.  Even Fauci’s own boss, Dr. Francis Collins (Head of the NIH), admitted that tax dollars paid for virus experiments in Wuhan, China.  There were even more lies exposed with the emails that stopped people from getting treatment that would have saved lives.  Now, many are calling for his firing and some for criminal prosecution.  Fauci said Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was not effective in treating CV19 and was dangerous for treating it when the exact opposite was true.  Peer reviewed science says HCQ is effective when given early on, and it was very safe.  Look for Fauci to be out of a job by the end of the month.

The election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, is 60% finished.  The audit is looking at the 2.1 million ballots from the 2020 election, and now other states, such as Pennsylvania and Georgia, are looking at Arizona to see how it’s being done.  This election audit wave is not going to be stopped, and it appears to be picking up steam.

It looks like the public is finally seeing the inflation genie being released out of the bottle.  It’s not going to be easy to put it back in.  Everything is now going up in price, and you can see it in food, energy, shipping and even in the price of precious metals.  The dollar is under pressure, and foreign countries like Russia are dropping the buck to buy gold.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-up for 6.4.21.

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After the Interview: 

Cycle analyst Bo Polny will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will talk about his April calls that he says have not happened—yet.  Polny also predicts big moves coming in the not-so-distant future that will be earth shaking.

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  1. Rosa Brooks

    By David Leonhardt: Good morning NY Times.
    The biggest vaccination gap isn’t based on race or partisanship. It’s based on class.
    You can understand this divide, because a paranoid person race or class, only has to be right once!
    But those of the educated class that choose not to get the experimental jab, “wrongly called Vaccine.” Are not suffering from economic paranoia. But ALERT! And Awake!
    Gideon and His 300 Men: Trust, yet verify; Ronald Reagan
    Fighting men of Israel, men bending down. Taking a drink on the side of a flowing stream. Judge Gidʹe·on is standing close to them. He is watching how they drink the water.
    Look closely at the different ways in which the men are drinking. Some are putting their face right down, close to the water. But one is taking the water up in his hands, so that he can watch what is going on around him. This is important, for Israel’s God Jehovah told Gidʹe·on to choose only the men who keep watching while they drink. The rest, God said, should be sent home.
    The Israelites are in a lot of trouble again. The reason is that they have not obeyed Jehovah. The people of Midʹi·an have gained power over them and are hurting them. So the Israelites cry to Jehovah for help, and Jehovah listens to their cries.
    Jehovah tells Gidʹe·on to get an army, so Gidʹe·on gathers together 32,000 fighting men. But there is an army of 135,000 men against Israel. And yet Jehovah tells Gidʹe·on: ‘You have too many men.’ Why did Jehovah say that?
    It is because if Israel won the war, they might think that they won by themselves. They might think that they didn’t need Jehovah’s help to win. So Jehovah says to Gidʹe·on: ‘Tell all the men who are afraid to go back home.’ When Gidʹe·on does this, 22,000 of his fighting men go home. That leaves him only 10,000 men to fight against all those 135,000 soldiers.
    But, listen! Jehovah says: ‘You still have too many men.’ So he tells Gidʹe·on to have the men drink at this stream and then to send home all the people who put their face down to the water to drink. ‘I will give you the victory with the 300 men who kept watching while they drank,’ Jehovah promises.
    The time comes for the fight. Gidʹe·on puts his 300 men in three groups. He gives to each man a horn, and a jar with a torch inside it. When it is about midnight, they all gather around the camp of enemy soldiers. Then, at the same time, they all blow their horns and break their jars, and shout: ‘Jehovah’s sword and Gidʹe·on’s!’ When the enemy soldiers wake up, they are confused and afraid. They all begin to run, and the Israelites win the battle.🗽Judges chapters 6 to 8.

    Gideon’s Doglike Lappers By Jonathan Lipnick April 11, 2018 11 comments
    To jab or not to jab? That is the question, why some trust yet verify and what possible connection could there be between the way that a soldier drinks and his combat abilities and yours today?

    • Jay rocco

      Educated people are not what I consider people with degrees. Educated people are people who research on their own and critically think through a problem and outcome. I have a friend I call ‘the redneck McGuiver’ poorly educated on a school level…struggled through high school but understands cause and effect of simple problems and thinks around through and the outcomes of the problems. Common sense in an old fashioned way of putting his response in an analogy. I’d say he’s one of the smartest people I know in that sense. While I know you may not have meant a given class. But I understand what you meant. The paranoids who distrust anything to do with authority…have a different way of looking at an issue but biased by their own impression of not to rust. Which is not always a bad thing. My two cents. I do agree with your premise maybe just not how you delivered it as a response. But I can see your point

    • PM

      Great analogy Rosa.
      I wrack my brain trying to figure out why some of my smart friends still get the jab, many of which are Christians. We have talked about it for months then they just go and get jabbed It just makes my jaw drop.
      Has to be God, no other explanation.

      • DD

        It’s not only the ignorance / propaganda and ulterior motives of the health industry and Gvt, but every single person who was only too happy to work at home doing less hours but still getting paid a 40 hour week is to blame as well.
        Just as many people enjoyed working less hours with barely a pay cut as there were those who lost their job

        Few people asked questions
        Few people wanted to notice the discrepancies
        Most people were only too happy to play along and be part of the BS.

        I kid you not – people are going to regret being so compliant in the long term.

      • Robert

        You’re right Steve. It’s much bigger than profits for big pharma. What’s in those vaccine/gene therapies they want us to accept so badly? And how do those vaccines play into the goals of the Great Reset? Something evil is in play. Why do so many people fail to see it? Why are so many people so trusting of a government that has continually lied to us?

      • Igby MacDavitt

        Or just dumb? You know, cannot connect the dots….you can give them a piece of evidence, and they get it; give them another piece of evidence, and they get that. Now ask them to tie evidence 1 with evidence 2, and they go blank — conspiracy theory. lol.

        C’mon, self-indulgent ignorance is just retarded. Sure, we are all victims of what we know and of what we don’t know. But one has to at least try to reach a conclusion for themselves, no? I grant no excuses.

    • Lin Tomlinson

      Unfortunately Rosa, if your not a NewYorkTimes subscriber we cannot access your first and top link.
      The biggest vaccination gap isn’t based on race or partisanship. It’s based on class.
      Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti cover it; Who is still hesitant to take the COVID vaccine and why.

      PS. Your Gideon explanation nails it as the real reasoning behind the experimental [so called vax] hesitancy. Some people are just more careful than others and just take notice. While the lemmings keep calm and march on, to their demise!

    • John Swain

      The D.C. is now occupied by the CCP…..Did you notice the high fences and wire? ….This is important when considering the DOD Laws of War part of the Military Manual and the coming Military takeover involving tens of thousands of arrests / trials /executions !!….
      It will probably take several years of military occupation before a legitimate President will able to rightfully take office !….THIS IS GLOBAL AND THIS WILL BE MASSIVE !

  2. Robert Coleman

    There should be a NEW International Trial and Conviction of Fauci, Tedros and everyone else associated with the gain of function research resulting in the Deaths to all involved based on the Nuremberg Code of 1947 – Life imprisonment is too good for any of them – they should all burn.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Robert!

      • Da Yooper

        ” They should be hung”

        Agree 100% sadly the rule of law no longer works in a country that has been compromised by the cabal. Wake me when that happens.


        • Paul Anthony

          Paul anthony. likes

          They should be hung”

          Agree 100% sadly the rule of law no longer works in a country that has been compromised by the cabal. Wake me when that happens.

      • GenEarly

        Listening to some “Conservative” Newz blame Only China for the Corona Virus when the initial research into “Gain of Function” implicates the USA Government via grants to UNC, other universities, connections to the military at Ft. Dietrich, MD, and the Deep State Fauci who then funds the continuing research in Wuhan.
        China is an Ally of the Deep State USSA. 11/3/2020 was a Chicom-democRat Bolshevik Coup. It Succeeded.
        Now What? is the only remaining question, imo.

        • Rachel

          Perfect summary GenEarly;
          and as to “Now what?” I think a whole lot of political hot air that amounts to nothing over a fake investigation used by the Biden administraion to make them look like they did something. They will use it to support more bogus political narratives.

        • Felix A Renteria

          you are absolutely correct,evil has no bounds and the demons are in our own government always have been.The same demon cabal control china,usa and the world,they are the zionist bamkers.They made the usa the power house battering ram after ww2 then they deindustrialized the usa and have turned us into a third world country,manufacturing is the only true way to produce wealth,now we are a country of money swindlers and noone wants to do a hard days work anymore.They built up china a GODless country to be the battering ram for the 21 century.These are the satanic powers we are fighting.

          • JungianINTP

            Felix A Renteria, YES!

            And the Marxian enemies within :

            “Cloward-Piven is a political strategy of calculated chaos first described in 1966, by two Columbia University sociologists, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. Their theory was published appropriately in the far left The Nation, the oldest continuously published news magazine in the country. Cloward-Piven’s goal was the creation of chaos so that: ‘A political crisis would result that could lead to legislation for a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.’” :



        • charles michael johnson

          From 2002 to 2020 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Ralph Baric PhD, and Anthony Fauci MD controlled the major patents and the money for coronavirus.
          2004 – NIH funded Shi to work on preventing the next pandemic since the SARS outbreak of 2003 was from the Beijing Virology Institute.
          2010 – Shi Zheng-Li, Wuhan bat virus researcher, got $7million NIH US taxpayer funding from Anthony Fauci for “gain-of-function”
          2014 – Baric shared data with Shi for gain-of-function
          Oct 16, 2014 – Obama stopped Fauci NIH funding of Shi and her collaborators at UNC and Harvard
          July 23, 2015 – European Patent EP3172319 filed “Coronavirus” – issued to Pirbright Oct 18, 2019; Updated May 8, 2020 “strategically funded by… including Gates.”
          Sept 21, 2015 – US Patent 9441041 – filed by Fauci et al.; Issued Sept 13, 2016. “Use of antagonists between HIV gp120 and .alpha.4.beta.7 Integrin.”
          Nov 9, 2015 – By using Vero E6 cell line that Shi obtained from Ft Detrick USAMRIID, Shi transformed the virus to seek humans. Later this COVID-19 virus was found to have gp120 from HIV that causes immune system failure and is a critical target for vaccine development.
          Jan 10, 2017 – Fauci said “THERE WILL BE A SURPRISE OUTBREAK”
          Jan 20, 2017 – Trump inaugurated
          Dec 2017 – NIH, on its own, resumed funding Shi, sent total $5.96 million through EcoHealth Alliance
          Jan 28, 2020 – FBI arrested Lieber, chair of Harvard chemistry
          Mid-March 2020 – Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, wrote a People’s Republic of China official threatened that China might impose export controls to withhold antibiotics and other life-saving drugs from American consumers. Those controls, he stated, would plunge America “into the mighty sea of coronavirus.”
          Mar 11, 2020 – World Health Organization declared pandemic
          April 24, 2020 – President Trump forces NIH to cancel funding
          May 26, 2020 – Shi warns coronavirus is just “tip of the iceberg.”
          July 15, 2020 – Fauci said “This is a pandemic of historic proportions…. it’ll be comparable to what we saw in 1918.” (virtual Georgetown University forum)
          Aug 29, 2020 – Fauci via NIH again gives $7.5 million to EcoHealth Alliance that funneled millions to Wuhan China virus lab. The first grant was finally stopped in April at the height of the pandemic. Now NIH re-funds them to resume similar research.

      • Rodster

        Tony Fauci and I refuse to address him as Doctor, is singlehandedly responsible for the deaths of millions and the destruction of the global economy. Loss of lives and jobs. James Kunstler wrote a fantastic Blog today regarding Fauci.


      • Hannah Loveanna

        Hi Greg, I asked my doctor about getting hydroxychloroquine & was told that “it’s not as effective as they thought it would be”. I asked about Ivermectin & regeneron & was told that he (my doc) doesn’t prescribe any of the above meds. Gee, I wonder why… are they all in kahoots with the criminal cartel or what? I broke out into a rash on my shoulders while he did an exam & wonder if it’s because he took the vax & possibly I was reacting to it. I asked the many questions about the problems people are having with the jab knowing what the comeback would be (down played). At least I know I left him with things to ponder including the frontline doctors that are against this horrible vax. It would be interesting to hear about other people’s experiences with their physicians.

        We have not heard from Mark Taylor for quite some time. I really would love to hear from him & especially on your news channel. Thank you for all that you do informing the public with real news reports. God bless.

        • Greg Hunter

          Your doctor is a liar and a quack. Run Forrest run!!

          • Freebrezer

            Greg – Hi up government officials have lied, lied, lied … What the end game is to all this corruption will only lead to a dark, dark and ugly time! The book the forth turning explains this, and we are at it! the last 4th turning was 1930 -1945; before that was the Civil war. All had a gross amount of blood spilled at the tree of liberty!

        • Christopher Barnes

          My mother-in-law just died. She had received the vaccine 1 week before. She had a heart attack and the clot broke apart and went to her brain and she stroked out. She resided in Sacramento, CA.

        • Skip Havely

          Greg’s response is 100% accurate about your doctor. After contracting the virus several weeks ago, my wife and I went on the internet and contacted AMERICA’S FRONTINE DOCTORS to obtain HCQ (me) and Ivermectin (my wife). Although there was a $90 one-time charge for each of us, not covered by insurance. We were able to talk to doctors within 24 hours and obtain prescriptions from our local pharmacy. After taking the prescribed medicines we have both recovered.


        • John Nordstrom

          You can buy HCQ and Ivermectin from http://www.insulinhub.com. I have purchased from them multiple times. No issues. I am not affiliated with them in any way.

      • Robert

        Phillip Zelikow will be leading the new Commission to look into the origins of Covid19 virus. The fix is in. He’s the person who lead the 911 Commission Report. He had a role in the Patriot Act. What rights are we going to lose this time?

        • Freebrezer

          R- so right … it is all rigged! Example – the Durham report. So many, me included , bit into this horse shit show thinking a “real investigation” was taking place … Yah right! And we are to expect they are really going to do something this time?

    • Peter

      Reiner Fuellmich is leading a lawsuit claiming fraud against CDC, WHO and Davos group for violating Nuremburg codes. There are 1,000 attorneys along with 10,000 medical experts joining Mr. Fuellmich in his efforts. I pray for their success.


  3. tim mcgraw

    National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), I had no idea that that is where all this crap is coming from. I should have known. Dr. Fauci (Faust) sold his soul to the Devil long ago. God does give us signs.

    • terry

      Fauci and Bill Gates had joint patent(s) on the corona virus vaccine and as such, Fauci sold the US population for his monetary gain for selling vaccines. Yes, Fauci funded Wuhan Institute for human transmission study of corona virus, as US laws would not permit that type of research in the US universities. Fauci should be locked up in jail for the death of millions world-wide.

      • steve

        It goes deeper than just making money from the vaccines, this is just a side line. Its about using a fake ‘pandemic’ for complete control of all countries and populations. It is the perfect control tool used by very evil people.

        • Tin foil hat

          You nailed it.

    • Paul Anthony

      call Anthony likes. 06/04/2021 •
      “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), I had no idea that that is where all this crap is coming from. I should have known. Dr. Fauci (Faust) sold his soul to the Devil long ago. God does give us signs.”



    I hope we still have a country in 2024. Americans have been dumbed down and lied to like children. And no one even seems to care.
    I ask you if the same recent events had happened 25 years ago, what would be the reaction of the American people? I think we are in huge trouble.

    • Montana Guy

      We are in a spiritual fight, not one against flesh. In the last 25 years government schools graduated 75 million Bolsheviks. What were their Christian parents thinking? Look at America’s pulpits. How many churches closed for the scamdemic out of fear? They could have shown the light of Christ but instead threw themselves under the foot of man.

      Talk is cheap. Vote with your feet. Get out of government schools. Get out of churches pastored by hirelings. Homeschool. Homechurch. Fellowship with like-minded Christians. Move if necessary.

      The Republic is lost. Get over it. But look at the opportunities. Think new Republics, new borders. States are beginning to exercise State’s rights. Where you are and whom you are with will make all the difference.

      • Self Exiled

        “When ever a sin is allowed into a country it will eventually get into the church.” A South Dakota Mennonite once told me this back in the 90’s. The Mennonites that I knew had parents and grand- parents that had first hand experience with the Bolsheviks; many died, villages disappeared. I listened to their accounts of their history. They told their young people, ”Don’t think it can’t happen here.”

  5. Scott

    I am board-certified in internal medicine and have been practicing for over 25 years. I worked in a large metropolitan hospital as a hospitalist taking care of Covid patients since the beginning of the pandemic. Virtually everything Greg said about Covid is absolutely true. I tried to prescribe hydroxychlooquine and ivermectin but my hospital system would not allow it. I became so disgusted with the situation that I quit my job three months ago. I am glad to see the truth finally coming out but am saddened by all of the people who died unnecessarily. Thank you, Greg, for having the courage to speak out. I hope they reinstate you on YouTube soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Scott for the very important but sad street level reporting!!!

    • Brian

      My brother-in-law was hospitalized early on in the plandemic, April 2020. He has 3 underlying conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure and Sarcoidosis. My sister was extremely worried that because of the Sarcoidosis, and because he had trouble breathing when the ambulance took him to the hospital, that he was going to be intubated. He was given hydroxychlooquine when he was admitted and only spent 2 weeks in the hospital before he was released, and, he didn’t need to be intubated. He’s fine now. We all believe the hydroxychlooquine is what saved him, and thank God that his pulmonologist prescribed it when he was admitted. So many lives could have been saved with hydroxychlooquine , Fauci needs to held accountable.

      Keep up the good work Greg !

    • Matt Kaatz

      To hell with Youtube.

    • Matt Kaatz

      You’re better off making your own way with the Holy Spirit as your co-pilot.

    • Charles


      The bureaucrats who prevented you from prescribing HCQ and ivermectin should lose their jobs , be subject to massive lawsuits and put in jail if their negligence broke the law.

    • BDS

      Sorry you had to experience that. It’s all about money to some and the rest are psychopaths or willfully lazy/ignorant. This info was out early 2020 while like you experienced. The media was brain washing the population of the world thanks to the likes of the sponsors of Event 201, WHO, CDC , GAVI and restrictions by Hospitals/AMA.
      Standby for another round of scare tactics such as supply chain interruption and financial system attacks via cyber warfare( see cyber polygon/WEF exercise like event 2020 done prior to actual attack ). If successful in their cyber attacks interrupting food supply thousands /millions may die from lack of essential proteins. Be prepared!

    • Der Prof

      I hope you practice medicine somewhere near me (suburban Chicago). I want to find a doctor who believes in, and prescribes, the therapies for prevention and treatment of the China Flu (aka Covid-19). Can you tell me where you are?

    • Rodster

      “I hope they reinstate you on YouTube soon.”

      I hope they don’t, YouTube needs to die along with Farcebook, Twitter and the rest of Social Media.

      • Greg Hunter

        I am never going back and I will never build a channel with 250,000 subscribers (Shadow banned at that) and 100 million video views (also a shadow banned number) on somebody else’s digital property. I am building USAWatchdog.com and I don’t need big Tech, twitter, Facebook YouTube or Google (Screwgle) traffic sources (because they do not give me traffic) to succeed. I need the truth and good content to succeed, and I am going to try my hardest to deliver that. Thanks Rod because I agree with you!!!

      • The Ogs

        Yes. They are talking about “Trump is banned for 2 years” today, and we laughed and laughed…
        Mr. Trump will never, ever go on Youtube again. LoL And the ridiculous arrogance and witlessness of the Youtube company is on display.

    • Felix A Renteria

      GOD bless you scott for your courage for the fight against evil,this is what we are up against,sorry to say we have a sick care system not a health care system,its all about money.Its called rockefeller medicine,this satanic family funded all the allopathic medical schools in the early 20th century and they terrorized all the natural remedies and chiropractic and the real healers back in the day.Doctors are not healers anymore,they are drug pushers but it is not the doctors fault because we the people need to constantly work on our own health that is our job,not a doctors.If the system keeps people sick they have a customer for life.Doctors are smart people but they are trapped in a dirty sick care system

  6. Steven wayne Farnsworth

    Public execution’s did have some lasting effects back in the old days, so people would walk the straight and narrow.

    • Matt Kaatz

      First, we need to re institute the rule of law which can only be enabled by the re institution of real money.

    • wallstone

      I also advocate for public executions. An example must be made of how treason is
      punished to have any effect on the leftist loonies who control the education system
      from which everything else flows.

  7. Bette Pena

    I agree – commie cooper did not win NC. Every state needs to be looked at for the 2020 election. fraud was everywhere the dems are.

  8. JC

    Fauci is under attack globally and has shown himself to be unreliable and should be fired – PERIOD!

    COVID-19, based upon everything I see from our model and reliable sources, was created in a lab and was DELIBERATELY unleashed to further this Great Reset. I BELIEVE someone from this agenda bribed a lab technician to release it in the local community.

    The only ones who benefitted were the World Economic Forum (WEF) consortium, which I know sold stocks and bonds ahead of the crash. They are also in league with the World Health Organization (WHO), and the head of the WHO is a politician and not even a doctor. That is like putting me in charge of surgery at a hospital.


    • Caroline

      I live in NC and I totally agree.

  9. Paul ...

    The reason the Main Stream Media blocks my post is because I believe in a good alien “Angelic” God (that looks human) rather then an evil “Demonic Serpent Transgender Clown God” … but what do you expect … when the Media is run and controlled by Surveillance State Demon rats … where the Surveillance State (SS) believes in a “Serpent” Satan (SS) as their God (as this evil Demon is just like them) … while the Demon rats believe in an evil “Transgender Clown” God (with a yellow wig) who slices off young boys testicles and young girls breasts (the same way they do at their $1,000 dollar-a-plate “occult spirit cooking” pizza/hotdog parties)!

  10. JC

    Mutation alert! Run!

    The UK will drop Portugal from its safe travel list on Tuesday over rising coronavirus cases and fears of a new “Nepal mutation.”


  11. John

    Yet another grade A Weekly News Wrapup. I’ve been super negative about Trump getting put back in but I watched the 9-0 Lindell video and I’m hopeful now. Will the Supreme Court take it? Lots of powerful forces will try hard to get them not to, so we shall see. I know one thing, the Supreme Court is no fan when it comes to having the court packed.

    Again, a super Wrapup.

  12. tim mcgraw

    20:00 “You might be traveling in a coffin.” LOL! Greg, your sense of humor improves every broadcast. That was funny.

  13. Peter Erikson

    International Trial and Conviction of Fauci, Tedros .

    – hydroxychlooquine and ivermectin Should have been available to all adults in. the US They are over the Counter in. many. Countries. No Excuses for it,. We don’t need criminals. controlling us and depriving us from. access to these drugs. Fire All politicians and. Doctors who did not. Speak up for the public and our basic human right to protect ourselves. No. more Nanny State. The Media is useless and should be Sued .

    – All the Coward MD’s that did not Protest. regarding our right to make our own informed decisions and have access to. necessary. medicines — Over the Counter Drugs ( in many countries ) to protect ourselves should loose their medical licenses. Staying Quiet is not Acceptable. Heads must roll.

  14. Paul ...

    The inflation genie is being released out of the bottle … but you will never know it looking at this gold chart … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.html … so look at this gold chart … https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/wTj52ftiIv6QwGZqP9KdD3RuGj73bnIuUMT3yEUCat_ICDSTs13czdwZnxmY_Q-4Oi45JXKJL2agkE79Q5J-Dq1mbfaCwIJm7E59paQdDXvt0_4L7NOQPNF-4_QREYJ3eNLaSLEDOxcYOlNM3w … the dotted line on this chart indicates Gold can correct back to about $1800 … then … we should be off to at least $2100 Gold by New Years Eve!! (as for silver Should we be breaking $50 by then)!!

    • Self Exiled

      Please Paul don’t let Stan know this.

  15. AndrewB

    Wow Greg, I commented that WNW482 was your best yet – only for you to surpass it one week later with WNW483! Must be ‘divine inspiration’ – and that’s a very rare observation from me.

    While not wishing to trivialise any part of your excellent broadcast, I particularly appreciated your characterisation of the wannabe ‘vaccinated’, “I want to travel. You might be travelling in a coffin.” Just brilliant!

    Also, the cartoon by Branco perfectly illustrates how stupid it is to place ANY faith in so called, ‘fact checkers’. These people are charlatans!

    Lastly, the ultimate purpose of the plandemic was, and is, to digitise the entire world population – excluding a tiny ‘elite’ – hence the name ascribed to the so-called disease, CoVID19, or ‘Certificate of Vaccination ID 2019’. Trite, but true.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andrew for your loyal support.

  16. FreeMpg

    Your integrity is unimpeachable. You deserve to be sponsored. Bring them on.

  17. dlc

    Regarding Hunter: He claimed to have not remembered his baby mama, and yet had her on his medical insurance policy at the time of his denials. He then made a move to remove her from his policy. Mike Flynn gets kabobbed and these serial liars never suffer a scratch.

  18. dlc

    Will anyone ever see a day of prison for what they’ve done to this country and its people? Also, still see Ben Casey when you look at your doctor?

    My niece who has a daughter with spina bifida went to her MD to remedy a bed sore that this child developed. After much trial and error and frustration, my niece treated it herself with sugar in the wound (duck duck it). Her doc advised against this, called it quackery. This aggressive sore healed. Doc threw a fit and said she likely used some other therapy that she would not admit to.

    A brother on warfarin for blood clots developed blood blisters (check them out on duck duck). I could go on and on as to the horrors of drug therapy.

    I often wondered if HCQ was a cure for the flu, something else the medical community will never admit to. Why take a flu shot if HCQ will do? All that revenue down the drain.

    I’m not saying avoid doctors but they do tend to use an elephant gun when a pea shooter will do. It’s about profit, rarely about resolving any condition.

    • Paul ...

      DLC … Passed by a Heart Care Clinic today … and saw another ambulance out in front … I see this “all the time” … seems these immoral greedy Heart Care “doctors” put people under “extreme stress tests” … “to purposely create” a minor heart attack … so that they can have a new heart patient (they can make a lot of money on for awhile) before the patient finally kicks the bucket)!!

  19. Maria+das+Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter just depressingly honest and open yet no action against the weasel class so far.
    Here we are being led to war with China on behalf of the Davos Bolsheviks, whose handmaidens are the “elected” leaders in Europe,you know like Germany,France,Spain(uber Bolsheviks), Italy and of course plucky little UK good ole Boris Johnson. All being led by their collective noses and huge pay offs from Klaus Schwab,Eric Schmidt all from the World Economic Forum who wish us plebs dead and use many crises to ensure that those who are pro life will be in sights of this Davos/United Nations , who will use the United State’s Military against China, Russia and Iran at the behest of the Bolsheviks in the United States bureaucracy. China just gave the green Satanist two fingers by encouraging their people to have more children.
    Meanwhile Europe,
    The cretinous Dr Gerald Fauci is now being thrown under the bus,
    Why now?
    Meanwhile “brave” Rebekah Jones has raised hundred of thousand dollars for her lies,
    now with that stockpile hoteliers and restaurant owners can be saved from collapse with all her lying moolah.Go for it!
    Cleverer people than I see war coming with China. Do the American people want another war for their children to die in to cover the lies of the Greens,the Bankers and now Big Pharma and ultimately the Davos United Nations SET?

  20. AndrewB

    Join the fight back – great resource for all things Covid – leaflets, handouts, posters, articles, etc., etc.

  21. Mel

    Hi Greg, this is my first comment to you. You are one of my many sources because I want my videos to be as verifiable as possible, so I always leave my sources. For a channel as small as mine to be as censored as it is on Youtube proves how much panic there is at Google and the Deep State so I’m active on Brighteon and BitChute. NOTHING is off limits to me, and you might even learn a thing or two from me as payback!! Maybe start here, it costs just over a minute and WILL give you a laugh https://www.brighteon.com/13035425-0b01-45b7-bc39-f16e4376549c
    Mel 💕☘🇮🇪🔥

  22. Ray Lane

    Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Warns: ‘New World Order’ Being Formed Before Our Eyes; By RT June 3rd 2021, 12:59 pm
    “The existing system of international relations and the security framework is being systematically destroyed.”
    “Fundamentally new types of weapons that radically change the balance of power in the modern world are emerging…”
    We are currently witnessing the formation of nothing less than a “new world [dis-] order,” with the existing international legal system fracturing and states taking sides in a fresh Cold War, Russia’s deputy defense minister has told RT.

    After encouraging Fraudci to lie and deny before congress, everything. White House staff are now actively discussing an exit strategy, under the Obomber buss! Following the release of Dr. Fraudster’s emails Tuesday, per WH official lying dog faced soldier’s pony show, Wuhan money laundering and whitewashing!

    BREAKING: Shocking Image Surfaces of Dr. Fauci with George Soros, Bill Gates Sr., David Rockefeller,
    Volunteering for Soylent green transformation? Warren Buffets one percenter’s for depopulation, first responder’s depopulate incentive. Step forward and and be a first responder for global depopulation and overcrowded country clubs, volunteer please. Step foreword commoner’s!

    Lindsey Graham calls on Fauci to testify before Congress
    Duration: 05:58 1 hr ago Hannity FoxNews
    South Carolina Republican says the Wuhan lab leak ‘coverup’ is a lot like the Steele Dossier

  23. Derek Sinclair

    I’m the last one to defend Fauci and I certainly don’t defend his lies since the start of this, especially about HCQ (a lie fully supported by the majority of the medical so-called profession). But regarding funding “Gain of Function” research at Wuhan, I know from experience that those in charge of large funding bodies are rarely if ever fully aware of all the detail of all the research grants they distribute. It is entirely believable (even likely) then that Fauci initially didn’t know he’d funded the Wuhan lab. Of course he covered that up after he did find out. This is a perfect example of those in public life behaving like silly lying children instead of adults who own up to their errors and explain how those errors occurred. In the funding case it is clear that funding bodies need to be increased in number and slimmed down so that they ARE aware of the detail of the research they are funding.

    • Greg Hunter

      He was asked under oath if he funded the research and new he was going to be asked that and said he did not. Huge lie under oath and this was weaponization of dangerous viruses and was told not to be experimenting with dangerous viruses here in the USA. Moved it to China –Your story does not hold true. Fauci lied and he knew what was going on as he had financial interests in Vaccines and Remdesivir. That’s the short long story.

      Fauci LIED about everything!!! FOIA Emails prove it.

      • Self Exiled

        I think Fauci is is a small puppet on a string bounced around to keep all the baby kittens/news media/public busy while the masters of the NWO/Soros/Rochefeller/and their god/Satan moves the chairs around/distribute vaccines and do not realize the world/Titanic is sinking. I know you know this and are doing what you are called to do.
        “For I the LORD your God keep hold of your right hand; [I am the Lord], Who says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you.’’ Isaiah 41:13

        So that they may see and know, And consider and understand together, That the hand of the LORD has done this, That the Holy One of Israel has created it. Isaiah 41:20

        • JC

          “Isn’t is amazing how quickly things seem to change when it’s in the interest of those that think they run the world? For years we’ve been trying to get access to Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails as Secretary of State but to no avail. However, at the most opportune time in the collapsing COVID story, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails are uncovered and broadcast to the world.”

          ” The same mechanism, FOIA, that Hillary has stonewalled us on for six years uncovers Fauci’s emails in six weeks?”

          “Doesn’t that strike you as just the slightest bit odd?”


          • Matt Kaatz

            Planned take down. The question is, why?

      • Ray

        Now all America needs is a Second Amendment coupled with a well armed militia to save the people from a tyrannical government!!
        If that existed, all these evil bastards would be dealt with quick smart methinks
        Oh……um…….hang on a second…………..
        Ray, Canberra, Disarmed Lap Dog Nation

  24. Louis


  25. Trish L.

    God Bless you Greg, your doing a GREAT JOB informing the people.
    Thank you so much

  26. Jerry5

    I posted over a year ago that the pandemic was all planned. Event 201 was nothing more than a planning session. They even did role playing for crying out loud. The big question no one seems to want to ask is why? There’s an abundance of evidence that the main reason for the pandemic was depopulation. But that’s not the whole truth.
    It’s much….much…bigger. If you want to know the truth go to World Economic Forum website and do the research for yourself. When you do, you will realize just how big this global organization is, and how deep their influence runs.

    Greg I warned people a year ago that we are in the middle of a global takedown. Now I’m warning you now, not to buy into the normalcy bias that’s being peddled everywhere you look. This is a complete setup for the takedown. The globalist have not come this far to let agenda 21 slip through their fingers. When Arizona completes their audit, there’s going to be a major false flag event.

    I can’t tell you what it is, or when it will happen. But it’s coming. If I took my guess, it will be tied to the cyber polygon exercise coming the 9th of July. In case you haven’t noticed we’ve been having cyber attacks just about every week. The colonial pipeline, JBS meat processing were no accident. Klaus Schwab said over a year ago that the pandemic is nothing coming to cyber polygon. Are you getting it yet? This is a global takedown to install the NWO. Again, do the research for yourself? Don’t waste your time believing justice will be served. It won’t. If that were really true, Hillary Clinton would have been arrested for Benghazi. She wasn’t. The audits in Arizona will prove fraud but they will be tied up in court for years. There is a plan going forward, and it doesn’t include going back to the way things were. Forget about that. It’s not going to happen. Do the things you can control. Continue doing your preps, and get your spiritual house in order. The window of opportunity is beginning to close. And should cyber polygon go live, they will slam it shut.

    • Jerry5

      Here’s a prime example of the lies being peddled about things going back to normal.

      Pray tell how people will survive once their stimulus checks run out and they no longer have rent waivers? It’s a complete setup.

    • JC


      You are correct about not buying into the “normalcy bias.”

      They are setting us up for the kill.

      • Self Exiled

        Yes we see it and understand: as Greg says for those of us with no or little faith and HE says;

        ‘Do not tremble nor be afraid [of the violent upheavals to come];
        Have I not long ago proclaimed it to you and declared it?
        And you are My witnesses.
        Is there a God besides Me?
        There is no other Rock;
        I know of none.’” Isaiah 44:8

  27. Jim Hall

    It’s obvious that the government is totally corrupt and can’t be depended upon to do anything but engage in criminal behavior. The Republicans are just as culpable as the democrats. Do you really think that any of these criminals would vote for term limits or campaign finance reforms of any real change. The FBI has been a completely corrupt organization since J Edgar Hoover. Meyer Lansky had a photograph of him flagrante dilecto with his paramour Clyde Tolson. This is why he said that there was no organized crime for so long, He lived next door to Lyndon Johnson, another criminal in a business suit. Have you seen the monster that they want to put in charge of the ATF? This entire operation is planned and isn’t just a group of unrelated incidents. This is all deliberate and engineered. Both the democrats and republicans are corrupt and they are both in on it. Anyone who is willing to look knows the election was stolen. I don’t know the level of China’s culpability in the China virus but it’s apparent that the government used the virus to promote vaccines and lock down the country to destroy the economy. The WEF is promoting all of these policies. Klaus Schwab has a daughter who is involved too. Martin Armstrong writes on the WEF frequently. One of my sons told me that the United States would fracture and I dismissed it as not being possible. I was wrong, a percentage of the population is demented and some are just evil. I don’t believe that they would be willing to peacefully allow this to occur because they are so rapacious. There are some who are hell bent on reducing the population by any means necessary. They could make a great start by offing themselves as a show of good faith. The medical community was bought off just like the msm. I have far more respect for a street walker than these sell out thugs. They are responsible for thousands of people dying. I agree with the earlier comment on the value of public executions. I feel that we are on the precipice of an event of epic proportions. I don’t think that they would allow President Trump to be reinstated regardless of what they had to do, no matter how egregious. They didn’t shy away from blatantly stealing the election and installing a career criminal into office. Excellent program!

    • Self Exiled

      Hoover and Johnson ate breakfast together every Saturday morning: hated the Ivy League’s/Kennedy’s and helped plan their demise among many others. As you are relating from these beginnings it has continued on until today. Listen to what Ronald Reagan tells Carson on the tonight show in 1975.


      The exemplification is all there and I wounder what he told Carson off air about the CIA. I think even he at that time was careful in his telling.

      • JC

        Reagan makes a lot of sense here. No wonder they tried to assassinate him.

  28. Jerry5

    It’s Russia’s fault……again.

    Can you say, planned takedown?

  29. Ed Sorrentino

    Moses wasn’t perfect and God used him to part the red sea to save the Jews. God doesn’t use perfect people to do his work, he uses ordinary people to do his perfect work.
    Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ed. I am a sinner living with the grace of Christ.

      • Self Exiled

        Me too.

  30. Johnangel Alba

    Hello Mr. Hunter. Adsense pays very minimally. You might want to look into the Ezoic ad network. They pay way better. I use them for my sites. There are other Ad networks that pay better but it depends on either total visits or pageviews. Just a suggestion. Have a great day

    • Greg Hunter

      They are tied to Google. I checked.

  31. Jay rocco

    I am forever grateful to Greg Hunter in his style delivery tenacity and common sense I am a believer in god. I support him every month on a monthly automatic donation of what I can afford which is 20 a month. Whoever is reading this, please consider making a monthly donation of 10 or 20 dollars. I’m disabled on a limited income, But I can budget my money. Greg gives us on average 3-4 posts a week of invaluable insight, his guests are mid to major players in the world of economics and world class reporters and statesmen. Please if you can…commit to keeping him on the air or help him find sponsors to support his work. My two cents A heart felt thank you to Greg When I see an email from Greg…I can’t wait to get to listen with a cup of coffee and listen to sane people in a world turned upside down

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jay.

  32. Steve Carter

    No TV…………NO Covid ! Fauchi should be hung for treason with Gates and many others!

    Morons in our society are still wearing masks !

    Biggest Psyop in the history of the United States !

  33. andyb

    Fauci is the Dr Mengele of our generation. Unlike Mengele we know where Fauci is. Arrest, indictment and execution should be the plan.

    • Greg Hunter

      On a global scale too Andy!! Agreed!!

  34. Jim Ledyard

    Thanks Greg. Just stopped in to give a 👍 Fauci (who admits to working for the CIA) was originally appointed by George Bush Sr. (He’s been around that long) Fauci has committed many horrific crimes against humanity over the years, and has never been prosecuted. Someone always manages to step in and protect him and I’m sure of the same outcome this time.

  35. Linda

    Well, saw Dr. Yea Don on Steve Bannon’s War room and he doesn’t pull any punches. Bannon’’s show is a good one too. He thoroughly covering the audits.
    Greg, earlier I said I wanted to take your and your wife to dinner. Guess it won’t be Cracker Barrel….we will make it somewhere that takes reservations.
    Keep up the good work.

  36. Juli Barbato

    I understand why Mike Lindell thinks SCOTUS will vote 9-0. Before Mike had this proof I’d said that IF the justices were honest about the election fraud–which we saw months ago ON FILM, courtesy of long braids and her equally un-bright mama–the court would be in total agreement. But despite the facts, and I hate to sound cynical because it’s not in my nature, they will not do the right thing. Only Thomas and Alito will vote on facts and evidence. I’ve contended that ALL Trump’s SCOTUS justice picks–which were really Federalist Society choices–are awful, especially Amy Phony Barrett, whose contempt for the Trumps is palpable and was obvious (at least to me) in her expression during that presser in the Rose Garden. IF the court examines the evidence at all, I predict only Alito and Thomas will do the right thing. We’ll need to tar and feather the rest of them and replace them with decent, HONEST, nonpartisan, Constitution-loving American patriot judges. That said, it’s a treat to have an hour-long Friday wrap-up. Thank you! (BTW, Bo was on with Jean-Claude at Beyond Mystic 2 again. So happy Bo is open enough to share with a different kind of audience. Not everyone is a Christian, but that doesn’t make them bad people.)

  37. Linda

    Oh, Greg et al, I love Lindell and his pillows( have two and am ordering two more). However, I have my doubts the Supremes will hear his case and if they do, it still might not be a good thing. They don’t seem to think the Constitution is very important.

  38. charles michael johnson

    It was NEVER about the Virus. It is 100% about the VAXX!



    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ray for the very kind words!

  40. Juli Barbato

    Greg and Fans: Alerting you to a show called THE CHOSEN. L. T. at the And We Know channel (kicked off YT but on Rumble) made we viewers aware of a “TV” show called THE CHOSEN. I cast TV in quotes because although the show is TV formatted, it’s not on a network. It’s the most successful crowd-funded media project EVAH! The show is designed to air for 7 seasons (currently awaiting episode 6 of season 2). Directed by Dallas Jennings, the show follows Jesus and his disciples and examines their conceivable interrelationships. // The quirkiness of the characterizations–countless anachronisms, odd accents, and Catskills-comics humor and sensibilities–makes Jesus and the disciples all the more relatable, lovable, and altogether endearing. But these quirks, as I see it, have a purpose of greater import, which is to offer a more realistic portrayal of the personality, warmth, and humor of Jesus and his chosen. Most of us would miss that sort of thing if the series were written in the unfamiliar and somber language of the day rather than in contemporary-speak. We get that the disciples joked with Jesus and each other and he with them, even though we know the language of their relating was different from that of the present day. The spirit is the same (pun intended). The actors are focused and genuine and perfectly cast. THE CHOSEN makes me feel hopeful and revives my connection to Jesus. And now I’m pretty sure that he gets all my jokes. //Peruse The Chosen channel on YT to get a feel for it. If you like what you see, you can download the free app. I binge-watched all of season 1 and the available 5 episodes of season 2 in one day. Then I paid it forward to enable others around the world to watch for free. It’s worth repeating that the show is funded by fans to the tune of millions of dollars. It is so worth it. I hope someone or other here will check it out and love it as much as I do and will feel healed and hopeful. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBXOFnNTULFaAnj24PAeblg

  41. Stan

    Basel III is just a lot of hype. Gold will likely decline after Basel III is implemented. Don’t listen to the Gold pumpers. I have read the Basel document, have you? I suggest you read it rather than rely on some rabid Gold bug (like Paul) to interpret it. I have spoken to major central banks about it and they laugh at it.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have a near perfect record of being wrong. Is this your version of the 1979 cover of BusinessWeek titled “The Death of Equities”. Not long after that the longest bull market in history. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-13/it-s-been-40-years-since-our-cover-story-declared-the-death-of-equities same for gold and silver with $2.4 quadrillion sloshing around and debt gushing in all the big world economies. Japan’s debt is 270% more than its GDP. USAW debt is 130% more than it’s GDP, and that is using the “official debt” numbers!!
      I like you Stan because you are civil and mostly polite but you are wrong on this my friend. Carl Icahn is 85 years old and he’s buying ($1.5 billion) BTC and ETH. Total anti-dollar play. I’ll bet he has better connections than you.

      • Self Exiled

        I like Stan too, but I don’t know why. Some things I just accept.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Basel III’s liquidity and leverage requirements were designed to protect against “unrestrained loans and derivative plays” .. it forces the banksters to ensure that they have enough liquidity during times of financial difficulty … the “minimum” amount of Tier 1 equity (as a percentage of assets) was increased from 2% to 4.5% … but there is also an additional 2.5% buffer required … bringing the total Tier 1 equity requirement to 7% … thus the banksters must hold “more gold” Stan … against their other more risky assets … which decreases the size of their balance sheets and thus their ability to leverage themselves with derivatives or do other speculative activity (like selling other peoples gold from un-allocated accounts) … re-read the Basel III Document Stan … https://www.bis.org/publ/bcbs189.pdf … focus on page 9 “The Liquidity Coverage Ratio” … and combine that with page 39 “Asset Value Correlation Multiplier for Large Financial Institutions … and page 53 “Cliff Effects” and “Credit Risk Mitigation” … do you even realize that Tier 3 capital instruments “will be eliminated entirely”? … while Tier 1 capital instruments (gold) will be required to be increased to 7% … the Banksters “need to buy gold” Stan… and if they can’t get it … they will have to manipulate the price of the gold they do have … thus increasing its price (in order to show they have sufficient capital to keep their banks solvent)!!

      • Self Exiled

        I think they have lots and lots of it already[gold]. Forte Knox-Twin Towers and many other operations—even in the Philippines—-why did the US rescue Marcos and exile him to Hawaii? The CIA was still searching for Japanese gold here from world WWII during the Vietnam War. On and on

        • Paul ...

          SE … I like Stan also … but he has to stop listening to the lying Banksters … it seems whatever gold the US did find … they immediately sold into the market to keep the US dollar strong (and the Russians and Chinese bought it all up) … then ask yourself a simple question … why is it the US gold stored at Fort Knox “not going up in tonnage”? … ask yourself … why is it the US can’t pay the Germans and others back their gold?? … and the big tell that all this supposed gold is “not in our hands” … is the visible and undeniable fact that the Fed won’t allow an audit of our US gold reserves … and the fact that US dollar keeps falling!!

      • Stan

        Paul: The BIS has no way to enforce Basel III. My central bank and NY Fed friends say they will ignore it. The time to short Gold is now.

        • Paul ...

          Yes … “they can” ignore the BIS Stan … but guess what will happen if they do … Russia and China will back their currencies with gold … and what do you think the people of the world do with their US dollars (not backed by gold)? … get the picture (the value of the US dollar will crash relative to gold backed currencies) … for the US banks to survive “they too” will have to back their US currency with gold (and it will have to reflect how many dollars they have already printed up) … … look at the US National Debt Clock to get some idea as to how many dollars they will need to assign to every ounce of gold … https://usdebtclock.org/ … even at just a 40% backing … one ounce of gold will have to be re-priced to over $10,000 dollars!!

          • Greg Hunter

            I have to give you a “Boom Shakalaka”!!!! The Fed and LBMA cannot stop what is coming. They are going to need actual physical gold and silver because it is going to be demanded.

  42. jon

    Hi Greg, Thank you for your weekly update. Small prediction. Airlines that hassle non vaxxed in air travel. Many will be out of business. And the “Vaxxed” will be denied travel because they will be the spreaders of “mrna blowback”. And “nonvaxxed” will be required for future travel.

    • Self Exiled

      I hope you are right but I’m starting to have my doubts. Here in Philippines they are preparing to set up what they call green lanes for tourists who have been vaccinated and/or have vaccine passes or pass ports. This has been in the news for about one month already.


  43. Neville

    Thanks Greg for your updated crime report.
    I hope it won’t be long before this inveterate and consummate liar fauci gets locked up,better still the slimebag should be sent to the chair inside a gas chamber with a firing squad just in case something goes wrong.
    At the end of the day when the final tally on the death count is made known ,fauci will supersede any known holocaust ……and should be stoned to death for his part in the worst abomination for decades.

    Looking forward to Brother Bo …….Bless you Greg and thanks once again for the crime report

  44. Harlyn H Rohr

    http://www.domigood.com/2021/06/how-university-of-minnesota-may-have.html Greg: Check this out , University of Minnesota is

  45. Donnie W Clyma

    Dear Greg, an amazing revelation of perverted elections and a planted custom design virus planted by China on the world, and then the entire medical system all carrying the same lie to sell to public, as well as the agenda MSM outlets to carry the lie mainstream, should awaken the public to the NWO network of globalist seeking to farther control the minds and social fears of the public, all to acclimate the public to except NWO control. There is a large network of deceivers and agents at work, in large tech. Corporations, as well as many other S and P companies, on board with the radical left, democratic deceivers working for the same Brussel globalist crowd. The central banks of the world are their financial arms of monetary control, and our unbelieving senators and congressmen, who deny the claim, because of conspiracy accusations, continue to close their eyes, and will not research on their own deep enough to have their eyes opened. The question to Mr Fauci should be, just who are you working for? Don

  46. Scott

    Greg to be clear, the government agencies instructed the social media companies to cancel contrary voices and they complied as the lap dogs they are. Just ask Dr Shiva.

    • Greg Hunter

      They are private businesses just like USAW. I was never told to shut up and lie. Big Tech just took me down and They did it the same way the slanted the 2020 election for Biden. I like Dr. Shiva by the way–Good man!!

  47. Mike+G

    Trump’s warp speed, why should we ever trust him again?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am thinking he was misled and was told they could do the CV Vax fast and safe. Of course, they lied–again. What really bothers me is Trumps refusal to admit this is a mistake considering with all the deaths and adverse reactions. Any other experimental drug trial would have been stopped long ago based on deaths and sever adverse reactions. You have to figure that we are not getting the actual numbers on the deaths and adverse reactions. I am quite sure they are being kept low just like the CV19 infections and deaths were being kept high.

  48. Harlyn H Rohr

    https://youtu.be/cqF7NcAP1CM “Gates & Buffet go Nuclear”

  49. Mike

    I believe that both political sides are the same party. They are headed to the same place. There is a high level of deception (Theater) that keeps the population divided and keeps people from aligning against the true enemy. Having said that I have to ask why they would have all this obvious fraudulent activity? Why would they do that if they are all headed to the same place? I think its likely because they are going to bring in a new system that they Say fights fraud. Rembert they create the problem and then provide the answer. An identification system on the BlockChain where your vote is your vote and no one else? A voting system that’s tied to your banking and digital ID. A voting system that’s tied to a vaccination MARK, that you cannot remove from your body. One that lands you in Hell because you accepted it.

  50. Jerry5

    Forget the website name. If this information is correct we have much bigger issues ahead.

    Why would a pro-vaccine researcher do a 180 on vaccines? To me this is a CYA move. The vaccine manufactures may have immunity….for now, but just remember the tobacco companies had a warning disclaimer on their packaging and that didn’t stop the lawsuits. Negligence is a big deal for attorneys. The moment the data comes out that the vaccines create heart disease with the spike protein…look out! Now you know why Fauci has a residence in China. Diplomatic immunity.

  51. Harlyn H Rohr

    Gates “CP” & Buffet “BNSF” – Minnesota all the way !!

  52. john

    Lt. col Anthony Schaefer was told by William Barr to quit his investigation into voter fraud and turn it over to the FBI. Well Barr, how did that work out or truth and justice. Barr was a big deep state fraud.

    • Greg Hunter

      True that and I heard him say it. Schaefer also said there were watermarks on the ballots and it appears Arizona is proving that true too.

  53. Cindy Chiasson

    Thank you for your videos, they have been keeping me sane over this past year!! I appreciate all you do and the information you provide.

  54. Rick Hayle

    ” Woe to those who call evil good , and good evil; Who put darkness for light , and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet , and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 20-21 vs. 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes , And prudent in their own sight ! ” Taken from the NKJV. My advice is to read ALL that chapter & the next one also . The anger of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is growing faster & faster & will reach a boiling point soon . The ” woes ” are about to become more & more numerous & greater in intensity . GOD ALMIGHTY is losing HIS patience & when HE does , it won’t be pretty for some . It means that soon the (Isaiah 9 :6-7), “government will be upon HIS shoulders, And HIS name will be called WONDERFUL , COUNSELOR , MIGHTY GOD , EVERLASTING FATHER , PRINCE OF PEACE , 7 Of the increase of HIS govt. and peace there will be no end . ” ALL PRAISE , HONOR & GLORY be to HIM , forever & ever ! Amen !!

  55. Nancy McDaniel

    Keep praying for the intervention of Yehovah Who has shown mercy and stayed His judgment many times i.e., He provided the snake on the pole for healing, stopped the plague for David’s disobedience in counting a census. Maybe He will relent and say “it is enough.” Thanks for your commitment to speaking Truth.

  56. Mike

    When I’m in discussions with my friends on the left they like to tell me that science doesn’t lie when they’re talking about the pandemic., the mask wearing and the social distancing etc. I always like to look them in the eye and tell them that science may not lie but scientists do. I usually hear crickets after that. Thanks for what you do.

  57. James Cooper Barrett

    I wonder if the trouble, that seems to be apparent if Trump is reinstated, will be avoided by all the revelations between now and then. Truth or not we have heard many times that when all the truth is revealed “they will not be able to walk the streets.” Waiting to be reinstated until the mood is right seems much more Trumpian as it will save may lives.

  58. Trinacria

    Greg: what a fabulous cartoon you posted on your website !!! Really says it all !!!

  59. Freedom Fries

    Fauci’s a dead man walking. He doesn’t know it yet. As the heat gets closer to the responsible parties, some high profile scapegoat will be tossed overboard to the sharks so that the rest can save their hides. Guess who that will be.

  60. ken e weberg

    Greg I think I have made this link available before but here it is again
    Thanks to seeing this I started my research and guess what SHE was spot on. After this video it was crickets from her, HMMM wonder why. Armed with this info my wife and I took both the IVERMECTIN and HYDROXICHLOROQUINE WITH ZINK AND ALL the other vitamins along with CHAGA mushrooms . Now I’m 72 and was supposed to be a prime target . My neighbors got it and me and my wife are just fine, that is until they run it at us again. Will deal with that when it comes. Heads up, Ivermectin is cheap and so is Hydroxiechloroquine cheap. 5 and 30 bucks respectively . Always follow the money. Just an old vets 2 cents worth. O ya and for the most part didn’t put a diaper on my face. Was kinda done with that at 2 when it was placed on my butt
    Thanks Greg stay at it my young friend

  61. Andrew Middleton

    Yes, in the ‘scientific’ study, they called it phrophylactic HCQ treatment…….diabolical scintists, because prophylactic is when you take somethign without having the disease…..yet the paper was peer – reviewed…………so we are living in a world where only bent people get to talk about science in the mainstream, whereas honest doctors, scientisits & analysts get banned…..and unfortunatley a whole load of academics I know will just not listen to anything that has been banned…..very frustrating……actually i rate them as killers

  62. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Thanks for your report Greg,I look forward to each weeks Roundup 👍 Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎
    Ps. No vax for me and I turn 70 in October!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good man Bruce. I had a house in Feather Sound for 10 years and loved the area!

  63. Mary Mason

    Just wait till fall when Americans start dying from the vaccine. Dr Fauci is a mass murderer!

    • Greg Hunter

      Pray for them Mary.

    • Mako

      You’re saying I’m about to die?
      OH NO!!!

      • Charles H

        For Big Pharma – it is a win -win situation. A shot and it makes you sick, but there’s no recourse or any way to blame them. They enjoy the greatest windfall profits in their history. Then – since you are sick: you become a veritable cash cow to treat all your recent additional maladies. Nice way to milk people all the way to the grave. And it is sooooo convenient that the politicians have their back; and the doctors appear to be in their pocket.

  64. Traysee

    Greg … you’re the best. Thank you for reporting the truth. You deserve the Pulitzer, except that’s rigged for the liars.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Traysee,
      Monetize the lies and (try to) cancel the truth tellers.

  65. Donna t

    This information about the covid has been out for sooo long. But people choose not to see
    many are willing o be blind so they need not take any responsibility for their lives and allow others to do their job.
    You are the captain of your personal vessel …take charge.
    I never wore a mask and was told by a hospital coppa that I had no right to be inside the hospital even though my husband was having surgery that morning. Let me to the door as I refused to ear a mask.
    Two points…1 not ONE person spoke up and there were 40 people sitting in the waiting room, NOT ONE and now you can see history repeating itself…like the jews that were led to slaughter…because not one would lift their head and speak out…shameful I called them all sheeps!
    Second the that day I told the coppa that she did NOT give me my rights the Constitution DID and that it may be a privilege to be on the hospital’s property but the hospital didn’t supply me my right.
    The next day as I sat in a car for 7 hours waiting on my husbands results, I called the Administration office and told them the same exact thing…the CONSTITUTION GIVES ME MY RIGHTS!!!!
    Cheers Greg thanks for being true!!!

  66. Donna t

    ps this was feb 8th this year.

  67. rich rozmarn

    Founder of mRNA tech admits shedding of virus and gets banned on Twitter. See link.

    • Paul ...

      Typical … our SS controllers order the “non-scientists at the Main Stream Media” to censor and trash “anyone” who goes against their “final solution” (total control over humanity) … and this includes the founder of Moderna, the Head scientist at Pfizer, etc., etc., etc. !!

  68. Frank Sperling

    I`m following your work from Germany for years now- Thank you Greg! I grew up under the East-German communist regime and therefore I have pretty good sensors for stinking lies and cover ups as this plandemic. We all know the computer generated “Corona-Virus-Spike-Globe” as the symbol for the crisis. But did you know that a guy in Germany has offered 1.5 million EURO for the proof that this virus exists? https://www.samueleckert.net/isolat-truth-fund/
    “1,5 million € for a virologist who presents scientific proof of the existence of a corona virus, including documented control attempts of all steps taken in the proof.”
    Nobody showed up with an result since this offer came up mid of last year.

  69. rich rozmarn

    Greg i work in PET imaging and we are seeing people that were in remission of Sarcoidosis for many years and after having the first shot their Sarcoidosis is back. The mRNA vaccine is lighting up your Lymphatic system weeks after getting the shot. We see this in patients that have the regular flu shot for a few days afterwards but not 4-6 weeks later. The data is still coming in but it is looking like the mRNA vaccines are bringing up dormant diseases in people.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rich for your street level reporting!!!!

  70. iwitness02

    Another great WNW. Great content and it’s free. Win, Win!
    On another note; I am beginning to wonder if the denizens of DC will earn the wrath of the American people. When we consider all the lies about covid and vaccines, the election fraud, the missing trillions, Bribems policies of America lasst, 450 innocent men and women being held for an “armed insurrection,” wide open borders, paying people to not work, critical race theory, corrupt media and corrupt government agencies etc. The government has turned on the people. So now I’m wondering if the people will turn on the government. I mean, how lopsided do the scales of justice have to get before it triggers a widespread backlash? We may find out. Soonly.

  71. Mike & Ann Almon

    Great wrap-up Greg thank you! I’ve been following US politics for about 40 years and I’ve never seen it this bad. When the US currency goes belly up the nightmare will really begin for US citizens and us up here in Canada as well. Our “leader” is a traitor as well and I saw a comment he made some time ago that he “loves Islam” so we are both living under ‘rulers’ who are totally corrupt and are loving the power they have. They are globalists who care nothing for their country or citizens.
    Oh come quickly Lord Jesus Christ!

  72. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia – USA…..

    The dollar will collapse. The economy will crash. The country dissolves into chaos.
    President Trump will not be placed in the White House.
    Dispite overwhelming evidence, Hillary’s emails don’t matter, Russian Collusion doesn’t matter, Covid 19 doesn’t matter and the election fraud doesn’t matter.

    Nobody goes to jail. No perp walks. No mass criminal arrests. Just more corruption.

    We collapse because we are a stench in God’s nostrils….Very unfortunate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not sure you are right James, but I agree, thing will get rough like never before.

  73. Sue Patterson

    Fauci will retire with his large government pension and become an expert talking head for PBS and CNN.

  74. Dave

    On Trump being in office by August as Mike Lindell and others claim, it’s not happening. Seb Gorka and Jennie Ellis – both who think Trump will run in 2024 and both who want to be in his second administration – devoted a segment to this on his Tuesday show.

    Jenna Ellis pointed out that once the electors choose a president it is only possible to remove that president (say if fraud is found) by impeachment. Right now with the Democrats in control of both houses that is not going to happen. Gorka is demanding that, should the GOP recapture the House in 2022, one of their first acts must be to impeach Biden even if the Senate is still controlled by Democrats.

    Ellis also pointed out that if Biden were impeached then Harris becomes President and after her Pelosi is next in line. Too many people are not thinking this out which is one reason to listen to Gorka’s Tuesday interview with Ellis.

    Gorka summed it up but saying there is no way, other than impeachment, to remove Biden. Unless one wants to go the extra-constitutional route but we are patriots and won’t betray the constitution.

    Gorka is no fan of Wood. He calls him a liar and a grifter and says he was working against Trump. That is why he encouraged Republicans not to vote in the runoff. Too many people listened to Wood (and Powell) and did not vote. GOP turnout was way down from the November election. If if had not been the GOP would have won both seats – fraud or not.

    As to Arizona, Deucy just vetoed a bill that prohibited absentee ballots from being sent to voters who don’t request them. He apparently will also refuse to call a special session if fraud is found. Though it won’t impact Trump it could Kelley as the Arizona legislature could vote to recall him as Senator. With Deucy blocking a special session it will be almost a year before the Arizona legislature can take any action against Kelley.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is total fraud that the Framers did not imaging when crafting the US Constitution. This was also an attack by foreign governments and not a simple fraud. It is a provable fact as other countries helped with the attack/fraud. We are uncharted waters. This is not a simple Constitutional question. I predict this will get ugly and Pelosi (who participated in the fraud/attack) will not be President.

  75. Diana Brown

    Greg: Thank you for another weekly update. This time however I had considerable difficulty with the rumble loading. When I needed to pause, the reroute was back to the beginning rather than where I left off. There was also long hang-up pauses in the material but only toward middle and end. This I offer just for your information and if you receive more comment as to possible underlying issue.

    Id like to add comment to your observation about Ca. in regard to the 11/3/2020 election. I do agree with you on the outcome as well as the need for forensic audit. I am in WA state. While we are miniscule in population in comparison to CA. we have Dominion machines AND the entire state has mandated vote by mail. I would not be at all surprised if WA state went to President Trump AND that we got a new governor (Republican) and that Maria Cantwell, a democrat Represntative at the west side of the state, was NOT successful in her bid for reelection. This compromise is deep. What we have learned explains the headlock good American voters have been in for heavens knows how long. Additionally it explains how these swamp creatures manage to get in and stay in office. That remains a very good lesson. We need forensic audit of the 11/3/2020 vote nationwide beginning with every state where Dominion and Smartmatic vote machines are in play. Then to every single state in our land. Then we need to prosecute if necessary in military courts for sedition and treason in concerbn with foreign actions. No deals. The penalty is death if found guilty in military court.

    • Greg Hunter

      May I ask what browser you are using? What is your download speed? Are you watching the video on USAWatchdog.com (Embedded player) or on Rumble.com? Thanks for the feedback. I have had other complaints on the Rumble player recently.

  76. Linda Copping

    Warning, from a view on Project Camelot’s site …”Yesterday, I was scheduled for an endoscopy which requires you be in a hospital setting. When I arrived, they took my temperature (not an invasive procedure) and then asked me if I had my “vaccine proof” and told me I would need to take a covid test before admission.

    I said “are you sayig that you will not treat me if I have not had an EXPERIMENTAL, non FDA approved, vaccination? Will you not treat me if I refuse to get an invasive Covid test? After a few minutes, she came back and admitted me for my procedure.

    My point? They have made everyone so afraid that people are needlessly agreeing to procedures and “rules” that are not LAWFUL. and are INVASIVE. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS. Read about Fauci’s emails that are now exposed everywhere because of the Freedom of Information Act.

    Fauci and many others PROFITED while allowing humans to die all over the world. HE LIED and is still lying and millions of people on this planet have died as a result. YOU CAN ACTUALLY READ HIS EMAILS. On January 31, 2020, Kristian G. Andersen, director of the Scripps Research Institute, wrote to Fauci to say that some of the SARS-CoV-2’s features “(potentially) look engineered.”
    Andersen noted that the “unusual features” of the virus made up “a really small part” of its genome.”–SENT BY A VIEWER

    READ THEM HERE: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/20793561/leopold-nih-foia-anthony-fauci-emails.pdf

    • Greg Hunter

      Way to go Linda!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  77. William Sheets

    I love your work Greg, you have been a truth teller throughout this plandemic and your guests are very good as well. Keep telling the truth my friend, god knows there aren’t enough of us out here. As for Kemp and rottensberger in Georgia and douchey in Arizona, dominion bought them lock, stock and barrel and then that scumbag Zuckerberg bought every election official below them in all of the contested states. Then the C.I.A.(better known as the clowns in action) along with china, Italy and several other countries finished the stealing of the election electronically through the dominion machines and smartmatic vote tabulators. They should ALL be arrested, tried , convicted and be hung in public to make sure this outrage never happens again. And lastly the clowns in action, along with the federal bungling institute aka the F.B.I. should be torn down to the basement, and reimagined to do the actual job that they were created to do, along with the (no real ) justice department.

  78. Julie A Cohick

    “Woe unto them that call evil good & good evil . . . ” AMEN, Greg, there is so much that people are calling good & it really is so very vile & evil. Our only HOPE is still & always the LORD JESUS CHRIST & HIS mercy & grace.

    • Paul ...

      You know … the globalists tell us we will own nothing and be happy about it … believe it … think back as to how many Hillary loving Demon-rats paid $1000 dollars for a plate of entrails … and how happy they were … just to attend an “occult DNC spirit cooking event” where they carved up human beings for fun and pleasure … is it any wonder these same people would voluntarily inject themselves with an “experimental vaccine” to give themselves blood clotting heart attacks and strokes … seems us trying “to save” such people “who own nothing of a brain” would seem to be against God’s will … but as Christians … we keep trying … until the day they guillotine off our heads … and serve it on a plate at their transgender cannibalistic festivities along with the hotdogs and pizza the pedophiles so enjoy!!

  79. Jeannette+Rowden

    Great wrap-up, Greg. Thanks.

  80. Albert Dziennik

    Greg, you probably already are aware that the “central bank” is buying and paying for most things these days. And I don’t know if many realize that they are buying stock in companies we depend on. But they are also forcing their own board members into office as a result of their percentage ownership of these companies and using that leverage to convert those companies to the ‘new world order agenda’. I think this is a point that is largely missed in this covid/financial reset we find ourselves in. The very companies that are slicing their throat with their upside-down policies are being sabotaged from within. And use of the inflated dollar (which is a tax on all of us) is being used to pay for it. There is a method to the madness. In due time, in my opinion, we will all be starved out unless we follow the dictates of these thugs and tyrants.

    • Paul ...

      Albert … the fact that you, I and others can see what is going on is hopeful … let’s use our knowledge of such evil “to overturn their tables” … but we must do it logically … we learned from Jesus “that if we do it forcefully” it can get us crucified (like those patriots who went to a Trump rally … and now find themselves sitting in jail) … the way “to get” these evil Demons … is to boycott the companies they own … simply don’t buy their products .. and put the evil ones out of business!!

      • JC


        It’s not that simple. There is an older crowd here at USA WATCHDOG. we are the past. We need to get some courageous young people here to get the rebellion going. But is it possible? Do they care?

  81. Michael B Anenberg

    I really like the one-hour broadcast Greg! More! More! More!
    Easy to listen to. Easy to watch! All information on this update was really well done and comprehensive. Man! You’re on fire brother!
    In the meantime, it’s 108 degrees here in Havasu. Grocery markets are busy.
    Fantastic! God Bless all!

  82. Carol Hudak

    Fauci deserves Guantanamo in leg irons, while he awaits his decimation
    as a traitor to the U.S. and the world. He’s no better than Hitler. (Gates’
    mommy worked on the Board of IBM for Hitler, for those who do not know.)
    I can’t imagine ‘America unhinged,’ the day they finally realize that the
    “non” vaccine is a killing jab. (Good for you, Dr. Scott)
    A woman said to me today, “I’m safe, I had the vaccine.” I just stared at
    her. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she was now on Death Row.

    10% CYBORGS.

  83. Jerry5

    This information is for your red pill readers. I found this information very disturbing considering I was recently told by one of my sources that Chinese sleeper cells have infiltrated into the United States.

    According to my source, should the United States military attempt a coup on Joe Biden, or the courts attempt to remove him, these cells will be activated and take down the grid. If you remember a few months ago I posted that Joe Biden had given China access to the grid that was previously been blocked by Trump. This is very concerning considering the letter that two hundred generals sent to congress a few weeks ago, and with the Arizona audit winding down.

  84. Paula Davis

    Gerald Celente, Trends Journal, reported yesterday the same info concerning Russia / Gold…(as usual colorful language exposing by name the Despots crimes.) Celente also reported digital dollar, digital passport coming soon as well as round 2 from the opressors who are orchestrating this present tyranny.
    Like Mr. Hunter, Gerald calls for freedom, peace & justice. It’s up to us to make it happen.
    BTW, check is in the mail to support & encourage USAWatchdog.com to continue excellent reporting.

  85. Greg Smith

    We need alternative communication services including phones !

  86. Art Barnes

    Greg, we are a failed society, our coffin was nailed shut with political correctness for the last 50 years, & now the economy is adding glue & iron bindings around it with the loss of the dollar. The dollar being the world reserve currency is in the crosshairs of the Chinese Communist Party’; My bet is they won’t miss!

    • Greg Hunter

      God the Father is not on the side of the godless atheists. Ye of little faith.

  87. Carol Hudak

    The cartoon is absolutely brilliant!
    Fauci deserves Guantanamo in leg irons, while he awaits his decimation
    as a traitor to the U.S. and the world. He’s no better than Hitler. (Gates’
    mommy worked on the Board of IBM for Hitler, for those who do not know.)
    I can’t imagine ‘America unhinged,’ the day they finally realize that the
    “non” vaccine is a killing jab. (And, Good for You, Dr. Scott)
    A woman said to me today, “I’m safe, I had the vaccine.” I just stared at
    her. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she was now on Death Row.

    10% CYBORGS.

  88. Eddy Nevarez

    Thank you Greg, you’re always on point and an inspiration to listen too. I look forward to seeing your videos on Friday first channel I go to for the truth!

  89. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Last week the governor of my state (Massachusetts) dropped the mask mandate. We dropped it too at my family’s deli and I am very happy lol. It’s amazing how many people are still wearing the face diapers. Liberals truly live in a world all their own.
    Thank you Greg for all that you do! God Bless!! ☦️😊👍🏻

    • Paul ...

      You know … some women tell me “they love the mask” … because they don’t have to “put on make-up” (and it is saving them a lot of money) … so not all mask wearers are dumb Demon-rat Hillary lovers without a brain … so … after the lifting of the the mask requirement … seeing “only women” continuing to wear them “does not mean they are dumb clucks and idiots” (as all the men not wearing masks will likely presume)!!

  90. Larry Brunson

    Well I am going to jump the gun and go ahead and say it now,” Fauci did not commit suicide…

    • Paul ...

      Yeah … and after “his suicide” … he will probably be living the life of luxury at some South Sea beach resort … sipping a cool Margareta … and toasting glasses with Jeffery Epstein!!

      • JC

        Ken Lay, CEO of Enron is there too.

      • Warren B.

        Along with his good buddies Billy Boy Gates & Prince Andrew (UK).

  91. Patrick Stoneking

    It’s sad so many people died and suffered from this plandemic. Follow the money. Myself, no masks, 72 so supposedly in the higher risk group. I eat right take my daily multivitamin. And since this started have been taking extra A, D3, & C Occasionally Zinc. That’s it. If I’ve contracted it then it was like a bad case of the flu and now I’m immune. If I haven’t contracted it then I’m obviously immune because at my age and risk group I should have contracted this so-called deadly virus. So either way I’m immune. I believe all involved in this plandemic should be charged with crimes against humanity.

  92. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg for your well researched analysis. I pray that God keeps you safe.

  93. Josie

    Fauci needs to be hung not fired along side Bill Gates ( clone).

  94. Bill Wilson

    Today, June 4, Biden said through Jeni Saki, he will not fire Fauci. So, Fauci is protected, like Cuomo apparently is?

  95. johnny guinn

    Thank You for all you do Greg…..

  96. Barb

    Does Lindell’s sight Frankspeech pay better than Rumble?
    I would normally agree on gov’t handouts, some States require you pay into unemployment. But I’m glad the COVID crap worked out this way, in that, to some extent, employees can now protest and push back on masks, testing… and now these horrible shots, which shed in casual proximity. Most shops are requiring masks for ‘customer service’ reasons (a few bullying customers), and many are saying you have to have some proof of the shot, to stop wearing the mask. If you work where this crap was not an issue, you were lucky. And some jobs, who try to pull this crap, the employees can say “NO”! And they can find another job just that easy. I wonder how many just don’t want to deal with the COVID crap??? And, of course, people hate their jobs.
    Thanks for your work Greg!

  97. ronin

    Here is some important information to pass on to people to try to convince them to Not take this experimental gene therapy jab: https://www.fda.gov/media/144414/download
    Seven pages directly from the fda.gov site, including a listing of the ingredients, such as: WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS IN THE PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE?
    The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine includes the following ingredients: mRNA,
    lipids ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2
    [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-
    phosphocholine, and cholesterol), potassium chloride, monobasic potassium
    phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose.
    (And not listed here are the strychnine and mercury, just in case this witch’s brew of ingredients isn’t scary enough.)

    • Paul ...

      So basically the vaccine is composed of the deadly mRNA they want to get into us … plus … salts and sugar (two other ingredients doctors tell us to stay away from)!!

  98. Felix A Renteria

    to all the americans on your site these evil pigs are really chemtrailing the skies like crazy,we are being poisoned from all angles.I was working outside today and the skies were covered with poison by these evil dogs.

    • Robert K


      This is an every day, ALL day thing all over the country. Whenever the sky is sunny blue and clear skies, wait 5-10 minutes and you’ll see the planes spraying poison into the skies, changing the color, clouds, amount of sunlight, weather, etc. Blue skies turn to gray and dingy colors, sun goes away along with the blue skies. Geoengineering is REAL! I remember seeing these planes very sporadically, if ever between 2016-2020. Now it is surprising when I DON’T see these planes spraying toxins into the sky ALL DAY LONG. Sad, but true…

  99. LAE

    Best reporting by all means here, Greg. I look forward to this every week.
    The traitors need their punishment, in the streets for all to see. It worked in past societies; people thought twice about harming others in any way once they saw how traitors were judged. Best advice for protecting oneself is to have the ivermectin in your medicine shelf at home.
    I wonder whom are pulling the strings in the background, helping to get the information out about Trump returning in August? You think they had a belly full of the rot this illegitimate fake administration has pushed on the people?

  100. Bible Reader

    Padre Pio on Third Secret of Fatima: False Church and Great Apostasy
    •Streamed live on Apr 20, 2021

    Dr Taylor Marshall
    Padre Pio spoke of a “false church” and a “great apostasy” occurring after 1960 with respect to the Third Secret of Fatima. The references are chilling, especially in light of what has happened in the last 50 years under Vatican II, Modernism, Ecumenism, decline in attendance – and more recently under Pope Francis. Dr. Taylor Marshall provides quotes from Padre Pio regarding the Third Secret of Fatima and comments.


    • Bible Reader

      Padre Pio
      Italian priest and saint

      Padre Pio, original name Francesco Forgione, also called St. Pio of Pietrelcina, (born May 25, 1887, Pietrelcina, Italy—died September 23, 1968, San Giovanni Rotondo; canonized June 16, 2002; feast day September 23), Italian priest and saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

      Padre Pio, original name Francesco Forgione, also called St. Pio of Pietrelcina, (born May 25, 1887, Pietrelcina, Italy—died September 23, 1968, San Giovanni Rotondo; canonized June 16, 2002; feast day September 23), Italian priest and saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

      Born into a devout Roman Catholic family, he consecrated himself to Jesus at age 5. At age 15 he joined the Capuchin order and took the name Pio in honour of St. Pius I. In 1910, the year in which he became a priest, he received the stigmata (bodily marks corresponding to the wounds suffered by the crucified Jesus) for the first time, though they eventually healed. He was drafted into the Italian military in 1915 for medical service during World War I but was shortly discharged because of his poor health. He received the stigmata again in 1918, and this time they remained with him until his death. These and other signs of his holiness (such as his reported ability to be in two places at once and his gift of healing) drew growing numbers of pilgrims to him. He was noted for his charity and piety and was canonized in 2002 by Pope John Paul II.


      • Paul ...

        You know … it has not dawned on “atheistic” scientists yet … but they have already “proven” that we physical beings “also have a soul” … scientists call it “quantum superposition” … but it refers to the fact that all physical objects (including our bodies) also have a mysterious “wavelike property associated with it” (a soul) … and what is very interesting about their discovery is … it shows we could be in Heaven (or Hell) right now (at the same time) while we falsely think we are only living in our physical bodies!! … this is profound … as it means … the “evil people” we see around us … are in fact “Demons from Hell” (like Fauci) … and we “good people” (who are also in Heaven while here on Earth) are in a constant battle with the “evil ones” (who hold occult cannibalistic ceremonies funded by the DNC … and these perverts go around stealing and sacrificing our children (burning them on ceremonial alters to “their evil god”) they call under various names … Lucifer, Morning Star, Satan, Baal, Abaddon, Beelzebub, Legion, Lilith, Moloch, Mephistopheles, the Anti-Christ or more descriptively in our current times … The Father of Lies!!!

        • Paul ...

          So as many here realize … our Greg Hunter … is doing “God’s work” here on Earth working for … the “Father of Truth”!!

  101. eddiemd

    We have been talking about the 375,000 CCP students here inside the wire in the USA. Probably thousands with cyberwarfare potential and access to high level university computer systems. This has been going on for years.

    More than likely all these recent computer system breaches related to CCP agents inside the USA already.


    Google is censoring the searches on information concerning CCP students in the USA. Google results are AI controlled. They make it appear that the CCP operatives inside the USA are “drying up”.

    If you have not yet realized it yet, WW III started with the release of the coronavirus and the overthrow of the government by coup. The delusional public has been given over to judgment to believe the lies.

  102. Jim Furr

    Good Report, Commentary Greg!
    Fauci is a Mass Murderer.
    -Jim >

  103. Serge

    Hi Greg,

    As usual, thank you for your work. When I watch your show, I think that journalism is not dead yet and that’s even though I can’t say I agree with you on every topic. You have your opinions, I have mine but at least you’re never making up stories like the MSM.

    Well … to the point now :

    Half of Americans have natural immunity (Johns Hpokins) AND it may last for life (Nature journal)


  104. AndrewB

    Hard hitting interview with Dr Judy Mikovits (June ’21)

  105. James Cortright

    I appreciate your common sense advice each week on how people can prepare for the potential unpleasantness that may occur in the near future. I enjoy the freedom you now have on Rumble. In regards to revenue have you considered allowing people to donate crypto on your website. Other non mainstream news outlets have this feature. I use Kraken a US based company for my crypto transactions. It would allow people from all over the world to donate easily. Many fractions of crypto coins can be obtained free off of faucets. It would allow people of lesser means to earn and donate. I know from personal experience it can add up quickly and the crypto can be easily be convert to US dollars and transferred to a bank account.
    Thanks for all you do

  106. Trinacria

    Greg: I agree with you when you refer to Biden (in this report and others) as VP and NOT POTUS as this was cheating on a massive scale – I hope and pray that it will come to light soon and justice prevails as a result of these audits. We may have a constitutional crises or worse, but that is the price of liberty as Jefferson said: ” the tree of liberty needs to be fertilized from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.
    Biden was a pathetic and not honest VP as seen by the escapades through his son. He used the office for personal gain – the evidence is clear. Biden also did a “hit” on Judge Robert Bork who was a very decent man. Biden is the worst of humanity as he changes with the wind if he has something to gain politically.
    But, in your report you refer to Harris as “VP”….please find another term for her, because if Biden is not POTUS – and he is NOT, only a cheating imposter…then it stands to reason that Harris is NOT VP. She reminds me of a Madame from a house of ill repute….

  107. Susanne McCully

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your work. In particular, the ending of “Fear not!” The situation is bad. I live in Australia and our Prime Minister is calling for vaccine passports for people to be allowed to travel interstate. I made a hurried visit to my 85 year old mother, not knowing when I would be able to go again.

    You will have heard this before but it continues to make my blood boil that Fauci could have co-authored a paper on the usefulness of HCQ and then stand up and bad mouth it.


    The Australian government banned the use of HCQ and ivermectin for the treatment of COVID. I run a small scale horse property and am in a crazy situation where in the unlikely possibility I catch COVID (there has been none ransmitted in my area for the entire scamdemic!) I would possibly be better off going to my shed for the horse medicines than to the doctor.

    Anyway, thanks again,

  108. Marie+Joy

    Nothing less than a civil war will bring President Trump back to the White House. Communists never give up power, willingly, and they count the votes.

  109. Marie+Joy

    Are most of the people, who take the jab, democrats, or republicans, or elderly, or First Responders, or immune compromised? What are the demographics of the people who take the jab?

  110. John Nordstrom

    Greg – this may be a longshot. I have not talked to Scott about this, but you may be able to do a deal with him to where he sponsors your website. Scott does high quality alt energy installs for folks. I think he is in your area. You can reach him at ###

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John!

  111. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rick!

      • Frank

        Greg, Have watches your videos. But, I can not see the current video posted on 6-4-2021. I can only hear the audio.The screen is black and I can only hear the audio portion . I use USAWATCHDOG.COM but can not see the video portion. What is going on. Please help.
        Thanks, Frank.

          • Frank

            Hi Greg, When I click on the site you emailed me it shows a Dane Wigington video, but your 6-4-2021 video is still only black screen. Do you have any other suggestions?
            Please advise.

            • Greg Hunter

              Please tell me if you can watch it directly on the Rumble player and website: https://rumble.com/vi9o25-climate-engineering-causing-drought-and-earthquakes-dane-wigington.html

              • Frank

                Hi Greg, When I click on the site you emailed me the Dane Wigington video is black.Your videos from 6-4-2021 and 6-11-2021 are also black. Your last video that I can see is the one dated 5-28-2021.
                What am I not doing or doing wrong? I have not changed any setting nor have added anything. Are other Greg Hunter supporters have same problems?
                Please advise.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Frank can you see the videos on Rumble? https://usawatchdog.com/more-2020-election-audits-forced-vaccinations-mega-drought-update/

                  • Frank

                    Hi Greg, Nope, still black screen. I guess that I will have to give up, and listen to the audio only. If you have any other solutions to try, please email me. Thanks ,

                  • Greg Hunter

                    It would not play bon Rumble? Are you using windows 7?

                  • Frank

                    Hi Greg, I use Windows Vista. Not 7.
                    This has been used on my computer when I was able to see all the videos. I am able to see all your videos up to and including the one on 5-28-2021.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Had a meeting with my tech people today and they say nothing in the site or Rumble player is any problem. He says it looks like a shadow ban by certain Internet Service Providers (ISP). He can’t prove it, but he says this looks like big tech gumming things up to reduce the plays. No problem that is described can be duplicated either on Rumble or USAW. My tech guy, who has been in the business since 2000, says reset your router (unplug it for 30 seconds) and see if that clears it up. You can also use what is called a “proxy”.

                  • Frank

                    Hi Greg, I rebooted my computer as you suggested, no good.
                    I would like to try a Proxy, please tell me how to do it.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    No Frank, You must reboot your modem that your computer is hooked up to. Try that.


  112. You know

    I heard that back in September of 2019 when the bank repos started up again that China said they don’t want our “toilet paper” dollars anymore for their “Chinese crap” and about a month later they got the flu.

    • Frank

      hi Greg, How do I use a “Prox y”.
      I will try it.
      Thanks ,Frank.

  113. Coalburner

    A lot of people are not going to stop shopping at B,B and B crap sucking cowards. Let them go under!

  114. Elizabeth Stump

    Tom Cotton is no “hero” of liberty. He refused to be on the same debate stage, in 2020, as the Libertarian Senatorial candidate, Ricky Harrington Jr., having a petulant snit. So the Arkansas PBS station just held the debate without Tom Cotton, since he was having a temper tantrum and refused to be on the same stage as the valid Libertarian candidate.

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  116. Shalini

    Thanks for the sharing

  117. hamza

    nice post dear

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