Fed Will Be Forced to Print & Kill Dollar-John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Economist John Williams warned last year the U.S. economy never really recovered, and it was going to turn down again. That downturn happened Friday when the latest GDP figures came in below 2% growth in the fourth quarter of 2016. Williams says the economy “contracted,” and he contends it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Williams explains, “I think there is reason for optimism in terms of the economy down the road. The problem is irrespective of who is president. When you introduce new policies, it takes about nine months to a year before we see the impact. So, the impact of all the happy things that are happening now won’t start to surface until 2018 barring other complications.  I expect you to see a pickup in the economy then. Unfortunately, we are still in an economy that is turning down. You are going to see that in the reporting in the next several months. We never really recovered from the economic collapse going into 2009. There was a little bit of a rebound, and we started to see the economy turn down again in 2014. If you look at the underlying series such as industrial production, freight indices and petroleum consumption, there has been no recovery. We are turning down again. This is the longest and deepest economic contraction since the Great Depression.”

On rising interest rates, Williams predicts, “I think the Fed is going to suppress rates. Unfortunately, the bad economy we have now will be at least the better part of 2017. As the economy weakens, that puts renewed stress on the banking system. The Fed is going to be forced back to accommodating the solvency of the banking system. The Fed will be moving back towards the quantitative easing (money printing) that it had before. They have to save that banking system as they did back in 2008 . . . As they do that, it will kill the dollar. . . . There is hope for the economy, but we have a very difficult year ahead.”

Williams goes on to say, “There are two big problems. The Fed still doesn’t have control of the system, and I think they are going to be having trouble with the banks. They are going to move back to quantitative easing (money printing) that will hit the dollar hard. That, by itself, would tend to put upside pressure on rates. The Fed can intervene for the banking system, but it’s not going to be good for the financial markets. The second element, which is also very bad for the dollar, is that in the initial phases of the Trump stimulus, you are also going to see some increase in the near term budget deficit. Once you are down the road, and you have a stronger economy and you have greater revenues coming in with taxes and greater profits, that will help lessen the deficit. The global currency markets will, once again, look at the long term solvency of the United States, and in that area, you are going to have serious issues as you did in August of 2011. As the markets focus on the long term solvency of the U.S. government, that is a very bad circumstance for the dollar.”

If they don’t do that, Williams says, “We are facing a terrible crisis. . . . In terms of the Fed (getting control) and the long term solvency issues, these are death knells for the dollar. Unless those are addressed, you are going to see massive selling of the dollar, a debasement of the dollar and high inflation that will lead you into hyperinflation. That’s what comes into play. Prior to this administration, I would have given the chances of avoiding that as nil, but with this administration, I have some hope here.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of ShadowStats.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is free information and analysis on the homepage of ShadowStats.com. John Williams also has a subscription service that goes into great detail and economic analysis. You can subscribe by clicking here.

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  1. Paul ...

    John Williams says we can expect Trumps economic policies to bring happier times within 9 months … but for Christian Syrians “who were slaughtered and beheaded under Obama” Trump will make their lives easier “sooner” … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxoz8z1vsRY

    • Klondike cat

      Yes Paul , but what of the freezing Mohammedans? If you see your brother freezing. . …

      Refuges freezing in Belgrade! Hundreds of migrants are sleeping rough in parks and make-shift shelters in the Serbian capital in freezing temperatures waiting for a chance to move forward toward the European Union. Hundreds of migrants have remained in makeshift shelters for the past several days braving polar conditions with temperatures way below zero even during the day AP – See more at: http://www.pravdareport.com/photo/album/8191/6/#sthash.TLWGHwMT.dpuf

      • Klondike cat

        The answer? Moscow isn’t much warmer but a warm pizza can do wonders! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgm14D1jHUw

        • Paul ...

          K cat … the Gulf Stream’s circulatory current is slowing down due to less salt concentration in the ocean water due to melting glacial ice … so England will soon be as cold as Moscow … as it snows in the Sahara Desert!!

        • Frederick

          Warm Pizza huh?

  2. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Thanks Greg!

    Like Gerald Celente keeps saying;
    “Currency wars, trade wars, world wars”

    • Scott Miller

      Dear Anthony

      You use the word war like it is a common fact.

      It has s business as usual for this time period. We don’t need the hyperbole to get across an educated message. It’s currency competition, trade policies and their is no world war. Get it through your heads!

      We are not even remotely close to world war. This is fear mongering. Use better language.

      Personally, I look forward to killing ISIS, as Trump proposed in his latest executive order, but this is NOT world war. Instead, its a localized conflict without significant backing spread over a wide area because it would not be prudent to amass in any place in vast numbers.

      Technology and will are converging. It should not take long to end this problem.


  3. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    The banks in Australia are lending like no tomorrow, valuations of collateral is over the top. I am asked weekly by my lender about a second investment property, I don’t even have 1, and they refused to swap my variable home loan to fixed on my request. I had to change my mortgage to another institution that offered fixed home loans for 5 & 7 years.
    A family member with super poor credit and I mean poor credit, drive a $40,000 car off the lot after being approved in 45 minutes. I have a feeling we are going into our own sub-prime crisis, so many people are in debt and leveraged to the eyeballs.

    • This sceptred isle

      My dad got given shares in the commonwealth bank of Australia 10-15 years ago when the bank he has an account with changed ownership. The share price doubled and dividend grew over the years. Do you think this bank is a good prospect? On reading about it a report said the bank has stopped publishing data on its derivative holdings.

      • This sceptred isle

        Also do you see solar power taking off in Australia as you have the perfect conditions for it to thrive?

        • Galaxy 500

          Solar power is not ready for prime time great in theory but on ROE, it is a big time looser.

          • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

            Wind power is a big industry here

        • Anthony Australia

          In Melbourne we are limited due to the climate, further north yes but it all depends on the coal industry bullies.

      • Anthony Australia

        CBA has a good performance record, better than most in Australia, but like all banks the volatility the market is scary.

      • JMiller


        Here is the 2016 Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Annual Report which does go into detail of their derivative holdings.


        The banks balance sheet is on page 77 which includes the total of derivative assets and liabilities. Note 10, on page 103, goes into much more detail about what kinds of derivatives they have and for what purpose. Whether for trading purposes and hedging purposes.

        The report also includes the Capital Ratios and Leverage Ratios.

        • This sceptred Isle


    • al H.

      AA- your are correct- collapse is coming, but elite’s keep holding on by their finger-nails.
      As a friend told me in 2009 who knows one of the ‘elite’s”- they(the elite’s) will keep rising the markets back up to make the average person feel more comfortable after the last crash. At the time of their choosing they will crash the systems/markets again using the derivatives markets(all interest rate driven). They plan to make trillions of dollars on this move-again like last time.
      People need to get out of debt as much as possible, now. What happened in 2008-09 is coming again- signs are everywhere, and they can easily blame Trump.

      Note also- Nibiru (planet X) is fast approaching(Nov.2017- to early 2018?)- most of what the elite do will be of little effect when the planet is wiped-out.

  4. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Sorry Greg, edited;

    The banks in Australia are lending like no tomorrow, valuations of collateral is over the top. I am asked weekly by my lender about a second investment property, I don’t even have 1, and they refused to swap my variable home loan to fixed on my request. I had to change my mortgage to another institution that offered fixed home loans for 5 & 7 years.
    A family member with super poor credit and I mean poor credit, drove a $40,000 car off the lot after being approved in 45 minutes. I have a feeling we are going into our own sub-prime crisis, so many people are in debt and leveraged to the eyeballs.

    • Boz From Oz

      Yes Australia is in a big hole, interest rates keep going up, slot of people are exposed.

      • Anthony Australia

        Too many Boz

  5. ross

    A bit off the topic but study the success of Lithium as opposed to silver or gold. The cost of production of Lithium is $4000.00 per ton in the mining process and it sells for $8000.00 per ton to manufacturers. At the end market purchase price in batteries,the cost of Lithium is 25 to 100 times the cost of mining production. Silver and Gold have no such profit margins and production is falling off the cliff.Comparing the precious metals to Lithium a mining level,they should be at least double the current prices.Silver is far more important than Lithium in terms of being an essential industrial metal , so why is it so oppressed ?

    • Frederick

      That’s easy it’s because gold and silver are real money and the entities that create money out of thin air need to crush confidence in them as to discourage interest in them

      • al H.

        Scott- All Trump needs to do to stop ISIS is to jail the Nazi side of the CIA and Israel’s Mossard. They run the ISIS headquarters in Turkey. They started ISIS. I have a CIA friend that told me much of the CIA are Nazi’s and Muslim brotherhood. He is glad to be retired now, but because of his position he is kept in the loops.

      • al H.

        See this article- Gold and silver will be much higher after Trump stops the manipulations by the elite’s(banks)
        Official Historical Records Reveal Gold’s Value Should Be 20 Times Higher


  6. Mme Hedin

    Thanks for bringing John Williams on again, Greg. He seems like a decent economist – intelligent, objective, rational.

    • JMiller

      Mme Hedin,

      I definitely agree with you about Mr. Williams. He is one of only a handful of people that I never mind listening to.

  7. Justn Observer

    Greg, Excellent interview!
    Deliberate theft explained in succinct from the working class in terms… Why politicians and federal gov’t always seem to get ‘their’ raises and benefits right and the social security COL increases wrong… Nice that President Trump wants to freeze hiring and cut budgets…but time the people demand the politicians and federal employees wages cut to show solidarity and share the pain with what they have put everyone else thru for several decades. As people always say…’can’t stand a liar or a thief’….clearly we have both in every politician and federal worker who understands this and does nothing but goes along with it! Term limits is the answer… Why should a President term limited after two elections …but we have to tolerate a career Congress and Senate , Lobbyists, and staffers? Thank you John Williams for your honesty and clarity! Thank you John Williams for your honesty and clarity!

  8. This sceptred Isle

    Every economist should know that hyperinflation is caused by:
    1) excessive creation of money
    2) increase in velocity of money

    It seems that excessive creation of money has already happened but that the drop in velocity of money to record low levels has prevented inflation from taking off. This seems to be a trap as now policy makers believe that you can create massive amounts of money with little inflationary impact. However, the mindset of the crowd could change suddenly causing a devastating surge in inflation.

    • Paul ...

      And watch vegetable prices rise as Trump begins to put economic pressure on Mexico with higher import duties to pay for the wall …

  9. Scott Miller

    Dear Mr. Hunter

    The main problem with John Williams is his inability, as well as yours, to acquire accurate information about whether or not the economic status quo is going to maintain or change. Because Mr. Williams jumps around so many economic topics and numbers, his message gets lost. Therefore, when John says we never recovered from 2009, it comes across as a blanket statement that I regard as false because insolvent banks still exist and are currently doing business. This comes across as an oxymoron. As a result, the banks are not insolvent, because they are doing business. Somehow, Mr. Williams dilutes the message.

    Furthermore, the same bad habits the banks exercised are currently happening. Thus I conclude the business numbers are reflective of this. I propose overall, the status quo is improving because of the changes from Obama to Trump. I propose the electorate put Trump in office because they wanted change. The people voted against the status quo and the economic policies of Obama.

    People on this blog like to write pessimistically about the economic reality in order to justify a doomsday scenario propagated by the guests Hunter interviews. However, I realize they exaggerate and obfuscate the economic reality to fit their agenda. My main point is the economy is stable. It is not so fragile that collapse is eminent. To the contrary, America’s business is optimistic under Trump as a result of deregulation, jobs programs, tariffs on imports, corporate interests now as opposed to Obama, etc…

    And do not bother comparing America’s economy to the rest of the world. Or trying a globalization arguement.

    Chicken little said, “the sky is falling”. This is not true today, and for the near future, which I define as a year, EASILY! I challenge anyone to make an arguement that the economy will become historically dangerous for the USA. John Williams did NOT because he can not. He can talk numbers about the past and compare them to the present. I commend him for this. However, he never came close to stating things SUCK. And they are going to get catastrophic, and therefore deadly.

    In the absence of Mr. Williams stating the economy is in dire circumstances, you all must conclude the economy is not as bad as others say it is.

    Try censoring that Greg!


    • Greg Hunter

      You simple point is really extend and pretend can go on forever. My bet is it cannot. Good luck.

      • Scott Miller

        It will take a while, but 30 trillion is years down the road in debt. Not counting unfounded liabilities. That’s extend but pretending it won’t happen is foolish. Imagine a debt of 30 trillion and still the system is stabile.

        Admit it. You want a collapse. You want a reset.

        Nothing wrong with a reset. Just the death and destruction.

        But if you own metal, it will be alright.

        Meanwhile, you got your wish and Trump won.

        Don’t worry be happy.


        • Greg Hunter

          Rigged is NOT stable. We are still in Fed “emergency” posture. An “emergency” where
          we “inject heroin and cocaine,” in to the financial system (Former Fed President Richard Fisher 1/5/16) is NOT stable. You are living in a fantasy world. These are facts and not my opinion. I don’t want anything. I can do basis math, and in order for the world to allow the U.S. to go another $10 trillion in the hole is more of your fantasy. We will default long before then by inflation. You are misinforming people with your fact-less opinion.

      • Jallen

        Scott Miller,
        Do you live on a different planet? What is the value of any currency in the world that is controlled by a central bank? Do you not understand the destruction caused by the constant devaluation of the currency. It is a simple transfer of wealth from holders of the currency to the central bank issuing the currency.
        Be forewarned, the Bible predicts you will not be able to buy nor sell without the MARK OF THE BEAST. Electronic currency is a huge step to the aforemention Bible Prophecy. You my friend, march to the tune of the PIED PEPER. Please wake up for your own sake. Remember, they laughed a Noah too!!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Scott Miller,
      What are your views on planet Nibiru?

      • Scott Miller

        Worry about the global population on this world.

        That one you mentioned is irrelevant.


      • MCasey

        This Sceptred Isle: Excuse me, you didn’t ask me, but here is my short comment on Planet Nibiru. Take note of the phrases, “on its way” and “in far flung regions of the country that could occur at the same time.”

        The outgoing Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, has a warning for her successor: “….a natural disaster – the likes of which the nation has never seen – is also likely on its way.” http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/08/outgoing-dhs-secretary-janet-napolitano-warns-of-serious-cyber-attackunprecedented-natural-disaster/

        (same speech) “You also will have to prepare for the increasing likelihood of more weather-related events of a more severe nature as a result of climate change, and continue to build the capacity to respond to potential disasters in far flung regions of the country that could occur at the same time.”

        About 4 years ago, someone presented the idea of Planet Nibiru to me and I thought they should start fitting him for a jacket; however, I have kept my antennas up and now they may need to find a jacket for me. The last puzzle piece is why did John Kerry go to the Antarctic under cover of the November election?….and there is a theory. And several other pieces, but keeping it short.

    • Anthony Australia

      Swings and roundabouts Scott.

      The global agenda has been in play for years and will continue on course and conclude in the ultimate destruction of the system.
      Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump, Democrats and Republicans are ALL in on it.

      Governments are for themselves NOT the people, you are just caught up in the fairy-tale of the current administration.

    • Jerry

      You seem to have all the answers so here’s my question that I’ve asked for the hundredth time to investment monkeys like you that show up on Greg’s site. How do pay for 104 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 3.3 trillion dollars in tax revenue? http://www.usdebtclock.org/

      Don’t give me that crap that we live in a debt based system because the numbers simply don’t work. The U.S. debt clock doesn’t lie. Every man woman and child in this country is in debt to the tune of $248,000. per person thanks the central banks money printing program. The only thing keeping these fake economy floating is the dollars reserve currency status. Once that’s gone we’re all screwed. Including investors who see things through rose colored glasses like you.

      • Jerry

        Why didn’t you answer my question? My guess is because you can’t. Here’s some free advice from someone who’s been where you are . Contact all of your clients you’ve sold paper to and get them out ASAP. Otherwise you will be caught holding the bag when the whole outhouse goes up in flames. Real assets don’t burn. Paper does.

    • Hatemail

      You may be right.
      The rules of Mr. William’s classic economics do not apply in a rigged casino.

      • Greg Hunter

        Let that sink in and everyone should be terrified. The elite were in control in 2008 too. You see how well that worded out.

        • Scott Miller

          8 years ago. Get a clue. It worked out even if you are in denial. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it stabilized the current system.

          Williams called for hyperinflation back in 2014.



          • Frederick

            Scott I think you mean ” doesn’t mean it dDIDNT stabilize the system” right kid?

          • Charles H


            Every man confines himself to his own criteria. You are subscribing to ‘the System -and justifying it because it continues to function. The problem is: it won’t continue. The conclusion of disaster and a ‘reset’ are based on the criteria which indicates an impossible problem; something you don’t accept or see admissible by not holding the same criteria.
            If those on this site are defining the problem correctly: the consequences will eventually follow according to the formula. Sadly – you take all the colors of facts and use them to paint a different picture. Time itself will decide who between us is right. And in this equation: time is running-out on your side.

        • Hatemail

          I’m done being terrified.
          I’m tired of terror, threats, anger, hate and paranoia.
          But I do believe someday, someone is going to pull the trigger.

      • Scott Miller

        I agree. I took your comment different than Hunter.

        Rigged is stabil. Some here that blog don’t like it.


        • Greg Hunter

          Rigged is NOT stable. We are still in Fed “emergency” posture. An “emergency” where
          we “inject heroin and cocaine,” in to the financial system (Former Fed President Richard Fisher 1/5/16) is NOT stable. You are living in a fantasy world. These are facts and not my opinion.

        • Frederick

          Dude slow down your grammar and spelling is suffering

          • Charles H

            I think it brings a human touch to the dialogue.

      • Paul ...

        Only crazy people will play in a rigged casino … unless (like the EU has now proposed) they begin to hand out “free chips” (a guaranteed income for all citizens for life) … no wonder the Muslims are moving to Europe!!!

    • Indiana Jim

      Most cpa’s will tell you debts do not go away and are satisfied in some way eventually. The recent elimination of lump some payments along with pension compensations in a big texas police department is an example, along with inflation related devaluations of purchasing power. Historically, repeatedly various economic demises are rarely kicked off by an expected event. I still marvel at how a financial statement from a relatively small obscure company perpetuated the tech wreck. Much like a spark starting a forest fire. Always be vigilant as things often happen in an unanticipated way. Trump adds a lot of positive momentum through action and attitude but does not remedy the snow piling up on the overloaded roof at this point.

    • gregd

      If you are right then I’m betting every country will copy our solution of overspending over promising and running up debt that we will never pay back. That’s a hell of a lot more fun than balanced budgets and saving money like this country use to do. Remember, at one we were the biggest creditor nation, now we’re the biggest debtor nation the world has ever seen. It defies logic to me but in your opinion, we’re just fine.

  10. Gadfly


    The U.S. Dollar is EVERYWHERE in the World and still dominates foreign exchange markets by far. This won’t change much any time soon just because of FED monetary policy, as we have found out. Its takes more than the FED to shut-down the U.S. Dollar. What it really takes is a nuclear first strike by an outlaw nation like N. Korea, at China’s behest of course. This is how it will actually happen, in all probability.

    You need to invite author and consultant Joel M. Skousen ( “Strategic Relocation” ) to talk about this future threat in real terms. People will need his insights if they hope to survive what is coming to America. If it does happen, millions of people will die, especially in or near our cities.

    • This sceptred Isle

      It will more likely be a dollar death by a thousand cuts:

      “Lingchi, translated variously as death by a thousand cuts (杀千刀/千刀万剐; 殺千刀/千刀萬剮), the slow process, the lingering death, or slow slicing, was a form of torture and execution used in China from roughly AD 900 until it was banned in 1905”.

      • This sceptred Isle

        and every trade deal the Chinese make, excluding the dollar will be another cut.

      • Gadfly


  11. Mike from the North

    We can fool ourselves and try to tell ourselves that everything is FINE and things will work themselves out.

    But the reality is mankind has taken itself to the edge of everything.

    It saddens my heart to see so many around me fooling themselves or buying into the belief that things will remain as they believe them to be…..just fine.

    Pension plans are not at risk. houses will continue to go up in value. The stock market will always do as it has done..it will have some bad days and have some good days.

    I have money saved for the future…I have a good pension plan….I will be just fine.

    For now I am the nutbar that should remain quiet. The people around me do not want to hear my message of concern.

    I guess I will just go to the ball game and have a hotdog.

    Life is good..the Government knows what it is doing.

    Who knew that a SWAMP could be so full of smart honest people?

    • This sceptred Isle

      This is the way it has to be.
      If the majority of people didn’t believe in the system it would already have collapsed.

      • Paul ...

        Just because we haven’t collapsed yet does not mean we are fine and dandy … and our civilization will survive … remember … over 30 “advanced civilizations” have come before us … and “they all”… ALL eventually destroyed themselves … with odds like that … I don’t believe our Scott Miller should be as optimistic as he is about our chances of surviving all the screwed up neocon, Nazi, communist liberal, Satan worshiping freaks with their hands on the nuke launch codes having the moral strength not to initiate a worldwide thermonuclear Armageddon!!

  12. andyb

    Greg: On the campaign trail, Trump alluded to the real unemployment rate of >20% and the phony GDP numbers. It will be interesting to see if his Administration stops the lies and obfuscation of the economic statistics. The inflation number is the key. The official CPI has a massive fudge factor in the weighting of costs for the normal necessities of life. Medical care, education expenses, effective rent, energy, and food should be the majority of a family budget. But these items represent less than 50% as weighted in the CPI. How can that be when the majority of the 99% have housing costs alone that exceed 40% of gross pay. JW’s inflation numbers have ranged from 7-10%, remarkably consistent with the numbers calculated in the Chapwood Report, an analysis of real inflation in 50 Metro US areas (everyone should check this out). Keep in mind that this 7-10% compounds every year, indicating that our cost of living has more than doubled since the start of the greatest depression in 2008. And since nominal GDP has to be discounted by the true inflation rate, even the claimed very modest growth rate of 2.0% has to be discounted to at least a negative 5%. This also means that a 20K DOW is not a cause for celebration; it has just barely kept pace with true inflation, and worse, has been artificially boosted to its current level by a lot of financial engineering and stock buybacks.
    Many thanks for having this true economist back on again.

  13. Jerry

    The January Money Velocity Chart pretty much says it all.

    Does anyone really want to argue what’s driving the markets if its not money printing? It sure isn’t expansion of GDP or it would show up in the Feds fourth quarter indexes. More importantly this “money printing” is utterly shredding the Yuan right now. The IMF will have to make a choice in their April meeting if not before. Either reset the currency baskets resulting in the dollar loosing exclusive reserve status , OR watch the Chinese economy implode with the collapse of the Yuan. Its going to get interesting.

  14. Tim

    So if I understand Mr. Williams correctly, the economy will continue to turn down for the rest of this year but will start to improve in 2018. Well, that won’t be so bad. I mean, right now in some parts of the country things are pretty good. That’s certainly true in my area. The economy is booming here. And that’s not hyperbole. There is so much development going on here, both commercial and residential. Homes are selling as soon as they go up for sale. Land is being cleared to put up new subdivisions. New businesses are opening. Companies are expanding by opening new stores. If this is a contraction I can’t wait to see what will happen in 2018.

    Now, I agree that the federal government’s insolvency needs to be addressed. But I think the only way to balance the federal budget and “stop the bleeding” is to reform the social insurance programs (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, etc.). But Trump has stated that he isn’t going to touch those programs. Can he balance the budget by increasing federal revenue, through job creation, and cutting discretionary federal spending? I doubt it.

  15. dlc

    Your mom really lucked out with that 2-buck SS COLA raise. I got bupkis. I was expecting a 5-buck boost, lying awake nights trying to narrow down all the things I’d spend it on. Alas, it was not to be.

    • Faith

      DLC: same here. I actually went negative. I was able to refinance my VA mortgage, 30 year fixed at 2.9% and actually got a very generous lender credit. I didn’t do a cash out VA loan because I don’t need any cash as I don’t have any debt. My mortgage is very low now, $1000 a month for a single-family, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, garage, fenced house that is 10 years old.

      I saved $20 a month by changing my cell phone service to Consumer Cellular over Verizon. I own my phone and it still works so there is no reason to keep paying a premium to Verizon. I also gain an extra gig of data with Consumer Cellular. I signed up online, they have an AARP discount, and you can keep the same number. It wasn’t hard!

      I hear you though, I am doing the same thing, cutting corners as much as possible. I am building some raised beds in my yard so that I can grow fresh greens, bush beans, spring peas, and kale. They charge a fortune for that stuff, if it is organic, at my grocery, it isn’t hard to grow either and you can do repeat plantings.

      Craigslist and EBay are great, too. Not only for buying stuff but for selling items you no longer use. It isn’t that hard to do, just use some common sense and you will get more for stuff at those sites than at a yard sale.

      • Faith

        By “no debt” I meant no consumer debt.

  16. dlc

    “Customs agents ignore judge,” the judge being an Upchuck Schumer ally, Obama appointee, female, family court lib from Brooklyn. Says it all. That’s even beyond a trifecta. What would 6 lib factors amount to in one word? I’ll just call her a “VI red.”

    Confrontation seems to be where we’re headed. I am very happy we are finally addressing what has been a chump policy, an invasion that dare not speak its name.

  17. Chuck Reid

    Excellent timing! Thank you, Greg! And now to listen.


  18. Andrew Maggard

    I continue to read, hear of a reoccurring theme, that of hyperinflation. This is being bantered about more and more, especially over the past year. If in fact the economy enters a free fall scenario, where it becomes inflate or die, we can expect the path of least resistance to be in play, absolutely no one will be willing to undergo the hardship of enduring an extreme severe fiscal policy necessary to avert such an event. Unfortunately the severity of the coming events will force the hardship that every one seeks to avoid. A hyperinflation scenario in this economy and this day and age will produce events and consequences unimaginable to anyone who is even remotely familiar with the outcome of the great depression.

  19. Everett

    Hello Greg,
    Keep up the good work! I always appreciate Mr. Williams and his analysis. Here in the Ozarks the economy continues in its downward spiral. As I mentioned before, I travel multiple counties with a watchful eye on economic happenings. Unfortunately, nothing good to report here, overall I could sum it up by saying a huge reduction in the money supply; people simply do not have the money to live as they are accustomed. Unlike Mr. Williams, I do not believe this will be fixed by Mr. Trump; too much damage has been caused. The best Doctor on the planet cannot help a terminally ill patient and this country and the world, sadly, is terminally ill. Obviously, I am preaching to the choir to most watchdoggers. Jesus compared the time we are living in to the days of Noah and of Sodom and Gomorrah. We should put our trust in Him and watch, for time is of the essence. Thank you for all you do.

    • Charles H

      You can’t hit a “bulls-eye” more squarely, Everett.

  20. dlc

    SGT Report, Andy Hoffman, very critical of the executive orders and the pace of same. It does make me nervous, but this is where we are at with a feckless Congress. Admittedly, I’m liking Trump’s chutzpah as opposed to Barry’s.

    Hopefully the voter will get off their dead duff and retire a good portion of the congressional criminals in the mid-term. I’m not staking anything on it though. So, it looks like it will continue to come down to whose dictator is to your liking, ours or theirs.

    I do not see the now-established maneuver of executive orders going by the wayside, not when Congress is mostly into money grubbing and child trafficking and to hell with the state of the nation. They all got a pat on the head and an “atta boy” in 2014, and we got the finger post-haste.

  21. mushroom

    My immediate impression is that Mr. Williams has changed his outlook of the US economy from dismal to possibly hopefull if certain economic steps are undertaken by the Trunp administration.


  22. Diane D.

    I wonder how long will the globalists watch rising nationalism before they force global chaos…

    • Faith

      Diane, it looks like the rent-a-mobs are out in full force and the pot is being stirred. No good can come of such chaos. It makes me sad. Even with Trump at the the helm there are dark forces against him. I pray for President Trump every day, to keep him safe It doesn’t suprise me at all the Melania didn’t want to live in the White House. She knows. She doesn’t want to be a widow!

      • Charles H

        Dark forces, indeed.

  23. Mike R

    The US economy right now is really all about shrinking revenues. So there is only so long that companies can keep manipulating their reporting of earnings, and ‘cut costs’ before they have to seriously cut back. The Dow 30 revenues are now at what they were in 2010.
    Cisco has bought 45 companies, in 5 years, yet its revenues are stagnating. In fact, they are over-paying, just to keep revenues flat. Eventually their shareholders will be royally screwed.
    Too much money right now is going toward servicing debt by the consumer, even with low interest rates, and too much money is stuck going toward overall housing, prop taxes, insurance for all their ‘stuff’, healthcare, and utilities. Unless we export way more than we do now, to other global consumers, there is just no way revenues are going to support current valuations.
    What’s even crazier is that its very likely global investors will plow more money into our over-valued stocks, since world bond yields are so low (many negative), and risk in other country’s is worse than ours.
    There are 13,000,000 ‘millionaires’ in our country, precisely because everything we know today is in a massive bubble. Stocks, bonds, real estate, car prices, luxury homes, art, IPO’s, tech start ups – it’s all one great big fat bubble. Even the dollar is at a 15 year cycle peak (bubble), on a multi-decade declining trend line.

    What happens to a ship when everyone is on the same side of it ?

  24. Agent P

    I was gonna ramble a bit on this, but…

    Contrast the statements here from Mr. Williams with the last (2) podcasts from Peter Schiff to gain a much more distinct ‘pulse’ on all of this…

    Suffice to say that the election of Mr. Trump – and his immediate ‘get ‘r done’ approach has had sort of an ‘inebriating’ effect on many otherwise steadfast & rational minds. This is quite understandable, given the past (8 or more) years of economic/fiscal/monetary profligacy and corruption. However, keep in mind that 1 year into a new administration doth not an immediate reversal-of-economic-comeuppance, make…

    There is a price that is going to be paid.

    And if you were paying attention during Mr. Trump’s ~16 minute inaugural speech, you would have caught the part where he mentioned going through ‘hardships’ together… That part of the speech was NOT accidental…

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Agent P! I agree.

    • Beligarant

      @Agent P : I agree there’s a price to be paid and so far it’s unfortunately those that listened to the likes of John Williams, Bo Polny, Holter and the list goes on. They may do good analysis but proved themselves to be terrible predictors in timing for precious metals or inflation, nor astute in the financial dealings of Wall Street and the large banks. I don’t know about you but listening to them has absolutely destroyed my stock portfolio while others which piled into bonds, high tech and similar markets have made a killing the past 8 years.
      I don’t believe the stock market will ever tank again like 2008 as long as the U.S. is still the worlds reserve currency. Between the plunge protection team, FED and super computers controlling pricing on Wall Street they have the power to reverse a 500 point drop in a couple of days which they already proved several times.
      However, I do agree the market seems to be very highly priced and ripe for stagnation unless the FED announces more QE then fully expect the market to take its next steps towards 22,000.

      • Paul ...

        Didn’t someone say that gold and the DOW would eventually be at the same price? … with Jim Sinclair predicting $50,000 dollar per ounce gold … I guess it means the Dow can double from here … but will the manipulators allow gold to reach that level??

        • Frederick

          It will reach that level in a hyperinflation very quickly when the so-called “manipulators” lose control of everything Maybe

      • Charles H

        The American free-market no longer exists as it did in the past. That insiders have been “made” winners; and contrarians have been made losers – is unfortunate. This has rewarded the cheaters, and punished those who adhered to more honorable intentions and criteria.
        I am worn-out beyond exhaustion; but I was set to descend into poverty anyway. “Virtue is it’s own reward”; and Integrity the strong binding bonds. I don’t get much return in investment – but haven’t the heart to abandon what is Right. Profit isn’t everything.

  25. Da Yooper

    I wonder what Trump would say IF he listened to this interview ?

  26. steven

    Hey…listen! I don’t mean to sound negative because I am an American citizen. But isn’t it a little too late for Trump to turn this around, I mean our creditors are still selling our treasury bonds as we speak. And if John Williams is correct about re-liquidating the backs again with QE, then what should our creditors reaction be reacting to this? I am no expert but if the dollar goes, isn’t everything going down the drain for the United States? Thanks, Greg keep up the great work that you do. God bless!

    • Jak

      John Rubino says the end result is baked in the cake. Any improvements Trump makes will amount to a rounding error.

      • Paul ...

        And even if it is more then a rounding error … what will it mean if Yellowstone blows???

    • Frederick

      Not really It would probably help with Trumps plan of bringing jobs back home and with exports as well so I’d say a weaker dollar is necessary Not a collapse but weaker

    • Tracy Welborn

      Yes, it’s too late. It’s mathmatically impossible to pay off the debt. It’s mathmatically impossible to slow down the rate of growth of the debt. And no, negative interest rates won’t work – they aren’t real. It’s either hyperinflate until the death of the dollar OR default. Either way, it’s over. And when I say its over, I’m talking about the dollar. I have great hope for the future because I have a God – the father – he’ll take care of us as he sees fit:-)

      • aussie jeff

        Excellent post Tracy!

    • Tin foil hat

      Yes, everything will go down the drain for the U.S. That’s why the rest of the world are still exporting their goods to us in exchange for the funny dollar.
      If they rejected the dollar abruptly, the whole world will go into an epic depression that will make the Great Depression looks like a walk in the park. They need to create/find a super consumer to replace the he U.S. before they can pull the plug. Hence, the Chinese is building the Silk Road and their military.
      Hopefully, when the world is ready to pull the plug on the dollar, Trump will not need to back the dollar with our military but with our productivity.

  27. steven

    Sorry for the misspelled word there, I meant the banks not back. Be safe and be prepared everyone. Thanks.

  28. Pinocchio

    QE will not kill the USD, only devalue it. Federal Reserve will respond the devaluation by another QE which will devalue the USD further. Someday in the near future, this vicious circle will be broken by Federal Reserve’s ultimate weapon: HQQE (Hyper Quantitative and Qualitative Easing) and the second golden age of USD will finally come for all humans in this solar system.

    Thank you for your willingness to read my message. Now, if you allow me, I will finish my beer and then go to bed.

  29. Kevin Price

    PLEASE, let the man speak!

  30. Rodger

    Mob psychology.
    Works both ways, if a group of people believe that everything
    is going to collapse but that group is out numbered by people
    people who think that everything is fine then which side will
    do better. The doom and gloom has been on the wrong side
    of this market re inflation. If I understand Mr. Williams correctly
    the future actually looks much better. In my area of the country
    houses are being sold for top dollar. My neighbors all drive late
    model cars. Restaurants and night club business is doing very well.
    I hold some precious metals but my individual stocks and index funds
    have made me very wealthy the last eight years. America is not going
    anywhere but up. Happy to hear Mr. Williams has finally capitulated
    and has figured out what many have known.

    • Greg Hunter

      He did not really capitulate. He said he had some hope.

    • Frederick

      They all drive late model cars huh I’d bet most of them are leased or have large loan balances That means nothing it’s all show As for restaurants and clubs I’ve read they are slowing down and many of them are millennial living on their parents dime

  31. john duffy

    Atheist Masons go to mock Catholics, instead witness greatest miracle since biblical times and beg for mercy. Historical fact. 70,000 witnesses!
    Starts at 7min. 30sec.


  32. JC Davis

    To fix the USA is to suffer the world. We print the dollar, we have the jobs, we buy our own goods, and thrive ! Sounds good until you do the math. With 7 billion people in the world, 325 million already live better then 7 billion. The greater America becomes the lesser the world becomes. The dollar is a house of cards.
    A old saying comes to mind, If frogs had wings.

  33. Dan

    Is there a possibility of things looking up by 2018 ?
    Got to deal with this 600 pound gorilla before any rose color glasses ;
    (By Wolf Richter)

    Wall Street hocus-pocus has done an awesome job.

    The Dow-20,000 hats have come out of the drawer after an agonizingly long wait that had commenced in early December with the Dow Jones Industrial Average tantalizingly close to the sacred number before the selling started all over again.

    What a ride it has been. From the beginning of 2011 through January 27, 2017, so a little more than six years, the DJIA has soared 73%, from 11,577 to 20,094. Glorious!!

    But when it comes to revenues of the 30 Dow component companies – a reality that is harder to doctor than ex-bad-items adjusted earnings-per-share hyped by Wall Street – the picture turns morose.

    • JC Davis

      Dan I have a question you may can answer. In 2010 I withdrew my stocks say 10 k at a loss. If I had left it in stocks about what would it be worth today ? I bought land in 2010 and last week was offered 3 times what I paid for it.

  34. Faith

    Thank you Mr. Williams and Mr. Hunter. Another sobering interview.

    Chin up lads and lassies! There is work to be done!

  35. David

    Unrelated to this interview, but worthy of noting. We have people protesting loudly and newspapers splashing stories of a few foreigners who were held up at airports, yet we have people getting shot and/or killed everyday in Chicago. Where is the outrage over this? Additionally, there is public outcry over a dog being forced to perform in fast moving water, while there is complete silence over the killing of unborn children. Something is really in wrong in this country.

    • flattop

      DAVID: You are correct, but here is the problem. Once you open the door of murder by killing 50 million babies, it opens the door to murder. Look for murder to increase all over the US. It is said, you reap what you sow, and what comes around goes around. We WILL reap what we have sown.

  36. pat the rat

    The only question is who will call the fed banks bluff twenty trillion in debt dose seem to do it, maybe it will come at twenty five trillion,but some day the bluff will be called?

  37. Rick Geisler

    Off Subject.
    What is with all these protestors over Trump’s immigration decision. They are yelling “Let them in!! Let them in!!” I hear, “Let them in!!” (Sounds of bombs going off and gunfire) “Let them in!!” How indoctrinated can one get?

  38. your fan in Japan

    My Monday morning newspaper informs me that Prime Minister Abe is going to
    use “Judo tactics” to deal with Trump. That is the headline. God knows what it means.
    Any judo wrestlers out there- if you can read into what that might mean, best inform Trump. FWIW

  39. Dave

    According to Holter and Sinclair’s weekend release, we are heading into bankruptcy as a nation owing to the fiscal actions occurring under recent administrations that cannot be undone. Jim’s take is that we are blessed to have Trump in charge as he is well versed in the process. Imagine how ‘up the creek’ we would be were it HRC.

    We are equally blessed to have Greg leading us to a realistic understanding of current events with the essential interviews of his guests. Thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dave.
      I am going to talk about that Trump is likely to do in the WNW.

  40. Alanon

    Well now all is now its all getting better Dow is going up and even Gregory Mannarino says its going up. Wonderful, I know you have to say well…….eventually its going to collapse! It made sense to me listening here for years now that it would but Greg lets be honest with yourself and admit that we were wrong, can you even entertain the thought you might be? oh and yes years early is wrong.

    • Faith

      Alanon, go back to your cult! Maybe the reason your are posting using that name is because you are unable to think clearly and reach your own conclusions and blaming others is easier than accepting responsibility for your own failures.

      I am not a fan of the various AA cults. If you are a Christian it is easy enough to read a Bible and ask Jesus, directly, for forgiveness. You don’t need an intermediary. You don’t have to make your sins public and beg forgiveness while humiliating your self and your spirit in public. Jesus never asked for that kind of obeisance. Only the various AA groups so they could control you.

      Do people judge you by the company you keep? Yes. Be brave and forge your own path, create your own destiny.

  41. Paul Anthony

    Thanbk you Greg! I Like John Williams

  42. Mike from the North

    60 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

    I suspect that the next 60 days will rock the financial world. This PONZI is done. Truth Bombs are going to drop all over us.
    If you are not ready then you likely are at risk.
    This just cannot go on for much longer.
    Recently I went trough the process of setting up some banking adjustments and the level of CONTROL and REQUIREMENTS were beyond belief.

    I read this as a sign of desperation by the banks, financial institutions.

    • Hatemail

      Maybe you haven’t been paying attention lately, nobody cares about the TRUTH because nobody believes in it anymore.

  43. Mike R

    Its just goofy how markets are down a little bit today, and the press is blaming that on Trump’s ban on just a few countries that are sponsors of terrorism. The real terrorism in my view, comes from our own US mainstream media, perpetuating hysteria and hypocricy. Our country is truly messed up in terms of its priorities. Trump’s efforts to change some of that in the very beginning is no doubt going to ruffle feathers. Given the massive cacophony of hurt snowflakes here at just the very tip of the iceberg of changes needed, I have a feeling this is going to be a very painful 4 years for the leftists, and mainstream media. The current outrage is the wrong outrage, and essentially a false reaction to actions that Trump is taking, that are for the good for the country. What its doing is exposing the CEO’s of tech companies in Sillycon Valley for the frauds that they are, giving away millions of jobs to h1B’s that they can get away with paying far less, and those h1b’s won’t complain, than they would have to pay for high quality talent that exists by the boatload here in America. The fraud continues all the way down to many medium and smaller businesses that do the same, hiring illegals that they can pay less to, and also don’t have to pay their health coverage and avoid many taxes. This has been used as a wage suppression tool for many years, and it has ensured that these companies make outsized profits that only benefit the few. Why do we have only 50% of college graduates getting jobs these days ? Well its not because they are not educated, and mostly because companies simply don’t want to pay for the talent, so they hire millions of illegals, or H1b’s. Its rampant people, and the size and loudness of this revolt where fraudulent firms like Google, set up a $ 4million ’emergency fund’ to fight Trump’s actions. So you know right there it’s big time hitting their pocket books. Frankly, this is all LONG overdue. No regular politician would have ever touched this with a 100 ft pole. Expect to hear the faux outcries against this, where the Googles and Apples will try to rally the petulant and totally ignorant masses, by saying this is ‘harming’ ‘good’ illegals, and ‘good’ H1b’s, or good ‘Greencards’. Meanwhile, Schumer’s tears are a thing of beauty. It means the vice is clamping down on the gonads of these companies CEO’s who have been gutting our middle class, and taking advantage of Americans who pay taxes, while paying the lowest possible wage to people who aren’t even citizens, and using their low wages to further suppress those American wages who are good citizens. One of many very dirty secrets that we ignorantly have accepted.

  44. Jerry

    Isn’t it great that a country that receives 1.5 Billion dollars a year in foreign aide from us just gave us the financial finger?
    No wonder this country is broke.

  45. Mike from the North

    I just got a business IDea!!!

    Going to have some T shirts made and sell them on-line.


    2017 The year of spin going naked.


  46. James Brown

    Thank you for another great interview.
    What if Trump cuts out the wasteful number of government employees and the foolish spending?
    What if 80,000,000 of the 95,000,000 working age Americans is able to go back to work?
    The tax collections would just about double-watershed. Kind of like all the rain we are getting here in California-drought over-national deficit over.
    Hey, I can dream can’t I?
    Remember-Martin Armstrong says, “when you raise taxes-you eliminate jobs-there is a direct correlation”.
    Speaking of our great brother Martin-please interview him-I would like him to give us an approximation of what will be happening month by month for the next 24 months
    Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James!!!

  47. Provost, Alberta

    John Williams says we can expect Trumps economic policies to bring happier times within 9 months … but for Christian Syrians “who were slaughtered and beheaded under Obama” Trump will make their lives easier “sooner”
    HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE! From Belgium!

  48. Mike from the North

    Thanks to You and a few others that have educated us so well. I am in a position that if the banks shut down tomorrow I could manage life going forward. What a sense of well being that provides me.
    Yes…to my friends and family I am still a nutbar but that may be a short lived opinion of me.

    • Greg Hunter

      The math says it’s coming. Get ready and stay ready!!

    • Charles H

      It IS the math of looking at the problem the right way. Others may accept and participate in a Lie: but I cannot. IF it boils down to – a Lie that enriches; or the truth that impoverishes: I have to stay with the truth.

    • Anthony Australia

      I’m a ‘nutbar’ too 🙂

  49. henry

    Trump should appoint John Williams to head the bureau of labor statistics.

  50. David

    Well – your guest Mr. Williams has been singing the same old song for nearly 10 years! I wonder – when will someone will ask him to explain how he can be so wrong for so long and still have any credibility?? Another worthless interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are stupid and this is over your head. I doubt you can do basic math. Please go to another free site and comment there.

      • Keith wilson

        Greg,the Illuminati and there banking Freemason buddies,have totally brainwashed the sheeple over the last eight years.Interest rates at 0.50%.us debt at 20 trillion,rigged stock markets,rigged unemployment numbers,rigged and rigged again,Every measurement of economic growth is rigged,and still the sheeple except the rigged numbers.It is a waste of time trying to convince the sheeple they have been lied to over the last years.It is like trying to get my pet rabbit to speak Spanish.Do not get upset for the sheeple when the dollar collapses, and the SHTF.The sheeple can not see the writing on the wall and never will.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Keith. Reality has a date with fantasy and they will meet soon to the chagrin of our snowflake society.

    • Frederick

      David your use of the English language is poor to say the least

    • Tin foil hat

      I don’t have to ask Mr. Williams to explain why because I made the same mistake. I thought my beloved country is benign and benevolent.
      It took me a long time to understand what “The dollar is back by the U.S. Military” really means. Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein made that same mistake as Mr. Williams and me. I think even JFK underestimated how far the deep state would go to protect the Federal Reserve notes – Executive Order 11110.

    • Galaxy 500

      David, its hard to predict the future when you have a highly manipulated market. The stock market and interest rates do not represent real value or real markets.
      But just as in Rome, who debased their currency and overspent, reality can not be ignored. Markets will correct themselves.
      How much does it pay to try to discredit those present real numbers and real news? Or are you merely some pathetic ideologue pushing a failed ideology with talking point inculcated by those who seek the destruction of our country?
      Shame on you sir

  51. William Betts

    If you believe gold and silver are real money, go to http://www.MMGA.org and sign the request to Trump to make gold and silver money in America again. Betts

  52. Galaxy 500

    This high lights more fake news and another attack on the second Ammendment. My apologies for the length to all fellow Warchdogs.

    REBUTTAL: Washington Post On Suppressors
    Posted 3 days ago in Daily News, News, NFA / Suppressors / Class III by Pete with 184 Comments
    Washington Post
    Robert J. Spitzer, author of Guns Across America, penned an opinion piece about silencers in the Washington Post this week. Like much of what we are accustomed to reading about firearms in today’s media, Spitzer is disingenuous in his arguments against the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) – a bill that proposes suppressors be removed from the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934. He begins:
    Gunfire — loud, sharp, rude, abrupt — is an important safety feature of any firearm. From potential victims who seek to escape a mass shooting to a hiker being alerted to the presence of a hunter in the woods, the sound warns bystanders of potentially lethal danger. Yet gun advocates insist there is a greater danger: hearing loss by gun owners.
    I am sure Spitzer is not the first gun control advocate to suggest that the report of a firearm is actually an “important safety feature”, however it is the first time I’ve heard it used in this context. A common misconception about silencers that has been repeated numerous times, is that a suppressed weapon can be used as a “silent killer”. Just two weeks prior, the author’s same publication addressed the Hollywood perception of silencers, confirming they are anything but silent.
    Follow the The Firearm Blog Suppressors Channel
    Proponents of the deregulation of silencers, such as myself, will repeat this one fact over and over: legally referred to as silencers, these devices do not silence a firearm. In the majority of cases, additional hearing protection, such as ear plugs, must be worn even when a suppressor is used while shooting. So the author’s argument that silencers remove a “safety feature” (loud noises) from a discharged firearm is already crumbling. Honestly, for a professor, I’d expect at least some research followed by fact-based arguments.
    But don’t take my word for it, Knox Williams, President of the American Suppressor Association (ASA) introduced me to Dr. Micheal Stewart, Director of Audiology at the Department of Communication Disorders at Central Michigan University. I asked Dr. Stewart “Is it possible to damage a persons hearing when using muffs or plugs alone?” He writes:
    Yes, it is possible, especially if individuals are shooting numerous rounds of large caliber firearms with hearing protection devices (HPDs) that are not properly applied. For instance, the famous yellow plug has a high noise reduction rating (NRR), but it must be inserted properly. Also, it is not well suited for small, curvy ear canals so there is not a good acoustic seal and thus individual do not achieve the tabled attenuation values. In fact, NIOSH has de-rated formable plugs 50%, muffs 25%, and most other plugs 70%. The real world attenuation values may be significantly lower than the attenuation values obtained in the laboratory. Additionally, our research at CMU has consistently found that most hunters do not wear HPDs during hunting activities and many target shooters do not wear HPDs on a consistent basis.
    He continues:
    As hearing conservationist, we are interested in the science regarding suppressors, not the politics. There is no doubt that suppressors (often incorrectly referred to as silencers) are effective in reducing auditory risk, however, HPDs should be used in conjunction with suppressors to further reduce risk. Depending on the type of firearm, caliber of firearm, and the acoustic environment, recreational firearm users may be able to wear HPDs with lower NRR values that still allow them to hear while protecting their hearing when shooting firearms equipped with suppressors.
    ‘Hearing Conservation, Not Politics’. Sounds familiar…
    But there is a deeper concern with Spitzer’s Washington Post editorial, Spitzer makes claims regarding the HPA that need to be addressed. He writes:
    The NRA is renewing with gusto its misbegotten push, begun in the last Congress, to make gun silencers easier to acquire by swiping a page from the public health community’s long-standing efforts to warn of the dangers of firearms. The Hearing Protection Act, which would remove federal registration and identification requirements for those seeking gun silencers…
    First off, suppressors will only be “easier to acquire” because of the disappearance of abnormally long wait times to possess silencers which are fueled by bureaucracy and not due to a lack of background checks. The HPA proposes that the purchase of silencers be treated the same as long arms, which means that prospective buyers will still need to undergo a background check and follow all state and federal firearms laws. Let’s not forget that sound suppressors are nothing more than hollow tubes – they can’t fire any ammunition on their own.
    Which leads me to another point: basic firearm silencers can be constructed from materials found in two isles of a hardware store for less than $20. If would-be criminals were so inclined, in a few hours time they could fashion a firearm suppressor that performs on par with commercially manufactured suppressors. Of course, in the process they would be violating several federal laws, punishable with a minimum of ten years in prison. But everyone knows that criminals check to see which laws not to break, on their way to break several other laws.
    Since silencers don’t actually silence firearms and add up to a foot of length to any weapon, an overwhelming majority of criminals give no thought to attaching a muffler to their instruments of criminality. We are talking about statistically insignificant percentages of suppressors being used to commit crimes.
    Go on, Professor, you were saying:
    Absent some kind of cataclysmic hearing-loss crisis by America’s tens of millions of gun owners, this political push should be recognized for what it is: an effort to provide an extremely small benefit to gun owners that willfully ignores what can happen to others once a bullet leaves a gun barrel. The lifesaving safety benefits of gun noise should weigh far more in the silencer debate. Just ask anyone caught in the vicinity of a shooting.
    Since when do shooters “willfully ignore” what happens when a bullet leaves a barrel? And yes, most suffer from some form of hearing loss; no it’s not an “extremely small benefit”. In a recent post by the ASA, they reference a 2011 report completed by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) after a noise and lead analysis at a range in California. On page five the authors conclude:
    The only potentially effective noise control method to reduce students’ or instructors’ noise exposure from gunfire is through the use of noise suppressors that can be attached to the end of the gun barrel. However, some states do not permit civilians to use suppressors on firearms.
    It’s journalism like this column in the Post, masked as news analysis, that makes much of America wary of what they read in papers today. The Washington Post touted your opinion piece as being written by an expert, and yet you willfully ignore facts, data and evidence to push an agenda.
    For shame, Professor. A man with your educational background should understand that fact-based arguments outweigh emotional rhetoric. Almost every aspect of your opinion piece is invalid and rooted in common misconceptions.
    The HPA removes unnecessary barriers to lawful suppressor ownership through deregulation. Sure, they will no longer be listed on the NFA registry (a glorified national list of tubes), but each buyer must still pass the same background check used for every other gun purchased in the United States. And remember, silencers cannot fire a single bullet on their own.
    This is the part of the article where I am supposed to offer you the chance to come over and shoot a few suppressed firearms in an attempt to “win you over”. No thanks; after reading your borderline slanderous opinion piece, I’m certain there is no empirical evidence that will help you come to an informed decision.
    Ironic that we are talking about silencers since it is pretty clear that you are stuck in your own echo chamber.

  53. Galaxy 500

    Rev Al Sharpton says Jesus was a refugee who fled to Egypt. Where is this in the Bible? It is not. I doubt Al Sharpton has ever used a Bible for anything other than a prop. He damn well has never read it.

    • Charles H

      The parents Of Jesus Christ fled into Egypt, to avoid Herod’s Slaughter of the Innocents (2 years old and down) in Matt. 2:11-21. The gifts to the “young child” – gold, frankincense, and myrrh – were divine supply for the sojourning.

  54. Galaxy 500

    #Boycott Starbucks
    This clown at Starbucks wants to hire foreigners instead of Americans. Buy Duncan

  55. dlc

    Your interviews with John Williams, Rob Kirby, Bill Holter were instrumental in getting me up to speed on what I need to do, things that I would not know about otherwise. Some of the comments you get are what I get from family, neighbors, and friends. I think it is part fear, part denial.

    I tried to talk to my oldest brother who wants to move 15 miles north of the Mexican border below San Diego. I only made him laugh. In his case, he is just too sheltered in his present situation to believe the things I said to him. He countered with the fact that the home he had in mind was up on a hill with security gates. At that point I laughed.

    A lot of people just don’t get it and don’t want to. My brother is in a different bracket than me, ran the family business, never had to knock on doors, never had the wolf at the door. He thinks Trump alone can resurrect the country. I think we are just one lone wolf away from the brink.

    • Charles H

      Comments like this let the rest of us know – the hats we wear aren’t made of tin. A scene from War of the Worlds (Gene Barry, 1952?)) – the buses and trucks of the scientists are taken by rioters, and the equipment is trashed. A man who had a briefcase of jewels and cash couldn’t buy a spot on a truck, is punched, and left to die. This depiction of human nature is not far wrong; and sadly, may not be too distant.

  56. dlc

    Trump fires Obama-appointed AG. He also needs to go after Clinton and Soros to restore order to this country. If he blinks they will bury him literally.

    His SCOTUS pick on the other hand will receive more arrows than Justice Thomas. A lot of those arrowheads will be supplied by the Republicans who did everything but shine shoes for Sotomayor and Kagan. This candidate will first receive a rectal, followed by a colonoscopy, then will be threaded with 100-foot garden hose just for starters, looking for the slightest clue of impropriety.

    McCain will be playing his usual Marlon Brando in the “Apocalypse.” Schumer will staff the Kleenex concession. Graham will provide the smelling salts. To think Scalia was offed without gain just to have a younger conservative take his place. As Brando would say: “The horror, the horror.”

  57. flattop

    It appears the Dems are in a quandary. They are accustomed to kicking the Reps and their doing nothing about it. But now, when they try to kick our Prez, he kicks them right back, and they don’t know what to do about it except take to the streets and yell. God Bless our Prez, and God bless the USA

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump is attacking their power and they are desperate. I’ll talk about this in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

      • WD


        It looks like the dems are stronger than ever? From what I see…they look united and in attack mode. Also dont see mainstream media really cracking at all. I remember what Cliff High said about democrat party and main stream media collapsing. I hope he was right.


        • Greg Hunter

          got it!!

        • Greg Hunter

          They are more scared and weaker than ever. This is why they are fighting so hard. That’s what you do when you are trying to survive.

          • WD

            Thanks for the response and your show…

            Take care…

  58. Jerry

    Whether people wan to accept it or not, the dollar is being systematically replaced by the Yuan globally. Even in the Gulf states.

    The kicker will be when the Saudi’s ask for gold in exchange for oil. The Chinese can deliver. Can we? Our petrodollar contract with them essentially ended when the S.S. Roosevelt carrier group left the gulf waters back in November. Once that happened the BRICS nations once again filled the void left by a retracting U.S. presence.

    In reality the Key Stone Pipeline is more about covering our oil reserves than creating jobs. President Trump knows that the other shoe is about to drop from his sources in Dubai.

    • Matt In Pa

      Metals will rise. To much tumoltious activity pointing in that direction.

  59. Alanon

    Buffett just bought 12 Billion of stock after Trump won.

  60. Mike from the North

    I just mailed a postcard to GOD

    On the postcard I wrote the following statements to GOD.

    Yes GOD …I mean as dumb as the TOAD..
    As A TOAD GOD my life would be so much simpler.
    I then went on to explain the following to GOD.

    Had he allowed me to be born just a little less intelligent than I am presently, I likely would not have become interested in History.
    I would not likely have become interested in Monetary matters.
    I likely would have become interested in sports and would own a 62 inch TV and a Recliner with a built in Beer Cooler.

    My nickname would have likely not become MIKE but more likely something like Bud or Boomer.
    My favourite saying would likely have been… “Hey Joe pass me a BUD light out of the cooler.”

    Oh HOW MY LIFE WOULD BE SO MUCH SIMPLER if my biggest worry was the status of the number of beers in the fridge.

    To all you Football fans please accept my apology for speaking in such a manner.

    How my life with less logic would be so much easier and how my caring for the people around me would be more simple if my greatest concern was the status of my beer inventory.

    Loss in the clutter of a not so simple mind.

    Mike aka BOOMER.lol

  61. Paul Anthony

    Reading comments all over the different social media platforms from citizens who support the globalist anti Trump point of views. I am fining that there is nothing I can say or do to help anyone see truth. They will never agree with ANYTHING Trump says or does. They will always tie it to Hitler. Trump drank a glass of water. He didn’t Hitler also drink a glass of water. The left will collectively

    I do believe the globalist are in a panic mode and making fools of themselves. Everything from their support of women wearing vagina hats to hating Trump for a 90 day ban. The same type of ban other Presidents have done from Carter to Obama.

    I do believe it is time perhaps for me to step back and just watch the collapse of the democrats rather than trying to talk to them on social media.

    Perhaps when the dust clears and they are no longer “beside” themselves i can join in meaningful discussions.
    If God is for us who can be against us.


    • Mme Hedin

      So you think it was foolish for people to protest an instantaneous, full-on ban of peopke just as they were getting off of airplanes in US airports with valid visas and all the appropriate paperwork – simply because they were Muslim? To be handcuffed and detained for hours upon hours for only one reason – their choice of religion? To be made to buy return tickets (if the ban had been upheld) at “day of flight ” prices, when most were already not-rich? Thoughtless, heartless and downright BRUTAL move by Trump, Bannon and Preibus. Of course Americans had to stand up and yell. Why didn’t you?!?!

  62. Mike R

    After the past few days , the action in gold, the USD, the markets, the foreign country’s comments on trade, and their responses to Trumpism, etc. I think John Williams might be onto something. They’re (the FED and Trump) are going to have to really KILL the dollar, and do so fast, and cannot afford to do any more rate increases. China, Germany, Mexico, and so on, they are all OUT FOR BLOOD. They are trying to do everything possible to keep de-valuing, so we really need to do the same thing, or our companies are going to get slaughtered in the trade wars, and our deficits are going to go way up even higher. The dollar is too strong, or rather the other currencies are artificially just too damn weak and depreciated.

    These trading countries have been absolutely treating us like total CHUMPS.

    Yes its a currency war, trade war, whatever, and at least Trump and his henchman Navarro get that we have been getting smoked. or rather, our middle class is getting smoked, both by these other countries AND our very own corporations.

  63. Andy

    Greg – Please interview George Webb and his ongoing open source investigation on his Youtube channel to uncover the oil, money, weapons, sex trafficking, organ harvesting ratlines of the Clinton Foundation, Dyncorp, and other deep state players. He is naming names and exposing the whole nasty business. This is extremely important work and your readers will be grateful to be exposed to it.


  64. Mike from the North

    Think about how silly this is…..

    Hi Boomer …..can I trade one of your 1 oz gold coins for this stack of paper.
    This stack of paper I know has no intrinsic value but these will be collector items someday. Think about it for years people all over the world would sell their souls to get these paper forms of currency.

    today’s rate is 1209 paper dollars for that one oz of gold…what a deal…1209 pieces of paper for 1 oz of gold…

    remember when the paper came out as a method of convenience??? having those gold and silver coins in your pockets made no sense. Paper was the deal..weighted less and more convenient.

    Yes I know that now 1209 pieces of paper weights more than that 1 oz of gold.

    But it is ok Boomer…if you do not want 1209 pieces of paper I can just put some numbers into a computer for you…Is that not the most convenient thing???lol
    digits in your computer is so much easier than oz of gold and silver.

  65. conrad

    An important factor is consumer confidence and right now that is picking up steam.
    It took several years for Reagan’s reforms to trickle down but they did. Mr. T is on the right track.

  66. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg,
    I love you, but all I’m hearing is bla, bla, bla!
    Predict when the schism comes or stop blabbing!
    If the markets are controlled for a lifetime it’s hard to understand “how it should be” has any significants?
    PS we have yet to discuss the final disposition of Hillary Clinton 🎲🎲

  67. Michael

    I want to say thanks so much for being who you are Greg and for being on the forefront of change as a torch bearer of truth, as well as being open minded and most of all for being a truth seeker, which is reflected in the characters you interview, many of whom I count as guru’s of the new world that is developing before our eyes.

    So many comments, but I can only tell a younger generation that the State of the United States of American is descending into a tyranny of corporate exploitation and thievery of the populations lawful possessions. It can and will end in only one possible way, which is why the Pentagon is planning to rule over your kids tomorrow with the tanks and armored vehicles that are being built today.

    The American ruling class plans for future war. (* Against your kids)

    Military Contingencies in Megacities and Sub-Megacities
    Authored by Dr. Phil Williams, Mr. Werner Selle.

    To say that the economy is not collapsing is to pretend that we here have allowed our laws and our elect to become so corrupted that what we have today is at least as bad any other corrupted nation on earth. We are headed towards a society which mirrors that of Brazil; a nation right now in anarchy and random lawlessness so brazen as to be compared to the film “The Purge.”

    There’s a reason that gun sales have been setting record numbers and it isn’t about the unlawful acts of high treason committed by self proclaimed law makers violation’s of the Bills of Rights, it’s about a sense of what could happen here is the same as is now happening round the world in other locations: Somehow many people sense the danger.

    We have an un-sound policy of monetary creation from a vacuum state. This policy is a threat to every living being on the planet. It enables the complete manipulation by any inventive process imagined and is, by definition, a cunning criminal design to exploit human beings on a global scale. This should be obvious to anyone who has lived the last 40 years and to see what has taken place.

  68. Mary T. Hernandez

    Good read! I must talk about the way you’ve organized your ideas and thoughts on the Kill Dollar. I think you can help us even more by adding some more relevant insights into the topic. However, the post still gives us a head start to the next update to our website Nmweb. Thank you, Greg Hunter!

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